Friday, June 5, 2015

Matt and Amy Roloff Officially File For Divorce

Matt and Amy Roloff have officially filed for divorce.

They released this press statement:

"After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce. We are proud of what we have accomplished together including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses.
What do you think?

Our kids and our ever growing family, and the love and support we have for them, will be our priority. We will continue to work together side by side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures. We would like to thank our family, friends and all our fans for their continued support and understanding during this difficult time."

The news of the divorce is on all of the entertainment sites.

TMZ has a copy of the court papers:


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Judy B said...

It's very sad. I feel for Matt. Amy has been a terrible wife to him for years. She was always criticizing and putting him down. She knows nothing about being a good Christian wife.

I kept thinking that Amy should have joined Audrey and Jeremy for John Mark Comer's sermons about how a good wife treats her husband.

The show should now shift their focus to Jeremy and Audrey who shine light on what it means to be Christian.

Ashley said...


I'm confused. Why is Jacob listed?? He is 18.

Lynn C said...

I agree Judy. Matt and Amy should have looked at Jeremy and Audrey for inspiration.

Debbie said...

Amy always treated Matt shamefully. Amy should look at herself in the mirror if she wants to reflect on why they divorced. She was nasty.

Jeremy and Molly took after Matt and Zach and Jacob are like Amy. Enough said.

Rap541 said...

Yeah because Matt is perfect, and always awesome. I mean, when he left his wife alone for a fun trip to Hawaii over Mother's Day because he needed sun time, he was right! And when his wife left him alone on his birthday for an actual job event, he had every right to pull a little bitchface and whine to the public how it was a tough nut for him to handle. I can cite many examples of Matt running his wife down and cheerfully noting to the camera how stupid/useless/dumb his wife was and also perhaps he should get parent of the year for his MANY comments on how he finds spending time with the family a waste of his time?

Look, I've never called Amy a saint in this relationship, but I also have seen Matt openly compliment his wife once, and that was at the wedding. Go back to season one and really listen to Matt bitch and moan, and whine how stupid his wife is.

And Debbie - if Matt wasn't man enough and father enough to raise his children to where you cite 50% of his kids as shitty like his shitty wife, then he's a pretty shitty father, don't you think? I mean, half his kids are scum like his wife. That was your point? Amy, Jacob, and Zach are all shit while Matt, Jeremy and Molly are shining? Half the kids sucking is an F for parenting, you know.

NoTwists&NoTurns said...

Since they live separately, why not get divorced?

I'm glad for with Matt must have been like having a fifth child. He boasts, commands, and generally is totally self-serving, with almost zero regard for her opinion, thoughts or feelings in any area. Methinks he brushed off her rational reasoning about his kooky schemes once or twice too often. How discouraged she must have been when he flatly refused to engage in any discipline for his own children, because if he were stern, they might not "think well" of him, and for Matt, that trumped all parenting duties.

PJ said...

If you all will remember in the beginning Matt was such an irresponsible person Amy worked three jobs to make sure her kids were fed and had a home. I've always felt sorry for her married to a spoiled man-child that felt his "projects" were more important than his own children. Remember the vacations he left early because he was bored? Wasn't the idea to spend time with his kids? or the time he told her he wanted to move to Maui and she could call when the grand-kids arrived? Yes she got to be a shrew but he deserved it for the selfishness and the continued drinking.
As far as the show goes I doubt this would be happening if there was any chance of the show continuing past Zach's wedding.
As for you pseudo- religious types, she's the active Christian and he's the drunk.

Paula said...

Personally, I don't find it surprising that their marriage really broke down and couldn't survive when only Jacob was left at home. He would be a strain on any marriage.

Angela said...

It's very disappointing to see another marriage go down. God should come first and the marriage would have flourished.

If it wasn't for Jeremy and Audrey, I would be done with the Roloffs.

Anonymous said...

I love Rap541

Rap541 said...

Angela - in fairness - are you saying God didn't come first to BOTH Matt and Amy... or just Amy?

In other words, do you believe Matt has any fault here and needs to approach his son for advice that he as a man should be open to accepting as you believe Jeremy with still under a year is now a FONT of marital wisdom that his father is stupid to not listen to?

It's time for Matt to sit down and say he needs to learn because he was wrong and his son was wiser and has more knowledge? I mean... I am genuinely curious - you genuinely believe Jeremy with under a year of marriage is the better husband because why? And do you genuinely want to see Matt settle himself down and publically admit he needs to mind his son's advice as Jeremy is again... a font of marital wisdom?

Danielle said...

Hey Paula, you know they haven't lived in the same house for 5 + years? Jacob has nothing to do with this.
Also, Matt is a drunk who needs attention anywhere he can get it. I sympathize with Amy. She is doing her best.

Angela said...

Rap, can you calm down and have a mature discussion?

When a marriage fails, both are at fault, although I have never been fond of Amy.

Yes, most definitely, an adult son or daughter can most certainly embody the spirit of Christ and live a more Christ like life than their parents. It is up to the individual. Jeremy and Audrey deserve the praise themselves for having the strength of character. Jeremy surpasses his parents example of pleasing God. I can't speak for Audrey, but she appears to have had a better example than Jeremy. Her parents seem to be dedicated Christians.

The show should focus on the positive and that means shifting to Jeremy and Audrey.

Shelby said...

Ashley, when I saw Jacob's name in the divorce document I thought one or both of Matt and Amy were trying to distance themselves from Jacob, lol. Can't say I would blame them. I did think it's weird that it is some legal technical reason because Jacob is over 18. Is it because the process started before or something?

Ecossais said...

So it is Jacob's fault that they are divorcing?

Anonymous said...


Your comments are no more mature than Rap's. Time to expand a little beyond the one track mind of Christ, Christians, Jeremy-jesus and Audrey's Christian parents.

MS said...

Angela: "The show should focus on the positive and that means shifting to Jeremy and Audrey."

IMO, there's very little positive about Jeremy, but playing along, why should a *reality* TV show only focus on the positive?

Rap541 said...

Angela - what makes you think I am not calm?

The show is done, Angela, because the show Little People Big World is about a married couple of little people. Let's be clear, Angela, it wasn't power of Christ shining thru *Jeremy* at age 14 that scored Matt and Amy the show... it was that Matt and Amy were dwarfs and Zach and Jeremy were a novelty.

The show is never going to focus on Jeremy and Audrey because there's no hook to a young white married couple where the wife supports the husband as he diddles around at being an artist.

That's before I get into how neither Jeremy or Audrey (or Zach or Tory, or Molly or Jacob for that matter, lest you think I am slamming Jer and Auj) are very engaging on camera. Its a personality issue - I can be fair and cheerfully concede Matt has a big personality and loves the camera and his engagement and willingness to play for attention, coupled with the fanciful projects, is why the show was successful. So Jer and Auj have nothing unique going on, and are a bit blah on camera... and before you attempt to use this as an arguing point - no, their Christian faith isn't that unique and btw Jeremy has always been on board with not displaying his faith prominently, so why do you think Jeremy would suddenly change gears and be all "Folks, I'm getting out of bed and Auj and I are immediately dropping to our knees to give GLORY to CHRIST" - "Folks, this is my church that I LOVE, I LOVE going to church!"

And then lets not ignore the child molesting element in the room - I personally wonder whether TLC would be comfortable with "Jeremy, Audrey and JESUS" as a show these days since their last show about shining Christians giving glory is currently making headlines for incest and molestation.

At least you're willing to acknowledge that Matt and Amy, and not just Amy, weren't letting God shine.

Anonymous said...

Shelby, yes, there are technical legal reasons why Jacob was listed. But feel free to continue spreading your hate by publically suggesting Jacob's parents are divorcing in an attempt to distance themselves from him.

I suspect if Jacob died, a number of people here would skip with glee and applaud themselves for praying for it.

Melissa said...

Rap, I think the Duggars are a reason why TLC might do something with Jer and Auj. It's obvious TLC wants to keep 19 Kids for the Conserative Christians, but the pressure is mounting against them.

It is also obvious that Jer and Auj are trying to be celebrities. They cooperate and thank the entertainment mags for stories on them, they both sell products all the time, they both have opened blogs...Jeremy is actually writing long blogs. They are very Jesus centric on their blogs.

I think they are trying to make themselves attractive for TLCs Christian crowd.

Cindy said...

Is anything going to change? I've thought Matt and Amy have been divorced emotionally for years and years.

Are they going to keep the same living arrangements? Both on the Farm and Matt in the house off to the side. Or build another one on the new property?

Matt and Amy have shown that money is their number one priority and they are willing to work together to sell stuff (be it pumpkin salsa or the show).

I think they'll do whatever they think is best for profit.

Jason said...

I would like to play back all the clips back when the Gosselins were getting divorced when Matt was bragging about how their family stayed together. Whoops.

Rap541 said...

Melissa - I genuinely don't think either Jeremy or Audrey are engaging enough to focus on. I mean - no anger here, ok? What's the hook to interest people? They're not living a particularly interesting or exotic lifestyle. I really am asking seriously - if the cameras were to follow Jeremy and Audrey for a week through their lives... what would the viewing audience find interesting or intriguing about them? I agree that they're trying to be celebrities but Jeremy's claim to fame is being the son of a dwarf and Audrey's is that she married Jeremy.

So again, a white couple who goes to church and the wife works at a wine company while the husband diddles about with photography... With neither of them being terribly engaging on camera (and again - that's not running them down, it's merely acknowledging that Matt's personality was the driving force of LPBW not Jeremy at all) what will draw people in?

Now if Jeremy decided to hunt gators in the bayou, maybe... but "we're young hipsters loving Christ" sounds boring, and also has the same pitfalls the 19 Kids and Counting show fell into - the more you put someone on a pedestal, the worse it looks when they fall.

Sue said...

The divorce is a sad but not surprising development. Amy has admitted many times that she never thought she'd get married and have babies merely because she was a little person. She took the first person who came along. They both should have been old enough to get to know each other better before tying the knot (around / over 26). They have both admitted to having a relatively brief, long-distance courtship. And therein lies the rub. They hardly knew each other when they got married. I give Amy credit for trying to make it work for so long, but I'm not surprised to see them getting divorced.

I'm mildly encouraged that Jeremy and Audrey, and Zach and Tori, have known each other longer, and spent more time dating, than their parents did. I hope it bodes better for their futures.

Rap541 said...

Jason - my suspicion is that the divorce currently isn't being announced on facebook BECUASE of those clips.

Paula said...

Ecosais, read what I wrote please. I didn't say it was all Jacob's fault. Lots of things go into reasons why a marriage failed. Matt and Amy getting focused on fame and money instead of putting God first like Jeremy and Audrey do.

I said Jacob would be a strain on a marriage. He would be and was. He was acting out, behaving badly and doing all he could to be disruptive. Dealing with that when the husband and wife have a healthy marriage is tough enough but needing to put up with a kid as bad as Jacob when the marriage is already going through a rocky period is the fail nail in the coffin.

PJ said...

I'm not so sure TLC HAS a "conservative christian" crowd. Lots of people that watch the Duggars do so for the snark and freak factor. Both Duck Dynasty and sister Wives (in the Browns religion they are a more conservative group) are falling apart. There just isn't really an up side now to specifically christian shows. If people are desperate for ultra conservative shows the Bates are on UP.
And there really isn't anything special about Jer and Auj, it's even too late to do a "first year married" show for them. Zach and Torie would be more interesting for both first year and big person/little person possibilities.
Jake was most probably mentioned because it is common for child support to continue through college and since Jake has just graduated he may qualify.And of course his health insurance.

Joanna said...

Kinda makes their "Little Family, Big Values" book an even bigger joke.

Rap541 said...

Paula - in other words, yes you do think Jacob is to blame. Maybe, when Matt and Amy were making the choice to have a fourth child, they should have considered the strain on their marriage, but no... its the child's fault for being born to them.

Sue said...

Even though I like Zach, TLC already has three other shows about little people and I don't see TLC adding a fourth for them. And I agree about Jer and Auj - they may or may not be nice, but there is no "interesting reason" to have a show about them.

Ecossais said...

This "drama" is not worth another show but I think this blog is going to be entertaining.
@Paula - I did read what you said and, as rap points out, you just confirmed that you blame Jacob at least in part.


The nearest thing to a father that Jacob ever had was Mike who spent time with him and taught him things like welding and other "boy" stuff while Matt worshipped Jeremy and bought sod to lay out a soccer field for Zach. Tell me anything Matt ever did for Jacob?

Looks like Matt's "farmer" is out off luck as regards moving back on the property to raise his kids. I doubt either of the divorcees has enough money to buy out the other half of the property so it will probably have to be sold.

Ecossais said...

I agree with you. In any case Zach does not have the personality so he is probably going to have to pay for his own wedding rather than a Matt/TLC extravaganza with lots of drama and product placement.

Anonymous said...

From Zerp-

The only good thing re them waiting until Jacob turned 18 to get divorced was that it spared Jacob from having to go thru a custody dispute with the whole world seeing both parents trying dump him entirely on the other because neither of them ever seemed to consider him anything more than a nuisance to be endured instead of a child they loved and wanted. Jacob's far from perfect but they reaped what they sowed re neglecting him and caring about their toys instead of him.

Klara said...

