Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jacob Roloff is 18 Years Old

Happy Birthday to Jacob Roloff!

The youngest member of the Roloff family from TLC's long running "reality show" Little People, Big World" is now 18. The Roloffs first TV special "Little People, Big Dreams" was filmed in 2004 and the then weekly television series, "Little People, Big World" began airing in 2006.

On his twitter account, hours after he officially was 18, Jacob tweeted

"Good Birthday :)" along with a picture of himself with his dog Luna and his girlfriend's dog.

Matt Roloff, on his official Facebook Page, quickly took to twitter to post this to his Facebook fans:

"I want to be the first ... We'll maybe the second... To wish Jacob Roloff a happy birthday!!! 10 minutes ago he turned 18 years of age.. Happy Birthday Jacob... So proud of your recent successes. :)))) "

Although when you read the ending portion of that post, keep in mind that it is the same Matt Roloff who when Jacob was expelled from Faith Bible Christian School (Jacob has since openly stated he was indeed expelled, but Matt never used the word expelled) back then Matt Roloff took to Facebook to predict to his Facebook fans that Jacob would excel in a public high school and how excited Matt was that Jacob had the chance to join the school's engineering club... Several times last year on his social media, Jacob stated his hatred for the majority of his high school peers and then wrote about how he had left the public high school to complete his senior year at home via "online school".

Matt later posted a longer message:

"We're so proud of All our kids! Our youngest... baby Jacob.. turned 18 today. We celebrated at brunch together (sorry no photos) :)))). Amy and I take great pride (just as our parents did) in raising kids that are individual thinkers and are developing their own paths in life. We don't believe in 'cookie cutter' raising.... we are ultra proud of each of our kids and are reveling in our success. Thank you all For so many well wishes and Happy Birthdays to our 'baby' Jay... (I tried to respond to many of you). We are Slowly Graduating to the next stage in life.. Hugs to all."

On her Facebook Fan Page, Amy Roloff posted:

"When did my boy grow into an 18yr old young man? A BIG Happy Happy 18th Birthday to my Jacob today. He's still my baby boy, my world even though he thinks he's ready to fly the coop. Love you forever Like you always Mom."

Multiple times over the last year Jacob has made "I can't wait until I'm 18" type posts on his social media.

On Jan 8, 2015, Jacob tweeted:

"So weird I'm gonna move out soon lol wtf"

Jacob also stated several times last year his intention to not sign another contract with TLC. The Roloffs are continuing "Little People, Big World" episodes with TLC this year as Zach's wedding will be featured in 2015.

Jacob has long made his disdain of the show well known, often bluntly calling it "fake". More recently, Jacob stated he would not sign another contact, only a waiver so they can show his face during the "Zach's wedding" episodes without needing to blur him out. Some are skeptical that Jacob will follow through, however, that is what he stated has was his intention.

Jacob's social media has been controversial over the last year. Straying from the family mold of not discussing real issues,  Jacob was very upfront about his habits and opinions on controversial social topics (until recently).

Jacob has been very open about his fondness for marijuana and other drugs, specifically mentioning Acid and Xanax.

He upset Christian fans of the show when Jacob made it known that he wasn't a Christian, never felt like he was a Christian and basically felt that believing in God or "a man in the sky" or prayer or heaven and hell is foolish. This is obviously a very different belief from the other Roloffs. When Jeremy's wife Audrey took to twitter to "Thank Jesus" for the sunny weather on her wedding day, people posed the question to Jacob what he thought of God blessing a devoted Christian? Jacob's answer stated that he thought it was absurd to believe that praying to Jesus made a difference in the weather. Some Christians felt that was Jacob mocking Audrey and other Christians who thank God.

While Christian fans have been very offended by Jacob's social media posts about his rejection of religion, the rest of the Roloffs have remained completely silent on the subject.

Over a year ago, Amy Roloff interviewed with The Christian Post where she discussed her pride in raising Christian kids and how she felt the Roloffs have paved the way for other "families of faith" on reality television. After Jacob's declaration about his rejection of Christianity, the author of The Christian Post article expressed interest in doing a follow up interview with Amy Roloff but as of yet, nothing more has come of it.

Jeremy Roloff, who along with wife Audrey, often mentions their staunch faith in Jesus, has also declined to share any thoughts on Jacob's social media. In Jeremy's recent You Tube video, he ignored all of the controversial topics that has highlighted Jacob's social media in the last year to give this very bland description of what Jacob has been doing when asked for an update on Jacob by a fan who obviously doesn't follow Jacob's own social media. Jeremy stated:

"where Jacob's at right now, he's back at the farm finishing up his senior year in high school [online school, actually], taking care of our new"

Jacob and his girlfriend also created a stir when they recently began posting pictures of themselves sleeping together in Jacob's room late at night and early morning. It led some Christian and non-Christian posters to ask "What kind of Christian parents would allow their 17 year old son to sleep in his bedroom with his girlfriend?"

Others thought it was silly to make an issue out of it since it's common place in 2015.

Some Christian posters stated that if Jacob was their son, they would kick him out of the house the moment he turned 18 if he insisted on not following their (supposedly) Christian rules.

Again, none of the Roloffs (Jeremy tweeted that he missed Jacob now that Jeremy lives in California) have made any comment about Jacob until Matt's 'Happy Birthday'...."So proud of your recent successes. :))))" Facebook post. Both Matt and Amy Roloff are available as paid public speakers for Christian organizations and events.


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Laura said...

I'll be the first to say that I'm very disappointed in Matt.

I understand Matt loves Jacob and wants to come across as a loving father, but as a Christian there are some things you cannot applaud.

Applauding Jacob's "recent successes" is ridiculous?

Bashing Christ? Sleeping with his girlfriend? Calling fans "c*nts"? Taking drugs? Dropping out of a school for the 2nd time after he failed to get along with other kids. Despite it being a public school, from reading their twitter accounts some of the kids who Jacob insulted are proudly Christian themselves like this Tyler that Jacob frequently attacks on twitter.

Jim said...

Thank God the day is here.

Put up or shut up time for Jacob.

No more whining about how much he hates his parents or how much he hates the show or his life.

Hey Jacob, if you don't like it, you now have the power to change it.

Now shut your mouth and go back to your room.

Jim said...

Laura, agreed. No excuses for Matt. His ego is too big. He needs to make it sound like every member of his family are successful so it makes himself look more successful.

I get the need to do that, but it's just stupid to do that now.

Eric said...

Jacob has the same birthday as Michelle Obama. Not surprised. lol.

Well said, Jim.

Debbie said...

Laura, I couldn't agree more.

Jacob definitely brings out the worst in the remainder of his family.

Calling Jacob's behavior "successes" is deplorable. This was one time where Matt should have remained silent instead of trying to crow. Matt should stick to talking about Jeremy if he wants to crow.

It is unlikely, but I hope Matt's post was just a public facade and there is pressure on Jacob to either act like a responsible Christian or to get out and support himself if he wants to life a sinful life.

Wendy said...

I honestly do believe Jacob is headed for tragedy this year.

I won't feel sorry for him if tragedy befalls him because he has no one but himself to blame.

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Jacob! This year should be interesting!

Maria said...

That's terrible what Matt said. He should have left it at "Happy birthday".

I guess doing drugs and insulting Christians is what Matt considers being successful.

Very twisted.

Judy said...

Laura, Jim, Debbie, Maria... you said it all.

Wendy, Jacob has made his own bad choices. He is in a dark place headed towards even darker places.

He has had every opportunity to heed the wake up call and make the necessary changes in his life, but he is set on living a destructive life.

My prayer for the rest of the Roloff is to stop enabling Jacob.

Grace said...

I really do believe Jacob is hateful and evil. I know I'm not the only one who can see it in his eyes.

Angela said...

I will not wish Jacob a Happy Birthday.

I will pray that he finds Jesus and stops being a negative force in God's Kingdom. I will pray that the other Roloffs find the courage to speak out for what is right, not what is easy.

Shelby said...

I hope this year becomes Jacob's worst year ever.

Abby said...

Jacob talked a lot of crap on Ask or twitted.

I think most of it was to make him sound talk and like a bad ass.

I don't think he's separating from his family and I don't believe he's done with the show for good.

Like Matt, it's probably a contract ploy for more money. Remember like 6 years ago when their contract was up, Matt was acting like they wouldn't sign another contact? HAHAHAHAHA!

Kathy said...

Grace, he is hateful. Jacob's eyes are not full of warmth and kindness, that's for sure.

I agree with Jim that it is "put up or shut up time" for Jacob.

If he goes out on his own I know he fail so miserably. I just hope he is prepared to beg forgiveness after he fails trying to do it by his own rules.

Connor said...

Finally. Now Jacob and his fans (how stupid) can stop complaining. He should be held accountable now.

PJ said...

Gawd, you people couldn't wait to start spewing hate again could you?

If you see this Jake, Happy Birthday.

Katie said...

Jacob had so many opportunities to live a great life.

