Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Little People, Big World Episode Sept 8th On TLC - The Hamills ('Our Little Family') Visit The Roloffs: Jacob Roloff Comments On The Filming of Jack Hamill

A new episode of 'Little People, Big World' aired on Tuesday September 8th, 2015 on TLC.

It featured the Hamill family of TLC's show 'Our Little Family' visiting Roloff Farms.

This episode was light hearted and mostly featured the Hamill's children being filmed visiting the Western Town, the castle and tunnels. There were also plenty of farm animals.

There were frequent comments from various Roloffs that the Farm is begging for little kids to be roaming around and more talk of grandchildren on the farm soon.

However, as with most things Roloff related recently, the controversial topic people want to discuss is something that was never seen on the episode or hinted at.

As suggested by readers, we will post and summarize what Jacob Roloff had to say at the time (and more recently in comments with fans) about the filming experience and more specifically his feelings on Jack Hamill, the oldest of the Hamill children. He is 6 years old which is the same age Jacob was when the Roloffs first began filming.

On August 2nd, 2015, Jacob posted this photo with the following words from Jacob

Jacob Roloff:

"This is Jack. I've never felt I had more of an opportunity to influence someone's life than when I told him how much I didn't like filming when I was his age, so he knows just because the adults say it's what's best, doesn't mean it's what's best. Then after, I asked him how he felt about it and after a pause he said, "I like it medium", meaning not at all, which is exactly what I would've said at 7. Seeing him for the few days that I did and hanging out with him for the short time that I did was a crazy reflective experience, seeing what it looked like (more or less) to be a 7 year old thrown into different situations for your parents' ratings. He doesn't know that yet though. He's more of a central focus character in his family's show than I ever was, too, so there's more 'depending' on him; I can't imagine. Im hoping I get to see him again and how he turns out, and that what I said sticks with him."

Jacob's girlfriend, Isabel, who was present for this filming,  commented on Jacob's instagram photo.


"I've never seen a little kid look up to someone so much and the fact that he was seeking you out in every crowd and hanging on your every word is enough evidence for me to confirm my theory that you have the biggest heart in the world. Being misunderstood all your life and you've never let it hinder your ability to keep moving forward, keep trying to inspire people to sleep outside the box and to question everything. I've learned so much from you and I have no doubt in my mind Jack will remember what you said to him for the rest of his life"

The majority of comments were praising Jacob for being honest and thoughtful towards Jack.

Jacob's cousin, Rachel Burton, (the daughter of Matt's sister Ruth) commented to Jacob:

"You are an incredible young man, cousin."

Amy Roloff even commented to Jacob on Instagram on August 3rd (this was before Jacob tweeted that he has been "fucked out of money" from the show):

"You're an awesome son Jacob. You, like your brothers and sister, keep blessing me everyday. I'm sorry it was so tough on you."

However, some were more critical of Jacob's comment and Jacob responded to those comments. Here are some of the comments and the exchanges between Jacob and viewers of his Instagram.

Tnhills: There are some things that, out of respect for your parents and the decisions they made for the family when you were younger, probably should remain unsaid on social media. When you have children and understand what it means to provide for them, then maybe you can speak. Speak to your parents privately about this--- speak to Jack if you MUST (also privately)... But honestly, talking about your being "thrown into different situations for your parents' ratings", is just tacky. Despite the mistakes they may have made in parenting, they ARE your parents, and you can honor them by forgiving what you perceive as a mistake... And not blabbing it on Instagram. I promise you'll regret these statements when you grow up a bit.

jacobroloff45: @tnhills I'm not concerned with what you think is tacky or overstepping in this post. And I'm not taking suggestions about how to handle myself from tnhills on Instagram, sorry 

Angelsfan82: Middle child syndrome

 jacobroloff45: @Angelsfan82 I'm actually the last child. 

 AmyK0410: While I entirely support your right to express your feelings and opinions on your own experience, I don't think it's fair to say that this little boy doesn't like being filmed or imply that his parents are exploiting him. As a mother, I can tell you that it would severely anger me if someone implied such a thing about me. I think it's great that you and he had a good time together but you've crossed a line to say that what he's going through is the same as your experience. 

 jacobroloff45: So he knows filming will alter his whole life? I was 6 or 7 when filming started and he's 7 now and I'm not sure how long before now they've been filming, but those situations seem pretty similar, no? Both boys, both 7, both being filmed, both VISIBLY not liking it. I'm not saying they're identical, primarily because I don't have dwarfism and he's the oldest child, not the youngest, so he's actually got MORE focus and pressure on him. I think I trust my opinion on this more than anyone else's, @amyk0410 

