Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Episode of Little People, Big World: Tuesday August 25, 2015 - Review By Rap541

The new episode of "Little People, Big World" airs tonight, Tuesday August 25th, 2015 on TLC.

Episode review written by Rap541:


On a rewatch, no one still mentions Isobel by name and Tory’s maid of honor isn’t Audrey or Molly.
I again love how Matt and Jer gave up and hired people to make the windmill because they couldn’t figure it out.
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I’m also amused with the windmill drama that Jer wasn’t doing anything at all until his daddy told him to get in there and touch something! And sure enough, Jer *touching* the windmill was the miracle needed to make it fit the brackets.
Also the rain wedding drama would work better if the commercials didn’t show the walk down the isle with no rain.
Also Matt’s a little too gleeful over how its raining.
Matt and Amy are in the weird wedding barn. Matt and Amy wax on how awesome the Journey of Jer and Auj was and how stupid stupid stupid Zach and Tory are for not considering the rain factor at all.
Amy is all “We’re doing the wedding but we’re also stuck with the rehearsal dinner”. It’s funny how none of this prep was ever presented as a chore when Jer was getting married even tho he wasn’t helping because he was in Santa Barbara.  Amy is mocked for her cake skills. She is determined to make a cake.
Zach has already had a bachelor party but Matt wants to do something special with Jeremy! And Jacob. Matt very much wants Jeremy to have a kid. Matt has something special planned for Jeremy. It’s a Chinese fishing boat. I am sure that Jeremy will shine his sailing skills out as he wants to be a yacht captain when he grows up and we’re not to ever note that Jeremy is 25 and no job but the job Daddy finds for him.
Meanwhile there’s a bachelorette party for Tory and of course Auj is front and center despite the maid of honor being Cyndi, Tory’s childhood friend. Everyone is in special shirts that have quotes from Zach. That’s actually kinda sweet. Tory seems pleased with Cyndi.
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 They play a game at the party that I sense would be more vulgar if it wasn’t filmed. Tory is worried about “ugly crying”.
Meanwhile on the TaiPan,  there’s sailing. Matt of course asks Jeremy to wax on how married life is awesome. Auj apparently quit her job. Apparently Jeremy and Auj have already gone to a counselor for their marriage.
At the chick party they’re on the beach and there’s a fire. There’s pictures and Audrey everywhere, and Milly and Tory is all pleased that Cyndi snuck some of the older women, Amy, Tory’s mom and an aunt to the beach. Amy is all “My lil man is leaving me!” Molly interestingly notes that Auj is a friend and Tory is one of her *best friends*.
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In theory Amy and Matt haven’t actually decided on a gift yet. This feels very forced. Matt wants it to be exciting. Amy thinks it needs to be sweet. Matt has a ridiculous idea of a waffle maker and Amy wants a shadowbox and this feels really really fake.
The windmill has a pergola but it’s nowhere near as fancy as the model. It’s “perfectly functional”. No, it’s a windmill with a pergola.
Amy calls up Molly to do some pinterest stuff. Some sort of mementos for the shadow box.
And of course that means we’re all about Jer and Auj. Auj notes how she is the best interpreter of Jer and Zach’s relationship. Jer is wearing Auj’s headband again. Auj’s weird lil samurai top knot isn’t a great look.
Molly and Amy is making a cake for the rehearsal dinner. We get a rehash of the baking class. Amy has realized baking is a science (true – my mom is an incredible savory chef but *baking* is science)
There’s a tent vendor asking questions and Tory has no answers! It may rain.
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Oh and hey, not one Roloff expressing a concern about Tory… huh….
Amy continues working on the shadow box. She offers to work with Matt. She shows the concept to him. Molly notes how Matt tends to take over things.
Jeremy has stopped by Matt’s pad to help him pick out a suit. Jer snots how cool he is to help dad pick a suit.
Amy’s sister Kathy pops in to cook for Amy. Molly makes kebobs. There’s a tent. Tory is worried about the rain and worries it will rain. She prays it won’t.
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So we’re at the rehearsal dinner and this is two hours long! Zach and Tory are pleased. Amy’s cake looks like something I made with my pal Jenifer when we were ten and my sis and Jen’s sis were fourteen.
The shadow box is presented and Tory loves it. The kids smooched at the swamp fort. Tory seems really excited for the wedding. By really excited I mean I don’t think she’s faking it simply because there’s cameras. She doesn’t see, that good an actress.
Matt cheerfully notes how delighted he is to say how its raining! Not a smidge of disappointment in his tone.
Tory’s worried but her friends who I have never seen except for Molly and Auj are reassuring her. Matt again cheerfully notes how delighted he is that its raining. Auj makes sure to get her picture taken. Tory despite the rain is clearly delighted. Amy gets in the haybale to note how much she loves Tory. She publically welcomes Tory to the family.
Amy is called to the bachelor pad to discuss the second tent that isn’t there for the ceremony. Amy is hesitant. Matt wants the tent but zach says no. Matt is annoyed.
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Six hours before!  Its still raining and Zach is all screw it. Also Tory notes that God was with them with stopping the rain just in the nick of time. Tory is anti-makeup. She sends Zach a fun gift. Zach is in a nice suit and everyone praises him. Then we see Tory in her dress and the dog is led away for a change. Oh hey Tory haters, Matt is all telling Zach how frigging perfect she is for him. When you merrily shit on Tory please be certain to mention how you SOUNDLY disagree with Matt and with Jeremy… because I will be commenting if you don’t mention how Matt, Jeremy, Auj, and Amy all happily endorsed Zach marrying the woman you are worried about.  I firmly expect all you PROUD AND LOUD Christians to PUBLICALLY note how wrong Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Audrey are to TRUST Tory.
So this is very sweet even tho I am not a wedding person. I think this the first time we see tory’s dad. Also people are wearing shorts at the wedding. Tory is verklempt. Also Zach has about half the groomsmen Jeremy had.  Zach’s vows are sweet. Tory’s vows are sweet as well… Yeah… gotta be honest, *haters*, I don’t think she’s marrying him because she loves Jeremy more, or Molly more, or being a Roloff more. Guys, she’s pretty obviously overjoyed. Oh yeah that kiss… Rap was a lil verklempt too… then I had some SMARTFOOD WHITE CHEDDAR POPCORN!! OOH YEAH CHECK OUT THE GIVEAWAY!!!

