Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little People, Big World: New Episode July 21st: Guest Reviewer: Rap541

This is to discuss the new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family which is airing on Tuesday July 21, 2015 at 9:00 PM on TLC.

Also, just another quick word/warning about comments that are to follow:

I will continue to allow comments and opinions about Roloffs and people who are strongly associated with them in their social media and who appear on the show, however, comments about family members associated with friends of people who appear on the show or in the Roloffs social media will not be published.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Episode review written by Rap541

The weird video-esque filming seems to continue. In the rerun Matt notes how he moved out when he was 18. It’s weird except that I was secretly glad I graduated high school and went to boot the very next day.
So we’re on the farm. Amy is oddly checking Christmas lights and musing on her separation from Matt. They have been separated for close to a year and a half. Matt wants to pick thru shit and Amy notes how awkward it is. Matt wants to paint “her” house. Amy is kind of a bitch about it. Their relationship is “evolving”.
Matt and brother Sam go to the gym to work out. Matt doesn’t want a dramatic moment like last year. Matt notes how gym machines are awkward for him. It’s very clearly an empty gym. There’s some machismo but I allow it. Sam wonders what is up with the marriage and Zach and Tori. Then food arrives. Then Matt notes how counseling failed.
Zach has the notebook and he and Tori and Molly are doing wedding stuff. Molly loves Tori FYI. Tori wants burlap and lace and glass. Molly notes its not very formal. I join Zach in being bored. Molly notes that Zach is trying at least.
Jeremy and Zach skype. Jeremy insists for the show that Zach visit. Its all so awkward. Amy notes how strange it is.
So Jeremy has Zach in LA with his orange vintage BMW. Jeremy thinks LA is a total riot. . Audrey goes on about being married. Audrey is pro church while Jeremy is pro adventure. Jeremy notes how doing an online registry  - so fans can buy you stuff – is awesome. I’m genuinely curious how Jeremy spends his days.
Tory is excited about flowers. Amy loves Tory, its pretty clear. I think Tory’s mom is there but I missed if she was noted.
Jeremy takes Zach paddle boarding. I’ll be kind. I don’t see the appeal of paddle boarding.
Oh look the church is about to be torched!
Zach is fixing up his house. He wants wood floors. Matt basically notes how unlikely it is for Zach to be successful but Zach boots him out. Matt sagely notes what a loser Zach is. Tory meanwhile is all “I like hardwoods” and Zach likes knots and she doesn’t. Somehow Zach thinks his friends will help him with the install. I like the hardwoods. I am also vaguely amused that Zach owns his own home while Jeremy rents but Jeremy is presented as being more successful.
Jacob and Bryan? Help rip out stuff. Jacob is immediately bleeding. Tory is all “Why isn’t it done???” Jacob rips up floor and wrecks the sub floor. Zach seems cool with it.
To be honest this is dull. There’s some boring talk about how Zach has messed up the floors and somehow Zach ends up calling Matt. Matt notes how he has no idea how to actually install the floor and tells them to call an installer.
Amy rolls in to the house, looking for matt. Matt is in his weird personal sauna and Amy is awkward.  Matt notes what a bitch Amy is. He calls Caryn and makes Caryn plan the wedding. He basically treats it like a crisis. Tory and Zach like the gazebo and want to be married there, but moving the church is now somehow impossible.
Somehow now moving the church is impossible because even tho Matt has stated multiple times that he designed all the buildings to move, somehow the church can’t be moved. Also Matt is offended that Tory doesn’t want the heart on the barn. Caryn and Tory hate the benches. Matt tells them to delay the wedding, mostly I think, because its cute and partly because he just doesn’t give a crap.
Now Zach shows off the new hard wood floors to Tory…. She loves it. Zach is amusingly cute on how Tory immediatwly moves on to having the kitchen redone.
Meanwhile Matt is moving the church because even tho he doesn’t want to, he will. Yeah looks like the church will be semi wrecked.
Commercials clearly indicate the divorce.
The pews in the church are broken and apparently no one realized they weren’t bolted down. Amy comes in after the fact and is annoyed. For all the whining about the church, frankly it doesn’t seem to be damaged at all. The gazebo is moved and Tory is all noting how she is blessed. There’s a lengthy OMG from Amy on how awesome it is that Tory and Zach are in love.

