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Jeremy Roloff Question & Answer You Tube Video

Although it was not exactly "no holds barred" kind of questions, Jeremy Roloff has finally answered fan questions. He did ignore any and all "negative" type questions.

Jeremy's tone in his answers was very much in line with the show - unlike Jacob who calls the show fake and how people are stupid if they think what they see on the show is real, Jeremy talks as though the things on the show are the true Roloffs.

Jeremy posted a You Tube video as he said he was going to do when his Facebook Page Likes got over 200,000.

We'll start with a quick recap of the main things I think people might be interested in if they aren't going to watch the whole 29 minute video.

*Jeremy says the toughest thing about living a very public life is having to watch what they say and what they do all the time. He says he has went through some challenges (but doesn't get into anything specific) He says the internet is written in ink, he can't afford to make any mistakes so he finds it tiring to have to watch what he says all the time. But those are challenges, great opportunities to flourish as a family in how they deal with things.

*Jeremy was asked about Jacob not being on the show much. He said everybody else was old enough to understand the show when it started but Jacob never had a choice so as he's gotten older he just realized that he doesn't like being filmed as much as the rest of the family. So Jacob has chosen to show up when he wants to show up and participate when he wants but not over participate.

*Jeremy says Jacob is at the farm finishing up his senior year in high school, taking care of their new puppy and yeah, that's it. For anyone wondering, no, Jeremy did not discuss any of Jacob's social media content, Jacob's views about Christianity, etc.

*He was asked if Matt and Amy's marriage difficulties has been hard to deal with. He feels that is a personal question so doesn't want to elaborate too much. It's been hard but not a divisive issue for the family. He hopes they work it out and thinks they are on the right path. He's praying for them.

*Jeremy is selling his photos. He has a website (that isn't quite operational yet)

*He would like to sell a coffee table book of his photography.

*Jeremy would like to write a book about growing up on a reality television show.

*Jeremy and Audrey would love to write a book about long distance relationships.They're trying to explore that idea.

*Jeremy and Audrey would love to do a show like Dancing With The Stars or The Amazing Race

*Jeremy and Audrey are not too sure about if they want their own reality show, but they would need to know what the scenario would be about.

*He was asked if they paid for their wedding? Jeremy said that he and Audrey paid for things that were really important to them like photography and video that went outside of the budget, but Audrey's father Dan kept with tradition and paid for the wedding.

*Jeremy was asked about when they want to have kids. Audrey wants to wait a couple of years. Jeremy wants to wait a couple of more years on top of that, but accidents can happen. He says they aren't ready for kids yet.

*Jeremy and Audrey met on a blind date before church.

*He says if he could do his childhood over again, he wouldn't change having the cameras there.

*Jeremy wants to take over the farm one day to keep the pumpkin patch going, open a studio and explore other business opportunities. He wants to raise his kids on the farm.

Here is a transcript or summary of what Jeremy talked about.


Hi everyone my name is Jeremy Roloff and I'm going to do a Q&A here  because my facebook page just past 190,00 which is incredible so just to say thank you guys for your interest and following me so I'll answer your questions.

I'm gonna kinda jump right into it at the very end and answer the most liked questions and also let you guys know about this awesome project I'm launching in the next couple weeks.

Question: What is Audrey's new job in Los Angeles?

Audrey got hired on by E & J Gallo which is a really large winery and they were generous enough to delay her start date until after our wedding so now she's working for them as a sales rep here in Los Angeles.

Question: What are the pluses and negatives of living such a positive life?

Most of the negatives I would say I consider them challenges more than really like negative things; negative things for having been on television. So if I were to say this is a negative thing, not necessarily so, but there's been a lot of challenging things or situations that I've found myself in or my family has found ourselves in that have been super super challenging.

Some of those would be having to watch what we say and what we do everywhere we go. The internet is written in ink and you can't really afford to make any mistakes so it gets tiring to have to watch everything you say....those are challenges, great opportunities to grow and push ourselves and flourish as a family and how we deal with things and the opportunities that are thrown at us which leads into the pluses: opportunities.

It's been really awesome to be on television and meet so many people and have our pumpkin business expand and flourish...just walking down the street and knowing's just been a lot of fun and proven to be quite a big plus.

Question: Most twins have an unbreakable bond, do you find it hard to be separated from Zach?

Zach and I are really tight. We are great friends as far as being brothers go, but no, I don't find it hard to be separated from him. He's up north planning his wedding. I'm here happily married with Audrey so, do I miss him yes? Do I find it hard to be separated? No. I think we both are really enjoying where we're at.

Question: What happened to your grandparents, in the beginning they were always in the show and near the end they weren't in it.

This is true. It's because they moved to California. They used to live a half a mile from us then they moved to California. Essentially they just moved out of town.

Question: I notice in the last several episodes, including your wedding day, that there aren't a lot of signs of Jacob being around -- where has he gone and what is the reason for that?

To be honest, we started this a long time ago and Molly, Zach and I were just barely old enough to understand what was going on...and Jacob was not. So he was kind of just thrown into it and didn't really have a choice in the matter. So as he's gotten older, I guess he just realized 'I'm just not as into being in front of the camera as my siblings are or the rest of the family. He's just chosen to kind of show up when he wants to show up, participate but not necessarily over participate. So that's just Jacob....where Jacob's at right now, he's back at the farm finishing up his senior year in high school, taking care of our new

Question: How is the transition from long distance relationship to living together?

Incredible. Easier than I expected. Auj and I just had this extreme like passion to live with one another. We got married and it's been really easy filling in gaps . There's been a lot of  things that we're learning about each other which is super exciting and super fun. We enjoy working through all our problems because  the other side is always greener so we want to improve in the areas that you know might've been lacking in the long distance now that we have those areas where we are building and growing and really enjoying being married, so again sure this has been really good.

Question: How do you feel about your parents struggling with their marriage? Has it been really difficult for you and your siblings?

To be honest, that's a personal question so I'm going to keep it short. Nobody likes to see their parents struggle in their relationship, no one likes to struggle themselves in their own relationship. So has it been hard? Yes. Has it been this divisive wedge in our family? No.  I think we would all like to see them work it out and I think they are on the right path in doing so. So as far us kids go, we are just standing by and praying and being there in support for them.

What is your most treasured family tradition you plan on introducing to your future children?

That's a great question. One tradition I'd really like to continue assuming I'll be back on the farm is every single birthday growing up, my mother would design a scavenger hunt all over the farm. We would find clues to unlock this and that. All of our friends enjoyed it every year too.

Question: With you growing up as a celebrity of sorts with an open book family, how has your wife dealt with her new found stardom?

She's doing well. It's a hard thing to be thrown into. The beautiful thing about Audrey is she is 100% herself, you're going to get the same Audrey in front of 20 different people. That says a lot about who she is and her character. People really get that sense from her.

Question: Have you ever regretted doing the TV show?

Yes, of course. There's been times, man, what if we didn't do the TV show. But those quick regrets have been undermined by all the beauty and opportunities and experiences the show has given us.

Question: What kind of gear do you use?

I get this question a lot. I'm going to do a video explaining my kit, what I use, what I like to use, that's coming soon.

Question: Was life more difficult growing up with you being average size and your mom and dad not?

This is an interesting question I get quite a bit. I feel it's appropriate for me to turn it around and say "how was it for you growing up with average size parents?" Small parents is all I know. It was my life, my childhood. It was challenging at times because when you're a kid walking around and people are staring at your parents, you're like Mom, Dad, why are they staring at you....then you get older and realize it's because they're small and different.

Question: What has been your biggest argument as a married couple so far?

We haven't really had a really big argument so far, we both enjoy playing devil's advocate with one another and situations in general. We enjoy posing the opposite side. You don't necessarily agree with what you're saying, but you're challenging the other person. Sometimes it becomes this day long "argument" where we're battling each other on a concept, thought or theory.That's been our biggest wrestle so far. Okay, tone done on devil's advocate.

Question: What is your favorite Bible verse?

The verse that continues to pop up in my life and challenges me a lot and something I keep going back to is Matthew 10:39 and what it says is "Whoever find their life will lose it and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it." It's not really the most inspirational verse, but it is a verse that is super, super challenging for me and every time I read it, I re calibrate what it is I'm doing and where I'm at in life and where I'm going and my goals, objectives, cares, interests, likes and loves. It's the verse that gets into my core and re calibrates me, for that reason it's my of the dreams of my life, we have such a short time here and I want to spend mine wisely.

Question: When you talk about having a family with Audrey do you worry about the possibilities of having a dwarf kid?

No, we don't worry about that at all. I think if we were to have a dwarf baby, there are some pretty awesome resources as far as that baby's grandparents are both little people, his uncle is a little person, the support and knowledge and resources he/she would have would be substantial which is awesome. Do we worry about that? Not at all.

Question: What did you see in Audrey the first time you saw her and how did you know she was the one for you?

When I first met Audrey, I remember there being this super, super mysteriousness about her...I didn't quite know her, I couldn't stereotype her to be honest. I couldn't sum her up in any box and that made me want to figure out, so I started my pursuit and very quickly on I remember coming home and saying "Mom, I'm going to marry this girl" and my mom kind of chuckled and smiled because I think she knew I wasn't kidding.

Question: I love that you and Audrey are so into old vintage things, where did that love and appreciation come from?

