Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Little People, Big World: New Episode July 28th: Review By Rap541

A new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff Family is airing on TLC tonight July 28th at 9:00 PM.

Here is the episode review written by Rap541


To be fair as I rewatch, Jeremy very clearly states that “Adventure” and not “God/Jesus” brought him to Audrey. Also, Amy who seems like a very jealous momma, seems to very much like Tori.  I so don’t get the fun of paddle boarding but then, I like distance running which on the surface is dull. Matt’s whole health gadget thing is annoying in that he chortles about hiding it from Amy. Also for the record, I think its pretty clear Matt was being a dick about the wedding. You want to know why? Everyone, seriously stop and consider.
Would Matt have ever told Jeremy and Audrey, even in jest, that he felt that they should delay their wedding? Serious put your hand on your Bible and swear you genuinely believe Matt Roloff would have ever told Jeremy to delay his wedding.
I also renew my objection to Matt whining how awful it was when Zach and Tori asked for the play church to be moved when I recall not one protest from Matt when Jeremy asked it to be moved in the first place. In fact I am utterly certain Matt proudly snotted how clever he was to make all the farm structures moveable. If you praised him when Jeremy asked, why in God’s name do you think Jeremy’s twin brother was wrong, and awful, and bad, to ask for the same effort?
So previously Amy and Matt are clearly about to declare the divorce. Huh. I wonder if Matt will address how he snotted how awesome he was in comparison to other reality show whores who got divorced. I bet Matt won’t say a word on how he’s better than Kate Gosselin.
Zach and Tori argue about the placement of the church and tent. They argue like newlyweds. Zach calls for daddy to decide and I instantly wonder if this was staged. I very much wonder if Jeremy being called to the farm from California is staged. Oh wait, I don’t wonder at all, as Matt drones on how awesome it is that Jeremy dropped his entire life and business to make a gate for the goats. If this actually was real, I would have no doubt about why Jeremy is a failure at photographgy. Seriously folks, as presented, he dropped everything in his life to make a gate for the goats.
Amy notes that Matt married her to “perform a duty” in having kids. Matt notes how nice it was when Amy just did his chores without bitching. There’s lengthy flashbacks of Matt whining how he’s never at fault for anything. Amy says she is sad about the divorce. Matt notes how he needs to make a decision – since Amy making one is you know, a woman, and Matt is the man and he needs to be the one to say it.
And *commercial*.
So finally they talk. Matt notes how he has to be the man and say “get out of my life, bitch”. Ironically Amy is actually the one to say divorce first. Matt doesn’t seem all that sad. Amy seems to feel it but also seems a bit like “how did we get here?”. Matt notes how he isn’t willing to force it. And end dramatic scene we all knew was coming from 2010.
Jeremy wanders in for no apparent reason. No mention of Jeremy’s job or how he can afford to fly in. Zach wants Tori to compromise. Amy notes how she’s making the two boys food.
Now we’re in Portland. Matt goes over how Jacob and Molly were told off screen and now he’s telling his elderly parents he’s pitching his bitch to the side. I love how Matt does the prayers for show with his folks – and before you bitch, Christian fans, cite me examples of Matt praying by himself or not in front of his own parents. Honey is appalled by the divorce. They’re obviously very guarded in front of the cameras. This is a very cold scene. Also, since it has already come up, the reason you only see Pop and Honey for like two minutes is that they got cut out of the show back in the day because they wanted to get paid and Matt said no. Honey even wrote a letter about it online.
There’s a fight over the tent placement. I sense Matt is with me in that I am so bored by all the stuff. Matt takes Zach aside and tells him to let Tori have her way over the tent. Tori notes in a haybale that she’s perfectly aware that Zach is caving to her.
Now we’re back to the “crisis” gate that required Jeremy to drop his life in Los Angeles. Jer drones on about precision and design and Matt notes how utterly perfect it is.
Amy heads out with “Lisa Dixon”. They talk about Jacob in that Amy calls herself an empty nester again. Lisa pokes the separation for the cameras. Amy says it’s a divorce thing. It’s sad. Amy haybales how sad it is. Amy wonder why it happened and diplomatically doesn’t mention what an ass Matt is.
Despite you know, the wedding, the most important thing to Matt is the animal gate. Matt notes how while Jeremy’s photography is “encouraged” – it’s understood that Matt’s mini-me will return to the farm and take over the farm (despite the divorce). Despite the whole micromanaging undertone where Matt is clearly in charge, Matt insists Jeremy is in charge of the animal gate. Matt insists the cement thingy is wrong. Matt makes Jeremy pull out the thingy and redo it. Jeremy isn’t pleased. He stomps on it. In theory it’s done well. I have no idea since no one explained anything.
Matt sticks Amy with telling the twins they’re divorcing. I bet she had to tell Jake and Molly by herself as well. Amy tells Zach that marriage is awesome. She feels bad, it’s obvious. I’ll even throw Jeremy a bone in that he looked hurt by the business. Amy notes how she’s pleased she held out until Jacob ran from the house.
There’s a commercial for the wedding.
The twins natter about the wedding. Everyone, well, Matt and Jeremy, whine about the positioning of the tent. Zach asks Jeremy to be the best man by giving him a bottle opener. Amy is all “I’m divorcing! Time to redecorate!” She wants guest rooms for guests. They tie on bandannas and do redecorating. I wonder if Lisa ever saw the hoard. They start with Jake’s room.
We’re still on redecorating. Amy notes how Matt actually made most of the choices. She and Lisa paint Jacob’s room dark brown.
Now we’re back to the gate project. Matt is all about the goats. I totally see why Jeremy is not building a photography business. Matt calls Amy to see the new gate. There is a couch out in the open for no reason. The gate is pretty ramshackle in that you have to steer the vehicle onto the board that triggers the gate. But since we’ll never see it again except in montages, who cares.
Amy and Lisa redo a table. She drones on about the divorce that again, we all knew was happening in 2010.
Next ep – Jeremy notes how clothes always look like ass on his brother.

