Saturday, December 26, 2015

Roloff Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from Spiritswander!

Here is a sampling of various Roloffs and people associated with the Roloffs, Christmas postings to social media:

Matt Roloff via Facebook:

Matt Roloff:  A very very Merry Christmas everyone. Love, peace and Joy to the World... From Little People, Big World

Amy Roloff via Facebook, Instagram and twitter:

Amy Roloff: Whew! Made it to Christmas Eve Service. Breathe, allow Jesus peace take over & still in awe of Christmas🎄 A precious gift

Amy Roloff: I love singing the traditional Christmas carols at church. The tradition still has an impact for me. The gift of Jesus. Do you know it?

A wonderful way to end Christmas Day w/ family & friends and thinking of those not here. Gifts given & unwrapped, conversations abound, gathering around the table... The simple things often have the most impact. Joy Peace Love! What a wonderful great day. Now all is quite, the last of the Christmas music plays, Felix by my side Thinking - as this year closes a new year begins again. 2016 what will you bring? Auld Lang Syne
😘 #secondact #bringinthenewyear#newyearnewbeginning #peoplewhoneedpeople#christmasdinner #startingallover

Jeremy Roloff via Facebook, Instagram and twitter:

Jeremy Roloff: 

jeremyjamesroloffMerry Christmas from the Roloff's! Celebrating the birthday of a boy who rewrote our future.

Audrey Roloff via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

Audrey Roloff: If you subscribe to my blog, you should have received our Christmas card today!!! If you have a Christmas card you would like to share with us we would be honored. E-mail a photo of your card to! I would love to put a face to my followers
💗 Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! Stay tuned for the unveil of the gifts jer and I made each other!!!‪#‎merrychristmas‬ ‪#‎journeyofjerandauj‬ ‪#‎theroloffs‬ ‪#‎christmas‬ ‪#‎inbend‬‪#‎oursecondchristmas‬

Audrey Roloff: MERRY CHRISTMAS we've been in our pajamas all day...onsies actually... We are very thankful and brimming over with joy on this day that marks the birth of our Savior. We are thankful that we get to recieve the gift of Christ. The greatest gift. Not just this day, but every day: life with Him marked by abundance peace and joy. ‪#‎alwaysmore‬ ‪#‎christmaspjs‬ ‪#‎christmas‬ ‪#‎onsies‬‪#‎pinethekitty‬ ‪#‎inbend‬ ‪#‎theroloffs‬ ‪#‎journeyofjerandauj‬

Zach Roloff via Instagram:

Zach Roloff: Tori once again putting on a awesome annual Christmas party!!! 

Tori Roloff via Instagram

Tori Roloff: Merry Christmas from the Roloffs! We hope you and your family are well and have a wonderful holiday season! Happy birthday Jesus!!  #inspectorsullivan #storyofzachandtori -

Jacob Roloff via Instagram

Jacob Roloff: Tree#1 w/ @isabelsofiagarreton

Isabel (Jacob's girlfriend) via Instagram and Twitter

Trying to get these three to cooperate for this matching sweater photo was a lot more complicated than it should have been but we managed... @toriroloff with the skills

Isabel: Under the mistletoe


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Ashley said...

Merry Christmas all!

Spirits, Isabel actually posted a picture that she deleted (of course, she always deletes!!) with a caption something like "Amazing the difference between this year and last year. It's amazing the difference it makes when you surround yourself with such good and positive people! I even got Jacob to love Christmas". I think the picture was the same as Amy's the dinner one.

I'm paraphrasing from memory because she deleted it now, but I got a Tori vibe from it. The public shows of adoration for all things Roloff and their friends. Does she really think the Roloffs and friends are so awesome or is she just saying that to make sure she gets some airtime when the new season comes in the spring and to cement her place? I wonder.

I actually find all of the Roloffs to be very phony about portraying their lives as perfect. It's funny that Jeremy actually has retweeted stories about how the problem with social media is that everyone portrays their life as perfect and it depresses people because they look at everyone else's profile and then look at their own life and get depressed. But Jeremy does exactly that.

Anyway, that's just my opinion! Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

Merry CHRISTmas!

Out of all of them Jeremy, Audrey and Amy nailed it the most. They put the focus back where it should be, on Jesus and the birth of our savior. I'm glad Tori mentioned Jesus too.

Laura said...

Ashley did Isabel mention Jesus in the post she deleted or no?

Ashley said...

Laura, I can't remember honestly. I don't think so, but I think she said she is blessed to be surrounded by such great positive people this year and then posted the Roloff dinner table...

Jason said...

Ashley, all of the Roloffs (and wannabe Roloffs) are incredibly fake. Truth and honesty is not something you'll find from the Roloffs. It's all about image and money and promoting the brand. Very fake people.

Jocelynn said...

I'm sorry, but I have to admit, I don't like seeing Jeremy holding that poor kitten with that stupid grin on his face. It's fitting that Mueller commented on Jeremy's picture.

I wonder if poor "Pine the kitty" is going to be thrown to the ceiling by jerk Jeremy and his friends?

I don't like seeing him with animals. People like that don't change. I hope Audrey keeps a good eye on the kitty to make sure it is not mistreated but I don't have much hope.

Alexa said...

If Isabel loves the Roloffs now she is a massive hypocrite because she posts about how she hates people who are cruel to animals.

But hey, if it's Roloffs, then go to social media to say how they are favorite people ever.

Does Isabel advocate throwing cats high in the air so you can video it with your friends?

No character, that's not surprising to anyone who ever went to school with her.

Janet said...

It is nice to see that some people do understand the meaning of Christmas, a celebration of Jesus Christ.

Nicole said...

Why wasn't Jeremy and Audrey at the Farm for Christmas dinner?

I realize they have been filming lately and keep a lot of hidden when they are doing that and that Jeremy and Audrey are starting their own Christmas traditions in Bend, but it was strange to see them missing from the dinner pictures.

Denise said...

Jeremy and Audrey are so great! It is lovely to see a young couple so focused on Jesus. God Bless them.

Lauren said...

Jacob has no conscience in publicly implying they are thieves but will happily sit around the table at Christmas time.

Clammbakke said...

When will Jeremy finally come out of the closet? The way he dresses and uses makeup makes it obvious he's a homosexual. God will show him the live he deserves if he's honest to his heart and the Lord.

Debbie said...

Clammbakke, that's garbage you're spewing. Jeremy is not gay. And he loves Jesus. You should go to church at Jonhn Mark Comer's ajesuschurch and learn that you need spiritual counselling to be cured by the Lord.

Judy said...

It is nice to see that some Roloffs understand the true meaning of Christmas. It does bother me that Jacob is welcomed after what he did. It says a lot about him that he has no guilt.

Ecossais said...


Paula said...

It is great that the Roloffs are being vocal about God. Hopefully they will speak out more now that we are in this dangerous time with Christians under attack. I hope they understand the importance now.

PJ said...

Christians are only under attack in their own little minds. I do wish the church had celebrated Christs birth when it happened in Spring instead of stealing Yule. Yes I'm sure because there are historical references to Herods census of Jewish babies.
Ans seeing Jeremy with that kitten is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I find the Roloffs are so fake. I can't believe people can't see through all the fakeness. It's all about making money off the TV and blogs so they don't have to work. Amy didn't do any charity work for Christmas. She didn't collect toys for children like in the past.
Audrey instagram is so fake and such in to herself. She made a posting about how she is proud of Jeremy but posted a picture only of herself. If you are so proud of him why not post a picture of him not yourself.
You can be gay and also like Jesus.
Isabel is all about wanting people to like her. She tweeted about what's the point of tweeting pictures if they don't get any likes. Her and Jacob smoke pot all day.
Did she quit her job because she doesn't tweet about it anymore.

Rap541 said...

How are Christians under attack in this country? You're completely free to worship, and you even have politicians openly announcing their faith.

Ecossais - I find the Jesus stuff hilarious from the Roloffs because you know as sure as shit plops from a cow's behind, they will never take any public stand that could harm the money and various Christians here insist they are awesome Christians.

I mean really, they're pissing and moaning how the Roloffs shouldn't be welcoming Jacob to the home because of his "lies". Well, why aren't they pissing and moaning that NOT ONE ROLOFF will say "Jacob told a lie"?

And I am sure people claiming to be Christians here will insist they are "disappointed" in the Roloffs but that disappoint never registers any consequences now does it? Jeremy won't defend his parents against his brother's lies and he's still deemed a fine Christian. Jacob disrespects Matt and Matt does nothing and Matt is a fine Christian who deserves praise! Oh wait.. the Christians are "disappointed" and really want to see the Roloffs kick Jacob out of their lives but hmmm they sure don't go to Matt's facebook or Jeremy's twitter or Amy's facebook and say "As Christians, we are disappointed in you".

