Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring Roloff Family: "Don't Rain On Our Parade" - Sept 16th at 10:00 PM on TLC

Here is a preview and then a review of the new episode of Little People, Big World airing tonight September 16th, 2014 at 10:00 PM on TLC.


Little People, Big World
Don't Rain On Our Parade

Hoping to bring in more business this pumpkin season, Matt and Amy invest in an elaborate float build to feature in their town parade. Later, with only a few months to go until their big day, Jeremy and Audrey find themselves knee deep in wedding prep.


Guest Episode Review written by Rap541

Ah, another episode of LPBW. I mostly watched Tosh.) and then I caught the tale end of “The Duggars build soapbox derby cars!” . Honestly most of the younger kids, and Jim Bob, seem totally dim. Also I find it hilarious that the engaged kids are all “woo if the engagement is short the sooner we can have the sex!”

There’s wheat and sprinklers and Jeremy “offered” to fly back to the farm three months before the wedding to plan things. The whole discussion seems a tad forced. To be fair, Audrey seems ok.

Oh look, Molly is back from Costa Rica …. She seems so much older, in a good way here. Amy seems to see it as well. Molly is like a woman now. She also is all “free venue” over getting married on the farm.

Now we’re treated to Matt riding on a tractor and going on about the pumpkins, with Zach. This is a lengthy montage of Zach and Matt plowing. Matt wants grandbabies. Matt goes on about how he’ll be dead soon and hope to pass it to one of the ungrateful kids.

Amy, Matt, and Caryn completely ignore the wedding business, and focus on the Starlight parade. Matt hates it and sees no value in it, even though it’s televised. Matt sooooo hates it and chides Amy for previously ignoring the farm. Amy notes Matt previously ignored raising the kids. Matt is suddenly pissed off that he has to do the float.

Matt promptly insists Zach help him and wants a giant pumpkin. It’s a project. Lets watch and see. Oh right, it completely fails and also Amy was nearly killed. Or maybe not.

After commercial break, Matt decides his initial idea of killing Amy won’t work with the cameras there. He needs a new idea. So he calls Sven. There’s some fiddling with trash bags. Matt decides to order a pumpkin balloon but needs the entire family to work.

So he stages a meeting where he calls the whole business agony and pain. Its Caryn, Amy, Molly, Zach, who are doing all the work apparently.  Matt wisely notes there’s only two weeks and he wants a safe float. Matt’s also super pleased with Molly because she works. Huh, didn’t Jeremy graduate in April and yet he’s off with Audrey “focusing” on the wedding. Why isn’t Amy catering? And is the catering a trade out? Because it’s on tv and if it’s on tv, the Roloffs don’t have to pay and Amy is right there, not complaining about freebies in exchange for selling a private moment.

Amy is off to a speaking engagement. She is somewhat gleeful to skip out. Matt chides her about scheduling. This is a first, but Matt gamely notes he’s the victim.

Matt chides the kids working and bitches in a haybale how Amy left. So six days before, now we have all the kids including Jeremy who on day seven was specially flying in for wedding stuff. Zach and Molly and Jake and Tori hang out in a restaurant. Tori seems to like Molly a lot. Also Molly is a bridesmaid. It feels a bit “we’re at a restaurant for the cameras”.

Matt ordered a balloon and seems disappointed in it. He notes how it was custom done. I sense the disaster. Matt notes how cool it is…. And then Matt notices the misspelling! Because this happens.
Matt continues complaining about the custom balloon. Molly arts up the balloon and it looks fine for a major crisis. Btw in later shots the balloon pumpkin appears professionally corrected. Matt notes how Amy is on a flight when he could use her because he’s running out of steam. Matt screeches “lets go” and notes how horrible and terrifying it is that they are driving thirty miles to Portland. Also there’s a massive crisis in that their wide load sign is failing! Ohnoes! This isn’t stupid or forced.

They don’t stop. Because Jeremy thinks they should take the risk. Because this is *risky*. Matt notes that now that they are there, it’s a “MAD SCRAMBLE”. It doesn’t seem that insane. Oh hey the pumpkin is leaking air and Matt dramatically notes how this is the worst thing ever and I note again how the lettering doesn’t look repaired but actually professionally done correctly. Matt leaves and notes Amy will need to find them because he doesn’t care if she makes it.

Amy wanders in to be happy. Zach waxes happily on how happy it was. Matt screeches constantly. Jeremy fails to start the tractor! OHNOES!

