Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Episode of Little People, Big World: "Another Roloff Pops The Question" September 23, 2014 TLC At 10:00 PM

The new episode of Little People, Big World airs tonight on TLC at 10:00 PM. It is titled "Another Roloff Pops The Question".

Here is a preview and then review:

With Jeremy’s big day just months away, Operation Wedding Preparation is in full swing on the farm. Following in his twin’s footsteps, Zach reveals he wants to marry the love of his life, girlfriend Tori, and he is ready to pop the question.


Guest episode review written by Rap541:

Oh look, we’re up to Zach setting up a five episode arc for summer 2015. What, did Jeremy refuse to impregnate the wife on Matt’s demand?

So Zach is dating Tori for years, Matt totally hates Amy and Jeremy dimly notes he’s getting married.

Zach is chopping kindling for a fire for Tori and Zach. Zach notes how cruel girls are. Matt and Amy wander out to bitch about how small the fire is and also how scatterbrained Jeremy is. Amy and Matt are still bitter towards each other but would love to have Zach marry on the farm.

Operation Jeremy’s wedding is on and Matt is SCREECHING at no one. He’s up in the track hoe, and Matt notes he wanted and Jeremy in theory agreed to Matt merrily ripping up the landscaping because Matt needs attention. Matt notes how he hates Amy and tells Amy how he plans on Jeremy’s wedding working. Amy notes that Matt doesn’t value her opinion. This is endless bitching by Matt. Matt notes how Amy has no vision and how she is a hinderance to him. Amy notes how he doesn’t listen to her. Matt notes how Amy is an endless piece of trash in his way and tells her how her ideas in the way of his ideas. Seriously, its very very clear to me the Botti family has no input.

Oh hey Matt hurt himself and called Molly, not Amy. He then complains about his mobility and then rips off the cast to show the camera how he’s injured. Matt immediately makes the wedding about his injury.

Now we have scenes of Matt noting how he’s a pitiful wreck of a man who only wants the wedding to be good but he’s so grieviously injured he can’t even cap his toothpaste.
Matt tells Zach he has a dramatic injury. Zach immediately moves into “Hey, I am asking Tori to wed”

To be fair to Matt and Amy, they both seem very happy with Zach’s decision. Matt pointedly notes how it will be a wild ride for the next few years.

For some reason they are all taking out the shed. The kids love the shed, Matt hates the shed. There’s a ton of crap in the shed that’s basically a shrine to how the kids are spoiled.

Oh Jeremy’s opinion is what matter’s on the shed. Jeremy and Audrey make bagels and Jeremy pretends to be a chaste Duggar, as does Audrey. Funny how Jeremy “graduated” in April but is flying up to visit as his family busts ass to make his wedding happen.

Zach shops for engagement rings. This is a nice ad for the whole jewelry store.
Jeremy works on a car in his livingroom garage and Zach shows him the ring. Its all so forced.

Matt drones on how his hand is broken and how he wishes Amy would wait on him hand and foot. Molly wanders into the mancave house and Matt lets Molly know how physically miserable he is and how he’s in constant pain. Much like I suspected, Molly gets the whole farm business better than the boys and also Matt continues to note how miserable he is. He also notes how he is milking it.

Zach is waiting for the right moment for the cameras to catch the proposal. Oh look a commercial break right when Zach grabs for the ring!

Zach grabs for the ring as Tori talks about their private time in Australia. Then it gets awkward and Zach backs off despite the camera placement.

Matt the Martyr notes he’s finally going to see a doctor over his hand. He notes how dumb doctors are about his specialness. The doctor recommends a splint.

At the farm,Matt and Jeremy wander about the farm. No one seems to want to explain why Jeremy is away even tho he “graduated” in April and isn’t at Brooks finishing up over the summer. He’s certainly not referencing any job issues…. Jeremy is against the shed being removed.

There’s a bridal shower.  Oh look a commercial of Audrey and Jer offering hashtags for their weddings. I guess fans don’t need to suck your cock anymore, huh Jer? And if they like you, they shouldn’t fuck off and commit suicide, right? But they should check out your public wedding registry because you poor poor kids need marriage gifts from strangers to make it in the big city.

Now we’re at Audrey’s bridal shower. No sign of Audrey’s mom, lots of Amy Roloff and Molly. I think the dark haired lady near Amy is the mom but if there was an intro, I missed it. There’s cute gifts. I actually like the quilt gift Amy gives. Yup the mom is the dark haired lady with glasses although there’s no formal introduction.

Matt tries to impress us with how well he watches others lay sod.

Zach heads off to ask Tori to wed.

