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Little People, Big World Episode July 28th, 2015: Review By Anne Bailey

The following review of the July 28th episode of Little People, Big World was submitted by Anne Bailey. All opinions and statements belong to the author.


Anne here for another week. Folks, I'm not a happy camper. From my mouth to God's ear, I speak the truth. There are times as Christians where we must hold other Christians accountable, not to punish or embarrass them, but in an attempt to steer them and others back towards the path that Jesus laid out for them. Everyone except God makes mistakes.

My style for my review is not to review segment by segment. It is to comment on the parts and themes we are shown.

This episode could be called "The divorce episode". It is incredibly sad and disappointing.

I have tremendous amount of respect for the majority of Roloffs but the themes in this episode aren't admirable for any Roloffs except for the wonderful Audrey. She is the only Roloff that did not suffer a chip to her character.

Matt and Amy voice over that they are divorcing. They film together. Neither of them appear to be ashamed or very emotional about betraying their vows to each other made in front of God for God.

This is what I have a problem with. Divorce is wrong. The figure of 50% is often said to be the divorce rate in today's society. Today's culture corrupts people with immoral things like sex, prostitution and sexual perversion like the gay lifestyle and freaks like Bruce Jenner. who are an affront to God.  We shouldn't just shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well" when people treat divorce like it's an employment contract.

Marriage is not a contract. It is for God. It is serious. It is for 2 people to join on a quest for Jesus. It's not to be viewed like a construction developer who signs a contract with a builder and when one of the sides aren't happy, they step away and move away. When you say "till death do us part, for better or worse" it is supposed to mean something.

Let me be clear. Both Matt and Amy are to blame for their failure in their marriage. It's not something you pat them on the back and say "Good job" and move on. It's very sad that they failed so badly.

Matt is filmed for a scene where he tells his parents Ron and Peg over lunch that he and Amy have destroyed their promise to God and decided to file for divorce. Peggy looks visibly hurt. Ron looks annoyed. However, they both, unfortunately, bite their tongues. They let Matt off the hook with weak words along the lines as "sometimes you have to let go".

When a man and woman take their vows in front of God they are promising it is forever. Does anyone have a doubt that if Jeremy was diagnosed with a life altering debilitating disease tomorrow that Audrey wouldn't stand by his side as his partner in marriage? It means even if your husband or wife turns into a jerk tomorrow, you are going to work it out. It's not a contract where you if you don't feel appreciated you get to break it. Shrugging it off as acceptable is wrong.

I wish instead of trying to utter supportive words to Matt on camera or make jokes to lighten the mood, Ron and Peg would have explained to Matt that they too experienced trials and tribulations throughout their marriage. Don't think any marriage that lasts as long as Ron and Peg's does so without any down times. Nothing is smooth sailing one hundred percent of the time. With Jesus as your focus, you can endure  together.

Amy tells her friend who has also been divorced. I am disappointed once again. This segment is "Oh, poor Amy". Amy wants to feel sorry for herself instead of taking responsibility for her part in the failure of her marriage and her friend is more than willing to help Amy play the victim.

Amy tells Zach and Jeremy for the cameras about the decision to divorce. Zach doesn't seem to understand the significance. He doesn't put forth much of any emotion except that he's not surprised. Jeremy at least looks genuinely hurt. Unfortunately, Jeremy also refrains from speaking any true words about the impact of this decision. Amy attempts to give Jeremy and Zach words of wisdom about having a successful marriage but even she appears guilt-ridden and realizes that she has just destroyed her own character by quitting on her marriage.

Molly and Jacob are not involved in any of the divorce scenes. That doesn't sit very well with me, giving Jacob a pass from the divorce. He certainly didn't help the state of his parent's marriage with all of his horrendous attitude and behavior the last few years when he was old enough to start growing up and should have been taking responsibility for his actions. Now divorce is the end game and Jacob gets to walk away. He has no character.

On to other things…

Jeremy and Matt. It was a good decision to give some Matt and Jeremy scenes to counter all the sad and disappointing divorce segments. Jeremy visits the farm to help Matt design and build a gate. The best part of this is that it is evident that Matt is proud that he helped shaped Jeremy's creative nature and that he has passed on something useful to Jeremy. For Jeremy's part he is appreciative of Matt's lessons over the year and is proud of  Matt's pride in him. Matt certainly needs that in his life since his marriage just failed and let's be honest, Matt's other able-bodied son is a train wreck of epic proportions. Let's be honest folks. While Matt has been talking over the last few weeks of being proud of the man Jeremy has become, what is Jacob actually doing?

