Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World, August 11, 2015 - Review By Rap541

The new episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family is airing on TLC at 9:00 PM tonight August 11, 2015.

The following episode review was written by Rap541


On watching the rerun, I am amused at how Jeremy is presented as giving up his hugely successful career doing photo shoots. My basic question is “When did Jeremy fly to NY for a paid shoot?” since he openly mentioned how he flew to NY for an awesome shoot, and also – if he was so busy, why were he and Audrey always off camping? And why was Jeremy constantly flying home?
So the new episode. Amy is done with self pity, and Zach wants a budget. Apparently there is porta potty issues. I am reminded of Matt cheerfully telling the Manuel twins to crap and piss in the woods in episodes of yesteryear.
The wedding is a month and a half away so its early June and everyone is wearing heavy coats. It rains and hails. Zach is budget conscious. Ironically I think a weather alert chimed as I watch. Matt notes that the budget is an issue. Apparently there’s free glasses, and Matt is all “I have free glasses from Pondo when Pondo went out of business…..” Was there EVER any budget talk about Jer and Audrey’s wedding? I don’t recall one moment where Matt or Amy suggested on screen that Jer and Auj should consider less expensive options.
Now we’re on to Amy and Lisa Dixon and the charity and the possible mud run. Yes, apparently a haboob is about to strike Phoenix as I watch as we’re getting weather alerts on the cable channel,
Now we’re on to Zach and Tory’s signature drink. He makes a funny joke about a “babymaker” drink. The drink sounds like a fancy lemondrop in a mason jar. They come up with several fancy drinks. They name the drink after the dog.
Back to the mud run on the farm. Amy and Lisa are roaming around. The mud run looks like it is before the wedding. The swamp fort looks like it is pretty ramshackle. Amy wants all the kids in the mud run. Matt rides up on a vehicle. Matt is appalled at the idea of doing a mud run. He openly shits on the whole idea and oh look, another weather alert. Matt tells her he is gonna tell her how she’ll be doing it because he has a cock and she needs to shut her bitch mouth. He repeats how he doesn’t want a mud run and will spend his time bitching about it and not supporting it.
So Matt stops Jacob from mowing the lawn to tell him about the mud run.  Matt tells Amy to shut her bitch mouth and accept his dominance. She runs the course to make some point to him. Matt openly sneers at her.
Zach and Tory try cakes. Zach clearly likes poppyseed cake, and apparently Tory likes it as well. Zach is all “poppyseed it is”.
Now Matt notes how they have to scrounge for the wedding since they are super poor and all the cheap shit is hidden in various barns but they have to go cheap because it’s Zack. Apparently Matt, like Amy, is a hoarder, and there’s some secret stash of wine glasses, chafing dishes and cables. Matt notes how awesome he is and shits on the mud run for charity idea again.
Matt proudly notes how he’s doing the entire mud run that he previously hated and yuks it up for the cameras. Amy wants the courses to be set to allow for different skill levels. Essentially Matt is an ass about it. Amy notes Matt needs to deal. Matt is condescending to her.
Matt notes how the place is a pigsty for the wedding. There’s like… hoarding everywhere. Matt thinks clearing out the secret barns is super important for the wedding. Matt decides Jeremy needs to track ho shit. For some reason there’s a ton of couches on the farm and Matt is all “We need to smash couches no one ever sees on camera to prepare for the wedding!”.
Jeremy notes how bees have moved in mysteriously, despite how he was featured in an episode several years prior where bees were intentionally introduced to the farm. I am pretty sure the bee episode is on dvd, Jer, if you need to catch up. Killer bees attack various Roloffs.
Amy notes how much there is to do. Sullivan is there. Amy orders people about. Oh look Audrey has time off from her prestigious job to attend the mud run. Matt notes he now loves the mud run and how he firmly believes Zach will totally suck at it. There is concern over the lack of mud.
Amy makes food for Molly and Zach. Amy sends Zach without food to do chores. Molly is all “oh mom, I eat raw hamburger” Amy actually prays for a change with Zach and Molly.
Matt pats himself on the back for loving and conceiving the whole idea! Also there technical problems and *someone* forgot the porta potties. Matt and Amy blame each other and Matt openly blames Amy for it. Caryn decides she doesn’t care who wins and tries to help.
More porta potty drama. People are arriving and they can’t possibly crap in the woods! Despite you know, how the Roloffs are farmers and crapping in nature is ok. I notice that the crowd here is fairly small and also I really don’t understand how this is making money. Audrey of course has adorned herself with warpaint. The crappers show up on time and now the race begins? Although I don’t really see how it was a competition or how teamwork was involved. The kids run the race in a stupid goofy way… looks like  Audrey and Tory stepped up to be famous. If Isobel was on the team, she wasn’t mentioned by name, FYI.
Oh wow, ball lightning and thunder! Makes all those weather alerts make sense.