Oh huh, the proposal is on the farm for the cameras. Heh Tori is videoing her dog. It also seems a tad less exploited. . Good lord, can Amy stop acting like Zach is mentally incompetent. Matt asses his way about and notes how there will be new episodes for Zach’s wedding next summer and also manfully notes how lucky it is that Matt is even alive for all this as this is all about Matt.  There’s some cute photos.

Next week – hard to believe that Matt manages to nearly die right before Jer’s wedding but what a way to make the episode about Matt!


Brandon said...

Nothing much changes. They are presenting as Zach is copying Jeremy.

Lori said...

There's something I don't trust about Tori. Jeremy and Audrey strike me as much more genuine.

Anonymous said...

Why? Why doesn't Tori seem genuine to you?

Anonymous said...

Is it because since you don't like Zach, you can't believe that anyone else would? So many people here push down anyone they see as competing against Jeremy for who knows what, "worthiness" perhaps. Jeremy isn't perfect and putting down others isn't going to make him more... whatever it is YOU think he is/want him to be. Jacob and Zach are different people. There is no need for this petty constant comparison of all three.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I watched the show, but I didn't pay much attention as I was helping as friend online. I did redord it at home, so I can do a write-up on Friday morning.

Anonymous said...

I like how in the first scene of the show while they are having the campfire, all you can see is toris big ring!! But, he hadn't proposed yet.....

Anonymous said...

Tori seems to be a roloff "wannabe" She stressing to change her last name to "roloff"! I'm thinking she's wants more t'v time and along for the ride for free trips and stuff

Red said...

I feel the opposite. I think Tori and Zach seem much more genuine than Audrey and Jeremy. Zach and Tori seem to be more down to earth and private about their personal life. They didn't film the proposal and they are both more quiet about their lives on social media. Audrey and Jeremy seem like they will take any attention they can get.

Anonymous said...

Really, she seems more genuine than Audrey to me. Her body language is always about connecting with Zach.

Rorie8 said...

Funny, I like Tori much more than Audrey, who seems to enjoy the media attention. Any idea why Jeremy and Audrey are moving to LA? Why LA? And who'd want to live there? Sounds like they don't even have jobs lined up. What are they supposed to do in LA to pay the rent? It's an expensive place to live. Or could a spin-off be in the works?

Billy F said...

Zach feels like he needs compete with Jeremy instead of making his own way.
It doesn't help when his father blatantly prefers Jeremy.
I strongly think Zach and Tori are making the biggest mistake of their lives.

Lori said...

I am very good at my impressions of people. There is something that I don't like about Tori.

She is a hanger on. She is fake.
It doesn't take long to figure out that she lives in Washington.

But she took a weekend, minimum wage job at Roloff Farm on the Saturday and Sundays. Why would someone drive from another state to work a minimum wage job on Saturday mornings? Because she was a big fan who wanted to get an "in" with the Roloffs.

She knew she didn't have a chance with Jeremy, Zach was her way to be part of the inside Zach.

Zach is the man of her dreams? Puhlease.

Judy said...

Rorie, Tori loves the attention of the Roloffs and their friends.

Audrey enjoys the focus being on her and Jeremy's love and their relationship that is based on serving Jesus Christ.

Tori hasn't had that opportunity yet.

Contrary to what one person says, it is very nice of Jeremy and Audrey to share their wedding with the fans.

Ashley said...

Yeah Rap, I thought it was kind of funny to see Jeremy asking fans to tweet and hashtag his wedding when he was infamous for insulting fans or flat out ignoring them because he thought they were so annoying.

But he will accept gifts from them!

Darlene said...

Jeremy and Audrey are SO self absorbed. Get over yourselves. There are other things happening in the world!

Rap541 said...

Any idea why Jeremy and Audrey are moving to LA? Why LA? And who'd want to live there? Sounds like they don't even have jobs lined up. What are they supposed to do in LA to pay the rent? It's an expensive place to live. Or could a spin-off be in the works?

There's a clip up on tlc of a cut scene where Jeremy admits to having no job. Audrey does have a job lined up, at a wine company I believe, and it's in Los Angeles. Jeremy's stated plan in that clip is to look for work...

So at least Audrey has work.

She knew she didn't have a chance with Jeremy, Zach was her way to be part of the inside Zach.

Zach is the man of her dreams? Puhlease.

Are the Roloffs really that special to be around that it's worth dating for years and committing to marry someone simply so she can sit on the couch while Matt tirades about "gettin' it done"?