Jacob Roloff is using twitter to seek out drug dealers! I am not kidding. It is not a lie. In case you're not "hip to the lingo" "hmu" means "Hit me up" (aka. contact me).

Yes, Jacob Roloff is using twitter to ask drug dealers to contact him because he is interested in their services.

It is awful. How can anyone be proud of someone like that? People, the truth needs to be spoken even if it hurts. God commands that you do the right thing  even if the right thing and the easy thing do not  go hand in hand. I am disappointed the Roloffs let Jacob's behavior go without speaking up.

This is not OK. I pray that people surrounding Jacob stop doing something other than nothing and speak up. His life is full of darkness and emptiness that he is resorting to asking drug dealers to contact him. Drugs are not the answer. Jesus is the answer. It's very sad and frightening that he tweet something like that and it gets any "favorites" at all. That's why it's all the more important that Christians begin speaking out. It is a very sad situation. 

The last aspect of this episode centers around Tori and Zach disagreeing on the set up for their wedding. I expressed concerns in my previous review that Tori was summoning her inner Amy and all of her bad traits about disrespecting her husband were starting to surface. I am even more concerned now. I would like to hope that Tori is just playing for the cameras and is a really good actress. She is bossy, stubborn and a complainer. Tori better do some serious reflecting upon the break up of Matt and Amy's marriage and make a promise that she will not  become Amy Roloff part two because she is displaying that some of the same qualities exist within her. Tori needs to do some praying and  seek spiritual counselling to ensure she does not become a wife who belittles her husband. I would like to nudge everyone to pay a little more attention. Notice that you don't see Audrey engaging in the verbal put downs and insults towards her husband? She meant what she said in her vows. You'll notice a few paragraphs down when I quote Audrey while she is giving advice to women of Christ, she emphasizes the importance for women to show their husbands respect. That is why you'll notice Audrey's behavior differing from some of the other women we've seen.

And with that, I will end with a positive note which comes from Audrey Roloff. She wrote a beautiful article on her blog about the meaning of the phrase "Braid it". That is the phrase Jeremy and Audrey use for their relationship.

I encourage all to read it, digest it and soak in the meaning of what she is saying. All should read it, especially after all of the disappointing things we have seen recently. God calls you for higher things. Audrey understands and articulates it well.

Here are some of the highlights which are extremely relevant given the subject matter of divorce, commitment and God.These wonderful words are from Audrey Roloff on her blog: "What Does 'Braid it' mean?"

Lord grant us the strength to pursue on through
May we braid it together, Christ, you and I 

It was a reminder that successful relationships have a structure. And we wanted that structure. 
Think about the structure of a braid, it has three strands. The third strand is what holds a braid together. Without it you would be left with a twist, which is easy unraveled. The third strand is the most important, and is imperative to keep all three intertwined. 
So what are the three strands? For us it is:
1. Christ
2. Jeremy 
3. Audrey
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10 If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. 11 Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? 12 A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. <
 This structure of a braid, paints the perfect picture of accountability within a relationship. Christ being the head, then the husband, and then the wife. Throughout scripture Christ’s love for us is made known through his, unconditional love, relentless pursuit, provision and protection, truth and guidance, mercy and grace.

So many couples enter into marriage and become, “better than one,” but dismiss the accountability of the third strand (Christ) which prevents the breakage. This third strand makes it possible for love to grow stronger, deeper, and wider, with time. "And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.  ephesians 3:18"

Marriage is inviting a third party into the relationship, Christ and all the love that comes with Him. That doesn’t dismiss the fact that braids still get frizzy and messy at times, but the braid of marriage will not unravel because it's tied together by a promise that transcends circumstances, change, and feelings. 

And very wise words from Audrey about marriages that fail:

Marriage is inviting a third party into the relationship, Christ and all the love that comes with Him. That doesn’t dismiss the fact that braids still get frizzy and messy at times, but the braid of marriage will not unravel because it's tied together by a promise that transcends circumstances, change, and feelings. 

Men, love your wife like Christ loved the church. He is our example, He is our standard. 
Women, love your husbands and look to them with great respect. 
If your marriage, or relationship is more of a twist, than a braid. We urge you to invite the stability and freedom of the third strand. 
Words cannot express the love and admiration I have for Audrey. She is such a wise, Christ loving young woman. It warms my heart. She is an example and inspiration.
On that positive note, I will end for this week. Thank you readers for your support and as always, trust in God. 


Debbie said...

Thank you Anne! Brilliant as always. Tough words, but it needed to be said.

Megan said...