And the Roloffs know this - they can pretty much take a public shit and someone Christian will kiss their asses for it. Really, look at the comments here. Audrey and Jeremy sat around their house in their jammies and that's JESUS FOCUSED!

Really? THATS Jesus focused? I mean... call me crazy but if Christmas is Christmas to Audrey and Jeremy then why don't they um... attend *church* on Christmas? I mean, aside from saying "we're into Christ" - what have Jeremy and Audrey done to show their love of Christ?

They went skiing and they wore their jammies all day while avoiding their families. How Jesus loving! They didn't go to church and they didn't spend the holiday with their families. I was willing to throw them a bone on not attending the Roloff family event since they do have inlaws but sure enough, their holiday wasn't about sharing their love of Jesus with family and attending church, it was about Jeremy and Audrey doing what Jeremy and Audrey want. Which isn't a surprise since their faith is about as shallow as a puddle.

Point - I am absolutely certain that if Isobel and Jacob posted their Christmas day plans of sitting around the house in their underclothes, skipping church and family events, it wouldn't be deemed Jesus focused.

And to bring it back to Paula's point - if Christians are genuinely under attack in this country, it is duly noted that Jeremy says and does nothing to defend Christ, Audrey says and does nothing to defend Christ, Matt and Amy say and do nothing to defend Christ. Not a peep from any of them as Christians are being openly attacked in America.

Carlos said...

Notice every post Audrey made on Christmas was a sell out post...

"I love Jesus buy these products so I can make more money!"

And also the way Jeremy worded it? "A boy who rewrote history?" Dude come on..

Kathleen Pecker said...

Actually, since you all are ill informed, the photo Isabel had originally posted and then deleted was a blurry photo of a Christmas tree with that caption, but I see why she would delete it, it was blurry and looked very unprofessional.

Hanna said...

Honestly, Isabel and Jacob are a very cute couple. I'm happy for them.

Stephanie said...

The only Roloff worth talking about is Audrey. She is the best Roloff in the family. Everyone else should be pushed to the back burner.

G. R. said...

Hilarious! Amy posted a photo of the "friends party" at the Roloff Farms... Which is just a party for them and all their friends to get way too drunk and exchange gifts and make gingerbread houses... I know for a fact the Roloff boys (besides Jacob) get plastered every single time..... What good Christians

Annie said...

To answer your question Isabel did write about Jesus in her post. She loves Jesus and has given her life to him.

Ashley said...

Kathleen, I honestly couldn't remember what Isabel's picture was of with that caption. I saw the "dinner" picture that Amy posted in a couple of different spots and thought it was Isabel's deleted picture. It doesn't really matter, the gist of the caption was the same. She was, in my humble opinion, sucking up to the Roloffs by over the top gushing about how awesome they all are.

Ashley said...

" I know for a fact the Roloff boys (besides Jacob) get plastered every single time..... What good Christians"

GR, I agree! It's annoying how Amy makes it sound so sweet and wholesome when the "kids" have their little parties with friends.

Carly said...

"Honestly, Isabel and Jacob are a very cute couple. I'm happy for them.

@Hanna, Jacob and Isabel are a "cute" couple if you like druggies who lie and who have no integrity or morals.

How they can have no shame after Jacob's stunt with the infamous "money tweet" says everything about the character of those two. Either stand behind it and separate yourself from the family and the show that you were supposedly "f'd out of" or shut your mouth in the first place.

But to constantly be using the farm and going to the family functions and apparently filming for the new season and smiling for instagram public photos with the family is a show of no character or intergrity.

Paula said...

@Rap541, Christians are under attacked. You stand up for principles and values in the BIBLE and you get called a bigot. I just came across another story the other day about an autistic boy who was told he couldn't read bring his Bible to school.

Do you even know who Kim Davis is??? A Christian who was jailed because she wouldn't let the Obama government to tell her that a man marrying a man was moral and right. She stood for God and was jailed.

It's more important now than ever for Christians to speak out.

I am so hopeful for 2016. If it isn't Donald Trump, our next President is going to be Ted Cruz and Christians will once again not be prosecuted as our religious freedoms are at risk.

We cannot let homosexuals and muslims ruin America. I pray that Jeremy and Audrey soon once again link to all their followers the John Mark Comer sermon explaining that gays are broken and must pray to Jesus to become saved.

Greg said...

How about this?

Plot twist? Jacob might be the biggest fake of them all.

Pretended to be so different from the rest of his family, but actually joins them in thinking Atheists are a joke, can't stand gays being near him, and the guy who pretended to scoff at religious beliefs like prayer and thanking God now has a girlfriend who is thanking God and praying.

Jacob might very well be the biggest fake of all the Roloffs.

Ecossais said...


What are Jeremy and Audrey filming?

I don't follow/surf all this Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Somebody mentioned a Spring TLC Roloff season.

What is there to film about this bunch of fading/faded "stars"?
Amy lives alone, apart from maybe Jacob, in a huge house while the anointed ones RENT a house in Bend.
Why doesn't "farmer" Jer want to live on HIS farm?
Audrey is now telling us, among other crap, what books we should read and
Jeremy's photo career seems to have rigor mortis. No new pics in the gallery and the link to the Print Shop doesn't work.

Does anyone have the scoop on what is going on?

Megan said...

Nah, it is CLEAR the biggest fake in the family is Audrey.
"Oh I love this family yadada" and now a year in and they can't even make it home for Christmas dinner or thanksgiving! Audrey doesn't give two shits about matt or Amy or anyone in that family besides her famous partner, aka a way to become famous...

X Audrey said...

It is very disappointing what Audrey and Jeremy have turned into. They used to be so wholesome. Moving to LA will do that to you.

PJ said...

Kim Davis would have gotten my respect if she did the morally upstanding thing and quit when she couldn't fulfill her job requirements others did. Instead she tried to force everyone else to bend to her opinion, the actions of a bully.
I don't know the story of the little boy but if the school doesn't allow religious materials then he needs to comply as does everyone of every religion. If his parents want him to have a religion based education they need to provide it and not expect the public to do so. No attack on Christians here.
I have noticed christians scream attack when you all don't get your iwn wau and cannot force others to toe YOUR line. Again typical bully behavior.
When our next President Clinton or (please God ) President Sanders takes office I hope they will stand up to political bullies like Cruz or Trump the idiot.

I am delighted that the Roloffs were able to be mostly together for the holiday. The kids are at an age where that may not happen again.

Rap541 said...

Paula - Kim Davis was jailed because she violated the law. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, right? God's law and *man's law* are not necessarily the same and Kim Davis could have quit her job rather than violate her beliefs and didn't. That's not "Kim Davis being forced to not be Christian" - Kim just didn't want the consequences.

Provide more details about your autistic boy being forced to not bring his bible to school.

And remember, this all started with Christians throwing public fits about Halloween. That's right, Paula. Christians insisted they didn't want their children being forced into a *religion* and demanded Halloween be stripped from schools... and Non Christians decided to use the same tactic and now Christmas Break and Easter Break are "Winter Break and Spring Break" and no Christmas or Easter stuff is allowed... all because of Christians.

And Paula - Why aren't you demanding Audrey and Jeremy STAND UP for Christ? I mean really, did you decide that Christmas is now "everyone wear their jammies all day for Jesus"?

If Christians are under *attack* why aren't you demanding strong young proud Christians like Jeremy and Audrey do more than WEAR THEIR JAMMIES FOR JESUS?

I mean - that's all they did, Paula... they didn't even see family or go to church, they just didn't bother to get dressed for the day. They did so much, right? You wish you did as much, right? They're better Christians than you, right?

Lynn C said...

"Nah, it is CLEAR the biggest fake in the family is Audrey.
"Oh I love this family yadada" and now a year in and they can't even make it home for Christmas dinner or thanksgiving!"

Megan, the way I see it, that's what makes Audrey not fake.

She has always been RESPECTFUL of her inlaws, but she is realistic about them. She doesn't go overboard. Audrey has always made it clear she has and had a life before the Roloffs. She has friends she still sees and hangs out with. She loves her family.

Tori and now Isabel, are the ones who go overboard and sound too into the Roloffs for it to be true. The greatest people I've ever met? My favorite people in the world? Talking about how they've changed her life because the Roloffs are so awesome?

That sounds too enthusiastic, too overboard to be real.

I like that about Audrey. She wants Jeremy and her to have their own Christmas traditions. She doesn't want to just be an extra seat at the Matt and Amy Christmas. She wants her own life with Jeremy.

Isabel is another story. The girl strikes me as SO fake and moody. She seems like the type of person who will do or say anything for attention whether it's positive attention she's after or negative and she's always trying to play the sympathy card.

