Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jacob Roloff Starts A Blog

Jacob Roloff has started a blog -- a site featuring his writings on various topics.

Jacob has linked it from both his twitter page and his Instagram account.

It is on

So far he has two items up.

The first one was entitled "What religion are you"

Here is a portion of  it:

"'What religion are you?' I find this question to be too commonly and casually asked, when the subject could be so profound if discussed between two people equally interested and open. The definition of religion is “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a God or gods.”

Today however, it seems like the word, religion, can only mean one of the 4 most ‘popular’ organized religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Herein lies one of modern society’s biggest flaws: the need to label and simplify and categorize absolutely everything. People want it to be easy to say, “Hey, what religion are you?” And then it only takes one word for the other person to ‘know’ and assume where you stand on countless issues usually intertwined with religion, namely abortion, and on a broader level, the beginnings of humankind.

In my mind, religion, or a word more to my liking, spirituality, isn’t a light subject and takes a real connection and real time to discuss. Not something to just make small talk about and possibly have one more thing in common...."

His second item titled "Tiamat Revolution" consists his thoughts on the book "Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness".


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Connor said...

Jacob is a complete moron and his "Blog" proves it.

Someone described Jacob Roloff as "the white Jaden Smith" and that's accurate.

A rich kid who has never worked a day in his life who thinks he knows it all and spews out psycho-babble in an attempt to sound intelligent.

Oh and as for Jacob's "4 major religions"....where would Jews fit in oh smart one? Nah, not a major religion.

The one about the book is hilarious because Jacob is trying so hard to sound smart. It does show how he thinks he's too good for everyone though.

Janet said...

Connor, I couldn't agree with you more.

"Terrence McKenna, psychedelic mushroom enthusiast...`

A psychedelic mushroom enthusiast...that`s the way to earn Jacob's respect?? It's sad. It all comes back to drugs with Jacob.

He disengages from life to live in this illusion that he's the one person who knows what life is about.

Denise said...

Ridiculous best describes Jacob's "blog". Why does he think anyone would want to hear from him?

Because he's a kid from a reality show. A reality show that he hates and thinks is evil (until he gets paid, then all is swell).

He's an arrogant brat who is full of himself who has no respect for anyone reading because he's already declared that everybody he doesn't know or might disagree with him are "insignificant c*nts".

Kyle said...

What better than to use throwing your own family under the bus as a platform for people to view your terrible writing. Yep, sounds like Jacob. And Spirits, you certainly did what he wanted from you.

Ashley said...

Kyle, what are you suggesting?

J45 said...

Ashley, I believe Kyle is suggesting Jake wanted/expected Spirit to blog about his blog, and Spirit followed through.

I actually agree with Connor for once: Jacob forgot Judaism.

Personally, I enjoyed reading about Jacob's thoughts on spirituality. Although he doesn't actually abide by "treat all religions respectfully", it's an interesting thought he has. I don't agree with the spiritual beliefs Jake holds, but I do agree with the concept of spiritual independence (spiritual growth outside of organized, dogmatic religions).

Ashley said...

I have to sheepishly admit, that when people like Jacob do this, it is over my head and I find it to be pretentious and actually irrelevant to life.

"The bifurcation of mind, the creation of the unconscious; I don’t know about you, but the vast and open ended, still-to-be-explored feeling of just those phrases give me an incredible feeling of wonder."

What?? lol.

What about talking about things that actually matter in life? Issues and how to deal with them?

Btw, he hasn't wrote about it there (I guess because it won't sound intelligent enough for how he wants to come across) but on twitter, I'm surprised (and his stance on it is nothing new) by his views on gun control or lack of gun control.

He retweets stuff that says these shootings wouldn't happen if you armed teachers in schools with guns in the classroom.

I'm surprised because usually people who think like that are also the ones who support the police, think abortion is murder and don't think gay people need rights (although Jacob's authenticity on that one is still up for debate given how he actually treated gay people in real life).

But really, Jacob thinks giving teachers guns is the answer?

First, I think back on my teachers. Ms. Watson, my 60 something year old 1st grade teacher. I'm not sure I'd want her with a gun in her desk.

Second, I'm surprised considering how Jacob is always against the police whenever deadly force is used. Surely he knows that if every teacher in America is armed with guns that you would have accidents and controversies over a teacher feeling threatened and blowing someone away. Would Jacob still be as unsympathetic to the teacher's mindset as he is with police?

Or does he actually think that no unjustified killings would ever happen if every teacher had a gun?

If Jacob is going to write in depth about things, I'd rather see him write about real things like that and actually explain why he thinks what he thinks in views and address the other side of the point and show why he thinks he's right and I'm wrong.

But I have a feeling that Jacob doesn't actually think about the opposing view other to think "if they don't agree with my opinion they are idiots"

Ashley said...

Btw, while I'm at it, I also think Jacob's eagerness to blame "places on the internet" for a disturbed "psycho" going on a rampage to be surprising. That's along the lines of blaming it on violent video games which I assume Jacob doesn't agree with.

People like that don't snap because of message board and suddenly decide to carry something like that out because of a post. It's because they have deep rooted problems that have probably existed their entire lives. I'm sure without the chat room that guy used, he still would have ended up doing what he did. To blame it on internet chat sites or message boards like Jacob is doing seems rather simple minded to me....even though I don't use big words like Jacob

Rap541 said...

Ashley - the real problem of teachers with guns is that it sounds like a great idea until someone gets killed because the teacher wasn't minding their gun, or little Johnny lifted Teacher's gun and kills someone, or Teacher overreacts to something...

I'm not against guns. I am a gun owner. But I am also ex military which means I have actually had some training. And having known a lot of teachers... theres any number of them I wouldn't have been le seeing armed.

Ashley said...

Rap, exactly. That's what I was trying to say. There will be teachers who overreact. There are police officers who overreact. There's people in the military who overreact. Giving teachers (and if they had a training course or whatever, they still are teachers..not in the line of working of managing a gun and having the judgment that comes with it) guns is a bad idea. You'll have teachers overreacting to disrespectful threatening students. You'll have timid teachers reluctantly getting their gun only to be overpowered by the bad-ass student who is beating on someone.

For police, Jacob seems to be in favor them only using tasers when they feel in danger because using a gun is not necessary according to Jacob. But teachers? Yeah, give them guns. It's not like when these things happen alarms bells goes off and lights flash and a message goes up "This is the only time to use your guns!". You're going to have teachers making judgment calls and there is going to be a lot more people dead.

Ashley said...

Rap. what do you think of Jacob's blog?

Abby said...

After reading Jacob's site, I have more sympathy for Isabel. She needs to listen to that garbage and pretend like it's interesting. To quote Matt Roloff, it's a bunch of gobly gook.

Consciousness of the unconscious mind, unlock key to the universe!

Rap541 said...

Ashley, Kyle is suggesting Spirit is essentially giving Jacob free advertising.

Which is true but Spirit also essentially gives free advertising to, and and these blogs are all clearly designed as for profit commercial blogs. Right now, Jacob's blog has no advertising. Could it in the future? Of course but right now the extra attention caused by this article isn't going to do much good.

My own view? It's hard to judge after two entries. He's trying way too hard to sound intellectual and he's currently on a topic I don't find that interesting If he's hoping to make money off the blog, he'll need to increase his readership greatly and consider adding advertisements. I don't find Audrey's blog any more interesting (similar problem, I'm just not interested in hipster fashion) but if you want an example of someone clearly intending their blog to be a moneymaking commercial venture, there you go. And I certainly do question how many people would read Audrey's blog if she wasn't exploiting her reality show status.

I might take a look at Jacob's again but right now, if I want religious deep thoughts from an eighteen year old, I can look over my own diaries.

Natalie said...

So is this Jacob's "job" that Isabel has been bragging about?

I guess to be fair, Audrey considers her blog to be her job so Jacob does too.

Jason said...

Ashley, I think some of Jacob's opinions lately do you say it....bought off now that he got his money as result of his black mailing by throwing his family under the bus on twitter.

Timeline review.

1. Jacob tweets that he is being fucked out of money.

2. It gets a shitload of attention from media, including the big one, TMZ which is the NY Yankees of celebrity news.

3. Jacob goes silent and doesn't follow up on his tweet/accusation.

4. Jacob poses like a good happy little boy in several pictures with his family smiling big.

5. Jacob's tweets about social issues start to become more like the rest of his family. Suddenly believing "in a man in the sky" isn't so stupid and Jacob saves his scorn for something all of his family can rally around; that Atheists are the biggest idiots in the world. Jeremy sure liked that one.

It's easy to connect the dots and see the pattern.

Jacob has no character but we already knew that.

Rap541 said...

Abby - with two entries, it's hard to say.

The topics certainly aren't my cup of tea and I think he is trying too hard to sound intellectual and it comes off pretentious. On the other hand, it is two entries and he doesn't seem to have loaded the site with ads so it may be a genuine attempt at being creative and not a money maker (it looks like a personal blog at this point). I found it dull, but frankly I find a lot of blogs dull.

At least he's talking about something other than lip gloss and how he loves rompers but frankly if I want to look at pretentious teenager thoughts... I can read my own diaries at the time. :)

Brandon said...

Rap, you hit the nail on the head.

At least Jacob is writing about something other than lip stick and hand bags. And at this point, it isn't about "click on the ad so I can make money!".

Here's the thing. I think it's obvious Jacob sees being a writer as his career. What he fails to realize, is why would people be interested in reading his thoughts on this stuff? In Jacob's mind, since he thinks he's the only intelligent person he's ever interacted with, I'm sure he thinks that's the reason right there. Everyone should already know that they are morons and should seek his opinions and let him educate them so they won't be so stupid.

Here's what Jacob is missing. The only real chance Jacob ever has of making money from writing something is if he were to tell all book about being a child on a reality show. If his tweet was throwing them under the bus, he would have to throw them under the tractor trailer. I think his post about Jack indicates that he's thinking that way - expanding on the issue of children forced into reality shows by their parents and network. But even if Jacob did do a book about everything, that is a long shot because in the big scheme of things LPBW is not that widely known that books from the individuals would have a huge audience and Jacob himself is not that known.

I agree with Rap on the content of Jacob's writing. Pretentious is the best word to describe it.

PS. Rap, I can't believe that you were ever pretentious! I think you're just throwing Jacob a bone ;)

Rap541 said...

I think we all go thru that phase, Brandon.

And while I agree with you that writing the tell all book about the family would be a moneymaker, I honestly don't know that I would encourage Jacob to write it UNLESS he was intending to make a clean break from the family. And honestly, I don't think he is.

Brandon said...

"Ashley, I believe Kyle is suggesting Jake wanted/expected Spirit to blog about his blog, and Spirit followed through."

J45 and Rap, Jacob would curse you for ever suggesting that he cares about all of us insignificant losers over here.

Only Jacob's opinions are significant. Get with the program!

But in all seriousness, I do wonder if Jacob realizes that it's through Spiritswander that he can get his message out about whatever he wants?

To outlets like TMZ, Jacob Roloff is nothing unless the story itself is headline grabbing. However because Jacob isn't a big celebrity, they aren't monitoring his twitter, instagram posts and ready to jump on it. If Justin Bieber tweets something he wants to be known, TMZ goes directly from there. But Jacob Roloff? Nope.

But Spiritswander does. And Spirits posting about it makes it searchable on google. And the readers to Spirits which of course is small compared to TMZ, do know how to talk and post on other sites. And email "Do you have a a story/tip" and it's easy to just put in Spirits URL and there you have it. A TMZ site know is aware that Jacob a kid from a reality tv show is claiming to be fucked out of money, or an advocate of marijuana or whatever.

Asley said...

Thanks J45!

Thanks Rap! I'm glad I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't get it or wasn't excited by it.

But when you get a chance, if you can read the one about the book and dumb it down for me, it would be appreciated, lol. I have no idea what he's actually saying. lol.

Wouldn't it be intimidating to be around Jacob in real life if you've ever read what he says online?

Make small talk to be friendly? Jacob hates you.

Try to get into a bigger conversation by asking him about his religion? He despises you for asking such a thing and expecting an answer.

I'm realizing Jacob doesn't have a lot humility and thinks very highly of himself.

Brandon said...

Rap, yeah, just saying the only writing Jacob has any chance of getting published/making money from is a tell all throwing his family to the wolves about how awful is upbringing on a tv show was for him.

You might be right. I think his tweet was Jacob dipping his toe in the water to see how it went.

It seems like it was effective in him getting what he wanted and he realizes that going in that direction will get attention if he chooses to jump fully in, complete with a team of lawyers ready to represent him.

But given how lovey he is with his family since his tweet, yeah, he is still super dependent on them and is not ready to become estranged from them.

JacobFan19 said...

Why did TMZ choose such a bad picture of Jacob for their story on him when there are so many good pictures of Jacob to use?

JacobFan19 said...

Kyle, you're just jealous because Jacob is hotter and smarter than you are. He got that way without going to a college and getting $30,000 in debt!

Michelle said...

Jacob has too much disdain for everyone else. Why does he think people would want to read what he has to say when all he does is tell everyone that they are stupid and annoy him?

Bobsmom said...

I very much agree that Jacob is trying too hard to show what he perceives as his great intellect and understanding of the human condition. It is pretentious and pedantic, just what I would expect from the average 18 year old guy he really is.

Nancy said...

Bobsmom, most 18 year olds wouldn't be able to use those big words or even write about such a subject.

