Sunday, September 27, 2015

Guest Column: Anne J. Bailey's 'Farewell Article'

Hello Friends and Readers,

Anne J. Bailey here. I have bad news for you. This is a decision I did not reach without a lot of deliberation, thought and prayer. 

This will be my last article to appear on this Spiritswander Blog. I hope considering all of my significant contributions that I will be given the respect of not having my final article edited and that it will be published in its entirety as God intended it to be. 

As Christians, we can not allow disrespect to our beliefs or freedom of speech. Just as the brave county clerk, Kim Davis, showed all of America, we must stand up to forces trying to silence our beliefs. We must always act in a manner that God instructs to act. God has spoken to me and has put it in my heart that I cannot allow Spiritswander to disrespect me and the Christian work any longer. 

I will explain because the truth must be known. I am as mad as heck. This is a result of how I have been treated despite the massive amounts of feedback to my columns and my writings and that I allowed the Spirtiswander blog to reap the benefits of the attention from my work. 

It is unfortunate, because great things could have come if Spiritswander had accepted my generous offer to take full control of the blog months ago. It could have turned into a great Christian voice on the Roloffs and life lessons that would serve the readership and earn the respect of the Roloffs. 

My offer was not accepted. Yet I moved forward and contributed my columns all the time while I was never and have never been compensated for my contributions. 

Furthermore, I made a simple request initially and then after it happened week after week and that is that Rap541 not be allowed to respond to my articles. I believe Rap541 is the work of the devil and seeks to defend Jacob and create chaos and turn constructive discussion into hateful attacks on the good Christians. Yet my pleas were ignored. Rap541 was permitted to invade my articles week after week. 

I have received many emails from other commenters to the blog expressing their disgust for how the Spiritswander Blog is moderated and Rap541's behavior that is tolerated. Even people who disagree with my subject matter want Rap541 to be controlled and banned. 

Despite the disrespect of ignoring my requests, I was the bigger person. I did as God commanded me and forgave and moved ahead trusting that the power of my message would make a difference and that evil forces would come around and be defeated just as Audrey Roloff is fighting evil forces hacking her blog. 

A while ago, I was informed that my article might be delayed because a person named Benjamin submitted a journal entry from his deceased brother involving an alleged encounter with Jeremy Roloff as apparently Benjamin had asked Spiritiswander to publish it once he submitted it. 

As a contributor, whose reputation is now linked to the Spiritswander Blog, I expressed my displeasure and my view that it should never allowed and before it ever be allowed that I be given the final editing and publishing decision. Jeremy's reputation should not be sullied in such a manner by someone who is clearly bitter and blaming their perverted mentally stabled dead family members on Jeremy's Christian actions which were completely justified. 

This deeply disturbed me, however, since as far as I know the entry has not been submitted, I moved on.

The next arrow of disrespect was after I informed Spiritswander that my weekly column would be completed following Church on Sunday. Perhaps it was the reference to Church that caused the problem. I do not know. What I do know is that I was rudely informed my column would have to wait because Spiritswander wanted to compose the article featuring Jacob Roloffs distasteful tweet about his family and money from the show. Considering I was the regular contributor to Sundays, I graciously volunteered that I would be responsible for writing the article about Jacob's. I was once again greeted with disrespect and told no I was not allowed. 

That was the final straw. God does not want me to be treated with this kind of constant disrespect. Therefore, I refused to contributor anymore content. I am writing one last farewell article. You never know what God will have in store in the future, but for now, it is not my intention to contribute my talents to Spiritswander Blog.

I will leave you in this final column, with parting words for several people both blog related and Roloff related. 



The Blog you created could have been a glorious and would have celebrated God and been a positive force, if you had allowed me to run the Blog as I saw fit, but you refused. You disrespect Christians all the time and you have to live with your discrimination. God will deal with you for your sins. I have always saw your subtle and not so subtle attacks on Roloffs who are Christian and your promotion of Roloffs who are sinners who mock Christians. So quick to try to demonize Jeremy for alleged comments and actions, yet you encourage and praise Jacob as "honest" when all he did was insult good Christian people. In conclusion, you owe me an apology. I will be waiting.