Right now she's trying to get involved in the show so she can gain more attention so now she's playing up how happy she is to be in the company of Roloffs. Even though her boyfriend just accused them of stealing from him a few months ago and keeps talking about how evil the show is that he won't cut the cord with. Fake fake fake.

Brandon said...

"I am delighted that the Roloffs were able to be mostly together for the holiday. The kids are at an age where that may not happen again."

PJ, it will happen again. All the Roloffs, even the ones who claim to hate it, are all about the money that comes with keeping TLC in their lives.

Angela said...

Rap, you are so misguided.

It is perfectly Christian to spend Christmas at home with your family celebrating your love and giving glory to Jesus Christ. It is perfectly Christian to spend Christmas at home and focus on being thankful for the birth of Jesus.

They rejoiced at home and took to twitter to tell people about their love of Jesus.

Also Paula just explained, that she (and me too) HOPE Jeremy and Audrey speak out more in 2016. You don't need to denounce people and insult them just because you don't think everything decision they make is the right one.

I have said and many other Christians have said all year that we hope the Roloffs would speak out more about God, about Jacob, about the the dangers of allowing gays and Muslims to strip our values from the core of the United States. That means we don't think everything they do is right. But it doesn't mean we need to call them awful people just because they aren't doing everything we would want from them.

Grayson said...

That is just kind of shitty of you to say. Isabel is probably eager to join the family considering she doesn't have much family left since her mom has passed... She and Jacob live together but aren't married and so they go over to the Roloffs for the holidays? Nothing is wrong with that if they were invited by Amy? If you really expect Amy to spend the holidays alone you're very cruel.

ALSO, if you date back on some older Audrey Instagram posts she has posed with both Matt and Amy and both of them at the same time saying "The best people I have ever met" or "These are two such inspiring people"... That's not disrespect, that seems like overboard to me. She did the whole preachy preachy I love Matt and Amy so she could win them ALL over and get her own spin off show since she's lazy and only wants to blog for a living.

Tori also incorporates both families (she brings her parents over for occasions). Don't chide Isabel because she doesn't have family to bring over?

Lindsay said...

Isabel posted a photo of a blurry tree with a caption very simple and broad and you people are trying to narrow it down and accuse her of trying to be too "involved"... She said something about surrounding herself with good people... She has other people in her life she could be involved with, not everything is about the Roloffs. Frankly whoever comes on here to try to bad mouth Isabel wanting to be involved sounds super jealous to me. Sounds like a bitter ex girlfriend.

Lindsey said...

Isabel posted a photo of a blurry tree with a caption very simple and broad and you people are trying to narrow it down and accuse her of trying to be too "involved"... She said something about surrounding herself with good people... She has other people in her life she could be involved with, not everything is about the Roloffs. Frankly whoever comes on here to try to bad mouth Isabel wanting to be involved sounds super jealous to me. Sounds like a bitter ex girlfriend.

Lynn C said...

Lindsay, I rarely agree with Ashley, but she is right about Isabel.

It is about the Roloffs. Amy posted a photo of Christmas dinner. Jacob and Isabel were there. Amy and Tori posted a picture of "Tori's party", Isabel and Jacob were there.

Isabel, who had Christmas dinner with the Roloffs, Amy, Matt, Molly, Tori, Zach, Tori's parents, posted that this Christmas was so much better than last year because she is surrounded by such good positive people.

Who are you trying to fool by pretending like she's not talking about Roloffs? That's who she spent this Christmas with!!!!!

Lindsay said...

She said it was DIFFERENT than last year. Last year was the first Christmas without her mom. Of course this year is different. And SHAME ON YOU because maybe she found comfort in being with a family setting for the holidays. If she thinks the Roloffs are good people, who cares? I'm sure she has other people to spend Christmas with that she didn't post about. She didn't post the dinner picture herself... As she probably could've. They went over for Christmas dinner Christmas DAY. Who knows what happened Christmas Eve. Not everything is shared with on social media. She is her own person and can post whatever she wants. I can't believe you people are getting mad at her for saying she had a good Christmas...

Rap541 said...

"Also Paula just explained, that she (and me too) HOPE Jeremy and Audrey speak out more in 2016."

When did they speak out in 2015?

Do you feel I should laud Jeremy and Audrey for their Christian messages in 2015?

Do you feel Jeremy and Audrey have acted as praiseworthy, example Christians in 2015?

Please provide examples of these behaviors.

And seriously - they live a few hours from Jeremy's parents. I think Audrey's family is even closer. And these two family first Christians decided to a) spend Christmas alone and b) publically brag how they didn't bother to dress all day and spent the day in their "Jesus Jammies" praising Christ in their underclothes?

Come on now, Christians, I expect any number of you to *insist* how Christlike it is and how you will be in Jesus Jammies For Christ next year to emulate Jeremy and Audrey's perfect faith as you completely support their choice.

But it doesn't mean we need to call them awful people just because they aren't doing everything we would want from them.

So do I have to kiss their ass for nothing then, Angela? I mean, you're insisting I hold them up on high as Christians to emulate, even if they don't fight for Christ or do anything other than say "We got into our jammies for Jesus!"

Angela - they don't speak up about the evil in the world, they do nothing about the evil in their own lives. Jeremy won't even stand up and say he is a Christian and hates gay marriage... what exactly is he and Audrey doing that is so praiseworthy? Is it just the Jesus Jammies?

I mean, Jeremy doesn't even have the strength of character to publically say he supports Kim Davis.... what has you so impressed that you insist *I* must kiss his ass with you?

Lauren said...

Isabel's dog now has an injured pet. I'm not surprised given how reckless Jacob and Isabel are with animals. Throwing a puppy into a lake, dangerously racing an Atv directly behind the running dogs, letting Luna chew on a rotting piece of wood, taking a cat home and then getting rid of it. They are irresponsible. I'm not surprised that poor dog is hurt.

Rap541 said...

Lynn C - in all seriousness - what do you expect Isobel to post?

That she hates Jacob's family and wishes she hadn't gone?

Wouldn't you cite her as being rude as hell if she did?

I mean, personally I don't really care what her opinion is but since you hate Jacob Roloff, why do you care so much that he may have hooked up with a potentially manipulative nasty girl?

Lauren said...

Isabel, the coward, deleted it again. It was a picture of her dog with its front paw all bandaged up. I guess she doesn't want people knowing that She and Jacob fail at taking care of animals.

Rap541 said...

" She and Jacob fail at taking care of animals"

Because Matt Roloff was so jesus blessed to laugh in a post over how he went off on vacation and locked the dog he theoretically loved in a room for days to where it visibily lost weight?

Good Matt Roloff Pet Loving Times!

Hey, how about when Jeremy took pictures of his buddy Mueller throwing their cat and Amy Roloff made a point of defending it because she heard about people on youtube doing it? GOD BLESS JEREMY FOR TORTURING THE CAT, right? :)

Taylor said...

Rap541, it says a lot about Jacob that he hooked up with a girl who is fake and trying to suck up to the family. Sje didn't need to say anything bad about them, but when she goes on about how great this Christmas was compared to last year because she's around really great positive people, it has an ora of phoniness to it. Look at how often she deletes stuff so she doesn't get caught.

Rap541 said...

Taylor - he also hooked up with Stephanie the Christ Accepter and Vanessa - are they fake stupid whores too?

I mean really - people say the same nasty shit about Tori and she actually married Zach despite you know, being an evil gold digging whore in love with Jeremy and later Molly.

What exactly did isobel do wrong in her post?

Taylor said...

Rap, do you honestly believe Isabel had the most amazing Christmas because she was with aRoloffs? Do you honestly believe she thinks they are such amazing people? Do you honestly believe her life has changed because they are such positive people? You believe all of that?

I doubt she would even like any of the Roloffs including Jacob if they weren't on tv and famous. Oh and she once admitted she had a crush on Jeremy.

Kendra said...

Can Audrey possibly post anything without selling something?

"I love Jesus... Ps buy this shirt I'm wearing so this company will send me more stuff"

I miss the days when I could look at a photo on her Instagram and a brand name wasn't tagged on everything she was wearing.

Absolutely sickening who she turned into.

Rap541 said...

Taylor, I'm not her, and I don't know her. Her comments are as plausible as say, Audrey's comments on how God talked to her and stopped her from falling to Satan after she was left alone in los angeles for a few hours.

Maybe Isobel is telling the truth, maybe she is lying...she's not on the show and she's currently dating the brother who doesn't like being on tv. My opinion? If she's trying to get on tv, she'd be better off going after a different Roloff.

Shay said...

If you read her Instagram post on the dog account, she explains how moose hurt his paw. He was running and split his nail open. Please explain to me how that's remotely her fault... She could've left it untreated and NOT taken him to the vet but she took him to the vet and got him fixed up.

