Sunday, August 23, 2015

Guest Opinion Column: Anne J. Bailey: Jacob Roloff And His Police Bashing

Hello readers, Anne J. Bailey here with my weekly column.

For this week, I would like to thank Connor for the passionate email suggesting this subject for a topic in my next article. It is something very real, very important and something that has very real consequences.

Jacob Roloff is hateful, angry, reckless, arrogant and ignorant. That is a dangerous combination that can do a lot of damage.

People need to be aware of what they are putting out there into the world. Are you doing good, is your message positive one for Jesus or are you spreading hate and evil? Are your intentions pure? Will people take your reckless words and do damage?

One of the most careless and hateful actions from Jacob Roloff is the endless stream of anti-police rhetoric and venom he spews at the brave men and women. I will remind you that the Roloffs call the police to protect them whenever there is chaos or if they ever feel threatened.

Understand that, police have come to protect Jacob Roloff and his family yet Jacob has no conscience when it comes to him vilifying police officers. 

What is behind Jacob's hate that he tweets about day after day, week after week, month after month?

What I am about to say is in no way said as an excuse for him. However, we need to understand that part of Jacob Roloff's make up is that he wants to be bad. He wants to rebel. He wants to cause disturbance. He's ignorant, he wants to do something that will make people mad.

He was raised with Christian values. He mocks Christian practices such as prayer and believing in heaven. 

He was raised in a family that had members who were proud Americans. Jacob bashes America. 

He was raised in a family where everyone in the family except for Jacob understands that gay marriage is harmful to society and being gay is not natural and is a perversion. Yet Jacob will tweet pretending to be in support of gay marriage. Does he really believe that or is it just another way he can be bad by going against what will upset people around him? Evidence points to the latter. It's well documented that Jacob was (justifiably so) NOT accepting of a gay boy at his high school who began letting everyone know that he was attracted to Jacob. Understandably, Jacob said he didn't want to be in the same room as the gay kid and refused to speak one word to him the entire year. This suggests Jacob knows gays are perverts who shouldn't be "accepted" because what they do is sexually perverted and morally wrong. Jacob even once in his own words said "That's when (referring to sexual acts) I consider it to be a sin". 

So why does Jacob pretend to be an enemy to the fight to preserve traditional marriage if he himself has called gay acts sinful and refused to interact with a gay? Is it just another example of him pretending to take a certain position that he knows will cause disappointment to his family and people around them?

Could this play a factor in Jacob's hatred towards American police?

However, we can't downplay Jacob's own drug use. He did once use twitter to alert his druggie friends that police were in the area where they apparently went to get their drugs. His girlfriend, Isabel, once tweeted that it is so well known that she knows where to get any type of drug that all of her friends come to her to ask where they should get them. Given that, is it surprising Jacob hates the police?

Jacob is a twitter parrot for the #blacklivesmatter movement. The majority of his twitter content consists of Jacob retweeting black activists...or white men who pretend to be black (Shaun King scandal). Jacob seems to have the same goal as many upper class white teenagers in today's society, they think it is cool to hate on white people and pander to black people.

Jacob makes himself look like a fool with his anti police rhetoric. He joined the conspiracy theory that Sandra Bland's mug shot was actually a picture of her after she was dead. That was factually proven to be ridiculous and false as police later released the video of her having her picture taken.. Jacob never  apologized.  He also joined the witch hunt trying to present the security camera company's dispatchers as liars as they reported that a black man drove his car through a dealership's store front window and began kicking out the windshield. The video proved that what was described was exactly what happened. Jacob never apologized.

Just this weekend Jacob tweeted out more anti-police sentiments

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ
"Cops do whatever they want lol damn"
August 22, 2015

Posting all of this propaganda against police might be the worst of all that Jacob has done on social media. He might think he is being hip or cool by being anti police, but he needs to understand that his hateful sentiments can have consequences. Due to his celebrity, Jacob does have more influence than the average 18 year old because he has people who follow him merely because they like Little People, Big World and thought the Roloffs were a nice Christian family. Jacob is spewing hateful messages supporting the criminals merely because they are black and demonizing the police officers in many cases just because they are white. 

Jacob isn't mature enough to ever think for one second what it would be like to be the police officer who gets a call that some crazy person just drove threw a dealership's storefront at night and is smashing cars or has an angry 6'4" 220 pound black "boy" who just robbed a convenience store charge at them. Would Jacob not react and give to the criminal the benefit of the doubt. Just like the police officer who recently was pistol whipped unconscious because he hesitated when dealing with a criminal because he did not want to be accused of using excessive force by the likes of Jacob Roloff on twitter. I noticed that Jacob didn't have one tweet about that incident. Jacob has blood on his hands.

It is irresponsible and negligent to put out those kind of hateful sentiments against the police when that kind of rhetoric can spread this kind of hate towards real men and women who are bravely serving their country. 

And finally, if Jacob feels in danger, were to get assaulted or robbed, who is he going to call? The police whom he bashes day after day. That tells you all you need to know about Jacob's lack of character.

I pray that Jacob seriously reflects upon the hatred he is spreading.

Have a blessed Sunday my friends and fellow Christians. 


Denise said...

Thank you Anne. It's about time people take Jacob to task. It's easy to join the witch hunt against police if you never think about how difficult their job really is to carry out. They can die at any given second. They have split seconds to make decisions and the wrong decision can cost them their live.

And yes, Jacob would for sure call the police if he were to need help. I hope the police are aware of what Jacob posts.

Kelly said...

I echo that. I can't stay Jacob's "wanna be back" persona on twitter. I can't stand these rich white boys who think the thugs in the ghetto will respect them if they bash white people too.

Denise, well Jacob was whining about getting a $1000 speeding ticket so hopefully the police know that Jacob stands with the criminals and will always bash the police. They don't owe Jacob any favors, that's for sure.

Jim said...

The real question is how does Jacob act if he is stopped by law enforcement? Don't be a pussy Jacob. Act like the thugs he defends. I would love to see that. The cop who chokes Jacob out would deserve a medal.

Gail said...

Anne, well said. Jacob should think before he posts.

Taylor said...

I hope police knows where Jake stands on police and they will accordingly.

Carly said...

I have wondered why the police don't crack down on Jacob. They would know he's connected to drugs and they would know he hates cops. If I were a cop, I'd pull him over, lol.

Rap541 said...

"I hope police knows where Jake stands on police and they will accordingly. "

Which of course would prove the point that the police are not infallible.

Taylor, you do understand you're stating you want the police to judge and respond according to who likes the police and who doesn't, right?

And you do all understand that Matt Roloff merrily badmouthed the cop who arrested him for DUI, right? Matt the *father* of Jacob... why should Jacob not follow his father's example of disrespect? :)

Anonymous said...

"an angry 6'4" 220 pound black "boy" "

This feels racist, Spirit.

Jim said...

Anon, it's not racist. Do you pay any attention to the news? That's how the liberal media described Mike Brown to attempt to downplay the threat he was. He wasn't a little boy. He was a huge man who had robbed a store earlier.

Rap541 said...

" If I were a cop, I'd pull him over, lol."

Why? I mean, if you were a cop, you would need to obey the law as well, you know that, right? You know that cops aren't allowed to simply pull people over because they don't like the person?

So if Jacob is driving and not breaking any laws, why would you encourage the police to break the law and stop him simply for spite? I mean, you are actually advocating the police do the thing that people are actually concerned about - police overstepping themselves and hassling people purely because they don't like how certain look.

Would you pull over a black person simply because you're a cop, Carly?

Anonymous said...

Jim - there's some historical context to calling a 6'4 black man a "boy". Anne is also stating "gay marriage is harmful to society and being gay is not natural and is a perversion" and "The majority of his twitter content consists of Jacob retweeting black activists...or white men who pretend to be black"

Anne clearly has a problem with race and with gays.

Ryan Velasco said...

The entire family is dysfunctional. Kids can't support themselves. Girls want to be on TV. Father pulling tricks to make money all the time. Tired of it

PJ said...