Yeah, both Audrey and love old vintage things even before we met, one of the things that drew us together. Maybe it's the stories behind them, like you see a typewriter and who owned that and what was written on it? It's really stimulating to us.

Question: Canon or Nikon and why?

Canon. Why? It's what I happen to have and own. It's a historic debate. Both awesome pieces of equipment. I just happen to own a canon and really enjoy the ergonomics on a Canon.

Question:   What inspires you the most about photography and why?

That's a great question. I really like that. It's not the gear you use that makes photography, it's exactly this...why, what inspires me. I love being able to portray things from my perspective. I grew up in an interesting household on an awesome farm and want to share the inspiration I felt and share what I see from my vision.

Question: Congratulations on your wedding and beautiful ceremony. Will you be selling prints of your photography anytime soon?

Yes, I will be selling prints really soon. At the end of the video I will let you guys know about something I'm going to launch in the next few weeks.

Question: Would you ever do a coffee table book of your work?

That's definitely in the plans. I don't know when that's going to be, but I would love to do it.

Question: Please tell us about yours and Audrey's faith and what role it has played in your marriage?

That's a really big question. For Audrey and I our faith is the reason and rhyme behind everything we do, so as far as what role? It doesn't necessarily have a role as that is our marriage.It has a huge role in how we treat each other and others and what we believe.

Question: What you ever felt guilty about being the taller of the twins and has this ever come up between you and Zach?

Guilty, I wouldn't say so guilty. Has there been times when I've analyzed my situation vs Zach, yes, but I don't think I'd translate that as guilt.

Question: When did you really encounter the Lord and how is it changed your life?

 I found Jesus...well, I accepted Jesus at a Billy Graham concert with my Mom a long, long time ago. I would say I re-found and grabbed my faith for my own honestly right after high school. High school was great and everything, but I would say I had an "Ah-ha" moment with my faith right after high school so first year of college at PCC.

Question: Have you thought about opening up a photography shop on the farm and do you do wedding photos or old time pics?

I do shoot wedding and I do video weddings with my friend Tye French, our company is you can go there and check out all of our videos. We've been shooting weddings for about 3 years now. As for the studio on the farm, I would love to one day be back on the farm and open a studio and do portraits and tackle it up north in Portland but for now I'm in West Hollywood and enjoying it, we'll see where it leads.

Question: What was the hardest part of your long distance relationship and how did you stay so strong in your time apart?

This is something Audrey and I get asked a lot and we've been highly considering writing a book on the topic honestly. A short little book that just kind of goes through what we've learned, our challenges, how we got through it, what we feel was beneficial, what we feel hurt our relationship, so that's a book we're going to try to explore. Let me know in the comments if that's something you guys would be interested in.

Question: Please explain hashtage #braidit , it was even in Audrey's vows and I've been curious for quite some time now.

That's going to be in one of Audrey's blog posts, , that's Audrey's blog and that's where she shares her take on things. She will be doing a blog post very soon on what #braidit means.
We get that question a lot, everyone wants to know.

Question: Have you ever thought about writing a book about growing up on a reality show?

Yes I have. Maybe one day that will come down the pipes. Right now I'm focusing on photography and video and media. I definitely think that would be a real interesting idea.

Question: Did you and Audrey pay for your wedding?

Audrey and I paid for things that were really important to us like photography and video that went outside of the budget, but Audrey's father kept with tradition and paid for the wedding so I'm super thankful to Dan for that.

Question: What is one thing you and Audrey would like to cross off your bucket list together?

I'm tempted to say we want to ski Switzerland. I've been to Switzerland with my father as some of you might have seen a while ago on the show, but the question says "together", so Audrey and I would love to go on a ski trip together in Switzerland. Either that or road trip through the states.

Question: How and when did you and Audrey meet?

Funny story, we actually met on our very first blind date ever. We had two mutual friends that were dating. He said "Jer come to dinner and we'll go to church". Audrey's friend, his girlfriend, was like "Auj, come to dinner, we'll go to church". We both showed up. We got along but it wasn't until a year or two years later that we really started dating. So it was a blind date before church.

Question: I'm dying to know where Audrey buys her clothes? Also, what is that signature lipstick we always see her wearing?

For this one I will let Audrey respond for you guys.
Audrey: To answer the first one, I buy most of my clothes from Free People or Anthropologie. I actually worked there part time when I was in college and I buy a lot of my clothes from Goodwill, so I like the treasure hunt. My favorite lipstick is Chanel Lip Stain it's called 'Very Red' for like $30 and it doesn't rub off on Jer's lips or cheeks. So that's my favorite and of course I love all the Mac mac lipstick as well.

Question: What is your favorite food that your mom always made you?

I have my mom make me every single birthday as far as I can remember chicken enchiladas and she made the best chicken enchiladas I've ever had. It became a favorite for all my friends as well.

Question: If you could live your childhood over again, would there be cameras there recording it? When people ask if I regret the show, I tell them if I could do it all over again, I would. I think that says a lot about how the experience has been.

Question: Who is your favorite photographer?

My favorite photographer is a guy named Erik Almas. He's a commercial photographer based out of San Francisco. He does commercial work and has been a really big inspiration for me and my work. He's helped me direct my compass as far as where I want to go, that goal, that benchmark I would like to be at one day.

Now we are here at the 4 most liked questions. I said I'd save those for last so here they are:

Question: How soon before you and Audrey have kids?

That's funny because Auj and I have this little banter back and forth. She's saying a couple of years, I'm saying a couple of more years in a couple of years. The funny thing about having kids is that it can be an accident. So if I were to give out something we're planning, I would say 2 to 4 years would be our number. Yeah, we're definitely not ready for that yet.

Question:  Would you consider doing a reality television show of your own with Audrey?

Yeah, that's definitely something that has crossed our minds. We've tinkered with the idea and entertained the thought. We'd be all about doing one of those The Amazing Race or Dancing With The Stars we think those would be really fun and those are great to watch. But as far as an actual reality television show about us? Not too sure. It would have to be the right show and we'd have to be in the right scenario or situation to say yes. It's also something where we'd have to think 'Do we want to put our kids through that?' It's an interesting question. Not too sure about that one.

Here is the 2nd most like Question.

Question: What do you think about your mom and dad and their separation?

Everyone's relationships go through rough patches of course and my parents are definitely experiencing that right now and there relationship is on television so that's a huge extra added stress for them. Honestly I think their separation in its own unique way has been beneficial, it has allowed them both to kind of reclaim who they are re-evaluate where they are in their relationship, and the kids are gone and what are we doing and where are we going, like who are I think it's definitely had it's pluses and I just hope that with those pluses comes a solution. So I think a lot of people are hoping and praying that they figure that out.

Here we are at the most liked question:

Question: Will you and Audrey ever come back to Oregon and take over the family business?

To be frank about it, yes, we would love to find ourselves back on the farm, keeping the Patch going, opening a studio, explore other business ventures. The farm is definitely where I want to raise my kids and where I'd like to see myself in...I don't know how many years, but it is definitely where I'd like to find myself settling down.  Returning to the farm at some point is definitely in the plans.

That concludes the questions. Thank you everyone for participating.I hope I answered them all. I might do this again sometime soon so stay updated.

Now to address the photos and where you guys can start purchasing some prints and whatnot. I've been working on a project called LifeOrBust. I'm sure many of you who follow me on twitter or Instagram have seen my #lifeorbust . The website is There you will be able to read about my philosophy and concept behind images and prints and why I take images and you'll see stories behind specific images. You'll also be able to subscribe and have subscriptions for a monthly print with some other goodies to show up at your door every month. I think that will be a super awesome, super affordable way for a lot of people to just get showered with inspiration. That's kind of my goal to find a way to get images out and have them hanging up on people's walls. There will also be somewhere on the site a place to buy individual prints. I'm really excited to get that launched and out and get you guys some prints and get stuff hanging on some walls.

Again, I really appreciate it. I look forward to your comments and in the description will be a few links to the websites I talked about. See you guys around. Cheers.  


Lynn C said...

It shows how foolish certain people are who insist that Jeremy doesn't talk about his faith because he "likes money better" or something foolish like that. Their faith in God IS their marriage. That was a great answer.

Denise said...

Thank you for posting this. In light of all the negativity thanks to the black sheep of the family (we all know who that is), it is great to get something that shows why the Roloffs and Jeremy in particular is such an uplifting person.

Jeremy has become so mature. It is great to see.

Jason said...

How can Jeremy so matter of fact say he's going to take over the farm one day. Does he know his siblings get a say or is it so biased that the family have already conceded to just give Jeremy the entire farm just because that's what Jeremy wants?

Judy said...

Jeremy proves once again why Matt and Jeremy are the best Roloffs. I hope Jacob pays attention.

Notice that Jeremy does not blame his situation in life on his parents and the TV show that has given him so many opportunities. He turns it into a positive. While Jacob is a moody brat.

"Jacob shows up when he wants to show up"….if that doesn't describe a prima donna brat then I don't know what does.

I wish Jeremy had more to say about what Jacob is really doing, but he obviously wants to keep it positive.

It's nice to know that Jeremy will return to the farm to start his family.

Janet said...

I love hearing Jeremy talk about Audrey. You can see how much he loves her. They have the best relationship because it is about Jesus.

Jocelynn said...

Sorry to disagree with the Jeremy fan club, but what I take away from the video is that it emphasizes the number one fault in Jeremy and the reason that I dislike him.