It is shameful that Spritswander caters to you and allows you to spread your hate against good Christian forces and people. You can not fool me or many Christians. You are full of hatred against Jeremy, Audrey and Matt Roloff. If it was up to me you would have been banned from this blog a long time ago. The devil is in control. I truly believe that.

To the Roloff Family minus Jacob,

While I know you are good Christian people who have my full support I urge you to follow the example of Kim Davis. Stand for Christ. Do not allow yourself to be disrespected by Jacob. The latest stunt he pulled was beyond shameful. To allow him to get away with it and walk over you is not a way to stand proud for Jesus. I pray that you will do the right thing and call Jacob out for his immoral actions, his drug use and stop permitting him to throw dirt in your faces and the faces of all Christians.

To Jeremy and Audrey Roloff,

As mentioned above, I truly wish you would find the courage to stand up to Jacob and call him out. To allow him to disrespect Audrey when she thanks Jesus for the blessings in her life is not a proud moment. Be aware of the example your silence sets when you pretend as though he is a good person when influential young people are seeing his Christian bashing and his glamorization of drugs. Other than that, keep doing what you are doing. Your love is inspiring . It is tremendous to see young Christians following Jesus to give the Lord the glory. God has great things in store for you two. Stay strong and always put Jesus first. 

To Tori Roloff,

Good luck with your life ahead. I hope you are sincere in your devotion to God. I urge you to read Timothy Keller's book on marriage. Know the type wife that God calls you to be. Don't fall into the trappings that Amy fell into that they allowed to destroy their marriage. You must pay attention Tori and not allow yourself to become a negative force to your husband. 

To Isabel, 

Believe it, you have my heartfelt sympathies for the tragedies and loss in your life to date. With God, you can get through anything. Loss can bring you closer to God if you let Him help you. 

Young lady, you need God in your life. I have heard that you are interacting more with Destiney Mueller and others associated with the Roloffs who are guided by their love of Christ. Seek them out. Let them show you John Mark Comer's church. Go. Experience. Open your heart. It will change your life. Go without Jacob Roloff.

Isabel, you must eliminate the evils in your life. Dedicate your life to the memories for your loved ones who are no longer with you. Live to make them proud. To do so, you must eliminate the negative forces and evils in your life. No good comes of the drugs. Get away from Jacob Roloff. Any of the material aspects of being in a relationship with Jacob is not worth the damage it is inflicting on your soul and on your life. Mark my words, you will never find true happiness with Jacob Roloff in your life. Do not allow him to define your life. Allow to God to define your life. Find the strength to follow the positive influences in your life and detach from the evil and the negative. 

To Destiney and Jacob Mueller,

Stay strong. Do not let the negative and hateful people tear you down. Keep living for Christ as He loves. Teach your children to love and cherish God. Mistakes have been made, yet with God as the center piece, you can accomplish anything and you have already proved many wrong by letting Jesus have control. Let yourself be a positive influence on those around you.

To Jacob Roloff,

I have reached out to you. Others have reached out to you, Yet it is constant disrespect. As it stands now, you have no morals. You have lost all respect from people who count. You are disloyal. Nothing you do creates positive results for the world. Your latest attempt to slander your own family is something that you will have to ask forgiveness for just how shameful it was to tar your own family with that label. There is true darkness and evil in your heart and soul. I can see it. You can not fool me. God has made me wise to you. You have no morals. You have no conscience. You have no boundaries. In spite of that, I will still pray that something will happen that inspire you to see the emptiness of your life and your future and that you will wake up and let Jesus into your life and ask Jesus to fix your soul. All you are doing is bringing darkness and negativity to people; both in your real life (people who have attempted to take their own lives after having been exposed to you) and the damage you do to strangers who are influenced by what you put out to the world on social media. Wake up. Do something productive with your life. That does not mean get high and trash your family on twitter. God is the answer. You must come to that realization. I truly believe your life will be full of nothing but darkness, tragedy, hurt and pain because you are allowing evil and hatred to reign. 

