Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another Guest Episode Review: Wedding Prep & Reality Check By Podge/Rodge Groupie

Here is another guest review of the Little People, Big World episode which aired Tuesday July 14th on TLC.

The following review was written and submitted by Podge/Rodge Groupie:


Well, here we are. Another season of fun and frivolity. Let’s dive right in.

The outset being shot of the two separated parents was perhaps not the best way to open the new season.  I’m guessing however, we will hear a lot more about this as the season unfolds. Here’s hoping it’s not the centerpiece of season 11. With the lack of any other substance besides the wedding, I am fearful for the coming weeks.

Zach and Tori finally have a ‘plan’. It was mentioned that they have been engaged for apporx. a year now, and after the dust settled from Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding, the focus can shift easily. Matt’s reticence to move the church again struck me as odd. Perhaps a bit of some of the ‘Anything for Jer, but not so much for Zach” syndrome might be lingering, it seems we will see the church being moved, or destroyed (another concern), in the following episodes.

An argument ensues over wine barrels filled with flowers. Both Amy and Matt have (they believe) valid points, but the idea of Amy making more decision on the farm crops up later, it gets a bit confusing to me.

Matt has many big and great plans for Zach and Tori’s wedding, but they want none of it. They are just not that kind of people I suppose. It seemed apparent that Matt’s insecurity has not waned an iota in the new season. He has a pathological need to always build it bigger, more extravagant, more extraordinary, and this was very evident in tonight’s episode. A big question to all this is why? Matt has never said why he acts like this. Which of course, leaves room for speculation from the viewers. I think it harks ‘way back to his childhood, when he feels he has to prove that he can be the best, build the biggest, so he can feel like a big person, not an LP. He has lectured on “living an extraordinary life” and this has been the topic of threads past.

The most accurate line of the episode, for me, was when Amy called Matt an “adult child” during their discussion/argument of the wedding plan set-up. I really don’t see any reconciliation here between these two.

Matt called Jeremy. Why? Perhaps Matt did not ‘get his way’ and was hoping Jeremy would convince Zach differently? Would Matt have overturned Zach and Tori by saying, “Jeremy wants ‘this and that’”. Why does Matt need or seek Jeremy’s approval? Same idea for the moving of the shed. A family decision as reached but Matt still wanted Jeremy’s input. Would it override the entire family? It appears to be the case.

The engagement party seemed to go well. Ease up on the butter in the cream cheese icing there Amster. I never bought her cook book. So who am I to judge? Lawn Darts is a very dangerous game, and has been off the market for many years.

The doghouse. I think it was very nice. And a heartfelt and good gesture. However, why all the secrecy and the sort of “They don’t like any of my plans. I’ll show them!!” attitude? Back to the adult child again? Does all the aplomb and grandeur really need to be there? He could have said nothing to the cameras, then called the people outside, and said, “Here is a gift for you. I made it for Mr. Sullivan” That would have been great, no question. I hope this isn’t another desperate attempt at ‘drama’.

Jacob gets his GED and moves out. Funny, Amy says, “Well now, I’m an empty nester FOR REAL” Excuse me, Amy. What about your complaining for the last three years about being an empty nester. Was that just a ‘pretend’ empty nester? I can’t remember, how old was Jeremy or Zach when they moved out?

We arrive at the confusing part of the episode. Matt is all for giving Amy more input and letting her in on more of the day-to-day operation of the farm. Got it. And Amy wanted to be in on more of the day-to-day operation of the farm. Got that too. So, why the argument/discussion? Matt says he needs/wants a new pressure washer (can’t remember which word he used) and Amy says, ‘And later, you want to buy ‘X’ right away, and then ‘X’ right away. No.” This struck me on two points. One, Amy is not well-versed in the operation of the farm, so truly doe not know the needs of a running business. Two. Why is she so concerned about the money right now? I mean sure, she always was concerned about where the next meal was coming from, but it seems as if she is looking ahead to the future somewhat, making sure that there is as much money in the bank as possible. Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmm….”

Zach and Tori reveal what they have planned so far as to their wedding. And it does not seem like a lot. Much to Matt and Amy’s surprise. Under normal circumstances, this could be cause for alarm, to be sure. However, this is LPBW. Is this REALLY the case? Or if this wishy-washy whatever attitude and lack of any firm decisions part of a storyline cheat sheet on someone’s desk? It is getting harder to believe anything on this show. Where else could we get so much free invented drama? My personal opinion based on what we have seen is; Zach and Tori would be happy to slap on the blue jeans, head on down to the Justice Of The Peace, take two witnesses, and Bingo! Done. But let’s think about this a moment. That would make Season 11 scraping for any kind of material. My point to all this writing is, I just don’t know what to make of it. Both sides are equally possible to me. A quick trip to the JOP would be a material and ratings disaster. It’s too convenient to have the rushing and pushing and making Zach look like a slug who can’t plan a two person race to a one seat outhouse, and have everything work out in the end, no outhouse pun intended.


Rap541 said...

I very much agree with you Podge, on Zach and Tori. I think they do want an actual wedding but would be content with a small gathering of friends.

I also think most of the fighting over who's doing what with the farm is staged for the camera. Amy isn't interested in the farm, she's interested in Matt blowing a ton of money on equipment he may not need. The child comparison is very apt and there was an unpleasant undercurrent to a lot of his complaining.

And yes, it was very noticable that Matt was complaining about moving the church for Zach and Tory when he about jumped for joy when Jeremy asked him.

running dog said...

