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Guest Column: Anne J. Bailey - Audrey Roloff's Blog Is A Blessing

Hello friends and readers, Anne J Bailey here for my weekly column.

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I apologize for this week's column being a day late and I would like to thank Connor for his passionate email urging me to shine a light on Jacob Roloff's destructive and reckless use of twitter to spread hate - which leads to violence and even death towards brave men and women around the country who serve as police officers and put their lives at risk every day - when law abiding citizens are in trouble, it is these brave people who come running to in while others run away.

However, at the last minute, because of certain hateful comments I have read, I have decided to delay discussing that important topic to discuss something else.

The topic is Audrey Roloff's blog. If you haven't already, please visit it here at and make it apart of your daily browsing.

Audrey also graciously answered frequently asked questions here

Almost immediately, certain people, began attacking Audrey as "a sell out", attacking her for focusing on her blog and accepting revenue that her blog generates.

There are several things wrong with these attacks.

For starters, I will call it like it is. Audrey is attacked and will always be attacked by some people who they have hatred in their hearts for Christians and for vocal Christians who spread the Word of God and give thanks and glory to Jesus Christ.

One thing is predominantly clear if you read over Audrey's entire Blog. She loves Christ. She live to please Jesus and gives thanks to Him.

She is a wonderful young woman. Given these dark times in the world, we need more young people like Audrey. She is so full of positive energy and passion to serve God that it is inspirational. I urge all Christians to support Audrey and Jeremy. We need more people like Audrey and Jeremy in the media, on television and on the internet.

What makes the attacks against Audrey especially distasteful is that many of the same people critical of Audrey either stay silent about the real destructive force associated with the Roloffs or worse, offer praise to Jacob Roloff.

While Jacob Roloff promotes anger, lies and hatred. Audrey is focused on being positive and spreading God's love.

As evidence, read Audrey's blog entry entitled "What Is Braid It?" . It is an inspiring tale of love and wisdom and the value of putting God first in your relationships if you want them to last.

Instead of celebrating in Audrey's wisdom and love, some hateful souls already attempted to criticize her stating that she "stole" the 3 strand concept. Audrey was explaining the meaning of "Braid it" and what it means to her and Jeremy. She never claimed that no one else has ever used that analogy.

Here is another entry from Audrey's Blog History which demonstrates why many Christians have so much respect and adoration for her. Read this beautiful poem. The entry can be found here .

From Audrey Roloff 2013:

Be Pointing To Him

Sometimes I think
What will people say of me

When I'm only just a memory
When I'm home where my soul belongs
Was I loved?
Would no one else show up?
Was I Jesus to the least of us?

Was my worship more than just a song?
I wanna live like that
And give it all I have
So that everything I say and do points to You

I encourage everyone to read the rest of Audrey's poem here

Audrey is more than words. Even though "fans", "readers", "viewers" aren't privy to all the amazing and acts of love someone such as Audrey does in her daily life, when you give of yourself in the name of spreading God's Love, word gets out because her act of love was so powerful and inspiring.

When Audrey writes "Was I Jesus to the least of us" - we can all (those of us who are informed) answer that with a resounding "Yes!"

If you weren't aware to what I'm referring, I will fill you in.

While Audrey was still dating and engaged to Jeremy Roloff, Jeremy's brother Jacob Roloff was dating a girl named Stephanie.She has experienced a lot of pain and confusion in her young life and it was not helped by getting involved with a troubled dark soul such as Jacob who himself has rejected God and bashed Christianity and Christians. However, God puts people in our lives for reasons, even if we don't know why at the time. Perhaps it is to connect with people you would not have met without know the first person.

This is what happened with Stephanie and Audrey. While Audrey had no obligation to befriend her (then) boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, she did as Jesus would have - she showed Stephanie love and made sure she understood that Jesus loves her. Audrey became a mentor to Stephanie.

For the purpose of this post, I tried to located some of Stephanie's many twitter or Instagram posts because she wrote in length about what Audrey meant to her, but I can't seem to find Stephanie's account at the moment. You'll just have to trust that she wrote very touching paragraphs thanking Audrey for reaching out to her and wrote about how much respect, love and gratitude she had for Audrey.

What really cements Audrey's character and desire to love others as Jesus loves us, was that Audrey wasn't afraid to do the right thing. As Audrey's wedding to Jeremy approached, Jacob and Stephanie's relationship dissolved. Although Stephanie is by far better off without Jacob in her life, there was still pain and hurt. Audrey could have easily turned her back on Stephanie, a hurt and broken girl in need of love. Some posters to this blog ignorantly said she should have uninvited Stephanie to her wedding because that's what Jacob wanted and give Jacob what he wants. Audrey knew what was right. And that was to do as Jesus commands - Love others no matter if they were dating the brother of your boyfriend/fiance/husband or not. Audrey still invited and welcomed Stephanie to her wedding. She posed with pictures and celebrated with her. She befriended her and showed her love. Stephanie took to Instagram to express her gratitude to Audrey for being there for her.

That is an example of Audrey backing up her words to love others as Jesus loves. Shame on people who don't see that or try to minimize the impact Audrey can have on people.