Matt intones that the tractor died. I have a feeling that this was a crisis for like three seconds. Now they do the parade. There’s a lot of back patting on how amazing it was. Matt manages to quote the A-Team and Audrey has learned how to kiss ass to her inlaws. Matt notes how he’s a farmer in the sticks even though he lives thirty minutes out of Portland.

Matt later crows over winning an award for the float. I kinda wonder if it’s a participant trophy but haven’t bothered to look since I don’t really care that much. Matt then demands all the kids paint the church. There’s lengthy church reminiscing. Close up, the church really looks like crap.


sscooter43 said...

Last week, I did not watch because I watched Sons of Anarchy instead. This week, I am doing the same.

Ashley said...

Sscooter you didn't miss much except Jacob went to the darkside and cheerfully read the script. Remember Jacob's tweets on parade day? Reme, ber how he made his displeasure so known that some volunteers said he was disrespectful? According to tv version Jacob, he had a blast. The parade was a real fun time.

Anonymous said...

I love Matt's enthusiasm, how his brain is always turning & his big plans are rarely thought out, haha. I see how the family loves to spend money so I hope they don't find themselves bankrupt when the TLC well goes dry! I wish them the best!

k Has c said...

Fake smiles...fake waves to the crowd..fake everything...but c'mon folks git on over and buy a punkin and pay to see what TLC has payed for at the Roloff Compound. Borrrrrrrring as per usual.

defghi said...

Which was more absurd, the fake mis-printed balloon, or the fake "loose wire" on the tractor?

Stop It, Please said...

Given that the show is well-known to be scripted, why can’t the writers and editors make things at least consistent?

First we have fake Matt claiming not to know what a float is. You never saw even a single parade in your life?

Then we have the “homemade” float fake painting crisis because of the rain. Of course, later, they show the float being rolled into the barn to be decorated. So, why not paint it there?

Then of course, despite the sight of paid workers building the float that creep in to the frame from time to time, this is a “family” project with the whole family coming together to build it.

But of course, at the end, Matt claims it is “his” award for “his float” – something that was shown as Amy’s idea, with which he only reluctantly went along.

And once again, we have Amy lamenting to Molly that the kids are gone and she is all alone – sorry Jacob.

Please, enough already.

The previews also show Zach getting set to propose to Tori. So we have Jeremy with no real job, except maybe some TLC money. Zach, who hasn’t even finished college, has no real job, and no way to support a family except TLC money. A real success story. Can TLC really be giving them that much money?

Amber said...

ROROFF!!!?!!?! ha ha

Anonymous said...

The series needs to end. The cute kids have grown into irresponsible adults, except Molly. Amy and Matt have the classic look and behavior of alcoholics. The show needs to end before someone innocent gets hurt.

Abby said...

It was really boring to be honest.

I was surprised Jacob lied about having fun at the parade.

Anonymous said...

The series has to continue because Matt's car collection now needs to grow. Has anyone realized that the Roloffs complain they are going broke and the next episode Matt is tooling around in a brand new expensive Cadillac.

Bev said...

Jeremy and Audrey are such a nice Christian couple. I really enjoy when they are in scenes together.

While Tori and Zach sometimes appear strained, Audrey and Jeremy appears to be a case of true love based on their mutual devotion to Jesus.

Natalie said...

I agree that all the "crisis" gasps every week are tiresome.

Natalie said...

By the way, how many times has a tractor failed to start only to be saved by Jeremy in the nick of time? I swear I remember that exact scenario in at least two pumpkin season episodes.

Bonnie said...

I'll be honest. Knowing that Jacob rejects Jesus and disrespects Christians has ruined this show for me. I can't stand to see that spoiled little sinner. I don't like him at all.

Rap541 said...

If Jeremy and Audrey are in love due to their mutual devotion to Jesus, why won't they say so on tv?

Why doesn't Jeremy say in the haybale "One of the things that I love about Audrey is her devotion to Jesus"?

Likewise Audrey.

And before people start bitching, remember, you're insisting that their mutual love of Jesus is the most important thing in their relationship.

Oh right... they love the dollars from TLC more... :)

And how much money/tradeout gifts is TLC providing? Did Jeremy actually pay for Audrey's ring? Or did he get it as a trade out for free advertising as he whores out his wedding like a Kardashian?

