Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring The Roloff Family: "The Proposal" September 2nd, 2014

Here is a preview and then review of the new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC at 10:00 PM on September 2, 2014.

Little People, Big World The Proposal TV-PG 
It’s springtime and big changes are in bloom at Roloff farm. Matt and Amy keep a united front at Jeremy’s graduation; Amy seeks out a business venture of her own; and Jeremy decides to take his relationship with Audrey to the next level.


Episode Review Written by Rap541

This show is still on the air! I *know*!

Ironically I am totally jet lagged from flying from Atlanta to Phoenix this afternoon. Also this show is on superlate! Also really? We're really whoring out Jeremy?

Well... Apparently we can't whore out Amy and Matt's *reconciliation* since they've been living separately yet are still married and will still reconcile as they are *Christian* and showing us all how CHRISTIAN MARRIED COUPLES handle their issues.

Also I flipped over from PBS to TLC and seriously the Duggar parents need to move past their ridiculous issues and let their girls marry.Also Michelle seems quite horrified at the idea of the daughters marrying.

Oh look, Matt bitching how he was under so much stress. The credits have changed to include mostly new scenes. Matt is in his creepy office calling Amy and openly pissed she won't answer her phone so he heads to her house and demands answers. This is about clothes? And Jeremy's graduation?  And there's some debate about whether they can attend and its their first trip since their separation!

Zach and Jeremy Skype. Jeremy plans to propose. Its sort of sweet except that this Skype is clearly done for the cameras. Also, not to rip on Jeremy's moves but a LOT of people design their own wedding ring. Unless there's a clown with an ax on it, lemme guess the ring won't be that outside the box.

Amy goes on about her pop up kitchen. She wants Zach to help. Zach is wearing a product placement t-shirt.... Meanwhile in Santa Barbara. Jeremy is all "Audrey can't make it". Also the kids play soccer for the cameras. Huh Jeremy wonders about getting a job. Also its amusing that Jeremy is a tenor while Jake seems to be leaning baritone/bass.

More Santa Barbara. So Jeremy is showing off his work. I'm not terribly impressed that he's apparently displaying one of his first photos and also we only see one photo. There's an endless montage of Amy going on about having a kid. We mostly get platitudes here but I will forgive it. Matt and Zach go on about it. I kinda recall that for me its actually 2am on Wednesday since I am jet lagged.

Amy is all about her pop up kitchen. She really has no idea how working in a restaurant is difficult. She cooks brussel sprouts. Now Jeremy is ring shopping in los Angeles and is late! He bitches slightly about the cost of the ring.

Have I mentioned how tired I am? I was at Dragoncon this weekend, in Atlanta, and flew back to Phoenix this afternoon where time clicked back a few hours. Its not helping that this episode is a lot of staged snooze.

So Jeremy has a ring that looks pretty typical but ok. Matt and Amy have an awkward talk about her pop up restaurant. Matt plays dumb and also notes in a confessional that Amy has NEVER worked in a restaurant. She wants him to attend "downtown" and he protests but agrees.

Somehow Jeremy flew home after graduating without having a job and helps with Amy's pop up. In theory Amy is making the kids work. Ah Zach dumps salad and wants to use it but is told no by Jake of all people. Amy also merrily fucks up orders.

Honestly this is like a super whiny Hells Kitchen. Matt is basically a condescending ass about it. It's all so polite and cold. Also Amy has no clue what restaurant life is like.

Jeremy is planning to propose at the trestle. Jeremy pretentiously uses a typewriter to write to her. Jeremy wanders in to tell Amy and Matt that he's proposing which kinda goes against the facebook portrayal of Amy finding out after the fact because it was all a surprise. I am curious how far they go here.

I also got a fantastic hat at Dragoncon :)

The scene between Matt, Amy and Jeremy feels totally staged. Matt immediately notes how he wants Jeremy off his insurance. I would like to point out that Jeremy is clearly based at home. Also Amy and Matt discuss the pending proposal in real time even tho I am pretty positive facebook indicates Amy was away for the proposal.  I also note how the camera crew was ON SITE for Jer's proposal. Seriously folks.... he totally knows the cameras are there. Jeremy is totally complicite with whoring out his relationship. Did Jeremy even pay for the ring?

If this wasn't being filmed, I would find the typewriter proposal cute. But because it is being filmed, I really have to ask how much dramatic coaching Jeremy got in order to make a scene. Oh look Audrey speaks and she's essentialy in articulate! And look, Matt and Amy faking being together when in fact they openly posted how apart they were when this happened.  Remember folks - when Jeremy proposed, Matt and Amy had just announced their already lengthy separation. It's also amusing how Jeremy is branding himself with the like a letter stuff. I mean, the proposal via typewriter was a tad too on the point.


kp said...

