Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Episode of Little People, Big World Featuring The Roloffs: "A Roloff Gets Married" On TLC Sept 30

The new episode of Little People, Big World airs tonight on TLC at 10:00 PM. It is the episode "A Roloff Gets Married".

Here is a quick preview and then a review:

Little People, Big World (Season 10)

A Roloff Gets Married! TV-PG

Jeremy and his bride-to-be, Audrey, feel equally nervous and excited as they complete the final details for their wedding. Meanwhile, Matt falls seriously ill and everyone worries he will not be able to attend his son's big day.


Guest Episode Review written by Rap541:

Ah, the wedding episode!

Some previous scenes of Matt and Amy arguing.

So its one month to the wedding and we get the trade out parade. Huh, they basically are getting the dress on extremely short notice even though it normally takes six months… funny that. I actually liked the first one she tried more than the second, or the third. I find it interesting that there seems to be some unexplained rush to the wedding.

Now Jeremy and Zach are getting custom suits for their product placement tradeouts. Also Zach is Jeremy’s best man. Jeremy’s wedding colors are “floral”.

Three weeks to the wedding. To keep with a long running theme from many episodes, Jeremy has dreamed of getting married on the farm since he was a wee little boy. It’s probably the first time we’ve heard Jeremy speak more than a sentence or two and he’s still not very articulate. He’s also pretty openly planning to own the land and have his own house there.  Which is interesting, his assumption about getting it

Two weeks to the wedding and we’re getting more tradeouts. Jeremy sounds and looks bored as hell at the table setting 
odyssey. To give Audrey some credit, she seems quite in love. 

Jeremy, in his haybale about his new mom in law looks totally bored.

Now Jeremy is taking his mom to lunch because he just wants to hang out with her. He looks like he’s got a limb in a trap and wants to gnaw it off the whole time. Seriously, this scene was really forced. So Audrey is working, and Jeremy is not.

Oh look it’s Matt’s drama. He’s possibly dying and very clearly lies on camera when he says “Jeremy’s wedding is next week”. Now Amy is heading over to his man cave for the first time and takes him to the doctor. Amy also lies about this happening “a week before Jeremy’s wedding”.

Look, I know a number of you are going to bitch and moan so here’s my objection. Was the lie necessary? Because it is a lie – per Matt’s facebook, he was in the hospital as of Aug 22…. Which FYI is not “a week before Jeremy’s wedding” – so does the lie add anything?

Now we’re “five days to the wedding” and Zack and Jeremy are merrily stating dad is still in the hospital as they head off to paintball with huh, product placement folks. Gosh it’s like this wedding is getting a whole shit ton of freebies for selling their private moments.  And huh, per the show, Matt is theoretically in the hospital until three days  before the wedding which leads Jeremy to sagely lie to us how worried he is that Dad won’t make it to the wedding.

Matt concedes that it’s awkward for his wife that he left to tend him as its three days before the wedding and he’s JUST OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.
So in other words, when it comes to the show, Matt really has no problem lying if it makes him the center of attention.

Oh look, Matt is of course up and about for the wedding. To be fair it looks nice. I personally like that Matt actually gave Amy a genuine compliment for a change.

There’s a nice shot of Audrey pre-makeup, and she should go natural more often. That’s a complement by the way. Somehow Audrey ended up with a used dress that she bought on line? Because that doesn’t quite jibe

Now we have WonderJer dressing. Then Zack and Jer have a nice moment as brothers. Then Audrey is presented with a cow brand. Oh look! There’s special hashtags to unlock wedding photos! I wonder if Jeremy and Auj were monetarily compensated for these commercials?

Matt quickly lets Jeremy know how nervous etc he was. Honestly, this is all pretty typical wedding stuff. Is the preacher the famous John Mark Comer? Matt calls Jeremy a man. The bridal party is huge and one of them is holding a sign that says “sexy baby”?

Is that Audrey’s dad holding a sign saying “she’s yours”.  I like the color of the flowers in Audrey’s hair.  Jeremy’s vows did not involve sharing her with Jesus, interestingly enough. Audrey’s did, I will give her that. But seriously folks, I’ve been to some Jesusy weddings and this was pretty plain jane in comparison.

I did like the shots in the flowers. The reception also looked nice. In fairness this wedding looked a ton better than any of the “wedding” episodes . Zach’s speech was cute, Matt of course chokes up. I also think it was sweet that Amy and Jeremy danced.  And it was nice to see practical bridemaids dresses.

