Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World on TLC: Tuesday July 14th at 9:00 PM

The new episode of Little People, Big World aired on July 14th at 9:00 PM: "Wedding Prep And A Reality Check".

Guest Episode Reviews will follow.

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Review Written by Rap 541

Oh god, a two hour twin retrospective. I missed the first five minutes because Swamp People ran long.  I came in right when Zach was getting his license. Oh look, another lengthy clip show of old footage. Does this and the two hour wedding snooze count in the “ten new episodes”? Because I am sure this isn’t new footage except for the boys and their wives on the couch.
Now we have Molly sitting between Amy and Matt and we’re on soccer. It’s junior year and there’s kids passed out on the floor. Amy was disappointed in their choices. They seem hung over. We watch the team crap out because the team is hung over. Jeremy calls it a lack of focus but his and Zach’s bleary eyes betray the truth.  Zach natters on about soccer, and now Amy is all “this sucks”.
Oh look, the redemption arc that tries to suggest the Faith Bible team didn’t kinda suck. Honestly I am not recapping a blow by blow of the soccer games. It’s not the US Woman’s Team beating Japan.
New footage of Amy, Molly, Matt. Amy hay bales how awesome soccer was for the boys.
We’re twenty minutes in and there’s been under two minutes of new footage.
Now new footage we have the twins going on about their twinness. Honestly, the years really haven’t been kind to Jer. The hairband look is odd.
We get a recap of the extravagant 18th birthday. Where they go glider flying. Jeremy of the past merrily lauds himself for being adventurous. I actually don’t remember Zach being featured in the original episode as actually going in the glider, but I could be wrong. Now there’s homoerotic spanking in the boy’s bedroom. Then there’s the no girls pool party and we get a standard montage of the twins. Ah, Jeremy’s so thrilled about getting a Costco card! That’s what turning eighteen all is about.
Now to the present. Zach and Jeremy go on about the farm and are well, as articulate as they were in years past. Which is not very articulate, please see the Costco card musing.
Current time – sure enough both twins note how they peaked in high school.
Classic moment of the twins at eighteen needing to be hauled out of bed for their SATs. Amy calls them pathetic and basically whines how unmotivated they are. So they both sucked at it. And now we’re up to the winter formal. It’s Molly’s first formal, and Zach has a date. I’m also reminded how these people spend money. Molly gets in her praise of Zach and how he treats her well… Man, back in the day, people used to say Molly was of the devil for not also praising Jeremy for what Zach did.  More prom stuff.
New footage – Zach actually has a nice haircut for a change. He fondly reminisces.
New footage – Amy thinks her kids are awesome.
Back to the past. Its school time and everyone is in hell. Jeremy rats out Zach for not doing his work. I am still astounded that a five paragraph essay was a senior assignment. Amy harasses Zach about his grades. Now Amy is trotting her boys to University of Portland. We get a rehash of the twins sucking in school.
New footage – Molly loved growing up on the farm.
Lots of commercials….
New footage – Amy still thinks her kids are awesome. Matt has hardly spoken. Also Zach has done most of the talking in the new footage.
Back to the past and the twins endless inabilities. Ah yes, Jeremy and Zach not bringing id to register for community college. They need help filling out their applications. Jeremy again notes how he’s there because he was lazy and Zach says he might not graduate. Amy heads off to harass the school. Essentially the school passed Zach out of there.
Now we’re graduating the twins. Heh they cut the bit where Matt shows up late.
New footage – The twins pretty much say exactly the same things they just said in past scenes.
Leah Remini is going to speak on the Church of Scientology. I hope they don’t kill her.
New footage – Jeremy and Zach muse on being too dumb to figure out addresses.
Old footage – we’re off to Europe. The twins wander about Edinborough lost. Then they hit the bar for beer. We’re over an hour in and there’s been like zip for new footage. Now we’re with Kenny the tour guide they just ahem casually met. Kenny was totally into getting the boys into skirts without underpants. Jeremy notes how he will slip his boxers off for Kenny. 
Next up, England and then Amsterdam, and Germany. I actually recapped this previously so…
New footage – Tory really liked the autobahn footage.
New footage – Zach and Tory met at the pumpkin patch.
Old footage – ugh the flirting episode. The class seemed a bit pointless but I am outgoing so… The debacle of flirting in the supermarket is shown. Between old and new footage, Tory has gotten prettier.  Again, I recapped this episode so we’re not going there.
New footage – Zach loves Tory.
Commercials for Jazz.
New footage – Jeremy hated moving away from home.
Old footage – Mueller, and the twins are apartment hunting and shocked! SHOCKED to discover that apartments cost money. Basically they’re shocked life costs money.  I love their awesome choice to simply not move out. Now we’re on the endless photography dance with Jeremy and how he’s going to be a photographer and not a reality whore. Oh look deep thoughts by the fire over… moving a bed.
New footage – The twins note that they’re mama boys and Amy favors them as her little princes.
Commercials for LPBW – Matt and Amy plan to come together for Zach and Tpry’s wedding.
New footage – Now Jeremy and Audrey met on a blind date? I though they met when she was wearing a bikini?
Old footage – Costa Rica. Huh. I don’t remember anyone having fun in the Costa Rica trip. I do note Audrey was in a revealing bikini…. Now we’re up to Matt and the boys fishing… and now we’re having the twins skype how Jer plans to ask her to marry him. Good lord, didn’t we just have a two hour special on the miracle of Jer and Auj?
New footage – Molly is often mistaken for Tory.
Now we’re back to Tory and Zach chitchatting by the fire pit. We rehash the whole proposal. Yeah this has had about five minutes of new footage, all in couch haybales. I’m somewhat intrigued that in that five minutes, Matt hardly spoke at all.
I’m still curious if these episodes count in the ten episode season.

