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Guest Opinion Article: Jacob Roloff's Social Media Disrespects Jeremy & Audrey Roloff's Wedding, Christians and Jesus

The following opinion article was emailed to the Spiritswander Blog requesting that we publish it. It was sent by a reader and frequent commentator to the Spiritswander Blog items. A reader, by the way, who is often critical of the Spiritswander Blog. However, they made a plea for fairness in allowing their article to be seen.

All of the opinions expressed belong to the author of the article Anne Bailey. Spiritswander has always tried to allow people with all sorts of opinions to express themselves whether they had positive or negative things to say about the Roloffs. The Spiritswander Blog has in the past published items at the request of people who have emailed. After some deliberation, I have decided to let the person express themselves although I personally do not agree with some of the sentiments.

Everything below is the opinion of and written by Anne Bailey:

Jacob Roloff Disrespects Jeremy & Audrey Roloff's Wedding, Christians & Jesus

Written by Anne Bailey

"Our wedding day is about far more than a day in a dress. It is about becoming one by the powerful Grace of God. It is a picture of the love that Christ has for us. I hope that our love can forever reflect that image." – Audrey Mirabella Botti Roloff ~ September 20th, 2014.

Audrey Roloff's beautiful wedding vows perfectly reflect why Christians love and have supported the Roloffs in all their ventures for the past decade. Particularly, it captures the reason why I, as a Christian, have so much respect for Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

Another Christian on Twitter, tweeted Audrey this, which Audrey Roloff retweeted October 1, 2014 

@audreybotti look forward to it! Prayed for you guys this morning. Love that you put God first and realize it's all about Him.

This brings, joy, love and inspiration to love Jesus more to all who are Kingdom seeking (as Jeremy writes on his Instagram biography).

Who could not be filled with pure joy and love of Jesus on that beautiful day? Only someone with darkness in their heart. Only someone who has hostility towards God and Jesus' followers. Only someone whose desire it is to turn the confused and doubting against Jesus. Who could be present at Jeremy and Audrey Roloffs wedding and not be over-whelmed with joy during the festivities?

Yes. It is Jeremy's own brother, Jacob Roloff.
The above GIF is from the wedding festivities.
It exposes his true emotion. Disgust.
You don't need to be an expert in body language and facial expression to see what was going on there.
It is indicative of Jacob's disdain for celebrations that give glory to Jesus.

Look at the clip again. You can see Jacob Mueller, a Christian himself and Jeremy's best friend for many years, raise his hand and cheer in celebration at the words being spoken. You can see others in the frame and outside also react in approval at what they are hearing.

And there is Jacob Roloff. You can see the look of  disgust on his face and the darkness in his eyes.
Why is Jacob Roloff the only one not acting in kind? Why is he not celebrating with the rest of Jeremy and Audrey's friends and family who were there to support their union under the eyes of God?

Unfortunately, it didn't end there.

September 20, 2014. As viewers, as people scrolling the internet, they witnessed the beautiful wedding of Jeremy and Audrey. Now imagine being a sibling of the happy couple on the day that they become one for Christ.

That is what the day was about. Celebration. Joy. The Love of Christ.

Jacob Roloff? Here is his twitter account on September 20, 2014. Yes this is his brother's wedding day.  Did the festivities inspire him? Bring him closer to Christ? Was he willing to listen and be inspired by all of the great Christians at the wedding? What was on his mind?

He tweeted profanities throughout the day. He did not mention the wedding. He complained about other random things. He tweeted out curse words again.

For the purpose of this article, I scrolled back to document for all who will read my article exactly how Jacob was expressing himself on Jeremy and Audrey's wedding day.

However, I have discovered, that as is the case with most people who are not guided by Jesus, they are without character, without morals, they lie, they deceive, that is what they do because they think they are not accountable to anyone. That is what Jacob is....yes my friends the cowardly Jacob has tried to deny deplorable behavior. He lies like the devil. He is a bad person. There is no light of God inside of him. He will write something or do something. Then if he does not like the reaction, Jacob will deny what he did and call others liars. People without God do those types of things. They don't care about truth. That is why they deny God.

Yes, Jacob has now deleted his tweets that he made on September 20th, 2014. If you look at his twitter page now you will see tweets on September 19 and the next one doesn't appear until September 21st. The date September 20th has now magically disappeared. It is not because he wasn't tweeting that day.

I saw Jacob's behavior on twitter on Audrey and Jeremy's big day. I was outraged. Many others were outraged and expressed it here and in other places on the internet.

The only tweet that remains is this piece of profanity. Although it is dated September 21st, you can see he made it at 12:15am, still the night of the wedding.

Also, in the Spiritswander article the day after the wedding:

Spiritswander did copy Jacob tweets from that day: This is what was on Jacob's mind the very day he gains Audrey as a sister and Jeremy marries the love his life in front of family, friends and God.

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · I'm soOoOoo ready to road trip and get lost by myself somewhere new 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · With a GoPro and some vibrams... Man that's all I want 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · Not looking forward to tomorrow @ alllll

Jacob Roloff is at the wedding of Jeremy and Audrey. Almost all others in attendance are Christians who love Jesus just as much as the Bride and Groom. Jacob is supposed to be happy for Jeremy and Audrey. He is soaking in the festivities and Jacob decides to get on twitter and tweet about....

A) How he wants to leave
B) About wanting selfish material goods: a camera and shoes
C) Complain about tomorrow.
D) Express hatred and use profane language

What is wrong with Jacob Roloff you ask? He doesn't have Jesus, that's what is wrong with him.

I have shown you the visual of Jacob on Jeremy and Audrey's beautiful wedding day. I have shown you the written of Jacob (although he sneakily tried to hide his actions) on the wedding day.

It goes beyond one day. Jacob's hostility towards God and Christians is simply deplorable. He attacks Jesus when he mocks Christians. When he mocks what Christians believe in, he is mocking Jeremy, his own brother! He is mocking Audrey! Now his sister. Does Audrey deserve to be mocked for expressing for faith? Does Audrey deserve to be mocked for praying to Jesus?

How can any good person watch Audrey's wedding vows condone mocking her for the complete faith she has in the power of Jesus?

Jacob gets worse. Yes, Jacob gets worse.

In the week leading up to the biggest day of her life, Audrey was understandably concerned about the weather for the wedding, Saturday September 20th, 2014. It was supposed to rain all day...according to the "experts".

As all good Christians, Audrey knows that all blessings from God. Audrey asked Him for help. That is what she did. Many Christians such as myself joined with Audrey in praying that Jesus would bless Jeremy and Audrey with sunshine.

A great miracle began to happen as Audrey demonstrated on her twitter as the wedding approached:

Just two days before the wedding, it just kept getting better as though God was trying to reassure Audrey.

As anyone who watched the wedding on TLC knows, God came through and granted Jeremy and Audrey with a beautiful day that matched their love for Him. Audrey proved what Jesus followers know, always turn to Jesus for help.

However, Jacob took a beautiful thing and made it ugly. Jacob mocked what Audrey did and the entire concept of it when it was brought to his attention on his

[Questions in red, Jacob Roloff's answers in blue]

Do you believe in the theory that if it doesn't rain next Saturday for Jer and Audrey's wedding that it's because God is rewarding them for being Christians?

Lmao, no, I'm 90% sure this is a joke but knowing some of these people, maybe it isn't. 

Why would you think it's a joke? Audrey is the one praying for no rain. Do you think she's being ridiculous? I don't understand how believing that praying for no rain could make a difference is that much different than believing if they get what they want it's because God is rewarding them. 

You can call what you pray to God, but a human figure in the sky isn't what created the universe haha

You should be ashamed of yourself that "strangers" are following your sister-inlaw's prompting and praying with her that God will bless them with a beautiful wedding day, while you snark and giggle at the "man in the sky". You're so disrespectful. 

So you think there's actually a human in the sky watching everyone? Uh, anyways.. I'm not disrespectful for disagreeing and doing the exact same thing as you just with the reverse opinion 

How do you like them apples? Since we (I'm including Audrey, myself and like-minded Christians fans of the show that support Jeremy and Audrey) began praying, the forecast has changed and is now "mainly sunny". The power of prayer. 

Yea! Nothing to do with nature! Haha fuck meteorology And Jer knows what I think he's probably seen it somewhere,"

What created the Universe? 

Better yet, No one knows, but if I'm to believe any theory there's more interesting ones than what's in Genesis 

"but a human figure in the sky isn't what created the universe haha" Do you ever have the guts to say this to Jeremy and Audrey? Or are you only this obnoxious to Christian fans of the show who provide you with the lifestyle you enjoy? 

If you're so butthurt about "providing my lifestyle", stop watching the show log off of this and shut the fuck up haha.. And Jer knows what I think he's probably seen it somewhere, I know what he thinks, we don't need to argue about it 

But you don't actually have the guts to say it to him? You just mock his beliefs online but can't actually say it to his face. When you mock the practices of Christians you aren't just mocking "insignificant" Christians fans. 

As I've said before, There's absolutely no REASON for me to just go and say this to him, that's just confrontational and obviously we'll disagree. Not everyone needs everyone to agree with them or be damned like you & so-called Christians like you 

Ok, so you just mock his religion behind his back. And you wonder why your Dad and everyone thinks you're a pussy lol.

I'm not mocking HIS religion you guys are the ones asking these questions lol, and I'm not hiding from him haha he knows I use this and twitter, I don't think you get the concept of what I'm saying, we know we'll disagree & a conversation about it isn't gonna get us anywhere, so WHY. For you guys: because you have nothing better to do. 

Why aren't up mature enough to talk to Jeremy and be open minded to what he has to say about it? Are you too stubborn to be open to the possibility that you are wrong? 

Lolol I was surrounded by it in church, school and family for 15 years, THEN I opened up, now I'm here 

You could be skeptical about Christianity without being so derogatory and without belittling. You don't even have the courtesy to let your family know you had doubts. You think your grandma would prefer to see you retweet anti-Christian BS.

Yea I could be, and lol. They know how I acted they knew I wasn't practicing any sort of Christian belief, & they don't seem to be upset or disappointed enough to talk to me lol, it's literally just you people.. I want you to know that.

People who are walking with God are never alone. I feel sorry that you don't know that. 

Thanks, your pity is bringing me closer to him I think! 

You'd be sad less often if you had Jesus in your life. People living with Jesus are happier and more fulfilled. And you choose to reject Jesus? It is very foolish on your part. 

Literally shut the fuck up hahah you think acting like everyone who doesn't believe is 'lost' is going to make them want to be more like you? Nope. You gotta worry about your own life and problems man for real haha. If God is all powerful he'll work it out Hes got a plan right? You can stop obsessing over this. 

Using curse words only have a negative affect on you and how people will perceive you. Can you come up with a better way to articulate your feelings than using curse words? 

Stop talking to me hahah nothing you're saying is useful to me nor is your general presence in my life, and I wish you had anything more exciting than this going on in your life so you could focus on actually acting Christian & not like a condescending, holier than everyone prick

Ask yourself why you bring pain and hurt to those who are in contact with you? There is something broken within you that causes you to hurt others. It is the work of the devil and only Jesus can save you. But He can. If you ask. 

Shut the fuuuuck uuuup. 

The last few were Christians trying to help him, trying to save him, and he responds with hatred and profanity.The darkness abounds.

My Christian friends. That is what we are dealing with. That is Jacob Roloff. A person who shows disrespect during his own brother's wedding. A person who mocks the Christian beliefs of his sister in-law Audrey Roloff. Jeremy's biography on his Instagram states that he is Kingdom seeking. Jacob has also scoffed at the concept of Heaven.

He has no morals. He is not a good person. He curses. He insults almost everyone. As I demonstrated earlier, Jacob lies and deceives. He's a drug user. He's admitted to doing Acid and taking Xanax. He lets the world know that he smokes marijuana all the time. He promotes it to other young people, attempting to spread the false message that marijuana is harmless and good for people. People don't need marijuana. People need Jesus.

Jacob Roloff has nothing but disdain for Christians and Jesus. He has no respect for his family. I've talked about Jeremy and Audrey as Christians who inspire. Matt and Amy, although they are human with flaws, both are followers of Christ and have spoke of God on public pages and given speeches to religious groups. Molly Roloff, although, not very active on social media, is also a good Christian who got flack from the liberals with a gay agenda when Molly supported Kirk Cameron's comments that he made on CNN. Zach Roloff avoids social media but is a Jesus follower as is his fiancee Tori. Both Matt's and Amy's parents are Christians. Ron and Peggy Roloff are truly wonderful Christians and Americans. I know Jacob disappoints them greatly with his deplorable tweets and "answers".

Jacob has no respect for his family, for Christians as a whole, and for the Christians who support his way of life. He is using the very platform that Christians (due to our support) have given him to spread anti Christian rhetoric to his followers. Jacob has admitted that he is after as many twitter followers as he can get. He knows most of those followers are fans of the show. He knows that most fans of the show are Christians just like Jeremy and Audrey. He constantly is spewing out anti-Christian sentiments and mocking Christian rituals.

We, as Christians, if we love Him, cannot allow Jacob to continue to corrupt his audience, many of whom are under 20 years of age just like Jacob.

Jacob is not in control. Jesus allows us to have the control. Aside from simply praying that Jacob comes to Jesus seeking forgiveness, there are people above Jacob who have control over him. Who can knock Jacob off the internet and prevent him from spreading his ugliness and corrupting people who are on the verge of coming to Jesus.

As I wrote (along with other Christians) a while ago, we, Christians fighting for Jesus have the power. We have an action plan to stop Jacob's use of public social media accounts and to make sure TLC and the sponsors know that we don't want Jacob seen on the show. It is not a boycott of Little People, Big World, TLC or the Roloffs. They are all wonderful with the one awful exception of Jacob. He does not belong. It is the way to stand for Jesus after all He has done for us and prevent Jacob from working against the growth of God's Kingdom.

You can email for more information.

We are winning the battle my friends. We are emerging victorious because we have God on our side. Some influential people have informed me that Jacob has had his backside slapped for his disrespect to Jesus and to Christians including his family and viewers of the show. I have been told to expect to see it removed eventually.

