Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jacob Roloff Starts A Blog

Jacob Roloff has started a blog -- a site featuring his writings on various topics.

Jacob has linked it from both his twitter page and his Instagram account.

It is on

So far he has two items up.

The first one was entitled "What religion are you"

Here is a portion of  it:

"'What religion are you?' I find this question to be too commonly and casually asked, when the subject could be so profound if discussed between two people equally interested and open. The definition of religion is “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a God or gods.”

Today however, it seems like the word, religion, can only mean one of the 4 most ‘popular’ organized religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Herein lies one of modern society’s biggest flaws: the need to label and simplify and categorize absolutely everything. People want it to be easy to say, “Hey, what religion are you?” And then it only takes one word for the other person to ‘know’ and assume where you stand on countless issues usually intertwined with religion, namely abortion, and on a broader level, the beginnings of humankind.

In my mind, religion, or a word more to my liking, spirituality, isn’t a light subject and takes a real connection and real time to discuss. Not something to just make small talk about and possibly have one more thing in common...."

His second item titled "Tiamat Revolution" consists his thoughts on the book "Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness".

Guest Column: Rap541's Rebuttal to Anne Bailey's 'Farewell' Article

Written By Rap541

A Critical Analysis of Anne’s Farewell
 I actually considered not doing this, mostly because it feeds the flames of a certain crowd but if Anne is allowed to be “mad as heck” and spew a whole lot of falsehoods and accusations then why can’t I play too? So lets take a look at Anne’s hallowed words. I also considered not doing this simply because it feeds Anne’s ego to get attention – and folks, a several page long “I’m leaving!” rant is attention seeking, but I am also tired of Anne presenting herself as a victim when it’s clearly not the case. So here goes:
"This will be my last article to appear on this Spiritswander Blog. I hope considering all of my significant contributions that I will be given the respect of not having my final article edited and that it will be published in its entirety as God intended it to be." 
Anne loves to do this. She’s throwing herself on the cross declaring how awful it is that she might be censored. So when you run to insist this is all about censorship, here are some questions to ask yourself and Anne.
  1. Was this article edited?
  2. Is Anne actually willing to make that accusation? Or is she merely hinting she *may* be edited? Because really, if the very idea of being edited makes her “mad as heck”… well, has she? Has Anne ever straight up said, “my original article was edited into something I can no longer take pride in?”
If the answer is no, then Anne is making a false accusation in an attempt to smear Spirit, who graciously allowed Anne to post here. I’ve seen Anne angry that an article was taken down, and I have seen her harp on how she doesn’t want to be edited… but I have never actually seen Anne say Spirit is maliciously changing her work. She just publically suggests that it could happen. It’s essentially a rumor she won’t commit to.
"As Christians, we can not allow disrespect to our beliefs or freedom of speech. Just as the brave county clerk, Kim Davis, showed all of America, we must stand up to forces trying to silence our beliefs. We must always act in a manner that God instructs to act. God has spoken to me and has put it in my heart that I cannot allow Spiritswander to disrespect me and the Christian work any longer." 
I find this hilarious on several levels. For starters, this is not about freedom of speech. No one, and folks, I mean no one, is stopping Anne of writing articles about anything. And if she really feels disrespected by Spirit, then there is absolutely nothing stopping Anne from running her own little blog and having her Sunday column. There’s really not. More on that later.
Now I have my opinion of Kim Davis – but that isn’t important. What Anne wants to suggest is that she, like Kim Davis, is going to the wall for her beliefs. Whether I agree with Kim Davis (I don’t) I do accept that she is at least willing to risk a great deal for her viewpoint. Here’s my problem. Anne is comparing herself to a woman willing to go to jail for her beliefs because… she’s quitting a purely voluntary position over what amounts to well, a childish petty concern. Kim Davis, love her or hate her, really is against gay marriage. She went to jail over it. Anne is really against Jacob Roloff and… quit the fight over feeling disrespected over a scheduling issue. Not over censorship. Over having her article publication delayed due to a breaking story. That’s why Anne quit. She even says so. Anne, you’re no Kim Davis.
"I will explain because the truth must be known. I am as mad as heck. This is a result of how I have been treated despite the massive amounts of feedback to my columns and my writings and that I allowed the Spirtiswander blog to reap the benefits of the attention from my work. 
It is unfortunate, because great things could have come if Spiritswander had accepted my generous offer to take full control of the blog months ago. It could have turned into a great Christian voice on the Roloffs and life lessons that would serve the readership and earn the respect of the Roloffs."
Again this is a false argument. Let me explain. It’s all fine and good to offer to take full control of the blog but… Spirit never actually expressed any interest in having someone take over the blog. That never happened. I mean, I can offer to take over as preacher at Anne’s church but if no one wants my services and if no one ever asked for anyone to take over from the current preacher, then there’s really no reason for me to brag about how awesome I am to have offered.Also this really assumes that Spirit a) wants to be a Christian voice and b) wants the respect of the Roloffs
"My offer was not accepted. Yet I moved forward and contributed my columns all the time while I was never and have never been compensated for my contributions."
Another false argument. One that Spirit actually had to address in a separate article because Anne made such a big deal about it. No one is being compensated for writing for the blog. No one was ever offered compensation for writing for the blog. Anne is complaining that she wasn’t paid as though she has been treated unfairly when Spirit made a point of bluntly explaining to everyone that no one is going to be paid. So why is Anne openly complaining about not being paid? Why is “and I am not being compensated” even part of the discussion?
Oh right, it’s a false argument designed to make Anne appear more of a victim. No one has been compensated for working on the blog.
"Furthermore, I made a simple request initially and then after it happened week after week and that is that Rap541 not be allowed to respond to my articles. I believe Rap541 is the work of the devil and seeks to defend Jacob and create chaos and turn constructive discussion into hateful attacks on the good Christians. Yet my pleas were ignored. Rap541 was permitted to invade my articles week after week."
Hmmm. So she asked that I not be allowed to comment and was told no. So telling Anne no to a request is *victimizing* Anne aka another false argument.
Point – who here who supports Anne would support my making a list of people who can’t post on my articles? I bet none of you would like that. And there’s a reason I don’t ask for that. There’s no discussion to be had if one side is intentionally silenced.
"I have received many emails from other commenters to the blog expressing their disgust for how the Spiritswander Blog is moderated and Rap541's behavior that is tolerated. Even people who disagree with my subject matter want Rap541 to be controlled and banned."
Hee hee “Everyone anonymously agrees with me!”
"Despite the disrespect of ignoring my requests, I was the bigger person. I did as God commanded me and forgave and moved ahead trusting that the power of my message would make a difference and that evil forces would come around and be defeated just as Audrey Roloff is fighting evil forces hacking her blog. 