To the many Christian readers and supporters,

Thank you friends, brothers and sisters. I did this for you and for God. Never stop speaking for God and the truth. If you choose to remain, I will still support you. I simply cannot remain a contributor to the success of the blog if I am not given the proper respect and am not allowed a say into how to make the Blog a better tool that will expand the Kingdom of God. Thank you from my heart for all of your support and comments and emails. Never stop speaking for what is right and for God. 

God bless you all.


Anne J. Bailey 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jacob Roloff tweets he feels like he's "getting f*cked out of the money from the show..."

Occasionally a Roloff will post something on social media that generates so much discussion that we feel it's best to dedicate one blog item to that issue.

Last night, August 29th, 2015, Jacob Roloff tweeted:

Man I wish it didn't feel like I was getting fucked out of the money from the show that was my childhood right now

Edit: Jacob's tweet has generated a media firestorm unlike anything the Roloffs have faced before.
In the past, mainstream entertainment "celebrity news" sites such as TMZ have left the Roloffs alone unlike other TLC reality show stars like the Gosselin's and the Duggars or Honey Boo Boo. Almost no major sites ever carried the news "Jeremy Roloff" racist and homophobic scandal that the National Enquirer ran in 2008. Most times that the Roloffs were in the media it was with the cooperation of Matt and Amy Roloff and/or TLC. However, now the mainstream celebrity news sites have focused on the Roloffs with a critical eye because of Jacob's tweet.

Here is a sampling of the stories from various sites and the links to said stories.
After we first did this story on Jacob's tweet, the celebrity news site also did a story on it: Jacob Roloff says he was 'f*ked out of money from Little People, Big World

Then from there, the big one was TMZ focusing on the story including an interesting analysis. Gary from TMZ claims to have talked to people connected to the show and gives his take on what he thinks happened. Basically, he says TLC is good at putting the money to minor children into trust funds - he thinks that happened and now that Jacob turned 18 he went to Matt and Amy and said 'Give me my money' and they said 'No'. That's just his speculation. Either that or he thinks Jacob "feels" like he's getting screwed because it's very possible the Roloffs who are featured more prominently on the show such as Zach and Jeremy and obviously Matt and Amy are getting paid more than Jacob who didn't want to be filmed much so it's not uncommon for a network to base the pay on how much they feature or use that person. Since Jacob didn't want to participate much, he's not going to get paid the same as Jeremy or Zach.

TMZ: 'Little People, Big World ' kid...I'm getting screwed...OUT OF MY CASH

Here is an interesting TMZ commentary from Gary regarding the Jacob tweet.

Radaronline then jumped on the story with a series of Roloff articles.

Radaronline: 'Little People' Family Feud! Matt and Amy Roloff's youngest son Jacob claims he was F***ed out of reality TV forutne 

Radaronline also took this opportunity to do a "Top 10" Roloff scandals

Radaronline: DUI's, Drugs, Racist Slurs and Death Rumors: The 10 Most shocking secrets and scandals of 'Little People, Big World's Roloff family. Oops the Roloff family of TLC's reality hit Little People, Big World is not so innocent. Check out exclusive gallery of disasters they've tried to hide.  

A slew of other sites picked up the story.

The Daily Mail: Little People, Big World's Jacob Roloff, 18, 'claims he's being cheated out of his earnings from TLC show'

And 'OK Magazine' Little People Big World's Jacob Roloff goes on a rant about not getting paid for reality show

Not surprisingly, all of the media articles about it caught the attention of everyone on twitter. People from the group "A Minor Consideration", a non profit organization formed to 'give guidance to young performers' have been tweeting Jacob encouraging him to contact lawyers.

if he didn't receive his paycheck for 7 years, someone needs to explain themselves.

currently, TLC says they've been paying minors and setting up trust accounts. Where's his?

if they PAID, and account WAS opened, did someone else, (parents?), take the money?

wherever his money is, at 18, he is legally entitled to it now. Answers are needed here.

he needs an attorney and an account to go through the paperwork and locate these funds.

OK, let's sort this out - did TLC pay or not? Was a trust account opened or not? WHO has your money?


As of yet, none of Matt or Amy Roloff, TLC or Jacob Roloff himself have commented on these stories. As of yet, Jacob has not expanded on or explained his original tweet any further.

