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Little People, Big World: Episode July 28th, 2015 - Review By Podge/Rodge Groupie

Here is another review submitted by Podge/Rodge Groupie of the Little People, Big World episode which aired on Tuesday July 28th, 2015 on TLC.



I’m going to break up the storyline, and follow each segment to its end. 

We open with a discussion between Zach and Tori. OK, so they disagree about the 
placement of the tent. Zach presents the unlevel ground idea. Tori disagrees. Zach 
defaults to Matt, and Tori wonders why. Matt does come out and takes Zach aside, 
and tell him, “Zach, there’s one rule in life. The woman is always right.” I laughed at 
the irony. Yeah, Matt. Like every time Amy said “no”, you just turned around and did 
whatever you wanted anyway. Period. Whether Amy was right or not. 

Jeremy shows up at the farm. Let’s stop here. I can see Jeremy’s fan and 
‘supporters’ being quite upset at how Jeremy is being portrayed on the how. It is not 
good. After staying at home until he was 22, and waiting to have inculcated into his 
mind Jesus’ plan for him, and graduate from Brooks Academy, he heads off on what 
his supporters describe as a very successful photography business. All good so far.  

However, Matt calls him up to the farm ‘right away!’ to…….build a gate? There’ a lot 
wrong here. Matt obviously has zero respect for Jeremy’s success and still thinks of 
him as his personal lackey. Remember, people Matt Roloff and Amy (for now) Roloff 
are co-Executive Producers of the show. We’ve waxed eloquent in the past about the 
bad writing, repetitive storylines etc etc. Jeremy doesn’t stand up to his dad and say, 
“Look, dad, I’m in the middle of running  a business and a website here. I can’t just 
drop everything.” TLC takes the business view of thing, and wants Jeremy on the 
show for ratings, regardless of his life in LA. Remember, this was taped a long time 
before Jeremy and Audrey moved back to Oregon. 

The other bit that’s wrong is the technical side of things. Matt put his hand on one of the two springs on the post, and  there was a metal hinge post mounted above, My guess is there once was a spring-
loaded gate there in the past! Ecklind Gates make a fiberglas spring gate with soft rubber bumpers that spring open a you push through, the spring closes the gate again. Either direction. Job done. This is my reason for thinking this whole thing is staged. Pick a reason above. The wrong placement of the lag bolts was well timed,  getting them back in ‘jut in the nick of time’, another feeble attempt at staged drama. 

Ok, the divorce. With the individual haybaling and scene shots, I am getting 
very tired of the constant wallowing in self-pity from both of them. Enough is 
enough already! Please, just stop. Say, did anyone notice in one of the flashbacks, 
when Matt asked Amy, “Why did you marry me in the first place?” Amy did not 
answer the question. She answered that question with another question, “Why did 
you marry me?” You don’t answer a question with another question. That’s in my 
top three pet peeves, right put her with twisted telephone cords and cold toilet 
seats. That was entrapment, a sucker punch to the back of the head.  Matt played the game in the office though, getting Amy to say the D word first. 

I didn’t see Pop and Hunny being really too surprised over the whole affair.  As a aside, my thought for their absence from the show, regardless of the evidence in print and otherwise, was Pop was getting sick and tired of Sonny-boy’s micro managing everything. He said so 
more than once on the how in the earlier seasons. Where is Pop during Pumpkin 
season? The Old Western Town. How far is that from the Pavillion? A far as you can 
get. This is for another item thread.  

I wonder how Matt and Amy decided, off camera, who would tell whom about the final decision. Again, this separation has been going on for so long, I didn’t detect too much surprise among any of the children. Concerns maybe, but I would be speculating. 

Amy and Lisa Dixon go for lunch. As Lisa has been divorced I can see her Christian ethics being brought into question. Was amazed me was, even after the divorce announcement, Amy all of a sudden decides to start re-decorating HER house. Hold it hold it hold it. Who says Amy is keeping HER house? Who says either party is going to buy the other out to keep the farm? We know for a fact that Amy’s 
signature is on the mortgage for the 104 acres that was the neighbor’s farm. And it 
might be on everything else. I’ve seen my friend’s go through a divorce when a 
moratorium is declared on expenditures and stuff like this without the expressed 
agreement of both parties. You just can’t do things like that.

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Little People, Big World: New Episode July 28th: Review By Rap541

A new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff Family is airing on TLC tonight July 28th at 9:00 PM.

