Sunday, September 27, 2015

Guest Column: Anne J. Bailey's 'Farewell Article'

Hello Friends and Readers,

Anne J. Bailey here. I have bad news for you. This is a decision I did not reach without a lot of deliberation, thought and prayer. 

This will be my last article to appear on this Spiritswander Blog. I hope considering all of my significant contributions that I will be given the respect of not having my final article edited and that it will be published in its entirety as God intended it to be. 

As Christians, we can not allow disrespect to our beliefs or freedom of speech. Just as the brave county clerk, Kim Davis, showed all of America, we must stand up to forces trying to silence our beliefs. We must always act in a manner that God instructs to act. God has spoken to me and has put it in my heart that I cannot allow Spiritswander to disrespect me and the Christian work any longer. 

I will explain because the truth must be known. I am as mad as heck. This is a result of how I have been treated despite the massive amounts of feedback to my columns and my writings and that I allowed the Spirtiswander blog to reap the benefits of the attention from my work. 

It is unfortunate, because great things could have come if Spiritswander had accepted my generous offer to take full control of the blog months ago. It could have turned into a great Christian voice on the Roloffs and life lessons that would serve the readership and earn the respect of the Roloffs. 

My offer was not accepted. Yet I moved forward and contributed my columns all the time while I was never and have never been compensated for my contributions. 

Furthermore, I made a simple request initially and then after it happened week after week and that is that Rap541 not be allowed to respond to my articles. I believe Rap541 is the work of the devil and seeks to defend Jacob and create chaos and turn constructive discussion into hateful attacks on the good Christians. Yet my pleas were ignored. Rap541 was permitted to invade my articles week after week. 

I have received many emails from other commenters to the blog expressing their disgust for how the Spiritswander Blog is moderated and Rap541's behavior that is tolerated. Even people who disagree with my subject matter want Rap541 to be controlled and banned. 

Despite the disrespect of ignoring my requests, I was the bigger person. I did as God commanded me and forgave and moved ahead trusting that the power of my message would make a difference and that evil forces would come around and be defeated just as Audrey Roloff is fighting evil forces hacking her blog. 

A while ago, I was informed that my article might be delayed because a person named Benjamin submitted a journal entry from his deceased brother involving an alleged encounter with Jeremy Roloff as apparently Benjamin had asked Spiritiswander to publish it once he submitted it. 

As a contributor, whose reputation is now linked to the Spiritswander Blog, I expressed my displeasure and my view that it should never allowed and before it ever be allowed that I be given the final editing and publishing decision. Jeremy's reputation should not be sullied in such a manner by someone who is clearly bitter and blaming their perverted mentally stabled dead family members on Jeremy's Christian actions which were completely justified. 

This deeply disturbed me, however, since as far as I know the entry has not been submitted, I moved on.

The next arrow of disrespect was after I informed Spiritswander that my weekly column would be completed following Church on Sunday. Perhaps it was the reference to Church that caused the problem. I do not know. What I do know is that I was rudely informed my column would have to wait because Spiritswander wanted to compose the article featuring Jacob Roloffs distasteful tweet about his family and money from the show. Considering I was the regular contributor to Sundays, I graciously volunteered that I would be responsible for writing the article about Jacob's. I was once again greeted with disrespect and told no I was not allowed. 

That was the final straw. God does not want me to be treated with this kind of constant disrespect. Therefore, I refused to contributor anymore content. I am writing one last farewell article. You never know what God will have in store in the future, but for now, it is not my intention to contribute my talents to Spiritswander Blog.

I will leave you in this final column, with parting words for several people both blog related and Roloff related. 



The Blog you created could have been a glorious and would have celebrated God and been a positive force, if you had allowed me to run the Blog as I saw fit, but you refused. You disrespect Christians all the time and you have to live with your discrimination. God will deal with you for your sins. I have always saw your subtle and not so subtle attacks on Roloffs who are Christian and your promotion of Roloffs who are sinners who mock Christians. So quick to try to demonize Jeremy for alleged comments and actions, yet you encourage and praise Jacob as "honest" when all he did was insult good Christian people. In conclusion, you owe me an apology. I will be waiting.


It is shameful that Spritswander caters to you and allows you to spread your hate against good Christian forces and people. You can not fool me or many Christians. You are full of hatred against Jeremy, Audrey and Matt Roloff. If it was up to me you would have been banned from this blog a long time ago. The devil is in control. I truly believe that.

To the Roloff Family minus Jacob,

While I know you are good Christian people who have my full support I urge you to follow the example of Kim Davis. Stand for Christ. Do not allow yourself to be disrespected by Jacob. The latest stunt he pulled was beyond shameful. To allow him to get away with it and walk over you is not a way to stand proud for Jesus. I pray that you will do the right thing and call Jacob out for his immoral actions, his drug use and stop permitting him to throw dirt in your faces and the faces of all Christians.

To Jeremy and Audrey Roloff,

As mentioned above, I truly wish you would find the courage to stand up to Jacob and call him out. To allow him to disrespect Audrey when she thanks Jesus for the blessings in her life is not a proud moment. Be aware of the example your silence sets when you pretend as though he is a good person when influential young people are seeing his Christian bashing and his glamorization of drugs. Other than that, keep doing what you are doing. Your love is inspiring . It is tremendous to see young Christians following Jesus to give the Lord the glory. God has great things in store for you two. Stay strong and always put Jesus first. 

To Tori Roloff,

Good luck with your life ahead. I hope you are sincere in your devotion to God. I urge you to read Timothy Keller's book on marriage. Know the type wife that God calls you to be. Don't fall into the trappings that Amy fell into that they allowed to destroy their marriage. You must pay attention Tori and not allow yourself to become a negative force to your husband. 