Next week, Matt and Amy chatter their Christian vows! No wonder gay marriage passed.


NJC said...

Do the producers of this show seriously have no clue what made it popular in the first place? It was originally about a normal family dealing with normal situations while demonstrating their love for each other. The show had a certain charm.

For the first half hour of today's show I thought "hey this is kind of nice, a throwback episode". Brothers hanging out having fun, having somewhat normal conversations. Family joking and making wedding plans. Real feeling stuff. Then slam! Matt baking in a pimped out roll top desk. They just can't help themselves.

Denise said...

Jeremy and Audrey was the best thing about the show tonight. I found the Zach and Tori stuff to be boring, imo.

I did get a big smile out of seeing Jacob stumble like an idiot. :)

Angela said...

Could TLC hurry up and give Jeremy and Audrey their own show already?

Spiritswander, I have an issue your lecture about comments.

Who is this referring to? It is easy to guess. Why is she being protected but a Christian like Audrey is not?

In fact, I remember an entire article was published which focused on Audrey's brother who was apart of a high school athletic competition.

I don't recall any rules like this about Audrey's family.

It's a double standard.

Carly said...

The Jeremy/Zach in LA and Jeremy/Audrey/Zach stuff at their house was the best part of the episode.....except the highlight was Jacob bleeding and looking like a putz. LOL! He can't do anything right.

PJ said...

Spirits saying that people not closely associated with the Roloffs either on the show or in Social media will not be discussed. That seems fair in that these people are not public figures as are the Roloffs and have not given permission for their privacy to be breached.
You have no business lecturing anybody but least of all Spirits, like it or not Spirit is the parent here and their word goes....

Anonymous said...

I missed last part of the show, were they able to move the church without damaging it? Did the Gazebo get moved?

Anonymous said...

Church got moved (mostly) intact I'm sure the next ep will be the repair of it and the benches and the big barn and other wedding preps.

Cynthia said...

Of course the church didn't break...cut to commercial. They do that every episode.

Spirits in all honesty, that seems kind of stupid. People describe a cetain persons situation. They know that because she is constantly tweeting about it. If people aren't supposed to know then oh, maybe she shouldn't post it on public social media??

Eliza said...

Cynthia it doesn't matter? Isabel can be vocal about what she has gone through especially involving deaths in her life however way she feels comfortable. However, complete strangers discussing her personal life that has to do with her family is irrelevant and can only cause her pain. I see no point in speaking of people who have passed. It does not affect you, only her. If she wants to voice how sad she is about a particular situation she is free to do so. You don't need to come here and start blabbing on about family members who weren't even alive when she began dating Jacob.

Marissa said...

Oh, give it a rest. Spirits put her foot down about a REAL issue -- not talking shit or crap about somebody's deceased relatives.
You looney Christians really are something else. Not only do you want to talk about the girl dating Jacob, who is in no way a terrible Person she is just associated with Jacob therefore lumped into the same category but now you want to talk about her family.
Really. You have nothing better to do.

Sophie said...

Angela you are absolutely annoying.


Discussing an athlete who is alive and related to someone who is MARRIED to a Roloff seems to me entirely different than discussing two people who have no relevance who are passed and who are related to someone who is recently dating a Roloff.

Jack Botti is now Jeremy Roloff's brother in law.

The other two relatives I mentioned are only names of the past, people who contributed to the growth of someone heavily involved with someone dating Jacob.

Your desire to bad mouth and talk about them makes me sick and should make everyone else on this blog sick as well.

Aubrey G. said...

Christian people make me sick and I'm glad I no longer attend a church.

Anne Bailey seems more like a creepy cult leader to me.

Audrey next.

June said...

Isabel is absolutely gorgeous. Did anyone see her most recent Twitter profile picture?

running dog said...

Censorship . . here on "Keeping up with the Roloff family" or anywhere on the net .. . is frankly disgusting. . .if TLC allows these "names" to be spoken on the show then dammit, it does not need to be censored here. . . shame !

kitten Has claws said...

I thought this epi was more like back in the earlier days. I had to laugh when i seen Matt sittin' in the box it would not be LPBW without Matt pulling a Matt, if it helps him... good. I would rather see this show than the crazy duggars anyday. The Jacob scenes were pitiful thats all i have to say on that.

Jerome said...