Instead he has chosen to feel sorry for himself, dismiss all the great experiences he's been given and disrespect everyone including his family (who spoils him) and God.

He is a selfish brat. I don't see that changing now that he's 18.

Lynn C said...

Laura and Jim said it best.

Jacob is a negative influence on everybody around or exposed to him and no, I don't hope he has a good birthday because a "good day" by Jacob's definition is doing drugs and ridiculing Christians.

Greg said...

I don't believe Jacob's "threat" or whatever you want to call it about not being on the show.

He will be the same as Zach and go for the money once he realizes how much he needs money.

Jacob was super naive when he tried to argue that he's now owned by whoever pays him money.

He said that then he went on to totally lie in a "barn byte" interview about how much he enjoyed the day long family parade.

He is owned, bought and paid for by whoever will give him $ just like everybody else.

Never Been Better said...

Thanks so much, Rap, I would never have realized that Matt Roloff was wishing his son a happy birthday without your 'critical analysis'.
What a sad attempt at stirring the shit.

Jim said...

PJ, he's an adult now. Gone are your excuses of "Stop picking on the little boy" when he acts like an obnoxious know it all jerk.

Brit said...

I know most of the people he went to school with at Liberty and trust me, after they realize they can't use him for his money (they only reason anyone tolerated him) the feeling is mutual. Most people thought he was a snobby prick.

It is funny when Jacob goes off about hating the "jocks" at school.

Jacob is friends with the most popular kid at school, a guy named Nicholas B. on the football team. He follows him on twitter, they like each other tweets, etc.

In fairness to Jacob, this Nick B. is an even a bigger douche bag than Jacob. Think of the cool kid at every school who goes out of his way to make fun of every insecure kid at school.

When you know this like I do, it's just funny to see Jacob talk about how much he hates "jocks" yet he's friends with the biggest douche bag of all. Jacob will pick on a kid like Jaron who had some self esteem issues, but he won't dare touch Nick B.

Jacob is such a coward.

Ashley said...

I know we aren't supposed to talk about Jacob's girlfriend but I loved her reply comment to the "What girls Want" twitter feed when they posted a picture tweet of "Be nice to everyone because...(and then there's a poster of a "nerdy" type kid with glasses as a kid and then an older pic of a the now hot teenager flexing showing off his abs..." Her comment was "...or be nice to everyone because it's the right thing to do???"

Right on!

Denise said...

I have no doubts that if Jacob is forced to be accountable for his behavior that he will fail terribly.

Hopefully in his despair, that will provide him with the motivation to re-think his decisions and the way he has treated people.

Z3 said...

Lmao why is is not surprising that he shares a birthday with an Obama, Eric? I want to believe you're being intentionally silly but then again I find most of what are meant to be the serious comments on this blog funny so please explain if you will.

Shelby, being hateful towards someone you think is hateful makes you just the same as them.

Connor, you have always seemed overly emotional about this teenager you don't know. I'll say again that I really don't think he has any "fans", just a handful of logical people who don't buy into him being a devil child (*adult now, because I can feel you about to throw a fit over the terminology). Matt seems to be proud of him for whatever reason and does not appear to give a damn about your advice of throwing him to the wolves, so maybe you could chill with that for a bit.

PJ said...

Jim honey,
First of all, males don't mature until they are closer to 25 (or in some cases later) So don't assume this is a mature as Jake will ever be.

And for a while now I've been commented on the empty headed lot that continues to sing their one note symphony. Jacob is evil, Jacob is evil. Come on YOU are the one that needs grow up. You remind me of the cheese in the commercials that isn't ready yet. Try thinking for yourself instead of slavishly following aura and her little cheerleaders. GROW A BRAIN dear.

Eric said...

E3, because they both have f***** up political ideas. They are both morons.

Obama because, well, she's an Obama, lol. A loser who thinks she has a right to tell you or I how much pop we are allowed to drink.

And Jacob because he's the classic rich spoiled white kid who thinks it makes him "hip" and "cool" to talk about how hard blacks have it when he has NO F*CKING clue about the real world and has never dealt with any of those situations. He's even too stupid to realize that blacks hate him solely because he's white and don't want him at their protests.

Two idiots born on the same day. Not surprised.

Natalie said...

Z3, I don't think Matt is "really" proud of Jacob.

Matt is a liar. A spin master. A politician (meaning he never talks truth). Like Spiritswander said in the write up, Matt was never honest about Jacob's expulsion. He just made up a bunch of BS that allowed him to turn it into "I'm so proud of Jacob for being successful".

His clueless Facebook fans actually congratulated Jacob and Matt (for being an awesome parent) for being expelled!

All because Matt was dishonest and spun it into something that made Jacob and himself look good.

According to Matt, every Roloff has always been successful. So much for "resiliency" because if you believe what Matt writes at the time, every Roloff is always "exceptional!".

It gets old.

Gail said...

Laura did say it the best.

Matt dropped the ball. No question.

Is there ANYTHING Jacob could do that would get him kicked out? It doesn't seem like it.

The worst part is Jacob knows it too. That's why he is so obnoxious.

Matt and Amy turned into jokes as parents.

Jacob is a pathetic 18 year old. Yes, Jim, I'm glad I don't have to hear about Jacob being a "poor wittle kid" anymore.

I'm sure we will still hear it, but it doesn't matter because it's not true.

He is an adult. It's time for Jacob to own his behavior.

Gloria said...

Jacob is such a bad person. He was yesterday and he is today.

Jaina said...

Happy birthday, Jacob! I know you don't care at all what these crazy kooks say about you. For what it's worth, I like and admire both you and your lady quite a lot. Please ignore then, this is your day. Enjoy it!!!

Eric said...

PJ, shame on you for defending Jacob. Yeah, you are defending Jacob.

He is an asshole. It goes beyond him being an asshole for being the obnoxious prick that first provoked Christians like Anne to write her article. It goes beyond Jacob being a rude asshole to people on Ask and then on here.

The number one reason that proves to me what an asshole Jacob is comes from how he treated his ex girlfriend. He used her, made her feel worthless and "not good enough" (her words) and then he literally left her for dead when he decided he couldn't use her anymore.

Words can't express what an asshole Jacob is for doing that to a nice girl like that who deserved much better treatment.

The jerk we saw him be on Ask only scratches the surface of the true asshole that exists underneath.

I wish he played in my hockey league so I could legally bop him in the nose. lol! And no, that's not a threat! I'm not going to harm the 18 year old man. Just expressing that I have no patience for a douche bag that treats a girl like dirt.

D said...

Happy birthday, Jacob! Keep it up. A few of us sane ones here are still left and backing you up.

Leanne said...

He is not a good person and I don't hope he has a good birthday.

I hope this next year teaches him what a jerk he has been and he makes some serious apologies.

Rap541 said...

Thanks so much, Rap, I would never have realized that Matt Roloff was wishing his son a happy birthday without your 'critical analysis'.
What a sad attempt at stirring the shit.

Oh personally, I think Matt genuinely meant his wellwishing. I think at the end of the day, Matt doesn't give two shits what the appalled Christians think of his family. It's more directed to the Christians who seem to think the world spins on their opinions.

For all that they have whined and moaned for months, Matt won't validate them by even chiding his son for bad behavior. That's how much Matt cares about the Christian fans. Point - I am sure he is laughing about these posts :)

Bebby said...

Happy birthday Jake! You're rad and I'm a Christian and I still respect you. Love from Ohio!!!

Dakota said...

Most happiest of birthdays to you jake! You're a true real guy and you don't need to listen to these freaks! Jesus freaks at that! Lol! Spirits I hope I can post this!!! Please I want him to know I said happy birthday! My name is Dakota

Rena said...

Hey Eric, you have no idea what happened between him and his ex girlfriend. We do know she has issues and you don't know the whole story. Shut up. Obviously he's treating his current girlfriend well. So...

Grace Herstad said...

Happy birthday Jacob Roloff. It is your day! I saw Isabel is spoiling you today. Rock on! You deserve it. Fuck what these people say.

Kaitlyn said...

How can Jacob have any fans? He doesn't treat anybody nicely. He was never nice to even the supportive fans.

He got bitchy when Greg called him out for being a teasing snob to the nice fans who would ask him a question after he purposely made them curious.

He's just not a nice guy and he doesn't deserve well wishes.

Ecossais said...

First to post a negative comment.
You need to get a life Laura.

Ecossais said...

I'm with you PJ.

How can these people be Christians with comments like
"I hope this Jacob's worst year"
"I won't feel sorry for him if tragedy befalls him"

Jim said...

Debbie, it's hard for me to think of a son that would be less praise worthy than Jacob.

At least Jacob isn't a faggot and doesn't like the gays trying to get close him. That's one thing. He's not a fag because he's banging his girlfriend. That's good, but that makes a father proud nowadays?

Has North American culture degraded so much that a father has to praise his son because he's not a fag?

PJ said...