A quick note – no regrets from Matt on how he crowed like the cock on the walk on how he was so much better than the TLC families who ended in divorce.


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

You could cut the tension with a knife.

Lauren said...

Tori looks like such a snob with those sunglasses on. She doesn't exactly exude kindness.

Kathy said...

Amy has got to get a life. She is so boring now that the kids are gone.

Ecossais said...

This show gets worse and worse.

Matt and Amy announce the big "D".

Matt takes his parents out for dinner to tell them. Dinner was probably comped because the restaurant name got a good screen shot. Not much reaction from the elder Roloffs.

Matt needs a new gate and calls Jeremy to urgently fly to the farm to have the benefit of Jer's design genius. That didn't take a lot because there are lots of gates that work that way. Lots of drama when the cement arrives before Matt is ready and then they do it wrong and there is the drama of redoing it before the concrete sets.

Lots of argument between Tori and Zach about the positioning of the reception tent. They call in Matt - the expert.

Amy tells Jeremy and Zach about the divorce and gets very little reaction. I don't know when she told Jacob and Molly.

Amy redecorates a room just to prove it is her house now.

A whole hour just for that.

Timothy said...

How can any of these hardcore Christians even like any of the Roloffs?

They never say anything.

None of them can talk about Jacob thinking the concept is stupid.

Anne was praising Matt's parents this week. Instead they say nothing. Isn't divorce a big sin in the Bible? I thought that's what Matt's parents believe. But put a camera on them and they won't say a word.

Same with Jeremy. For all his Jesus talk and his online "they need prayer" he didn't seem too broke up about his parents breaking their vows to God.

Ashley said...

Sorry not about tonight's show, but the rumors about Jeremy and Audrey moving are obviously true.

Yesterday Jeremy was complaining about Uhaul and giving him poor customer service. Tonight he posts a picture of what seems to be an empty bedroom. They're obviously in the middle of moving.

Kurt C said...

Good to see Amy having a little fun with a friend. It's gotta be hard living in that house with all the memories and your ex close by. Maybe she should find a new place of her own or do a Bed n Breakfast

PJ said...

I was struck again tonight how beautiful Tori is without makeup.
And I find it interesting that Baby Prince Jer can drop everything and go running when Matt whines.
How much you wanna bet Matt made Amy tell all four kids about the divorce. This way she's the evil one that destroyed their family (at least in Matt's eyes).

PLEASE Jer cut your hair or learn how to deal with long curls because you really do look like a badly groomed poodle.

Anonymous said...