First of all Anne-Better-Than-You,
Jake has said nothing I haven't heard on my local news broadcast (network news, not liberal)NOTHING. For decades we as a Society have been putting the police in a box and assuming they are just as corrupt today as they really were in the '30's and '40's. That's not fair but it's what we've pounded into the heads of our young adults. It doesn't help that the media jumps all over stories they think will elicit viewership. Rodney King is a prime and early example of this. The media edited the video to be something other than what it was and wound up causing riots that nearly cost one man his life and caused businesses to run from neighborhoods that needed them most.
Jake also grew up in a home with no respect for authority. Both his parents have poor mouthed (or physically attacked in Amy's case) government employees who were just doing their job.How can Jake have respect for any authority when he's been taught that the Roloffs are more important and don't have to behave?
I'm sure Jake will get stopped at some point and I'm sure, like his parents, he'll cry unfair and sue.
BTW all of you that used "Boy". The news actually said either Teen or young man. Boy used in conjunction with African-Americans is just filthy. It harkens back to the days of "Whites Only" and lynchings so yes it does show prejudice and the lack of morals on one side of this discussion.

Now for the last point. Anne homosexuality is, as you would know if you had a main stream education, perfectly natural and normal. Animal populations exhibit homosexuality in the same 10% rate as humans. The more overcrowded the more likelyhood of a higher percentage of gay members.
Marriage is really a social contract that conveys rights. Why do you feel it's okay to take away other people's civil rights? No one is suggesting that religions would have to perform these marriages. Ministers of all faiths are free to refuse to perform a marriage for any reason. And most importantly how does ANYONE else's marriage effect you in any way? It doesn't.
Before you quote the bible please remember that it was written a very long time ago and all the advancements we've made came from God. Why would God give us the ability to think and advance if we're supposed to stand still in our social structure? remember if we lived in the time of the last biblical revision you would probably not be able to read and definitely not be allowed to express opinions or to write articles.

I don't know if Auj is committing fraud (rigged contests) or simply doesn't have enough people entering to be fair. I feel it's the latter and that she wouldn't deliberately defraud her sponsors.

Megan B said...

"Jacob Roloff is hateful, angry, reckless, arrogant and ignorant."

This line describes its author so perfectly that it qualifies as a textbook case of irony. Anne Bailey, know thyself.

Debbie said...

Being gay isn't natural. It is perversion. Anne makes a great point about Jacob's hypocrisy. He will tweet like he wants gays in society but when he had one near him he knew it was wrong and got away from the homosexual. It's like arguing that sex offenders should be released but hey, don't let them live next to me. That's Jacob and "gay rights".

TJ said...

Jacob's opinion on these matters involving police would be a lot more educated and a lot different if he even had one person who he cared about who was a cop. They aren't RoboCops who can afford to let these criminals attack and kill them. Hindsight it is 20/20. It's easy to look after the fact and say they should have done this or that. But people like Jacob would never have the guts to even attempt to put themselves in harms way like police officers do on a daily basis.

Jim said...

PJ, don't be so naive. Mike Brown was described as a "teenage boy" by liberal media. Just like a Trayvon Martin was described as a "boy with skittles". Just like Jacob retweeted a laughable description from the aforementioned joke...err..Shaun King...describing Christian Taylor as "the baby brother" to football player Adrian Taylor".

Are you so naive that you don't know that these are blatant attempts to make these criminals sound like innocent babies? Really, watch the video of Christian Taylor driving his vehicle through the glass window and then walking around stomping out windshields. The term "he is so and so's "baby brother" doesn't come to my mind. But Jacob felt the need to retweet that.

Rap541 said...

TJ - unfortunately that sort of response works both ways.

Let me give you an example. I greatly dislike the fetishing of soldiers. Soldiers often get the same special treatment as cops - they put themselves in harms way so they get a lot of free passes when their behavior is bad because people accept that the job is difficult.

However, that doesn't mean that ALL soldiers are good decent people. You know how I know that? I was a soldier, in Desert Storm, in the Army. Let me assure you, Army soldiers commit crimes, steal, rape, murder, etc etc etc and at about the same percentages as non soldiers. And cops are the same and ignoring that because cops have a difficult job is a quick way to let cops get dirty. You're right, they aren't Robocops... but cops are people too and they can have their own issues and prejudices.

I mean, who watches the watchmen?

Emily said...

I think Jacob is one of these pathetic rich white teenagers of 2015. Look at the music Jacob and Isabel listen to, they went to Tyler The Creator's concert in Portland. I saw someone here google the lyrics once. Think of the lyrics and think of Jacob's cushy life. It's a joke that he's trying to identify with black life. These white kids don't even realize that black people hate it when white people think they are identifying with them.

PJ said...

I'm not naive. I told you what language my local news used. The only time the term boy was used was by the parents and that's acceptable to call your own son "my boy".
What Anne-Better-Than-You said was not "teen boy" it was "Black Boy". It clearly demonstrates prejudice as do all of her posts.
And yes I sit here many nights looking at mug shots of young men who have been killed and listen to their parents swear that they were good, upstanding citizens that have nothing to do with gangs and know they are lying. It's a normal human reaction to think the best of our dead loved ones, to make them better than they were so we don't look like bad parents. Was Christian Taylor the baby of the family? there's an eight year gap between them it's possible.

So you know I support the police and take whatever the news says with a pound of salt but wouldn't have at 18.

Try reading a biology book written after about 1980 by mainstream authors and you will see the truth. What you continually spout is very narrow minded and harmful. I'm sure it was an attitude formed by some bigoted preacher somewhere but not all Christian churches agree. even Pope Francis is trying to improve the Churches attitude to gays.

Carina said...

CANNOT believe you let this homophobic and racist article be published, Spirits. I bet you will lose a lot of followers/audience.

Barb said...

Anne, thank you. It's about time Jacob is held accountable for the hatred he spreads.

People need to stop trying to make excuses for him. Yes other Roloffs might not like the police either but they don't spread hate every day trying to get people to think all police are bad.

Anne, you also made a solid point about Jacob being a hypocrite when it comes to his supposed views homosexuality. He thinks it makes him look cool to his druggie friends he's trying to impress but he's not even willing to embrace it in his real life (and for good reason).

Eric said...

I would love to see spineless Jacob give the police the same attitude in person that he does on twitter. Surely he would be taken away unconscious and he would deserve every bit of it.

Police shouldn't need to take that kind of disrespect and hate. People like Jacob go so overboard, they act like murderous thugs should be given the benefit of the doubt when getting aggressive with the police and if they kill the cop, oh well, it's just a cop.

The cops SHOULD remember this the next time they need to deal with Jacob.

Anonymous said...

How the Christians embrace this family of con artists is beyond me. None of them work. Every week its like watching a family of gypsies conning the public. 1st this one marries, then that one marries. Then its the salsa con game at the supermarket. Every show is the same. How the Roloffs make money without ever doing a days work. Good god, can't these 3 boys just find an honest job.? 26 yrs old & prince Jer can't say he's ever worked a day in his life? Zack, 26 .. . a menial part-time job at a soccer field..The Christians see no problem with this family? ho boy . . .

Carly said...

Rap, are you human? If you were a cop, would you treat someone who made it their life missionn to spew hate against your profession with top notch respect? I'm sure someone like Jacob would not behave perfectly and the police should give him no leeway.

I would love to see if the cop who gave him the $1000 speeding ticket had a camera to see how Jacob behaved. If Jacob showed any hint of acting aggressive yeah I hope the police would use force on him without pause.

He doesn't respect police, why should tbey give him the benefit of doubt.

Wendy said...

Anne, thank you for shining light on Jacob's hate. I also hope police realize what Jacob is like and focus on him. He's already bragged about drug use. He should be on their radar.

Vicky said...

Jacob has no care or conscience.

Shelby said...

I hope Jacob is a jerk to the police if they ever do bust him. A video of the police knocking arrogant Jacob out would be a video worth watching.

I just want want Jacob to be held accountable for his horrible ways of treating people. If he insists on doing drugs, then maybe he will overdose with his Xanax. If he insists on spitting on police officers then hopefully they will respond by beating some respect into him.

I'm sorry but Jacob is a jerk who only cares about himself and nothing else. I believe in prayer against jerks like that .

NJC said...

The police should beat Jacob unconscious to prove to him that they deserve respect and don't abuse people. Brilliant.

The Christian love just oozes from you all.

Tina said...

There's no defense of Jacob's hate against police. He's trying to rally his fans to hate police. It's awful.

Jim said...

@NJC What people are saying is the police should render Jacob unconscious if he deserves it. He puts their lives at risk eveytime he retweets this racist crap trying to get people to hate the police.

Paula said...

Anne, I wasn't surprised Jacob had nothing to say about the officer who hesitated to use force and then was beaten unconscious and mocked by black people.

