Thursday, July 30, 2015

Little People, Big World: Episode July 28th, 2015 - Review By Podge/Rodge Groupie

Here is another review submitted by Podge/Rodge Groupie of the Little People, Big World episode which aired on Tuesday July 28th, 2015 on TLC.



I’m going to break up the storyline, and follow each segment to its end. 

We open with a discussion between Zach and Tori. OK, so they disagree about the 
placement of the tent. Zach presents the unlevel ground idea. Tori disagrees. Zach 
defaults to Matt, and Tori wonders why. Matt does come out and takes Zach aside, 
and tell him, “Zach, there’s one rule in life. The woman is always right.” I laughed at 
the irony. Yeah, Matt. Like every time Amy said “no”, you just turned around and did 
whatever you wanted anyway. Period. Whether Amy was right or not. 

Jeremy shows up at the farm. Let’s stop here. I can see Jeremy’s fan and 
‘supporters’ being quite upset at how Jeremy is being portrayed on the how. It is not 
good. After staying at home until he was 22, and waiting to have inculcated into his 
mind Jesus’ plan for him, and graduate from Brooks Academy, he heads off on what 
his supporters describe as a very successful photography business. All good so far.  

However, Matt calls him up to the farm ‘right away!’ to…….build a gate? There’ a lot 
wrong here. Matt obviously has zero respect for Jeremy’s success and still thinks of 
him as his personal lackey. Remember, people Matt Roloff and Amy (for now) Roloff 
are co-Executive Producers of the show. We’ve waxed eloquent in the past about the 
bad writing, repetitive storylines etc etc. Jeremy doesn’t stand up to his dad and say, 
“Look, dad, I’m in the middle of running  a business and a website here. I can’t just 
drop everything.” TLC takes the business view of thing, and wants Jeremy on the 
show for ratings, regardless of his life in LA. Remember, this was taped a long time 
before Jeremy and Audrey moved back to Oregon. 

The other bit that’s wrong is the technical side of things. Matt put his hand on one of the two springs on the post, and  there was a metal hinge post mounted above, My guess is there once was a spring-
loaded gate there in the past! Ecklind Gates make a fiberglas spring gate with soft rubber bumpers that spring open a you push through, the spring closes the gate again. Either direction. Job done. This is my reason for thinking this whole thing is staged. Pick a reason above. The wrong placement of the lag bolts was well timed,  getting them back in ‘jut in the nick of time’, another feeble attempt at staged drama. 

Ok, the divorce. With the individual haybaling and scene shots, I am getting 
very tired of the constant wallowing in self-pity from both of them. Enough is 
enough already! Please, just stop. Say, did anyone notice in one of the flashbacks, 
when Matt asked Amy, “Why did you marry me in the first place?” Amy did not 
answer the question. She answered that question with another question, “Why did 
you marry me?” You don’t answer a question with another question. That’s in my 
top three pet peeves, right put her with twisted telephone cords and cold toilet 
seats. That was entrapment, a sucker punch to the back of the head.  Matt played the game in the office though, getting Amy to say the D word first. 

I didn’t see Pop and Hunny being really too surprised over the whole affair.  As a aside, my thought for their absence from the show, regardless of the evidence in print and otherwise, was Pop was getting sick and tired of Sonny-boy’s micro managing everything. He said so 
more than once on the how in the earlier seasons. Where is Pop during Pumpkin 
season? The Old Western Town. How far is that from the Pavillion? A far as you can 
get. This is for another item thread.  

I wonder how Matt and Amy decided, off camera, who would tell whom about the final decision. Again, this separation has been going on for so long, I didn’t detect too much surprise among any of the children. Concerns maybe, but I would be speculating. 

Amy and Lisa Dixon go for lunch. As Lisa has been divorced I can see her Christian ethics being brought into question. Was amazed me was, even after the divorce announcement, Amy all of a sudden decides to start re-decorating HER house. Hold it hold it hold it. Who says Amy is keeping HER house? Who says either party is going to buy the other out to keep the farm? We know for a fact that Amy’s 
signature is on the mortgage for the 104 acres that was the neighbor’s farm. And it 
might be on everything else. I’ve seen my friend’s go through a divorce when a 
moratorium is declared on expenditures and stuff like this without the expressed 
agreement of both parties. You just can’t do things like that.


Angela said...

Podge, you're not very bright. Jeremy came back to the farm to help Matt for filming. He's still a photographer. He's still has a successful business. He's still has a fresh growing website. Coming back to film the show doesn't change any of that.

Ecossais said...


Enough already with the Jeremy worship!

How do you know Jeremy has a successful business and a growing website?
He obviously doesn't have a calendar full of wedding photo assignments and what happened to his "partner"

Maybe his business is not good and he jumped at the chance to come rushing back for some TLC dollars?

kitten Has claws said...

bla bla bla- Golden Boy came back to the farm so he can pick up a TLC pay $ check and to keep his Golden Boy image with MR! Camrino could of put up a goat gate for probably less money than it took St.Jeremy to drive back to the farm and most likely done a better job of it. *STAGED*

PJ said...

Good review Podge!

Angela If Baby Prince Jer is so successful how could he just pull up stakes and go home to daddy? He would have had contracts for future events he had to fulfill.