Praise be to Anonymous who said, & is worth repeating via Jer's haircut. . .*"looks like the haircut on a french poodle"*.

PJ said...

I'm glad to see another opinion here!
Too bad Matt is too selfish and greedy to allow Zach and Tori the wedding they want. And why, oh why, should Prince Jer have ANY say in Zach's wedding.
I hope Amy forces the sale of the farm in the divorce. It would serve Matt and Prince Jer right.

NoTwists&NoTurns said...

Nice review, and I especially enjoy reviewing that does not contain a single expletive.

I believe Matt used to say.......often, that since he spent his childhood in hospitals, with braces, etc...he had to do these projects to make up for his lack of creativity in youth.
Unfortunately he formed the habit probably early on of bullying his partner into whatever strikes his fancy to undertake, whether logical or not. He's set into that form now, and it cost him his marriage. JMO, of course.

J45 said...

Nice to see someone else's take on the ep! Nice job, Podge! I love Rap's reviews too, of course, but I especially enjoyed a another recapper for a change!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

PJ, it does the show no good whatsoever not to have Matt embark of one of his 'crazy' schemes. Remember, he is one of the Executive Producers of the show. He MUST have some input that reflects his experience and past practice. Look back on previous episodes oner the years. The format is basically the same. The staged drama has become almost as predictable as the poor writing, if you want to call that writing. He MUST find a way to make the show about him, to focus at least a part of the show, on him. Witness the Caterpillar start-up during none of the wedding episodes. Witness the much overdone 'plot'(??) and attention he HAD to draw to himself over building the doghouse. You could name something from every single episode, that Matt worked at to try to make it about himself. I feel he does it for (at least) two reasons:
1. Matt is so self-absored and self-centered he has been seeking the spotlight all his life, LP or not. It's still a "I'll show them!!" insecurity that has plagued him since childhood. You have to look at him, you have to give him attention, he has craved it through the whole series.
2. I am not so sure Matt gives anyone else any credit. Certainly not Amy. He hardly mentions his children, with the exception of course, of Jeremy, whom Matt lives his natural height dream life through. I'm saying Matt truly believes the show would be nothing without him. At all. Nada. "This show would die without me."

Uh, Matt? The show put one foot in the grave at the end of Season 3. Extreme Unction (Last Rites) and the Dies Irae were intoned after Seasons 4 and 5. Both feet went in and the box was lowered into the ground after Season 6. (When Matt said the show was over, they would not do any more shows. Remember? All the people that think Jacob is a liar has better send the exact same venom to the Big MR).
What we have been watching is a lifeless, rotting, grey, purifying corpse that is doomed to walk the Earth like a zombie for all eternity in full syndication and endless repeats. These 2 and 3 hour recaps of the twins growing up, and the separation/divorce saga ad nauseum, (can you say Car-dash-eee-unn? I knew you could!) it might be more fun to watch the grubs and the maggots chow down until only a skeleton is left.

Tammy said...

I was just looking at Audrey's blog and saw this pic:

Looks like they got the church moved okay, even with Matt's reluctance to move it and the preview of it being ripped apart! For those who don't notice it at first glance, it's in the shade of the tree on the right side of the photo.

Rap541 said...

Podge - I will throw Matt a sort of compliment. To a very large extent, there would be no show without him and his personality. He clearly loves the camera and has no problem making everything about him. Amy, Zach, Jacob, Molly, and yes, Jeremy, in contrast are all very camera conscious and aware and not terribly interesting. (Point - the real reason we're never going to see the "Jer and Auj Hour" is that neither of them are interesting to watch, and neither of them has Matt's tendency to dance for the camera)

That said - the drama is so forced and I don't think Matt understands that he comes off like a spoiled child when he's sobbing into hands that he doesn't feel the love because he's not allowed to do whatever he pleases, no questions asked.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

J45, thank you. With my screwy mind wiring I see things perhaps a little differently than most people. Maybe a bit of paranoia also, about the staging of Zach and Tory's lack of planning. Perhaps though, they might have thought that what THEY want wouldn't require near a much planning as his twins wedding?

NoTwistsNoTurns said...

With regard to the much- described repeats, we aren't watching them. We're just reading reviews of them, as we recall the Roloffs from years back and lost interest in seeing anymore of them long ago. But being rapid readers,any review goes quickly, watching a show wastes time! So not being crazy for the corpse of that show or any other, we're reading instead.

PJ said...

On the other hand if you were tori and Zach would you bother to plan knowing that Matt and Jer were going to over rule whatever you want with wacky schemes?

Kathy said...

I gave up on this show a while ago. It feels like they are only filming for the money and the show has gotten away from the little people concept and more about Matt's ego.

Ecossais said...

I have to agree with you Kathy. I can't remember the last episode where the show was about little people and other than a very few moments with Zach neither was this NEW episode. We have had weddings of average height people, pumpkin season, the great prize winning parade with the misspelled inflatable "butt" pumpkin float, etc. None of the drama like falling chandeliers or moving the church(a wooden shed) had anything to do with the stature of the people involved.

With Zach getting married and Matt and Amy getting divorced one has to wonder where this stupid show is heading after the wedding.
Even if Matt and Amy agree to appear on camera together they do not have a lot to offer to the show anymore. Their disrespect for each other has gotten real old.

According to Audrey she gave up her job because she was tired of hotels and living out of a suitcase. That must have been fun for Jeremy - not married long and at home alone a lot. It seems like Jeremy and Audrey are parking themselves back at the farm to live off TLC but they are not little people.

No more disjointed recaps and boring couch/hay bale scenes please.