Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little People, Big World New Episode August 4th, 2015: Review By Rap541

A new episode of Little People, Big World is airing tonight at 9:00 PM on TLC. This review is written by Rap541


The bonus footage isn’t all that interesting. Amy and Lisa pretending to be married and painting each other was an odd choice, I admit. The gate project is still obviously make work and I still wonder why there is a couch out in the junkyard near the goat gate. Amy strikes me as ready to move on. Also there’s a weird pagoda sort of structure all thru the goat gate stuff.
We start with Matthew on an ATV whining about how he’s getting a divorce. There’s much fond reminiscing about how awesome Matt is for building a playground. Matt notes how he wants all the kids to live there forever and also all the grandkids.
Huh, Jeremy turns up. Amy notes how often he visits the farm. Jacob’s room is now a guest room. Jeremy notes how awesome his mom was for him. Personally I don’t like the curtains. Amy notes that Jeremy is around to help Zach get a tux.  Audrey isn’t coming but will be there soon.
Jeremy heads fifty feet over to Matt’s house, and Matt notes how AWESOME it is that Jeremy is around. Jeremy notes that the sauna makes the place smell like bachelor pad. Hmm…. Jeremy hates Los Angeles. Despite all the prior previous love expressed. Jeremy really wants to be invited to stay. Interesting how quickly the tide turns.
Now we’re off to do a fitted suit. FYI – this is clearly comped and fitted suits are expensive. But there are some valid points raised about how clothes look on dwarfs. Zach is funny with how he is amused by the color grey. To be fair, its nice that Zach wants to look nice for a change.
Now Amy is making pumpkin salsa! She’s *refining* it. Yes, yes the Roloffs are making pumpkin salsa and marketing it. Hmmm… no Roloff Salsa on Amazon.
Zach and Tori debate wedding invite etiquette. Also the guest list is exploding. Zach really wants to go to the courthouse and email everyone. Zach is visiting Mom at the big house and wants to take Tori for a special date. Where he makes a meal and of course he wants Amy to help and this feels sooo staged. Also Amy refused to just make the meal for them. Amy is obsessed with Zach making the whipping cream. She also wants him to make garlic.
Meanwhile at the secret Matt office. Amy and Matt are going into the pumpkin salsa business. They are planning a taste test. I don’t know… pumpkin salsa sounds really gimmicky. I will admit, I am pretty easy going about my salsa but if it is “exotic” then it needs to be *really* good. Matt wants the taste test in the wine cellar as it is “neutral”. Amy wants it in the main house, no doubt because she recalls all the spiders, snakes obvious open holes in the walls, and collapsing bricks of the wine cellar. Did I mention the standing water?
Now we’re at the house, at the tasting test. There’s pumpkin peach and two other flavors, pumpkin verde and pumpkin corn. And a fake salsa to trick people. Matt tells the testers that Amy wants it done chipless. She immediately disagrees. Everyone tries the salsa. Most people don’t like three, and everyone seems to like one. Pumpkin peach won, and the store bought was the crappy number three so yay!
Jeremy is out on the mule with dad. Now he muses on how he loves the farm. Matt hay bales how they’re redefining the family. Matt tells the three boys he wants them to all live on the farm. Jeremy is pretty openly planning to move back (ahem). Jacob is “um ok” and Zach is like “it depends if I will be Jeremy’s bitch”.
Now Zach is making food for Tori. Zach makes a mess. Apparently biscuits are torture. There’s a burned pot.
Zach is taking Tori to her fav spots and they smooch. Tori thinks the wedding is for other people but the marriage is for the two of them. And the dog. Tori is shyly pleased that Zach set the table and made a theoretically edible meal. Tori manages to not vomit, yay! Then Zach turns on the Christmas lights and they have a sweet on camera date that didn’t look too forced.
Now we’re up to Tori getting a dress. They all drink mimosas. Amy seems shocked that Tori included her even though Audrey already did and this was filmed for the cameras. I’m too jaded from My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding because I am all “where are the glowing butterfly lights? Why is no one saying the f-word? WHERE IS THE BLING???”… I like that they did make an effort to keep the dress a secret. It’s cutesy but I allow it.
So the expo is happening and if they go national then there’s a huge profit. Matt somehow wants a couch at the booth. Amy is also a bit anti-Roloff red. Matt also wants his face on the label. I won’t fault them for trying but the salsa is gimmicky. I notice even though I think Jacob was there, he’s not in this. It’s like a dull Dragoncon, where no one is selling steampunk goggles. Matt notes how if the salsa doesn’t sell, the FARM IS DONE!

