Monday, June 1, 2015

Jeremy Roloff Launches New Website GoLifeorBust

Jeremy Roloff has finally opened his website that he has talked about for quite some time.

It includes a blog section and a place to purchase his photos although that section says "coming June 6th".

The "blog" section does have some blogs from Jeremy dated 2014 which is probably the first time people have seen in depth writings from Jeremy.

Jeremy's wife, Audrey, also has a blog linked:


Laura said...

It's great to see this site promoting the Roloffs who are doing something to make society a better place.

Jeremy and Audrey are doing great things and using their gifts from God to promote the Lord and lead to His Glory.

For anyone who ever doubted Jeremy's pride in God or felt he didn't want to identify himself as a believer to the masses, I suggest you read Jeremy's "Ehem, does anyone have jumper cables, for a steam locomotive?" blog. It is fantastic!

Brandon said...

So much hypocrisy from Jeremy in what he posts online VS what he actually embodies. It's made worse by the fact he quotes stuff about embodying your philosophy, not merely speaking/typing it!

Seriously read this from his "About Go Life or Bust" bio:

"So when you find yourself living with purpose, doing something that is hard, chasing a dream, or simply giving your time to someone who is in need.

How can he even type such a thing. Knowing some of the real stories we know about Jeremy, he has audacity to write about "giving your time to someone who is in need...Remember Benjamin's brother's story? That tells me all you need to know about Jeremy's character and how he treats people in need if they don't fit his perfect little box.

I was even quite appalled by Jeremy's quotes after his birthday about how the most important things in life aren't things....from a guy who is all about accumulating lots of expensive "things".

How about he lives without all those pricey "things" before going on about how all you need is God?

Even Audrey's "brithday present" to Jeremy is full of their double standards and contradictions. So Audrey arranged a meeting with a Pastor from Washington that Jeremy admires. And of course they hung out and were all buddies.

I would have loved for the pastor to call Jeremy a creeper and shun Jeremy and Audrey. Has it ever occurred to Jeremy that's how he treats other? But of course, he's somewhat of a celebrity so when he wants to meet someone he gets the red carpet treatment.

Barb said...

Jeremy and Audrey are terrific. It's wonderful to see young people living for the Lord.

Ashley said...

Brandon, I kind of agree with you.

I'm not anti-religion but I don't really connect to people like Jeremy and Audrey. They talk a lot about God, about "living for God" about "following God" and on and on, but they never really use real life examples of what they do to actually accomplish that.

Like you say, it's not like Jeremy goes out of his way to be kind to strangers unless they're paying him. Is that how he's "living for God"?

Peter said...

"No matter how hard you want something, there is always a price to be paid. Jesus says that the price is selfishness. The reason I have had trouble jump starting my joy is because somewhere in my life there is sin that I am too selfish to give up. Not only that, but by engaging in that sin I have been blinded to the fact (which seems obvious now) that it is the sin itself that is the problem! Goodness me, tactical battle move by the devil indeed… So, while the devil is taking advantage of my selfishness, the Holy Spirit in His mercy takes advantage of a single selfLESS act I do, and invades my mind with vision

If the above wasn't written by Jeremy Roloff, I would love to know what Jacob Roloff would have to say about such a person.

Angela said...

Brandon, get over it.

I don't care about Benjamin's brother's story. Trying to use that to shame Jeremy is spiteful and irrelevant on your part.

Jeremy not extending the arm of friendship to a mentally unstable gay man who approached Jeremy uninvited while Jeremy was on private time does not deny Jeremy the right to say a person can give themselves to someone in need. It does not disqualify Jeremy from saying that or suggest that Jeremy never does that to everybody else in his life.

A good example of that is Audrey. She did as Jesus would and reached out to Jacob's ex-girlfriend. Audrey even received criticism for reaching out to Stephanie because she was Jacob's ex. But Audrey listened to her heart that Jesus filled with love and according to Stephanie herself, Audrey inspired her to love life, love herself and love Jesus.