To Isabel, 

Believe it, you have my heartfelt sympathies for the tragedies and loss in your life to date. With God, you can get through anything. Loss can bring you closer to God if you let Him help you. 

Young lady, you need God in your life. I have heard that you are interacting more with Destiney Mueller and others associated with the Roloffs who are guided by their love of Christ. Seek them out. Let them show you John Mark Comer's church. Go. Experience. Open your heart. It will change your life. Go without Jacob Roloff.

Isabel, you must eliminate the evils in your life. Dedicate your life to the memories for your loved ones who are no longer with you. Live to make them proud. To do so, you must eliminate the negative forces and evils in your life. No good comes of the drugs. Get away from Jacob Roloff. Any of the material aspects of being in a relationship with Jacob is not worth the damage it is inflicting on your soul and on your life. Mark my words, you will never find true happiness with Jacob Roloff in your life. Do not allow him to define your life. Allow to God to define your life. Find the strength to follow the positive influences in your life and detach from the evil and the negative. 

To Destiney and Jacob Mueller,

Stay strong. Do not let the negative and hateful people tear you down. Keep living for Christ as He loves. Teach your children to love and cherish God. Mistakes have been made, yet with God as the center piece, you can accomplish anything and you have already proved many wrong by letting Jesus have control. Let yourself be a positive influence on those around you.

To Jacob Roloff,

I have reached out to you. Others have reached out to you, Yet it is constant disrespect. As it stands now, you have no morals. You have lost all respect from people who count. You are disloyal. Nothing you do creates positive results for the world. Your latest attempt to slander your own family is something that you will have to ask forgiveness for just how shameful it was to tar your own family with that label. There is true darkness and evil in your heart and soul. I can see it. You can not fool me. God has made me wise to you. You have no morals. You have no conscience. You have no boundaries. In spite of that, I will still pray that something will happen that inspire you to see the emptiness of your life and your future and that you will wake up and let Jesus into your life and ask Jesus to fix your soul. All you are doing is bringing darkness and negativity to people; both in your real life (people who have attempted to take their own lives after having been exposed to you) and the damage you do to strangers who are influenced by what you put out to the world on social media. Wake up. Do something productive with your life. That does not mean get high and trash your family on twitter. God is the answer. You must come to that realization. I truly believe your life will be full of nothing but darkness, tragedy, hurt and pain because you are allowing evil and hatred to reign. 

To the many Christian readers and supporters,

Thank you friends, brothers and sisters. I did this for you and for God. Never stop speaking for God and the truth. If you choose to remain, I will still support you. I simply cannot remain a contributor to the success of the blog if I am not given the proper respect and am not allowed a say into how to make the Blog a better tool that will expand the Kingdom of God. Thank you from my heart for all of your support and comments and emails. Never stop speaking for what is right and for God. 

God bless you all.


Anne J. Bailey 


NJC said...

Wow that was by far the funniest most delusional thing I've ever read on here.

To sum up: "I couldn't take control of someone else's property and run it as my own so screw you all I'm out of here!"

Jennifer said...


Is this a joke?

Bobsmom said...


I'm kinda sorry to see you go. Discussions revolving around your posts were always lively.
I sincerely doubt that Spirits objected to you writing after church. It's more likely that Spirit wanted to post something themself and because this is SPIRITS blog they have that right.
I am, however, astounded that you somehow still think that you had the right to take this blog over. If you want to write every week start your own so you can post what you want when you want and ban whomever you want. It deeply disturbs me that you and your followers refuse to accept that other people have differing opinions and have a right to those opinions just as you do.

And lastly. I don't think you understand the real problem with Kim Davis. Although she has every right to object to gay marriage she does not have the right to refuse to do the job she was elected to and expect to continue to be paid. Other clerks have had the same religious conflicts and have done the moral thing and resigned. Kim Davis is breaking the law by refusing to perform her duties and stopping others from performing theirs. As I said I respect her opinion but not her basically stealing from the people who elected her by continuing to accept pay while refusing to perform her duties.

Angela said...

This is awful. We have no way to protest Spiritswander shabby treatment of Anne?

Anne is so right about Isabel and Jacob. I don't think Jacob's life will be very long unless he gets help quick.

ren said...

Let's get this straight Anne, as the Christian that I am, YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME! You are bigot who has no concept of the real world. Your logic skills are weaker than that of a 5 year old child. You are just another bully, an untalented one at that. So glad to see you go. Go sermonize to your church, be with your own kind - everyone will be happier for it.

Melanie said...

So where is Benjamin's brothers story? Why haven't we seen it? Why is it being censored? I want to see it.

Bobsmom said...

How about Anne's shabby treatment of Spirits? Demanding conditions she has no right to?

Rap541 said...

Angela - you could start your own blog....

Rap541 said...

As could Anne.

Bobsmom said...

The story of Benjamin's brother was published as a comment. The brother, who was in emotional distress approached Jeremy hoping for Christian sympathy from someone he admired. The brother committed suicide.
Somehow this morphed into a story where a deranged. gay (something Benjamin NEVER said) man accosted Jeremy in a lobby and Jeremy was right to be cruel to the young man. Anne is pissed because Jeremy is held accountable for is unkind actions to someone in need.

Rap541 said...

I mean it's pretty sad and ridiculous that you all flail about insisting the only answer is for spirit to hand the blog over rather than any Christian stand tall and proud and start their own blog....

Come on now, is it *impossible* for Anne to start her own blog? Really? Or is this Anne's way of saying "I don't want to fight any more because I am losing"?

Because my bet is Anne realized she's not winning here...

Melanie said...

No Bobsmom. Read what Anne wrote. There is something else. I want to read it.

Rap541 said...

Melanie - it wasn't censored at all. Benjamin reported that his brother approached Jeremy in a public setting, a hotel, and told Jeremy how inspiring he thought he was and Jeremy was off put and not pleased to be approached. Some time later Benjamin's brother committed suicide and Benjamin had expressed that he wished Jeremy had been nicer.