Funny how Amy Roloff had a LOT to say about reality show scum like the Kardashians whoring out their weddings for the freebies. :)

Rap541 said...

By the way, how many times has a tractor failed to start only to be saved by Jeremy in the nick of time? I swear I remember that exact scenario in at least two pumpkin season episodes.

Oh of course.

And you know, if I was a business man, who used a tractor as a significant part of the business... I might consider cutting back on the "I need some sun" vacations once a month in Hawaii and maybe put a few dollars into maintenance of said tractor so that every time you use it, it's not a mad scramble where it will be a disaster unless the resident idiot twiddles a wire.

Stop it Please - good call on Matt hating the idea, bitching and moaning, and then acting like he was the sole force behind it all.

Stop It, Please said...

Rap541 –

You are so right about the Roloffs not investing any money in their alleged business.

I live in Midwestern farm country and I can tell you, farm equipment is incredibly expensive and a major investment for any real farmer. The tractors, combines, and other equipment on any real farm are well maintained and look it. The crap on Roloff “farms” is rusty, filthy, and seems never to work.

In fact, except for their personal buildings and vehicles, nothing on the “farm” appears to be well-maintained or in good shape, something again that is never the case on a real farm where equipment, barns and stables, tools, and sheds are vital to the business and the farmer’s livelihood.

Bonnie –

Stop whining about Jacob and stop watching the show – a good “Christian” like you shouldn’t be taking such prurient delight in so closely watching all that “evil.” Sounds to me like you protest too much.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

"How like you the play. Mother?"

"The woman doth protest too much, methinks"

Who actually writes the scripts and plots (lol!!) and storyboard and storyline cheat sheets? The answer is of concern to me.

Brandon said...

Jeremy has no pride. He is going all out whoring himself for the wedding.

He's so proud of not paying for anything himself. A trade out wedding. So proud!!!

Jeremy's twitter

My suit came from @ProperSuit and just in time! So stoked.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Um, someone earlier mentioned the interview that Jeremy took part in. One poster brought to the blog's attention the fact that some words were not spelled correctly, and another poster went back and with the first over whether he actually type the non-correct words, or if the interviewer did, and so on.
We now can all see in his latest tweet the he was setting bails, NOT bales. A 24 your old with a supposed degree. The people who say that it i just fine for a person claiming to be that educated to make simple infantile spelling mistakes like that is why I'm worried about America.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, isn't it cute? Jeremy "Im whoring my wedding like a Kardashian and my mommy approves this message" Roloff is kissing sponsor ass.

Btw this link - http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/little-people-big-world

has a cut scene "Whats next for Jeremy Roloff" where he cheerfully explains to Matt, who has oddly just told Jeremy he might need to take a job he doesn't like in order to have income, that Audrey has a good job and he was... going to look for a job there.

So... Audrey is currently going to be the breadwinner. Huh, I wonder why this clip was cut? :)

Stop It, Please said...


has a cut scene "What’s next for Jeremy Roloff" where he cheerfully explains to Matt, who has oddly just told Jeremy he might need to take a job he doesn't like in order to have income, that Audrey has a good job and he was... going to look for a job there.

So... Audrey is currently going to be the breadwinner. Huh, I wonder why this clip was cut? :)

The twenty-four year old “college graduate” is not going to have much luck finding a job with the little photographic talent he has shown so far (his public photos are few and not all that good.) Even in his co-productions with his friend, Jeremy does the back-end editing rather that the photo or video work.

That may be a good thing because there are so many highly qualified and experienced photographers in LA that he likely wouldn’t be able to stand the competition. Back-end editing and mixing might actually offer a better hope for entry level work. But generally, you are right – his grand “plan” at this point is to live off his wife.

Nothing wrong with the wife being the breadwinner, but in this day and age to think that you can live a middle class life in LA as a one income family is possible but pretty unrealistic.

And not only does that cut scene show Jeremy in a bad light, it really, by silence, makes Zach all the more the loser – no degree, no real job, no prospects, and soon also to be living off the earnings of his spouse without much in the offing to help out his own family.

And if the Amy/Matt divorce is any more than a TLC scripted ploy, the kids aren’t going to get a windfall from the farm. In a divorce, one party would have to buy the other out to keep it, or, more likely, they would sell it and split the profits. Since I would bet neither one could buy the other out, nor would Zach or Jeremy have the money to buy it, the more likely scenario is they sell, Matt moves to Maui and spends his share on toys and booze, and Amy takes hers and runs. The kids can’t expect to get anything until the parents die and inherit whatever is left over.