I'll never be ashamed of standing up to bullies and make no mistake that what the alleged christians here are.
Jake may well be an asshole but he's an ass with the right to express his opinions regardless of what anyone else thinks (Ah that pesky First Amendment again). And you should be aware that you come off as an asshole as well.
As far as ex-girlfriends go we've only heard one side of the story from a young lady that is not the most stable by her own statements. No one can make a person feel anything, that's a reflection of a person's insecurities.

Kaitlyn maybe Jake doesn't think of them as "nice fans".

Ecossais said...

From that picture it looks like the dogs are better judges of character than the self proclaimed Christians on here.

Abbie said...

Have a great day Jacob!!! You're loved!!!!

Paula said...

Laura and Jim have the most on point posts in here.

Matt is becoming more and more of a salesman and a politician. It's not good for his character. This is one time he would have been better to remain quiet.

Public relation reasons aside, no parent could be proud of having a son like Jacob. No sibling could be proud of having a brother like Jacob.

He treats people terribly.

I am also confident and hopeful Jacob will have the worst year of his life while he lives sinfully and without rules. I am hopeful because I believe the only thing that will ever make Jacob change his ways is when he hits rock bottom.

k said...

Matt and especially Amy have always been defensive (to a fault) of all their kids. How many parents out there would publicly bash their own offspring, anyway? In private, absolutely, but Facebook is not the place for disciplining/criticizing your son and I don't get why you guys want to see that happen so badly.

Happy birthday Jacob.

Carly said...

Do people realize that by saying "I hope Jacob has a happy birthday" really all you're saying is you hope he gets more stoned than he usually does?

That's all Jacob is contributing to the world. Consuming drugs, insulting and belittling people who have standards and morals and who give thanks to God.

Debbie said...

"Matt and especially Amy have always been defensive (to a fault) of all their kids. How many parents out there would publicly bash their own offspring, anyway? In private, absolutely, but Facebook is not the place for disciplining/criticizing your son and I don't get why you guys want to see that happen so badly."

K, I hear you. I do.

But there is no excuse for heaping praise or alluding to "success".

If they don't want to address Jacob's behavior (I think they should address it) then silence is best.

I was disappointed that Jeremy's only comment since Jacob started bashing Christians (including Audrey) has been "I miss my younger brother" and I'm even more disappointed that Matt would praise Jacob to people who are trusting of Matt's word and don't have any idea with Jacob is really up to. Matt is not being truthful. He's being misleading.

K, I feel it would be good for the Roloffs to speak out against Jacob on social media both for Jacob and for the example it sets. What lesson is Jacob learning? He can reject Jesus. He can call people vulgar 4 letter c words. He can use drugs. Matt will praise him and call him "successful". That kind of thing makes Jacob all the more worse than he already is.

They do have a larger audience than the average person, but even for the average person, there are always others watching your example. It would be a good lesson for people that bad behavior isn't accepted, that it's not condoned. It would be good for people to hear about the disappointed and hurt it causes in families when one person selfishly chooses to attack Christians.

Teresa said...

Christian or not, at the end of the day, Jacob is a mean spirited, selfish, obnoxious brat. Now he's an adult.

I will save my well wishes and prayers for the people who Jacob hurts and treats so callously.

PJ said...

Matt has always been a salesman. That's how he made his living for years, why would that change now?

Connor said...

In all fairness to Jeremy, read between the lines.

What has Jacob been doing?

Uh...Jacob the farm..taking care of the new dog.

Yep. That's what Jacob contributes to the family. He takes care of the dog. At least that's something I guess.

Connor said...

Pressed enter too quickly!


if all your brother can say about your life is "Well...he's with the dog a lot" then maybe just maybe that implies that there's nothing good to say about you.

Andrea said...

Jacob is so spoiled. Kind of sickening if they give him more stuff today.

Vicky said...

Grace, his eyes in that picture almost make him look like that of a leader of a cult. Darkness abounds.

I echo the sentiments of Laura and Debbie.

If Matt isn't prepared to take a stand, he should have left it at a simple "Happy Birthday".

What is he referring to with "recent successes"? Having sex with his girlfriend in Matt and Amy's home?

I'm not kidding, unfortunately. Is that really what Matt is talking about why he added the smiley faces?

Sad to see Matt throw away his Christian values in the name of trying to save humiliation because of Jacob.

J45 said...

@Connor... Or maybe Jer just isn't very close with Jake? Because Jer never seemed to be very close to Jake

Dakota said...

I'm so glad his new girlfriend is pretty and spoiling him. :) he deserves it!

Janet said...

I won't hope that a God-bashing drug user has a good birthday.

Shame on Matt for praising Jacob. I wouldn't approve of my Church using our funds to pay Matt or Amy to speak at our church if they consider Jacob degrading God, sleeping with his girlfriend, and doing drugs as success.

Ecossais, Jacob has character? That is only your hatred towards Christians showing. Nobody with a sane or objective mind would seriously say that Jacob has anything close to resembling character in his soul.

Diane said...

So...has Jacob moved out yet? Or did he lie once again?

He's a liar. Never trust somebody who doesn't trust God.

DJ said...

Jacob tweeted this on his birthday too...

"You're a bit drunk"
"Well.. Obviously"

Does that mean Jacob has been lying all this time when he posts that he doesn't drink alcohol or that getting drunk is stupid?

Am I wrong or does it sound like Jacob got drunk on his birthday?

I don't care except that he kept saying he doesn't drink alcohol.

Barb said...

Audrey is a "new" Roloff but she is the true gem of the Roloffs family.

Audrey favorited all of Anne's tweets about Jacob. She also had the courage to defy Jacob by welcoming Jacob's ex at the wedding and by remaining friends with her by helping her in her journey towards Jesus. That took strength and courage. Audrey didn't let the selfish Jacob intimidate her.

Trilly said...

No, he was quoting someone. I know Jacob and I know he doesn't drink. Besides, all of the other roloffs drink so???? Are you gonna talk about that?

J45 said...

The Christians on here don't seem to understand that Jake couldn't care less about "disrespecting God". After all, how can you "disrespect" something you don't believe to be true?
Jacob obviously has a very different set of values than the die-hard Christians here, and I think that's okay. (And yes, I do believe Jacob has values -- if he didn't, I don't think he'd react so strongly about current events, such as police shooting people who were relatively innocent, IMHO)

Oh, and if you're reading this Jake: Happy Birthday!
And I'm glad you enjoyed yourself on your birthday, you deserve that much.
I genuinely hope you have a very good year. Good luck in whatever you choose to pursue.

Emma said...

All of you are hating on Jacob are acting just as bad. You are not Christians You are all acting childish. Christians don't write hateful things about others instead they try to help others and wish them well.
Have you all wonder why Jacob is the way he is. Matt and Amy are not around to give Jacob attention that son needs. Just by watching the show they don't pay attention to what the kids are doing or if they are either home. Matt and Amy are too busy with promoting their TV show and speaking engagement and are always traveling. Just reading Amy tweets, it clearly is not involve with Jacob. Amy acts like all her children are out of the house. Even when Jacob was going to public school Amy tweets that she forgotten to wake Jacob up. Clearly Amy is too busy in her own life to think about anyone other than herself.
You don't know what Jacob is doing all the time only what is posted on Twitter. Maybe Jacob graduated early. He never talks about school anymore. When he first started taking online classes he would tweet about it but not anymore.
As for Jacobs girlfriend, she just like Jacob. She tweets that people are annoying just like Jacob had in the past.
You all need to worry about yourself and stop posting hateful comments about Jacob who is being honest and not acting fake like Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach and Molly.

Eric said...

Rena, yes I do know what happened between Jacob and his ex girlfriend. What I said was the truth. Watch her public you tube video. Jacob is a true asshole for how he treated her, how he made her feel and how he dismissed her without a care.

He is a shitty person.

My prediction is that his current girlfriend will feel the same way as his two other ex girlfriends feel about him come this time next year.

Abby said...

Amy posted her happy bday message on twitter.

"A BIG happy 18th birthday to my Jacob!"

Denise said...

At least Amy didn't praise him but still not good that they allow Jacob do do whatever he pleases without consequence.

Judy said...

If he was my son I wouldnt be posting birthday wishes on twitter. He would be packing up with the nasics and heading out the door.

Connor said...

@J45 I'm talking real here. Jeremy posting I miss Jacob" is an easy simple thing to post. But when he was asked about Jacob's life all he could say was...uh he's with the dog a lot" Jacob should be able to figure out what that means. Jeremy couldnt even think of anything good about Jacob except the dog. I don't care if they aren't super close, a brother should be able to come up with something better than "he's taking care of the dog".

Abby said...

Emma, or maybe he dropped online school? Honestly I don't know a lot about it. You could be right. But graduating early from online school doesn't seem that hard. It's working on the computer. Pull an all nighter and you could get months ahead! LOL

Abby said...

Amy also psted this on facebook.

"When did my boy grow into an 18yr old young man? A BIG Happy Happy 18th Birthday to my Jacob today. He's still my baby boy, my world even though he thinks he's ready to fly the coop. Love you forever Like you always Mom."