Here is the episode review written by Rap541


To be fair as I rewatch, Jeremy very clearly states that “Adventure” and not “God/Jesus” brought him to Audrey. Also, Amy who seems like a very jealous momma, seems to very much like Tori.  I so don’t get the fun of paddle boarding but then, I like distance running which on the surface is dull. Matt’s whole health gadget thing is annoying in that he chortles about hiding it from Amy. Also for the record, I think its pretty clear Matt was being a dick about the wedding. You want to know why? Everyone, seriously stop and consider.
Would Matt have ever told Jeremy and Audrey, even in jest, that he felt that they should delay their wedding? Serious put your hand on your Bible and swear you genuinely believe Matt Roloff would have ever told Jeremy to delay his wedding.
I also renew my objection to Matt whining how awful it was when Zach and Tori asked for the play church to be moved when I recall not one protest from Matt when Jeremy asked it to be moved in the first place. In fact I am utterly certain Matt proudly snotted how clever he was to make all the farm structures moveable. If you praised him when Jeremy asked, why in God’s name do you think Jeremy’s twin brother was wrong, and awful, and bad, to ask for the same effort?
So previously Amy and Matt are clearly about to declare the divorce. Huh. I wonder if Matt will address how he snotted how awesome he was in comparison to other reality show whores who got divorced. I bet Matt won’t say a word on how he’s better than Kate Gosselin.
Zach and Tori argue about the placement of the church and tent. They argue like newlyweds. Zach calls for daddy to decide and I instantly wonder if this was staged. I very much wonder if Jeremy being called to the farm from California is staged. Oh wait, I don’t wonder at all, as Matt drones on how awesome it is that Jeremy dropped his entire life and business to make a gate for the goats. If this actually was real, I would have no doubt about why Jeremy is a failure at photographgy. Seriously folks, as presented, he dropped everything in his life to make a gate for the goats.
Amy notes that Matt married her to “perform a duty” in having kids. Matt notes how nice it was when Amy just did his chores without bitching. There’s lengthy flashbacks of Matt whining how he’s never at fault for anything. Amy says she is sad about the divorce. Matt notes how he needs to make a decision – since Amy making one is you know, a woman, and Matt is the man and he needs to be the one to say it.
And *commercial*.
So finally they talk. Matt notes how he has to be the man and say “get out of my life, bitch”. Ironically Amy is actually the one to say divorce first. Matt doesn’t seem all that sad. Amy seems to feel it but also seems a bit like “how did we get here?”. Matt notes how he isn’t willing to force it. And end dramatic scene we all knew was coming from 2010.
Jeremy wanders in for no apparent reason. No mention of Jeremy’s job or how he can afford to fly in. Zach wants Tori to compromise. Amy notes how she’s making the two boys food.
Now we’re in Portland. Matt goes over how Jacob and Molly were told off screen and now he’s telling his elderly parents he’s pitching his bitch to the side. I love how Matt does the prayers for show with his folks – and before you bitch, Christian fans, cite me examples of Matt praying by himself or not in front of his own parents. Honey is appalled by the divorce. They’re obviously very guarded in front of the cameras. This is a very cold scene. Also, since it has already come up, the reason you only see Pop and Honey for like two minutes is that they got cut out of the show back in the day because they wanted to get paid and Matt said no. Honey even wrote a letter about it online.
There’s a fight over the tent placement. I sense Matt is with me in that I am so bored by all the stuff. Matt takes Zach aside and tells him to let Tori have her way over the tent. Tori notes in a haybale that she’s perfectly aware that Zach is caving to her.
Now we’re back to the “crisis” gate that required Jeremy to drop his life in Los Angeles. Jer drones on about precision and design and Matt notes how utterly perfect it is.
Amy heads out with “Lisa Dixon”. They talk about Jacob in that Amy calls herself an empty nester again. Lisa pokes the separation for the cameras. Amy says it’s a divorce thing. It’s sad. Amy haybales how sad it is. Amy wonder why it happened and diplomatically doesn’t mention what an ass Matt is.
Despite you know, the wedding, the most important thing to Matt is the animal gate. Matt notes how while Jeremy’s photography is “encouraged” – it’s understood that Matt’s mini-me will return to the farm and take over the farm (despite the divorce). Despite the whole micromanaging undertone where Matt is clearly in charge, Matt insists Jeremy is in charge of the animal gate. Matt insists the cement thingy is wrong. Matt makes Jeremy pull out the thingy and redo it. Jeremy isn’t pleased. He stomps on it. In theory it’s done well. I have no idea since no one explained anything.
Matt sticks Amy with telling the twins they’re divorcing. I bet she had to tell Jake and Molly by herself as well. Amy tells Zach that marriage is awesome. She feels bad, it’s obvious. I’ll even throw Jeremy a bone in that he looked hurt by the business. Amy notes how she’s pleased she held out until Jacob ran from the house.
There’s a commercial for the wedding.
The twins natter about the wedding. Everyone, well, Matt and Jeremy, whine about the positioning of the tent. Zach asks Jeremy to be the best man by giving him a bottle opener. Amy is all “I’m divorcing! Time to redecorate!” She wants guest rooms for guests. They tie on bandannas and do redecorating. I wonder if Lisa ever saw the hoard. They start with Jake’s room.
We’re still on redecorating. Amy notes how Matt actually made most of the choices. She and Lisa paint Jacob’s room dark brown.
Now we’re back to the gate project. Matt is all about the goats. I totally see why Jeremy is not building a photography business. Matt calls Amy to see the new gate. There is a couch out in the open for no reason. The gate is pretty ramshackle in that you have to steer the vehicle onto the board that triggers the gate. But since we’ll never see it again except in montages, who cares.
Amy and Lisa redo a table. She drones on about the divorce that again, we all knew was happening in 2010.
Next ep – Jeremy notes how clothes always look like ass on his brother.

A quick note – no regrets from Matt on how he crowed like the cock on the walk on how he was so much better than the TLC families who ended in divorce.

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Zach And Tori Are Officially Married

Congratulations to Zach and Tori Roloff as their wedding was Saturday July 25th, 2015 held at Roloff Farms and is of course going to be featured soon for episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC.

People Magazine had a brief story about their wedding.

New Little People, Big World Episode (July 21st): Review By Anne Bailey.

This was written and submitted by Anne Bailey. All opinions expressed belong to her.


Anne J. Bailey here; Welcome my friends and thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support I received last week. Remember, there will always be some who hate you if you are a Christian living to spread God's Kingdom. We listen to Jesus. Not individuals fueled by hatred.

I'm going to start my weekly review column with an important message that was noticeable in this weeks episode of Little People, Big World. The important to have wholesome shows with good Christian messages featuring inspiring people who are walking with God. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff represent this in the younger generation. God is using them in great ways.  

Considering some of the recent trash on reality television, shows promoting a twisted and perverted life style like the Bruce Jenner (that's who it is and I won't conform because pop culture is pushing their immoral values on society) freak show or even the new TLC show:  I am Jazz". We must speak and let the networks know that we want a show featuring proud Christians like Jeremy and Audrey. I encourage you to make your voice known. Write TLC at Discovery Headquarters. Email them. Tweet. Hashtag #journeyofjerandauj

Now I will begin my review of the happenings in the episode.

It opened a dark and sad note. Matt and Amy's failed marriage. I addressed my concerns last week about their decision to divorce. Matt and brother Sam go to the gym and lunch so they can discuss the state of Matt and Amy's marriage for the cameras. Matt explains that marriage counselling failed. That's because change needs to begin within after seeking Jesus and listening to what God calls you to do.

On a side note something that you should realize because they sometimes introduce people on the show but Matt's brother Sam, is not someone we want to see on the show often. If you look at Sam Roloff's twitter: he is hardcore liberal with values that often oppose the Bible. He currently is supporting the socialist Bernie Sanders run for President.

We want Ron and Peg Roloff. I want them to have the freedom to express themselves and speak with God in their hearts. They will be on a new episode soon. I pray they don't get censored via intrusive editing. It would also be very encouraging if Ron and Peg spoke of their disappointment they have for what their grandson Jacob has come to represent. Ron and Peg are salt of the earth good people. An episode featuring Jeremy and Audrey visiting with Ron and Peg would be TV viewing that would be inspiring and worthwhile. Pray for Ron and Peg and the sadness they endure because of family members. 

Tori, Zach and Molly go wedding party shopping. Molly and Tori are friends. That was pointed out a long time ago. That can be positive with Molly set to join the Roloff clan, as long as it didn't play too big of a motivation for Tori to become a Roloff. Zach defers to Tori on the party selections.

The next segment is best part of the show this week. Zach goes to California to visit with Jeremy and Audrey.

One must applaud Jeremy for what a loving and supportive brother he is to Zach. He is genuinely happy for Zach and Tori that they are joining in the unity of marriage under God. Jeremy does what God has called him to do. Give love and encouragement to his family as they take important steps in his life. As Jeremy has listened to Jesus more and more with each year, his maturity is very noticeable.

Zach visits Jeremy and Audrey's place in California. Zach is inspired by Jeremy and Audrey's loving marriage. With darkness comes light. What will you choose? Look at the world of the Roloffs. You have a poor example of commitment and marriage in Matt and Amy. But then at the same time you have an inspiring example of what a marriage should be with Jeremy and Audrey. They are doing it right because they have handed the controls to Jesus. And they thank Him for it.

Audrey shines again. Audrey explains to Zach that they have met wonderful people in California through their local church. Audrey expressed that she is blessed by the people God put in their lives.  I am glad Audrey brought attention to that. Despite the message from the mainstream media that people are bad, there are a lot of  good people living for God in your neighborhood and community. Go to your church and they can be found.