This was deadly dull.

So let me clarify. As I sit here, missing a cool ep of Real Housewives of NYC, I’d like to respectfully point out that I don’t get a paycheck. It doesn’t bother me as I like to write, but since certain whiners won’t post their opinions unless they are paid…. It needs to be said I don’t get paid. Because you know, Christians per their religion, don’t stand up for their opinions unless they are paid.

The credits are totally different. Amy is all “we’re totally separated”. Basically Matt is happy to dump Amy, Amy is a lil more reticent but also happy. Yay divorce, Zach and Tory start planning their wedding on the farm and they have demands. Matt is horrified that even tho he moved the church for Jeremy, it is a weird issue to move things for Zach. Zach wants the gazebo moved for the wedding. Matt notes as people have ideas that he is the specialist. He tells Amy to get out of his way. Matt walks off in a snit.
In the house, after the awkwardness, Amy assures Tory that weddings don’t have to be so insane. Matt runs in to show the plans as he has something big to show them. Matt wants a giant arbor, Zach hates it. Tori wants a small personal wedding but doesn’t want to piss off Matt.  Amy notes that the wedding doesn’t have to be a weird extraganza. Matt wants a huge bachelor party. Matt chides the wedding couple for not wanting to do what Matt wants. Amy says pretty much this and Matt walks off in a snit.
Zach knows his dad means well but basically hates what Matt wants. Zach and Tori head off with their dog. Both tory and Zach want something simple.
Matt is telling Amy about planting pumpkins. He thinks she has no idea how to run the farm. He need a pressure washer and they have a fight over it.. Matt notes she’s a whiny bitch who knows nothing and sobs in his hands and notes how he doesn’t “feel the love”. Amy notes how she “has to be the parent”.  This is fairly valid for these two.
Matt notes that even though Zach clearly wants a small party but Matt wants a big part so Zach can go screw. Jeremy actually warns Matt to not have the big party he wants. Matt blows farts thru his lips like a child and notes how he will make a big surprise regardless. With the blow torch.
Zach and Tory go mini golfing. There’s a sweet montage of Tory and Zach in love. I’m bored to be honest, but I have no romantic bones in my body.
Back to the house. Jacob wanders in and Amy notes how he’s never around. He notes he got his ged. Amy tries to make that sound cool. Jacob notes how now he can move out. To be honest, she really doesn’t seem to care. If Jeremy tried to pull this, she probably would have bothered more than well… this.

