Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring Roloff Family: "The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together" Sept 09, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Here is a preview and then review of the new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC tonight September 9, 2014 at 10:00 PM.

10:01 PM 61 MIN. Little People, Big World 
The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together TV-PG 

As plans for Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding start to ramp up, Matt and Amy are forced to confront their crumbling relationship head on. In an attempt to reconnect, the family embarks on a weekend ski trip to spend some much needed quality time together.


Episode Review Written by Rap541

Oh hey, the Roloff parents have been living apart for what… 8 months?  And they’re finally starting to work on the marriage by going on a ski trip? Because that’s reasonable and also wasn’t the whole wedding business that they have clearly abandoned supposed to save the farm??

Anyway….the tail end of 19 kids and screwing for jesus was disturbing because I think Michelle is starting to internalize that there won’t be a J-20.

So Audrey is in the haybales and finally speaks and is totally on board with being a reality whore and staging a scene. Matt pointedly asks if they will marry on the farm and of course they say yes. I mean, if they don’t say yes, it won’t be free and god knows they can’t be expected to live within their means. God, I would love to see the wedding Jeremy’s non tv show income pays for but he’s a whore so…..Also Matt and Amy coo over the ring TLC provided and Jeremy didn’t actually pay for as it is a trade out. Hey kids, is Audrey more of a slutty whore now that she’s been on tv more than Tori and is getting her wedding paid for by the tv show? Or is Tori still the gold digging slut? Is the trip to Australia officially more expensive than a wedding? Or is Audrey now the gold digging slut?

Amy and Matt bitch at each other. Amy calls it a short engagement. I note that people have been bitching about Audrey and Jeremy for years. Matt gets all pissy at Amy  and haybales how Amy isn’t kissing his ass. Matt wanders into the main house and asks for something? I didn’t catch it, but he’s a bitch about it and insists it must be in the house. It is his chess set? That he’s storing in his office in the big house.

Amy proposes a trip with the kids. Matt snidely notes the kids help but it will be a disaster. Suddenly they are going on a trip. Molly is abroad. Amy notes it’s a last trip. Matt notes he’s gonna play chess and backgammon and of course Matt has to do a project. Apparently the project is to move the church. Jeremy notes that the most important thing is that mom and dad might sell the farm and since he wants to raise his kids there, he’s against selling. Nicely selfish that.

They fiddle with moving the church and even tho Matt is the one who proposed moving the church, he notes that he is doing it all at Jeremy’s behest.

Matt and Jeremy continue the pointless moving of the play church. Amy and the menfolk head off to ski. Jeremy insists he lives officially in California now. Amy bitches at Zach the majority of the time.  Amy takes pictures. They talk about wedding costs. Amy pointedly implies stupid Zach will propose since he learned it from Jer-Bear.

At the ski lodge, Matt insists this is a scored winter games event and its all competition for the cameras. Really, it sounds dumbass. Because this is how real family act.

Amy continually messes up cross country skiing. There’s a lengthy montage of Amy falling. Then’s there’s a lovely montage of Matt sitting on his ass bitching out Amy as Zach beats her. Then Matt is  hauled around for the snowman competition. They have extensive props for the snowmen. Somehow Matt is judging himself. There’s endless bitching and somehow Zach is racing a snowman downhill to determine a winner because why the eff not?

Jeremy and Jake snowboard and Matt is planning to do some sort of event. Matt moans and moans how scared he is and how he knows what pain is and really, then don’t downhill ski. Jake and Jeremy snowboard. Matt sends Amy to wax his skies. Matt notes that only a challenging real run is open, the ski resort does not have the beginner track open despite clear skies and nice weather. Kinda not buying the presentation there.

Matt of course whines endlessly how its all so dangerous and he has to tape up his own crutches and he’s so old and so fragile and yet he must ski despite the burning pain because well…  not really articulated. Matt skies. Jake and Jeremy snowboard. Matt of course somehow goes missing and notes how it all took a toll on him. To listen to him talk, he may have almost died.

Oh yay, Roloff trivia. Zach’s head scares are noticeable. Jeremy waxes on how nice it is that mom and dad are separated and less nasty on trips because you know, its all about Jeremy’s fun.

Now they’re dogsledding? Its very noticeable that Matt consistently partners with Jeremy. Also the dogs all appear to be yellow labs. On sheer weight, Amy’s team is at a disadvantage. There’s also some sort of selfie rule?

Jeremy and Audrey skype for the cameras. Oh look, product placement chess.