We have already seen a decrease in Jacob's rants against Christianity. I am of the understanding that Jacob has been told he is allowed to save some pride and present it as though it his decision to discontinue his social media.

After I (and others who have joined the fight for Jesus over Jacob) was informed that would happen after writing several organizations, people and corporate entities, there has been a decrease in it.

Then just 3 days ago came this, which is exactly what I was told would be Jacob's escape plan to save his ego.

Christians. Pray. Turn to Jesus. Just like we did with Audrey asking Jesus for a sunny day to celebrate the union of Jeremy and Audrey, when you trust in Jesus, He will see that the outcome is just.

It is up to us to see that hateful sinners like Jacob have a minimal voice while Jeremy and Audrey Roloff reach the masses and have the ability to inspire more and more to seek Jesus and give God the ultimate glory in building His Kingdom.

Please support Audrey Roloff on her:


And Jeremy Roloff on his:


On twitter, use the hashtag #ForJesusBanJacob if you wish to show your support to minimize Jacob's influence and demonstrate that you are sick of his mocking of Audrey, Jeremy, all Christians, the Christian faith and Jesus.

John 2:22

Thank you for reading and God Bless.

Article written by Anne Bailey


*Edit: October 6th -- In response to this article, Jacob's friend, Isabel,  posted or answered the following questions/comments/answers ending with an impromptu picture of Jacob responding with a gesture:

Q:As a fan of Jacob that likes him, should I be worried about him right now? Thanks.
A: No I'm with him right now he's fine:)

Q: #forjesusbanjacob

*Otherwise Jacob has been silent on in the last day or two.
Some speculate it's because he is annoyed.
Some speculate it's because of the pressure some are putting on him to stop using it.


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Debbie said...

It is good to see it is back up where it belongs.

It is disappointing to see that Matt and Amy continue to spoil Jacob and reward him for atrocious behavior.

It looks like he got a new truck from the registration picture he tweeted and new shoes, that he posted to show off.

Judy said...

Debbie, I completely agree. I am very thankful Anne's article can reach Christians everywhere again.

Viewers should not be fooled into thinking Jacob respects Christians.

She posted a family Christmas dinner photo with herself, Matt, Molly, Zach, Tori and Jacob. She captioned it: A merry Merry Christmas We came together celebrate our Savior's birth Fantastic dinner too God is Good!

We (implying all of them) came together to celebrate our Savior's birth.

Why does Jacob go along with that yet in other places on the internet choose to bash Jesus?

Jim said...

I don't find what Jacob does on Social Media to be an acceptable form of behavior for any person, regardless of if they are Christian or not.

Anne's campaign put an end to Jacob's account and that is good because it was full of mean-spirited, hate-filled comments from Jacob.

Jacob is arrogant and what is telling to me is that his arrogance goes beyond just being directed at fans who have criticisms or fans who are supportive, but if you saw the conversation between Jacob and his friends from the public high school, he is very insulting towards them. He insults their opinions, says it wastes his time because he doesn't agree with it, then he resorts to personally insulting the person whom he disagrees with.

Ashley said...

Thank you Spirits! I think it's good that people are allowed to talk about Roloff Social media here because there's not really anywhere else.

PJ said...

Most people who are not Christian can behave with respect to their families during Christmas celebrations. Just because Amy feels one way about Christmas does not mean Jake agrees, only that he managed to be respectful to his mother, not that he was celebrating the religious aspect of Christmas.

Jake says what he wants elsewhere because he can. Pesky free speech and Constitution that guarantees it.
Matt and Amy spoil him because they live in a country that allows people to parent as they see fit. And at this point possibly because of the family situation (separation and divorce).
I'm really sorry to see this back, it's just going to cause the same issues again.

Debbie said...

PJ, feel free to bow out and visit only Jacob sites where he controls the opinions.

Poor parenting decisions leads to poor parenting.

Nobody said they can't spoil Jacob and buy him trucks after this atrocious and disrespectful behavior but we can talk about how it's the wrong thing to do.

He behaves like a spoiled brat and they are continuing to spoil him.

I'm starting to genuinely wonder if Amy and Matt are afraid of Jacob lashing out at them on social media and that's why they spoil him.

Everything from Amy implies that Jacob is a young man of Christ. Her interview with the Christian Post, her Thanksgiving photo and now her Christmas photo that Judy talked about, "coming together to celebrate Jesus".

It's deceptive of Amy. It's disappointing.

Connor said...

The twitter fight between Jacob and the Liberty High kids showed a lot.

Interesting that people who Jacob called him out for being starved for attention.

One of Jacob's defenses when people here would correct assess him as attention seeking was "you've never met me"....well, people who have, say that too.

Janet said...

Isn't there any Jacob fans who like his "bad ass" attitude that are disappointed in how Jacob always shuts up and goes along with the worship Jesus family dinner pictures?

Conclusion, Jacob is two-faced, in my opinion.

Kayla said...

All of the Roloffs don't treat their fans very well.

Jacob was just more in your face about it on

Look at Tori (she's a soon to be Roloff, on the show, hope she's not off limits!). She has public accounts about totally ignores all the kind comments and questions from fans. She only responds to people she knows. Why doesn't she just have it private? Would it kill her to answer the people who ask her what type of dog Inspector Sullivan (love that name!) is? It's just disrespectful to ignore all the fan questions like that when it would take her 2 seconds to type the answer. They are like non people to her. It tells me a lot about her as a person.

PJ said...

Interesting that all I did was point out that people can keep quiet on occasion and you felt a need to attack me. We are talking about the Roloffs, not each other.

Ashley said...

Abby, I thought Jacob's "I miss Isabel" tweet was funny too.

He had just posted pictures with her like less than 24 hours ago.

A little clingy? ;-) No wonder why people make fun of teenage relationships.

Bonnie said...

Serious question for the Jacob "fans".

How do you think Jacob is helped by his parents spoiling him? From everything he has posted on his twitter feed post Christmas, he was gifted with a brand new truck (because he complained about the car he was gifted with took too much $ in gas...), a new carhartt jacket, new trendy shoes.

How does spoiling him after what can only be called questionable behavior by his most ardent of defenders, improve Jacob's character as a person?

It rewards bad behavior by ignoring it.

Obviously the other Roloffs have decided to deal with Jacob by just ignoring what he posts on social media and continuing along like he's a Christian on their sites because they know he will go along with the gag as long as he keeps getting gifts.

It doesn't speak well of any of their characters.

Katie said...

Hey, did anyone know that Jeremy actually did get a tattoo? Audrey stitched a patch of "Jer's tattoo, the coordinates of his beloved firepit on the farm".

I hope he didn't get the tattoo in the spot he was talking about years ago, yuck. LOL!

Denise said...

Jeremy and Audrey are the Roloffs that understand the true meaning for CHRISTmas.

I also love how they put actual thought into their gifts.

PJ said...

I'm not really a Jake fan but I'll try to answer.

I think a large part of Jake's problems are that his parents have largely ignored him for years. Amy has been calling herself an empty nester for years. The Matt I see on TV is far to immature and self centered to be an effective parent. I think they give him things instead of love and attention. So he acts out on social media. He acts out with drugs (although I'm still not 100% convinced about the level of drug use). He acts out against the fans of his parents dog and pony show. I don't think Jake has had anyone in his life to guide him since Mike died. His parents seemed to distance themselves emotionally from him after that.

As for them pretending he's still in line with their religious choices, they may be in denial. I chose to leave my family's religion completely when I was 17 ( I had been questioning and searching for several years before that) My mom kept telling people it was a phase. She completely believed that until I was 37 when she finally admitted it wasn't going to pass. I wasn't as confrontational about it but was adamant I would not be practicing any form of Christianity. Ever. And I have stuck to that (although Pope Francis could have made me change my mind had he come along sooner).
Do I think the Roloff's actions and attitudes toward Jake have helped him grow into the best person he could have been. No. Do I hope he'll go away to college or just move away and mature into a better person? Yes. But I doubt he will.
I post here because I get tired of hearing people demand Jake (or any one else) live according to the posters ideas.

Teresa said...

My two cents is that Amy should acknowledge that Jacob is not a Christian. Most of her fans would assume he is from everything she posts. Why not be honest? In the last few months Amy has been posting more about God than she ever has.

Greg said...

I'm surprised Jacob wasnt smart enough to figure out that "The Interview" hack was just a marketing ploy.

Timothy said...

Teresa, personally I think it's that Amy is very conscious of the fact that she relies on being a Christian as a form of income. Amy does more Christian functions than Matt. Amy did do the original Christian Post interview.

She wants people to see her as this Christian mother with Christian kids.

Especially in the face of these whispers from people who have seen Jacob's Ask or Twitter she wants the Christian groups to think she's a great Christian and with a Christian family and that's why she has turned up the "I love God" tweets in recent months.

Kathy said...

Jeremy and Audrey's social media is so uplifting and full of God's love while Jacob's is so negative and sinfully ugly with hatred and hostility.

Jacob would do well to imitate Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

It is disappointing to see that Matt and Amy continue to spoil Jacob and reward him for atrocious behavior.

It looks like he got a new truck from the registration picture he tweeted and new shoes, that he posted to show off.

Because clearly Matt and Amy are not motivated to punish Jacob for not being Christian. Seriously people... they bought the little atheist a truck... consider how much they MUST NOT CARE about his beliefs.

Debbie - you're saying its deceptive of AMY... Please explain why it is not deceptive of Matt "The Best Christian ever!" Roloff to hand his son a truck for Christmas after his son has been so nasty to you, and all your fellow Christians.

I really want to know why ONLY Amy is on the hook here... isn't Matt the sacred Christian father?

MS said...

Janet: "Isn't there any Jacob fans who like his "bad ass" attitude that are disappointed in how Jacob always shuts up and goes along with the worship Jesus family dinner pictures?"

Janet, what is your suggestion here? Should he refuse to appear in family pictures? To him, it's just a picture, not a religious statement. What Amy does with that picture is out of his control. I really think Jacob not being Christian is a much, much bigger deal to the family's Christian fans than it is to the family itself.

Debbie said...

Rap541, I haven't seen Matt post implying that Jacob was involved in prayer like Amy has done (two times in the last two months). If he has, please point me to it, and I will gladly say Matt was deceptive as well.

I also am including Matt when I fault Jacob's parents for rewarding him for his behavior.

Jocelynn said...

"I really think Jacob not being Christian is a much, much bigger deal to the family's Christian fans than it is to the family itself."

MS, I'm not Christian, but honestly I think privately they are disappointed but publicly they don't like to draw attention to anything that doesn't fit the script of the show. So they ignore it and hope most people aren't aware of Jacob's anti-Christian attitude.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - good - I expect in future posts that you reference Jacob's parents and not just Jacob's mother when you bitch,

Because you are bitching about his parenting and he has two parents not just one and I am tired of seeing Matt excluded - thank you for including the reality that Matt Roloff is responsible for the atheist you hate so much. Matt Roloff produced an atheist - it needs to be said.

Jim said...

Rap, at what point do you hold someone accountable for their own actions and words?

I know 18 is the legal age but people act for themselves younger than that. I tire of blame the parents. Yes, Matt and Amy are ineffective. But when will you stop saying "Jake is a brat and it's his parents fault" and start saying "Jake is a brat."?

Eric said...

The way I see it, everything Jacob posts is out of hate. His Ferguson stuff is about hatred for police. His religious posts are about hating on Christians. Other stuff is about hate for the government or hate for fans or hate for kids at school. He doesn't take up causes, he likes opinions that allows him to hate.

Tina said...

What is the purpose of Jacob's twitter?

Maggie said...

Anne was right. Look at most of Jacob's Instagram likes and people who favorite his tweets. Most are teenage girls. That's who he's trying to sway.

Paula said...

I have a feeling Audrey is going to be the strong one in the family and won't back down to Jacob.

Jaina said...

Eric, I disagree. Jacob often tweets and posts positive things about Isabel, and Luna, or about his new shoes... He has posted a lot of positive things lately and of course you crazy people aren't going to notice that.

Just because he doesn't believe in your God doesn't mean he isn't a positive person. He and Isabel look very happy together. And Luna looks well taken care of.

So nah, I don't agree with you that all of his posts are about hate. Maybe he just has a better grasp or idea of the world than you all do.

Irena said...

He is a very unkind person. I could tell Jacob does not have love of Christ.

Eric said...

Jaina, I disagree. His posts about his dog and girl are prefaced with stuff like "only good things in my life." Which is a hate on people in his life. He's posted things about Luna while saying "she doesn't realize the shitty world she roams"'s all a negative.

Jaina said...

Eric, you have no idea what it's like to be him or deal with what he's been put through.
So, if he can find some sort of happiness, rather than hating on him for it, why not make suggestions?
Personally reach out, say "Jacob, if you turned to God, life would be better." Instead you all use God as an excuse to belittle him and talk down to him.
The God I believe in is not like that.
I have reached out to him on multiple mediums and I have told him I think it's beautiful how he's found hope in life.
A stunning cute little puppy who, by proof of photographs is happy, healthy and being taken on adventures even. As well as a girlfriend who is very happy with Jacob. On a lot of levels.

I'm obviously pro Jacob and you're all anti Jacob but I'll continue to be here and remind you that your behavior is not Godlike and I'm proud to call myself a Christian

Shelby said...

Someone Jacob tweets about said "People think being mean makes them cool or something, I don't get it"...imo, I think that tweet was about Jacob but he didn't realize it.

Rita said...

@Jaina, its nice that you're naive and want to believe Jacob is a nice person, but he's really one of the bad ones, one of the bullies that puts others down. I started out on twitter saying only nice things to him and he was honestly a huge jerk to me. Then his "cool" friends joined in too.

If you've noticed, Jacob ignores every "fan" who tweets him because he has said before he thinks we are all "insignificant". Suggesting that people write nice things to someone who ignores them because he thinks the aren't worth his time is pointless and not what he or they deserve.

Eric said...

Jaina, what exactly do you think Jacob "has been put through"? I'm curious.

Connor said...