Various people here said Jeremy must have been disturbed because Benjamin's brother must have been gay - there was utterly no suggestion of this in any description by Benjamin but it was much discussed and not censored in the slightest. I'm not tracking down posts because you're theoretically internet savvy and I am tired of providing links to things that if you bothered to look back in the blog you would easily find.

However be assured that if you insist I must be lying, I will at some point in the next few days take the five minutes you refuse to take to prove you're a liar simply because its that easy to find.

Rap541 said...

Melanie - if you genuinely believe something has been hidden from you - Anne left her email. Why not ask Anne?

Otherwise the Benjamin's brother comment is easily found here.

Bobsmom said...

No Melaniem that was the condensed version but it hit the important parts. The whole thing was that the Anneites slandered a poor dead kid in a cheap attempt to make Jeremy's behavior seem Christian and human. Something they were unable to do.
I agree Rap tgat Anbe basically took her toys and went home when she didn't get her own way...

Janet said...

I'm sorry to hear about Anne. The blog would be better with Anne at the helm.

I hope Isabel takes Anne's advise to heart.

And I also think Jacob will die of a drug overdose. If he doesn't make some changes.

Rap541 said...

Janet - Under what theory does Anne deserve to have control of the blog?

Spirit created it. Spirit has spent the time on it. Spirit has written hundreds of articles here. Spirit has dealt with a lawsuit and an appeal. Why exactly is Spirit *obligated* to hand over the blog?

Justify it please

Rap541 said...

Also just for the fucking record, I have never gotten a cent for providing articles here or for providing legal advice and legal documents either. I even donated money to the legal fund to help spirit so Anne needs to nut up and explain why she deserves compensation when it was firmly and bluntly explained to her that no one was monetarily compensated.

In other words Anne, you can't bitch about being not being paid for a job that was expressly described as volunteer.

Rap541 said...

NJC - btw you're so right :)

Spirit is under NO obligation to give control of the blog to anyone. Anne can ask and ask and there's no biblical moral reason why Spirit can't say no to handing property to a Christian who asks.

Did Anne offer any financial compensation? Or was she demanding a gift?

Christians who are pissed off - Angela in particular since you're loud and proud - should Anne have offered compensation or is it your rights as Christians to demand the intellectual property of non Christians?

Seems like the last group who played that card were NAZIS.

So come on now loud and proud Christians - explain why Spirit had to do all the work and hand it over for free to Anne?

I want some of you cowards to speak out on why Anne deserves a free gift from Spirit because she is a Christian and Spirit is theoretically not. Explain why Anne deserves it - some of you have openly acknowleged that its easier for Anne to take over this blog than start her own. Did Anne offer financial compensation for the blog? Or did she demand it for free because she's a Christian and she wants Christian Sharia law and non Christians aren't allowed property?

Come on Christians - please insist non Christians have no rights to their property and must turn over things they create to any Christian who demands it.

M said...

Wow that's just insanity!

Rally said...

I for one am glad that Anne will no longer be contributing to the blog.

LPBW has never been about religion and never will be. If you wanna watch shows about religion go watch reruns of the Duggars / Bates.

Also, i think that both Spirits and Rap have been very kind to Anne. They have let her voice her opinions and have always responded respectfully to them.

Ecossais said...

I have only one thing to say about this new tirade.

Is there no limit to this woman's arrogance?

Good riddance.

Ecossais said...

Anne's comments just reflect how a simple mind can be overtaken and destroyed by over zealous Christian beliefs. This has been the trouble with religious zealots throughout history.

Does this lunatic not realize that Rap has been doing reviews of episodes since long before Spirits allowed her to impose her ignorant self on the scene?

Stop It, Please said...

I don’t think I have ever read anything as pompous and delusional as this Anne article. Where does she get the gall to assume she has the right to control someone else’s blog, a blog to which, by the way she was granted free and unedited (and I would add, unwarranted) license to spew her bigotry? Apparently that wasn’t enough to satisfy her ego.

Unfortunately this is typical of a certain streak of Christian bigotry and zealotry in this country that is, at root, no different than ISIS, existing to savage and to destroy anything and everyone not conforming to their narrow views.

She and her ilk are also completely ignorant of the US Constitution which, contrary to her likely belief, was not created by God. In fact, Article VI clearly states that there can be no religious test for any public office or trust. And while the first amendment guarantees an individual the right to freely believe whatever they will, it does not convey to any individual the right to use those beliefs as a club to be wielded against any other individual who does not so believe.

This is the fallacy of the Kim Davis worshippers who think that their individual beliefs not only trump the law, but are the law. The US is not a theocracy. What these types want is the Christian equivalent of Sharia law. If you like that, you should love Iran.

And while there is no law and no governmental act or action that prohibits Kim Davis or Anne or the rest of these people their right to believe as they wish, however wrong-headed, anytime anyone in any way disagrees with their specific views, they go crazy and claim persecution – this in a country that self identifies (to the tune of about 70% of the population) as Christian and in which you can find Christian churches in every town and in some cases on every street corner.

Maybe now this blog can get back to its roots, providing a forum for rational discussion of a particular TV reality show.

Alex said...

Wow, what a nutjob. I'm glad Anne's writings will no longer be found on this blog. Good riddance!

Bobsmom said...

I read this again very carefully.
It reminds me very much of two kids I was watching the other day. When one of them refused to do exactly as the first one said, the first one picked up his toys and went home. That's exactly what Anne just did. She wanted everything her own way and when she didn't get it she decamped.
What is really sad is that she keeps trying to hide behind religious freedom in order to get her own way. But at the same time she is perfectly willing to stomp all over other people's rights. I find it scary that she claims God talks to her, that usually only happens to mentally ill people.