Let's just be real. TLC is DEAD. It's done. First, Honey Boo Boo's molestation drama. Gag me. Second, the Duggars. Now, LPBW is getting a divorce, boohoo... Even though they have been separated for YEARS.

Let's face it, people watch TLC for the freak factor. It's seriously a JOKE. "My big fat beautiful life"? Are you kidding me? Glorifying fat, unhealthy lifestyles for TV? I understand the punch line is "I'm big and beautiful" but being that overweight causes health risks. I wouldn't be surprised if part of the gimmick is her losing all that weight for TV. Publicity purposes.

Let's also face it, LPBW was once a heartwarming, entertaining television show that many people related to in a personal way. The kids were still kids, having fun on that amazing farm. Now everyone is grown up and nothing is that exciting anymore.

Face it -- it's over. I agree with whoever said Zachary and Tori would have a more entertaining show than Jeremy and Audrey. Honestly, what the hell would they film? I agree both of them, or shall I say all four of them are desperate as ever to be noticed, to be celebrities.

I find Audrey's Instagram now to be a bit distasteful. She's only selling herself and products so she'll get shoutouts for what -- to become more famous.

Would you like to know what I think? Filming Jacob and his more interesting, traveling lifestyle would probably be way more exhilarating than filming boring, regular couples in their own home. Although, we know Jacob would never go for that, seeing as he wants very little to do with the show as it is. But food for thought.

If TLC was smart they'd offer Jacob a gig and that girlfriend of his who travels.
But that's just me.

Paula said...

".. its the child's fault for being born to them."

No, because I didn't say that. Where Jacob carries a responsibility is for his own behavior which was a strain on his parent's lives.

The list of things that added unneeded stress to Matt and Amy is long. Jacob's public whining and denouncing of the show. Calling it fake and stupid (but as others point out, now that he wants money, he is participating in Roloff Races). Jacob's public attacks and name calling on his parents, particularly Amy on social media. His drug use and his very public flaunting of it. His insulting of Christianity and Christians. Being public in his Anti-Americanism and anti-police and his wannabe black attitude.

These are all things that Jacob was doing that was adding stress to their lives.

Paula said...

Klara, you've got to be kidding and fortunately TLC respects their Christian base too much to ever even consider a Jacob centered show (and the weasel would do anything for money, he's always been a proven liar many times over everything he said on and here).

Jacob and his girlfriend are admitted drug users who are nothing but hateful complainers. They are terrible people who are all about themselves. You should be ashamed for even entertaining the thought of a show about them.

pj said...

The farm should be, if it hasn't already, be put in a corporation so it won't have to be sold. That way the pumpkin patch can continue and Amy's pumpkin products can have a home.

Judy said...

Jeremy and Audrey is the future of the show and TLC knows it. They are inspiring. All you have to do is read Jeremy and Audrey's social media. They are inspire people to be positive and live your life to the fullest in the name of Jesus.

Zach has a downer personality and quite frankly Tori doesn't compare to Audrey. In my opinion, I've always found Tori to be disingenuous. She has never impressed me the way Audrey has.

Rap541 said...

Judy - what makes Tori disingenuous? I mean, you're standing tall with Christ here, in the name of Jesus why are you judging Tori a liar?

That's what disingenuous means, Judy. So since you feel you ARE God and MAY judge others, please explain *factually* what Tori is lying about.

In Jesus's name, I pray you explain clearly and factually what Tori has lied about.

As for your comments about Jeremy and Audrey being the future of the show... you know how I refute that?

By pointing out that the show is called Little People Big World. Jeremy and Audrey aren't little, and aren't willing to play themselves as hard core Christians on tv. There's no hook. Unless Matt moves in with them and then yeah, the show is really about Matt.

I mean really, what would a show about Jeremy and Audrey be about?

Dorian said...

@ Paula, Jacob is the coolest and most real person in the Roloff family. I'm not ashamed for suggesting TLC actually put quality on their network for once.
No one gives a shit anymore that people are small. We get it, it happens.
What people want to see now is real, raw, fascinating stuff. Even if Jacob and his girlfriend smoke weed, at least they're getting out there and doing stuff. You complain about them going on adventures, hell youre probably complaining behind your desk in a cubicle. Get real.
Nothing anyone of the roloffs does is fascinating or cool besides Jacob. Jeremy is a photographer. LOL so is half of LA. Nice try!
At least Jacob is different.

C said...

I agree with Klara. Get the youngest Roloff to do a show. At least Jacob would never be boring. His life looks a hell of a lot more interesting than Jeremy and Audrey's pathetic attempts at becoming real celebrities. Jacob at least has a chance to get out of from beneath the joke of an umbrella that is TLC nowadays.

Sherlock said...

"TLC respects their Christian base too much to give Jacob a show"
HAHA you're kidding me, right? Paula you need help. They gave Honey Boo Boo's mom a show and apparently she dates child molesters. And then GASP! They give a family with 19 kids and counting a show and again, child molestation. Hmmm..... Looks to me like your priorities are super twisted. I would rather let Jacob hangout with my kids ANY day than ANY one of the Duggar men or anyone in Honey Boo Boo's family.
You are deranged.

christiansrdumbaf said...

Oh Judy, I bet Tori is in severe distress over not impressing you! Lmao try to get your head out of Audrey's ass for five minutes, I think you need air.

Jimmy Nelson said...

The whole Roloff family represents exactly what it means to be fake for publicity and TV.
Whoever said "when Jeremy realized praising God gets you more treats..." was spot on. If you've ever met Jeremy in real life, you would know what I'm talking about. He is stuck up, rude and not engaging. Ask me how I know this? I met him in Philly. He was on the phone when I approached him, and so I gave him a second. After he hung up he said "hey?" as if he was wondering why I was bothering him. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, he was turned around to walk away... Doesn't seem like a very sweet Christian to me. Huh.
I agree Tori isn't very sincere. I don't think she ever started posting anything to her instantgram about God until Audrey did. And we all know Tori is the one who controls Zachary's instantgram. Jacob has admitted multiple times on his Ask Forum account that the family didn't attend church when they were growing up. the most Christian thing they did was attend Faith Bible. The more they realized being a good little Christian gets you more fans, they decided they should probably play it up for the media.
I mean going to strip clubs and getting DUIs doesn't seem like a very Christian thing to do, now does it?
Also I read in this book called the bible once that divorce is sin. But god forbid the youngest Roloff smokes weed. LOL! This blog is a joke.

Rap541 said...

TLC respects their Christian base too much to ever even consider a Jacob centered show (and the weasel would do anything for money, he's always been a proven liar many times over everything he said on and here).

Personally I don't think TLC has any interest in filming any of the Roloff kids because none of them are very personable on screen as adults. And I am sure Jake has as much to bring to the table as Jeremy, or Molly in that there's nothing unique about any of them. Zach has the little thing but is also not good on screen so I doubt TLC is considering any spin off with any of the kids because really... whats the hook?

That said - seriously, explain to me how "Gypsy Sisters" walks with Christ? How about "The Man with the 300 pound Scrotum"? How was that Christian? How is Sister Wives Christian?

For that matter, you do understand you'll never see the Duggars again if TLC thinks they can't make a buck off them, right? And I am pretty sure advertisers aren't really interested in aligning with the Christian values of "If she wasn't awake then her brother wasn't *really* molesting her". Or the whole "Our safeguards are making sure our daughters know they have to keep covered lest their brothers uncontrollably rape them since Christian boys can't be expected to NOT see their sister's skin and not molest them like the whores they are".

shane said...

I think it goes without saying that it's pathetic to watch Audrey and Jeremy's social media turn into a place to market themselves around. I thought Audrey was better than that. Or how excited she was to post a picture with that guy from say yes to the dress. She wants to be a celebrity so bad. Too bad all she will ever be is Jeremy roloff's pretty wife.

Angela said...

Hey everybody, how much to you want to bet that Jimmy Nelson is lying? Post pictures of your time in Philly at the TLC block party? How about the Jimmy Nelson twitter or Instagram account that proves you were that and took pictures with everybody except for rude Jeremy?

Gosh, the things people will do to slander Jeremy and Audrey because they are so offended at young people who are putting God first and promoting Jesus as the key to happiness in life.

Angela said...

If anyone doubts that Jeremy and Audrey promote a positive God first message, I suggest you do yourself a favor and read each of their blogs. Or their Instagrams. Or their twitter. Or Jeremy's You Tube video.

Jesus is the center of their lives and they show how to live a meaningful life.

That's what TLC should be focusing on. We need that POSITIVE message in society. We don't need the freak show that is Bruce Jenner or the slutty Kardashians selling sex and all that other trash.

Are people just trying to argue by suggesting Jacob would be interesting or that he's "different"? He's typical spoiled brat with no motivation. He doesn't work, he does drugs, drives in his parent purchased truck with their insurance and gas money and drives with his mooch of a girlfriend to hike because Lord knows he isn't doing anything else in life. He takes to twitter to bash America, post in support of criminals over the brave men and women in law enforcement and he constantly retweets black activists in an attempt to be cool.

That's not different or unique. He's a loser and it's not uncommon.

Jeremy and Audrey are intelligent, respectful and spiritual They look to inspire people to be better and live more productive lives. Jacob is about blame, hate and drugs.

Janet said...

Does Matt and Amy really change anything for the show?

Someone said the show is over? I don't think so.

If anything it will give them more juicy episodes.

And Zach and Tori already have their TLC wedding. That's what all the filming they're doing right now is about.

Matt and Amy have shown a willingness to put up with each other if it's best for the business.

Anonymous said...

Angela, no one has ever disputed the fact that that is the image they project of themselves ON THE INTERNET. We have still yet to find anyone not in their inner circle who can give any solid evidence of them genuinely being that way. All eye witness accounts actually point to the contrary.

Rachel said...

Anybody have any guess what Jacob's tweet "$1124" meant? He posted it right before the news of the divorce broke.

Or is that how much he's spent on drugs this month?

He deleted it.

Ecossais said...


All Audrey and Jeremy are doing is promoting themselves and trying to sell something and they know that the jesus stuff helps.

It is interesting how much time you and Angela seem to be prepared to spend looking at everything Jacob does and says. Maybe it is none of your business what "$1124" meant.

Where is the information about filming Zach's wedding?

hanson said...

I don't think Zach and Tori would even want a TLC spin-off show... they both seem way less interested in fame than Jeremy and Audrey. Tori is a teacher and she seems to really like it, and Zach just lives his life and hardly posts anything online. Neither of them post much and their social media accounts are WAY more genuine - they're not trying to sell anything, promote themselves in any way, etc. They just post about their lives and the upcoming wedding. Also, I really respect them (I guess mostly Zach?) for keeping the proposal private and not getting TLC to film it. I think that says a lot about them as a couple and how they differ from Jeremy and Audrey, who have always seemed a little too interested in getting attention from people however they can.

Anonymous said...

That's not different or unique.

Jeremy and Audrey are different and unique how?

Ashley said...

Rachel, Jacob does that intentionally because he's a little snot. He does it because he wants you to speculate about what he means so it makes him feel important.

When he deletes I assume someone has slapped him in the face and told him to knock it off.

PJ said...

" Angela said...

Hey everybody, how much to you want to bet that Jimmy Nelson is lying? Gosh, the things people will do to slander Jeremy and Audrey"
And yet you feel free to do the same to Jimmy and any one else you disagree with? And although I agree that the world needs a positive message, many of us do not want or even approve of it being christian, that leaves out far too much of the rest of the world. After all, we don't all think like you or have to use religion as a crutch as you apparently do.

kp said...

They were both horrible spouses. Matt is a piece of shit. Amy is a piece of shit. Stop blaming just Amy. Also, Jeremy is NOT a good person to look at for marital inspiration. He's as fake as they come. He'll be divorced in a few years, too. Some of you posters are delusional as fuck. Christians, and religious people in general, are all hypocrites and the most judgemenl folks on the face of the earth. Good God you posters are stupid as hell. "She's not a good Christian!" Well neither are you, asshat.

Betsy said...

I am Christian and let me just say I think jeremy and Audrey are a total joke. They both are very materialistic and do not seem selfless to me, I don't know how other people could think they are. They are clearly using their fame to help themselves get farther in life, to no one else's benefit. I much prefer Tori to Audrey, Tori at least has an admirable profession and does more to help people through her job as a teacher than Audrey does through her job as a wine salesperson and through her posts on social media. Yes, Audrey is more vocal about her Christianity than Tori but that does not make her better. I think people need to think more clearly about why they put Audrey on a pedestal. What has she done? What has she accomplished? To me it looks like not much. Blogging and self promotion is not exactly Christ's work, yet you wouldn't know that from reading some of the comments on this site!

Jimmy Nelson said...

HAHA! You think I'm going to post my personal Instagram account so you brainwashed pigs can slander me and harass me. Get with it!
I met Jeremy. "Met" is a loose term because he couldn't be bothered. My brother's girlfriend was standing right there with me. She promptly asked me, "did you get to talk to him!?" excitedly and apologized after I looked disappointed. I was right there with you, excited to meet a man of Christ, and even just a cool guy like Jeremy. But I was thoroughly proved wrong by his behavior. I never even saw Audrey smile for anyone/anything besides for pictures.
I was at the TLC block party, I don't need to prove myself to you. I'm just another person who has been in the face of Jeremy and been basically spit on. He sucks.

lk said...