They segment also included a playful scene of Jeremy and Audrey showing off their double sleeping bag. They playfully invite Zach to see if he can fit. It is amusing, funny and light hearted. Of course, I have already seen some miserable people on this blog take it seriously and criticize them as weird. All I have to say to that nonsense is something my father used to say: God blessed you with a sense of humor…use it! LOL!

The portions of the show featuring Jeremy and Audrey are always the highlight of the episode. Producers and executives should take note.

The next segment worthy of discussion is Zach's decision to install hardwood floors into his house and he wants to do it himself. Friend Bryan and brother Jacob Roloff are present for this to "help".

This is essentially the Jacob portion of this episode. Jacob is a sad state of a person. He is sullen. He is so unenthusiastic. He is too cool to show any emotion or to smile. Perhaps he is "high" for all of this since he is so proud of his marijuana smoking? Jacob wanders around the room hurting himself on camera by sticking himself with nails. As he's wandering around trying to appear cool he trips. It is funny. He was not injured so my critics can calm themselves. Perhaps it's God's way of trying to instill some humility into Jacob since he thinks he is such cool guy.

Zach, perhaps taking his cue from Jeremy, tries to be encouraging to Jacob. He tells Jacob he's doing a good job. Jacob proceeds to ruin the sub floor for the camera. Jacob won't successful at anything in life until he makes the necessary changes.

As Amy said last episode, Jacob has so much to learn about life. What he needs to learn is that he will never excel in life, his life will always be a struggle until the time comes where he let's Jesus into his life and accepts Jesus and his Lord and Savior.

The comparison between Jeremy and Jacob is stark. Jeremy is talented in almost every area. Jacob has no talents to speak of save for his apparent penchant for smoking a lot of weed and bashing God, America and the police on twitter. Jeremy is personable, lively, captivating, energetic and happy. Jacob is void of emotion. He is mopey. and unfriendly.

Tori comes to check on them. The warning should be made that all filming is done with a grain of salt as it is for the camera, but sometimes you can glean personality traits from them. Tori does not impress. Tori has shades of Amy and that's not a good thing. She is very critical with a  "That's all you've done?" remark. Tori isn't happy. That was the downfall of Matt and Amy's marriage. Amy refused to support her husband. She was always quick to criticize him. That's not what God calls of you when you take your vows before God. I will kindly remind everyone that you don't hear Audrey criticizing Jeremy like that. Audrey takes her vows seriously. As Jeremy's wife, she builds him up and supports him as she is called to do. Tori is exhibiting some disturbing traits that could become an issue later if she does not address them.

 Eventually Zach decides he is in over his head and calls Matt. He comes and makes the wise decision to put egos aside and call a professional.  

Amy and Matt have a brief scene for the camera while Matt is in a personal sauna. See my comments about Tori unfortunately following Amy's example. Even one of the other reviewers on this Blog got it right by saying that Amy is so grumpy that no one is capable of living with her right now.

Zach and Tori want to move the church and the gazebo for their wedding. Matt, although he always faces unfounded criticism, once again gets things done to make those he cares about happy. Matt Roloff deserves more appreciation.

However, I am moved to mention the differences between Jeremy/Audrey and Zach /Tori. And I liked Zach this episode. He is maturing and trying to follow Jeremy's example. I want you to all notice even in symbolism, Jeremy and Audrey wanted the backdrop of their wedding to be the church. While Tori and Zach moved the church out of the way. It is a tiny thing but it should be remembered.

Next week appears to center around Matt and Amy coming to the unfortunate decision to divorce and Matt informs his parents Ron and Peg of their failure for God. 

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Another Episode Review: Little People Big World July 21: Guest Reviewer Podge/Rodge Groupie

Here is another episode review written by Podge/Rodge Groupie:


We open with Amy and Matt doing more of the ‘separation showcase’ routine.
I wonder how long the viewers will take to lose patience with this seemingly endless 
stalemate. I am already thinking, “Goodness, just get divorced already!” Counseling 
was no help (more on that later) and it’s clear that there is no reconciliation here. 
Ever. Amy seemed to me to be a bit bitter about things, and Matt was trying to 
portray a bit of helplessness. All the while of course, neither side admitted to being a 
part of the problem. That thread has been common through all of this, also. Can we 
please move on, folks?

Matt and Sam go to the gym. Matt is concerned about his mobility and the 
decreased loss of flexibility.  At least he acknowledges this, for the camera or not, 
whatever. I’m a tad surprised that they don’t have a change of clothing into workout 
gear, that made me feel things were a little bit staged. I imagine anyone could see 
some grandiosity and attention seeking from Matt, but at least he is portrayed to be 
trying to so something. They go to a sports pub for breakfast. I’m not sure why it 
HAS to be a pub, the idea is somewhat out of place for the situation. Matt seemed to 
glance at the camera a few times. Too bad there wasn’t a product placement here. 
That food looked good and a large serving size as well. He seemed to know the 
waitress with a familiar tone.  Bro Sam asked about counseling, and Matt told him 
the Counselor said there was nothing he could do. Shocking. The whole conversation 
appeared natural and Sam was forthright and direct. We’ve heard this before on the 
show, but perhaps the brothers haven’t hashed this over until now.

We now head to The Party Place for decisions on tables and settings. I believe 
Tori when she says her and Zach both lean a little more toward the “go with the 
flow” attitude. Zach asking about flatware rental prices lightened the mood a bit. In a 
lot of all this planning, I always remember the old phrase, “Is this the hill you really 
want to die on?” as in what is really important? What really matters? I also agree 
with Molly that Zach has no qualms about letting Tori make the choices should a 
divergence in opinion crop up. 

The twins do a Skype convo. Amy moves into the scene. I thought it funny 
when she said to Zach, “You’re moving away from me”.  Pretty hard to fit that 
swollen head in that small camera lens there, Amy. Zach has had enough of butting 
heads with his mother, and he knows that the only person who butts heads with 
Amy is Matt.  I have no problem letting the cat speak for u all.

Zach arrives in LA. I’m glad I have no desire to face the thick smog you see in 
the shots. Jeremy’s hay baling hairdo is something that I still find odd, but it’s his 
choice, not mine. No biggie. The banter over Zach’s shorts was awkward and I think 
forced a bit. Knowing what we know today, Jeremy’s praise of the LA life gets 
confusing with the time span for moving back to Oregon. Regardless of who it is, in 
any show, moving out of that smog back to somewhere with much cleaner air is a 
good move indeed.

The apartment. The usual plesantries. Zach found Jeremy’s gluten free eating 
“odd”. A word here. We don’t know if Audrey has celiac problems. If not, it is still 
only a choice. I myself had reduced my gluten intake simply for a little more brain 
health. You can decide to reduce gluten without all the “EEK, frankenwheat!!!” 
nonsense.  Different flours, like tapioca flour are widely available now, so this is not 
a hill that Jeremy wants to die on. No biggie. Hey, I now have a new definition for 
knick-knacks and collectibles. Random nonsense. If that’s the case, my house is out 
of a Lewis Carroll nightmare! The twins discuss married life. It will be interesting to 
see both married lives in action. I can’t see them being the same, as Zach and Jeremy 
are different people.

