Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jacob Roloff is 18 Years Old

Happy Birthday to Jacob Roloff!

The youngest member of the Roloff family from TLC's long running "reality show" Little People, Big World" is now 18. The Roloffs first TV special "Little People, Big Dreams" was filmed in 2004 and the then weekly television series, "Little People, Big World" began airing in 2006.

On his twitter account, hours after he officially was 18, Jacob tweeted

"Good Birthday :)" along with a picture of himself with his dog Luna and his girlfriend's dog.

Matt Roloff, on his official Facebook Page, quickly took to twitter to post this to his Facebook fans:

"I want to be the first ... We'll maybe the second... To wish Jacob Roloff a happy birthday!!! 10 minutes ago he turned 18 years of age.. Happy Birthday Jacob... So proud of your recent successes. :)))) "

Although when you read the ending portion of that post, keep in mind that it is the same Matt Roloff who when Jacob was expelled from Faith Bible Christian School (Jacob has since openly stated he was indeed expelled, but Matt never used the word expelled) back then Matt Roloff took to Facebook to predict to his Facebook fans that Jacob would excel in a public high school and how excited Matt was that Jacob had the chance to join the school's engineering club... Several times last year on his social media, Jacob stated his hatred for the majority of his high school peers and then wrote about how he had left the public high school to complete his senior year at home via "online school".

Matt later posted a longer message:

"We're so proud of All our kids! Our youngest... baby Jacob.. turned 18 today. We celebrated at brunch together (sorry no photos) :)))). Amy and I take great pride (just as our parents did) in raising kids that are individual thinkers and are developing their own paths in life. We don't believe in 'cookie cutter' raising.... we are ultra proud of each of our kids and are reveling in our success. Thank you all For so many well wishes and Happy Birthdays to our 'baby' Jay... (I tried to respond to many of you). We are Slowly Graduating to the next stage in life.. Hugs to all."

On her Facebook Fan Page, Amy Roloff posted:

"When did my boy grow into an 18yr old young man? A BIG Happy Happy 18th Birthday to my Jacob today. He's still my baby boy, my world even though he thinks he's ready to fly the coop. Love you forever Like you always Mom."

Multiple times over the last year Jacob has made "I can't wait until I'm 18" type posts on his social media.

On Jan 8, 2015, Jacob tweeted:

"So weird I'm gonna move out soon lol wtf"

Jacob also stated several times last year his intention to not sign another contract with TLC. The Roloffs are continuing "Little People, Big World" episodes with TLC this year as Zach's wedding will be featured in 2015.

Jacob has long made his disdain of the show well known, often bluntly calling it "fake". More recently, Jacob stated he would not sign another contact, only a waiver so they can show his face during the "Zach's wedding" episodes without needing to blur him out. Some are skeptical that Jacob will follow through, however, that is what he stated has was his intention.

Jacob's social media has been controversial over the last year. Straying from the family mold of not discussing real issues,  Jacob was very upfront about his habits and opinions on controversial social topics (until recently).

Jacob has been very open about his fondness for marijuana and other drugs, specifically mentioning Acid and Xanax.

He upset Christian fans of the show when Jacob made it known that he wasn't a Christian, never felt like he was a Christian and basically felt that believing in God or "a man in the sky" or prayer or heaven and hell is foolish. This is obviously a very different belief from the other Roloffs. When Jeremy's wife Audrey took to twitter to "Thank Jesus" for the sunny weather on her wedding day, people posed the question to Jacob what he thought of God blessing a devoted Christian? Jacob's answer stated that he thought it was absurd to believe that praying to Jesus made a difference in the weather. Some Christians felt that was Jacob mocking Audrey and other Christians who thank God.

While Christian fans have been very offended by Jacob's social media posts about his rejection of religion, the rest of the Roloffs have remained completely silent on the subject.

Over a year ago, Amy Roloff interviewed with The Christian Post where she discussed her pride in raising Christian kids and how she felt the Roloffs have paved the way for other "families of faith" on reality television. After Jacob's declaration about his rejection of Christianity, the author of The Christian Post article expressed interest in doing a follow up interview with Amy Roloff but as of yet, nothing more has come of it.

Jeremy Roloff, who along with wife Audrey, often mentions their staunch faith in Jesus, has also declined to share any thoughts on Jacob's social media. In Jeremy's recent You Tube video, he ignored all of the controversial topics that has highlighted Jacob's social media in the last year to give this very bland description of what Jacob has been doing when asked for an update on Jacob by a fan who obviously doesn't follow Jacob's own social media. Jeremy stated:

"where Jacob's at right now, he's back at the farm finishing up his senior year in high school [online school, actually], taking care of our new"

Jacob and his girlfriend also created a stir when they recently began posting pictures of themselves sleeping together in Jacob's room late at night and early morning. It led some Christian and non-Christian posters to ask "What kind of Christian parents would allow their 17 year old son to sleep in his bedroom with his girlfriend?"

