Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jacob Roloff Reveals That He Hated Being Filmed As a Child For Reality Television's "Little People, Big World"

It has been an interesting few days for Jacob Roloff on social media. Some of it is starting to garner attention so we will do this item on it so everyone can see catch up and see it for themselves. As always, for people who follow Jacob on social media, he generates a lot of discussion and controversy.

On July 29th, Jacob, who has always been very vocal about his fondness for marijuana tweeted a criticism of local dealers of weed and called for people "who don't suck at selling weed" to hit him up. Of course, some people are horrified that he would post on social media a call for "drug dealers" to contact him while others dismiss it as weed is legal in many states. For those not aware, Jacob has been very vocal about his belief that alcohol is far more damaging than marijuana and has often retweeted the benefits of marijuana. On his account, Jacob Roloff once admitted to smoking weed, taking Acid as well as Xanax. Jacob has strongly hinted that he has anxiety issues.

Then early this morning August 2nd at 2:00 AM, Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel Garreton, posted this humorous picture of Jacob with the caption "This picture lol" Some people immediately began voicing their displeasure and their opinion that Jacob looks "stoned" and pointed out that it appears that he is sitting in the driver's seat [Although Isabel has since tweeted to a friend that it was taken "in the backseat of your car].

Jacob also posted an instagram photo along with a thoughtful paragraph on his recent experience of filming with 7 year old Jack from another TLC show "Our Little Family" and Jacob reflected on his feelings of being forced to film as a child. Jacob's post is even garnering comments from other Roloffs, who as a rule, always ignore Jacob's social media postings about important matters.

It should be noted that for people who have followed Jacob on his now stale account (he stopped using it 8 months ago, but answered almost 8000 questions for the majority of 2014 on a variety of subjects including religion, drugs, homosexuality, Little People, Big World being fake, gun control and much more) the fact that Jacob is revealing that he "really disliked" filming is nothing new.

On Jacob would often refer to the show as "totally fake" and "that stupid show". At one point when Jacob was 17, and a few months away from his 18th birthday, he declared that he would quit the show once he turned 18 and refuse to sign a contract with TLC. Jacob even explained his plan was to not participate in the show, the most he would do was sign a waiver so that TLC wouldn't have to blur out his face during Zach's wedding. However, Jacob had a change of heart and is now a paid "cast member" and full participant for the new season of "Little People, Big World" which is currently airing Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on TLC.

However, since Twitter (Jacob's twitter ) and Instagram (Jacob's Instagram ) are more mainstream than and that his family members and many of the people connected to the show (Jacob recently exchanged playful tweets with one of the long time producers of the "Little People, Big World" Nicholas Caprio)follow Jacob on twitter and Instagram, this post and introduction by Jacob is garnering more attention than usual as it is the first time that many people are really seeing Jacob speak out about how he really felt about filming.

Jack, the 7 year old boy from TLC's other show "Our Little Family" and his family recently visited the Roloffs at their farm for filming. Jacob was a participant in the filming with Jack and Jacob has been reflecting upon the kinship he feels since he was 7 years old when Little People, Big World began filming.

For those that can't see what Jacob wrote, it reads:

This is Jack. I've never felt I had more of an opportunity to influence someone's life than when I told him how much I didn't like filming when I was his age, so he knows just because the adults say it's what's best, doesn't mean it's what's best. Then after, I asked him how he felt about it and after a pause he said, "I like it medium", meaning not at all, which is exactly what I would've said at 7. Seeing him for the few days that I did and hanging out with him for the short time that I did was a crazy reflective experience, seeing what it looked like (more or less) to be a 7 year old thrown into different situations for your parents' ratings. He doesn't know that yet though. He's more of a central focus character in his family's show than I ever was, too, so there's more 'depending' on him; I can't imagine. Im hoping I get to see him again and how he turns out, and that what I said sticks with him. -- Jacob Roloff August 2, 2015

Jacob's thoughtful commentary has already generated reaction from people around him and family.

Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel, who was present for the filming,  added this in a comment:

Jacob's cousin, Rachel Burton (Matt Roloff's sister's daughter) added:

Then Jacob's mother, Amy Roloff, added this comment which included an apology:

When the entire Roloff family appeared on the "Oprah" show in 2008, one of the questions she asked was if one of the kids said they didn't like filming the show, would the Roloffs end the show? Matt and Amy more or less, said yes they would quit if someone in the family really disliked filming.

From the Oprah website in 2008

"Family comes first for the Roloffs, and Matt says they would stop doing the show if anyone in the family didn't want to continue. "We are always just one episode away from not doing it anymore becomes family is the priority," Matt says. "We feel, all in all, we've become a closer family because of this show" -- Matt Roloff - 2008 From "The Oprah Show" 


Jamie said...

Jacob loves to blame all his problems on the show when in reality he's had behavior issues since day 1, literally his entire life. Surely you'll recall early episodes where Jacob was constantly misbehaving. It's obvious he still would have had these problems without the show.