Anonymous said...

And Rally, just for the christians who maintain TLC is still a christian-based network (they do and have on this blog), I wonder if the new shows reinforce this. Like:
"The Man Born With no Penis"
"The Man With the 80 Pound Groin"
Good, solid christian values upheld.

Team Jacob, Say No to Anne said...

Good riddance Anne.
Anne is delusional and has no right to take over this website. If Anne wants control why doesn't she start her own website.
Anne, it's not Christian like to talk about Jacob the way you do. What happened to love thy neighbor. You want everyone to agree with you and that is not how life works.
Ann Davis is a joke. If she doesn't believe in gay marriage then she should quit her job it is just like a vegan or PETA person shouldn't take a job of handing out hunting license because they are against hunting.
The TV show is not about religion it's about a family who make things up to make a TV show. They don't talk preach in the show.
Get over yourself Anne. Do you want some crackers with your wine?

Paula said...

Anne is a brave warrior for Jesus and Christians values. Anne told it like it was and didn't sugarcoat it. She presented Christian values and the Christian point of view. Anne wrote what all good Christians were thinking.

Anne wrote the cold hard truth. Said the things that needed to be said. It is a shame there are those that choose to defend Jacob merely because they share his hatred of Christianity.

I thank Anne and pray that those who didn't give Anne the respect she deserved will apologize and ask for her forgiveness.

Barb said...

The people Anne referenced would be wise to heed Anne's advice. She knows what she talks about.

The blog was idle without Anne. She gave it life, hope, direction. Anne deserved to have control. I don't care who started it, Anne was the driving the force behind the blog and Anne should have been handed the wheel.

Ashley said...

Ohhhh. Breaking news. Jacob now is attacking Atheism!

"Atheism is arguably the dumbest (with Scientology in close second) religion there is. & yes, it IS a religion."

Jacob seems like he fell in line with the Roloff facade. The Roloffs must have paid up well after his blackmail tactic, LOL!

Ashley said...

...and Jeremy favorited Jacob's tweet about Atheism being the dumbest religion!

What's next? Will Jacob thank Jesus for the nice weather?

J45 said...

Wouldn't surprise me if the Roloffs paid Jake off for his "Atheism is dumb" tweet. But it doesn't contradict what he's said before, to my knowledge.

Contrary to what Christians and non-Christians alike claim, Jake isn't an atheist. I'm pretty sure he's said he's a deist?

If Jake is indeed a deist, he believes in some concept of God (not the standard Christian concept, but "God" nonetheless) and some sort of creator. Jake's still affected by his Christian upbringing, whether he likes it or not.

Comparing Atheism to Scientology and calling Atheism a "religion"... Well atheism is a *belief*, technically speaking, but calling it a "religion" is plain incorrect. And Scientology.... Yeah, I wouldn't call that a religion either.

Ecossais said...

Paula and Barb.
You two are as crazy and god blinded as Anne.
Pray as much as you like that I respect Anne and apologize. I have no intention of respecting, or apologizing to, that egotistic lunatic.

Brandon said...

J45, yeah it's true Jacob has said he's not an atheist before, but I gotta say that I am surprised to see him tweet something that shows hostility towards atheism. The fact that Jeremy "liked" it is telling. Is Jacob towing the family now that he seemingly has his share of the pie? Is he seeking family approval after he shamed them?

You don't have to be an Atheist, but calling it the dumbest religion seems king of extreme.

Some people believe in the Bible and some people don't believe in a God. I don't find that to be so incredibly dumb.

Jon said...

Is Anne for real?

News flash: It's pretty easy to create a blog. Why not do that instead of trying to take over someone else's blog?

Set Abominae said...

I for one am not sorry to see you go, self righteous arrogant morons like you make me physically ill.

Gail said...

Anne has class and morals. She should have been respected and promoted. Jacob is trash.

Peter said...

It is pretty hilarious that Jacob has decided to buddy up to the fam by making idiotic statements about Atheism.

MS said...

Good to see the arrogant nutcase depart. Knowing Anne and her ego, she's reading these comments hoping her mindless followers beg her to return. Gail, Anne is a self-centered, delusional bigot who tries to control people. Really, she's nothing more than a wannabe-bully who didn't get her way, so she stomped off. What is there to respect?

Jason said...

The way Jacob and Isabel play victim is pathetic. Jacob makes an isulting and factually incorrect statement that Atheism is the dumbest "religion" and then Isabel rushes in to say Jacob is the victim just because he has a different belief than someone.

No babe, it's because he's an insulting obnoxious asshole to everyone he doesn't agree with.

Wendy said...

Jacob is the true bully. It's amusing to see the atheists now realize how disrespectful Jacob is now that he's treating them the same way he treated Christians in the past. He has a lack of respect for everyone and everything.

Anne always had the courage to stand up to Jacob. I for one will always do what I can to stand against Jacob.

Timothy said...

Honestly Jacob is a brat. Look at his most recent day of tweets. He calls Atheism the dumbest religion because he's not an atheist?

People are very reasonable in their comments. The celebrity effect where they are more patient with him than they'd be with a random person. Some ask him why he thinks that? Others ask if he's agnostic?

Then Isabel claims poor Jacob is being attacked and Jacob gripes that he's pissed off that people don't know his beliefs.

Well idiot, why don't you behave like an adult for once and answer a question and explain your pronouncements.?

Suzy said...


It's quite easy to start your own blog. It's right next to the "Sign In" link at the top of Spritswander's page. Better yet, if you can't bear to reach that page again, go straight to Easy peasy. Please, make your own blog. I'll be happy to not read your self-centered, so called "Christian" rantings here again.

No one ever has "the right" to take over someone else's blog merely because they don't like the perfectly legal content. Don't like it? Click somewhere else. And please, update your original post with your new blog URL, so I and others will know what to avoid :)

Bobsmom said...