I Miss Rocky said...


I hope I haven't taken anyone's user name. I'm new to posting here but I've enjoyed the recaps & comments for quite awhile, even from the Church Lady Trolls on here who faithfully & fervently post that Jeremy reads his Bible daily, lives for Jesus, & has a relationship w Audrey that totally puts Jesus first but they hope that terrible horrible awful but oh-so-justified tragedies befall Jacob, the blasphemous little sinner!!!

Hahaha. I realise I'm poking a stick at a sleeping dragon here, but oh well. They're going to do it anyway. :)

So, regarding the trade-outs on this show (JJJ's wedding suit in his tweet, all the hotel & restaurant signs on the show that indicate that these sponsors have provided freebies in exchange for getting the free advertising)-
Do you suppose that his Brooks tuition was *also* comped as a trade-out?

It makes me wonder, because it's Brooks this Brooks that all the time. Brooks hoodies. Repeated filming at Brooks. By contrast, I think they only mentioned the name of Molly's university once or twice, filmed there very briefly, & that was it.

Isn't Brooks a for-profit school, whereas Molly's isn't? I wonder if the school wasn't above giving a discount or a free ride in exchange for all the free promotion. It's a business & they can do what they want, but to me, doing so would further compromise their credibility.

So that all just makes me wonder if it was comped, but Molly's school doesn't do that? Or if it's just that this is Golden Boy & everything he does must be celebrated? Or just that Golden Boy is totally down with selling himself for TLC money instead of getting a real job, whereas Molly wants more privacy?

And of course it could all just be nothing more than a coincidence.

Regarding JJJ's tweet the he was setting bails:

Setting bails with some friendlies. Pre wedding workout. #theroloffwedding

I'm just waiting for the Church Ladies to come back with: "That's just his auto-correct on his phone! And besides, JJJ is a good person, & a good Xtian, & he loves Jesus! Now, for that horrible Jacob, I am on my knees praying every night that some horrible tragedy happens to Jacob, because that's what's necessary to bring that demonic little blasphemer back into the flock, & he's a sinner & a horrible rotten person & should suffer!!!"

LOL! ;)

Now, the future for Jobless Jeremy James Jesus (JJJJ)-

Has Matt worked out some plan with TLC to keep the $$ coming in by starting a spin-off show with J in LA? Will a spin-off be J's "job"?

To the Church Ladies, sorry but I'm not 'bitter and jealous.' I understand that the 'you're-just-bitter-and-jealous' retort seems to be the standard go-to response whenever someone dares to criticize your favourite person (next to Jesus, of course). But feel free to do The Lord's Work & get on your knees & pray for my suffering & destruction, because that's what good Christians do. Go on, get down.

And if I have nothing but criticisms, then why do I watch, right? Well, that's my business. Don't worry about it. You've got enough on your plates; you've got too many people for whom you've got to get down on your knees & pray that they suffer. Get busy.

To everyone else, I guess the big wedding was today. Hope TLC got some good "hay bails" (sic) from the family!

Anonymous said...

It was cut because it took place in California during his graduation. It doesn't fit the time line concocted by TLC where he proposed supposedly after graduating.
OR that's the real time line and he was planning on living in sin ....ooooooohhh
No- the first thing.

Kathy said...

This show is so over. I didnt even watch this episode because it is just the same old, same old.

Vanessa Barton said...

Hodgie, I said it was a typo, and it was a typo.
And Gawd knows, typos are eroding the foundation of America and causing much worry!
While needless and trite nit-picking are busy shoring it up, of course!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Vanessa, I don't know who Hodgie is, but your contempt of the name I use is indicative of your usual lack of respect for the poster you respond to. I realize I'm not near as intelligent as you, and i was pointing out only two things.
1. Jeremy is simply not that bright. His history has proved this, and he has, in the past been incapable of the construction of comprehensive sentence, and
2. While you may support the degradation of the US education system, trying to blame auto-correct as some people do, is not the true problem. It's the laziness of people to desire to put there thoughts forward in a correct manner.
Vanessa I realize that typos are not eroding the foundation of America, and I personally could care less if the government will ever decides to overturn the degradation of the education system. Jeremy's language skills after having graduated with a supposed degree in only one indication of the larger problem.