I kind of love the desperate “follow LPBW on social media” commericials.

Amy is floored by Jake saying he wants to move out and be a douchebag, because she apparently has no no concept of how calling herself an empty nester since Jake was twelve might be an issue.
She goes to see Matt who is of course per the script, having fond reminencses of Jeremy playng apple war. She tells Matt that Jake is moving out and Matt is all “ well sure he’s eighteen, wanna ride back to the house?”
Now we skip to the engagement party and Amy’s failures in baking. Molly shows up “unexpectedly”. Molly seems pretty done with the drama.. Matt wanders in as Amy fails at baking. Matt notes how cool it would be if Amy blew up. Then the newlyweds Jer and Auj show up. Jeremy’s girly headband is fun.
Matt notes how everyone crushed his spirit over the projects. Jeremy helps him with the special project. Meanwhile Amy makes a crappy cake. Oh jeez a trebuchet shot. Tory notes she and Zach didn’t want a party because it’s a bother. Matt notes that he went big and has an engagement gift. Matt notes how people always roll their eyes…
It’s a doghouse for the dog Sully. Its cute. I sense Matt was strongly coached. Also does the production seem more video? Matt then challenges everyone to lawn darts, or “jarts”. I assume they have had that game for years considering all the law suits (Jarts kill…. I’m not judging because my family still owns Jarts but there’s a reason you can’t buy these.
Apprently the wedding will be simple. As usual, the same similar answers that Auj and Jer gave on how there would be no theme, and no colors, are somehow a disaster when the loser kids do the same thing.
Hmmm Jake is moving out with almost no commentary or reaction. Matt celebrates Jake leaving by giving him meat. There’s like no commentary and no actual haybale but a lil bit of Jake over talking the scene.
Amy notes how he’s moving in with “some friends” and Amy notes how he basically left boom boom boom. Heh the house has an actual bed and breakfast sign on it now.


PJ said...

Oh goody, another paean to Prince Jer, the guy her shared a womb with and Mueller, Matt's second son....

Brandon said...

It's a shame that LPBW is so fake. There's actually some interesting aspects to the Roloffs, mostly all the things discussed here about Jacob.

The real reasons why Jacob left would be interesting. But in typical fake TLC/LPBW/Roloff fashion, the TV audience is given no explanation and have no idea of anything.

Denise said...

"Jacob moved in with friends".

He's living in sin with his girlfriend and apparently her brothers.

"Jacob spends time with his friends"

Mostly his girlfiend where they admit doing drugs.

pj said...

I'd pretty much guess he's only "living in sin" with his girlfriend. And I would rather see them live together than get married, have kids and divorce...

Move on Denise, you're flogging a dead horse. Again.

Brandon there's way more interesting things about Jer at Jake's age that the family managed to direct attention away from.

sscooter43 said...

The only thing Jacob has going for him is his good looks. Once he loses that, he will either be begging for money on the side of the street or living in his mother's basement.

Anonymous said...

How's this for flakeiness? Watch the scene where Jeremy is skyping with Matt.... The background of Jeremy is vet obviously an interior door in the roloff Home (you can tell by the wood and the antique black handle), and look at Jeremy's outfit and hat- it is exactly the same as the outfit he is wearing when him and Audrey "show up" for the engagement party.

Anonymous said...

This post was about blog administration and not about any particular episode or Roloff. Yet, the Jacob haters, who have spewed their hate repeatedly, still aren't satisfied, and turn the comments section for an ADMIN POST into another hate fest.

I guess it is a sign that there is nothing left about LPBW to talk about in any constructive or interesting way and the 3 boring hours of Twins Grow Up recycled footage surely proves that beyond a doubt.