Honestly where does it say jacob's girlfriend smokes weed? Or when has that ever come up? Or why is she being deemed a "drug user"? She looks like a normal 19 year old girl who works a regular part time job and maybe goes to school. If you think that you can gather any information about her (or Jacob for that matter) through their social media you're insane.
Just because she or Jacob doesn't tweet *going to school right now!* or *class is so boring!* doesn't mean she isn't going. Doesn't mean either of them haven't picked up a class or two or are going full time! Yes they go on "adventures" as they call it but maybe that just means they appreciate and explore the outdoors more than most. You're SERIOUSLY getting on two young kids for trying to enjoy life? What is wrong with the world?
Just like when someone says Zach does nothing with his life. What??? Just because he doesn't post pictures with his new drone that costs 6000 or something, the flying camera, doesn't mean he's doing nothing. Molly's Instagram is private so we know nothing of her life besides the fact that she goes to college. Honestly you want me to believe that Zach Jacob and Tori and Jacobs girlfriend are any less of people because they don't sell themselves and throw themselves around like sell-outs on all accounts including their blogs. $350 for prints? Lol.
Jacob has never promoted anything on his page, Zach either, Tori either. People trying to become huge celebrities post things to get attention constantly.
I don't want to believe just because someone is all over social media begging for attention that means they're better than people who don't do that.
In fact, I believe the opposite.

Uglynut said...

The fact that you grown ass adults knit pick and examine every one of jacob's tweets/posts makes me extremely concerned... Aren't you adults? Don't you have better things to do? Get lives please. Anyone who still watches TLC is lame as shit haha

Justin said...

Both Molly and Tori strike me as the "stuck up Bitch" type. Some try to excuse Molly as being shy, but there's a difference. She's not a "nice girl".

Tori tried so hard to be part of the in crowd because she was a fan. Look at how she ignores kind fan comments. But if one of Zach's friends comments she is falling over to suck up to them.

Tori's profession? She is a pre-school or kindergarten teacher. Basically it is a glorified babysitter/daycare.

Megan said...

Not surprised about Marr and Amy. I think they held off to get more episodes. Makes me wonder what happened now that they decided they couldnt continue the farce.

Ik, Jacob and his gf admitted being stoners and other drugs a lot on Ask. When people called them out for being bad influences on the little kids in pictures she took with Jacob, their defense was that they don't smoke it in the same room as the kiddies. The girlfriend also tweeted that everybody asks her when they want drugs because she knows where to score all the drugs.

MS said...

"Gosh, the things people will do to slander Jeremy and Audrey because they are so offended at young people who are putting God first and promoting Jesus as the key to happiness in life."

It's mind-boggling how you and a few others continue to be blinded by religion, clinging to this hope that Jeremy is the saint you make him out to be. Racism, bigotry, underage drinking (perhaps drugs too), animal cruelty, rude and/or unresponsive to fans until he had something to sell, lazy, spoiled, self-absorbed. Really, when you get down to it, what exactly is good about him? Yes, I know he posts inspiring words -- you say it over and over -- yet there are no actual accounts of him doing anything beyond posting words. For all we know, Audrey is actually behind these posts.

Then we get actual accounts of people meeting Jeremy and walking away disillusioned. In Benjamin's brother's case, the brother is dismissed as creepy and "sexually perverted" (Laura's words). Jimmy's encounter with Jeremy doesn't go any better, so right away you insist Jimmy must have an agenda. Just maybe Jeremy isn't the person you think he is?

If Jeremy wasn't Christian, perhaps you'd see him for what he really is...a complete phony in my opinion.

Tiff said...

We ALL know Tori is ONLY with Zach to be best friends with Molly. It is quite obvious that she worships Molly and wants to be her best friend. Molly, being the nice girl she is, of course is her friend. These people aren't that hard to figure out. I'm not sure why you think it's okay to glorify a marriage when it's clear Tori is just using Zach for fame and to get to his family.

Tanya said...

The psycho obsession with Audrey and Jeremy will die out soon

Rap541 said...

Tiff - in all honesty... I don't really care why Tori has dated Zach exclusively since 2011 and will be marrying him in what, four weeks?

I just question if it is so completely obvious that she's obsessed with being pals with Molly (and funny how the story used to be "she really wants to date Jeremy" but ok) that all the bystanders around the Roloffs know absolutely that she's just an obsessed freak, obsessed with being pals with all the Roloffs BUT Zach.... how exactly is everyone in the Roloff family ok with it?

I mean, YOU see it. WHy don't they?

All of the evidence I have seen presented that Tori is somehow lying are well.... "gut" feelings from Christians and "Tori went on free trips". So in other words, no real evidence at all and Audrey is as guilty of cheerfully accepting free stuff for being a Roloff so unless you're also calling her marriage a sham, you'll need to do better.

I mean really... she's marrying Zach so she can be pals with Molly? (and remember, for years, the claim was that she was dating Zach to be closer to *Jeremy*) And no one in the family can sense the evil lurking underneath?

hanson said...

"Tori's profession? She is a pre-school or kindergarten teacher. Basically it is a glorified babysitter/daycare."

Wow, seriously? Like really? So over people who think teaching is an easy profession, or that people who teach are somehow not as good as other people. Teachers take care of YOUR kids and prepare them for the future for like 40 hours a week. Yeah, teaching PreK and kindergarten does involve a lot of behavior monitoring and less teaching of materials, but there's a reason you need a degree or certification to teach, unlike babysitting, which anyone can do as long as they seem even remotely nice or responsible. Justin, I dare you to tell your kids' teachers they're just "glorified babysitters."

Also, people who think Tori is only with Zach for fame - why do you think that? Because he's a dwarf and she couldn't possibly be romantically interested in or attracted to someone not average height? That seems to be what most people think, whether they say so or not.

Wendy said...

I agree with the comments about Tori and I also prefer Audrey.

From what I've heard, Tori was a fan of the show and wanted to hang out with the Roloffs. They used to post ads on Craigslist to work during pumpkin season for minimum wage. Tori jumped at the chance. From there she befriended Zach. Began staying after the other employees were sent home. Eventually she hung out with Zach, Jeremy, Molly, Mueller, Dan, Dan's wife...and then that turned into her dating Zach.

I think that was exactly Tori's motivation at the start. She and Zach must get along but I definitely suspect she has an alterior motive. She loves her Roloff family trips (she's been on more than Audrey). I've also followed Tori's instagram. Does she have friends of her own? Very quickly she was calling Zach anf Jeremy's friends her best friends and the people she loves most. Give me a break. Someone used the word disingenuous, that's perfect. Look at Audrey and Jeremy. She didn't go on some of the free trips because Audrey had a life that didn't involve getting stuff from Jeremy. Look at Audrey and Jeremy's couple pics. A lot of the good Christian friends they hang out with were Audrey's friends first. You don't see that with Tori and Zach.

I've also felt that. Tori is snobbish towards fans on her instagram while Audrey and Jeremy are polite and thankful.

Rap541 said...

she's been on more than Audrey

She's been on one more than Audrey. And Audrey had a televised wedding that very much involved Audrey and Jeremy receiving a lot of free comps.

Again - four years and a pending marriage all because she a)wants Zach's brother b)wants to be friends with Zach's sister and c)is a grafter wanting free stuff?

I mean, you do understand that is a pretty crappy pay out, right? She has to marry Zach and spread her legs for someone you say she doesn't even want... all for the honor of being in Jeremy's presence? And for the privilege of being Molly's friend?

And you seriously see all this evil and Matt doesn't? And Amy doesn't? And St. Jeremy on The Cross doesn't? And Blessed Audrey of Our Savior doesn't? All these AWESOME Christians are watching their brother and son marry a beast of the devil and smiling about it? REALLY?

Sure seems like Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Audrey aren't acting all that Christ like if they KNOW Tori is evil and are smiling and participating in Zach's downfall.

Point - as this constantly gets brought up - with the show essentially done now - what is Tori getting out of it if she doesn't actually love Zach?

Really, I have always hesitated to say this but really, I sense a certain amount of bigotry in the "How can Tori possibly want to marry Zach?" nonsense. Yes, folks, I think you can't get your heads around the idea that someone of average height might genuinely find Zach attractive and its pretty ugly and unchristian for you to attack her for the same things you praise Audrey for - I sure never ever saw Audrey offer to pay her own way or pay for her own wedding and Audrey never ever didn't accept a freebie and she got the good looking brother but that's all just because Jesus wants her to have material things, while Tori is just a hateful gold digging whore. It's ugly, folks, and I suspect it's wrapped up in your ugly prejudices.

PJ said...

You people are disgusting. Do you really think Zach is so stupid he wouldn't notice if all Tori wanted was to be famous or in with his friends? Honestly I think Tori and Zach are a truer couple. After all she chose the less attractive brother with the continuing health problems, the one there is zero upside being with if you don't love them. On the other hand Audrey chose the vapid, shallow good looking brother it would be easy to be with and promptly set about trying to be as famous or more so than is family. Real sincere.

Don't go there with fans. Jer and Auj don't have a great track ecord there either. If Tori and Zach aren't really interested n fame ignoring fans on social media would be a no brainer.
Honest to God I'm sick and tired of you "christian" types pretending to know what goes on in the Roloff's heads. You don't know them, ANY of hem, and have no idea of their motivations.

Rap541 said...

Hanson - Keep in mind these are the same people who call Audrey's job in retail "a prestigious job with a prestigious company".

It's really just about hate. Zach is one of the shit Roloffs so every thing he does is bad. Personally I hope they aren't filming the wedding for the show because all it does is invite all these stranger Christians to snit how shitty and evil Tori is for marrying Zach when she can't possibly love him and must be in love with being a Roloff/marrying Jeremy/marrying Molly because Jeremy is their favorite and therefore they have to run down Zach because Jeremy needs to be pumped up.

running dog said...

Klara is right. Give Jacob his own show. My god, they could theme it after the old route 66 tv show. See Jacob drive from little town to little town capitalizing on his "fame". See Jacob as a sex magnet each week. See Jacob off camera smoking weed muttering stuff like "too much of this god shit is really really bad. Look at my brothers, both of them never worked a day in their life .. .& never will. That's what they have women for. So this god shit. . . not good dude, not good.
On a different note, I'd really like to know how Zach spends his days. Miss the little guy. Anyone know what his favorite comic books are? Or his fav. tv shows? Where is he living & what does he do for work?

kitten Has claws said...

dum dum dum another one bites the dust! Not surprised about Amy and Matt splitting...haven't they been split for years?! Nag and bitch is all they both did to one another on LPBW. Who needs or wants to hear that crap? Not Me.

Timothy said...

I find it interesting that none of the Roloffs, not Matt or Amy, or supposedly "interactive" Jeremy, has commented one word about the divorce. Not even Jeremy's usual "we're praying" (that's what he said when they were separated..guess it didn't work).

Amy's one track mantra about her current visit with Molly is really obvious she's ignoring the elephant in the room with all the headlines about the divorce.

But not one word acknowledging it from any of the Roloffs.

Is that because as people speculate, they are hoping to get another season from following the divorce?

Lynn C said...

Gosh, what hyperbole from some.

All people are saying (and I've always said my opinion here) is that in our opinion there is something about Tori that we don't think is genuine. Get your own opinion if you want.

If people are right about Tori being attracted to the perks of dating a Roloff, that doesn't mean all the other Roloffs are alright with it, it doesn't mean that they would to the degree that they would take a stand.

For their sake, I hope Tori is more genuine than I think she is. Time will tell.

Kathy said...

I just read on Matt Roloff's facebook page that Zach and Tori are getting married in July. I always thought Zach would be coming out of the closet one day. I bet there will be some kind of TLC wedding special. Gotta keep the money rolling.

Lynn C said...

By the way, I think Jeremy's website is fantastic and it already appears to be very successful. He's gaining subscribers to his mailing list every hour and people are already tweeting and instagram commenting that they are placing orders.

I thought it was very supportive of Audrey to post with such enthusiasm that she is proud of Jeremy's site and supports him in his endeavors.

If Amy had been the same way Audrey is for Jeremy towards Matt, things would have been different.

Ashley said...

Timothy, Matt finally posted last night on Facebook about the divorce:

"I wanted to personally update my Facebook friends on whats going on. Many of you may already know by now that Amy and I have formally filed for divorce. While its a sad and difficult time for us, we appreciate how kind, loving and supportive everyone has been. I personally wanted to thank each of you for continuing to be so warm to my family.
Below is a copy of the Statement Amy and I released jointly yesterday. We are working together feverishly to prepare to celebrate Zach and Tori's wedding this July.

Yodi said...

No one made Tori out to be some evil bitch but honestly, if you look at the facts, you can see it. You can see that like someone pointed out, a) she had no friends of her own before the show. B) she even put out an ad to work on the farm... Seems desperado to me.
Audrey met Jer through mutual friends at church.
Jacob met his girlfriend at school, information per his Ask account.
But Tori? She put herself out there, worked for the roloffs, realized hey... This means money. This means fame. Maybe I'll flirt with the one I can get.
It's obvious why Audrey and Jeremy were drawn to each other. They're both gorgeous humans. They obviously were physically attracted to each other, and when Jeremy realized playing good little God boy to win over Audrey, he did just that.
Now Jacob at one time had a Christian girlfriend, Vanessa. Then he dumped her because he realized he wanted to smoke weed and little Christian girl didn't oblige. Then there was Stephanie, who was not a Christian until she saw Audrey be this worshipped prodigy so "might as well follow the crowd" and got baptized. Resulting in Their relationship ending. Jacob probably didn't like the fake image.
Then Tori started jumping on the "oh shit better praise God" train and started for then post about God.
Jacob's new girl, well I'm not sure where she stands seeing as I've seen her post godly verses before and then delete them. I figure if she believed in God her and Jacob would be over but it's only a matter of time until Audrey sucks her into her world
What I'm saying is Everyone changes as soon as they enter the world of the roloffs. It's quite obvious if you've been paying attention.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - lets be clear lest you accuse me of putting words in your mouth.