@NJC...I totally agree with you about the popularity of the show back when it first started. I've actually started re-watching the show from season 1 and it is leaps and bounds above the quality of the episodes of the past couple seasons.

Ashley said...

Kitten, just wondering, why did you think the Jacob scenes were pitiful? Because he was mumbling? Or because he was tripping and clumsy? Or was it acting for the camera.

I'm not part of the Anne gang against Jacob for religious reasons (but I do think he's a jerk most of the time), but I agree with Cynthia about the censoring.

I realize it is ultimately Spirits decision, but it seems so stupid to me.

Hello?!?! If you're going to have public social media public and you're going to post stuff about your life, people have no right to say people shouldn't talk about it. Then connect it to someone on television and it's ridiculous.

I don't know if I'll even be able to say this, but I mean no harm by it! Do you know how I know that Isabel's mother died of cancer and her brother died in an accident? Because ISABEL posted it on twitter! I don't see people saying horrible things about them, I usually just see people say "Oh, Isabel's mother and brother died"....they say it because ISABEL posted it on twitter! She just posted about it again last night! She can tweet about what she wants but people shouldn't get all offended if anyone at all wants to talk about it, she put it out there!

Someone mentioned Audrey's brother Jack being talked about here. Same thing!!!!
Do you know how I knew Audrey had a brother named Jack who was a skier in high school? Because AUDREY and JEREMY tweeted links asking me to go vote for her brother for athlete of the year or month!

If Jacob doesn't like that people are going to say he's a reckless and irresponsible driver who shouldn't be on the road because he got a $971 speeding ticket then JACOB ROLOFF is to blame because HE is the one who tweeted he got a $971 ticket!

Geez people! How about some personal responsibility?

If you put personal information out on a public account like twitter or instagram then you don't get to play victim if people talk about the information you put out there.

Debbie said...

"Audrey is pro church while Jeremy is pro adventure."

Jeremy is pro church too!

Debbie said...

"but Jeremy is presented as being more successful."

Because Jeremy is more successful. Jeremy could have bought a small house if he wanted. That's not what God planned for him and Audrey.

Rap541 said...

What is Jeremy more successful at?

Mind you, I don't actually have a problem with Jeremy's success or lack of it, more that Zach owning a nice house, holding down a job he enjoys and getting ready to marry a nice girl who he loves and who also seems successfully employed is presented as less than Jeremy having an apartment (that they have since moved out of as the superRoloffs are rumored to have moved back to Oregon) and working intermittently in a wedding photography business while Audrey is successfully employed (at the time of filming)

At last check, I was told God wants Jeremy to not ever do anything that makes Jeremy uncomfortable and that God prefers Jeremy not be outspoken about his strongly held beliefs. So God's plan for Jeremy is apparently to NOT be a shining public example...

PJ said...

Zach is successful. Jer and Auj probably could not afford a house (or a condo) in WeHo. My crappy little condo is going for more that $200,000 now. And in the Episode Jer talked about adventure every weekend. When is there time for church if they're off adventuring every weekend? Auj talked about church (or more precisely people from church). And she wore way too much makeup. She needs to watch that it will ruin her skin if she's not careful.
As far as Zach's floors go my mom and I installed wood floors by ourselves having never used power tools before. It's not that hard with a little patience and a little reading the directions. 700 square feet took us three days including installing a sub floor over concrete.
The church drama was ridiculous. There would have been no question if Jer had asked to have anything moved.
I'm not sure why but I'm beginning to get the feeling that Matt was the one that initiated the separation, thinking it would pull Amy into line where he wants her to be.
And Rap the garage scene was Amy trying to clear out some of the junk. Seeing what was trash and what could go to charity. So it did kinda make sense.

PJ said...

Oh I forgot.. I said this elsewhere but I get the feeling Prince Jer and Ste Auj thought Hollywood would fall at their feet when they moved here. And as usually happens no one fell anywhere and so they've turned tail and run home.

kitten Has claws said...

@ Ashley... all of the above. I wonder what his cut of the pie is for mumbling and stumbling and generally doing nuttin'.

Ecossais said...


I have two simple questions for you.

1. What would a Jeremy and Audrey show be about other than trying to peddle stuff?

2. What part of the fact that this Spirits' blog do you not understand?

MS said...

"Because Jeremy is more successful."

Based on what?

"Jeremy could have bought a small house if he wanted. That's not what God planned for him and Audrey."