Are you saying Matt, Amy, and of course Blessed Jeremy and Audrey of the Christ are all ok with Zach marrying this lying slut? I mean, Jeremy Jesus wants his brother to marry someone who is only doing it to be a Roloff? That's how little Jeremy cares about his twin brother that he will cheerfully note on camera how much he likes this lying little slut who only loves Roloff money? Molly? Molly is too dumb to see it? Matt? Matt Roloff is too blinded by Tori's evil to where he's on camera telling the world how delighted he is?

Is that what you hard core fans believe? Every member of the Roloff family either doesn't give a shit if Zach marries a gold digging slut or they're all too damn dumb to see it?

I gotta be honest - I don't see ANY difference in Tori and Audrey - Audrey is clearly delighted to be a Roloff and clearly has no problem shoving her family to the side as she is now Amy's new daughter and Molly's new sister and of course getting her wedding as a big giant tradeout in exchange for having her precious private moments filmed and printed up in news rags.

Mind you, I personally don't ascribe "gold digging slut" to either girl, I just find it hilarious that the girl who went after the cute brother who is clearly the family favorite is the precious innocent while the girl who perhaps didn't pick based on something as shallow as looks is the whore.

Seriously, aside from "feelings" and "visions from Christ" - what evidence is there that Tori's current commitment to Zach is all a lie?

Amber said...

Did anyone else notice the Stars and Bars coffee mug??

Gloria said...

Lets be honest. Jeremy and Audrey are much more in love than Zach and Tori.

Zach and Tori seem more like friends or a brother/sister relationship.

Tori clearly loves being in the show and hanging out with the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

And what are you basing that on, Gloria? :)

I personally agree that I think Jeremy and Audrey are more physically affectionate in the rare scenes where they are together (watch the show, it's not often) while Tori and Zach aren't hopping all over each other but frankly I think that's a difference in situation. Jeremy and Audrey even by their own words have mostly had a long distance relationship. Zach and Tori live relatively close and date and see each other a lot more consistently and likely have gotten past the excited first love stuff.

Also frankly, Zach has never been one to be emotionally demonstrative on camera while Jeremy is huggy. That's been something I have noticed for years, that Jeremy is more emotional and Zach is more closed off.

Btw nothing I have just said is in any way insulting to Jeremy and Audrey nor is it untrue - they've been quite upfront about the long distance relationship.

I am just struck that "its not like Jeremy and Audrey, therefore they can't possibly be in love. The only way to be really in love is to behave exactly like Jeremy and Audrey - if you don't, you're not as in love" is the argument being made here.

Zach and Tori don't imitate Jeremy and Audrey, if they don't follow Jeremy and Audrey exactly, then they are less in love and its perfectly ok to publically judge them as *less in love*.

I thought judging was hating?

Also still not seeing any actual evidence that Tori is in it for the fame and because she is just so needy to be a member of the Roloff clan, she'll marry Zach, and presumably bear his children merely so she can bask in the prescence of the "good" Roloffs

Laura S said...

"Zach is more closed off."

You call it closed off. I call it moody.

For years Zach was horrid. Not quite as bad Jacob is now, but close.

Zach has improved a bit as he's gotten older, but he's no Jeremy.

And then there's the train wreck Jacob.

Abby said...

Rap, I think Zach did copy Jeremy about getting engaged. He waited for Jeremy. Then Jeremy did it so he did it.

Rap541 said...

Abby - Its possible but I also think Zach was probably pressured by his parents to propose to make a storyline and to get the "2015 season" settled.

I also think if he proposed because he felt pressured to, either to support the show or to maintain position with Jeremy in the family hierarchy, that's more on Zach than Tori being a gold digging slut.

Rap541 said...

Laura S - and explain how Zach's behavior means Tori is an untrustworthy gold digging slut who doesn't love him?

And Jake is a brat but was he even in this episode? HATE HATE HATE CHRISTIANS LOVE TO HATE!

is that it, Laura? You're a hating Christian proud to stand up and judge like you're Christ? :)nBecause you're judging and hating like you're the second coming and I have been told by NUMEROUS Christians here that JUDGING IS HATING when I judge.... where exactly is it in the scripture that you Christians get a free pass and a kiss from Jesus for hating? :)

Point - you're being asked for a biblical reference. I am utterly convinced you can't cite scripture to back up your hate.

Rap541 said...

Also - lets call it moody and horrid - Zach is moody and horrid.

So now explain why Tori can't possibly be in love with him. You're standing tall on this - I expect facts and not your feelings.

Even Adolph Hitler had a lover/wife who loved him - are you suggesting Zach is less able than Hitler?

WalktheTalk said...