Yeah, really Jaina, acting like Jacob has it so tough is old and pathetic. Poor guy, he needs to stand in front of a camera a few times a year. He's rich. He has traveled to places most people never get to see. And he just got given a truck despite not having a job. Cry me q river on how hard Jake has it.

Eric said...

Connor, I was about to say the same thing. One of the most annoying thing is how he pretends like he has a hard life. Some of his friends have, they can talk and be taken seriously but not him. He's a spoiled rich boy who thinks he should be handed everything to him because that's how he was raised.

Wendy said...

It's awful Jacob was given a truck. What for? Shakes my head. Oh well, I just hope he stops the reckless driving like texting and taking pictures while he's driving before he injures an innocent person. He's not responsible enough to have social media, he shouldn't be driving.

Jaina said...

For the last time you people. He did not get a truck.... I repeat he did not get a truck.
And even if he did, why are you so mad? It's the least his parents could do for him.
And can't we remind each other how many vehicles Jeremy roloff has? How many has he purchased on his own? Hmmm...... Curious. How many cars did Jeremy get cause papa Matt found him deserving. If only it wasn't so obvious who he favorites.....
Anyways if Jacob gets a truck (doubt he actually will Matt likes to talk) it will be nothing compared to what the other kids have gotten.

Ashley said...

Jaina, Jacob posted what looked to be the ownership for a green truck. Then his gf posted "I wish Jacob had HIS truck already." That sure sounds like he was given a truck even if he doesn't have possession of it right this minute.

Carol said...

Has Jacob ever done anything nice for someone? I don't think so. He doesn't deserve a truck after all he's done with the drug use and insults.

Pam said...

I sure hope Jacob will take responsibility for his own life and stop complaining the day he turns 18 which is only about 20 days away.

Jaina said...

He's in the process of getting one from what I understand, but for you old people, the caption to the green truck was "SUS" and it looked from the picture that the Vin number was missing and in it's spot was ".....". Jacob said "sus" short for "suspicious" because without a vin number, you should not purchase a truck. Jacob has been wanting a truck for a long time, and a lot of teenagers get cars for their 16 birthdays, maybe Jacob is getting one for his 18th.
Get over it.
And Isabel tweeted that maybe perpetuating her excitement to get HIS truck, a truck in the future?
You people are so dense.

Adam said...

Jacob tweeted that he couldn't wait for Christmas to be over, but he got a truck, a new jacket and new shoes. Whoa that's tough, dude! Someone please teach this obnoxious and sheltered kid what the real world is like when you aren't given everything for nothing.

Ashley said...

Jaina, you're probably right, but does it really matter if he got a truck as a Christmas gift on Dec 25th or he's getting it as a birthday gift on Jan 17th? He's still being given a truck. And he already has access to a car.

Jaina said...

No. It doesn't matter. He has access and was given access to a car as a 17 year old boy..... Maybe undeserving, what have you. Many kids get cars gifted to them, expensive cars.
But thank you for ignoring my argument that Jeremy was given many cars. As an adult, too. Still relying on mom and dad to pay for your car?
Oh, but as long as he's a Christian ;)

Christy said...

So Jacob insults people, bullies people, insults people's religion, insults fans, uses drugs, disrespects his own family, but he gets rewarded with a truck???

It makes me sad when good things happen to bad people :-[

Eric said...

Jaina, I ask again, what has Jacob "been put through"?

No, most 16 year olds aren't given trucks at 17. Most people I know if they can drive at that age drive their parents cwr when its available until they work a crummby job and save enough to buy an old piece of crap and can afford insurance and gas.

This is stuff Jacob has no idea of because he's so sheltered.

And yes, Jeremy was spoiled too.

Jaina said...

Oh, good, Eric. Gained respect points. He who can do no wrong Jeremy finally being called spoiled. Progress. Maybe just grasp the concept kids who are rich and who were on tv are spoiled? Should be a no brainer.

Jaina said...

Yes, Eric, you can ask me. But since i do not know and since you do not know. It would be best not to assume. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. You only know what every roloff decided to show you on social media. And I can assure you, after doing my own research, they aren't perfect beings. He's been filmed since he was 8 years old. Don't you think that's gotta take a toll on a kid?
And thank you Eric you gained my respect. He who can do no wrong Jeremy is finally being called spoiled.
"Daddy as long as I'm a Christian I can get a car right?"
Someone let Jacob know so he can play along too.

Eric said...

Jaina, I ask because you're the one who said. "I don't know what he's been put through".

So what, he's been on a fake reality show. The hardships of that don't stack up to most people when you consider all the benefits.

Rap541 said...

Jim - I know its popular to insist people "defend" Jacob but really, have I ever been shy about calling him a brat?

What I haven't agreed with is how Jacob has been called and treated as an adult since he was nine (and being called a brat and don't blame his godfearing parents, they love jesus and they raised up precious Jeremy!) while his older brother, Precious Jer Bear routinely gets let off the hook for much worse behavior at the same age because.... yup, Jeremy was a little boy.

Jeremy calls people niggers and fags? *He's a boy* at 15-21 and he didn't know the words were wrong.

Jacob calls someone a cunt? 16 is old enough to get a beat down.

Jeremy takes pictures of his pal abusing a cat? He was a *boy* and at age 20 needed to test if cats land on their feet

I routinely call out Matt and Amy for Jacob's behavior because they have routinely, since he was twelve years old, declared themselves "done parenting" and "empty nesters" and it shows in the child they didn't bother to parent.

I am personally amazed at the number of declared Christians here who make no objections about how Jacob was parented. Its an example of the hypocrisy of the fans - I know the real reason is that Matt and Amy aren't the Christians you think they are. Even now, Debbie above is letting Matt off the hook because "Matt didn't say anything".

I ask you (and Debbie) if Matt is such a man of Christ, why isn't he screaming his anger over his son being an atheist? For that matter, if Matt is such a Christian man, why has he walked away from his family to a separate house? And why did he lie to his fans for YEARS - and he did - that he and Amy were happily married and the show was an exaggeration?

When Jacob turns eighteen, I expect every declared Christian here to soundly rebuke Matt and Amy over their continued financial support of an adult atheist.

But it won't happen... excuses will be made.

Carly said...

Anon, why put Audrey down? She graduated from Oregon State and got a prestigious job at a famous winery.

Audrey and Jeremy are a team who work together. She is working to help pay the bills while Jeremy gets his budding photography career off the ground and is able to turn it into theincome that will support the lifestyle of their dreams.

Carly said...

Rap, can we talk without the hyperbole?

A number of people hope Matt and Amy stop supporting Jacob if he doesn't change his ways.

They may very well do nothing and continue to make bad decisions.

That doesn't make Matt and Amy bad people, it makes them lousy at parenting a rebellious teenager.

I have a friend who is one of the kindest people I know. But she lets her now adult kids walk over her. She's a lousy parent at showing tough love but a good person. I can say I don't like her allowing her kids to treat her like that, but she is still a friend.

Kristina said...

Jacob doesn't like his parents, doesn't like the family business, doesn't like fans, doesn't like religion, doesn't like God, doesn't like police, doesn't like the U.S doesn't like school, doesn't like kids at school.....Jaina, how is Jacob not a hateful person?

Rachael said...

Can we do a poll of what people think is tge best thing for Jacob and the family when he turns 18?

I assume they will let it stay as is while he's in "online school" but I hope they make him do something other than smoke drugs in his room.

PJ said...

Jaina although I appreciate you defending Jake you are trying to hold the ocean back with a broom. Nothing any of us say is going to change or quiet the rabid christians/Jake haters here. The kid could cure cancer and achieve world peace and they would still see him as evil and hateful. All because they cannot see past his religious choices and refuse to believe that being famous and having money is not a solution to all problems.
They simply cannot allow anyone to be different. Cannot accept that the fabulous Roloffs are not what they think from the very limited things they see on TV and read on the web.

Above someone asked what Jake's twitter account was for. Like many people on Twitter it's there for him to vent.

Bev said...

A troublesome sign for Jacob other than the obvious drug use, is that unlike his siblings, he was never forced to work even in the "family pumpkin business" even if it was just a plot for the tv show.

The other kids still needed to get up on the weekend and be polite to customers.

Jacob reportedly was nowhere to be found the last few years...except posting about drugs from his room.

He has no work ethic. He disrespects God. He disrespects his parents. He didn't get along with teachers and students. He doesn't like authority.

Tell me Jacob fans, what is JACOB going to do when he is 18? He obviously doesn't like the way his life is now, so is he going to choose to live the same way and complain or is he going to do something about it? I choose do nothing because that's the easy and lazy way.

Rap541 said...

Carly - why am I the only one you're chiding? I mean, there's hyperbole in Judy's posts, Jim's posts, Denise's posts... but hmmm funny you don't have a problem with hyperbole when Audrey and Jeremy are being praised for celebrating Christmas.....

More seriously - I'm tired of all the talk some of you do that isn't directed towards the actual source of the problem - Matt and Amy. Believe or not - I'm the one who has been saying for *years* now that Jacob (and Zach and Jeremy) needed some disciplining and Matt and Amy needed to do something other than give their kids presents.

If people genuinely want to play the "The Roloffs are proud loud believers of Jesus Christ!" card then yes, I will demand that each of you loudly and proudly ask Matt and Amy why they as loud, proud *Christians* allow their son to mistreat them. If Matt is a CHristian father, why isn't he demanding the obediance and respect he deserves? If people here are going to insist on how beautifully Christian Jeremy is (to the point of ridiculous hyperbole that doesn't seem to bother you) then I think it's fair to ask why Precious Christian Jeremy openly doesn't give two shits about his brother falling to Satan.

I mean, you're doing exactly what I said the Christian crowd would do - Matt and Amy can take a strong action come Jacob's 18th birthday and you're already ready with the excuses for why its ok for these precious Christians to do nothing. Frankly, Matt and Amy could have taken strong action previously. The drug talk online has been going on for YEARS and the only thing Matt has ever done is praise Jacob for his online activity. Now I firmly believe Jacob is a lazy unproductive guy wasting what talents he has (and I say the same about Jeremy and Zach) but with all of these boys... there's areason they have spent years goofing around and its because their parents ennable them

Rap541 said...

Rachael - personally I think if he's not going to be in school, he should required to work a part time job at least and pay nominal rent. I thought this about Zach and Jeremy as well as they goofed off in community college with nothing to show for it.

Unfortunately because Matt and Amy have already allowed Jeremy and Zach to have extended work free childhoods, its unlikely they will change now.

Adam said...

It's just so annoying that Jacob acts like he has such a hard life. lol.

At least his girlfriend really has been through rough things. But it's always a laugh when spoiled rich kids act like they've had a rough life.

I know there is the celebrity factor, but if I was the girlfriend it would annoy me to no end to listen to someone like Jacob pretend like he knows tragedy when she actually does...Jacob's tragedy is that the car he was given has a big gas tank....whoa, is he going to make it??

Denise said...

Come on PJ.

He could cure cancer and would still be seen as evil and hateful? What is he going comparable to curing cancer??

Heck, what is he doing that is even a basic display of kindness? Or any values that are seen as positive in our society?

He is seen as hateful, disrespectful, disruptive and mean-spirited because that's what he is. Like other people have rightfully illustrated, even the few things he likes or supports are born out of a hatred for something else, so he chooses to support the other side.

I would like to see Jacob seek forgiveness from all those he has hurt and to start using everything he's been given to do something positive in the world.

Rachael said...

Rap, I agree with you. I also think they should make him pay his own phone and insurance bills.

But if Jacob is as unhappy as he makes himself out to be on twitter, always talking about "getting away", I hope he backs up his talk.

Although I would be shocked if he actually does something other than the lazy thing.

Angela said...

"Now I firmly believe Jacob is a lazy unproductive guy wasting what talents he has"

Rap, what talents do you think Jacob has?

I've also seen many people express disappointment in Matt, Amy AND Jeremy for not taking a stand against Jacob or for at least not addressing it.

I was disappointed in Jeremy when the only thing he has said about Jacob was that he misses him. I wanted Jeremy to address it and show the difference and that he's concern with Jacob's negative, anti-God messages and way of thinking.

At least Audrey did favorite some tweets from Anne and others about Jacob needing to be reigned in and supporting her against the mocking of Jacob.

Would it be great if Audrey blogged about her true feelings about Jacob and how to deal with a family member who is working against God's Kingdom? Yes, it would be helpful.

However, I also recognize that Audrey is new to the Roloff family and may not want to rock the boat only a few months after becoming a Roloff.

I do think that Jeremy should have stood up to Jacob and I'm disappointed in him that he allowed Jacob to mock Audrey without a response.

Angela said...

Oh and Rap? I'm also disappointed in Molly too.

She did retweet Jacob about going to the movies or something like that. She reads Jacob's twitter. She knows what he does online.

Shame on her.

I don't think the rest of the Roloffs are bad people but I think it is a downfall of their "fame". They put too much emphasis on how something looks to the public and what might become a "story" instead of doing the right thing for the family.

Rap541 said...

Angela - he seems clever and wellspoken when he wants to communicate. He's clearly bright, brighter by far than Zach or Jeremy (who btw I am not calling stupid, merely that neither seems thoughtful or capable of having a challenging conversation) and its a shame he's wasting so much time in meaningless activities. He lives near a large city, and he has parents who frankly would indulge his interests (amy at least) if he wanted to pursue something. In other words, he has about as much shining talent as I saw in Jeremy or Zach, with the exception that he seems a bit brighter. Frankly, when Matt was posting pictures that Jake took, he certainly seemed as talented as Jeremy (and no, I don't think Jeremy is particularly talented in photography).

I've actually seen *few* people express disappointment in Matt,Amy, Jeremy, Molly etc and its usually after I have goaded someone into admitting that the situation isn't entirely "Matt,Amy and Jeremy are clearly and openly concerned and actively handling the problems"... so I do disagree with you although I appreciate your admission that this isn't being handled by the family.

My point is that many Christian fans here are unwilling to question the "Matt, Amy, Jeremy, and Audrey are suffering because of Jacob's atheism oh sweet Jesus bless them in their suffering" even when faced with the reality that Jeremy and Audrey clearly don't care, there's absolutely no indication that anything other than nothing has been attempted to solve some of Jacob's disciplinary issues and no one in the Roloff family even cares what any of you think.