The absolute worst thing about being who he is having to watch what he says? He finds that challenging to watch what he says and does. He always has to watch what he says and does. He doesn't like having to watch what he says and does. But he needs to.

He has zero accountability. I guess Audrey never plays devil's advocate with him on this! He doesn't regret the slurs, the unkind comments with his friends about fans, the cat tossing. Instead he plays victim and feels sorry for himself because he needs to "watch what he says".

It's exactly what Amy said. It is feel sorry for Jeremy because he can't be a rude snot without people noticing.

I saw someone on twitter make this point and allude to Jeremy's history of posting tweets about the virtue of being transparent. I've also seen him tweet something about "What is done in the dark is seen in the light". "Watching what you say" conflicts with transparency.

Jeremy's goal should be that what he says and what he does is transparent to who he is at his core and that he's confident that's who God wants him to be. NOT "Gee, it's SO hard and SO sad that I need to watch my nasty unkind tongue and I can't just do what when I want".

Doesn't anybody in his life have the guts to tell him "Jeremy, you're not supposed to have a nasty tongue or behave in a mean spirited manner...that's the problem. Not trying to conceal it so people don't find out about your nastiness"?

Jeremy's answer demonstrates that he has no awareness that he has things about himself that needs fixing.

Laura said...

I couldn't agree more Denise and Judy.

Jeremy is such a wonderful young man of Christ. To even take the time to do a 30 minute video to give back to the fans and his constant "thank you's" throughout shows what kind of heart he has.

The only part of the video that I disagree with is that I didn't like that he gave a distant and misleading "update" on Jacob for the fans who obviously don't know what Jacob is doing. He's taking care of the puppy. He's on the farm. He's in high school. That's all Jeremy could say about Jacob. Really, he's not "in" school. He's doing drugs. He's having sex with his girlfriend. He's mocking Christians including Jeremy's wife. He's anti American. I would have preferred if Jeremy had at least said Jacob needs prayers because he is lost in life. Jeremy ended up giving a very vague assessment of what Jacob is doing.

The rest was great and what I've come to expect from Jeremy. Audrey and Jeremy have the type of relationship that all should strive for. They know that Jesus is at the center of everything they do. I'm excited for them to start their family.

I also hope that Jeremy's doubters were paying attention. He is selling his photos. He's been shooting weddings for 3 years. He's obviously talented. He's not "doing nothing". He's an up and coming photographer that is getting a good start because he's followed God's plan for his life.

Angela said...

It's interesting to me to see the difference between Jeremy and Jacob.
Jeremy rediscovered his faith around Jacob's age, just as he was finishing high school and in the next year. Jacob went the opposite way, to the darkness of Satan, rejecting Jesus and all that is good.

Maria said...

Thanks to Jeremy. Jacob should take lessons in how to be classy from his brother.

I'm anxious to read what braid it means. I think it has something to do with their future children and curly hair!

Brandon said...

Jocelynn, here here! You took the words out of my mouth.

He tries to turn it into a positive by saying they flourish as a family in how they deal with things?

Jeremy you mean when you're using hateful words or insulting people? How about you just don't be nasty and then you wouldn't need to deal with those things?

Please. It has nothing to do with Jeremy being classy or liking fans. He ignored the hard questions. He dodged the Jacob issue. He picked the questions. It was heavily edited as you can see the video cut away during almost every question. Was it the pesky "having to watch what I say moments" that caused him to edit so much? He's so fake.

Anyway, the whole thing was Jeremy selling stuff to make a profit. It's about Jeremy trying to get $$$.

I find it just a little irritating that he seems to have the attitude that he's doing other people favors. I'll let you buy my photographs. I'll let someone pay me to write a book about 3 different things.

I wouldn't buy a Jeremy book about anything. It's proven with his "I need to watch what I say" that you're not getting the real Jeremy Roloff.

Nat said...

The way Jeremy and Audrey look at life is so refreshing. God bless them.

Kelly said...

As long as they keep walking with Jesus, everything will work out for them. I'm sure they will.

Remi said...

Nice lie about paying for the wedding. Does Jeremy think people don't know what it means when tlc flashes a business name at the end credits? It's also why Jeremy and Audrey were doing shout outs to all of the businesses they used.

MS said...

Well said, Brandon and Jocelynn.

I know Jeremy's fans will gush all over him after this "interview", but how can you not see what his real motive is here? As Brandon said, this Q&A was nothing more than a charade to promote his business. He answers a lot of easy questions, then concludes with this presumptuous gem:

"Now to address the photos and where you guys can start purchasing some prints and whatnot"


Judy: "Jeremy proves once again why Matt and Jeremy are the best Roloffs.

Just my opinion, but I would substitute "phoniest" for "best". Jeremy never would have posted this Q&A session if he didn't have a business to plug.

Judy: "Notice that Jeremy does not blame his situation in life on his parents and the TV show that has given him so many opportunities."

...and money. That's the bottom line here. He's learned well from his parents in this regard.

Laura: "Jeremy is such a wonderful young man of Christ. To even take the time to do a 30 minute video to give back to the fans and his constant "thank you's" throughout shows what kind of heart he has. "

How come he never gave back to his fans when he wasn't selling something? Coincidence?

Laura: "I also hope that Jeremy's doubters were paying attention. He is selling his photos."

He is *trying* to sell his photos. Hard to say if anyone is actually buying them.

Laura: "He's been shooting weddings for 3 years."

How many weddings has he shot over those 3 years?

Laura: "He's an up and coming photographer that is getting a good start because he's followed God's plan for his life."

I don't know if he's off to a good start, but I do know he's trying to use his "celebrity" status to sell his product. Can't blame him I guess, but let's call it what it is.

Denise said...

Why can't some people be positive? Jeremy gives 29 minutes of himself, opens up to the fans, shares his faith and the strength of his marriage, yet some still criticize.

People have been asking Jeremy where they can buy his work for quite some time. They are inspired because.he is so talented. There is nothing wrong or unChristian about making money/having a career as a successful photographer.

Maggie said...

I would like to see more of Jeremy and Audrey together. I read her blog all the time. She has the best ideas to make life interesting while always remembering it is about Jesus.

Pam said...

I hope Jeremy does another video soon. It was very nice of him to do that. I pray for him that his website will be successful and God will let him have his dream of raising his family on the farm.

Maggie, I agree about Audrey.I wish all of the Roloffs significant others were as impressive as Audrey and loved Jesus as mu h. It says a lot about Audrey that Jeremy says Audrey will be the same Audrey in front of 20 different people.

Paula said...

That was wonderful to watch. I'm not surprised but pleased to find out that Jeremy and Audrey first met by their desire to go to church. It was God's plan. Trust in God and He will be your happiness.

I agree with Laura about Jeremy's lack of details about Jacob. He must have been trying to avoid saying something negative but I wish he had acknowledged Jacob's trouble path.

Audrey said on Christmas Eve after her and Jeremy watched a movie they prayed for everyone in their lives. I would like to know what their prayer was about Jacob. I can guess. And Jacob still owes Auj an apology.

Emily said...

Audrey and Jeremy are such role models. Everything Jacob is not. Beautiful people inside and out.

Kathy said...

MS, there is nothing wrong with Jeremy taking advantage of his fame and helping to support his career with the fans he already has. God put the show in his life for a reason. Jeremy is smart enough to see it as an opportunity.

Melissa said...

Jeremy is so fake. He said the good side of the show is walking down the street and people know him? But what about all the stories about Jeremy being rude when people approach him. Ok, he doesn't like it. I get it. But don't blatantly lie in a video like this and tell people that he does like that.

Rachael said...

Imagine all of the horror in a 29 minute video by Jacob. Jeremy can do it with classs and grace. Jacob would be so obnoxious.

I hope Jeremy and Audrey write that book.

Z3 said...

Jeremy fans, you know Jeremy had just as much of a mouth as Jacob did when he was Jacob's age. Now you're looking at a teenager compared with a man in his mid-20's and of course they're at two completely different maturity levels.

Jeremy obviously just wants to take advantage of whatever money he can keep getting from the fanbase he already has through the show. There's nothing wrong with that but it also kinda disproves that his motives are purely saintly. He wants to be nice to you now because he wants you to buy stuff from him.

I've never understood the praise for photographers anyway. They click a button. Any and everyone could do it if they tried. Look at instagram if you need evidence of that.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - spot on.

I am more amused that the sales website he's advertising is um... busted.

Also amused that Laura is throwing a hissy over Jeremy not calling out the great Satan - I am telling you, Laura, Jeremy doesn't care in the slightest.

I admit - a book from the braintrust of Jer N Auj would be amusing but I'm not holding my breathe - I mean, I am still waiting on Matt Roloff's behind the scenes bitchbook where he used his staff to gather up internet posts so he can call all the haters out to actually be published.

Guys - he did this highly edited video to make money. Ironic that none of you lovers are commenting on how you went right to his website to buy photos.....

Brandon said...

Z3, well said. At least Jacob admits to what he has said instead of implying that it's not true.

I also agree about photography. Not just about Jeremy, but personally photographers come across as self asorbed to me. Over-importance. You're right about Instagram. I've seen many people take the same picture.

Brandon said...

MS, exacyly. Money is the bottom line for Jeremy. People were creepers and randoms before Jeremy had something for them to buy. Now he tells them he's grateful for their support. He's so phony.