Tori seems to be rude and demanding....a classic bridezilla. I hope the couple gets along better than they appeared to on tonight's episode.
I am a Christian, and would have liked to have seen more comment on divorce being against the Christian belief. Truth is, if the show gives an accurate portrayal of Matt, I don't know how she stayed with him as long as she did. He is very controlling, argumentative, and rude. As a Christian, I believe those behaviors are just as wrong as divorce. It appears Amy had no choice but protect herself from some emotionally abusive behaviors. Sadly, we witnessed footage of Zach acting like his father
I appreciate the family letting us inside for a glimpse into a very difficult time. Yet, the show is depressing and sad. I hope a move to the farm doesn't hurt Jer's marriage. I hope Amy can find a new outlet and focus. I hope Zach isn't as much like his Dad ad it appeared. I certainly hope Matt gets the help he needs....and it is much more than he can get at the gym.
My heart is sad for this family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they seemed happy in LA. I hope moving to the farm doesn't stress their marriage. I don't see how they could move close to that stress and it not impact them. It is obvious Jeremy comes running everytime Matt whines.

Anonymous said...

I am what many people would consider a "hard core" Christian. I find any divorce to be very sad, because I believe marriage is a covenant. I believe there can be healing in the worst of circumstances. HOWEVER, for that healing to occur both parties have to be willing to put in the work. I don't know about Amy, but the show made it evident Matt isn't willing to change.
His actions appear controlling, manipulative, and more. Those are wrong and forms of abuse. If the show portrays the family with any degree if accuracy Amy needs to go.
As far as the emotion which was or wasn't shown on the show.....well, this couldn't have come as a surprise to any of the kids. Additionally, there is no way to know what Jeremy, or any of the kids, said. We only know what TLC editors let us see.

running dog said...

Kurt C said. . ."Maybe she should find a new place of her own or do a Bed n Breakfast" . .. LOL Amy is the laziest thing that ever crawled on the face of the earth since cavegirl days . . .Amy couldn't be bothered to pick up or clean when they were a "family". . . people upon entering Amy's home were sure they had entered a pig sty. Upon entering Amy's kitchen many a visitor would mention aloud disquieting things like "yes, it is true. Only animals could live here" . . . Someone cuts Jer's hair to look like a french poodle. . . the show has been on tv for weeks & no one tells him this? Jer's moving back home. Well, he's not suited for pumping gas, making small change in a grocery store .. . can't load a dishwasher at McDonalds. . . I too, would like to know what this boy does all day? If anyone knows what kinda comic books he reads I sure would like to know. . & his favorite Saturday morning cartoons. . . anyone know? & little Zach .. ho boy. . best we remain silent.

Ecossais said...

If Ashley is right poor Auj is in a house with no furniture again.

Nancy P. said...

Nancy P.....Reality tv? The dialog seems to be delivered in a wooden fashion as if they are reading from a script. Matt is the worst actor of the lot!

Nancy P. said...

Not quite sure how much of this show is reality. Most of the dialog is delivered in a robotic, empty fashion. Lots of bad acting on Matt's part.

PJ said...

Looking at the wonder gate, wouldn't the goats be able to get under and out?

Janet said...

Anyone else think the reason why they did Jacob's room first was because Amy doesn't want him coming back? Like, "He's gone! Lock his ass out! Transform his room so it's gone and he can't come back! lol.

Maggie said...

Where is the proof that Ron and Peg left the show because they waned to get paid but Matt said no?

They all said (Matt, Ron and Peg) said the reason was because they used to live in the same neighborhood when the show began but then moved to California.

Brandon said...

PG, in fairness, everything for the show is fake. Jer came running for dad because that's what the script/plot called for.

Rap541 said...

Pj - honestly, I really don't get what the point was of the gate. There certainly wasn't any real urgency to it.

PJ said...

I think being back on the farm will strain Baby Prince Jer and Ste Auj's marriage because Matt will try and demand more and more of his Golden Boy's time.

Rap541 said...

PJ - I am kinda curious about that, to be honest. For starters, I hope they aren't moving directly back to the farm. It smacks of dependence and it really doesn't allow them privacy. Living on the farm as Matt and Amy fight it out over the next year just isn't a great place to be.

Matt really made the point in the episode that he doesn't take Jeremy's career in photography anywhere near as seriously as some people here - he as much said he thinks Jeremy will piddle around with it and then Matt will have him working on the farm. I actually felt kind of bad for Jeremy (only a little but I did) because Matt isn't in his corner on this. I suspect the demands will increase.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I mentioned this in my review, I sent it to Spirit earlier. Hopefully will be up tomorrow.

kitten Has claws said...