Zach and Tori are already living together. You didn't know that? They have tried to keep it hidden but it really obvious. When Zack moved out of the house they made it look like he was moving in with roommates. The house was too clean when the Jer, Molly and Jacob went to visit. When they were looking at the menu and how much everything cost, they both were making remarks about how many boxes of macaroni and cheese they could buy with how much one meal cost. I did that when I was their age worrying about how much things were when I went out.

Rap541 said...

I notice btw that for all the Tori hate, no one seems willing to call into question the fact that Matt likes Tori and wants her in the family. Jeremy Jesus is on record liking her and being happy for his brother. Amy gets on camera and on her facebook all the time about how she likes Zach's chose. Heck even Molly and Jacob like Tori.

Come on, folks. Are those of you convinced by your incredible "spidey senses" that Tori is a gold digger, stalking the Roloffs and being a creepy fan to the point that she'd *marry* their piece of crap son just so she can be in their hallowed prescence and get to be on tv as the girl who married the piece of moody crap - are you so certain Tori is bad that you will stand up here, publically, swear on the blood of Christ that Matt, Jeremy, Amy, Audrey etc are all completely wrong?

Come on folks - if you're *right* - why is Jeremy not stopping this? He's a man now. He's a strong Christian and he's allowing his brother to marry a viper! Per you all anyway. SHows how much Jeremy cares for his family - he's letting his younger brother use drugs and deny god, and letting his twin brother marry a gold digging slut and openly condoning it :)

Stop It, Please said...

Typical Matt trying to dominate and make everything about himself – he who is either great but hampered in his vision by the pedestrian family around him (except Jeremy) or the whining cry-baby with a sprained wrist who expects to be waited on hand and foot because he is helpless.

Over the past episodes, Jeremy seems not to be especially enthusiastic about wedding plans and the wedding. Virtually zero affect until the staged wedding day. If you can’t work together enthusiastically even in planning your own wedding, daily life is going to be a drag, especially with one partner not working and the other’s job unlikely to bring in much money. Anyone else see a Matt/Amy parallel here?

As to Jeremy’s job prospects, does anyone else find it interesting that rather than having the professional photographer golden boy take the engagement pictures, they hire a professional team? If he can’t get his own brother to hire him as a photographer, who else is going to?

Zach’s engagement ring looks much like any, but then so did Jeremy’s “creatively designed” one. The only unique thing about Jeremy’s was perhaps the inscription. But his ring is played up and Zach’s, well, not so much.

I find interesting the dwarf hatred implied in some of the comments here – Zach isn’t as good as Jeremy; Tori can only be interested in that defective male because she is a gold digger. Plus she doesn’t seem to run off at the mouth enough about how saintly she is in her love of Jesus unlike the Audrey. The good Christians here hate Jacob and they dislike Zach and Tori; apparently only the one true son and his bride are good enough for them.

Debbie said...

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that Audrey is more inspirational and more vocal about her love of Jesus than Tori. It is is the truth and it is to be commended.

Anonymous said...

What has Audrey done that is inspirational to you, personally, Debbie?

Rap541 said...

As to Jeremy’s job prospects, does anyone else find it interesting that rather than having the professional photographer golden boy take the engagement pictures, they hire a professional team? If he can’t get his own brother to hire him as a photographer, who else is going to?

I will throw Jeremy a bone on this one.

As near as I can tell, Jeremy didn't actually graduate in April - he participated in the ceremony but he still had a semester to complete and technically graduated in August, but the college doesn't run a ceremony for the summer. (and this isn't unusual in for profit schools or even regular colleges)

So although its unmentioned to the point that its incredibly odd, there's a reason Jeremy isn't actually doing all that much of his own wedding prep or living at home post graduation - he actually hadn't graduated. Therefore he wouldn't have had time and wouldn't have been able to be Zach's photographer.

Stop It - I am sure the Zach haters will jump on you for pointing out that there's some unpleasant implications in how no one of average height could ever ever fall in love with Zach Roloff, especially when Jeremy is there to compare him to. All I know? Zach isn't my taste but I have seen plenty of little people with average height partners and funny no one ever suggests Sam Roloff's wife must have married him to be closer to his nephew. Obviously not all average height people who choose dwarf partners are doing it to be closer to the Roloffs and its incredibly offensive and entirely against the point of the show and Matt and Amy's blessed "education" mission to suggest an average height woman can't possibly find a little person male to be attractive or marriageable.

k Has c said...

I think you Tori/Zach haters are just full of shttt. Just because she is with Zach...you think shes bad and not for real......why?.. due to his short stature and that you think she wants golden boy. Just maybe she isn't shallow. I bet if we could see your faces...bodys...lives you would shut the hell up. Its not always about $ or the way someone looks. Ignorant A-holes!