The gate thing really bothers me because the inference was that Baby Prince Jer invented thee idea and design. But that's not so.

The property may have already been settled. If the separation was legal they may have gone ahead and worked on the property settlement just in case or to relieve stress by containing the spending.

Rap541 said...

Good review Podge!

Now I totally understand that Matt calling Jeremy to come to the farm to work on the goat gate was completely staged. PJ and Podge are correct in noting that the gate was not a unique design and no matter how much lipstick you spread on that particular pig.. it was still a busy work project created solely to provide a reason for Jeremy to be in Oregon.

Ecossis also makes a good point. When I go to and check their calendar for available dates - July 26 to the end of the year is currently open which means there are no days right now where Tye and Jer couldn't fit you in. They have no work scheduled for the rest of the year according to their calendar. And going by the days that are checked off unavailable, since moving to Los Angeles in October - Jeremy had done 4 weddings. Even assuming he was getting 5000 a wedding (and his starting prices were 3000 so I am being really generous) and even assuming Tye didn't help at all and got no cut... that means Jer *maybe* has made 20k in eight months. If I generously suggest his website is extremely successful, and assume he has made 10k so far (and folks when you start whinging about my estimates please do talk to some professional bloggers about how much blogs make because the 10k in one month estimate I am making is incredibly generous), if we assume that... Jeremy on his own is set to make 30k in income this year.

Thats not incredibly successful. Thats not even moderately successful. Thats "its lucky you have rich parents" success. That and "its lucky your wife works".

Plus, frankly, its expensive to move about 1000 miles for a few months and then move back. PJ makes a good point about contracts and Jeremy is losing the summer season for weddings and the fall as well, if he's going to be on hand for pumpkin season.

I'm genuinely curious where those two will end up.

Elisabeth said...

My guess: Matt builds Jeremy and Audrey a house on the property. (I recall Jeremy showing Audrey a particular spot on the farm where he would like to build their house one day--it was during their recent wedding recap episode--foreshadowing?) They will live with Amy while it's under construction (no more empty nest and a real reason to renovate!) and Jeremy will begin "working" for Matt as a partner in the farm business. Matt hinted at Jeremy taking over the farm one day a few times this past episode--more obvious foreshadowing. Boom! A they've got a whole new season!

Lucile said...

Audrey and Jeremy are moving to bend.

Kelly said...

Lucile how do u know Audrey and Jeremy are moving to Bend? I saw someone else say that before so I'm curious!

Denise said...

Kelly, she doesn't know, it's a rumor. Just like rumors that Audrey quit her job or that Jeremy wasn't successful as a photographer in California.

PJ said...

According to Baby Prince Jer's business website he booked nothing for June, one event in July and then nothing. total were five events since last year. One of my office jobs was for a tux rental company and if Jer didn't book multiple jobs in May, June, July and December he just wasn't trying. People are totally desperate, even in L.A. to find wedding suppliers for those months. So no, Bab y Prince Jer was not successful.
As for Ste Auj's job. I hope she did quit rather than be fired because it will be better for her in the long run.

Rap541 said...

Denise - in fairness - doesn't that mean all claims that Jeremy is successful are also rumors and not to be considered fact?

If Audrey is spending months in Oregon and her job is in Los Angeles... I kinda doubt her 8 months of seniority lended itself to a sabbatical but I allow its *possible*.

Just incredibly unlikely.

Rap Moffett said...

PJ - I am utterly certain the one event in July was Zach's wedding.

Megan said...

You're wrong Rap. Jeremy did not do Zach's wedding. It was done by Julia Green Photography.

Rap541 said...

Megan I am utterly certain it was blotted out as not available because Jeremy was attending Zach's wedding.

Which means he didn't get paid (except by TLC)

Which means per Jeremy's business website, from October to now, he's done four weddings. And has no scheduled weddings coming up.

Rap541 said...

And I know this will go over your head, Megan, but my point in noting that the event on the calendar in July was Zach's wedding was that Jeremy was unlikely to be working at someone else's wedding the day of his brother's wedding. Does that make sense?

Ecossais said...

It would be difficult to be both best man and photographer unless Jeremy's partner (who seems a bit scarce these days) was going to do most of the work

Ecossais said...


How dare you come on here and talk so much sense?!!!

Don't you get the "fact" that Prince Jer is a flawless genius?

You are aggravating the Anneites.

Keep up the good work.

Kelly said...

Denise, I was asking about Bend because I follow Audrey on snapchat and she's posted tons of pix of her and Jeremy moving, in the uhaul, and then in Oregon at her parents' house. Perhaps they did move to Bend, but to me it seems like they moved back to the "home" area. They definitely have left LA and are back in Oregon, for whatever reason.

PJ said...

Ecossais we need like buttons here :)

Rap541 said...

Also Denise, on Audrey's twitter, she's going on about saying goodbye to los angeles and how it wasn't "us".

Doesn't sound like a temporary move back for filming....

Lucile said...

Yeah, Denise is quiet now that it's official they're moving from LA. Jeremy was SO SUCCESSFUL in LA and Audrey's job was soooooo prestigious.
They're moving to Bend.

Mel Ann said...

Is this Anne blogger really Auj, speaking as Anne? After being on Auj's facebook, they sound like the same person...