Others thought it was silly to make an issue out of it since it's common place in 2015.

Some Christian posters stated that if Jacob was their son, they would kick him out of the house the moment he turned 18 if he insisted on not following their (supposedly) Christian rules.

Again, none of the Roloffs (Jeremy tweeted that he missed Jacob now that Jeremy lives in California) have made any comment about Jacob until Matt's 'Happy Birthday'...."So proud of your recent successes. :))))" Facebook post. Both Matt and Amy Roloff are available as paid public speakers for Christian organizations and events.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jeremy Roloff Question & Answer You Tube Video

Although it was not exactly "no holds barred" kind of questions, Jeremy Roloff has finally answered fan questions. He did ignore any and all "negative" type questions.

Jeremy's tone in his answers was very much in line with the show - unlike Jacob who calls the show fake and how people are stupid if they think what they see on the show is real, Jeremy talks as though the things on the show are the true Roloffs.

Jeremy posted a You Tube video as he said he was going to do when his Facebook Page Likes got over 200,000.

We'll start with a quick recap of the main things I think people might be interested in if they aren't going to watch the whole 29 minute video.

*Jeremy says the toughest thing about living a very public life is having to watch what they say and what they do all the time. He says he has went through some challenges (but doesn't get into anything specific) He says the internet is written in ink, he can't afford to make any mistakes so he finds it tiring to have to watch what he says all the time. But those are challenges, great opportunities to flourish as a family in how they deal with things.

*Jeremy was asked about Jacob not being on the show much. He said everybody else was old enough to understand the show when it started but Jacob never had a choice so as he's gotten older he just realized that he doesn't like being filmed as much as the rest of the family. So Jacob has chosen to show up when he wants to show up and participate when he wants but not over participate.

*Jeremy says Jacob is at the farm finishing up his senior year in high school, taking care of their new puppy and yeah, that's it. For anyone wondering, no, Jeremy did not discuss any of Jacob's social media content, Jacob's views about Christianity, etc.

*He was asked if Matt and Amy's marriage difficulties has been hard to deal with. He feels that is a personal question so doesn't want to elaborate too much. It's been hard but not a divisive issue for the family. He hopes they work it out and thinks they are on the right path. He's praying for them.

*Jeremy is selling his photos. He has a website (that isn't quite operational yet)

*He would like to sell a coffee table book of his photography.

*Jeremy would like to write a book about growing up on a reality television show.

*Jeremy and Audrey would love to write a book about long distance relationships.They're trying to explore that idea.

*Jeremy and Audrey would love to do a show like Dancing With The Stars or The Amazing Race

*Jeremy and Audrey are not too sure about if they want their own reality show, but they would need to know what the scenario would be about.

*He was asked if they paid for their wedding? Jeremy said that he and Audrey paid for things that were really important to them like photography and video that went outside of the budget, but Audrey's father Dan kept with tradition and paid for the wedding.

*Jeremy was asked about when they want to have kids. Audrey wants to wait a couple of years. Jeremy wants to wait a couple of more years on top of that, but accidents can happen. He says they aren't ready for kids yet.

*Jeremy and Audrey met on a blind date before church.

*He says if he could do his childhood over again, he wouldn't change having the cameras there.

*Jeremy wants to take over the farm one day to keep the pumpkin patch going, open a studio and explore other business opportunities. He wants to raise his kids on the farm.

Here is a transcript or summary of what Jeremy talked about.


Hi everyone my name is Jeremy Roloff and I'm going to do a Q&A here  because my facebook page just past 190,00 which is incredible so just to say thank you guys for your interest and following me so I'll answer your questions.

I'm gonna kinda jump right into it at the very end and answer the most liked questions and also let you guys know about this awesome project I'm launching in the next couple weeks.

Question: What is Audrey's new job in Los Angeles?

Audrey got hired on by E & J Gallo which is a really large winery and they were generous enough to delay her start date until after our wedding so now she's working for them as a sales rep here in Los Angeles.

Question: What are the pluses and negatives of living such a positive life?

Most of the negatives I would say I consider them challenges more than really like negative things; negative things for having been on television. So if I were to say this is a negative thing, not necessarily so, but there's been a lot of challenging things or situations that I've found myself in or my family has found ourselves in that have been super super challenging.