As per usual Matt is all about Matt. I to thought Tori was a tad bit bridezilla, which i think is ridicilous, get over it and act normal. I thought Amy was more upset on the big D than Matt he is in his own little world. I was wondering as well why Amy choose to paint Jacobs room first, but like she has said before she has been an empty nester for what over 8 years *SNARK on THAT*. I think Golden Boy ought to get his own life and photography going...making a goat gate WTH is up with that. Anyways i do look forward to seeing Zach & Tori's wedding.

Rap541 said...

Good - because its actually interesting

Ecossais said...

Rap & PJ

The gate is just another case of TLC injecting something for reasons known only to themselves. Was it to please Matt So he had an excuse to bring Jeremy back to the farm to prove how important his brilliant engineering designer and expert craftsman son is to the future of the farm?
Then of course throw in a bit of planned drama about the concrete arriving early and panic about the concrete drying so Matt could get all dramatic.

The concept of using vehicle weight on a ramp to open the gate is not in any way new. We didn't get to see the completed project and until that is done Matt is worse off. Normally there are full width ramps both the outside and inside (so a vehicle can get out)the gate.
If he had driven forward until the wheel ran off the end of the 2 x 12 the gate would have come down on his head.(That would have improved the segment). If he got into the goat field there was no way to get out.

He complained that he needed this brilliant piece of engineering so he wouldn't have to get off his ATV to open the gate. Now until the project is completed he has a gate he can't open even if he gets off the ATV.

Ecossais said...

@Kitten has claws
I don't like a lot of Jacob's behavior but Amy's is worse. Of all the rooms in that huge house she chooses to paint Jacob's old room first. That says "you don't have a room here anymore so don't come back". What a bitch. I assume Jeremy is still welcome to come and stay.

If Jeremy can drop everything on Matt's whim I doubt that his photography business is keeping him very busy. Come home and get some TLC money?

Connor said...

"If he had driven forward until the wheel ran off the end of the 2 x 12 the gate would have come down on his head.(That would have improved the segment). If he got into the goat field there was no way to get out."

::Eagerly waits to see if Rap541 & PJ + Tanya chide Ecossais for suggesting that if the gate hit Matt Roloff in the head it would have "improved" the segment. Wishing violence and pain on Matt Roloff! How awful!!!!! ::

Ecossais said...


Chill. It was said tongue in cheek

Of course genuinely wishing ill on Jacob in the name of jesus is par for the course for the Anneites!!!

Connor said...

Ecossais, I obviously know that. I was making a point. If you had said the exact same thing but about Jacob Rap, PJ, etc would have been going on and on and on.

Why people rush to protect that obnoxious brat I don't know.

PJ said...

No the idea of Matt getting hit on the head isn't funny (although it might improve his personality).
I really felt the point being made was two fold. First the goat gate was just stupid, boring and unnecessary. It also was not the most brilliant bit of engineering since the Hoover dam. Although the gate was clearly not finished Ecossais is right that what we saw was one way and there seemed to be no plans to change it.

Ecossais in no way wished real harm (since he/she was talking about the unchangeable past) but the Anneites cannot say the same as they are still wishing for and predicting dire consequences.

You're somewhat right that a head injury joke about Jake when he in fact suffered such an injury on camera early in the series (the catapult accident).

Kitten, I agree that Amy is way out of line repainting the room of a kid that barely moved out. Why not the twins room? They've been gone a while now.

Rap541 said...

Connor - and it's happened to me. I made a joke in a recap about Jeremy surfing and suggested it would funny if he crashed like Greg Brady in the brady bunch (the joke being it was super scary until Greg popped up perfectly fine) and man was I chided for wishing ill on poor precious Jeremy. Ripped into.

What you really need to accept, Connor, is that people are not going to think you're joking. There's a reason Jim's post provoked a storm of controversy - it wasn't in good taste and when some people said so, they were told to shut up. Shelby then compounded it by suggesting money be gathered so that Isobel could be paid to "do that" that to Jacob.