Jumping back to the topic of Audrey's giveaways (doesn't it seem insignificant compared to the previous story?) on her blog and collecting some money from the sponsors she has, there is nothing wrong with Audrey focusing on her blog. As Audrey wrote, she only promotes products she believes in. If a reader of Audrey's blog is interested in a product and it will make them feel good about themselves, there is nothing wrong with that. God does not forbid his people to make money.

At the end of the day, the big picture is that Audrey's blog is about her living a life that inspires people to live to the fullest and to follow God -- and for that Audrey should be commended and supported.


Ashley said...

I saw this on Audrey's blog. Her job is going to be her blog through sponsored links...

"This blog has and is slowly turning into my full-time job. I generate income through affiliate links, advertising, sponsored posts, and brand collaborations. However, I do NOT partner with any company or product that I do not truly believe in, and ALL opinions and suggestions are 100% my own."

MS said...

Audrey sounds a little defensive in that quote. However, I suspect she'd "believe in" most any company or product that made it worth her while.

Anne, tell us why God's path for Audrey is to use the fame she married into to sell herself out. This is your prized young Christian after all, the role model of all role models. I'm sure you can spin it in a positive way.

Rap541 said...

MS - I'm more struck by Audrey's rather expensive tastes. Along with the 300 dollar bag, she apparently likes 120 dollar tops and 1k dresses per her links.

Rap541 said...

And you know, looking through Audrey's blog... its actually a little sad that she went from writing from the heart to a purely materialistic sort of writing. While I personally don't find the religious tone of her earlier (2011-13) posts interesting,and its all a bit pretentious, she's at least saying something about herself. You can actually see her posts devolving into giveaways and shallow commentary on her lipstain and hair extensions - seriously, you have to go all the way back to March 2015 to get something religious and not attached to Jeremy or a giveaway.

Also to harp just a little on how Jeremy LOVES Jesus and chooses to hide that because even tho TLC is a "Christian" channel, they are insisting that Jeremy not openly pray on camera, quote the Bible, etc etc etc.... Have any of you ever watched Dog the Bounty Hunter? Those guys hop into public prayer circles on camera at the drop of a hat. Why doesn't Jeremy insist on showing America how he prays?

How about it?

Lily said...

That's so pathetic. Her full time job is a blogger? How "prestigious", what a sell out.

Debbie said...

Anne, wonderfully said! I couldn't agree more. I love Audrey and support her one hundred percent.

Nanette said...

The Christians are pretty quiet lately as Jacob hasn't done much on social media to warrant an attack on him and Audrey is slowly becoming this social media obsessed money sell out. How depressing...

At least the Christians are shutting the hell up. Anne explain why it's ok for AUDREY NOT TO HAVE A JOB? She's mooching off her TLC hubby. Gross gross gross. Let's talk about gold digging.

Katnip said...

I'm sorry but I just lost all respect for Audrey.
Tori has a job.
Zach has a job.
Apparently Jacob has a job.
Even Jacob's girlfriend has a job.

But you Christian worshippers worship this lazy, twenty something couple who use the Internet and TLC money to live off of, Jer and Audrey.

I would be ashamed if I were her honestly, to be able to just quit my day job to become a full time blogger. That does not show she is hard working. That is not a talent. She types words once a week into a box and posts it on the Internet. Through some social media posts she expresses her love for the lord yadayada but WHAT GOOD are her and Jeremy doing for Him in the physical sense? Explain. Because all I see is begging to be on OTHER reality tv shows, Jeremy running around trying to be a successful photographer and frankly Audrey riding on her mediocre good looks to fuel her life.

If she didn't have bright red hair she wouldn't be as pretty. Or pile on the makeup.

You people are fooled by the weirdest things. Audrey isn't some saint. She's a girl who knew how to work the system in her favor and is living off the money she doesn't even have to work for. What the hell do you call that?

Linda said...

So we know Audrey quit her "prestigious" job to become a full time blogger?
I'm gonna shit myself if the God squad comes on here and tries to pretend like being a blogger for a living is prestigious.

Kathleen said...

Everyone, including evil Jacob, has a job... But it's okay for Jeremy and Audrey to do nothing with themselves and be considered "successful". I'm disgusted. Sucks too because I was a huge Audrey fan, loved what she stood for. Now...

Zeke said...

This is dumb!!!! People are actually cool and deserve a lot more praise than Audrey but just because she claims to love God she's worshipped? That's so dumb. Jacob has a lot more to offer (in the sense that he speaks out about certain issues, I don't really care how you twist it). Audrey spews bullshit after bullshit. Notice she posted some godly quote one day and then her 50th "giveaway good" the next. Hey! I'm Christian! Now here let me whore myself out and sell you stuff.

Kelly said...

Jacob doesn't have a job. The Jacob defenders have reached new lows in making up lies to make this spoiled brat hypocrite look better than the loser that he is.

Candy said...

Jacob does have a job. I saw Isabel tweet last week that he works with her brother, for Isabel's dad after she tweeted "it's boring when the boys go to work and I'm left alone" or something and a nosy fan said "where doe she work?" She replied with something along the lines of "they work for my dad".
Doing what, I don't know, but Isabel famously deletes and reposts things but I saw it while it was up for about 35 minutes.

Pendleton said...

Let's not turn this around on the "Jacob defenders". Whether he has a job or not, or if he's a lose or not, Kelly, don't ignore what we are TALKIN ABOUT SISTA.