She is not a bad dog owner in any way.

Shay said...

Taylor, where is your proof? You just sound like a bitter jealous ex girlfriend. Stop spreading rumors and lies.

Sammie said...

I hope Audrey somehow sees these and wants to change back to the old her... We all want the warm, loving Audrey back. We want her wholesome self to be loving and adorable again. Not a sell out. Not someone who just sells or promotes stuff. We want loving Audrey!!!!! #OldAudreyComeBack

Anonymous said...


What is so special about Audrey? Is it just because she likes to use the word

She is a painted "****" who runs a website to promote herself and peddle crap for monetary gain.

Ecossais said...

Sammie - Audrey is long since gone the money route.

Pumpkin said...

Angela said, "You don't need to denounce people and insult them just because you don't think everything decision they make is the right one [sic]...we don't think everything they do is right. But it doesn't mean we need to call them awful people just because they aren't doing everything we would want from them." you even read your own words? Or do they "only" apply to people who dare criticize the particular Roloffs you have deemed "worthy"?

No need to respond...I already know your answer. "Christian" and your kind make Jesus cry.

Rap541 said...

Pumpkin - nicely done.

I am sure tho that Angela/various other Christians will come up with some justification for spewing their endless rage over Jacob Roloff as jesus blessed as their Jesus Jammies.

I am still waiting to hear what other than donning Jesus Jammies that Jeremy and Angela have actually done since they certainly can't be expected to stand up publically for their beliefs like Kim Davis, or to speak out on their beliefs, or even to state that their brother Jacob is lying about their parents. Apparently donning Jesus Jammies and staying in their underpants for Christmas is SO IMPRESSIVE! :)

Shelby said...

Rap you're always defending Jacob and Isabel even though you say you don't care. You always deflect criticism and try to turn it against Jer or Auj or Christian posters.

Isabel is a big fake and Jacob is an awful person.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - and you as a Christian have declared how you want to see Jacob overdose and how you want to laugh at him when and if he ever gets hurt. In Jesus's name you wish ill on others.

Am I supposed to kiss your ass and say "OH SHelby, when you're wishing death on people you don't like, you are WALKING IN JESUS'S FOOTSTEPS MAY HE HOLD YOU ON HIGH"?

I've always criticized Jacob. You just don't like that I call you a shitty person for your deathwishing. Isobel, I agree, gets a pass for the most part since she's not on the show but if she is a fake, Shelby.... and this a serious question.

Why doesn't that make you happy? Jacob has hooked up with a fake! She's gonna screw him over and you... somehow have a problem with that? Please explain the logic, Shelby... why do you want Jacob to have a NOT FAKE girlfriend?

And since you want to defend Jeremy and Auj, please tell me what actual things Jeremy and Audrey have done this year to shine their light for Christ and *earn* that title of "Exemplary, Emulation Worthy Christian".

Lil hint, skipping church on Christmas and playing in their undies probably isn't going to cut it. ;)

Rap541 said...

Also Shelby - here's something a fellow Christian, Angela has said.

"You don't need to denounce people and insult them just because you don't think everything decision they make is the right one [sic]...we don't think everything they do is right. But it doesn't mean we need to call them awful people just because they aren't doing everything we would want from them"

Explain why this doesn't apply to Jacob Roloff and Isobel.

And you'll need to do better than "IMMA CHRISTIAN I WANNA HATE", got it? No "well, they're too awful" either - Jacob isn't a Nazi or a serial rapist, he's a mouthy 18 year old who smokes pot (exactly like brother and precious Christian Jeremy at 18)

You want to scream your rage in Jesus's name as your right... explain why its ok for you but not for anyone criticizing the Roloffs. Because that was Angela's point, that the Roloffs MANY MANY failures to stand up for their faith or for themselves in the face of Jacob's accusations are not to be held against them.

So justify it with something other than "I WANNA HATE FOR JESUS!"

Angela said...

Rap541, it has been explained to you so many times and you still repeat yourself. I could quote Debbie, Laura and even Anne's past entries.

As a Christian, I can respect that someone is a good person with good moral values. I can admire a lot of things about that person. However, I do not blindly worship them. They are not perfect. Only Jesus is perfect.

I can still see their faults, recognize that they make decisions I disagree with. I can still be objective and be true to my opinion and common sense and right and wrong that God gave me. As a Christian, I can say when someone does something I disagree with. Or wish they did something that they don't do. It does not mean I have to strike them down and believe they are horrible and worthless.

There is a lot I admire about Jeremy and Audrey. They are good people who love the Lord Jesus. However, I do, just like most Christians here have stated, wish they would speak out more. Speak out more on important issues and bad behavior. Like Paula wrote, she prays that Jeremy and Audrey find the strength and wisdom to serve the Lord an a more impactful way by being more vocal about these things and ensuring that it is on the television show.

They are good people at their core, with good intentions, who are making some decisions that we disagree with. Instead of agreeing with them as though we idolize them as deity, we are objective enough to point it out.

Jacob and Isabel are not good people with good intentions. I certainly have no problem with people making it known that what they do is wrong and should not be emulated. They have no values, character and live through drugs.

Abby said...

I agree that Isabel is super fake. She seems like that classic person who says whatever she thinks the people she is trying to impress wants to hear.

One of those people who changes depending upon who she's with.

PJ said...

I cannot fault Jeremy & Audrey for not going to church on Christmas. A lot of churches do not have services on Christmas day. My cousins are all sorts of Protastant and none of their churches do Christmas day. Only my Catholic immediate family do church on Christmas.
So many of you are acting as if Jake and Isobel are together firever. At their age it is very unlikely.

Rap541 said...

Angela - so to be clear, explain to me why, if you believe there are valid criticisms of the Roloffs, that you insist anyone making a valid criticism be silenced?

Seriously, Jeremy and Audrey know Jacob is lying about the money, per you. I find fault in their silence - they are witnessing a wrong act and do nothing.

Should I shut my mouth?

I'm constantly told how much better the Roloffs are than the rest of us but you insist they aren't perfect... but when I ask for examples of their good deeds, I get silence or "they wore Jesus Jammies!" and when I point out this is hardly praiseworthy, I am told be silent and to shush.

Matt and Amy are divorced. Is that good morals? Audrey slept with a guy before marriage, is that good morals? Am I allowed to say it's not good morals?

Prove to me Jacob has NO good intentions. You insist you don't believe the Roloffs are perfect but you ABSOLUTELY insist any witnessed example must be a lie. So prove to the class that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY IN CHRIST'S NAME WILLING TO SWEAR TO JESUS that you can absolutely say Jacob Roloff has *no good intentions*.

PS - Jeremy smokes pot and has smoked pot. I don't have huge issues with it but really that's using drugs per you.

Reilly said...

I think it's ridiculous that just because Isabel is dating Jacob that you two accuse her of all kinds of horrible things. She is a good person and always has been. I know her and I can atest to this truth.

Rap541 said...

I also want some clarification from you Christians on this point.

When someone called out Tory for possibly being pregnant due to premarital sex (which btw doesn't seem to be the case) - making it clear that Tory was MORALLY BAD for *poss8bly* spreading her legs and fucking before marriage.... WHY WAS THAT CCHRISTIAN?


And when I pointed out that Audrey the Saint had admitted to premarital sex and that Jacob Mueller's wife was obviously pregnant at her wedding and none of you were pointing the "WE AR CHRISTIANS AND YOU ARE SLUTTY SLUTS!" fingers....

Angela - stand up like the Christian you are and explain why Tory - who as near as I can tell can't be proven to have had premarital sex - DESERVES TO BE LAUGHED AT AS A STUPID SLUT WHO COULDN'T WAIT TO SPREAD!

And why why Destiny and Audrey, who are actually guilty of the very act Tory is accused of desrve nothing but "you precious Christians who love Jesus"?

I want to know why in Jesus's name, Tory DESERVES to be slut shamed over something she hasn't actually done while Audrey and Destiny are deemed Jesus proven virgins despite their admitted sex.

This is why I dislike the Christian attitudes displayed. If someone you think is in the club does something bad, you shit yourself in rage at the idea that they are held accountable for their actions. Hell, Angela, you demanded to Destiny for stating the truth - that she spread her legs and fucked some guy before marriage. You said I had to apologize to her for stating the truth, because she's a Christian and therefore when she got herself fucked and prego, she was still deserving to hear "I beg your pardon, Destiny, you're A CHRISTIAN so when I noted your giant belly at your wedding, I was wrong and you were a virgin!"