What the hell was that paragraph next to Jeremy's photographs?! The last sentence made my eyes bleed.

And anybody who wants to graduate from a for-profit college can. It's not much of an accomplishment.

Emma said...

It was a very sweet and cute proposal. Well done, Jeremy! I'm a sucker for proposals that are an ode to significant places and things in a relationships, i.e. the typewriter and the location. Wishing them all the best.

Brandon said...

Do the lies ever stop? That was a nice fake scene with Matt ana Amy talking about sneaking up on the proposal, considering it actually happened when Amy was on the east coast.

Carol said...

For the record, not one mention of God or Jesus by Jeremy or Audrey (not counting Oh my God!"). I wonder why?

Jason said...

His graduation ceremony was also stage, his twitter about maybe three weeks stated that he just finish a project for school which would mean Brooks Institute apparently does not have a August graduation ceremony and because Mr Holly himself Jer Bear had to be so perfect mommy and daddy and TLC must have paid for the spiritual golden boy to be able to take part in their spring graduation ceremony all for the purpose of tv and of course to make golden man child look good.

And also on that same twitter statement he stated he would now be leaving Santa Barbra to go back home to Oregon to live out the remainder of his days and weeks until he marry his beautiful sexy as hell Red head Audry so so fine Botti.

Jeremy has not really been home bound while back home he has actually been working steady like he was doing while at Brooks filming weddings and taking pics at weddings and other stuff with his buddy Tye French which I think is basically the reason the holy one is doing so successful. So proud of you Tye French for allowing golden child Jer bear take all of your credit.

Jason said...

His graduation ceremony was also stage, his twitter about maybe three weeks stated that he just finish a project for school which would mean Brooks Institute apparently does not have a August graduation ceremony and because Mr Holly himself Jer Bear had to be so perfect mommy and daddy and TLC must have paid for the spiritual golden boy to be able to take part in their spring graduation ceremony all for the purpose of tv and of course to make golden man child look good.

And also on that same twitter statement he stated he would now be leaving Santa Barbra to go back home to Oregon to live out the remainder of his days and weeks until he marry his beautiful sexy as hell Red head Audry so so fine Botti.

Jeremy has not really been home bound while back home he has actually been working steady like he was doing while at Brooks filming weddings and taking pics at weddings and other stuff with his buddy Tye French which I think is basically the reason the holy one is doing so successful. So proud of you Tye French for allowing golden child Jer bear take all of your credit.

Debbie said...

Wonderful episode! Beautiful engagement! Love Jeremy's old fashioned ways. Loved that the episode was mostly about Jeremy. Liked that Jacob was very limited. Knowing that he's anti-religion ruins it for me. I don't want to see or hear him. Get off my tv screen

W said...

Jacob himself doesn't really want to get filmed. So...

Randy said...

I thought this was one of the better episodes they've had in the past couple years.

Whether you like Jeremy or not, I'm happy for the kid. It seems he found his soulmate.

Nice to see Jacob actually smile and speak some.

And is it just me or has Amy put on some weight? I wonder if their so called separation has caused her stress which has led to gaining weight.

Lynn C said...

Jeremy and Audrey are great. Best thing about the show. So happy for them.

Randy, I didn't see Jacob smile much other than when he attemptec to put salad that had fallen on the floor back on the plate for "insignificants" to eat.

Most of the time he was stone faced and miserable like the miserable person he is.

I wish tlc would stop showing him altogether.

Anne B said...

Much love to Jeremy and Audrey. May God bless them and their lives together for Jesus. Jeremy did it the right way.

Jacob is a two-faced rat to say anything about Jeremy when he's online these days mocking Jeremy's beliefs.

Jacob needs to be punished somehow.

Future shows should be all about jeremy and Audrey.

J45 said...

Could someone recap this episode please?

Silver haired babe said...

Yes, it does look like Amy has put on weight.
I noticed that Jeremy types with one finger. Don't schools teach keyboarding any more? It is hard to get a job without keyboarding skills on the computer.
Molly was smart to leave the country. This is such a dysfunctional family. Why are they on tV?

Say What? said...

@Lynn C:

Maybe you should watch the show without your “I hate Jake“ googles on.

The way I saw and heard that scene, Zach knocked the salad on the floor and was putting it back in the tray while someone who spoke clearly and NOT with Zach’s speech impediment (i.e., Jake) said you can’t use that, throw it away. Jake then helped Zach pick it up in the tray and they tossed it in the trash.