Z3, I forgot to say I don't even think Jeremy is that more mature than Jacob. He has just learned that now he can use those creepers he used to ignore to make money, so he knows to act polite.

His lack of true maturity is shown by how he still refuses to take any responsibility for those "challenging situations I found myself in." Having to always watch what he says suggests his words and character aren't something he wants the world to know about.

Ecossais said...

Why does this new blog have to turn into another "we hate Jacob" diatribe?

The bible thumpers should just stick to god, jesus and how wonderful Jeremy jesus is.

Thank you Jocelyn and Brandon for at least injecting some sense into this blog.

Ecossais said...

Are we really supposed to believe that Audrey's father paid for the wedding and that they handed TLC a free show?

PJ said...

Let's just recognize the elephant in the room. Jeremy basically says he lies to protect the family brand. Jake says what he thinks, right or wrong.
I will disagree about photographers. Some people simply see better composition than others. Poor photographers use the shoot constantly method that Jeremy talks about in the interview for his major award rather than waiting for the good picture. You shoot enough you're bound to catch something.

Lynn C said...

PJ, jeremy never said he lies to protect the family brand. He knows some people (like Jacob if he wasn't a Roloff) are iut to get him and cause trouble so he has to be careful. That's why Jeremy can't comment that gays need Jesus to be cured. He needs to stick with sharing John Mark Comer's podcasts.

Carly said...

I'd like to know what Audrey thinks of Jacob's behavior in the last year.

I would support Jeremy's works. He already has 200, 000 fans on facebook alone. All of his Instagram photos gets between 4000 and 9000 likes. That's a big base. Only some of those need to purchase for Jeremy to be successful.

Kelly said...

Ecossais, the differences between Jeremy and Jacob are too glaring not to notice.

Rap541 said...

PJ, jeremy never said he lies to protect the family brand. He knows some people (like Jacob if he wasn't a Roloff) are iut to get him and cause trouble so he has to be careful. That's why Jeremy can't comment that gays need Jesus to be cured

So Jeremy won't stand up for his faith because it would affect the money - nice to see you finally agree that the big boy prefers taking the money over walking with the lord, Lynn.

Seriously, that's so freaking hilarious, its Christian awesome *praiseworthy* for Jeremy to not stand up tall and proud to speak about his faith in order to make money.

Seriously, Christians, are you telling me Jesus wants Jeremy to be silent on the topic of homosexuality?

PJ said...

Lynn C,
Prince Perfect does basically say he lies every time he says "I have to be careful what I say" In other words I can't say what I really think. Like many grifters The Roloff's are all about keeping the marks happy.

Z3 said...

PJ there are definitely some rare creative minds that can use photography as tool for innovation, but the skill itself is not impressive and 98% of it out there could be done by anyone who took the time to really try. My 6 year old niece can and does take good pictures ever since I taught her how. It just takes some small effort rather than talent.

I agree with you about Jacob vs. Jeremy. They're what, seven or eight years apart? A ton of growth happens in that amount of time for a kid. That's not to say I think Jeremy has become a better person but his priorities are different and he knows how to bite his tongue. The Roloffs basically just defended Jeremy when he acted a fool at this age so why would they be any different with Jacob?

Lynn C said...

Rap, no. People like you twist what Jeremy says or posts. Just like John Mark Comer.

He wasn't hateful towards homosexuals. He said they are broken and need to pray to Jesus to be repaired.

But people like to twist that into "they hate gays".

Following the Bible's teachings is not being hateful. But if Jeremy were to say that, people would twist it into "he's hateful". Therefore, Jeremy just avoids the topic.

Yvonne said...

How can none of Jeremy's characteristics not rub off on Jacob?

PJ said...

Okay Lynn, let's try this.
I think people who rely on religion to run their lives are broken and need to be fixed. I think right handed people need retraining because it's unnatural.

Now how does it feel to be told you are broken for something you cannot control? How offensive is it to see your life treated as a disease?
That's what saying gay people are broken is for them. And do not hide behind the bible to hide your prejudice.

Barb said...

God bless Jeremy and Audrey for what they are doing. I pray that publishers will step up and make the books happen. A show would be terrific as well. The more Jeremy and Audrey are able to get their example of what life can be like with Jesus, the better.

Rap541 said...

Oh Lynn, you can keep saying it but saying it doesn't make it true.

You've said yourself, Jeremy isn't taking a stand on homosexuality despite his beliefs because it would create bad press for him if his actual true views were known.

What is being twisted? This was your justification for why he won't say it.

He knows some people (like Jacob if he wasn't a Roloff) are iut to get him and cause trouble so he has to be careful. That's why Jeremy can't comment that gays need Jesus to be cured

Come on Lynn, you said it, and now you're saying I am twisting your words. What's being twisted? If you can't explain what's being's most likely because I am not twisting your words at all. You're very clearly stating Jeremy won't speak his mind because he's aware that there are consequences, consequences he prefers not to face.

I'm not twisting anything about what you're saying, I am just asking if you genuinely believe Jesus thinks Jeremy's role as a Christian is to take money to be silent about his beliefs.

And Lynn, if Jeremy genuinely believes homosexuality is wrong, but sits silent because he's afraid of being called a hater, then I don't see why you find that admirable. He knows what is right, per you, but is too afraid of the consequences to stand up for what he thinks is right.

And you're justifying his cowardice.

Rap541 said...

How can none of Jeremy's characteristics not rub off on Jacob?

I'm absolutely certain the love of weed rubbed off.

Austin said...

The only Roloff whose book would be interesting would be Jacob and even that would only be if he was estranged from his family and didn't care what they thought. A book from Jeremy would be pointless.

Emma said...

You people need to stop looking through rose color glasses. Don't you think he did a video to keep him in the spotlight and give his new website more exposure. Jeremy has not recognize his fans in the past but suddenly has made a video for them. Jeremy didn't say anything new that he hasn't said on the show. This video is a tease to keep you wanting more from Jeremy. Noticed how he won't talk about how to make a long distance relationship last and what is braid it. He didn't explain both of these because he wants to write a book and it's on Audrey blog. Jeremy is not the saint you think he is. If he has to watch what he does and say then he is not being true to who he is and not being a real person. It's is a sad life Jeremy is living if he has to watch what he says and does. Everyone today is living in front of cameras because of cell phones. Stop with the Jacob hate. Jacob is being honest and not going along with being fake so that he and his family don't lose fans and the TV show. Jacob is not interested in the show there is nothing wrong with that.
For Jeremy being a photography and video major his Youtube video is not very good. It has bad sound and editing. His pictures are nothing different than others. Anyone can take great picture by using a good camera and filters. Just look on other peoples instagrams.
You can quote the Bible all you want it doesn't make you a great person. What make you a great person is the way you walk in life and the actions you take. Jeremy is not doing that because he has to sensor his words and actions because of the show.

Van Barton said...

He is certainly correct that being in the public eye is horrifically difficult. A lot of the questions are intrusive and inappropriate.
Forget strip mining his thoughts for his degree of belief in a superior being. It's none of your business.Forget grilling him on his younger brother; again, his thoughts are none of your business, and your comparisons are ridiculous.

Timothy said...

Van Barton, the Jeremy pity is pathetic. I'm surprised he didn't answer "What's your favorite color?"

When you whore your life out on "reality tv", including your wedding and then ask people to ask questions, I wouldn't consider those questions intrusive. They are what I would expect if you eliminate all the tough questions.

But Jeremy answered and wanted to do the video because it's one big promo to sell his stuff.

Denise said...

Van Barton, Jeremy was definitely gracious to answer anything.

He shows that he is a very down to earth follower of Jesus.

God has great things in store of Jeremy and Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Van Barton said...
He is certainly correct that being in the public eye is horrifically difficult. A lot of the questions are intrusive and inappropriate.

And if he is unhappy about it, he can certainly remove himself from the public eye. Jeremy is almost 25 years old. If he wants to be private, he can. His mommy and daddy can't force him to do the show. Jeremy doesn't HAVE to encourage people to like his facebook by offering a video in response.

Obviously, he wants the opportunity to make money off his fans more than he wants privacy. Obviously the money to be made is more important. Timothy is quite correct - Jeremy is selling himself here like a whore - "Like my page and I will answer some carefully screened questions and offer you the opportunity to pay me for prints of my photos."

Its not even a bad plan although I notice not one fan of Jeremy here expressing any plan to hand the guy money for a print.

PJ said...

No Denise, Jeremy was not gracious to answer questions. He set the video up to sell his photos. It's basically an infomercial.

Denise said...

PJ, that's ridiculous. It's not an infomercial. Selling his work is only one part of the video and that's because it is in demand. Read his social media comments. People have been asking him for months how they can buy his prints.

He didn't have to talk about his feelings on his parents separation or explain that his grandparents moved or explain why Jacob is rarely on the show or talk about his faith and the role God plays in their lives.

He was gracious to do that for the fans. Jeremy has class.

Brandon said...

"Like my page and I will answer some carefully screened questions and offer you the opportunity to pay me for prints of my photos."

Rap, you worded that perfectly. That's what annoys me. lol.

I am offering you the opportunity to pay me money. Ain't I nice?

It's not a crime to want to make money. It would be more upfront if he said "I would be really grateful if you were able to support my work/career by purchasing some of my prints."

