Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Episode Review: Little People Big World July 21: Guest Reviewer Podge/Rodge Groupie

Here is another episode review written by Podge/Rodge Groupie:


We open with Amy and Matt doing more of the ‘separation showcase’ routine.
I wonder how long the viewers will take to lose patience with this seemingly endless 
stalemate. I am already thinking, “Goodness, just get divorced already!” Counseling 
was no help (more on that later) and it’s clear that there is no reconciliation here. 
Ever. Amy seemed to me to be a bit bitter about things, and Matt was trying to 
portray a bit of helplessness. All the while of course, neither side admitted to being a 
part of the problem. That thread has been common through all of this, also. Can we 
please move on, folks?

Matt and Sam go to the gym. Matt is concerned about his mobility and the 
decreased loss of flexibility.  At least he acknowledges this, for the camera or not, 
whatever. I’m a tad surprised that they don’t have a change of clothing into workout 
gear, that made me feel things were a little bit staged. I imagine anyone could see 
some grandiosity and attention seeking from Matt, but at least he is portrayed to be 
trying to so something. They go to a sports pub for breakfast. I’m not sure why it 
HAS to be a pub, the idea is somewhat out of place for the situation. Matt seemed to 
glance at the camera a few times. Too bad there wasn’t a product placement here. 
That food looked good and a large serving size as well. He seemed to know the 
waitress with a familiar tone.  Bro Sam asked about counseling, and Matt told him 
the Counselor said there was nothing he could do. Shocking. The whole conversation 
appeared natural and Sam was forthright and direct. We’ve heard this before on the 
show, but perhaps the brothers haven’t hashed this over until now.

We now head to The Party Place for decisions on tables and settings. I believe 
Tori when she says her and Zach both lean a little more toward the “go with the 
flow” attitude. Zach asking about flatware rental prices lightened the mood a bit. In a 
lot of all this planning, I always remember the old phrase, “Is this the hill you really 
want to die on?” as in what is really important? What really matters? I also agree 
with Molly that Zach has no qualms about letting Tori make the choices should a 
divergence in opinion crop up. 

The twins do a Skype convo. Amy moves into the scene. I thought it funny 
when she said to Zach, “You’re moving away from me”.  Pretty hard to fit that 
swollen head in that small camera lens there, Amy. Zach has had enough of butting 
heads with his mother, and he knows that the only person who butts heads with 
Amy is Matt.  I have no problem letting the cat speak for u all.

Zach arrives in LA. I’m glad I have no desire to face the thick smog you see in 
the shots. Jeremy’s hay baling hairdo is something that I still find odd, but it’s his 
choice, not mine. No biggie. The banter over Zach’s shorts was awkward and I think 
forced a bit. Knowing what we know today, Jeremy’s praise of the LA life gets 
confusing with the time span for moving back to Oregon. Regardless of who it is, in 
any show, moving out of that smog back to somewhere with much cleaner air is a 
good move indeed.

The apartment. The usual plesantries. Zach found Jeremy’s gluten free eating 
“odd”. A word here. We don’t know if Audrey has celiac problems. If not, it is still 
only a choice. I myself had reduced my gluten intake simply for a little more brain 
health. You can decide to reduce gluten without all the “EEK, frankenwheat!!!” 
nonsense.  Different flours, like tapioca flour are widely available now, so this is not 
a hill that Jeremy wants to die on. No biggie. Hey, I now have a new definition for 
knick-knacks and collectibles. Random nonsense. If that’s the case, my house is out 
of a Lewis Carroll nightmare! The twins discuss married life. It will be interesting to 
see both married lives in action. I can’t see them being the same, as Zach and Jeremy 
are different people.

The flower shop. Tori chooses flowers. With Amy’ getting a little input.
Zach and Jeremy go paddle boarding.  Bonding time.