Rita said...

Jacob is a jerk. I bet if he does move out, matt and Amy will still pay for everything.

Dakota said...

Hey guess what. A lot of you probably didn't know this... Or notice this, but you know that gay kid Jeff that apparently Jacob "hates"? Yeah well he literally replied to his tweet saying "Fuck yeah"... In response to the gay kid. You claim that he bashes fags and doesn't approve of gays? Well, what's this? He's talking with him, obvuously meaning they are friends. Yet again Jacob proves you guys are borderline psychopaths.
Oh and Jacob posted a picture of blunt wraps... Lol this kid really doesn't give a shit about you guys at all. Read it and weep!

Abbie said...

I'm so glad Jacob had a good birthday. Or it seemed that way. I know that his girlfriend posted several things sweet towards him, she looks like she really loves him... It's sweet. Maybe more than his ex girlfriend ever did. Maybe all he needs is a little love, considering how his parents failed to give him much. But they seem alright, his mom posted a tweet about him.
Maybe he had a really good day. I sure hope so! He's a strong kid.

Trilly said...

Sooo hilarious that you women REALLY think his parents or his siblings are gonna speak up about his "undesirable behavior". Get a grip! It's not like Kylie Jenner tweets "my sisters sex tape is so disappointing"... Duh??? You expect Jeremy to be like "man my brother smoking pot sucks"...? No lol. Even saying "my brother could use some prayer he smokes weed" sounds dumb. Because the truth is prayer doesn't work and weed does, so. Let's talk about that. Looks like baby roloff smoked a couple for his bday! How mad are you guys!? Hahaha. Happy late birthday kid you rule!

Lucy said...

Jacob's so cute! I love him!!! Happy birthday jake!!!! Love you

call me Crazy said...

Jacob's a bro always has been always will be. So glad he doesn't let these fools fuck him up. ^ you people NEED JESUS. Funny that's the same bullshit you preach! Ha. All the while making some kids life annoying as hell. Seems like he's doin just fine. Your words mean nothin old hags!

F44 said...

Bitter old Christian ladies all upset cause Jacob is set up for life.
Who are you to say who "deserves" anything?
I'm starting to believe it's one particular lady named Laura who can't seem to pull her head out of her ass long enough to breathe.
It's obvious because a woman named Laura tweets at Amy all the time, interesting?
Maybe I should put out Laura's twitter name and the harassment for her can start, since she harasses Jacob to no end.
Hey Laura... We see you. Hahah

Gayle said...

Jacob posted a picture on the farm with friends.
Gasp! Passed his 18th birthday.
You are all dumbasses to think they would kick him out.
Plus Amy's post gives off the impression Jacob is ready to leave, even if she isn't sure.
You guys don't know anything yet talk like you do. Pathetic asses.

Adam said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jacob is finished online school, it's a crock anyway. But it begs the question, what does Jacob actually do every day? Absolutely nothing?

Debbie said...

Trilly, Jeremy could definitely say "My brother desperately needs prayer" if he didn't want to get in depth about the mess that is Jacob's life.

Connor said...

"Cause Jacob is set up for life"

That might be true (though the little liar threw a tantrum when someone called him rich and denied it).

However, at some point, doesn't the guy have anyppersonal pride whatsoever? He is s"set up for life" because of his parents genetics and were able to turn that into a tv show empire for themselves. Good for them seriously.

But what did Jacob do? Whine and complain the entire time! Set up for life on something he complained about and had nothing to do with. Now that he's an adult he's still running around his parents property accomplishing zilch.

I know his guy friends just use him for stuff, (there's one friend who I know actually hates Jacob but likes getting free meals... So he pretends) but at some point it becomes pathetic when a guy does nothing except live off his parents.

At least Zach had the self pride to work at the soccer place for peanuts.

Jacob is the whiny, mouthy badass..who is completely relient on his parents and has done nothing in his own life.

Sabrina said...

Eric, that's very sad about what Jacob did to his ex girlfriend. It is a good thing there are kind hearted Christ guided people like Audrey in the world who will do good and pick up the pieces when people like Jacob mistreat others. I watched the You Tube video you referred to. It was very sad.

Debbie said...

Gayle, your reading comprehension lacks. Any real Christian knows the best thing Amy and Matt could have done was kick Jacob out. Not many had any expectations they would because of the poor decisions they've made.

Amy is posting mushy facebook posts about her baby boy, while Jacob is posting pictures of blunt wrappers? He's made a mockery of Matt and Amy and they have their heads too far in the sand to realize it.

Laura said...

"He is doing just fine"

An 18 year old who has failed to succeed at two separate schools, while "hating" the kids at each school.

None of his "relationships have lasted over a year. The first one ended after he used the girl for sex, wouldn't stop doing drugs and cheated on her. The second one, he left the poor girl suicidal.

He has no job. No skills. He disrespects family and strangers alike (even if his family puts up with it). Everything he needs from all his fancy clothing brands, to his phone, to his cars and trucks, insurance, gas money, comes from mommy and daddy while he complains. He has no relationship with Jesus and is incapable of a civil discussion without resorting to cursing or posting emoticons.

That's not doing just fine. His life is filled with immorality, drugs and hatred. He is a negative energy in the lives of those who are exposed to them.

I do agree with one thing you said. He doesn't care. He doesn't care about anything. Newsflash. That's not a good quality.

Rita said...

Lucy, Jake doesn't deserve the nice birthday wishes. I started just like you until I found out first hand what a snob he was. He's a jerk.

Debbie said...

"Because the truth is prayer doesn't work and weed does so lets talk about that"

That's exactly why Jeremy should be speaking out and why he's dropping the ball for Jesus by doing the easy thing and staying silent or vague (his you tube video answer about Jacob).

Jeremy is happy with people like you who are influenced by Jacob concluding that prayer doesn't work but weed does? Shame on Jeremy for not having the courage to speak up.

I am emailing Anne to see what we can do about this.

sscooter43 said...

What do you expect Matt to post? Do you think Matt should have posted "Happy birthday to the biggest disappointment of my life, Jacob Roloff. He is the biggest loser I know and he is a complete failure"?

Jacob is a jerk. But that does not mean his family should go out of their way to public shame him.

Debbie said...

Sscooter, Matt certainly didn't need to say he's so proud of Jacob's "recent succeses". He could have simply said happy birthday or he's hopeful Jacob will have a good year and grow closer to Christ.

Matt did not need to use the word successful in the same sentence.

Terrible message. Terrible decision from Matt.

Jan said...

Sscooter, why do you think Jacob is a jerk? Just curious because you don't seem to come at it from the religious angle.

Rap541 said...

I am emailing Anne to see what we can do about this.

Heheheh what do you think Anne can do?

Rap541 said...

Jan - I'll answer your question. He's rude and spoiled. He's exactly what Jeremy and Zach were at that age - lazy, spoiled kids. The real difference between Jacob and his older brothers is that his personality reflects how Mom and Dad don't consider him "the golden boy".

Judy said...

Laura and Debbie, I am the treasurer at our church. I have previously suggested we make an attempt to bring Matt in as a guest speaker. Now I will withdraw my suggestion due to how he and Amy have handled Jacob.

I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. I tried not to blame them for the decisions their son makes and for his behavior. I have good friends who are good Christians who have kids who have abandoned the Lord. They are heartbroken. They've done all they can. I don't fault them.

However there is no excuse for what Matt and Amy posted yesterday.They are not only condoning Jacob's behavior. They are celebrating it. Very sad indeeed.

Honestly, I think it is because Matt and Amy have gone Hollywood in the pursuit of money. I think they want to put on a public smiling face and don't want Jacob to upset the applecart and interfere with possible future business deals, like Zach's wedding.

Therefore, they let Jacob do what he wants in hopes that he won't cause a big scene. Jacob knows this and throws it in their faces because he knows they aren't going to do anything because they need him to behave for filming.

It's very sad when good people push God into the background in pursuit of money and allow that to dictate their decisions.

PJ said...

"It's very sad when good people push God into the background in pursuit of money and allow that to dictate their decisions."
How good could they be if this is true?
Matt and Amy were always about money. He wanted to spend it and she wanted to save it. But they both wanted to acquire money, hence the show.

Ecossais said...

Since you choose to throw insults -
I think I have a more sane and objective mind than your narrow minded, Christian/jesus obsessed pea brain.

Ashley said...

Dakota, (Part One)

Jacob tweeted "Fuck yeah!" to a random tweet. That in no way suggests they are friends in any way. When they went to the same school, Jacob wouldn't speak one word to him and made it known that he hated Jeff because he was gay and said he (Jeff) liked him (Jacob).

I'm one of those "Jacob stalkers" that he hates so much meaning that I (gasp) I have Jacob in my twitter feed and checked his Ask on a regular basis, so I didn't miss much. lol!

Do you want to recap the homophobic Jacob and gay Jeff situation? I will!