Point - Anne's little diatribe about his behavior at the wedding set this off, right? Show me ONE person who attended the wedding who thinks Jacob was in any way acting rudely, disrespectfully, or inappropriately. Show me one post, one tweet of Audrey expressing disappointment in Jacob's behavior at her wedding.

Personally, if Jacob's behavior is so satanic... I really hate to think what people would say about him if he say, got arrested for drunk driving like his old man did (and yes, Matt was arrested twice and found guilty once) or if he called someone a faggot or a nigger..... Oh wait, it was *Jeremy* who was doing that at age 17 and funny, I was told he was doing Jesus's work when that happened. And was a *boy* at that, a blessed little boy who didn't know what his words meant.

It's a double standard. Angela - do you think Jeremy was walking with Christ when he was 17 and calling people fags and niggers? I'm genuinely curious.

PJ said...

Denise for some on this site it doesn't matter what Jake does in his life they will always see him as evil because he chooses not to be christian. Period. That's what I meant, not that Jake has actually done something great.

Angela said...

"Brighter by far than Jeremy. .."

Stop right there Rap. That's not true. Just because Jacob was a smartass about spelling doesn't make him "brighter". That's not the only determination of brightness. Jeremy is creative. Jeremy explores. Creativity is a sign of brightness. Jeremy builds and creates. Jeremy built a rather impressive fort when he was Jacob's age. A fort that is still standing while Jacob is still playing video games.

Jacob is inferior to Jeremy in all areas.

Rap541 said...

That's not true. Just because Jacob was a smartass about spelling doesn't make him "brighter". That's not the only determination of brightness. Jeremy is creative. Jeremy explores. Creativity is a sign of brightness. Jeremy builds and creates. Jeremy built a rather impressive fort when he was Jacob's age. A fort that is still standing while Jacob is still playing video games.

Jacob is inferior to Jeremy in all areas.

Are we having a conversation or is this "I am ANGELA AND I HAVE SPOKEN!!!"? Because frankly"Jacob is inferior to Jeremy in all ways" is um.... hyperbole. :)

Jeremy is a 24 year old guy with no discernable job. He failed in highschool, he goofed around in community college for two years without earning a degree and the degree he's got in photography is from a degree mill school. At best, he's a struggling wedding photographer. There's no shame in that but let's not pretend he's setting the world on fire because he's not. Personally its moments like these, where someone holds up Jeremy living off his wife's labor as he diddles about "being creative" that I genuinely question what people see in him because really, he's hardly setting the world on fire.

You'll also note that I am hardly giving Jake a ringing endorsement - he's as motivated as Jeremy was - Jeremy who graduated high school and played for how many years? Jeremy who at 20 was still a boy too intellectually challenged to understand that throwing kitty was mean, Jeremy whose every failure to launch was excused with "yes he's 20-21-22-23 but he's still a boy!" and he seems brighter. So does Molly. I think it's always been obvious that Jacob and Molly were both smarter than the twins and I find it disappointing that he doesn't take advantage of the school opportunities he has. I'm undecided if he's actually smart enough to be an astronaut (frankly even Molly doesn't strike me as that bright) but he's certainly got no hope of achieving that goal if he follows in Zach and Jeremy's goof off footsteps.

We can't have a conversation if the only thing you want to hear is how awesome Jeremy is. I mean, no offense but he's the braintrust who got himself an apartment and didn't have the electricity turned on before move in.

Rap541 said...

Its also duly noted that you refuse to have an opinion about Jeremy being a little boy who didn't know what his words meant when he was merely 17 and calling people niggers and faggots (and misspelling faggot at that)

Or that you refuse to acknowledge that no one who attended the wedding has made any report of any bad behavior or that Audrey was in any way upset or concerned about Jacob's behavior. I mean, all this rage was because Jacob disrespected Audrey and Jeremy right? You'd think if it upsets you so much that it would upset the actual victims a lot more.... Funny how silent they are.

Judy said...

Angela, I agree. It is only said as an insult to Jeremy. He is a better person than Jacob in everyway.

Laura said...

Rap is providing the comic relief by suggesting that Jacob is ahead of Jeremy in any department.

Jeremy turned to God, Jeremy asked God to guide him. God guided him to another state where he crafted his art. Any objective person can see Jeremy's talent and that he's on the way to having an incredibly successful career. God led Jeremy to Audrey and a great career.

While Jeremy had God guiding him. Jacob does his drugs and struggles from one school to the next all while doing it with no manners. I also believe Jacob is being guided by evil forces.

Rap541 said...

And Judy - I remind you as a Christian of your own words when you let Jeremy off the hook at 20 for torturing the cat - "Only God may judge"

Funny how you think you're God... some Christian you are... doesn't Jesus have a problem with lil Miss Judy pointing her fingers?

Don't worry, Judy, just say "Tee hee whoopsie Jesus! Now I get to hate and judge because all I have to do is say sorry, I don't even have to try to be a better person! I just say sorry Jesus and I get to do and hate as I please!"

hey Judy - as I recall you thought Jeremy at 17 was a little boy who didn't know what his words meant - do you still think that? That when Jeremy was calling Mike D "pretty sweet just like a nigger", wee lil boy Jeremy had NO IDEA that was pretty insulting, praise Jesus?

Jeremy was a little boy at 17, completely unaccountable, while his brother Jacob at the same age should know better? Explain that logic again, Judy...

Or you know, insist you're being persecuted and refuse to answer. :)

Rap541 said...

Laura - I have been hearing about Jeremy's impending incredible success for years now....

Is he even working steadily?

Also I am absolutely positive that Jeremy was drinking underage and smoking pot even after he "turned to Jesus".

And same question to you Laura - Do you really think Jeremy is such an outstanding specimen that he really had no idea at 17 that calling people niggers and faggots was wrong? He was such a blameless little baby? At 17?

Come on Laura - stand up and testify on how you believe a 17 year old had no idea his words were offensive and therefore isn't accountable :)

PJ said...

Actually Laura you and your lot are the comic relief. Anyone who cannot fart without God's guidance is NOT real smart. It is disingenuous to suggest that Prince Jer Bear is anything but an immature overindulged child who's parents bought him a degree. If he were truly talented he would be making a name for himself already given his media contacts.
Jake is no Fulbright scholar either but at least a real thought not solely directed at himself seems to trot through his brain occasion. I cannot say the same for Matt, Amy or the Dufus Prince Jer.

Rap541 said...

Btw, isn't Laura supposedly a friend of the family? Laura, what have Matt and Amy and Jeremy done to prevent Jacob's fall to Satan?

And if you genuinely believe Jacob is controlled by evil forces, have you had a sit down with Matt and Amy how you won't continue to be friends with them until they do something about their son?

In a few weeks, they can legally throw Jacob out of the house - have you told them to do just that?

Judy said...

People like Rap have been trying for years to make what Jeremy posted when he was younger than Jacob is now into a mountain when it was a molehill.

He used the n word with his friends the way a lot of kids do. It's best not to do that and he stopped. He said "fag" which was an immature way to display his opposition to the gay lifestyle. That's a good thing. However, it is immature. As he became older and more mature, he learned from the likes of John Mark Comer why gays shouldn't be tolerated.

Rap, Jacob's use of "cunt" was just ugly. He aimed to hurt and insult with words like that. I'm also reminded that Jacob often favorited tweets from his friends calling fans "fags".

Personally, the only redeeming thing about Jacob is that he finds what gays do to be disgusting and he doesn't want them around him. That's good and I applaud him for that.

Jacob has malice and hate behind his insults and all that he posts on social media. He is driven by hate.

Lynn C said...

Rap and PJ, you might not want to hear this, but Jeremy was named 2014's Photographer of the year for BP4U's annual selection of the best up and coming photographer.

Jeremy has been blessed with talent and is going places.

Maggie said...

Lets not get silly. Jacob isn't half the person Jeremy is.

Rap541 said...

Lynn C - Yes, I am aware that Jeremy won a popularity contest on a blog that has no actual criteria for nominating anyone as their photographer of the week. Its also a facebook with fewer likes than Jeremy's daddy.

Would you like to explain to the class what BP4U is? Do you even know?

Btw, Lynn, I have no objection to Jeremy being the shining star you want him to be... but I am not asking hard questions here. Is he working steadily? Has his work been acclaimed by a legit professional association (and not a facebook sales site that clearly is catering to starting photographers)? I mean really, I suspect Jacob will be at exactly the same point Jeremy is when he is 24... and that's not complimentary.

Judy - so you are now conceding that Jeremy was immature? Because before you were quite insistent that he had the right as a Christian to call a fag a fag. And remember - you are calling a 17 year old immature and excusing his lack of apology or acknowledgement.... but somehow he's not *hating*.

WHen Jeremy at 17 calls people niggers and fags, he's just immature, a boy, a boy not accountable, no matter how *ugly and hateful* the words are.

When Jacob calls people cunts, at 17, he is evil and accountable and an adult. You do realize you've conceded Jacob is more mature than Jeremy was at 17, right? Jeremy was a little boy who can't be treated like an adult. You won't say Jeremy at 17 should have known better, nope nope nope, bless him, he was just being "immature". Really, hand on the Bible, he was too young at 17 to know it was wrong?

Because you're quite insistent that Jacob at 17 is fully aware of how hurtful his words are. Sure sounds like you've just conceded Jacob is smarter than Jeremy - he knows when he's being mean while Jeremy was too dumb to be held accountable at the same age.

Denise said...

Rap, you and PJ suggested that Jeremy was not talented and wasn't accomplished.

When Lynn corrected you, that Jeremy is an award winning photographer, you attempt to dismiss his accomplishments.

What awards has Jacob won? Where is this "brightness" that you speak of?

Barb said...

I think most people think the right thing to do is for Jacob to be given an ultimatum - either be a positive influence for the family and the community or live the way he wants with no family support. That's what I would do if I had a terror for a son like Jacob. My son is 16 and loves God, is involved with sports and church.

I hope Matt and Amy would do the right thing but am very skeptical. Giving him a truck is insane. Sure it would be hard for them to throw Jacob out but it's the right thing for him in the long run.

Rap541 said...

Denise - look at the website and count how many people get "awarded" there.

Now answer me this - when Jeremy was 17, what was he accomplishing? Aside from drinking and smoking pot?

And please - I completely agree that Jacob is following in Jeremy and Zach's footsteps. He's got opportunities, some merely because he is brighter than the twins and he's wasting them, much the way Jeremy and Zach had opportunities handed to them that they wasted by goofing off. Its sad, sadder because clearly no one in the family really gives a damn.

NJC said...

When I see this quote on that BP4U website I can't help but think that this award is about as major as the lamp in "A Christmas Story" :)

"Hi, I'm Brooke! I'm the owner over here at BP4U. I am a wedding photographer who absolutely LOVES all things business... reality TV junkie , and coffee-aholic."

Patricia said...

Somebody asked who at the wedding spoke out about Jacob? I don't know about you, but as a fellow guest you usually keep your opinions to yourself and talk about it with your family after the night is over. Especially if the wedding couple was on tv. They probably werent even allowed to speak about the wedding.

Jim said...

Judy, I couldnt agree more with you. The only thing I've ever seen Jacob say that was sensible was that gays are creepy and he wants nothing to do with him. Everything else he's a weak kneed liberal hippy. But at least he's not a queer and isn't afraid to make it known they should stay the hell away and they shouldnt get special treatment.

Rap541 said...

Patricia - really, when you have someone channeling Satan at a wedding, you do the polite thing and say and do nothing?

I mean, Anne makes it sound like Jacob ruined the wedding.... yet the video sure seems like a pleasant event with no drama from Jacob. How do you explain that? Hell, how do you explain why no one in the family has anything but praise for Jacob? Audrey, Jeremy, Matt, Amy..... why are they praising the devil child?

Jocelynn said...

Jim, I totally disagree that Jacob's homophobia is a good thing. It is odd that it is about the only social issue that his stance is not in line with what you would think.

I just figured it was because of the macho teen guy stuff, like jocks in high school wanting to prove their manliness by making it clear that if you're gay you're not welcome. But then Jacob said he hates jocks too.

Jocelynn said...

NJC, I didn't see that quote, but the thought crossed my mind that she was thrilled to interview Jeremy and give him an award because she was star struck. Makes sense.

I do think jeremy has an unfair advantage because of the celeb factor. He gets more attention and already has a fan base, not because of his work, but because of reality tv.

PJ said...

Denise I haven't commented about Prince Jer Bear's award. Yet.
I wanted to be fair and went and looked both at the website for the award and at his website.

BP4U is basically a business selling resources to photographers. I tried to find some kind of commentary about the award or the impact it has on the photo community but found nothing. This is not some major award of any kind. It's like your cousin giving you a trophy or perhaps they give it to their best customer? If you can find independent commentary about the award I would be interested in reading it and would happily retract this comment.
I then looked at all Prince Jer's photos, went to his website and studied his gallery. The photos of the older man were interesting, the one of Zach was pitiful as an example of his work. They all very much reminded me of the portfolios of friends that went to art school for design (not photography). In other words no better or worse than average students. If he wins something from Photography Magazine or one of it's competitors, wins a Pulitzer or a Clio, or gets into a show at a well know gallery or museum I will publicly apologize.
My mom is a brilliant animal photographer and frankly she does better with far less equipment.

In case you haven't noticed I'll just say it out loud. Awards mean very little in the art world unless they come from an established, well known,respected groups.

I also noticed that Jer's website leans heavily on who his family is and their TV show.

As for what awards Jake has? Don't know, don't care. What did Prince Jer Bear have at 17?

Patricia said...

What Anne demonstrated in the article is that Jacob was caught on camera being disrespectful and then spent his time being negative on twitter while the wedding was still going on.

That's how he was disrespectful. No one was suggesting he was yelling profanities during the ceremony.

I think it is clear the Roloffs don't want to draw any attention to Jacob and that's why they ignore it publicly.

Patricia said...

I agree Jim. At least Jake likes girls and not gays. That's his only saving grace, lol.
Expectations are not high. Lol.