That's not Jeremy. He's offering people the opportunity to give him money.

Debbie said...

Rap, I will most definitely support Jeremy's career by purchasing work from him.

Jeremy is talented and guided by God. Jeremy and Audrey are doing great things and I always look to support people who are living for the Lord.

I'll make my opinion clear. I understand Jeremy does not have an obligation to speak in depth about what a disappointment and black mark on the family that Jacob has become. I would like if he would address it. Perhaps Jacob needs to hear that Jeremy is hoping and praying that Jacob gets his life on track by turning to Jesus.

Jeremy doesn't need to do that and choosing not to because the Roloffs prefer not to air their dirty laundry in public if it's not on the show. Jacob is definitely dirty laundry. He is akin to a rotting and moldy sock that is stuck under the bed. The family doesn't want to bring attention to it.

Debbie said...

I also look forward to all of Jeremy and Audrey's works. The more Audrey comes to the forefront, the better.

MS said...

Denise, Jeremy ignored his fans for years and even made fun of them. Now this video emerges. What's changed? He has a business now -- that's what's changed. All of a sudden, his fans are useful to him. He sees dollar signs. You really think this is all a coincidence?

Rap541 said...

Debbie - how much money are you willing to pay Jeremy? :)

I'm genuinely curious.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, thanks,

I actually don't mind Jeremy's attempt to sell his prints (in part because it speaks to his professionalism that his website is not functional at the time of the video release) in part because I can't blame him for wanting to ride the gravy train. There is a subset of this fandom that is going to hand him money simply to think they are someone important to Jeremy. Denise makes a fine example of that.

She's going to buy prints to support Jeremy. Not because she wants prints or likes his photography, or is even impressed with his inability to agree with her that his brother is the Satan of our times, but because she just wants to be special to Jeremy.

I mean, he doesn't even have to take any strong moral stances.... she's willing to hand him money. Its a great deal if you can get it...

However, I genuinely doubt Jeremy has so many "Denises" out there and that source of income will eventually dry up and he'll need to provide real products. If, you know, his website ever actually opens up for business.

Jaina said...

Fuck off, Debbie. Don't compare Jacob to a dirty sock. Sad old lady.

Judy said...

Debbie, I laughed out loud.

Jaina, get a sense of humor. It was a remarkably good (and hilarious) comparison if you think about it.

Angela said...

I hope Jacob watched Jeremy's video. He should focus on being like Jeremy. Use this year to find Jesus and dedicate his life to Jesus.

Jaina, Debbie, Judy, the dirty sock reference WAS funny.

PJ said...

Judy your lot has seriously lacked humor until now but talking rotting trash and a human being is funny. Sick, sick.

Debbie, oh Debbie, there you are talking out of both sides of you mouth. Previously you were among the group pleading with Prince Selfish and Ste Auj to take Jake in hand and now they don't need to discuss the family embarrassment? Even though this was a perfect time for Prince & Ste to do so? Sorry but you cannot have it both ways.

Eric said...

Jer was trying to be nice, but if I were Jacob I would ask myself why Jeremy couldn't bring himself to elaborate or say anything actually real about Jacob.

Michelle said...

Jeremy and Audrey have a strong relationship because Jesus comes first. All the best to them.

sc said...

So because Jeremy is so worried about his celebrity status he is never his true self or can't talk about what's important to him. Hm. That seems backwards.

Rap541 said...

Btw this goes to an earlier question I asked that the christian crowd refused to answer - what if anything Jeremy and Audrey were obligated by their faith to do despite perhaps not wanting to.

Apparently Jeremy, proud deomstrative Christian he is, is not *required* to say boo about his brother turning to Satan now. Jesus is totally fine if Jeremy sits silent on that topic and does nothing.

PJ - it is *hilarious* that Debbie is letting her precious Jer off the hook for not stepping up like a man and speaking out. I assume St. Auj is a precious Christian for saying and doing nothing as well.

How to be an example Christian? Watch your family member turn to the devil and do nothing and say nothing - Jesus wants his followers to do *nothing* when faced with evil. Jesus is going to *praise* Jeremy for *doing nothing*.

J said...

Debbie, is this some twisted form of tithing where you feel that anyone "guided by God" deserves your money? I can hardly imagine anyone dying to purchase random photos from any other mediocre wedding photographer, which there are thousands of in California alone. Others are right in saying that Jeremy really isn't special.

Debbie said...

Rap, why do you insist on making me repeat myself?

Would I prefer if Jeremy spoke about Jacob's plight? Yes.

Do I feel the right thing to do for Jeremy would be to speak about his disappointment in the path Jacob is choosing? Yes.

Do I think Jeremy is obligated to act as I think he should? No.

Just because someone doesn't make the same decision as you would or the decision that you feel is right doesn't mean you cast them aside as no good.

PJ said...

"Just because someone doesn't make the same decision as you would or the decision that you feel is right doesn't mean you cast them aside as no good. "

And yet Debbie that's exactly what your lot has done to Jake. It being a hypocrite part of the right wing dogma?

ren said...

Hells yeah PJ!
Watch it, I bet the retort will be something about "Jacob's evil eyes" - because THAT argument PROVES they're right! Lol, it's completely laughable that THAT is truly some people's basis of reasoning against a teenager.
They can't allow themselves to see the inherent conflict about about what they say and feel about the "good" brother vs the "evil" brother.

Rap541 said...

Do I think Jeremy is obligated to act as I think he should? No.

Debbie - do you believe God wants Jeremy to do nothing in regards to his brother falling to Satan?

I'm singling you out because you're the only one dumb enough to not understand how everything you're insisting - that Jeremy is not required to do anything to save others - is actually completely against your professed faith, and Jeremy and Audrey's professed faith.

Does God want Jeremy as a Christian to do nothing?

Debbie - do you believe God wants Jeremy to sit back and protect himself? That God wants all of his followers to sit tight and only evangelize to others when they are perfectly safe and comfortable?

And considering how virulent you are in judging Jacob - seriously, you just hand wave away a STRONG dedicated Christian who is directly related to the devil child doing nothing and in fact actively praising the devil boy? Jermey praises the devil possessed and you call that Jeremy being a good Christian - because you do insist he's a shining light to God, despite your mild disappointment?

You're sadly ignorant of your own professed religion.

Debbie said...

No matter how many times you ask it is not going to change my answer.

I would like Jeremy to speak up. I think he should speak out about Jacob.

However, I'm not going to condemn Jeremy just because he doesn't act as I want him to...I will also add that neither you or I know if Jeremy has spoke to Jacob privately. He chooses not to air dirty laundry on social media. I think it would be beneficial for Jeremy to address it. But Jeremy does not see it that way. It is Jeremy's decision.

Debbie said...

PJ, you can't compare a good person making a decision to not do something you think they shoukd with someone who is a bad person at their core like Jacob. His entire life is dedicated towards the negative side of life.

Rap541 said...

Does God want Jeremy as a Christian to do nothing?

Debbie - do you believe God wants Jeremy to sit back and protect himself? That God wants all of his followers to sit tight and only evangelize to others when they are perfectly safe and comfortable?

You're not answering the questions, you're avoiding them... no doubt because you do understand that yes, God has expectations of his followers to do more than nothing. Way to let Jeremy off the hook. Tell me again what Jeremy *does* that makes him a strong Christian? Because saving others is apparently not part of *your* faith despite your insistence you're Christian.

Gail said...

Jeremy's video, the images at the beginning are beautiful. Anybody denying Jeremy's immense talent obviously has a bias against Jeremy because he is a Christian.

Jeremy and Audrey are magic together and the more they do in the media, the better it is. I look forward to their books and seeing them on television more.

PJ said...

Gail I truly do not care what religion Prince Selfish and Ste Auj are. His talent is simply not that great. As the daughter of a true natural talent and someone who's worked with many art school students his photos look like every mediocre portfolio out there. He may improve with time. It's not uncommon for recent graduates to have trouble breaking away from the formula they are taught.
As fake as these two have shown themselves to be I sincerely hope any Tv work is on "Christian" TV only, like Kirk Cameron.

Debbie said...

"Does God want Jeremy as a Christian to do nothing? Debbie - do you believe God wants Jeremy to sit back and protect himself? That God wants all of his followers to sit tight and only evangelize to others when they are perfectly safe and comfortable?"

Things are not black and white, Rap.

God wants Jeremy to do what he feels is right in his heart to build His Kingdom. Perhaps Jeremy feels the best way to do that is to simply live his life in the manner he does and pray that Jacob opens his eyes and realizes if he wants a fulfilling life as Jeremy has, he should seek Jesus. Again, both you and I aren't privy to whether Jeremy had private conversations with Jacob and tried to reach him that way.

Perhaps Jeremy feels the best way to build His Kingdom is to only be positive publicly and not draw attention to the mess that is Jacob's life.

As I said, personally, I feel the best way to deal with Jacob is to be open and honest and elaborate on his feelings an disappointment. I think that would be setting an example for others, especially others who might be almost as messed up as Jacob and will see the hurt they will cause their loved ones if they choose to shut out Jesus.

God commands His followers to build His Kingdom. Jeremy is doing that in his own way with Audrey. Just because Jeremy and I have a different approach to the best way to deal with Jacob is does not mean I am going to condemn Jeremy.

Laura said...

Off topic - I request that Spiritswander dedicate a thread to Audrey's blog so the readers here are sure to see what Audrey is posting.