Now Amy and Lisa and her entourage are forced to run the course for no apparent reason other than that the crowd for this is pretty light. Amy is all about how this is a team thing.  Amy notes how she loves her charity foundation. Matt notes how he was really the mastermind to the whole thing. In a surprisingly open moment, Amy admits it didn’t really make a lot of money. Jeremy is wearing his fem headband. Also it is super raining here! Next week apparently there’s a windmill tower. Let’s hope I am not flooded out.


Kathy said...

This family sure has a whole lot of junk stored around the farm. They are always cleaning out some area in every episode.

Burl Ives said...

Jerome has a very immature view of the world re: marriage. He states " Maybe the guy has a great personality. Maybe he is funny as shit. Maybe he treats her like a queen." . . gee, if i was 14 yrs old i guess these things would occur to me as the most important. . .but. . .at 24 its "WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING"? . . . in considering marriage all adults know this is key factor #1. . .
Methinks Tori views Zack as a stepping stone to fame & money. . .period. Anonymous says it best "How many women would be honest enough to say Zach is ugly. They could never imagine having sex with him. This is the simple truth."

Barb said...

It was nice to see prayer on this show during the breakfast with Amy, Molly and Zach. It does bother me that the audience is duped because they never let the audience know that Jacob bashes Christianity. He shouldn't be making money off Christian support when the show features prayer.

If he thinks prayer is stupid to pray to "a man in the sky" why doesn't he have the guts to say that on camera to the tv audience?

MS said...

Barb, as a Christian, are you actually saying you want Jacob to bash Christianity on TV? The Godsquad would be horrified. I do agree though in the sense that I'd like to see the show explore Jacob's views, but it will never happen. It's too controversial for the public Roloff image. Plus, Jacob doesn't seem to have much interest in being anything other than a background player this season.

Rap541 said...

Barb - Perhaps Amy, Matt, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, Tory and Molly shouldn't be making money off a show where they are required to not speak out about Jacob's atheism?

I mean.... are you endorsing the Roloffs making money off sitting silent over their family failures? It sure seems like the Roloffs make a lot of money praising someone with values you and *they* should despise. Funny how you don't protest that.

Cecilia said...

Amy puts on a mud run even though in past episode she said she doesn't like to run and won't run. It must have been a long and boring mud run if each team took turns running the course.
Roloff's sure don't take care of their things. Jacob trashes his room and it's okay with Amy. They ignore the bee problem in the barn for five years. Barn owls are more important than the bees. They could have called someone earlier to get rid of the bees. Also, didn't they have a past episode about bee keeping.
No problem for Jeremy and Audrey to fly home any time Amy and Matt need their help. You would think they lived down the street. They moved back home because Amy and Matt need their help and can't survive without Jeremy or Zach.
Zach complaining about the cost of the wedding. News flash a wedding is expensive.
Beaverton Bakery have the best cakes around but are expensive. I love their pink champagne cakes.
The kids are so spoiled. They demand Amy make breakfast for them. Zach can't even brush his hair. He looked awful the morning of the mud run.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. What someone does for a living is not key factor in considering marriage. If you base your marriage on that it is sure to be unhappy and fail.
In regards to Zach's looks - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because he doesn't float your boat doesn't mean he can flat someone else's.