MS said...

Judy: "As he became older and more mature, he learned from the likes of John Mark Comer why gays shouldn't be tolerated."

How very ISIS of you, Judy. Why shouldn't gays be "tolerated"? Because you don't agree with their ways, even though they're not harming you in the least? What do you propose? Chopping off their heads?

Learning (as you put it) from a homophobic bigot like John Mark Comer is hardly something to applaud, but that's something I've come to expect from you narrow-minded fanatics.

So, Judy, what if someone said Christians shouldn't be tolerated (and before someone gets bent out of shape, I don't actually believe that -- just pointing out the hypocrisy), how would you react?

Rap541 said...

Patricia - why is his family praising him?

And you'll forgive me but.... lets see, he rolled his eyes. He found the "Jesus kept the rain away" prayers laughable and silly, as did I. He tweeted how bored he was.

I mean really... sounds like an immature 17 year old. It also sounds like no, he didn't ruin the wedding. No one who actually attended has anything bad to say about his behavior... is everyone part of the coverup?

And if so - if its being covered up - doesn't that make Matt, Amy, Jeremy, and Audrey all liars as they lie about how awesome Jacob is?

Cassie said...

Does anyone know if it is true that Jake's anger problems are because of being knocked out from the pumpkin launcher and it did something to the way his brain works? That's what someone told me.

It's too bad he's a jerk, because he is cute.

Patricia said...

Rap, everything you listed is disrespectful. The wedding was too pwerful to allow that to ruin the wedding. If I had witnessed that, I would have commented to my family, but not made a scene.

I havent seen them praise Jacob since the wedding. Jeremy said he misses him. Maybe because he wants the chance to show Jacob what having Christ in your life can do. Audrey liked tweets about Anne's article. Matt and Amy ignore it.

Benjamin said...

I know some people won't believe what I'm about to say, but I swear it's true. Just thought I would share since so many make Jeremy out to be this great guy who goes around the world waiting for the chance to bring people to God.

I actually had a family member who was a big fan of lpbw and randomly met Jeremy when the Roloffs checked into the same hotel my brother was staying at. He was going through a bad time.

I guess it was a little bit like the story Jacob told about the guy who poured his life story out to Jacob and then Jacob tweeted about it to get a "lol", except the age difference wasnt quite as much.

Anyway, my brother saw a chance to approach Jeremy and started talking to him. Told Jeremy he admired him for living life and being his own person and then opened up about problems in his own life. Awkward to be sure.

What do you think the Jeremy you all make him out to be with this vulnerable person in front of him would do? Talk about the love of Jesus, strength, etc?

No, my brother would later tell me Jeremy was visibly creeped out and practically ran at the first chance to get away.

My brother would commit suicide a few months later.

I don't blame Jeremy as it's awkward and I'm sure he did as Jacob did and got a few good laughs out of telling his friends the story.

But please. The fact is Jeremy had the chance to help someone struggling in life and he didn't try to help "with the love of Christ". He couldnt careless and couldnt get away fast enough.

So please stop acting like Jeremy goes around looking to save people's souls. I know for a fact he doesn't.

Laura said...

Benjamin, I'm sorry about your brother but you're out of line to use that as an attack on Jeremy's faith. He's not a counselor. He doesn't need to talk to strangers (fans) and didn't need to give your brother even one second of his time. It's not Jeremy's responsibility to be a suicide prevention counselor just because someone watches his show and thinks they know him.

You're brother should have sought help through a local church. And sorry, but what about you? Obviously you werent very effective. It's not a reflection on Jeremy's love of Jesus.

Angela said...

Well said Laura. I certainly don't think any less of Jeremy if that was your goal Benjamin.

PJ said...

And yet Angela and Laura your little group keeps ripping Jake a new one for not answering questions on Ask and Twitter. Can you say hypocrite?
Laura you're out of line belittling someones real and true experience. You can stop drooling after Prince Jer Bear now that he's married.

Laura said...

PJ, I don't care if Jacob answers on Ask or twitter. I'm glad Anne got him to stop using Ask.

What people said was bad form and rude was when he makes leading posts and then ignores the questions knowing he was teasing.

I don't know how that relates to Jeremy's dealing with a mentally unstable fan.

Jeremy isn't obligated to show concern for random people who approach him unwanted.

Neither is Jacob. What Jacob was criticizd for was mocking the man by bringing the story to twitter. Since this is the first anyone has heard of Benjamin's story Jeremy didn't do that publicly.

Rap541 said...

In fairness, what exactly does Jeremy do as a Christian that is so impressive? I'd like examples since despite actual church doctrine (you know, the pesky rules your pastor occasionally will remind you of) actually says yes, Christians are obligated to bring others to Christ. And to help others.... wasn't there something about a good Samaritan? Interesting that Jeremy can be considered an awesome Christian but doesn't have to help others...

And btw - it becomes glaring that everytime Jeremy is caught out that there's an excuse. Laura, really, why should Benjiman;s brother seek out a church when you've already told us Christians aren't obligated to help? That's your defense of Jeremy - he's not a counselor, he's just a Christian and not obligated.

I'm really failing to see what Jeremy is doing as a Christian that puts him up on the pedestal...

Rap541 said...

Does anyone know if it is true that Jake's anger problems are because of being knocked out from the pumpkin launcher and it did something to the way his brain works? That's what someone told me.

Cassie - this gets brought up occasionally.

Without the Roloffs willing to state that their stupidity and poor supervision led to their youngest having brain damage, we're never going to know. But if you genuinely believe his behavior is due to a TBI, then yes, his parents are solely responsible for the mess they made. He was nine. They were letting him play with a dangerous weapon. Matt has proudly insisted on attempting to rebuild said weapon. If Jacob's behavior is due to a brain injury he suffered at nine, then oh yes, that is Matt and Amy's fault entirely. They had one job - protect their kid from injury - and they failed royally.

Mind you - because the TBI theory can't in any way shake off the reality that Matt and Amy are terrible parents, most of the Christian crowd will ignore it.

I personally don't think its true if only because Jacob has no other signs of a linger brain injury and frankly he would if that was the case.

Skippy said...

This opinion article is so off base and full of fallacy I'm inclined to believe it was done in the satirical spirit of what one would find in The Onion. Let's take a closer look at the basis for her conclusions.

We have the 5 second gif shown in slow motion with no sound or context surrounding what has been said previously. I see a sigh from Jacob and that is all. Jacob himself said it was a reaction to a corny joke. Why are we to believe this is anything else? Why would one expect him to react in the same way as a seemingly inebriated Mueller? Is it possible he is not rasing a glass to join in the toast because he is not drinking? One could take a two second slo mo clip of anyone at that wedding and fabricate a story as to what that person was thinking and what it means. Its so overly absurd how anyone can say such a clip can show "true emotion" or "disdain for celebrations that give glory to Jesus". If I shared a 2 second clip of Jacob smiling at the wedding I'm sure Anne would chalk it up to voodoo or devil trickery. Let's be honest the clip means nothing and Anne's three paragraph interpretation is good for nothing other than a good chuckle.

This leads us into a nice story about how Jacob's Twitter account on the day of the wedding somehow show he is a "bad person" who lies like the devil and has no morals. What is Anne's proof of this? That he used profanities in his tweets and later deleted some tweets that he made. As followers of Jacob know, he will tweet what he feels at times and does sometimes use coarse language. His tweets surrounding the wedding are nothing different. Jacob had a reason to be frustrated at Jer's wedding but it had nothing to do with a disdain for God or a lack of moral fiber. As has been mentioned by other commenters Jacob's ex was invited to the wedding due to her relationship with Auj. That would lead to an uncomfortable situation for anyone and I would suspect is the only reason he was not looking forward to the wedding. The fact he later deleted those tweets about not looking forward to the day is further evidence that Jacob respects his brother and does wish him and Auj nothing but the best on their wedding. The fact of the matter is Jacob had a great time at the wedding. If you don't believe me ask anyone there, including Jacob and they will tell you the same.

This leads to my personal favorite part of the article why didn't it rain on that glorious day? Anne would have us all believe it was some divine miracle as a result of Auj's prayer to Jesus tweets and intervention of God. Jacob believes it just happened to not rain and when asked about whether prayer could prevent rain he responded honestly. Those were his beliefs and he was asked what he believes. Any drama initiated was a result of the people asking questions, many of whom appear to be readers of this blog.

The irony about Anne's whole campaign to silence Jacob is that it actually has spread more people to see what he believes and has written. If this blog never threw Jacob's ask into the spotlight I'm sure it would have died out long ago. He hasn't promoted it personally in a very long time that is for sure. Its the classic I want to know what you think and now that you told me I wish you never said it. If Anne had any courage or true faith in her beliefs or this outlandish critique she would not be so scared to do so in the open. I ask you Anne, why not share who you really are, what you do for a living and in your free time. Let us see how you are a great Christian to your family and friends and have never done wrong. For someone so offended by the thoughts of a teenager that it led to a campaign to silence and end his internet voice Anne shows a true lack of conviction in her beliefs. Why would a devout follower of Christ on such a worthy crusade hide behind the veil of the internet. Earn our respect and show yourslef in all of God's light and glory. Lest ye be judged.

Rap541 said...

Pamela - so rolling one's eyes and being bored and not believing that Jesus personally interceded in preventing rain is all it takes to be *evil*?

I mean, you will put your hand on the Bible and say "Jacob's behavior at the wedding was so outragously evil, I believe he is a demonic agent of Satan"? Correct?

Because that is whatr Anne is saying in this article... that Jacob's behavior was so outragously evil that its quite clear to everyone (except his parents, St. Audrey and Jeremy Jesus, and apparently everyone in attendence) that Jacob is possessed by the devil.

Yet his parents do nothing. Hell, his parents won't even acknowledge your complaints. Jeremy won't disavow him. Why, if you genuinely believe Jacob is possessed by evil, aren't you loudly warning his family to stop being so blind?

Rap541 said...

Jeremy isn't obligated to show concern for random people who approach him unwanted.

I'm actually pretty certain the Bible and Jesus disagree with your views.

I mean, I will put it to you this way, Laura. If Jeremy was sad and reached out to someone, and that person ran off and didn't help.... wouldn't you be jumping in that person's business, declaring them to be acting in an unChristian manner?

I'm also pretty sure the whole "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is about treating strangers well in the hope that they will treat you well in return.

My point, and I suspect Benjiman's point as well, is that Jeremy isn't being held up as a random celeb. You (the general you) are insisting Jeremy is an exemplary Christian. Believe it or not - without the whole "Jeremy walks with Jesus and is a shining example" routine - I really wouldn't find much objectionable about the interaction Benjiman just described. Jeremy is a d-list celeb who frankly was never taught any manners when it comes to fan interactions (it ain't the first report that Jer doesn't handle interactions well) and he reacts poorly. It happens. However, when you attach the whole "Jeremy is a shining example to God who actively witnesses to Christ" then yes... someone reaching out to Jeremy for help and not getting anything but a weird look does start to make me question the whole narrative.

I mean, is there any narrative where Jeremy is actually obligated to act Christian? I mean, if an old family friend was laid up in the hospital with a very serious injury and Jeremy didn't bother to visit despite being local, is this still a "Jeremy doesn't have to actually do anything Christianlike in order to be a good Christian" scenario?

Anonymous said...

Jeez people... Why is everyone so focused on him??? "Jacob Roloff disrespects Christians", "His behavior is unacceptable"... Lets try to spread all that "Unbiased, Non-Judgemental Christian Love" to more important things going on in the world. If your day consist of focusing and chastising the parenting of a snotty nose teen, then I feel sorry for ya. Just saying.

PJ said...

Does Prince Jer Bear not have a Christian duty to help people in need? To bring people to Christ when they are in distress?
And don't you have a Christian obligation to refrain from making someone's pain worse?
Interesting to see the part of my post you chose to ignore.

Judy said...

Wow! Has the blog really resorted to attacking Jeremy's Christian faith based on him not befriending a creepy unknown fan who comes up to him on Jeremy's own personal time. It sounds like Jeremy did exactly what Jeremy should have down. To blame Jeremy for someone's suicide is a new low.

Debbie said...

Why is Benjamin allowed to attack Jeremy's character like this?

Jeremy did exactly what God wanted him to do. Maybe that's hard for you to cope with Benjamin, but things happen for a reason and if God didn't urge Jeremy to reach out than there was a good reason for it.

Paula said...

Benjamin, I'm not impressed. Someone confronts Jeremy at a hotel? Was he angry, demanding of Jeremy's of time? He could have had a gun or knife or a bomb for all Jeremy knew. It sounds like he acted as any sound person would have.

Jeremy does love Jesus. But just because someone is a Jesus follower, doesn't mean that others get to expect them to serve them.

Be more considerate to what you're trying to do to Jeremy's reputation. I'm sorry about your brother, but it's not Jeremy's fault.

In fact, you should probably apologize to Jeremy on behalf of your brother for placing Jeremy in an unfair situation.

Jim said...

Benjamin, come on. Your brother is lucky Jeremy didn't punch him or call the copps. If all he did was act weirded out and got away, then that's more than fair.

Gail said...

I fail to see how Jeremy's Faith as a Christian can be questioned from Benjamin's story.

God does not command Jeremy to personally give therapy sessions to people with problems. Jeremy is just a young man living life for Jesus. It is ridiculous to fault Jeremy at all and that's obviously what Benjamin is doing. I sense hate, hurt and anger in Benjamin's post and it shouldn't be directed at Jeremy.

Sean said...

Dear Laura and Angela, and even Anne Bailey if you will. Sociopaths in my eyes, but I'll be nice for a second.

Let me ask you a couple things. Why is that you are able to speak awfully towards people and use the excuse that you're a Christian? Where in the bible does it say that's okay? Oh, yeah, the bible you haven't read. Now let me say this, why is it that you spend so much time on this website rather than time outside or at church, actually doing something for your Christian community, better yet, your family? It's an honest question. This thread already has 102 comments.

The worst part about your kind of people is they are all crazy, so no one notices. Just the fact that I come back on here and see you literally say things like "he used the n word like most kids do"... Since when is that okay? Is it okay in your church, to say the n word? Does your God allow that? God loves all his children, or have you forgotten?