I loved this from Audrey's blog about her 2015 goals. A great reminder to all of us to keep the Lord first in our lives.

"Read truth, The Word, every day | Go somewhere new every month | Pray for someone every night for a week straight (new person each week) | The Prayer Mile – during one mile of my run, turn off my music, thoughts, podcast ect. and pray | Memorize a verse every week | Run a marathon | Get promoted | Read 10 new books "

Rap541 said...

Where is this stated in the bible? That God wants people to what they like, and not what He wants?

Pretty sure Abraham didn't want to sacrifice his only son. Pretty sure David didn't want to fight Goliath. Pretty sure Daniel didn't want to hang out with the lions.

Pretty sure Jesus would have preferred a less unpleasant way to bring on redemption.

But God wants Jeremy to pick the easiest path? The "say nothing publically about the satanic brother or about upholding God's law about homosexuality" path because God *wants* Jeremy to sit silent and do nothing?

Again.... have you *actually read the bible*?

Judy said...

PJ, the Roloffs, except for Jacob, have a tremendous amount of respect for Kirk Cameron. Your insults mean nothing.

Kirk Cameron can tell it like God says it is, that homosexuals are destructive towards civilization. Jacob doesn't have the courage to say that, yet he does not want homosexuals around him.

Jacob doesn't want gays in his life, but he is afraid of making his feeling known on a global scale because his liberal and druggie friends may not agree.

PJ said...

Judy it wasn't an insult it was saving the rest of us from Jer and Auj and allowing the people who want to see them to do so.
Same goes for Auj's blog Laura. If people want to know what she's saying why can they not just read the blog instead of repeating it here? After all this blog is not about the goodness of Auj, it's about telling truth about the Roloffs since they choose not to do so frequently. As examples see the lawsuit against their county that they crowed about until they lost and Matt's DUIs.

Rap541 said...

Kirk Cameron can tell it like God says it is, that homosexuals are destructive towards civilization. Jacob doesn't have the courage to say that, yet he does not want homosexuals around him.

Judy - I trust you agree then that Kirk Cameron is much stronger in his faith than Jeremy "Jesus wants me to sit silent and protect the money" Roloff as Kirk Cameron has been willing to accept the consequences of standing up for his faith while Jeremy... prefers the check to standing tall?

I completely don't agree with Kirk, but I do respect his willingness to take the good and the bad that comes from standing up for what he believes him. Unlike Jeremy.

NJC said...

Oh come on Rap it can't be more clear. Jacob is evil. He keeps his mouth shut about the gays because he is weak and doesn't want to upset his druggy liberal friends.

Jeremy on the other hand is a saint on earth. He keeps his mouth shut about the gays because he is building his kingdom and Jesus doesn't want him to do anything that makes him the least bit uncomfortable.

Apparently Jesus coddles Jeremy as much as everyone else in his life.

Wow said...

Ah, the gays. Here we go. Yes, the Bible lists homosexuality as one of the sexual sins among others such as lust, watching porn, divorce and many many more. I wouldn't expect you to know this but the Bible actually condemns divorce many more times than it does homosexuality. You don't see conservative Christians attacking the millions of divorcees (or the millions of people who get re-married after a divorce, which the Bible says is even worse) or pushing for divorce to be illegal because they like to pick and choose what "truths of God" can and can't be chalked up to cultural differences between the time periods.

It's duly noted that you can't force other people to abide by your religious beliefs in America in any case.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy on the other hand is a saint on earth. He keeps his mouth shut about the gays because he is building his kingdom and Jesus doesn't want him to do anything that makes him the least bit uncomfortable.

Its amusing, isn't it, NJC, how Jesus's grand plan for such a strong Christian is for Jeremy to shut his mouth and comfortably sit silent.

*again, I'm not the one calling Jeremy an *example to emulate* - to listen to you Christians talk, the best thing ALL CHRISTIANS should do is imitate Jeremy, which means you should all shut your mouths about how your faith means you get to look down on homosexuals. Want to walk with Jeremy in faith? Be sure to hush about how members of his family are turning to satan. After all, you Christians want to emulate Jeremy and Audrey, right? Because they are such precious Christians, right? SO I am at a loss why anyone claiming to be Christian isn't following Jeremy's lead on these things. If Jesus thinks Jeremy should sit silent on these topics and do nothing... and Jeremy is the best Christian, and what you all want to be, I find it very odd indeed that you don't follow Jeremy's Christian example.

Is it because you're all bad Christians? Not as good as Jeremy?

Callie said...

Audrey works at a winery of all places? For some reason I thought she had gotten a better degree than that.

Denise said...

Callie, why must you try to degrade Audrey? There is nothing wrong with working at a prestigious winery in California.

Rap541 said...

I believe it's Ernest and Gallo. Not quite Franzini Box O'Wine but not exactly the finest winery in America either.

I personally have no issue with where she works, but I'd simply ask the question - would you call it a prestigious job at a prestigious company if it wasn't one of the favored Roloffs?

Anonymous said...

It's retail!

Ecossais said...

Why must you hype Audrey's job?
Gallo is not exactly prestigious nor is a sales person job prestigious.
Anyway back when she broke the bone in her foot she said she couldn't go to work for weeks because she had to lift cases of wine or something heavy.

This fanatical worship of everything Jeremy and Audrey do or say is just plain stupid.

Callie said...

Denise, why must you delusionally praise and idolize her? Sorry but Gallo is not prestigious. The job isn't terrible but selling alcohol isn't what I had imagined for a flawless saint.

Rap makes a good point, if Jacob was selling alcohol for a living it would just be more of the devil's work.

Nadine said...

So Christians have Jeremy and agnostic, lazy, druggie, arrogant brats have Jacob. I'm glad Jeremy is on our side.

Love the show. I hope to see more of Jeremy and Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Denise, why must you delusionally praise and idolize her? Sorry but Gallo is not prestigious. The job isn't terrible but selling alcohol isn't what I had imagined for a flawless saint.

Careful, Callie, you'll get them going on the "GOD DOESN'T FORBID ALCOHOL!!" line of reasoning that was flung around to justify how Jeremy wasn't at fault for drinking underage.

More seriously - I have no issue with her job, even if it is retail sales. Clearly someone has to work in that marriage and apparently its more important for Jeremy to play than find himself a prestigious job at a prestigious company. I'm reusing the term to make a point when someone decides to snot how Jeremy is busy dreaming his dream and pursuing his photography - if its prestigious and honorable for Audrey, why is Jeremy too special to lower himself?

PJ said...

Well, I wouldn't consider myself lazy, druggie or an arrogant brat but I'd rather spend time with Jake if I had to choose. At least he has a functioning brain. Prince Selfish has always been vapid and a few pennies short of a dollar.

Gayle said...

Audrey is nothing special and I guarantee none of you would even care about her if she wasn't a Christian. So ridiculous.

Connor said...

Only 3 more days...then the kid glove treatment stops.

Rap541 said...

Connor - and I expect you'll be angry that Amy and Matt, upon their son's 18th birthday, don't publically disown him and throw him out?

Likewise when Jeremy doesn't stand up like a Christian man and declare his now adult brother has to live like a Christian or never speak to him again?

Because I *really doubt* those things will happen.

Connor said...

"Connor - and I expect you'll be angry that Amy and Matt, upon their son's 18th birthday, don't publically disown him and throw him out?

Likewise when Jeremy doesn't stand up like a Christian man and declare his now adult brother has to live like a Christian or never speak to him again?"

Rap, yes I will! Matt and Amy spoil the brat, it's sickening! He has a car that took $100 in gas (when prices were high) Do nothing, disrespectful Jacob! And now the much talked about green truck.

Jeremy is also a wimp when it comes to Jacob. He should have whooped Jacob for the disrespect Jacob fired at Jer's girl.

I don't know where you get the idea that most people like the way the rest of the Roloffs handle Jacob.

Well, don't answer that. I know what you want. You think if anyone thinks the rest of the Roloffs share in the blame that is Jacob Roloff, that means Jacob is free from all criticism.

There's a term called "personal responsibility". You can recognize that parents spoiled their kid rotten and still blame the kid (the 18 year old in 3 days!) or choosing to act like a spoiled brat.

I don't expect anything to change in how the Roloffs deal with Jacob. But the excuses are gone for Jacob in 3 days.

The whining about doing the show? Gone. The whining about hating his parents, hating his house? Gone! He doesn't like something? Now he has the power to change it or else he should shut his mouth.

Rap541 said...

I don't know where you get the idea that most people like the way the rest of the Roloffs handle Jacob.

Well, don't answer that. I know what you want. You think if anyone thinks the rest of the Roloffs share in the blame that is Jacob Roloff, that means Jacob is free from all criticism.

Nonsense. Jacob is wasting his opportunities and he does have opportunities despite his crappy upbringing. He's smart enough to know he's wasting opportunities. That's just sad and pathetic.

That's also me criticizing Jacob. I have also repeatedly said his parents should discipline him for the drugs and the vulgarity - to protect the brand if nothing else, and idiots like yourself routinely insist I'm not criticizing him. You want to bitch and moan? Have at it but you're only showing your obvious stupidity when you insist that I don't criticize Jacob.

Now that we've established you're a dumbass who can't read critically, lets move on.

