Sunday, December 28, 2014

Spiritswander: State Of The Union Regarding Blog Comments And Discussion Topics

As people have noticed, the blog has been in a self-imposed hiatus over the Holidaysthe last couple of days while some comments (on both sides) were getting out of hand.

 So this is a Spiritswander "State of the Union" as I re-iterate the purpose of the Blog and some of the rules of what will or won't be tolerated. Let me start by saying I realize that nothing I implement is going to please everyone but I am making the decisions I feel is best. There were pending comments from people with opposing points of view which both felt that "the other side" were receiving preferential treatment on the blog. So I understand that nothing will please everyone.

First, Spiritswander: "Keeping Up With the Roloffs" exists as an independent place where people can discuss the public figures The Roloffs. Just as mainstream entertainment sites like US, People, TMZ, RadorOnline, E-Online, discuss the activities of major Celebrities or Independent Online Sites discuss Sports Leagues, we discuss The Roloffs for people who choose to do so.

 Especially when the show is not currently airing, this often means people posting their opinions of the Roloff family members and discussing their social media with other people who are aware of the Roloffs history. Given Jacob's tendency to speak his mind on his beliefs on a variety of controversial issues (very unlike the rest of the Roloffs) I think it is understandable that his public social media does attract attention and discussion, both positive and negative.

In the last week while I have put comments on hold, it is quite clear that there is a demand to use the Spiritswander Blog as a place where people are free to post their opinions on a Roloffs public social media account. I don't have a problem with that.

In fact, someone who formerly went to Jacob's high school emailed privately to state they think the public should be able to comment on what is on Jacob's public twitter account and they don't mind if people reference their account (Jacob was recently involved in an argument with many former classmates from the public high school he attended the last few years).

The Spiritswander Blog have strived to allow people to express all kinds of opinions, both pro and con regarding the Roloffs. If people are interested in discussing something, we generally allow discussion of it. And sometimes allowing people to express themselves shed light on that person's own character.

Matt and Amy Roloff both have traditional social media for Public Figures. Some would describe it as "safe" or "fake". Basically existing to promote the Roloff brand. Zach Roloff doesn't have public social media so he is not discussed. Molly Roloff does but it is rare and I think it is fair to say what she does put forth publicly does not captivate the interest of observers of the Roloffs. Jeremy and Jacob Roloff both have active social media so it is natural that they are the subject of discussion. Regardless of if I agree with opinions expressed, if people want to discuss their feelings on Jeremy or Jacob based on their social media content, again I don't have a problem with that. If you are uninterested or think it's boring for people to discuss a public figures social media than no one is forced to visit the blog or read the comments.

The grey area that has come up is comments regarding people who are not public figures but are heavily associated in the Roloffs public social media. I do think it is natural and understandable that if a public figure Roloff chooses to publicly discuss a subject, whether it be their dog or their girlfriend, that people naturally are going to start posting their opinions on the dog, on the girlfriend. Especially, if this is a daily occurrence and the other person chooses to have a public account and be active with interacting with the public figure.

 I will point out that long before Audrey was married or engaged to Jeremy and prior to her being introduced to LPBW viewers on the show, Audrey was a top search topic associated with Jeremy Roloff both on our blog and on Google in general based on how often she interacted with him on his social media and the amount of time he was referencing her.

However, some of the comments, regardless of whether some people feel they were spurred on or instigated by the people talking about their comments on another site, some of the comments were just getting out of hand. Although we do want people to express opinions on the blog, we don't have to enable people to genuinely hurt others by making comments that are cruel. So it had reached a point where it was time to temporarily pull the article with the subsequent comments.

To clear up a couple of rumors, no Roloff contacted Spiritswander privately asking/requesting/demanding that the Anne Bailey article be removed. That was completely my decision to let things cool down.

I will also say, that no one referenced in the comments recently, contacted the Blog privately to request that they not be discussed. This did happen quite some time ago with another friend of the Roloffs or their family member who asked that they not be discussed on the blog. Although I didn't have an obligation to do so (again, they did have public social media and interacted with Public Figure Roloffs on their accounts), I did honor their request.

 On the flip side, it is true that some people associated with the Roloffs do think it's neat that people take an interest in discussing them and don't have a problem with being noticed.

It was also brought to my attention that Jacob's ex-girlfriend Stephanie was asked about people linking her public You Tube channel/her videos and she replied "Yes it is completely fine!"

So Anne Bailey's article will appear on the blog again shortly. However comments, especially about the non Roloffs, which are simply mean-spirited will be under scrutiny. Unlike some other sites where Roloffs were discussed, we have never allowed personal attacks based on appearance regarding either the Roloffs or their friends. Although I understand that some claim that subjects mentioned were brought up by the person themselves on public social media, if comments are mean spirited, than they simply serve no purpose.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!


Judy said...

The phrase: "It takes 2 to tango" comes to mind.

Any comments made about people Jacob associates with were made after Jacob and that person were viciously insulting the Christian Faith. Maybe some people did say some unkind things but it was hardly against an innocent party.

Ashley said...

Thank you Spirits! I think it's good that people are allowed to talk about Roloff Social media here because there's not really anywhere else.

Abby said...

Yeah, I agree whether some of the comments were a little ridiculous, it was wrong that just because someone was throwing a fit that people can't talk about what the Roloffs do on social media.

I'm glad Spirits acknowledged that it's natural if a Roloff constantly talks about someone that people are going to talk about that person too.

Just now Jacob (after days and hours before posting about Isabel and pictures with her) posts "I miss Isabel"...after what an hour of not being in her presence? lol. If I want to say that I think Jacob might be kinda dramatic or way too dependent on her, I think I should be able to express that thought.

Btw, come on Spirits, tell....who was the friend of the Roloffs that asked not to be talked about? Tori?

Rap541 said...

Yay Spirit :)