Second with your comment about how Jacob hating gays is the only positive thing about him.
This is how I know you are sick. God loves all his children. Even the gay ones.

Laura said...

"Does Prince Jer Bear not have a Christian duty to help people in need? To bring people to Christ when they are in distress?

PJ, In the appropriate setting`. What Benjamin described was not an appropriate setting. If you look at the facts of the story that Benjamin posted, I don`t disagree with how Jeremy handled the situation.

Jeremy does not need to befriend, console or encourage everyone just because they invade his space.

People who Jeremy chooses to associate with are those who can learn from Jeremy`s devotion to Jesus Christ and that`s how Jeremy can help. Nobody has a right to put Jeremy in an awkward situation (Benjamin admitted as much) and expect Jeremy to give of himself.

It wasn't the place or time.

Laura said...

"'m also pretty sure the whole "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is about treating strangers well in the hope that they will treat you well in return."

Would Jeremy do to someone else what Benjamin's brother did to Jeremy? No. Do unto others does not apply here.

Sarah said...

IMO, the fact we didn't know about Benjamin's story until now in itself proves Jeremy's character and is proof Jeremy is a better person than Jacob. Jeremy didn't joke about it on twitter with Mueller like Jacob did.

Samantha said...

I admit the story Benjamin told is sad, but it's not a negative on Jer. None of you realize what it's like for him to have complete stangers overstep boundaries because they think they know them. Jeremy did what he felt was right and that all God wants and all we can ask from anyone.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy did what he felt was right and that all God wants and all we can ask from anyone.

All god wanted from Jeremy was for him to run off as fast as he could?

That's ALL God wants of his children? To protect themselves?

Are any of you actually reading the Bible?

Sarah said...

Rap, what do you think would have been a reasonable reaction from Jeremy? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Judy, Debbie, Paula, Gail,

You people are the worst examples of Christians I have ever seen, you need to seriously reassess your beliefs and question the title of 'Christian' you give yourselves, because you are the farthest thing from it. Please seek guidance at your local church, or maybe they're just as far off base of Christianity as you. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

"None of you realize what it's like for him to have complete stangers overstep boundaries because they think they know them."

Why is this reasoning not applied to Jacob and his so called disrespect for not replying to every fan on every form of social media?

Rebecca said...

I think it's very sad that people are trying tip into Jeremy as a Christian when he was placed in an unfair situation when we all have seen how rude and hateful Jacob can Jeremy be the one being questioned??

Rachael said...

Anon said: "Why is this reasoning not applied to Jacob and his so called disrespect for not replying to every fan on every form of social media?"

Anon, nobody said Jacob had to do that. Jacob has been criticized for teasing people and never answering questions after he makes his fans curious. Not the same as expecting him to reply to "every fan".

Also people tweeting celebrities is less invasive then someone with emotional problems approaching Jeremy in real life and invading his space.

People expect way too much from Jeremy. Benjamin is obviously bitter and wanted Jeremy to do something he himself couldn't do. He's blaming Jeremy for his own failings, in my opinion.

PJ said...

Sarah,Laura,Samantha, Gail and Jim

I don't know how you were raised but even as a non-christian I know that sometimes people just need to talk. I cannot begin to tell you how often I stop and listen to people in lines, the grocery store, doctors offices on the bus etc.A few minutes from a sympathetic ear can help someone.
In Benjamin's story his brother needed to talk and have someone listen. He approached, not confronted Prince Selfish Jer in a public place and Selfish Jer ran like a rabbit. It wouldn't have hurt Selfish Jer to listen to this guy in a public, well lit place for a few minutes and suggest counseling at the local church.
Apparently none of you were taught to be human let alone Christian according to Jesus. I think I agree with the sociopath (or maybe personality disorder) suggested above.

Judy said...

MS..."How very ISIS of you, Judy. Why shouldn't gays be "tolerated"? Because you don't agree with their ways, even though they're not harming you in the least? What do you propose? Chopping off their heads?"

That is not what I propose. I don't propose any form of violence against anyone.

It (the gay lifestyle) should not be tolerated in society. It should not be thought of as "O.K". Like John Mark Comer said in a sermon that I listened to, some liberal churches are trying to lie and make it acceptable. It's not. It is one hundred percent wrong in the Bible. We must make sure people know that.

Sean..."with your comment about how Jacob hating gays is the only positive thing about him."

I am a fair person, Sean. I was giving Jacob credit.

In this one instance, Jacob was right not to back down against the liberal pressure. He was right to say he wouldn't be friends with gay kid. He is right to feel uncomfortable around gays. He was right to make it known he didn't like that gay kid at school that was making comments about finding Jacob attractive.

It is gross. It is wrong. It isn't natural. It isn't want God wants. Jacob was right. It's the only thing Jacob is right about, but I'll give him credit when he deserves it.

Jaina said...

"Wow! That is a new low for spiritswander to say that Benjamin's story was Jeremy's fault."

Coming from the same person who told Isabel her family's death was her fault.

Samantha said...

PJ, I"m trying not to argue. You are viewing this story with A) A biased was told B) With the benefit of hindsight.

Jeremy is a kind hearted guy who wishes everyone would know the peace and happiness that he and Audrey have found in their adventure together on their paths of living for Jesus.

If Jeremy listened to everyone who wanted to talk to him, he would never get anything done in HIS life. Sometimes you have to trust your "gut", your "gut" is God's way of telling you what to do. If Jeremy felt like he didn't want to be in the company of Benjamin's brother, he did the right thing in getting away when he could.

It's unfair to suggest that Jeremy needs to make time for everyone because hey, maybe they will hurt themselves if Jeremy doesn't pretend like he cares about them and their lives.

Jer cares about his friends, his family and God.

Expecting him to care about listening to Benjamin's brother is asking way too much of him.

Paula said...

Jaina, Nobody said that, but we aren't allowed to talk about her apparently. At the risk of being banned, I can't tell you what was really said.

Trying to blame Jeremy and paint him as an uncaring phony Christian because a troubled person did something inappropriate that Jeremy didn't want to be part of is a very unfair thing for anyone, for Benjamin and anyone siding against Jeremy about this incident.

JacobR said...

I do not welcome your credits for me, because the credit you are trying to give is based off of something that simply is not true. I could care less of someones sexual orientation and its embarrassing that you're so afraid of something that has no affect on you. The Bible talks more about loving one another and forgiveness than it does about 'forbidding homosexuality'. You are a despicable Christian, you belong at Westboro Baptist Church, they would welcome your ignorant, stupid, senseless, and unwarranted hate.

Rap541 said...

Rap, what do you think would have been a reasonable reaction from Jeremy? Seriously

To be nice and offer support?

may I give you an example? I had a flat tire in 2005. I didn't own a cell phone, and it was fairly early in the morning (I was on my way to work) and I limped into a parking lot of a company I did't work at. I was looking at my car in frustration and a fellow was walking by and I asked if he had a cell, so I could call for a tow.

He looked at me and my car, and my obviously flat tire and said "Well, ma'am, it wouldn't be Christian of me if I didn't at least try to fix this... do you have a spare?"

That very nice fellow put the doughnut on my car, praised Jesus that I had a nice roadside kit, and pleasantly wished me well despite how I am sure he ended up late for work.

That's what Benjiman's brother was looking for. Someone to give a damn beyond themselves. And a whole lot of you are actively endorsing how right it was for Jeremy to think only of himself. Apparently that's your brand of Christianity - me first.

Jeremy sure seems good at putting himself first. I mean his brother has turned to Satan and Jeremy doesn't shit care less....

PJ said...

judy you need to do some research somewhere besides Fox news or the creation "museum". Homosexuality is perfectly natural and normal in groups that are over populated. It occurs in animal populations at about the same rate ( about 10%) as it does in humans. It's Gods way of limiting reproduction.

Laura said...

Ok...I'm sorry but I have to tell it like it is about Benjamin's story before any more people judge Jeremy.

Really decipher the elephant in the room.

According to Benjamin's story, it was a "few years ago" which would make Jeremy around 20 give or take a year.

The age difference was "quite as big" as the story Jacob told about a married man confiding in him". So what is that? A 5 year age difference? A 10 year age difference?

A male who is a "fan" of Jeremy. Since Benjamin would go onto say that his brother has since committed suicide, I would bet the house that his brother was a homosexual since it is not a secret that most suicides are in the gay male group because there is something broken in their brains.

Imagine for a minute that I am right. Now think about the story. A gay male who is a few years older than Jeremy, approaches him and tells Jeremy that he "admires him" and begins to tell Jeremy his life story. A gay who obviously was mentally unstable.

Anyone faulting Jeremy for doing the right thing and exiting the situation is totally ridiculous. That story only confirms the belief I had in Jeremy. It makes me even more proud and I am certain that God is proud of Jeremy's decisions in that incident.

Rap541 said...

Really? You got "he must have been gay" from this?

I am genuinely stunned you'd go there as many many NOT GAY people commit suicide every year but based on nothing but your love of Jeremy Roloff, you're insisting Benjiman's brother must have been homosexual.

Laura - hand on the Bible - do you genuinely believe Jesus wants his Christian followers to encourage gay people to suicide?

And hand on the Bible - do you think Jesus is pleased that Jeremy did nothing to help someone else deal with their pain?

If you don't answer within 48 hours, I will know exactly what kind of person you are.

Connor said...

I hate to be "that guy", but who do we even know that Benjamin's story is true?

Even if it is, it's helluva weird. Don't blame Jeremy for being freaked. He was a young guy. Probably didn't want to spend his night at a hotel talking to some loser guy "fan of the show" instead of flirting with some nice young ladies ;) (I assume it was before Audrey?)

Ashley said...

Rap, you know I don't usually agree with "the church ladies" like Laura, but I would bet anything that she's right.

The story kind of makes sense if you think about it. It would explain why Jeremy was "visibly creeped".

The difference is, I don't think it makes it alright that Jeremy doesn't have to be a good person and try to help someone in need even if they are (gasp) gay.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - to be honest - I just don't see any indicators "BENJIMAN WAS A QUEER AND DESERVED JEREMY'S DISDAIN!!!" to allow that Jeremy was so frightened of a homosexual that he needed to run lest he be soiled.

Frankly, I have been around enough decent Christians to know that "OMG A GAY I AM TERRIFFIED OF CATCHING IT!!!" is not a legit excuse to be rude and dismissive.

Also - as a Christian, is't Jeremy somewhat required to try to help turn gays back to the lord? I mean, is "Oh dear Jesus, he was gay and I was weirded out" really a reason in God's eyes to not even try to bring someone to Jesus?

As it is, I think Benjiman's Brother is being unfairly maligned - the Christians defending Jeremy are justifying his inability to help with "Benjiman's brother was gay!!" like that means its ok for a Christian to spurn someone needing help - despite utterly no indication other than "If Jeremy didn't want to help him it must be because Jeremy sensed the gay" that Benjimen's brother was gay.

PJ said...

Spiritswander, by putting this back up all you've done is give these homophobic bigots a platform. This article will always draw the dregs. If you must leave Anne the bigots post up PLEASE close the comments. Please don't continue to allow attacks lie the ones on Benjamin's brother. It's the same as the previous unfounded attacks that got the original comments erased.

Maria said...

It is disappointing to see the unrealistic expectations people put on Jeremy of all people. Jacob posts about drugs.

A lighter and an apple?? "1st time for eveything".

Yet instead people are attacking Jeremy because crazies were harassing him. God gave Jeremy the sense to protect himself because Jeremy is important in God's plan. God is using Jeremy in great ways.

Jim said...

Why I am I not surprised if Jacob is back tracking on the one sound thing he's said? Jacob made it clear that gays shouldn't mess around with him. Then they started to squawk so he back tracked.

I'm also of the same mind of Laura and there's a parallel between that and the Jeremy/Benjamin story.

Gays do not have a right to infringe on the rights of normal guys no matter how messed up they are. "They need help" is not an excuse.

Rap541 said...

Jim you do understand that Benjiman never said anything about his brother's sexual orientation, right?

So the whole "gays have no right to infringe on others" really isn't in play here. I know this may shock some of you... but straight people can be depressed for straight people reasons.

I'm generally pretty amused by the casual hate and bigotry various Christians here proudly display but really - in the name of Jesus, what indicators do any of you have to accuse Benjiman's brother of being gay and therefore without the right to infringe on others? Seriously, its just sick how in order to defend Jeremy, you're attacking this guy's brother.

I mean, I read Laura's bigoted justification - Jim, you do realize that since you're a man, and a fan of Jeremy, you by Laura's logic are also a gay, right? Because that's Laura's logic - Benjiman's brother was an adult male and a fan of Jeremy's, that's a *clear, obvious indicator* of homosexuality.

CHristian fans, you all do agree with this logic and that since Jim is also an adult male fan of Jeremy's, he must also be a homosexual?

Rap541 said...

Yet instead people are attacking Jeremy because crazies were harassing him. God gave Jeremy the sense to protect himself because Jeremy is important in God's plan. God is using Jeremy in great ways.

So lets see:

Anyone who approaches Jeremy is "harassing him" if Jeremy doesn't respond well, check.

Even tho the actual Bible says the opposite, Jeremy's duties as a Christian are to protect himself at all times. (Seriously people, have you *read* the Bible?)

God's idea of Jeremy following a great plan is Jeremy not saving others.

Really? That's your religion? Again, seriously, have any of you actually read the Bible?

PJ said...

Dear God you people. NOWHERE in Benjamin's story is his brother said to be gay. I hope you're happy trashing a man that can't defend himself BECAUSE HE'S DEAD. Do none of you alleged christians have ANY common sense?
By the way the only thing any of your groups posts have showed me is that it doesn't matter what Prince Selfish Jer does, he's perfect in your warped brains. trying to communicate with you is a waste of time you don't have a fully functioning brain between you all. Sick, sick, sick.

Rap541 said...

I would like to see Jacob seek forgiveness from all those he has hurt and to start using everything he's been given to do something positive in the world.