So everyone is happy. Since I am hateful I note that Jeremy can’t resist noting how he got married first. Also Jeremy notes how awesome the windmill idea is although we never get a close up to see if the windmill was anything more than a skeleton set up.  Zach and Tory wander in to hugs and applause. Now I am a bit bored since I am not terribly sentimental. There’s a picture booth. Considering its Zach and tory who got married, there’s a bit too much display of Jer and Auj. Jeremy does amusingly echo Zach’s speech. Jeremy nicely notes how incapable and sucky Zach was as a soccer player which is such a weird place to go. Not a bad speech otherwise but weird.
Then Matt gets up to claim center stage and calls Zach his second boy and notes there’s several more boys to go. He cries and goes on about the birthing difficulties. It is mostly sweet even tho I kinda sense it’s for the cameras. I’m jaded by the show, I admit it.
Molly thinks the wedding was super comfortable and the bride and  groom were glowing. There’s a sweet dance… yeah I really don’t think she is faking it, haters. I also thought Zach and Amy were sweet. Also a nice editing mistake – Zach is thanking Dad and Jer at night and when the camera switches to Jeremy and Matt, it’s obviously daylight.
If the blonde by Jacob was Isobel, then I note how she wasn’t mentioned even by name and I only saw her that once.

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Michelle said...

Tori says the wedding day isn't about what color napkins they have after spending all that time on it. Yeah right. They are so materialistic.

Debbie said...

Anne was right...I didn't see one of Zach's little people friends at the wedding. Not one. Just like Anne reported.

Anita said...

I loved it !!!

Erica said...

Wow, was Amy's description of Jacob ever without conviction. "Jeremy and Zach are both married. Molly will be finishing college and her future is wide open. And Jacob....Jacob..uh..Jacob keeps finding himself"

She can't even come up with the words for a good lie to describe Jacob's life.

J45 said...

Erica, Jer and Zach at 18 weren't doing all that much either. They were actually still in high school then. And didn't Zach almost fail high school?

So Jake's ahead in one aspect.

NJC said...

Truly enjoyed that episode. Some great emotional and real moments. Matt's speech was especially moving. The newlyweds are very cute together and I wish them a long and happy married life.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a good episode, and the speech was amazing, scripted or not. Jake's a dumb kid, he'll learn, we all had our idiotic moments at that age.

Mike P. said...

It would be a kindness if someone took Audrey ("Ol' Raccoon Eyes") and told her that daytime eye makeup is a serious faux pas. Makes people laugh, in fact.

Anita N. said...

I may be being a little picky, but I didn't really care for Tori's dress. Thought the top was a little interesting.

I do feel they truly love each other. Lovely wedding.

k Has c said...

Congrats To Zach and Tori and Sully! This epi was better than the past episodes. I did like Amys cute pink dress.

Anonymous said...

When i watch this family of gypsies coning the public week after week with Matt's schemes i am dumbfounded. No one works . . .no one has a job .. . its the freak channel money or bust . .. Well, little Zack does have a part-time job at a soccer field .. . that should be enough to get married on. After all, the TLC money will never stop. I wait for "Son of Zack" *sigh* . . .I am amazed that the Christians cannot see the "sin" here. . . 3 lazy boys, Zack & Jer 26 yrs old. . . following in Dads footsteps. . . con the public week after week. Holy famiy? ho boy . . .

Suzy B said...

I'm watching the episode on DVR and I just rewound it to make sure I heard this correctly. On the boat, Jeremy said that he and Audrey have already been to counseling to "avoid trouble." Wow. 8 months into the marriage. Jeremy said it's better to seek wisdom while you're on the road than wait until you're in a bad spot. It will be interesting to hear how the fans on this board feel about this.

Anonymous said...

John from Ohio.
What ever happened to Amy's parents?
I remember the episode awhile back when the family visited them and it didn't seem like they were very fond of Matt.
Love this site.
Thanks in advance.

Judy said...

The wedding was very nice. The highlight of the wedding though was the speeches by Jeremy and Matt.

It was very fitting that the star of Zach's wedding was actually Jeremy. He stole the show with his magnificent speech

oregoner said...

I can just hear the comments from the bride's side:

"Does he even have a job?"

"You mean he works at a soccer field part time? Isn't that really a job more suited for a 16-year old?"

"How long is this TV show gravy train going to last anyway? Does he ever plan on actually working for a living?"