Now we have the pathetic and bizarre point plan. Its all rather dumb.

Afterwards, Amy and Matt feel the total distance. Also they totally disagree on tree planting. Matt gives up on the conversation.  Also the church looks really bad.


Megan said...

More fake family games. I would rather hear the Roloffs express their disappointment in Jacob.

Ecossais said...

Imagine that.
Another excuse for a free trip on the TLC dime!!!!!!

josh said...

So disappointing to see film of Jacob snowboarding and not get to see him smack his head, it might have knocked some sense into him.

Anonymous said...

Amy and Matt must really love God so much they want to meet him soon. What is the deal with driving on the freeway in the wet with no seatbelt??

Anonymous said...

I've watched over the years & its sad that they seem all about money now! I live near where they vacationed near Mt Bachelor & I heard they were rude & acted like snobs! How sad!

sscooter43 said...

I totally forgot that Little People, Big World came on last night since I watched Sons of Anarchy last night.

k Has c said...

Same Old Crap! Fake all the way around, the games the happy faces...ughhh. Amy trying to be funny falling down in the snow..ok that was kinda funny "Plop"...but thats about all. Borrrrring as heck episode. If this is whats left...TLC needs to pack it up and find a different "random" family, as this one has ran its course. Who gives a flip to hear about Matt and Amy and their marital woes.

Judy said...

Rap541, you're ridiculous as usual.

There is absolutely nothing selfish or wrong about Jeremy wanting his kids to grow up on the farm. Why would he Matt and Amy to sell the farm? That would make Jeremy unselfish?

Matt and Jeremy team up because they are cut from the same cloth and get along the best. They are the best Roloffs, I like them the most. I'm glad they work together anytime Roloffs pair off.

Nancy said...

Jacob is so moody. I didn't even miss Molly.

Debbie said...

Why would you suggest that Jeremy didn't pay for Audrey's ring? Do you know that Jeremy got it as a trade off and paid nothing?

It's wrong to slander Jeremy with such an accusation that you don't know is true.

I love seeing Jeremy and Audrey together on camera. You can see their love. They are going to have a wonderful life together.

Terry said...

Jeremy is pleasant. Zach is more tolerable now than in the early seasons.

Jacob is a waste. I was hoping he'd wipe out snowboarding and smack his head again.

The contrived moving the church drama does get old. Oh no it's going to crash. Go to commercial. Oh, it all worked out.

Jeremy's enthusiasm does save the show.

Lynn C said...

I for one like Audrey more than Tori. I don't dislike Tori. I just like Audrey more. In my opinion, Audrey and Jeremy's love is more genuine while Tori's motivations are questionable.

I won't even talk about Jacob. Obviously the only reason why he has friends is because they want to get the attention that comes with being his friend and they want his supply of weed.

Anabela said...

What is so wrong and Jeremy and Audrey sharing their wedding with us the audience? How does that make them whores?

It was nice family episode.

Kathy said...

I watched the first 5 minutes and then changed the channel. Their 15 minutes of fame is up.

Ben said...

The family game episodes aren't bad to watch, but not very realistic.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - because the people who provided the ring got an extensive free commercial for their jewelry company. That's what trade outs are. The Roloffs didn't *pay* for their ski trip. Any service we see provided for any of the weddings, including Jeremy's, is provided as a tradeout. None of the people who had weddings on the farm actually paid Matt and Amy for use of the venue. Matt himself has said if its shown on tv, TLC is paying.

Rap541 said...

There is absolutely nothing selfish or wrong about Jeremy wanting his kids to grow up on the farm. Why would he Matt and Amy to sell the farm? That would make Jeremy unselfish?

It would certainly be less selfish than his main concern about mom and dad's marital collapse being his potential use of their property.

Let me help you out. If Jeremy wants to raise his kids on the farm, then he needs to be adult about it. As one of the four adult and almost adult children, Jeremy is not due any rights to his parents property. If he was ten, I could see a parent attempting to take his feelings into consideration. But now Jeremy is an adult, and at this point, he's not even that young of an adult. If Matt and Amy divorce, odds are the property would be sold... and its really not adult Jeremy's business what his parents do with their investments. He's selfish in his assumption that what he wants for himself should even be considered.

Rita said...

There's nothing real about anything they film.

Angela said...

Matt and Jeremy are so much better than the rest of the Roloffs.

Amy is too negative and ruined her marriage.

Zach is ok and Jacob is trash with his drugs and unGodly beliefs.