And then you didn't insist that anyone apologize to Tory for her *possible* transgression that couldn't be proven. WHy is that , Angela? Pleazse explain why Tory wasn't deserving of the "OH SWEET JESUS SHE'S A CHRISTIAN SO NEVER EVER SPEAK A WORD AGAINST HER AND APOLOGIZE EVEN IF WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE!" treatment.

COme on Angela - I want an explanation of the rules here.

Rap541 said...

PJ - the only fault I find is that I am told they live for Jesus and one would think people who live for Jesus would *want* to attend church on Jesus's birthday. I mean, they live for God, they awake each day with "I love Jesus!" as the first words they say... and they don't go to church on Christmas or see their families but they do go skiing and brag on instagram how they wore jammies for Jesus? As their show of love and faith?

PJ said...

I don't understand not seeing either family. I could see "we went to Audrey's family this year" orif Jeremy and Audrey were not there when the Roloff photo was taken or "we wantto have everyone to our house this year. But I do not understand what they actually did.

Rap541 said...

Yeah - that they skipped out on both families struck me as odd considering their ages and Jeremy's level of attachment.

Gigi said...

Audrey and Jer spent their holidays with each other because they never really gave a shit about any of the other Roloffs... Jeremy saw his dad's designs and imagination as profit from a young age... He knew being on the show meant money so he continued on, found the prettiest girlfriend and realized he could turn his marriage into more fame, more money... All of Jeremy and Audrey's life is about money. They had the big proposal, the big wedding... They wanted fame and money and more more more. Jeremy charges 3,000 for his prints... He wants to "take over the farm some day" not because he loves it or what it offers, because all he sees are dollar signs.... Meanwhile he picked the right wife, just obsessed with beauty and money just the same as him. They're perfect for each other, both shallow as hell and money hungry.

Clementine said...

If it were me, I would rather spend a day with Jacob and Isabel or Tori and Zachary over Audrey and Jeremy.

DJ said...

"I would rather spend a day with Jacob and Isabel"

You're probably a stoner, lol

Clementine said...

No, I have morals and values and I can see both of the opposing couples like to actually hangout with family, friends, dogs... Enjoy other people's time rather than obsess over meaningless matieral things. I don't smoke weed and never have.

Tim said...

Audrey is so full of herself it's comical. She's very pretty but you can almost smell how insecure she is by how much she has to gloat about her good looks and nice body.

You posted a blog post about your race.
Does that absolutely call for 10 thousand photos of yourself posing in your athletic gear and smiling?

Also who looks that good during and after a race? Incredibly silly and arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Gigi, ALWAYS MORE. More what? Fame, money, possessions. Shallow and greedy. She equates having stuff to proof that she is one of God's chosen. She uses her religion to justify her snobbery.

Rap541 said...

As a Christian, I can respect that someone is a good person with good moral values. I can admire a lot of things about that person. However, I do not blindly worship them. They are not perfect. Only Jesus is perfect.

Then why do you and other Christians here insist anyone who reports a negative interaction with Jeremy, Audrey, or Matt Roloff, are absolutely lying and deserve to be called out as liars?

I want an answer. You're a Christian. Step up.

I can still see their faults, recognize that they make decisions I disagree with. I can still be objective and be true to my opinion and common sense and right and wrong that God gave me

What are Jeremy Roloff's faults? What are Audrey Roloff's faults? What faults are we allowed to find where YOU and OTHER CHRISTIANS won't immediately scream "LIARS IN JESUS'S NAME YOU LIE OH HOW YOU WILL BURN FOR YOUR LIES"?

Jeremy drank under age and I was called a liar in the name of God for saying so, Angela. By Christians.

When that happened, did I *deserve* to *burn in hell for my lies?* As a Christian, knowing that Jeremy has faults, and did indeed on many occasions drink under age... Answer me with no waffling - was I *lying*? DO I deserve HELLFIRE for saying Jeremy drank under age?

Were your fellow Christians right to scream to the skies how ANYONE who said Jeremy drank underage was a LIAR?

Jacob and Isabel are not good people with good intentions. I certainly have no problem with people making it known that what they do is wrong and should not be emulated. They have no values, character and live through drugs.

So, in Jesus's name, they SHOULD BE HATED? COme on Angela, Jacob and Isobel have NO GOOD INTENTIONS. Should they be killed? Should, if misfortune should fall upon either of them, should Christians circle around and point "HAHAH I AM GLAD YOU'RE SUFFERING!"

Has Jesus handed out a free pass to hate?

Or is this a "Well, all I have to do is say 'whoopsie!' to Jesus and I get to heaven no matter how shitty I act, so lets all pray for Jacob Roloff to die!"?

This is open to other Christians to answer. But frankly, much like when I ask what actions Jeremy and Audrey are expected to take as a matter of faith, I am sure I will be met with silence. Going by all the strong Christians here, all it takes to be a good Christian is hating gays, saying "Jesus is first!" and utterly nothing else.

Which means none of you will stand up in your faith.

Gigi said...

Exactly. Always MORE clothes, more hair extensions, more makeup, more expensive jewelry/accessories, shoes, hand bags, etc.

NOT more compassion, love, faith, family, friends.

She is a spoiled brat. Everyone sees it.

Judy said...

Lies and made up stories are not faults, Rap. You're so eager to believe any story that starts out like "I saw Audrey do xyz on something that no longer exists".

And we are coming at it from a Christian perspective You are coming at it from a perspective of hate for Jeremy and Audrey. Even if a story like the "Benjamin's brother" story is true, some might try to smear Jeremy's image, when really he did nothing wrong at all and was indeed that victim of having his privacy invaded by a creepy weirdo. I thank the Lord that Jesus kept Jeremy safe.

Judy said...

Gigi, there is nothing "un-Christian" about wearing make up or a woman of Christ looking beautiful. Audrey looks classy and beautiful, not trashy like Jacob's girlfriend has been know for at times.

Rap541 said...

Actually Judy, you're just showing your own hate and rage and unfairness.

I actually don't make accusations about Audrey, for example, that I can't prove. She was fibbing about the dire circumstances that led her to need God come to her in her time of desperate need when she was left alone, with nothing to sit on, no power or water and no way to escape....

Remember that?

And how I pointed out she drove herself to urgent care, while Jeremy clearly unpacked their furniture per her own statements and had a car and a phone indeed drove herself to a hotel the next day?

And all the Christians shit themselves in rage? And insisted I "didn't understand the timeline" until I needed to explain in small words how Audrey described the timeline not me?

And then all the Christians shut up and didn't apologize?

Hey how about when Paula insisted someone had to be lying about Audrey's giveaways and I took all of five minutes to find links to prove that yes, Audrey's giveaway winners were usually her close friends?

Or how about Anne praising Audrey for her deep thoughts on "braid it!" and how I got shit on for pointing out that Audrey was using almost the exact same verbiage to describe the braids that a commercial website for Christians that had been in business for many years used?

Judy - please stand up and say "I believe Jeremy was accosted by a creepy homosexual, I swear it on the blood of Jesus and I will gladly go to hell if I am not exactly right".

If you genuinely believe what you, you will have no problem insisting you should go to hell if you're wrong.

My guess? As always, a Christian will shut their mouth rather than make a definitive public vow on the blood of their savior.

Rap541 said...

Judy - when Jeremy was drinking underage - was I lying?

Same questions to you - he's admitted it in his own words, he's been caught numerous times - all those people the Christians called liars... in Jesus's name, did they deserve it?

I mean, it wasn't a lie. But in Jesus's name, those people were HATED and called liars... don't they deserve some apologies or are Christians too Christian to do anything but shit on others for the LOVE OF JEREMY?

Laura said...

Rap, there is no proof Jeremy smoked marijuana. You don't get to play victim. And I recall the only proof of Jeremy drinking underage was when he was in Ireland where the laws are different. A lot of the "Jeremy drinking stories" were just stories without proof.

Laura said...

Jeremy never admitted that those allegations were true. Show us where Jeremy admitted that? He said being a celebrity means he always needs to watch what he says and does. That's not the same as admitting rumors were true.

Angie said...

are you kidding me? Accusing Isabel of being trashy because she's posed in a bikini on social media and has big boobs? Ya'll are so extra and ridiculous.

I would much rather BE like Isabel, a person with intention, a heart for animals, a love for family, the outdoors, people, travel than be a Money hungry, self obsessed pretty bitch who only cares about looks and money....

Straight up your priorities are so out of whack. Just because she "loves God" so much, you think Audrey is better. Nah nah nah, put the two of them in a room full of people and see who makes more friends.

Linda said...

Audrey needs to chill with the blog posts. We can only keep up with so many.

Bebe said...

Hey Laura keep sucking Audrey and Jeremy's dick!!!! fucking chill.

Rap541 said...