"Is it true he didn't even know enough to bring a pencil to the SAT test?"

Lauren said...


It's been brought to Rap's attention politely before.

It's NOT "TOR*Y*"!!!!!!!!!!! The spelling is "Tori. With an "i".

Jacob's girlfriend's name is Is*A*bel. Not "Isobel"!!!!! How hard is it to figure it out???? Why does Rap insist on spelling their names wrong? Too lazy? Too stupid?

It's Tori and Isabel!

Who is Tory and Isobel????

I don't think Rap should be published if Rap can't even get the names right. If I do a review and call Jacob "Josh" through the whole thing will I get published?

It really annoys me.

Debbie said...

Rap just proved what hatred is with that review. How can anybody in their right mind say anything other than Jeremy's speech was excellent? It wasn't awkward or "weird". The wedding was made better by Jeremy's speech. He hit it out of the ballpark and he did so with Auj's encouragement.

Paula said...

Rap isn't objective at all. The thing to take away from the wedding was Jeremy's touching speech. To not focus on that is absurd.

Is Rap trying to mock Audrey with the giveaway? Not funny at all.

Rap541 said...

Lauren - feel free to write your own :)

Leanne said...

I was surprised Jeremy said the word "midget" on TV and they aired it. I thought they don't like saying it even if they are repeating it as an insult someone else said.

Rap541 said...

Rap isn't objective at all. The thing to take away from the wedding was Jeremy's touching speech. To not focus on that is absurd.

Right... I'm not objective. The thing to take away from the wedding of Zach and Tory(hee) is HOW JEREMY JESUS SHINED ON!

Paula - maybe... just maybe... the thing to take away from a wedding is how the couple loved each other and is now wed... and not how the brother of the groom attempted to be the shining star. Seriously consider what the word "objective" means when you insist the most important thing to consider at Zach's wedding was Jeremy's performance.

And my giveaway was as real as Audrey's. Spirit, you liked the popcorn didn't you? :)

Janet said...

I thought it was very well done. I also agree with everybody except Rap that the highlights were Matt and Jeremy. It was very emotional.

I was glad that Zach and Tori don't seem to care much for Jacob.

Anonymous said...

After listening to Jer give his speech(soccer) it is obvious that 2 boys r now married. Not men. Well, at least both of them have responsible jobs, i will give them that. I listened to Matt .. . i cringed . . .hmmm .. . no little people in the crowd. . not even the movie star little people from past shows . . .ahhh well .. . viva TLC !

IsPansy said...

The wedding was wonderful and like every wedding the highlight was the bride. Tori totally glowed, as did Zach, it was so cute.
Jeremy's speech was sweet, Audrey did a good job writing it for him. It was interesting to see Audrey try and steal the spotlight every chance she got. And seeing her fail.She even chose basically a short wedding dress instead of a simpler dress like the rest of the bridesmaids. Tori has good friends. I'm delighted that Amy loves new daughter-in-law.
I sincerely hope Tori and Zach get to hold hands until they are 82 and longer.

By the way Lauren it should be "Who ARE Tory and Isobel" If you are going to complain about spelling you need to get the simple grammar right.

And Rap, I am extremely disappointed that your give wawy was fixed (snerk).

MS said...

Great review Rap! I was laughing throughout and look forward to the next giveaway! :)

Rap541 said...

Ispansy - I kinda saw Audrey's hand in Jeremy's speech as well but I will be fair and say I think he was genuinely affectionate about the whole business. To me the speech seemed a bit condescending. I actually liked Matt's better because it was nice to see Matt speak with some emotion and without as much of the on camera Matt persona in play.

Suzy B - I found the married eight months and already in counseling to be interesting as well, but I accept that while it could indicate problems, it could also be Jer and Auj being trendy hipsters.

Lauren - to give you a more serious answer - not that you deserve one because you're calling me stupid while having *obvious* grammar failures (Hey Spirit, maybe Lauren shouldn't be allowed to post if she can't write grammatically correct comments?) - here's the deal.

I'm currently writing a novel where a character is named Tory. I'm also working on a series of short stories where a significant character is named Isobel. My spell check is therefore autocorrecting to the names I have in my personal dictionary. Frankly, because I am writing a great deal of fiction right now, I tend to use the spelling of my characters. I don't go over the reviews by hand because I try to get these reviews to Spirit to post next day, because I assume some of you are anxious to have something to bitch about and hate on (your personal insults toward me indicate that)

I had no idea you were so mentally incapable that you can't comprehend that Tory and Tori are alternate spellings of the same name. Likewise Isobel and Isabel. Since you are that incapable, your reading comprehension so questionable, I am genuinely shocked you offer any commentary at all since you're on record now stating you couldn't mentally handle the different spellings. Maybe you should consider an easier hobby like throwing rocks at things you hate?

Ecossais said...

Same old Jeremy worship by some commenters. It was a wedding so the primary characters are the newly weds - not Jeremy jesus. Focusing on Jeremy is what is absurd Paula.

mittsigirl said...