That's because he was born with certain character flaws like arrogance and a lack of conscience. It's just so obvious in looking at the entirety of his life that he is the way he is because that's just him. The situation may change and his age may change, but time and time again these qualities manifest.

Of course, he got the idea that he fell victim to this malicious show that took advantage of a poor boy (ridiculous) from someone attempting to defend his behavior on social media. So he's run with it and now uses the show as a perfect scapegoat for his crumby character.

He failed school, school's the problem! Can't get a job, working is wrong! Doesn't fit into society, society's to blame!

So now of course, it's the show that made him the way he is. For such a travesty your claiming happened, isn't it odd that Molly, Jeremy, Zachary aren't crying victim?

Does being shy and not liking to film suddenly mean your character devolves into that of a jerk? Come on. I don't buy it. Dramatics is a recurrent theme with you though.

If you want the source of your problems, look at yourself.

Lizzie Hays said...

I encourage you all to look at Jacob's most recent Instagram post and all be ashamed of yourselves for the way you've treated Jacob Roloff.
His name on Instagram is @jacobroloff45

Bonnie A said...

Look at how stoned Jacob is in that picture Isabel posted on Twitter. He's also in the drivers seat of the car. I only hope if they crash driving around on drugs they only hurt themselves. What is wrong with kids these days? Anne is absolutely right about Jacob. He needs a swift kick in the butt.

Carly said...

Bonnie, you're completely right. Anne, please bring attention to that picture of Jacob. Look at his eyes. In the driver's seat. And Isabel thinks it is hilarious. They are disgusting.

Wendy said...

Lizzie, not at all. Did you also look at Isabel's picture. Do you think Jacob's eyes looks like he's heavily under the influence of something? Sitting in the driver's seat?

Jacob's posts about Jack are just feeling sorry for himself. He should be ashamed. He's trying to throw his parents (and Jack's) under the bus with "for your parent's ratings".

If Jacob thinks it is so wrong why did Jacob contribute to filming Jack for $? Take a stand and refuse the "blood money" if he thinks it is so damaging.

Connor said...

Yeah, Jack should really take advice from a stoner who is trying to say it's bad but is part of it.

Wendy you hit the nail on the head. Jacob is about Jacob. He likes posting about this kid because it gives himself a chance to look like a victim. He just makes himself the hypocrite and joke. You don't get to bitch about something if you choose to be on it.

And yeah, I'm sure Jacob would bitch about crooked cops if they had seen him with those eyes.

Ashley said...

I predict they will both delete both of those things. The probably only posted because they were doing *whatever* they were doing that made Jake's eyes like that and when they're thinking clearly they'll delete.

I'm surprised Jacob posted that. It's a pretty strong criticism of his parents since they did tell Oprah they would stop the show if Jacob didn't like it.

Now he's admitting he hated it, using words like "for your parents ratings".

I guess he's going to go the passive aggressive way without totally going against his parents.

But I agree it's hard to take Jake seriously when he is willingly choosing to be partners with TLC. His words would have meant more if he had stuck to what he said and ran when he turned 18. I hope the money he's getting is worth it to destroy any integrity he had.

Crystal said...

Ashley, well said. It is especially hypocritical given the retweet Jacob did about money not being happiness. Yeah don't value money but I'll sell my values for a few dollars if the price is right.

Ashley said...

Thanks Crystal. Yeah it's always funny when someone says don't focus on money when they will do anything for money.

It's almost as funny as when Jeremy tweets that material possessions are worthless....yet his whole life is about accumulating "things"and lavish expensive things.

DJ said...

Jacob said I hope what I said sticks with him. What did he say? According to what Jacob wrote he only asked him if he liked filming. Did he tell him quit the show, it's damaging...even though I sure as hell didn't! !! Money dude!!"

Barb said...

He's just playing victim by making his parent's and the other parents look greedy. I'm sure they appreciate Jacob scornful words telling their son they don't know best.

If the Roloffs had ended the show because Jacob at 8 or 9 didn't like it and lost the farm then he would have experienced real reality and hated his parents for not providing a nice life.

Vicky said...

It's pathetic to see how much Isabel sucks up to Jacob if you read her comment on his picture. Misunderstood his whole life? No. We understand he's an arrogant brat just fine. "You keep moving forward" Yeah if "moving forward" means getting high...see her picture..

Ashley said...

Oh, someone was asking about Matt's sister Ruth? Her daughter, Jacob's cousin Rachael Burton just commented to Jacob's picture "you are an incredible young man cousin".

Jamie said...

Jacob's such a hypocrite. He's so adamantly against government censorship. And when someone mildly criticized his Instagram picture I saw him quickly delete multiple posts. Why is he so afraid of criticism? That's literally all he does all day long is criticize police, government, schooling, jobs, people ad nauseam, yet he runs from the slightest criticism.

So cowardly, I guess he can dish it but not take it.