Yes, I do put some blame for Jacob's behavior on his parents. They've never bothered to discipline him, and they have told the world since he was 12 that they were empty nesters. They've allowed the drug talk, the drug use, the fucking his girl and every other thing you insist is awful to go on *for years. Yes, they know he's a drug using atheist shit and that car you're bitching about? They bought him. And when they continue to let him live in their home after he's legally an adult, I fully intend to call them out for enabling his behavior - the same way I did Jeremy when Jeremy was living at home at 18-21, attending a church that hates gays while his parents earned the money to let him loaf by calling themselves diversity speakers.

Connor - if they don't kick him out, they are *obviously* guilty of supporting his bad behavior.

Patricia Patrick said...

I would just like to thank the Christians on this blog whole heartedly.

I have been a Christian for about 16 years now. Full fetched, baptized and everything. I have been watching LPBW since it started. It appealed to me that the family was Christian. I always knew Jacob needed a little prayer. I've followed every roloff on social media sites, and upon my searches I came across everything Jacob related. I have found that Jacob is extremely real, expressing his opinions in an open manner a lot of us should appreciate.

I came across this blog after he mentioned it a couple times. The first thread, I definitely had my share of things to say, how dare he say prayer doesn't work. I was furious along with the rest of you.

It has been a couple months now, and as I read post after post, I have suddenly and slowly lost my faith for the Christian religion. My relationship with god is none of anyone's business, but after seeing the hateful disgusting behavior of every proclaimed Christian on this site, I have turned away from Christianity as a whole.

I obviously believe in a very less aggressive, more accepting God than these women on here. I will pray all of you - Debbie, Laura, Wendy, Judy - every hateful, condescending, judgmental, awful woman who has tortured a young boy to no end. It is surprising to me, after reading the comments, that not only Jacob but his girlfriend and his friends have managed to stay strong.

You should all be so ashamed. I'm disgusted for your families and whoever associates with you. People like you are not examples of Christianity. And if you are, you can definitely be proud that you've turned yet another person away from your religion. A woman who practiced it for 16 years. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth. I obviously didn't know what the religion meant. Now I do. Hate, spite, criticism. Thank you! You've changed my life.

MS said...

Gayle: "Audrey is nothing special and I guarantee none of you would even care about her if she wasn't a Christian. So ridiculous."

Yep, exactly. That's the first thing the more fanatical Christian crowd looks for in a person. That dictates all further judgments. Think about these "what ifs"?

What if Audrey wasn't Christian? Would she be lauded for her "prestigious" job? There's nothing wrong with her job, but I suspect it wouldn't be so glorified.

What if Jeremy wasn't Christian? Would this racist, selfish phony be looked at differently? Would he automatically be deemed a "talented" photographer?

What if Jacob was Christian? Would his bad behavior be dismissed? I think we know the answer to this one. It's called the Jeremy Effect.

What if one of the Roloff kids was *gasp* gay? Imagine the reaction.

Judy said...

"What if one of the Roloff kids was *gasp* gay? Imagine the reaction."

MS, you shouldn't even use that as a hypothetical as it's not fair to any of the Roloffs INCLUDING Jacob.

If there's one thing that all Roloffs agree on it's that the special rights the gay agenda seeks is destroying the country because gays are abnormal and disgusting. Even Jacob, in all his lack of morals, still has the sense to be disgusted by gay boys. Even he knows right and wrong when it comes to homosexuals.

You shouldn't even use a "what if a Roloff kid was gay" as a hypothetical. No one deserves that.

Eric said...

I hate to say it, but Jacob's dog looks a little dim. Like not the smartest dog around.

Laura said...

Patricia, I don't know where to start.

I question if you were ever a true Christian. I find it hard to believe.

Any true and objective Christian is disturbed by Jacob. Disturbed by his anger and darkness. There is evil in him just like Anne said. Disturbed by the way he mocks God and Christians. Disturbed by the way that he would mock his own sister in law for her faith in Jesus to provide her with blessings. Disturbed by his language, disturbed by his use of drugs. Disturbed by his sexual defiance. Like Judy and Jim have said, the only redeeming thing about Jacob is that he realizes homosexuality should not be accepted in his day to day life.

A true Christian does not condone what Jacob does. A true Christian prays for it to stop. A true Christian wants God's Kingdom to reign. A true Christian supports what Jeremy and Audrey does to inspire others to follow Jesus. A true Christian does not want Jacob to corrupt others.

Laura said...

"I hate to say it, but Jacob's dog looks a little dim. Like not the smartest dog around."

Eric, it is most likely because of all the marijuana smoke it inhales from being around Jacob too much.

MS said...

Judy, what's it like to be such a narrow-minded person? Honestly, if anyone's destroying this country, it's bigots like you who think your religion and lifestyle are the only acceptable way. If your son was gay, would you really describe him as abnormal, broken, disgusting, etc?

Judy said...

MS, it is abnormal. It should never be thought of as acceptable. Homosexuals are broken and need therapy.

It says something about the immorality of homosexuals when someone without morals such as Jacob is uncomfortable when a gay is close to him.

PJ said...

How dare you question someone elses faith. You demonstrate little enough of your own.

Just what "special" rights that no one else has are gays looking for? Certainly you don't mean marriage since every one else already has that and to deny it to one group is denying them their civil rights and highly illegal.
By the way I'm still not convinced Prince Selfish won't wind up with Muller.

As far as the dog goes, just like posters here some are brighter than others.

MS said...

Judy, what you consider abnormal is quite acceptable by many people -- even some Christians. Perhaps bigots like you are abnormal and need therapy?

Anonymous said...

MY god loves all and does not pass judgement. You christians need to go back to sunday school. You forgot some of your lessons. As for the Roloffs, they are just money grubbers. Anyone who uses 'religion' to look down on others are shams. Like all the fans on this page.

PJ said...

Please do not give up on a Faith you cherish because of a few self centered idiots that cannot see past the end of their noses.

Christianity has many wonderful things to stay for and many truly wonderful practitioners who would never think of spewing hate the way this lot does. I don't want to dictate your form of worship but look to the Pope for a truly godly person, or the Dali Lama, or many Unitarian churches who welcome everyone regardless of professed beliefs. Don't give up something good over evil people.

Rap541 said...

I question if you were ever a true Christian. I find it hard to believe.

Laura - please explain to everyone who appointed you someone that can judge who is and isn't a true Christian. At last check, that was God's place, and anyone who assumes God's authority is sinning, wrong, and upholding God's teachings.

A true Christian does not condone what Jacob does. A true Christian prays for it to stop. A true Christian wants God's Kingdom to reign. A true Christian supports what Jeremy and Audrey does to inspire others to follow Jesus. A true Christian does not want Jacob to corrupt others.

(sigh) Your pathetic ranting makes it too easy, Laura. If a true Christian does not condone what Jacob is or does, then Jeremy and Audrey and Matt and Amy are NOT true Christians by your own stated definition as they do condone his behavior. They do not speak out against his behavior. You said it not me, by their behavior of doing and saying nothing in the face of Jacob's evil, Jeremy, Audrey, Matt and Amy are NOT true Christians.

Any true and objective Christian is disturbed by Jacob.

Jeremy says he misses the evil in his life and has NEVER said he's disturbed by anything Jacob has said or done. Jeremy is therefore not a true Christian per your definition. I am not twisting your words in any way. Show me any Roloff saying they are disturbed by Jacob and that they do not condone his behavior and I will rescind my comment. Until then, by your definition of what a true Christian is, Jeremy, Matt etc are NOT true Christians.

Rap541 said...

MS, it is abnormal. It should never be thought of as acceptable. Homosexuals are broken and need therapy

And yet precious Christians Jeremy and Auj, and Matt and Amy, will never publically agree with you, Judy - because they prefer money to standing up for this cherished belief. And somehow, as you laud Kirk Cameron for standing up for this view, you ALSO laud Jeremy for doing the exact opposite.

MS said...

Excellent post, Patricia. I live in the South and, as one might expect, most of my friends here are Christian (and know that I'm not), yet they're nothing like the Laura and Judy types. Some of them are pretty religious -- regular churchgoers, Bible study, etc. They practice their religion, yet are accepting of others' religion (or lack thereof) and lifestyles. I never hear any of the hateful and bigoted nonsense that gets spewed here. They're capable of having a conversation that doesn't include "Jesus" in every sentence. A couple of them even have gay siblings. Guess what? Those siblings aren't ridiculed nor shunned. Imagine that! Good people and what I consider true Christians. I do think there are many good Christians on this blog as well. Unfortunately, a few of the more crazed ones make Christians as a whole look bad.

Denise said...

Well said Laura. Any true Christian lives to build and protect God's kingdom. No real Christian would be content with Jacob's conduct.

Anonymous said...

"the gay agenda seeks is destroying the country because gays are abnormal and disgusting"

The Nazis also took the low road to blame a group of people for the "destruction" of their country.

I totally agree with Patricia and MS. God created all, God loves all. Even the bigots, gays, drug users, divorcees, pork eaters, and those who wear shirts who are made of mixed fabrics.

Rap541 said...

Well said Laura. Any true Christian lives to build and protect God's kingdom. No real Christian would be content with Jacob's conduct.

Then Jeremy, Audrey, Matt and Amy are not true Christians as they ARE content with Jacob's conduct.

Thanks Denise. When you try to insist its not true - I will insist on public quotes from all the players stating they as Christians do not condone Jacob and nothing less. True Christians would say it out loud and proud. You said it yourself.