I really didn’t care for the hospital drama.


Jocelynn said...

Even in an episode with something real in it (Jeremy getting married) they still have to have the fake "Oh no! Matt might miss the wedding!"

Couldn't they skip that garbage for an episode? I guess not.

Nancy said...

I'm kind of surprised at how matter of fact Jeremy is that he is going to live on the farm with his family.

What about building something of his own? Earning it? What about his siblings?

It's kind of arrogant for him to just automatically assume the his parent's property will be his family's home. Audrey seemed just as intent on living there as him.

Ashley said...

Could Jeremy look anymore bored and disinterested in the Amy and Jeremy lunch scene?

Nichole Hamilton said...

Where is Jacob?

Anne said...

What more is there to say about Audrey's wedding vows??

That's why I love Audrey.

I hope a certain negative reviewer heard Audrey talk about Jesus!

Laura said...

Best wedding! Jeremy and Audrey's wedding vows were beautiful. They gave glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in front of all of the TV Audience.

Megan said...

I'm surprised they only showed about 5 seconds of Zach's best man speech.

Did they need to devote all that time to "Matt is dying"? Oh wait, he is magically fine for the wedding.

Judy said...

Matt, Jeremy and Audrey are the best Roloffs.

The wedding surpassed what I imagined. God Bless Jeremy and Audrey's life together in the name of Jesus.

Was Jacob rolling his eyes when they were talking about Jesus?

Debbie said...

That was the best episode in the history of the show.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Audrey!

I am glad Jacob didn't get one line and was only seen a couple of times. It would have been better if he had been banned, but oh well.

Timothy said...

Judging by how into promoting this episode Jeremy and Audrey are, they are definitely angling for more episodes = $$$

tashapork said...

I really liked this episode, it reminds me of some of the older episodes and was touching especially Jeremy kneeling to dance with his mom. Having said that, I really wish TLC would give up the editing in drama that's not there. Yes Matt was ill in the hospital for a few days and had to miss Jeremy's bachelor party, but it was a month before the wedding. August 22, according to Matts Facebook page.

Gloria said...

Zach and Tori's wedding is going to pale in comparison. Jeremy and Audrey are great.

Andrea said...

Jeremy looked so nervous talking to Matt I thought Jereny was going to pass out.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel like Matt "got sick" just to get a little limelight during Jeremy's special time? I hate saying that, but Matt seems just narcissistic enough to get a little envious of the attention.

Barbara said...

It was the most beautiful wedding I've seen. I felt like I was there.

I am also very glad that someone put a muzzle on rotten Jacob last night and he was not allowed to ruin things with his nonsense.

Jason said...

About the product placement, talk about overboard!

Look at Audrey and Jeremy's twitters from last night.

Audrey gives a complete list of all the vendors that "helped" with the wedding!

Jeremy is still pimping "Proper Suit".

Red said...

They wasted so much time on other things in this episode and then crammed the entire ceremony and reception into 10 minutes. I wish we could have seen more.

Stop It, Please said...

Okay, the wedding looked good and certainly much better put together than anything seen on the various “Roloff Farms Wedding“ episodes. And much less fake last minute drama than in those staged wedding episodes, the dress “panic” being the only one I noticed.

As noted elsewhere, the entire Matt yet again dying scenes were just to milk the spotlight for Matt, even in an episode that should have been all about Jeremy and his bride. The fake paintball war scene was equally pointless.

Jeremy still shows almost zero affect through the wedding planning scenes and looks like he is being tortured in the fake dinner with Amy scene. To be fair, he does fine at the wedding itself. But is he just bored with TLC filming or was he really not interested in the plans for his own wedding?

Did Amy actually say that Audrey was a good looking girl and therefore Jeremy made a good choice, as though Audrey were a piece of meat for purchase?

So Audrey has a job and Jeremy doesn’t, but somehow they are going to build their home on the farm. Does that mean the one employed person will have to give up her job in LA and somehow they think the farm will support the two of them? Matt through the years has – though possibly for TLC drama effect – said that they don’t make enough off pumpkins to live on. So how will Jeremy and Audrey make a living? Not sounding like a good plan for a secure future, unless TLC has decided to spin off their own series.