The flower shop. Tori chooses flowers. With Amy’ getting a little input.
Zach and Jeremy go paddle boarding.  Bonding time.

Matt drops by Zach’s house while Zach I doing some staged reading. Yes Matt, 
they can do it without you. We saw. And when they did phone you, you were sooooo 
helpful. It appears that Zach and Tori get along very well together, it showed in the 
hardwood floor shop. We’ll see how this goes, but Zach is willing to give it a go.

Matt gets a heath-enhancing apparatus delivered to the farm. And, as usual, he 
just HAD to have it. And, as usual, he does it under Amy’s nose. Why does he feel he 
has to? Let’s take just a moment. Last week, Amy and Matt discuss the purchase of 
new equipment for the farm. And Amy said no no no. Where did this sudden (?) 
increase in Amy’s control come from? At the time of filming, there was no talk of 
divorce at all. It seems strange to me.

Alright, renovations at the Zach Roloff household. I’ve actually helped a friend 
of mine do this. And believe me, we were much more careful with the tack strips 
when we pulled them up. It’s careless to leave them nail side up on the floor. Jacob 
was not wearing the proper footwear, and the tack strips were strewn all over the 
place. Let’s everybody take a little more thought here, OK? Tori did not see much 
progress, this is normal. We added a new lodge room to the basement of an unused 
purchased church. You can put up stud walls for three weeks, and the members 
come in and say, “Hmmm, not much progress.” You put up drywall for ONE DAY, and 
then it’s all “Wow! Man, you’ve got a lot done!”. Par for the course.

Zach comes to realize that he doesn’t know how do put a nice floor down. 
That’s fine in my view. Years ago, MR would have kept going, or micro-managed his 
team of minions to get the job done. Matt’s input was a bit of a surprise. And yes, 
Zach and Bryan and Jacob did a lot of work and saved a lot of money with all the 
preparation. We’ll see how it looks.

Amy finds Matt in his sauna. Matt likes his new sauna. Amy does not. “And 
stress us all out in the meantime?”. Amy, YOU are creating your own stress here. I’m 
not sure she could be married to anybody right now. Or in the future.

Caryn joins the entourage to drive around the farm. Matt really plays up how 
difficult it is to move the church. Sigh. He was told previously that it is a major point 
in the wedding couple’s plan. Even Caryn piped up that this is critical to their plans. 
Matt’s protestations are unfounded, as we will see later. Tori does not want the 
dead, dried up, twisted old heart on the barn. Matt says, “But then it’ just a barn.” So 
what? It’s just a barn without a dead, dried up, twisted old heart on it Matt.  OK, the 
benches. I’ve a bone to pick with Matt here. I’m positive Matt did not stop and look 
at the benches before he took Zach and Tori to see them. Otherwise, he would have 
seen how horrible they are. And he calls it ‘strike three’, c’mon on, Matt. You are so 
burdened. “How do you think I feel?” We don’t care, Matt. This is not about you.

The new floor is in. Tori is pleased. Then she mentions the kitchen cupboards 
and other changes, Zach has already been to school for his selective hearing. He’s 
learning fast. 

Matt was so melodramatic about moving the church. If he would have lowered 
the back of the church to the ground before pulling it off the skids, it would have 
been much easier. No, must have drama. It’s good to see Camarino still running the 
farm. Matt doesn’t. Amy whines that she isn’t not in on things that happen on the 
farm. You never cared before. Boo hoo for you, Amy. No camera time for you. The 
gazebo is moved, and they all lived happily ever after. Except Matt and Amy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little People, Big World: New Episode July 21st: Guest Reviewer: Rap541

This is to discuss the new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family which is airing on Tuesday July 21, 2015 at 9:00 PM on TLC.

Also, just another quick word/warning about comments that are to follow:

I will continue to allow comments and opinions about Roloffs and people who are strongly associated with them in their social media and who appear on the show, however, comments about family members associated with friends of people who appear on the show or in the Roloffs social media will not be published.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Episode review written by Rap541

The weird video-esque filming seems to continue. In the rerun Matt notes how he moved out when he was 18. It’s weird except that I was secretly glad I graduated high school and went to boot the very next day.
So we’re on the farm. Amy is oddly checking Christmas lights and musing on her separation from Matt. They have been separated for close to a year and a half. Matt wants to pick thru shit and Amy notes how awkward it is. Matt wants to paint “her” house. Amy is kind of a bitch about it. Their relationship is “evolving”.
Matt and brother Sam go to the gym to work out. Matt doesn’t want a dramatic moment like last year. Matt notes how gym machines are awkward for him. It’s very clearly an empty gym. There’s some machismo but I allow it. Sam wonders what is up with the marriage and Zach and Tori. Then food arrives. Then Matt notes how counseling failed.
Zach has the notebook and he and Tori and Molly are doing wedding stuff. Molly loves Tori FYI. Tori wants burlap and lace and glass. Molly notes its not very formal. I join Zach in being bored. Molly notes that Zach is trying at least.
Jeremy and Zach skype. Jeremy insists for the show that Zach visit. Its all so awkward. Amy notes how strange it is.
So Jeremy has Zach in LA with his orange vintage BMW. Jeremy thinks LA is a total riot. . Audrey goes on about being married. Audrey is pro church while Jeremy is pro adventure. Jeremy notes how doing an online registry  - so fans can buy you stuff – is awesome. I’m genuinely curious how Jeremy spends his days.
Tory is excited about flowers. Amy loves Tory, its pretty clear. I think Tory’s mom is there but I missed if she was noted.
Jeremy takes Zach paddle boarding. I’ll be kind. I don’t see the appeal of paddle boarding.
Oh look the church is about to be torched!
Zach is fixing up his house. He wants wood floors. Matt basically notes how unlikely it is for Zach to be successful but Zach boots him out. Matt sagely notes what a loser Zach is. Tory meanwhile is all “I like hardwoods” and Zach likes knots and she doesn’t. Somehow Zach thinks his friends will help him with the install. I like the hardwoods. I am also vaguely amused that Zach owns his own home while Jeremy rents but Jeremy is presented as being more successful.
Jacob and Bryan? Help rip out stuff. Jacob is immediately bleeding. Tory is all “Why isn’t it done???” Jacob rips up floor and wrecks the sub floor. Zach seems cool with it.
To be honest this is dull. There’s some boring talk about how Zach has messed up the floors and somehow Zach ends up calling Matt. Matt notes how he has no idea how to actually install the floor and tells them to call an installer.
Amy rolls in to the house, looking for matt. Matt is in his weird personal sauna and Amy is awkward.  Matt notes what a bitch Amy is. He calls Caryn and makes Caryn plan the wedding. He basically treats it like a crisis. Tory and Zach like the gazebo and want to be married there, but moving the church is now somehow impossible.
Somehow now moving the church is impossible because even tho Matt has stated multiple times that he designed all the buildings to move, somehow the church can’t be moved. Also Matt is offended that Tory doesn’t want the heart on the barn. Caryn and Tory hate the benches. Matt tells them to delay the wedding, mostly I think, because its cute and partly because he just doesn’t give a crap.
Now Zach shows off the new hard wood floors to Tory…. She loves it. Zach is amusingly cute on how Tory immediatwly moves on to having the kitchen redone.
Meanwhile Matt is moving the church because even tho he doesn’t want to, he will. Yeah looks like the church will be semi wrecked.
Commercials clearly indicate the divorce.
The pews in the church are broken and apparently no one realized they weren’t bolted down. Amy comes in after the fact and is annoyed. For all the whining about the church, frankly it doesn’t seem to be damaged at all. The gazebo is moved and Tory is all noting how she is blessed. There’s a lengthy OMG from Amy on how awesome it is that Tory and Zach are in love.