I am genuinely curious what that would look like to you. And how much Jacob would have to do in order for you to not insist he's faking/still evil. Serious question - because see, in Christianity, accepting Christ means forgivess - Christ doesn't make sinners *earn* forgiveness, but you're clearly stating that if Jacob accepted Christ tomorrow, he would still have to seek forgiveness from those he hurt.

Why doesn't Jeremy *have to* seek forgiveness from the people he hurt with his nasty language? As a Christian, as an *example Christian* why isn't seeking forgiviness a part of his life?

MS said...

Jim: "Gays do not have a right to infringe on the rights of normal guys no matter how messed up they are. "They need help" is not an excuse."

Wow, so much ignorance in just two sentences. Honestly, I think you and your narrow-minded Christian lot are the ones messed up. Exactly what rights are gays infringing on? And speaking of rights since you're apparently an expert, tell me, why doesn't Jacob have a right to post his views on religion? Or did you disagree with Anne's campaign?

MS said...

Maria: "It is disappointing to see the unrealistic expectations people put on Jeremy of all people."

Maria, I think a number of people are skeptical that Jeremy is this wonderful Christian he's made out to be. What has he done to demonstrate this (beyond words he might post)? Personally, I don't care if he's Christian or not. I just don't get what people see in him. He has a track record of being lazy, immature, and racist amongst other things. Maybe now that he's married and out on his own, he'll grow up and become a responsible adult, but up until now, what has he done to merit all these accolades?

Maria: "God is using Jeremy in great ways."

Do you have any examples?

ren said...

I'm beyond disgusted with this so called "Christian" attitude toward fellow humans. Here, here PJ and MS - but be aware that you are wasting your breath. They will continually make up stories and then purport them as fact to justify their "superiority". They live in a simple view of the world where everything HAS TO be either black or white. Jacob MUST be evil so Jeremy can be seen as good. There is no room in their perception of the world for someone that they admire to have any flaws at all. There is an inability to hold multiple aspects of any thing, situation, or person. The desire to prevention any dissonance has lead to this lack of critical thinking skills.

Jim said...

"Exactly what rights are gays infringing on"

The rights of normal guys not to be creeped on by these people. The right of society to go about their day without being slapped in the face with hearing about something disgusting.

You know what all this tells me? It tells me that Jeremy is strong willed in his beliefs and Jacob is weak minded.

I'll remind you that Jacob was attacked by the gay and "gay friendly" crowd when he was saying he didn't want to hang out with homosexual boys because he's normal and is interested in girls. He was attacked by the gays for saying something that that is one hundred percent within his rights and how he should feel. Jacob was attacked for saying he didn't want to be friends with him and for saying he would remove himself from the picture when gay kids try to hit on him. Good on Jacob for speaking out.

Where he faltered was when the gays did what they always do and called him "homophobic". Instead of saying "So what"? Jacob crumbled. He did the "Don't hate me, I didn't mean it". It's weak. He was right and shouldn't have been ashamed to say it.

MS, you're comparing apples with oranges. Jacob could have expressed his opinion on religion. It was the way he went about it which was to be as big of an asshole as he could. It's his mocking of Christian faith that earned him ridicule.

Rap? How are you going to get out of this if Benjamin admits what is obvious for anyone with intelligence. Are you going to issue an apology and admit that Jeremy acted appropriately.

" Jim, you do realize that since you're a man, and a fan of Jeremy, you by Laura's logic are also a gay, right?`

I don`t approach young men I don`t know, tell them I admire them and break out stalking to them so the guy needs to make a run for it.

Do you just like to argue or are you literally so dense you can`t see the reality of what really happenedÉ.

A suicidal gay approaches Jeremy to tell him how much he likes him and unasked, unloads a bunch of personal stuff that Jeremy has no interest in. Of course it`s going to make Jeremy`s skin crawl. Of course Jeremy is going to run for the hills.

Some of you people need to think about what was described.

Rap541 said...

Also Jim - here's the reality of what happened.

Someone who was depressed saw the guy he admired on tv in the same public setting. He approached Jeremy, said he admired him and then probably dropped too much personal info.

Jeremy was in a public setting, a hotel. Even if it was a few years ago - Jeremy has been a full blown *adult* for six years so any handwringing over his age is *nonsensical* - Jeremy is a man and was capable at age 18 to call for help if he genuinely felt threatened by someone.

I mean, we're back to "Oh sweet Jesus, how can anyone expect Jeremy to be a man at 20 and politely handle someone - he was a YOUNG BOY and NOT ACCOUNTABLE".

So lets drop the "Jeremy was soooooo young, what else could this 20 year old boy do but run in terror" - its ridiculous. He's a man, he should know at 20 how to disengage politely from a conversation in a public place that he doesn't want to have.

If Jeremy was *afraid* then frankly he's quite the coward if he can't have a conversation with someone in public that he has to run away from in terror. Nothing Benjiman described sounded threatening (or gay) just awkward. The price of fame and all those fancy trips etc is that yes, people are going to recognize him and sometimes be inappropriate. Most celebs, even minor celebs, learn to handle it. This isn't the first time there have been tales of Jeremy "not handling" being approached in public well, and yes, he's old enough to be accountable.

And if Jeremy is going to be held up as a shining example to others, then yes, those moments where he's not so shiny are going to get scrutiny.

Finally, if you (directing this to all of you bitching) had a *straight* but troubled relative tell you about having a similar encounter with Jeremy, would you admonish your troubled, heterosexual relative for bothering the Precious One?

Or would you be upset that Jeremy had the opportunity to be kind and wasn't?

NJC said...

This site has been a real education. I had no idea there were so many people who claim to be Christian but can't even act human.

Megan said...

Jim, you're the one that's disgusting. Homosexuals want nothing but to live their lives like everybody else...

What is with the christian agenda of preaching intolerance and hate? It's truly bizarre and pathetic that you are so afraid of perfectly normal people who just happen to be gay.

PJ said...

Jim you do realize that many men who are as freaked out as you appear to be about gay men have latent homosexual tendencies? Or so my college psychology professors. Honestly I always thought Prince Selfish Jer would wind up with Muller, he still could.

ren, I know I'm never gonna change the idiot fringe's mind (I'm currently convinced they have a hive brain). But it bugs me to see the crap they spread. We could fertilize all the National Parks just with this discussion.

Maria said...

Hi MS. It is a pleasure to see young Christians like Jeremy and Audrey so in love with Jesus. They are loud and proud. I see it. Others see it and often tell them on twitter, instagrqm, facebook or Audrey's blog. They show people what an amazing life you can have when you let go and let God.

Who knows how many people they have inspired through those venues and the publicity from the entertainment magazines. God is using Jeremy to inspire others to do as Jeremy , follow Jesus and have peqce and happiness.

Maria said...

Rap, if Jeremy had put himself in a dangerous situation with a crazy person who did something unthinkable that would have interfered with God's plans for Jeremy. He would never had married Audrey. Jeremy did what God instructed him to do.

Benjamin I will pray for your loss. But it wasnt fair for Jeremy to be placed in that situation and I know in my heart what happened was what God had intended. Jeremy did the right thing. I trust in that.

Rap541 said...

Maria - where exactly was this dangerous? Nothing Benjiman described sounds dangerous - this all occurred in a public place, a hotel.

And not to be unpleasant, but have you read the Bible? Because God pretty typically places his favorites in unpleasant positions.

Rap541 said...

Rap, if Jeremy had put himself in a dangerous situation with a crazy person who did something unthinkable that would have interfered with God's plans for Jeremy. He would never had married Audrey. Jeremy did what God instructed him to do.

Ok Maria.... answer me this. What could have happened to Jeremy that would make Audrey not want to be with him?

You're quite certain Jeremy is straight right?

If so, if Jeremy was raped, it would be *rape*, he would be an unwilling victim and if that offended Audrey then she's not the Christian I think you think she is.

Are you concerned about Jeremy being murdered? Nothing indicates Benjiman's brother was interested in anything other than self harm.

And... important question. Have you actually read the Bible? Because God routinely asks people to do things that are extremely dangerous and sometimes result in death. I really don't understand your point since God's chosen are often called early.

Maria said...

Rap, I meant if the person had harmed Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Maria - again this all occurred in a public place and Jeremy was an adult straight male capable of calling for help.

Nothing Benjiman said suggested in any way that his brother wanted to harm Jeremy. Unless this occurred more than six years ago, Jeremy was a capable adult male able to call for help if he was concerned about his personal safety. He clearly did not as it would have been an incident.

I again direct you to the bible where God does not insist his favored ones live in perfect comfort.

PJ said...

If Prince Selfish was so very concerned about deranged gay people why is he living in West Hollywood?
It is a city that prides itself on being LGBT friendly and all the Hollywood crazies are right next door.

MS said...

Jim: "The rights of normal guys not to be creeped on by these people. The right of society to go about their day without being slapped in the face with hearing about something disgusting."

If you are creeped out by gay people, that is your problem, not theirs. As long as they're not imposing their lifestyle on you, who are you to dictate what they can do in their private lives? What you find disgusting may feel perfectly normal and natural to a gay person.

Jim: "MS, you're comparing apples with oranges. Jacob could have expressed his opinion on religion. It was the way he went about it which was to be as big of an asshole as he could. It's his mocking of Christian faith that earned him ridicule."

I have no problem with him being ridiculed, bashed, etc. Say what you want about him. It's your right. But a campaign to silence him when he has every right to express his views is downright ridiculous. He could be more polite; however, he has no such obligation. And what I find very ironic is that you have a problem with Jacob mocking Christians, but you think it's perfectly fine to mock gay people. You are quite the hypocrite.

Rap541 said...

Jim, Spirit cut a prior response to you since I was calling you "Jim the Homo" since under Laura's criteria for homosexuality, you are, but I will answer your question.

No, I won't tender Jeremy an apology if it turns out that Benjiman's brother was gay because I think Jeremy is old enough to show some manners, even if he was never taught any.

Here's the reality. Jeremy has been an adult for years and has chosen for years to be a reality show tv star. He has been happy to take the money, and all the free perks.

Along with those perks are yes, some losses as well. When you continue to put yourself on tv, people are going to approach you because you're the famous person in their lives. And sometimes those people are going to gush about things you don't want to hear. Jeremy can choose to handle it graciously, or he can be disgusted but the truth is that he comes off selfish and self involved.

Let me give you an example of someone acting with grace and dignity to a fan. There is a Canadian actress named Amanda Tapping who was on several science fiction tv shows. I was at a scifi convention and she was doing the standard Q&A portion of the con where guests ask questions of the stars of their favorite shows.

A woman comes up to the mike, starts muttering, and then weeping almost hysterically. Which, btw, sometimes happens because fans can get overwhelmed and I can hear the audience collectively groan because this is the kind of thing that makes actors hesitant to do cons. Ms. Tapping, who by rights of her contract with the con, could probably flee (it was Creation) instead cheerfully spoke into the microphone "Oh Hi again, do you mind if I tell the audience about how we talked earlier?" and proceeds to explain how the woman at the mike had pretty much had the same hysterics at an autograph signing earlier where the woman had shared with Ms. Tapping how she had spent the last two years in Afghanistan and how the only thing that kept her going and not blowing her brains out from being seriously wounded (Ms. Tapping described it a bit more politely but you get the gist) was the pirated copies of Stargate Atlantis and SG1 her friend/possible girlfriend sent her and how watching Ms. Tapping play Col. Sam Carter saw her thru this whole giant emotional mess. Ms. Tapping then led the audience in a "Thank you for your service" round of applause, gave the woman a hug (touching the con guests is generally strictly forbidden) and turned the whole embarrassing emotional dump into a pleasant memory.

By rights, this actress could have just done a Jeremy, been creeped out, and had security escort the crazy out. Ms. Tapping isn't American, she has no patriotic reason to support American soldiers (despite playing an American soldier on tv and taking at least one *hilarious* pin up with the US flag, this woman is Canadian and as near as I can tell, somewhat left leaning)

Instead of having the crazy booted, she acted graciously and respectfully about what the woman had told her, and clearly appreciated knowing that her performance in some odd way really helped this woman thru the trauma of battle.

She didn't have to be kind. Jeremy didn't *have to* be kind... and clearly he wasn't and its a little sad his lack of kindness and appreciation for what he's been handed is held up as something "exemplary".

Jaina said...

Oh, and Paula, I know what was said. Now take a story like Benjamin's. He reached out to a Godlike figure, a man almighty such as Prince Jer himself and to be turned away? Something so small or so big, can change a person's faith. The fact that you can assume such untruths about people you do not know sickens me. You do not know what you are talking about. And you do not even follow the bible you so proudly claim to have read. Sickening.

Sophia said...

The end of the matter is Jeremy and Audrey post uplifting material about a life centered on God. Jacob posts hate in a haze of drugs. Will 2015 be the year Jacob od's?

As for Benjamin's story, Jeremy did what he felt was right and I saw nothing mean spirited about Jeremy's conduct. Jeremy has the right to talk to, to listen to who he wants. He's not obligated to befriend everybody who wants a piece of him.

I think Benjamin told this story in an attempt to hurt Jeremy's reputation. That is what I saw to be mean spirited.

Sophia said...

I've also read the article and many comments. Itvis sad that supporting Christian values gets labeled as hating.

Rap541 said...

As for Benjamin's story, Jeremy did what he felt was right and I saw nothing mean spirited about Jeremy's conduct. Jeremy has the right to talk to, to listen to who he wants. He's not obligated to befriend everybody who wants a piece of him.

So Sophia, put your hand on the Bible and swear on the blood of Christ "Jeremy was acting as Jesus wanted when he walked away from Benjiman's brother and when Jeremy heads up to heaven, Jesus will pat him on the back and say he did the right, the *Christian* thing".

Come on. You shouldn't have a problem swearing in God's name how right it was if you genuinely believe it.

PJ said...

Sophia it is NOT the end of the matter that you think the hate spewed here demonstrates "christian" values. It demonstrates hate for someone with the guts to have a thought of his own and express it. It does not demonstrate Prince Selfish Jer's superiority in any way. It does not demonstrate Jakes inferiority in any way.
And how hateful and spiteful are you that you wish an overdose on a kid instead of, say, praying for his recovery?