But of course the “good Christian” haters here are the most fun. Jacob is seen for maybe 10 seconds in the entire episode but even so, he is the focus of mindless hate and accused of doing evil. And no, TLC didn’t “muzzle” him – he has long made it no secret that he hates the show, doesn’t want to be filmed, and is on camera the least amount of time he can be under the contract his parents made for him.

Can they really milk another season out of Zach and Tori’s wedding? At 18, it is likely Jacob will disappear from the show, so will the good Christian haters here be left only to demean Zach and Tori?

Justin2 said...

I agree this episode was really nice regardless of the Matt situation, who really was sick so at least that part was real. The whole "its 3 days before the wedding" bit was a lie to work that situation into the episode for dramatic effect.

Its noted also how the reviewer is always saying how if the Roloffs love Jesus so much how come they dont say so on TV and now that they really did (yes Auj is a Roloff) the reviewer has no response.
Notice how Jeremy only started to cry during her vows when she mentioned Jesus and Jesus' love and blessings over them?? Thats all the proof you need of how Jeremy feels about his religious views without him even saying a word.

Ashley said...

I agree the Matt parts were bad and not necessary. Why spend so much time on the stupid Matt might miss the wedding drama instead of the wedding itself and stuff like Zach's speech?

Stopitplease, I thought that was very shallow of Amy too. Audrey is a good looking girl so Jeremy made a good choice? I'm glad Amy didn't think Audrey was unattractive since Amy judges everything on looks. What is the point of the show again? Not to judge on outward appearances??

I was surprised that Jeremy and Audrey seem to have it all planned out that they are going to raise their family on the farm. Does the rest of the family know that or is it just understood that Jeremy gets what he wants?

I don't hate Jacob because of whether he's Christian or not, but if they get another season for Zach and Tori's wedding (I would be shocked if they didn't, they want a free wedding too) I don't think Jacob will be "gone" or refuse filming. He's a lot of talk. He said a lot of stuff about being done with the show and then he admits to reading lines and lying because that's what the contract says. Jacob will do anything for money or lifestyle just like the rest of the Roloffs.

Melissa said...

Really like Jeremy and Audrey but wasn't really a fan of the wedding "theme" or colors. But it's her wedding and not mine! :) I haven't watched yet but looking forward to watching it on my DVR and fast forwarding all the Matt drama. FWIW, I've gone to the farm and met Matt and Amy in real life and they were super nice (but this was a few years ago.)

Abby said...

" I assume he was possibly teared up over *his wedding*."

Yeah, Jeremy did start crying when Audrey was walking down the aisle which isn't that unusual.

Rap541 said...

Justin2 - reread the review and correct yourself.

Jeremy’s vows did not involve sharing her with Jesus, interestingly enough. Audrey’s did, I will give her that. But seriously folks, I’ve been to some Jesusy weddings and this was pretty plain jane in comparison.

Yiu said the reviewer didn't acknowledge it at all. Please rescind or leave your lie up.

Also I don't interprete Jeremy's tears as anything other than tears because he's at his *wedding* and he will need to verify he was crying because his love of Jesus overwhelmed him. He certainly didn't say it.

And if you want to be pedantic, technically Audrey wasn't a Roloff when she invoked Jesus, but despite your lies, I did indeed acknowledge it in this review.

I actually was trying to be nice because I don't think a wedding is an event where being hostile to the bride and groom is nice but since you're going to play "shit on Rap" games, feel free to stay up until midnight on a work day and provide a review of the next episode. :)

k Has c said...

I actually stayed awake for this episode...yay me;). Amy's remark about Audrey's looks was just hillbilly of her. On the Matt medical issue....well thats just Matt needing attention as per usual. I did like Audrey's dress very much. Would of liked to see alittle more of the wedding and alittle less of the rest. I do hope Zach and Tori get to be on TV for their wedding. So there ;)

k Has c said...

Have to add...The scene where Golden Boy took Mom to lunch was so forced like he wanted to run away or wasn't interested in his "cheerleader mom" spill. Also the bit about his soon to be MIL didn't seem genuine...maybe it was but his eyes sure looked away fast. Could of been pre wedding gitters too.

Justin2 said...