Laura - he said on his myspace, when he was fifteen, that he got drunk and almost burned down the barn.

Either he's lying or he was drinking.

Which is it, Laura? Jeremy's own words....

There's been several people who have said Jeremy smoke pot. I actually heard it from someone who worked on the show. Likewise the under age drinking. Also there's quite a bit of video and picture evidence that the Roloffs allowed underage drinking on the property.

Laura - lets try something different.

You seem very concerned about the truth. Don't you have a problem with the person who slutshamed Tory for fucking before marriage "I guess she couldn't wait" - when in fact Tory is clearly not premaritally pregnant?

Or did Tory earn the slut shaming since she's not Christian enough?

And if you go with "not Christian enough to deserve defense" I ask you define with TANGIBLES what makes Tory earn the slut shaming while Audrey who has admitted fucking before marriage still a Christ born virgin on her marriage?

Rap541 said...

And Laura - Same to you - if you're so certain you're right, please swear on the blood of your savior that if you're wrong about Benjiman's brother being a creepy homosexual, you will willingly go to hell.

Janet said... dare people judge Jeremy and Audrey for spending Christmas day as a family at home with each other and the Bible. They can spend Christmas however they want. It's not for you to judge. Like Audrey explained they spent the whole month visiting family and friends and her family visits on Dec 26th.

Katie said...

Stop. Comparing. Jacob. And Isabel. To Jeremy. And Audrey.

Why is it a competition? It's not. They all get along just fine without your stupid comparisons one after the other.

God does not compare. Stop comparing.

Rap541 said...

Oh and Laura - look back thru the threads on the Ireland trip - people who witnessed Jeremy drinking were decried by Christians as liars. Once pictures were found, suddenly all the Christians went "well, the laws are different there!" and of course, didn't apologize for calling people liars.

Laura - were they lying and did they DESERVE to be called liars by Christians?

Can you concede Christians can be wrong?



Anonymous said...

" Like Audrey explained they spent the whole month visiting family and friends and her family visits on Dec 26th. "

Well, when you don't have jobs...

Ecossais. said...

Rap you are pissing into the wind. You know that in the eyes of the bible
thuming godsmacked christians on here Auj abd Jer can do no wrong.

Isn't it about time that the sainted Audrey and Jeremy jesus followed their great avowed Christian beliefs and "went forth and multipled"?
Until then the marriage is not consummated?

By the way I cannot imagine anything more "passion killing" than onesies.

Paula said...

Did everyone see Jeremy and Audrey's photo of them attending a murder mystery of a friend, who is a pastor?

Jeremy's caption was wonderful! He's such a great husband. Husband's all over should take note of Jeremy. That's what happens when a man loves the Lord and puts God in the marriage.

You don't hear Jacob say stuff like that.

"1920's murder mystery birthday party for our friend @unveiledwife last night was the bomb! Had a great time, one of the best things about being married, getting to take a pretty girl to every party, and leaving every party with a pretty girl. #lifeorbust "

Kathy said...

Paula, I loved that so much. Jer and Auj are the best couple. Jacob and Isabel are nothing compared to Jeremy and Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Oh Eccossais, I know... that's why no one is willing to swear on their savior over their many pronouncements.

And while I actually don't advocate these two breeding* I agree they are getting up there in being married, aggressively hetero and not yet pregnant.

I hope it's because they realize they aren't ready. I suspect its because they realize that a)Audrey won't be so pretty after pumping out a kid and b) life won't be so carefree for Jer once a kid is there.

Plus you know, the whole awkwardness of having a child while neither of them are working.

Lucy said...

Nor do you hear Zach say stuff like that... Lol same shit.

Olivia Fulton said...

Why can't you compliment Audrey and Jeremy without comparing or bringing Jacob and Isabel down?

Rachel said...

I really respect that Audrey follows God's voice and is true to herself. She has her own life. She doesn't exist just to be apart of the Roloff gang. Isabel is loooking very desperate lately.

June said...

Rachel, explain how? She attends activities with Tori and Zach per probably an invitation...

Her brother is accompanying her, and they all look like they're having a good time. I'm confused why you think she's desperate?

Also, Audrey used to be part of the Roloff gang until she decided she was too good for everyone and everything...

Rebecca said...

I think it's absolutely lovely that now Jacob and Isabel are included in Roloff activities. They look really happy.

Also Molly and Joel are super cute.

Kelly said...

Rachel, maybe one of the reasons why Audrey isn't dependent on hanging out with Roloffs all the time is because she might not like the behavior. I saw a picture of Isabel sitting in a vehicle with Jacob and she had what I assume was a joint. Maybe Audrey doesn't want to be part of the drug club.

Alissa said...

How is, by going on adventures with the Roloff clan, Isabel not "having her own life"?

Didn't she just get back from a trip to New York? Don't remember any of the Roloffs attending, even Jacob.

If Isabel was desperate she would probably try to force Jacob to be filmed. Instead she's remained in the background during filming and she doesn't even get an introduction.

Jacob's ex girlfriends were just as involved and in just as many family photos. Isabel doesn't have her own family to go to for holidays, and she's dating someone with a large family. Of course she is going to want to go over to her boyfriends house. Also, I notice not only are Jacob and Isabel included, so is Isabel's older brother.

It's nice to see. Haters will be haters.

Laura said...

What photo, Kelly? Where? So I can search for it.

I do believe you but would like proof.

Kayla said...

Molly is a stuck up snob. I assume her boyfriend is the same type. Audrey is much more down to earth.

Alexa said...

This was Isabel's plan all along. She can't wait until she gets an introduction on the show and hanging out with the Roloff clan is all part of her plan. She is a manipulative bitch. I went to school with her. She's mean spirited and fake. She's also been obsessed with fame.

Kelly said...

Laura, I saved it before she deleted it. I'll try to upload it. I wish there was a way to upload pics in the comments.

Rap541 said...

Again if you think Isobel is a manipulative bitch who is evil, meanspirited and fake, why do you mind that she's hooked up with Jacob the great Satan?

And why why why don't you discredit the supposedly Christian saint Roloffs who allow her into their homes and lives when its so bluntly obvious she's an evil manipulative bitch?

Are you seriously telling me that the best Jeremy and Audrey can manage in the face of this evil is to say nothing and do nothing? I mean, WHY IN GODS NAME DO THEY DO NOTHING IN THE FACE OF THE EVIL OF ISABEL???

Maybe because they don't care? They don't give two shits? They actually like her?

All I know is that THEY ARE CHRISTIANS WHO STAND TALL AGAINST EVIL yet they say and do nothing....

Come on Christians, tell me why these SHINING EXAMPLES are right to do and say nothing about the evil of Isabel.

I am also genuinely waiting on the many bitching Christians to explain why they are so enraged that Jacob has a BAD EVIL HATE WORTHY IN THE NAME OF JESUS girl?

In JESUS'S NAME - if Isobel is so evil, why aren't you haters delighted that Jacob has a bad girl?

Kelly said...

Here, see if this works.

Maggie said...

That drug use is disgusting. She shames her mother's memory by being a druggie. The rest of the Roloffs are letting Jacob and Isabel drag them down by forming this new club or whatever.

Kelly said...

Rap, people say over and over that they don't like how the Roloffs deal with or don't deal with Jacob. You choose to ignore it. That's on you.

I don't even think they should let Jacob set foot on the farm let alone pal around with Jacob and Isabel the drug users.

Wendy said...

Audrey and Jeremy are so much better than Jake and Isabel. The less time they spend with them the better, imo

Natalie said...

It's New Years Eve. Who passes out first? Jeremy or Jacob?

Grandma Jane said...

The Roloffs obviously really like Isabel and coming here, cowardly on spiritswander try to denounce that or make it untrue is pretty ridiculous...

Sure, Audrey isn't as close with her as the others are but let's face it Audrey's only friends are famous bloggers or her pals she's had since 1st grade. She can hardly find time to squeeze in a little quality family time.

But Molly, Tori, Zach, Amy all seem to like her, continuing to include Jacob and Isabel in events and activities.

If they were so ashamed, as you all believe they should be, wouldn't you think they would stop inviting them, let alone PUBLICLY POSE AND POST PHOTOS WITH THEM?

If Jacob so shamelessly smokes weed in front of everyone, cusses, says fuck God and is so disrespectful, wouldn't that warrant the family's disowning of him? Yet, not only do the other Roloffs invite him over, they post photos of him AND his girlfriend to prove it.

I mean, Lately Jacob and Isabel have been more involved with the family than Jeremy and Audrey. The family and everyone involved obviously likes them.

Roger said...

If I didn't know any better these comments all sound like Audrey being extremely threatened by Isabel establishing her place in the family.

Could she be a runner up for next best Audrey? Stay tuned...