She was someone in need and Audrey stepped up and served as Jesus commands. That is what Jeremy is talking about.

Paula said...

TLC needs to give Jeremy and Audrey their own show. They demonstrate what is possible when you put your trust in Jesus.

Angela, well said!!! Clap clap!

Brandon, you're just a hater. Being a follower of Jesus doesn't mean Jeremy must befriend every crazy that approaches him.

MS said...

Brandon, spot on.

Angela, care to cite an example of what Jeremy has done for others, beyond words?Several of us have asked this before, but I don't recall any of his fans being able to provide even one such example. You talk about Audrey. What about Jeremy? Best that I can tell, Jeremy is all talk, no action. He had an opportunity and essentially ran away.

Crystal S said...

I just finished reading most of Jeremy's site. He seems like such a nice guy!

Do some people not like him just because you are offended that he's Christian?

Crystal S said...

Brandon, what is "Benjamin's brother's story" I've never heard of it. Do you have a link?

Debbie said...

Angela, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Jeremy hit it out of the park with his website. I'm glad to hear he's already having success with it. God has big plans for Jeremy and Audrey.

Crystal, it's not even worth your time. It was a feeble attempt to slander Jeremy.

Basically a poster here named Benjamin said his brother liked Jeremy and saw him in a hotel when Jeremy was there for a charity game. The brother was suicidal and went up to Jeremy to talk to him. According to him Jeremy was uncomfortable and made his escape as soon as he could. Benjamin said his brother committed sin by killing himself later. Benjamin was attempting to blame Jeremy for not wanting to become best friends with his suicidal brother.

The Jeremy haters on here are trying to use that story to make Jeremy look uncaring.

It's ridiculous.

Timothy said...

For those of us who have followed the Roloffs for years, it's kind of funny/sickening to see Jeremy's turn into a Mr. "Thank you so much for following/subscribing to me/my site" when you were around long enough to know how Jeremy completely ignored fans (who he called creepers who suck the unsuckable) well that is when he wasn't insulting them with his cool friends.

Jeremy only became Mr. "Thank you" on social media once he had something to sell (photography).

He even admits in one of the interviews he did on his site that if you want to be successful in photography you have to interact with your customers on social media to give the appearance that you're accessible.

That says it all right there. He's not genuine. It's all about money for Jeremy. That's why he and Audrey are hocking every company they can every 3 days.

Pamela said...

MS, you have some nerve acting like you know everything Jeremy does.

He inspires people by the way he talks about God and his relationship with Audrey, how they interact with people on social media and how they write about what's important.

You just want to assume that Jeremy treats people badly.

Hailey said...

MS and Brandon,

How can you guys be so hateful? How can you criticize Jeremy when he outlines life like this with such an uplifting philosophy?

"The idea behind Life or Bust is simple. To not just be alive, but to become alive.

Our goal is to create a community of people who are excited about life and are willing to surrender comforts and reform habits in order to experience it.

A community of doers. People who hear the little voice in their head, or inclinations of their heart and they act upon them.

These "whispers of the soul" are the thoughts we so often suppress and dismiss. The thought to wake up early and go for a run, or not to watch another episode, but to go fix that bike in the garage. The whispering sense to get off of instagram, or your phone and start a book, or just watch the people walk by. We need to start experiencing our now and living in our present instead of viewing the present of others.

We are a community that refuses to let our time, and our life, pass us by while we are looking down at a screen.

Life or Bust is the aching desire to actively press into life and to make easy what we have forgotten to do. Talking to strangers, making eye contact, not doing anything and being okay with it, watching and listening to our own present.

A community that is alive and radiates because of it.

Life or Bust is a way of being and our decision is simple yet vital, to chase Life, or bust."

MS said...

Crystal: "Do some people not like him just because you are offended that he's Christian?"

Not at all. I think most Christians are good people. However, I think Jeremy is a complete phony. All words, no action. He has a history of making racist and homophobic remarks. He ignored or was rude to his fans for years until he started his photography business. Then all of a sudden he needed his fans, so he made a Q&A video to promote his business.