Anne, I couldn't agree more. The only disappointing thing about the Roloffs is they don't speak up about things because they're apparently concerned about how controversy would affect the show.

I had same reaction to Audrey's blog. Great reading!

Ecossais said...

Was the restaurant name emblazoned full screen so that they could get a free meal rather than film at one of the many other possible locations at the farm where Matt could have told his parents?

Matt is the master of comps.

Ecossais said...

Anne is "brilliant" Debbie?

"God", "Jesus", "Christian" FIVE times in the first 3 lines. That is not faith - that is an unhealthy mental obsession.

PJ said...

I grew up Catholic, a religion that simply does not allow divorce. According to the priests and other Catholics I've talked to over the years secular divorce is, unfortunately necessary for the physical and mental well being of the people involved. No cheating or breaking of vows occurs if you do not actively move into another relationship.Yes it's disappointing when people who have been married so long cannot make it work any more but unfortunately it happens. Without the kids as a buffer it would have been harder to ignore all the irritations.
Zach understood what his mother was saying and the implications. He just wasn't surprised. Jake had already been told so how are they being spared? Are you just disappointed that YOU didn't get to see Jake upset? He was the last one at home and I'm sure he was well aware of what was happening and what the logical conclusion.

As to Tori. Al brides, especially if as you say they're doing this once, have a right to the wedding they want. Tori had a vision but no idea of the mechanics of what she wanted. Zach understood the mechanics but not so much the importance of the vision. Where Zach went wrong was pulling Matt into the mix, the same mistake Zach made with the floor last week. Matt then told Tori what she wanted was possible even though it really isn't. Who's wrong here? Not Tori, not Zach but Mr/ Fabulous Matt.

Honestly you are just making yourself look ignorant and stupid with all the unfounded Ste Auj worship, Jake hate and religious dreck you insist on dragging in to every pseudo-review you post. Please don't call them show reviews if all you want to do is hate Jake (BTW marijuana is legal in Oregon for over 21 so all he's doing is the same as Baby Jer's underage drinking)and false idol worship Ste Auj.

Angela said...

Thank you Anne for bringing morals to this blog. We need them.

PJ, you have no comment on the words from Audrey's blog that Anne quoted? She is right, do you agree with that?

You're condoning Jacob asking for drug dealers? People who sell marijuana are drug dealers. And they sell other drugs. Associating with people like that is crazy and wrong.

PJ said...

It's funny you mention morals when you have demonstrated a decided lack of the same.

Ste Auj's words were not part of the episode and have no honest place in this harangue by Sister-Anne-Better-Than-everyone. But her demonstrated obsession with a vapid, selfish, materialistic girl requires that Ste Auj is put on increasingly higher pedestals.
It doesn't matter what I think of pot use. It's legal in Oregon and here in California so all Jake is guilty of is exactly like Baby Prince Jer's underage drinking. Personally I don't approve of any drugs or alcohol and use neither, but that's my choice and not something I would impose on others. Frankly it's not shocking that any of the Roloff kids would have an addiction, they tend to be genetic as well as environmental and they grew up with Matt the drunk. Before you all yell about my characterization, remember at least once on the show Matt was very drunk and he's had two DUI's.

Rap541 said...

You're condoning Jacob asking for drug dealers? People who sell marijuana are drug dealers.

Not in Colorado.

I personally don't condone tweeting about drug deals because the internet never forgets. That said, I'm not terribly concerned one way or the other because a) I think Jacob is well aware you watch his tweets (that I thought Anne SHUT DOWN but here she is bitching how Jacob is tweeting) and acts accordingly and b) I see no reason to get upset about something that Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Roloff, Zach Roloff, Tory Roloff, and Molly Roloff don't find offensive or concerning enough to speak out on.

Their silence condones it. And please don't tell me they don't say boo because of the show because only really terrible people would keep silent over a family member's drug use because they prefer getting money than saving that family member's life.

Angela - My only comment on how half of Anne's review is copying Auj's blog and another third is Anne complaining about Jacob's tweets, which didn't actually happen on the referenced episode, is that I hope Anne will actually watch the show and recap it. At last check, Audrey wasn't in this episode and neither was Jacob.

I do enjoy Anne's attempts to put lipstick on the pig that is the Roloff family. However, I will point out to Anne that Matt and Amy are producers of the show and therefore she really wants to whine that Jacob was "let off the hook" for not being filmed then she needs to stand up with Jesus and acknowledge that Matt and Amy made that choice and need to own it.

I also would ask Anne a question about this line:

Matt certainly needs that in his life since his marriage just failed and let's be honest, Matt's other able-bodied son is a train wreck of epic proportions.