Kelly said...

Jamie, I couldn't have said it better.

Jacob is all blame, blame, blame. He takes no responsibility.

How come Jeremy doesn't have these problems? Or Tori? Or even Zach who should have more being that he was the focus of the show being the LP.

Jacob just wants to play the victim.

"My parent's ratings" that's a really crappy thing to say.

It's too bad Amy has no backbone and is sucking up to Jacob. She should say, OK, you don't like it, then give me back my truck and get lost!

Katie said...

Jamie, what comments did Jacob delete?

Lintons Lint said...

That awkward moment when a well meaning fan is totally ignorant about what Jacob believes and stands for, lol. Way to go DuckDad...It's a blessing to watch your faith in God,

duckdad1 Jacob, whether it's a TV show or a change of schools or a job or a move to another house, etc., parents face those tough choices that will impact each person differently in the family. It was noticeably difficult for you on the show but look how God has used your hardship to help others. I think of Joseph in the Bible how his family members made choices that caused him great suffering, but God used it in the end to save all of Egypt from famine and ultimately saved the lives of his own family that had caused him pain. It's a joy to see you take time to encourage Jake. It's a blessing to watch your example and to see your family's faith in God through it all. God has His hand on you and I can't wait to see what great things He is going to do through you. Great job in your post!
mandi1215Parents do what they think is best and we fail sometimes. It's obvious on the show you're not into it but it's also obvious that you are loved by your parents....nice to hear your thoughts though and concern for Jack. God has His plan for all of you, trust that.

Janet said...

Jacob has no conscience.

He's trying to use this Jack boy to make himself look good when all he's really trying to is cry victim.

I think it's awful how he just threw his parents under the 18 wheeler. They've given him so much and so much opportunity.

He is just so sheltered and so self centered that he can't fathom that there are millions of kids who would have traded places with him to get the opportunities he has.

It's not everyone else's fault that Jacob wastes his opportunities and is nothing but a burn out pot smoker who hates on police, government, God and his own family.

I have zero respect for Jacob. He isn't about "saving" Jack. It's all about Jacob wanting sympathy.

andy said...

Kelly, YOU are ignorant. You know Jacob got checks since he was little and his parents put them away into a fund, right?
Jacob has been getting paid since he was like 8 years old... And they have been put away. Jacob doesn't have access to the money but he can pull from it if means are necessary, and that's what he did with the truck.
So nice try on the "give me my truck back!" It is not Amy's. Jacob "earned" that money being on a TV show. He can buy a nice truck with it if he wants.
So shut up lol

Andrea said...

Who thinks that if the Roloffs stopped doing the show when Jacob was 7, never converted their house into a mini mansion, never went to all those cool places, never was able to afford all those vehicles Jacob loves so much, needed to move from the Farm Jacob loves, that he would have ended up being the same pot smoking unmotivated hateful brat? The only difference would have been he would say it was because his parents didn't give him a good life.

Kelly said...

Andy, who do you think you are fooling?

We aren't DuckDad1 who believes what is on the show that Jacob is polite young man who loves God.

Matt and Amy pay for Jacob's expenses, provided all the luxuries he can't survive without. He owes them for everything he has, and the way he pays them back is trying to make himself look like a victim and make his parents look like monsters.

Amy is weak. She shouldn't be apologizing. Jacob knows he can walk over Amy and that's what he's doing.

andy said...

In the end it doesn't really matter what you think lol so I don't really care.
His parents don't give him any money... He has money because they gave him a check since he was young. You're dumb.

Lauren said...

Kelly, obviously that's the case.

I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you if anyone believes Jacob is supporting himself.

Jim said...

This proves on top of everything else what a little puke Jacob is...a scumbag.

Be a man you pussy Jacob!

If you hate the show, stop your whining and get off it!

If you resent your parents, then stop mooching off them and get away. The US is a big place. You can move away and not see them.

But nope. This little punk needs to vilify his own family but then relies on them to feed, clothe and get him from place A to B.

If you want to blame everyone else for your problems. Go ahead. But support your own damn ass.

Hypocrite doesn't even begin to describe Jacob Roloff.

Pam said...

Andy, even if what you say is true, Jacob still owes everything he has, the way he supports his lifestyle, to his parents doing the show with the family.

To whine about it and make them look bad so he can get some "Poor Jacob" comments is incredibly disloyal.

Polly said...