Justin said...

All I hope for is that gutless spoiled brat Jacob is as obnoxious in person to the wrong person as he is online and the rest will take care of itself.

Irena said...

Anne, you make a great point about Jacob's hypocrisy about gay marriage. I hate people like Jacob who only say what they think will make them sound cool. Fortunately God made the truth known. Even Jacob won't be friends with a fag even Jacob said on Ask that gays are too sensitive about that word when his friend used it) But he wants them married? Where does he think they will go and live? Gay island?

Kaitlyn said...

I would love for Jacob to be unconscious again so I could see what everyone's reactuon would be if he was actually hurt and not just hypothetical.

NJC said...

No Jim what people including yourself are saying is that the police should beat Jacob unconscious and choke him out because he shows them disrespect. If a police officer can't handle a disrespectful punk without resorting to violence he should find another line of work.

Maggie said...

You'd think Jacob would have some remorse after the 2 police officers in NY were murdered or tge police officer murdered by a killer he was transporting. Jacob has no heart.

Patricia said...

How does Jacob live with himself after being so hateful and bad? Is he so delusional to think he's right? Or is it the drugs?

Anonymous said...

Ann and the rest of you are all delusional. Why does Jacob have to apologize for tweeting what is reported on the news. Do the cable new channels apologize? NO, they don't.
You all call yourselves Christian but you are spewing hate on someone who disagrees with you. Such hypocrites you all are.
I don't agree with Jacob drug use and his view of the police but that is what young people are into.
Why do you think the rest of the family don't express their views on gay, drugs, politics and the police? It's because if they do they will lose viewers and their paycheck. Jacob already said he doesn't care about the show so he says what he thinks.
This hatred of Jacob is so sick and for you to write this post just shows that you are not that different than Jacob.
Christians you are not. Hypocrites you are.

Anonymous said...

Whack job stalker. Your obsession with this kid borders on molestation. So he accepts homosexuality and smokes pot. Christians spew hate and judgment. Go Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Rap, are you human? If you were a cop, would you treat someone who made it their life missionn to spew hate against your profession with top notch respect?

Since that would be a part of my *job*, Carly yes.

Carly - if you were a cop and someone disrespected you by saying they hate your profession, would you arrest them? Kill them? I mean, if you're a cop and someone isn't kissing your ass, you believe you have the right to kill? If Jacob Roloff disrespects a cop verbally, you WANT that cop to haul off and belt him and arrest him after punching the shit out of him because in America, anything other than "Yessir, Mr. Officer" means the cop gets to KILL you?

Come on Carly - undrr your views of cops, Matt Roloff when arrested for DUI shoulod have gotten a full on beat down bvecause he disrespected a cop and the cop HAS THE RIGHT to teach him to mind, correct?

Come on Carly - are you human, or a killer? Stand up loud and proud and insist if a cop is disrespected, you proudly want that cop to immediately get physical NO MATTER WHAT. You don't want restraint, you want blood, correct?

Michelle said...

Isabel just tweeted "I really need to work on myself" maybe she can convince Jacob to work on himself while she's at it. Does she have any influence at all or does he control her because she is desperate for his attention?

Jacob needs to do some serious soul searching and self examination.

Rap541 said...

No Jim what people including yourself are saying is that the police should beat Jacob unconscious and choke him out because he shows them disrespect. If a police officer can't handle a disrespectful punk without resorting to violence he should find another line of work.

NJC well said. Let me just add that its being advocated that cops should beat Jacob unconscious and choke him out for *verbal* disrespect, right Jim?

I mean, don't let me put words in your mouth - Do you believe if Jacob speaks in a snotty disrespectful manner, police officers have reason to beat him unconscious and choke him out? That's a moral good?

I mean, I just want it to be clear - speaking disrespectfully to a cop means the cop legally gets to physically assault anyone who is disrespectful. No matter what.

Connor said...

"I don't agree with Jacob drug use and his view of the police but that is what young people are into.
Why do you think the rest of the family don't express their views on gay, drugs, politics and the police? It's because if they do they will lose viewers and their paycheck. Jacob already said he doesn't care about the show so he says what he thinks."

What a load of crap!!!

Jacob Roloff is a hypocrite in every way possible.

He doesn't care about the show? He damn well does. They just haven't held him accountable yet. They're still treating him like the child he wants to be. He's a slave to the money.

There's only 1 person in that family that thinks the show is evil. There's only person who thinks reality TV ruins little kids. There is only 1 person who thinks the show is morally wrong for featuring kids.

But there he is to get the money. He had the audacity to rant about how evil and damaging it was to film the 6 year old Jack while ****JACOB was getting paid while they forced Jack to film!!!!

At least the others can be forgiven because they don't think they're destroying a 6 year old's life by filming, but Jacob does. Yet there he is, making money off the kid he thinks they're ruining.

Connor said...

Thank you Anne. There's not a doubt in my mind Jacob would be all "Yes sir, officer" if he gets stopped the police. It's because Jacob is a coward. He is only tough when he's on social media, he would be a pussy in real life. Hate on the cops, encourage violence against them on twitter with all the garbage he puts on his account, but he wouldn't have the balls to talk like in front of a cop.

I will say I would LOVE for Jacob to give a cop a reason to knock him out or pepper spray him. Give him something to complain about because he sure as hell is going to complain anyway.

For all you idiots defending Jacob, I have one question for you. Hypothetical situation. Jacob mouths off to any number of people he disrespects. That person decks Jacob in the chin. Once he awakens or crawls away how long do you think it is going to take your hero Jacob to call 911 to have the police come protect his ass? 2 seconds?

Talk about the hypocrisy of something bashing the police like Jacob does but still will call them when he needs help.

Jacob is a piece of scum. I hope and pray Jacob takes after these thugs he defends and acts like they do around police. Then he can say that race has nothing to do with it.

Connor said...

Rap, you don't get to play your games on this one Rap. This is a serious topic because some of us have family who are actually police officers who need to deal with the type of shit that people like Jacob spew about them.

How much disrespect should police take from Jacob? Tell me at what point are they justified to use force? I would love to see the video of the cop who gave Jacob the speeding ticket to see at any time he could have or should have felt threatened and used force on the scumbag.

If you are a cop, and you pull him over and you know what kind of crap he posts about the police, are you telling me as a human being you're going to treat Jacob with all the respect in the world and suck up to his ass?

Andrea said...

"Do you believe if Jacob speaks in a snotty disrespectful manner, police officers have reason to beat him unconscious and choke him out? That's a moral good? I mean, I just want it to be clear - speaking disrespectfully to a cop means the cop legally gets to physically assault anyone who is disrespectful. No matter what.`

I could be wrong, but I believe they do and I hope they would because Jacob needs to be taught some discipline and humility. What better way to get it then from the people who he hates on, the police who have more bravery in their little finger than Jacob does in his whole body.

If the person (Jacob in this story) were to mouth off to a cop instead of following an order or answering a question, it could be considered resisting arrest. Just like in the Eric Garner case, it`s proven that if you are resisting arrest police have the right to use force against the suspect. If they gave Jacob an order and he responded by insulting them, they could by law, use force which could include knocking him out if they felt it was necessary.

Correct me if I`m wrong. That`s how the law works.

Shelby said...

If they gave Jacob an order and he responded by insulting them, they could by law, use force which could include knocking him out if they felt it was necessary.``

God please let it happen. That video would be awesome to watch, lol.

Jacob never feels bad for the police who are killed or injured by these people he defends.

Nancy said...

Rap, if the officer felt threatened by Jacob's wors and demeanor, they would have a right to subdue him which could include putting him out.

Police are brave people who have the right to defend themselves before they're hurt.

Jamie said...

Don't be silly, Jacob's the biggest coward in the world. He would never let the people he trashes on Twitter know his true feelings, including his own mother.

Rap541 said...

Why do you think the rest of the family don't express their views on gay, drugs, politics and the police? It's because if they do they will lose viewers and their paycheck.

I'm always amused by this argument.

First, if the family is keeping their mouths shut on gays, drugs, politics and the police because it would affect the money and cause them to lose viewers... then they obviously are not loud and proud about their beliefs and do not deserve to be praised for standing up for what they believe in.

Sorry, but no. If Jeremy is too scared to lose a dollar to say he is against gay marriage, then his fans need to accept that he prefers money to standing up for his beliefs.