Ecossais said...


Give it a rest please. What Jacob does is none of your business and bear in mind that the sainted Auj admits she was not a virgin when she met Jeremy.

Jake (no, not that one) said...

Jacob has a lot more going for him than his looks. Just glancing at his twitter for 2 minutes, it looks like he's in a happy/healthy relationship, is pro civil rights, pro gay rights, pro environment, etc, etc, etc (you know, issues that affect people OTHER than himself). "B-b-b-b-but, he's a spoiled brat because he swears, smokes pot, and has sex before marriage!" Reality check: this is the 21st century, if these are big issues to you, then you better stay locked up in your house....forever. I agree the story of him leaving home was glossed over, but given everything we know about that family, I think it should be pretty obvious why he wanted to leave.

Ecossais said...

@ Denise & Sscooter

Stop trying to turn this NEW thread into yet another "we hate Jacob" thread.
In case you did not notice it is about last night's LPBW episode.

And Denise - You are getting tiresome with the same old, same old. You do realize that saint Audrey was NOT A VIRGIN when she got married don't you?

running dog said...

IMO: I like to read comic books. Does anyone know what Zachs favorite comic books are? I like to watch cartoons on tv. Does anyone know what Zachs favorite cartoons on tv are? I like to work. I enjoy dishwashing. Does anyone know if Zach likes to work or if he would also like dishwashing ?


Tami said...

Does he still get compensated for being on the show, on previously filmed episodes? If not & he doesn't have a job, how is he supplying his drug habit. Maybe I watch too much Dateline ID but from reading his "public" online post he hates his parents and cares nothing for the rest of the family, I would seriously hope he wouldn't do anything to harm any of them thinking he would gain something from it. Hopefully he's just trying to find himself, who knows.

Anonymous said...

I see that Jacob, now 18 is moving out. He has no job, no problem. There's Little People $$$. Zach says he's going to get married. If he has a job, he sure fooled everyone. No problem, there's Little People $$$ Jer has a sham job, no prob, there's . . . Now Amy (the 1 who eats with her mouth open) lives alone. In a gigantic, giant house. When there's a mess we'l know who to blame. Jer's haircut, good god looks like the haircut on a french poodle. No one noticed this ?

Unknown said...

Anonymous @ 5:51 AM, I will look at that again. I sent my review in to Spirit this morning, and I did mention the Skype conversation, it's necessity and ramifications. Good catch.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Anonymous @ 5:51 AM, I will look at that again. I sent my review in to Spirit this morning, and I did mention the Skype conversation, it's necessity and ramifications. Good catch.

Ashley said...

The house has a bed and breakfast sign on it? I missed that. I didn't hear anything about that.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I saw it right at the end... It was on the house door. To be fair, it might have been a joke sign, I just found it hilarious.

Anon - I noticed how hilarious Jeremy's hair was. I just get tired of mentioning it and getting follow ups of "OMG don't you understand that Jeremy wants to look *unusual*????"

He's not aging well, is he?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ahley and Rap, the sign actually says, "Bed & Breakfast" underneath that, it says in smaller print, "You make BOTH". it's meant as a joke I believe that anyone that stays there is responsible for the above mentioned amenities, not that she is actually running a bed and breakfast. Goodness knows, she is still running around thinking she has 'something to say' (remember the coffee chats? No, me either) lol..

Jake (no, not that one) said...

Tami: Yes, you definitely watch too much Dateline.

Ashley: The sign read: "Bed & Breakfast, YOU make both". Obviously a joke.

PJ said...

Zach has had a job for a long time. He was working at a soccer center as a coach. I'm sure he and Tori have a financial plan. Honestly he had enough sense to buy a house. So unlike Prince Jer he has a home to take his bride to.

J said...

Shoot, I got way too bored during "the twins grow up" one and turned it off, missing the one with new content. Doesn't sound like I missed much though.