The reality is, all of the Roloff boys are spoiled, lazy, and poorly behaved. However, Jeremy is given a free pass by many Christians on this site simply because he's Christian. Jacob is attacked for similar behavior because he's not Christian (and vocal about it at one point). For whatever reason, not much is said about Zach (nor Molly) here.

MS said...

Hailey: "How can you guys be so hateful? How can you criticize Jeremy when he outlines life like this with such an uplifting philosophy?"

His less-than-stellar track record? I'll turn the tables and ask why you're so convinced that Jeremy is this genuine, wonderful person so many make him out to be? Because he's Christian? Because he types inspiring words? Anyone can do that. It's ironic that "talking to strangers" is part of his message given the Benjamin story cited here.

Laura said...

MS, Jeremy is nothing but respectful to his fans. He's even replying to one girl thanking her for always commenting on his pictures. He notices. He uses the platform God gave him along with Audrey to spread a positive message.

I'm so sick of hateful people like yourself using a story of a mentally deranged sexual pervert to make Jeremy into an uncaring Christian. He made Jeremy nervous. I trust Jeremy's instincts. Jeremy removed himself from an uncomfortable situation. What, months later the whacko commits suicide. Now people try to use it against Jeremy? Unfair I say. Things worked out how they were supposed to.

Erica said...

Come on, MS. Jeremy talks to thousands of strangers. Nothing wrong with him saying that on his blog. That doesn't mean he needs to make time for every gay creep who tracks him down when he's on his own time.

MS said...

Pamela, I keep hearing how Jeremy inspires people with his words, yet not one person can cite an actual example of Jeremy putting any real effort into helping his fellow man? It's easy to sit behind a keyboard and type.

MS said...

It's funny how people keep assuming Benjamin's brother was gay or "sexually perverted" as Laura puts it. I don't recall any such thing stated by Benjamin. People here jumped to that conclusion.

Laura/Erica, was Jeremy respectful to his fans before he had something to sell? Did he even respond to his fans prior to this? Reread Timothy's post, particularly this:

"He even admits in one of the interviews he did on his site that if you want to be successful in photography you have to interact with your customers on social media to give the appearance that you're accessible."

I think he's learned well from his parents. It's all about money.

Rap541 said...

I'm mostly struck by how it's taken how long for this website to be developed and its still not fully functional...

, Jeremy is nothing but respectful to his fans. He's even replying to one girl thanking her for always commenting on his pictures. He notices. He uses the platform God gave him along with Audrey to spread a positive message.

Jeremy said his fans suck the unsuckable, aka that they suck dick when he was 17-18. Found it funny when his best buddy for ever was telling his fans to fuck off and commit suicide. But now that he's finally figured out that being pleasant brings more treats, Jeremy can finally interact with the public. Funny how money changes and corrects one's attitude.

Also Laura - as a Christian I want you to swear on the Bible that you have factual evidence (and not your Jesus filled "heart") that the person who approached Jeremy in a public place was a)mentally ill b)a pervert or c) motivated by any unkind intent?

Factual evidence, Laura - not your instincts. Because its been proven again and again that the hard core Christian crowd's instincts aren't always that good. I mean, Laura, how comfortable are you in your gut handing a little five year old girl over to Josh "Bestest Christian Ever" Duggar for a few hours of alone time on his lap? I mean, he says Jesus forgives and has forgiven him so you would have no problem as a Christian allowing an admitted child molester to be alone with your young family members, right? I mean, you DO believe he's NOT a sexual pervert because Jesus, right?

running dog said...

I miss Zach. Does anyone know how he spends his days? What are his favorite comic books? His favorite tv shows? Is he still pursuing that job as a soccer coach ? I think he is 25 yrs old . .. what does he do for work ? Does he have a new dog? He is still addicted to Mountain Dew? Any new updates appreciated.

NoTwists&Turns said...