It's that Audrey and Jer have become sell outs. Please understand that. Please wrap your head around it. Stop thinking about Jacob for .5 seconds even though we know you are obsessed. Get your shit together.

Say it with meh, Audrey and Jeremy are sell outs! Has a ring to it.

Gtfrd said...

"The Jacob defenders have reached new lows". HAHA, Kelly. I can't wait to see what new lows the Annaeites and Ste Auj defenders reach when they try to deem being a full time blogger as Godly or prestigious. LAME-O! God would not want someone parading around online posting 12 million photos of herself to make money doing just that...
They have another word for that and it's called a cam girl. Audrey's the Christian version.

Edgar Alan said...

Wow from the comments good to see people actually finally realizing what Audrey is really about. Good stuff, keep it comin.

Looseygooseygoo said...

I cannot wait until Anne tries to make up some weird reason why Audrey being a blogger is God's plan for her.

Ecossais said...

@Kelly Enough with the Jacob bashing. Do Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey or Zach really have jobs other than a part time so-called reality show?

Paula said...

Anne, as always you hit the nail on the head. Audrey's entries proves what she is all about. There is no harm done by Audrey advertising a hand bag she likes or the lipstick she wears. It in no way minimizes the impact she has as a Christian.

Timothy said...

I'm not bashing Stephanie, in any way at all. But since Anne mentions it, I did watch Stephanie's You Tube video.

Her You Tube video was dated November 2014. Jeremy and Audrey's wedding was September 2014. In the video, Stephanie says "last month" that she attempted suicide again. Obviously Audrey didn't have that much of a profound impact on Stephanie.

I'm not blaming Audrey for that, but I think it's wrong for Anne to portray Audrey as Stephanie's savior.

Angela said...

"I'm not blaming Audrey for that, but I think it's wrong for Anne to portray Audrey as Stephanie's savior"

Timothy, Audrey isn't Stephanie's savior. Jesus is the savior. That's what Audrey was teaching. It's not easy to repair the damage from someone who has been hurt to that extend. Shame on Jacob for how he made Stephanie feel during the time they were dating.

Jocelynn said...

I think Rap541 made a really good point.

I'm not religious, but I don't resent Audrey if that's what she believes in and wants to blog about. I have some respect for someone stating what they think and what is important to them as they live their life.

Do as Rap suggests. Go back to Page 15 of Audrey's blog and read back from oldest to newest.

You can't help but notice the change. She used to post about what's important to her. About her beliefs.

Now the majority of her entries are so materialistic. Everything is about how you look or how to look more beautiful and of course "click this link" so Audrey can make money from promoting a product.

She went from writing from her heart to being about material "things" and selling products.

Dustin said...

How can Anne use the Stephanie story as proof of Audrey's character.

What about the number of people who have said they wrote Audrey pouring their souls out to her and she just ignored them?

True, Audrey doesn't have the obligation to write everyone, but quite frankly, I would expect it from someone who writes "Was I Jesus to the least of us?" I guess those "randoms" just don't rank very high on Jesus' priority list.

Rap541 said...

Actually Anne, *you're* the one who claimed that the braid it concept was "Audrey's wisdom" and insisted she be honored for her original thoughts that in fact weren't her own.

Audrey certain does believe in expensive things, doesn't she?

And again... its kinda interesting how as Audrey wants the blog to be more profitable, how she stops with the poetry about God and goes with pictures of herself posing with her expensive leather bag :)

Judy said...

Way to go Anne. There is no comparison between Audrey and Jacob. Audrey uses her social media for good while Jacob is irresponsible and hateful.

Janet said...

What are you suggesting, Rap541? Are you saying Audrey hides that she is a Christian to the new LPBW fans?

Because if that's what you're suggesting, you are ridiculous! Audrey read her vows about God on LPBW. Audrey talked about being blessed by God by the friends they made from Church on the episode when Zach visited. Audrey's twitter, Instagram and blog makes it clear how important God is in her life.

Gail said...

I'm glad moral people on twitter are sick of Jacob promoting his drugs and using twitter to promote bad things.

"Your page makes me sad for your family. Stop advocating pot and go be productive. #shameonyou"

Jacob's response "it seems productivity is in the eyes of the beholder. We're on completely different wavelengths"

He thinks being a stoner makes him productive? Sad.

Thank you Anne. Audrey's blog is both fun, informative, and important in that teaches and inspires to Listen to God.

Rap541 said...

Janet - I am out right stating she's obviously toned down the religious side of her blog in favor of posts about her lipstick, her friends who have stores, and her giveaways of products she endorses. Don't believe me? Go take a look at her earlier blog entry.

How did her post about her 285 dollar bag inspire you to consider how important God is in your life?

PJ said...

Why do you have such trouble admitting Ste Auj has to make a living? And that instead of holding a job she chooses to sell out her "fans" by advertising stuff? Why are they not out in the world as missionaries? They have no other responsibilities and I'd guess their church sponsors missions to all kinds of remote place. When better to go than now that no one has a job?

Why can you not find another story about Auj's saintliness than the one about (according to people who know her, not even true)Stephanie? Come up with a new story to show Ste Auj is the fab christian you claim.

And most of all, and the most disgusting to me, why do you assume that the people who see Auj and Jer for what they are, young people who have become enamored with the tiny modicum of fame they have, hate christians? In doing so you show your own shortcomings.