I just found this blog a couple of weeks ago.There is no way Tori is wanting to be a t.v star, did not see anything that spoke to that theory, at all. She is a lovely young lady, and was truly so happy and glowing beside Zach! I did end up crying during the wedding, so many sweet moments. Aug & Jer are over-rated, not any more special than Tori & Zach are. I found Jer is more feminine now than manly, so that kind of bugged me. (go ahead & hate me for that) Jacob is so young to be so criticized, he is only 18! Give the kid a break already, let him grow up and find his place in life. And his girlfriend is very pretty. I really loved Tori, and how casual things were. I loved her dress as well. There is nothing fake about this girl, she comes across as very genuine and I do believe she loves Zach very much. I wish them the best in their life together.

mittsigirl said...

Rap, loved your comments, you have me craving popcorn!

Laura T. said...

If Jacob is hardly in it, I don't see why you expect them to exuberantly announce who Isabel is or even show her more than a couple of times.
I saw her more than once but Jacob isn't a focal point of the show so she shouldn't be either.
And yes, Rap, it is Isabel. Get it right.

Abbigail said...

This blog is so amusing to me. Basically, this site is a place where it appears to be okay for the blog owners to sin (spew hate-filled criticisms that include name calling and judgmentalism of the highest order) by pointing out what they see as other people's sin. Apparently, these "spirit-filled" bloggers have never read the verse about removing the log from your own eye before worrying about the stick in the other guy's eye!

I thought the wedding was lovely. It was THEIR wedding. It was what THEY wanted. I doubt any of them care what we think nor should they. We all know the show is scripted/set up/staged. I don't know why anyone is surprised by that?? There were MANY guests at that wedding that weren't shown on camera. You have NO idea if any other little people were there!

Audrey is beautiful. I think someone is jealous.


Gail said...

Is Jacob mocking Tori? How come no cracks from the Jacob fans?

It's a good thing, but it shows the hatred against Audrey.

Tori thanked God for the weather. She thanked God for stopping the rain. When Audrey did the same thing, she was mocked.

Maybe it's because Anne called out Jacob and others for mocking Audrey and now Tori is able to do it without the scorn. That would be a good thing.

Lynn C said...

How was Jeremy's speech condescending?? It was beautiful. Jeremy shone and it WAS the highlight of the wedding. I found Jeremy's speech to be much more from the heart and emotional than Zach's speech for Jeremy.

Greg said...

I'm so glad the weddings are over. I found them both to be very obnoxious. Getting married isn't a huge achievement. Both Jeremy/Audrey and Zach/Tori are so self absorbed in my opinion.

Amanda said...

I think Jeremy was 100 hundred percent right about counselling. It proves how smart Jeremy and Audrey are...they take marriage seriously.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - Jeremy managed to get in how Zach was on the sidelines while he was the soccer star, that Zach didn't have any confidence or walk upright until he met a girl and Jer as the first married is so pleased his lil bro finally grew up to be almost a man. Also really, if you genuinely believe Jeremy stole the show... seriously stop and consider how Jeremy couldn't let his brother have even one day. Really. Think about it.

Rap541 said...

Is Jacob mocking Tori? How come no cracks from the Jacob fans?

Because the whole issue was always the Christian crowd throwing a fit?

No one cared that Audrey prayed for sunshine until Jacob made a crack about it and then all the Christians insisted it was disrespect and mocking Audrey's beliefs. Then it turned into "OH DEAR GOD JACOB IS EVIL" and various Christians began declaring how Jacob needed to be beaten/kicked out/killed as punishment.

If Jacob didn't mock Tory... maybe it's because he respects her faith more. Maybe he just didn't hear the remark. Right now, Gail, you're complaining because Jacob *didn't* mock Tory.

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Jacob could have a full on Kirk Cameron conversion to the faith and most of you would insist he's lying.

mittsigirl said...

I really wonder what TLC is planning next for this show. Will they keep regurgitating things like they are now doing again for kateplus 8? Anything to keep the gravy train running.

IsPansy said...

The family seems to like Tori better. She seems to fit in better. And there is a difference between what Audrey did and what Tori did.

Jeremy basically spent a large part of that speech glorifying himself and pointing out how inferior Zach was. But I don't think he really meant it that way.

The only person I saw look less than happy was a shot of Jeremy at the alter where he is hugely frowning. Was he disrespecting Zach and Tori?

Zach at some point said that Audrey gave him the story he was to use in his speech and then there she was telling her husband how to structure his speech as though she knows more about how he feels about his brother. The more I see of Audrey the more I find her controlling.

MS said...

I found it odd that Jeremy even brought up their marriage counseling. And I find it amusing that Jeremy -- married for all of maybe 10 months at the time of filming -- has more than once graced us with his marital wisdom. He is so full of himself.

Rap541 said...

If Jacob is hardly in it, I don't see why you expect them to exuberantly announce who Isabel is or even show her more than a couple of times.

Laura T - because various Christians here insist Isobel only dates Jacob because she wants to be famous. So my point in noticing how she's NOT featured is a bit subtle but this - she's not in most of the episodes at all and the ones she's in, she's not even mentioned by name... so if she's in it for the fame and that's the only reason she dates Jacob... its totally not working.

UltimaAtaraxia said...

This was the only decent episode this season. Zach and Tori, seem to generally love each other regardless of what everyone else may think. There love was evident and genuine.

Rap, you appear to be one of the only reasonable people who posts on this site. The comments can be very amusing to read at times and I do enjoy analyzing different perspectives, but Rap you actually approach the many 'issues' brought up here without too much bias. You also know how to keep things someone rational. Thanks for making my reading experience more enjoyable.

Wendy said...