I know! Let's PRETEND we know what it's like to be filmed for every second of your young life.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to not be able to enjoy our childhood without the pressure of a camera following you around.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to have producers come up with a script that tells your parents to fight, resulting in them actually fighting.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to not only be on a TV show, but be the "least important" one on the TV show and be frequently left out and or ignored by your siblings and parents.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to go on "fun family vacations" but not have them be any fun because you're constantly under a time constraint and being filmed the entire time so you can never actually let your guard down or enjoy it.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to watch your parents go at each other's throats, on and off the camera eventually resulting in their separation and divorce.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to go to school and try to focus while having kids come up to you and ask you if you're famous, trying to decipher whether they want to be your friend because of that or not.
Let's pretend we know what it's like being the youngest in the family so growing up you had to explore the amazing farm alone most of the time.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to be held to unattainable standards and expectations of your older, talented brother.
Let's pretend we know what it's like to be Jacob Roloff. Let's pretend that it's been easy to watch a television show destroy your family and watch your whole family lie and be fake all over the media and on TV.
Let's pretend we know what it's like. Because we've all walked in Jacob's shoes.

Shelby said...

Polly, the Jacob sympathy is sickening.

I don't see the other Roloff kids whining like Jacob.

Like Jim said, if it was so bad and had such a negative influence on Jacob how about he get off the show and actually take a stand. But he won't do that.

And there are lots of kids who would trade with Jacob in a heartbeat to have been to all the places they went to even if they were filming some of the time.

And the stuff about Jacob at school? How about you try to be a regular kid who gets picked on for all the reasons most kids get picked on? I saw how those high school kids treated Jacob. Even though he was a dick to them, they were nice to him.

Pooooor jacob. Kids were nice to him and he needed to "worry" they were nice to him because he was on tv.

Change spots with people who were tormented all the time. Kind of like what Jacob did to the kid he bullied out of Faith Bible or the gay kid Jacob freaked out about even though he pretends to be all "progressive" about gay stuff.

Greg said...

Polly, the problem I have with Jacob is he is old enough now that he is making his own decisions.

And he's still playing victim.

"Let's pretend we know what it's like to be Jacob Roloff. Let's pretend that it's been easy to watch a television show destroy your family and watch your whole family lie and be fake all over the media and on TV."

You mean, just like Jacob? Because that's what he's doing by participating this season. He's running around in the mud smiling pretending like this is what Roloffs do.

Jacob's not real. He's the fake as the rest of his family. I think he genuinely is mad at his parents for every starting the show and wanted to get back at them by ranting on Instagram. But he doesn't have the balls to back up what he says. Just like his fake "I quit...well, not really because I want your money".

Gail said...

I can't believe there aren't more comments about the picture!!!!

Look at how dilated his eyes are!

I'm not a drug expert. Please help me. Is that being "high". Or is that "acid"? Or some other drugs?

He is sitting behind the wheel. I doubt he was taking whatever he was doing and they just ran to the truck to take the picture and wasn't driving.

What is wrong with him? He has serious problems and contrary to what he thinks, his parents aren't to blame, he has himself to blame for his mess of a life.

Rachel said...

I'm sure Jack's parents are thrilled to pieces that Jacob, a jobless, fail at everything he does, stoner is trying to be a mentor to their 7 year old son by telling them that they are are bad parents making bad choices and that he should have an attitude against them.

It's all a big sympathy plea by Jacob because he likes to feel sorry for himself.

Grace said...

I think it is really mean for Jacob to write that. Mean to his parents. Without the show Jacob would have nothing. He is so sel absorbed and so intent on being a victim he can't imagine that people are far worse off than his upbringing. Jacob needs to grow up.

Denise said...

Jacob loves feeling sorry for himself. I even feel bad for Amy that Jacob is trying make her feel guilty and look like a bad parent. Hey mom shouldn't have made me film...but now that I'm in charge, I'm going to make the exact same choice and I think it is morally wrong to film a 7 year old so I will make sure I get paid while I'm in on it.

What a jerk.

Rita said...

Polly, do you realize most kids don't have any amazing farm to explore. Jacob just wants to hand out blame with pity me instead of realizing and celebrating all the good things he got.

Rita said...

Andy, the pool is a good example. Something the family has because of the show. It belongs to his parents. But jacob uses it anytime he wants or his friends want. Why doesn't he get his own pool if he really thinks the show and his parents are that bad.

Ecossais said...


Thank you for creating this thread for the anti Jacob fanatics.
Maybe now they will stay off the threads that are actually about the show?

Dylan said...

You guys are lunatics. Of COURSE Amy is going to apologize for what she put her son through. She doesn't give a shit about you people. In the end that's her son.

Erica said...

Polly, Jacob needs to take responsibility for himself. There were pros and cons to the show. At some point, jacob needs to focus on all the positive things gained and stop looking at himself as a victim.

Theresa said...

Dylan, I think Amy is just trying to appease Jacob much like you try to calm a toddler having a temper tantrum. As Amy said, Jacob doesn't understand life or any of the big decisions. The fact Jacob chooses to be part of the show now says she did the right thing.

Gina said...

Jacob just proved what a horrible son he is, more than what anyone else could say. He is so disloyal and appreciative.

Michelle said...

It would be easier to take Jacob's advocating (supposedly) for Jack more seriously if Jacob had really cut ties with LPBW and reality TV but he didn't. It's completely up to Jacob and he chooses that life. While speaking out against it, that's lame.