I think I figured out why Anne was so insistent on taking over this blog. It's always seemed odd she didn't just start a place where she wouldn't have had all the "disrespect".
For years Matt has wanted Spirits shut down. Anne seems to have a little crush on Matt. Perhaps destroying a great, honest (until Anne came along) blog was her way of currying favor....

Rap541 said...

I am still not seeing one Christian loudly and proudly explain the biblical reasoning as to why Spirit has to hand over the blog to Anne.

Come on, Christians! You're insisting Spirit is morally wrong to keep her own intellectual property. Please explain why Anne as a Christian has the God blessed right to say "I'm a Christian so give me your blog and if you don't you're an amoral person".

Come on Christians! If you're right, if Jesus SAYS you have the right to take what you want from non Christians, you must be able to prove it, right?

Angela? Here's your chance to stand up and defend Anne. You Christians don't want to make your own blog because it's too much work but you fuss and muss and cry and moan like babies because "Gimme! Imma Christian!" is not working. How about it, Angela?

And this is all before I point out that Anne was called by God to speak oout and it got hard so Anne quit. Kim Davis went to jail for her beliefs... Anne whined and quit for Jesus. I'll have more to say later but for now... If I am the devil, or whatever then please note that Anne saw the devil and quit.

*btw I'm probably not the devil :) Which makes Anne's flight all the more hilarious.

Mike said...

I am glad Anne has taken the blue pill. Good riddance.

Jon said...

Anne is standing up to Jacob? He's a teen. No offense to Jacob, but he's a guy who grew up on a reality TV show and felt like he lost a lot because of that. So he's rejected that while kind of not. Once again, he's a teen. His brain isn't fully developed yet.

Why are people trying to pick fights with some kid from a TV show?

And frankly, if you're standing up to him using the type of language that I've seen in this thread and elsewhere on this blog then you're completely failed with your proselytizing!


Suds said...

Indeed Jon!

UtahRugbyGuy said...

Anne, you are clearly a Jesus freak and think every person in the world can't survive without Magic Jesus in their lives. Jacob is clearly a thoughtful and caring kid and your opinions about him are meaningless. God will not judge him because God is not real. If he feels like that show affected his life in a negative way, that's for him only. No person in the world can tell him to feel differently. The same way people can choose who they date, but they have no choice over who they fall in love with. If he feels like the show impacted his life in a negative way, then it did and others should not discount his feelings, rather they should ask him what can be done from this point to help him get past the negative impacts created. If he hasn't received his trust fund yet, he needs to get it so he can start his life and live it how he sees fit. Hopefully it won't be in a destructive way. But if you think huffin' a bit of weed on occasion is being destructive, then you're just nuts. I have friends who smoked weed while pursuing their doctorate degrees and they are all now totally fine and excellent human beings. To attack that poor girlfriend of his for supporting his views, you are simply trash for doing that. You do not have the right to put your judgment on ANY person or to tell them they need some mystical spirit in their lives. Why not tell them they need Bigfoot in their lives? It's the same thing. You need to apologize to Jacob and his girlfriend, both, for telling them they need Magic Spirit in their lives. Religion is actually one of the biggest evils this world has ever created. So much judgment and so much hate and so much evil has come from when one person or group of people hates another for not living the way they want them to. "I will force you to live the way I live and believe what I believe ...or I will kill you". You think that's the right approach? You moron.

MS said...

"Anne always had the courage to stand up to Jacob. I for one will always do what I can to stand against Jacob."

Let's be clear here. Anne doesn't really care about Jacob's drug usage, anti-police tweets, general behavior, etc. She cares about one thing -- Jacob's comments about Christianity (call it mocking if it makes you feel better). I realize she's written about all of the above, but that's because she's attacking Jacob's character and trying to portray him as some "evil" person to discredit him. I'm guessing she makes a habit of using these tactics in her campaign against people on "The List" that she has referenced in the past.

If you believe Jacob is evil, so be it. I don't care. The point of this post is not to defend Jacob's behavior but rather to ask what exactly you're standing up for? Essentially, Anne doesn't believe Jacob has the right to post his anti-Christian views (again, call it mocking if you want) and thus attempted to silence him. She tries to control people just like any other bully. Look at a secondary example -- she tried to wrest control of this blog from Spirits using some really warped, illogical reasoning (she's quite the spin-master) and was called out on it by many posters. So, where are we now? Jacob still posts his views on religion (see recent tweets). The blog is still Spirits'. Anne failed on both accounts and has now stomped off. But instead of silently slinking off, Anne felt the need to "grace" us with one more crazed post, playing the victim card, trying to elicit sympathy. That really hasn't gone her way either.

mittsigirl said...

Like Jon says, Jacob is still a TEEN, whose frontal lobe of his brain is not finished 'growing' until the age of 25 or so! When my 3 girls were teens, they all made mistakes in judgments and decisions, that is why I told them they should not even consider marriage until they turned 25 years old, and not any sooner. That part of their brains were not ready to use until that age. Why is it different for poor Jacob? Why can't you, Anne, give the kid a break?
You are so judgmental as a Christian, it is hard to believe you really are one! You make me ashamed to call myself a Christian, if that is what you call yourself. You sure don't speak or act like Jesus wants us to speak and act. I just shake my head at the way you speak. And the way you knock down Jacob, yet put Jeremy & Audrey on a pedestal. Maybe every awful time you ran Jacob down in to the dirt, he read your hateful words, then decided to act the way you say he acts. Why not be what you label him as. It sure gets a rise out of you, doesn't it?!
When I first found this blog this past summer, while watching Zach & Tori preparing their Wedding, when I read what you wrote about the episodes, I thought that it was you who owned this blog, and was surprised to find out that you were not!
And before you try to put Kim Davis on the same pedestal as your other other favorite/do everything right Christian Idols, perhaps you should read the following:

Sorry if I am not supposed to copy & paste on this blog, this will be my first & last time.

mittsigirl said...