Please if you want to continue to write come up with something new to say. Every week is the same dreck, Worship Ste Auj and revile the evil Jake.

Apparently Ste Auj and Baby Prince Jer are so incredibly special they have absolutely no responsibility or Christian duty to help anyone they don't pre-approve. There are many stories out there of the Golden Couple ignoring or being downright nasty to people who have approached them. So much for Christian charity or an kind of ministry. The Anneite loons will tell you these people are somehow unworthy of the glorious attention of the Golden Couple even though there is no proof these people are somehow lacking, only that Auj and Jer are lacking in human kindness.

Denise said...

Audrey endorsing products she believes in doesn't diminish her love for Jesus or her identifying herself as a follower of Christ.

Anonymous said...

I HAD to stop reading. Don't you know the meaning of plagiarism. Anne Bailey, you consistently state where you get things, including ideas for things! Audrey must be familiar with the concept, she went to college. Audrey didn't say she came up with the idea of "Braidit", but most importantly she didn't state from where the concept comes. That is theft of properitary concept.
Now off to conspiracy land: but seriously,
All this makes me wonder if this Anne Bailey person isn't someone related to Audrey in order to get people to go to her blog and there by getting more hits which relates to more financial support.

Cammy said...

The best part about this whole thing to me is how Stephanie and Audrey are no longer friends. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

This Anne Bailey is all really suspicious because her one consistent theme has been to protect Audrey. As soon as Audrey became fair game to this blog by being engaged to a Roloff, this person popped up, enraged by something a silly teenager wrote

Pamela said...

Cammy, show proof. You're a liar. Show us where Stephanie or Audrey say they aren't friends??

Cammy said...

I used to follow Stephanie on Instagram. She must've deleted. Anyway, Stephanie moved to Santa Barbara a couple of months back for school or something. Not once did they post a photo together or interact with each other on any social media sites. True, that isn't a telling example. But then, Audrey's birthday rolled around and last year, Stephanie had written a long paragraph to celebrate Audrey's birthday. One that Anne mentioned. This year, nothing. No post. No mention of Audrey. Jeremy's best friend lives in Santa Barbra, and Audrey and Jeremy travel often. Why didn't they meet up or see each other since Audrey became her mentor? I have paid pretty close attention to this because I noticed the obsession Stephanie has with Audrey, and soon it seemed to dwindle. I don't think it had anything to do with Audrey liking Stephanie, it was just another way for her to get God brownie points to make it into heaven.
And please, don't use the excuse "maybe they just didn't post about it!" You're kidding, right? With how many posts Stephanie used to make about her? If they had seen each other, there would've been photographic evidence, you can't argue that. I think Audrey just became to infatuated with herself and her life and forgot about broken Stephanie.

Pamela said...

Cammy, that's a lie and a terrible thing to say about Audrey. Of course they don't post about every friend they see. You're just very naive. You didn't see it so you don't think it happens, There's a lot of other ways for people to communicate other than on a public social media. Even if it was true that they weren't in the same place able to spend time together it doesn't mean they don't care about each other.

Cammy said...

Pamela, you're annoying to think that Stephanie wouldn't post if she saw Audrey. Of course she would. Anyone would. It's just hard for you to believe for some reason.

Hanna said...

Anonymous makes a good point. It's probably Cendi Botti herself.

DD said...

Pamela you're old. If you hangout with someone you post about it. Those young girls who came to visit Audrey, audrey posted about it like 15 times. Anytime someone sees a friend they post about it. Wake up its 2015 your old

Tenika said...

Cammy makes a lot of good points. It seems that Audrey has drifted from a lot of her friends lately. It's probably because they want to focus on other things other than her. She probably can't be in a room and talk about anyone but herself.

J45 said...

I will call it like it is. Jake is attacked and will always be attacked by some Christians who have hatred in their hearts for non-Christians but claim to be loving Christians who spread the Word of God and give thanks and glory to Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Give it up; their relationship wasn't real - just like Audrey's principles. Audrey is all about Audrey. She desires attention and manipulates to get it.

Bonnie said...

Thank you Anne for bringing some kindness and appreciative sentiment to this blog. It is wonderful to see Audrey and Jeremy thriving and inspiring as they trust in the Lord Jesus.

Audrey has nothing to apologize for.

While Audrey simply promotes the items she uses herself, you have Jacob who is promoting marijuana at every chance he gets.

J45 said...

Bonnie, it's fair to say marijuana is a product Jake uses himself. ;)

But it all seriousness, isn't marijuana legal in Oregon? So Jake's underage pot use is no worse than Baby Jer's underage drinking. (And FWIW, I don't drink or smoke pot).

Lidia said...

Exactly. Their relationship wasn't real. It was a ploy to make Audrey look like some godsend.
Meanwhile Isabel has actually faced death in her life and Audrey doesn't find the heart to open up and be there for her. What a world we live in.

Barb said...

I couldn't agree more, Anne. I think some people are just jealous of Audrey. She has the relationship they all dream of, she is living a life of purpose and meaning and following her heart which is directed by God.

Some people just try to tear down messengers of Jesus.

Debbie said...

This attempt by Jacob's "fans" to smear Audrey because she does not appear to be besties with Jacob's girlfriend Isabel is pathetic.