Whose fault is it that Matt failed at marriage and raised a trainwreck of a son? As I understand the rules, *Matt* is at fault for *failing* at marriage and *Matt* is at fault for raising a bad son, correct?

Or are we going to continue to hold Matt up as an example?

Lynn C said...

Rap, you only prove that you are argue for the sake of arguing.

You've been complaining for months, maybe even years that people don't criticize the other Roloffs for not speaking out about Jacob (even though people have). Anne was quite harsh (justifiably so in my opinion) on the Roloffs. Even the Roloffs she likes which proves she can be objective. You're still not happy and acting like she didn't do what she just did. Anne called out all of the Roloffs for not speaking out on issues that are important when things are wrong. Like the divorce and like Jacob's drug use. Anne also put a lot of the blame for the divorce on Matt and even said she's disappointed Peggy wasn't more stern with her words.

But still you write as though the Roloffs weren't criticized for not speaking up about Christian issues and that was Matt wasn't given his share of the blame, when he was.

It's almost like you have your response written and ready and you post it regardless of what is actually said. Anne is clearly disappointed the Roloffs didn't and haven't spoken out about the divorce and Jacob.

There's also nothing wrong with her given Audrey credit for her blog and for talking about it. Audrey is talking about keys to successful relationships and the show was about marriage that imploded.

Denise said...

Audrey just posted that they are leaving Los Angeles and that it wasn't them.

Barb said...

It's ridiculous how some people absolutely refuse to criticize Jacob. The kid is asking for drug dealers!!!!!!!

Don't say anything negative about him?

Carly said...

Anne says what needs to be said. Don't change Anne. You're totally right about Christian values, the Roloffs failure to speak about the disgrace that Jacob has become and to compliment Audrey's blog.

Jamie said...


The reviews would be utterly boring without opinions attached to them and everyone's entitled to them.

You do realize that, while not outright calling him dark, the Roloff family for the most part have said things implying they agree with a lot of the criticisms by people of Jacob. Matt has even called him a "lost child". So if you dispute these opinions, you're for the most part at odds with the Roloff family.

I certainly don't agree with Anne 100% of the time, but there most certainly is merit behind her criticisms.

And it's not just weed, Jacob's admitted to taking Xanax and taking acid multiple times out in the woods behind the farm. And it's not these things alone that are so concerning, though you could argue they are. Its these things coupled with many other factors, that paint a dark image of Jacob. Not just dark in a religious sense.

But I can agree these things can get old, especially since the show is so staged and boring these days.

Rap541 said...

Actually Lynn, you're only proving your lack of reading comprehension.

I agree that Anne chided Matt's parents for saying nothing. I simply note that Anne goes on to tell us how wonderful it is that Matt has Jeremy in this trying time because Matt deserves his super awesome son.

Do you see how those two things conflict? Matt deserves support thru his failed marriage - not Amy. Anne makes a point of describing how Amy is wrong to seek support from friends but precious Matt deserves the support of his shining golden boy. Even tho the scene of Matt telling his folks about the divorce was as lacking in taking responsibility for his own failures as Amy's scene with Lisa was, Anne does not make the point that Amy AND Matt refuse to take responsility. Nope, Amy isn't taking responsibility, and Matt? Matt deserves to be bucked up by his awesome son.

Sorry, no, Anne was clearly more critical and clearly assigning more blame to Amy while openly pleased Matt gets to play.

Also Lynn - please point me to the scenes where Audrey and Jacob appeared in this episode? Because I don't think you seriously would be pleased if I did the recap of the next episode by including two pages how Jeremy likes the n-word and never expressed a moment of regret in using it, while pointing out how at eighteen he was drinking and smoking pot and you, amongst others, insisted that he was a boy playing when he was taking pictures of his buddy abusing cats.

That's what I would be doing if I recapped like Anne. Would you like that, Lynn? Because I can do that. And it would be fun to see all the Christians twist and turn to insist Jeremy at 18 was an unaccountable boy while his brother Jacob at 18 needs to man up.

Rap541 said...

Barb - then call the local police. He's asking for drug dealers publically. If you care that much, step up. Matt Roloff wont do it. Nor Jeremy or Audrey. Be the change you want to see.

Rap541 said...

Also Lynn - I am asking Anne some very simple questions.

Its Matt's fault that his marriage failed, yes or no?

It's Matt's fault that he raised a train wreck, yes or no?

Do keep in mind, I have no problem assigning Amy her fifty percent of the blame. But Matt shares that blame *equally* correct?