Naturally being pleasant brings more "treats"; nearly every adult person knows that and learned it through the process of growing up. Maturity is what changes one's attitude, why would that be doubted and made into an accusation? I realize that some will continue to sensationalize the distant past; but it's going to be a much harder sell as the years pile up, and ought to be pretty flat by the time Jeremy, or his sibs, are planning their own children's weddings, but soldier on!

Carrie said...

Check out Audrey's blog

For someone who is supposed to care about substance and not style, one can't help but notice that Audrey's blogger collaborative event all features very pretty girls all spun up.

Glad to know God only cares about the pretty girls.

Jocelynn said...

I don't think Jeremy has changed at all.

Listen to his own Q&A video. The hardest thing about being a "celebrity" is always needing to watch what he says or does.

There's a disconnect there.
You shouldn't need to "watch" what you say. That implies you are thinking and feeling things that are wrong or hurtful and you don't want to get caught.

When really you should have learned that certain words or behavior is hurtful and you stop doing it because you learned a lesson.

That's what I never hear Jeremy say. I never hear Jeremy acknowledge any wrong doing. Just stuff about how sad it is that he needs to watch what he says.

Rap541 said...

I realize that some will continue to sensationalize the distant past; but it's going to be a much harder sell as the years pile up, and ought to be pretty flat by the time Jeremy

I am curious what you feel Jeremy has done that qualifies as super nice and awesome?

He's realized that if he doesn't call someone a cocksucker because they're a fan, and instead is pleasant to them, no matter what his actual feelings are, they might do things for him. I agree, that's gaining some maturity in realizing that being an asshole has consequences but a) most of us learn that in grade school not at *25* and b) that's not actually being a nice person.

Frankly, much like I don't think Jacob is the worst kid ever (his flaws are highly exaggerated and trust me, there are people flogging dead horses from years ago over Jacob) I don't think Jeremy is *the worst person who ever lived*. But neither do I think he's the most fantastic achiever, his every word a blessing and his every action that of Jesus. He's a 25 year old ne'er do well who doesn't seem to be doing very much with himself. that's not awful - but neither does it make him extraordinary or accomplished. Strip away your affection and look at the facts. He's a 25 year old who apparently works on and off as a wedding photographer and is married to a woman who works at a wine company. Whats so incredible that Jeremy needs the constant "Oh thank God for Jeremy! He's Matt's blessing! Everytime someone has an unpleasant interaction with Jeremy, it is absolutely because that person is evil/ugly/gay because only evil/ugly/gay people can't see how Jeremy *shines his light*".

So tell me - what *factually* has Jeremy done that is impressive to you?

Also Laura, I am still waiting to hear how you believe Josh Duggar is perfectly fine to be left alone with your young female children because you *believe* he's found Jesus and won't diddle your kids :)

If you genuinely believe Josh's statements, you would have absolutely no problem leaving your female children alone, unsupervised, with such a man. And when you refuse to answer, you merely prove my point... that you don't *really* believe.

Ecossais said...

Audrey has definitely become a Roloff not just in name. Her blogs are all about promoting something - blankets, lipstick, etc - and looking for comps.

This new spirits blog has already brought out the usual Jeremy Jesus worshippers. They must really be feeling lost without a blog to bash Jacob all the time. Jacob may not be the best behaved role model but he is definitely more genuine and honest than Jeremy.

NoTwists&NoTurns said...

I presume you are asking me, since your opinions follow a quote of my comments; so here's the answer: I said nothing about anything Jeremy has ever done that was impressive to me, or that anything ever was. He's a 25 year old married man who evidently works at being a photographer and appears quite ordinary in his writing skills and communication levels. I said nothing about him being superior to all other beings, or that he brings any blessings to me, etc. He seems far too ordinary to be pursued by anyone who might be fixated upon him either in a positive or a negative way. I said nothing about his being super nice or awesome either.
As far as his "actual feelings" when he's being pleasant, you don't know them, and people do not know yours either. I simply am not interested in regurgitation of what he said years back. Why would anyone be? You are very good at throwing in adjectives that a poster commenting NEVER used, and demanding they admit to some degree of worship.
And throwing the Duggar headlines into the mix and asking someone
to agree to let JD be their sitter is something I hope Laura, whoever she is, doesn't feel she must be lead into posturing with you about. Sorry, straw man arguments is the nicest thing I can comment about your efforts on that.