However, it is ridiculously pretentious.

There are some 18 year olds who are thoughtful and who aren't so arrogant. To give Jacob a pass by suggesting that all are like him is not fair.

David said...

The most interesting thing about Jacob's blog complaining about being asked his religion would be to see Ron Roloff's response to it.

Troy said...

I'd like to see Jacob's answer as to why he thinks people would be interested in reading his writing?

Is there any answer other than what people have already said? That he thinks everyone are morons, that everyone knows he's better than they are, so naturally, in his mind, people will flock to read his wisdom because it's understood that Jacob is smart and they are stupid.

Bobsmom said...

My point is Jacob is average. I sincerely doubt he's in any way gifted. He reminds me of the kids in High School that forced their way into the Advanced Placement classes and then overloaded their papers with deep thoughts and big words.

Of course some 18 year olds are thoughtful and intelligent. In the Roloff family I'm sure Jacob is the top intellect, but that doesn't make him above average in the rest of the world.

In other words that blog makes Jacob look dumb.

J45 said...

Ashley, I must confess I didn't make much sense of Jake's second blog post either. I don't think it's his use of big words so much as that he isn't very good at explaining the book properly and his thought-process wasn't stream-of-consciousness or anything close to that, it was very obviously trying too hard to sound intelligent (as Rap pointed out) and as a result incoherent.

While I'm sure the book details the concepts well, Jake's second post was a muddled array of thoughts which I'm guessing were based off various "conversations" in the book and therefore make sense in context but not otherwise.

That's all I garnered having read the post twice.

Jake claims the book is a collection of actual conversations between 3 reputed philosophers, however what he fails to grasp is there's no way those were real "conversations" which had been transcribed. They may have been based off actual conversations, but the content was no doubt meticulously chosen and the wording crafted just so.

Btw, I'm aware my writing might come across as pretentious although it's not intentional and I can't be bothered to do anything about it.

Ashley said...

J45, thank you. Yes, you explained it better than me. I couldn't make sense of it but I'm sure Jacob would say it's because I'm stupid and he's too smart so I was willing to go with that theory. lol.

Rap541 said...

Troy - unless I am missing something, his blog allows comments. Why not ask him?

If you're really curious and not just complaining for the sake of complaining

And if we're playing "everyone is accountable for the words they say" then I tire of hearing how widdle piddlepants Jer-Bear was too much of a boy pissing himself to understand that "nigger" isn't cutesy babyspeak for "gimme a titty mama".

Seriously - I have no problem with Jacob being held accountable for the stupid shit he says as long as everyone in the Roloff family is equally accountable. Jeremy says his fans suck cock and has NEVER rescinded that remark. Jacob says his fans are morons - why is Jacob bad and Jeremy good?

I mean, do you *like* sucking Jeremy's cock? Do you like that he thinks you're a cocksucker for liking his show?

I'm pointing this out for a reason - I tire of hearing how its defending Jacob to hold him to the same level of accountability that the rest of his family is held to. Jeremy is allowed to act like an utter shit with "well, he was a child at 17-22" - and really "Jeremy was too fucking dumb to know throwing cats was wrong" isn't the compliment you think it is - and allowed to get a free pass on calling his fans cocksuckers then why is Jacob forever accountable?

Is it less evil to say your fans suck dick than to call them morons?

Troy said...

Because I'm commenting here. Am I not allowed? And I'm not on 'medium' plus I'm not really interested in posting to Jacob as he's never really answered direct questions like that.

Connor said...

You are defending Jacob, Rap. For the 458th time you're trying to deflect the focus off of Jacob's arrogance.

I don't care what Jeremy said in 2008. There is a thread for that. This is October 2015. The subject is Jacob's blog. Troy posed the question why does Jacob think people are interested since he thinks they're all morons. It deserves to be discussed without you making it about Jeremy in 2008.

Rap541 said...

Btw Connor, don't you find it ironic that I am holding you accountable for the stupid shit you said, probably on a lark or in a moment of temper?

I mean, I know why you didn't respond, it's because you realize you said something stupid you can't back up and your pride won't let you admit it. It's also why I tend to harp on the stupid shit Jeremy says... because you know he was out of line and rude and you know its a fair comparison. And I know that both Jeremy and Jacob were being immature stupid kids, just like you when you blithered some hatespeech nonsense in order to make yourself feel like a man and if you expect me to hold them accountable (both of them) then you're accountable for the stupid crap you say as well. If you continue to refuse to response, I'll continue to bring up how you said all gay people rape and run off like a child everytime you're asked to provide proof.

Or you could apologize and admit you're wrong.

Emily said...

Jacob's blog doesn't make sense to me either. Troy and Eric are right, he's so egotistical. Everyone is dumb but they should read his writing.

Alex said...

Jacob has two posts up and it's already clear he's a much better writer than Audrey, who does her blog for money. Also, Jacob basically dropped out of high school, while Audrey has four years of college under her belt and can barely string together a sentence. Jacob's posts may be pretentious, but they're at least well thought out and don't just exist to sell things or do giveaways in the name of God. I'm not a big fan of Jacob but he seems to be a decent writer, which is more than can be said of Jeremy or Audrey who are both older and have more schooling and are trying to make the freelance life work for them. Looking forward to more posts from him.

Side note, Medium isn't really a "blog," it's a site where anyone can publish articles and they all exist on It's just a way to have a bunch of different writers in one place and find articles on similar topics. It's also very shareable and clean in presentation, which I'm sure adds to its popularity.

Jocelynn said...

Alex, a blog is basically a place for someone to post what they want, usually articles. That's what Jacob does on Medium.

Connor said...

Alex, Jacob isn't a decent writer. A decent writer can get their point across and explain their point of view or an issue to the readers.

Even Jacob's supporters like J45 who I never agree with spoke the truth. Jacob's articles are poor because it's incoherent.

He can't explain the subject. He can't make a point. He can't educate his audience. He sounds like a know it all brat trying to sound all intellectual.

Also, don't underestimate Jacob's greed. He's the one who was willing to trash his family publicly in exchange for money.

He's doing his Blog on Medium because he hopes to get attention for his writing and that will turn into being paid to do it.

Hillary said...

How can anyone take Jacob seriously? He's most likely stoned when he writes them. You can always tell when Jacob is high and stoned and starts going off on twitter.

Rap541 said...

Connor, how is he making money off the blog?

And why is blogging, and making money off a blog a bad thing?

Enough with how he trashed his family, that happened in the past and is no longer relevant. Nothing that occurs in the past is allowed to be used to complain about other Roloffs, I trust you agree the same rules apply.

Audrey and Jeremy both have blogs that are clearly designed for commercial, money making purposes. Jacob currently is doing a personal blog (I haven't spotting any advertisements). Why is making money off a blog a bad thing?

*and if you start whining and moaning how ridiculous it is that I have declared events in the past off limits, then concede you are also wrong to declare past acts irrelevant.

Pam said...

Jacob is not a good writer if people can't even understand what he's writing about.

Austin95 said...

A well-stocked mind is safe from boredom. ~ Arthur C. Clarke

Jacob needs to learn how to be a blogger. If Jacob wants people to take him serious as a writer he need to stop plagiarizing. He failed to give credit to a quote he is using.

Brandon said...

Austin, in fairness, that's only his twitter headline, which is limited in space. I think most people can figure out it's a quote and he's not claiming it to be his saying.

Katie said...

Is it fair to say Jacob has toned down his anti Christian rhetoric since he seemingly got the money he was whining about? It seems that way.

Anonymous said...

Austin, I remember when he was reading a book by that author and posted several quotes from the book. He gave credit at that time. Senseless slandering.

Unknown said...

I like the roloff family.but that dam Jacob he a dumb ass and needs. To grow up.and get a job.

EpistemicPolymath said...

Haha you guys are all so funny. His posts on medium actually do make a lot of sense. It really isn't that hard to follow or comprehend. So I am questioning some of your abilities to analyze and decipher writing.

Although, he may be 18 he has a unique perspective on life coming from a TV show and being a person who wants to do his own thing rather than take the easy route like some of his other siblings. No one knows it all at 18, but he does seem to be a very insightful person who also very intelligent.

Just because some of you can't follow what he is saying or you think he is pretentious for using big words and writing well does not mean you can accurately make assumptions on his character, his intelligence, and the ability to progress as a writer.

You guys seem like you just want to make up these random assumptions and speculations about these simply out of spite.

What he wrote about religion was very insightful and he did answer the question. It may not be a or blatant answer , but he answered with prose. He also ended that post by mentioning how he thinks we should attempt to think about religion.Which ultimately is the main point of the post. Instead of asking what religion everyone follows , why not spend time analyzing and interpreting the different religions/theories, in order to truly understand them. Then from there , these theories can be weighed and tested. That is a very philosophical thought process he has there. He has the ability to continue to write insightful and articulate texts, as he questions and learns more about the world.

Using articulate wording and making a piece of text that aims to offer a philosophical persperspective on a common question have to determine his entire character. It depends on his target audience. Maybe just maybe if you can't take the time to thoroughly decipher what you read, maybe you are not the intended audience. Sounds like a YOU problem.

Gail said...

EpistemicPolymath, you're just sucking up to Jacob. It is hard to follow and it really is a bunch of nonsense while he tries to make himself look intelligent.

He should stick to trying to make a point and trying to hide the disdain he has for his audience.

Connor said...

@EpistemicPolymath What a load. It's not insightful. How can you call it intelligent when he omits Judiasm as a major religion? Or his arrogant statement that Atheism IS a religion. No, it's not.

His article about the book was ludicrous in how laughable it was. A bunch of nothing.

Bobsmom said...

If you look at Wikipedia the four religions Jacob mentions are the four top by number of followers. Judaism has about 14 million followers, far below the top five. Buddhism has between 480 million and 530 million and it's number 5.

Atheism is considered by some to be a form of religion that rejects the idea of god(s).

Jacob's point about people using the question "What religion are you?" as a tool to profile each other is valid. He states that people view you according to your answer, in other words expect different behavior depending on the answer.

He also goes out of his way to use large words and make thing far more complicated than it needs to be. Very much the sign of a beginner. Hopefully someone will explain that simplicity is better.

Gail, just because you don't agree does not mean someone is sucking up. I'm not. I doubt Jacob sees this and have no doubt he'd care what any of us think.

EpistemicPolymath said...

Intelligent is not equivalent to perfect and never being wrong. You seem to not be able to make that distinction.

Just because you can pick out two factors such as not considering Judiasm as one of the four main religions (which in America I don't see that to be the case, but I don't claim to know everything), and how he claims that Atheism is a religion, that does not in anyway mean someone not intelligent.

That is very linear and close minded thinking if you can come to that conclusion just because you disagree with two factors of his prose. Silly really. So that rebuttal is blown away.

Now, about him being insightful. Being insightful is characterized as being someone who is perceptive. In his post he proves he is very insightful, even if you disagree with what his interpretations of his insights may be. The fact is, he is thinking about major issues more critically and with a philosophic mindset more so than any other 18 year Olds. That only means that his perspective on the world can tell us a lot and that in the future his perspective will only continue to get more intriguing. But I can't say that for sure, but his approach to these types of controversial issues shows that he is very insightful and articulate.

I am not sucking up to him rather I am pointing out that what he said makes sense and simply because he is intelligent and enough to use more complex words does not mean he is trying to be arrogant or pretentious. Most smart people come off that way when they write and communicate. And far too many people try to make it a means to an end when those factors do not necessarily allow them to forsee someone's true intentions. So once again you guys are speculating and making assumptions at his intent and intelligence because you either disagree with something he has said, hate him for his past actions, or whatever other reasons you guys out of the blue.

I am just being reasonable. The way he writes demonstrates his intelligence and how insightful he is. He doesn'doesn't just jump on the bandwagon and believe whatever gets thrown his way. He actually is perceptive of the world and the complexity within it, enough to realize that religion isn't as simple as a title. What does saying you are a Christian or A Buddhist really mean? Most people immediately start making assumptions about what those titles mean, without even thinking about it. That is the power of conformity and assuming the same ideologies as those around you. His point is that religion isn't as simple as a title like 'Christianity'. Instead of asking what religion everyone is and making stereotypical assumptions when they hear the answer, people should learn, questions, and search for deeper meaning behind it all. That is a very philosophical conclusions and a very intelligent way of looking at religion.

Just because you have trouble pulling meaning from writing or that you have a hard interpreting writing because the there are parts that you disagree with, does not say anything about Jacob's writing ability, rather it says a lot about your ability to comprehend.

Although my opinions and understanding of atheism compared to or forms of spirituality/beliefs may differ from him, I can still easily absorb the meaning of his writing. And he will only get better with time.

Anita said...

Connor, I agree. Jacob couldn't write about a topic that matters because he would have to explain his positions which are full of faults and inconsistencies.

I do think it's funny how Jacob is becoming more conservative in his opinions all since he whined about the money and most likely got paid. Now he's on board, lol.

Abby said...

Isabel posts a saying that says "You are significant" when she and Jacob repeatedly tell people they are "insignificant". I guess she doesn't like when it gets said to her but she doesn't mind saying it to others. I think she likes bullying people, that's why she's trying to become friends with noted bullies, the Muellers.

EpistemicPolymath said...

Oh also in edition, it is funny to me how you people come here just to insult Jacob, when you people are not doing much better with your writing skills.

At least he is actually putting out content. He is 18 and has plenty time to learn and grow. But you people decide to spend time insulting him and picking out factors of his posts that 'upset' you in order to prove that you are better than this 'pretentious arrogant brat'.