Andrea said...

@Jamie. Bravo. Well said. When I read a review, it's because I want to read what the reviewer thought of the subject. I don't want a literal step by step void of opinion report.

People only criticize Anne's reviews because she says what is needed to be said.

You're right about Matt's "lost child" comment and Amy scoffing that Jacob "has a lot to learn about life" implies they aren't happy with what the way he is living his life. But Anne is right, they should be more vocal. It wouldn't hurt to say they are disappointed in his Christian bashing or that they are concerned about his drug use. But they don't. Anne is right to say they are wrong to remain silent.

Why do you think they don't speak out Jamie? I'm genuinely interested in your opinion.

Andrea said...

Rap, it's your reading comprehension that needs work, not Lynn's.

Anne is saying she is glad Matt has a son that has made him proud. He's going through a bad time with the divorce and can't help but be truly disappointed in Jacob even if he won't say it publicly. There's nothing wrong with saying she's happy Matt has Jeremy to be proud of.

However Anne also said that both Matt and Amy are responsible for their divorce. Anne didn't want Peggy to brush it off. Did you not read that in Anne's review? She didn't like that Amy's friend said "Awwwwww poor Amy!" and Anne didn't like that Peggy and Ron weren't more blunt about the news Matt was giving them. She didn't want Amy's friend to be supportive and she didn't want Matt's parents to be supportive.

Aphrodesia Louise said...

I am confused about the term "Ste" used to describe Audrey. What does that mean? I still cannot get over the Roloff children sleeping on mattresses without sheets and the messy house that Amy is so proud of. I would be afraid to eat anything she cooked in her dirty kitchen. I enjoy this blog and the comments.

Rap541 said...

But she does want Matt to have Jeremy be supportive? Because yeah, she does think Matt deserves that support.

I'm curious Andrea - why do you think Matt won't speak out about Jacob? Or Amy? Or Jeremy?

My opinion? It's about the money. The money will be affected and the money is more important than standing up for what's right.

Oh, and I don't think either Amy or Matt care about potsmoking - they didn't say boo when it was Jeremy and Zach toking up and they don't say boo about Jacob. Likewise with the underage drinking, it obviously didn't bother them.

Maggie said...

Jamie makes a great point. It's not only marijuana. Jacob has admitted to do acid and xanax. If that's only what he admitted to and stopped answering questions almost a year ago, I can just imagine what he's doing now.

Andrea said...

Rap541, only they know the real reasons. In my opinion, it is because they don't want to create a scandal. They don't want a site like TMZ to see them tweeting that they're worried about Jacob's drug use. Then TMZ interviews them , other news organizations jump on, they go to tlc for a comment and then it's a big thing. I think that's why they don't. But I agree with Anne. They should.

Rap541 said...

Aphrodesia - its an abbreviation for "Saint" as in "Saint Audrey" because some posters believe she is the embodiment of the ideal perfect Christian woman.

Tina said...

Matt loves to pretend like he has great kids. He's a salesman. Who actually thinks Matt would believe himself?

PJ said...

Of course people are entitled to their opinion. So many of the people here aren't expressing their opinion they are parroting anything Anne says and that scares me because who knows when she'll go over the edge and take them with her.

I do worry about Jake and drugs, as I said earlier I don't like any kind of drug use but continuing to moan and complain isn't going to change anything. And the incredibly nasty tone expressed by the alleged christians here isn't helping, it's hurting any attempts to help Jake realize where he's screwing up. I will say I'd rather see him screw up now rather than when he has kids the way his dad has.

Andrea, I can see why Matt might not be proud of Jake but what does he have to be proud of Baby Prince Jer for? A failed business? Underage drinking? Bigoted comments on the internet? Animal abuse? Lifting an old design for a completely unnecessary project and executing it poorly? Really not much to glow about. Molly's just about ready to graduate from a real college. Zach has a job he's good at, his own home and a girl that loves him. Maybe not superstars but not bad either. And Sister-Anne-Better-Than-You doesn't say what needs to be said, she says what her sycophants want to hear.

And weirdly enough, to everyone. Cut Peggy and Ron some slack. I'm fairly sure they were told to curtail the religious stuff in front of the cameras (member TLC was recently burned by religious types). I'm sure Matt got several ears full from his parents privately.

PJ said...

Ste is an abbreviation for female Saints. It could just at easily be Sta.

Rap541 said...

Andrea - I am not saying this in a disrespectful tone.

Is it a good thing, in your opinion, that the Roloffs are more concerned about creating a scandal than they are in stopping Jacob from abusing drugs?

If Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, Tory, Molly, Matt and Amy all know about the drugs and are more concerned about the possible scandal than they are the possible death of their loved one... Does that make them nice people or bad people?

Debbie said...

PJ, unfortunately Anne is right about Ron and Peg. Shame on them if they let executives of a television network silence then from saying what they know is right.

Rap541 said...

PJ - TLC just yesterday canceled Gypsy Sisters because one of the men on the show was caught throwing a puppy into a wall. TLC is becoming a little more cognizant of how off screen bad behavior can be a problem.

PJ said...

We have no idea what was said by Ron and Peggy. And anything the production company didn't like would have been edited out.
Why shame on them? NONE of the Roloffs put their faith first on camera.NOT ONE, not even the Sainted Auj.

Andrea said...

Rap541, I'll answer your question. Anne already did. No, it's not a good thing. It means they are good people making a bad decision.

Rap541 said...

Andrea - so you consider people who do nothing to save a loved one good people? I'm not attempting to pick a fight with you, I just consider that a sort of praise when there's nothing praiseworthy about it... Particularly when this same sort of reasonable discussion isn't allowed when it comes to Jacob.

Hear me out.

Anyone who says Jacob is anything other than evil is accused of *praising the brat*. There's nothing nice to be said and anyone who even suggests the possibility that Jacob is anything other than evil is told how wrong they are, that Jacob is ALWAYS terrible and ALWAYS bad. Anyone who says anything nice even people who say they have met Jacob are called liars and why? Because Jacob is ALWAY bad, ALWAYS evil, ALWAYS terrible.

But when the other Roloffs screw up, they are *good people* and praised. Matt is a good person making a bad decision. Not even mildly bad, he's to be praised as a good person. Calling someone a good person is praise. And most of you won't even acknowledge the unpleasant reality that you expect everyone to completely agree with you and get insulting when you hear anything other than "Jacob is BAD with no redeeming qualities!". It gets old, particularly when the Christian can't even say the Roloffs aren't good Christians when they are obviously and publically behaving in a nonchristian way. Nope, they have to be called "good"... That gets old.

Anne's little diatribe about how Matt deserves his awesome son for example... Matt's broken his vows to God by getting a divorce, and clearly raised an atheist that he won't even attempt to criticize or change.... but he deserves something other than scorn because?

Lauren said...

What has Jacob done that's good? What has he accomplished?

Rap541 said...

Lauren - you're just making my point.

Is Matt a good person for getting divorced? Is Matt a Christian worth emulating considering he raised an atheist and does nothing to stop the drug use of his youngest?

Heck, Lauren - when Jeremy was eighteen, his major accomplishment was using the n-word. Jacob at least managed to move out before 24.

Oh and when Jeremy was twenty, he was caught taking pictures of his buddy throwing a cat. You do realize TLC just canceled one of their shows over something similar?

Serious question, Lauren - are you capable of admitting that it's possible for Jacob to do a good thing? If your answer is no, then you're absolutely making my point and also making it clear that Jacob has no reason to change any of his behavior.

Lauren said...

Rap, what has Jacob done that's good? What is their to compliment him about other than if you hate the same thing he does and like that he bashes the police or religion.

He's rude. He's a liar. He's a hypocrite. He's a drug user. He's bashed his source of income. He's disrespected his family. What good can you say about him?

Jeremy is personable and multi talented. He can work on projects and cars. He studied something he loves, he learned about his craft.

Rap541 said...

And to answer your question - I think its good he got his GED. That's a good thing, and its certainly better than not getting it. And it's an accomplishment - I assure you there's still people who don't bother. It's also an accomplishment that he moved out when he very easily could have stayed at home. I mean, its not like Matt or Amy were restricting his activities at all.

Rap541 said...

Lauren - are you saying you're not capable of admitting its possible for Jacob to do a good thing?

I just want to know if you're irrational or not. Is it possible?

Rap541 said...

Also, just to be clear, not liking that the justice system in this country has on occasion fostered abuses is not "hating" the police. I personally have nothing but respect for good cops and good correctional officers. And I have nothing but scorn for cops and correctional officers who abuse their powers. As much as I like cops (one of my best friends is a cop and I have three cousins who are or were police officers) the unfortunate reality is that there are bad apples and the "blue line" has a tendency to cover things up.