New Little People, Big World Episode Sept 8th On TLC - The Hamills ('Our Little Family') Visit The Roloffs: Jacob Roloff Comments On The Filming of Jack Hamill

A new episode of 'Little People, Big World' aired on Tuesday September 8th, 2015 on TLC.

It featured the Hamill family of TLC's show 'Our Little Family' visiting Roloff Farms.

This episode was light hearted and mostly featured the Hamill's children being filmed visiting the Western Town, the castle and tunnels. There were also plenty of farm animals.

There were frequent comments from various Roloffs that the Farm is begging for little kids to be roaming around and more talk of grandchildren on the farm soon.

However, as with most things Roloff related recently, the controversial topic people want to discuss is something that was never seen on the episode or hinted at.

As suggested by readers, we will post and summarize what Jacob Roloff had to say at the time (and more recently in comments with fans) about the filming experience and more specifically his feelings on Jack Hamill, the oldest of the Hamill children. He is 6 years old which is the same age Jacob was when the Roloffs first began filming.

On August 2nd, 2015, Jacob posted this photo with the following words from Jacob

Jacob Roloff:

"This is Jack. I've never felt I had more of an opportunity to influence someone's life than when I told him how much I didn't like filming when I was his age, so he knows just because the adults say it's what's best, doesn't mean it's what's best. Then after, I asked him how he felt about it and after a pause he said, "I like it medium", meaning not at all, which is exactly what I would've said at 7. Seeing him for the few days that I did and hanging out with him for the short time that I did was a crazy reflective experience, seeing what it looked like (more or less) to be a 7 year old thrown into different situations for your parents' ratings. He doesn't know that yet though. He's more of a central focus character in his family's show than I ever was, too, so there's more 'depending' on him; I can't imagine. Im hoping I get to see him again and how he turns out, and that what I said sticks with him."

Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel, who was present for this filming,  commented on Jacob's instagram photo.


"I've never seen a little kid look up to someone so much and the fact that he was seeking you out in every crowd and hanging on your every word is enough evidence for me to confirm my theory that you have the biggest heart in the world. Being misunderstood all your life and you've never let it hinder your ability to keep moving forward, keep trying to inspire people to sleep outside the box and to question everything. I've learned so much from you and I have no doubt in my mind Jack will remember what you said to him for the rest of his life"

The majority of comments were praising Jacob for being honest and thoughtful towards Jack.

Jacob's cousin, Rachel Burton, (the daughter of Matt's sister Ruth) commented to Jacob:

"You are an incredible young man, cousin."

Amy Roloff even commented to Jacob on Instagram on August 3rd (this was before Jacob tweeted that he has been "fucked out of money" from the show):

"You're an awesome son Jacob. You, like your brothers and sister, keep blessing me everyday. I'm sorry it was so tough on you."

However, some were more critical of Jacob's comment and Jacob responded to those comments. Here are some of the comments and the exchanges between Jacob and viewers of his Instagram.

Tnhills: There are some things that, out of respect for your parents and the decisions they made for the family when you were younger, probably should remain unsaid on social media. When you have children and understand what it means to provide for them, then maybe you can speak. Speak to your parents privately about this--- speak to Jack if you MUST (also privately)... But honestly, talking about your being "thrown into different situations for your parents' ratings", is just tacky. Despite the mistakes they may have made in parenting, they ARE your parents, and you can honor them by forgiving what you perceive as a mistake... And not blabbing it on Instagram. I promise you'll regret these statements when you grow up a bit.

jacobroloff45: @tnhills I'm not concerned with what you think is tacky or overstepping in this post. And I'm not taking suggestions about how to handle myself from tnhills on Instagram, sorry 

Angelsfan82: Middle child syndrome

 jacobroloff45: @Angelsfan82 I'm actually the last child. 