I lost my post,screwed up again!
When I first found this blog, it was when Tori & Zachary were planning their wedding, and it was disappointing to read the long, negative, judgmental posts by you, Anne. I thought that for someone to speak so poorly about people, that no way could you be a Christian, and wondered why you had a blog like this. Imagine my surprise when I found out this WAS NOT YOUR
BLOG! But you sure acted like it was. Anyone who is smart, knows that Jacob is still a teenager, and a teenager's frontal lobe,(the part that makes good decisions and the right mature choices), is not finished developing until the age of 25 or so. How can you punish this kid the way you do, with your terrible and negative words? He is just 18, not 28!!
Do you ever wonder if after Jacob reads your awful, evil comments about him, that perhaps those words cause him to act even worse than ever? I mean if you call him something negative, then he will want to give you negative back, if just to get a rise out of you?!
And boy, does he ever get a rise out of you! After reading what you post as a 'Christian',
it makes me ashamed to call myself a Christian. You are so backwards it's not even funny.
Did Jesus speak the way you speak to people who were not Christians, nor believers? Did you ever think that perhaps if you stayed on the right Christian path with your comments, that maybe it may have made a non-believer want to learn more? This is why people are so fed up with Christians, you speak one way in front of Christians, then the exact opposite when you post your comments here. Did God speak to you, and tell you that you had better be harsh & judgmental with your comments, especially comments about Jacob? Look back at the 10 Commandments before you shoot people down and then see if you are 'allowed' to judge them.

mittsigirl said...

I consider myself a Christian, but my beliefs are the opposite of Anne's, she sure does not represent me! I think she is horrible, so judgmental, using Jeremy and his wife as her very own Idols. I will certainly not miss her posts.

Angela said...

Rap541, no matter how well written a blog is, particularly when it is about an obscure topic like the Roloffs, it takes years to be noticed by search engines and that's how people hear about it to read it.

Spiritswander is alreayd here. The readers are here. Anne put her blood and guts into her articles. She took the arrows of criticism. She took on Jacob and brought down his account. Who cares if Spiritswander started it 8 years ago? Anne breathed new life into it and gave it direction and a Holy voice.

Anne could have taken Spiritswander Blog to new heights. She deserved to have control.

Connor said...

Jon, why are you sucking up to Jacob? Picking fights with Jacob? Have you read any of his social media posts? He's an arrogant ass every day. Stop making him into a victim.

Connor said...

"Jacob is clearly a thoughtful and caring kid and your opinions about him are meaningless. God will not judge him because God is not real"

Well, UtahRugbyGuy, Jacob just said you believe in the dumbest religion in the world. Thoughts on how thoughtful and caring Jacob is now? You'll probably suck up to him so bad that you'll say "Yeah Jacob is right, I'm an idiot to say God is not real. Thanks Jacob! Down with the Atheists, right Jacob?!

Get a spine.

Connor said...

Jacob is now saying he's a "writer". What a moron. What's he writing about? How everyone reading is a moron and he's the only smart one in the world. Should be wonderful. I bet Isabel tells him he's the best writer ever because she is "yes man" as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, Audrey calls herself a writer and all she writes about is how she loves her rompers and her diaper bag....

Bobsmom said...

Still all you are doing is demanding that Anne be given a free ride. What makes you think Spirits doesn't do exactly what you are claiming Anne did? Is Anne too lazy to create her own blog? Anne already has a core readership here (I'm sure you and others would follow her) that we'd all be happy to see her take.

I'm sorry but your posts sound exactly like you claim Jacob does. Is the reason you are so jealous that you two are so alike? He's as much a writer as you are..

Rap541 said...

Rap541, no matter how well written a blog is, particularly when it is about an obscure topic like the Roloffs, it takes years to be noticed by search engines and that's how people hear about it to read it.

Yes I completely agree that Spirit, not Anne, put a great deal of time and effort into developing this blog. You want spirit to give up eight years of work to someone who isn't offering any compensation and is in fact insulting Spirit by publically complaining that Spirit won't give her a gift she has demanded.

Point, Angela. Anne has written what, ten articles? The blog has 779 articles archived.

Spiritswander is alreayd here. The readers are here.

Yes, and they're here because of Spirit. If Spirit hadn't done the work, you would be without a blog since you and Anne and all the other Christians won't start your own. Now that Spirit has done the work, you are complaining that Spirit won't let you have the work. Angela, why does Spirit have to give up her work?

Why are none of you willing to do your own work?

Who cares if Spiritswander started it 8 years ago?

You obviously don't care and that's why you're a selfish child just like Anne. Seriously, your arguememnt is literally "Spirit already did the work and we don't want to be bothered to even try so we're going to complain and whine how unfair it is that Anne isn't getting a present from someone she openly derides in public."

Really Angela - after Anne's little "I hate Spirit" rant, I suspect Spirit would give the blog to Jacob before Anne. And rightly, all Anne has done is complain and disrespect Spirit. So have you, with your little "well, who cares about all the work Spirit did?" - Do you understand how patently ungrateful and nasty you sound? You don't care about all the work Spirit put in, and at the same time you're holding out your grabby little hands crying "Its not fair, I want it and you have to give it because I say so!"

MS said...

"Rap541, no matter how well written a blog is, particularly when it is about an obscure topic like the Roloffs, it takes years to be noticed by search engines and that's how people hear about it to read it."

I don't think it takes years, but quite frankly, that's Anne's problem.