Likewise with religion - loving Jesus in no way means someone is a good person. Ironically right now I am watching MSNBC's Lockup and a very religious fellow, on death row, is explaining how Jesus has forgiven his sins. People do terrible things in the name of their religion, and people have the right, and dare I say it, the responsibility to question things in order to make sure they ok with what their religion preaches. It was not so long ago that some Christian churches forbade mixed race marriages. It also wasn't that long ago, relatively speaking, that Christians believed dwarfs didn't have souls and were property of royalty. Do you approve of those changes? Because those changes didn't come easily and the people questioning were not well thought of at the time.

PJ said...

You know, given that Jake lives in the area he is barely on the show this year. He seems to be sticking pretty close to his choice to not be around.

Rap541 said...

Also - just an amusing thought.

Now that you Christians are insisting that Matt and Amy and Jeremy really should step up and say something and you agree with Anne that they should....

DO you now agree with me? As I recall - and Lynn even bitched about in this thread - I've actually been saying this for years, and I was shouted down.

How about it, Christians? Anyone willing to say Rap was right all along?

Ecossais said...

If there is one thing Jacob has accomplished it is that he is very successful at driving the bible thumping Anneites crazy.

Paula said...

No PJ, I don't think that's accurate. There has always been some episodes where some Roloffs aren't seen because the plot doesn't include them. Jacob has been in the first two weeks, as much as he was in the past. He's filmed for the "Roloff Mud Races" made for tv plot. That's not somebody sticking to his principles of quitting the show once he turned 18.

Paula said...

Anne, I agree with you about the Roloffs and Jacob. I also pray the Roloffs find the strength to do the right thing and stop condoning Jacob through their silence.

Audrey's blog is such a light in the world.

Rap541 said...

Paula - the point is that they aren't condemning Jacob at all. Silence = consent.

Lauren said...

Getting his GED is worthy of praise? You realize he couldn't handle a normal school so he needed to get it from his bedroom on his computer? When he can complete classes while sitting in his boxer shorts, getting high, eating cheetos at 4:00am that's not much of an accomplishment.

I don't see how moving out is worthy of praise. He didn't earn anything himself. He moved in with his girlfriend to mooch off her so he can get high and have sex whenever they want. He has no work ethic, drive or any skills at anything.

Paula said...

Rap, I agree to a point. That's what I just said. They need to act instead of remaining silent.

Rap541 said...

Lauren - so you are stating for the record that getting a GED is not an accomplishment?

Yes or no?

And how about answering my other question? You know - whether you are capable of even considering the possibility that Jacob could do a good thing? Because if you aren't - then we all know you've written him off and consider him soulless, evil and unforgivable even to Jesus and he can skip any attempt to change.

How about it? That is your point, right? Jesus's love will never reach Jacob, Jacob is evil and can not ever be redeemed?

Paula - so I have been right all along?

Jim said...

Or here's a concept that no one has thought of... perhaps the rest of the Roloffs know where Jacob is headed and simply are resigned to his destiny. They've given up and no longer care to reach him.

Rap541 said...

Jim - I actually agree that's possible, but in fairness, you do accept that it's not laudable in the Christian faith to give up and let someone fall to Satan, correct?

Particularly when the Roloffs go a step further and praise Jacob and tell people how they miss him. I mean really, Jeremy can't say "I wish my brother would turn to Christ" but he can say he misses the guy.... Matt's actually praised Jacob for his online presence...

What Christians they are to say "screw it, we're done" and walk away from their family, right? They deserve to be lauded as Christians and of course everyone here claiming to be Christian wants to emulate them, right?

Rap541 said...

And to be clear Lauren...

You are saying that earning a GED is the same as NOT earning a GED.

I make the point because while I think earning a GED is a pretty minimal accomplishment, you asked what Jacob's accomplishments were. Are you saying everyone who has ever earned a GED has no accomplishments as well?

Anonymous said...

All of the family members are self-absorbed and selfish. They aren't really there for each other. They don't say anything about Jacob because they never have even thought about him. He was always just an after thought. Molly was/is the only one who has any sort of a relationship with him and she isn't the type to say anything publicly. None of the members of that family is praise worthy. Though Jacob is a druggie twerp, he at least thinks about and empathizes with others. Idk about Molly, but the others, like so many here, use their religion as a justification to prop themselves up and push others down - they're bullies.

RAY said...

He could've gotten his diploma and graduated high school and you would've accused the teachers of giving him a free ride or something.
He could be in college right now and you'd accuse him of "he probably skips class to smoke weed".
He could have a job (alas he may, I saw him tweet pictures of a bee with the caption 'saw this while working') and you'd just judge whatever job he has.
Hes a loser for NOT having a job, so the moment he gets one, depending on what it is, ie a job at a restaurant you'd just condemn him for being a loser who works at a restaurant.
If he didn't smoke weed, you'd probably accuse him of drinking alcohol.
If he wasn't open or at least more private about his sex life, you'd still assume he was having underage sex, even if he wasn't.