Matt drops by Zach’s house while Zach I doing some staged reading. Yes Matt, 
they can do it without you. We saw. And when they did phone you, you were sooooo 
helpful. It appears that Zach and Tori get along very well together, it showed in the 
hardwood floor shop. We’ll see how this goes, but Zach is willing to give it a go.

Matt gets a heath-enhancing apparatus delivered to the farm. And, as usual, he 
just HAD to have it. And, as usual, he does it under Amy’s nose. Why does he feel he 
has to? Let’s take just a moment. Last week, Amy and Matt discuss the purchase of 
new equipment for the farm. And Amy said no no no. Where did this sudden (?) 
increase in Amy’s control come from? At the time of filming, there was no talk of 
divorce at all. It seems strange to me.

Alright, renovations at the Zach Roloff household. I’ve actually helped a friend 
of mine do this. And believe me, we were much more careful with the tack strips 
when we pulled them up. It’s careless to leave them nail side up on the floor. Jacob 
was not wearing the proper footwear, and the tack strips were strewn all over the 
place. Let’s everybody take a little more thought here, OK? Tori did not see much 
progress, this is normal. We added a new lodge room to the basement of an unused 
purchased church. You can put up stud walls for three weeks, and the members 
come in and say, “Hmmm, not much progress.” You put up drywall for ONE DAY, and 
then it’s all “Wow! Man, you’ve got a lot done!”. Par for the course.

Zach comes to realize that he doesn’t know how do put a nice floor down. 
That’s fine in my view. Years ago, MR would have kept going, or micro-managed his 
team of minions to get the job done. Matt’s input was a bit of a surprise. And yes, 
Zach and Bryan and Jacob did a lot of work and saved a lot of money with all the 
preparation. We’ll see how it looks.

Amy finds Matt in his sauna. Matt likes his new sauna. Amy does not. “And 
stress us all out in the meantime?”. Amy, YOU are creating your own stress here. I’m 
not sure she could be married to anybody right now. Or in the future.

Caryn joins the entourage to drive around the farm. Matt really plays up how 
difficult it is to move the church. Sigh. He was told previously that it is a major point 
in the wedding couple’s plan. Even Caryn piped up that this is critical to their plans. 
Matt’s protestations are unfounded, as we will see later. Tori does not want the 
dead, dried up, twisted old heart on the barn. Matt says, “But then it’ just a barn.” So 
what? It’s just a barn without a dead, dried up, twisted old heart on it Matt.  OK, the 
benches. I’ve a bone to pick with Matt here. I’m positive Matt did not stop and look 
at the benches before he took Zach and Tori to see them. Otherwise, he would have 
seen how horrible they are. And he calls it ‘strike three’, c’mon on, Matt. You are so 
burdened. “How do you think I feel?” We don’t care, Matt. This is not about you.

The new floor is in. Tori is pleased. Then she mentions the kitchen cupboards 
and other changes, Zach has already been to school for his selective hearing. He’s 
learning fast. 

Matt was so melodramatic about moving the church. If he would have lowered 
the back of the church to the ground before pulling it off the skids, it would have 
been much easier. No, must have drama. It’s good to see Camarino still running the 
farm. Matt doesn’t. Amy whines that she isn’t not in on things that happen on the 
farm. You never cared before. Boo hoo for you, Amy. No camera time for you. The 
gazebo is moved, and they all lived happily ever after. Except Matt and Amy.


Rap541 said...

Good recap Podge!

I actually didn't catch the "gluten free" aspect of the Hollywood lifestyle of Jer and Auj but it doesn't shock me in the slightest. I doubt very much that Audrey has celiac tho - I have a friend with it, and trust me, when it's a legit issue, the person with it will make you aware.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh Rap, I don't think so either. she mentioned it like it was a 'new' thing, so that was a clue.
This is not related, but there are some conditions that get 'worn on the sleeve' so to peak, instead of being a legit issue. Like vegans. As the old joke goes:

If you go to a dinner party, how can you tell if anyone there is a vegan?
Son't worry, they will be sure to tell you!

Rap541 said...

Heheheh true enough!