It's clear to me that Isabel is jealous that (A) Matt and Amy liked Jacob's first girlfriend, the Christian Vanessa and would Facebook post about how much they liked that young classy girl. They've never said anything like that about Isabel (B) Isabel is jealous of the bond that Audrey and Stephanie had.

If Isabel is a destructive dark force as Jacob is, then Isabel can only be blamed for the lack of friendship with Audrey.

Jacob did after all mock Audrey for thanking God for blessing her with a wedding day full of sunshine/ This is who Isabel claims to love and lives with in sin. Isabel was completely on board with Jacob mocking Audrey and she admitted she gets "high" with Jacob. Isabel needs to make an effort to have something in common with Audrey before you blame Audrey.

Katnip said...

You're wrong, Debbie.
Amy posts on a lot of Isabel's photos on Instagram and Amy tweeted a picture of her, Jacob and Isabel on the 4th of July.
She may have not said "I like that classy girl" but she does in fact, seem to like her.
Anywho, I don't think Jacob really brings Isabel around enough for any of them to actually get to know her, because he has chosen to distance himself. He moved out. He only goes to events to get paid. To expect them to love and adore Isabel without really knowing her is hard. Jacob lived at home so it was easy with his other girlfriends to get to know them. Tori, Audrey, Molly and Amy all interact with her on social media so I don't know why people are acting like she doesn't get any attention. If anything, only Audrey really gave a crap about Stephanie in that family.
In defense to Matt not speaking up, Matt doesn't even like Jacob and Jacob doesn't want anything to do with his dad from what I gather. So of course Matt would have nothing to say about his new girlfriend. Mind you they haven't even been dating a year, and the whole family dynamic is a lot different than it once was

Brandon said...

"In defense to Matt not speaking up, Matt doesn't even like Jacob and Jacob doesn't want anything to do with his dad from what I gather."

Katnip, I don't disagree with everything you're saying, but publicly praises all of his kids including Jacob. He praised him as "creative" when he got expelled from school. He praised Jacob for his answers when Jacob was calling people "annoying cunts". Matt will always say his kids are super duper extraordinary kids.

FWIW, it's obvious Jacob has toned down his posts about family member since the Audrey stuff blew up, but I was always under the impression that Jacob had more disdain for Amy than Matt.

Jacob did once tweet that every trait he hates about humans Amy possesses....that's a damning criticism of your mom. My mom is everything I hate about humans. Yikes. I don't know how he could have a worse relationship with Matt than he does with Amy.

Amy also appears to be the more religious out of her and Matt (I think Matt just does the Christian posts for show) and that seems to annoy Jacob.

Lauren said...

Katnip, I think Amy posting on Isabel's pictures is Amy just trying to be polite and not alienate Jacob. Amy, much to my chagrin, wants Jacob to keep her in his life and sucking up to Isabel seems like a natural ploy for a mom to use.

Katnip said...

Brandon, I think more and more, probably, what I'm gathering, is that Jacob is maturing a little bit. And probably... Isabel's mother passed away so perhaps she's encouraging of keeping a relationship with your mother, to Jacob. I don't know. Matt is a fake to me, through and through. So when he says he's proud, I don't believe it. I just brush it off like shits coming out of his mouth.
But you do make good points.

Katnip said...

Or, perhaps, Amy likes her? I don't actually honestly see any reason why any of them wouldn't like her besides that she "lives in sin" with Jacob. Commenting on Jacob's girlfriends photos isn't going to miraculously make Jacob want her in his life. I think Amy is genuine sometimes, or trying to be at least.
I guess I don't know why you'd pick on Isabel at all, truthfully. It's as pointless as mentioning Jacob's ex girlfriends. Yes Isabel is dating Jacob but I can notice very different characteristics of the two. Sometimes, it confuses me as to why she's with him.
That's just me...

Felicia said...

"If Jacob is as a destructive dark force as Jacob is"

See, Debbie we literally can't say that. I have followed this new girl in the Roloff life for a long time and I cannot see anything that makes her look like a dark force. I'm confused why she gets hate flung at her. Separate the two, would you? Hate Jacob but don't hate her I do not believe she does anything to warrant it.

Nancy said...

Lauren, why is it hard for you to believe that maybe Amy just likes Isabel?????

Megan said...

Jacob and Isabel are the same. Well, who knows what she is really like, but it is SOOOO obvious she posts stuff just to get Jacob's approval. But they retweet each other's stuff, they both post about drugs, they both are rude to fans.

PJ said...

Please one of the Anneites explain why Isobel or Tori MUST be run down and made to look bad to glorify Auj? If Ste Auj cannot shine without blackening someone else she does not shine.

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Auj, no normal human being could ever live up to Sister-Anne-Holier-Than-Thou's image of her.

Deedee said...

How is it obvious that she posts things for Jacobs approval???? Give me proof or an example.

Lecile said...

How are they both rude to fans?

J45 said...


"I think some people are just jealous of Audrey." What's there to be jealous of?

"She has the relationship they all dream of," I'm not fond of Jer, if that's what you're getting at.

"she is living a life of purpose and meaning and following her heart which is directed by God." Oh, right. THAT. Hmmm well I don't believe in God so this means nothing to me. Still not jealous.

"Some people just try to tear down messengers of Jesus." Saying I don't believe in God, so Audrey's love of God is irrelevant to me isn't me tearing down messengers of Jesus, it's me not believing in God and not caring when others do.