If you hate Jake so much why are you so fascinated by him that you cannot stop watching? Don’t watch the show, change the channel, or even just fast forward through the parts you hate so much? The remote control is there for a reason.

Mike P. said...

Audrey Botti: Depth takes a holiday.

Mike P. said...

Audrey Botti: Depth takes a holiday.

Judy B said...

Rap541's hatred of Jeremy is disgusting.

If you followed it on twitter or Instagram, you'd know that Jeremy's business partner and friend Tye filmed the engagement.

Nothing wrong with that.

You criticize Jeremy at every turn while saying nothing negative about Jacob who is a horrible person.

I would like to see a show based around only Jeremy, Audrey and Matt.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy's selling his private moments, Judy B - if you find my recaps disgusting, feel free to write your own and submit them to spirit - spirit has always been open to a pro-Roloff recapper. :)

And TLC and Tye were filming Jeremy's proposal/ad for his own business. I'm actually not seeing whats so "hateful and disgusting" about what I have said - is Jeremy not getting a check for filming his proposal?

And I am open to suggestions about what I should be criticizing Jake for as it pertains to the recap. Since, you know, you're bitching about the free product you're reading and would likely bitch to the skies if I dared criticize Jeremy for something that didn't happen in the show - like his shitty treatment of fans at age 17, for example.

Come on Judy B - you have an awful big mouth when you're judging like you're God. Are you God, Judy B? Because you sure are hating on me.. I thought only God could judge... didn't you insist on that?

We're all waiting on *your* recap, Judy B :)

And we'll never see one, because you're a gutless coward. :)

Rap541 said...

Say What - that's what I saw as well - Jacob told Zach they couldn't use the lettuce. But Jake is the great Satan so....

Mike P - I am willing to reserve judgement on Audrey but I am curious if she's more articulate than what we've seen.

Barbara said...

Judy, I couldn't agree with you more.

People are hating on Jeremy, and now Audrey, simply because they are wonderful young people who have a Jesus centered relationship.

Of course Audrey is articulate. Read her blog.

Jacob is the immature pot head who thinks he's cool if he's bashing Christians and mocking our rituals and prayers.

Rap541 said...

To be fair, I don't think either Audrey or Jake win any awards on being articulate. :)

k Has c said...

I attempted to watch this show last night x 2 and fell asleep both times..same thing with the duggars. Sounds like i didnt miss much on either show. But i will attempt again tonight. @ Rap i'm crackin' up over you and Judy B. Keep up the good work!

Johnny Reb said...

Gag Me.

Rap541 said...

Also not to make anyone feel bad but... Audrey and Jeremy, and Matt and Amy, didn't mention Jesus, loving God, their Christian faith, or how Jesus is the center of their relationship on the show at all.

And since its been proven that Audrey and Jeremy do not minister thru social media... I'd like to know why these kids who has a *Jesus centered* relationship aren't willing to say so proudly. I'd like to know why ONLY anonymous friends are willing to say "Jeremy prays and talks about god and jesus all the time"... why if the Christian faith is such a blessing, why can't anyone who knows the Roloffs personally say "I am John Smith, I go to church with Jeremy and he routinely praises God"?

Degrassi said...

I did not expect Audrey's voice to sound like it does. It was a little deeper than I expected.

An interesting episode though. So how soon after this did Zach propose to Tori? I'm more interested in seeing their relationship than Jeremy and Audrey's. Is Zach still working at indoor goals?

Kathy said...

This episode was boring. This family has become so fake and they don't seem happy to be together at all. They do these episodes for the money.

Emma said...

Stop bitching about being tired about writing this episode recap. It's your choice to have this website unless you get paid but still you knew that this episode was going to air. I think all the scene were planned and re-shoot for the show. If Jeremy was so into old things and tradition he would have asked Audrey's parents if he could marry her.
I wonder if the train trestle is on private property because majority of them are and they have no trespassing signs. I'm tempted to drive out there and take a look.
I like how the restaurant owner told Amy that she was late. Amy is always late.

sassenach said...

I agree Kathy and K has c.

Utterly boring garbage.

What was the point of the scenes-

of Amy pulling clothes and shoes out of a closet and piling them on the floor?
Of the boys playing with a soccer ball?
Amy with her stupid sign at the graduation must have been an embarrassment to Jeremy.

I gave up half way through at the tasting of the "delectably cooked" brussels sprout tasting.
How much did TLC have to pay that restaurant owner to let Amy in his kitchen?

k Has c said...