If people are right about Tori being attracted to the perks of dating a Roloff, that doesn't mean all the other Roloffs are alright with it, it doesn't mean that they would to the degree that they would take a stand.

Do you believe Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Audrey do know Tori is just in it for the perks? Yes or no

Are you saying they do know but just don't feel like attempting to stop their son and brother from making, if you're correct, a *terrible* mistake? Yes or no

As for Jeremy's website, I'm personally reserving judgment until it has been up and running for a bit. I am actually not going to chide you for immediately declaring Jeremy's massive success because my sense is that you don't understand that a) he's getting attention right now becayse he was on a reality show and not because of his business acumen and b) a 25 year old running a side business isn't really that impressive.

For the record, my opinion is that Tori doesn't seem insane. Neither does she seem terribly dumb. She would need to be both to date, and commit to marry someone she doesn't love merely to attach herself to a)Jeremy an already married man b)Molly who doesn't appear to be a lesbian or c) the Roloff family as a whole as the entire family is now about to be ripped apart by divorce. Zach is not going to "inherit" - he's obviously not Matt's favorite at all, and psst there's really not much of a show with Jeremy and Molly living in different states and Matt and Amy free to date other people so yeah... not seeing the financial gain.

Can someone who DOES think Tori is marrying Zach for ulterior motives actually explain what she will be gaining? I meazn "I think she's an evil gold digging whore and THATS MY OPINION EVERYONE SHUT UP MY OPINION MEANS I GET TO SAY WHATEVER AND NO ONE CAN DISAGREE BECAUSE I HAVE AN OPINION!" is lovely but really... what does Tori have to gain that Audrey didn't also gain?

And my *opinion* Lynn, that you have yet to refute, is that most of the people merrily crapping on Tori's motives are doing so because they feel its a competition between Tori and Audrey and they want Audrey to win. Oh, and there's some underlying prejudice about dwarfs in play - how could an average height girl love a dwarf? Impossible! She must be in it for the money/his brother/satan.

Seriously folks, what does Tori gain by entering a sham of a marriage?

Rap541 said...

Yodi - with respect... if Tori wasn't *marrying* Zach, I'd be a lot more inclined to agree.

But she is marrying Zach, which means she's about to make a huge commitment for very little material gain... if she doesn't love the guy.

PJ said...

EVERYTHING you said is just a reiteration of the pro-Auj group and not any kind of fact.

What's Tori gaining? A kind, caring man who loves her.

kitten Has claws said...

I am sick of hearing about jeremy and his big boned red lipped wife being oh soo religious. BLAH BLAH BLAH! All the while putting down Zach and Tori---now is that the christian way?

J said...

I *really, really* don't think the perks of dating Zach are that great. He's a Z-list "celebrity" who has no viable career. Like at all. He didn't even graduate from community college and as far as we know hasn't had a real job other than coaching kiddie soccer. Tori and Zach do seem really similar to me in their personalities; they're both mellow and quiet and it's not hard to imagine them hitting it off. How the hell does Tori not being gaudy like Audrey mean she's a gold digger? You guys really think a kindergarten teacher is marrying a Z-list bum of a dwarf just so she can go on a few vacations every once in a while? Please.

Rita said...

I'm not pro any Roloff because I think all the Roloffs and their wives/finacees/girlfriend are snobs who are rude and treat people poorly, but Yodi, I agree with you about Tori.

I don't know if she really loves Zach or not, you'd think she would if she's marrying him, but the thing I don't like is that I get a vibe from her that she is one of those people that will say or do whatever she thinks she should say to gain popularity and fit in. I think that's why she started the "Seestors for life!" stuff with Molly years ago and probably why she mentions God in her captions, because Jeremy and Audrey do it so she should too. I think if the Roloffs suddenly said they liked Death Metal, Tori would post that Death Metal was her absolute favorite.

The one thing I disagree about is that I don't think Molly is "nice". In all the years she's benefited from a fan base, I've never seen her treat a fan like a normal person and reply to them like she would a normal person. She's a snob, imo.

I think the only thing that has saved her from some of the controversies that Jeremy and Jacob have been in is that she doesn't post publicly online or at least not anything of substance.

We saw that one time when she replied to the You Tube comments and she was typical Roloff arrogant "You're not Jesus! How dare you judge my brother and his friends for throwing cats and telling people to commit suicide. I have no respect for Molly and have never bought into the image that she is a sweet person.

Judy said...

Would Tori have went to Australia or Costa Rica without the Roloff connection?

Rebecca said...

The only reason why people don't think Zach is as rude as Jacob is because Zach hides everything from fans and has no contact from them by staying off line.

If Zach posted what he really thinks people would see that he is as big of a jerk as Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Judy - would Audrey have gone to Costa Rica and had her wedding comped without the Roloff connection?

You do understand that Audrey and Tori both went on the Costa Rica trip?

Ignore the wedding. You do understand you're calling Tori a gold digging whore over a trip that cost one person 4000 dollars, right? I am pretty sure Audrey's gotten 4k in wedding comps so what exactly is your point?

Are ALL women who get engaged to wealthier partners gold digging whores? Because that OBVIOUSLY includes Audrey. Would AUDREY have gone to Costa Rica without the Roloff connection? COme on Judy - would she? I mean, remember, Tori is a WHORE for going so please provide real detail and not your Christian feeling on why Audrey was allowed to accept material gifts from her future husband while Tori is judged a whore fore doing the same. Explain your reasoning.

PJ said...

"If Zach posted what he really thinks people would see that he is as big of a jerk as Jacob."
Same for Jer.

lk said...

I think the only reason anyone thinks Tori is worse than Audrey is because Tori is dating a small person, ie a person with a disability... Like of course Audrey gets to go on cool trips because she's beautiful.
Tori is dating a little person so she gets special treatment

Denise Y said...

I don't think jacob's new girl is a snob at all. I think in fact, she and Jacob are the only sane ones in the group.

All Audrey, Jeremy and Tori do is for show.

Melanie said...

Come on, I think all of the significant others to the Roloffs are attracted to the fame, attention, and being on TV.

They all deny it of course, but I think it's true. Just like how every new friend of the Roloffs have denied ever watching the show. They all lie.

Jacob's ex girlfriend said she would never be on the show...then she was on the show (the parade episode). Jacob mentioned her on the show and she was shown. She probably would have been featured more but they broke up. Now Jacob's new girlfriend has admitted she wants to be famous.

Despite Jacob running his big mouth about hating the show and not participating anymore, he had a change of tune when the money came calling and jumped on board for the fake show.

Judging by the Instagram comments between Tori and Jacob's girlfriend, she was there and probably participated (comments about a "Mud Racing Team photo").

The Roloffs and their friends/girlfriends/spouses are all fame whores.

Genna said...

Melanie, so you're saying if you were dating something with a reality tv show you'd pretend you weren't? I'm confused. Has it ever crossed anyone's mind that maybe these girls actually like the boys they're dating? Or of course it's all for show?
So every significant other to the Duggars is the same too? They are all attention whores?

Melanie said...

It's possible, but not likely.

All of the Roloffs like the feeling of importance or else they wouldnt still be doing it.

Jacob talked a good game but the sold his character for a $1

I could get Jacob to suddenly become pro police. If I offered him the right amount of $.

Anyway, the all like the attention and so do all 3 of the girls inolved with the Roloff boys.

Why are certain wives of athleyes not known and others are? Some don't have public social media where they interact with their famous husbands. Some don't have. Their husbands post about them.

All of the Roloffs significant others have public accounts where they purposely draw attention to themselves. They want the attention.

F said...

You're kidding me right Melanie? I'm certain they all had accounts long before they were dating any roloff boys.
To say they only have public social media accounts because who they're dating is barbaric. I'm more than positive each one had an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook before they were suddenly famous.
Maybe not Tori, though. She's seemingly always been a nobody.

Anonymous said...

It's all part of God's plan. Everything happens for a reason. It was meant to be. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Rap541 said...

I'm confused. Has it ever crossed anyone's mind that maybe these girls actually like the boys they're dating? Or of course it's all for show?

Genna - let me explain.

Audrey is Jeremy's perfect Christian girlfriend/wife. Therefore, even though she's recieved as much material wealth as Tori due to her association with the Roloffs, since she has been deemed a perfect Christian by various fans and therefore must be madly in love with Jeremy and pure of heart.

Tori is Zach's girlfriend and already *suspect* because various Christian fans here dislike Zach because Zach doesn't kiss his dad's butt, isn't very attractive - in part due to the nature of his disability, and tends to be less personable. The very idea of a reasonably attractive average height girl dating Zach or finding Zach attractive seems to floor certain people and they have assumed over the course of well... gosh, is it four or five years now, that Tori can't possibly be into Zach and has an ulterior, material, motive for dating him. Because its simply impossible that Tori could be in love.

My argument to this has always been - whats really in it for Tori? She got to go to AUstralia and Costa Rica. Thats nice. It really is. It's also... not that unusual for a) the Roloffs and B) people with a little bit of money. I mean the Roloffs took Mueller to the Bahamas for fairly expensive trips what... twice? And on a cross country trip down the Mississippi. They took Audrey to Costa Rica. Frankly they've always been generous about including the entourage of Jermey's friends in treats. However, whenever its mentioned how moochy all this is.... Nope, its all good Christian kids and parents sharing, and no one ever was friends with a Roloff kid because of the treats... except for Tori.

Reality check - Tori doesn't live on the farm. Tori works a job unrelated to the show, and Tori has spent years dating Zach for very little pay off considering she's theoretically in it for material gain/being near Jeremy/being near Molly/because she is crazy obsessed and wants to be a Roloff.

Matt and Amy and frankly Zach all seem to have a reasonable amount of ability to see when someone is manipulating them for money and being friends simply to gain something.

So for Tori to have an ulterior motive, no one in the family would have to have noticed what various Christians here claim - ie the Roloffs have had NO guy feelings that Tori is a gold digger. And Tori has spent four years dating Zach and is what, weeks away from marrying him....

And certain people here are passive aggressively suggesting she is doing it for material gain. I mean, of course they don't like hearing that it smacks of bigotry that they can't accept the possiblity that someone average height could find someone little attractive or marrigable. So I point out the material difference between Audrey's one trip and Tori's two (and we'll ignore the wedding because I can be fair - although I doubt Zach's wedding will be as lavish, I assume Tori will get some of the TLC comps). So one trip overseas.

People here are suggesting Tori has dated Zach for four years and will marry him... for about 4000 dollars. It works out to about 83 dollars a month that she's gotten.

Because its more likely that she's in it for 83 dollars a month than it is that she actually is in love. It's actually sad how ugly some people are in their need to insist Audrey is perfect.

Rap541 said...

If people are right about Tori being attracted to the perks of dating a Roloff, that doesn't mean all the other Roloffs are alright with it, it doesn't mean that they would to the degree that they would take a stand.

So lets be clear. Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, and Molly as Christians have no duty to take a stand over Zach marrying someone they find objectionable?

We've already established that its somewhere in the Bible that celebrities DONT have to stand up for Christ if it affects the money and are still deemed good Christians.

And it's been established that Christians with a family member falling to satan are under no obligation per their religion to do anything or say anything about it.

And its been established that Christians like the Roloffs are only required to discuss their faith or act on their faith when they feel perfectly comfortable....

As near as I can tell, the Roloffs don't actually have to do anything Christian to be considered example Christians.

NoTwists&NoTurns said...

My, the twittering birds fly far from the field. This topic is the Amy-Matt arrangement formality; not who should get their own show, or who dates (and even marries) for perks. They can't seem to express their fear of disability and prejudice against Zack without overly praising more able and taller people without showing their own shallow tastes like a row of monkey's behinds.

Lynn C said...

If people are right about Tori, the other Roloffs may or may not suspect it.

They know they have to be careful about people just wanting to be friends with them because they're on TV. Sometimes they're wrong and don't catch people.

Or let's say someone like Matt had a bad feeling about Tori. Is he going to make a scene? Tell Zach to dump her? Sever ties with Zach by running down someone he cares about? It's not uncommon to have a bad feeling about someone your family is dating. It doesn't mean you go to war with that person. You just hope you're wrong.

But maybe they don't suspect it. Whether we're right or Zach is right, time will tell.

Tina said...

Oh come on people. Does anyone honestly think Tori would have even given Zach 2 seconds of her time if he wasn't famous from the tv show?

She's very transparent.

Rap541 said...

Or let's say someone like Matt had a bad feeling about Tori. Is he going to make a scene? Tell Zach to dump her? Sever ties with Zach by running down someone he cares about?