Next week, Matt and Amy chatter their Christian vows! No wonder gay marriage passed.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Episode: Wedding Prep and Reality Check Guest Review By Anne J. Bailey

Here is the guest review submitted by Anne J Bailey. All opinions and statements belong solely to that of the author Anne Bailey.


Anne J Bailey here. Before I begin, I would like to thank all my fellow Christians who sent words of support and encouragement.  In the end, I have decided to do as we are all called to do; trust in Jesus. We need more Christian voices in public, in the media, and on the internet. This is what Jeremy and Audrey Roloff deserve so much credit for doing what they do with their social media. Sure, I would like them to expand on it and bring it to the show and to be more vocal about certain family members mocking of Jesus, but they deserve credit for what they accomplish with their example. They are Christian voices doing what they can to spread the Kingdom of our Father Jesus Christ.  Even something as mundane as discussing a reality television show, we need Christian voices for God reminds me that there are people out there who can be influenced and are waiting to be inspired by God. They can be influenced by sinful behavior (Jacob Roloff), they can also be swayed by Christian voices. The final decision for me to contribute here was decided by God who has told me that He will not steer me wrong.

One final note before I begin, God has blessed me with a voice and opinions. We are called to speak about what is right and what is wrong. If we don't speak and express our hearts, people can be confused and corrupted. I am not perfect. I have flaws. The Roloffs are not perfect. Even Jeremy, Audrey and Matt (the best of the Roloffs) are flawed people. We are all flawed people blessed with a perfect savior. However, I am called to review what I watched and thought with my Christian heart. I believe in saying what you mean. Good can come of it. I will speak from my heart and trust in God.

Let us being.

The show opens with both Matt and Amy discussing their failed marriage. They state they are separated. They hoped it would work out, but it's a stalemate and isn't working. Let me be clear. They are both at fault as in the name of Jesus you must work to make marriage work. That's what God calls of you. Don't take the easy way out. That's what they're doing. The Roloffs are good reminder to God's people not to be distracted by unimportant things like money and fame. Living a life that pleases Him is what is important. The Roloffs have allowed their priorities to be hijacked. 

They both speak of wanting to co-exist for the sake of their kids, namely Zach and Tori's wedding.

Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori film a scene consisting of Zach and Tori explaining their vision for the farm on their wedding day. The most important part of this is Matt's perfect explanation after Amy runs him down and challenges his planning and vision, that he would not go into Amy's kitchen and tell her what to do, but she will go into his area of expertise (planning and projects) and tell him what to do. That was the downfall of their marriage other than losing the focus on God in their relationship. Amy doesn't respect Matt. She doesn't show him respect. She won't allow him dignity. As a wife, Amy failed Jesus by failing Matt in the marriage. These are tough words to write, but they have to be said.

Tori is alright. Certainly better than Jacob's current girlfriend and certainly not as impressive as Audrey. The latter exudes a passion for Christ and charisma. Tori is Ok. Matt means well. He wants to give Tori and Zach a wonderful wedding. He has big ideas. Tori's speech to the camera shows no appreciation for Matt's intentions. She only says that she needs to be careful not to hurt his feelings because he will be her father-inlaw soon. Audrey has not said such a thing.

Amy disrespects Matt for filming in front of Zach and Tori by telling him "Go ahead and do it, that's what you always do". Amy is so unappreciative of Matt. She needs to look herself in the mirror when the day comes where she asks Jesus why she failed in her marriage. Matt's ideas are done out of love for those that he cares about. They might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is wrong of Amy to deem him as selfish and ignore that he wants to make things nice for his family.

Jeremy makes his first appearance in this episode with Matt via Skype. As other reviewers have noted, the authenticity of the scene is in question as Jeremy's appearance is identical to how he is seen later in the episode and the background of his Skype scene appears to be the main house. Nevertheless, it does do an accurate job of showing that Jeremy is the only one who is on Matt's side, the only Roloff who understands Matt means well and wants the best for Matt. Jeremy gives Matt advice about the party so that he won't ignite furor directed back upon himself.

I have purposely saved Jacob Roloff's presence in this episode to last. He is the darkest and most disappointing aspect of the Roloffs.

His appearance in this episode was limited to a few scenes for the camera. Mainly a staged scene consisting of Jacob getting his diploma in the mail. Jacob tells Amy he is moving out. Jacob says he doesn't have a plan. Jacob reveals that most 18 year olds don't have a plan but he really doesn't know what he's doing.  He doesn't have a job other than collecting payment for this filming.  When Matt suggests Jacob get a job, Jacob makes a crack about not being mature enough for that. He drives away in his brand new truck that Matt and Amy have provided for him.

What other Roloffs said about Jacob: Amy tells the viewing audience high school was a struggle for Jacob and that he never liked it. The most honest part of the episode was Amy's exasperated words that Jacob has a lot to learn about life. It is clear that Amy (rightfully) doesn't have respect for the person Jacob has become. Amy also gave a vague and deceptive explanation that Jacob "hangs out with friends a lot" and  is "moving in with friends". Matt, Amy and Jacob participate in a staged and silly scene of Matt giving Jacob meat to eat as he moves out.

How Jacob came off to uninformed viewing audience: If you knew nothing of what Jacob is like when not being filmed, you would have been confused. Jacob suddenly leaving would have felt rushed. You would have wondered what happened? What did you miss?  Jacob came off to the viewing audience as a burned out, stoner, a drug using teenager with a 'too cool to care' attitude.
What you really need to know is the truth about Jacob. He is dark soul. He rejects Jesus. He is lost and angry. He aims to destroy good . He is arrogant. He thinks is too cool for everyone. He thinks he is smarter than everyone. He uses drugs. He curses. He has sex before marriage without any regret. He lies. He says things. Then he denies he said them. Then he lies some more.  He's hateful. He expresses no remorse for any of the things he has done. He responds to people reaching out to him with their love with his hate and insults. He is anti-American. He is anti-Christian. He is anti-police and pro-criminals.

Jacob's mere inclusion in this episode highlights not only Jacob's lying words, but his hypocrisy.  He spent considerable time being difficult towards the family for the participation in the show. He whined and complained. He made it clear that he resented it. He attempted to make his parents look bad. He was vocal about bad mouthing the show. He vowed to quit. Even now he went on a twitter spree passively aggressively condemning the filming of little boy "Jack" from another show "Our Little Family". Despite years of being disgruntled, years of acting out, years of vilifying his own family, a year of screaming at people that he will quit the show because of how much hatred he has for it…..there Jacob is, making it his income earner. Relying on it to live after he had done all he could to make it look bad. Even as he condemns 'reality shows', he is choosing $ of principles.