I would rather be seen as pretentious and doing what he is doing than coming to this website everyday posting how much you hate an 18 year old kid. I mean don't you find that to be a bit sad?

So seriously, I am on no way sacking up to Jacob, but he is doing very well for his age and is coming from a college student who loves writing and minors in philosophy. He will only grow from his current position and I am curious to see where his mind will take him. I am sorry you guys only have hate to spread, but what I see is an intelligent teen who is much more insightful than others his age coming up with some engaging content. I don't see that as a negative factor at all.

Rita said...

There isn't a target audience for Jacob's blog because his ego is so big he thinks he's so much better than everyone else

J45 said...

Epistemic Polymath, first of all, I completely understood Jake's "What Religion am I?" post. I agree with him that society's view of 'religion' is too narrow and yes he did answer the question (in a roundabout way), which I enjoyed.
I'll repeat: I *liked* that it wasn't a straight answer.

Funny how you don't mention the post on the book. I *didn't* have an issue with Jake's big words, I had an issue with his not explaining the book/context properly. He has a good base for writing but he does need to work on his delivery (e.g. he can't just admit the book took serious thought to understand, yet throw out quotes with minimal context).

Jake's post on religion was articulate but IMHO his post on the book was not.

Dustin said...

I'll say something unpopular. Jacob's whole argument about how awful it is to ask what religion are you is not true. Be real.

Sure there are rare exceptions but you do know and can determine a persons stance on social issues based on their religion.

It's true. You can. As soon as you hear someone is Christian you can assume they think gay people are sinners and that abortion is wrong. Maybe Jacob should think about the people he knows who identify themselves as a certain religion.

For argument sake, let's use Jeremy, Audrey, Molly, friend Daniel, and Jacob (Roloff) as an example.

I'm not talking what they say publicly because they are slaves to PR for the show. But 4 out of the 5 believe gays are sinners, that gay marriage is wrong and there's something wrong with gays.

Usually agnostics or Atheists aren't opposed to gay marriage because they aren't basing it on the Bible.

So yeah, you CAN know what a person believes based on their religion. It may piss Jacob off but it's true the majority of the time.

4 people who strongly identify as Christians and one who hums and haws but isn't Christian but more agnostic.

EpistemicPolymath said...

J45, my comments were more aimed towards the people who thought thatb2 pieces of writing is enough to conclude that Jacob is a 'dumb and pretentious arrogant brat'.

No one has the ability to make those conclusions, because you do not know him and you are not in his head. I just find it humorous how people were posting comment after comment nitpicking at how dumb he is when he actually put out good content.

It is your right to have an opinion that says his book post didn't really demonstrate the actual worthiness of the book. That just means you did not like how he chose to explain it. That happens in writing all the time. Writing is a far more subjective concept rather than objective as most people tend to claim.

I for one know of my varying levels of intelligence, and in all of my writings I demonstrate that I can look at things robotically, but find much more meaning exploring the complexities and dilemmas of a topic. So often times my writings may seem complicated to the average individual. That doesn't make my writing bad, that is just how I write. There are plenty of people who write that way and people will either hate it or love it. It just so happens that many people encourage how I write, so I will just continue to improve on my writing going in that direction.

So my point was with my previous comments was more so aimed at all of the people who were claiming that Jacob's posts made no sense, that he is dumb or just trying to sound smart etc. There is no logical way they can come to that conclusion. It is just ridiculous speculations and assumptions of someone's intelligence and intent.

That just hits a sentimental spot for me since I wrote the same way at times and I don't want people to assume I am pretentious. I just consider myself an intellectual and I like challenging myself when I write by using new words and going more in depth my explanations. Not everything is so simple, our world is complex and people who accept that fact I believe are going in the right direction.

I mean who would you rather be? An 18 year old who is asking good questions and analyzing controversial topics with appreciation of their given constraints and complexities.

Or would you rather be posting on here making ridiculous assumptions about someone you all have already judged (meaning most of you will never ever accept any of the promising aspects of Jacob) without any concrete evidence?

I would rather be the young intellectual, and I already am so I just find it funny to see what you guys think is 'bad' compared to what you guys spend your time doing. Very odd to me.

Bobsmom said...

Sorry Dustin but your argument is flawed.

Christians run the gamut from conservative to extremely liberal. For every Christian that believes as you stated you'll find one that is the complete polar opposite and accept gay people and understand and approve of abortion.

That's why Jacob's theory works. Although you can make generalities about all Christians, you can NEVER assume what any one individual will believe.

Dilly said...

Well, I'll go ahead and say it. Do none of you remember Jacobs tweet a day before be posted his articles about his writing? The tweet all of you were so offended by becaus he "expected" people to read his stuff? Well, look who read it. I think YOU PEOPLE were who he was referring to to be patient with his very SELF ADMITTEDLY "rough draft" style. I don't understand why you all think it's not obvious to him that he isn't a perfect writer when he told us all days before. But, hate for hates sake seems to be the motive here so I might be talking to a wall

Talitha E. said...

Abby, I don't think it's fair you lump Destiney with Mueller or Jacob with Isabel.

The girls can be separate from the boys. Obviously they're going to do their own thing and maybe the girls have tried to stop them but can't ? It's simple really. People are their own people. Isabel seems to be her own person, very independent and Destiney is a good mom with another on the way. To call either of these women bullies is so silly.
And please don't come at me with "I heard this and this" because your word is as good as any, and frankly it's completely horeshit.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the only reason you're posting is because you want to sack up with Jacob. He's cute but he's an idiot.

Connor said...

@Epistemic You need to try a new argument than the old and failed defense of "you don't know him to be able to call him an arrogant, pretentious brat.

7900 answers on 19,000 tweets..directly from Jacob.

Uh, yes. That's enough to form an accurate opinion and conclusions about him.

His writing is pretentious. God, even people who like him admit it (and I suspect they are gay and have a crush on him) admit he's pretentious.

As far as defending him from being called arrogant? LOL! His arrogance is glaringly obvious in almost every thing he posts on social media.

He was just trying to sound smart, his "writings" were incoherent and failed to make any point or educate the reader about anything. The only people praising him for it are the suck ups who have the goal of being his friend because he's on tv and they think it's cool if he likes them. They're very transparent.

"An 18 year old who is asking good questions and analyzing controversial topics with appreciation of their given constraints and complexities."

Controversial topics? No, he didn't . That's actually what most people are complaining about with his two entries. It's a lot of big words that don't actually lead to anything.

Jocelynn said...

Talitha, I'm with Abby on this one.

"Abby, I don't think it's fair you lump Destiney with Mueller or Jacob with Isabel.
The girls can be separate from the boys. Obviously they're going to do their own thing and maybe the girls have tried to stop them but can't ? It's simple really. People are their own people. Isabel seems to be her own person, very independent and Destiney is a good mom with another on the way. To call either of these women bullies is so silly.

People are held accountable for who they associate with, who they love, who they support.

"Mueller" is a disgusting bully that I have no respect for. Of course I have negative opinion of the woman who married him, had children with and says is such a great man. It tells me obviously Destiney doesn't care about all the cruel things 'Mueller' does and has done to people seemingly for laughs with his buddies like Jeremy and not caring at all about the impact it has on the victim of his cruelness.

Personally I don't find Jacob Roloff as bad as Jacob Mueller, but if someone doesn't like Jacob (Roloff) because he's arrogant, etc., I can definitely understand why they wouldn't like the girl (Isabel) who says she loves him and says he's such a great guy.

Taylor said...

"I think YOU PEOPLE were who he was referring to to be patient with his very SELF ADMITTEDLY "rough draft" style. I don't understand why you all think it's not obvious to him that he isn't a perfect writer when he told us all days before. But, hate for hates sake seems to be the motive here so I might be talking to a wall"

Dilly, Jacob is being judged for what he wrote. People are not drooling over how brilliant he is. They are expressing their opinion. He is judged for what he wrote, that seems like the way it should be to me.

It's such a Jacob and "Jacob defenders" move to attack people who don't like what he wrote or who aren't praising him.

Dilly said...

Taylor, the point of that flew right over your head, apparently. "Jacob is being judged by his writing" harshly, and that's exactly what he was asking to not happen in his tweets, since he knows he's not a perfect writer he asked for PATIENCE, something I think he knew he wouldn't get. you're showing how aimless your hate is by ignoring a very sensible request from a newly public writer. You were the wall I was talking to.

Connor said...

Oh and Rap and MS, I stand by my opinion that no straight guy feels comfortable hanging out with a gay kid who says they are attractive the way they would hang out with their normal friends. Gays are perverts who can't control their sexual urges, that's why they are gay.

Show me a straight guy who is comfortable having fun in a pool like guys do if there's a gay dude there or hanging out playing video games in your bedroom until 4:00AM or crashing and sleeping many of those guys do you think exist? Like none. If you think they do, they probably aren't as straight as you think. lol.

Rap, I find it hilarious that this is the one subject that I defended Jacob about and agree with him on and you won't let it go. Of course you attack me about it and not Jacob although we think the same way about this because you can't bring yourself to call out Jacob like you do with me.

And I didn't answer because I was trying to respect Spiritswander's topic and keep it about Jacob's blog but you insist and hijacking the thread.

EpistemicPolymath said...

Conner, you seem like one of those people who can't see anything but what you want to see. You want to see Jacob as a pretentious arrogant brat. You want to see people who actual gained meaning from his posts as people who only like him because he is on TV. You want to believe you can judge an entire person's character simply because of his writing and answers on

You call it an dry argument, but actually it isn't that at all. It is a solid statement that you have no rebuttal for. Your assumptions about Jacob will always be assumptions because you cannot know everything about a person from what they post and do online. There are always going to be gaps that cannot be accurately filled. So your choice is to assume the worse about his intentions and I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt. I would hate to be on live TV, because all that would encourage is an intense amount of pressure to conform to everyone's standards. Because if you don't nobody wants to watch. I would hate that, and I would rather make money another way than be subject to that kind of lifestyle.

I can only imagine what that would be like for someone like Jacob who has a determination to think for himself. Not to mention the fact, people like you Conner always choose to hold everything he does against him. SO what he was a little snappy on, wouldn't you be if people always tried to tell you who you were simply because they think they know you from watching a silly and fake TV show? I can see that being annoying and that is exactly what you guys do here. You assume you know everything about the Roloffs when your best rebuttal is saying look at his ' or twitter'. I have seen both of those and that doesn't make me immediately start assuming I know everything about who he is. That is the kind of illogical nonsense you people do.

Once again though, Conner I feel sorry for you that you have so much resentment towards an 18 year old boy that your only gripes about him come from and twitter. I find that funny. But listen you can believe all those negative things if you want, you seem incapable of seeing it any other way anyway, but just know that those assumptions of yours hold no merit whatsoever.

But, in regards to his writing, religion is a very controversial topic. His writing aims to encourage readers to approach the topic of religion differently. That is a great start and demonstrates that he is very insightful about the world as a whole rather than small pieces (which most people do (close-minded...). So in my opinion, he can only go up from here.

I am sorry Conner, that you feel as if you have to agree about every aspect of a piece, like the person who wrote it, and have the writing be perfect(which isn't possible) in order to absorb the piece for what it is. That truly saddens me. But I guess that is why you are here and Jacob is on Medium sharing is thoughts and ideas in a positive manner. If you haven't noticed he dropped His posts on twitter have been a lot more goal oriented and when he gets into a debate with people he defends his point of view in a fair manner (Just like the opposing person does). He has grown a lot since then and you are still stuck on That is a very powerful observation in my opinion. It tells a lot about your character.

Callie said...

It's true what Connor said about Jacob not feeling comfortable around a gay kid. I saw what he said himself. Connor is telling the truth.

Most of the guys I know in high school are the same way. Jacob's a jerk, but not because he doesn't like gay guys.

Lauren said...

I think with a few exceptions people on this blog have a good read on what Jacob is like and what he does. Jacob acts like an egotistical better-than-you asshole and people call it like it is.

Connor said...

@EpistemicPolymath It is more than just me who sees Jacob as a pretentious, arrogant brat. Trust me. Again, even Jacob's "fans" are calling his "articles" pretentious.

Your argument is ridiculous. Can't judge Jacob based on 27,000 posts on a variety of topics and got a chance to see how he reacts and responds to all kinds of different people, family, friends, critics, fans in different situations. If you can't form an opinion about his character than you aren't very observant.

And you bring up the "silly and fake tv show". Nobody here believes the TV show is real. Go to Matt's facebook page to find those people. They'll tell you Jacob is a sweet caring Christian boy. Most people here know the show is fake (and the show sugarcoats what Jacob is really like) and they judge Jacob not based on the fake tv show but from what Jacob is actually doing and saying himself.

Yeah from Jacob's twitter and we learn that he likes to call people who don't agree with him annoying cunts, that he likes to make threats about quitting and then takes the money and continues filming while bad mouthing the show. We know his drug habits, his thoughts on religion, fags, Israel, 9/11, vaccines, the education system and that he felt fucked out of money from the show.....But hey, yup, you're right, there's nothing there to judge him on. lol.

Kaitlyn said...

"Not to mention the fact, people like you Conner always choose to hold everything he does against him. SO what he was a little snappy on, wouldn't you be if people always tried to tell you who you were simply because they think they know you from watching a silly and fake TV show?"