Yes. I mean really Lynn, have you actually watched the show? Matt has no problem telling any of his kids or his wife how stupid they are, how they are making bad decisions and how his way and his views are best. Please don't try to sell Matt keeping his mouth shut.

And frankly, Amy is fairly protective of her kids... well, of Zach anyway. I don't see her letting him spend four years on someone she suspects is using him.

Jeremy? If it doesn't impede Jeremy's good time, he doesn't care. That's been pretty firmly established as well.

Seriously, Lynn, don't rewrite history.

Rap541 said...

Tina - again - she's about to marry the guy and the show is essentially done. What will she be gaining?

PJ said...

Lynn C, Why do you think you know more about Zach's life, wants and needs than HE does? Even if Tori started with Zach because of the fame I'd bet she is not still there because of it.
Tina, just how shallow are you to think only looks count? That Zach off camera may not be a wonderful guy?

Set Abominae said...

I'm surprised Amy didn't shoot him in his sleep years ago.

Vic Rattlehead said...

"Careful what you wish
Careful what you say
Careful what you say, you may regret it
Careful what you wish, you just might get it

Then it all crashes down and you break your crown,
And you point your finger but there’s no one around,
Just want one thing
Just to play the king but the castle’s crumbled and you’re left with just a name,
Where’s your crown, King Nothing?"

Anonymous said...

I think Matt can be a jerk, but the way that house looked most of the time was ridiculous. And I get that maybe the physicality of keeping it clean might be too much for Amy alone, but those lazy kids never did anything and she never asked them to. I am surprised anyone could live the way they did. I turned it on once and thought I was watching an episode of Hoarders.

Janet said...

Rap, I don't think you know anything about being a parent and needing to be discreet about your feelings for your son or daughter's significant other.

I don't know if Tori truly loves and is attracted to Zach or if she is attracted by the lure of fame and attention it brought. I don't know if any of the Roloffs see Tori the same way or think she is genuine and they love her. I don't know.

But I do know family relationships. Just like Lynn said, you can think that the person your son or daughter is dating isn't good for them, but if you want to continue to have a relationship with your son or daughter, you better bite your lip. Trying to convince your son or daughter that the girl or boy that they're involved with is not the right one is a great way to ruin your relationship with your son or daughter.

Rap541 said...

Janet - I simply ask you the same thing I asked Lynn. Have you ever watched the show? Where Matt has no problem sparing anyone's feelings?

This isn't about being a parent - its you people saying a man who would get on camera and talk about how disappointed he is in his son and who has no problem telling the public that spending time with his family is a waste of his time, is suddenly "I best hesh up because my relationship with the son I openly deride is so important to me that I can't possibly warn him I think his girlfriend is bad."

Seriously - have you watched the show? Have you watched Matt merrily humiliate Zach on camera? WHen exactly was Matt *discreet*?

AS I recall, Matt's more recent comments about his family is that he doesn't care what they do, he's off to Hawaii and he'll come back when there's grandkids.

But he cherishes *that* relationship so much he'll let his son marry someone he doesn't trust without saying a word because he's so discreet and concerned about his son's feelings!

I'm sorry, that's just laughable. :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice Amy's Instagram post about Jacob?

Tina said...

I noticed the post that Amy wrote about Jacob. How sweet of him to do - what a gentleman. I know for a fact none of the other boys would do the same.
Honest to God, I think Jacob, after all the mistreatment is the best son she has out of them all. Jacob and Molly have and always will be my favorites. Jeremy and Zachary have piss poor attitudes. Sure, Jacob was a brat. But imagine being thrown into a TV show and then picked on ON CAMERA by your older brothers, who are supposed to be roll models to you. That would make me pretty upset I think.
He has every right to have acted out and now look at him, he's saying thank you to his mother for all she did for him.
Everyone's judgment of him is completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why are they still on TV? It's not about Little People anymore its about dysfunction. Jeremy talks about being "free" yet he's going to "build" his homestead on his daddy's farm. Zach and his girlfriend can't seem to leave that stupid farm either. So independent.

J45 said...

I don't understand how anyone could suggest it's Jacob's fault (in part) that Matt and Amy are getting divorced.

I agree that Jacob's drug use might put strain on a relationship. However, since they (Matt & Amy) never put much thought in Jake before, why would that suddenly change?

Also, things like multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.) are said to contribute to divorces, as well as kids with disabilities. With that in mind, we could just as easily speculate that Zach or *gasp* Jeremy James Jesus might have something to do with Matt and Amy's divorce. (Of course, this would be ridiculous, since Zach and Jer are grown and out of the house; Matt and Amy are also dwarfs so Zach being a dwarf is relatable to them more than anything).

Yes, if Matt or Amy were concerned parents towards Jacob, generally the drug use would put strain on them (or any concerned parent, really). But they have never come across as concerned parents (when pertaining to Jacob) and have always been (for the most part) uninvolved in his life. Amy even dared to call herself an "empty-nester" when Jake was 12. (That's not to say she's not a concerned mother - she obviously shows regard to Zach, Molly and Jer).

Bottom line: Jacob has always been the forgotten child, and it's no different now than it was six years ago.

So I think it's highly unlikely that Jacob played a substantial role in Matt and Amy's divorce.

J45 said...

While I think Tori *might* have begun working at Roloff Farms for the fame aspects, (and I say "might" because we have no idea what her reasons and motivations were - no matter how much anyone asserts their opinion, does not make it truth) I highly, highly doubt she would stay in a committed relationship with Zach for 4 years, and agree to marry him in a few weeks, if she was only in it for the fame. I mean - Come on, marry a guy without a job or any real career prospects, for his uninterested, married twin brother and straight sister? The fame is dying along with the show anyhow, so that's next to nothing now, as well.

For what it's worth, Zach seems very good at judging if people are genuine vs. bullshitting and by his personality, I doubt he'd let the charade go on for 4 years and then ask Tori to marry him.

Amy comes across as quite protective of Zach (which others have said before), so I really don't think she would just let someone use Zach like that, if she was aware of Tori's "alterior motives."

Again, Matt (like Zach) has a good gauge of bullshit and from what we've seen on the show, no qualms about putting his kids down (specifically Zach and Jake) or asserting his opinion, or insisting that things must be done *Matt's* way because only Matt knows best. If Matt had any notion that Zach was being used/played by Tori, he would have *no* issues voicing this. I'm not saying that this is the *right* way to parent, but it *is* how Matt does things.

Jeremy - Zach's twin brother who at one point seemed inseparable from Zach (and while we're at it - Mueller as well). Jeremy James Jesus, the Golden Boy, JerBear, Farmer.... Am I missing anything? Jer's opinion is valuable above all else (save Matt the Martyr). Jer didn't hesitate to tell his mother that her place is in the kitchen. Everyone seems to act around here (and frankly, in the Roloff home), that his opinion is the word of God. If Jer at all believed that Zach was being used, yes he might hesitate to speak up (a la 14th Birthday fiasco). But I'd only hope he'd bring it up with Zach, privately - after all, this isn't a one-off birthday party bullying - it's for life, if the Bible is to be believed) . I'd like to think he wouldn't let Zach get hitched to a monster.... But he does come across as narcissistic. So who knows.

J45 said...

I also agree with whoever said that Jake's nomadic lifestyle would make a much more interesting reality show than Jer and Auj.

Jake is not afraid to voice his opinions (e.g. Religion, anti-police, anti-American, etc.) and he seems like a deep person. Due to his reality TV history and Christian past, his views and outlook might be intriguing (after all: the Bible-thumpers here are much more inclined to bash Jake than applaud Molly's college/education-seeking, good little Christian girl life). So there would be some kind of viewership already in place - even the hateful Bible-thumpers would be a help to raise ratings, no matter if their motif would be to bash Jake's every move.

If Honey Boo Boo is any indication, controversy and sensationalism sells (and yes, lots of people watch the Duggars for their twisted Fundamentalist views, not staunch support of hardcore Jesus-loving). So TLC would have no problem selling out Jake.

I doubt Jacob would be willing to selling himself out unless it was completely on his terms and control. I know TLC would never permit a tell-all on LPBW ep., but with the way things are going with the Duggars it wouldn't hurt for them to go to opposite direction.

I'm not saying a Jake-centred show would garner a gigantic audience. But there is a built-in fan base (thanks to LPBW) and much controversy already stirred up.

Laura said...

LOL! Jacob isn't a deep person. He's a druggie who likes to complain. Jeremy is a deep person. Read his twitter. Look at the quotes he admires and shares.

Ashley said...

J45, I think Jacob is proving that he would sell himself out in a heartbeat. Look at how long and how loud he protested the show and vowed to quit it and not renew.

It was just talk. When it came down to it, he took the money. It sure looks like it anyway. I doubt he would be racing Jeremy around the farm with the Banner "Family Roloff Mud Races" if it wasn't a stupid contest for a staged episode that Jacob was so vocal about before the checks go directly to him. Jacob is just like Zach just like lots of people predicted.

I don't think TLC would ever consider something featuring him. Jacob rebelling makes TLC look bad because he is a reality kid on one of their trademark shows. Also they are too Christian conscious to feature someone like Jacob. But I doubt Jacob would take a stand like that, he seems to be quiet around family and when the cameras or media is around. Most of the viewers assume Jacob is just like Jeremy.

PJ said...

Laura, Jer is so shallow if he were a puddle you couldn't drown in him if you tried.

Ashley so you think Jake is also an animal torturing homophobe with delusions of grandeur?

Ashley said...

"Ashley so you think Jake is also an animal torturing homophobe with delusions of grandeur?"

PJ, are you asking me that because I said "most of the viewers assume Jacob is just like Jeremy"?

Most do. Most of the viewers are like most of the people on Matt's Facebook. They think the show is real. They think the Roloffs are wholesome Christians who don't swear, who love their fans, that if something doesn't happen on the show, it didn't happen. Jeremy is a kind young man that loves Jesus and is very well behaved. Read Matt's facebook fan comments. They think Jacob is the same way. "What a well behaved boy you have Matt!"

But if you're asking me to seriously answer your questions, no, although I do think Jacob is a homophone (just not hung up on the gay marriage debate) but Jacob's attitude that came out any time a guy said Jacob was attractive definitely is homophobic on Jacob's part no matter how much he denies it. Jacob is homophobic because gay guys make him uncomfortable. Jeremy is homophobic (*maybe* based on Benjamin's story) partly for the same reason but mostly because of the religious aspect of it. I think they both hate fans of the show. I think they both like the money from the show which is why Jacob is selling out and going against what he said for the last year or two and now is cheerfully racing the family for the cameras.

That's where the similarities end I think.

Nancy said...

No company would do a show about Jacob. The reward isn't that back and the risk is too much. Only a matter of time before he gets arrested or OD.

Ridiculing everything to be cool gets old fast.

Rap541 said...

Nancy 0 in all seriousness, have you seen Gypsy Sisters? My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding? Honey Boo Boo? Return to Amish?

All shows on TLC that pretty clearly feature people at risk for arrest and overdose? I mean, I try not to rub peoples faces in the TLC content when they harp how CHRISTIAN TLC is but really, drug use, fights, multiple wives, child molesters, pigs crapping on the dinner table, spousal abuse... is this why we praise TLC for PRAISING JESUS? Because trust me, I suspect "Helly" Melly Stanley will insist she's a Christian...

As it stands right now, the Roloffs have proved the point that reality tv overrides Christian decency. Matt harped and harped and snotted off for YEARS how he was standing tall still Christian married to his wife while all the scum got divorced... Does that register on any of you?

Or is this a "Its so goddamn praiseworthy when he's married and EVERYONE SHUT UP NOW THAT HE'S DIVORCED BECAUSE JESUS!" moment? Because I sure do remember the Roloffs rocking the faith movement on HOW STRONG THEIR MARRIAGE WAS!

Think about it.

Fg said...

Jacob is so badass. I love him.
He's my favorite roloff.

Dan said...

You guys are clueless.
Tlc is full of white privileged, overrated, ignorant assholes. I pray to god Jacob gets out of the light of this tv show. He is so much more than that. He is way above and better than any of you psychotic Christian crazed people. He of course did more episodes to get MONEY! He doesn't give a shit about the show or what Tlc represents.
It is a JOKE. It is a sick, sad, twisted joke. They are famous for being LITTLE PEOPLE. It's a joke. Who gives a fuck?
Jacob just got paid out while you sick fucks sit in your recliners eating your Cheetos while he gets to play with all that money.
He's the winner here. Cute girl, cute dog, money, and the freedom to Do whatever the fuck he wants.

J45 said...

@Laura - If you find Jer tweeting Biblical quotes deep, that's great and your opinion. Meanwhile, I disagree. I find Jake's interest in outerspace and black protesting, anti-police attitude and religious views to be deeper than Jer's Bible quotes. (Not that I agree with all of Jake's outlook - I don't, but my religious convictions are more on par with Jake than Jer. Fwiw, I think Jake's religious convictions are more thought-out, but I know you'll contradict this opinion and I'm okay with that). If being more on par with Jake's religious convictions means I'm going to Hell, I'll have to make my peace with that.

You can have your religious beliefs and side with Jer - I'm not denying you of that right by disagreeing. But just as you have every right to be Christian and Godly, I have the right to not be religious and abide by my own morals (law permitting) instead of the 10 Commandments.

J45 said...