Some of those would be having to watch what we say and what we do everywhere we go. The internet is written in ink and you can't really afford to make any mistakes so it gets tiring to have to watch everything you say....those are challenges, great opportunities to grow and push ourselves and flourish as a family and how we deal with things and the opportunities that are thrown at us which leads into the pluses: opportunities.

It's been really awesome to be on television and meet so many people and have our pumpkin business expand and flourish...just walking down the street and knowing's just been a lot of fun and proven to be quite a big plus.

Question: Most twins have an unbreakable bond, do you find it hard to be separated from Zach?

Zach and I are really tight. We are great friends as far as being brothers go, but no, I don't find it hard to be separated from him. He's up north planning his wedding. I'm here happily married with Audrey so, do I miss him yes? Do I find it hard to be separated? No. I think we both are really enjoying where we're at.

Question: What happened to your grandparents, in the beginning they were always in the show and near the end they weren't in it.

This is true. It's because they moved to California. They used to live a half a mile from us then they moved to California. Essentially they just moved out of town.

Question: I notice in the last several episodes, including your wedding day, that there aren't a lot of signs of Jacob being around -- where has he gone and what is the reason for that?

To be honest, we started this a long time ago and Molly, Zach and I were just barely old enough to understand what was going on...and Jacob was not. So he was kind of just thrown into it and didn't really have a choice in the matter. So as he's gotten older, I guess he just realized 'I'm just not as into being in front of the camera as my siblings are or the rest of the family. He's just chosen to kind of show up when he wants to show up, participate but not necessarily over participate. So that's just Jacob....where Jacob's at right now, he's back at the farm finishing up his senior year in high school, taking care of our new

Question: How is the transition from long distance relationship to living together?

Incredible. Easier than I expected. Auj and I just had this extreme like passion to live with one another. We got married and it's been really easy filling in gaps . There's been a lot of  things that we're learning about each other which is super exciting and super fun. We enjoy working through all our problems because  the other side is always greener so we want to improve in the areas that you know might've been lacking in the long distance now that we have those areas where we are building and growing and really enjoying being married, so again sure this has been really good.

Question: How do you feel about your parents struggling with their marriage? Has it been really difficult for you and your siblings?

To be honest, that's a personal question so I'm going to keep it short. Nobody likes to see their parents struggle in their relationship, no one likes to struggle themselves in their own relationship. So has it been hard? Yes. Has it been this divisive wedge in our family? No.  I think we would all like to see them work it out and I think they are on the right path in doing so. So as far us kids go, we are just standing by and praying and being there in support for them.

What is your most treasured family tradition you plan on introducing to your future children?

That's a great question. One tradition I'd really like to continue assuming I'll be back on the farm is every single birthday growing up, my mother would design a scavenger hunt all over the farm. We would find clues to unlock this and that. All of our friends enjoyed it every year too.

Question: With you growing up as a celebrity of sorts with an open book family, how has your wife dealt with her new found stardom?

She's doing well. It's a hard thing to be thrown into. The beautiful thing about Audrey is she is 100% herself, you're going to get the same Audrey in front of 20 different people. That says a lot about who she is and her character. People really get that sense from her.

Question: Have you ever regretted doing the TV show?

Yes, of course. There's been times, man, what if we didn't do the TV show. But those quick regrets have been undermined by all the beauty and opportunities and experiences the show has given us.

Question: What kind of gear do you use?

I get this question a lot. I'm going to do a video explaining my kit, what I use, what I like to use, that's coming soon.

Question: Was life more difficult growing up with you being average size and your mom and dad not?

This is an interesting question I get quite a bit. I feel it's appropriate for me to turn it around and say "how was it for you growing up with average size parents?" Small parents is all I know. It was my life, my childhood. It was challenging at times because when you're a kid walking around and people are staring at your parents, you're like Mom, Dad, why are they staring at you....then you get older and realize it's because they're small and different.

Question: What has been your biggest argument as a married couple so far?

We haven't really had a really big argument so far, we both enjoy playing devil's advocate with one another and situations in general. We enjoy posing the opposite side. You don't necessarily agree with what you're saying, but you're challenging the other person. Sometimes it becomes this day long "argument" where we're battling each other on a concept, thought or theory.That's been our biggest wrestle so far. Okay, tone done on devil's advocate.

Question: What is your favorite Bible verse?

The verse that continues to pop up in my life and challenges me a lot and something I keep going back to is Matthew 10:39 and what it says is "Whoever find their life will lose it and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." It's not really the most inspirational verse, but it is a verse that is super, super challenging for me and every time I read it, I re calibrate what it is I'm doing and where I'm at in life and where I'm going and my goals, objectives, cares, interests, likes and loves. It's the verse that gets into my core and re calibrates me, for that reason it's my of the dreams of my life, we have such a short time here and I want to spend mine wisely.