Second, if the family has views on gays, drugs, poltics and the police that are so extreme that expressing their beliefs publically would dramatically change how people think about them, and would dramatically lower viewership... then maybe those aren't such mainstream beliefs.

Connor - as someone with a cop in the family, do you believe if someone verbally disrespects your relative, they should be beaten and choked out? And if so - what level of verbal disrespect allows your cop relative to beat someone senseless as a privilege of their job?

Tired said...

So Spirit Wander is now run by Anne?

Anonymous said...

Today, the police have road blocks to check for DUI, seat belts etc. Where i live the police even use binoculars to see if ur texting. . u name it. . . i see little difference between that & the German soldier saying "papers please".

Rap541 said...

Connor - you don't get to play games on this either.

You're not a cop. You are not the one putting your ass on the line so you need to step back and accept that you do not know what a police officer's job actually is.

It is not to beat the shit out of people who disrespect you. Any normal cop will tell you that you can't let things get constantly personal with road stops and situations on the street. If someone gets a little lippy over a traffic ticket, do they deserve to be arrested and beaten? The answer, per the damn law, is NO. Cops do not just get to decide to throw a beat down on someone. Some of the recent cases, the woman in Texas in particular, are about cops escalating situations and using unnecessary force and abusing their power. If a cop decides a lippy teen is disrespectful and *chokes him out* for no other reason than the kid was mouthy, that's wrong, and you know its wrong. I suspect even your cop relatives will tell you that they can get into a lot of trouble for doing that. Being a cop is not a license to hand out a beat down. Part of the job is dealing with the dregs of society and not constantly killing offenders. If you have police relatives and you think its that simple... then its good that you're not a cop

PJ said...

Nancy, Connor etc,
The police are only justified in using force if a suspect physically resists. A suspect can say whatever they want and if the officer decides to arrest if there is no physical resistance then no force is justified.
Honestly if a police officer cannot take a little verbal abuse then they are in the wrong job. And any officer that acted because of a Facebook/Twitter post deserves what the disciplinary board gives them.
Jake only parrots what he sees on media and what he heard at home.

What disturbs me is so many people here are again gleefully wishing him harm even though the loons constantly claim they have not.

Ashley said...

Jamie, I tend to agree. Jacob even said that once a long time ago, when he was bashing football players at his high school.

But I think Amy has seen Jacob's tweets. She is just a Roloff, so she ignores any bad things about her kids.

Anonymous said...

Isabel just tweeted "I really need to work on myself".
All of you should take her advice and work on yourselves and stop all this hatred toward a person who doesn't have the same viewpoints as yourselves.
Each person can always make themselves better.
TV can wreck a young person life if they are shy and force to be in front of the camera. They will resent the TV show and their parents for forcing them to do something that they don't want to be a part of.


Katie said...

"They will resent the TV show and their parents for forcing them to do something that they don't want to be a part of."

But he willingly chooses to be on the show now! Jacob is a joke. He gets no sympathy because when the choice was his he choose to stay with the show. He doesn't get to sing the "TV wrecked me" theme song if he's choosing to be on it. He's just a whiner who likes to feel sorry for himself.

Lauren said...

Late last night Isabel tweeted "Jacob I love you"...then she deleted it.

Isn't that a strange thing to delete? Hopefully it meant he was either sick, sad or hurt.

There's no excuse for Jacob's hatred against the police. None.

Yvonne said...

Jacob isn't very smart. He believes what he reads from the black activists. He doesn't look at it from the other side.

An intelligent person thinks about what it would be like in the other person's shoes. Be the police officer in those situations, only knowing you're dealing with a possible unstable criminal who could take your life at any second.

Brit said...

FWIT, I agree with Jamie that Jacob is too cowardly to ever express what he does on twitter in person, but if he ever did behave towards the police in real life like he does on twitter, I think they would be justified in arresting him and using force if they wanted.

DJ said...

Matt's assistant Caryn has a daughter named Brittany. I've seen on her instagram that she did a coop with the Washington County police. I wonder what she thinks of Jacob's police hating twitter.

Angela said...

A perfect example of what Anne was talking about is Jacob's retweets tonight trying to vilify a policeman that was forced to shoot a violent attacker. The pro criminal headline says "Alabama cop shoots man with mental health problem dead for threatening him with a "large spoon"

When you actually read it, what actually happened was the police were called to this man's home after an assault occurred. The person was under the influence of illegal drugs and was extremely violent. A fight ensued between the man and the officer.

Why bash the police officer? A drugged up violent crazy guy who just had the police called on him because he assaulted someone (it sounds that way to me at least) gets into a fight with a police office and the police office is the bad guy?

Police officers aren't super heroes.

Rap541 said...

"There's no excuse for Jacob's hatred against the police. None."

Right... because the police never make mistakes, never overreact, and are always right.

Anyone willing to commit to that by swearing on the blood of their savior? Lauren, in jesus's name you believe no police officer has ever made a mistake, no police officer has ever overreacted and every police officer is ALWAYS right? In Jesus's name you pray?

I am absolutely certain not a one of you will commit to that. You'll whine and cry that I am being silly to ask but all you'll be doing is proving my point - that you don't really believe all police are completely infallible to where you'll swear on it. If you won't commit to it, then you know the police can make mistakes and not every shooting or beat down is completely justifiable.

Am I the only one who has seen the video of the cop shooting the guy in the back as he's running away? You know, the cop in south Carolina currently being held in jail for murder? Connor, you like to talk like you're a cop, justify that. You too, Lauren.

Rap541 said...

"Police officers aren't super heroes. "

If they aren't super heroes, then they aren't infallible, correct? And if you had a loved one shot to death by a police officer, would the first words out of your mouth be "You're a police man so you did right killing my dad"?

I mean, you would insist there be no investigation, correct? If a police officer kills someome, they're automatically right?

Angela said...

Rap, I never see any family of the criminals killed by police acknowledge that their family member did anything wrong even though in the majority of cases they were committing crimes and being violent or had the threat of violence. Michael Brown's family don't talk about how their son just stole from a store and physically assaulted the store owner on his way out. You think a criminal like that is going to behave well to a police officer?

Of course, sometimes police can make mistakes. There is a split second decision. Maybe they think the "toy gun" is a real gun.

Kelly said...

Can someone explain to me why there is trend in today's generation that privileged white kids from wealthy families think it makes them cool if they act like white people are all racists and try to act like they're black or act like blacks are saints who are just victims?

It's really annoying. They're too stupid to realize it's not like a PC movie. Black people aren't the innocent heroes and white people are the evil villains.

What does Jacob think he's gaining by his pandering to black people?

Rap541 said...

Angela - so if a member of your family was killed by a police officer, your first words would be to say the police officer did the right thing?

I mean, you are stating you would not want an investigation into what ever your family might have been doing? A police officer makes the decision and you will state for the record, you would never question it?

I notice you aren't willing to commit to stating you would never question a police officer ever, nor are you willing to commit to swearing all cops are infallible.

You understand that cops do make mistakes and you can and will question their judgment. That's not hate, that's good sense, and I don't see why you're insisting people other than yourself are wrong to question the actions of the police.

Brit said...

Kelly, you wanna hear something funny?

Much like how Jacob pretends on twitter to be supportive of gay people but in school he was one of the most homophobic guys to the gay kid at school, Jacob HATED the few black kids at his school. It was well known Jacob would always bash the black kids. He made no secret that he hated this one kid in particular.

But on twitter, he's all about standing up for the black and gay people, lol! But in school he hated them. Truth.

Barb said...

Does Jacob realize he is a disgrace to everything his grandpa Ron Roloff wanted American youth to be? How does he live with himself?

Rap541 said...

Since Grandpa Ron believes everyone who isn't Christian should be made to convert or deported, it sure would be nice to see Granpa Ron speak out on the topic.

But I guess when its your own grandkids who are atheists, its just easier to shut your mouth and do nothing. But someone else's kids, then maybe Ron Roloff will have an opinion. But when it's his family, I wonder if he pulls the classic "Do I know you? Do you know me?"

Remember, if it's not a Roloff, Ron Roloff is proud to state a non Christian should be stripped of their US citizenship simply for not being Christian. When it's his family and not someone elses... funny how he doesn't say boo.

Connor said...

Rap, are you saying if Jacob wasn't a coward and acted in person like he does on twitter and presented that side of himself while being stopped by the police, that the police should only treat Jacob with one hundred percent kindness and respect?