Shelby said...

Ecosais, Jacob honest? Ha! He kept saying he quit the show and would refuse filming.

But guess who was obviously filming stuff with Amy's salsa? Jacob!
Who was promoting and posting pictures of the corny "Roloff Mud Race Games".
Yep! Jacob! Mr. I hate the fake show and won't be on it.

He wasn't truthful. He only liked insulting people.

Rap541 said...

No twist and no Turns - then look thru the comments and threads and understand the history.

I personally have been called a lying hater for (gasp) pointing out the Jeremy the lauded Christian was drinking underage and when (double gasp) it was found to be true... not one proud Christin has ever had the chops to stand up and admit they were wrong to laud the boy. Nope nope nope, and not one apology to the many people called liars who, shocker, were actually being honest. But hmmm... there's still a constant demand to insist ANYTHING unpleasant said about Jeremy is a lie. Like for example the fellow who said his brother approached Jeremy in public and didn't have a good interaction. Various people here said it had to be because the person doing the approaching was a sexual pervert, mentally ill, and that Jeremy as a CHRISTIAN has no obligation to be pleasant to anyone. There's a similar story about a young girl who approached Jeremy to ask him a question and he was quite rude. This girl was called a liar, rude (to have approached Precious Jeremy at all) and *ugly* and Jeremy was lauded for his wish to not talk to fat chicks or queers as he is too goodlooking and Christian for that.

As for Laura - Laura is currently on record stating that since Josh DUggar has Jesus in his life, she trusts and believes him as opposed to evil atheist Jacob Roloff who she believes is burning in hell. Therefore I think, since Laura has made it a statement of faith that Josh's acceptance of Jesus's forgiveness makes him safe, then she should have no problem swearing as a Christian that she would happily allow her underage children to be alone, unsupervised, with such a fine Christian man.

Ecossais said...

I must be missing something, I have seen no video of Jacob involved with Amy's salsa or Roloff Mud Race Games.

MS said...

Shelby, did Jacob actually say he would refuse filming? I thought he said he would consent to crowd shots (i.e., no face-blurring at Zach's wedding and I guess other family activities), but that would be the extent of his participation.

PJ said...

" Anonymous Angela said...

Brandon, get over it.

I don't care about Benjamin's brother's story"

Typical "christian" Angela. And no one ever said the brother was gay that was added by the lyin' right.

Shelby said...

I guess we need to wait until new episodes air, but really, it's not that hard to figure out when the Roloffs are doing something for the tv show. Do you really think they hold Roloff family mud race games if it wasn't for filming an episode??

Matt posted about it on Facebook. Tori posted pictures on Instagram. Then Jacob posted a picture of him and Jeremy with a caption "it was close".

Is it really a stretch to think Jacob was particpating in filming the mud games for TV?

Yeah, exactly. Consenting to crowd shots is a lot different then playing mud races for tv filming. Jacob is a lying sellout.

pJ said...

" Anonymous Paula said...

TLC needs to give Jeremy and Audrey their own show. They demonstrate what is possible when you put your trust in Jesus."

Paula I sincerely doubt that any mainstream station is going to take a flyer on ANY overtly religious family shows any time soon. Duck Dynasty blew up when Phil was exposed as a homophobic bigot and then there are the Duggars.

" Anonymous Hailey said...

MS and Brandon,

How can you guys be so hateful? How can you criticize Jeremy when he outlines life like this with such an uplifting philosophy?"

Two things Haily. First that philosophy basically says "put down the electronics" and not one damn thing about helping others. And second most people who hear little voices and act on them are diagnosed as schitzophrenic.

Ashley said...