Ok Rap I do apologize. I did read that the first time through but overlooked it I guess. But now since the Roloffs have included the name of Jesus and loving Jesus in the show for the whole world to see, is that going to satisfy your needs of wanting the Roloffs to acknowledge it in every episode? I suspect it wont but dont worry too much cause now that Audrey is a Roloff you're gonna hear it more often than just once!

DarthMaulsApp said...

Please clear up an argument between me and my girlfriend. Is Audrey a female Body Builder? I noticed that she has a male torso. She is not overweight but she has very broad shoulders and her arms are bigger than Jeremy's.

M said...

That Matt drama was stupid. I understand he was very sick but this episode should have just been the wedding. I would have loved to see more of the wedding, its details, and the speeches. I really liked the vintage feel and Audrey's vows they were very beautiful.

Rap541 said...

Justin - not when I have bveen told to kiss Jeremy's ass since he was 16 because he's such an *outspoken* Christian that we're blessed by his calling people fags, no. Not when I have been told to look at his social media prescence where he's constantly witnessing to Jesus.... only to get nothing but silence when the big boy goes three months without a retweet of a bible quote. Not when I was told thta Jeremy and Audrey's wedding was their testimony to Jesus Christ and their status as Christians shining up to God... and Jeremy's vows don't even mention God... No. I am not satisfied that after years of abuse and nasty asshole remarks from various fans on how *Jeremy* is just too private to say he's a Christian on his show and only horrible people like myself would doubt his constant shining references to his love of Jesus that he *never* makes public... no, Justin, Jeremy's *wife* referenceing Jesus in her wedding is not enough to make me forget people like yourself publically shitting on me because I won't praise him for what he's not willing to do publically.

If I have to acknowledge that Jeremy starts every morning with a fall to his knees and a "I thank Christ!" and give him *credit for it, then I expect to see it. Thanks for your passive aggressive "Ok, you caught me but I'm still right" apology. Seriously Justin, Audrey referencing Jesus *once* means Jeremy is public about his faith?

Justin2 said...

Uh Rap, nobody is "shitting" on you. You literally have a negative view on everything it seems like. You always talk about Jeremy proving his religious views and then you go on to say how no Roloffs except Jacob has expressed their views on Christianity. Ok so technically Audrey wasnt a Roloff yet when her vows were said but its still not gonna matter to you now she is and when she is on the show talking about it. In fact I know you are gonna say how sick you are of it.
Jeremy..ok I get that he hasnt said anything himself but give him time to actually hang out and be around with Audrey and he will start saying and hinting at things about Jesus himself. They have admitted to not being around each other and having a long distance relationship so when he does spend more time with her I'm thinking she is going to open him up more to talk about it.

Rap541 said...

So you weren't being snide and attempting to insist I "eat crow" and admit I refused to acknowledge it? In your initial comments where you very clearly stated I didn't reference and were clearly attempting to call me out for not admitting it?

I mean you were attempting to complement me? With your snide remark that you have since conceded was a lie as I did reference the jesus remark?

Is that it Justin? You were complimenting me? And not attempting to shit on me? :)

You now admit he hasn't said anything but I am just supposed to "eat crow" and publically agree that you were right that I didn't reference it and apologize to you? Seriously? You called me out - I pointed out you were wrong, because you *were* and you're now insisting you're the victim. *You* picked this battle you lying piece of garbage. You wanted to call me out and you screwed up and were wrong. Sorry, not going to kiss your ass over you picking a fight and getting your ass handed to you.

RunnerGirl said...

I just watched the episode.

I didn't care for Matt's hospital drama either. It was all staged for the cameras and was clearly just to goose the ratings.

I found it strange that they seemed to only look at one vendor for everything. Like the place settings, the dress, the catering. But those vendors each got some nice marketing though.

I liked watching the part about the actual wedding day the most. Overall, I thought the wedding was nicely done. The d├ęcor was very fitting for a wedding on a farm. The parents sentimental reaction was pretty typical.

Whose idea was it to have the groomsmen each carry sings and the father of the bride carry a sign saying "She's Yours"?

Justin2 said...

Rap I said Jeremys emotions spoke for how he felt about Jesus cause it was only then that he started to cry during Audreys vows. You were all like "that doesnt mean crap" cause "its his wedding and he is entitled to cry." Yes thats true but but notice the only time he cried was right when she started with the Jesus talk and at no other time during the entire process. That proves MY point that his emotions spoke for his religious views. Now..go to task and I dare you to find anywhere in the entire episode where he cried besides the moment Audrey mentioned Jesus and His love and blessings over them.
I apologized simply because I'm a man and noticed I was wrong. Not everyone is a negative troll out to pounce on everybody who has a different view of things like you are. :)

safado said...