The lack of integrity is typical of people without God in their lives.

I thought about the most responsible way the Roloffs could have dealt with the train wreck that is Jacob. As I said in the beginning, even the best of the Roloffs, are flawed. Only Jesus is perfect.

The Roloffs, if they didn't want to address the disappointment that Jacob has turned into, they could have shut him out of filming. Not allowed him to get his cut of the pie. They could have ignored him.

Or they could have shone a light and asked for prayers for their troubled family member. They could have opened up and showed the way for others who experience family members or sons or daughters who have chosen to shut Jesus out while following the temptations set forth by the Devil.

The Roloffs instead have chosen the weak path of trying to hide it. No explanations are given and white lies are told.

The truth is Jacob was expelled from the fine Christian school right before high school. He then spent a few years in high school. Struggling. Skipping school. Being tardy. Showing a lack of respect for teachers and students. His too cool to care attitude came across when he choose to publicly mock his own school's football team – young men who were giving effort and demonstrating some school spirit. Jacob took to social media to mock them. He would later go on a public twitter rant with his girlfriend calling his athletic high school peers "dumb followers". Jacob and his girlfriend would later delete these tweets. 

While it is tempting for Christians to conclude that Jacob's life really went to Hell because of the lack of God in the public high school, it should be noted there are some fine young men who went the same public high school such as

The above twitter account belongs to a young man who loves God and America. He's not afraid to voice stand for God and say basic God given facts that popular culture tries to destroy such as the simple understanding that "Gender is your God-given sex at birth and shouldn't be changed". Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel has childishly attacked Tyler on twitter always resorting to combating Tyler's logic with childish insults. Tyler is not afraid to confront Jacob on his ignorance. It is something the rest of the Roloffs could learn from. No, it is not easy to take a stand against a family member who you have love for even as they live a sinful life and disrespect you, but sometimes doing the right thing is not the same as doing the easy thing, which is silence.

And that brings me back to the staged show for the episode. Matt and Amy giving Jacob meat as a going away present.

Rather than a silly and staged scene such as that, would it not have served God's people more and helped others in a similar situation to be honest about the direction Jacob's life is headed? For them to speak to the heart and admit Jacob had rejected God and that's why he is lost and has so much to learn about life. I've seen it too many times. People who "Don't believe in a 'man in the sky'" think they are unaccountable so they live selfish and sinful lives because they only care about themselves and live only to please themselves.

I must also note, that Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel (twitter account ) made her first appearances on the television show. She has officially appeared the television show and I open to be discussed so I don't need to foolishly have mentions of her named edited by Spiritswander as she has now appeared on the show.

The show chose not to introduce her and didn't even clue the television audience in on the fact that she and her brother are the "friends" that Jacob is living with.

That in itself is another disappointment I have with the Roloffs. Matt and Amy chose the easy way. Instead of confronting Jacob about his behavior, instead of THEM kicking Jacob out of the house, instead of them banning Jacob from the show (forcing him work on his own) they just allow him to do what he wants while still allowing him to come and go as he pleases, while still allowing him to live off the show he claims to hate so much, and then they top it off by giving him a truck. His girlfriend was sleeping with Jacob in his room when he was 17 at the Roloff home. Yet they allow his girlfriend to attend Tori's engagement party and go along with it like all is well.

I might discuss Isabel more in a future episode, she is a sad story. Experienced tragedy, yet instead of finding comfort in God and seeking God's love, she surrounds herself with the darkness and drugs that Jacob Roloff brings into her life.

That brings me to the end of my writing for this week. Thank you to all who expressed their love and support. You are welcome to email me
You never know what God will have the future hold in terms of my own site which would be 100% Christian controlled and content.

I will end as I will always end my weekly writing; with a Christian quote. This comes from Jeremy Roloff's Christian friend Jarrid Wilson @JarridWilson

"I'm not a Christian because I have everything together, but because I'm a broken person who was saved by a perfect Savior."

God Bless and enjoy your weekend and always let God guide you. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another Guest Episode Review: Wedding Prep & Reality Check By Podge/Rodge Groupie

Here is another guest review of the Little People, Big World episode which aired Tuesday July 14th on TLC.

The following review was written and submitted by Podge/Rodge Groupie:


Well, here we are. Another season of fun and frivolity. Let’s dive right in.

The outset being shot of the two separated parents was perhaps not the best way to open the new season.  I’m guessing however, we will hear a lot more about this as the season unfolds. Here’s hoping it’s not the centerpiece of season 11. With the lack of any other substance besides the wedding, I am fearful for the coming weeks.

Zach and Tori finally have a ‘plan’. It was mentioned that they have been engaged for apporx. a year now, and after the dust settled from Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding, the focus can shift easily. Matt’s reticence to move the church again struck me as odd. Perhaps a bit of some of the ‘Anything for Jer, but not so much for Zach” syndrome might be lingering, it seems we will see the church being moved, or destroyed (another concern), in the following episodes.

An argument ensues over wine barrels filled with flowers. Both Amy and Matt have (they believe) valid points, but the idea of Amy making more decision on the farm crops up later, it gets a bit confusing to me.

Matt has many big and great plans for Zach and Tori’s wedding, but they want none of it. They are just not that kind of people I suppose. It seemed apparent that Matt’s insecurity has not waned an iota in the new season. He has a pathological need to always build it bigger, more extravagant, more extraordinary, and this was very evident in tonight’s episode. A big question to all this is why? Matt has never said why he acts like this. Which of course, leaves room for speculation from the viewers. I think it harks ‘way back to his childhood, when he feels he has to prove that he can be the best, build the biggest, so he can feel like a big person, not an LP. He has lectured on “living an extraordinary life” and this has been the topic of threads past.

The most accurate line of the episode, for me, was when Amy called Matt an “adult child” during their discussion/argument of the wedding plan set-up. I really don’t see any reconciliation here between these two.

Matt called Jeremy. Why? Perhaps Matt did not ‘get his way’ and was hoping Jeremy would convince Zach differently? Would Matt have overturned Zach and Tori by saying, “Jeremy wants ‘this and that’”. Why does Matt need or seek Jeremy’s approval? Same idea for the moving of the shed. A family decision as reached but Matt still wanted Jeremy’s input. Would it override the entire family? It appears to be the case.

The engagement party seemed to go well. Ease up on the butter in the cream cheese icing there Amster. I never bought her cook book. So who am I to judge? Lawn Darts is a very dangerous game, and has been off the market for many years.

The doghouse. I think it was very nice. And a heartfelt and good gesture. However, why all the secrecy and the sort of “They don’t like any of my plans. I’ll show them!!” attitude? Back to the adult child again? Does all the aplomb and grandeur really need to be there? He could have said nothing to the cameras, then called the people outside, and said, “Here is a gift for you. I made it for Mr. Sullivan” That would have been great, no question. I hope this isn’t another desperate attempt at ‘drama’.