PJ said...

I'm pretty sure God can look after his own kingdom. Your job, as I recall, is to behave in ways that will get you into that Kingdom. Not doing so good so far if your posts are representative of how you live your life.

Denise said...

Absolutely not, Rap. A celebrity not wanting to air family drama on social media does not mean they are "content" with Jacob's behavior.

Rap541 said...

Absolutely not, Rap. A celebrity not wanting to air family drama on social media does not mean they are "content" with Jacob's behavior.

So if you're a celebrity, you don't have to stand up for what you believe?

How *lucky* for Jeremy!

And Denise - where exactly is this in the Bible? The "God doesn't want *celebrities* to abide by the same rules" stuff?

Please provide biblical citations or else admit this exemption does not exist. And remember - lies are a sin.

Jaina said...

My question is why can't you just praise your precious Jeremy without bashing Jacob? If you want to obsess over Jeremy for no reason go for it, but to then drag Jacob down to boost him up makes no sense. Jeremy loves his brother and THAT will not change. He even posted that he misses him. So their relationship is not affected by your hate driven comments. I'm all for you loving Jeremy, just do so in a manner that doesn't mean trash talking Jacob. I'm sure he doesn't need it.

Gayle said...

Laura, Judy, Denise... I hope you like warm weather cause I'll see you in hell. ;)

Debbie said...

Jaina, Jacob's problems are not as a result of Christians vocalizing the damage he is doing (or attempting to inflict) to both God's Kingdom and his life).

Jacob's problems stem from:

1. His refusal to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

2. His drug use. Jacob has made a choice to have drugs in his life instead of Jesus.

3. His disrespect towards his family.

4. The choices he made in choosing all of the above.

That's why Jacob's life is way off the tracks and is filled with darkness and hate.

Debbie said...

Denise, don't bother trying to explain it to Rap.

Nothing in the Bible states that one *must* use twitter to discuss your disappointment in family.

We've been over this many times with Rap.

I would like Jeremy to discuss it. I think it would benefit both others and Jacob.

However, Jeremy is not obligated to make the same choice I would make. Only Jeremy (and Audrey) and Jacob know if Jeremy has tried to reach Jacob in personal conversation (and Jacob is known liar so you can't trust him).

Perhaps Jeremy feels the best approach at drawing Jacob back to Jesus is to say he misses him so that Jacob will want to spend more time with Jeremy and will have desire to emulate Jeremy.

It's not the approach I think will be effective because Jacob has a dark soul. However, Jeremy choosing a different approach when it comes to discussing Jacob on twitter than I would like him to use in no way suggests that Jeremy is defying his responsibilities as a Christian.

Rap541 said...

Nonsense Debbie - you're telling me this.

No real Christian would be content with Jacob's conduct.

Show me ANY indication that Jeremy, Audrey, Matt and Amy, are not content with Jacob's conduct.

Vague prattlings about God don't count. Jacob is a specific problem in their lives to be discontented with.

Matt continues to praise the kid, Amy continues to let him live in their house, Jeremy's only comment is how much he misses the kid, and Auj hasn't said boo. Where's the discontent?

I am still waiting for some biblical citings to back up this double standard - that true Christians don't condone and aren't content to let it continue but *celebrities* don't actually have to do anything to get credit for not condoning.

Also waiting for someone to explain how Laura is allowed to judge anyone else

Rap541 said...

Debbie - see here's the problem.

Prove to me anyone in Jacob's family is concerned.

Go ahead. Provide proof.

Now, you and I both know you can't. Because no one in the Roloff family is going to hurt the brand by admitting there is a problem (if they genuinely think there is and I frankly doubt any of them care in the slightest)

I accept that - however, that does mean that the adults in Jacob's life do have the opportunity make it known how disgusted they are by Jacob. And they don't.

Which means you have absolutely no reason to applaud them for the public stance they *aren't* taking for Christ.

Jeremy could be an example to other young men in a similar situation. Instead he's sitting silent. Don't tell me one isn't better than the other because you'd be dancing in my face with glee if Jeremy ever took such a stance.

All you're doing is making pathetic excuses

Rap541 said...

Jeremy is defying his responsibilities as a Christian.

What are Jeremy's responsibilities as a Christian, specifically?

By specifically, let me explain. "Building His kingdom on Earth" is not specific. "Gives glory to God" is not specific.

MS said...

Debbie: "Jacob's problems stem from:

1. His refusal to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior....



That's a pretty narrow-minded view, Debbie. I would hope you realize that millions of people lead very satisfying, fulfilling lives without Jesus in them.

I would also hope you realize that many Christians have problems in their lives despite having Jesus in them.

My point is, Jacob's behavior (which I agree is bad at times but not nearly as evil as you make it out to be) is not due to lack of religion in his life. I know you won't agree, but I think it's pretty narrow-minded of you to expect others to live their lives according to your beliefs.

PJ said...

To all the kind, logical people,
As far as Laura, Denise, Debbie et. al.

As my mom said tonight. Ya can't fix stupid.

They will never answer a straight question. They will never accept that religion, while having a place in life, is not and should not be people whole life.
They'll never see any of Prince Selfish and Ste Auj's faults. And most of all they will never see Jake's potential only his surface attitude.
Please stop butting your heads up against a very stupid brick wall.

Rap541 said...

PJ - no no no

Someone has said Jeremy has responsibilities as a Christian. I am waiting to hear *in detail* what Jeremy's responsibilities as a Christian are,

That no one has run to tell me what those responsibilities are is INCREDIBILY telling.

He has responsibilities to his faith... yet NO ONE wants to detail what those responsibilities are!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed Jacob hasnt answered a question on ask in a month? I think he is getting kicked out of his house and is afraid to talk about it. Does anyone else find it weird?

Laura said...

Anon, Anne won. Jacob won't admit it, but Anne's campaign ended Jacob's Ask account. Never fight a battle against Christ because you're going to lose.

Jacob got his behind smacked for his Christian bashing. There was a dramatic change in what he put on his social media pre vs post Anne's campaign. Jacob didn't find Ask fun anyone since he wasn't allowed to ridicule Jesus, heaven, prayer and Audrey.

PJ said...

Anybody notice Anne hasn't been back here to defend her position?

The only thing Anne won was Jackass of the year, but don't worry you're a close second.

Rap I realize that the way these people win is by being obnoxious, evil little pit bulls (actually I love Pits they're great ) and folding is a really bad idea but it's gotten to the point that I feel like I'm talking to a wall because even my cats are more responsive when spoken to. And to some degree the religious nuts scare me, they're just like ISIS or the Taliban. Totally unwilling to acknowledge that there are other opinions in the world. They're scary in a bad way. No wonder Jake is so negative toward christians if this is what he sees at home and no wonder he did poorly at Faith Bible if this is the attitudethere.

Ecossais said...

Has it even crossed your tiny mind Laura that maybe Jacob just got tired of all the questions and negativity created by Anne's ridiculous attack?
There is not a REAL CHRISTIAN in you group of besotted jesus freaks so stop trying to take credit for nothing.

PJ said...

Nothing ever crosses Laura's tiny little mind.

As far as taking credit. What else do they have to take credit for?

Rap541 said...

Jacob got his behind smacked for his Christian bashing.

Laura, since no one in the Roloff home has the Christian fortitude to even comment, you can't know that at all.

I think several things are just as likely as your theory.

Let me give you some equally plausible options, much like yours can't be proven unless someone in the Roloff family decides to share.

1.He got bored arguing with a bunch of crazy people who hate him for no real reason.

I mean really, Christian, Jacob could write a polite treatise on why he believes as he does and you'd scream it was a lie, so why bother? As PJ says, it's like talking to a wall - an ignorant wall at that.

2. He realizes its immature to engage you because there's literally nothing he can do to please you.

Not as likely, I agree (I personally lean towards choice 1) but possible. I think Jacob is clever enough to realize that he could apologize to all of you (something Jeremy hasn't managed for his comments at the same age) announce he is dedicating his life to Christ and become a preacher, and most of you would still insist he's evil because *you're* immature.

I mean seriously, what could Jacob do to convince you he had accepted Christ?

Anyway - those are some alternate theories. Also here's a quote from Matt's facebook.

I want to be the first ... We'll maybe the second... To wish Jacob Roloff a happy birthday!!! 10 minutes ago he turned 18 years of age.. Happy Birthday Jacob... So proud of your recent successes. :))))

I'm guessing the lil satan ain't getting the boot today.

Anonymous said...

Are you a Christian? Your words should be with grace. But it doesn't matter how you perceive this son of God Jeremy to be. God knows what this young man's heart is during his interview. #outoftheabundanceoftheheartthemouthspeaks

Natalie said...

Jeremy tweeted that they are looking for a new place in Silver Lake.

Does that mean they don't like their apartment that Jeremy got without Audrey seeing it first?

What happened? God wouldn't let them make a wrong choice would He?

It seems very soon to be moving. Were they even there 6 months?

Rap541 said...

All I know is that I am fairly amused that its close to the end of March and Like a Letter - Jeremy's wedding business, shows *two* weddings booked between now and dec 2015. Even at 3k a pop, obviously Auj is supporting them

Anonymous said...

Looks like muller is gonna be a father again . Destiny just announced it on instagram.

Ecossais said...

God must have told Audrey to move.