“TRY SOME SALSA!” Matt shouts. No one comes so Zach is sent out to peddle the salsa. Suddenly there’s people everywhere! There’s word of mouth. I dunno…. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of salsa and to be honest, I like me some cilantro, tomatoes, peppers and onions. I don’t even like mango salsa even tho I adore mangos. I will try it if it turns up on amazon.


Kathy said...

I have a feeling Matt will be bringing in another home like his onto the farm for Jeremy. I don't think Jeremy is making it in LA.

Ashley said...

It doesn't really matter, but I was confused about the Salsa convention in Anaheim. On the show, Jacob wasn't there. I'm sure Jacob and Isabel were "road tripping" to California and he said he was going for his "mom's salsa thing". I was surprised he was the only one not there for filming.

The other Jacob related surprise was when he said he's interested moving back to the farm to live. Or was he lying for the fake show? That will be kind of weird. All of the Roloff kids are going to be living on the farm as adults...awkward.

Ecossais said...

Worst episode ever!
Suit for Zack with 2 full screen shots of the store name.
Dress for Tori - ditto
Zack makes a meal - wow!
Huge expense - according to Matt - to promote the salsa. No interest then suddenly a huge crowd - how phony is that?
According to Matt they will lose the farm if the salsa is not a success - how come they survived the last ten years plus? Is this a hint that TLC is about to dump them?
Jeremy doesn't like L.A.

Laura said...

I'm happy Jeremy didn't like L.A. It leans far too much to the left and too many people there don't know Jesus.

Shelby said...

God, I wish Jeremy would deck Jacob. He is so mopey and entitled. He bashes the reason why they have the farm today (the show). He makes his parents look awful on instagram. But he has the nerve to say he's thinking about coming back to the farm. The Roloffs should be kicking his ass out, not welcoming him to live there for the rest of his life.

PJ said...

According to Matt's Facebook at the time Jake drove Amy's booth to the show and then came back and drove the booth home. As someone that had booths at trade and craft shows the nothing and then huge crowd is not unusual.

Jamie said...

I thought it was nice hearing about Zachary and Tori. I've always thought the struggles of being little humbled Zach to an extent or perhaps it's just his personality, unlike Jeremy Genius, but he doesn't post on social media so who knows.

It's certainly debatable whether Tori "used" Zach, but I'll side with optimism, and say that perhaps the "farm" just enhanced Zach's attractiveness. I think Tori knew early on that the farm/show was the situation she wanted to be in, just like how she quickly educated herself and became a teacher. And also how she wants to start a family pretty quickly. She seems to know what she wants and I like that about her. They also seem pretty compatible.

And I don't buy that Jeremy was flooded with work in LA. Gotta love Matt's shrewd sense of public perception though, like how Jacob getting kicked out of school was because he was "too creative" lol.

Hannah said...

I predicted that Jeremy would be back home...a lot of competition in his line of work in L.A. and he isn't a big fish in a little pond there like he was in Oregon...as for the previous comment by Laura...please...there are sinners everywhere and Oregon is one of the most left leaning states I know of...give me a break. I don't understand how Matt and Amy can ignore Jacob's drug problems and keep telling him how proud they are of him...whaaaat??

BettyBoop said...

Who are the parents to Jacob's girlfriend? Unless she is just like him they must really be proud of her choice of boyfriends....don't you all figure he'll make a fine husband one day, smh.

Rap541 said...

Hey, with the weddings upon us, here's a link to a blast from the past.


kitten Has claws said...

I thought this epi was a big Yawn Fest *imo* it put me to sleep. When they show Golden Boy on the riding mower, it always reminds me of Forrest Gump!

Anon4 said...

"Who are the parents to Jacob's girlfriend? Unless she is just like him they must really be proud of her choice of boyfriends"

Rumor has it her mom passed away...