"Spiritswander is alreayd here. The readers are here. Anne put her blood and guts into her articles. She took the arrows of criticism. She took on Jacob and brought down his account. Who cares if Spiritswander started it 8 years ago? Anne breathed new life into it and gave it direction and a Holy voice. Anne could have taken Spiritswander Blog to new heights. She deserved to have control."

Angela, I plan to do some work on your house. Repairs. Paint. New furniture. I'll give it "new life". I'll put "blood and guts" into my work. Oh, by the way, when I'm done, I want the house. Any problem with that?

Debbie said...

Rap, you're ignoring that the readership is now Christian. Anne represents the readers. Anne deserves the blog and you should be banned. Anne had every right to be angry that you were allowed to insult her on her own column.

Jim said...

@Connor You're the smartest person on this blog.

"I'm starting to write more, in a very rough draft-y and ever evolving way*, but people love to have the perfect finished product. Patience.

Is ego is exploding. Telling people to have patience? Like people are waiting for his "final finished product"

Bobsmom said...

What alternate reality do you live in? This is NOT a Christian readership exclusively as you seem to suggest. As I said above if Anne would get off her lazy bum and start her own blog you guys could be as nasty a group as you really want to be. PLEASE follow Anne somewhere else.
I don't agree with banning Rap but there are others I'd love to see go (can you guess one?)

Rap541 said...

Actually the readership has clearly demonstrated that it is not "Christian" in the sense you mean.

Take a look - most of the comments here aren't "Oh noes! Don't go".

And Debbie - you can now stand tall and loud as a Christian and explain why Spirit is required per your Christian Sharia law to hand over the blog? As a gift?

Debbie - why isn't it rude of ANne to complain that she asked for a gift and was told no? I thought manners were Christian.... in your home, are people allowed to say "I want a gift and if you don't give it, you're wrong"?

Is that Christian?

If Anne represents the readers, Debbie, then Anne should start her own blog because if you're right, it would obviously be popular and successful. IF the readership here is now Christian....

That is what you are saying right? So why is it even necessary for Anne to take control of this blog? You are telling me as a follower of Christ that the readers are behind Anne. Prove it.

Have Anne start a blog.

But if you continue to whine how no no no you want this blog, then I will merely assume you know deep down the readers aren't going to follow.

In fairness Debbie - yopu've insulted me in my columns. DO I have the right to demand you be banned? Or is this a "Christians get to be insulting as all hell but Anne is a precious Christian and must only hear "you go girl!"?

mittsigirl said...

Lets all give Anne applause, because she TOOK DOWN a teen-age boy! Yeah, Anne!!

MS said...

"Rap, you're ignoring that the readership is now Christian. Anne represents the readers. Anne deserves the blog and you should be banned. Anne had every right to be angry that you were allowed to insult her on her own column."

Debbie, the readership is Christian? Is that opinion or do you have data to support this claim? And what about the Christians who don't support Anne? See mittsigirl above. I know she's not alone. A number of other Christians have posted similar disgust with Anne's articles. How does that factor into your warped logic?

Also, show me where Spirits said the blog is available for new ownership. If you can't, there's really no discussion to be had. Why is that so hard to grasp?

Jon said...

Angela: It's pretty easy to create a blog. It might take time for Anne to create a blog that has the membership size that she's seeking, but so what? It takes work. Why seize someone else's brand instead of creating your own blog?

I've been blogging for years. When I post about specific episodes of Bar Rescue or Ghost Adventures or other reality TV shows -- especially when it's tied into a specific well-known episode -- my numbers really take off. I usually know when Bar Rescue is re-airing the "O-Face Bar" episode from last year because those are really high-visitor days.

My point is, it's possible that a new Roloff blog would actually do well earlier than other blogs.

NJC said...

And Debbie you're ignoring reality. Who exactly did Anne bring to this site that wasn't already here? And why should anyone care?

Your brand of Christian has been on this site from the beginning. Nothing's new. Search out the "12yo Jacob is Satan's spawn because his pants sagged too low" discussion as an example. The crazy did not arrive with Anne and her handful of posts and it won't go when she leaves.

Anne portrayed herself as some kind of warrior for Jesus but ran at the first hint of discomfort. She never even had the integrity to engage with people in the comment section. She had to be special. Had to be allowed to make her pronouncements from on high and without question. That's not how life works. She couldn't hack it and she's gone. No great loss she wasn't the first and she won't be the last.

Rap541 said...

I'm still waiting to hear one of these Christians - Anne, Debbie, Angela - explain why Anne is being a polite decent Christian by azsking for a gift and publically complaining when she is not given said gift that its unfair.

Come on Christians, you need to defend your rude, childish behavior. Why does Spirit have to be *shit on* by you and *hated by you* - and make no bones about it, you are publically shitting on Spirit and hating for the love of Jesus at Spirit because... Spirit won't hand over control of the blog to who you want without any form of compensation other than a "Spirit you suck so give it up".

This constant, childish, greedy "We don't WANT to have to work for years to get readership, we just want the person who already did the work to give it to us as we all talk shit about what a shitty job she did. We're Christians so there's no reason to express any gratitiude, we want what we want and anyone who doesn't agree to our demands is evil evil evil" is well past embarrassing and borders on harassment of Spirit.

Don't like how Spirit runs the blog? Leave. Don't like that Anne feels put out? Start your own blog and be Anne's blogger.

But what you will do? Whine how you want something and aren't getting it.

Here's the thought. Have Anne lead a prayer circle... oh wait, that certainly doesn't work either

Douglas Fir-tree said...

I stumbled across this woman when I found this blog last month and I asked the question is she a parody , because she's just the funniest thing I've ever read but it has straight up dawned on me that in the world of Trump and the very notion of him being elected to public office this is straighter real.This is a terrifying and hilarious at the same time this woman is straight up delusional.

Lark said...

This is the funniest sh*t I've read in a long time.

Ecossais said...