But my pal at work is genuinely celiac involved... won't even touch pizza or bread

4U said...

Totally disagree, Amy is the one who thinks about the budget and what needs to be done. Matt is a drama queen, he does things behind Amy's back instead of talking to her first. I think she will be better off not having to deal with his antics. Now, he will have to act like an adult.

Debbie said...

Nothing about Jacob falling around like an idiot?

Rap541 said...


Please feel free to submit your review entirely about your feelings about Jacob falling. :)

Ecossais said...


You just cannot give up on the Jacob fixation. Have you never fallen?

Anonymous said...

Debbie, are you going to do an Angela and claim Podge is anti-Christian because he/she didn't report that Jesus made Jacob stumble and bleed? If you're not satisfied with the review, maybe write your own?

Angela said...

Thank you Debbie.

Anon, it is a double standard that anybody who isn't anti Christian can't help but notice. Both Rap541 and Podge/Rodge are terribly biased. They always go easy on Jacob in the reviews. Thank God for Anne.

Podge/Rodge, if Jeremy had fallen, I know you would have commented on it. You're mocking him for his hair. I never see you take those kind of shots at Jacob and the Roloffs on the show have even commented about Jacob's out of control hair sometimes.

Jacob falls like a clumsy clown, no comment from you, but you sure a quick to try to laugh at Jeremy.

PJ said...

Angela have you never done any home improvement? Little accidents like falling and cutting yourself are common and par for the course. Jake was in one little section and honestly his falling was an extremely tiny portion of the show. Why focus on it? And while I'm at it dear,don't you think it was kind of creepy of Prince Jer to invite his twin into a bed situation with his wife?

Rap541 said...

Seriously = Angela - do you really want me to cite every time Jeremy stumbles?

Because I seriously remember Matt Roloff noting publically how Jeremy - years ago - had a foot injury that would require Jeremy to have surgery and how Jeremy, despite being obviously physically active, was not to be cited as he was too physically fragile to show up for soccer.

As yet, years later, Jeremy has never had any surgery for this serious issue but is allowed to use for an excuse.

Jeremy wears a headband like a girl clown, no comment from you, but you are quick to cite his much younger brother and laugh at an eighteen year old for falling.

I assume we are all free to laugh at 19 year old year for being such a dumbass he didn't know he needed to know his SSN? Angela? Your views on Jeremy the dumbass at 19 who had no idea he needed to know his SSN? I mean Jacob fell and you insist we should all point and laugh so I assume you think we should all have a hardy har har at Jeremy too?

If not... please explain, with your hand on the Bible, why its ok to shit on some idiots but not all?

In Jesus's name we pray, *Angela*

Linda said...

Jacobs hair is perfection. Jers is gross.

MS said...

[That last Anon was me -- I must have entered my initials in the wrong box]

Angela, you sound like a child. Why is it so important to you that people hate on Jacob? It's as if you and Debbie and the rest of Anne's band of lunatics sit around all day eagerly awaiting something negative to be said about Jacob. You complain about the way Spirits runs this blog, but you're too lazy to create your own. You complain about the reviews, but you're too lazy to write your own. And you think anyone who doesn't see things your way is "anti-Christian". Sorry, but you sound like quite the nutcase...

Ecossais said...

Well said MS.

Anonymous said...

Yes marriages should be a life time... But people change as years go by and slowly people can drift away from each other. Raising children can tear and distant a marriage as all the focus goes to guiding children and in the end you wonder what happened to your own relationship.
Either you realize what happen and what needs to take place to come together as a couple again and that is when the real work comes in.
Both Amy and Matt are wonderful and creative people and have lost respect for each other. Both are to blame and both are responsible to mend and repair or move forward to claim happiness for the next chapter of their life. Blessings

Kathy said...

Good review!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thanks Kathy!

Mary Magdalene said...

Made me laugh especially the "hay bailing bairdo" comment. Inwindered what that was all about too. Jer with a fro.