A while ago, I was informed that my article might be delayed because a person named Benjamin submitted a journal entry from his deceased brother involving an alleged encounter with Jeremy Roloff as apparently Benjamin had asked Spiritiswander to publish it once he submitted it. 

As a contributor, whose reputation is now linked to the Spiritswander Blog, I expressed my displeasure and my view that it should never allowed and before it ever be allowed that I be given the final editing and publishing decision. Jeremy's reputation should not be sullied in such a manner by someone who is clearly bitter and blaming their perverted mentally stabled dead family members on Jeremy's Christian actions which were completely justified. 

This deeply disturbed me, however, since as far as I know the entry has not been submitted, I moved on"
Anne actually compares herself to the blessed Audrey, interesting. I again note that Anne’s method of fighting evil forces is to whine a little bit and then quit, after you know, being theoretically disrespected.  But lets look at this more closely. Anne, who doesn’t own the blog or control the blog, told the owner of the blog to not publish an article. When told no, Anne then insisted she be allowed final edit and commentary as there were things she absolutely refused to have published. In the blog that she doesn’t actually own or control.
How was Spirit disrespecting Anne? Anne was openly disrespecting Spirit, and has the gall to post this lengthy “I didn’t get my way so I stomped my feet like a whiny child and now I am going complain in public how UNFAIR it is”.
It’s not unfair. Spirit owns the blog and gets to make all the final decisions. If Anne wants to run her own blog where she can print what she wants, its childishly simple for her to do so. Instead, she disrespects Spirit on Spirit’s own blog. I personally wouldn’t tolerate it but Spirit is clearly a better person than I in allowing Anne to post such disrespectful drivel. Anne would have no voice at all if it wasn’t for Spirit – she won’t set up her own blog, and she disrespects Spirit openly and Spirit still allows her to post, That’s pretty damn generous if you ask me, especially since Anne shows her gratitude by spitting in Spirit’s face.
I actually asked Spirit about this article btw because I was curious but apparently there was a journal entry from Benjamin's brother that needed to be transcribed and Benjamin has yet to get back to Spirit with it. It’s a pity.
It’s not a conspiracy.
"The next arrow of disrespect was after I informed Spiritswander that my weekly column would be completed following Church on Sunday. Perhaps it was the reference to Church that caused the problem. I do not know."
Again, Anne making an accusation that is untrue and disrespectful to Spirit. As Anne later describes, Spirit had a perfectly reasonable reason to push back publishing Anne’s article. If Spirit just had a problem with church… why would Spirit post anything from Anne?
" What I do know is that I was rudely informed my column would have to wait because Spiritswander wanted to compose the article featuring Jacob Roloffs distasteful tweet about his family and money from the show. Considering I was the regular contributor to Sundays, I graciously volunteered that I would be responsible for writing the article about Jacob's. I was once again greeted with disrespect and told no I was not allowed."
So first off, we’re not assigned days. J
Second, its Spirit’s blog. Spirit wanted to write the article about Jacob’s tweets. Spirit is under no obligation to post ANYTHING from anyone. It was something Spirit wanted to write about and Spirit reserved the topic. Getting told no is NOT being disrespected. Really.
"That was the final straw. God does not want me to be treated with this kind of constant disrespect. Therefore, I refused to contributor anymore content. I am writing one last farewell article. You never know what God will have in store in the future, but for now, it is not my intention to contribute my talents to Spiritswander Blog"
Oh look! Anne is firmly standing tall. Until you know, she isn’t getting attention and then she and God will have a chat and it will somehow come out that yup, Anne is a Warrior for God again… until she gets bored or finds it too difficult to come up with fresh articles about how Audrey’s skin cream is approved by Jesus. Then we’ll get another disrespectful flounce.
Then we get Anne’s lengthy goodbyes. For the record, a friend of mine reading your declaration that I was the devil actually guffawed in laughter at that. I’m not going to run down ALL the declarations because frankly it’s all the same thing we hear from Anne. She lets all the Roloffs off the hook for not endorsing her viewpoint because she’s setting a horrendous example herself by not standing tall for Jesus here. She calls Jacob evil. She continues to insist God wants her to quit. She exhorts people to speak out even as she quits the fight.
Minor interjection. If Anne really wants a blog to control, its childishly simple to set one up. The only reason she doesn’t is because she wants the audience Spirit already built and doesn’t want to work for it. That’s always been the Christian argument against setting up a blog… it would be too hard and it’s just easier to demand Spirit hand over the blog already built up. My advice to the whiners? Do your work.
Anne, if anyone is owed an apology, it’s you owing Spirit a big one for being so incredibly rude and arrogant and ungrateful. Have you ever thanked Spirit for letting you post articles?

I’m betting the answer is no. You’ve certainly done nothing but publicly complain and whine like an ungrateful child.