 AmyK0410: While I entirely support your right to express your feelings and opinions on your own experience, I don't think it's fair to say that this little boy doesn't like being filmed or imply that his parents are exploiting him. As a mother, I can tell you that it would severely anger me if someone implied such a thing about me. I think it's great that you and he had a good time together but you've crossed a line to say that what he's going through is the same as your experience. 

 jacobroloff45: So he knows filming will alter his whole life? I was 6 or 7 when filming started and he's 7 now and I'm not sure how long before now they've been filming, but those situations seem pretty similar, no? Both boys, both 7, both being filmed, both VISIBLY not liking it. I'm not saying they're identical, primarily because I don't have dwarfism and he's the oldest child, not the youngest, so he's actually got MORE focus and pressure on him. I think I trust my opinion on this more than anyone else's, @amyk0410 

 AmyK0410: My point (that you seem to have missed) is that you implied that his parents are putting him on TV for their own satisfaction..."ratings" is what you used which I assume means money, fame, etc. You don't know the reasons they chose to do the show. If it is, in fact, for money, you don't know what kind of circumstances they've been in that led them to choosing this. 

 jacobroloff45: @amyk0410 What do you mean? It IS money, maybe not maliciously, which I never meant to imply, but people don't go on TV for free. It is so they and their kids can have 'good' lives, full of fun trips and easy 'work'; but what I'm saying is money and fame and trips and a 'good life' are being traded for authenticity, genuine family time, and shaping the life of a young kid and, more often than not, in a bad way. IM saying, childhood stardom needs to be thought out waaaay more, and there needs to be some sort of system in place to protect the minors from being screwed over by whatever TV network, or their parents, out of money they are entitled to for appearing on TV.

lashurn96: Sounds like you're putting words in this kids mouth. If he says he likes it medium that doesn't mean not at all. Just because you're not happy doesn't mean he won't be happy. 

 jacobroloff45: I saw the way he was even when the cameras were on him, not in private, and I can't believe more people don't see it. The producer just asks him to do things and say things, and provokes other people to ask him things, but he knows the questions are fake so his answers were usually short or nonexistent. I could see his disinterest in the show within 10 minutes. And then when it was just us he asked me when I started filming and if I liked it, and after i made it extremely known I didn't like it at all, I asked him if he did, and he shook his head and I asked why and he changed his answer and said I like it medium, maybe thinking I would tell someone, but with certain inflections in his voice that gave me every reason to suspect what I've said. I know it's probably an unpleasant truth for everyone involved, but that kid will likely not end up loving the show or the people making him do it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Little People, Big World New Episode September 1st, 2015

A new episode of Little People, Big World airs tonight, September 1, 2015 on TLC.