SMWED said...

Well considering Jacob doesn't drink, I'd say Jeremy @ Natalie

Rap541 said...

I don't ignore it, Kelly - I simply note how little it's treated. Sure, it's "wrong" that the Roloffs don't do anything but they are still shining examples for Christ and deserve praise and never ever act badly and never deserve any criticism as gay people, fat people, and ugly people are less and don't deserve to be decently treated. If Jeremy doesn't find someone attractive, in Jesus's name he may shit upon that person and no matter who it is, they need to understand they JUST AREN"T worthy of being treated decently as JEREMY has decided their worth in Jesus's eyes.

Christians, please correct me on the details of the "no gays, no fatties and no uggos" rules for Jeremy to not act like an utter shit.

Michelle said...

Grandma Jane, pretty much everyone here who is Christian despises the way the Roloffs handle Jacob. They do the easy thing and ignore his bad behavior. They ignore the drug use from Jacob and Isabel. They let Jacob crap on them and everybody without consequence.

The Roloffs who think they're cool to be best hang out buddies with Jacob and his fame seeking girlfriend are only damaging themselves and providing a bad example.

Kaitlyn said...

Smwed, Jacob gets messed up on drugs so I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Jason said...

This Isabel is so utterly fake. I laugh at Jacob. He definitely deserves it. Read her New Years post/vow. More blatant fake sucking up over the top happy bs. So blessed to be in the presence of awesome fame whores Roloffs because that's her dream. And only good things ahead. Yeah because that's what real life is like.

These people are so damn annoying. Completely out of touch with reality.

Riverina said...

None of the Roloffs or their spouses/ girlfriends know anything about humility, humbleness or kindness. Who do they think holds them accountable when they believe their own hype? I don't think any of them are grounded.

They don't have any values that I see as important. They are shallow and seek fame and money to justify their shallowness.

Julie T said...

I don't think the Roloffs, particularly Audrey and Jeremy have a clear understanding of the meaning of being a follower of Christ. I'm reading Audrey's "Abundant" instagram post. It occurs to me Audrey believes it is all about what Jesus will do for her. What she will get. She forgets it is about what she can do with Jesus in mind. What she can do for others.

Brandon said...

Wait, Audrey is praying for to revive abundant rest? Well, it will be easy to rest when neither have a real job.

Rap541 said...

Again, for all that some people here insist they are disappointed or discouraged bythevarious Roloffs not denouncing Jacob orIsobel.... Do you judge them accordingly?

Matt and Amy allow their son to use drugs - do you think they deserve to hear "you're good Christian parents"?

In fact, you Christians refuse to point those fingers of judgement at the Roloffs.

Has anyone who insists they are disappointed in Jeremy's complete inability to speak out on matters of faith ever said "Jeremy, you're not a fine Christian, you're a disappointment, you don't deserve to be applauded for doing nothing"?

Or do you alll shush up and say "Jeremy is an awesome follower of Christ and no follow up questions are allowed!"

If they are never accountable and you refuse to criticize them, then you bviously aren't treating them the same way you treat Jacob. Which I find hilarious, because Jacobrolls his eyes and Christians here want to dance on his grave, they're so enraged, but Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey refusing to do anything but praise the lil Satan and welcome him into their lives? And you all have to be prodded to admit mild disappointment and cry and moan how these decent folks are suffering on the cross over their burdens.

Timothy said...

I don't think Jacob and Isabel now being members of the Roloff party pack for show, reflects very well on Jacob's character.

For a while, I had high hopes that Jacob was going to forge his own path and reject the family phoniness.

Instead he is showing himself as a massive hypocrite who will walk over his stated principles just for money. Hates the show, complained about it constantly, vowed to quit, wrote in depth reflecting on how detrimental reality television is for kids...then he signs up again and again to be part of the machine.

And now all the Christian BS Roloffs are happy to smile and party with Jacob and Isabel as they are public about how they love getting high, tweet and post pictures about it. Every one of them seems completely fake and just doing it for the attention.

By the way, my impression of Isabel is that she wants to be one of the Roloff party pack so she can get the Instagram mentions.

A lot of the values Isabel posted about before seem to contradict with the values and what the other Roloffs represent. But that doesn't matter when there is the potential for attention. Does anyone think they would be pals if it wasn't for the show and what goes with it?

Janice said...

Audrey has lost all her class. In the Polaroid her friend posted a photo of, Audrey's cut is so low her boob is popping out.

The only difference is Audrey has extremely small breasts so it isn't as noticeable, but it's pretty sad how she's decided to stoop so low and wear such revealing clothes.


Maci said...

I think it's ridiculous after all the death and loss Isabel has faced you can't let her have any happy moments. So she's found a place she belongs.

Why not let her have that? Why be so rude and unforgiving?

Ashley said...

Maci, I think you're fooling yourself if you really think she "belongs" with the Roloff group.

I agree with what others have said. Based on stuff she has posted before, Molly, Tori, Zach, the friends, don't seem like her soul mates to be blunt if you know what I mean. She was acting like she's best pals with Mueller's wife and we know what Mueller is like with animals but Isabel will post about how she hates people that don't treat animals well? But if you're in the Roloff circle, she is besties?

I think it's fairly obvious that she loves to be in the Roloff instagram and facebook photos.

Timothy, I agree. Jacob posts about how evil the show is, but stays apart of it. He implies the family cheats him out of money, but smiles for dinner and hangs out there constantly.

Debbie said...

Kelly, well said. Rap is on repeat. We've all made it clear that we don't like the approach the Roloffs have with Jacob and wish they would speak out. I'm disappointed they don't and believe it is a fault that they don't. However, that does not make them as bad as Jacob. It's not a difficult concept to grasp.

People that you generally like, do have faults and react sometimes in ways that you feel are wrong. This is an example.

Cassandra said...

None of the Roloffs work. None of the Roloffs are friendly to run of the mill people. I look at it like those people in high school who want to be friends with the cool kids and the cool kids think they are so cool, but really are hated by most people because they are jerks.

Alexa said...

Cassandra, that's a good analogy because that's exactly what she was like in school, always making fun of people she thought was beneath her. She deserves fake, self absorbed friends because that's what she is like.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - yes, you believe Jacob rolled his eyes at a wedding over a remark you didn't hear and will burn in hell for his disrespect while Jeremy disrespects you and your religious opinions and you have no problem with a young man who won't fight for his supposedly deep beliefs.

In your eyes, rolling one's eyes is a worse crime than refusing to use one's influence to stop gay marriage. Jeremy as a popular Christian celebrity *could* show his love of Christ and his hatred of "bad morals" by speaking out like Kirk Cameron. Instead Jeremy sits silent when it counts like a coward and cant even find the courage to say "I don't like it when my brother lies about my parents and does drugs".

I think its far more damning to lie about one's views in order to get more money and to mislead people into thinking you're more liberal than you actually are all while in private holding much different beliefs, than it is to roll one's eyes. You are the one who has decided Jacob is forever DAMNED. Are you in the "I WANNA SEE HIM DIE OH PLEASE CHRIST?" crowd?

Jeremy meanwhile earns a "I'm mildly disappointed but he's still a great guy" for his inability to stand up for his values.

I totally understand your point, Debbie. My question is, how much do I have to pay a Christian to shut their mouths about their views. We all know Jeremy's price,,, and you think *that's* a minor flaw.

Roll your eyes - BURN IN HELL FOREVER
Take money and downplay your beliefs and morales - Awesome person who mildly disappoints and who deserves praise, not chiding.

Debbie - hand on the bible and swear - Jesus thinks the eyerolling is much worse than the accepting money to be silent about Christian beliefs and morals.

What do you think *Jesus* thinks of Jeremy's inability to speak up?

And if you say he loves Jeremy still, then why do think Jacob is already damned and discarded to where you have no problem with fellow Christians laughing with glee over his potential death? DO you think Jesus WANTS people to pray for the death of others?

If I seem repetitive, its because you're repetitive in your inability to see your hypocracy - eye rolling forever damns you, refusing to stand up for your beliefs over money, well, still an awesome person. Seriously, Jeremy takes money to be silent about his faith and you're mildly disappointed?

Connor said...

Only an uniformed idiot (which describes most left wing liberals) would think the Roloffs are liberal or support gays. It's not that hard to do research (there's this thing called Google) . There's enough clues out there to figure it out. People don't have to be as blunt as Trump to find out what they supprt or don't.

Rap, I wouldn't say Jeremy "lies" (you used the word) about not being liberal. Allows room for confusion by not making a clear statement about social and political issues. Most celebrities don't say a word either way. Jeremy hasn't weighed in on the "black lives matters" farce.

It's your boy Jacob who actually lies about his stance on gays. He wrote that he supports them but in real life he refused to be near a fag. Now that's lying.