I would have hoped that Jacob would be more mature turning 18 and realize that adult decisions went into everything. It's the family business. Jacob never weighs the positive and negatives. He only looks at the negatives because it's easy for him to play the victim that way.

Marlene said...

I see Jacob despite rejecting Jesus, did read enough of the Bible to know how to be like Judas.

He is betrraying his family by pointing his finger at them in his never ending blame game.

Alex said...

This culture of blaming the problems in your life on others is really annoying. Take damn responsibility for your own life Jacob.

Doreen said...

Does Jacob ever say anything positive about anything? Jamie got it right with post number 1. Jacob has arrogance as a character trait. He's not a nice person. He's a jerk so he is trying to blame the show for it.

Marilyn said...

In my opinion, Jacob is using Jack for attention.

Laura said...

It is heart breaking to me when I see comments from people who are unaware of the hate in Jacob's heart but speak to him that God has his hand on his shoulder and that God will guide him. That's what Jacob should be like. But he has allowed hate to take over. He is disappointing everyone, most of all God and himself.

Akhter said...


Did Jacob ever once approach Jack's parents and tell them that they are damaging their son Jack by forcing him to film?

Do you want to make a bet he did not.

Yet he goes to Instagram to act like Jack's hero and to paint himself as a victim.

If he wanted to do something he would have confronted Jack's parents and quit the show (for real, not one of Jacob's infamous 'oh I didn't really mean it when I said that' moments.

Maggie said...

Has Jacob ever thanked his parents for his truck? The pool where he swims whenever he pleases. His clothes. Everything Jacob has he owes to LPBW and his parents decision.

He's a very ungrateful young man. He's very self-centered.

Kathy said...

Polly, if the show was that bad why does Jacob continue to CHOOSE to be filmed? If it was so bad you get away no matter how much money you get.

Sam said...

Does Jacob know what the word "medium" means? Because it doesn't mean "not at all".

Mark said...

Jacob trying to be Jack's voice would have meant more if Jacob did not sell out and actually separated from the show/reality TV. His words don't mean much when he is the one making the choice to remain on a television show.

Katie said...

Isabel is saying to a friend "You know that picture (Jacob looking stoned) was taken in the back of your truck" seems like an obvious attempt to get them out of hot water because of the driving implication.

Maybe she's telling the truth but I don't know. You can see a window behind them, but that could be the truck window.

Melanie said...

So...Jacob is off ANOTHER camping trip that he has the evil show to thank for the fact he doesn't need to work and can spend his days getting high and camping without facing real life responsibilities.

Justin said...

If I were the Hamill's, I would tell Jacob to stay the hell away from my son. Getting close to Jacob is how he's going to become a fuck up like Jacob. Not because he was filmed and it gave them opportunities they would never have got otherwise.

Anonymous said...

If the Hamills didn't bother to do any research on the Roloffs, then they deserve what they get, and it sure sounds like the money was more important to the Hamills than any concern about who TLC put next to their little boy. There's no way TLC doesn't know about the drug use and they encouraged the Hamills to do this. That's how much TLC cares about the talent.

Nancy said...

I agree, anybody who would let their child have conversations with Jacob is in for trouble.

Connor said...

The rest of the Roloffs ought to get a backbone, especially Matt and Amy and stop taking Jacob's shit. Amy's response to Jacob was pathetic. A perfect example of how she lets him walk over her.

Tammy said...

Melanie, they are off to California again. Probably thanks to "that stupid evil show". What a hypocrite. How does Jacob rationalize it?

Gloria said...

Who does Jacob think he is? Talk about projecting his victimization onto a poor kid. Tell a little 7 year old boy that his parents don't know best. Way to go Jacob! I agree with the comment challenging Jacob's conclusion that "I like it medium" equals "not at all". Maybe Jack at 7 is more mature than Jacob at 18 and realizes there's good parts and not so good things.

Megan B said...

Jacob clearly has serious problems and he has a LOT of growing up to do. He has been equipped with no role models he can relate to and follow in his own family, and he is rebelling with some of his behavior. He is not, however, the evil incarnate.

But the hateful rants against him here are from some TRULY sick individuals in this forum. Do all of you have a pathological inability to emphathize? We all know Jacob's life was far more twisted than any of his siblings -- he was SEVEN YEARS OLD when his parents sold out his privacy. When the show started, it was apparent that Jake was already be far the least-attended-to child in the family. Can you imagine how fundamentally different his life became when his private life suddenly became everybody's business? The show through his family life went through huge upheaval and the show helped bias his parents' attentions even more away from him and towards the twins, who were a focal editorial interest on the show. His parents should be ashamed, and the crew of the show should be ashamed, for pretending they cared about how the kids felt.

It is likely that his parents do feel some guilt about giving him by far the least amount of attention (although not nearly enough guilt, in my opinion) of any of their children. However, guilt as we all know is a terrible parental motivator. It inspires parents to be overly lenient and indulgent instead of providing the structure and assertiveness that kids need to be mature and become productive citizens.