So God planned for them to move to LA, have no apparent success there and/or not like it, then have them move back to the farm and devote all their time to reality TV and peddling products online? And you're calling this success? For such exemplary Christians?

Randy said...

I actually thought this was one of the most interesting episodes they've have had in years. You got to see a lot more into their personal instead of fake/staged/boring stuff like watching them play family games.

We got to see Audrey and Jeremy's house, a bit of LA, Zach's house, and his attempt to install wood flooring.

Now of course it had the corny moments and staged drama like every episode, but if more episodes were like this, I would be excited to watch a lot more.

Bramdon said...

Randy, the church stuff was the usual staged drama. So was the flooring stuff really. You don't think the plan all along was to have professionals do Zach's floor? If there were no cameras, Zach would pick Jacob to lay a floor down? C'mon. Obviously staged for the camera as was Zach's visiting Jeremy.

PJ said...

Speaking of Jer and Auj in L.A. In what world is it okay to join your wife and your brother in a sleeping bag? Not too weird.

Rap541 said...

I'm not sure why but I'm beginning to get the feeling that Matt was the one that initiated the separation, thinking it would pull Amy into line where he wants her to be.

I'm pretty certain Matt was considering separation long before they gave up the ghost on tv about how their marriage wasn't as perfectly lovely as they insisted for years and years. (I sure seem to recall Matt and Amy both insisting on this point that people were you know, just being "negative nellies" and they would never separate)

I also think Matt was planning it when he had the doublewide home installed because really, while we all know the wedding business is a lie and a fake for the cameras, it seemed *ridiculous* that rather than let a bridal party use his office for one day, the *better* solution was to buy and install a double wide manufactured home.

But I agree - I think Matt was expecting when he left (and he was the one who left, there's never been any suggestion that Matt was not the one who walked off to the double wide) that Amy would come running after him and I think Amy finally got tired of having to be the one that caved. And Matt, being Matt, now can't back down.

I said this elsewhere but I get the feeling Prince Jer and Ste Auj thought Hollywood would fall at their feet when they moved here. And as usually happens no one fell anywhere and so they've turned tail and run home.

I've wondered this as well. I mean, they moved there in what October? And Jeremy in theory was "doing weddings" although winter is hardly the big time for weddings and Audrey was doing whatever she was doing with the wine company... now they are back in Oregon for the summer at least, which is the main time for weddings. Is Jeremy doing weddings? Or is he Daddy Matt's right hand man?

Kayla said...

I agree with Kitten Claws about Jacob. His inclusion is ludicrous. He looks so bored and uninterested. He's getting paid, he could put in some effort!

So Jacob doesn't like people asking "What do you even do for money"? He expects to do nothing all his life and still live the luxurious lifestyle he's used to.

That's the problem with kids who grow up on reality tv. They think nothing costs money, they think people will always give them free stuff because they are soooo special.

Rap541 said...


Has it ever occurred to you that he's included in part because well, it's really obvious that there's a subset of fans who watch expressly for him so they can complain about him?

Also - if Jacob wasn't on the show, Matt and Amy would have to explain why and Matt and Amy don't like to do anything but insist how they raised awesome kids, now do they?

PJ said...

So true Kayla. Just look at Prince Jer for a prime example of an entitled reality TV kid.

Connor said...

Kayla, you have to remember Jacob is spoiled rich brat.

"Miss me with that "what do you even do [for money]? You're not successful" shit. Money is your end game? I feel sorry for you."

Yeah, Jacob doesn't care about money, but he wants a new truck and brand name clothing and camping gear and of course the time and money to drive around hiking and camping every week.

Jacob should try living without money before he starts on this "money is your end game" crap.

It was amusing seeing the idiot fall.

I am so sick of this scumbag bashing the police every 20 minutes on twitter. The same game whose family calls the police whenever they feel infringed upon!

"I probably won't respect the people who shoot other people with "Serve & Protect" painted on their cars"

What a punk. There's no way to emphasize that enough.

I'm not surprised to see Jacob start on "How is the death penalty even a thing"? If Jacob's family member go viciously murdered by someone you can bet he wouldn't be asking that question. He reeks of ignorance every hour of every day.

Rap541 said...

PJ - You're making a fair point. I'm sure it won't go over well.

Jamie said...

"Did I mention I graduated high school at 18 too? I held down a full time job though."