Rap541's mocking of Audrey's giveaways was so disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

Isabel has red hair not blond. She wasn't sitting with Jacob at the reception. They showed her standing next to Jacob when Amy said Jacob is still finding himself.
I thought Tori dress to too simple for a wedding dress since her bridesmaids dresses were white or off white. I saw a picture of Tori and Audrey together and if I didn't know Tori was the bride I would have thought Audrey was the bride just by only looking at that one photo.
Everyone was commenting on how nice Zach's suit was and how it fit so well. Hello it was a custom made suit and measured for Zach it should look nice on him.
I thought Jeremy was drunk at the beginning of his speech. For Jeremy who likes to do stuff the old fashion way he was using a laptop in a back of a truck to write his speech. He could have used a pencil and paper. That was so set up scene.

Natalie said...

"so if she's in it for the fame and that's the only reason she dates Jacob... its totally not working."

Rap, it takes time. Do you forget that Audrey was dating Jeremy for a long time before she was A) filmed B) once she was on camera it took a long time for the show to put up her name. They didn't do it until after they were engaged.

IsPansy said...

Was it disrespectful for Audrey to do everything she could to be the center of attention? Every time she was on camera she was just about jumping up and down and screaming look at me. At the shower I would have thought Audrey was the hostess instead of Cindy the way she pushed in front. Her dress was more like a short wedding dress than the simple, elegant dressed the other maids had.
I loved it when Molly said Audrey was a friend but Tori is one of her BEST friends. Methinks Tori is better loved by the family.

Nancy said...

Anon, you're wrong. Isabel has blonde hair. She was shown a few times. I'm sure the person Rap thought was Isabel was her. She was the only girl with Jacob.

Karina said...

Isabel has red hair always has. She has blond highlights you idiots.

Katnip said...

Rap's reviews are always honest and brutal JUST AS ANNE'S ARE. The only difference is Rap isn't Christian biased so she can see reality for what it is. Little miss Audrey loves loves loves the camera and she makes sure we know it! Also Tori and Molly are obviously a lot more alike than Molly and Audrey so of course they'd be closer. No need for comparison in that compartment. Molly is just more of a tomboy and that's okay.
Anyways, I foresee Zach and tori lasting for years upon years. I mean she'll have the baby and then get sucked in you know, like a Kate plus 8 deal.
Audrey on the other hand I think craves the attention and Spotlight so much that I think she'll eventually end up leaving Jeremy for someone bigger. After all he is on a dying reality TV show, in two years they'll be doing re runs and everyone will be over then. People get over stuff really quickly. I can't wait to see that day thought because Jer will be heartbroken and you'll all see what Audrey is truly like!
It works out.

Jamie said...


She wants fame. She does. I've seen many many statements from her either directly saying this or insinuating it. I'm sure there are some feelings there, but you also can't deny that fame is huge to her, she thinks it's the highest thing you can attain in life. Is that so hard to believe? It's not unique amongst shallow teenaged girls, especially in her generation. You think she just started talking to Jacob randomly? Of course not. But to be clear she can want fame and still have some feelings. But frankly, I think she could force feelings on anyone with "fame".

Honestly, much worse can be said, but reality is she's just an immature girl and there are tons like her.

Mind you, I don't care whether they're together or not. I hate to see anyone treated badly though. Jacob seemed happiest with Steph and their relationship seemed deeper, but he's terrible for her so Isabel it is I guess.

J45 said...

@Gail, I have a simple answer for why I think Jake didn't criticize Tori for thanking God for the weather.

Audrey thanked God on social media (Twitter?) which Jake uses a lot. So of course Jake's going to see Auj thanked God for the weather.

But Tori thanked God on LPBW, not social media. Jake doesn't watch LPBW, therefore he wouldn't see Tori's God remark.

Also, the family seems closer to Tori than Auj. I'm not saying Auj will not get closer with the family moving forward, but that's how it seems presently.

Sherry Pallo said...

The wedding was nice....they both looked so happy

Rap541 said...

Jamie - Maybe - I genuinely don't really care... my point at the end of the day is that if she wants fame, dating Jacob isn't doing it since I still apparently can't identify her on the show and neither can most of the people viewing. Since various Christian bitchers have been bitching from the get go that she's all about the fame, yes it is a fair point that she's never mentioned by name. They don't even reference Jacob having a girl.

Anonymous said...

8 months married & the 2 knuckleheads r off to see a marriage councilor .. . is obvious they both have the minds of 11 year old children . . .most successful marrieds never see a "councilor". . .I am married & i do not want a complete stranger telling me how my wife & i should "live". .taking care of each other comes naturally . . is common sense. . .having a stranger telling a husband & wife how they should live their lives is beyond stupid . . . if ur that "dumb" U WILL EVENTUALLY GET DIVORCED. Those (here) saying u can see the love between Jer & Auj must be 11 yr old girls dreaming of romance. I just don't see it. The same for little Zack & Tori. Zack is ugly & a little people, Tori would never have married him if he wasn't on tv. When TLC stops filming, wait & see the divorces coming . . .

Tezca said...

Rap451: Sorry for the unrelated to the topic question but what is your novel going to be about? Im just curious, I didn't know you were a writer.

Sherry Pallo said...

When did jeremy say they were in counseling?

MS said...

"Rap541's mocking of Audrey's giveaways was so disrespectful."