Holy crap! Jeremy's "print shop" is now open....$350 for his pictures! Wow! I guess people have money to spend just because someone is on TV!

Kathy said...

So he doesn't have a real job?

Ecossais said...

But the pictures are signed by a "famous star" Ashley! If fools want to part with their money that easy - good luck to them.

Ecossais said...

If photography is his real job I wish Jeremy luck. Who knows how long his "fame" will last?
Since he has talked about having kids Audrey is going to have to give up work sooner or later and it is going to be difficult, even if you are "famous", to make enough to keep a wife and newborn child plus pay rent, utilities, run a car, etc., just by selling photos.

Kaitt said...

Oh but Ecossais, that's where Matt Roloff comes in. Who do you think paid for Jeremy's college? For all of his pretty cars? He's had 10 cars and he's only 25. From selling photos? My ass.

PJ said...

How about from his TV money since Jer was 18 Kaitt?

And why would Auj have to give up work for more than a few months because of kids? it makes more sense for Jer to be Mr. Mom.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jeremy should ask Auj or Tori to proofread his blog posts. I don't think he does.

Anonymous said...

People do evolve, grow up..the past can't be undone, maybe he is learning that fact with his actions now.not defending Jeremy, just a comment.

Brandon said...

Anon, why assume Jeremy has evolved?

He has never apologized. He has never said he regrets anything he has done. He has never said he was wrong. There is absolutely no reason to think Jeremy believes he did anything wrong.

What I have learned from the little Jeremy has alluded about his past behavior is he feels like the victim who has done nothing wrong.

He thinks it's sad and hard that he needs to "always watch" what he says and does. That's not someone who has evolved. It's someone who has become more aware that he needs to do a better job of covering up his bad behavior because he will get crap for it that could hurt him financially.

That's not evolving or maturing.

Greg said...

How do you like Jeremy's several thousand dollar pet Drone? But hey, he doesn't need expensive toys, it's all about God, not money and things, right?

Ashley said...

Jeremy is so fake. It's funny seeing him try to be all polite and caring towards people who are ready to buy stuff from him. Does he text Mueller and say "hey look at how I fooled the creepers and randoms!"

Tonya said...

I don't like that Audrey and Jeremy never answer or address any subject that is not 100% positive.

Why not address are harder issue sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is a giant douche. I can attest first hand. Anyone who can't see all he does is a front for money and free things deserves to be duped. He's a good looking guy and people want to like him for it. It's sad. I can't stand him and I hope his wedding business and photo site go belly up within a year. Let the boy struggle then let's see his character and faith shine.

Lynn C said...

Anon, you can root against Jeremy all you want, but he has God on his side. He asked God for the plan and God answered. The response to his website launch has already been encouraging. They went to Joshua Tree to celebrate Jeremy's success.

I doubt there is anything to your "I know first-hand" nonsense. People are threatened by Jeremy's passion for Christ and his success.

Ecossais said...

So god is on Jeremy's side and gave him a plan? Just because he and his wife spout from the bible?

You must have nothing better to do than surf Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. How do you know they went to Joshua Tree and just what success are they celebrating?

Lynn C said...

Ecossais, yes I know Jeremy and Audrey went to Joshua Tree to celebrate Jeremy's successful launch of his website because that's what Jeremy said on his social media.

Drop the "you have nothing better to do" nonsense. You have nothing better to do than to come here and post about what we are saying. If you're going to participate in the discussion, you could at least educate yourself on what's going on or how about you stay out of it, since you have so many better things to do?

And yes, Jeremy prayed to God to give him direction and plan. He has followed what God told him, from going to Brooks, to moving to Santa Barbara to marrying Audrey. He's being rewarded with success. That's what happens when one puts their faith in Jesus.

Ecossais said...


I do have better things to do than follow the media jottings of people who seem to want everybody to know what they are doing.

I WILL NOT stay out of it. You are NOT the moderator.
I am entitled to participate in this discussion based on what is contained in THIS discussion and you have no right to tell me what to do.