"I'm not mature enough for a job" -Jacob

*Matt laughs in disbelief*

It's safe to say Jacob is a complete joke to his entire family. What an embarrassment. Like Matt and Amy, my mind is blown.

PJ said...

Rap- I don't care what the Odd Squad thinks. In fact I kinda doubt they do. I thinks it's a hive mentality with sister Anne-Better-Than-You as the queen.

I know you've said your dad's a cop So it's very understandable why Jake's stand of police is so upsetting to you. I know lots of people who are far older and more sophisticated that Jake who have swallowed the garbage they are getting off the news(and make no mistake the media is heavily slanted away from the police point of view)without question. I wouldn't be surprised if Jake got his attitude from his father. Matt had no cop love after the most recent DUI.
speaking of the DUI I think that's when things started seriously falling apart between Matt and Amy. It was after that he moved down stairs alone. If it had only been mobility issues Amy could have moved with him.

Rap541 said...

PJ - I actually kinda wonder about the attitude towards cops coming from Matt as well. I recall the news reports that Matt threatened the arresting officer with seeing to it that the man was fired. I also recall fans of Matt insisting the local police dept must have some sort of vendetta against the Roloffs.

Connor, I know you weren't around then but would you like some links to those conversations so you can see how fans of the Roloffs dissed the police and shit on the police and accused the police of dishonesty, in part because Matt Roloff said he was victimized by the police?

Lynn P. said...

Pj, he didn't move downstairs alone. He moved into his own house on the property. You guys are all pretty naive.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what naïve means?

pj said...

Lynn, He moved out of his marital bed and into a room of his own, thereby deserting his wife in effect.
Connor, I forgot to say I'm totally with you when it comes to cops. We ask them to do a difficult job in impossible conditions and then treat them like the crooks when they do.

PJ said...

Lynn I just read your comment again. Maybe you don't remember but after Matt got the DUI. when the kids were still at home Matt moved into a bedroom on the first floor. The official reason was the stairs were too much for him but Amy could have easily also moved onto the first floor but didn't. Matt in effect abandoned his marriage at that point. Moving out of the house came later.

Rap541 said...

and then he moved to an entirely different house... and if you don't think he was planning that move months ahead of time....

Lynn - why are you calling people naïve?

Lynn P. said...

You're naive to believe that the show is how it actually is, at all. You're naive to believe that anything that happens on the show is anywhere close to what reality is like.
Reality TV is the farthest thing from reality you can come by.
Matt has been living in a different house on the property for YEARS. When you all think he moved in a new room, he moved to a different house altogether.
You're naive to believe these people are telling you any form of the truth.
Just make your own assumptions and put things together. It really isn't that hard to read.
Matt has been a liar and a cheater his whole life, that's how he got to where he has.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap541 July 22 @ 9:40:

"Has it ever occurred to you that he's included in part because well, it's really obvious that there's a subset of fans who watch expressly for him so they can complain about him?"

I might a well put thus here, and add something of the same effect to Anne J. Bailey's (aka out favourite facsist) diatribe poorly masked as an episode review.
Just how difficult is it for anyone of you to figure this out? The ONLY reason Jacob is on the show is for TLC's benefit and ratings. All the complaining and whining and imagined hate crimes against Jacob is gold to the ears of TLC. They know how to take advantage of publicity. And believe me, it doesn't take much thought (for most thinking people) to understand the fact that TLC HAD to have Jacob on the show. And they did not mind paying him. Not at all. They sit back and laugh all the way to the bank at people who flatly and sternly insist on keeping Jacob in the spotlight with all the ink he is getting.
The wosrt of this is the idea that the Anne J. Bailey freakshow and entourage actually think they have 'won'. Won WHAT? Jacob got bored with ask.fm, and you people claim you 'stopped' him. Yeah you sure shut him down alright! Yet, you keep mentioning him, time after time after time. Do you see that Jacob doesn't need ask.fm to have his name kept in the public eye? You people are doing a masterful job of keeping him in the public eye. It's gold for TLC, it created a paycheque for Jacob, and I would not be the least surprised if TLC is laughing and rubbing their hands with glee. Some of you say he is a hypocrite, but no less than Anne for writing a long list of commands and demands, and going against every bit of it? I don't know this, but I can see TLC offering Jacob more money than Prince Selfish Jeremy James Jesus himself. Just for the publicity. Thanks to all of you, TLC came up with a master plan to keep LPBW on the air and get the ratings up. And they didn't have to raise a finger. Just pay someone a paycheque.
I also realize that this will never end. The whiners and complainers and haters cannot resist but keep Jacob at the top of the LPBW popularity list. Please stop, have a rational conscious thought of your own if that's possible, and look no further than this blog. Jacob gets at least 4 times the ink as anyone else. It's here in print. There is no denying it. It appears to me that he is living his life and doing his own thing and thinking his own thoughts. He's not playing up to any of this. He doesn't have to. All of the haters have taken the ball and are breaking the 4:00 mile with it.
So who wins?