Jacob gets his GED and moves out. Funny, Amy says, “Well now, I’m an empty nester FOR REAL” Excuse me, Amy. What about your complaining for the last three years about being an empty nester. Was that just a ‘pretend’ empty nester? I can’t remember, how old was Jeremy or Zach when they moved out?

We arrive at the confusing part of the episode. Matt is all for giving Amy more input and letting her in on more of the day-to-day operation of the farm. Got it. And Amy wanted to be in on more of the day-to-day operation of the farm. Got that too. So, why the argument/discussion? Matt says he needs/wants a new pressure washer (can’t remember which word he used) and Amy says, ‘And later, you want to buy ‘X’ right away, and then ‘X’ right away. No.” This struck me on two points. One, Amy is not well-versed in the operation of the farm, so truly doe not know the needs of a running business. Two. Why is she so concerned about the money right now? I mean sure, she always was concerned about where the next meal was coming from, but it seems as if she is looking ahead to the future somewhat, making sure that there is as much money in the bank as possible. Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmm….”

Zach and Tori reveal what they have planned so far as to their wedding. And it does not seem like a lot. Much to Matt and Amy’s surprise. Under normal circumstances, this could be cause for alarm, to be sure. However, this is LPBW. Is this REALLY the case? Or if this wishy-washy whatever attitude and lack of any firm decisions part of a storyline cheat sheet on someone’s desk? It is getting harder to believe anything on this show. Where else could we get so much free invented drama? My personal opinion based on what we have seen is; Zach and Tori would be happy to slap on the blue jeans, head on down to the Justice Of The Peace, take two witnesses, and Bingo! Done. But let’s think about this a moment. That would make Season 11 scraping for any kind of material. My point to all this writing is, I just don’t know what to make of it. Both sides are equally possible to me. A quick trip to the JOP would be a material and ratings disaster. It’s too convenient to have the rushing and pushing and making Zach look like a slug who can’t plan a two person race to a one seat outhouse, and have everything work out in the end, no outhouse pun intended.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World on TLC: Tuesday July 14th at 9:00 PM

The new episode of Little People, Big World aired on July 14th at 9:00 PM: "Wedding Prep And A Reality Check".

Guest Episode Reviews will follow.

Just to re-iterate a few things about the Spiritswander Blog in answer to some of the chatter in the comments recently.

No one associated with the Spiritswander Blog has ever made any money at all. No contributor has ever been paid for writing reviews, articles or comments.

Some regular contributors have graciously volunteered to donate their time to write reviews or article for the blog about the Roloffs and the show Little People, Big World. Spiritswander Blog thanks all of the people over the years who have volunteered to write reviews of the episode -- especially regular contributor Rap541 who graciously has donated their time and has reviewed every episode of Little People, Big World for the blog since its existence.

Once again, no one is compensated financially for contributing to the blog and that will not change.

Guest reviewers have always been welcome if someone is interested taking their own time to compose and submit a review that they feel will contribute to the site.

As far as moderation of comments, that will remain with Spiritswander. I do appreciate that some people are sometimes confused and annoyed if their comment does not get published. I can assure you that the Spiritswander Blog strives very hard to let all opinions be heard. Comments are not denied because someone has positive or negative opinion on a certain person or topic.

There are a variety of reasons why comments may be rejected. They are all done in the best interest of the Spiritswander Blog. Sometimes they are done in for legal reasons. Sometimes people post serious false allegations about people. Sometimes comments are just deemed as trolling. Sometimes there might be reasons that you aren't aware of such as a person who used to be discussed asking not to be discussed and the blog out of courtesy adhering to their request (in certain situations, not all, as we understand that Little People, Big World is a TV show and anybody appearing on the show will be discussed). Comments that are not seen as contributing anything to a topic "This blog sucks!" "Shut down this topic, it's boring, I'm not interested!". When comments are cruel personal attacks, especially about a person's appearance, they are usually rejected. Additionally, when comments degrade into nothing more than a personal insult fight between posters, comments are usually rejected to end/stop the fight which often ends up not being about the original subject.And sometimes comments are edited or rejected for language -- while sometimes I do personally appreciate the context, sometimes comments are rejected because I don't want to subject people to open up the blog and people hit with a bunch of "F bombs" or slurs.

In the end, comments are not censored based on someone's opinion on a certain Roloff or on a certain subject. In almost all cases, if you want to express your opinion on the blog by stating "I like (Jeremy) because xxxxxx and here is why I feel that way" or "I don't like (Jeremy) because I feel he xxxxxxx and that's why I have the opinion I have" then there should not be a problem in having your opinion posted.