Wendy, how do you feel about Audrey's friends and associates winning most of the giveaways? Even if the drawings were legitimate (which I doubt), why would she want to even risk giving the wrong impression? Not very bright of her.

Frida said...

Is anyone else really curious as to why Jamie is so obsessed and jealous of Isabel?

Kim said...

Where does Jamie get her motivation and information

Gearheart said...

Jamie, Jeez... I think Jacob looks genuinely happier with Isabel than he did with Stephanie.

Suds said...

Ok I am trying to post again after failing to do so twice which might very well be because I was trying to post on my phone and that's all very complicated for me;)

I've been reading this blog for a couple of weeks now and I see the show on TLC Netherlands early in the morning (6 o'clock) before I go to work. The interesting aspect is that the episodes are scrambled so one day the twins are 16 and then they are 19. Right now, they are travelling in Europe and I think that's been a while ago!

This blog is mind boggling to me and yet I can't stop reading! Much the same for the show. I just like to have the tv on while I eat my breakfast and it's grown on me, although (i think even the Christ squad can agree) it's all very scripted. Are there more important things in life to focus on? YES! But it's like a midnight snack. It's so wrong and so good. But these people we speak of are real people. Perhaps not on the show.. People on here seem to raelly hate characters on the show and say out loud they wish them harm. That's not only sick and disgusting; it's also very stupid.

Honestly, some of the Christrian hatred first astounded me and then upset me; especially Ann's last post. Therefore I want to thank Rap and others who have pointed that out. Of course, you can't change them. People who think gays are horrible will still think they are horrible no matter the arguments. An argument such as: wtf? if two grown up people love each other, how can that bother *you*? is said to deaf ears. It's just so sad because it hurts people who are gay (like me) and more so it hurts people who are gay and live in such an environment where these backward notions are prevelant. They end up marrying the other sex, have kids and be miserable. (probably so will their spouse/kids) For the love of G*d, how does that make sense?

anyway, greetings from the Netherlands! Have a good day all.

MS said...

Sherry, Jeremy mentioned it when they were on the boat.

Bea said...

Jeremy's speech was bizarro-- he made several allusions to Zach's stature which he totally could have done without.

Auj was a sourpuss the entire ceremony. She looked mad about something the whole time except towards the end when she forced a fake smile.

Anonymous said...

When they show did shots of Meuller, he look totally uninvested.

Groomsmen meeting at Matt's house, which Meuller attended...surprisingly no Jeremy.

No loving interaction this time with Jeremy and Meuller as we've seen so many times in the past.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see that Auj just posted a Jer & Auj YouTube that you have to pay for!

Rap541 said...

Tezca - its currently with an editor. Its actually something of a post apocalyptic romance, set in modern England.

Tdearles24 said...

Congrats Zach and Tori!!!
Wait so actually, seriously, the bride and groom were not the highlight of the wedding? Wow...what a lovely story for the grandkids! Yikes!
So something I wanted to point out and ask about. Has anyone ever noticed how every time Jer and Auj are filmed either talking to each other or doing interviews that their comments are only about their actual physical appearance? I.E. When asked if they'd ever watched any of the seasons, Audrey said something like "oh yeah you mean when your hair was stick straight and blah blah etc..." Also during the wedding, the only comments Jer made were about how great Zach looks. I wish I had all the exact moments I'm thinking of mentally handy....but basically all the intimate moments I've seen begin with "you looked like, she looked like, I look like..." like their whole point of reference in time is based on physicality. I however do realize that they are young and I must admit that I myself lived in LA around that time in my life, and my superficiality ran pretty "deep". Ha!! It's hard to escape in that town. Any thoughts or examples? Thanks...;)

LL. said...

Jacobs girlfriend is very very pretty. Unique looking.

Nancy said...

"Isabel has red hair always has. She has blond highlights you idiots."

Karina, you're the idiot. We're not talking about her natural hair color. We're talking about the "blonde girl" next to Jacob. That is who Rap was talking about. It was Isabel. In the majority of her pictures Isabel has blonde hair. Maybe you're color blind.

Most normal people would call her hair blonde....


Greg said...

Do you think after their 1 year anniversary that Jeremy and Audrey will make a HUGE deal about, that after it passes they might finally shut up about being married? Most married couples don't talk about being married every friggn day like it's a huge achievement.

Jaime said...

I've known her since elementary school and she has red hair with blond highlights. She is not a blonde.

Abby said...

Her hair is blonde. I'm sure she colors it but it is blonde...look at the pic Nancy posted or any other. If you don't think that's blonde, you might want to get yoir eyes checked.

I think it's really obvious the only reason she is with Jacob and stays is because her pursuit of fame. She has a better shot being Jacob's girlfriend than if she wasn't.

Jaime said...

It's funny how you're going to tell me what color her hair is and I've gone to school with her ma whole life.

Kurt C said...

Rap I'm surprised you, and nobody else fir that matter, didn't mention Jeremy's comment about how hard it is to make a suit look good on a little person. He said it twice.

Rap541 said...

Kurt, I was mostly trying to blot out the "Jeremy is such a fashion maven!" stuff... particularly when Jeremy's current style seems to be transexual grunge pimp daddy. But yes, duly noted that Jeremy emphasised how Zach looks like crap in clothes that aren't tailored.

Rap5 said...

"Wait so actually, seriously, the bride and groom were not the highlight of the wedding? Wow...what a lovely story for the grandkids! Yikes!"