Burl Ives said...

hmmm .. . Anonymous says " What someone does for a living is not key factor in considering marriage." . . hmm .. . this sounds like the wisdom of a teenager living in his parents basement . . .money, try living, try eating . . without it. . . all this in rebuttal to the statement "WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING"? Well, little Zack does have a part time job somewhere . . .then there's the freak show money which surely will go on forever (waiting for "The Son Of Zack Show" to yet be released). Question is, little Zack: a stepping stone for Tori for fame & money. . . or Zack, the bread winner provides for his family. . .

Ecossais said...

Talk about wedding cost is for effect/script only. We all know that it is the subject of an episode so is being paid for by TLC and all the other suppliers, like Zach's suit, are comping.

It seems that they cannot have an episode without some manufactured drama. "Oh disaster - no porta-potties". Funny how Amy just has the phone number handy and the company can deliver in minutes despite the fact it is a farm in the country.
We had the drama of the mistake and the concrete drying at the goat gate and I see from the preview that there is going to be some drama in some future episode over the foundation of Matt's new windmill tower.

And don't forget that if the salsa doesn't take off "WE'LL LOSE THE FARM".

Rusty said...

I have been watching the show for years. I can't believe Zack works. He is always hanging around the farm. Jeremy, my ass he is a photographer. Jacob, the kid who quit high school. I know he doesn't work. Matt, every time i see him he points with his crutch & tells the underpaid help what to do. Amy, she keeps a messy house is her job i guess. My god, what would the Roloff's ever do without TLC? I remember long ago, the Roloff's were simple folk, poor. They would borrow money from Matt's parents for stuff. Now, Jer has a fleet of cars. Zack seems to have bought a house. Jacob, the kid who quit high school owns a brand new truck. All this, without any of them having ever worked a single day of an honest days work. It is easy to see why this family has earned the scorn of many.

Lynn C said...

It shows how little you know Rap. Jeremy posted on twitter a long time ago that he went to New York for a photoshoot.

Debbie said...

"Oh look Audrey has time off from her prestigious job to attend the mud run."

This is uncalled for Audrey bashing. Why is this permitted??

Ashley said...

Rap, for the record, Jacob's girlfriend Isabel was there for the mud race. I didn't see her in the race on the girls team but she was wearing war point standing beside Jacob when he was watching Amy run her through it.

PJ said...

For the same reason the Amy and Jacob bashing is allowed by the Anneite loons Debbie.

Did anybody PAY Baby Prince Jer for the shoot? I went to London in '89, I took pictures with a professional quality camera so by your standards I went to London for a photo shoot.

Burl Ives, what someone does is not necessarily a factor in deciding who to marry. How much they make might be IF only one partner expects to work. If Zach is a stepping stone so is Baby Prince Jer for that fame obesessed bimbo he married.

Rusty, Zach has held a job for years. He hasn't talked about it so it might still be part time but we don't know.

MS said...

Ashley, I'm pretty sure I saw Isabel participating on the girls' team along with Molly, Tori, Audrey, and one other girl I didn't recognize.

Debbie, of all the things that get said here, you think that's bashing? Which part offended you?

Rap541 said...

Lynn, one shoot does not a successful career make. Its funny because I actually was having a similar discussion on a less Jer crazed board - its not actually unusual that he flailed and ended up moving back home but its the insistence of his fans that his every move be deemed a success that make people want to point out his rather average life and lack of achievements.

If the like a letter site is correct, in his nine months in Los Angeles, he did four shoots. Even if I *double* that number and assume he was making 5000 per shoot, which is 2000 higher than his stated prices, he's not making a living wage. Whether Audrey quit or lost her job, they clearly weren't making a ton of money in LA. There's no shame in that EXCEPT that their fans insist they be praised as successful.