@Ashley, I wasn't able to find much on the mud-racing episode. Honestly, I looked. Thanks for filling me in - I knew vaguely what it entailed but I assumed Jake was 17 when it was filmed and therefore still obligated per his parents, not of his own choice, to be on camera (and not getting his own paycheque). Thanks for filling me in. :)

I amend what I said before - Jake will do anything for $, just like Zach and Molly before him.

Can anyone tell me if this mud-racing episode has aired yet? I'd like to check it out for myself.

I know TLC would probably not have a Jacob-centred reality show, I was mainly saying that Jake's nomadic life seems more interesting than Jer's and that TLC seems particularly desperate for content since the Duggar molestation/incest scandal. But I know I made it sound like I was certain TLC would jump on the Jacob bandwagon - I agree with you that it's very unlikely. I was merely musing on hypotheticals. (Just as I once suggested Jacob might aspire to be an astronaut - I know it's highly unlikely Jake would ever become an astronaut - I just want to give Jacob the benefit of the doubt, as all the Christians give Jeremy).

J45 said...

@PJ, Ashley was saying that the average LPBW fan would assume Jake is just like Jer - she did not say that *she* thought Jake is just like Jer. I think you misread her comment IMO.

Also, fwiw, I think Jacob is a homophobe and uncomfortable around gays because that's how he was raised to think. And I think he is still a homophobe because that sort of indoctrination is hard to shake (I assume, though I have no personal experience).

I think he has some notion that homophobia is wrong (and he's at the very least less homophobic than the rest of his family, given that he's pro-gay marriage).

As much as Jacob likes to pretend that his religious upbringing means nothing to his views right now, I think he's in denial and still working through his homophobic attitude (or hiding his homophobia because he knows he'll get flack for it).

running dog said...

@Dan .. . i totally agree with u about Jacob where u said * I pray to god Jacob gets out of the light of this tv show. He is so much more than that.*. . . . me, i hope they give Jacob his own weekly tv show. ..the way i see it they do it like the old route 66 tv show ... Jacob goes from small town to small town like a chick magnet living off his fame . . .Jacob is very wise, he knows chicks love dogs so he walks his dog in these small towns. . .he tells funny "little people" jokes. . . gives inside info like Zacks favorite comic books. . . he gives insight that he suspects Jer is a firebug . . .

PJ said...

I don't think it's unusual for teen boys (into young adulthood), especially ones raised in a more sheltered situation, to be uncomfortable around gay people. Jer's little phobia rants were covered pretty well by the internet media, for him it's more than that. And personally I think he's a little too close to Mueller.
Hence the reason I find it so unlikely that most fans would see the two brothers as the same.

BTW J45 I very much agree that Jake thinks about his choices. Jer just isn't bright enough to do more than regurgitate what's told to him. Perhaps that's the attraction to Auj, she tells him what to do and think.

Timothy said...

J45, I think you have it right about Jacob and his homophobia. He is definitely the least homophobic of the Roloffs as he's the only one who doesn't believe gay marriage destroys society or that gay people are going to hell. But he still has his own homophobia.

The stuff about how he treated and reacted to the kid at high school saying he thought Jacob was attractive and Jacob's subsequent answers about why he won't be friends with a kid he knew was gay spelled out exactly why Jacob is homophobic. It makes him uncomfortable. His answers made him look unintelligent and uneducated and to be frank, dumb. And Jacob isn't dumb, but that's what homophobia does for someone. One of Jacob's answers to why he wouldn't be friends with a gay kid was "because I'm attracted to girls, not dudes"....that's just so...ignorant.

However, it's obvious Jacob knows being "homophobic" is wrong and most of the people he agrees with on most other issues are "pro-gay" or not homophobic, so he doesn't want to be known as a homophobe...but he has a built in homophobic nature where it makes him uncomfortable.

J45 said...

@Timothy, I agree with everything you said, except one thing.

I may be misreading here, but "...but [Jacob] has a built in homophobic nature where it makes him uncomfortable."

You don't mean to say that Jacob was born to be homophobic, do you? Because I'll quote Jacob by saying "No one is born with prejudice." Of course, Jacob is 18 and now is high time to own his homophobia, or fix it. But I think it's unfair to Jacob to suggest his homophobia is fundamentally his fault (from the get-go) and not to place any blame on his parents, Faith Bible and whatever church he attended on holidays. (Because I know for a fact not all Christian families, faith-based schools and churches are homophobic). For all the Roloffs' talk about "acceptance of differences" they did a horrible job of being demonstrative - I know this has been proven time and again, but it felt appropriate to repeat.

Jacob was raised in a homophobic environment and that mindset can't be easily undone. Jacob had *no say* in going to Faith Bible for 9 years, had no control over what warped messages were being instilled in him (e.g. Homophobia, racism and misogyny, etc. - Exbihit A: Prince Jer), no means of properly of questioning his upbringing (until attending public high school).

Timothy said...

J45, by "built in homophobic nature" I mean that although he is homophobic (uncomfortable with the thought of a gay guy being around him which indicates that he has some silly stereotypes concerned that said gay guy is a sexual animal that will pounce on him) he clearly does not want to be or at least does not want to be known as homophobic.

I would compare it to someone who knows racism is wrong but they get scared if they see black youth coming towards them. Or maybe a more relevant example is Rosie O'Donnell saying she's ashamed to admit little people make her uncomfortable. It's a feeling she has but she doesn't want to feel that way, knows it is wrong and isn't proud of it. But she still has that feeling.

I agree about the way Jacob was raised as it relates to gay people. The fact that he has formed his own opinion is a credit to him. But he still holds a prejudice.

J45 said...

@Timothy, that's what I assumed you meant, but I wanted to clarify (to make sure I wasn't putting words in your mouth). The anology to racism was very apt.

I don't meant to sound as if I think Jacob's homophobia is okay because it was engrained in him. Either way, homophobia (or racism, misogyny, etc.) is never, ever okay. No matter what.

At 18, it's time Jacob takes responsibility for his prejudice. Or at least admits he has this prejudice; preferably get help (if needed) to overcome the prejudice(s) and fear his parents and religion drilled into him.

All that said: I don't like the idea of saying, "Jake's 18 now. His prejudice is all on him" and pretending as if his parents had nothing to do with it. Because I think, at the end of the day, his parents ALSO need to be held accountable.

Jacob is homophobic - and it's a very unintelligent and uneducated way to perceive the world. I'm not trying to deny he's homophobic and how awful the things he's said are (it might seem I am).

Anonymous said...

Who are you to judge who or what a "good Christian wife" is?
as you sit there judging, you are committing sin.
you have no idea what goes on behind their closed doors and what he may have done.
Seems like instead of judging, you should pray...

Anonymous said...

I agree

Crystal said...

Who the hell are any of you to pass judgements on a situation that you are not part of. A marriage is about 2 people and if it fells than it is on both of them for there part in it but it is none of your business. You don't leave in that house. Also to pray for the death of anyone especially a young man that you just see parts of on TV is horrible and maybe you should pray for each other instead cause Karma can be a real bit**

kitten Has claws said...

@ Rap541 @ 10:55 June 13, 15

So had me laughing so hard on that post. You are right on target! Gooo Rap!

Ismael Colon said...

I like the show and none of you fan's know what goes on in thier private life and who care's . That is for them to deal with. I know matt got lucky and beat a dui!

Rap541 said...

What? The Supreme Court hands down a HUGE ruling legalizing gay marriage across the land and proud vocal Christians who STAND UP for Jesus and the Bible, proud Christians like Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, and Audrey Roloff don't have ONE word of protest???

Maybe someone needs to call Anne and ask her what do?

I mean.... NOT A WORD. Especially those SHINING CHRISTIAN STARS, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff... not one word of protest, not one word....

Christians who insist Jeremy and Audrey and Matt (not Amy, she's that horrible BITCH who isn't REALLY Christian despite being the one who actually demonstrates her faith the most) Why aren't your idols standing tall in protest?

Even Mike Huckabee managed a word or two... but the precious Christians Jeremy, Matt, and Audrey MANAGED NOTHING

Rap541 said...

Oh and hmm Jacob is merrily retweeting #lovewins

Tell me again how the Christians won and stopped Jacob? And how Jeremy is ministering? Thru social media?

Kelly said...

Rap, Jacob is only retweeting stuff. Retweeting is a big drop down from the Christian bashing he was doing on Ask. Jacob's last tweet of his own was "normal clouds".

Denise said...

The Roloffs silence about the tragic ruling speaks volumes. They sometimes comment on big news stories...and nothing. Privately is a different story as all devout followers of Jesus know gay marriage is wrong for the world. Jer and Auj inspire thrpugh their love which is based around Jesus . It was nice to read Jeremy's blog about their trip to Joshua Tree yesterday.

Carly said...

Jacob's retwwets aren't offensive. They show his lack of morals. So does his support for criminals and anti police retweets. He should stop trying to pander to blacks who don't care about him anyway.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - I know this will go over your head but let me try. The only public comment on the Supreme Court ruling from any Roloff, is Jacob retweeting #lovewins.

I actually really don't care whether you feel your Christian prayers stopped his "Christian bashing". At the end of the day - you loud proud Christians accomplished what?

Oh right, you ineffectively attempted to silence a teenager and objectively failed. Meanwhile gay marriage is the law of the land. I mean really, who won this one?

Denise - ever consider that perhaps if the "good" Roloffs - Matt, Jeremy, Audrey, had the balls to actually say their views publically, that they might have reached more Christians with their message of "gay marriage is wrong"?

As a Christian, are you saying it was more important for Jeremy to blog about his trips than it was for him to fight against gay marriage? I mean sure, maybe... Maybe God really does want Jeremy to fiddle and play while Rome burns but hmmm what *I* think?

Jeremy, Audrey, Matt just don't want to say anything controversial because they'd rather have all that queer money in their pockets.

I mean really, for such strong Christians - and Denise, you do think Jeremy and Audrey are STRONG in their faith, correct? Don't you find it unsettling that whenever a Roloff has the opportunity to take a strong Christian position publically... they *never* do?

Btw Denise, have you offered to buy one of Jeremy's prints yet? I mean, you DO want to support his silent ministry, right?

I seriously find it hilarious that you still defend the Roloffs on their refusal to speak out on their views.

Rap541 said...

Carly - at least Jacob has something to say.

Where are Jeremy and Audrey and what are their public views on the ruling?

How about Matt and Amy?

Funny how quiet these proud and loud happy to stand up for Jesus Christians are, huh?

Laura said...

Jeremy and Audrey's friend @dalepartridge after the ruling tweeted "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

Pastor Partridge was Jeremy's surprise birthday gift from Audrey - who they went to meet and begin friendship because Jeremy has so much respect for this man of God.

Rap541 said...

Laura - and what have *Jeremy* and *Audrey* had to say?

Oh right... that would be nothing :)

Tell me again how they STAND UP for their beliefs :)

And did it ever occur to you that maybe if these two loud, proud Christians actually did stand up instead of sitting silent and accepting the cash to be silent, that Adam and Steve might not be legally allowed to marry?

Go ahead and tell me some more on how Jeremy and Audrey are fighting for their beliefs and continue to cite everyone but actual Roloffs because its really fun, Laura, to continually remind you that no matter how much you insist it - Jeremy, Matt, Audrey, and Amy all *won't* take that stand.

For the record - Laura - Jeremy's pastor friend being vocal is NOT Jeremy standing tall. So far, lil old Jer-Bear hasn't found his balls to be outraged. And I refuse to give him credit for doing so when he so obviously hasn't... and I find it a little sad on your part that you're attempting to justify his silence.

When the chips are down, Jeremy, Audrey, Matt, and Amy, all take the dollars and shut their mouths rather than stand tall with Christ and declare their beliefs. And you apparently think that's laudable. Please Laura - tell me how all Christians should imitate Jeremy *in his silence*.

Bubbles said...

It would be quite hypocritical for any of the Roloffs to voice disagreement to gay marriage when Matt and Amy have just publicly shown their disregard for Christian marriages by filing for divorce. Apparently they're smart enough to know that!

Linda said...

Exactly what I was thinking, Bubbles. It would be quite hypocritical. Considering divorce is right up there with adultery, getting drunk, gay marriage... Oh wait! But the roloffs DO get drunk. So as long as the sin fits their lifestyle, right? You Christians get to pick and choose what you want to say is good and bad, but when it comes down to it, you can't actually back anything you say. Getting a divorce is just as bad as gay marriage... So why aren't amy and Matt being burned at the stake for it?

Laura said...

God didn't lose, America temporarily soiled itself. Laws are temporary. Souls are for eternity.

It's a slippery slope. Will Pastors such as Jeremy and Audrey's friends Dale Partridge and John Mark Comer be forced to marry gay couples even though that spits in the face of God? Will they be forced to rent out our churches for gay weddings? Will Christian Universities such as the one Molly is attending be forced to housed same sex couples? Will support for Biblical Marriage be deemed "hate speech"?

It was an attack on religious freedom.

As for the Roloffs, they are choosing to stray away from "controversial" issues publicly. I don't agree, but if they choose to fight privately through their church and on a personal level, that is their choice. Jeremy and Audrey have chosen to try to build God's Kingdom by showing how their lives are filled with happiness because they trust in God so others will see the that is the way to being fulfilled.