I would love to analyze the video of Jacob's speeding ticket. My guess it the cop was way too nice to Jacob and he proceeded to run to twitter to whine.

I'm not a cop, but my dad is. I know what kind of scum they deal with day after day. While other people call the police and run, it's the police who run in to save the day for cowards like Jacob.

Hey Rap, if Jacob is ever assaulted, how long do you think it would take Jacob to call the police for help? Do you think it's hypocritical for someone to bash the police as much as Jacob does yet call them for help as soon as he needs them?

Angela said...

Rap, that's a rare moment where we agree. If you read the comments from Christians including Anne, we are all disappointed that the Roloffs including Ron don't speak out against Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Connor - If he was simply having a smart mouth and being verbally disrespectful, no competent cop is going to choke hold him or smack him around over a verbal confrontation... and for several reasons. It's not the cop's job to make it physical unless the cop is actually in a threatening situation, and a dumbass talking back is actually not an armed gunman. That's one. Two, thanks to prejudice, even a cop looking for a fight isn't going to throw a beat down on a white kid who is semifamous. Heck, even if Jake wasn't on tv, by dint of being white, a cop is going to give him more free passes on behavior.

Ask your dad how many times he whales on the scum simply because they're lippy to him. And maybe ask if he's more cautious about beating down white kids with rich litigious parents.

And yes Connor, I totally think if Jacob was assaulted, that he would call the police. So would I. Most cops are good people. Unfortunately there are bad apples... I notice btw that you're not willing to swear in god's name that you believe all cops are infallible.

Angela - I notice you don't call it cowardly or hypocritical that Ron won't publically judge his grandson as harshly as he has judged others. Just disappointing. Isn't it hypercritical and cowardly? Shouldn't you all be proud to stand up and say "Ron Roloff is a hypocritical coward"?

Why are you all so mealy mouthed and apologetic? "Disappointed" is when a kid gets a bad grade, not when a grown man refuses to stand up for his beliefs.

Ashley said...

Audrey just tweeted a picture. I have no idea what her caption has to do with a picture of her on a lake #wakeboard....but I assume her caption is talking about going against gay people? That's what I take from it anyway.

"Stand for truth or you'll fall for deception. Acceptance is different than tolerance."

Rap541 said...

Ashley - Honestly sometimes the tweets of Jeremy and Audrey rival the Deeps Thoughts with Jack Handey skits on SNL

Paula said...

What a disrespectful comment, Rap. Don't ridicule Audrey just because you don't understand.

Yes Ashley, you could assume Audrey's words could apply to those of us who stand for traditional marriage.

Taylor said...

@Rap541 Jacob is so far beyond any reasonable "there are a few bad cops" he loves painting a broad brush to make all police look bad and encourage hate against the uniform. How many positive things has he said or retweeted about any police?

I would LOVE for Jacob to act the wrong with a cop and get himself choked unconscious. That would be awesome to see. I'm totally with Shelby on that. There's something about an arrogant jerk being put in his place that feels right.

Rap541 said...

Really Paula - what deep thought did you derive from Audrey's missive on how she loves black rompers? :)

And Paula - no one is stopping anyone from being traditionally married. Your thoughts on Christian couple Matt and Amy Roloff divorcing from their traditional marriage?

Ashley said...

Hmm...more from Audrey...

"hey @laurenfleshman thanks for the heads up on the creepy man... That was me you saved 🙋 let's run sometime!!"

I went to Laurenfleshman's twitter but can't see any tweet that applies to that so I don't know what it's about, but Audrey calling some man "creepy" and was saved by her friend warning her to avoid some guy who I would assume is an outcast and subject of scorn?

Wasn't Jesus about helping the outcasts? What happened to Audrey's "Was I Jesus to the least of us?"

Hey Audrey, no, you weren't Jesus to the least of us because you and your rich friends are name calling some poor man. I'd like to know what was so creepy about him.

J45 said...

Connor, I know your question was directed at Rap, not me, but I'll answer too.

Do I think if Jake treated a cop IRL as he does on Twitter, that the cop should be 100% kind and respectful? No, I don't expect the cop to be brimming with kindness.

But I think they should be:
a) relatively respectful. I'd expect this from anyone in public service.
b) helpful (if called upon) and just (when ticketing ppl and such). This is what they're paid to do, after all.
c) use force *only* when unavoidably necessary.

"Because I want to & I can" is not a good reason for a cop to use force. If Jake legitimately assaulted your cop father (and I mean a physical attack, not verbal) and your father genuinely felt in danger, then IMO mild force is acceptable.

But by force I mean restraining Jacob *without* choking him out or shooting him. Unless Jake had a weapon, I can't think how he could seriously harm/kill your father.

I can't think of anything Jake could possibly say/do which would be threatening enough to pull a gun on him and shoot him dead/choke him out/etc. (Acknowledging Jacob IRL is non-confrontational).

NJC said...

Jacob posting about police misconduct inspires hate against police, so he's evil.

Anne posting weekly about Jacob inspires glee at the thought of police violence, so she's a Saint. The Christian logic train just keeps rolling.

If police misconduct is such a non-issue someone should probably tell the 10 cities that paid a combined 250 million dollars in damages last year because of it. They may be due a refund.

Jamie said...

I bet when Isabel complains to Jacob, he flips it on her and blames her problems. He was already caught having private convos with his ex and keeping it a secret. Knowing him, he probably got his ex to delete her Instagram too and deletes the convos. Sad thing is Isabel is always giving out the advice if he treats you bad, then leave him. But of course she won't follow her own advice. He's excused from walking all over her because he was on tv. So she'll remain getting treated badly because she's shallow enough to worship someone she perceives to be a celebrity. He can literally do anything to her and she'll stay. Pretty sad.

Rita said...

Jamie, that's what he did to Stephanie too. And Vanessa before that. For someone who says he hated being a celebrity on a tv show he sure uses it to walk over people.

Carly said...

Rap, yes. I think the police should be able to use force against someone who is not cooperating.

Rap541 said...

Not what you were asked, Carly.

Carly - if you were a cop and someone disrespected you by saying they hate your profession, would you arrest them? Kill them? I mean, if you're a cop and someone isn't kissing your ass, you believe you have the right to kill? If Jacob Roloff disrespects a cop verbally, you WANT that cop to haul off and belt him and arrest him after punching the shit out of him because in America, anything other than "Yessir, Mr. Officer" means the cop gets to KILL you?

Come on Carly - undrr your views of cops, Matt Roloff when arrested for DUI shoulod have gotten a full on beat down bvecause he disrespected a cop and the cop HAS THE RIGHT to teach him to mind, correct?

Come on Carly - are you human, or a killer? Stand up loud and proud and insist if a cop is disrespected, you proudly want that cop to immediately get physical NO MATTER WHAT. You don't want restraint, you want blood, correct?

Try again. Don't dance around it.

Anonymous said...

I think i recognize a police state when i see 1 . . .watching the police on TV i gather it is against the law to demonstrate against what is police brutality. . . we live where the police can stop u for any reason & charge with u what ever is convenient. The German soldier said "papers please" ... see the difference?

Anonymous said...

Jamie, how do you know Isabel caught Jacob talking to his ex?

Set Abominae said...

People need to understand that cops spend their days seeing horrors that most people aren't even able to comprehend and on top of that they have to deal with the lowest forms of slime and filth in society on a regular basis.

Just imagine walking into a house where a family has just been slaughtered by a couple of scumbag meth heads who took sexual pleasure in brutalizing the children before killing them in front of their parents and then kill the parents all so they can steal enough money or valuables to resell so they can get their next hit and you'll understand why some cops flip out and do stupid things or have hair trigger tempers when dealing with criminals who are challenging their authority.

Justin said...

This is the most ridiculous post yet. I'm not surprised though. It's just a typical Christian being a Christian.

"Are you doing good, is your message positive one for Jesus or are you spreading hate and evil?"

Tell me this article a positive message for Jesus or are YOU spreading hate and evil? You think this is a good thing in the eyes of Jesus when all you did was degrade and run down another person?? Geez Jesus must have a special place for you at the front of the line at Heavens Gate huh?
Jesus rewarding people who degrade other people and justify doing so in his name. He must be extra proud of you for using his words and twisting them. Am I right?

Ash said...