If I accepted every godly person's instance of Jeremy's success, then Jeremy would be a pilot, a boat captain, an artist, a professional soccer player, an automechanic, a stellar equestrian, and of course an actor - people like you, sometimes you Lynn in particular, have always insisted that if Jermey says he's gonna be a pilot, everyone needs to immediately praise him for being an awesome pilot. But here's the reality - he's a part time wedding photographer.

I see this assessment applied to Jacob, and I actually with it, that Jacob can't afford to live on his own without the show money. Here's the question I ask you fans of Jeremy and Auj.

If they didn't have the money from the show coming in, could Jeremy and Auj afford the life they live? Jeremy's a photographer, that's theoretically his profession - does anyone think he can afford a car, a home/apartment, food, cell phone etc on what he makes as a photographer? At last check, Auj isn't working. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Rusty: Jacob's truck is used not brand new.

I've noticed in the recent episodes that when Jeremy walks into the room and starts talking to Amy or Matt that he seems unhappy and tired. Zach was grumpy on the morning of the mud run.

All the mishaps are fake and just for the show. Are going to tell me forgetting the porta-potties was a mistake. I'm not buying it.

I don't understand the gate situation in the past episode. What was the gate for? To keep the goats in. If so the gate was low and goats will jump over it.

Jacob needs the show so he can travel and not get a job.

Ecossais said...


And the worship of Audrey is equally uncalled for. Why is that permitted?

Burl Ives said...

PJ said "what someone does is not necessarily a factor in deciding who to marry. How much they make might be IF only one partner expects to work." . . . PJ i gather that Zack has a part time job (a menial job, soccer field) . .. If Tori works .. . by god . . what does she do?. . i assume fame whoring is very time consuming. . how could she have a full time job? If so, what ?

Ryan Velasco said...

Both sons will eventually live with daddy. Jeremy can't make it in LA because he can't afford it. Daddy isn't paying his way anymore.

Rap541 said...

Denise - put your hand on the Bible and explain to Jesus how Audrey was bashed when I said she had time off from her prestigious job.

I seriously want you to explain how *that* is bashing Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Burl - Actually Tori is rumored to be working as a teacher. So she's off in the summers for filming and makes enough to theoretically live above the poverty line.

Ecossais said...

You are wasting your time.
Anything that does not say how absolutely wonderful and Christian the Jesus guided one is will be considered bashing by the god smacked crowd.

PJ said...

Burl Ives,
Tori is a pre-school teacher. And if you want to talk about fame whoring what about Ste Auj? She's the one trying to get a ground swell to get onto DWTS. She's the one that moved back to Oregon and either left or was canned from her booze industry job.

You took the name of Ste Auj in vain, that's all it takes.

Melissa said...

Last year around this time Tori was getting her classroom ready for her first year of teaching. So she's the only one who had a job (besides the show) that could afford an actual living. Whether or not she will teach again IDK.

k Has c said...

Another huge Yawn Fest IMO! There is nothing much left that this show has to offer, its all been done. All they have now is the divorce*BIG HUGE YAWN* oh yeah and a wedding or two.

Jerome said...

@ Burl Ives...I don't feel it is an immature view of the world as I have first hand accounts of beautiful girls who are dating and or married to average or sub-average looking guys with average or below average or even no jobs so your point holds no value. And these people I'm speaking of are not 14 years old. One couple is married and in their 30's.

My mom dated and married my dad while he was working a shit job because she loved him, his personality and his sense of humor. I would love to hear your explanation on that.

Jerome said...

@ Burl Ives...I think Tori is an elementary school teacher...at least the last time I watched the show she was. Things may have changed though since then.

Ecossais said...

I am still trying to work out why this episode was ever made. There was no indication as to how it was making money for Amy's charity. Did the "avid" competitors pay for the honor of competing in this prestigious event?