Question: When you talk about having a family with Audrey do you worry about the possibilities of having a dwarf kid?

No, we don't worry about that at all. I think if we were to have a dwarf baby, there are some pretty awesome resources as far as that baby's grandparents are both little people, his uncle is a little person, the support and knowledge and resources he/she would have would be substantial which is awesome. Do we worry about that? Not at all.

Question: What did you see in Audrey the first time you saw her and how did you know she was the one for you?

When I first met Audrey, I remember there being this super, super mysteriousness about her...I didn't quite know her, I couldn't stereotype her to be honest. I couldn't sum her up in any box and that made me want to figure out, so I started my pursuit and very quickly on I remember coming home and saying "Mom, I'm going to marry this girl" and my mom kind of chuckled and smiled because I think she knew I wasn't kidding.

Question: I love that you and Audrey are so into old vintage things, where did that love and appreciation come from?

Yeah, both Audrey and love old vintage things even before we met, one of the things that drew us together. Maybe it's the stories behind them, like you see a typewriter and who owned that and what was written on it? It's really stimulating to us.

Question: Canon or Nikon and why?

Canon. Why? It's what I happen to have and own. It's a historic debate. Both awesome pieces of equipment. I just happen to own a canon and really enjoy the ergonomics on a Canon.

Question:   What inspires you the most about photography and why?

That's a great question. I really like that. It's not the gear you use that makes photography, it's exactly this...why, what inspires me. I love being able to portray things from my perspective. I grew up in an interesting household on an awesome farm and want to share the inspiration I felt and share what I see from my vision.

Question: Congratulations on your wedding and beautiful ceremony. Will you be selling prints of your photography anytime soon?

Yes, I will be selling prints really soon. At the end of the video I will let you guys know about something I'm going to launch in the next few weeks.

Question: Would you ever do a coffee table book of your work?

That's definitely in the plans. I don't know when that's going to be, but I would love to do it.

Question: Please tell us about yours and Audrey's faith and what role it has played in your marriage?

That's a really big question. For Audrey and I our faith is the reason and rhyme behind everything we do, so as far as what role? It doesn't necessarily have a role as that is our marriage.It has a huge role in how we treat each other and others and what we believe.

Question: What you ever felt guilty about being the taller of the twins and has this ever come up between you and Zach?

Guilty, I wouldn't say so guilty. Has there been times when I've analyzed my situation vs Zach, yes, but I don't think I'd translate that as guilt.

Question: When did you really encounter the Lord and how is it changed your life?

 I found Jesus...well, I accepted Jesus at a Billy Graham concert with my Mom a long, long time ago. I would say I re-found and grabbed my faith for my own honestly right after high school. High school was great and everything, but I would say I had an "Ah-ha" moment with my faith right after high school so first year of college at PCC.

Question: Have you thought about opening up a photography shop on the farm and do you do wedding photos or old time pics?

I do shoot wedding and I do video weddings with my friend Tye French, our company is you can go there and check out all of our videos. We've been shooting weddings for about 3 years now. As for the studio on the farm, I would love to one day be back on the farm and open a studio and do portraits and tackle it up north in Portland but for now I'm in West Hollywood and enjoying it, we'll see where it leads.

Question: What was the hardest part of your long distance relationship and how did you stay so strong in your time apart?

This is something Audrey and I get asked a lot and we've been highly considering writing a book on the topic honestly. A short little book that just kind of goes through what we've learned, our challenges, how we got through it, what we feel was beneficial, what we feel hurt our relationship, so that's a book we're going to try to explore. Let me know in the comments if that's something you guys would be interested in.

Question: Please explain hashtage #braidit , it was even in Audrey's vows and I've been curious for quite some time now.

That's going to be in one of Audrey's blog posts, , that's Audrey's blog and that's where she shares her take on things. She will be doing a blog post very soon on what #braidit means.
We get that question a lot, everyone wants to know.

Question: Have you ever thought about writing a book about growing up on a reality show?

Yes I have. Maybe one day that will come down the pipes. Right now I'm focusing on photography and video and media. I definitely think that would be a real interesting idea.

Question: Did you and Audrey pay for your wedding?

Audrey and I paid for things that were really important to us like photography and video that went outside of the budget, but Audrey's father kept with tradition and paid for the wedding so I'm super thankful to Dan for that.

Question: What is one thing you and Audrey would like to cross off your bucket list together?