@ Kathy

Of course the roloffs do these shows for money. If you can remember when LPBW began they didnt have all the cars, toys, huge house etc etc etc etc So they sure are doing it for money. I have to say i would like to see more of Zach and Tori...like usual its mostly about Golden Boy, Matt and Amy. I'm sick of all the crap between Matt and Amy.

hw said...

This is so staged! I remember seeing on various social media sites that Jeremy proposed in March, before the graduation. I'm so confuuuuused!!! Does anyone have a logical explanation for this? I seriously can't wrap my head around it - am I missing something or is TLC really stupid enough to think viewers can't do the basic math of counting the months in a year?

Rap541 said...

But it's on so late and I am so jet lagged!

And hmmm... not seeing any volunteers for doing recaps.... ;)

Oh, Please said...

So far, only 31 comments on the last episode, most all of which come down to three things:

1. I hate Jake – burn Jake at the stake
2. I hate Rap – burn Rap at the stake
3. I hate this show – it is all boring and fake

Based on recent posting history, it seems that the only thing that really stimulates people on this board is the “two minutes daily hate” (Google it) against Jacob. And apparently, the Christian extremists here are getting tired of that. Even the worship of false idols (i.e., Jeremy) seems to have lost steam after this past episode.

Clearly the show has finally run its course.

M said...

Jeremy got engaged in March and graduated in April? Love how they acted like it was right after graduation.

M said...

I love how they acted like Jeremy got engaged after graduation. He got engaged in March and graduated in April.

Laura said...

Take note people. The forecast in Oregon for the wedding next Saturday is calling for rain. Audrey is asking for prayers that it won't rain. Jeremy and Audrey are such good Jesus followers that God will answer the prayers. I am confident.

NJC said...

Take note people. If it rained on your wedding day Jesus hates you.

Oh and don't bother checking the forecast for Helvetia, Oregon to see that there's no rain forecast for next Saturday. Wouldn't want to spoil the miracle for you.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

OK folks, this is far too late for a full review. I just watched the full episode and (recorded it) I didn't think it right to comment on the episode itself unless I watched it all. I won't see the next episode in full until tonight. I'm more into my own impressions of the content that Rap's hard-worked recaps. Especially when Rap is tired. Thanks, Rap!!!!!!
Without any hint about the next episode, are some of you are deathy tired as I am about this separation? I'm honestly wondering if Matt and Amy are getting tired of putting this on the show. Does anybody think they are starting to "add a little bit" to their personal situations for the cameras? The same old arguments, the same (I feel) overly done gripes about each other? Why is Amy throwing stuff out, or giving it to charity we hope?? She's a card-carrying first class pack rat. That is not scripted? Are we running out of material here?