It would be hard to feel sorry for Isabel if Jacob is hooking up with his ex again. Isn't it known that Isabel was the "other girl" Jacob was cheating with on Vanessa? Remember the nasty fights on Ask between Christian Vanessa and Isabel? Vanessa said Jacob was getting high and cheating on her with Isabel.

Didn't it also come out that Jacob was cheating on Stephanie with Isabel? If Isabel was the "other girl" twice its hard to feel sorry for her now.

Remember there were also rumblings that Jacob was trying to get back with Stephanie. That's why Jacob stopped his Ask because stuff was leaking out right?

Jacob seems like a dog when it comes to being faithful to a girlfriend. He does whatever he wants because he's used to being able to do whatever he wants without consequence.

Erica said...

What does Isabel expect really? It is in Jake's DNA to think only of himself and do whatever the hell he pleases. He's even bragged about that before.

Cadence said...

It's funny that you can just make up whatever you want and think it's a fact, lol.
Go look at Jacobs The last question was "do you really want to get back with Stephanie?" And his response was "fuck no"...
Stephanie moved to California. Why would Jacob be talking to her again? He and Isabel live together?
He has no reason to open that can of worms again. You people will truly make up anything to get a rise out of people.

Jaimie said...

She literally tweeted out that he was talking to his ex behind her back, then Stephanie, who had 2 accounts on Instagram, disappears and Isabel has the nerve to call these things rumors? She literally said these things. Does she have amnesia? Apparently if you repeat something negative about Jacob that she publicly says, it's just you trying to start a rumor. I even had some sympathy for her, but now it's completely gone.

Kayla said...

Cadence, what did you expect Jacob to say publicly???

"Go look at Jacobs The last question was "do you really want to get back with Stephanie?" And his response was "fuck no"...

People asked Stephanie if it was true that Jacob was trying to get back together and she went with no comment.

Did you expect Jacob to publicly say "Yep, I want Steph again!...but since that's not happening, hey Isabel, pass the weed..."

Everybody knew Jacob was just using Isabel for pot and then a way to get off the farm.

Isabel is insanely jealous of Steph because Jacob used to always brag on social media about how hot she was but he doesn't do that with Isabel and it drives her mad because she knows if Steph ever got it together Jacob would dump her in heartbeat.

Katnip said...

Why would Isabel be jealous of steph when Jacob is living with her and has been with her for longer than he was with steph?
Why would Isabel be jealous when Jacob picked her over steph?

Jamie and Kayla you sure sound suspicious.

Lindy said...

How does Jamie know so much? How do you know Stephanie had two accounts?

Polly said...

To behonest, this Jamie person is seeming to know way too much.

Alexa said...

People are right on about Jacob's cheating ways. Isabel's not very smart. There is a girl named Keelin from their school. Jacob has been flirting with her from the second he went to Liberty. Even when she was dating a guy at Liberty who used to threaten to beat Jacob up. She knew Jacob thought she was hot so she played along because she wanted to use Jacob for his fame.

Think about it, Isabel is friends with a girl Jacob wanted to get with...she not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Kayla said...

Katnip, mark my words, if Steph ever becomes mentally strong Jacob would jump ship over to Team Steph in a flash. Isabel is jealous, and who can blame her, because Jacob doesn't brag about how hot Isabel is the way he did when he was Steph.

Kaitlyn said...

I think it's so obvious that Isabel is only with Jacob because he's famous and she likes attention. He's a jerk who treats her bad. Does his being on tv really make it worth it? I guess so far she thinks it's worth it.

Shelby said...

Polly, Jamie knows exactly what Jacob is like. He's a scummy jerk and Jamie speaks the truth about all the scummy stuff he does.

Becca said...

I think Isabel can play the "us against them" game for so long. She can only tell her self it's worth being with a jerk who controls, mistreats and disrespects her for so long before the lure of his being on tv will fade and she realizes she's wasting her life with a jerk.

Jamie said...

Reading someone's public Twitter is not "knowing too much".

Camille said...

Yikes seems like these bitches will do whatever it takes to try and bring a strong relationship down. Idiots.

Jamie said...


Really, even though she's no angel, I was feeling sympathy for her. But just because I point something out that she literally said herself, she gets defensive and flat out lies to everyone that it's just a rumor.

Pamela said...

Jacob's and Isabel's relationship is really based on drugs, deceit, hate and cheating. That's how it began from what I know. They are doomed.

Neither one is likable but Isabel might be salvageable if she gets away Jacob and seeks counselling from a Christian therapist.

Abby said...

I think it's really obvious Jacob still has a thing for Steph and Isabel knows it.

Taylor said...

The big question about Isabel is how does she react in crisis? When Jacob has his overdose that everyone can see coming how is she going to react? Hopefully, not well, lol.

MS said...

"Neither one is likable but Isabel might be salvageable if she gets away Jacob and seeks counselling from a Christian therapist."

Pamela, why must the therapist be Christian? Didn't Josh Duggar supposedly get that type of "counseling" after molesting his sisters? Must every person you interact with be Christian? Such a close-minded world you live in...

Daniel said...

Dan here. From what I know, Jacob exclusively uses marijuana, and occasionally mushrooms and LSD. From the current studies independent of government and pharmaceutical sponsoring I know of, none of those are possible to 'overdose' on, much less die from. They actually have notable and sometimes life saving medicinal qualities. I know some like to add in Xanax as a frequent drug of choice for Jacob but other than from one time on, he's never mentioned it, so I doubt it.

Taylor said...

Daniel, Jacob smokes marijuana all-the-time, LSD/Acid, "mushrooms" and Xanax. Those are only the drugs Jacob ADMITTED on Ask which he stopped using a year ago. It would be unlikely those are the only drugs he uses.

Even if they were still the ONLY drugs he uses, an overdose is a very real possibility. There is a reason why so many people who overdose have taken Xanax. There's something about people who take it and what those drugs lead to. Go ahead and think Jacob's drug use is all fun and games but we will see who is right eventually.

Megan said...

Seeing Zach and Jeremy give each other emotional 'best man' speeches, do you think Jacob ever thinks about how he's alienated everybody. Sure they are superficial, but Jacob knows and the rest of the family knows he doesn't belong.

Could you imagine Jeremy giving a best man speech like he did for Zach about Jacob? Or Zach?

Jacob lives his life with hate and selfishness and that's what he has to show for it.

Anon44 said...

Jacob is nothing but a spoiled brat. I hate him so much.

Alexa said...

Why does Isabel think it's so wrong for people to speak the truth? Oh that's right, because in Jacob Roloff's world "people" "fans" "the public" are to be lied to and they aren't to know anything real. That's why they don't like this blog, because people know the real slimeballish stuff Jacob has done.

Erica said...

Wow, was Amy's description of Jacob ever without conviction. "Jeremy and Zach are both married. Molly will be finishing college and her future is wide open. And Jacob....Jacob..uh..Jacob keeps finding himself"

She can't even come up with the words for a good lie to describe Jacob's life.

Cindy said...

It is painfully episode from the Zach and Tori wedding episode that Jacob doesn't fit in with his family.

I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

Maggie said...

Jacob is a snake. Isabel might eventually learn that.

Deanna said...

I find it interesting to learn how badly Jacob treats his 2 ex girlfriends and now his current one.

He blames all of his troubles on his parents but he needs to realize it boils down to him being an asshole.

LoveIsAllThatMatters said...

Wow. Wow. What century are we living in??? Same sex marriage is legal in the USA now folks, whether you like it or not. Racial profiling still exists in police departments. Thank God for people like Jacob, and other rebels like him, who continue to expose blatant racism. Jesus was a rebel who associated with, ate with, understood, and defended the same type of people who are being disparaged and ridiculed today. What did Jesus say when asked which was the most important commandment? He said to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Not love your neighbor only if HE loves God, or only if SHE loves you, or if THEY believe in the same things you do, or if SHE serves the same God you do. NO!! He said to just LOVE. Love as an action verb, not a noun. Teach your children THAT, people, and remind yourself that Jacob's relationship with God (or lack there of) is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Love. Pray. Love some more. Ask God to open your eyes and soften your heart, and to forgive you. Leave the speck in your neighbor's eye alone, and start sawing away on the plank in yours. Smile. Laugh. Be kind. Be gentle. Don't intentially hurt someone else's feelings. Embrace. Be the type of person, the type of Christian, others who don't know Jesus will want to be. You can't shame anyone into a relationship with God. You can only live by example, and let the love you share with Jesus the Rebel, Jesus our brother, Jesus our Savior radiates through you. God bless.