Suds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Set Abominae said...

All of the people condemning jacob are massively ignorant of the reality behind so called "reality" TV programming of the sort that TLC airs:

It's not about "informing" or "enlightening" people, it's about exploiting the dumb, the desperate and the narcissistic.

Just look at some of the more popular shows on TLC like My 600 Pound Life/19 Kids and counting (which finally bit the dust fro good) and some of the newer shows like I am Jazz and you'll see that it's all about playing up the mundane trivialities of otherwise unimportant people leading otherwise unimportant lives and turning everything involving them into shallow soap opera level melodrama that requires multiple episodes to "sift through" and makes what WWE and TNA broadcast on their programming look almost shakespearean by comparison.

At least the family from Table For 12 was smart enough to pull the plug on their show once it had served its financial purpose for them, the roloff's on the other hand have been beating their dead horse for so long that it's become glue.

So called "reality tv" is the main reason why I no longer watch much television and quite frankly speaking I can't wait for networks like History A&E and TLC to finally die their now well deserved deaths so that they can be replaced by networks that air actual educational content.

Taylor said...

MeganB, what are "Jacob clearly has a lot of problems"? Explain please.

LF said...

"Let's pretend we know what it's like to go to school and try to focus while having kids come up to you and ask you if you're famous, trying to decipher whether they want to be your friend because of that or not.`

Polly, you obviously weren't at Liberty. Kids were...wait for it....nice to Jacob! Kids actually went out of their way to make sure he didn't get picked on because he was on TV. Poor Jacob. Kids were nice to him. Yeah sure, some kids were willing to be friends with him because they thought it would be cool to be friends with the tv kid, but at the end of the day, Jacob was dick to everyone. That's the real reason why he hates and is hated by most of the kids he went to Liberty with. It's because Jacob was dick to people. He tries so hard to be cool by being different and by putting down anything and anyone who does something that is "normal". Jacob was a dick to the football team even though some of the guys were super nice to Jacob and let him be friends with them.

Lacey said...

How can Jacob face his family after he trashes them like this? Look at what he's actually saying. That filming had a major negative impact on him. That they did for "their ratings". He's so disloyal considering he's making the same decision his parents made.

Wolf Blitzer said...

I, & others in my household have a profound sense of disappointment in Jacobs turning his back on God O mighty. It is sad that he does not regularly attend Sunday church services.Heed the word of god o'mighty Jacob & repent your evil ways of drug use.

Kayla said...

Megan B., I'm also interested in you expanding on Jacob's problems. You seem level headed and intelligent.

Emily said...

Sam's kids (Matt's brother) seem so much more well behaved compared to Jacob. Jacob has talked about how he has nothing in common with his cousins. Is that because they weren't on a show or is it because Jacob is just jerk?

Kyle said...

I'm torn.

On hand, no doubt about it, Jacob overstep his bounds and didn't have a right to call out the Hamills (the parents) like that. I'm guessing Jake spent a maximum of 5 minutes talking to this little child and now he thinks he knows exactly how the little guy feels and will feel.

On the other hand, does Jacob genuinely think he's speaking for the silent by saying something? Is trying to do good? Maybe.

But is it pure? No, he knows the issue is connected to himself and he likes painting himself as the victim.

Rap541 said...

Kyle - I disagree with you in that I disagree that the Hamills don't deserve to be called out. The reality of what the Hamills are doing is that they, like the Roloffs, the Gosselins, the Kleins, the Duggars, the "insert every other TLC family show name", are exploiting their kids in order to earn money. The money is paid to the parents, the kids get no say in being on the show and there are no real protections in place. Jacob Roloff, reality show douche, isn't pure and does like painting himself as the victim, but unlike the Hamills, his own parents, , he only is whoring himself... not his kids.

Reality shows damage kids and they damage marriages and the Hamills don't look poverty stricken, they're after the easy life.

TLC doesn't care how the shows damage kids. The contracts the Gosselins signed were illuminating in how this is very much a job and I grew up with the notion that moms and dads were supposed to provide for their kids... and their kids didn't exist to provide a lucrative income stream. Jack and the two twin Hamill girls aren't allowed to say no. Their parents have sold them to TLC just like the Roloffs sold their kids out for megabucks and free vacations and really, considering Matt and Amy dramatically increased their property ownership, its obvious that the lionshare of the money went to Matt and Amy and not the kids (and I welcome Matt and Amy, AND the Hamils, the Kleins, etc etc etc, outlining with real numbers how wrong I am and how much actually did or is getting put aside for the kids... because I am certain it isn't equal shares).

Now is Jacob making some assumptions based on his own experiences? Yes, and frankly the Hamills don't strike me as bad parents, while Matt and Amy have some serious flaws in their parenting, so the Hamills might handle things better... but the Hamills do deserve to hear that they may not be making an awesome choice and they aren't giving their kids any choice at all.