Jacob started posting about how an annoying gay kid liked him and he didn't want him anywhere near him.

Then this Jeff was asked for his opinion of Jacob Roloff? He answered "I can't lie, Jacob is very attractive".

Jacob then started freaking out about it when he asked. He said he wouldn't be friends with a gay guy that liked him and if he came around he would just leave because he didn't want to put himself in that situation because he's not gay.

People kept on trying to get Jacob to see how homophobic he was being. Jacob kept on repeating "I'm not into dudes, that's why I wouldn't be friends with a gay". People kept trying to get Jacob to see that a straight guy can be friends with a gay guy without being gay himself. Someone even asked him point blank, why wouldn't you be friends with a gay kid? Jacob answered "they can do what they want, but I'm not into dudes, I like girls".

People tried to reason with Jacob by saying he's friends with girls who he's not attracted to so it's homophobic to refuse to be friends with someone because their gay. Jacob had a genuine mental block. He just wasn't getting it.

Jacob was freaked out. He was so uncomfortable with the idea. It was super obvious Jacob believed in the stereotype that all gay guys are uncontrollable animals that are waiting to pounce on him and rape him at any second.

Ashley said...

Dakota (Part 2)

Jeff was then forced to delete his answer where he called "Jacob attractive" because it freaked Jacob out so much and was making him so angry.

Jacob then randomly posted on twitter that he gets pissed off when he's called homophobic just because he thinks gays are fucking annoying. He said it's because a gay is annoying, not because they're gay.

Jacob didn't make a tweet like that about how he thinks black kids are annoying and he doesn't want to be called racist. Or how he thinks little people are annoying he doesn't want to be called a bigot.

He only tweeted about how gay kids are annoying to him.

At the end of the school year, Jeff was asked if Jacob had ever spoke to him?

Jeff said that Jacob talked to his sister, but Jacob never said one word to him. Jeff said Jacob made it known that he hated Jeff because he was gay. That is what Jeff, the gay kid said.

When people were sympathetic to Jeff and called Jacob a bigot jerk, Jeff said no he's not, that's just the way Jacob was raised and he's entitled to feel how he wants.

So he doesn't sound like somebody who was out to slander or spread lies about Jacob since he went on to defend Jacob when someone else called him a jerk.

Jacob was called out on being homophobic for refusing to be friends with someone because they're gay and thinking it's impossible to be friends with a gay guy unless you're gay yourself.

If you read Jacob's actual answers (you could probably read back on Ask unless Jacob deleted them but it would take a long time!) it was sooooooo obvious how uncomfortable it made Jacob that a gay kid that liked him might be around him.

I don't think Jacob is intentionally homophobic. But he is genuinely homophobic because he has 1950 beliefs about gay guys wanting to attack him and he has this mental block that a straight guy can't be friends with a gay guy unless he's gay himself. That is homophobia. Jacob actually answered the question "Why wouldn't you be friends with a gay guy that liked you?" with "Because I'm not into dudes, I like girls".

It's obvious Jacob doesn't like people knowing he's homophobic and he's been trying to deny it ever since. But a real life example was presented itself, Jacob acted how he did. Jacob was asked and he answered, and his answers showed that he's homophobic. Not because of the religious reason of course, but because of the teenage guy "Eww, I don't want a gay guy near me, get away!"

Ecossais said...


"I am emailing Anne to see what we can do about this."

What do you really think that you interfering nosey busybodies can do?

Your arrogance knows no limits.

Judy said...

PJ, because they got corrupted by the pursuit of money.

It's alright to acquire money and nice things as long as your priorities are in order. But somewhere along the line, Matt and Amy let their need for money overtake their duties as Christians.

Timothy said...

"We're so proud of All our kids! Our youngest... baby Jacob.. turned 18 today. We celebrated at brunch together (sorry no photos) :)))). Amy and I take great pride (just as our parents did) in raising kids that are individual thinkers and are developing their own paths in life. We don't believe in 'cookie cutter' raising.... we are ultra proud of each of our kids and are reveling in our success. Thank you all For so many well wishes and Happy Birthdays to our 'baby' Jay... (I tried to respond to many of you). We are Slowly Graduating to the next stage in life.. Hugs to all."

Matt is so full of it. Not only is he happy that Jacob is rejecting Jesus (pay attention Christians!) 'paving his own path' but Matt is trying to take credit for encouraging all of their kids to be an individual thinker....

Yet if you read what Jacob said, he was forced into Christianity by his family and was never given a choice until he started questioning things for himself.

Except for Jacob, none of the other Roloffs remotely resemble an "individual thinker" so a fail for you there.

Debbie said...

Judy, good for you. You expressed it well and I fully support you.

Matt is allowing Jacob to drag him down with him.

"Individual thinker" my foot. Jacob is a disrespectful brat who is headed down a path of darkness because he's thrown Jesus away in favor of drugs.

Matt should stick to taking pride in Jeremy and staying away from the topic of Jacob if he can't be truthful.

MS said...

Business as usual I see. The usual flock continues to whine and dictate how others should conduct their lives. I have a low opinion of Matt and Amy, but if they want to post something beyond a bland "Happy Birthday", so be it. Who cares. Which words are unclear: Roloff brand, money, image, phony. Did you really expect otherwise? Do you lose sleep over this?

I see Jim got in his weekly homophobic rant. Feel better, Jim? Stay on those meds.

But I really enjoyed this gem from Debbie:

Debbie: "Jeremy is happy with people like you who are influenced by Jacob concluding that prayer doesn't work but weed does? Shame on Jeremy for not having the courage to speak up.

I am emailing Anne to see what we can do about this."

Debbie, do you have a life of your own? If I read this correctly, you plan to email your lunatic cult leader, Anne, to somehow get Jeremy to publicly speak out against Jacob? Seriously? At what point do you stop dictating how others should lead their lives?

Good stuff. The Roloffs probably get a good laugh out of some of the nonsense posted here.

F44 said...

Shut the fuck up... Jacob gets a hot chick who spoils him, and you're trying to say Jeremy won? I bet they're the kind of couple who schedules when they're going to have sex. "We'll have sex on the 9th as planned." One of those women. Lmao. Sounds miserable,

MS said...

Judy: "Honestly, I think it is because Matt and Amy have gone Hollywood in the pursuit of money. I think they want to put on a public smiling face and don't want Jacob to upset the applecart and interfere with possible future business deals, like Zach's wedding."

Finally, the light goes on. It's all about money. And this is exactly the path your precious Jeremy is headed down. If you weren't so blinded by religion, you might see it for yourself. He ignored his fans for years, then suddenly posted a video when he had something to sell. He's learning well from his parents. Credit to them I guess for knowing how to milk their celebrity status.

Rap541 said...

Matt should stick to taking pride in Jeremy and staying away from the topic of Jacob if he can't be truthful.

Because its impossible to believe he's telling the truth? That he's proud of his kid and apparently isn't bothered in the slightest by the things that upset you so?

Quite frankly, I suspect Matt Roloff finds your reaction to him hilarious. But it is nice to see that some of you are finally seeing what I have said for years - Matt Roloff has no trouble lying if it furthers the brand and puts a dollar in his pocket.

PJ said...

Judy, Sorry but from what we saw on the show the greed came first and the religion recently.
Debbie, Judy et al, I'd hate to see your lock step atomaton children. If you raised them the way you've suggested here they cannot fart without prayer and permission.

Judy said...

"But it is nice to see that some of you are finally seeing what I have said for years - Matt Roloff has no trouble lying if it furthers the brand and puts a dollar in his pocket."

Rap, please. You don't have to gloat today. Show some restraint.

We are disappointed in Matt's reaction to Jacob's birthday.

I had serious doubts Matt or Amy would be their firm foot down and give Jacob the boot today, but I was extremely disappointed in Matt's over the top praise of Jacob's behavior.

Jacob is posting pictures of drug paraphernalia. Matt is posting how he's extremely proud of Jacob. It is very sad to see Matt drag his own character down for the sake of fooling his fans who are unaware what Jacob is really doing into believing that Jacob is living a productive life.

Angela said...

"Because its impossible to believe he's telling the truth? That he's proud of his kid and apparently isn't bothered in the slightest by the things that upset you so?"

Rap, what is there for Matt to be proud of Jacob? Having sex with his girlfriend in Matt's home? Doing drugs?

Shame on Matt for representing himself as a Christian if this is what Matt sees as acceptable behavior fitting of praise.

Rap541 said...

Rap, what is there for Matt to be proud of Jacob? Having sex with his girlfriend in Matt's home? Doing drugs?

Shame on Matt for representing himself as a Christian if this is what Matt sees as acceptable behavior fitting of praise.

Angela - you said it, not me. I personally doubt Matt is bothered by any of the behaviors. I mean, you do realize Jeremy and Zach also smoked pot, and drank underage, were rude and vulgar to fans, and failed in school. And Matt praised them, so why wouldn't he praise Jacob too?

Rap541 said...