How Christian of you.

Ashley said...

"I said Jeremys emotions spoke for how he felt about Jesus cause it was only then that he started to cry during Audreys vows."

Justin2, you're wrong.

Jeremy started to cry when Audrey was walking down the aisle. He started to cry long before Audrey's vows.

Rap541 said...

apologized simply because I'm a man and noticed I was wrong. Not everyone is a negative troll out to pounce on everybody who has a different view of things like you are. :)

Are you claiming this:

"Its noted also how the reviewer is always saying how if the Roloffs love Jesus so much how come they dont say so on TV and now that they really did (yes Auj is a Roloff) the reviewer has no response."

Wasn't you trolling? You weren't being negative? That wasn't your attempt to pounce? You posted that in innocence?

Really? I was supposed to consider that a compliment of my review?

Come on, Justin - you just called yourself a man - be a man and mansplain to me how you were just *complimenting* me and weren't picking a fight.

Come on, get those balls on the table and tell me how *innocent* your remark was.

Rap541 said...

Also feel free to deny Ashley's point.

I'm sure you will. Just like I had to call you out to make you admit you lied when you said I didn't mention it. And then, once you're proven wrong, you'll cry that you're not being allowed your "opinion" - and thanks again for your passive aggressive "I'm really right but I'm a man" non apology where you call me a troll for daring to disagree with you when you posted a bald faced lie about my review.

Or was I supposed to kiss your mancock for that like a little female bitch too? Since you're a man and you've spoken? Thank you Justin for lying about my review?

Justin2 said...

Good lord Rap! I'm not complementing you on anything or kissing your ass. I simply and only said that I apologize cause I was wrong and overlooked what you had said. It cant get clearer than that.

As for Ashley's point I didnt notice Jeremy start to crack and really wipe at his eyes until Audrey mentioned Jesus in her vows. Sure he lit up and smiled and had a tear in his eye seeing his bride walk towards him but he damn sure didnt start actually crying until Audrey said her vows and specifically mentioned..yet again..Jesus and his blessings and love over them.

Rap541 said...

No Justin you weren't complimenting me - so please stop acting like I am supposed to smile and nod when you lie about me in order to make me look bad.

Seriously, you were attempting to insult me, and now you're pissy that I have called you on it even though you admit you weren't complimenting me when you posted.

So tell me Justin, how was I supposed to react to your lies about my review?

Justin2 said...

All I did was apologize for being wrong and overlooking part of your review. You shouldnt have read any further into it cause all it was was an apology and not an attempt to flatter you or kiss your ass or make you smile. I admit ted I was wrong for everyone to see and no I'm not pissy about being called out on it, its just annoying that you read way too much into a simple apology that was just that and nothing else.

J.D. said...

Jeremey and Audry left the state of Oregon on either Wenesday or Thursday and by yesterday on her Twitter page she has a pic of urgent care stating that while she was helping to move stuff out of the u haul truck she ended up breaking her foot.

This is a bad way to start off their new life having a broken foot, I will feel sorry for her knowing she was more than likely was going to be starting her new job she got several months ago maybe this up coming new week or the week after and while moving stuff out the u haul into their apartment this goes and happen.

Audrey and Jeremy y'all keep yall heads up pray and know this marriage and life will have its ups and downs but never give up on things no matter what their will be more challenges to come keep up the faith and keep on keep on.

I am just so sorry to hear about your set back with a broken foot I just hope your new job will be willing to work with you with this unexpected accident with your foot I hope you will still be able to work in spite of what has happen I know maybe for a couple of days you will have to stay and rest. Get well Audry I know your husband will take good care of you and pamper you while you recover.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Amy's net worth is 4. 5 million so they hardly need pumpkin season to "make a living." I wish they would just admit that they're rich and that TLC pays for the weddings and the rings and the trips and basically everything. We will still watch but at least it will be honest and real.

Jesus wept ( I doubt it ) said...

Audrey looks filthy, are we really to believe they are virgins ? Christians amongst you pray for a sex tape I say ! I say that especially to you Ann Bailey whose racist homophobic comments are truly missed.