Kyle said...

Rap, I don't entirely disagree, but the parents know their situation and do what they think is best. Jacob isn't mature enough to contemplate what life would have been like without LPBW. He blames tv for his parents marriage crumbling and everything bad. Without it? They would have been bankrupt. They would have lost the farm. And what's always a factor in divorce? Money. Would they have stayed married if they lost the farm? Unlikely.

Life without the show wouldn't have been all roses like Jacob thinks.

Rap541 said...

I totally see your point Kyle. And I agree, without the show, the divorce probably would have happened and the financial stupidity was still likely to wreck havoc... I just don't think that precludes Jacob from having a valid point about the Hamills.

Is it a pure point with no ulterior motive? No, I think it's a nice little guilt trip to his parents, made all the more effective in that Jacob is the child who had to deal with their separation on a constant, daily basis... And Amy and Matt don't strike me as all that nice to each other when they are off camera.

If its fair for me to say the Hamills deserve to be called out for whoring out their kids after knowing without a doubt that TLC's record with family shows is utterly horrid, then it is fair for Jacob to say it.

MS said...

Kyle, I don't think selling out the kids is the right solution. But going along with this line of reasoning, don't you think the Roloffs would have made enough money in a year or two of the show to get back on their feet? In Spirits' article, there are references to the Oprah episode in 2008 with Matt being quoted as saying they would stop if anyone in the family didn't want to continue. Yet here they are years later still filming due to self-serving interests. And it's not just Jacob who hated it. Wasn't 2008 around the time Jeremy and Zach were at their worst -- the "Creepers" era?

PJ said...

Jake know something very few other people do, something the Hamills don't. Jake is one of the few people who grew up on reality TV. Granted that the parents have final say, that input is valuable for the same reason Bill Clinton contacted Jimmy Carter. Amy Carter was the last little girl at the White House and could tell Chelsea Clinton what to expect.

Set Abominae said...


The funniest thing about all the people who are trashing jacob for speaking his mind is that they don't understand that shows like little people, big world are in the parlance of the professional wrestling world "a work" meaning they are largely scripted rehearsed and predetermined by producers as opposed to being a "shoot" meaning something was unplanned unscripted unrehearsed and unexpected.

The only difference is that WWE and TNA actually admit to paying their talent to put on an act for the crowd while shows like LPBW pretend to be "real" when they're not.

J45 said...

"Jake know something very few other people do, something the Hamills don't. Jake is one of the few people who grew up on reality TV. Granted that the parents have final say, that input is valuable for the same reason Bill Clinton contacted Jimmy Carter. Amy Carter was the last little girl at the White House and could tell Chelsea Clinton what to expect"

My thoughts exactly.

Kyle said...

MS, Rap, I see your point as well, but my point is that adults see the whole picture and try to do what is right given the whole picture. Where as the kid doesn't see adult things and just looks at the negatives.

It's a like a guy who drives a truck for 20 years. It's a good paying job but you're on the road for 95% of the year. But it pays for the nice house for the wife and kids, the nice car for the wife to drive the kids around, the hockey practices, the dance competitions, college for the kids. It means the truck driver is going to miss the hockey games, the dance recitals and the birthdays. But they weight the good and bad and make a decision.

Where as the kid is just going to whine and complain that Dad is always missing events in their lives not realizing that they did it so they can have a good life that they enjoy. When the kid gets older, maybe the kid will then understand the sacrifice Dad made.

I look at the decision to do television the same way.

MS, before it became a big issue, before the Gosselins blew up, Matt flat out admitted in the beginning of the show that only he and Jeremy wanted to do the show. Matt used to say Zach hated the showthe fame and attention. and Amy didn't want to do it either.

Then obviously Amy fell in love with the fame and attention. Zach who used to "hate the show" has spent the better part of the last 7 years willfully choosing to do the show. He's even whored out his wedding and sold his wedding photos to entertainment magazines.

Jacob is going the same route. Hated the show, but now that he's an adult, he's choosing to do the show. Even the kids who once complained (Zach, Jacob) understand the real world and what a normal job/life is like then they run to the show and are happy to sing and dance and act for the camera.

I don't think you can let a 6 year old decide what's best for the family.

Rap541 said...

I completely agree you don't let a six year old decide what's best for the family. However, the question I ask about six year old Jack is the same I ask about all these kids.

Jack doesn't get to decide to be on the show. It's been decided for him. So how is Jack being *directly* compensated? Is *he* being paid and the money put in a trust? Or are his *parents* being paid for him to be displayed crying like a little brat? Is Jack filmed in his bedroom? Are his parents? (a guess based on other TLC shows including LPBW is that while the kids bedrooms are filled with cameras, the *parents* have privacy)

That Jacob is jumping on the money train with all his family doesn't mean he's not making a valid point about Jack.

Kyle said...