Diane said...

Come on people. It is SOOOO transparent.

Zach and Tori are nothing more than friends as far as Tori is concerned.

Some people do marry their friends, but don't kid yourselves. She had other motives. It's not hard to see it.

Rap541 said...

Diane - what are her motives and where do you see it?

What's the pay off for Tori?

Mallory said...

I particularly liked this episode it was so sweet how Amy gave Audrey the quilt Jeremey made is second grade and I feel that Zach and Tori do love each other and if their ready to be engaged that's their business and I hope Amy and Matt can work things out in there marriage I think 26 years of marriages is a lot to throw away

Stop It, Please said...

Debbie said...
There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that Audrey is more inspirational and more vocal about her love of Jesus than Tori. It is is the truth and it is to be commended.

I love how the "Christian" cultists here don't even know what their own religion tells them but instead just follow their cult leaders like sheep.

Matthew 6:5

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

sscooter43 said...

"As to Jeremy’s job prospects, does anyone else find it interesting that rather than having the professional photographer golden boy take the engagement pictures, they hire a professional team? If he can’t get his own brother to hire him as a photographer, who else is going to?"

Some people do not like to mix family and business. I have an aunt that is a CPA but I always used somebody outside of the family to do my taxes. It is nothing against my aunt, I just don't want to mix family and business.

Since Jeremy is a "professional photographer", maybe Zach just did not wish to mix family and business so they hired a non-family member as a photographer.

Timothy said...

Sscooter, that could be true or money could be the reason :)

That is my guess. Did you see the price that Jeremy charge for engagement or wedding photos?

And we know how much the photographers who got the trade out received. Nothing because they wanted the exposure.

Jeremy doesn't get paid to take Zach's pictures. Why spend his time editing Zach's photos for 0 dollars when he can get thousands for a strangers?

I am sure that is the real reason.

Rap541 said...

I don't normally defend Jeremy but I think the real reason was a bit of scooters's idea coupled with the fact that Jeremy was still finishing up at Brooks and didn't have time.

Dave said...

I'm absolutely amazed this show is still on the air. Eventually, you just have to realize there's no more toothpaste in the tube.

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? Or secretly Tori? If not, you really need to get a hold of yourself and take a break from the computer. I've never seen some rant on and on and obsess over something as mundane as this, to the degree you did. Have an opinion but then be done. It's the freakin' Roloffs. You don't need to blow a cap outta your ass trying to convince strangers on the internet that strangers on TV are in love.
It's going to be okay. Geesh.
*Backs away slowly*

Anonymous said...

Wow...talk about shallow, insensitive, narrow minded people....and NO!!! I am NOT talking about any of the Roloffs or the extras...I'm talking about these comments and commenters...haters...

Anonymous said...

Wow...talk about shallow, insensitive, narrow minded people....and NO!!! I am NOT talking about any of the Roloffs or the extras...I'm talking about these comments and commenters...haters...

Sue said...

The divorce is a sad but not surprising development. Amy has admitted many times that she never thought she'd get married and have babies merely because she was a little person. She took the first person who came along. They both should have been old enough to get to know each other better before tying the knot (around / over 26). They have both admitted to having a relatively brief, long-distance courtship. And therein lies the rub. They hardly knew each other when they got married. I give Amy credit for trying to make it work for so long, but I'm not surprised to see them getting divorced.

I'm mildly encouraged that Jeremy and Audrey, and Zach and Tori, have known each other longer, and spent more time dating, than their parents did. I hope it bodes better for their futures.

Janice Serrano said...

I don't think Tori would be into Zach if his family didn't have this show. Something seems 'off' about her and Zach.

At first I thought it was the height because, come on, she is so much taller than he is because come on, it's the elephant in the room, yet it isn't being mentioned or addressed anywhere.

Then I started to watch her more closely and realized it's not that; it's just her, period. Her demeanor seems so dull and muted, like she's already lived her life and everything has been decided.

Granted, Zach also seems dull and muted, but he was raised so sheltered and secure it doesn't surprise me that the risk and uncertainty of the unknown doesn't appeal to him.

Still, annoying as he is, there is an integrity and strength to his personality.

Tori's personality barely registers at all, except in relation to her 'role' in the family and as Zach's wife.

She's what? Twenty-something? Yet seems like such a frumpy old lady.

I think they both made a mistake, but I guess there entitled.

Hope I'm wrong though and I hope that she REALLY falls in love with Zach and livens the hell up!