That's not the way it happened, EpistemicPolymath. Jacob was rude even to supportive fans if they didn't one hundred percent agree with him or tell him that he's brilliant.

Gina said...

He tried so hard to sound superior that he unknowingly revealed his idiocy.

MoneyBags said...

How can he be rich? Everyone knows the family made nothing from the show. It's only by the grace of God that Matt made such a successful business producing the little person kits for hotels.

Hippies said...

I'm so glad you highlighted the flaw in his blog. He just shares his opinions and doesn't let anyone else post. Isn't that a jerky thing to do? He's acting like it's a place for his thoughts only. Unbelievable!

Duuuuuuuude!!! said...

I think it's horrible of Jacob to force us to read his blog. It's just not right. He thinks we're stupid and we have to keep reading that when he posts on his blog. It's crazy!

Talitha E. said...

Cut Jacob some slack. He is not a learned scholar. To his credit, he has a G.E.D. (good enough diploma).

Ashley said...

Sorry but Jacob recommended something from Jonas Ellison. When Jacob recommends something so enthusiastically, I can't stop thinking of the differences between the message and Jacob. Does he think about it? Does he realize the hypocrisy?

The article makes a point that you should take the time to listen to the boring story from the lonely old man, imagine how it makes him feel? But Jacob is in favor of this? The same guy who blew off the lonely and desperate guy at the gas station who opened up about how his wife left him and life was in crisis. Jacob blew him off and tweeted the encounter so everyone could laugh at the guy for being a freak and feel sorry for what Jacob has to endure.

I can't see how Jacob would be moved by the Jonas Ellison story.

Ashley said...

Dude, ha ha. Of course people are going to see what he's doing and then share their opinion on it here. That's what this blog is for.

Fwiw, I clicked on his link to the YouTube video with the authors of the book he loves and still couldnt get through 2 minutes of it.

Abby said...

Jocelyn, thank you. Exactly. Isabel and Destiney don't get a pass as they go on about how wonderful these mean spirited jerks are to others. They don't care because they have the same lack of empathy.

Ashley said...

On another note, I find this funny.

Audrey and Jeremy are doing 1 year photos. I wondered how long they could keep milking their wedding. Now they're onto 1 year photos.

Audrey Instagrams "yesterday we dressed up..."

Fans comment nice stuff about hoe pretty she is.

Isabel comments she wondered why they were dressed up.

Audrey ignores a slew of kind fan comments and replies to Isabel "Sorry I was in the worst mood last night"

So aside from Audrey being a snob, her sweet photograph with the deep caption took place and put her "in the worst mood". It all seems so fake to me.

I learn a lot about how much I dislike people from observing the Roloffs, lol.

Rita said...

@Ashley great point about the story in the article and Jacob's own real life interaction. He is so unaware about himself. I guess that's the affect of the egotism that comes from being on a tv show.

Timothy said...

Ashley, that's an excellent observation. None of the Roloffs or their friends ever reflect on their own behavior or live what they write about (retweet or link/recommend). Think about all of Jeremy's retweets about being kind to people or the importance of being vulnerable...then think of Mueller's and Jeremy's mocking of smiling fans or how Jeremy reacted to Benjamin's brother.

Jacob's story is the exact same thing.

I'm not sure if it is a lack of self reflection or if they are just that fake. A bit of both I think.

Bonnie said...

@Timothy @Ashley It is Jacob's arrogance in how he sees himself that keeps him oblivious to his own hypocrisy.

Debbie said...

I hope Audrey can see through Isabel and realize she is so fake. It's a shame Audrey responded to her.

Debbie said...

I doubt Jacob has ever considered how his actions make someone else feel. Jacob backing that article is rich. This is a person who mocks religious beliefs of others, is generally unkind to everyone and who even doesn't hesitate to infer his family steals from him...but he wants us to read how you should be extra kind to buck the expected trend of the universe?

EpistemicPolymath said...

It appears to me that you people will continue to be stuck in the past. I saw his ask. Fm and his tweets and I do not make the same conclusions as you do.

Yes he was rude on, but it most likely was a result of having to constantly deal with people telling him who he is. He also most likely ignored the nice questions because they were always the same. But take notice that he been on ask. Fm and hehas left that in the PAST. Yes he was rude on there , but I believe that he was using as a medium to exert frustration. He most likely realized that that was a bad outlet for him and gave it up. No one is perfect and he maybe could of handled it better, but we don't know enough to assume that all those asks can truly define his entire character. That is just ridiculous.

His tweets as of recent, have not shown arrogance. He unlike others actually is willing to agree to disagree. Most people his age can't even fathom that idea. I don't see how his Twitter is enough to define his entire character. He is openly sharing his beliefs on topics that most keep quiet about. I do not see how him exploring these tyoes of issues and picking and defending his sides on these issues, is enough for you people to judge him by.

I really do not understand your reasoning on how those few things can determine someone's entire character. I use to post online years ago and if you were to look back at those it would never show enough for anyone to guess my true character. I could have been angry that day, or I have matured a lot since then. There are just so many different factors that need to be considered.

So honestly, I could care less if you people consider those facts to be invalid. But, it is truly sad that you are still coming here assuming you know it all, when the person you all define as 'satan' has left all of that behind.

So, if you think that makes sense... Well uh have fun doing what you do. But I am going to just start coming here every now and then, to enjoy laughing at your posts rather than replying because it is pretty obvious that you people are incapable of doing much else. I may reply sometimes, but talking to people who already have there mindset solidified is quite unsatisfying. Good day!

Denise said...

"...has left all of that behind."

Why are you making the giant and incorrect assumption that Jacob has "left all of that behind? There's no logical reason to assume that.

Has it even been a full month since he was cursing his family for (expletive) out of money and rudely responding to a person who correctly pointed out that it was wrong of Jacob to shift his feelings onto 6 year old Jack ("medium" does not mean "not at all").

EpistemicPolymath said...

Denise I was hesitant to respond to you and I will try to make this my last post here for a while. But you are saying my statement was illogical? From what I have seen, yes he has left all of that behind. He doesn't use askfm and his twitter responses do not contain the phrase 'annoying cunt', when someone disagrees with his point of view. He has definitely matured since then, and just simply ignores the people who bother him and answers people who want to reasonably debate over their varying beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that.
It is you people who are stuck in the past. Now, he has been writing insightful pieces on medium (which he will only improve on), staying goal oriented on twitter (even if you do not support his beliefs this fact will not change), and has completely given up on askfm, which included: him responding to people who will only make him upset. That to me sounds a lot like 'left all that behind".

You people have no rebuttal, but to claim his personal beliefs (which should not entirely influence your opinion on his character in its entirety), his past actions on etc, as proof that he is a good for nothing pretentious arrogant brat. That is your only evidence. That sounds awfully illogical to me.

Let me prove it to you:
"Has it even been a full month since he was cursing his family for (expletive) out of money and rudely responding to a person who correctly pointed out that it was wrong of Jacob to shift his feelings onto 6 year old Jack ("medium" does not mean "not at all")."

Assumption 1: You are assuming that when he made that tweet that he was aiming it at his family. It could have been aimed at them, but how do you know if it was deserved or not? You don't. It also could have been targeted at the people who run the show. Maybe he was getting paid less than the others over the years and he felt that was unwarranted considering the affect filming has had on him. All that is fair game and you just assume the worst possibility.

Assumption 2: You said that he rudely responded to the person who claimed Jacob was putting words in Jack's mouth? Where is the proof in that? Did you just randomly decide that all his responses are rude, regardless of reason? Here is the evidence:

"lashurn96 - Sounds like you're putting words in this kids mouth. If he says he likes it medium that doesn't mean not at all. Just because you're not happy doesn't mean he won't be happy."

"jacobroloff45 - lashurn96 I saw the way he was even when the cameras were on him, not in private, and I can't believe more people don't see it. The producer just asks him to do things and say things, and provokes other people to ask him things, but he knows the questions are fake so his answers were usually short or nonexistent. I could see his disinterest in the show within 10 minutes. And then when it was just us he asked me when I started filming and if I liked it, and after i made it extremely known I didn't like it at all, I asked him if he did, and he shook his head and I asked why and he changed his answer and said I like it medium, maybe thinking I would tell someone, but with certain inflections in his voice that gave me every reason to suspect what I've said. I know it's probably an unpleasant truth for everyone involved, but that kid will likely not end up loving the show or the people making him do it. "

Read that a couple times then tell me how that is rude. All he did was give more evidence for the reasoning behind his conclusion that Jack's 'medium' response meant 'not at all'. There is nothing rude about this response. He actually explains himself well and does so in an articulate manner.

EpistemicPolymath said...

In conclusion, you people are blinded by hate. You felt that you were entitled to receive the ultimate level of respect from Jacob Jacob on twitter and But when that didn't happen you started to make all kinds of silly assumptions about his character, his intent, everything. He was a teenage boy who was angry at the fact that his childhood was sold away in order to make a show that stopped being informational in regards to Little People ages ago. If you really think it makes sense to hold all that against him when he was a 'teenager', you are just so blinded by hate that you cannot be helped.

I made my point, not that most of you are capable of comprehending it. I think I expressed everything necessary and regardless of your responses there will be absolutely nothing left to say in response. Good Day, and try to relax a little!

Denise said...

Yes, he is rude in his responses to anyone who doesn't suck up to him.

Perfect example is the picture of his dog chewing on an old piece of wood. When people expressed concern that the dog would get splinters in her mouth Jacob responded:

"Yeaaaa, Luna's favorite toy is a stick so thanks but no thanks to all your advice"

"ll sticks? Wet or rotted ones wouldn't splinter like you seem to assume, are you so certain it's dry and dangerous? I would prefer if you didn't insert your completely objective and presumptuous negative opinion on a nice picture of my healthy and happy puppy @trickyjazzer"

People were only trying to save the dog pain and educate him.

Anne did a great job in ending Jacob's, but there is absolutely no reason to believe he has "put that behavior in the past". He still calls people idiots and morons on twitter when they disagree with him.

Anne did a great job in her original article of showing how Jacob rudely responded to Tyler and Jaron, kids from his high school who disagreed with him about Jacob's support for the Ferguson riots and Jacob's police bashing.

Leigh said...

Honestly, I have never seen Jacob do anything kind or respectful for anyone on social media.

It's almost funny to see people try to defend his character. He's a jerk. He always was and still is.

Dancing around his "being f*cked out of money" is really lame. Everyone knew what he meant and he certainly didn't care to clear it up, happy for the world to think his parents are horrible people who rip their own kids off. Oh hold on. He also did say his parents used him on their tv show for their he obviously doesn't have a problem throwing his family under the bus.

Jacob is just a bad person who doesn't care about the consequences of his words or actions.

Rap541 said...

Everyone knew what he meant and he certainly didn't care to clear it up, happy for the world to think his parents are horrible people who rip their own kids off.

Help me out here. If you knew what he meant, then what is there to clear up?

Is there any proof he wasn't ripped off?

Any proof at all of this supposed trust fund?

Any protest from Matt "I'M A FIGHTER!" Roloff on how he isn't a horrible person who ripped off his own kids?

He also did say his parents used him on their tv show for their he obviously doesn't have a problem throwing his family under the bus.

And Matt got a paycheck for allowing the crew to film the trebuchet accident. Matt also got a paycheck for calling his son names and throwing his son under the bus. Why is Jacob the only one accountable?

Melissa said...

Yeah, there's no doubt there is a direct connection between Jacob controlling his mouth on social media just a little bit and his selling out and signing up with TLC, the show he hates so much and thinks destroys innocent kid's childhoods.

Denise said...

"Help me out here. If you knew what he meant, then what is there to clear up?"

Obviously not everyone knew what he meant because EpistemicPolymath is trying to suggest Jacob was not throwing his parents under the bus but instead is pissed off with TLC even though he keeps jumping in front of their cameras and dancing for them whenever they want him to do it.

Maybe Matt isn't publicly protesting because he hoped it would go away and people like EpistemicPolymath would suggest that Jacob is talking about TLC and not Matt and Amy.

Rap, EpistemicPolymath thinks Jacob was talking about TLC and NOT his parents. Why didn't Jacob clear that up?

Ashley said...

Jacob posted another entry today

This time he is describing the video associated with the same book and authors. And I still don't get what the hell he's talking about, lol.

I hope he gets off this subject of that book...

Rap541 said...

Denise - are you genuinely confused as to what Jacob meant?

Maybe Matt is guilty and knows if he protests he'll be caught in a lie. After all, you know what Matt needs to do if he genuinely set aside money in a trust fund for Jacob? He just has to say so and provide the paper work showing it exists.

I mean, Jacob is publically shaming him by throwing a tantrum, right? And Matt's best answer to these ugly accusations that are easily disproven *if he did the right thing* is to bend over and let his son ream him up the ass publically.

Ashley said...

For the record, I seriously doubt that Jacob has matured or learned manners. I think TLC (maybe as he was signing his contact) probably told him it's not good for business for him to publicly call people "annoying cunts".

Just like Jeremy after he got caught. People really think people change that drastically and it's not just that they know not to get caught? Jeremy practically admitted it when he said the hardest thing about being on TV is that he always needs to watch what he says and posts online all the time.

That's not changing or maturing. That's hiding and being more careful that you don't let people know what you really want to say or what you really think because you know it will get you in trouble.

Corey said...

Ashley, good thing he doesn't write for you :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this last piece. It was exquisite as I am a huge fan of Terence Mackenna.

Abby said...