Pamela said...

It is disgraceful how the Roloffs ignore Jacob's drug use and bad attitude. I wanted to gag when he said "yeah" when Matt was asking if he wanted to live on the farm. He's such an entitled brat. They should tell him to the hit the highway.

Is Jacob really that unmotivated or does he do the monotone voice because he thinks it's cool?

gays for Nixon said...

God bless Matt & Jer & Aud. They are shinning examples of what gods love can bring into your life. Jacob should pray on his knees for gods forgiveness for his drug use.

Ecossais said...

Not another anti Jacob thread PLEASE.
It is getting old like the jesus stuff.

Laura - I have news for you. L.A. is not the only place where a lot of people don't know jesus.
This may come as a shock to you but the vast majority of the people on the planet don't know jesus.

kitten Has claws said...

@ Pamela

Betcha he thinks its cool...plus maybe he thinks it distances him from the rest of the clan--all the while his palm is Up when TLC or Daddy R lays bucks on it.

Rap541 said...

They should tell him to the hit the highway.

At last check they can't tell him to move out since he already did.

Hannah and Jamie - yeah, my personal prediction was that Jeremy would be working for his daddy at 30 because he couldn't hack the real world and so far, I am not shocked at the current result.

Rap541 said...

Ecossais - also I really don't understand how Oregon is somehow more godly. I mean, at last check, pot was legal and they consistently vote democratic, don't they?

More importantly, if Los Angeles is full of non Christians, shouldn't Jeremy and Auj be pleased as punch to have the opportunity to witness?

Or was that too hard and God never wants Jeremy and Auj, his special Christians, to ever do anything that doesn't make them perfectly comfortable and safe. Because that's how God is to Job, Jesus, Paul, Abraham, Jacob, Daniel, etc?

Los Angeles was hard so Jer and Auj quit despite the endless "we love it" stuff.

Dick Hurts said...

I can see next season. Zach & Jer, both being unemployable are now living on the farm. They oversee the running of the farm. Matt, being long in the tooth cannot resist telling the boys what to do while pointing with his crutch. It is well that they all enjoy gods love.

kitten Has claws said...

@ Rap

I'm rolling on the floor laughing about Oregon being more godly, yep lots of democraps here, and yep its been voted in as of July 15 the demon weed is legal.. of course on a federal level its frowned upon, but not to much. If people are going to knock the demon weed they need to check their drinking too as that is a killer. None should be used unless 21, but we know how that rolls.

Emma said...

I live about 10 miles away from the Roloff's. They are not big in Oregon. Amy does some TV or charity appearance once in a while but nobody talks about or ask about them. I have seen Matt at a Rock Creek Tavern which is a favorite of his and an auction. I seen Amy at the mall. Their salsa is sold at three local grocery chains. I only shop at one of the chains(Fred Meyers)but I never think to look for the salsa since I'm not interested in pumpkin salsa. I have yet to see any advertisement for the salsa.
Oregon is more democrats in the Portland area and in the Willamette valley but Eastern Oregon is more conservative. It's the new people who are moving here and the hipsters that are making Oregon bad. I think Jeremy is more democrat than conservative. He probably voted for Barry. Jeremy probably does free lance work and that allows you to live any where.
Having all the children live on the farm is not uncommon when there is a family farm and have a lot of land.
I noticed in the last episode that Jeremy made a comment about how his parents always asking for his help and how it is easier to just says yes so you can get it over with faster than to say no.
Jeremy and Aud seem fake and trying to prove to people that their life is amazing, in love and live by God's word. Quoting the bible doesn't mean a thing it's your actions that make a person.
Zac and Tori seem like a normal couple and not trying to prove anything.
Jaocb went to California because he mentioned that he brought the salsa for the convention. Jacob girlfriend's mother died last year and I think one of her brother's died also. I think she is living with another brother and Jacob.

Abby said...

What do we all think is the real reason why Jeremy and Audrey moved back to Oregon and didn't like LA?

Is it just because they are "farm kids" and they like the country setting of Oregon? Or is it because Jeremy likes being the big fish and the show's fame makes him feel more important when he's in Oregon? Is it really because they want to do the show as much as possible because they want a career on tv?