 AmyK0410: My point (that you seem to have missed) is that you implied that his parents are putting him on TV for their own satisfaction..."ratings" is what you used which I assume means money, fame, etc. You don't know the reasons they chose to do the show. If it is, in fact, for money, you don't know what kind of circumstances they've been in that led them to choosing this. 

 jacobroloff45: @amyk0410 What do you mean? It IS money, maybe not maliciously, which I never meant to imply, but people don't go on TV for free. It is so they and their kids can have 'good' lives, full of fun trips and easy 'work'; but what I'm saying is money and fame and trips and a 'good life' are being traded for authenticity, genuine family time, and shaping the life of a young kid and, more often than not, in a bad way. IM saying, childhood stardom needs to be thought out waaaay more, and there needs to be some sort of system in place to protect the minors from being screwed over by whatever TV network, or their parents, out of money they are entitled to for appearing on TV.

lashurn96: Sounds like you're putting words in this kids mouth. If he says he likes it medium that doesn't mean not at all. Just because you're not happy doesn't mean he won't be happy. 

 jacobroloff45: I saw the way he was even when the cameras were on him, not in private, and I can't believe more people don't see it. The producer just asks him to do things and say things, and provokes other people to ask him things, but he knows the questions are fake so his answers were usually short or nonexistent. I could see his disinterest in the show within 10 minutes. And then when it was just us he asked me when I started filming and if I liked it, and after i made it extremely known I didn't like it at all, I asked him if he did, and he shook his head and I asked why and he changed his answer and said I like it medium, maybe thinking I would tell someone, but with certain inflections in his voice that gave me every reason to suspect what I've said. I know it's probably an unpleasant truth for everyone involved, but that kid will likely not end up loving the show or the people making him do it.


Gail said...

If you've known what they've said on social media this episode really reflected badly on Isabel. Like Jeremy said on the show, you could tell Jack looked up to Zach. But Isabel went on Instagram posting to Jacob that Jack worshipped Jacob. It was obvious it was Zach. But Isabel will lie or say whatever to suck up to Jacob. She's like a Kim Jong un supporter...

MS said...

Gail, you've drawn this conclusion based on one hour (minus commercial time) of edited footage from a largely scripted TV show? Despite not knowing what interactions Jack may have had with other Roloffs when the cameras weren't rolling, you feel confident calling Isabel a liar even though she was there and you weren't? Good stuff.

Adam said...

Sad knowing what an amazing time the Hamills had, then Jacob swoops in at the end like a black cloud of negativity telling Jack filming is bad and his parents are wrong, then posting their son Jack's picture on Instagram for his own little diatribe. Can't imagine they'd be thrilled at Jacob using their son like that, especially when it's clear he has a personal vendetta against his parents. Just a stupid thing to do with someone else's kid, projecting your problems onto him.

Adam said...

I'd encourage Spirits or Rap to post the current exchange from Jacob on his Instagram picture of Jack on here as it seems relevant to this episode and to his tweet.

Posting a picture of someone else's kid without their permission on social media to highlight what bad parents they are, in my mind, is horrendous and stupid. It's like writing on a billboard "The Hamills are harming their son".

Anonymous said...

The only "kid" to advertise for the episode on their social media - Audrey. She's all about the fame. Tries to hide her motives behind religion.

And the Jack could have been looking up to more than 1 person. The show is fake and it highlights what it wants to. What the producers, Matt and Amy, want to. If you wamt to compare anyone to a Kim Jong supporter, how Jeremy falls in step behind his father is more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Nice review Rap. They should all be so succinct ;-)

Otto Preminger said...

Auj. . wife of gypsy Jeremy ... anyone else notice she wears more make-up than Tammy Faye Bakker (Jim Bakkers ex wife)?. . .The new little people, the Hamills .. does anyone know if they work .. .or r like the shiftless, gypsy Roloffs who do not work? Little Zack, age 25 ... no longer a virgin sure seems proud of himself. Makes u wonder, will the Roloffs teach the Hamills how to get by on freak show money & never work again? & the youngest gypsy, The Jacob. . . he has grown silent. . . hmmm .. .extortion of Matt succeeded? hmmm just saw a TLC commercial showing "My big fat fabulous life". . . gee .. . looks like a hit !

Rap541 said...

Sorry - unless this reruns sometime today, I totally missed it. It was airing ten pm my time and I was already in bed because I was three hours out of sync - it would have been 1am. I will look for a rerun but sorry, no recap as of yet.