If ecosis followed up his jibe with a "Why do people defend Matt, he's a disgusting piece of shit and here's a photoshop of what it would look like if Matt's goats bit him to death, hee hee" - you can bet your ass I'd complain. Since I am utterly certain ecossis made that remark to poke at the ongoing argument, I see no reason to belabor it except point out that there's any number of people here who don't seem to be kidding about some really unpleasant things.

Hannah said...

PJ, I think a big reason why Jacob is the way he is stems from his head injury. Research frontal lobe damage.

running dog said...

Over the years i have watched Jer & Zack grow up into "men" . . .My heart goes out to Zach because he's a "midget"& work wise (no college or trade) will always be a failure. Jer on the other hand, the guys just a fuck up . . there r a lot of people like this. . Jer would fail pumping gas, loading a dishwasher at McDonalds . . or working at the car wash. . .Outside of Dad, Jer has never worked a day in his life . .over the years we have watched Jer & his pals laugh & sneer at the "poor working folk" . . And now brainless Jer will "run" the farm . . sure, sure he will . . with Matt directing every move . .. That TLC money for this "freak" show better last Jer's whole life because the fuck up won't make it in the real world. . .

Connor said...

PJ, Rap, no matter how you try to justify it, your reactions are a classic case of a double standard.

Ecossais says they would have liked to see the gate fall on Matt's head and hey, that's just a joke and good fun.

I seem to remember after we watched that .gif of Jacob's bratty eye rolling while Jacob was celebrating and toasting, it was said "too bad Mueller didn't break his wine glass over Jacob's head for his disrespect"

OMG. That was wishing violence on Jacob! Wishing a head injury! OMG!!!

But Ecossais wanted to see gate fall on Matt's head and that's just a light heared joke.

You're starting to get on Jacob Roloff level of hypocrisy.

Just in case anyone is too stupid to see my point, I have no problem with what Ecossais said. I don't agree, but I don't care. I'm not outraged. Ecossais is obviously not a threat to Matt and isn't a threat to slam a gate on his head. It was said to be funny while getting the point across that Ecossais thinks Matt is a jerk and would think a bit of misfortune for Matt would be funny.

The things is when the same stuff is said about Jacob that's exactly what is going on too. But instead some people overreact and try to act like Jacob's life is in danger. What a joke.

Oh and you were getting on people for predicting that Jacob is going to OD someday. He's on twitter publicly bashing his local weed dealer and making the offer to all drug dealers in the area to "hit me up".

PJ said...

Connor I specifically said the gate falling on Matt was not funny.

I am more than smart enough to understand your argument, are you? The issue you're having is we are all disagreeing with you and you don't like that.

It's not funny for a gate to fall on Matt (the gate would have fallen more on the back of the Mule but Matt might still have been hurt). The gate designed as presented on the show (which does not look finished and may have the flaws addressed by the time it was). Ecossais commented on something that happened and was presented on the show, extrapolating the possible outcome.

And again any head injury joke regarding Jake isn't funny because of his history of a very serious head injury caused by his father's ego.

The "joke" posted and removed about Jake does not stem from an incident on the show but from the sick mind of "Jim". It does not offer an alternative outcome for a known incident. As a result is is invented out of whole cloth. The invention is unacceptable to normal, civilized Human Beings.

If I were to re-read the old posts I know I would find people who didn't "predict" but wished over doses and other dire situations on Jake in order to "bring him into line" and make the dirty atheist return to God. So don't even try to tell me no one has wished that kid harm.

Ecossais said...

Keep your hair on!!!
I was not intending to wish any real harm on Matt. I was talking symbolically in that the gate would have landed in the top of the ATV.

I was pointing out that the engineering marvel created by wonder boy Jer was not functional. Why not hold the excerpt for another show when it was complete and Matt could grandly demonstrate driving through his latest achievement?

In fact I have no idea why this was in that episode. It is not germaine to any of the other parts of the episode. What was the purpose:
To remind us that Matt always has to be building something?
As an excuse to bring Jeremy back into the show?
To show how brilliant Jeremy is?
Introduce some drama to allow Matt to bitch about it being done wrong and get all dramatic about the cement drying?

Ecossais said...

PJ, Connor, et al
I addressed this in the thread about Podge/Rodge's review.

I do have a comment about another fake Matt drama.

"the church is ruined" - "it is ALL broken".
The seats were apparently free-standing and fell over. That was it. They weren't planning to use the "church" anyway.

If that wasn't staged phony drama why was there a camera in the church to film the seats tumbling about?