Angela you are out of your tiny god besotted mind.

You admit Spirits has 8 years of work in this blog so why on this earth would you think for one misguided moment that she should give it to that mentally challenged lunatic.
I have been reading this blog for years and Anne is a totally unimportant newcomer. Rap has contributed FAR MORE to this blog with factual, accurate episode reviews, not Anne's god slanted rubbish.
Let Anne and God (he will help her if he wants her to do it)start a blog and take her own blog to new heights!

I like Spirits' blog the way it is.

Shelby said...

Anne is a great person and mentor who has helped me personally. She is a great Christian counsellor that we could always count on to give the Christian view point. It was always nice to come to the blog knowing Anne would present the Christian point of view. There was a sense of goodness.

Anne gave generously of her time writing back to me in email encouraging me after Spiritswander allowed rude commenters to call me vulgar names.

Anne was the true star of the blog and Anne deserved respect and control.

Anne wasn't afraid to call Jacob out every time he did something stupid or hurtful.

Rap541 said...

I'll ignore the respect issue and just say this, Shelby.

If Anne wants control, Anne needs to run her own blog. Spirit is under no obligation to cede control to Anne simply because you and Anne want it. If Anne is this popular, then she should have no problem setting up and maintaining a popular blog.

But at the end of the day, Anne, you, and various other complainers here, still proceed to come to this blog because none of you will start your own, and then have the unmitigated gall to complain that Spirit is doing a bad job. Don't like it? Do it better. But if you refuse to do it better, then that's all on you and I will continue to rub your rude little noses in how damn rude it is for you and Anne to demand Spirit hand over the blog as a gift. Whiny little rude children... you all need some time in Sunday school.

k Has c said...

Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaa.......!!! Happy Dance ...Anne is done~~~~~~!!!

Ecossais said...

Ann, the late great hate monger. Attack Jacob, a teenager. How proud she must be. Let's face it, aren't we all idiots when we're 18 yrs. old? Jacobs life is complicated. He see's his 2 elder brothers making it just fine without procuring employment. His dad, the same. They are his models. His eyes show him this is what he should ascribe to in life, & career. We, the viewing audience can clearly see his life models: dad & 2 brothers who are shiftless. Why the surprise or shock when Jacob follows in their footsteps? And BOBSMOM, FUNNY! "What is it with these Christians that they r always mooching for money." Good one!

Anonymous said...

She sounds crazy when she says that she made a "generous offer to take full control of the blog". That's like a thief saying that they made a generous offer to rob someone's store.

Ecossais said...

Anonymous - she sounds crazy because she obviously is crazy.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, Anon, frankly I am still waiting for a Christian to explain to me why Spirit is a bad person for not accepting the generous offer of giving up all of the work to Anne.

I mean, Angela - if I ask you for your house, and you don't give it to me, you're a bad person, right?

Shelby? You've made it clear you don't give a shit how much work Spirit put into the blog.... so hand over your bank account. I'm generously offering to take full control of your money and if you say no, you're a shitty person.

Debbie? Same to you. You are calling Spirit wrong to not simply hand over the blog. I'm generously offering to take control of your hard earned assets. I trust that if you say no, you do understand you're a bad person, right?

Because I have generously offered to take full control and even if you have no interest in giving up your things, if you say no, you're wrong.

That's how you're treating Spirit, and I want you all to justify beyond "we want it" as to why Anne is a good person for demanding something and bitching when she didn't get it. The blog was never up for sale or up for new ownership so she can generously offer all she wants... she's the one being rude when she insists "I demanded a gift and didn't get it so I am the victim! In jesus's name hate Spirit for continuing to provide the blog because *I* wanted it and Spirit wouldn't give it!"

Ecossais said...

Now with Anne gone and the bible thumpers hopefully fading away maybe this blog can get back to LPBW and the Roloffs.

With that in mind does anybody know when TLC is going to run some more episodes?
I am sure Matt is working on getting TLC to do something to make him more money because there is no way that small farm, which seems to be mainly a playground, can support all of them without comps and TLC money.

It has been said that they filmed the pumpkin season and I am sure Matt managed to dramatize that with some manufactured crises. Maybe the hayride tractor can breakdown so that "Jeremy the engineering genius" can magically fix it instantly just like the time it wouldn't start in the parade with the Roloff pumpkin float?

Kathy said...

Oh cry me a freaking river.

Kathy said...

Why doesn't Anne start her own blog site and stop trying to steal someone else's site?

Kathy said...

I really enjoy Rap's articles.

Rap541 said...

Thank you Kathy.

Ecossais said...

I am with you Kathy. I appreciate all the time Rap must have spent doing all these excellent episode reviews before that lunatic Anne and her equally demented godsmacked followers tried to take over. Thank you Rap.
I also thank Spirits for allowing such diverse opinions and for not letting Anne take over.

If even the much maligned Jacob can start a blog then why doesn't Anne do the same?

Rap541 said...

Ha, that is a totally fair point ecossaise. Why in the name of God is Jacob able to start a blog while Anne is not?

And thank you, Ecossais, for your kind remarks

Ecossais said...

Just a passing thought -
Anne and the Anneites claimed to, at god's direction and with his help, have silenced Jacob and here we are now with Jacob having a blog and Anne gone. Karma?

Rap541 said...

All I know Ecossais is that I find it utterly amusing that Anne's complete failure to silence the kid is lauded as "Anne's Victory with Christ over Evil".

However dull I find his blog on spirituality... hmm, he's blogging and not "silenced by Anne".


Anonymous said...

Self righteous hateful people like Bailey have behaviour not unlike that of the un-god-like intolerance of Nazis. Their spiritual sickness will eventually manifest it's self into physical sickness of the body.

Anonymous said...

you fucking weirdo. Jesus fucking christ you're a god damn nutcase.