Also I had no idea there was a new episode - I thought the endless two hour interview was the end of the season... Paticularly when they said they'd be back next fall.

Rap541 said...

Anon - cute ;)

IsPansy said...

Do we know for a REAL fact (in other words, did Jake say himself) that he told Jack how evil filming is? You'd think the parents would listen to a kid thats been filmed for years but those two never will. The mom is everything you all accuse Amy of.

Jim said...

Adam, I couldn't agree more. Who the HELL does Jacob think he is?

The one person was completely right when she called Jacob out for projecting his bad attitude onto this kid. "I like it medium" does not mean "not at all". Maybe Jacob should learn the definition of medium.

The Hamills should be furious with Jacob for using their son like this. He is using Jack to get sympathy for himself. He's even bringing up the bogus stuff about being screwed out of money.

Laura said...

Jacob has evil in his soul. How can anyone not see that? Well said Adam and Jim.

IsPansy, read Jacob's responses. They are copied here. Jacob couldn't wait to bombard Jack with stories of how he hated filming and try to convince him it's bad.

Anonymous said...

Any 7 year old kid that is new to camera's being in your face will give short answers or don't know what to say.
Jacob's needs to look up the definition of medium because he doesn't know what it means.
I didn't watch last night's show because all sounded like 60 minutes of advertising for the other family's show and to show off how great the Roloff's farm is. I'm not interested in the other family.

Rap541 said...

Evil in his soul? Are you a Jedi now, Laura?

Laura, hand on the Bible, is Jacob the greatest evil you've ever faced?

Because honestly, this isn't a place I normally go but... I've seen real evil, Laura. Unlike Precious Jer, and St. Audrey, I actually served my country in wartime. I've seen evil.

Evil is not an 18 year old telling a 7 year old that filming a reality show sucks. And frankly, I'd really like to know how much the Hamills are putting aside for each of their children... as they aren't required to do anything at all.

Rap541 said...

Jim - The Hamills are too busy spending the paycheck they got for exposing their son to the Roloffs. Think about it. They should be furious? They're adults and could have done the research, you all have been ranting on line for years about Jacob. And at best they didn't bother. At worst, they preferred money. They exposed their children to *evil* for money. If you genuinely believe the Hamills have reason to be concerned about the influence of Jacob Roloff, then you need to hold the Hamills accountable for accepting money to expose their kids to Jacob Roloff.

That's who the Hamills are, people who prefer money to giving a shit who they expose their son to, so lets not hold the Hamills up as innocent participants here. Oh the poor Hamills, how sad they willingly exposed their son to evil and took moneyfor it.... They had a choive and they chose money over their children.

Rap541 said...

In other words, Jim, you should be furious with the Hamills for knowingly exposing their children to the Roloffs and worse, accepting a paycheck for it.

IsPansy said...

He doesn't say he tried to convince Jack filming is bad. He tells the kid how he FEELS about it. I took that as telling the kid it was okay not to enjoy the filming. Something Jack needs to know. He also needs to know it's okay to like filming.

BTW Audrey had really troweled on the make up at the bonfire. And Tori and Zach were both really good with the kids.

Connor said...

"The Hamills are too busy spending the paycheck they got for exposing their son to the Roloffs"

Rap, so is Jacob...you know, the one whining about how damaging it is for poor Jack. Jacob sure enjoyed his paycheck for being filmed to watch Jack perform in front of the cameras.

Jim and Adam are on point.

Rap541 said...

Connor - I agree - now tell me how the Hamills are better than Jacob for knowingly exposing their son to Jacob and accepting money to do it?

I'm not saying Jacob is better. You seem to be suggesting that the Hamills are victims here so please explain how knowingly exposing their son to known evil for money that Jack will likely never see makes them better than Jacob for also accepting the paycheck?

Your point is that the Hamills are the better people in this, correct? Or do you agree with me that they're as wrong as Jacob? Because you don't seem to be agreeing with me which I don't understand.

Connor said...

@Ispansy, don't be naive. You can smell Jacob projecting his feelings onto this poor kid 50 miles away.

If you give off negative energy to a 6 year old and tell them "Oh I hated filming when I was your age...do you like it?" you are shaping the kid's response. You're giving the impression to the kid that he should hate it. That's not telling the kid it's ok to like filming.

Gail said...

MS, yes, in my opinion Isabel is a liar. She will skew the truth to stroke Jacob's ego and make him look good.

Yes, yes, yes. No need to lecture. Everyone understands filming and reality or lack of reality. But some things ring true. You could tell Jack liked Zach. And Jeremy commented on Jack's fondness for Zach. Jeremy hasn't commented on Jack idolizing Jacob. Only Isabel and Jacob are aware of this so-called Jack and Jacob bond.