Amy has this great idea about a pop-up restaurant. I admit to all who read this I've never heard of this. But hey, a product placement trade-off it is! this brings back two memories from my personal past. I've written here before, that as soon as I graduated I apprenticed and was licensed as a mortician. I get critical, sometimes overly so, at other service industries, because I was a part of one of the hardest most critical service industry out there. I hope some of you appreciate your local people helping people, because I swear if Amy was led to her own devices she'd be late for her own funeral! in a service business, the people's reality becomes your reality. Amy is wandering around in this sort of dreamland about what it is like to run HER restaurant, about everybody waiting for HER, a nd about how things are going to run. It must be made plain that Cheryl's on 12th would have all customer's that day (no doubt mostly friends and business contacts) on notice that what they are tasting, how long they have to way for it, and all the stupid cameras have NOTHING to do with the actions and management of Cheryl's on 12th. Fine, she wanted to try it, and Amy is a great lady who is always go go go, but she expects it to work on HER reality. Sorry Amster. No. Sale.
I actually ran a cafe for two months in a town which I was doing a totally different job in a totally different discipline. I kept my 10 hour/day job, and was fortunate to have a good first cook to help manage the place. I opened at 6:00 AM, went to my full time job at 8:00, came back to the cafe at 5:30 PM, and closed at 9:00PM. Six days a week. Unlike Amy, every single penny was my money. All my money. I was not flitting around on TLC's dime. It was not a lark for a TV show to perhaps fill out some content. My money, my reputation in the town, my debts, my staff. Believe me, people, there are more aspects to the restaurant business than just being punctual that Amy just will never understand. I'm wondering if she wants to be told, if she cares enough to learn, or even if she would accept being told. Sorry.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Alrighty then, so much for subplot 1. Let's move on the family plot 2 (sorry, Alfred!!). The proposal. I personally have no use whatsoever with this "institution" of marriage. But that's MY opinion, and it is my right to have it. BUT I'm not taking anything away from the fact that this is a very special time for Jeremy, and an equally very special time for Audrey. Whether Jeremy had done things the same way if there was NO LPBW, nobody can say, and really, it's to me, a moot point. I feel if the show had never aired none of us would have known and the event would have passed into ambiguity.
Nonetheless, the show has aired, the production of the show is mostly in the hands of Matt and Amy Roloff, and the whole thing is made and scripted and set up for the show. We are viewing what we are viewing, because TLC wants us to see what they broadcast on their channel.
I think it was mentioned already that designing your own ring is not a new thing. If Jeremy wanted to design Audrey's ring, great. That's really all that can be said, OK. Good for him. WE can't take or imagine any more than that. A nice gesture. He's not a saint, he's not unintelligent, he's not anything that we can judge him about. This is what bothers me. Other people have done it, and they performed a nice gesture and Jeremy performed an equally nice gesture. That's all.
Matt's reaction during the scripted announcement (as Amy was not there in real life) is typical of Matt. "I'm going to Hawaii. Just phone me when the grandkids show up" so this about getting Jeremy off his insurance runs true to Matt, and if Jeremy is still indeed having daddy pay for his insurance runs true to Jeremy. People, it would settle so many arguments and suppositions and judgements if we just knew for sure which child or children Matt pays insurance for. I can't wait for all the extremists to pipe up, "Well, Jeremy deserves to be catered to, Zach is the devil incarnate, so he should pay his own insurance." Or maybe, "Molly is going to school on the family payroll, she is going to a christian school, she deserves to have her insurance paid for". Give it a rest people. I'm wondering if some of the posters would be nervous to learn the truth. Like it's important. Right.
The actual proposal. I agree that this was set up, acted, and scripted. This is what killed the whole thing in my view. I blame the reality show genre completely here. It was a special moment. Between TWO people, not the whole world. It would have been equally nice if we heard or read reports that Jeremy used an old typewriter to tap out his proposal by the trestle, we would have formed the scene in our own minds, and the event would lose nothing of its privacy. But this reality show 'stuff' has driven the desire to have it staged, acted, and scripted. I don't agree with it. I think it is too personal for this kind of showmanship??? I know people disagree with me, that they feel they OWN a piece of these people, but I blame the industry itself. Jeremy could have proposed blindfolded standing on his head with one arm tied behind his back. It would have made no less or no more of a spectacle than what was filmed and broadcast.
I can't wait for tonight. I'm recording it, so really, I can wait.

Lynn C said...

NJC, it is calling for rain on Sept 20th.

Look at Audrey's tweet Sept 12.


I believe God will bless Jeremy and Audrey with a beautiful day.

Ashley said...

"It must be made plain that Cheryl's on 12th would have all customer's that day (no doubt mostly friends and business contacts) on notice that what they are tasting"

Podge/rodge, good catch. They didn't say anything on the show or put up a caption, but I recognized a lot of the "customers". Some of Amy's friends that she posts about on Facebook. I also saw Audrey's parents.

NJC said...

The forecast has changed. No rain. I guess now Jesus can get back to concentrating on less important things.

Anonymous said...

"Omg i love the ring" that chick Audrey is stupid....learn from your father Jeremy...dont get married! !

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ashley, a friend of mine went to work at a brand new restaurant opening in my city, For two nights, they invited everybody they could to fill the place, friends, relatives, anyone. It was free, only a couple of drinks mind you, and they worked out all the bugs in the new kitchen and staff, dispensing systems etc. It worked fairly well. The people had to put up with longer wait times and the odd botched order, but again it was free.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

One thing I forgot to mention. I forgot the fact that Matt went to U.S.C., the University of Self-Centeredness, not Southern California folks, and graduated with a Bachelor"s ( small pun there) degree in the study of ALLABOUTME, Jeremy came in with a staged but very important announcement. For most men, this is tHE single biggest decision you are going to make in your life. We are not talking sunny side up or over easy. Does Matt congratulate him for the best decision he's ever made? Does he gush about his confidence in Jeremy's bright and exciting future? Nope. Makes it about HIM and HIS insurance payments. It was o typical I suppose I'm just getting used to hearing "stuff" like that from him.

NJC said...

You guys might want to dial back the weather prayers a notch. You may have over done it. It's supposed to be 90+ tomorrow.

Seriously though, best wishes to the new couple for a happy life together. They seem like a good match.