Judy -

Rap, please. You don't have to gloat today. Show some restraint.

Whats the matter, Judy? Don't like having to *eat crow*? Funny how you never ever want to be treated the way you treat others.

You've always delighted in gloating when you've thought you were right... funny how when the tables turn, you demand better treatment than what you dish out to others.

Matt's a liar and if you don't like eating crow, well tough.

Rebecca said...

Nothing will motivate jacob to do something other than drugs as long as he's spoiled.

F44 said...

You're all so upset over shit Jacob cares nothing about. I wish I could smoke a fatty with the kid, blow the smoke in you crazy people's faces. God made the plant, didn't he??? God made it on earth and we learned to smoke it... It's pure natural.... But alcohol? That was man made. Idiots. You think it's ok for every other Roloff to get drunk, but for Jacob it's not ok he gets a little high. Love where this kid is going. He sounds like a diamond in the ruff of someone annoying ass ROCKS!!!! Haha

Danielle said...

Jacob is a bad example. What a waste. He.spends his days doing drugs. All that opportunity and he wastes it. And the Roloffs are ineffective parents to do nothing to control him.

Jacob is just a tough talking adult mooching off his parents while complaining and doing nothing to help.

Jason said...

For a guy that doesn't work Jacob sure is materialistic and needs to have all the best brands and labels.

Ecossais said...

You mention automaton children.

There was post farther back by Judy talking about how friends were broken hearted that their children had forsaken religion.
I doubt it ever crossed their closed minds that maybe their ultra religious attitude had driven intelligent independent thinking children away.
They should be celebrating the fact that their children have developed brains despite their upbringing

Ecossais said...


You can't blame Jacob for being materialistic.
Have you ever watched the show.
Product placement and promo from the mansion, swimming pool, ATVs. Matt's VW beetle restoration to the boys' suits and place settings for the wedding.

MS said...

Good point, Ecossais and PJ. It reminds me of the Duggars on 19 and Counting -- a very brainwashed upbringing in which the kids are shielded from anyone who's beliefs and lifestyles don't match their parents'. There's no such thing as an independent thought in that family.

Abbie said...

I love Jacob.

Laura said...

"I love Jacob."

Abbie, why? Because you like drugs? Because you hate God?

Rap541 said...

Oh btw - and this is stirring the pot, I absolutely agree - but all you Christians who harp on how Audrey follows John Mark Comer do understand that *Audrey* is on the hook for praising Jacob.


She's Jeremy's wife and as a good Christian wife, she believes what her husband tells her and does and says what her husband tells her.

Jeremy won't stand up against the lil Satan. If Audrey DOES take a stand against Jacob, she's being a bad Christian wife as her husband makes her religious decisions for her now.

But if she does sit silent, she's also a bad Christian.

I actually feel bad for her since hmmm if she genuinely feels Jacob is evil, she has to smile and say "I'm married to Jeremy and if Jeremy decides to welcome Jacob in our lives, I have to agree because Jeremy because he is the man and morally sound". And if she DOES disagree with her husband... why... she's wrong, per John Mark Comer, as Jeremy is the man and Jeremy decides what's right.

This is *your* Christian logic at work and yes, it does mean Audrey's on the hook for Jeremy's choice to not stand against the evil atheist in the family.

Debbie said...

Rap, Audrey needs to respect her husband Jeremy.

She can definitely talk with Jeremy about the best way to please God and how to approach Jacob.

John Mark Comer does not advocate against a wife and her husband having serious conversations.

Pam said...

In sports they say there's people who bring out the best in their teammates.

I feel as though Jacob does the opposite to his family. He brings out the worst in the people close to him.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - is Audrey *allowed* to disagree?

Sure she can attempt to talk to her husband but if Jeremy decides to continue to stand with Jacob.... Audrey has to.

She has to do as her husband says, or else she's disrespecting him. If Jeremy decides to welcome Jacob in their lives.... she would be disrespecting Jeremy if she disagreed. :)

Barb said...

I would like to ask Matt this question. At the next Christian conference he speaks at, would he proudly tell them what Jacob does? What he allows Jacob to do? Would he tell them about Jacob's drug use? Would he tell them that Jacob sleeps with his girlfriend in the house Matt built? Would he tell them about the nasty language Jacob uses? Would he tell them how Jacob degrades God? Would he tell them how Jacob ridicules Christians who pray and thank God?

If the answer is no, then Matt should not be saying he is proud of Jacob.

It's very disappointing Matt has abandoned his own Christian values because he has a desire to brag about Jacob when Jacob has done nothing but disappoint.

PJ said...

You have no business telling anyone what they should and should not be proud of. Since Jake chooses not to share his life with the right wing nut cases on the internet you have no idea what he has or has not done to make his parents proud. Look to your own life if you wish to be judgmental.

Debbie said...

PJ, Barb is correct. And we do know what Jacob has been doing. It's nothing to be proud of.

Jaina said...

He finished online school, I know that much. You guys are so dumb. Lol
His dad is proud he finished school faster than other kids. But he chooses not to post his every move on social media anymore so you wouldn't know that.

Abby said...

Actually Jaina, people kind of figured that, but to the people who don't like him that still isn't a reason for Matt to praise him. How hard is online school? lol. Even Jacob would probably agree it is a joke.

Jaina said...

You have to do homework and take tests, and it is harder because you have to discipline yourself.
Kind of even proves that he's smarter than you make him out to be because he obviously finished schooling and still smokes weed every day. Has a high school diploma and smokes weed and is happier than you... Lol.

Abby said...

Online school is a joke. That goes for everybody who does it.

And I think most people already figured out Jacob smokes weed everyday. He's not that much of a mystery.

Shelby said...

Jaina, jacob was posting how happy he was a few days before he broke up with his ex gf. It doesn't mean much. Esp. Since Jacob lies so much.

Sure he's happy...he gets high all day and doesn't work and insults everybody while living off his parents. Happy is not the question. Is he a good person? NO!! He's a jerk and i'll pray against him that things go against him in the next year.

Austin said...

Ashley, do you think Jacob ever realizes how similar he is to the high school jocks that he hates so much? There's a theory that people hate things in others that they do themselves. The way Jacob feels about gay guys is very similar to male high school athletes on a team.

PJ said...

Barb is trying to tell someone else how to feel. That is wrong and immoral, the act of a bully. So you're admitting that your lot are wrong and immoral?
And unless you are permanently fused to Jacob you have no idea what he's up to. And I sincerely doubt you are fused.

MS said...

Barb, Debbie, I assume you're fine with letting some random person judge whether you should be proud of your kids? Otherwise, you're hypocrites.

MS said...

Shelby: "He's a jerk and i'll pray against him that things go against him in the next year."

Because that's what good Christians do, right?

PJ said...

Praying against someone is cursing them. Isn't cursing someone evil? So if you do this you are evil.

Ecossais said...


"I'll pray against him that things go against him in the next year".
You just proved what a bunch off phoney hypocrites the disgusting self proclaimed christians on here are.
I doubt your god will listen to that prayer.

May you rot in hell you nasty piece of work.

Jaina said...

Hell yeah ^ you Christians are proving to your OWN God that you're going to hell.
Can't wait to see how you all will fail this year.
Karma is an awful thing.

Mark Simmons said...

Some of you need a dose of reality.

Stop with the crying nonsense of "You can't say someone shouldn't be proud of the brat! You don't know what he's doing! He could be curing cancer!!"

Things about Jacob that can't be disputed.

1. He uses several drugs. He flaunts his use of marijuana every chance he gets on the internet.

2. He has sex with his girlfriends (plural).

3. He has no job.

4. He has complained incessantly about the family business. Be it "the show" or "the pumpkin business".

5. He doesn't pitch in to help with either. Unlike the other kids at similar ages, Jacob can't even be trusted to be polite to paying customers and interact with paying guests for a few hours for 4 weekends in October.

6. The kid couldn't hack it at 2 separate schools. Both a private Christian school and public high school. He needed to "graduate" senior year "online". Anybody intelligent knows online school isn't taken seriously by anyone.

7. He is rude as hell. He has spent the better part of the last two years being a fouled mouth, know it all brat.

8. He went out of his way to offend followers of a religion he doesn't believe in. He admitted he didn't have to be so offensive but wanted to be rude.

9. When offered the chance to make peace, he choose to say "f*ck you".

10. He's said several things that he was going to do or not do, and none of them have actually happened.

Nothing about Jacob would make any parent proud. He's a lazy, disrespectful piece of crap.

Shelby said...

MS, I just don't like Jacob. I'm tired of bad things happening to good people.

So yeah, I admit it. I hope things don't go Jacob's way.

If God wants me to answer for that, I will explain my reasoning to Him and I trust he will understand my heart is in a good place.

Denise said...

Thank you, Mark! :)

Anyone with common sense knows there's nothing about Jacob that should make anyone proud.

He was a bad kid that turned into a bad adult. He has a bad heart.

Rap541 said...

Anyone with common sense knows there's nothing about Jacob that should make anyone proud.

So Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Roloff have no common sense, correct? Yes or no?

Judy said...

Well said Mark!

Rebecca said...

Jacob is so unmotivated. Seriously does he do anything except smoke weed?

Boggieman said...

Do Christians believe in redemption? Such as the parable of the prodigal son. Maybe we don't understand what's going on. At what point in the story are we at?

Gail said...

Are you trying to suggest in redemption for Jacob? That's ridiculous. He hasn't reformed any of his behavior. He is a chaotic mess wasting his life.

Connor said...

Definition of a lazy snob/asshole. Jacob uses his twitter to make fun of some kid he knows who has a job at Burgerville where he needed to dress up as the Statue of Liberty for advertising.

Hey Jacob fans, he's a true asshole. Hey Jacob? I have more respect for someone who gets off their lazy ass and earns their own money whether it's dressing up as food or landmarks because they're actually showing some self responsibility than some rich brat who hasn't earned 1 fucking dollar on his own.

But there Jacob is, thinking he can look down on people who actually work instead of living off mom and dads whore fest of reality tv.

Ashley said...

Connor, I thought the same thibg. I don't always agree with the Jacob bashing , but that really does show a lot about Jacob's character. He's so sheltered, seriously. Who does he think he is to shame anyone who is actually showing some ambition and work ethic to get up and go to work on time and earn an honest dollar? An honest dollar. Think about that. Jacob lives his rich lifestyle by admitting he lies to make money for his family.

Who is showing more integrity?

Something like this does speak volumes about Jacob as a person. He sucks.

Abby said...

What an elitist jerk.

Wendy said...

Connor and Ashley, it's because Jacob has decided he doesnt need to show respect for anyone..

I'm glad some people are realizing the type of people who think they don't need God. They're not good people. The type who think they can laugh or judge a kid earning their own money through hard work.

Jacob is a terrible person to think he is such hot stuff.

Shelby said...

Yeah, this is EXACTLY why I cheer against Jacob in life.

Omg. While Jacob is making fun of the kid for working while Jacob thinks he's beneath it, his girlfriend is tweeting how she doesn't have respect for people who are handed everything and how she admires people who start at the bottom who buy their own stuff.........HELLO?!????

Who is Jacob in this picture? Not too bright I'd say, but I guess Jacob is used to surrounding himself with people like that who let him do the things they claim to hate just because he thinks he's special.

Denise said...

Well, it's good people are realizing what Jacob is really like as a person. Absolutely nothing to admire about him. Just a hateful person trying to degrade others to make himself feel superior.

Adam said...

Yep. There's always something great about a spoiled brat peaking his head out from his Mommy and Daddy's mansion whose titties he's living off so he can laugh at the kid who has the self respect to make his own damn money even if it draws the scorn of the Jacob Roloffs of the world.

Wow said...

Oh come on. It wouldn't at least make you smile to notice someone you know dressed up in some random costume, dancing on the side of the road? Would you not tell your friends who also know said person what you had seen? That's all Jacob did, he said he saw him. I used to have a goofball friend that danced around with a sign for a gym. We would laugh at the him just as much as he laughed at himself because if you have a sense of humor, publicly flopping around in a costume is kinda amusing.

Shelby... Matthew 5:44. Luke 6:28. Romans 12:14. Proverbs 10:18. Ephesians 4:31-32. Shall I go on?

MS said...

Wendy: "I'm glad some people are realizing the type of people who think they don't need God. They're not good people."

This statement is a great example of what makes your narrow-minded lot look so bad. If you weren't so blinded by religion, you might realize there are lots of good people out there who choose to not have religion in their lives. I think some of the negative things being said about Jacob are very valid, but to attribute this to his lack of religion is downright ridiculous.

MS said...

Shelby: "While Jacob is making fun of the kid for working while Jacob thinks he's beneath it, his girlfriend is tweeting how she doesn't have respect for people who are handed everything and how she admires people who start at the bottom who buy their own stuff."

That is indeed a very ironic foot-in-mouth tweet. Really, it applies to all the Roloff kids, though I'd give Molly a bye if she's still in school. I know Jeremy is, in theory, working now but I highly doubt he's able to support himself at this point without family/TLC money. Same for Zach. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention Jacob's girlfriend by name, but does she work? If not, it is a very peculiar tweet.

Callie said...

People are products of their environment. Just think about that in regards to Jacob.

While I had to laugh at the first lady comparison, I'll admit there's definitely something about stoners and conspiracy theories. They weed makes them overconfident in how clever they are.

As far as Jeremy and Audrey go, to me they have never seemed genuinely kind or anything of the sort simply because from my experience anyone who has to make the announcement of "hey guys look at me I am humble" is not actually humble, classy or whatever character trait they're claiming. Actions speak louder than words.

Adam said...

"Wow", if you laugh at kids you know who are earning an honest dollar, all that does is prove that you're as big of a jerk as Jacob did. It doesn't make it acceptable.

Laughing at someone who is earning an honest $ is a dick move by anyone, especially when it comes from a spoiled brat who has never earned one frigging dollar on his own.

Carol said...

Jacob's true colors come out every now and then when he lets his guard down.

Posting the story of the man at the gas station who was going through a life crisis so Jacob could have his cool friends laugh at the guy.

His reaction to the gay kid at school who only said he thought Jacob was attractive. Jacob acted like it was a personal threat to violate him and then hated the kid for it.

Laughing at a kid for working a job that required him to dress up. I don't care how much more money Jacob's FAMILY (because he has nothing on his own) has than this kid, that kid has my respect.

Jacob is a jerk. With or without religion, it doesn't change that Jacob is a jerk.

Rap541 said...

Laughing at someone who is earning an honest $ is a dick move by anyone, especially when it comes from a spoiled brat who has never earned one frigging dollar on his own.

Kinda like how Jeremy mocked people who pumped gas?

He was 17-18 at the time and being catered to on a TLC paid for vacation. Spoiled brat who never earned a frigging dollar on his own, right?

Or a boy being a boy and also he wasn't responsible because you know, his brain wasn't mature.

FYI - Jeremy was pretty universally defended for shitting on working men and women. Go back thru the threads.

Wow said...

Adam you're ridiculous and uptight. I don't make fun of random citizens who hold signs and neither did Jacob for that matter. Do you have friends that you can mess around with all in good fun, Adam? I kinda doubt you do.

Adam said...

"And neither did Jacob for that matter. Do you have friends that you can mess around with all in good fun, Adam? I kinda doubt you do."

That doesn't cut it as an excuse, "Wow".

Friends that you mess around with?

Are you seriously trying to suggest that Jacob and Parker V. are good friends and Jacob was just friendly chiding him?

The lengths people go to in an attempt to justify a celebrity's behavior is pathetic.

It was not friends joking with each other.

It was Jacob seeing someone he recognized working a job that Jacob thought was demeaning and wanted to put it on twitter to humiliate the kid. It wasn't "messing around between friends".

Jacob was driving around in the vehicle his parents provided for him, with the insurance his parents are paying for, with the gas money his parents gave him, wearing the brand name clothing and footwear that is so important to precious Jacob...when he saw someone he recognized and thought he could humiliate the kid by posting it on twitter.

The kid earning an honest buck dressed as the Statue of Liberty has my respect a hell of a lot more than a piece of shit like Jacob Roloff.

PJ said...

1) That rant sounds like pure jealousy that Matt and Amy are able to provide and Jake doesn't have to work.
2) As a teen we would have been unmerciful if one of us had to dress up as something goofy (the Statue of Liberty isn't goofy, dressing up as one is). But then we had a sense of humor...

Adam said...

PJ, I'm indifferent to spoiled rich brats. Don't particularly like them, but they exist.

I do take issue when they thumb their noses at a kid who is working for his own money and they attempt to humiliate the one person out of the two of them who has the work ethic to actually earn his own $.

It's not funny to humiliate someone and that's exactly what Jacob was trying to do by tweeting about this Parker kid.

Z3 said...

Adam, I hear where you're coming from but it's really not that big of a deal. I'm sure Parker will recover from the horrors of someone posting that they saw him doing his job. Calm down.

Sherlock said...

MS, she claims the money she spends is hers yet does not work either, so my best guess is she's living off what she inherited from her late mother.

Jaina said...

I find it funny, though. All of you would give Jacob so much shit if he ever worked the job he was mocking.

Jocelynn said...

Actually Jaina, although you'll always find exceptions, in general most regular people respect work ethic.

For example, Zach worked what must have been a minimum wage job at the indoor soccer place. I've seen far more comments here over the years applauding Zach for working and doing something on his own than for working a job that's not impressive enough.

Ashley said...

FYI - don't know if they're related but Amy tweeting about life changing meetings today.

Post meeting she tweeted "Good start gathering info & clarity after big meeting will take time to see positive after this big change but faith will see me through." Then Amy tweeted she talked to her sister on the phone for 4 hours.