Audrey KEEPS pushing and trying to get fans to start a movement to get her and Jeremy on Dancing With The Stars. Jeremy and Audrey love the attention.

Ashley said...

fyi - now Audrey is selling "Beauty cream" for your face to make your skin look soft and beautiful.

Audrey and Jeremy seem to care A LOT about appearances. I'm not that religious, but I thought God cared about inner beauty, not the outward stuff?

MS said...

Maybe in this week's "review", Anne will do an "in-depth analysis" about why God's plan for Audrey is to sell beauty cream and compete on Dancing With The Stars :)

Emma, you will now be called a hater for your observations, but I agree with you. Have you run into any of the kids or just the parents?

Rap541 said...

Gosh MS, it's starting to sound like *Audrey* is the one who has stars in her eyes and big plans to make her status as a "Roloff" into her ticket to fame. After all, plain old Audrey Botti isn't gonna get on "Dancing With The Stars", but Audrey *Roloff* has herself some reality tv show fame.

It just makes me laugh because if Tory even hinted an interest in Dancing with the Stars, the whole creepy conclave of "Christians" would swoop in to tell us how they *knew* Tory was using Zach... But Audrey's love for the cameras and her interest in being on more and more reality shows will no doubt not be viewed as "I bet thats why she married Jer".. despite how she comes out the more obvious winner in that competition. Even if Jer crashes and burns and fails in Los Angeles and ends up working for daddy, Audrey still gets to be the pretty wife of the golden boy who Matt intends to give the farm to. And now she wants to be on Dancing With The Stars... huh... Jesus wants her flaunting her wares to America while Jeremy gets a check for it?

Mike P. said...

Amy painted ONE wall in Jacob's bedroom, bought a couple lamps from Fred Meyer and put up cheesy curtains on cheap spring-loaded rods.

So, like her "cooking," she's now a professional decorator. Look for a "decorating with Amy" book soon to appear—loaded with all her usual credibility.

MS said...

Ah Shelby, the irony of your last 2 sentences put together...

kitten Has claws said...

@ Emma

I agree with what you say on your post. Eastern Oregon does take a more conservative approach in a way, but they sure have their own set of problems...those little EO towns have big problems with meth & some gang activity. Little towns that use to be so nice and kind of like Mayberry (andy griffith)No more... growing up there was nice way back when, but no more, not places to bring up your children, which is sad due to the way it used to be.

Megan B said...


"Maybe in this week's "review", Anne will do an "in-depth analysis" about why God's plan for Audrey is to sell beauty cream and compete on Dancing With The Stars :)"


"It just makes me laugh because if Tory even hinted an interest in Dancing with the Stars, the whole creepy conclave of "Christians" would swoop in to tell us how they *knew* Tory was using Zach..."

MS and Rap541, You two are spot on here, I never would have thought of it. And thanks for all the entertaining reviews, Rap!

Emma said...

MS: I saw Jeremy and his friend Mueller once several years ago at the Roloff's garage sale at the farm. The garage sale was filmed and it was in one episode. I went there out of curiosity and to see who all was working the garage sale. Amy and Matt were also there but I didn't see Jacob, Molly or Zach. The guy who makes all their signs for the pumpkin patch was annoying. A customer asked Jeremy the price of a drum set and the Roloff's helper butted in and said he'll take it for a higher price. Jeremy was friendly with people. Also, the moment I got out of my car a film crew came over to me and a guy asked me to sign a waiver to be filmed but I said no I didn't want to be filmed. I didn't sign the paper. They walked away disappointed.

Jeremy and Audrey moved to Bend which is an expensive place to live if not the most expensive in Oregon and it's kind of snobby too. It's a place to live if you like to do a lot outdoor activities. It's also a vacation destination. My family used to go there every summer when I was a kid but it's not the same place now.

MS said...

Megan, it's funny -- if I had no idea who Audrey was and stumbled upon her blog by accident, I'd never come away with the impression that this was someone who puts God first in her life. Her blog is splattered with product plugs. Given that she's this supposed Saint, my takeaway is that selling yourself out pleases Jesus. About all that's missing is the Sponsored Blessing of the Week :)

Emma, thanks for the info.