I don't think people are stupid for "praying to a man in the sky"; I don't care who you pray to or what you pray for. I don't personally believe prayer works but I don't condemn praying -- if it brings *you* comfort, then prayer is a good thing for *you*. I don't believe in God, but if having a relationship with Him brings you joy, then I encourage you to continue that relationship.

I'm happy for you when your prayers are answered, but I don't have to believe the same thing as you to be happy for you.

Jamie said...

Isabel is the worst. She's like a high school mean girl. I've seen posts where she says cruel and mean things to Jacob's ex's completely unprompted and gets other girls to gang up on them too. She tries extremely hard to hide her bad behavior.

She also explicitly wants fame and worships celebrities. Most of what she says is so cringeworthy and she'll often contradict herself a few minutes later.

I could go on, but to be polite about it, overall she's just an extremely immature kid. Birds of a feather. Jacob's a mess, so I think Amy knows anyone who's with him must be equally immature. And she's right. There has been nothing to indicate she "likes" her. Amy's not a fool, after all her critique of Jacob was spot on.

Lacey said...

Audrey and Jeremy are fantastic. They have such a nice energy about them. They love God and love life. What's not to love?

Tina said...

Anne, it is so refreshing to hear a Christian perspective. I love Audrey too.

Jenna said...

I love Audrey and Jeremy too. Audrey is such a beautiful person inside and out. I often wonder "Where did you get that?" I'm glad she shares that information.

Helen said...

I will always be proud to support Christians like Jeremy and Audrey.

Brooke said...

I'm really confused about the enthusiastic support for Audrey by Christians.

Don't you think she is too materialistic? $250 hand bags? Hair extensions? Beauty cream?I thought Christians didn't care about material thing. I was taught it's the inside that counts. But Audrey seems to care a lot about appearances.

Darlene said...

Is Audrey even a nice person? Do any "strangers" have any stories about her being kind to them? I know she once called Jeremy's friends "randoms" that doesn't seem very respectful. It makes me think she's probably just like Mueller and the rest of them. Tell a girl to go kill herself because she was a fan or make fun of a smiling excited girl because she was happy and had braces. They should be ashamed of themselves if they think they are following Jesus' example.

Jamie said...

I don't think anybody really knows what Audrey is like. She gives little to no indication on Twitter and she always seems a bit timid on camera. It's interesting that she dumped Jeremy at one point. I know her interaction with him on camera is always kind of awkward, completely different to Zach and Tori's, which is much more natural. It seems like she wasn't really into Jeremy at one point, but being Jeremy, he pursued her anyways and proposed. Can you dump someone then quickly turn around and fall in love? They certainly put a lot of pressure on their marriage with the constant scripture. They just seem strange to me, like they're bored.

Katnip said...

Jamie, you're absolutely ridiculous, lol.
Show us proof where Isabel does any of that. If you have no proof, it just sounds like you're jealous and annoying about it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how all of you can put Audrey and Jeremy so high on a pedestal. What have they done beside quoting the bible? Audrey's blog is nothing but look at me and I like expensive things blog. It's know wonder they moved to Bend. Did you see how many pictures she showed with the bag? Way too many.
If Jeremy and Audrey are so into Jesus why don't they go volunteer somewhere and help people. Obviously they don't need the money because of all the traveling they do, TV Show, expensive things and they live in Bend.

How do you know Audrey is a wonderful person? Have you met her? Her goody to shoes and over zealous about Jesus is so fake. People who are religious don't have to post it every single minute. It's like she is trying to prove it to people that she follows Jesus.

Isabel is a male version of Jacob just look at her tweets. The only thing that is different is she sometimes tweets about praying. For all her tweets about treating people right I'm surprise that she is with Jacob.

Matt is so fake.

BTW, I am not jealous of any of the Roloffs. I don't get how you are so in love with Audrey and Jeremy. I don't see it. They seem fake to me.

MS said...

Brooke, Audrey can do no wrong in the eyes of her admirers. If one cites any behavior that reflects badly on her, it's either ignored, spun as a positive (she Anne's slanted articles), or that person is simply called a liar (as Darlene will soon be labeled). To many, it seems plainly obvious that Audrey is far from the saint she's portrayed to be by her followers, but this particular cult has her so high on a pedestal, they're completely blinded by reality.

Laura said...

Jamie, how dare you doubt Audrey's love for Jeremy. Audrey takes love and commitment very seriously. You should know if you've seen her on camera or read any of her blogs, twitter or Instagram stories.

Audrey "dumped" Jeremy while they were in the middle of a long distance relationship. Sometimes a break is best to see whether the two people are meant for each other. God inspired Audrey to do that and wanted Audrey and Jeremy to form a union together.

God has great things in store for the two of them.

MS said...

Anon, you're far from alone. Audrey/Jeremy strike many as fake. Your post is full of spot on observations. Therefore, you'll be ignored or dismissed as a hater :)

Rap541 said...

Laura - so in fact, she did dump Jeremy at one point. How was Jamie lying? Audrey obviously had doubts if she broke it off for a bit - do note I don't find that unusual or unreasonable - but you're acting like a lie is being told when it isn't.