Fair said...

Anne, you are a narrow minded, judgmental person. Everyone deserves equality and if they don't have the same religious beliefs that you do, or they are gay (wake up to the 21st century of science - it's not a choice), they still deserve the same rights and recognition as a Christian straight person. Gay people have been around since the beginning of time and religion has caused more problems in the world than gay people have. Have a little charity. Let Jacob Roloff grow up a bit before you rip him to shreads. He's a kid. Unfortunately, social media gives immaturity the same opportunity to vent as it does someone like you who feels holier than thou

Linda said...

This blog is what gives Christians a horrible name. You sound like the Duggars, judging people all over the place when they should just look to their own family and take care of that. You spew hate. I must believe in another Jesus.

Anonymous said...

That's because they're not. Anne and the Anninnnies follow the prosperity gospel. They use religion as proof that they are better than everyone. They use it to bully people and as justification for their desire to see pain and misfortune in their "enemies" and those they deem unworthy. Who are YOU to decide if someone deserve something bad to happen to them. You lot are simply cruel, judgmental ignorant bullies. You think because you are not of want for things that you are the blessed ones? Anne you have no Christian intent to help here, you are spreading hate and ignorance. Go start your own blog, I don't want to read about what you think.

MS said...

As much as Jacob is getting bashed in this thread, it's people like Anne that are much more destructive in this world, preaching their ignorant beliefs. Change takes time. It's tough to break that cycle of ignorance when kids are raised in secluded, brainwashed environments like the Duggars and perhaps the Bailey household. I don't agree with some of the things Jacob says and does, but it's nice to see someone intelligent enough to break the mold and think for themselves rather than blindly drinking the kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Being gay is not wrong. Who are you to pass that judgement? Keep your hate to yourself. It is people like you that make people hate Christians. You have an ugly heart and soul to place so much hate and judgment on others. Do you honestly think God will love you and approve of you bashing his children? Karma is a bitch and if you continue being so hateful snd narrow minded, you will get yours in the end. I feel sorry for you and your disgusting ways.

Connor said...

Rap, of course out of the hundreds of thousands of police officer not every single police officer is going to do the right thing each time.

Scumbags like Jacob don't post about this once a year when there's "a bad apple" it's a constant stream of "Police are out control monsters out to kill black people!" Tweet after retweet it's a steady stream of "hate the police!"If it was once or twice then you could try to make that argument, but Jacob and these "Black activists" are trying every day to make all police look like racist killers regardless of what actually happened or the circumstances.

Connor said...

I can't wait to see scumbag Jacob post about the BLACK RACIST KILLER who murdered the reporter and cameraman live on the air in Virginia.

Is scumbag Jacob going to retweet these "black (or like Anne said, pretending to be black) activists" try to claim the police were mean to the black killer and he didn't actually kill himself?

Will Jacob be outraged over a black racist murderer??

IsPansy said...

Conner Do you mean the insane killer? Because that is the important part to know. And there is no question that he shot himself.

Wendy said...

Connor, I was wondering the same thing. But it was a black man k7lling white people so Jacob doesn't care. #AllLivesMatter.

mittsigirl said...

Being gay is not wrong. Who are you to pass that judgement? Keep your hate to yourself. It is people like you that make people hate Christians. You have an ugly heart and soul to place so much hate and judgment on others. Do you honestly think God will love you and approve of you bashing his children? Karma is a bitch and if you continue being so hateful and narrow minded, you will get yours in the end. I feel sorry for you and your disgusting ways.
August 26, 2015 at 9:08 AM

Sorry, if I did this wrong! I was going to write these exact words, you said everything I am feeling. Anne, would Jesus speak to Jacob like you do? Feel so sorry that something in your life has caused you to be so judgmental.

Rap541 said...

Connor - frankly, there's been far too many bad apples the last year. People are angry that there's way too many people getting shot.

And to add to Ispansy's point - the black murderer who killed himself after killing those two people wasn't killed by the cops, and wasn't a cop himself.

mittsigirl said...

So Anne-I was just reading the hate that came from Jer's own mouth back when he was younger, all that gay-bashing, hate-filled comments he made back then, in 2008-2009. So why are you being so judgmental of 18 year old Jacob?? Did you forgive Jeremy for spewing hatred when he was young? Does God like it when anyone judges another person with words like he used? So why don't you clean off your heart, and give Jacob a chance to grow up? Maybe I feel this way because I lost a daughter to cancer, who was diagnosed when she was Jacob's age. I would give ANYTHING to get her back. And would not care about some pot smoking, or saying dumb things about cops. People have to make their own mistakes in life, and grow up on their own. God said to hate the sin, but LOVE THE SINNER! Show some Christian compassion. This September 11 will be 13 years since my daughter died. I still think of her every single day.

Victoria said...

Isabel should really follow her own advice!!!

"All these girls out here getting walked all over.. Really my only advice is WALK AWAY"

Justin said...

It would be so funny to see Jacob knocked unconscious now that he's such an arrogant obnoxious brat. Isn't it about time he knocks himself out cold again?

Jan said...

I don't think the family really likes Jacob. I think they pretend for the show because it makes them look better if they act like everyone is awesome.

I also pray that Jacob gets hurt too. Nothing too serious with no long term effects but I feel like it will take something like that for Jacob to reevaluate his life.

Gina said...

Jan, I hear what you're saying and I agree. I truly do believe Jacob will end up unconscious from over dosing on drugs or mixing the wrong things. Every time I come to this blog I'm prepared for that headline.

Ecossais said...

Your comments Justin make you even more obnoxious. You come on here and say it would be FUNNY to see Jacob knocked unconscious.

And Jan what kind of god do you PRAY to when you pray that Jacob gets hurt?
The degree of seriousness has nothing to do with it. You are wishing harm on someone.

Suds said...

The God of Madness

Jan said...

Ecossais, I don't care what you think. I know people like Jacob don't change without an event spurring change.

Greg said...

I don't hate Jake for the religious reasons, but I have to admit if there was a video titled "New! Jacob Roloff gets knocked out" I would definitely happily watch and add to my favorites. He is SO obnoxious. He even treated people who liked him like they were dirt who are beneath him. There is a certain intrigue or karma about seeing a jerk like that totally unconscious.

Shelby said...

@Greg Exactly. I couldn't have said it better. Every day I hope to see a headline like that when I come here.

Rap541 said...

@Greg Exactly. I couldn't have said it better. Every day I hope to see a headline like that when I come here

But that's not being a jerk, or being hateful, is it?

I mean what amuses me here is the whole double standard. Jacob is "obnoxious" etc etc and treats people badly with how he acts... but Greg and Jan and Shelby twirling with glee over how they will enjoy seeing him hurt is.... nice?

Really, don't you see how obnoxious and assholish it is to come to the same place every day and announce how someone else being hurt will make you happy?

Ecossais said...

Rap they don't see anything through their GodGoggles except what they want to see.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Who's calling who basic? Some of you sound like one of Jacob's old girlfriends.

Lilian said...

^^^^^^^ Exactly my thoughts. Steph, Vanessa? wanna expose yourself?

Rap541 said...

It just has to be said out loud occasionally - any moral high ground felt because Jacob is so awful is completely lost when his distractors slap each other on the back over how they pray and wish they could watch him be injured.

Shelby - every day you hope to see someone get hurt.. over a tv show. You're as rotten as the person you detest.

Taylor said...

Both Vanessa and Stephanie were much nicer people than Isabel. She fits in more with Jacob because she has that stuck up bully thing and she doesn't challenge him on on drugs or anything.

Taylor said...

Rap, Jacob isn't a character on a tv show. He is a real person who says nasty things to people for no reason, he ridicules people and encourages hate like Anne just wrote about. Another policeman excuted because of the blacklivesmatter garbage. Jacob is apart of it. He keeps it going by spreading the hate.

Rap541 said...

Taylor - every day Shelby wishes Jacob is hurt over having an opinion Shelby doesn't share.

Do you hope and pray Jacob is injured/killed, Taylor?

You're right, Jacob isn't a character on a tv show, he's a real person that Shelby wants to see be killed. Do you insist that's decent?

Rap541 said...

And btw I totally understand that you're weak, Taylor, and you're unwilling to accept that being a nasty shit isn't a right. So here's the example I give to you. I am consistently called a hater but I have NEVER wished I could see Jeremy or Auj physically injured. That's why I have a problem with the HATE FEST - I'm the one labeled a hater while you all dance with glee and pray to Jesus for Jacob Roloff to die.