Vanessa Barton said...

Dear Hodge, I didn't realize what a load of dignity rests on the name Hodge-Podge and will try to respectfully remember that in future. My post had nothing, zero, zilch, nada to do with whether Jeremy is "bright" or not; a subject that interests me little if any. And it had no bearing on the state of education in the US either. It was a typo.
I do not agree with your supposition of a "supposed" degree and feel it's mean-spirited. Furthermore, I do not see you sending admonitions to posters who refer to others as "ought to be shutting up" and "gutless wonders", I wonder why you let those go as respectful and feel you must take offense at mine.
Seems off balance and slanted; as it were.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh Vanessa, I have no idea why you are sarcastically referring to some dignity that I would attach to some term you invent that has nothing to do with anything here, when the name is Podge/Rodge groupie, but I can understand the sarcasm at the attempt to respectively remember the name when you have no desire to in the next posting. Whatever.
I did get a chance to watch the full episode last night. I did not consider the wedding itself to be comped in any way, but this IS a supposed reality show after all, (is that the correct term this time, Vanessa, with the scripting and contrived crises?) and the trade-offs are just part of this show. Were there any weddings this summer? Why not take them, as long as your are honest about the whore factor? What's the big deal.
A couple of trade-offs I don't understand fully, is the Lorainger Construction truck (for all your framing needs) parked beside the "family project" float trailer. I personally do not have a problem with getting a professional company on the farm to build the trailer in a safe sturdy manner. There will be people on this float, and I'm sure there are minimum requirements. What I don't understand is the two VERY quick shots of the truck with showing a phone number, wouldn't serve to get the Roroffs much in framing. The fact that this was adamantly claimed by Matt to be a family project and then have the framers there, I just take with a grain of salt. It must be built to a certain standard, after all. Nothing more than what we would expect from the show. Does everyone remember the Rock Star Energy Drink fiasco? This doesn't seem quite that blatant.
The next trade-off that confuses me a bit is the balloon manufacture. I put forward that I have no doubt the balloon was discussed and agreed to be sent with the INCORRECT spelling. A company like this would make such a grievous mistake with a family name that is so popular around Portland and Hillsboro. The correct balloon looks to have been made already, and supplied very quickly. I can't prove anything, even going back through the history of episodes, but the track record of trying to invent some kind of crisis in the middle of the show (falling chandelier, anyone??) is a constant thread. It's just my opinion that this is getting to be a VERY tired story-line, a repetitive elemental tactic, and adds nothing to the show.
On the other hand, did we see the balloon maker's name, Perhaps it WAS a mistake, and the Roloff family got a free correct ballon for sparing the mark's embarrassment? The tangled webs that are woven.

Brandon said...

Podge, don't even waste your time with Vanessa. She's obviously a troll. All she does is come here constantly to say how much she is not interested in the Roloffs and how stupid people are for posting and she doesn't care....yet she comes back again and again...just to say she doesn't care. Hmmmm.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I know Brandon. The attitude and the style bring back memeories.
I know we've discussed this before, but Brooks is a NON-accredited school, correct? Rap, where are you? Did you not research this earlier when Jeremy bought his acceptance? Were some people worried that brandishing a diploma or degree form a non-accredited school not open near as many doors as the same document conferred from a fully accredited institution? The profession I'm involved in at this time has only one central office for certification nation-wide, so I'm not involved with the differences that arise here. I'm only asking.

Red said...

That deleted scene was a train wreck. Matt noting that Jeremy is going to have to figure out where his income is going to come from. Ya think?

I feel like it was Matt and Amy's responsibility to tell their son that it's fine to ask Audrey to marry you, but you need to hold off the wedding until you can actually support her.

Maybe this scene was filmed long before the wedding, and by the time they got married he had a job figured out?

Mark the printer said...

The fake misprinted balloon was more absurd for me. As a printer, I can tell you the balloon error was on purpose. The logo on the Balloon is the exact same logo on the website. Any real printer would ask for a High Res JPG or an Outlined PDF (meaning fonts can't change - PERIOD) There is no way for that "L" to have turned into a little "r", not to mention everything else is capital. Pretty convenient and easy to change that little "r" into an "L". It did get me thinking.

I still love the show. How much Drama can one family really have just on their own with out a little bit being made up...right?

srey777 said...

What do you think the One who loved the world so much that He took the punishment for all our sins thinks about Jacob?