If Audrey never faltered in her love and adoration for Jer, she wouldn't have wanted a break. If it ultimately led her to reassess the relationship in a favourable way - and it clearly did - then why are you shitting yourself in rage over it?

Is Audrey's every move supposed to be declared perfect? Because she did dump Jeremy for a bit... Laura - is Audrey's every action a perfect act as though she acts for God?

If your answer is no, Audrey is not perfect and Audrey's every action is not the act of God, then please sllow her to be a normal human being who had doubts about her relationship. Jesus Christ, you people act like Audrey IS Jesus Christ.

MS said...

Laura, I'm curious if you're equally appalled at those questioning Tori's feelings?

PJ said...

When Tori and Zach do talking heads they look at each other when they talk and have a natural flow and ebb of conversation. When Jer and Auj do the talking head Auj is constantly showboating and they do not look at each other. the body language of Tori and Zach shows two people who respect and love each other. Jer and Auj show two people anxious to impress others with less concern for each other. Watch the photos of famous couples that divorce and you'll see the "not looking at each other, looking at the camera" thing frequently.
Do Auj and Jer love each other? Don't know but there is far less respect and caring and more "look at me, not him/her" going on.

Debbie said...

This is ridiculous.

How can anyone claim to know that Audrey had doubts about Jeremy just because she broke up for a short time during their long distance relationship. You don't know what was in Audrey's heart or thought process! Stop being ignorant! Audrey said she knew Jeremy was her soul mate and the one she wanted to spend her life with it. She knew God intended that way. A momentary break up doesn't change that.

You hateful people can never break up Jeremy, Audrey and God. Gosh, people are sick.

PJ said...

How is what is being said about Jer/Auj any different than what the Anneite Loons said about Zach/Tori? Answer; NONE. You all cannot stand it when your own tactics are used on your Golden Couple.
Of course nothing here is going to break up Jer/Auj. If that happens it will be without help from anyone except Matt.

BTW did it occur to anyone else that breaking up is a great tactic for getting an overdue proposal? I've seen it work time and again.

Kristy said...

Audrey and Jeremy have the best relationship. I love the way they live their life to celebrate Jesus It's nice of Audrey to show people what she likes and where she gets the things she likes from. People ask her. She is nice to answer. I don't care if Audrey gets some money from it. She deserves it.

Audrey and Jeremy obviously have a strong bond and will have a wonderful lasting marriage. Shame on people for trying to cause problems by reading into silly things like whether Audrey looks at Jeremy while speaking to the camera.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - no offense but if she broke up with him, then she had doubts. Stop being ignorant or at least explain why if you firmly believe she HAD NO DOUBTS ABOUT JEREMY then WHY WOULD SHE BREAK UP WITH HER FUTURE HUSBAND AT ALL?

If she knew beyond a doubt, and you are insisting Audrey knew beyond a doubt that God wanted her to be with Jeremy, then why would she break up with someone she HAD NO DOUBT SHE WAS MEANT TO BE WITH PER HER GOD?

Point - I have no wish to see the kiddies break up, I don't really care one way or another, but I am tired of the irrational "Oh sweet jesus, we can't insist they didn't break up because they both admitted they did, but we can never ever admit Audrey is a human being who had doubts about her relationship! NO NO NO AUDREY KNEW SHE WAS MEANT FOR JEREMY EVEN AS SHE BROKE UP WITH HIM AND ANYONE WHO SUGGESTS SHE HAS DOUBTS IS IGNORANT BECAUSE AUDREY KNEW! WE KNOW AUDREY'S HEART BETTER THAN AUDREY"

Is that your point Debbie? You knew Audrey's heart better than Audrey? And you will put your hand on a Bible and swear on the blood of Christ you KNOW Audrey NEVER once doubted her relationship?

Because if you are willing to swear that - then I genuinely want to know why Audrey broke up briefly with the guy she knew she was meant to be with and never once doubted... because it doesn't make sense.

For the record - I think it's perfectly normal for a couple to reassess a relationship

Maria said...

Really, some of you people aren't very smart. Sometimes it takes stepping away from a person to see how much they mean to you and that they are the right one for you. Audrey temporarily breaking up doesn't reveal any cracks in their relationship. It solidifies it.

Denise said...

"For the record - I think it's perfectly normal for a couple to reassess a relationship"

Yet you and others are trying to suggest that it means that Audrey has doubts about Jeremy or that it means she doesn't truly love Jeremy.

This is what Jamie said "Can you dump someone then quickly turn around and fall in love?"

Megan said...

Every thing happens for a reason. Jeremy and Audrey are meant for each other.

MS said...

I sense an emergency damage-control midweek article from Anne in the works :) Spoiler: "The break-up was all part of God's master plan for Jeremy and Audrey...yada yada yada" :)

Rap541 said...

Denise - Audrey *had* doubts. She obviously worked thru them if she married the guy.

Do you understand the difference between the words "had" and "has"?

Because I am getting the sense that you don't.

Denise - since I am ignorant, per you, please explain why Audrey and Jeremy both concede they broke up for a bit, and why you think that's an indicator that they had NO DOUBTS?

It's also duly noted that as usual, while you claim to know Audrey's heart, you refuse to swear on the blood of your savior Jesus Christ to how you know Audrey's heart and how you know Audrey had NO DOUBTS.

J45 said...

MS, I think Laura proved your point with {Jamie, how dare you doubt Audrey's love for Jeremy.} The God Sqad is so predictable.