Tdearles, don't you love it?

And I am certain that some people here would actually chide Zach and Tory , and Matt and Amy for not telling everyone that the shining moment of the wedding was Jeremy!

I mean, if Jeremy hadn't been there, well.... the whole thing would have been AWFUL... I mean, if Jeremy isn't there, *shining* then why get married at all? No wonder Matt and Amy are divorcing, Jeremy hasn't been SHINING his light at them. Without Jeremy, the entire family is garbage.

(waits for various Christians to actually agree despite the sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Rap . . . if the word "midget" is in the dictionary why is it banned & censored here?. . .huh ?

Anonymous said...

So not surprised he broke through the fa├žade. I'm sure there are many derogatory terms flying out of all their mouths all the time.

Anonymous said...

Don't we all have God and Jesus in our lives? When we stub toes. When we see gardens.

Otto Preminger said...

Anonymous said...

8 months married & the 2 knuckleheads r off to see a marriage councilor .. . is obvious they both have the minds of 11 year old children . . .most successful marrieds never see a "councilor". . .I am married & i do not want a complete stranger telling me how my wife & i should "live". .taking care of each other comes naturally . . is common sense. . .having a stranger telling a husband & wife how they should live their lives is beyond stupid . . . if ur that "dumb" U WILL EVENTUALLY GET DIVORCED. Those (here) saying u can see the love between Jer & Auj must be 11 yr old girls dreaming of romance. I just don't see it. The same for little Zack & Tori. Zack is ugly & a little people, Tori would never have married him if he wasn't on tv. When TLC stops filming, wait & see the divorces coming . . .

August 27, 2015 at 8:22 AM
.. . wow. . . .EXTREMELY well said.

Ryan Velasco said...

She can't do any better than Zach apparently because he's stable and has a job and he's a great conversationalist.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is 25 years old and his life is already in a rut. How sad.

Married couples don't see a "councilor" and why would they, it doesn't make sense. Married couples go see a "counselor." A married counselor doesn't tell couples how to "live."

Anonymous said...

Who cares? If Jacob is getting a piece of ass in exchange for a blurred out second of TV time it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't her running a contest like that be illegal?

Franklin said...

I think her parents recognized the Matt manipulation train and wanted no part in any of it. The kids probably have standing invitations but I can't see them wanting Matt anywhere near them, their house, or their community.

Ronny said...

Perhaps Jer & Auj think of counseling as a "tune up"? I hope their marriage is a success. I just think Audrey is a bit weird. Zach & Tori I hope the best for them. At least this family works & doesn't sit around as do the moronic & dumbass Duggars. Now there's a show tha should have been cancelled many years ago. Geez.

Ratrace said...

Re Jacob Roloff a whats up with this kid? He seems a non entity & not all there. Amy said Jacob wasn't a god fit for regular High School so he opted for the lame easy way out meaning a GED. Some if the Duggar kids go the GED way. Not surprising since the Cult they are in & their homeschooling doesn't go to the level of High School. I hope Jacob finds his way & becomes employed.

Ratrace said...

Of the four Roloff Kids, Molly is the most grounded, intelligent & focused on earning her college degree. I believe any career path she chooses will become a tremendous success for her. Molly will probably graduate college with honors.

Frannie said...

Jeremy has akways come off as one who is self absorbed. Audrey Roloff not far behind. They are well suited for each other.

Freida said...

Suds, great post. I am straight & have a few gay friends who are wonderful people. BTW, I am half Dutch & have always wanted to visit the Netherlands. Hope to fly there one day.

Ratrace said...

Yes a marriage tune up.

Frannie said...

I've always liked & respected Amy. Amy is a great loving Mom. I just wish Matt & she could work things out with their marriage.

Ecossais said...


I take issue with you saying that Zach is ugly.
That is totally un-called for. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling someone ugly.
Yes he is a little person but had no choice in that but maybe in his private life (not what we are presented with on this phony show) he has a charming personality and is fun to be with.
Tori is no more a publicity/fame seeker than the painted Audrey who is all "look at me" all the time.

on a different subject:

There have been comments on this board about Zach having a job appropriate for a teenager.
At least it is a job and he has held it for a long time.
Audrey stuck her wonderful job for only a few months and, for all we known may have been fired.
Jeremy has NEVER had a job and apparently even the much hated Jacob has a job.

Ecossais said...


Rap's mocking of Audrey's give-aways was hilarious and right on target.

It is way overdone. Her entire website is pictures of AUDREY posing with the items.

Anyway - this wonderful saint is not giving away anything.
Manufacturers provide the items and she MAKES MONEY off them. Nothing good and charitable about it at all.

k Has c said...

Who ever said ...Zach was ugly and a little person.....I wonder what you look like? I'm betting that you are no prize, just get off to knocking others---jealous probably.

Hannah said...

I found it very shocking that Jeremy and Audrey are in counseling...I didn't buy his reasoning for it at all. Obviously not all is well in paradise with these two. Must be nice to have the ability to quit a job and hubby is OK with it. I think they are angling for a spin off show. Audrey seems to have stars in her eyes for more fame and fortune. Jeremy really thinks he's something special...what an over inflated ego on that kid.

Vicky said...

Hannah, you don't listen very well. Nothing is wrong. They went to counselling to prevent any problems before they happen. That's smart. It shows they take marriage seriously and care about it. They also read Timothy Keller's book on marriage. They just want to know what makes a successful marriage.