It would be great if the show became just Matt, Jeremy and Audrey.

k Has c said...

Oregon's Little ;)Joke!

Anonymous said...

It really surprises what people say about this family. I think people judge the entire family by one or two people's behavior.

i don't even know why Amy would want to be married to Matt. He is such a selfish, uncaring man. He obviously wants to be divorced. I feel Amy wants to work on it, but I think Matt makes it clear he has no interest. He just wants people to feel sorry for him. There's more people in this world than you Matt. Why don't you just go sit down in your rocking chair and do nothing, just like you obviously want? Let's just watched the rest of the family.

Maria said...

Jeremy and Audrey set an example not only for all of the viewers and people who know them, but for Matt and Amy.

Kristine said...

It was too bad Molly wasn't there

Anonymous said...

I think Amy is too mouthy, that's where so many problems begin. She is sloppy and unorganized and takes credit for ideas that were not hers. A good example of that was the new years party. Matt is very ambitious and has great vision. I record the show because I like it, however, when Amy mouths off I fast forward it.

Tracey said...

Thank you Rap541 for the recap.

Rap541 said...

Hey, thank you, Tracey :)

Johnny Reb said...

Yeah I have to agree.

Yet more soft headed "christian"drivel from a bunch of attention whoring frauds.

Matt & Jeremy disgust me with their fakness, Amy is still a miserable shrew who thinks too highly of herself, Zach still seems to be stuck back in tenth grade, Molly was nowhere to be seen (obviously getting a fake degree ata fack college is more important to her, Jacob clearly hates the show and isn't afraid to let veiwers know it.

Emma said...

They have to have the wedding at the farm. It would be a total disaster and a crime if it wasn't at the farm.
The dog sled race was so stupid. In a race, you don't stop and let the faster person behind you pass. The person in front has the right away and the person in behind has to wait and find a place to past.
Just wait Zach will have his wedding planning TV time.
They wouldn't sell the farm that is just TV talk and also to have people feel sorry for them.
Going on a trip will not fix your marriage or make things a better. A trip is not normal day to day living.
I bet Chris Botti will perform at their wedding. He is Audrey's cousin.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of you people on this blog have to much time on your hands. If it was you it would great right just let them be. They have to be doing something right to have T.L.C pay them. I know I would be happy to have them pay for my wedding

Brandon said...

Anon, do you know that Roloffs have called Kardashians reality whores who sell their private moments by filming their wedding for a reality tv episode? Hmmm. What are the Roloffs doing?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Brandon, to be fair it was Amy ONLY who called the Kardashians reality whores. Matt is too busy with himself to have an opinion on the matter, Jeremy is probably totally unaware etc. Please understand I'm not bashing you Brandon, It makes no difference to the irony or the comedy of the situation it is just a laughable! With all the reading-too-much-into and extensions on quotes that people do on this blog, I just wanted make things clear as far as I know them. Maybe Matt did say something, I just don't recall.

Rap541 said...

They have to be doing something right to have T.L.C pay them.

Hmmm.... so if TLC pays you then you have value?

So Jeremy's wedding to Audrey is as valuable as Honeybooboo's mom finally marrying the dude she shacked up with?

I mean, TLC paid them and when TLC is paying the Roloffs, that means the Roloffs *are doing something right*... so I trust that means Honeyboo's family is *doing something right* because... TLC pays them too and if TLC pays you.... Hey, the trashy Stanley girls get paid by TLC too....

The Roloffs and the Honeyboos, and the Gypsy sisters are on an equal level, right? They're all paid by TLC....

sscooter43 said...

TLC has to have the stupidest employees if they can't come up with a better show than Little People, Big World. Yes, the show used to be great. Now it sucks. TLC needs to move on to something better and new.

Anonymous said...

What is so wrong and Jeremy and Audrey sharing their wedding with us the audience? How does that make them whores?

It was nice family episode.

Hi Amy! Still pumping TLC for cash. Work it girl since your 15 minutes of fame is up! Even the dwarf community is tired of your fake show!

Anonymous said...

Congratulationa there I watch your show all the time,You have a lovely bride.and Zach Congrat,,,So nice to see all of you on televison.Sorry to hear your parents are separted..........you think they will go back??They are good for each other.....You staying in Portland I live atRouge River Oregon next to Grantspass.well love you all Eva Ward

babs said...

all of these reality shows are scripted and fraudulent and for you people to be frothing at the mouth and getting worked up over nothing is ridiculous because they're not real