...To make my earlier point, it's kinda hard not to judge Isabel...she's tweeting about how proud she is of Jacob...but some people want to suggest she's nothing like Jacob and shouldn't be lumped in with him? She's so proud of him. It shows what a disrespectful person she is. I seriously wonder about how she was raised. Not very well, imo.

Denise said...

Rap, EpistemicPolymath thinks Jacob is not talking about his parents we are wrongly assuming so apparently Jacob wasn't clear.

Ashley said...

Corey, I know. But I still comment what I think of it and he's 0 for 3 in my book, lol.

Personally I think Jacob is stoned when he writes that stuff.

Rap541 said...

Denise - please don't avoid the question. Are you genuinely confused as to what Jacob meant?

*You* are complaining he was unclear, not EpistemicPolymath. Are *you* confused as to what Jacob meant?

Denise said...

I thought I knew who Jacob meant but obviously he wasn't clear if Epi is insisting he meant TLC.

Gail said...

Isabel gets worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

Isabel seems like the most needy girl alive. She acts more entitled than Jacob. It's no surprise they're together. When she realizes there is no fame or money to be had from Jacob she'll move on to another prey. I don't know which one of them I detest more to be honest.

Rap541 said...

So you understood Jacob. Why are you concerned in the slightest that someone else whose opinion you clearly don't respect might have misunderstood him? To the point that you're complaining publically?

I mean, if you understood who he meant, isn't it clear?

Shelby said...

I find it sad that there are still people who try to defend that jerk Jacob. God will let Jacob get what he deserves.

Shelly said...

Okay, Shelby, so leave him be? *God* will take care of it, so let it happen? You don't need to comment on it every 20 minutes. It'll happen if it is supposed to. Get out of here. Get a life.

Sammy said...

Gail, how? elaborate.

Denise said...

Did I understand? Perhaps I got it wrong. He kept open that possibility for people like EP because he refused to clarify it.

Wendy said...

I agree Shelby. The suck ups on twitter are hard to stomach. A couple of those people wouldn't voice an opinion until they know where Jacob stands on it first. They feed Jacob's monstrous ego and arrogance.

Rap541 said...

So you didn't understand him, Denise?

So when you said this:
Everyone knew what he meant and he certainly didn't care to clear it up, happy for the world to think his parents are horrible people who rip their own kids off.

You weren't being truthful? And you really were confused and are currently confused as to what Jacob meant?

If I am being a bit pedantic, its because you're displaying the arguing techniques of a child - Everyone knew what he meant but he is wrong and cowardly to not clarify what he meant but even though apparently no one really understood him, everyone is justified in saying he lied about his parents stealing money from him...

But the people insisting on that can't even commit to a clear "I was too confused by what he said to have a clear understanding of the problem."

Mind you, I know why you're dancing around it. Logically, if you admit you didn't understand what he meant, then you realize you'll get called on screaming for his head over comments you admit you don't understand.

I personally don't need clarification on whether he meant TLC or his parents. I think he meant his parents and I think that because I know that the production company was writing the paychecks to the parents company when the kids weren't of age and the parents controlled the money. Both TLC and his parents participated in that. That's why I don't need it clarified.

But in all seriousness, Denise - if you didn't understand what he meant, then how can you insist everyone knew what he meant?

Tanya said...

Hey Audrey, post more photos of your face, please!!!!!!! Jesus... How self absorbed can you be?

Janet said...

It's not hard to understand what Denise meant.

Jacob was a coward. It's called IMPLYING. Jacob knew most people would assume he meant his parents "F'd him out of money" but he left it just vague enough that it gives him the loophole to suggest "maybe it's TLC, my current employer ripped him off".

It is cowardly. It strongly implies something knowing most people will assume he's referring to his parents but let's him wiggle out of it if he's ever pinned down for it.

Rap541 said...

Jnet - so did you misunderstand what Jacob meant?

And you do understand you've just explained entirely why you will never have one of the "good" Roloffs ever stand up proudly and say "I am a Christian and I believe homosexuality is wrong and I am against gay marriage."

Its cowardly. They allow people to think they believe one thing but by never taking that stand, they can wiggle out of it if they are ever pinned down.

And you call that "Standing tall with Jesus and being an exemplary Christian".

If you genuinely think Jacob was playing some game (I don't) then please do understand this is behavior he has learned from the shining examples of Matt Roloff. Amy Roloff, and Jeremy Roloff. And when they do it, you laud them for being Christian or at worst assign a "well we're disappointed but they're still fantastic and deserve nothing but smiles"

Janet said...

Rap541, I think most of the Christian here including myself have made it very clear that we wish that the other Roloffs would stand up to Jacob and speak out against him and be more vocal about Christian values.

Yes I think Jacob was playing a game in how he worded his tweet. He wanted to point the finger at his parents but he wanted an out in case he got what he wanted and needed to back out of it later. Now the little coward has his defenders insisting he was mad at TLC and not Matt and Amy.

Explain to Denise and I why if he was so clear in his tweet that you don't think it needed to be clarified that Epistemic Polymath is lecturing people that Jacob was not talking about his family?

Rap541 said...

Actually Janet - I don't believe that at all. I really don't. Not after watching the rage spew over Jacob, it's really hard to believe you consider "some/most of the Christians wish the Roloffs would be more vocal" is in the same league as "I hope Jacob overdoses."

I actually have seen Christians here reference how evil Jacob is but pooh pooh any involvement of the family.

Janet - the Roloffs don't disown Jacob Roloff. They don't warn Christians to keep their children away from the evil you believe Jacob Roloff is. They are endangering CHristian souls with their silence.

Are you "disappointed"?

Or are you flaming mad and ready to demand they stand up against Satan? If your kid turns atheist because Jacob Roloff's parents liked money more than saving souls, would you be "disappointed" or "enraged at their greed and lack of concern".

" Now the little coward has his defenders insisting he was mad at TLC and not Matt and Amy."

Matt and Amy the cowards who won't say how they really feel about gay marriage? I mean you're calling Jacob a coward for not speaking truthfully so what about the Roloffs who hide and make mealy mouthed non statements when pressed? Cowards in my opinion, but funny how the Christian fans never call Jeremy a coward for shutting his mouth and taking the money instead of fighting against gay marriage. Kim Davis went to jail for her beliefs... The Roloffs did nothing and said nothing because they were....

What is it you would call that, Janet? Letting people think you believe one thing because it lets you off the hook and gets you money, instead of being clear about your views? WHen it's Jacob, you call it cowardly. WHen it is Jeremy Roloff accepting the money to shut up about Jesus... what is it?

I think Jacob's tweet is clearly about his parents. If Epistemic Polymath thinks differently, that's on them. I seriously doubt any clarification would satisfy any of you and I genuinely don't think you even care what he meant. Janet - let me be clear - I think Jacob could post "I've seen the light of Jesus, I am a Christian" and you and many others here would find something to complain about.

Frankly I don't know why you're bothered by the idea of some people thinking Jacob was referring to TLC. I think he was referring to his parents, and I have cited numerous times how simple and easy it is for Matt and Amy to defend themselves from this if it is a lie. As I understood all the initial outrage - you Christians very much were upset that Jacob was accusing his, in your opinion, innocent parents. If people outside the blog think he's accusing TLC... why do you care?

Trust me - anyone who looks into TLC's practices will start pointing fingers at the greedy parents involved.

Katie said...

It's pathetic how Isabel sucks up to Jacob.

Angela said...

"Praying I figure myself out soon"

Isabel just tweeted that. If she means it, she should make a clean break from Jacob because she will never figure it out if she's surrounded by Jacob and drugs.

Abby said...

Whoever said Isabel is the most needy person ever is right. She's actually looking for people to send her "words of encouragement".

I think Jacob deserves all the drama he surely is getting by being with her. LOL!

Vicky said...

Jacob has never apologized for anything.

EpistemicPolymath said...

Just for clarification since people seem to have some comprehension problems, I never said that Jacob's tweet was 100% aimed at TLC and not his parents. My point was that no one here, but the people involved can know for sure who it was targeted at. And if it was targeted at his parents, you cannot know if it was warranted/deserved or not. Just had to clear that up because I do not appreciate people failing to comprehend what I am saying then as a result, continue to put words in my mouth. Aggravating really, now continue on with your pointless banter. If you want to refer to my posts please do so only if you can successfully comprehend its content. (Serious pet peeve, sorry)

Connor said...

"Pointless banter" ...coming from someone who slaps Jacob on the back for writing an essay on a "mushroom enthusiast". You shouldn't be pointing fingers about pointless banter when "pointless" accurately describes Jacob's "writing" despite your transparent attempts to suck up to Jacob and Isabel.

EP...that's a really gutless "clarification". In other words, no one should use their brain to think about what Jacob meant by his 'Fucked out of money' tweet. It either means his family or TLC. To say no one should talk about the brat's whining because he was too gutless to 100% clarify who he meant is so lame. You're a Jacob sycophant. Don't judge his Ask answers! Don't judge him on his tweets! Don't judge him on his tweet that got a lot of attention. Don't judge him on his "writing" because if you don't like it, it's your fault"!

Rap541 said...

Connor - seriously now.

He means his parents or he means TLC.

It either means his family or TLC. To say no one should talk about the brat's whining because he was too gutless to 100% clarify who he meant is so lame.

What clarification do you need to see?

What difference does it make to you?

If he meant TLC - are you upset on his parents behalf that some people might think he meant Matt and Amy? Because honestly, Matt and Amy are grown ups and have not expressed any displeasure over this so why do they need to be defended by you?

If he meant his parents - are you upset that he made the accusation at all? Because again, the people being accused have expressed no displeasure (and apparently welcome Jacob into their lives) and again, they are adults who have the power to publically defend themselves against these accusations if the accusations aren't true.

If Jacob were to clarify what he meant in any way, would any of your outrage be lessened? My sense is that whichever clarification is made, you'd find a reason to be pissed over something.

Btw I find it hilarious that you called Jacob a moron for not including Judaism as a major religion even though there's actually a valid case to be made that it isn't and you proudly showed your ass by not spelling Judaism correctly as you called someone else a moron.

Connor said...

Rap541, Try to comprehend.

I was pointing out how illogical EpistemicPolymath was being in his attempt to kiss Jacob's ass. EpistemicPolymath is the one saying no one knows what Jacob meant so don't judge.

Yes Rap, I think Jacob meant his parents. I think he wanted more money and was pissed off that he wasn't getting it when he wanted so he threw a temper tantrum. He doesn't even care if he throws his own parents under the bus as long as the selfish brat is getting something out of it.

Having said that, it is gutless for Jacob not to clarify that's what he meant when the media (TMZ mainly) did an entire video on it speculating on who he meant. Or he could have responded to the blood sucking lawyers for child reality stars when they were rushing to sign him up as a client. He could have said "Go Fuck yourselves, my parents are cool, who wouldn't rip me off".

Instead he just let it go and went back to his hole so he couldn't be pinned down on who he meant. And that left an opening for EpistemicPolymath's and the Jacob suck ups to say "Don't judge! You don't know he meant his parents! But maybe he didn't mean TLC either! Maybe he meant the dog ripped him off! You can't judge!"

Try telling Jews that Judaism isn't a major religion. Of course it is a major religion that has a major impact around the world.

Rap541 said...

Oh Connor, try to comprehend. ;)

Why do you care in the slightest what someone else thinks of Jacob Roloff?

If you know what he meant, and you just admitted you don't think he meant TLC, you think he was accusing his parents... what's your gripe again?

That other people are confused? First, frankly, it doesn't really look like anyone is confused, the popular sentiment here - before "Oh sweet Jesus, why won't he clarify, lets all find fault in that" became an arguing point - was that he meant his parents. TMZ is hardly a noteworthy source and they were drumming up interest in the story. I mean really "TMZ did a video on it" can be said for a whole lot of things.

Why does the idea that someone, Epistemic or anyone else, might disagree and feel sympathy for Jacob? Point - I think he meant his parents. I think Epistemic should look more into the issue because its pretty easy to find out the facts. That said, it bothers me not in the slightest that Epistemic wants to entertain the "he meant tlc" possibility because if they're wrong, they'll figure it out. You know he meant his parents, I, who you often disagree with, completely agree he meant his parents, and the vast majority of people reading this know he meant his parents. You don't need clarification so your outrage makes you look petty. As I asked previously, if Jacob were to clarify this issue, would any of your outrage lesson?

And Connor, I have friends who are Jewish and we discussed this statement. From a historical standpoint Judaism is very significant in Western culture, but currently, it's not even the biggest issue in the Middle East. From a sheer numbers standpoint, the Jewish faith is vastly outnumbered by Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, and this is information that's not hard to find. Neither is it hard to find the concept that Atheism is a religion (in fact, considering your outrage, it's really quite hilarious that the people who argue the loudest that is IS a religion are usually right wing Christians). I can offer you links on both topics if you like.

Do you have any links to provide to prove your recently stated fact that all gay men are rapists? Also, learn to spell before you call other people morons.

Rap541 said...

I also don't understand why the rest of the Roloff family isn't held to this standard.

I've been told again and again that its ok for Matt, Amy, Jeremy... to not take public stands or *clarify clearly* their views on homosexuals as its a moral good for strong Christians to be silent when money is involved and if money is involved, its best that they not clarify their views so that no one can hold anything against them.

And people do make the same arguments... "Matt/Amy/Jeremy never said they are against gay marriage so you can't judge them even tho we all know they really are" so what's the difference? Aside from "Connor hates Jacob and wants a bitch point?"