As for Jacob, he has no morals. That is nothing new. However, he was still on he would be bashing Christians right now. Instead he is limited to a tame retweet.

Kyle said...

Rap is right.

There is no doubt in mind that the Roloffs oppose gay marriage. Like Laura said, look at who they are friends with.

But the Roloffs, don't even have the guts to go public. They would rather keep it hidden because Jeremy and Audrey are so busy selling everything thing they can they don't want to risk any backlash no matter how much they claim to stand for God.

Rap541 said...

Will Pastors such as Jeremy and Audrey's friends Dale Partridge and John Mark Comer be forced to marry gay couples even though that spits in the face of God?

Nope. The right to marriage is a governmental designation. The law allows gay couples to obtain marriage licenses and have the same legal rights as straight married couples. One does not need a Christian preacher and ceremony to be considered legally married. Much the way Christian preachers are not currently legally forced to pray to Yahweh or Allah and marry those not in their own faith, they are not required to marry gay people.

Will they be forced to rent out our churches for gay weddings?
Possibly, if they allow the church to be rented by people who aren't members. I know many catholic churches, for example, that make it quite clear you can only get married there if you are catholic and a member.

FYI - no one can force a church to rent itself out.

Will Christian Universities such as the one Molly is attending be forced to housed same sex couples?

If they are private universities, most likely not... unless they are allowing married straight couples to live on campus. Then yeah. It'd take a lawsuit, but frankly I don't know many private Christian Universities that allow married couples to live on campus anyway. The obvious solution is to not allow married couples to live on campus.

Whitworth University for example, exempts married students from having to live on campus, something they require for the first two years otherwise. They also have a policy of inclusion and against discriminating against people due to sexual orientation....

Will support for Biblical Marriage be deemed "hate speech"?
Nope. But free speech isn't consequence free. If you choose to support Biblical marriage, people aren't just going to smile and nod.

For example Laura, you support "Biblical Marriage". Does that mean Jews aren't married in your eyes? Yes or no. How about Moslems? Hindus? Biblical marriage is what you support - do you want justice of the peace marriage to stop? Do you want non Christians forciblely brought into your church and *biblically married*? Are you saying anyone who isn't married by a preacher in your faith isn't married at all?

As for the Roloffs, they are choosing to stray away from "controversial" issues publicly. I don't agree, but if they choose to fight privately through their church and on a personal level, that is their choice. Jeremy and Audrey have chosen to try to build God's Kingdom by showing how their lives are filled with happiness because they trust in God so others will see the that is the way to being fulfilled.

But you agree, they are not proudly singing their message of no gay marriage, correct? You do agree - Jeremy and Audrey and Matt and Amy have ALL had the opportunity to publically support Biblical marriage and choose not to. Yes or no, Laura? DO the Roloffs publically say gay marriage is wrong?

As usual, Jeremy and Audrey sitting silent is praised. Again Laura, shouldn't you, if you applaud the Roloffs and how they handle the issue of gay marriage - follow their example and not protest at all? You're telling me how Christian it is to follow Jeremy and Audrey's example... and their example is to sit on their hands and do nothing.

Ashley said...

FYI, Audrey favorited a tweet that asked her what she thought of the gay marriage decision....she didn't answer. She just favorited it.

Yulia said...

Uh oh! No one gonna comment on Jacob's quote. He quoted "I feel like if God was so worried about gay marriages he would've put it on his top 10 dos and donts"
Hmm... You really sure have shut him up, haven't you, Anne Bailey!?
rock on... You win, right ;)

Sam said...

I think it's fucking horseshit that even when they do NOTHING Audrey and Jeremy are praised. This is a HUGE issue. Dale patridge said "if you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention"... Well does AUDREY seem outraged to you?! She's out gallivanting merrily with her peers and Tori for the bachelorette party. Hmm... Does Jeremy seem outraged? Who knows what he's doing, probably taking lame pictures for someone's wedding, but he hasn't said a word. Hmm..... Yep. No comment from Matt or Amy. Weird. They are SILENT and you're still attempting to praise them. Fucking pathetic

Connor said...

Yulia, Anne did take the piss out of Jacob. I know it's hard for the Jacob fan club to admit that Jacob got his ass smacked by a Christian woman but that's what happened.

Oh don't get it wrong, Jacob is still and always will be a brat and an overall shitty person, but Ask was his venue to be as mouthy and pompous as his little bratty heart desired.

Now he is tempered. He can't even say anything without it being a quote.
If you don't think that's because Anne brought light to his outbursts by raising a stink and getting the attention of people around Jacob than you're an idiot.

Connor said...

Oh and one more thing....Jacob just wants to act like a rebel to be cool to the liberal celebrities he thinks are awesome.

I think if Jacob is such a supporter of gay marriage and gay rights, he should be forced to be locked in a room with a queer if he thinks they are so normal.

Anybody who read Jacob's impulse answers about the fag at his school knows Jacob is freaked out by gays. He's only trying to go with the flow because he thinks it makes him cool.

Maggie said...

Let me get this straight.

Jeremy and Audrey get criticized for talking about God when they tweet about their Christian faith.

Jeremy and Audrey get criticized because they don't comment on every bad thing that happens in government or in the supreme court.

That doesn't sound very fair, does it?

Everyone who knows what is in their hearts know that Jeremy and Audrey are aware how terrible the news was yesterday even if it is only short-lived.

Kelsey said...

Jeremy already said the worst part of being who he is that he needs to always watch what he says because people will blow it up and try to cause trouble. I believe he was talking about stuff like this. Anybody that knows Jer and Auj and their friends know they stand for God and against Gay marriage and a society that is trying to normalize it.

Allyssa said...

Don't give me this "at least Jacob has guts" crap.

He's the brat that was bragging about how he had so much principle that he would QUIT the show.


He was full of it. Guess who jumped to be apart of the "fake filming" when coin was thrown his way???? Where'd his principles go????

I know for a fact that Jacob was filmed and participated with a fake smile in the mud stuff all for a staged episode.

You'll see.

All of his talk was just that. Shut up Jacob.

Zee to the Z said...


Jeremy the Christian is the biggest fake ever.

His real life behavior VS his persona that he wants to show his fans.

There is no words for it but FAKE.

Trust me on this.

Rap541 said...

Connor - Anne wanted him silenced and removed from the net. That hasn't happened. Please don't play lawyerball - he's still on line and currently the only member of the Roloff family willing to express a thought other than "Please buy our products".

think if Jacob is such a supporter of gay marriage and gay rights, he should be forced to be locked in a room with a queer if he thinks they are so normal.

Are you suggesting that Jacob should be locked in a room with a homosexual because you believe all gay men are rapists, Connor? I don't want to put words in your mouth.

Also - at last check, wasn't it Christian proud Josh Duggar praising Jesus and molesting his sisters? How about it Connor? Want your sister locked in a room with a queer or Josh Duggar? I mean, Jesus will keep her safe from Josh, right? Because Jesus sure stopped Josh from fondling his five year old sister.... oh wait... How did that turn out, Connor?

Maggie - Just don't insist to me that Jeremy and Audrey are actively doing God's will and are example Christians to be emulated. Jeremy and Audrey are not willing to take a public stand. I've said this previously - for all the whining about the Supreme Court's decision, none of it is coming from a Roloff, so should I emulate their behavior? Why aren't you emulating the Roloffs and not speaking out?

Sam - it's genuinely hilarious to me how Jeremy and Audrey are held up as paragons for sitting silent and doing nothing and not one of their defenders is willing to say "As a Christian, I will emulate Jeremy and Audrey and shut my mouth about gay marriage" - not a one.

PJ said...

Let's face it, ALL the Roloffs have wet noodles for spines. If they cannot make a profit or if something interferes with a profit they're gonna be totally mum. Shows what's more important to them doesn't it?

Connor said...

Rap541, read what Anne said in her mission statements at the time. Her main goals were to stop Jacob's account and to stop his Christian bashing and mocking of Audrey.
She achieved those goals!

"Are you suggesting that Jacob should be locked in a room with a homosexual because you believe all gay men are rapists, Connor? I don't want to put words in your mouth."

Yeah, kind of. What I am really saying to be honest and not politically correct is that gay guys are perverts and no straight guy worth his salt would feel comfortable being forced to be with a gay dude for a prolonged period of time.

The kicker that you don't grasp is that IS how Jacob feels. He was freaked out by the fags at school (when he went to public high school). He did not gay guys anywhere near him. Look it up Rap. That's what Jacob said. Anybody with common sense and intelligence could tell Jacob is CREEEEEEEEPED out by gay guys. He even admitted he wouldn't be friends with a gay dude.

The point is that's how Jacob feels. He knows gay guys are perverts and he wants nothing to do with him.

But he will take to twitter and retweet a "love wins" hashtag from a Liberal twitter account because he thinks it makes him cool. But really the little coward wouldn't willingly spend 2 minutes in the same place as a queer.

Rap541 said...

Connor - are gay women also rapists?

And why no comment on Christian Josh Duggar, who molested his sisters? I mean, all gay men are rapists according to you... but you seem pretty silent about a straight guy having sexy times with four of his sisters.

Isn't that perverted? Or is it ok because Josh was having incest with his SISTERS and not his brothers?

Connor - please do understand, the only special status I am assigning Jacob right now is that he's actually willing to state something other than "no comment". All while Jeremy Jesus and St. Audrey are lauded for well, doing nothing.

And I read Anne's creepy little mission statement and it was to have Jacob silenced. And look... you're complaining about his online prescence still.

So we've established you think all gay men are rapists, what about gay women? Do you have any factual basis for "if a gay man is locked in a room with a straight man the gay man will automatically start raping the straight guy"?

I'm genuinely curious. Especially since I can cite numerous examples of straight Christian men molesting girls, raping girls, raping boys. Connor, you're a straight man, don't be PC, tell us how many women you've raped. :)

Pj said...

It is obvious that you have limited life experience. It is fairly normal to be somewhat uncomfortable when first exposed to another culture or sub-culture. It's new, different and strange. It is bigotry to continue after a period of exposure. You are a bigot and a homophobe. Your statement that "no straight guy worth his salt"may be your opinion but if you were to speak to "most" guys you would find yourself to be in the minority. So Jake was creeper out when first liberated from his right wing "school" totally normal. And changed his mind after getting to know a more diverse group, also totally normal.
You never answered the question regarding the investors Josh Duggar.
And you sir are the coward for throwing a segment of your own culture and society away out of fear, since that is what your crude attitude and language.

Dally said...

HAHA FUCK YEAH RAP!!!! "Connor, don't be PC, tell us how many women you've raped. :)"
Rap, you rock. Hahah

G said...

Jacob supports gay marriage therefore I support Jacob. He has and always will be my favorite roloff.

Harley said...

I find it funny as fuck that rap gives you all examples of people worse than Jacob and you all just continue on the Jacob hate train... Connor I think you're secretly a gay man and you want Jacob's ass. I'm going to assume that based on what little information I have about you. Here I goooo making assumptions. You like dick. :)

Vinny said...

I'd like to make a statement: I'm gay.
And personally, I think Jacob George Roloff is one sexy piece of ass.

Patricia said...

Look, people... You don't have to like it, but now gay marriage is legal. Don't like it, move :)

B.d. lol said...

Jacob and his girlfriend have some guts for standing up for gay marriage despite the obvious hate they'd receive from the other gay bashing gay hating roloffs.

Rap541 said...

You don't have to like it, but now gay marriage is legal. Don't like it, move :)

But don't move to Canada or Mexico or most European nations since been legal in most first world nations for years.

I mean, kids, *Ireland* has gay marriage.

Alexis said...

Don't forget, Molly Roloff shares Kirk Cameron's belief that gay people are destructive to civilization. I saw her post that when it was all in the news.

Zach is also really conservative, he just doesn't interact much online anymore.

If the Roloffs were the Supreme court the vote would have been 5 - 1 against it.

And the only one that says he supports it (Jacob) also has said he won't be friends with a gay guy.

Rebecca said...

Rap, why don't you get on Jacob? If he is so gutsy (all he can do is retweet other people) why doesn't he call out his family for what he would think is bigotry if he really meant what he's retweeting?

Angela said...

Don't gloat too much. It is only temporary until the next big case. God and Biblical marriage will prevail.

What is really rotten is that if it was that if it was a popular vote among Americans Biblical marriage wins. Out of the 33 states had passed it, only 4 would have done so by popular vote.

Rap541 said...

Rebecca - to be honest - because I really don't care what Jake does. I've always been quite clear - I think Jacob takes after brother Jeremy in being an asshole, it's just expressed differently. ANd frankly, if Jeremy of the Cross isn't expected to say he's a Christian, or in any way stand up for Jesus at all, then since he's the oldest and "Matt's Shining Star Boy" and "The best Roloff" - if nothing is expected of Jer-Bear, and the Christian crowd is quite clear on this point - Jeremy just has to sit thete and say nothing and he's an exemplary Christian worth praise... then until Jeremy is expected to do more than nothing, I see no reason to expect more of the lesser Roloff children.

Rap541 said...

Angela - please define "Biblical" marriage.

Are jews married in your eyes? Moslems? Hindus? Or are they not married since they aren't married in your church?

Biblical marriage by it's very name is exclusionary - you are insisting only *Christians* be allowed to marry, if you're not married by the Christian Church, you're not *biblically* married.