IsPansy said...

Connor, I am not naive and am realky sick of being told that I am or am stupid solely because I dusagree with the scummy Annites on this site, And unlike you, I know what projecting is.

Connor said...

Rap, because Jacob's warped view is not correct. I don't believe the Hamills have anything to apologize for. I don't believe Jacob's projecting that he uses to form conclusions. I don't think Jack being pressured by Jacob asking him if he likes filming or not after Jacob told him hated it as his age means that Jack Hamill is going to be damaged by it.

I also don't know the Hamills situation. Maybe they have medical bills. Maybe they are giving their kids a better life than they would have without TV. I heard the family from Table For 12 did the show because of their disabled daughter and her medical expenses. Who are we to judge that they're wrong to do the show?

Just because Jacob blames all of his problems with himself on the show doesn't mean Jack is doomed or is being damaged by this show.

Rap541 said...

So Connor, you do believe the Hamills did a good thing by exposing their son to Jacob Roloff?

And taking a paycheck for it?

And Connor, since you're having public opinions, do the fucking research. The Hamills live in a quite nice neighborhood. They can afford to not have the mom work. The dad does work. This isn't a Honey Boo Boo situation or a Table for 12 situation. They're on tv because they have cute little kids... kids who don't get paid for being depicted as little brats.

The Hamills were paid money to expose their impressionable children to someone commonly referred to as evil here, Connor. Do you applaud them for it?

I Love Dogs said...

I don't think realty TV is good for kids. I think that all of the TLC parents are forcing their children to work to support the family. I think it's disgraceful.

However, I don't think it is proper for an 18 year old man to discuss any important issue with a little boy that he just met. I think that Jacob is entitled to be angry about his life. I don't think that he will be the only TLC child to feel that way. At the same time, I don't think he had the right to discuss his feelings with 7 year old Jack.

Rap541 said...

"it's ridiculous and embarrassing that Jacob actually thinks he's having an impact on Jack's life by going around telling everyone that Jack is being damaged by this. "

Oh Jesus Christ, can you people PICK an argument?

Because when this was originally was brought up, everyone was shitting themselves that Jacob had no right to influence Jack. Now you're arguing Jacob had no impact but also castigating him for influencing someone else's child.

Seriously - if you genuinely believe there was NO impact, then why do you care if Jacob says anything at all? You're just bitching to bitch.

I Love Dogs said...

I think that appearing on a reality TV show is very bad for kids. I think that all of the TL C parents are making their children work to support the family. In my opinion, the are using their kids and it is disgraceful. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Jacob has every right and should feel angry about his childhood. However, I don't think it's appropriate for an 18 year old man to discuss important issues with a little boy that he just met. Jacob is entitled to his resentment. I don't think that he will be the only TL C kid to have these justifiable feelings, however it is not his place to discuss them with 7 year old Jack.

IsPansy said...

ur right Kelly & terrible that Jacob posts that stuff & his gal friend Isabel thinks its just great. Hamill must know what a bad influence Jacob is. This really is evil filling the kids head with his problems.

mittsigirl said...

OMG! Jacob is NOT EVIL!! Rap is right, Rap can educate us about what evil is, and it is not Jacob! The kid was made to be on T.V., at 7 years old, he would not have had much of a choice in the matter.
Table of 12 quit filming when it began getting too intrusive, they were not about to sign over their lives for a T.V. show. The H kids will likely have the crap filmed out of them, and end up like the poor Gosselin children. Mom G needs to be on T.V.,could care less what is happening to those kids. Money, Money, Money-it always has to be for the money, that's the bottom line. Jacob is still wet behind the ears, is still a kid himself. Why does everyone treat him as if he is a 25 year old man? Gee, give the kid a break, let him grow up before you vilify him.

Adam said...

So Jacob makes it "extremely known" (all caps) to Jack that he didn't like the show, then asks him how he feels? What does he expect after that? For Jack to say how thrilled he is? Jacob is honestly so stupid.

You don't take photos of someone's kid and post them on social media implying that his parents are harming him. If you're so concerned about his well being, you tell his parents or your parents, but the fact that he did it publicly tells me that it was more about Jacob and that he's using this young kid for his own personal message. And this was clearly confirmed by his tweet about getting "f'ed" out of money.

Actually, I'm certain of it. This is what Instagram is, you post things you find interesting. He found Jack interesting. So he posted photos of him and basically threw the Hamills under the bus. Not out of concern, but the mere fact that he found Jack interesting and wanted to share. That is what happened.

