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New Little People, Big World Episode (July 21st): Review By Anne Bailey.

This was written and submitted by Anne Bailey. All opinions expressed belong to her.


Anne J. Bailey here; Welcome my friends and thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support I received last week. Remember, there will always be some who hate you if you are a Christian living to spread God's Kingdom. We listen to Jesus. Not individuals fueled by hatred.

I'm going to start my weekly review column with an important message that was noticeable in this weeks episode of Little People, Big World. The important to have wholesome shows with good Christian messages featuring inspiring people who are walking with God. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff represent this in the younger generation. God is using them in great ways.  

Considering some of the recent trash on reality television, shows promoting a twisted and perverted life style like the Bruce Jenner (that's who it is and I won't conform because pop culture is pushing their immoral values on society) freak show or even the new TLC show:  I am Jazz". We must speak and let the networks know that we want a show featuring proud Christians like Jeremy and Audrey. I encourage you to make your voice known. Write TLC at Discovery Headquarters. Email them. Tweet. Hashtag #journeyofjerandauj

Now I will begin my review of the happenings in the episode.

It opened a dark and sad note. Matt and Amy's failed marriage. I addressed my concerns last week about their decision to divorce. Matt and brother Sam go to the gym and lunch so they can discuss the state of Matt and Amy's marriage for the cameras. Matt explains that marriage counselling failed. That's because change needs to begin within after seeking Jesus and listening to what God calls you to do.

On a side note something that you should realize because they sometimes introduce people on the show but Matt's brother Sam, is not someone we want to see on the show often. If you look at Sam Roloff's twitter: he is hardcore liberal with values that often oppose the Bible. He currently is supporting the socialist Bernie Sanders run for President.

We want Ron and Peg Roloff. I want them to have the freedom to express themselves and speak with God in their hearts. They will be on a new episode soon. I pray they don't get censored via intrusive editing. It would also be very encouraging if Ron and Peg spoke of their disappointment they have for what their grandson Jacob has come to represent. Ron and Peg are salt of the earth good people. An episode featuring Jeremy and Audrey visiting with Ron and Peg would be TV viewing that would be inspiring and worthwhile. Pray for Ron and Peg and the sadness they endure because of family members. 

Tori, Zach and Molly go wedding party shopping. Molly and Tori are friends. That was pointed out a long time ago. That can be positive with Molly set to join the Roloff clan, as long as it didn't play too big of a motivation for Tori to become a Roloff. Zach defers to Tori on the party selections.

The next segment is best part of the show this week. Zach goes to California to visit with Jeremy and Audrey.

One must applaud Jeremy for what a loving and supportive brother he is to Zach. He is genuinely happy for Zach and Tori that they are joining in the unity of marriage under God. Jeremy does what God has called him to do. Give love and encouragement to his family as they take important steps in his life. As Jeremy has listened to Jesus more and more with each year, his maturity is very noticeable.

Zach visits Jeremy and Audrey's place in California. Zach is inspired by Jeremy and Audrey's loving marriage. With darkness comes light. What will you choose? Look at the world of the Roloffs. You have a poor example of commitment and marriage in Matt and Amy. But then at the same time you have an inspiring example of what a marriage should be with Jeremy and Audrey. They are doing it right because they have handed the controls to Jesus. And they thank Him for it.

Audrey shines again. Audrey explains to Zach that they have met wonderful people in California through their local church. Audrey expressed that she is blessed by the people God put in their lives.  I am glad Audrey brought attention to that. Despite the message from the mainstream media that people are bad, there are a lot of  good people living for God in your neighborhood and community. Go to your church and they can be found.

They segment also included a playful scene of Jeremy and Audrey showing off their double sleeping bag. They playfully invite Zach to see if he can fit. It is amusing, funny and light hearted. Of course, I have already seen some miserable people on this blog take it seriously and criticize them as weird. All I have to say to that nonsense is something my father used to say: God blessed you with a sense of humor…use it! LOL!

The portions of the show featuring Jeremy and Audrey are always the highlight of the episode. Producers and executives should take note.

The next segment worthy of discussion is Zach's decision to install hardwood floors into his house and he wants to do it himself. Friend Bryan and brother Jacob Roloff are present for this to "help".

This is essentially the Jacob portion of this episode. Jacob is a sad state of a person. He is sullen. He is so unenthusiastic. He is too cool to show any emotion or to smile. Perhaps he is "high" for all of this since he is so proud of his marijuana smoking? Jacob wanders around the room hurting himself on camera by sticking himself with nails. As he's wandering around trying to appear cool he trips. It is funny. He was not injured so my critics can calm themselves. Perhaps it's God's way of trying to instill some humility into Jacob since he thinks he is such cool guy.

Zach, perhaps taking his cue from Jeremy, tries to be encouraging to Jacob. He tells Jacob he's doing a good job. Jacob proceeds to ruin the sub floor for the camera. Jacob won't successful at anything in life until he makes the necessary changes.

As Amy said last episode, Jacob has so much to learn about life. What he needs to learn is that he will never excel in life, his life will always be a struggle until the time comes where he let's Jesus into his life and accepts Jesus and his Lord and Savior.

The comparison between Jeremy and Jacob is stark. Jeremy is talented in almost every area. Jacob has no talents to speak of save for his apparent penchant for smoking a lot of weed and bashing God, America and the police on twitter. Jeremy is personable, lively, captivating, energetic and happy. Jacob is void of emotion. He is mopey. and unfriendly.

Tori comes to check on them. The warning should be made that all filming is done with a grain of salt as it is for the camera, but sometimes you can glean personality traits from them. Tori does not impress. Tori has shades of Amy and that's not a good thing. She is very critical with a  "That's all you've done?" remark. Tori isn't happy. That was the downfall of Matt and Amy's marriage. Amy refused to support her husband. She was always quick to criticize him. That's not what God calls of you when you take your vows before God. I will kindly remind everyone that you don't hear Audrey criticizing Jeremy like that. Audrey takes her vows seriously. As Jeremy's wife, she builds him up and supports him as she is called to do. Tori is exhibiting some disturbing traits that could become an issue later if she does not address them.

 Eventually Zach decides he is in over his head and calls Matt. He comes and makes the wise decision to put egos aside and call a professional.  

Amy and Matt have a brief scene for the camera while Matt is in a personal sauna. See my comments about Tori unfortunately following Amy's example. Even one of the other reviewers on this Blog got it right by saying that Amy is so grumpy that no one is capable of living with her right now.

Zach and Tori want to move the church and the gazebo for their wedding. Matt, although he always faces unfounded criticism, once again gets things done to make those he cares about happy. Matt Roloff deserves more appreciation.

However, I am moved to mention the differences between Jeremy/Audrey and Zach /Tori. And I liked Zach this episode. He is maturing and trying to follow Jeremy's example. I want you to all notice even in symbolism, Jeremy and Audrey wanted the backdrop of their wedding to be the church. While Tori and Zach moved the church out of the way. It is a tiny thing but it should be remembered.

Next week appears to center around Matt and Amy coming to the unfortunate decision to divorce and Matt informs his parents Ron and Peg of their failure for God. 


Kelly said...

Another wonderful review, Anne. Thank you.

Thank you for giving credit to Peggy and Ron. Matt's parents were my favorite part of the early years of LPBW.

Ecossais said...

Another biased Anne review as is to be expected.

Not much to do with the show but the usual Jeremy/Audrey adulation (how amny times c an one mention Christian, God and Jesus in one post?), Jacob hatred, dislike for Tori, sympathy for poor underappreciated Matt and it is not quite clear where Anne stands on Zach.

Kathy said...

Anne, I am not a fan of Jacob's along with you, but I have disagreed with your approach towards him in past reviews and past comments.
This particular review I think you were very stern in your thoughts, with also a glimmer of hope, perhaps foreshadowing that one day, Jacob could find the love of the Lord yet again.
I thought you weren't too harsh, but not too forgiving. I think this week's approach and your comments could actually have a real impact. I believe it's the slandering and negativity that draws him away.
It was a very nice review.

Anonymous said...

Again, you are insane.

Paula said...

Could Anne interview Ron and Peggy for the blog? I would love to hear them speak abput their feelings on the development and destruction in the Roloff family.

Anne, ypur contribution is the best thing about this blog.

Angela said...

Ecossais, Anne's praise of Jer & Auj as well as her description of Jacob are well founded.

Laura said...

Anne, thank you. You nailed it again. Kathy, Anne is honest about Jacob. She has been clear it is her hope and prayer that Jacob will realize the error of his ways, repent and live a life inspired by Jesus. It is up to Jacob.

Megan B said...

What a sad, self-delusional opening statement. Honestly, is anybody here fueled by as much hatred as Anne herself?

Literally, I am making a highly educated guess that God spoke less of Satan in the Bible than Anne has spent expressing anf encouraging Jacob-hatred in this blog while fawning over her superficial chosen ones. I don't think Christian means you think it means, Anne.

Tina said...

I agree for the most part.

Good Roloffs = Matt, Jeremy, Audrey, Ron, Peg, Molly and maybe Zach.

Bad Roloffs = Maybe Zach, Amy, Tori and in a class by himself, Jacob.

Angela said...

Megan B, did you even read what Anne wrote. She was honest about the individuals in the episode. She makes rock solid points.

Anonymous said...

Those rock solid points were?

Thom said...

Anne, your opening statement is truly disgusting and nothing but hateful and discriminatory. Way to spread the Christian love!!

I can tell from reading comments and reviews that I'm likely one of the few liberal readers of this blog, but Spirits, Anne's opening comments on Caitlyn Jenner (yeah, THAT'S her name, btw) and Jazz are gross and transphobic. Why do you Christians insist on living with such hatred in your hearts? That is not what it's all about.

Gail said...

That's a shame about Sam. Does anyone know about Matt's sister Ruth? Is she a good Christian?

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone know about Matt's sister Ruth? Is she a good Christian?"

She's not on the show. Is it any of your business?

Gabby said...

Let's talk about the rain on the date of Zach and Tori's wedding.

Megan B said...

@Angela: Yes, I read it. Did you? What "rock solid points" did Anne make? Do you know what rock solid means?

Ecossais said...


You so called "christians" are obsessed beyond the point of being crazy.

So Sam is (heaven forbid) a liberal and not a bible thumper - what business is that of yours?
Also what business is it of yours whether Matt's sister Ruth ( never heard of her before) is a christian or not?

I have got news for you - not too many of the people on this planet are christians!

Anonymous said...

Anne comes across as being a naïve as well as a person who seems to judge others quite easily. You really don't have to be a Christian to love and be loved! Many people stay married for the sake of religion and comfort. In this case, I rather divorce and be happy. This blog is a joke...

Ashley said...

Gabby, oh wow, you're right. Zach and Tori's wedding is today. Is it really raining in Helvetia right now??

[[gets ready for blog fights about what it means that Audrey prayed for no rain and it was a sunny day but if it rains during Zach and Tori's wedding??]]

pj said...

Gail, Believe it or not one can be Christian and liberal.

Sister Anne-better-than-you,
You are one sick puppy.
First of all I also would rather not see Jazz on TV but because I feel it exploits a child in an already difficult situation. I can't wait for I am Cait. And am so glad to see how happy Cait is now days.
It's so obvious that you are a very selfish person who is terrified that someone can be a good person and happy without your brand of evil religion. I loved seeing the smart Roloff. Sam seems like a down to earth caring guy and I hope Matt learns from hanging with his bro.
I see you ignored Prince Jer telling Zach how to exploit the fans by registering online so they could send Zach and Tori free stuff like the cool sleeping bag Jer apparently wants to share with both his wife and his twin. In other words Jer was basically doing what he always does pursuing material things. BTW I don't think Ste Auj is smart enough to find her own butt with a map and a flashlight.
And the fact that Jake wasn't thrilled to be ripping out old nasty carpet should hardly be surprising or that someone with no experience should make a mistake. OR trip over disorganized stuff on a construction site . ALL PERFECTLY NORMAL. Here you say Tori was critical but the reality is she obviously didn't understand what's involved in the flooring project. You also try to compare Ste Auj and Tori and yet Ste Auj is just as critical and apparently more controlling or Prince Jer wouldn't be wearing the poodle curls.
I thought Zach wanting Tori to be happy and supporting her decisions about the wedding was telling. He loves Tori more than he cares about his whiny,immature father's opinion. Does it really matter what the backdrop for the wedding is as long as there is a minister standing in front of Zach and Tori? I predict in 10 years Zach and Tori will have a happy, healthy family life and Jer and Auj will have broken up years before.
Thom, there are lots of liberals here but trying to be heard over the right wing loons is difficult at best. Look at the selfish jerk that wrote this review...

Z said...

Completely agree, PJ. I imagine Zach and Tori stayed married for life and I give Jer and Auj about 3 years.

Denise said...

PJ, you are so hateful. Your diatribe doesn't even deserve a response.

PJ said...

So I'm just like Sister Anne-Better-Than-You?

Marlene said...


As a fellow Christian I genuinely appreciate your efforts. It is nice to see a Christian perspective. I too, adore Jeremy and Audrey.

Jacob is lost and needs to get his act together before it's too late.

I hope Tori reigns in her criticism and doesn't become as bad as Amy.

Thank you and have a blessed Sunday.

Marlene Williams

NJC said...

"What he needs to learn is that he will never excel in life, his life will always be a struggle until the time comes where he let's Jesus into his life and accepts Jesus and his Lord and Savior."

That would explain why there are no successful Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or, God forbid, atheists in the world.

"We listen to Jesus. Not individuals fueled by hatred."

You may think you listen to Jesus, but your fuel tank is overflowing with hatred. Apparently we can look forward to it pouring out here every week.

MS said...

"Could Anne interview Ron and Peggy for the blog?"

What makes you think any Roloff would be interested in talking to Anne? If they've even heard of her, I imagine they view her as just as much a lunatic as most of us do. Remember, in addition to being a nut case, she has badmouthed several members of their family. I'm sure they want nothing to do with her.

running dog said...

Man o man . .. here its just religion religion & more religion . ..myself, i was raised a Pagan .. yeah, i trust in the gods. . u know .. Zeus, Hera, Jupiter them guys . . .but we are modern, none of that sacrificing stuff .. Ok go ahead & yell at me .. . suppose the Wicca crowd is bad to u guys too come no one cares about the important stuff like what comics Jacob & Tori read?. . .No one wonders what Jacobs dogs first name is? No one figures out how dumb it is for Matt & Amy to live in 2 separate houses for a yr & a half on the same property? They stay there for the TLC MONEY huh? They do not divorce because the farm would have to be sold?

MS said...

PJ, Z, I agree. I don't see Jeremy and Audrey lasting. Jeremy has tried living in Audrey's world and seems completely out of his element. I don't believe for a minute that Jeremy is all about kindness, inspiring others, etc. Just look at his track record. He's a pretty crappy person. That's why he never actually acts on his words. It's just a matter of time before he tires of this act, tires of watching what he says, and his true colors show. Now they're apparently back at the farm. Is that really Audrey? Times are good now. The TLC money is pouring in and Audrey is getting the attention she craves. What happens when that changes and the well runs dry? Time will tell, but it may not be pretty.

Jocelynn said...

MS, I have to disagree somewhat.

While I don't think any Roloff would officially team cooperate with Spiritswander Blog because of the bad history, Ron Roloff (and Peggy but Ron is more vocal on social media) and Anne are of the same mind.

I have no doubt that Ron and Peggy are severely disappointed in Jacob's beliefs and that if Ron wasn't Jacob's grandpa that Jacob would LOL and call him a crazy old lunatic.

Ron infamously made a post where he said the main requirement to being an American is to be Church going Christian. Ron almost makes Anne seem moderate.

He hasn't used it since January, but take a look at Ron Roloff's twitter account.

He follows the author of "How the left is killing free speech", I'm sure that's on Anne's coffee table. He also links

Ron laments that it wouldn't be allowed in "today's administration".

Again, if they weren't related, I am 100 percent positive Jacob would be tweeting that Ron was f***ing crazy!

Anonymous said...

It is not a real church! Seriously, Anne, get some perspective. Is this just a major troll session, you punking Spirits? Cuz this "review" is cockamy

Zip said...

Jacob is starting to look so much like Zach, which kinda shocked me to realize because I always thought Zach looked like that because of dwarfism.

Tell me he doesn't look like a tall Zach in this picture:

Ashley said...

Zip, wow, you are right! I see the similarities. People have been saying Jacob looks like Jeremy, but I never saw it.

MS said...

Thanks Jocelynn. I see what you mean.

Sam said...

it sounds like you're trying to get everyone to drink the koolaide

Kathy said...

Wow, people are really buying what Jeremy and his wife are selling? I mean spiritually?

Peter said...

Jeremy even at 25 never actually says anything. He never expresses a strong opinion on anything. Was this his attempt? 3 days ago he randomly tweets

"I think America needs to wake up."

From what?? Is that his attempt at taking a stand? Be so vague no one knows what the hell you're talking about?

Peter said...

Oh and it sure seems true about Audrey quitting her job and them moving back to Oregon. Jeremy was tweeting a fan about pumpkin season. She asked is he would be there because she doesn't know. He said yes he will be there. And he's promoting the "private tours" for 30 minutes with a Roloff for $400. That's so Jesus like! lol

Timothy said...

Peter, who knows with Jeremy.I think both Jeremy and Jacob are wimps. Why don't they battle each other? Why doesn't Jacob call Jeremy fucking stupid instead of random people on twitter for thinking the same thing as his wonderful big bro Jer? Why doesn't Jeremy tell Jacob that he needs to wake up?

Six days back Jeremy tweeted "everyone start speaking up or help the ones that are" and links a right wing news anchor ranting about Obama's lack of force against radical Islam. She dismisses issues like climate change and the fight to legalize gay marriage and calls for bombing of the middle east to "put the fear of God in them".Hey Jacob, how about you rant against that?

Timothy said...

Jeremy gets his news from, a site with stories like this bashing "the gay agenda"

Anonymous said...


Wow Anne, for someone who takes pride in being a good Christian person you sure are judgemental. God loves all His children. He doesn't judge. Jazz, Cait, Jacob, Tori, Zachary. He loves them all. Just saying.

kcmath23 said...

I'm so sick of the Roloffs being portrayed as this All-American Bible-thumping family. What I find so ironic, is that Zach is not the "perfect little farm boy" you all suspect. While he may be cookie-cutter-clean in public, at the LPA Conventions it is another story. After he began dating Tori, during the Anaheim LPA Convention in 2011, he received some uh "favors" and engaged in some "heavy petting" with at least one girl, it is rumored that there are two. Tori was not at this convention, at least not during the first part of the week. Anyway, I observed one incident during the dance, in the main ballroom. I observed Zach and another girl, about 22 years old, together toward the back of the room. The girl, I believe her name is Jaime, had short almost 'Kate Gosselin-like' flippy medium brown hair. Zach was wearing an olive green button up short sleeve shirt and dark khaki pants, with his typical black with white striped soccer shoes. He was sitting on a chair facing the dance floor and the girl was standing, facing him. Zach was drinking a Corona. I'm going to try to keep this PG/13 for our younger readers but um...he and the girl were french kissing and engaging in HEAVY petting. Zach's zipper was down and he was receiving a hand job. Neither was very good at being discreet. A tall young guy approached them, and Zach and the young lady left holding hands. This was well into the beginning of Zach and Tori's relationship.

Andrea said...

Jacob probably learned his lesson from Anne last year to at least save his complaining until the day after and not to look like he's being tortured during his brother's big day. He is such a selfish person.

I hope Zach and Tori form a solid foundation for their marriage and have the strong marriage that Jeremy and Audrey have.

PJ said...

Maybe Jake likes Zach and Tori better. Maybe they really are less boring and hypocritical than Baby Prince Jer and Ste Auj.

And I sincerely doubt sister-Anne-Better-Than-You ever taught anyone any positive lesson.

KCmath23, I think we talk less about Zach really only because he tends to stay away from the social media controversies, not because any of us think he's actually a great guy. But if Zach and Tori didn't have an agreement to be exclusive they were both free to do whatever. You yourself say he's 22 so drinking isn't a big deal.

Ashley said...

Hi Kcmath23, I was going to say a lot of what PJ said.

I don't think people here (either the Christian gang or the other side) think Zach is a great guy.

He isn't discussed as much because he isn't as prominent on social media as Jeremy or Jacob.

The little bit of praise he gets is because at last we heard, he at least has a job and a house.

That is interesting about Zach and the LPA but Spiritswander actually had that story. If you search back, Spirits mentions the reports of Zach being"flirty" with other girls at the LPA.

And everybody (at least those of us that read the blog here!) knows the LPA is drunken fest. Have you seen the pictures of Jeremy and Mueller from past LPAs??

Judy said...

Kc, that just further raises the question of Tori's intentions. Why wasn't Tori upset? Did she never know? Did she find out and didn't care? Was Zach not being faithful to her not worth breaking up?

It goes back to one thing. Tori was a fan. Tori wanted to be friends with Molly and wanted to be in the inner circle of Jeremy, Zach and their friends. Was she willing to let Zach get drunk and grope other girls at the LPA because she was determined to marry him and doesn't care about the disrespect? That doesn't bode well for their marriage.

You've never heard any rumors of Jeremy cheating on Audrey and they were in a long distance relationship for years.

Kelly said...

KcMath23, if you have video or pictures, you should send it to TMZ!

Now that Zach and Tori are married they might run with it!

Kelly said...

Cheating seems to be common for Roloff men, no?

There were always rumors about Matt.

Jacob's first girlfriend outed him for cheating on her with Stephanie and Isabel. And then there were rumors that Jacob cheated on Stephanie with Isabel before they broke up (did Isabel really cheat twice with Jacob?!? Doesn't she realize he will just do it to her???)

Now Zach.

Jeremy is the only one who hasn't been linked to fooling around. At least when he was always seen flirting with pretty girls and ignoring the ugly girl fans or gay fans, it was when he was single.

Mary Magdalene said...

Judgement tends to push people away from religion. Good job Anne,

PJ said...

Judy ,
Please explain how Zach being a horn dog brings Tori 's intentions into question. Does it not point to questionable morals in Zach and the men who raised him? It does to me. Chances are Tori did not know or forgave him later ( like a good Christian girl).
Why do you question Tori and her motives? Is it because you would never be attracted to a Little Person? Or because you find her warped for being attracted to Zach?

kcmath23 said...

@PJ You're right - 22 and drinking isn't a big deal - I guess it's just funny because 2 years before Zach was touting that alcohol was of the devil and that he'd never imbibe. ;) And they were definitely exclusive at the time, but Zach referred to her as a leach, a superfan and said it "wouldn't really matter if she found out." And look, I guess it didn't.

@Kelly - I know! She should! Or the other conquest. I know Jaime at least has a few QDP'S!!

Timothy said...

Kcmath, hypocrisy and the Roloffs are par for the course.

Zach said alcohol was the devil...only to end up getting drunk later.

Jeremy hated fans, said they sucked...only to suddenly be all thank you, please buy my prints.

Jacob said the show sucked, he hated it and would quit as soon as he turned 18. He's 18 and frolicking in mud for the same stupid show he vowed to quit.

Amy bitched that the Kardashians were reality tv whores who sell their private moments by filming weddings for episodes...Amy goes on to host 2 weddings for her sons, televising both.

Matt used to brag about how much stronger Roloffs were that their marriage was good while other tv couple got divorced. ?.now Matt and Amy are getting a divorce.'s a Roloff trait.

MERYL said...

Anne, I find your political comments in this post off key for a proclaimed Christian. Surely if Christ was with us today and running for President he would be labeled a Socialist and his supporters Communist. See Matthew and Acts for examples of the teachings of Christ and the lifestyle of the early Christians as compared to that of so-called "Christians" of today.

Racquel said...

I am definitely a fan of the Roloff's and their show, I have been for a couple of years now and I admire their Christian ways. I stumbled across this blog thinking that it might be worth reading. I started reading the first couple of paragraphs, and I found that I was wrong... actually, appalled at the frame of mind you have. I believe in everyone having their own ways of living and I respect yours, but I don't respect you.

"...shows promoting a twisted and perverted life style like the Bruce Jenner freak show". This is disgusting. You are not only discriminating against the LGBTQ community and so many beautiful people out their - whether male or female or male and female - but you are also shoving your beliefs down people's throats, with absolutely no respect for whom you are talking about.

Doesn't God love everyone? I don't care what the bible says about this topic specifically. Love is love. And I believe that the world has evolved, and sooner or later, transgender people are going to be on the exact same level as straight people.

Embrace it, don't discriminate it. Have your beliefs and values but don't publicly write something horrible about someone and the way they live their life when they have done absolutely NOTHING to hurt you. If you dont have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Keep it to yourself.

Charmedmom said...

Wow do you have narrow minded opinions, if you don't like the reality show, stop watching them, instead of nitpicking what you like and hate, Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and how they want to live their lives. It must be nice to be so perfect in your own life that you have no empathy for other people. You are promoting hatred, which from what I have read is against the bible.

Brandon said...

Jeremy uses his fame to complain about Uhaul. That's what Jesus calls of him???

JeremyJamesRoloff @uhaul 's "entire system is down"... So we and "everybody else" can't rent a uhaul today. - customer support. #I'm appalled

UHaul_Cares @JeremyJRoloff I apologize for this. Can you tell me what location you are at? Do you have your reservation # available?

@JeremyJRoloff @UHaul_Cares after visiting 6 different uhaul places in Los Angeles, the one on 9801 Venice was finally able to help.

MS said...

Racquel, Anne Bailey is basically insane. The blog owner allows guest reviewers and Anne is taking advantage of this to push her hate-filled agenda. She has a few mindless followers, but most people don't take her seriously. She can be safely ignored unless you enjoy pointing out all the hypocrisy in her articles as some of us do :) But she in no way represents what this blog is about.

MS said...

Brandon, he's in a hurry to get back to Oregon to do...well, nothing :) I'm waiting for Angela to complain that U-Haul is anti-Christian :)

PJ said...

How much you want to bet he didn't have reservations?

Hawsh said...

At this point, I'm really hoping this is some high-level parody. Wow.

Rap541 said...

that just further raises the question of Tori's intentions. Why wasn't Tori upset? Did she never know? Did she find out and didn't care? Was Zach not being faithful to her not worth breaking up?

I hesitate to make this argument because frankly, I don't really care who was fucking who but...

Zach and Tory were not in a committed relationship in 2011. They weren't engaged. They weren't even dating that long. It's not "cheating" when you're not a committed couple. At last check, chastity before marriage is not really required. If you want to argue that point, I merely remind you that Audrey wasn't a virgin when she married. And I can ask the same questions of Jeremy that you are asking of Tory. Why wasn't Jeremy upset? Did he never know? Did he find out and didn't care? Was Audrey not being pure, not being a virgin, not being faithful to her future husband not worth breaking up over?

I mean really, if these are fair questions to put to Tory, why aren't they fair to ask of Jeremy?

But honestly, the bigger issue is that you seem to think Tory is after something. What? Please stop futzing around - put on your big girl panties and explain what you think Tory is after, and how she will gain it by marrying someone - *marrying someone* who you believe she doesn't love at all?

Because I will be honest, while it does sound like the plot of a Lifetime movie... it sounds like a really *stupid* Lifetime movie... and believe me, if you think I haven't looked for reasons to find fault in Tory's motivations... guess again.

Now, I actually believe this story because frankly, I'd heard it before. I'd also heard the stories about Jeremy enjoying the average height siblings - as in having sex with them - at the LPA cons, that someone in a different thread has mentioned. I don't find it unbelievable for either boy - I'm sorry but every time I have ever brought it up, not one of you who think Jeremy is a saint walking among us, not one of you have ever insisted he was a virgin when he married.

If Jeremy wasn't required to analyze why Audrey slept around, then I don't understand why Tory is being judged quite harshly for accepting someone who had sex before marriage. And if you try to pull the 'Audrey accepted Jesus and Jesus made her a virgin again" - I simply ask why you believe Zach hasn't done the same.

Anonymous said...

You are completely insane. This is the most ridiculous review I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

You are a bible thumping bigot. You need to get educated.

Laura said...

Mr. Huckabee is 100% right.

Gov. Mike Huckabee ‏@GovMikeHuckabee
That many in the national media are more concerned with #CecilTheLion than @PPact killing babies to harvest their organs is unconscionable.

What is Jacob tweeting about??

Cecil The Lion...and somehow Jacob manages to hate on white people in the same tweet.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ

Jacob Roloff retweeted Breaking News Feed
When a random white guy from Minnesota kills a Nationally loved human-friendly lion.... #DontBeThatGuy

PJ said...

Sorry Laura, I'm with Jake on this one. Please stop trying to bring the right wing agenda here.

NJC said...

Just so I'm clear, Jacob tweeting about a lion instead of Planned Parenthood is bad. You spending your time obsessing over the random tweets of an 18yo know-it-all instead of Planned Parenthood is good?

Makes about as much sense as Spirits turning over her hard earned blog to Anne just because you want her to.

PJ said...

No NJC it would be Planned Parenthood is bad and evil.

Cmilne said...

Reading this review reminds me again why I am not "Christian". Wow what judgments hate. Less he cast the first stone.

Ashley said...

Anybody see the twitter conversation Jacob had last night?

It was with the kid that Jacob bullied out of Faith Bible elementary school.

When I first read that I felt terrible for that Levi kid and thought Jacob was jerk. And it still was really crappy, bullying sucks. But now knowing what this Levi kid turned out to be, I'm almost ready to say "Go Jacob!" LOL!

Levi was arguing in support of hunting endangered wildlife like lions and tiger and Jacob was against it. I'm with Jacob!

Timothy said...

I agree Ashley. These pictures of these "manly" hunters smiling from ear to ear holding up the limp bodies of these lions and tigers are disgusting.

Paula said...

Like Laura said, Mike Huckabee was right. Where are people like Jacob to scream outrage when a government sponsored program profits from selling murdered baby organs and tissue?

Shelby said...

LOL Jim! I agree! That would be a priceless photograph!

Gail said...

@Jim, good one. Thanks for making my day. I laughed out loud for real.

Leanna said...

Jim, that's really harsh. Jacob isn't my favorite person but he's still an 18 year old kid. Just because you disagree with what he thinks doesn't mean you need to wish unconsciousness on him. And no, it wouldn't be funny.

Shelby said...

Leanna, get over it, it was funny.

Connor said...

Hey Jim, maybe we can start a fund to bribe Isabel to do that, it might even be worth giving her money just for the glory of it. ;-)

Youba said...

Shame on you Jim

Zeke said...

Jim's comment was removed so you baffoons look like you're fucking talking to yourself and you are all socio paths.

Shelby said...

Zeke, I don't really care what you think.

And Good Lord, Spiritswander, the censorship is too much. Can't we have a bit of good fun witty humor at Jacob's expense? The imagery was hilarious.

Paula said...

Boo for Spiritswander deleting Jim's comment

Rap541 said...

Shelby - maybe if you want to take responsible for wishing Jacob ill, you should set up your own site :) Then you can let Jim and Anne post all the hate you want and you wouldn't have to censor a thing!

Why won't you do that, Shelby? I mean, since you're so quick to complain?

Zeke said...

Shelby you're a cunt and you're going to hell :)

Delilah said...

Good on you, spirits for not letting the mistreatment of one individual keep on.

Jim you're a piece of shit and Shelby you're going to die alone.
Spirits keep up the good work.

Daniel said...

Anyone else think 'Shelby' is Jacobs ex, not stef the one before that...?
She always seemed like a fuckin nut job.

Shelby said...

Connor, I would do it (send Isabel the money) if I seriously thought she would do it, lol. Maybe when they're going through a rough patch in their relationship. LOL!

Shelby said...

Rap, get over it. I don't have my own blog. I'm sorry I don't. This is a place for opinions. Why can't we have a little fun at Jacob's expense?

Zeke said...

Shelby because being an awful person and laughing at something involving injuring someone is not okay and never will be. How do you even consider yourself a Christian woman? Honestly? With so much hate in your heart?

You are no better than Jacob for the way you're behaving. You are probably much older than he is, even now. An 18 year old is supposed to make mistakes. It happens. Yet you're a Middle aged person doing this out of fun and ridicule?
Don't you have anything better to do?
You're probably single and miserable.

Finny said...

HAHA fuck ya someone finally called Shelby a cunt and wasn't afraid to say what we've all been thinking!!! Right on!!!
Goooo Spirits!!!

Shelby said...

Zeke, are you really doing this? First of all, Isabel is older then me!

It was a joke! And a funny one at that! But I'd still pay her to do it, lol!

I don't think you're honest if you're trying to say you've never had an unkind thought about someone who is as much of a jerk as Jake.

FTR, her name was Vanessa. I've messaged with her. She is a super nice person who knows first hand what a prick Jacob is as a human.

Shelby said...

What the heck???? Someone is allowed to call me a 4 letter c word but Jim's hilarious post gets deleted?????

Zeke said...

Oh so you are Vanessa. Okay. As long as that's clear :) haha.

And by the way she's also a c word and I'm glad spirits is smart enough to know that :)

Zeke said...

Yeah because calling someone what they very obviously are is different than wishing harm on them.
Maybe if you read a bible, c word.

Delilah said...

Spirits you're so awesome.

Captain said...

Haha best plot twist EVER.

Lucia said...

And they talk about JACOB getting karma coming to him... Hmmmm.....
Sounds like his haters are noticing what comes around goes around.

Connor said...

When you know things are f*cked up. Jim makes an obvious (and hilarious) joke and photoshop image about the big game photos, replacing the lion with Jacob's limp body, Shelby laughs, and people are allowed to hate on her and call her vulgar names.

Megan said...

Lucia, Jacob's karma will definitely come to him. If there is one thing I am sure of in life it's that karma will always win with a person like Jacob. And then maybe someone can snap Jim's smiling photo for him, lol. it was a J-O-K-E.

Zeke said...

Nothing you're saying is funny and the more you talk the more I realize how much of a CUNT you are, Megan.

Zeke said...

Jacob is going to go farther in life than his yuppie ass brother Jeremy who sucks daddy warbucks teets for money, has a failing photography business, and is moving back to daddy's farm because he can't sustain a life for himself anywhere else.
He's also going to go farther than Zach because Zach doesn't seem to want to go very far in life, he would like to settle down now with his wife and start a family. (Which I see nothing wrong with)
Molly will be successful in her own right and she's a woman so no comparison needed.
He'll be one hell of a better man than his father in the sense that he won't cheat on his wife, steal lie and cheat to make more money and he won't treat people like shit.
Because he's an 18 year old boy figuring out his shit right now doesn't mean he won't go far. He has plenty of years to figure it out. I'm glad he's already making moves.
Just wait and see. Your dumbasses don't even deserve to see him doing well but you will and it will be plastered everywhere for everyone to see and it will be AMAZING.
I hope I'm alive to see it.

Zeke said...

Yet, if I openly wished for Jeremy to die you would flip shit.
It is no different.
The difference between Jacob and Jeremy is Jeremy parades around social media PRETENDING to be a man of God whereas Jacob is his TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF always because he isn't weak.

Lynn P. said...

I'm glad someone finally called Shelby a cunt because I had been thinking it for awhile now.

Rap541 said...

Rap, get over it. I don't have my own blog. I'm sorry I don't.

No Shelby, you're not off the hook. Blogger is *free* and you clearly have internet access. You *just don't want to* run your own hate blog. You don't want the responsibility. You want to laugh over hatefilled threatening comments and whine when the blog owner removed your hateful spewings because there could be legal ramifications if you idiots who loudly prance about how you're organizing campains against Jacob Roloff actually does something.

None of you want to be loud and proud and ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE. It costs you no money to have a blog on blogger. You just are a whiner who doesn't want the bother. Every time you bitch about censorship, I will be right here, pointing out how you could step up and choose not to. That's why you need to set up your own blog and proudly tell everyone you're allowing them to say their "jokes".

Until you do, you're just a whiner wanting to hate with no consequences.

Rap541 said...

Connor, Megan, Jim, you all have internet access and blogger is free. Please create your own blog where you don't have to censor the threats/jokes and take ownership for it.

Come on. Quit whining and start doing if you don't like the service here. Until some of you step up, you're all cowards, wanting Spirit to be responsible for your hateful remarks.

Anonymous said...

Shelby - get over it, it was funny. Why can't we have a little fun at your expense?

Laura said...

Zeke, what pray tell is Jacob to be successful at??? He has no skills. He does nothing well. He has no ambition. He does drugs and he bashes people. That's all he does.

Laura said...

Jim, I encourage you to email your post (and picture?) to Anne to see what she can do with it.

Zeke said...

Laura, shut up you old incoherent hag.
Jacob has the skill to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. He doesn't conform to your stupid as fuck moral standards. He actually uses his own brain unlike Jeremy who can only use Audrey's with permission and Matthew roloff's. He has no backbone and never will.
Or let's talk about the fact that he can write and articulate, he READS and expands his mind. How many of you pin heads read?

Just because Jeremy can press down on a button a camera DOES NOT make it a skill. I've seen better footage come from Jacobs iPhone 6 camera.
You ignorant ass.

Zoey said...

Jacob's skill is that he's real and not afraid to be himself while Jeremy is a cowardly sheep hiding behind the idea of God to suck people's money dry.

do I need to repeat myself?

Louie said...

Jacob's skill is he can be real and not fake.
Fuck out of here you obnoxious bitch.

Zeke said...

Laura is a cunt along with them.

Megan said...

Zeke, you're stupid. Nobody wished for him to die. It was a joke. That's why Jim even said in brackets it was a joke and said "limp" as opposed to "dead body". It was a joke because Jacob was whining about the photo so swap the lion/tiger out for Jacob.

If you knew anything really, it was a joke on an old inside story because Mueller used to carry Jacob around when he was sleeping and he would look dead.

Zeke said...

Okay Megan so you just proved to me how you've been totally stalking the Roloff family for years and you agree with animals getting killed.
You realize Jacob wasn't fucking WHINING about a photo he was SPEAKING OUT against the MURDERING of lions right?

You couldn't be anymore of a dumb bitch.

Damon said...

I'm confused why you psychos are getting on Jacob about "whining" over a REAL issue, the killing of lions?

Jacob speaks out about REAL FUCKING THINGS and he still gets chastised for it.
You people are so sick and obsessed. You're the scum of the earth, and there's a special place in hell for you along with the people who murder innocent animals, since you apparently agree with that :)

Dana said...

I like how since you used the word "joke" you think it makes it okay to wish harm upon another human being.

Yeah Jacob isn't a cool guy but I have never seen him wish someone dead like you all just wished him. I truly wonder who the fuck let you on the Internet to be such sick twisted assholes.

MS said...

Imagine the uproar from the Godsquad if someone posted a lifeless image of Jeremy and/or Audrey as a joke. And no, I'm not advocating that -- just pointing out the hypocrisy here. Gail? Paula? Would you brush it off as a joke?

Timmy said...

Yes, anonymous! Megan and Shelby got mad that someone called them cunts.

It was funny. Get over it.

Tanya said...

Megan stop saying IT WAS A JOKE as if it makes it any less awful and disgusting!!!!!

Lucy said...

Petition to ban Megan and Shelby from this place.
Along with Jim, Connor, and Laura.
Hateful, spiteful, awful human beings.
The scum beneath my toes.
The shit my cat shits out.

Greg said...

Spirits you fuckin Rock

Connor said...

Rap, want to make an attempt at talking seriously?

No one is organizing campaigns to hurt Jacob Jerk Roloff. People however do call him out on being a prick and make the logical prediction that if the brat was ever as obnoxious in person to someone as he is online he's going to open his mouth to the wrong person one of these days and find himself out cold on the floor.

And other people sensibly make the point that jerks like Jacob eventually hav a thing called karma bite them in the ass. That's life, not threats and lets get real most people commenting on the brat won't even ever be in the same state. It's wishing bad things on bad people.

While people comment on Jacob behaving like an obnoxious prick, he is the one who is irresponsibly encouraging real hatred against police officers. What he is contributing to is real and has real ramifications by trying to get people to hate the police. Every time a brave police officer (you know the guys and girls who Jacob and his family relies upon to restore order anytime they want help) is murdered in the line of duty scum (and I sincerely do mean that) like Jacob who spend their online activity encouraging hate against the police have some blood on their hands.

In one corner you have fans commenting on an obnoxious reality tv brat and hope that karma catches up to him and he falls and momentarily hurts/embarrasses himself.


Jacob actually tweeting and retweeting pure and vile hatred against police officers everywhere, trying to convince people that the police are the bad guys who deserve to be hated. You put that out on twitter, that sentiment and it can have a real impact.

So yeah do I hope the little scumbag slips and knocks himself out on a rock the next time he's "exploring" (since that's all he ever does) a waterfall with his girlfriend? Let's see how cool his girlfriend thinks her tough talking, police hating boyfriend is when he's drooling after having knocked himself out...again.

Connor said...

"Jacob's skill is that he's real and not afraid to be himself`

Zeke, that`s not a "skill". It's called being an obnoxious loudmouth idiot. And funny you use the word "real" to describe him when he's been caught lying and not following through and stuff he says time and time again. Wow, that whole "I'm quitting the show" was sure an example of Jacob being real, huh?

Megan said...

"Yeah Jacob isn't a cool guy but I have never seen him wish someone dead like you all just wished him."

You probably didn't even see it. Nobody wishes Jacob dead. You're just saying that to make him a victim. Jim even went out of his way to make the distinction so nobody could twist his joke.

Denise said...

Megan, exactly. I've never seen anyone say they hope Jacob dies.

What a lot of people would like to see is something happen in his life that give shim a wake up call. It could be something as simple as him listening to a good follower of Jesus in his life and him realizing that Jesus is the answer to a meaningful life. Or sometimes it takes something bad to happen, like an accident caused by the dark life he is living to finally get that wake up call. I pray he gets his wake up call and if he gets it the hard way then sometimes that is necessary.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey I want to see the picture Jim used with Photoshop?

Kaitlyn said...

And what are we paying Isabel for? If it was for a good result, I wouldn't mind sending some money but I'm very distrusting of the person Jacob is mooching off right now.

Shelby said...

MS, for the 81st time, it was a joke. Jacob is a jerk, a real jerk who has went out of his way to disrespect and trample on people's emotional state. He does it to fans, he did it to Vanessa, he did it to Stephanie. He will do it to Isabel eventually, I promise you that. Tigers don't change their stripes (haha).

Zeke said...

Connor is a stupid jealous fuck.
I hate him and hope he falls and breaks his jaw

Zeke said...

Shelby is a cum guzzling freak

Rap541 said...

So Connor, whats all the "Send it to Anne! We need to get Anne working on this!" and the whole "We all got together with Anne and we forced Jacob off the net! (except for all those times he continues to post and tweet)"?

It sure *sounds like* Anne is organizing something and even has a list (the list has been referenced a few times)

Spirit has every right to remove posts that cross lines. You're whining that posts are being removed but lets see... you're allowed to call him a prick and hope he gets a wake up call in the form of a violent beating. You don't address how you don't want to be responsible for a blog that would allow all the comments you desire which means you're a lazy coward who talks big but doesn't actually want the responsibility of being in charge of the "Come and hate Jake Roloff where we like to make "jokes" about him dying in terrible ways" board. You're not man enough, and you're chiding Spirit for not doing what you don't have the courage to do yourself.

If you disagree with Jacob on his views about cops, why are you whining here? He's on twitter, go tell the little jerk how you hate him. I mean seriously, Connor, you have every opportunity to bitch at Jacob directly... why don't you? That goes for all of you - Jacob is on twitter and none of you ever speak your peace there... he's 18, what's the problem?

And Connor, I'm actually quite moderate on my views on cops but really, while I absolutely agree cops have a dangerous job, I am also absolutely certain abuses take place. I'm perfectly willing to look at both sides... are you?

Megan said...

"Megan stop saying IT WAS A JOKE as if it makes it any less awful and disgusting!!!!!"

It's not disgusting and awful. Nobody actually thinks the dentist from Minnesota or Donald Trump's son is going to pose with Jacob's limp body!!! Do you get it? It's not something that anyone thinks is going to happen. It was a joke, Jacob was whining about how awful the picture was, so I'm sure Jim was like yeah, it's awful so let's replace the lion with them holding up the obnoxious brat himself like that just like Mueller used to do when Jacob was out. It was a joke. Joke means not serious, meant for humor and laughs.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - so you don't understand how posting that you found the photo of Jacob unconscious amusing and are suggesting you and buddies send money to Jacob's girlfriend to pay her to "do that" to Jacob couldn't possibly be construed as a threat?

I mean, we've already established you're too weak and cowardly to actually run your own blog but really, you're dumb too?

And how about answering the question - if a similar picture of Jeremy was posted, would you loudly insist it was a joke? Or would you complain about the implied threat? Because I am pretty certain you'd complain and ask Spirit to censor it.

Rap541 said...

And look, Kaitlyn wants to send money to SHelby's plot to pay Isobel to "do that" to Jacob... as long as there's a *good result*.

Shelby - what do you want to pay Isobel to do, and please tell Kaitlyn what the good result will be.

MS said...

Shelby, I realize it was a joke. That wasn't my point. I was pointing out that hypocrites like Gail, Paula, and Laura would be horrified if someone posted a similar type joke about Jeremy/Audrey.

And yes, I know, you hate Jacob. You make that very clear in every post of yours.

Laura said...

Rap541, Anne is a woman of God who has said many times it is her hope and prayer that Jacob will have an epiphany, realize how wrong his life is and will seek meaning and fulfillment in life that can only come when you walk with God. Anne has said that's her goal.

When Jacob is out of controlling bashing and influencing people in negative ways, there are ways that we, Jacob's audience, in essence, Jacob's employers, can have an impact.

You can downplay Anne's impact all you want but if you were on the list you would know that even people associated with the Roloffs and with Audrey appreciated Anne's and all of our efforts to stop Jacob from mocking people like Audrey who mock God. It's about teaching Jacob that words have consequences. It's not about violence at all.

On that subject though, Jacob's future is very grim. He lives a dark life full of hate, evil and drugs. Good things are not going to come to him. If he continues on this fast track to Hell bad things are going to happen to him. We all pray that he wakes up before the way he's living his life comes back to hurt him in a major way.

Shelby said...

Oh Rap, there is no implied threat. You gotta take the fun out of everything right? Read Megan's post. It's a play on how when Jacob sleeps he is like unconscious and Mueller did some funny things with him and that one of the pics looked similar to how the dentist guy was holding the tiger in the pictures that went around yesterday. The "send money to Isabel" so she can take a picture that looked similar was a joke and obviously no one thought she'd actually do it. Just that it would be funny.

Gosh, you're a big stick in the mud.

Like Anne said in her review, God made sense of humors. People are allowed to make jokes and find things funny sometimes.

PJ said...

Shelby and Megan, Just because something is a joke doesn't mean it cannot be tasteless and tacky. Joking about the horrible and painful death of an elderly animal in any way is so sick that anyone that thinks it's funny needs psychiatric help and fast.
You all were upset because Jake was upset about the lion but not about a made up story about Planned Parenthood. Jake doesn't think but believes what he reads but if you believe the Planned Parenthood story you're doing the same thing and are just as stupid and foolish.

Denise, the Anneites have many times wished Jake harm bad enough to kill him including overdosing. Death is a frequent result of overdose. So stop lying and accept that your lot are a bunch of UnSubs waiting to happen.

Rap541 said...

Laura - again, you insist you stopped him with Anne (and you're actually confirming that there is a group of fans circled around Anne actively trying to cause bad things to Jacob Roloff) and yet you're constantly complaining about his online presence. You obviously didn't win, so stop insisting you did, especially when in the same breath you complain about his comments.

When has Audrey said "Jacob mocked me"? Please don't tell me she's required to be humiliated and mocked by her brother in law and just smile and say "I love Jacob". I just don't believe that. I don't believe anyone close to the Roloffs cares in the slightest what Anne has said or what you have said. The Roloffs themselves never say any of these terrible things you insist they think. Why? Most likely because they really aren't bothered by it. And if you attempt to argue that they're restricted by the show from actually commenting honestly, please understand that they are NOT good Christians if that is the case.

Let me make it clear, Laura. I am familiar enough with the Christian faith that I know that if Jeremy does nothing and makes no protest of his brother's fall to the darkside because Jeremy would prefer the money to saving a soul, then no, Jeremy is not a great Christian, he's not even a good Christian and he doesn't deserve any praise because money is more important to him than his faith.

Rap541 said...

Shelby you're a coward who takes and whines. You could have this awesome blog where you can post all the jokes you want but its EASIER to do nothing but whine.

Read other peoples posts Shelby - would you insist it was so goddamn hilarious if the joke was about Jeremy? You won't answer that. will you? And funny how defensive you are of your little "joke" - come on now, don't you think it would *hilarious* if I posted a pic of Jeremy unconscious and suggested we send money to an ex girlfriend to "do that"?

I mean, you DO think that would be funny, right Shelby? You would DEFEND that joke about Jeremy, right?

Denise said...

"the Anneites have many times wished Jake harm bad enough to kill him including overdosing. Death is a frequent result of overdose. So stop lying and accept that your lot are a bunch of UnSubs waiting to happen."

PJ, you're wrong about that. You're confusing "predicting" and thinking it will eventually be the outcome with "wishing death". Sure, I think, and a lot of people think the chances of Jacob overdosing in the next few years is very highly likely. That doesn't mean I'm hoping he dies. Hence why no one is saying "I hope Jacob dies in a truck accident on the highway tonight". But the guy is proud of doing drugs, a gateway drug and he's already admitted to do several drugs and that's only the ones he actually posted about. He implied he was doing many more. What we comment on is the fact that one of the drugs Jacob has admitted to taking and liking is Xanax and MANY celebs who overdose have Xanax in their system.

That's thinking it will happen if he continues living his life this way. It's not wishing death on him.

Rap541 said...

And actually Shelby, it might shock you to hear this but I do see the humor. I just tire of you not getting that Spirit has more to lose if one of you idiots actually acts on all your not so veiled threats of violence. My point in explaining why it doesn't look like a joke if you don't hate Jake Roloff is to hopefully show you even if you and Jim meant your comments in humor, you're posting on a public board.


Really, I can't say it enough - if you want to "joke" like this, Blogger is free and you have internet access. Go start your own blog and if you don't, remember I will always remind you when you whine that you are perfectly free to have the blog you want and persist in doing nothing but whining.

Shelby said...

"And actually Shelby, it might shock you to hear this but I do see the humor"

Rap, I think that's as much progress as I'm going make so I should take it while I can, lol.

(by the way, no one was talking about "paying her to knock him out" obviously. Again it's a joke on past pictures of Jaocb and even things Jacob has done to his sleeping friends)

Thank you for at least seeing the humor and admitting it. Have a good night.

Faith said...

Shelby's stupid ass thinks she has the right to tell anyone to "have a good night".

Lacey said...

Well, I don't care what people think, I would like to see the picture of Jacob unconscious! Please share! I'll post my email if anyone will send it to me. Thanks!

Gail said...

Jacob is tweeting "Who doesn't suck at selling weed? Hmu". Ridiculous. He's openly looking for drug dealers.

Mayan Estrella said...

I wish people would STOP saying that he is a female. Sick and twisted. OMG TLC take that boy off TLC. Uou are hurting your ratings. This boys parents should have been put in jail and all their kids taken away. JAZZ fir a bits name. They fucked up long time ago. If my child would be attending the same school as this boy well i would be protesting along with 1000s of other parents that don't want their little girls desired by this boy. Sick twisted parents. . He is a male that is ducking disgusting that people praise the jerk. He only wants to lure in women's bathrooms and so forth. Sick and mentally retarded

Unknown said...

Sorry but Jeremy and Audrey come off fake
They don't disagree at all while cameras are on
Who writes a marriage book when you are only been married a year! They haven't went through anything to be able to give advice about. They just had a kid so let's see how that changes the marriage bc kids do change things . Zach and Tori have the real relationship and don't come off like they are acting.
Tori doesn't dress up to impress the world like Audrey does with her ton of makeup on . Jeremy and Audrey want to take over the farm and kick Amy out. Only problem with that is once the parents are off the farm the cameras will go to bc the show is about little people more the average size . The cameras will go to Zach's bc he's more interesting then Jeremy. Tori got pregnant then Audrey had to get pregnant to stay in the spotlight sad .

Spawnh said...

So true MS