I read this blog because I love seeing how the minds of people like you have been distorted by the god thing and how you worship Jeremy jesus.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, so people who are unhappy don't pray right?

God punishes them for not asking direction?

Anyone who is successful is Godly, anyone with unhappiness or trials is being punished by God?

Question - When Michelle Duggar miscarried her twentieth child that she obviously wanted, was God PUNISHING her? And if so, for what?

You're making it very clear - God rewards his chosen with material things and punishes those who don't follow him. How do you explain the book of Job?

Ecossais said...

Are you saying Jeremy should be "Mr.Mom" because Audrey is likely to be the better bread winner in the family?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - I have to agree with Ecossais in that I really hate it when you do the "Drop it!" routine. You're not the only one but really, if you and the various Christians all want to say "Jeremy and Audrey are perfect Christians and anyone who has a negative interaction is a lying hater who hates Jesus, and we have the right to HATE IN THE NAME OF JEREMY OH HOW WE HATE" - I certainly can't stop you. But I have every right to point out how sad it is that the best role model your faith has managed to toss up is a guy who really does very little to well... be faithful.

I mean, I know Christians who make Jeremy's occasional twitter about Jesus look like... well, the barely minimal effort it is. I know a guy at work who while he makes a reasonable middle class wage, is not wealthy, who plows most of his extra money into building supplies for his church because the place is in disrepair. He brown bags lunch and hasn't gone out or had any extra spending cash because he considers getting the new roof on the church too important. I know a lovely woman who fosters special needs kids, because she considers it something she as a Christian should do, even though she too isn't exactly rolling in cash. I could go on... I merely point out that you and your buddies are crapping on the actual good people out there when you hold up Jeremy as the be all and end all - if we all emulated Jeremy, frankly a whole lot less good would get done. And I have every right to point it out.

PJ said...

Lets face it folks, the Jer admiration has nothing to do with his religion and everything to do with teen-like crushes. And the Auj worship is jealousy.After all she must be perfect, she caught the Prince...

PJ said...

Yes I am Ecossais. After all at this point she's the bread winner so why not have her continue to work on her fabulous booze selling career while Jer stays home and makes himself pretty for when she gets home.

MS said...

But Jeremy is so busy typing (or perhaps cut n pasting) inspiring words for Audrey to proofread when she comes home :) How would he ever find the time to be Mr Mom? :)

Alex said...

All Jeremy and Audrey do is sell stuff. Pitch pitch pitch. It's all about making money for themselves. They throw around Jesus' name to make themselves feel good about being so greedy.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy looks like he's been putting on weight. If you look at his instagram, his face is filling out a lot.

Ecossais said...

They do sell stuff, particularly Audrey with her blankets, lipstick, swim suits and clothing, but I doubt they even consider themselves greedy for one moment.
I think the Jesus thing is more about pandering to the god squad fan base.
It is interesting that Jeremy seems more interested in selling "artistic" prints
than working as a photographer. If it works this lets him roam around taking photos that he likes rather than having to show up at a specific time to do boring weddings and things.

Christine said...

To go back to the point about Tori being obsessed with the Roloffs and their friends.

Look at her bridesmaids. Over half of them (at least) are all Roloff related. That might be just because I don't recognize the other 3, but she has Molly, Audrey, Mueller's wife Destiney and Dan's wife Erica. She doesn't seem to have many of her own friends.

Dud said...

Completely agree Christine. She was an obsessed fan and now all of her friends are just Roloff clan. Haha pathetic

Anonymous said...

Really?... How long has she been with Zac? At what point is she allowed to call people she might have met through him but has relationship with, her "friend". Huh? No, she isn't allowed to be friends with people that were friends with Zac first. That. Is. Ridiculous. Please stop trying to find reasons to dislike this young lady. You just do. I'm not going to say that it is because you can't imagine what she might see in Zac (but actually I am), but that isn't for you to convern your self over.

Gregory said...

Oh come on. It's literally HUMOROUS that she wrote "the man of my dreams". I doubt as a young girl she said to herself "ah, God... Please bless me with a little person for a husband." LOL. She saw the opportunity for fame and took it. That is all.