Watching the mud races wasn't exactly exciting. Nor was mat yakking/bragging about how many buildings they have and the planned drama about no porta-potties was a joke.

Time is not being kind to Jeremy. He is not aging well and what is with the scraggy hair and sissy head band?

What has happened to Anne's "column" for "her audience"? Auj and Jer not done anything that even Anne could praise or Jacob not done anything for her to criticize?

k Has c said...

@ Rap :)

Dry but godly Oregon is in a drought...please send us some of your rain! Keep Safe!

Burl Ives said...

Jerome . . . regarding ur dad having a shitty job & marrying ur mom. . . for your sake i am glad this worked out well for u as u were born (i can see ur a decent soul---kidding dude!). About Tori being a teacher. . no dude. . she graduated high school .. no college . .no teacher. . speculation is she hangs out all day. . .sometimes packs Zacks lunch for him when he goes off for his part time job at the soccer field . .. Ur confusing Tori with Amy, Amy long ago did some babysitting thing way back when the Roloffs were poor, simple folk. . .
Anonymous said that Jacob's truck is used . . no dude .. .i think ur wrong. . . I think Matt & Amy got him that truck brand new when he got his GED (good enough diploma) . ..Anyone know exactly what he is driving?

Rap541 said...

Ecossis -Anne's recap usually occurs on Saturday, after she's read everyone's comments and my recap, and Podge's when Podge has time. You know, so she can attempt to make snide comments and defenses since she won't respond to comments.

Auj's blog? Is hilariously about her new leather diaper bag that if you go to the website she's pimping, it's on sale for a mere 285.00 and she's also bragging about her awesome accessories as well! And golifeorbust's blog hasn't been updated in any real sense since June 23rd (not really counting Jeremy reposting Audrey's Braid it blog)

k Has C - sorry, we need all the rain too :)

Kathy said...

The show used to be interesting at the beginning when we got to see more of their real, every day lives. Remember when they used to go to all those little people conferences? We never see that anymore. Do they no longer attend? Remember when Amy was going to go back to work as a teacher? What happened with that? I think she needs to have something more than just sitting around her big, empty house. What does Zach do all day? Let us see that. No more fake dramas please.

Ecossais said...

@Burl Ives

I don't care if Jacob's truck is new or used.
Love or hate Matt he seems to be clever enough to keep convincing TLC to produce this third rate show thereby generating enough income (despite all his talk about being poor) to buy his kid a new truck if he wants to. Don't tell me he never bought the chosen one anything like that.

PJ said...

Burl Ives,
Tori is a pre-school teacher. Here that only requires a CPR certificate. Basically she corrals 2-5 year olds all day which makes her the perfect daughter-in-law for Matt.

MS said...

Burl/MDH, Google is your friend. Tori was a kindergarten teacher at Woodland Primary School in Woodland, Washington. We'll see if she continues to work in Oregon.

Bea said...

Burl Ives you are wrong. Tori went to college and was a teacher before she had to quit so she could move closer to Zach. This has not only been mentioned on the show, but easy to find proof before Tori made her social media accounts private.

Amy was also a pre-school teacher, not a "babysitter".

Lily said...

Lol Audrey should stop whoring herself out already. It's getting pretty old. Who said "God" called for that?
He doesn't. He frowns upon being materialistic yet that is exactly what Audrey and Jeremy are. It literally disgusts me. I used to like Auj but not anymore. She's just whoring herself around

Katnip said...

Audrey USED to be something to be proud of or admire. Now she is NOTHING but a money, fame hungry person. She isn't even welcoming.... Look at how she's turned her nose up at Isabel just because she was friends with Jacob's ex. Isabel needs someone way more than Stephanie ever did, look at all she faced. But nooooo, Audrey is now too good for anyone who isn't a bible thumping, Jesus obsessing, free people wearing whore.

MS said...