J45 said...

Debbie, Audrey said "the next person [she] dated" she would marry. No mention of Jer then, because they hadn't started dating.

Since Jer was the next person she dated, she followed through with the resolution.
(Really I wouldn't have faulted her for backing out).

If Zach had been the next person Audrey dated, she would've felt compelled to marry Zach.

Rap541 said...

What makes the attacks against Audrey especially distasteful is that many of the same people critical of Audrey either stay silent about the real destructive force associated with the Roloffs or worse, offer praise to Jacob Roloff.

Anne, when Jeremy and Audrey have the courage to stand up and say Jacob is a real destructive force in their lives that they as Christians will no longer tolerate as it does not please God, then you will have an arguing point.

Audrey and Jeremy sit silent. Audrey and Jeremy praise Jacob. If you do not hold audrey and Jeremy accountable for intentionally misleading the public about the evil in their lives, then you have no right to hold anyone else accountable. Audrey and Jeremy could refuse to film with Jacob, and instead they willfully allow him to profit and spread his message that there is no God. Jeremy doesn't protest it. Audrey doesn't protest it. They are not fine Christians if they willfully mislead others into thinking their family endorses Jacob - and they do. And don;'t meally mouth it - you're calling everyone else *hateful* for not speaking out. It is *hateful* to you that people don't judge Jacob. Well, Jeremy and Audrey don't judge Jacob, therefore you must agree, they are HATEFUL. . Not "they're family so...." - nope nope nope - no excuses! Jeremy and Audrey walk with Christ ONLY when it's easy. It would be very hard indeed to publically cut their brother out of their lives and state they would no longer do the show unless Jacob accepts Christ.... and since it's hard, and people like you will make excuses for them, they'll just merrily sit silent making money on praising Jacob.

No excuses Anne. If you are stating for the record that people who don't bash Jacob are hateful, then JEREMY AND AUDREY ARE HATEFUL and you need to start calling them out as the hateful bad Christians they are for knowingly endorsing Jacob's behavior.

Rap541 said...

And if I seem like I am being harsh, it's because I am tired of Anne telling us all to support AUdrey and Jeremy in their decision to ignore the evil in their lives but when we emulate Audrey and Jeremy and not speak out against Jacob, Anne shits on us and calls us hateful. We learned it from watching AUdrey and Jeremy, Anne! We're following their example and you're publically deriding us for acting as Jeremy and Audrey!

Come on, anne! You had the balls to call anyone who doesn't speak out against Jacob hateful - explain why we should support AUdrey and Jeremy when they won't walk the walk you insist the rest of us have to follow or else be judged?

Jamie said...


Everything I've said about Isabel I've seen with my own eyes and your unquestioning support honestly makes me wonder.

She has even admitted to her bad behavior, saying not to judge her past mistakes. She has stated many times her feelings on fame and celebrities. I'm sorry if you're offended by the truth, but you're just wrong.


How dare I point out that Audrey dumped Jeremy? You and others seem to be jumping to huge conclusions, which shows your adulation of them. Did I say they couldn't be in love? All I did was point out a fact and pose a question, because I honestly don't know the answer. Can we not even dare to try and understand the circumstances of their marriage?

Anonymous said...

Isobel is a snake. Anyone who has ever met her will tell you the same.

Katnip said...

Jamie, there are people who can see people for who they really are despite our differences. Would you be shocked to know I've been a Christian for 20 years? I don't think it's right the way you judge this girl who you don't know.

"I've seen it with my own eyes". And with my own eyes I've seen Audrey turn down loving fans, ignore them, etc.

I've never seen Audrey make any effort to pray for Jacob or for him to seek guidance or counseling, along with Jeremy. Not only do they not do anything about their brother, brother in law, they just let him be and forget about him.

Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Ryan Velasco said...

Wisdom? Are you kidding? She's not old enough to posses wisdom. Oy

life on the water said...

Wow! I came across this site when Googled the Roloffs to learn more about the family and how they came to acquire their farm. I can't believe how much all of you are invested in this REALITY tv show! Don't you have anything better to do with your time than to comment on the lives of these people you don't personally know? If the people on the show bother you that much, then quit watching the show!

August 19, 2015 at 7:34 AM

Ecossais said...

"Audrey's blog is a blessing"

You religious nuts are crazy.

How can being all about money, promoting expensive stuff for sale and posting innumerable pictures of herself wearing a ton of makeup be a blessing?

Rap541 said...

How did her post about her 285 dollar bag inspire you to consider how important God is in your life?

Janet, Anne, other Christians - not one of you will answer this question. Why is that?

I want to be educated - what did you Christians find inspiring, what made you think "God is with us, God is important to me" - about Audrey's post with her new leather diaper bag?

Phillip Jensen said...

A blessing??? Lol, she's paid to sell crappy things nobody needs. She's on the same level as Kim Kardashian, as she's the queen of product pimping. Just an easy and lazy way to make money, come on now...

mittsigirl said...

Rap541-Maybe the Christians who think spending that kind of money for a bag, etc., are the PROSPERITY Christians, who think that the more expensive things you have, the more God has blessed you. They are all the rage these days. Listen to Joyce Myers, she brags about God blessing her with wealth all of the time, and flaunts it for all to see. Maybe?