As for the next legal challenge - I hate to break it to you but there's not a whole lot of skirting this one

And Angela - have you considered that if strong admirable Christians like Jeremy and Audrey hadn't hid their views for money, maybe more young Christians would see the biblical marriage argument to have more value? Too bad Jeremy and Audrey preferred money and silence to what you know they know in their hearts is right. But then they're Roloffs and if you dangle a dollar, a Roloff will smile and sit silent for anything. Can't wait to see Jeremy take a paycheck for a gay wedding. Because he will.

pj said...

Maybe the Roloffs realize, as do (at the last pole) 53% of Americans, that civil marriage is about Civil Rights and legal rights not religion. Gay couples are frequently together for many years and without any kind of legal protection. How would you religious types feel if you couldn't see you partner of 40+ years in the hospital because their family didn't want you too? That's the kind of thing marriage for all is meant to correct not stifle the religious aspect of marriage. Frankly we need to do what many European countries do and require a civil marriage and allow a religious one if people are so inclined.
And please explain to me why it incenses you all that Jake chooses to be open and inclusive rather than closed minded and selfish on this one subject?

Kit said...

Haha most excellent point, rap.... Watch Jeremy get called to shoot a gay wedding. He will not turn down money. What happens then?

Rap541 said...

Kit - all I know? Is that Jeremy will never have the balls or the faith to say "I refuse to work at gay weddings because I am a Christian".

But I am sure that plenty of anonymous friends will insist his heart is full of gay hate ;)

Poor Jeremy, never quite man enough to have a public opinion other than "I like my daddy's farm".

And frankly Kit, I am inclined to agree that money will override any moral twinge Jeremy might have.

Brandon said...

PJ, that 53% isn't anything to celebrate if you favor equality. "Civil Union" is just a side bar religious types throw out so they can still discriminate. Equal is the same. You're not equal if you can't do the same as the rest.

In society, 2 people who want to partner together and live their lives together are called "married". It doesn't matter if you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Atheist. You're married. So gay people should have the same right.

Here's the thing with the Roloffs. Once you know a bit about them, there is no doubt that Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Audrey, Molly and Zach are against gay marriage. The friends they keep. The leaks that come out from time to time like Molly applauding Kirk Cameron after he was facing heat for his bigoted comments. Amy has done the same thing. It's why Jeremy and Audrey's pastor friends that Jeremy is so stoked to be friends with are "outraged".

But it comes down to what Rap keeps on saying. Money is most important to the Roloffs. They want fans or potential fans who are religious to think they are against gay marriage. Amy still does some speaking events for Christian women groups. But they also want people who are in favor of equality and gay rights to think the Roloffs are on their side.

By saying nothing they can play both sides. The people who support gay rights assume the Roloffs are in favor of gay rights because you'd think that given that they fight for dwarf equality.

If the Roloffs were to make a definite statement like Jeremy's Pastor friend, then people would know and it could cut into the Roloffs number 1 priority which is making money.

People would learn that the Roloffs are bigots, would probably not buy Amy's Pumpkin Salsa or Jeremy's photographs. But if they stay silent and let people assume the wrong thing then maybe they can sell some more salsas or pictures.
That's why the Roloffs stay silent. They're playing 2 sides in the name of the almighty dollar.

Connor said...


"Connor - are gay women also rapists?"

If I was girl, I woudln't trust a lesbian either.

"And why no comment on Christian Josh Duggar, who molested his sisters? I mean, all gay men are rapists according to you... but you seem pretty silent about a straight guy having sexy times with four of his sisters."

I don't even like the Duggars or live like the Duggars so you can't pin that one on me.

"Connor - please do understand, the only special status I am assigning Jacob right now is that he's actually willing to state something other than "no comment". All while Jeremy Jesus and St. Audrey are lauded for well, doing nothing.
And I read Anne's creepy little mission statement and it was to have Jacob silenced. And look... you're complaining about his online prescence still.
So we've established you think all gay men are rapists, what about gay women? Do you have any factual basis for "if a gay man is locked in a room with a straight man the gay man will automatically start raping the straight guy"?
I'm genuinely curious. Especially since I can cite numerous examples of straight Christian men molesting girls, raping girls, raping boys. Connor, you're a straight man, don't be PC, tell us how many women you've raped. :"

Gay guys are sexual perverts. Yes. That's why they are gay. There's something wrong with them psychologically and they can control their sexual urges.

I'm just stating the truth. PJ, I'm in my early 20s and no red blooded straight guy feels comfortable hanging out with a gay guy like you would with your NORMAL friends.

This is what your hero, Jacob Roloff, said himself. Even his fans (who are probably gay themselves and that's why they are a "fan" of his) were witness to it. Jacob didn't like being around the fag at his school and was creeped out at the thought of this kid hanging out with him because he knows what I just wrote is true. Gays are sexual perverts that can't be trusted.

PJ, as a guy it's not something he is just going to get over (and he won't get used to it because he refused to hang out with a gay, lol). It makes Jacob uncomfortable. You hang out with people you can chill with. A gay dude doesn't make the cut and that's what Jacob was saying.

What I'm saying about this is Jacob is disingenuous. He reads and follows people who are liberal. That's what group he wants to fit in with. He believes the gay agenda in the media is trying to make being gay or "pro-gay" cool. Jacob wants to be cool to those people so he parrots what they are saying. But it still doesn't change the reality that Jacob refuses to hang out and be friends with a gay dude. But he wants to appear liberal and "progressive" so he pretends to be on board with it.

Brandon said...

"And frankly Kit, I am inclined to agree that money will override any moral twinge Jeremy might have.

Rap, I gotta disagree on that one. Yeah, it would be hard for Jeremy to turn to any amount of money, but since it's just one, I think he would. Jeremy needs to fit into his group with Audrey. All of those friends are the same types of Christians and participating in a gay wedding wouldn't go over well.

Ecossais said...

Dream on Angela-
This is not temporary - it is part of a worldwide trend. Even predominantly Catholic Ireland just went this route.

God and "biblical" marriage are in serious decline.
This has nothing to do with same sex couples. They were never going to marry someone of the opposite sex anyway.

More and more couples are "living in sin" not just cohabiting but breeding "out of wedlock".
One in three kids does not have a father around whether due to the "father" just planting his seed and never being seen again (why do you think there are so many abortions?) or due to the high divorce rate. So much for "'til death do us part" biblical marriages.

Times they are a changing - living together unmarried and having bastard kids does not have the stigma attached to it that it had not too long ago.
That is a good thing because it was never the kid's fault that he or she was called a bastard.

Rap541 said...

SO when a straight man rapes a woman, Connor, is that perverted to you? Or just your right since you're straight? I'm not trying by the way to pin Josh Duggar's crimes on you... but I am getting the sense you don't think he did anything wrong since he has a penis and his sisters don't so its ok as long as it isn't gay.

Connor, can you cite any case where a gay man simply lost control and raped a straight man simply because they were alone in a room?

One case? I mean, aside from the fantasies in your head. You have stated a fact - gay men left alone in a room with a straight man will rape. Provide examples of this phenomena.

And when a straight man rapes a woman, do you consider that a crime?

As a straight male guy, do you have any responsibility to provide facts? Or have you decided *with your dong* that since you're straight, all gay men want to rape you?

How many times has a gay man lost control and raped you, Connor?

ANd btw - I can provide multiple historical and current day examples of straight men raping women after losing control of themselves. You've made a claim - you believe a gay man left alone with a straight man will always lose control and rape. Prove it, or admit you're talking out your ass.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I think if he could keep it quiet, it wouldn't be a problem, doing a gay wedding. And frankly, you will never see Jer-Bear say he *won't* do gay weddings.

PJ said...

Conner please only speak for yourself.
I guarantee you that where I live in Los Angeles, not far from the gay Mecca Jer and Auj live in most social sets include gay people and straight and gay people mix with no rapes and little or no discomfort. The fact that you are homophobic and probably uncomfortable with your own sexuality does not mean that "all" "normal" guys feel the same.
It has been proven that gay people are NOT psychologically damaged in a way that makes them gay. That thinking is prehistoric. Nor are they incapable of controlling their urges, that sounds like wishful thinking on your part. And homosexuality occurs in other species at the same approximately 10% rate as it does in humans, usually as a reaction to overpopulation.
I'm sorry you are so miniscule minded as to be unable to accept people as they are.

Rap541 said...

Also - I freely admit it - I shared a college dorm room with a lesbian for a year. She never touched me once. I also shared a dorm room with a woman who now is a transsexual man (like Chas Bono) and sure enough, I was never sexually violated.

And my straight female roommate? Was raped by a straight guy at a party. Was it her fault, Connor?

Connor said...

What the hell, Rap? Not wanting to hang out with fags is condoning rape??? Moving on...

Straight guys when hanging with their bros (that means friends for the oldies here) can involve chilling on the couch, swimming, walking around shirtless, crashing at their/your place.

No straight guy is going to feel comfortable doing that with faggy over there in the corner. PJ, it doesn't matter where they live. If they aren't aren't gay themselves, no straight guy is going to be cool treating a guy guy as an "equal" friend.

It pains me to say it, but Jacob and I are on the same page about that. That is what he was saying. We wanted nothing to do with the queer at school and wasn't going to spend one minute hanging out with him or pretend like he was going to be his friends. Why? Because Jacob is straight and he's smart enough to know straight guys don't hang out with gay guys because they can't be trusted.

That's what Jacob revealed with those answers.
He's only jumped on the bandwagon of the #lovewins garbage because he thinks it makes him look cool to the liberal idiots he follows.

Jacob can pretend to be "for equality" but he won't even be friends with them (and rightfully so.

Angela said...

Ecossais, you're wrong. Americans won't stand for this. It will be reversed soon. Mark my words. Texas is already resisting.

Connor, I see your point about Jacob. He's very two-faced. He wants to appear like he wants gays to accepted but he himself doesn't want to be forced to accept them into his life.

Rap541 said...

Connor - I notice not one true example from you of a gay guy raping a straight guy simply because he was alone with the straight guy. Provide an example or admit you lied,

Come on Connor - you've said it has happened, when, where and provide links. You stood tall as a straight man and said you know gay men always rape. Provide examples that can be proved. Or admit you're a *liar*.

If it happens so constantly that you're afraid, you should have no trouble providing examples.

Pj said...

Angela we're desperately trying to give Texas back to Mexico but they won't take it. Honestly unless a state try to outlaw marriage tgere's nothing to do but accept marriage for everyone.
Conner, you'really so small minded and afraid of your own orientation it's sad.
By the way which famous liberals do you think follow Jake? How else would they know what he is saying?

Anonymous said...

Just commenting on the responses about Matt and Amy and how they treated each other. For those that say we don't know what goes on behind close doors in their relationship yes thats true. However, I remember watching the show in it's begining and seeing how hatefull Amy was time Matt and always putting him down ON CAMERA! She didn't have any shame and I remember when he was Reigate the home and bit chassis father criticized every thing and Amy went right along with it. You could see on the kids faces back then they were hurt and angry. Amy is another control freak condensing witch like Kate Gosselin . Smile in your face and stabbing you in the back all along. Matt started to defend himself much later and finally moved on to the other house. Amy was nasty towards his parents as well.

yellow teeth said...

The psycho obsession with Jacob and his dog will die out soon.

yellow teeth said...

Wow ! New season of Little people starts July 7. . . first episode called "Jeremy's Journey to I DO". . . . oh man. . . sounds so corny .. have they no shame? Now we're supposed to give a crap about . . . I've often wondered how this boy spends his day. Surely not working. Makes u wonder. What kinda comic books does he read? Whats his favorite reality show. . .

Ecossais said...

I do not know what sort od sheltered life you have lived so far but you are so wrong.

"Straight" guys who are comfortable in themselves have no problem with "gay" guys around them.

I have been a sailor all my life and crew are mixed. Chefs are frequently gay and it has long been said that gay guys make the best stewards.

Ships' crews are obliged to live in close quarters and I have NEVER encountered a problem. The gay guys never tried to "get in the straight guys' pants" and the straight guys never thought about it as a threat that I know of.

They were a CREW and had no problem living together or socializing together.

NoTwists&NoTurns said...

Frankly, I have no interest in what any of the Roloffs think of the rulings of the SCOTUS.
But Laura, child, you have to be the top of any list for making the most foolish comments of the simplistic sort anytime a balloon appears over your tiny head, or some uneducated preacher prods you. In fact, is there a secret code that impels some of the most bigoted and terrified troglodytes on the planet to join up here? There would have to be quite a few to share an IQ of even 100--do you have a community signal for the others to come share the IQ here openly and laughably from time to time, always in "low-information speak" about complex issues that are too taxing for you?

Bonnie said...

I love seeing Christians put Jacob in his place on twitter and seeing them make Jacob look like the fool he has become.

Now he thinks just because you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman that you are also a racist. His lack of understanding of the world is embarrassing.

PJ said...

Being against marriage for all isn't racist but it is bigoted. Why anyone would want to take someone else's civil rights away is beyond me. Do you not know when anyone's rights are denied we're all in danger?

As far as Jake's lack of understanding. He's young and from a relatively small community. He spent most of his school life in a very restricted environment. He'll learn, it just takes time. Most people do that growing in college and in a more private situation. What all you christian fools are complaining about is a tradition, the "I know everything college freshman".

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