Rap, because Jack isn't old enough to decide what is best for his family. Jacob isn't in a position to decide that down the road, Jack will wish they never did the show.

If the Roloffs never did the show, they likely would have divorced and been on the bottom scale of middle class to poor. Jacob would be blaming his problems on his parents divorcing when he was a child and not having the money to give him opportunities.

And just because Jacob wants to blame all his problems on filming doesn't necessarily mean Jack will be the same way.

Rap541 said...

Kyle - I agree, but who IS deciding for Jack?

And who is protecting Jack?

Unfortunately the current track record for TLC families isn't terribly good. The Gosselins divorced, the Roloffs divorced, the Duggars are off the air due to the child molesting, the Honey Boo boo clan is off because of child molesting and also has a divorce. Who is making sure that Jack will even see a red cent of having his childhood displayed for the cameras - and remember, since he's a child, he's not even allowed to say no, it's already been decided that he will be earning money for his parents. And when he becomes a messed up adult - who gets the blame?

If it follows the Roloff pattern, not his parents who got all the money for displaying him.

Anonymous said...

He might be suffering consequences from his head injury in 2006. Head injuries can have a profound affect on ones behavior.

Rap541 said...

If true, Anon at 10:13... then Matt and Amy need to own it.

Jacob was NINE when Matt and Amy decided the kids needed a trebuchet to play with. Jacob was NINE when his parents decided to put him in front of a crowd and have him operate a deadly weapon. If Jacob's current behavior is a result of the head injury sustained from the trebuchet then yes, no doubt about it, that can be laid directly at the feet of his parents and their poor parenting choices.

I make the point that Jacob was nine so when people start whining "Rap never blames Jacob" I can remind you that Jacob was a nine year old and nine year olds are children and are considered their parents responsibility. Jacob got hurt at age nine because his parents allowed him to do something ridiculously dangerous. If the consequence is that he has brain damage, then instead of patting themselves on the back and proudly snotting how they're empty nesters, Matt and Amy should have been doing something other than NOTHING to help the child that was brain injured due to their stupid parenting choices.

MG said...

Yes, Jacob is responsible for his own actions. As are we all. But by that same token, he has every right to be angry. I've been watching this show for years, admittedly as a guilty pleasure. I cried when Mike died, and some of my tears were for Jacob losing the only nurturing-but-limit-setting stable adult in his life. His father is a narcissist and his mother an enabler, at best. I'm glad Zach finally came out of his depression, through no help sought by their parents. Jacob didn't and then he self-medicated. Big surprise. That many of the above didn't see this coming is shocking.

Michelle said...

Why is Jacob saying "Heck yea" on twitter? He sounds like Jeremy. Is he trying to be acceptable because he's a tlc employee now? Kind of funny to see him deliberately tone down a word to sound more Roloff TLC fake.

Rap541 said...

And Michelle points out why Jacob Roloff has no incentive to change.

He uses vulgarity on line? People complain.

He cleans up his language? People complain.

And huh, yet again I must point out that while everyone says Anne and Jesus won... here we are looking at someone complaining about Jacob's on line presence.

Anonymous said...

You're cute. Trash kids come from trash parents. Matt can't stick to any project so it stands to reason his kids would follow his example. Surprise surprise Jeremy decided to end the charade in LA and come back to Oregon where he can finally be himself and use pot legally with his brother. Zach can't even commit to life. Jacob. Well he'll fall in with Jeremy with pot parties in the clubhouse.

I wish I could say their failures are a Jew conspiracy but I can't. Jesus has let us all down with that family. They better be careful, He might wipe the earth clean of such drug using and life wasting sinners.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10: How does anyone on her know how Jacob has been affected by this show? It could've exacerbated emotional issues he already had. Plus, who knows what Amy and Matt were dealing with behind closed doors with him and with their marriage? Look at the Olsen twins. They did not enjoy being on camera; said their childhoods were lost. It appears that Jacob is depressed to me. Remember, these are only specials. The Roloff's voluntarily stopped doing the show years ago on a weekly basis. I wonder if that was due to family problems? They might be dealing with something else besides a divorce in their family. They showed Zach and Jer's reaction to the divorce but they never showed Molly and Jacob; they just said they were told. Jacob moved out of the house very quick too. If none of these boys have jobs I say shame on Amy and Matt. Can't cripple your kids for life. Jer is making a lot of noise about returning to the farm soon too.

Brandon said...

Anon, the Roloffs didn't voluntarily stop the show. That was Matt's spin on it. The real show (the one that consisted of long seasons and luxury vacations) was cancelled. Everything was on a much smaller scale for the "specials".

Normandie Kent said...

The Roloff parents are to blame. They are nothing but shameless media whores! Jacob really needs to get away from his parents and the rest of his loser family! He wasn't driving, he was sitting with his girl in the back seat in Izzys friends car! You numb nut!!!

Normandie Kent said...

They run a farm dummy! They have a show because they are media whores! The farm makes the money!