Review Written by Rap 541

Oh god, a two hour twin retrospective. I missed the first five minutes because Swamp People ran long.  I came in right when Zach was getting his license. Oh look, another lengthy clip show of old footage. Does this and the two hour wedding snooze count in the “ten new episodes”? Because I am sure this isn’t new footage except for the boys and their wives on the couch.
Now we have Molly sitting between Amy and Matt and we’re on soccer. It’s junior year and there’s kids passed out on the floor. Amy was disappointed in their choices. They seem hung over. We watch the team crap out because the team is hung over. Jeremy calls it a lack of focus but his and Zach’s bleary eyes betray the truth.  Zach natters on about soccer, and now Amy is all “this sucks”.
Oh look, the redemption arc that tries to suggest the Faith Bible team didn’t kinda suck. Honestly I am not recapping a blow by blow of the soccer games. It’s not the US Woman’s Team beating Japan.
New footage of Amy, Molly, Matt. Amy hay bales how awesome soccer was for the boys.
We’re twenty minutes in and there’s been under two minutes of new footage.
Now new footage we have the twins going on about their twinness. Honestly, the years really haven’t been kind to Jer. The hairband look is odd.
We get a recap of the extravagant 18th birthday. Where they go glider flying. Jeremy of the past merrily lauds himself for being adventurous. I actually don’t remember Zach being featured in the original episode as actually going in the glider, but I could be wrong. Now there’s homoerotic spanking in the boy’s bedroom. Then there’s the no girls pool party and we get a standard montage of the twins. Ah, Jeremy’s so thrilled about getting a Costco card! That’s what turning eighteen all is about.
Now to the present. Zach and Jeremy go on about the farm and are well, as articulate as they were in years past. Which is not very articulate, please see the Costco card musing.
Current time – sure enough both twins note how they peaked in high school.
Classic moment of the twins at eighteen needing to be hauled out of bed for their SATs. Amy calls them pathetic and basically whines how unmotivated they are. So they both sucked at it. And now we’re up to the winter formal. It’s Molly’s first formal, and Zach has a date. I’m also reminded how these people spend money. Molly gets in her praise of Zach and how he treats her well… Man, back in the day, people used to say Molly was of the devil for not also praising Jeremy for what Zach did.  More prom stuff.
New footage – Zach actually has a nice haircut for a change. He fondly reminisces.
New footage – Amy thinks her kids are awesome.
Back to the past. Its school time and everyone is in hell. Jeremy rats out Zach for not doing his work. I am still astounded that a five paragraph essay was a senior assignment. Amy harasses Zach about his grades. Now Amy is trotting her boys to University of Portland. We get a rehash of the twins sucking in school.
New footage – Molly loved growing up on the farm.
Lots of commercials….
New footage – Amy still thinks her kids are awesome. Matt has hardly spoken. Also Zach has done most of the talking in the new footage.
Back to the past and the twins endless inabilities. Ah yes, Jeremy and Zach not bringing id to register for community college. They need help filling out their applications. Jeremy again notes how he’s there because he was lazy and Zach says he might not graduate. Amy heads off to harass the school. Essentially the school passed Zach out of there.
Now we’re graduating the twins. Heh they cut the bit where Matt shows up late.
New footage – The twins pretty much say exactly the same things they just said in past scenes.
Leah Remini is going to speak on the Church of Scientology. I hope they don’t kill her.
New footage – Jeremy and Zach muse on being too dumb to figure out addresses.
Old footage – we’re off to Europe. The twins wander about Edinborough lost. Then they hit the bar for beer. We’re over an hour in and there’s been like zip for new footage. Now we’re with Kenny the tour guide they just ahem casually met. Kenny was totally into getting the boys into skirts without underpants. Jeremy notes how he will slip his boxers off for Kenny. 
Next up, England and then Amsterdam, and Germany. I actually recapped this previously so…
New footage – Tory really liked the autobahn footage.
New footage – Zach and Tory met at the pumpkin patch.
Old footage – ugh the flirting episode. The class seemed a bit pointless but I am outgoing so… The debacle of flirting in the supermarket is shown. Between old and new footage, Tory has gotten prettier.  Again, I recapped this episode so we’re not going there.
New footage – Zach loves Tory.
Commercials for Jazz.
New footage – Jeremy hated moving away from home.
Old footage – Mueller, and the twins are apartment hunting and shocked! SHOCKED to discover that apartments cost money. Basically they’re shocked life costs money.  I love their awesome choice to simply not move out. Now we’re on the endless photography dance with Jeremy and how he’s going to be a photographer and not a reality whore. Oh look deep thoughts by the fire over… moving a bed.
New footage – The twins note that they’re mama boys and Amy favors them as her little princes.
Commercials for LPBW – Matt and Amy plan to come together for Zach and Tpry’s wedding.
New footage – Now Jeremy and Audrey met on a blind date? I though they met when she was wearing a bikini?
Old footage – Costa Rica. Huh. I don’t remember anyone having fun in the Costa Rica trip. I do note Audrey was in a revealing bikini…. Now we’re up to Matt and the boys fishing… and now we’re having the twins skype how Jer plans to ask her to marry him. Good lord, didn’t we just have a two hour special on the miracle of Jer and Auj?
New footage – Molly is often mistaken for Tory.
Now we’re back to Tory and Zach chitchatting by the fire pit. We rehash the whole proposal. Yeah this has had about five minutes of new footage, all in couch haybales. I’m somewhat intrigued that in that five minutes, Matt hardly spoke at all.
I’m still curious if these episodes count in the ten episode season.

This was deadly dull.

So let me clarify. As I sit here, missing a cool ep of Real Housewives of NYC, I’d like to respectfully point out that I don’t get a paycheck. It doesn’t bother me as I like to write, but since certain whiners won’t post their opinions unless they are paid…. It needs to be said I don’t get paid. Because you know, Christians per their religion, don’t stand up for their opinions unless they are paid.

The credits are totally different. Amy is all “we’re totally separated”. Basically Matt is happy to dump Amy, Amy is a lil more reticent but also happy. Yay divorce, Zach and Tory start planning their wedding on the farm and they have demands. Matt is horrified that even tho he moved the church for Jeremy, it is a weird issue to move things for Zach. Zach wants the gazebo moved for the wedding. Matt notes as people have ideas that he is the specialist. He tells Amy to get out of his way. Matt walks off in a snit.
In the house, after the awkwardness, Amy assures Tory that weddings don’t have to be so insane. Matt runs in to show the plans as he has something big to show them. Matt wants a giant arbor, Zach hates it. Tori wants a small personal wedding but doesn’t want to piss off Matt.  Amy notes that the wedding doesn’t have to be a weird extraganza. Matt wants a huge bachelor party. Matt chides the wedding couple for not wanting to do what Matt wants. Amy says pretty much this and Matt walks off in a snit.
Zach knows his dad means well but basically hates what Matt wants. Zach and Tori head off with their dog. Both tory and Zach want something simple.
Matt is telling Amy about planting pumpkins. He thinks she has no idea how to run the farm. He need a pressure washer and they have a fight over it.. Matt notes she’s a whiny bitch who knows nothing and sobs in his hands and notes how he doesn’t “feel the love”. Amy notes how she “has to be the parent”.  This is fairly valid for these two.
Matt notes that even though Zach clearly wants a small party but Matt wants a big part so Zach can go screw. Jeremy actually warns Matt to not have the big party he wants. Matt blows farts thru his lips like a child and notes how he will make a big surprise regardless. With the blow torch.
Zach and Tory go mini golfing. There’s a sweet montage of Tory and Zach in love. I’m bored to be honest, but I have no romantic bones in my body.
Back to the house. Jacob wanders in and Amy notes how he’s never around. He notes he got his ged. Amy tries to make that sound cool. Jacob notes how now he can move out. To be honest, she really doesn’t seem to care. If Jeremy tried to pull this, she probably would have bothered more than well… this.

I kind of love the desperate “follow LPBW on social media” commericials.

Amy is floored by Jake saying he wants to move out and be a douchebag, because she apparently has no no concept of how calling herself an empty nester since Jake was twelve might be an issue.
She goes to see Matt who is of course per the script, having fond reminencses of Jeremy playng apple war. She tells Matt that Jake is moving out and Matt is all “ well sure he’s eighteen, wanna ride back to the house?”
Now we skip to the engagement party and Amy’s failures in baking. Molly shows up “unexpectedly”. Molly seems pretty done with the drama.. Matt wanders in as Amy fails at baking. Matt notes how cool it would be if Amy blew up. Then the newlyweds Jer and Auj show up. Jeremy’s girly headband is fun.
Matt notes how everyone crushed his spirit over the projects. Jeremy helps him with the special project. Meanwhile Amy makes a crappy cake. Oh jeez a trebuchet shot. Tory notes she and Zach didn’t want a party because it’s a bother. Matt notes that he went big and has an engagement gift. Matt notes how people always roll their eyes…
It’s a doghouse for the dog Sully. Its cute. I sense Matt was strongly coached. Also does the production seem more video? Matt then challenges everyone to lawn darts, or “jarts”. I assume they have had that game for years considering all the law suits (Jarts kill…. I’m not judging because my family still owns Jarts but there’s a reason you can’t buy these.
Apprently the wedding will be simple. As usual, the same similar answers that Auj and Jer gave on how there would be no theme, and no colors, are somehow a disaster when the loser kids do the same thing.
Hmmm Jake is moving out with almost no commentary or reaction. Matt celebrates Jake leaving by giving him meat. There’s like no commentary and no actual haybale but a lil bit of Jake over talking the scene.
Amy notes how he’s moving in with “some friends” and Amy notes how he basically left boom boom boom. Heh the house has an actual bed and breakfast sign on it now.