UltimaAtaraxia said...

Just to elaborate on Rap's and a few of the other people's reasonable points, Jacob on Twitter said that although he was aware Jack looked up to Zach. It was also obvious that Jack was not enjoying faking for the cameras. Think of it this way, who else would know what that is like but him? You really don't think he would be able to tell the difference? Until you people put yourself in the point of a view of a young child who is being forced to fake for the cameras, I don't know how you have the audacity to say he is just making it up. How would you know? You are just speculating. At least Jacob has some real life evidence to back up his theory.

Also his responses to the criticism he was getting on his Instagram comments, were very mature and we'll grounded. He demonstrated to me that he used good reasoning and critical thinking to come up with his theory. He also admits that his intention isn't really to harm the Hamill's, but rather to shed light on an apparent issues with children who star on reality TV shows. That is a fair point of discussion since he has experienced it himself. Regardless of all the things you guys may hate about Jacob, he has a right to express his concerns and perspective on the matter.

But Jacob is still young. Heck so am I. I am only 21 and I don't have everything figured out, so why do you people expect an 18 year old to have it all figured out. I have never seen him claim to know it all, in fact it shows that he is quite intelligent when it admits he doesn't know it all. But for some reason you people know everything. You know the Hamill's and Jacob's intentions miraculously without any realistic evidence to back it up except for mindless speculation. I think Jacob is doing good for being 18, you people on the other hand have a lot of learning to do.

John said...

It was painful to watch this episode whereby we see a new family that's going to be on a "reality" show.
Anyway, the final scene where they sit around the campfire drinking beer/wine, caused me to shout at the tv OMG, that's where the boys had their drinking parties with mueller when they were in high school!

k Has c said...

Sure seems like the reality tv stars *if that's what they are considered*, have all or most all have problems after these shows having been rolling for sometime. What
kid for that matter would want a crew of people in their face all the time for years and years? What kind of a childhood would that be...oh the trips look ooh so fun...yeah right with cameras catching your every move. In the beginning it seems like it was to "educate" then it goes to just nonsense. If Jacob has been on this show which he was been, then pay up parents.

Ew said...

Can I just Jeremy and Audrey are fucking jokes?! They do not show the love of Jesus. Ever. They are so stuck up and judgmental it makes me want to puke.

Liberty bell said...

Spirits you're definitely anti Jacob and Isabel. You don't allow a lot of good things I've said about them to be published. You obviously want to see them sad

Gail said...

Audrey posted a picture without make up and still looks good. It is nice to see her send the message that young women and girls can go without and still have a beautiful time. Jesus loves you regardless of if you have make up or not.

It is also wonderful that Jeremy is in that picture having a great time with his wife and friends. I remember how Jacob's ex girlfriend was made to feel terrified of Jacob ever seeing her without make up. It shows the difference in Jeremy compared to Jacob.

sscooter43 said...

I think Jacob is a stupid teenager. Event through most teenagers are young and stupid, Jacob is a little extra stupid (or you can use the word rebellious if you want) than most teenagers his age.

But I do think his actions during THIS situation that he does have potential to become a decent human being.

Hmmmm said...

You have to take a look at his parents and brothers. I can't help but be impressed at his intelligence. How he and Molly escaped the clutches of money grubbing at all costs is a miracle on par with a good American steak.

Randall said...

Jacob thinks the world revolves around him. He needs to start acting like an adult instead of the spoiled rich child is now. Take responsibility for his own life instead of blaming everybody else - the show, the network (that he still signs contracts with) his parents, the fans, the media for reporting his tantrums.

Linda said...

I think it is very brave of Jacob to speak out on what most people wondered about the effects that all these "reality shows" have on the growing children, who are filmed. I appreciate his perspective and think he articulated his feelings in a very intelligent manner. Yes, his parents did what they felt was best for their family. All of us do. And I don't know about the rest of you, but my grown children have been upset about some of the things we have done to them, and told us and everyone on facebook too! It hurts to hear it, but it is good to know, really. I have to say tho, that when they do, I always say, "I am so glad I am not famous, or this would be all over the magazines!" Fame costs a great deal. Jacob is exposing some of the true costs.

His point with the money, is that his parents exchanged his childhood for cash, so since he had no childhood, he should at least get the cash. As with most teenagers, the older he gets, the more he will understand and appreciate his parents.

One day I hope he can realise that it wasn't just for cash that his parents did the show. This one show did more for little people, than anything else. It generated a great deal of understanding and acceptance of little people as humanbeings, as opposed to oddities and entertainment; something that has really never happened in all of human history.