Seriously... some of you need to step away from the 'net

Rap541 said...

Oh and Taylor - Jeremy Roloff at 16-18 was well known for his use of nigger and faggot - nasty things he said about people. Your thoughts? Was Jeremy walking with Jesus? Because I really think calling people hatespeech words is encouraging hate - do you have any thoughts on that other than "OMG HE WAS JUST A KID!!!"???

Because its a same age comparison now. Whats worse, nigger, or black lives matter? Stand up and speak out Taylor.

Shelby said...

Rap, there's no comparison. Jeremy used politically incorrect words talking with his friends like "you're my n word" or "what's up fag".

Jacob's police bashing is riling up hate against the police. That kind of stuff leads to stuff like the execution of the deputy in Texas. I see Jacob has nothing to say about that.

Nobody has said they want Jacob to be murdered.That's crazy and not real.

Calling a jerk a jerk doesn't make you a jerk. But calling someone a jerk isn't nice so does it? Grow up, sometomes you have to call it like it is. Jacob is an arrogant spoiled brat jerk who thinks he's better than everyone and can ridicule everyone because everyone else is "insignificant" or "an annoying cunt".

What people do wish on Jacob is consequences for his actions. He brags and promotes drugs so much. He was on twitter asking drug dealers to hit him up! An overdose won't be surprising and I don't have sympathy for him. He blames all his bad behavior on his parents and on the show he chooses to make money from now.

Jacob is a jerk. Wishing some misfortune on him is not "hoping he will be killed". Hoping someone falls and knocks themselves out is temporary. It is a bit humiliating. Praying Jacob knocks himself out is normal and honestly a video of it would be awesome.

Think of all the people (and only the ones that people on here know of) who Jacob has caused pain. The boy Jacob bullied and was forced to change schools because of Jacob's torment. The awful things Jacob and his stoner girls said to Vanessa. The horrible way Jacob treated Stephanie. In her own words, Steph described the time she was with Jacob as being made to feel ugly, not good enough and unworthy. And the fan at the gas station going through a bad time and wrongly thought Jacob was cool and might care. Jacob ran to twitter to tell his friends about the freak. Or the gay kid at school who Jacob refused to talk to even though he pretends to be all pro gay on twitter. I haven't even mentioned all the fans who Jacob has insulted and mocked.

He's a jerk. I hope bad things happen to jerks. I dont hope jerks get what they want. Maybe if Jacob gets knocked unconscious again in addition to it being hilarious it will cause him to think about what's going wrong in his life and how he can be a better person.

Wendy said...

Yeah getting back to the topic, exactly what Anne said happened. The violence against cops continued and Jacob continues tweeting on ignoring it because he has a desire to bash the police and make everyone think police are corrupt. He tweeted out "To secret: drug busts, the cops keep it". Does he want everyone to think cops are dishonest drug addicts?

Jacob is really a horrible person who owes all cops an apology.

Cathy said...

Is Jacob happy now? Another policeman killed by an angry black lives matter crap.

Rap541 said...

Shelby, actually Jeremy used nigger in a derogatory context, that Mike Detjen was "pretty sweet, just like a nigger" in reference to Mike doing a favor for him (no hiphop context, clearly a slave reference) and "Not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defenses" which is clearly a derogatory comment and also liked to call people "faggotholes".

So please stop *lying* and whitewashing Jeremy's behavior. You know it wasn't "wassup my nigga" - if you really need to refresh yourself on the content, the original articles written are still available here.

So Shelby, to put it in context you can understand - you believe Jacob wishes bad things to happen to cops. You think that's wrong. Therefore you wish bad things would happen to Jacob... and you believe your wishing ill on others is not bad even though you believe Jacob's wishing ill on others is morally wrong..

You're a jerk, just like the kid you obsess over.

Ecossais said...

I have to disagree with you Shelby.
It is NOT NORMAL to pray that Jacob knocks himself out and the fact that you would like to watch a video of it is SICK.

Kelly said...

Well said Shelby. Every objective person knows what you're talking about and it's fine. Some of these people remind me of political pundits whose job it is to sit around and take any sound byte they can and twist it into something else.

Jacob is a selfish person who constantly it hurting people with his cruel ridicule and harsh words of hate. To be blunt, he's a jerk.

You don't want to see a jerk rewarded for being a jerk. You'd rather see something bad happen to a jerk. It's karma, be a bad person and bad things will befall you. I get it. It's totally understandable.

It's ridiculous to try to draw a parallel between Jeremy and Jacob. Jeremy used to some "bad" words in a harmless context when he was 15 and sending messages to his friends. He wasn't encouraging hate.

Jacob tweets and retweets messages that clearly the intent is to convince people that police are the enemy and that police are the criminals and you should be angry at the police and if you aren't angry at the police then you are a racist.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - so you also are a jerk. Jacob wishes for bad things to happen to people, and you think it's bad, so you wish bad things to happen to him. You're a jerk.

They weren't "bad" words that Jeremy used, Kelly - they were racist hatespeech. If they were "bad" and not actually bad, you'd be comfortable saying "I think Jeremy did nothing wrong when he called Mike Detjen his *nigger* and I plan to emulate Jeremy's awesome behavior".

Is that how you feel? If so - please do SAY SO, instead of attempting to whitewash what Jeremy did at Jacob's age. Calling someone a nigger is encouraging hate. Calling someone a faggithole is encouraging hate. Saying "not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defenses" is yes, encouraging hate. Many of the Christians here have chimed in on how AWESOME it is that Jeremy hates gays and how proud they are to see Jeremy publically mock homosexuals at age 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, etc, (He kinda learned to shut his mouth when he realized money was at stake) so yes, there's a parallel.

Nigger isn't a "bad" word, Kelly. It's a straight up bad word.

Ecossais said...

Some of the self-declared Christians on here just don't seem to be able to stop worshipping Prince perfect Jeremy Jesus no matter what he says or does while continuing to spew an unchristianlike hatred on Jacob.
Face it you are NOT Christians.

Douglas Fir-tree said...

I can see myself losing the whole day reading all this bible bashing redneck shit , don't get me wrong I love the fact that I have discovered the Little People family has actually got peps spending hours of their life blogging about that misdemeanours. Why are we fascinated by little people not just my dirty secret clearly. Anyway this Bailey woman is an absolute riot I thought it was a spoof at first but no straight up racism and homophobia which Russia will be proud of which by the way Jesus would have been appalled by too but I love the way it ended with a sickly sweet pecan pie sign off "have a blessed weekend my fellow Christians "no wonder religion is being deserted in it's' droves. All that was missing was don't forget the KKK fundraiser bake sale next Sunday. America bigoted gift that keeps on giving.

mittsigirl said...

Lost post!

Connor said...

Wow, this is shocking. Jacob has gone silent on the Ajibade case. You know, the one in Georgia that Jacob was tweeting and retweeting about how police killed a sweet "student"?

That the poor black guy was just having a "medical episode" which really means they were called because he was being abusive and he was violent.

Jacob and people like him want police officers to treat violent black guys with kid gloves and who the hell cares if he kills cops?

Anyway, Jacob and the racists (yes, they are the racists) he retweets were setting the scene that poor Matthew Ajibade was having a medical episode (violent, angry bi-polar dude) and needed help, but the racist cops needlessly murdered him in his jail cell.

The video was released. It shows Ajibade was agitated and clearly resisting as the officers were talking to him. He gets physical and scuffle happens. Ajibade grabs a taser from one of the officers. They all jump on him and one of them kicks him to get the taser away. It works. They kick the taser away. One of them pick it up and they drag Ajibade away.

They guy had a fucking TASER!!!! I know Jacob expects the cops to kindly talk to the guy as he's about to use a weapon to kill all the cops in the room, but reasonable person knows the cops were completely justified to do whatever it took to get the weapon away from him. As far as I'm concerned, the cop who kicked him is a hero who saved the lives of all the cops in the building that day.

But funny that Jacob has gone silent on this case. His poor victim black guy murdered by police is shown grabbing a weapon. Now Jacob decides to ignore it.

Just like he ignored the Sandra Bland case after Jacob made himself look like a fool jumping on the conspiracy theory that her mug shot was taken after she was dead. They released the video showing her having the pic done and went silent on that one too.