Episode review written by Rap541


So I have finished packing for Dragoncon.  And now we’re having a candid talk with the Roloffs. The season started with a lengthy clip show and ends with what seems to be a clip show.
Not sure who the blonde chippy is, but she seems pleasant. Heh, no Jacob. Where’s Jacob? Amy vaguely doesn’t answer at all, and there’s utterly no explanation as to why he’s not there.
Jeremy is doing photos and Audrey is thinking of writing and have moved to Bend. And now we’re into clips of Matt delighting in how it was raining on the wedding day. It’s interesting that Matt has Jer and Auj on his couch, while Amy has Zach, Tori and Molly. There’s a lot of wedding talk and Amy expresses how she was impressed that Zach spoke well for a change. Zach and Tory are cute and giggly. Zach’s teeth look better. Matt insists he was totally freaked out during all those scenes where he was dancing with glee over the rain.
More clips of Tory and Zach arguing over the tent. Now we have the church being dragged around. The blonde asks how cool the farm was when they were kids. Honestly this is dull.
Tory is asked rather softly about the dwarfism and was she creeped out by the sex, etc etc etc. She says it doesn’t matter to her. Zach admits to being awkward with girls. Basically Zach feels like a stud with Tory. They want children. The blonde asks about the possibility of dwarf children. Tory admits to having some concerns and Amy bucks her up. Zach now says it will be three years to babytime for them. Tory is shocked! Amused and shocked. Jer and Auj decline to say if they’re pregnant and Auj keeps her hand firmly on Jer’s crotch for a lot of the talk. Jer is wearing some sort of weird leggings. Molly has a boyfriend.
Someone asks about raising average size kids. Auj’s hand is still in Jer’s  lap. Amy blah blahs about raising kids, the kids blah blah about having little parents.
Now we’re showing clips of the divorce talk. Yup Auj has her hand on Jer’s crotch. All the makeup is really well done, btw. Now clips of the pumpkin salsa and the mud run.  And now clips of Matt on his mechanical penis aka the track hoe. Matt’s latest project is a giant concrete pumpkin, which may be Amy’s idea… that she got from James and the Giant Peach. The blonde notes that the projects cause friction. Amy notes they cost money. Auj’s hand is on Jer’s crotch. Amy notes that the real problem is that Matt’s projects overtake everyone else’s life. Matt pretends to quit the interview.
Now we have Matt and Amy next to each other on the couch and the blonde is digging in her claws into the divorce. Matt notes that the show is the twins life that they don’t know anything else… which is odd that Molly and Jacob aren’t included in that. Matt and Amy both insist the show was always about education. Apparently the farm was a sty when they bought it. Matt still insists the western town and pirate ship were entirely for the kids and not as attractions for the paying customers and apparently Matt has forgotten some of his other interviews. Amy nicely articulates her problems with the projects, namely that Matt insists and overrides her and there’s never time or resources for anyone but Matt. Now clip shows of Matt and Amy bickering. Matt loves the cameras. Matt insists they don’t argue much despite the whole clip show of the arguing. Amy notes she can’t answer without actively disagreeing with Matt publicly and doesn’t.
Also they now say they knew each other for 14 days before marrying. What attracted them to each other? Amy says his creativity, Matt doesn’t really answer. Amy says they lived separate lives. The blonde goes for the empty nest comments. Amy is all “Matt still has his hobby, the farm” and how she has been feeling lost. She does give some good advice to the rare stay at home moms that they should really consider their resumes. Amy is doing the vast majority of the talking. God is this really two freaking hours long?
Are they weirded out that Tory is average height? Nope, not at all. The blonde harps on how alone Amy is in the house now. So now we’re on clips of the divorce. The blonde pushes them to admit how sad they are, and they basically dance around, with Amy getting stuck with most of the talking. It is acknowledged that Amy had to tell the kids alone. Blonde asks Matt how he feels about Amy being obviously saddened. He basically says its easier to be separated. What if Matt offered to come back, Amy? Amy is willing to try. Matt is all “she’ll yell at me” and makes a joke. Essentially he finds it easier to be separate. Blonde asks the obvious, was it the show? Matt categorically denies it, and Amy gets all judgy about other couples. Matt basically says he’s too awesome and wears people out. Blonde really seems emotionally invested in talking Matt and Amy into getting back together.
Now funny clips. Blonde is all “You dating??” and Amy is all “Matt’s dating” while Matt denies it. Blonde again harps on how alone Amy is. Amy regrets things, particularly how they didn’t work on their lives. Matt has NO regrets. Amy is clearly irritated by this answer. Blonde wonders if Matt wasn’t showing his wife enough love. Amy answers for him. This is mostly the Amy show. She hopes there’s grandkids and a successful business and that they don’t lose the farm.
Now we have the marrieds and more clips of the show. God, really I don’t care about Zach’s suit and Jeremy’s obsession over dressing Zach. Zach is interesting in how he acknowledges that he probably didn’t have it as bad as other little people… This is so dull. Also none of the marrieds are articulate at all. I must say Audrey, with the lipstick toned down, is much prettier. Also no one seems anxious to get knocked up.
Will the divorce angst ever end? Clips of divorce angst. Amy basically refuses to answer real questions about the divorce. Matt says nothing at all.  Molly and Zach note that Mom and Dad were boiling for years. Auj has her hand back on Jer’s crotch as Jeremy waxes on how he and Auj implemented “something” to help their marriage.  Auj says they ask each other questions which isn’t that bad of an idea but um… Jeremy notes how it defuses things that would have others been gigantic huge fights. Huh…

Now we have old clips… Oh look Matt pratting about how awesome he is. Jeremy sagely notes that the farm will heal his parents and Auj has her hand on Jer’s crotch again. Now Tory is doing it a bit to Zach. And then it ends. And I need bed because I have places to be!