Dilly said...

Connor I think you're being a paranoid hateful fool by assuming Jacob completely left out Judaism. By one simple google search I can deduce what he meant. By the numbers, Judaism is #6 in the world, which means of the four most popular (by the numbers) Jacob listed, Judaism would not be included.
Source here:

Ecossais said...

Keep it up Jacob. You are driving them crazy. Even Anne is silent.

Shelby said...

Connor, you're awesome! :) I will look forward to your posts. I'm glad you're not afraid to tell it like it is about Jacob.

Jim said...

Jacob is tweeting "I was thinking the other day of how little I know of what actually happened during the trebuchet accident. Anyone who was there, FIND ME."

Maybe he should blog about it?

I don't need to have been there to know what happened.

Hey Jacob, you pulled the rope when you weren't supposed to and it went off prematurely.

The excuses that it malfunctioned and they didn't know why was just to spare your feelings and guilt...not that guilt is an emotion Jacob possesses.

Spiritswander said...

Just a reminder on comments:

The purpose of the comments are to discuss the subject. In this case, Jacob's blog. I understand that sometimes during the course of discussion, sometimes it will veer off the original topic, but try to keep it focused on the topic of the article.

Also, If you are not interested in a certain topic you don't need to post telling other people that you aren't interested and how they shouldn't be talking about it. Comments are for people who want to discuss a subject, not for people who are bored by the topic and want to tell everyone else to stop discussing it.

Those comments will most likely be rejected.

Gregory said...

Jim, he was 9...? Let's see you try to properly operate a trebuchet.

Jim's such a loser. Jacob was more badass at 9 to have survived such an incident.

Rap541 said...

Jim - if you want to raise this topic then please recall you're holding a nine year old accountable for an accident with a medieval siege engine. I absolutely agree Jacob was pulling the cord. I do. Now point me to the places where a nine year old is allowed to operate a trebuchet.

I assure you it isn't allowed in "pumpkin chucking" competitions. I also assure you that the Roloff trebuchet wouldn't have passed inspection at most competitions. As a parent, Jim, please stand tall and proud and announce how you as a parent would have no problem with your own son at age *nine* being allowed to operate the trebuchet at Roloff Farms and how you would personally back that by signing a statement that your son was at fault IF he got hurt.

If you won't commit to saying you'd pay for your nine year old's injuries if he messed up because jeez he was nine then you understand why shaming a nine year old is wrong.

Jim, would you publically call out your own son as a shame child you hate for being injured at age nine by a medieval war machine only adults are currently allowed to play with? Please stand tall and proud on how you would hate your own son.

Rap541 said...

Also just because I genuinely want to see the reference, Connor, please provide a link to where Jacob Roloff was publically called the white Jaden Smith. I want to see it.

Ashley said...

" Connor, please provide a link to where Jacob Roloff was publically called the white Jaden Smith. I want to see it."

Rap, I read that too. I think it was in the TMZ comments or the Radar Online comments. I remember seeing a couple of people call Jacob that.

Jim said...

Folks, I'm just telling it like it is.

Jacob says he wants to know what happened. That's the truth.

It fired and hit Jacob and Mike because Jacob pulled the rope when he wasn't supposed to. Matt was trying to be nice and deflect from what really happened when he said it malfunctioned or said they didn't know what happened. It's not that complicated.

I would actually love to read Jacob blog about that because it would be amusing to hear from his arrogant perspective. He's always up for making himself into the victim.

Denise said...

Don't get mad at Jim for stating the truth.

I think it's obviously Mike was trying to be nice to Jacob by letting him take part and pull the cord and thought he wouldn't mess it up, but he was wrong. The actually pulling of the cord when it's ready is insignificant (who actually tugs on it) but it makes a kid feel important...Mike just didn't anticipate that Jacob would grab it and pull it before he told him it was ready.

Mike was wrong for letting Jacob take part, but I felt bad for Mike, he was only trying to be nice to Jacob and it backfired (no pun intended).

Eric said...

"I was thinking the other day of how little I know of what actually happened during the trebuchet accident. Anyone who was there, FIND ME."

Connor, don't you love the way Jacob asks so politely? More like a demand.

To answer his question, you were knocked the f*ck out! LOL!

Bobsmom said...

Yes, Mike was wrong for letting Jacob near the trebuchet but so were his parents. Knowing that the trebuchet was about to be fired and that most 9 year old boys would want to fire it why were neither Matt or Amy corralling the kid?
If I recall correctly the injuries were worse than just being knocked out. There was some fear that a piece of Jacobs skull had been driven into his brain.

Jacobs blog so clearly shows that he desperately wants to converse with intellectuals. That he admires what he considers deep thought. This kid NEEDS college and fast. And not some crappy Christian college but one where he can explore any and every subject and idea that interests him.

Megan said...

"Yes, Mike was wrong for letting Jacob near the trebuchet but so were his parents. Knowing that the trebuchet was about to be fired and that most 9 year old boys would want to fire it why were neither Matt or Amy corralling the kid?
If I recall correctly the injuries were worse than just being knocked out. There was some fear that a piece of Jacobs skull had been driven into his brain."

I agree with that.

The parents were wrong not to be more strict, but parents do things like that. It's like having a kid sit on your lap and letting them push the button for something to make them feel important. 99.9% of the time it's harmless.

I know Jacob angrily denies it, but I wonder if the frontal lobe injury he suffered is at all the cause for the mess of a person that Jacob is today. Research frontal lobe injuries. It can cause a lack of empathy and extreme fits of anger. That sounds like Jacob.

Jason said...

Jacob needs to play with another Trebuchet now, lol. He's so arrogant and obnoxious. I'm not even religious, but I totally understand why people hate him.

Shelby said...

@Jason I totally agree! Like Eric said, even his tweet about the Trebuchet accident was not polite. I hate how people still suck up to him even when he's being rude. He could never say "I would really appreciate it if you would please contact me if you saw the accident, thanks." instead he makes an ORDER.

If he wasn't on TV, people would never rush to help someone like that, but instead people don't even care that he's not being polite. That's why he keeps on being such a jerk.

peace said...

Jacob's blog is nothing but several book reports. He is just writing quotes from the book he is reading and nothing more.
The trebuchet was one giant dangerous thing. It clearly was an accident waiting to happen. It should have not been used.
If Jacob wants to know what happened he could easily watch the episode but no he wants attention from other people.

Janet said...

Peace, I thought the same thing. If Jacob wants to know what happened why doesn't he ask Zach. He saw it. Jacob just wants people to feel sorry for him.

J45 said...

Janet, in a Q&A episode, Zach said he was nearby but didn't actually see the accident.

I agree Jacob could just watch the episode to see what happened, if he really wanted to. But of course the episode didn't show everything (the clip was only a couple minutes long), so there would obviously be gaps.

iirc, Mike yelled, "Fire!" before the accident (meaning Jacob didn't pull the rope prematurely, he was in fact given the go-ahead from Mike).

But even if Jacob hadn't been given the go-ahead (which I doubt), it is *still* not the fault of a 9-year-old *child*.

Please, if Prince Jer had been the one in the accident (at 16-years-old) he would never have been blamed because "Oh-how-his-precious-brain-wasn't-fully-formed"... But the 9-year-old? It was totally his fault.

Jocelynn said...

J45, the show didn't have the actual accident on camera. The times they showed Mike yelling "fire" was not the accident. The cameras were filming Matt at the house when the accident happened. Matt got the call that something happened and the cameras folllowed him. They missed the actual actual accident as it happened.

I thought Zach did say he saw it because he described where Mike was and seeing Jacob fly back.

Debbie said...

Jim is right (again). Some of you need to learn how to handle tge truth. Stating the cause of the accident is not necssarily "blaming" Jacob as in being angry. It is explaining the cause. It occured because Jacob fired it before it was ready.

Melanie said...

I find it telling that some people who for years have used Social Media do suck up to the Roloffs (Tom S.) . For 8 years he's been trying to becomes buddies with Matt and Jeremy. Even now as he tries to appear supportive to Jacob he can't resist telling Jacob that he makes bad life decisions. That's a huge insult coming from a suck up fan who for almost 10 years has been trying to get a personal invite to the farm from Matt.

Melanie said...

Connor, Eric, Shelby,
You're all on point, but the sad part is that it doesn't even occur to Jacob how to be polite.

In fairness, Jeremy does the same thing any time he wants so ething...a ride free ride from the airport, bike parts, camping equipmebt..he bellows for people to help him in way that he's barking an order instead of asking for a huge favor and being grateful.

Jacob does the same thing and he does it a lot. He just did it with the HBO password. It's sad how people will answer "how high?" anytime Jacob says "Jump". Like you all said, it allows him to continue being a jerk because people allow him to get away with it.

Barb said...

The bigger question is why is Jacob all of a sudden wanting to know details? How does that impact him now?

Are the cost of drugs increasing and he needs more money now that he's exhausted "getting F'd out of show money" and he wants to put together the beginnings of a case against his parents and the show so he can get more money?

Jacob's greed is unbelievable. Never worked a day in his life and thinks he's entitled to just be given free money from a lifestyle that he has benefited from greatly.

Susan said...

Well, Jim is right about the way Matt danced around the cause of the trebuchet accident.

Here is the official letter Matt sent right after the accident.

"Thank you all for the many well wishes and especially the prayers regarding Jacob's and Mike's terrible accident on Saturday.

Here is what happened: While Jacob and Mike were readying to launch a pumpkin, the winch that cocks the trebuchet (a catapult-like device) prematurely triggered. Both Jacob and Mike were then struck several times by a 2,000 pound block of concrete that acts as a counterweight and powers the motion of the trebuchet. A nearby crowd of seven to eight large, strong men who were visiting Roloff Farms on Saturday rushed in to help, pushing the block off of Mike. One of the men carried Jacob, who was initially knocked away by the trebuchet, into Amy's arms. When this happened, I was in the house with the film crew doing an interview. Jeremy called me to tell me what had happened. 911 was called and ambulances were dispatched. They were both rushed to the hospital's trauma unit.

After arriving at the hospital, it was determined, based on CT scans, that Jacob had a dime size dent in his head and doctors then performed a procedure to relieve swelling and avoid any seizure or infection. Jacob's surgery went VERY well and he's expected to make a full recovery. Within hours of the procedure, Jacob was back in action, even playing Monopoly with his sister. He should return home within the next few hours.

Mike required substantial stitches, as well as some precautionary X-Rays and CT scans, but otherwise escaped more serious injury He is also expected to make a full recovery and I'm thankful that he was released from the hospital today.

Right now, we are holding our children all a little closer, and focusing on Jacob's and Mike's recovery.

Thank you again for all the well wishes and prayers...and thank you to all our visitors yesterday who jumped in to assist with this unfortunate accident.

Best to you all, Matt"

J45 said...

Jocelynn, just realizing now I didn't remember the Q&A quite right. Zach was there but he was focused on Mike, not Jacob (due to the concrete block falling on Mike and pushing Jacob away). So Zach had seen it but was not fully aware of what was going on with Jacob, as his attention was mainly on Mike.

Rap541 said...

Debbie, Denise, are you seriously holding a nine year old accountable?

I just want to point out before you do that you're dredging up something that happened years ago - this is expressly not allowed when Jeremy's past actions come up but if you ARE holding a nine year old accountable for something that happened years and years ago then we ARE going to talk about Jeremy's Jesus blessed use of racist hatespeech since "it was YEARS ago" is no longer a valid argument.

As stated - I absolutely think Jacob was operating the trebuchet. I do. I have no reason to think otherwise.

I think the problem I am having is the rush to deem Jacob responsible in that yes... he was nine years old. I'm sorry, maybe being too rational, but don't the adults in his life have some responsibility to raise him in a safe environment?

I mean, I know, I know, Matt and Amy are exemplary Christians but really, they let their nine year old play with a dangerous weapon. It wasn't like he snuck a gun out of the house or didn't have permission - Matt and Amy openly endorsed Jacob being there. Mat and Amy allowed him to be there. Matt and Amy made the parenting decision to allow a nine year old to operate a weapon. Please don't tell me you genuinely believe Jacob at nine was an adult capable of making adult decisions. The incident with the trebuchet took place because all of the adults in Jacob's life decided it was appropriate for a nine year old to operate a weapon.

Since nine year olds aren't adults, yes, Matt and Amy are responsible for the accident because they made a really crappy parenting decision. Of course Jacob pulled the cord, he was there with his parents blessing. They probably thought it had crowd appeal. But really, its not like he didn't have their permission, he didn't trick Mike into letting him participate, Matt and Amy completely endorsed Jacob being on the firing line. He was nine. They were the adults who decided it was appropriate for a nine year old to operate a weapon. Something almost tragic took place... and it was the fault of the adults making a really poor decision.

Or put another way, if god forbid a non Roloff affiliate had gotten hurt or killed when Jacob pulled the cord, Matt and Amy would be the ones named in the lawsuit because they were the idiots who allowed their nine year old to use a weapon.

J45 said...

Susan, while I'm willing to believe Jacob fired the trebuchet prematurely, a 9-year-old should not be made to operate a trebuchet. Therefore, the fault lays squarely on Jacob's parents and Mike for allowing Jacob to operate the trebuchet and putting him (and Mike) in harms way,

I also honestly don't think the trebuchet was safe to begin with. If it didn't hurt Jacob and Mike, it would've hurt someone else eventually. And then they would've had a lawsuit on their hands -- I'm sure Matt was at least thankful Mike would never sue them, and Jacob wasn't able to.

And I stand by what I said before:
If 16-year-old Jeremy had been hurt by the trebuchet, he would be sympathized with, not blamed.

Rap541 said...

You're all on point, but the sad part is that it doesn't even occur to Jacob how to be polite.

I believe this point has been made about all the Roloff kids...

Jocelynn said...

J45, That's ok!

Susan, the thing I remember about the days after was the mini controversy at the time how *Jeremy* (who didn't even see the accident) was so upset and traumatized that he went to stay at a friend's house in the days after because he was so upset and Amy was worried about Jeremy....I remember Jeremy's then girlfriend Kirsten saying that on Myspace (I'm dating myself!) at the time.

I remember the Jeremy fans arguing it showed that Jeremy cared the most because he was the most upset and others like Rap suggesting it showed how self-centered Jeremy was that he needed all the attention on himself (that's how I remember it, I apologize Rap, if I got that wrong).

Judy said...

Jocelynn, I don't know why it is so hard for some people to admit that Jeremy is a better person than Zach (and Jacob goes without saying).

Maybe it's that people want to sound politically correct so they don't want to say that Jeremy is a better person than his dwarf twin? He's better in almost every way and he has been since they were kids.

It was Jeremy who in the face of emergency thought to call Matt for help. Jeremy called, not Zach.

Jeremy being very distraught shows what a caring heart Jeremy had for his brother and Mike. Obviously, I think it's time for Jeremy to toughen up on Jacob and start standing up to him, but having a compassionate heart is a good trait and shows Jeremy's love that Jesus had.

That came from his now ex-girlfriend who admitted how distraught and upset Jeremy was so it was legitimate.

Jeremy is a better person and he has been since they were kids.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I remember that as well, Jocelynn. I was more surprised that people thought it was appropriate that Jeremy not be with his family during such a time, that if precious Jer needed to be surrounded by friends and not family, then precious Jer needed to be given what he wanted rather than assist his family thru a difficult time.

As I recall, I was chided for expecting Jeremy to man up and support his family instead of running off to his buddies to have fun while his grandparents, sister, and brother waited at home for news.

Rap541 said...

Yeah when Jeremy was taking pictures of buddy Mueller throwing his pet cat, he was sure being awesome wasn't he, Judy?

Judy said...

"If 16-year-old Jeremy had been hurt by the trebuchet, he would be sympathized with, not blamed."

A 16 year old Jeremy wouldn't have had an "oops" moment and pulled the cord when nobody was ready.

And of course Jeremy would have received sympathy if he was an innocent bystander, but that didn't happen. God always looks out for Jeremy and that's why those things happen to Jacob and not Jeremy. I believe God has special plans for Jeremy and blesses him accordingly.

The wording "blaming" Jacob doesn't fit. The question was asked "What happened?" Jim provided the answer. Jacob pulled the trigger prematurely. We aren't allowed to say the truth because it might hurt an 18 year old Jacob's feelings?

J45 said...

Judy, from what Zach said in the Q&A, having *actually seen the accident* it's possible Zach was too shocked to think to call his parents.

Since Jeremy had only *heard* about the accident and was (I assume) aware 911 had been called and this situation was as "controlled" as it could be (given the circumstances), he was more able to *think* to alert their parents. Yes, he was I imagine rightfully upset but he did not see it, so he was removed from the situation in a way Zach obviously couldn't be.

It wasn't about being sensitive/insensitive. It was specifics of watching *anyone* (but especially a family friend) get their head smashed by a 2,000 pound concrete block and your brother blown back from the impact.... It's likely Zach was too shocked to think rationally "Oh, my parents should know about this" and there could be a delayed emotional response because, you know, shock.

There's also that everyone reacts to stress and difficult situations differently. Obviously there was a group of men who stepped in to help, who were able to get past the shock.

Jeremy reacting emotionally and wanting to stay at a friend's house is reasonable also. Perhaps being home reminded him of the accident, and since he wasn't actually present his imagining what had ha

Rap541 said...

"A 16 year old Jeremy wouldn't have had an "oops" moment and pulled the cord when nobody was ready"

Perhaps because 16 year olds are considered more responsible than nine year olds?

I mean, that sure sounds like blaming a nine year old for misfiring a weapon.

Is that your point Judy? Nine year old Jacob was old enough and mature enough at nine that he needs to understand he was an adult who failed at an adult responsibility and deserves his faced rubbed in it?

I also note we're not allowed to talk about Jeremy's racist hatespeech at 16-18 because it is in the past and it hurts 25 year old Jeremy's feelings to be held accountable for things he did as "a child".

Isn't that right, Judy? Jeremy at 16 was sure responsible enough to not have an oops with the trebuchet but is also a child who had no idea "Pretty sweet, just like a nigger" and "faggithole" wasn't an appropriate thing to say... right?

Poor precious Jer was just a little boy then without a fully developed brain and needs to be granted grace... while Jacob at *nine* was accountable as an adult for his own accident and he and ONLY he deserves blame.

Am I following the argument correctly?

J45 said...

Perhaps Jeremy's imaginings of what had happened was much worse than Zach having actually seen the accident. But it is kind of odd considering Jeremy hadn't actually seen the accident, so "traumatized" is a bit of an exaggeration IMHO, especially because *Jeremy* was the one who fired the new trebuchet and screamed with glee (along with Matt) at the successful launch, while the others were wary.

I apologize for publishing my first comment too early.

Rap541 said...

Btw Judy - you may not realize it but you've just screwed the "Poor precious baby Jer" arguememnt.

If 16 year old Jeremy couldn't conceivably make a mistake then 16 year old Jeremy knew better than to use the n word and knew better than to call people faggitholes. No more "he was a child".... Jeremy is so accountable he can't possibly have made a mistake at 16 so lets talk about his intentional use of faggot to refer to gay people, and his use of the word *nigger* to refer to someone doing chores for him. (ie Mike Detjen being "pretty sweet just like a *nigger*" was not and is not a hip hop reference)

Paula said...

I'm with Judy. That's what happened. No harm in saying it.

Jacob won't blame himself anyway. When has Jacob ever blamed himself about anything? He's just looking for someone to blame by bringing this up now.

He knows how screwed up his life is and how it's going nowhere and he must blame others for it.

Blame the show. Blame his parents. Blame the fans for annoying him. Now it looks like he's wanting to blame the trebuchet accident.

Jacob is all about blaming other people for his short comings in life. He doesn't know anything about personal responsibility.

Rap541 said...

Paula - do you think Matt and Amy bear any responsibility for the trebuchet accident in being parents who allowed a nine year old to use a homemade deadly weapon?

You do understand he was there with their permission, correct?

Do they have any responsibility or fault for allowing their nine year old child to play with a deadly weapon?

Or do you think nine year old Jacob needs to man up and own he was an adult then who failed at an adult responsibility?

Paula said...

Rap541, as others have said, Matt, Amy and Mike made a poor decision in letting Jacob get involved. They should have told him no when he wanted to be part of the launching.

That doesn't change the fact. What happened? Jacob pulled the rope before it was ready and that was the reason the accident occurred.

Brandon said...

"A 16 year old Jeremy wouldn't have had an "oops" moment and pulled the cord when nobody was ready"

Judy, I'm not so sure about that. I'll remind you of the infamous posts between Jeremy and friend Jake Remple when they were 15/16 on Myspace....talking about how they almost burned down the barn with firecrackers...

Rachel said...

Jacob doesn't know the basic manners of being polite.

Writing 'I want to know, if you know, FIND ME' is not asking politely. Words like "Please", "I would appreciate", and "Thank you" are foreign to Jacob.

Rap541 said...

So Paula - are Matt and Amy at fault as parents for allowing their nine year to play with a dangerous weapon.

I don't want to hear how you're disappointed or that they made a poor decision.

Are Matt and Amy at fault as parents for allowing their nine year old to play with a dangerous weapon? Yes or no?

Rap541 said...

Rachel - since no one else in the Roloff family uses those words, I don't know why you expect Jacob to use them.

Remember, Jeremy at the same age was calling his fans losers and "randoms" and hmmm I was chided for suggesting that Jeremy was old enough to have learned some manners...

Hey, here's some tweets from Jeremy.

"Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff · Aug 21
If you stumble on any 90's Landcruiser leads, let me know."

Not a please, thank you or "I would appreciate..."

"Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff · Jul 28
Passing through Redding tonight. Does anyone have a couch!? Haha, but seriously."

Huh, again, no please, thank you or I would appreciate... Sure seems like these words are pretty foreign to Jer-Bear when he wants something.

"Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff · Jun 28
Anyone renting a guesthouse in Santa Barbara? Or subleasing for the summer?"

"Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff · Mar 15
Auj and I are looking for a new place in silver lake. If you know of a place or are renting hit us up!"

"Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff · Dec 23
Where's the best place to buy grip gear in Los Angeles?"

"Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff · Nov 18
I'm looking for a drive system so I can do my own backup raid. Not online backups. So things like @drobo or @Synology ect..."

I could go on... but it's actualy quite noticeable that we only see "please" and "Thank you" in posts Jeremy clearly intends as ads. When Jeremy asks for things otherwise, he doesn't use please, thank you or I would appreciate... So I wonder if anyone is willing to say he doesn't know the basic manners of being polite or if yet another excuse will be found for Jeremy to be exalted for the same behavior that gets Jacob a public hate fest....

Jocelynn said...

Zing! Score one for Rap.

Timothy said...

Good job, Rap541. It shows Jeremy is quite the moocher. I wonder how many times Jeremy returns the favor? He doesn't have a problem asking people to do things for him.

Jacob might be different than the rest of his family in some ways but the lack of manners is something that stuck with him.

Rap541 said...

Thanks Jocelynn and Timothy.

It's not even that I care whether Jeremy reciprocates these favors or not. If basic manners is using please, thank you and I would appreciate, to where Jacob needs a public "Jacob doesn't know the basic manners of being polite" then I absolutely expect Jeremy to be held to same.

How about it? Rachel? You're the one who said it - is Jeremy up to *your* standards of courtesy that you openly chided Jacob for not following?

Doesn't Jeremy need the public shaming of "Jeremy doesn't know the basic manners of being polite" since there's multiple examples of Jeremy doing the same thing Jacob did?

Janet said...

I've seen Jeremy thank people lots of times on twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Are you really arguing that Jeremy doesn't have better manners than Jacob?

Rap541 said...

Janet - are you really calling the examples I cited Jeremy being polite?

More importantly, Rachel is making the argument that Jacob is rude because he's not using please, thank you, and I would appreciate when he asks for things. She said it is not asking politely.

I then provide multiple examples of Jeremy doing the same thing, asking for things and not using please, thank you and I would appreciate.

Isn't he being impolite? I mean, it's impolite when it's Jacob... isn't it impolite when Jeremy does the same thing? Aren't manners for everyone? And isn't Jeremy 25 now and old enough to have manners?

Bobsmom said...

Jeremy is not a superior person, in fact as far as I'm concerned he's inferior. Jacob at and says what he thinks. Jeremy is sneakier about it. They're both rude. If Jacob doesn't know the basic manners it's because he was raised without them. They are not innate we must be taught. And frankly I can see MAtt and Amy teaching the kids to be pushy to get what they want.

Yes, nine year old Jacob pulled the rope on the catapult. But his parents, Mike, older siblings and his grandparents as well as any other adults attached to the farm are responsible for the outcome. All of them knew it was wrong to have a child so close to that thing.

Rap541 said...

Bobsmom - doesn't it make you laugh?

Frankly the Roloff kids pretty consistently display shitty manners all around. But I supply examples of Jeremy doing the same thing Jacob is being called out for and hmmm... suddenly people are plotzing.

Hey how about the fan interactions where Jeremy is rude? Oh right... Jeremy doesn't have to have manners to gays, fat chicks or ugly chicks because Jeremy shines for Christ and Christ doesn't expect Jeremy to do anything but what pleases Jeremy and if Jeremy doesn't want to show manners to fatties or queers, that's still Jeremy being polite. If Jeremy is rude, it is NEVER Jeremy's fault to own. If Jeremy isn't perfectly comfortable, he has the right to shit on whomever he pleases because yup, Jesus wants Jeremy to always be perfectly comfortable.

Likewise the trebuchet. I will exclude his siblings, Bobsmom, because none of them were adults at the time. That said, I don't care who pulled the cord. Jacob was nine. Even if he snuck out of the house and lied to Mike that he had permission, the blame for the accident falls on Mike, Matt and Amy for being the idiot adults who decided having a trebuchet was cute. And in fact, Jacob didn't lie to operate the trebuchet. He had permission from ALL of the adults on the property. His parents endorsed the behavior that got two people seriously hurt. Hell, Matt was all "lets rebuild it and redo it and put Jacob front and center for it" so yes I do think Matt and Amy get to own their crappy parenting decision.

Except of course, some people here are so into hating for Jesus that deriding someone for an accident that occurred when they were nine.

It's like blaming that little eight year old girl for accidently shooting and killing her gun instructor when she lost control of her weapon. Yes, she pulled the trigger, she ABSOLUTELY PULLED THE TRIGGER, but it was her idiot parents thinking it was appropriate to have an eight year old firing an automatic weapon who are to blame.

Connor said...

Rap541, do you want to know a secret? The truth is I don't give a crap about Jeremy. Maybe he's a cool guy, maybe he's a jerk too. I don't know. I'm not impressed that the only comments he's made about Jacob in the last year and half has been that he misses him and that "Jacob is busy taking care of the dog".

But Jeremy isn't as obnoxious as Jacob on social media. Jeremy is not the police basher trying to drum up hate for the cops.

That's all Jacob.

Rap541, since you're obsessed with it, here is my official position on gays. Are all gay guys rapists? I'm sure not all of them have actually raped someone. But I will say there is something wrong with them that causes them not to be able to control their sexual urges. That's why they're gay.

No straight guy should be expected to hang out with a gay guy. And not when the fag has said he finds the guy attractive. It really annoys the hell out of me that you keep making me repeat the one issue that I actually agree with Jacob and defend him on. Jacob was right in how he handled the fag at school and there was nothing wrong with him saying he wouldn't be friends with a gay guy.

How many straight guys do you think would actually feel comfortable with hanging out with a gay guy in their room playing video games, swimming or sleeping over? Seriously, I'd love to know.

If Jacob blogs about this again I will actually defend him again. lol.

Shelby said...

Keep going, Connor! You rock!

IMO, I do think Jeremy is a lot nicer and better person than Jacob. I don't even think it's close.

Rap541 said...

Wait a minute, Connor, so when you said all gay men were rapists, you were presenting a lie as truth.

You lied about a group of people merely because they frighten you. How brave you are, telling lies to encourage hate.

Now we all know how seriously to take you - you will lie when it furthers your agenda. Does your cop daddy know that?

How many straight guys do you think would actually feel comfortable with hanging out with a gay guy in their room playing video games, swimming or sleeping over? Seriously, I'd love to know.

It's a lot, Connor. Most people don't have irrational fears about gay people. I personally had a gay roommate in college and I was never raped. Plenty of people have shared rooms with gay people and never even considered being raped. I know a fellow who was in the marines and who had a gay squadmate and they were best friends and the gay fellow was the best man at his straight wedding.

I'm just glad you clarified you were lying and can't prove any of your hateful comments. Also pretty sure being a liar makes you just like your obsession, Jacob Roloff. :D

And yes, Connor, I will be calling you the liar you are until you apologize for maligning a group of people with a hate filled lie you can't prove.

Shelby - you're cheering for a liar. I'm genuinely not surprised at your character.

Connor said...

@Rap541, See the thing about my opinion, is that it's mine and not yours. LOL!

I just said the way it is. Gays are perverts who shouldn't be trusted. I'm on the same page as Jacob on this one issue.

For the record, yeah I'm sure my dad is proud that I don't have fags for friends

"It's a lot"

Excuse me while I take the time to get back up from the floor that I was laughing on. I don't know what you think you know about being a young guy, but trust me, it's not a lot. It's virtually none. The only ones who would actually be cool with it probably are gay themselves or would say they're ok with it just to sound good to liberals. It's not a lot.

I know several stories of friends and a personal experience of my own of fags (before it was known that they were gay) trying to hit on straight guys and there's not even that many gays in my town.

Trying to guilt a straight guy into feeling guilty or making them out to be a bad person BECAUSE they don't want to hang out with a gay guy is lame. Again it's really annoying that it's the one thing I defend Jacob about on you keep making me repeat it, lol.

Bobsmom said...

Get off the homophobia and listen to reality. Lots of straight and gay people are friends and perfectly comfortable with each other.
People are gay NOT because they cannot control their sexual urges you idiot but because they have genetic markers that cause them to be attracted to the same sex. Grow up and STOP assuming that all straight boys feel as you do.

So you admit that Jeremy is obnoxious too. Good. And you have no idea what Jeremy thinks of cops because he's too sneaky to state publicly.

Connor said...

"Lots of straight and gay people are friends and perfectly comfortable with each other."

Uh no, Bobsmom, they aren't. I'm sure the gays are comfortable with it because that's what they want. But straight guys aren't. What do you know about how straight teen to early 20 guys feel about it? Do you even talk to any straight teen guys before you go telling me that I'm wrong.

"And you have no idea what Jeremy thinks of cops because he's too sneaky to state publicly."

You're right, I don't know, but I know Jeremy isn't using social media to encourage everybody to hate the police and he's not posting a bunch of bullshit from racists that twist the facts.

Rap541 said...

Oh Connor, now you've proven you're stupid and a liar.

"Gay men are rapists" is a statement of fact. That's actually why I originally asked you if you actually meant that (and you did say yeah).

"I think gay people are bad and can't control themselves" is an opinion. But you agreed you meant "all gay men are rapists" which is a factual statement not an opinion. That's why I asked you to provide proof, which of course you sniveled about and eventually admitted you couldn't do since it's not true.

You can proudly dislike gay people all you want - that's an opinion. But you don't get to *lie* about them without being called a bigot, and that's what you've done. You can't prove your statement of fact, you're a liar.

And you're also stupid because you think lying about factual things is an opinion when it absolutely isn't.

I also find it amusing that you're laughing with glee at how you've proven yourself to be ignorant and stupid and a liar. You sure did mansplain it good - you told a lie, you got caught in it, you whined like a child, and now you're proud of yourself for telling a lie.

Do you brag when you go poopy in the potty too, Connor? Tell me again how you know all gay men are rapists and prove it.

Oh right, you can't because it's a lie, a lie you told to puff yourself up. You're a liar just like your buddy Jacob and you and he are morally the same.

Rap541 said...

"Uh no, Bobsmom, they aren't"

Again, not an opinion, a statement of fact. Made worse that you can't prove it, and will insist anyone who disagrees with you or provides personal experience to dispute your statement of fact is a liar or gay.

See, that's why I allow, when discussing the cop issue, that there are many good police officers. Because I would look pretty foolish if I said "All cops are murdering scumbags and anyone who disagrees is a liar or a murdering cop covering it up"

Does that help clarify for you, Connor? Or do we need to get the fingerpuppets out?

Jim said...

Connor, don't even bother. You're probably close to the same age as my son. Of course you're right about queers not being welcome by red blooded American teens.

That Jacob doesn't want them near him is the one good thing about an otherwise whiny bitch. I was impressed when I read that. It was really apparent that Matt feared Jacob would be a fag. He did once famously call Jacob a sissy boy on the show. Everyone knew what he meant. So the fact Jacob likes girls and doesn't welcome gays into his space is a good thing about the way he turned out.

Abby said...

Why doesn't Jacob use his blog to write about real things instead pseudo intellectual crap? Like explain why he felt screwed out of money and why 3 days later he's smiling with the family.

Or explain why he thinks the rest of his family are worse than him because they drink alcohol and gets high on drugs.

Or explain why he pretends to be pro gay on twitter but won't be friends with them.

That's the kind of thing I would like to see him blog about.

Taylor said...

Connor, I know you are right. All my guy friends are the same way.

Abby, he doesn't because he's not into explaining things. His blog is there just for him to try to look smart.

Bobsmom said...

Because it's Jacob's blog and he can write about anything he wants? Because he doesn't owe you or anyone else an explanation? Because people change and grow between high school and 18 and may change their minds about issues like Gay Americans? Because he's seen the mess Matt's made of his and his family's lives by abusing alcohol?
And most of all because he doesn't have to please you or anyone else with his writing.

I accept that you feel the way you've repeatedly expressed in such vile and offensive manner here. But whether you like it or not YOU are in the minority. In my experience boys that have expressed the same sentiments are either extreme religious right or uncomfortable with their own sexuality, whatever that may be.

Ecossais said...

J45 said...

"I actually agree with Connor for once: Jacob forgot Judaism". Jacob forgot about Judaism because as a good Christian he knows they are going straight to hell when the end days come.

EpistemicPolymath said...

....Connor is spitting out completely biased assumptions about homosexuals and their friendships. Whether or not a straight guy can be friends with a homosexual depends on a ton of different factors. Such as the kind of person the homosexual and straight male are. Not all homosexuals are the same and not all straight men are the same. Attempting to clump them all into one hasty generalization only proves how illogical and close minded Conner is (and most of the people who agree with him). But that is what happens to people who can only see particular concepts one way. (And also for people who assume that everyone who disagrees with them is doing so for unworthy reason).

It definitely is not for everyone. People who enjoy that stuff wouldn't be bother by the complexity or wordiness of the writing, and would be open minded to the discussed topics. It is simply insightful reflection, not works that have been researched and developed over a course of years which is what the authors of the content he reads have done. It requires a desire for questioning, and the reason Conner and others here find it pointless is because they already think they know everything and already have the world figured out. Which honestly makes them hypocritical because they are showing true arrogance. They are far to obsessed with being right and pretending they know everything that they can't even see the countless possibilities these topics possess. They can only see what they want to see...

EpistemicPolymath said...

...Rap, maybe you can tell me how I did not look enough into the issue of Jacob's intended focus with that 'fed out of money tweet". Please explain to me how pointing out that two people on the internet (You and Conner) cannot be 100% sure of his intentions with that tweet. How does that mean that I did not look far enough into the issue? Please enlighten me with these facts you have about this. I would love to know.

Also for Conner and the rest of the people who can only say negative things about Jacob's blog, I have some interesting philosophical questions for you.

What does intelligent and smart mean to you? In other words what does someone have to do to qualify as smart to you?

Also, what does a piece of writing have to contain in order to qualify as pretentious, arrogant, and pointless (without worthy content)?

Answer those for me. I will spend a few days analyzing your responses. This will make the comments more interesting and are on topic with the actual post.

Kyle said...


I'm curious, why do you think Jacob never replys to your tweets?

Ashley said...

"Such as the kind of person the homosexual and straight male are"

Epistemic Polymath, the thing is Connor is actually right that he and Jacob share the same views on being uncomfortable around gay guys and not wanting to be friends with them.

Jacob actually said that (or wrote that, to be factually correct). I know your angle is people can't form an opinion about Jacob because it is in the past and Jacob might or might not still think that so no one can judge Jacob on what he actually said. It seems like you don't think people should have any opinion about Jacob unless they are saying that he's brilliant for his blog articles. That's ok but judging Jacob on what he actually said about a subject and how he really reacted when he had his moment of truth and the situation actually happened is not valid.

Jacob is being judged on this issue based on what he ACTUALLY said when a real life situation happened. That's a damn good thing to judge someone on, how they actually reacted when that situation happened.

A gay kid at his school was asked for his opinion of Jacob and he said "I won't lie, honestly Jacob is very attractive". Anyone who saw Jacob's answers after that could tell he was freaked out. That's homophobia. He said he was annoyed and didn't want to do with a gay kid that likes him and didn't want to be around the kid.

Jacob was then asked why wouldn't he be friends with a gay guy? His response was "Because I'm not into dudes, I like girls". He wasn't talking about one specific gay person. He was asked why wouldn't he be friends with a gay guy and his response was so ignorant and homophobic it was revolting!

IMO, that made Jacob look ignorant and unintelligent. Oh yes, I know, Jacob writes essays on "Tiamat Revolution" and "Cultural Inertia" so I'm the dumb one because those are over my head and I don't get it, but sorry, Jacob proved his ignorance and prejudice with those answers.

Why won't you be friends with a gay guy? "Because I don't like dudes, I like girls" It is so ignorant!

Then the gay guy at the school, 4 months later confirmed Jacob refused to speak to him the entire year and said that Jacob told everyone that Jacob hated him because he was gay.

Unfortunately, Connor is totally right that Jacob and Connor feel the same way about that.

Judy said...

Ashley, far be it from me to defend Jacob, but Jacob had no obligation to be friends with a homosexual just because said gay has the hots for him (gross). Just as Jeremy was under no obligation to befriend a weirdo man who approached him on Jeremy's private time to tell him how much he likes Jeremy.

Gay people think they can impose their lifestyle on everyone. It is a huge problem today. I'm glad Jacob reacted like he did and said what he said.

Rap541 said...

Epistemtic - you really need to look into the issues surrounding TLC shows and how minors are paid on TLC shows.

Generally speaking - minors are not paid directly by TLC and TLC has never offered any proof or any direct comment that the minors on their many shows have trust funds established for their earnings. As shown by the Gosselin contracts (a reality show family on TLC that started about the same time Little People Big World started) it's the parents who are contracted and the parents who are paid directly by production. The children actually get no cut at all until they are eighteen and can be legally contracted. Until then all the money goes directly to the parents.

Children on reality shows are not protected by the laws protecting child actors so they can still be taken advantage of. The reality here is that Jacob, Molly, Zach and Jeremy were never actually given the choice of being filmed, their parents decided for them, and their parents received all profits until they turned eighteen.

Jacob only recently turned eighteen. A running argument over these tweets of his is that he's just upset that his money is in a trust fund and he's not allowed access but there's simply no proof and utterly no legal reason TLC would have handled the payment issue differently than it did on any later shows. All Jacob's parent's need to do to prove they put money aside is to show the paper work for the trust fund. Instead they would rather be accused.

Point - I do concede it's possible Jacob means TLC when he asks where his money is... but Jacob needs to ask his parents about the contracts they signed when he was eight. Are you aware there is a long running concern that children on reality shows are being exploited by their parents with no money to show for it? The laws don't protect children on these shows. It's perfectly legal that Matt and Amy may not have given Jacob a cent for his participation on the show for ten years. Mind you, they don't seem that greedy, but in the question of who fucked Jacob out of money, I think his parents certainly made choices for him and TLC certainly didn't care what those choices were.

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