Denise said...

Nonsense. Jeremy is the most popular Roloff. Jacob is only in it because it would look awkward if he disappeared.

Rap541 said...

Wait, Lynn, you're saying Matt Roloff is a liar? You're plainly stating he left his wife years ago and has been lying for years about his happy marriage?

And you've been on board with that? As a Christian? Christians think its perfectly acceptable to lie publically? Jesus praises you for this?

Is this actually Lynn? Cheerfully laughing how Matt has lied for years? To me? who has said Matt has lied for years? Spirit, please check IP addresses.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Denise, count the threads. Count the comments. It's all in print.

PJ said...

nonsense Denise. Prince Jer isn't "the most popular". I doubt any of them are popular with the general public at this point.

Lynn, I'm far from naive. Please provide proof of your assertion. Considering the difference in Amy's stress level I have no doubt Matt's only been gone 18 to 24 months.

Vicky said...

Connor and PJ, I agree with you about Jacob. Now his girlfriend Isabel has joined in to please Jacob on hating on the police. She has no logic either!

"You don't like cops but you'll still call 911 when in danger" who else do I have? I grew up thinking they had our backs, until I woke up."

The point is Isabel you're still calling the police! You bash them, help people hate on them by putting nasty words on the internet, talk about how they're evil, but the minute you're in trouble, you going running to them to save you. It's pathetic.

Dillon said...

Jacob really irks me with his social justice warrior shit sometimes. He talks shit about cops writing tickets because he's a child and has NO IDEA what the roads would be like if nobody enforced the rules. Ever seen traffic in a country where that doesn't happen, Jacob? It's hell. Sure tickets are annoying but that's called being held responsible for your actions. Parts of our justice system are deeply flawed but the concept of police themselves is more than vital to our society. Do away with accountability and we'd crumble within the month. Of course they need to be held accountable too and that's what we need to work on. Since you believe yourself to be of great intelligence, maybe you could come up with some productive suggestions instead of just "down with police".

Megan said...

Jacob is actually complaining on twitter that is drug connections are no good at their job and that they are raising their prices.

Jacob is so messed up They live a drug life.

Rap541 said...

Oh look, people complaining about Jacob's social media comments.

Someone tell me again how Anne Bailey and Jesus *removed* Jacob's online access? :)

I love hearing how Jesus and Anne won, even as you all continue to complain about his continuing comments ;)

Kelly said...

Jacob is such a hypocrite. How can even tweet this stuff knowing the hypocrisy he represents?

Jacob tweeted: "Child stardom is probably the least thought out thing in the business..If anyone took an afternoon to think about it, it would be unheard of"

If it is so bad Jacob, if you are such a victim and it was so hard on you, why did the minute you had your choice and change to escape for good, to really quit (and not just to get attention on social media) did you, who experienced reality tv show stardom has a child, choose to go right back to it?

You could have made the statement that you think it is wrong and stood by your principles by not having anything to do with it now that you are making your own choices. Instead, you've chosen to partner up with the thing you complained about and think is so bad.

Ecossais said...


I admit I don't know the pay structure of shows with juvenile "stars" by maybe when he was under 18 he felt he was being forced to do something he didn't like for little or no pay check? We have seen child stars suing their parents for squandering their money.

Maybe now TLC wants him in the show? How many haters only watch LPBW to see and pick on Jacob? Hopefully he has negotiated a full pay check which makes him feel that it is worth while doing it? Maybe he is more of a business man than you bible thumping haters give him credit for?

Of course if that is the case you will criticize him for "selling" himself unlike the other Roloffs who do the show for fun and don't take any pay or comps.

Rap541 said...