Meanwhile Jacob tweeting that life is awesome and filled with so much happiness. He also tweeted a meme "I love when a plan comes together". Any thoughts?

Charlotte said...

Eric, it certainly is a good indicator of how callous Jacob is after he professed to love his ex girlfriend for a year and then left her in such a mess. I watched her video so I know what you're referring to; it's very sad that Jacob would be like that.

I guess we are not supposed to talk about certain people, but I hope for her sake, the people in Jacob's life right now think about how he treated people in his past...because it's a reflection of how he will treat them one day too.

It's like how a good employer cares about how you speak of your former employer or boss because they know you'll be saying the same about them one day.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I'd be more inclined to think it might have something to do with the unofficial separation becoming a bit more official, but that's just me.

I mean Matt and Amy have lived separately for over a year now.

Denise said...

Ashley, Amy is probably doing something with her kegal situation with Matt/marriage.

Jacob just likes trying to tease his followers because he has nothing productive to do with his life. His plan is probably changing up drop off spots with his drug dealers since he once posted that police officers had caught on to his drug hang out spot.

Timothy said...

Could it be about the official status of her marriage? What do the Christians say? Divorce is forbidden in the Bible.

Rebecca said...

Jacob is the type of person who goes around looking to degrade others who he thinks aren't as worthy as he believes he is. He's a very nasty person and I pray for all who are on the receiving end of his nastiness.

F44 said...

Ah, the sweet taste of happiness. Looks like Mr. Jacob is having a grand time. He tweets mostly positive things lately.
Even saying "Life is good so much happiness".
Lol still unaffected by your hate. I personally love it! I love to see you hateful Christians get your big tighty whiteys in a bunch. Hey, guess what, Jacob still wins. He's rich, he has a hot girlfriend, he has cute dogs who love him, he doesn't have to work a day in his life, he's attractive, he's smart... Man yeah I would feel threatened and a need to degrade him, too, if I was bitter and old. The boy is set up.
Keep whining. He doesn't give a shit.

Delaneyyy said...

You're kidding, right? Matt and Amy haven't lived together in a couple years. Matt dates. Amy is probably upset over that. She couldn't give a shit or not if Jacob left, as far as she's concerned the nest was basically empty 6 months ago. Mom of the year award lol.
At least Jacobs getting away from the toxic mess of that environment.

Wow said...

Timothy, I've mentioned it before and I'll say again that it's interesting that there are hundreds and hundreds of comments on this blog where Christians are criticizing people for anything and everything and yet I haven't seen one single remark about how wrong divorce between Christians is (which their Bible repeatedly stresses). They seem to only like to nag about the rules of the Bible to people they dislike instead of applying those rules to their own behavior.

Judy said...

F44, Jacob is affected by drugs!

"He's rich, he has a hot girlfriend, he has cute dogs who love him, he doesn't have to work a day in his life, he's attractive, he's smart"

And you think those things (which are debatable) make a meaningful or successful life? He has no relationship with God. No character. His life is full of drugs. He treats people poorly. His life is meaningless.

Rachael said...

@F44. Jake does nothing. What does he have be proud of?

Even if you were to take your description as the truth; he is rich because off his parents whom he complained about nonstop.

Rap541 said...

He's rich, he has a hot girlfriend, he has cute dogs who love him, he doesn't have to work a day in his life, he's attractive

In fairness this was exactly the life Jeremy Jesus was living, including smoking the demon weed when he wasn't drinking underage... and you lauded him for it. :)

Same age comparison - Jeremy at 17-18 was smoking dope, drinking, shitting on fans, not working and doing shit in school and you told me Jeremy's ass was worth kissing at that age - that he was *shining* and all boys should emulate Jeremy at 17,18,19.

But lets see, Jeremy loves Jesus so he shouldn't be chastised for drinking underage. Jeremy loves Jesus so he shouldn't be chastised for smoking pot. Jeremy loves Jesus so when he says his fans suck cock, you smile and open your mouth. Its a little sad how muttering coram deo and otherwise being a lazy piece of crap makes you Jeremy Jesus Christ Superstar.

And for the record, lest anyone start whining how Jacob is being defended - please keep in mind I am calling him as useless a piece of trash as the big brother whose behavior he's emulating

Paula said...

F44, why do you think jacob is telling the truth? He's a proven liar who is very dishonest. He has no conscience.

PJ said...

Jake has girl he loves that loves him, dogs that love him, family that loves him, money, he's smart and good looking. Why shouldn't he be happy?
Needs a relationship with God. Hardly, and doesn't seem to want one.
Yes the drugs are a mistake. One millions of people have made and overcome.
And Rap541, Why does Prince Selfish get praised? I suspect it's because all of the women and many of the "christian" men have the hots for him.

Boony said...

Jacob is hot and smokes some pot. Who cares if he doesn't worship God? He can do whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned. GO JACOB!

Gloria said...

Booney....wonderful morals you have...he smokes pot and is hot so who cares? You're priorities in life are terrible. Someone taught you to put importance in the wrong things.

Hillary said...

Jacob's arrogance and selfishness is so off-putting. He's not a good person (I could use anoter word but I'm classy).

Delaneyyy said...

Jacobs so hot. I'm so happy he's happy.

Abbie said...

What you say about jake says a lot more about you than it does about him :)

Hillary said...

No, it doesn't, Abbie. Jacob is not a good person. The only people who defend him are those that hate Christians or girls who think he's "hot" and who haven't figured out he bashes them too.

Rap541 said...

Hilary - whats amusing about your comment is that if you go back on this board to where Jeremy was 17-22 - there was a strong Christian commentary to be had that Jeremy drinking, smoking weed, cavorting with females, was all Jesus's way of showing how Jesus favors the *hot and good looking* and wants his followers to be "cool" and not "goody two shoes".

Seriously. It's Christian to party hard with booze underage *as long as Jeremy does it, cause he's got a hot ass and Jesus likes it*

Ask Lynn or Judy B - I am pretty sure they remember Craw and Craw's buddies and tho I doubt they will admit it, they will remember me asking them if they supported the view Craw espoused - that Jesus wanted Jeremy to drink underage etc because Jesus loves his hotties and wants his cuties to get the sinning on for Christ.

Funny how the Christians here never like a same age comparison. What was Jeremy doing at 18 and who was telling us his ass needed kissing for it? :)

MS said...

Hillary: "The only people who defend him are those that hate Christians or girls who think he's "hot" and who haven't figured out he bashes them too"

Hate Christians? For the most part, the only Christians that get called out here are the bigoted, narrow-minded lot who think their beliefs and lifestyle are the only acceptable way and the hypocrites who bash Jacob yet dismiss Jeremy's similarly bad behavior at that age simply because he's Christian.

I think most Christians are really good people. It's unfortunate that a small number -- ones that tend to portray themselves as "good Christians" yet come across as bitter, hateful, judgmental types -- reflect poorly on others.

PJ said...

Wrong Hillary. It's also people who hate bullies that defend his rights.And unfortunately there is a segment of so called christians that have become bullies, they try to control everyone's life by removing civil rights and are no better than Nazis or the Taliban.

Z3 said...

Hillary, people only "hate Christians" (actually just your particular subset of crazed Christians) because of the way they see you guys acting. If you guys weren't so judgmental, hateful, and irrational you wouldn't be giving Jesus such a bad name.

Abby said...

The funny thing about Jacob is he acted like he hated the cool kids, yet that's what he tries so hard to be. He's kind of annoying with how he's always flaunting how he needs preppy brand name clothes, shoes and stuff.

Debbie said...

Jacob needs drugs to be happy. When you need drugs to be happy, that's not true happiness. It will catch up with him because his life is dark.

Kaitlyn said...

Does Jacob actually do anything in life except get high, complain, rely on his parents money and drive in his parents car to look at the ocean?

Stacy said...

In my experience, people who don't believe in God live more selfish, mean spirited, superficial lives. That is Jacob. Material goods and how he feels in the moment are the only things of importance to him. He thinks there is no one above him who he must please.

PJ said...

"In my experience, people who don't believe in God live more selfish, mean spirited, superficial lives. That is Jacob. Material goods and how he feels in the moment are the only things of importance to him. He thinks there is no one above him who he must please."
I could say the same thing about "christians",charity for show. The people I know who are not
"christians" are more likely to quietly help others and not shout it from the rooftops. "christians" tend to stand in the middle of the street and scream to high heavens what they've done.
It all depends on perspective and who you know.

Denise said...

Stacy, very well said. That is exactly the problem with people like Jacob. He lives only for himself.

Laura said...

Stacy, you hit the nail on the head. The comparison shouldn't be ignored. While Jacob is tweeting about his expensive stylish "poler"stuff that he's making sure all his cool friends know he has, Audrey and Jeremy are involved with a person who has organized that for the purchase of every blanket, a second blanket goes to a local homeless shelter.

It's a stark contrast with Jacob's selfishness. Audrey is about representing God, positivity, kindness, light and love. Jacob is about selfishness, negative energy, hate, and darkness.

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