Monday, October 13, 2014

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Wedding Video and Blog Of Their Move to LA

Jeremy and Audrey  Roloff have shared their Wedding video that they had put together. It was made by "Moving Picture Weddings".

The 2:53 video includes different parts of the wedding that viewers did not see in the wedding episode that was aired on TLC -- More of Jeremy and Audrey's vows are heard in this video and a bit more of the speeches.

Watch the video here

In other Jeremy and Audrey news, they left Oregon for their apartment in LA.

Unfortunately, it did not get off to a good start as Audrey tweeted that she broke her foot 10 minutes into unpacking the Uhaul.

"God must just likes to bless me with lots of stories... Broke my foot 10 minutes into unloading the u hual..."

There also are pictures on the photographer's website/blog.

Audrey tweeted and Instagrammed more about her broken foot.

Already dreaming about being back here.... On Friday Jeremy and arrived at our appartment in LA. 15 minutes into unloading the u-hual, I rolled my ankle on the curb while carrying in our mattress. A couple hours later I went to the urgent care only to see the line through my broken right foot on the x-ray results. I left with crutches. Oh the familiarity.... The next day Jeremey worked an all-day job which left me at our appartment alone with no power, no food, no hot water, no internet, no where to sit and unable to leave or accomplish anything. HUMBLING. Then I come to find out that I can't start my job until my foot is completely healed, 3 weeks. Through blurry eyes I hear The Lord whisper, "don't let Satan get a 'foothold.' I am writing your autobiography. It's a book of relentless stories, and I am gifting you with a voice to share them in My name." Ok Lord, I will. (once I have internet and can post them) But I still hate crutches. Hate. #alwaysmore #aujpoj #journeyofjerandauj

 Audrey also just posted about their move to LA on her blog. You can read Audrey's blog here: