Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World: Tuesday August 25, 2015 - Review By Rap541

The new episode of "Little People, Big World" airs tonight, Tuesday August 25th, 2015 on TLC.

Episode review written by Rap541:


On a rewatch, no one still mentions Isobel by name and Tory’s maid of honor isn’t Audrey or Molly.
I again love how Matt and Jer gave up and hired people to make the windmill because they couldn’t figure it out.
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I’m also amused with the windmill drama that Jer wasn’t doing anything at all until his daddy told him to get in there and touch something! And sure enough, Jer *touching* the windmill was the miracle needed to make it fit the brackets.
Also the rain wedding drama would work better if the commercials didn’t show the walk down the isle with no rain.
Also Matt’s a little too gleeful over how its raining.
Matt and Amy are in the weird wedding barn. Matt and Amy wax on how awesome the Journey of Jer and Auj was and how stupid stupid stupid Zach and Tory are for not considering the rain factor at all.
Amy is all “We’re doing the wedding but we’re also stuck with the rehearsal dinner”. It’s funny how none of this prep was ever presented as a chore when Jer was getting married even tho he wasn’t helping because he was in Santa Barbara.  Amy is mocked for her cake skills. She is determined to make a cake.
Zach has already had a bachelor party but Matt wants to do something special with Jeremy! And Jacob. Matt very much wants Jeremy to have a kid. Matt has something special planned for Jeremy. It’s a Chinese fishing boat. I am sure that Jeremy will shine his sailing skills out as he wants to be a yacht captain when he grows up and we’re not to ever note that Jeremy is 25 and no job but the job Daddy finds for him.
Meanwhile there’s a bachelorette party for Tory and of course Auj is front and center despite the maid of honor being Cyndi, Tory’s childhood friend. Everyone is in special shirts that have quotes from Zach. That’s actually kinda sweet. Tory seems pleased with Cyndi.
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 They play a game at the party that I sense would be more vulgar if it wasn’t filmed. Tory is worried about “ugly crying”.
Meanwhile on the TaiPan,  there’s sailing. Matt of course asks Jeremy to wax on how married life is awesome. Auj apparently quit her job. Apparently Jeremy and Auj have already gone to a counselor for their marriage.
At the chick party they’re on the beach and there’s a fire. There’s pictures and Audrey everywhere, and Milly and Tory is all pleased that Cyndi snuck some of the older women, Amy, Tory’s mom and an aunt to the beach. Amy is all “My lil man is leaving me!” Molly interestingly notes that Auj is a friend and Tory is one of her *best friends*.
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In theory Amy and Matt haven’t actually decided on a gift yet. This feels very forced. Matt wants it to be exciting. Amy thinks it needs to be sweet. Matt has a ridiculous idea of a waffle maker and Amy wants a shadowbox and this feels really really fake.
The windmill has a pergola but it’s nowhere near as fancy as the model. It’s “perfectly functional”. No, it’s a windmill with a pergola.
Amy calls up Molly to do some pinterest stuff. Some sort of mementos for the shadow box.
And of course that means we’re all about Jer and Auj. Auj notes how she is the best interpreter of Jer and Zach’s relationship. Jer is wearing Auj’s headband again. Auj’s weird lil samurai top knot isn’t a great look.
Molly and Amy is making a cake for the rehearsal dinner. We get a rehash of the baking class. Amy has realized baking is a science (true – my mom is an incredible savory chef but *baking* is science)
There’s a tent vendor asking questions and Tory has no answers! It may rain.
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Oh and hey, not one Roloff expressing a concern about Tory… huh….
Amy continues working on the shadow box. She offers to work with Matt. She shows the concept to him. Molly notes how Matt tends to take over things.
Jeremy has stopped by Matt’s pad to help him pick out a suit. Jer snots how cool he is to help dad pick a suit.
Amy’s sister Kathy pops in to cook for Amy. Molly makes kebobs. There’s a tent. Tory is worried about the rain and worries it will rain. She prays it won’t.
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So we’re at the rehearsal dinner and this is two hours long! Zach and Tory are pleased. Amy’s cake looks like something I made with my pal Jenifer when we were ten and my sis and Jen’s sis were fourteen.
The shadow box is presented and Tory loves it. The kids smooched at the swamp fort. Tory seems really excited for the wedding. By really excited I mean I don’t think she’s faking it simply because there’s cameras. She doesn’t see, that good an actress.
Matt cheerfully notes how delighted he is to say how its raining! Not a smidge of disappointment in his tone.
Tory’s worried but her friends who I have never seen except for Molly and Auj are reassuring her. Matt again cheerfully notes how delighted he is that its raining. Auj makes sure to get her picture taken. Tory despite the rain is clearly delighted. Amy gets in the haybale to note how much she loves Tory. She publically welcomes Tory to the family.
Amy is called to the bachelor pad to discuss the second tent that isn’t there for the ceremony. Amy is hesitant. Matt wants the tent but zach says no. Matt is annoyed.
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Six hours before!  Its still raining and Zach is all screw it. Also Tory notes that God was with them with stopping the rain just in the nick of time. Tory is anti-makeup. She sends Zach a fun gift. Zach is in a nice suit and everyone praises him. Then we see Tory in her dress and the dog is led away for a change. Oh hey Tory haters, Matt is all telling Zach how frigging perfect she is for him. When you merrily shit on Tory please be certain to mention how you SOUNDLY disagree with Matt and with Jeremy… because I will be commenting if you don’t mention how Matt, Jeremy, Auj, and Amy all happily endorsed Zach marrying the woman you are worried about.  I firmly expect all you PROUD AND LOUD Christians to PUBLICALLY note how wrong Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Audrey are to TRUST Tory.
So this is very sweet even tho I am not a wedding person. I think this the first time we see tory’s dad. Also people are wearing shorts at the wedding. Tory is verklempt. Also Zach has about half the groomsmen Jeremy had.  Zach’s vows are sweet. Tory’s vows are sweet as well… Yeah… gotta be honest, *haters*, I don’t think she’s marrying him because she loves Jeremy more, or Molly more, or being a Roloff more. Guys, she’s pretty obviously overjoyed. Oh yeah that kiss… Rap was a lil verklempt too… then I had some SMARTFOOD WHITE CHEDDAR POPCORN!! OOH YEAH CHECK OUT THE GIVEAWAY!!!

So everyone is happy. Since I am hateful I note that Jeremy can’t resist noting how he got married first. Also Jeremy notes how awesome the windmill idea is although we never get a close up to see if the windmill was anything more than a skeleton set up.  Zach and Tory wander in to hugs and applause. Now I am a bit bored since I am not terribly sentimental. There’s a picture booth. Considering its Zach and tory who got married, there’s a bit too much display of Jer and Auj. Jeremy does amusingly echo Zach’s speech. Jeremy nicely notes how incapable and sucky Zach was as a soccer player which is such a weird place to go. Not a bad speech otherwise but weird.
Then Matt gets up to claim center stage and calls Zach his second boy and notes there’s several more boys to go. He cries and goes on about the birthing difficulties. It is mostly sweet even tho I kinda sense it’s for the cameras. I’m jaded by the show, I admit it.
Molly thinks the wedding was super comfortable and the bride and  groom were glowing. There’s a sweet dance… yeah I really don’t think she is faking it, haters. I also thought Zach and Amy were sweet. Also a nice editing mistake – Zach is thanking Dad and Jer at night and when the camera switches to Jeremy and Matt, it’s obviously daylight.
If the blonde by Jacob was Isobel, then I note how she wasn’t mentioned even by name and I only saw her that once.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Guest Opinion Column: Anne J. Bailey: Jacob Roloff And His Police Bashing

Hello readers, Anne J. Bailey here with my weekly column.

For this week, I would like to thank Connor for the passionate email suggesting this subject for a topic in my next article. It is something very real, very important and something that has very real consequences.

Jacob Roloff is hateful, angry, reckless, arrogant and ignorant. That is a dangerous combination that can do a lot of damage.

People need to be aware of what they are putting out there into the world. Are you doing good, is your message positive one for Jesus or are you spreading hate and evil? Are your intentions pure? Will people take your reckless words and do damage?

One of the most careless and hateful actions from Jacob Roloff is the endless stream of anti-police rhetoric and venom he spews at the brave men and women. I will remind you that the Roloffs call the police to protect them whenever there is chaos or if they ever feel threatened.

Understand that, police have come to protect Jacob Roloff and his family yet Jacob has no conscience when it comes to him vilifying police officers. 

What is behind Jacob's hate that he tweets about day after day, week after week, month after month?

What I am about to say is in no way said as an excuse for him. However, we need to understand that part of Jacob Roloff's make up is that he wants to be bad. He wants to rebel. He wants to cause disturbance. He's ignorant, he wants to do something that will make people mad.

He was raised with Christian values. He mocks Christian practices such as prayer and believing in heaven. 

He was raised in a family that had members who were proud Americans. Jacob bashes America. 

He was raised in a family where everyone in the family except for Jacob understands that gay marriage is harmful to society and being gay is not natural and is a perversion. Yet Jacob will tweet pretending to be in support of gay marriage. Does he really believe that or is it just another way he can be bad by going against what will upset people around him? Evidence points to the latter. It's well documented that Jacob was (justifiably so) NOT accepting of a gay boy at his high school who began letting everyone know that he was attracted to Jacob. Understandably, Jacob said he didn't want to be in the same room as the gay kid and refused to speak one word to him the entire year. This suggests Jacob knows gays are perverts who shouldn't be "accepted" because what they do is sexually perverted and morally wrong. Jacob even once in his own words said "That's when (referring to sexual acts) I consider it to be a sin". 

So why does Jacob pretend to be an enemy to the fight to preserve traditional marriage if he himself has called gay acts sinful and refused to interact with a gay? Is it just another example of him pretending to take a certain position that he knows will cause disappointment to his family and people around them?

Could this play a factor in Jacob's hatred towards American police?

However, we can't downplay Jacob's own drug use. He did once use twitter to alert his druggie friends that police were in the area where they apparently went to get their drugs. His girlfriend, Isabel, once tweeted that it is so well known that she knows where to get any type of drug that all of her friends come to her to ask where they should get them. Given that, is it surprising Jacob hates the police?

Jacob is a twitter parrot for the #blacklivesmatter movement. The majority of his twitter content consists of Jacob retweeting black activists...or white men who pretend to be black (Shaun King scandal). Jacob seems to have the same goal as many upper class white teenagers in today's society, they think it is cool to hate on white people and pander to black people.

Jacob makes himself look like a fool with his anti police rhetoric. He joined the conspiracy theory that Sandra Bland's mug shot was actually a picture of her after she was dead. That was factually proven to be ridiculous and false as police later released the video of her having her picture taken.. Jacob never  apologized.  He also joined the witch hunt trying to present the security camera company's dispatchers as liars as they reported that a black man drove his car through a dealership's store front window and began kicking out the windshield. The video proved that what was described was exactly what happened. Jacob never apologized.

Just this weekend Jacob tweeted out more anti-police sentiments

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ
"Cops do whatever they want lol damn"
August 22, 2015

Posting all of this propaganda against police might be the worst of all that Jacob has done on social media. He might think he is being hip or cool by being anti police, but he needs to understand that his hateful sentiments can have consequences. Due to his celebrity, Jacob does have more influence than the average 18 year old because he has people who follow him merely because they like Little People, Big World and thought the Roloffs were a nice Christian family. Jacob is spewing hateful messages supporting the criminals merely because they are black and demonizing the police officers in many cases just because they are white. 

Jacob isn't mature enough to ever think for one second what it would be like to be the police officer who gets a call that some crazy person just drove threw a dealership's storefront at night and is smashing cars or has an angry 6'4" 220 pound black "boy" who just robbed a convenience store charge at them. Would Jacob not react and give to the criminal the benefit of the doubt. Just like the police officer who recently was pistol whipped unconscious because he hesitated when dealing with a criminal because he did not want to be accused of using excessive force by the likes of Jacob Roloff on twitter. I noticed that Jacob didn't have one tweet about that incident. Jacob has blood on his hands.

It is irresponsible and negligent to put out those kind of hateful sentiments against the police when that kind of rhetoric can spread this kind of hate towards real men and women who are bravely serving their country. 

And finally, if Jacob feels in danger, were to get assaulted or robbed, who is he going to call? The police whom he bashes day after day. That tells you all you need to know about Jacob's lack of character.

I pray that Jacob seriously reflects upon the hatred he is spreading.

Have a blessed Sunday my friends and fellow Christians. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World August 18, 2015 - Episode Review By Rap541

A new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family airs tonight Tuesday August 18th, 2015 at 9:00 PM on TLC.

Review Written By Rap 541

Matt in previously scenes notes how Zach’s wedding is all about his need to do some project.
So this will be about a windmill. Because why not? There’s a montage of farm scenes and then Matt calls from the magical office and demands Amy attend a state of the union meeting. They talk about the gazebo. Amy nots that NOW that she’s an empty nester, she loves having the kids return. Matt is all “No one seems to like the salsa”. There’s no orders and they may need to market it locally.
Tory is making mason jar personalized glasses. I really find arts and crafts dull so this is boring. On the plus side I like the idea of *receiving* a personalized mug at a wedding.
Molly and Amy are doing a baking class for no real reason but the cameras. There’s much commentary on Amy’s cake failure. They are going to make a mayonnaise cake. For someone who has actually written a cook book, Amy seems pretty clueless about cooking. The whole thing is fun except that its all clearly forced for the cameras. Molly at least has gotten better in front of the cameras. The cake made is for the rehearsal dinner.
Now Matt and Jeremy (up from Los Angeles) are doing stuff. Matt feels various areas of the farm are boring. They decide it’s time to build a giant windmill and of course Matt loves everything Jeremy suggests, and it will also be a walk around bar. Amusingly they pretend there might be other weddings on the farm for non Roloffs.
Tory and Zach struggle to seat people. First world problems, kids. There’s weirdness about separating the parents at tables. Matt is all “I need Jeremy to approve the windmill” and Jeremy of course tongue bathes Matt and Matt makes sure to note how Jer is his kid.
Now Matt and Amy go to the grocery stores locally and pitch their salsa. If the salsa business doesn’t work, yup, they could lose the farm. The store chain is small but they vaguely resemble a Wegmans so maybe they are good. (Wegmans lovers sound off). They pitch their salsa as gluten free and vitamin filled.
So after a commercial break, Darren at “Roth’s” wants to do a taste test. Matt is surprisingly negative about the whole thing.
Next up Zach and Tory turn up in the barn to see the giant windmill project. Zach expresses some concern that it won’t be finished in time, as is Tory. Zach and Tory have reservations but accept that their wedding is about Matt and not them.
Molly schools Zach on Jane Austin. Zach, Jeremy and Molly have a communal fire. Molly notes how Jeremy only theoretically lives in Los Angeles. Jeremy notes how despite all his comments, he really hates Los Angeles and wants to be on the farm. Molly and Zach both comment how they don’t plan to live on the farm. Molly wants to fly the nest. Jeremy notes how he wants the farm and hmmm this doesn’t feel like Jeremy asserting his rights to the property at all!
Now there’s windmill parts. No one seems to know what to do, and Matt publically chides Sven for daring to suggest they read the instructions and not wing it. We watch as everyone flails about not knowing what they are doing. No one, including precious engineering minded Jeremy, has any idea what to do.
Matt gets the call from Darren and gets an order on camera.
Zach and Tory are doing a photo backdrop and need pallets. Matt wants *good*wood pallets but somehow the pallets on the farm aren’t good enough. Matt offers to treat Zach’s friends to ice cream at DQ because apparently they’re all five years old. This doesn’t feel staged at all as everyone perfectly comments on the ice cream shakes they want to the camera and sit around toasting blizzards. Matt tells all the “boys” to get pallets because Tory is such a horrible person. Its Mueller and Dan and Jake.
Matt continually comments on how the pallets are “sketch”. Zach notes that Matt is micromanaging. The pallet thing is an interesting photo background but not my style. Tory likes it and has a blond friend in tow.
Jeremy notes how the windmill is a nightmare. He doesn’t understand the plans and neither does Matt. Matt pointedly corrects Jeremy’s errors on camera and notes how the deadline won’t be met. Huh… how can Jeremy not instinctively manage? I mean he’s Matt’s chosen!
Matt calls for Camarino as Jeremy is failing. Matt is all “There’s drama and the wedding will suck”. He openly chides the Not Jeremy workers for their failures. Someone other than Jer completes significant portions of the windmill.
Molly and Tory go shopping for dresses. Molly notes how Tory is her best friend and Tory is all “Yay Molly will be my sister!” and this is actually quite sweet.
Meanwhile the windmill is still being toiled over. There’s a tower, and a crane and clearly most of the work has been done by people other than Matt and Jer. Jake appears and doesn’t speak. Oh hey, the windmill has to fit perfectly in the brackets and the brackets don’t fit and Matt notes how it MAY NOT GET DONE IN TIME FOR THE WEDDING!!!
Matt shouts again that they don’t fit!  Matt send Jer to make it fit and of course it does and Matt triumphantly shouts his joy. Then Matt gets into his mechanical penis to pretend he did something. Apparently establishing a folly windmill with no accompanying bar is a huge thing. Somehow the windmill will provide some shade despite not being all that filled in. Tory notes “Boys and their toys” and seems to know what she married into.

Matt and Amy head to the local store to look at the pumpkin salsa being sold. Roth’s does look like a Wegmans but there’s no way they’re as cool.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Guest Column: Anne J. Bailey - Audrey Roloff's Blog Is A Blessing

Hello friends and readers, Anne J Bailey here for my weekly column.

Thank you for the emails of support, comments and suggestions for future topics. You may email me at bailey.anne83@hotmail.com

I apologize for this week's column being a day late and I would like to thank Connor for his passionate email urging me to shine a light on Jacob Roloff's destructive and reckless use of twitter to spread hate - which leads to violence and even death towards brave men and women around the country who serve as police officers and put their lives at risk every day - when law abiding citizens are in trouble, it is these brave people who come running to in while others run away.

However, at the last minute, because of certain hateful comments I have read, I have decided to delay discussing that important topic to discuss something else.

The topic is Audrey Roloff's blog. If you haven't already, please visit it here at http://www.aujpoj.com/ and make it apart of your daily browsing.

Audrey also graciously answered frequently asked questions here http://www.aujpoj.com/faq/

Almost immediately, certain people, began attacking Audrey as "a sell out", attacking her for focusing on her blog and accepting revenue that her blog generates.

There are several things wrong with these attacks.

For starters, I will call it like it is. Audrey is attacked and will always be attacked by some people who they have hatred in their hearts for Christians and for vocal Christians who spread the Word of God and give thanks and glory to Jesus Christ.

One thing is predominantly clear if you read over Audrey's entire Blog. She loves Christ. She live to please Jesus and gives thanks to Him.

She is a wonderful young woman. Given these dark times in the world, we need more young people like Audrey. She is so full of positive energy and passion to serve God that it is inspirational. I urge all Christians to support Audrey and Jeremy. We need more people like Audrey and Jeremy in the media, on television and on the internet.

What makes the attacks against Audrey especially distasteful is that many of the same people critical of Audrey either stay silent about the real destructive force associated with the Roloffs or worse, offer praise to Jacob Roloff.

While Jacob Roloff promotes anger, lies and hatred. Audrey is focused on being positive and spreading God's love.

As evidence, read Audrey's blog entry entitled "What Is Braid It?" http://www.aujpoj.com/what-is-braidit/ . It is an inspiring tale of love and wisdom and the value of putting God first in your relationships if you want them to last.

Instead of celebrating in Audrey's wisdom and love, some hateful souls already attempted to criticize her stating that she "stole" the 3 strand concept. Audrey was explaining the meaning of "Braid it" and what it means to her and Jeremy. She never claimed that no one else has ever used that analogy.

Here is another entry from Audrey's Blog History which demonstrates why many Christians have so much respect and adoration for her. Read this beautiful poem. The entry can be found here .

From Audrey Roloff 2013:

Be Pointing To Him

Sometimes I think
What will people say of me

When I'm only just a memory
When I'm home where my soul belongs
Was I loved?
Would no one else show up?
Was I Jesus to the least of us?

Was my worship more than just a song?
I wanna live like that
And give it all I have
So that everything I say and do points to You

I encourage everyone to read the rest of Audrey's poem here http://www.aujpoj.com/be-pointing-to-him/

Audrey is more than words. Even though "fans", "readers", "viewers" aren't privy to all the amazing and acts of love someone such as Audrey does in her daily life, when you give of yourself in the name of spreading God's Love, word gets out because her act of love was so powerful and inspiring.

When Audrey writes "Was I Jesus to the least of us" - we can all (those of us who are informed) answer that with a resounding "Yes!"

If you weren't aware to what I'm referring, I will fill you in.

While Audrey was still dating and engaged to Jeremy Roloff, Jeremy's brother Jacob Roloff was dating a girl named Stephanie.She has experienced a lot of pain and confusion in her young life and it was not helped by getting involved with a troubled dark soul such as Jacob who himself has rejected God and bashed Christianity and Christians. However, God puts people in our lives for reasons, even if we don't know why at the time. Perhaps it is to connect with people you would not have met without know the first person.

This is what happened with Stephanie and Audrey. While Audrey had no obligation to befriend her (then) boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, she did as Jesus would have - she showed Stephanie love and made sure she understood that Jesus loves her. Audrey became a mentor to Stephanie.

For the purpose of this post, I tried to located some of Stephanie's many twitter or Instagram posts because she wrote in length about what Audrey meant to her, but I can't seem to find Stephanie's account at the moment. You'll just have to trust that she wrote very touching paragraphs thanking Audrey for reaching out to her and wrote about how much respect, love and gratitude she had for Audrey.

What really cements Audrey's character and desire to love others as Jesus loves us, was that Audrey wasn't afraid to do the right thing. As Audrey's wedding to Jeremy approached, Jacob and Stephanie's relationship dissolved. Although Stephanie is by far better off without Jacob in her life, there was still pain and hurt. Audrey could have easily turned her back on Stephanie, a hurt and broken girl in need of love. Some posters to this blog ignorantly said she should have uninvited Stephanie to her wedding because that's what Jacob wanted and give Jacob what he wants. Audrey knew what was right. And that was to do as Jesus commands - Love others no matter if they were dating the brother of your boyfriend/fiance/husband or not. Audrey still invited and welcomed Stephanie to her wedding. She posed with pictures and celebrated with her. She befriended her and showed her love. Stephanie took to Instagram to express her gratitude to Audrey for being there for her.

That is an example of Audrey backing up her words to love others as Jesus loves. Shame on people who don't see that or try to minimize the impact Audrey can have on people.

Jumping back to the topic of Audrey's giveaways (doesn't it seem insignificant compared to the previous story?) on her blog and collecting some money from the sponsors she has, there is nothing wrong with Audrey focusing on her blog. As Audrey wrote, she only promotes products she believes in. If a reader of Audrey's blog is interested in a product and it will make them feel good about themselves, there is nothing wrong with that. God does not forbid his people to make money.

At the end of the day, the big picture is that Audrey's blog is about her living a life that inspires people to live to the fullest and to follow God -- and for that Audrey should be commended and supported.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World, August 11, 2015 - Review By Rap541

The new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family is airing on TLC at 9:00 PM tonight August 11, 2015.

The following episode review was written by Rap541


On watching the rerun, I am amused at how Jeremy is presented as giving up his hugely successful career doing photo shoots. My basic question is “When did Jeremy fly to NY for a paid shoot?” since he openly mentioned how he flew to NY for an awesome shoot, and also – if he was so busy, why were he and Audrey always off camping? And why was Jeremy constantly flying home?
So the new episode. Amy is done with self pity, and Zach wants a budget. Apparently there is porta potty issues. I am reminded of Matt cheerfully telling the Manuel twins to crap and piss in the woods in episodes of yesteryear.
The wedding is a month and a half away so its early June and everyone is wearing heavy coats. It rains and hails. Zach is budget conscious. Ironically I think a weather alert chimed as I watch. Matt notes that the budget is an issue. Apparently there’s free glasses, and Matt is all “I have free glasses from Pondo when Pondo went out of business…..” Was there EVER any budget talk about Jer and Audrey’s wedding? I don’t recall one moment where Matt or Amy suggested on screen that Jer and Auj should consider less expensive options.
Now we’re on to Amy and Lisa Dixon and the charity and the possible mud run. Yes, apparently a haboob is about to strike Phoenix as I watch as we’re getting weather alerts on the cable channel,
Now we’re on to Zach and Tory’s signature drink. He makes a funny joke about a “babymaker” drink. The drink sounds like a fancy lemondrop in a mason jar. They come up with several fancy drinks. They name the drink after the dog.
Back to the mud run on the farm. Amy and Lisa are roaming around. The mud run looks like it is before the wedding. The swamp fort looks like it is pretty ramshackle. Amy wants all the kids in the mud run. Matt rides up on a vehicle. Matt is appalled at the idea of doing a mud run. He openly shits on the whole idea and oh look, another weather alert. Matt tells her he is gonna tell her how she’ll be doing it because he has a cock and she needs to shut her bitch mouth. He repeats how he doesn’t want a mud run and will spend his time bitching about it and not supporting it.
So Matt stops Jacob from mowing the lawn to tell him about the mud run.  Matt tells Amy to shut her bitch mouth and accept his dominance. She runs the course to make some point to him. Matt openly sneers at her.
Zach and Tory try cakes. Zach clearly likes poppyseed cake, and apparently Tory likes it as well. Zach is all “poppyseed it is”.
Now Matt notes how they have to scrounge for the wedding since they are super poor and all the cheap shit is hidden in various barns but they have to go cheap because it’s Zack. Apparently Matt, like Amy, is a hoarder, and there’s some secret stash of wine glasses, chafing dishes and cables. Matt notes how awesome he is and shits on the mud run for charity idea again.
Matt proudly notes how he’s doing the entire mud run that he previously hated and yuks it up for the cameras. Amy wants the courses to be set to allow for different skill levels. Essentially Matt is an ass about it. Amy notes Matt needs to deal. Matt is condescending to her.
Matt notes how the place is a pigsty for the wedding. There’s like… hoarding everywhere. Matt thinks clearing out the secret barns is super important for the wedding. Matt decides Jeremy needs to track ho shit. For some reason there’s a ton of couches on the farm and Matt is all “We need to smash couches no one ever sees on camera to prepare for the wedding!”.
Jeremy notes how bees have moved in mysteriously, despite how he was featured in an episode several years prior where bees were intentionally introduced to the farm. I am pretty sure the bee episode is on dvd, Jer, if you need to catch up. Killer bees attack various Roloffs.
Amy notes how much there is to do. Sullivan is there. Amy orders people about. Oh look Audrey has time off from her prestigious job to attend the mud run. Matt notes he now loves the mud run and how he firmly believes Zach will totally suck at it. There is concern over the lack of mud.
Amy makes food for Molly and Zach. Amy sends Zach without food to do chores. Molly is all “oh mom, I eat raw hamburger” Amy actually prays for a change with Zach and Molly.
Matt pats himself on the back for loving and conceiving the whole idea! Also there technical problems and *someone* forgot the porta potties. Matt and Amy blame each other and Matt openly blames Amy for it. Caryn decides she doesn’t care who wins and tries to help.
More porta potty drama. People are arriving and they can’t possibly crap in the woods! Despite you know, how the Roloffs are farmers and crapping in nature is ok. I notice that the crowd here is fairly small and also I really don’t understand how this is making money. Audrey of course has adorned herself with warpaint. The crappers show up on time and now the race begins? Although I don’t really see how it was a competition or how teamwork was involved. The kids run the race in a stupid goofy way… looks like  Audrey and Tory stepped up to be famous. If Isobel was on the team, she wasn’t mentioned by name, FYI.
Oh wow, ball lightning and thunder! Makes all those weather alerts make sense.

Now Amy and Lisa and her entourage are forced to run the course for no apparent reason other than that the crowd for this is pretty light. Amy is all about how this is a team thing.  Amy notes how she loves her charity foundation. Matt notes how he was really the mastermind to the whole thing. In a surprisingly open moment, Amy admits it didn’t really make a lot of money. Jeremy is wearing his fem headband. Also it is super raining here! Next week apparently there’s a windmill tower. Let’s hope I am not flooded out.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Roloff Commentary By Guest Columnist Anne Bailey - Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Move to Bend, Oregon & Dream Of Being On Dancing With The Stars

Anne J. Bailey here. Hello friends and readers. Thank you for the emails and support encouraging me to continue with my column.

And that's what it will be now. People have been asking me so often what I think of this and that with the news about a Roloff or something they posted during the week, that my column won't be limited to an episode content which is made for television anyway.. I will still comment on certain themes in the episode but it will be broader. I will speak my mind giving the Christian perspective about what people want to hear about.

Let's get started.

The big news both in the episode and then which they shared on their blog is that Jeremy and Audrey have left Los Angeles to move back to Oregon. They have moved to Bend, Oregon.

Jer & Auj were thankful for the amazing friends they met through Jesus, but the "LA" way of life was not for them. God has guided them back to where their souls feel most comfortable. They are meant to live in a place where they can appreciate nature and the beauty God created. As Matt said on the show, Jeremy's heart is in Oregon.

Some hateful, anti Christian people immediately tried to disparage Jeremy and Audrey with comments attributing their move to a "failure" or snarky comments about "God  made a mistake by sending them to LA".

I must respond to that comment and educate the ignorant. When you pray to God and ask Jesus to guide you, God will never make a mistake. You (or ignorant others) might not realize the plan, but there is always a plan. God sent Jeremy and Audrey to Los Angeles for a reason. It wasn't a mistake. It could have been to forge relationships with other Christians who will come back into their life at later date and provide great blessings. It could have been to send the message to them to appreciate their surroundings so they fully realize how blessed they are by God to live where they are now. Jeremy and Audrey understand that. It's about time all the people on this blog understand that.

My next topic this week is Tori.. It was another week where Tori was coming across as bossy and giving indications that she has many of Amy's unfortunate traits.

I need to share this with my audience. Many people already know but if you aren't aware, you can email me at bailey.anne83@hotmail.com .

I would like to thank the following person. It was an email from a Christian who is a little person thanking me for speaking the truth on this blog in the name of Jesus. They praised my assessment and urged that we pray for Tori to reign in some of her potential damaging characteristics. I won't name the person who has played on Zach's team in the past at little people events because I don't need to cause unwanted drama, however they told me that the majority of  Zach's little person's friends are put off by Tori's influence on Zach and that it is well known that Tori discourages Zach from his friendships with little people. I was told to let my audience know to pay special attention to the lack of Zach's little people friends at Zach's wedding. You'll notice that Audrey doesn't try to control Jeremy's friendships. I feel that Tori really needs to read Timothy Keller's book "The Meaning of Marriage" to prevent herself from becoming the type of person who is destructive to the marriage (see Amy).

Thirdly, yes, a lot of people were commenting on Jacob's very brief "contribution" to the episode which consisted of his incoherent muttering the word "yeah" when Matt asked if he planned on living at Roloff Farms one day.

There is so much wrong with that. I won't even elaborate now about what it says about Jacob's lack of character that it's in his plans to live of the farm they build which he contributed nothing towards and  in fact complained and attempted to destroy the means to keep it, and the constant disrespect for his family yet he's ready to run back to mooch with no guilt, but I disgress.

We need to send prayers to the remaining Roloffs. Pray that they wake up. Pray that they realize the easy way that they're choosing, which is to ignore Jacob's drug use and destructive and disrespectful behavior and his immoral values. Ignoring it while granting him all the privileges of  being an honorable person is ultimately destructive to Jacob himself as well as the family. Extending that invitation to Jacob was a grave mistake on Matt's part if it was legitimate offer. Even if it was for "show" it sends a poor message. 

Finally, I urge you to follow Audrey's blog here. On a fun note, Audrey and Jeremy attended the "Move" Tour with Audrey's parents who love the show "Dancing With The Stars". Audrey's mother, Cendi Botti, volunteered Jeremy to go up on stage for a dance competition and Jeremy got picked. He did fabulous job of course!   Audrey Shared the video, click below.

Click here to see Audrey's video of Jeremy dancing on stage at the Move Tour. 

Audrey has shared that she now has a dream to be on "Dancing With The Stars" with Jeremy. I often talk about Christian influence in the media and entertainment. It would be a blessing for the millions of Dancing With The Stars viewers to be exposed to Jeremy and Audrey's Christ guided life. Make your voice heard and let's get Jeremy and Audrey on the show!

That is it for this week. Until next week, keep asking God for guidance while remembering  all that you have to do is listen and act. Be the person God asks of you.   

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little People, Big World New Episode August 4th, 2015: Review By Rap541

A new episode of Little People, Big World is airing tonight at 9:00 PM on TLC. This review is written by Rap541


The bonus footage isn’t all that interesting. Amy and Lisa pretending to be married and painting each other was an odd choice, I admit. The gate project is still obviously make work and I still wonder why there is a couch out in the junkyard near the goat gate. Amy strikes me as ready to move on. Also there’s a weird pagoda sort of structure all thru the goat gate stuff.
We start with Matthew on an ATV whining about how he’s getting a divorce. There’s much fond reminiscing about how awesome Matt is for building a playground. Matt notes how he wants all the kids to live there forever and also all the grandkids.
Huh, Jeremy turns up. Amy notes how often he visits the farm. Jacob’s room is now a guest room. Jeremy notes how awesome his mom was for him. Personally I don’t like the curtains. Amy notes that Jeremy is around to help Zach get a tux.  Audrey isn’t coming but will be there soon.
Jeremy heads fifty feet over to Matt’s house, and Matt notes how AWESOME it is that Jeremy is around. Jeremy notes that the sauna makes the place smell like bachelor pad. Hmm…. Jeremy hates Los Angeles. Despite all the prior previous love expressed. Jeremy really wants to be invited to stay. Interesting how quickly the tide turns.
Now we’re off to do a fitted suit. FYI – this is clearly comped and fitted suits are expensive. But there are some valid points raised about how clothes look on dwarfs. Zach is funny with how he is amused by the color grey. To be fair, its nice that Zach wants to look nice for a change.
Now Amy is making pumpkin salsa! She’s *refining* it. Yes, yes the Roloffs are making pumpkin salsa and marketing it. Hmmm… no Roloff Salsa on Amazon.
Zach and Tori debate wedding invite etiquette. Also the guest list is exploding. Zach really wants to go to the courthouse and email everyone. Zach is visiting Mom at the big house and wants to take Tori for a special date. Where he makes a meal and of course he wants Amy to help and this feels sooo staged. Also Amy refused to just make the meal for them. Amy is obsessed with Zach making the whipping cream. She also wants him to make garlic.
Meanwhile at the secret Matt office. Amy and Matt are going into the pumpkin salsa business. They are planning a taste test. I don’t know… pumpkin salsa sounds really gimmicky. I will admit, I am pretty easy going about my salsa but if it is “exotic” then it needs to be *really* good. Matt wants the taste test in the wine cellar as it is “neutral”. Amy wants it in the main house, no doubt because she recalls all the spiders, snakes obvious open holes in the walls, and collapsing bricks of the wine cellar. Did I mention the standing water?
Now we’re at the house, at the tasting test. There’s pumpkin peach and two other flavors, pumpkin verde and pumpkin corn. And a fake salsa to trick people. Matt tells the testers that Amy wants it done chipless. She immediately disagrees. Everyone tries the salsa. Most people don’t like three, and everyone seems to like one. Pumpkin peach won, and the store bought was the crappy number three so yay!
Jeremy is out on the mule with dad. Now he muses on how he loves the farm. Matt hay bales how they’re redefining the family. Matt tells the three boys he wants them to all live on the farm. Jeremy is pretty openly planning to move back (ahem). Jacob is “um ok” and Zach is like “it depends if I will be Jeremy’s bitch”.
Now Zach is making food for Tori. Zach makes a mess. Apparently biscuits are torture. There’s a burned pot.
Zach is taking Tori to her fav spots and they smooch. Tori thinks the wedding is for other people but the marriage is for the two of them. And the dog. Tori is shyly pleased that Zach set the table and made a theoretically edible meal. Tori manages to not vomit, yay! Then Zach turns on the Christmas lights and they have a sweet on camera date that didn’t look too forced.
Now we’re up to Tori getting a dress. They all drink mimosas. Amy seems shocked that Tori included her even though Audrey already did and this was filmed for the cameras. I’m too jaded from My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding because I am all “where are the glowing butterfly lights? Why is no one saying the f-word? WHERE IS THE BLING???”… I like that they did make an effort to keep the dress a secret. It’s cutesy but I allow it.
So the expo is happening and if they go national then there’s a huge profit. Matt somehow wants a couch at the booth. Amy is also a bit anti-Roloff red. Matt also wants his face on the label. I won’t fault them for trying but the salsa is gimmicky. I notice even though I think Jacob was there, he’s not in this. It’s like a dull Dragoncon, where no one is selling steampunk goggles. Matt notes how if the salsa doesn’t sell, the FARM IS DONE!

“TRY SOME SALSA!” Matt shouts. No one comes so Zach is sent out to peddle the salsa. Suddenly there’s people everywhere! There’s word of mouth. I dunno…. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of salsa and to be honest, I like me some cilantro, tomatoes, peppers and onions. I don’t even like mango salsa even tho I adore mangos. I will try it if it turns up on amazon.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jacob Roloff Reveals That He Hated Being Filmed As a Child For Reality Television's "Little People, Big World"

It has been an interesting few days for Jacob Roloff on social media. Some of it is starting to garner attention so we will do this item on it so everyone can see catch up and see it for themselves. As always, for people who follow Jacob on social media, he generates a lot of discussion and controversy.

On July 29th, Jacob, who has always been very vocal about his fondness for marijuana tweeted a criticism of local dealers of weed and called for people "who don't suck at selling weed" to hit him up. Of course, some people are horrified that he would post on social media a call for "drug dealers" to contact him while others dismiss it as weed is legal in many states. For those not aware, Jacob has been very vocal about his belief that alcohol is far more damaging than marijuana and has often retweeted the benefits of marijuana. On his Ask.fm account, Jacob Roloff once admitted to smoking weed, taking Acid as well as Xanax. Jacob has strongly hinted that he has anxiety issues.

Then early this morning August 2nd at 2:00 AM, Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel Garreton, posted this humorous picture of Jacob with the caption "This picture lol" Some people immediately began voicing their displeasure and their opinion that Jacob looks "stoned" and pointed out that it appears that he is sitting in the driver's seat [Although Isabel has since tweeted to a friend that it was taken "in the backseat of your car].

Jacob also posted an instagram photo along with a thoughtful paragraph on his recent experience of filming with 7 year old Jack from another TLC show "Our Little Family" and Jacob reflected on his feelings of being forced to film as a child. Jacob's post is even garnering comments from other Roloffs, who as a rule, always ignore Jacob's social media postings about important matters.

It should be noted that for people who have followed Jacob on his now stale Ask.fm account http://ask.fm/jacobroloff (he stopped using it 8 months ago, but answered almost 8000 questions for the majority of 2014 on a variety of subjects including religion, drugs, homosexuality, Little People, Big World being fake, gun control and much more) the fact that Jacob is revealing that he "really disliked" filming is nothing new.

On Ask.fm Jacob would often refer to the show as "totally fake" and "that stupid show". At one point when Jacob was 17, and a few months away from his 18th birthday, he declared that he would quit the show once he turned 18 and refuse to sign a contract with TLC. Jacob even explained his plan was to not participate in the show, the most he would do was sign a waiver so that TLC wouldn't have to blur out his face during Zach's wedding. However, Jacob had a change of heart and is now a paid "cast member" and full participant for the new season of "Little People, Big World" which is currently airing Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on TLC.

However, since Twitter (Jacob's twitter http://twitter.com/ffoloR_bocaJ ) and Instagram (Jacob's Instagram http://instagram.com/jacobroloff45 ) are more mainstream than Ask.fm and that his family members and many of the people connected to the show (Jacob recently exchanged playful tweets with one of the long time producers of the "Little People, Big World" Nicholas Caprio)follow Jacob on twitter and Instagram, this post and introduction by Jacob is garnering more attention than usual as it is the first time that many people are really seeing Jacob speak out about how he really felt about filming.

Jack, the 7 year old boy from TLC's other show "Our Little Family" and his family recently visited the Roloffs at their farm for filming. Jacob was a participant in the filming with Jack and Jacob has been reflecting upon the kinship he feels since he was 7 years old when Little People, Big World began filming.

For those that can't see what Jacob wrote, it reads:

This is Jack. I've never felt I had more of an opportunity to influence someone's life than when I told him how much I didn't like filming when I was his age, so he knows just because the adults say it's what's best, doesn't mean it's what's best. Then after, I asked him how he felt about it and after a pause he said, "I like it medium", meaning not at all, which is exactly what I would've said at 7. Seeing him for the few days that I did and hanging out with him for the short time that I did was a crazy reflective experience, seeing what it looked like (more or less) to be a 7 year old thrown into different situations for your parents' ratings. He doesn't know that yet though. He's more of a central focus character in his family's show than I ever was, too, so there's more 'depending' on him; I can't imagine. Im hoping I get to see him again and how he turns out, and that what I said sticks with him. -- Jacob Roloff August 2, 2015

Jacob's thoughtful commentary has already generated reaction from people around him and family.

Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel, who was present for the filming,  added this in a comment:

Jacob's cousin, Rachel Burton (Matt Roloff's sister's daughter) added:

Then Jacob's mother, Amy Roloff, added this comment which included an apology:

When the entire Roloff family appeared on the "Oprah" show in 2008, one of the questions she asked was if one of the kids said they didn't like filming the show, would the Roloffs end the show? Matt and Amy more or less, said yes they would quit if someone in the family really disliked filming.

From the Oprah website in 2008

"Family comes first for the Roloffs, and Matt says they would stop doing the show if anyone in the family didn't want to continue. "We are always just one episode away from not doing it anymore becomes family is the priority," Matt says. "We feel, all in all, we've become a closer family because of this show" -- Matt Roloff - 2008 From "The Oprah Show"