Rap541 said...

Sophia - as a Christian, do you think you're posting uplifting material about Christ when you muse whether Jacob Roloff will overdose in 2015?

Ecossais said...


Just exactly who has Jacob HURT!

Ecossais said...

I am a little disappointed that Spirits has apparently acceded to the DEMANDS( not even polite requests) that Anne's diatribe be reinstated.

So it is off to the races again-

Jacob is evil
Golden Jer was put here on earth for God's specific purposes
Christians cannot possibly tell lies
Anyone who disagrees with these narrow minded trolls is wrong and going to hell.

Sophia said...

I do NOT hope Jacob overdoses in 2015. I am only concerned he will if he keeps going this way. I do pray he will reach for Jesus and get help through the Lord.

MS said...

Sophia: "The end of the matter is Jeremy and Audrey post uplifting material about a life centered on God."

So Jeremy posts uplifting material. What does Jeremy do that demands any real time and/or effort to merit all these accolades? Something that demonstrates he's such a fine person? Any notable acts of kindness and/or generosity to report? Charitable work? Donations? (he must have been well-compensated for the wedding episode). Any examples of how he's helped others in a time of need? It's easy to post words -- we're all doing just that on this blog. But has he ever really gone out of his way to do anything special?

Benjamin posts an account of Jeremy having such an opportunity and he essentially ran away. There was nothing in the post that suggests Jeremy had reason to be threatened -- just awkwardness. If Jeremy was scared, why not round up the family (comfort in numbers) and take a group picture with this big fan of your show. I'm sure it would have meant a lot to the brother and demanded very little time. Sure, Jeremy had no obligation to do any of this, but this was an opportunity to do something nice for someone who was going through a tough time with very little sacrifice -- perhaps 5 minutes of their time -- and he chose to run away. And yet people continue to put Jeremy on this pedestal. I don't get it. He strikes me as just another selfish, spoiled Roloff.

Rap541 said...

That's not what I asked you, Sophia. I asked you if you considering you publically musing on whether Jacob will overdose in 2015 to be an example of uplifting material?

I also asked you another question that I doubt you'll acknowledge.

Diane said...

Jacob is a stoner. It should be that no one listen to him because he's on drugs.

I can't even believe people are criticizing Jeremy for not wanting to be a therapist to a rude crazy fan while they defend Jacob's drugged up rudeness.

Samantha said...

MS, you're ignorant. How dare you judge Jeremy when you don't know the whole story or Jeremy's side to Benjamin's story. There wasnt even many details given. You don't know how much attention Jeremy was prepared to give Benjamin's brother or why Jer was made to feel uncomfortable.

I've been to church in Portland. Anybody trying to belittle Jer's intensity in his faith because of this story clearly is ignorant.

Rap541 said...

Samantha - Jeremy is perfectly welcome to speak on it. He's a grown man.

Or he can sit silent.

Personally I think any number of Jeremy's fans would love to hear Jeremy himself say how he was disgusted by a homosexual and ran in terror from said homosexual.

I just doubt very much Jeremy has the cojones to say anything at all.

PJ said...

No where in that story is Benjamin's brother described in a way that says crazy or rude.
If we are not to listen to "stoners" does that include first lady Betty Ford? or Rush Limbaugh (not that anyone should listen to him)? or any of the millions of people with substance abuse issues? Because if it does civilization will be far poorer for having ignored many brilliant minds. And by the way the drug use and the inability to stay in school pretty much points to an above average IQ for Jake since they show easy boredom.

Rap541 said...

MS, you're ignorant. How dare you judge Jeremy when you don't know the whole story or Jeremy's side to Benjamin's story. There wasnt even many details given.

Its amusing that despite your protests about the limited details, you have not taken any of the Christian posters to task over how Jeremy was afraid of the queer and disgusted at being approached by a homosexual. Samantha - with the limited details provided are you ok with labeling Benjiman's brother a sick homosexual forcing his sickness on Jeremy?

I've been to church in Portland. Anybody trying to belittle Jer's intensity in his faith because of this story clearly is ignorant.

Then speak out. You constantly claim to know Jeremy. What is your name and provide us concrete examples of Jeremy's intensity in faith... or shut up. Anyone can say "I know Jeremy, you don't, and since I am a Christian, you have to believe me and if you don't well neiner neiner, I know the truth and anyone who says I am lying is a hater.".

I'll say it "Samantha" - you've claimed for *years* to have your nose up Jeremy's ass. Put up or shut up with the whining. Stand up loud and proud and say exactly who you are and how you know Jeremy.

I'm always struck by how everyone who genuinely knows Jeremy is deathly afraid to give their real names and cite actual examples of Jeremy's faith.

Eric said...

Rap, that story sounds as creepy AF (to quote a favorite term of Jacob)!

Yes, God wants his people to have kind hearts but He doesn't command them to be dumbasses about it.

Are you going to argue that God wants a Christian with a BMW and Rolex to drive down to a ghetto at night and go knocking door to door to see if anyone wants some free cookies?

Nope! God wants His people to use the good judgment he blessed them with. It sounds like that's what Jeremy was doing. I don't see the problem.

MS said...

Ok, Samantha, forget Benjamin's story and tell me what Jeremy has done to merit all this praise. You said you've been to church in Portland. Meaning what? Do you know Jeremy? If so, you should be full of accounts of how this great Christian has helped others, right? Again, I'm not talking about words he's posted but rather real-life actions. Tell me about all the good things he's done. I already know the bad stuff.

Steve said...

Long time reader of this blog, first time poster.

I suggest everyone has a time out from their ranting here and reads this article in a recent Time Magazine.

Irrespective of the title, the article describes perfectly the goings on in this thread and the previous 800 or so deleted comments. And then look at yourselves in the mirror and think, yep that article describes me.

As an earlier poster said, the best thing the moderator could do is close comments for this thread.
But I find the comments here to be great entertainment and I would miss that, seeing people on both sides of the fence basically making fools of themselves.

Yep, I'm not American and I sit here laughing to myself thinking what we have here is just another "Only in America" scenario.

Brit said...

What about how disrespectful Jacob is to kids who were nice to him when he went to Liberty. He's so into being trying to act different that he insults guys for having a different opinion than he does about the Mike Brown protests. He called all those guys lowlife scrubs.

Wendy said...

Benjamin, What do you think JACOB would have done to your brother if he had been the Roloff whose personal private time and space had been invaded? He was fortunate Jeremy is classy and hasn't made him a laughing stock. You should be thanking Jeremy for keeping quiet and sparing your deceased brother the humiliation. Instead you try to sully Jeremy as a Christian

Kaitlyn said...

See on instagram how Jacob and his friends lie and laugh together when a nice fan simply asks if it is the real Jacob or an imposter. That's the jerky superiority complex people always talk about. That's how they get their fun in life. By lying to Jacob's fans. Awful.

Rap541 said...

My story about Amanda Tapping, Eric? Or Jeremy being approached by a fan in a public setting?

Because they're pretty much the same story (it was the stargate creation con in Chicago in 2013 that had the example I provided)

Benjiman's story was not as creepy as fuck (be a big boy and say what you mean). It was sad. Sometimes people fixate on silly but steady things in their lives like tv shows to hang on to.

As I said previously, Eric, Jeremy was an adult, and is consistently cited as having a huge Christian heart. To use your example - no, I wouldn't expect a rich Christian to flaunt their wealth in the face of the poor, or go into a desperately poor neighborhood at night to do charity work. But I don't accept that the only other response is to do nothing at all. Is that what you believe?

Jeremy was in public, and was in a hotel. No one is suggesting he go into a private room or a car with a stranger, but if he's not capable of speaking to someone in a public place without being rude, then he's not much of an adult.

I am sure the very last thing Amanda Tapping wanted to do at a scifi con was deal with a complete stranger's ptsd issues - and believe it or not, she's actually quite a bit more famous than Jer Bear - and instead of taking the easy way out, she took the hard way and possibly really helped someone. At the very least she didn't make them feel worse.

You're applauding Jeremy doing nothing and calling it Christlike. Have you actually read the Bible? Or even just read the Left Behind books? Because we'd have a whole lot less martyrs if everyone ran away when things got tough.

MS said...

Wendy: "Benjamin, What do you think JACOB would have done to your brother if he had been the Roloff whose personal private time and space had been invaded? He was fortunate Jeremy is classy and hasn't made him a laughing stock. You should be thanking Jeremy for keeping quiet and sparing your deceased brother the humiliation. Instead you try to sully Jeremy as a Christian"

Wendy, your question wasn't addressed to me, but I'll still comment :) I don't think Jacob would have handled it any better than Jeremy if that's what you're looking for. But the difference is, no one is putting Jacob on some pedestal and touting him as this great person like they do with Jeremy. As for lauding Jeremy for staying quiet, I could just as easily interpret his silence as not wanting anyone to know he had an opportunity to demonstrate what a great Christian he is, yet did nothing.

Anonymous said...

That's the reason they seem so different to you on the internet. Jeremy is an adult who uses social media sparingly and for his own agenda. Jacob is a teenager who uses it like most other teenagers; rawly.

Rap541 said...

Wendy - is your point really "Jeremy is Christlike because after he spurned helping someone, he didn't openly publically humiliate them for approaching him?"

That's exemplary Christian behavior?

I agree with MS btw - I doubt very much Jacob would act better, but I am absolutely certain in the same scenario, various people wouldn't be lauding him for it.

J said...

What kind of parents let their 17 year old son's girlfriend spend the night with him at their home? Anyone wanna explain to me how that is Godly, Christ-guided parenting?

Debbie said...

J, it is definitely wrong. Jacob brings out the worst in Matt and Amy while Jeremy demonstrates the best.

I think they've given up on Jacob because he's rejected morals. 2 more weeks and I would kick him out.

Rap541 said...

Debbie- so is it Christian of Matt and Amy to allow it?

Are Matt and Amy bad parents?

Do you consider good parents to be parents who *give up* and should Matt and Amy be lauded for "at least they raised the thoeretically easy one"?

And when those two weeks pass and Matt and Amy continue to love the little demon, will you have anything negative to say or will they still be awesome parents for raising one of their four kids right and giving up on the rest?

Shelby said...

Wendy, you make a good point. Most people probably would have guessed Jeremy would have laughed with Mueller and twitter or facebook about his encounter with a weirdo.

But he didn't, at least not in public. That's what Jacob would have done. Jacob likes to laugh at people and likes to have people feel sorry for him.

Shelby said...

J, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a baby soon.

Jaina said...

Shelby are you suggesting that 1. Since his girlfriend posted that picture they had a sleepover? 2. They are having sex just because they had a sleepover? 3. That just because they had a sleepover means they aren't safe and could have a baby? Man, blind Christianity sounds awful. There are such things as birth control. Get a grip.

Debbie said...

Rap, it is a disservice to Molly and Zach to lump them in with Jacob. Molly is a fine young Christian woman. I'm disappointed, like I am about Jeremy, that she doesn't speak out about Jacob's twitter, but counting her as in thr Jacob group of a failure isn't fair. Even Zach has matured some and at least he hasn't made a mockery of the family like Jacob.

Jeremy is the standout for sure. His choice of Audrey is even more of a credit to Jeremy because she is such an inspiring Christian woman giving glory to Jesus, but Molly and Zach are nowhere close to Jacob's level of disappointment.

I would not call them awesome parents. I think Matt and Amy are well meaning Christians who have made huge mistakes in not disciplining Jacob because they are overwhelmed with how bad he. Now they don't know what to do because Jacob has called their bluff and figures you're right and they won't throw him out.

Debbie said...

Jaina, your question was not directed at me, but I'll answer.

Any smart parent would not allow their 17 year old son to have his girlfriend stay in his room. It is wrong and immoral. Jacob has no morals. It's not hard to figure out.

We aren't allowed to comment on other people soI ccan't comment on her, but Matt and Amy have no excuse to allow Jacob's girlfriend in the house at night or alone in his room or to allow him to stay out at her house.

Unfortunately J is right. It's not Christian to pretend like it is ok.

Jacob is without morals. He brags about his drugs. He mock Jesus and Christians. Like Judy and Jim said above, the only issue Jacob has right is that gays shouldn't be around him.

You should listen to what John Mark Comer has to say about boyfriends and girlfriends "sleeping" in the same room. He was talking about young people who love God too. It's not hard to figure out what's going on. It's another example of why Jacob's life is in the gutter.

Angela said...

Jaina! He is almost 18!! They aren't married! You're talking about birth control? This is why America needs to get back to having God in schools.

Vicky said...

I just saw this on twitter. Flaunting that you're sleeping together?

Rap, trust me, respect has been lost for what Matt and Amy allow. It turns my stomach.

Jeremy and Audrey should be talking to Jacob. They knew to respect God in their relationship.

Gail said...

Jake does drugs, denounces God, mocks his sister inlaw who is the best person in his life along with Jeremy, displays rudeness to everyone, can't complete school in a traditional setting and now he brags about sleeping with his girlfriend.

He has no values in his life. It's awful.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - I just believe any parent who gives up on a child and won't be bothered to stop bad behavior is a bad parent.

Matt and Amy checked out on Jacob when he was twelve. Twelve.

I also don't believe they deserve any accolades for Molly because Molly is clearly the only disciplined and self motivated kid in the bunch.

That leaves Jeremy, who is currently living off his wife and was as recently as age 23 depicted as a bumbling boob who had to tell his daddy, that he couldn't work for his daddy because he'd gotten so far behind in his school work. And Zach, who you aren't even praising, and of course the devil child Jake.

Frankly I'm highly amused you can't even insist that Molly and Zach shouldn't be lumped in without ALSO insisting on how completely flawed and disappointed you are in them.

Debbie - Neither Jeremy or Audrey will loudly and proudly cut Jacob out of their lives until he accepts Christ. When Jacob turns eighteen, there will be NO excuse for either of these Christians to use to continue their public praise.

Of course, my own personal belief is that none of the Roloffs, including Audrey, really think there's any problem with Jacob. I have it on pretty good authority that the fans they chuckle about the most are the crazy Christians.

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