Tanya said...

And we just find it pathetic that she just uses Zach to get to his friends and anyone involving him. It's quite embarrassing. For Zach mostly.

Grey said...

You can tell Jacob's girlfriend isn't in it only for the fame because she doesn't throw herself on the family like the rest of them did.

P said...

Gregory you might be surprised what women dream about. Besides she may be talking about the important things like kindness rather than the unimportant stuff like looks.

leave tori alone said...

Why is it so hard to believe that Tori isn't superficial? Maybe he's the man of her dreams because they get along really well and enjoy going through life together? I think the whole "she's leeching onto the family" thing is bull. She went to college, has her own career and very well might be the one supporting Zach. So what if she gets along well with her mother in law and sister in laws? That's a really good thing. Also, who cares if she was shy and didn't have legions of friends beforehand? Who the hell are you to berate her for that? Quality of quantity, people. She has three of her own friends and four mutual friends as her bridesmaids. It's natural for couples to assimilate into each others friend groups, especially for girlfriends to befriend the other girlfriends. The fact that you can't believe a normal person would actually be in love with a little person is just sad on your part.

PJ said...

Interesting that you folks are hiding behind Princie Jer's skirts to trash his new sister-in-law. Such class.

Megan said...

"Leave Tori Alone"...Tori was singing the tune of "friends for life" like a month after she met the Roloffs and their friends. It's so obvious her goal was to become part of the club.

I've also noticed that as soon as one of the girlfriends of Zach's friends break up with said friend, Tori suddenly stops hanging out with her "friend for life". She was besties with Jake Remples gf Miranda until they broke up. Now Miranda isn't a bridesmaid...only current girls who are attached to Roloffs and their friends.

I think Tori is a user who just wants to be popular and cool.

PJ said...

How is Tori cool for marrying Zach? The Roloffs are Z grade reality stars whose show is thisclose to cancellation.

Rap541 said...

I think Tori is a user who just wants to be popular and cool.

Again, its been 4-5 years, and she's about to marry the guy...

Megan... you like so many other seem to profess to know the Roloffs. Have you sat down with any member of the family and expressed your fears?

Has any friend done so?

We know after four years Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, and Molly (and even Jacob) all seem to think Tori is fine. They publically express how glad they are that Tori is joining the family. There's not a grumble coming from any friend of the family willing to say "My name is X and I think Tori is a user" publically.

Apparently this is Christian love - all Zach's friends and family are gonna watch him make a terrible mistake because no one who cares about him will tell him all these awful things about Tori.

If Tori just wants to be popular and cool... why does NOT ONE PERSON dare tell Zach this?

PJ - Honestly, I already anticipate the "Well, Jeremy's wedding was nicer because Audrey loves Christ more loudly, Tori is only marrying Zach for a free wedding and Tori got two trips and a wedding versus Audrey's one trip and a wedding so Tori is a gold diggin g whore while Audrey walks with Jesus first" whining about it.

No one has yet to realistically quantify what Tori gains by marrying Zach when Zach was hardly the popular one....

Rap541 said...

I think Tori is a user who just wants to be popular and cool.

To be more blunt, then why is she marrying Zach? If her stated intent is to be popular and cool, why has she spent four years and planning a marriage to frankly one of the uncoolest people on tv?

Megan said...

It's because the Roloffs are on TV and famous. It's the same as friends that want to hang out with them because it makes them feel cool to be part of the "in crowd" that is invited to hang out while they laugh at the fans (the losers who aren't cool).

Rap541 said...

Megan - in all seriousness, if Tori was nuts enough to *marry* Zach just to be cool to the friend crowd... don't you find it odd that not one friend,and not one family member will say anything other than "Tori is awesome"?

Anonymous said...

Still a big douche bag. #1 he was a complete ass to his brother about dirty diaper, #2 he needs to get rid of the hipster doche man bun. #3 Audrey is a complete snob.