Ecossais, I'd guess that because the mud run allowed Amy to plug her charity on TV multiple times, it might bring money in indirectly. Was this event even advertised on any of the Roloffs' social media accounts? I suspect the competitors were just friends, acquaintances, and extras that TLC was able to round up. I don't recall seeing any faces blurred out, which one would expect if this was a real event that just happened to be covered by the show. It gave them another excuse to summon Jeremy from LA, etc. And, as you mentioned, we got our weekly manufactured drama with the porta-potties. Bottom line, the show seems to be grasping for material. At the same time, they seem to be going out of their way to plug everything possible -- Amy's charity, the pumpkin salsa, Jeremy's photography business (well, in theory).

Hannah said...

Jeremy and his "photography" business...I've seen no evidence that he actually is a working photographer with a studio and clientele. I knew a lot of art students when I went to college and several of them were photography majors. This was an accredited four year college where they would have gotten their BFA degree...not a for profit two year associates and/or certificate program like Jeremy went to. Anyway, it is incredibly hard to break into the photography world for work that pays enough to support yourself and a wife/family. The competition is fierce and especially in Los Angeles! Now if he were to become a staff photographer for a small newspaper or a commercial chain like JC Penney photography studios for example, then that would be different. I'm assuming he did not have a studio to work out of in L.A. and was a freelance...probably depends on TLC for referrals and potential work. These Roloff kids have no clue how to survive in the real world or work a 9-5 job. Sure Zach works part time at an indoor soccer place but that is basically a job a 16 year old could do for minimum wage. All of them are dependent on TLC money in order to buy cars, houses, toys, etc...same goes for Amy and Matt.

Ashley said...

Katnip, why do you think Audrey turned her nose up on Isabel? I don't know that. I see Isabel trying to suck up to Audrey. I havent seen Audrey do anything to suggest she is resisting.

k Has c said...

I went to St Aug site--- how many photos does she need to put up of herself and that over priced baby bag...a tad bit self absorbed IMO

Kathy said...

What happens when the TLC money is gone for good? Is the farm going to be enough to support them all? Before TLC, Matt had a job. The way they spend money I can't imagine them having any saved.

Katnip said...

And Stephanie didn't "suck up" to Audrey? Stephanie doesn't even believe in God she just faked it for Audrey's approval. I don't follow Isabel on anything but I don't see her faking to like God just for Audrey's friendship. If anything, Isabel seems to be closer to Molly and tori. I saw Molly tweet a clapping emoji at Isabel. I think I saw Audrey not respond to one of Isabel's tweets at her, but I could be wrong. Audrey only does what benefits her or makes her look good. She already "saved" one of Jacobs girlfriends so now even though Isabel probably needs the saving way worse than the other girl, she's washed her hands of her "charity work". Haha. Stephanie doesn't even practice religion or anything anymore but Audrey saved her soul.
Audrey isn't someone to look up to.

Ecossais said...


I have wondered the same thing.

There is no way the "farm" can support them. I love the way Matt calls Jeremy "farmer".

The farm is not big and a huge amount of space is taken up with the ridiculous "mansion", pool, soccer field, Matt's house, all the buildings Matt was boasting about recently(11 I think he said). Then there is all the "theme" stuff - ark, water wheel, "church", fort, pirate ship, castle, "wedding barn", etc., plus a field for the goats.

Apart from the pumpkin patch is anything else cultivated for a profit making crop?

If TLC gets tired of the whole charade maybe Matt wasn't exaggerating when he said they could lose the farm is the salsa thing doesn't take off? There can't be a huge margin in that even if they grow the pumpkins. There are other ingredients, manufacturing the product under FDA conditions (Amy cannot just make it in her kitchen in any quantity), jars, jar filling machines, labels, packaging and distribution of the jars all to be paid for.

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode

Ryan Velasco said...

Blah blah blah. No one cares about these self absorbed people. There are more little people shows to watch. This is the dysfunctional family show.

Ecossais said...


And just what was the episode actually about?