I admit I don't know the pay structure of shows with juvenile "stars" by maybe when he was under 18 he felt he was being forced to do something he didn't like for little or no pay check? We have seen child stars suing their parents for squandering their money.

Typically on TLC family shows, the family is written a check for the family participation, which is controlled by the parents and covers all the underage children. That means, no, Jacob wasn't being paid until he turned eighteen - or if he was being paid, it was by his parents. Now that he's eighteen and not a Duggar, he's paid directly.

Considering Jacob has moved out... if TLC wanted him off the show, it would be rather simple to make happen and is easily explained. My guess? They made it worth his while AND he was probably getting some family pressure.

Is it hypocritical? Sure. But since no one likes citing brother Jer-Bear for being a hypocrite over not liking fans and telling them to suck his cock when he was not getting paid, only to shut up and smile with the "Yessir, coram deo sir, buy my prints *sir*" now that he's making a check for it, and continues to whine how difficult it is for him that he *has to watch what he says* all while getting paid to be a reality whore... As I have said before, I can't blame Jacob for following his brother's example.

I just find it hilarious that when eighteen year old Jeremy told you all to suck his cock, apparently a number of you opened wide for Christ.

Ecossais said...

Thanks for the clarification. I thought that was how it worked.

It has been reported/said that Jacob follows Jeremy's example but I have never seen him be as vulgar as the cock sucking stuff or the fingers out of the pants.

Rap541 said...

To be honest ecossias, I really have no reason to doubt Jacob could be as vulgar as Jeremy - I just find the double standard hilarious.

I mean, I am waiting for someone to chime in how Jeremy was *eighteen* and that was *years ago* :)

Kathy said...

Good review!

Rap541 said...

Thanks Kathy!

Anonymous said...

@Rap541 is totally correct about how pay scales go! I know FOR FACT, this is how it went with them. The kids never were paid until they were over 18. Before then, the family got one check and you can be sure Matt took it straight to the bank. The kids never earned a cent. Matt is a total dummy when it comes to saving money, he blows through it like he's a Kardashian. When I knew them they didn't even have a retirement set up!

Former R6 PA said...

And... @Rap541 this section was spot-on and hilarious! "But since no one likes citing brother Jer-Bear for being a hypocrite over not liking fans and telling them to suck his cock when he was not getting paid, only to shut up and smile with the "Yessir, coram deo sir, buy my prints *sir*" now that he's making a check for it"

You speak the truth, my man! ~Former R6 PA

Anonymous said...

And yes! @Ecossais and @Rap541:

Jeremy's mind:
Conservative TV Star = Fans
Fans + Sales = $$$$$

He finally has his own check post turning 18 and suddenly becomes SO interested in sharing the love of Jesus, I mean sharing his prints, to make more $! Before he turned 18 he was "paid" by all the sex he got with average-sized sisters of LP's at the conventions! LOL

Laura said...

I don't like the way this psrson is talking. How about some stricter moderation instead of letting Jeremy be slandered?Some people can't handle that Jeremy is a fine young Christian guided by Jesus Christ.

PJ said...

Laura, Baby Prince Jer cannot be slandered but Zach and Jake can? Hypocrite much?

I'm all for stricter moderation, lets start with Sister-Anne-Better-Than-You and the Anneite loons.

Rap541 said...

Laura - why are similar comments about Zach ok with you?

Ecossais said...

"Jeremy is a fine young Christian guided by Jesus Christ" - I don't think so.

Under age drinking, cat throwing, bird killing, vulgar(to say the least) talk and behavior, etc.

This unwavering unreasonable adulation of Jeremy Jesus is scary. If this is what being a devout Christian does to one's brain then maybe Jacob is right.

Drea23. said...

Finally some truth about jer and Zach.
If alllll the truth were to come out, people would soon realize that Jacob is actually the least bad brother!
Really, it's true.

MS said...

Laura, at some point will you actually cite an example of Jeremy demonstrating what a fine young Christian he is? Is it really that hard to come up with anything? Maybe that's telling. And no, posting inspiration words doesn't cut it. That's letting him off easy.

Mel Ann said...

I know this is a year old lol...but i am a jacob fan. Annnnnd, I always watched for him because I love him, he's the only real person around. I'd love to meet him, just to give him a hug. And his smile is infectious...people want to see him fail (and fall). That's sad.