Running dog, you've asked that so many times man. I don't think anyone here (or anywhere) knows if Zach likes to wash dishes or his comic book preferences. He's a pretty private guy. Sorry.

J45 said...

@running dog, I don't think I've ever seen Zach read comics or watch cartoons on LPBW. Zach seemed to like his job at Indoor Goals (a rec soccer club) but dishwashing isn't something I'd expect he'd enjoy. Zach doesn't really use public social media, so I have no idea if he enjoys comics or cartoons. I doubt he enjoys dishwashing.

Also, your comment isn't generally the type Spirit bans IMO.

Ecossais said...


How could anyone miss that poodle hairdo? It also looks a bit gay with that head band.

Jamie said...

"Jacob still has a lot to learn about life" -Amy

I think that says it all about what the Roloff family feels about Jacob. That and the look she was giving him the whole time, like he's so out of touch... She tried her best with him, but he put her through so much hell.

Emma said...

Ashley: It was at the end of the show. Amy walked into the house and closed the door behind her then they showed a bed and breakfast sign on the door. It was real quick and easy to miss. There was no discussion about it during the show.

I think that is Amy's next adventure. It would be hard to believe Amy running a bed and breakfast when she is always late to everything and she keeps her house a mess.

Alex said...

How can anyone think Jacob is the devil/the worst child/etc. after watching those flashback clips in the episode about the twins?! The way Jeremy talks to Amy in those clips is unbelievable to me. So rude. Also, some people may think it's mean that Jacob moved out right away, but that's what normal teenagers do! Most kids turn 18 and are no longer expected to live at home... Jeremy and Zach stayed for years and I found it totally pathetic. Also that scene where they try to find an apartment is hilarious. That rent was not high and they think it's too expensive and don't understand why things cost so much.

Also, side note, Jeremy and Audrey are so LA now! Audrey with alllllllll her makeup and Jer with his bizarre hair. Not into it.

J45 said...

Jamie, Amy calling herself an "empty-nester" since Jake was 12 and ignoring him is "Amy trying her best with Jacob"?

Because frankly, Amy's treatment of Jacob just doesn't compare to the Golden Boy, Molly or even Zach.

FWIW, I consider Jacob to be much less out-of-touch than Jeremy. (Ex: Jer buying a $100 blanket for charity proceeds, instead of buying 5 blankets and giving them *all* to a homeless shelter). That's not to say Jake still doesn't have a lot to learn. (Ex: Jacob not understanding how he is well-off or the connotations of "upper-middle class").

If anything, Amy was mourning *the idea* of being a parent and having that purpose. She admitted Jake was rarely around and she hadn't seem him in *weeks*. That's not being a parent. Amy hasn't been a parent since the twins graduated from high school.

For all Matt said about "moving out as soon as he turned 18" Jacob finally fulfilled one expectation none of his siblings had.

If Jake is ill-prepared for the real-world, his parents are largely to blame.

As an aside, I don't recall Jeremy or Zach doing much better in high school. Didn't they have to do summer school? Didn't Zach almost fail his senior year?

J45 said...

Good recap, Rap!

Ecossais said...

I am sure that sign is a joke but I do remember some time back when Amy said she wanted to own a bed and breakfast place.
She would need staff because she does not show much interest in housekeeping.

PJ said...

Emma, Amy can always hire help.

I have a feeling the Roloffs just caught a break with the cancellation of the Duggars.

Ecossais said...


"She tried her best with him"

I do recall her doing very much at all. Yakking on about an empty nest as if he didn't exist.

Rap541 said...

PJ = I totally think the Roloffs caught a HUGE break with the cancellation of the Duggars... and btw yes indeedy, 19 Kids and Banging for Jesus is officially cancelled.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Anonymous @ 5:51 AM, you're absolutely right about the Jer/Matt convo. Same shirt, same buttons undone, same askew collar, same t-shirt, same cap, same same same same.
Remember when Matt was sitting at the table and you Jacob comes 'walking in'? When you could see his shadow in the corner of the room? Good times.