Rap541 said...

Vicky - in fairness, Hannah is not making an unrealistic jump. When a married couple goes to counseling, there's usually a problem. And if Matt Roloff has taught us anything, it's that trusting what a Roloff *says* is not always a plan. If we believed Matt, up until the day they separated, he and Amy were perfectly happy and anyone who said otherwise was a "negative nelly". Now Matt's story is that he was always miserable in that house... during that same time he was insisting he had a happy marriage.

Now personally I think Jer and Auj were probably told by hipster friends to do a round of spiritual counseling, and I think Jeremy brought it up to take a passive aggressive swipe at his dad, and because it would put the attention right back on Jer and Auj (or Aujer, or as another board calls them, Au Jus, aka Team French Dip) but really, it is a bit early for the marrieds to be in marriage counseling.

Ecossais said...

I think they already have problems.
Here we have two people with massive egos and a lust for fame but no achievements whatsoever.
Audrey is peddling unknown brand items on her website and Jeremy designed and built a non functioning goat gate for his daddy!

Otto Preminger said...

Vicky said...

"Hannah, you don't listen very well. Nothing is wrong. They went to counselling to prevent any problems before they happen."

Married 8 months & the 2 knuckleheads r off to see a marriage counselor, anyone in their right minds would laugh & laugh. These 2 have the brains of 11 yr olds. Jer, 25 yrs old & has never worked a day in his life . Ummmm . .. can u say LOSER? & u wonder why the loser says on the tv show he wants to come back & run the farm? LOL. He can't make it in the real world.
As for little Zack, give him some credit. At least he's the only member in this family of gypsies who has a job. Sure, i know its a part-time job better suited to a 16 yr old but its something. . .Still, all 3 boys have there father to look up to. Matt, the head gypsy, week after week, year after year coning the folks. ..Pumpkins & now lately, its the salsa con. . .What, in gods name do the Christians find admirable abut this family? And, no. . never never would Tori nave married little Zack if he wasn't on tv. As previously said, when TLC stops filming .. . watch the divorces. . .

Rap541 said...

Ecossais - I think it's possible they have problems, but its as likely that they are calling some church married couple newlywed "how you doing" group thing where you get to compare notes with other newlyweds as "marriage counseling".

Oddly enough, I think the marrieds are likely much happier back in Oregon where they can resume being big fish in the small pond.

Hannah said...

Vicki: I listen very well...I've never heard of newlyweds married less than a year having to seek counseling to "strengthen" their marriage. Are you kidding me? They should still be in their honeymoon phase. I agree with Ecossais and Otto Preminger...these two millenials have no clue about the real world. Jeremy never worked at all except on the farm helping Matt with his idiotic projects and Audrey is the pampered princess who has decided to shill on her "blog" and make money that way.
They never lived together before their marriage and in fact they only had a long distance relationship the entire time they were dating. Now they have to make all the adjustments and compromises that go into actually living together...Audrey appears to be kind of bossy and high maintenance...Prince Jeremy was the golden boy of Roloff Farms and has had a lot of attention paid to him by his family and the public at large since he was a kid. Two egos colliding.

Ashley said...

Sorry, I know Jacob's money complaints/issues is the hot topic, but since this came to light about Audrey's giveaways and Rap followed suit, lol, I paid special attention to it this time...

And guess what....? Yet another Audrey friend was the winner of a giveaway. It really is ridiculous isn't it? You'd think Audrey might even try to hide it by letting a giveaway go to a non friend for at least one week, the first week after the talk of it being fixed, but nope!

Sam Pflug is Audrey's good friend from Oregon State.

***giveaway closed winner is @sampflug***

Here is a picture last month of Sam and Audrey in the back of Jeremy's truck.


And she wins the Audrey's giveaway! There seemed to be over 2400 comments mostly people entering in the contest but Audrey's besties always win?

What a scammer Audrey is! Seriously! She should be ashamed! Of course Audrey will never address her fixed contest and the dishonesty. I guess Audrey thinks Jesus wants you to cheat people.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, it's all kinds of hilarious.

MS said...

Ashley, that's pretty pathetic for anyone let alone the GodSquad's "chosen one". Is Audrey really that dumb? Not only does she appear to be rigging contests as part of her new so-called "job", she's leaving an Internet trail for anyone who cares to follow it.

Anne, is this another "blessing" from your prized young Christian? Any insight as to why God has led Audrey down this path of dishonesty?

Ashley said...

I didn't even need to go back to last month to find a picture of this week's contest winner Sam Pflug with Audrey.


She posted this one today with Audrey and the besties.

Well, at least Audrey doesn't need to worry about mailing costs to the contest winners since they're her friends who she hangs out with.

What a sham!

Wha!!!! said...

Matt lied? To us? His loyal and faithful Christian fans? We praise him and all he has done for the Lord and he lies to us? I can see why he was given Jacob. It must be punishment for the lies we know and the lies we don't.

Da Coppers said...

So how do we get the authorities involved in this obviously fraudulent contest?

Anonymous said...

Why does Jacob seem so depressed? Why did he quit school for his GED? I noticed how Amy said she 'really' loves her new dil and Tory says she loves her mil.

Lisa said...

Please enter me in your white cheddar popcorn prize giveaway ! THANK YOU !