I'm tempted to say we want to ski Switzerland. I've been to Switzerland with my father as some of you might have seen a while ago on the show, but the question says "together", so Audrey and I would love to go on a ski trip together in Switzerland. Either that or road trip through the states.

Question: How and when did you and Audrey meet?

Funny story, we actually met on our very first blind date ever. We had two mutual friends that were dating. He said "Jer come to dinner and we'll go to church". Audrey's friend, his girlfriend, was like "Auj, come to dinner, we'll go to church". We both showed up. We got along but it wasn't until a year or two years later that we really started dating. So it was a blind date before church.

Question: I'm dying to know where Audrey buys her clothes? Also, what is that signature lipstick we always see her wearing?

For this one I will let Audrey respond for you guys.
Audrey: To answer the first one, I buy most of my clothes from Free People or Anthropologie. I actually worked there part time when I was in college and I buy a lot of my clothes from Goodwill, so I like the treasure hunt. My favorite lipstick is Chanel Lip Stain it's called 'Very Red' for like $30 and it doesn't rub off on Jer's lips or cheeks. So that's my favorite and of course I love all the Mac mac lipstick as well.

Question: What is your favorite food that your mom always made you?

I have my mom make me every single birthday as far as I can remember chicken enchiladas and she made the best chicken enchiladas I've ever had. It became a favorite for all my friends as well.

Question: If you could live your childhood over again, would there be cameras there recording it? When people ask if I regret the show, I tell them if I could do it all over again, I would. I think that says a lot about how the experience has been.

Question: Who is your favorite photographer?

My favorite photographer is a guy named Erik Almas. He's a commercial photographer based out of San Francisco. He does commercial work and has been a really big inspiration for me and my work. He's helped me direct my compass as far as where I want to go, that goal, that benchmark I would like to be at one day.

Now we are here at the 4 most liked questions. I said I'd save those for last so here they are:

Question: How soon before you and Audrey have kids?

That's funny because Auj and I have this little banter back and forth. She's saying a couple of years, I'm saying a couple of more years in a couple of years. The funny thing about having kids is that it can be an accident. So if I were to give out something we're planning, I would say 2 to 4 years would be our number. Yeah, we're definitely not ready for that yet.

Question:  Would you consider doing a reality television show of your own with Audrey?

Yeah, that's definitely something that has crossed our minds. We've tinkered with the idea and entertained the thought. We'd be all about doing one of those The Amazing Race or Dancing With The Stars we think those would be really fun and those are great to watch. But as far as an actual reality television show about us? Not too sure. It would have to be the right show and we'd have to be in the right scenario or situation to say yes. It's also something where we'd have to think 'Do we want to put our kids through that?' It's an interesting question. Not too sure about that one.

Here is the 2nd most like Question.

Question: What do you think about your mom and dad and their separation?

Everyone's relationships go through rough patches of course and my parents are definitely experiencing that right now and there relationship is on television so that's a huge extra added stress for them. Honestly I think their separation in its own unique way has been beneficial, it has allowed them both to kind of reclaim who they are re-evaluate where they are in their relationship, and the kids are gone and what are we doing and where are we going, like who are I think it's definitely had it's pluses and I just hope that with those pluses comes a solution. So I think a lot of people are hoping and praying that they figure that out.

Here we are at the most liked question:

Question: Will you and Audrey ever come back to Oregon and take over the family business?

To be frank about it, yes, we would love to find ourselves back on the farm, keeping the Patch going, opening a studio, explore other business ventures. The farm is definitely where I want to raise my kids and where I'd like to see myself in...I don't know how many years, but it is definitely where I'd like to find myself settling down.  Returning to the farm at some point is definitely in the plans.

That concludes the questions. Thank you everyone for participating.I hope I answered them all. I might do this again sometime soon so stay updated.

Now to address the photos and where you guys can start purchasing some prints and whatnot. I've been working on a project called LifeOrBust. I'm sure many of you who follow me on twitter or Instagram have seen my #lifeorbust . The website is There you will be able to read about my philosophy and concept behind images and prints and why I take images and you'll see stories behind specific images. You'll also be able to subscribe and have subscriptions for a monthly print with some other goodies to show up at your door every month. I think that will be a super awesome, super affordable way for a lot of people to just get showered with inspiration. That's kind of my goal to find a way to get images out and have them hanging up on people's walls. There will also be somewhere on the site a place to buy individual prints. I'm really excited to get that launched and out and get you guys some prints and get stuff hanging on some walls.

Again, I really appreciate it. I look forward to your comments and in the description will be a few links to the websites I talked about. See you guys around. Cheers.