Looks to me like Jacob is doing whatever the hell he wants.
"They gone judge me anyway, so whatever"

Angela said...

Anon, hold it right there.

"Though Jacob is a druggie twerp, he at least thinks about and empathizes with others."

Empathizes with others? He has no empathy. Look at the way he treats people. If you're talking about his police hating, that is about hating authority, not empathy.

Ashley said...

Ray, when did Jacob say "while working". I'm not saying you're lying, but I never saw him post or tweet anything like that.

Tbh, I think Jacob gets most of his expenses paid for by Matt and Amy, just like they gave him the truck. I figure Matt and Amy pay the insurance and probably give him gas money. And I assume he gets money for food and weed from the money he makes from the show. I saw randomly tweet out a number like $1049. Because Jacob is a teasing prick like a 9 year old, he posts cryptic stuff like that but never explains so what is the point of tweeting that? To be a teasing 9 year old prick. Could that be the amount of money he gets paid per episode?

And I think Isabel has a job at dog day care, but mainly lives off life insurance from her mom. I don't really believe Jacob works or thinks he needs to work. He has posted things about how working a job like the ones you've described (in a restaurant, etc) is being a slave to the system.

Rap541 said...

Btw do people know that the whole braid it thing is not actually a unique thing that Audrey came up with?

Its apparently related to a Christian wedding ceremony that has been around for a few years.

This website explains the very same concept as Audrey does except for using "the bride, the groom, and God" instead of actual names. They also sell a product - apparently its well known enough to have a business over it.

They even sell the cords for the ceremony on etsy.

Laura said...

Rap, you're so hateful! You can't stand Audrey being complimented. I'll pray that you find the peace you need because the hate inside you is growing and not healthy.

Rap541 said...

Laura - I said nothing negative about Audrey. It's just not her original idea. The godsknot website describes the concept almost the same way she did and they've been around a lot longer.

Zane said...

Lol when Laura calls Rap hateful.

Richard said...

Uh, Ashley, look through Jacob's media and find the photos of the honeybees. It is captioned something like "saw this friend while working the other day".
I also saw Isabel tweet "It's boring at home while my brother and Jacob work all day"

Megan B said...

Is it bad that I inadvertently read godsknot as "god snot" in Rap's post? Then I realized what an excellent term that would make for a religious person who judges others not by what they contribute to the world but rather by how they claim to value the the same chosen system of beliefs. I guess I'm past my name-calling years because I don't feel inclined to use it explicitly, but I could have had some fun with this back in the day.

Ashley said...

Ok Richard thanks, I see it now. I doubt it's a real job if you know what I mean. He's probably talking about "working" on the farm for filming.

We were talking about Jacob having a job on his own. It was already said he's likely getting his spending money from his deal with the devil, lol, (tlc).

Maddox1 said...

I have said before that the cameras picked up on Matt & Amy's disagreements and made that the center of the show & sometimes it appeared as tho there was an argument "just for the show" which in turn became a bigger gap between the both of them. I know you can have arguments with your spouse but I also know there is a healthy way to disagree, belittling your husband (or him you) in front of a crowd is a deal breaker in my opinion. Tori, please do not follow in these footsteps.

kitten HAS claws said...

I think its stupid/ignorant/ETC ETC to try and blame the Roloff kids (yeah i know they are adults now) for their parents divorce and to rant on about how the kids didn't respond right when Amy told them about the big d'...For shitts sake they have been living for years and years hearing Matt and Amy going at it...but blaming the kids on their lack of reaction----they have beeen living it for Years...and blaming anyone of them for the divorce or lack of reactions. GET REAL! From the git go-amy and matt have been shitty to one another...what a christian way to bring up children..real christian examples. Ohh and the godsknot...looked that up, its been around for years.....but shhhhhuuuuuuu....dont say that it will rile up Anne and her minions. *RAP ON RAP* ;)

Rap541 said...

Kitten has claws - I agree. In all honesty, Jeremy and Zach were probably told "we need to film a scene about Amy telling you about the divorce" - it didn't feel like a natural moment.

As for the godsknot thing, I knew I had seen the whole description before and I think it's unfortunate that Anne is presenting it as Audrey's unique idea. It definitely has been around since before the sacred journey of Jer and Auj.

Anonymous said...

Some of you folks could give ISIS a run for their money with the religious zealotry you display. When will you behead Jacob? When will you push Jeremy off a building?