Mydick Hurts said...

It is well that Jer & Aud are returning to live at the farm. Even Jacob said on the last show that he also will return to living at the farm. I am sure that once Jacob moves back & heeds the advice of his elder brother, Jacob will once again find peace in the name of the lord.

Ecossais said...

@Mydick etc.etc.

They are not returning to the farm as I understand it. They are moving to some snobby place in Bend. No idea who is paying for it but god must have told Audrey to move there.
Of course, no comment about god sending her to the wrong place in California.

kitten Has claws said...

Me and the Hubby went peach picking today...had to go down the same drive way that leads to Roloff farm--its off to the left side. Yummy Peaches! Seen Matt's home away from the big home sittin' there, he ought to plant some trees. Didn't see any of the local stars LOL.

MS said...

Ecossais, it seems evident that God feels Jeremy/Audrey should live in expensive places and has blessed them with Reality TV to pay for it. It doesn't seem to align with their non-materialistic charter as holy people, but what do I know... Since they're full of inspiration (amongst other things), I guess this is meant to inspire their followers to seek a life of luxury while the going is good, then retreat to Daddy's farm when the well runs dry. I'm sure Anne will explain it better in this week's "review".

Mike P. said...


In re. Bend—Didn't they go skiing at Mt. Bachelor, and offend everyone around them with arrogance and bad manners?

Seems like I recall something like that.

Ashley said...

I find it funny and interesting that Jeremy is tweeting his old school friend named Amanda that he is back living in Bend.

I remember her from way back on Myspace. Some of Jeremy's infamous comments that ended up in the National Enquirer were to her if I remember right.

But the main thing I remember from her is all those long Myspace surveys she used to do. She used to smoke pot with Jeremy and Mueller. That's the type of thing she answered "Do you have friends who smoke pot? Answer "Yes, everyone" Who did you hang out with last night? "Jer and Jacob (Mueller)". Who did you last get drunk with? "Jer and (Mueller)" Who did you last smoke with? "Jer and Muel" It was really clear that they "partied" together.

It's just funny to see Jeremy tweeting her knowing that I remember who she is to Jeremy now that he is Mr. "I'm an ideal Christian living to make Jesus proud". lol.

Rap541 said...

I'm actually waiting for someone from the Christian crowd to insist that since it's legal in Oregon, Jeremy isn't and wasn't doing anything bad. You know, like with the underage drinking.

PJ said...

They can't. It wasn't legal then and the "christians" have made far too big a deal about Jake doing the same.
BTW Where's Anne?

Ecossais said...

Despite Jer's complaints about U-Haul they are giving them plenty of exposure. Was this another comp?

I notice in Audrey and Jer's video that they are towing the vintage BMW. I seem to remember that in the much publicized departure from the farm they were towing a brand new Volkswagen. I wonder what happened to that?

Rap541 said...

PJ - Anne has found actually watching and recapping the episodes to be too much so now she's writing a column about how she loves Audrey and hates Jacob.

Rap541 said...

Eccosiss - I would chalk that up to the many trips home Audrey and Jer made. They obviously had two cars and on one of their trips to film or whatever, they brought the new Volkswagon back to Oregon. The BMW, being an older car, is a riskier proposition to drive over 1000 miles.

Emma said...

@Mike P.
Yes, they had an episode where the entire family went to Bend. They had a ski competition at Mt. Bachelor and a dog sledding race somewhere else in Bend.

@Ecossais Audrey bought a VW shortly before they moved to L.A. that could be the car you are talking about. The old orange BMW is the car Jeremy bought and fixed up.

Ecossais said...


Was that the silly fake thing where one dog team stopped in the middle of a "RACE" to let the other past?
Typical phony staged Roloff rubbish. I don't remember but was that so that the wonderful Matt could "win"?

k Has c said...

Didn't st. Jer have a vintage VW bus too?

Rap541 said...

K Has C - I was under the impression the vintage VW bus was sold.

kitten Has claws said...

When LPBW started...they had the Previa (or however you spell it) that was passed over to Zach. They sure do run thru cars, trucks, suvs, mules... on and on and on. Gluttony of vehicles...how christian.