Rap541 said...

Connor - we all know you are a liar who will say anything in order to propogate your hate agenda - remember when you said all gay men rape and couldn't prove it and cried like a bitch how unfair it was that you were held accountable for your lie?

Show me Jeremy taking any stand on any opinion. If you can't (and you can't) then please understand, Jeremy deserves absolutely no praise for any of his opinions as he is not brave enough to be accountable for them. Jeremy may hate fags, and you may adore that... but he'll never have the courage to support your views.

Jacob is just like the rest of his family, Connor. Why you insist that is me complimenting him is your obvious idiocy in play.

When the time comes for you to take a stand against gays, please understand, Jeremy Roloff will not stand with you... he prefers money to beliefs. And you can continue to decry anyone who is misled by the Roloffs as stupid... you've just proven the Roloffs lie and you, as the idiot you are, blame the audience for believing lies.

Hey Connor, Jacob has a girlfriend, is that why you're wet with rage?

Connor said...

Rap, you're either a moron or have no reading comprehension skills. I just said Jeremy doesn't touch any social or political issue. You can't say he's lying when he doesn't go there at all. You can say he SHOULD go there, but you can't say he's lying.

On the other hand, Jacob is a liar. He did weigh in on it. He writes on social media that he supports gays. But in real life, when confronted with a fag, did Jacob "support the gay"? Nope. He refused to even speak a word and didn't want the gay anywhere near him.

It's a clear lie for him to say on social media he supports homos when in real life he sure didn't "show support".

What do you think of vegetarians? If you never answer, we can say you're dodging the issue, but you're not lying because you didn't say anything.

But if you ask me what I think of vegetarians and I say they're awesome and I totally support their cause. Then you find out I'm having bacon and can call me a liar.

Is that so hard for you to understand?

Rap541 said...

Nonsense Connor - you've said it yourself, if people dig, they can figure out the Roloffs real views. I've been continually chided for not lauding Jeremy for his fine Christian stand on homosexuality. I've been told I need to shut my mouth and *respect* his views as he is a fine young Christian speaking out for Jesus.

It's absolutely fair, if I am required to kiss his ass for his beliefs, to insist he actually have the balls to say what they are. You don't want me to call him a liar? Then stop insisting the precious boy (like you, not a man, not ever a man) be lauded without actually having to take on the accountability and risk of actually having an opinion.

How about it, Connor? If Jeremy won't stand tall for Christ... why do the Christians here insist he be praised for doing so? Isn't that a lie? Kissing Jeremy's ass for the Christian values he doesn't have the courage to express? I'm sorry Connor, but I have been told too many times how proud everyone here is to know Jeremy hates fags. Even you insist Jeremy hates fags. Show me. Show me Jeremy owning that phrase. And if you can't show me Jeremy joining you in your hate then please understand I will continue to point out how you're a fool to applaud a man for his unwillingness to take a stand when money is involved.

If Jeremy won't stand tall for his beliefs... why is it wrong for people to say so? Ive been told so many times how IN PRIVATE Jeremy is a loud proud Christian full of hate for gays, well, since he doesn't have the courage to be public with his faith, why does he deserve to hear how awesome he is for hiding his faith?

Btw I think vegetarians are missing out but they harm no one with their eating style. The point? Jeremy is continuely lauded and praised for expressing his Christian beliefs even though in in practice, Jeremy sits silent whenever its time to be a man. Connor, how do you feel about a man who privately hates gays, but who would screw you over with his silence if you asked him to take a stand with you? Would you praise him? For his honesty in his beliefs?

Rap541 said...

Btw - I know this will sound pedantic but you do understand that you can find vegetarians awesome and totally support their cause without being a vegetarian yourself, right?

PJ said...

Why can you not accept that Jacob can support gay people in theory and still not hang around with them? Many people recognize gay marriage (the subject at hand) as a civil rights issue and react accordingly without approving of the fact (being gay is no more a choice than my being left handed). Jeremy has, according to the Annites, an amazing platform to speak out on social issues and chooses money instead. Says a lot about his core honesty.
And most liberals are in fact well informed and listen to many sources whereas most conservatives seem unable to find any news but Fox not news or to think for themselves.

Ashley said...

PJ, I don't often agree with Connor and I don't like his homophobia, but I also find it ridiculous to say someone can support gay people while being "hey but don't come near me!"

That's not supporting gay people! That's being a bigot!

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I oddly with you and would take it a step further. Sure, Jacob is a bigot. He's not against gays per se but doesn't like being around them. Its inconsistent.

Now show me Jeremy Roloff who per various anonymous friends holds the view that homosexuals are wrong and undeserving of rights actually publically tell a gay person that.

Jacob at least is willing to own his bigotry. Jeremy will smile and welcome queers all day long if there's money in it... and since there IS money in it for Jer, he'll never have the courage to state his real views. Nope, Jer is always gonna be a little boy standing silent behind his daddy because its easier to be a child and let his daddy state his opinions for him.

Dustin said...

PJ, Ashley is 100 % correct.

You can't claim to support equality for gay people if you refuse to be friends, talk or be around someone because they're gay. That's not treating gay people equal, it is discriminating against the person because they are gay. That's a bigot. The fact that gay kid admitted Jacob never spoke a word to him, but would talk to his not gay sister shows Jacob was not treating him equal. Hell, Jacob even became friends with a jock that used to talk about beating him up. What does it say for Jacob that he's willing to talk, befriend and hang out with a bully that once talked about how much he hated Jacob, yet a gay kid? That's enough for Jacob to shun. Give the bully jock that's talking crap about you, a chance to be ome friends, but a gay kid? No way in hell. The bigotry is huge.

Troy said...

Jacob sucks for being a hypocrite who hates the show but won't leave it because he's a slave to the money, after vowing not to be.

The rest of the Roloffs suck because they are far right wing conservative Christians, but won't say what they really believe because they are slaves to money and don't want the backlash to threaten their money train from TLC.

Jocelynn said...

Everything the Roloffs put out publicly seems fake and probably is fake. The "adventures" as a family, projects an image to be used on the show. I don't think any of them are genuine.

Abby said...

Is Isabel trying to fit in with the Roloffs by not having a job? She seems to have a lot of free time. She took a trip to New York and Canada. I don't know any real job that gives so much time off to new employees. Did she already get fired from the doggy daycare job?

Ecossais said...

Things have gone quiet about the Roloffs on TLC.
I doubt Jeremy and Audrey are making a living off their peddling on their websites.
With no reruns there will be no residuals so the family must be living on existing funds. With rent ,vehicles, ski trips, etc., there does not seem to be a shortage of money but if TLC had been filming the Roloff family Christmas you can be sure Jeremy and Audrey would have been there. Money speaks louder than personal time in their jammies.

Zach, wisely I think, keeps pretty much out of the limelight.
A trip to New York and Canada would be expensive but at least we do not hear of Isabel peddling crap for money.

I heard that TLC was filming at the house in Bend but is there any word of a new season? What appeal is there in a program about the lives of a couple of spoiled arrogant brats?

Interesting that we have heard no more about the much publicized divorce or famous Salsa.

Laura said...

Ecossais, you've obviously never heard the saying "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." LOL!

The new season will begin in March. TLC values the Roloffs and that hasn't changed. The new season will be here soon.

Ecossais said...

So Laura you think I am a fool for not surfing all the Roloff hang-outs like Twitter, Instagram, etc., to know their every move.
I have much better things to do.

Thank you, nonetheless, for the information that a new season begins in March.

Rita said...

Jacob tweeted "So someone close to me is apparently friends with Ralph Abraham, one of my favorite people to read and the middle guy in my header......Hearing that was the first time I've been star struck lol I almost cried, there's a possibility I could meet him now"

So Mr. Jacob "I hate being known, I hate fans, I am annoyed at them" Roloff is now thrilled as pie that he can use his fame to meet someone he likes.

Jacob keeps on expanding the ways in which he's a hypocrite.

Don said...

In what way is he using his fame to meet Mr Abraham? He is just meeting a friend of a friend, yet even as I type this I know you are hell bent on hate and misunderstand this guy forever, still I try.

Anonymous said...

How is this using his fame? He has a friend he is close to who knows someone famous he would like to meet.

Kaitlyn said...

Rita, I agree. I think it comes down to the fact that none of the Roloffs treat others the way they want to be treated. Jacob is a classic example of that. I'd love for Mr. Abraham to be as dismissive of Jacob as he is to his followers, maybe he will call him an "insignificant cunt"?

Connor said...

Don, want to bet that the someone close to Jacob who knows Abraham is someone connected to the show or knows him through the Roloff fame?

I can't believe any of you pathetic Jacob fans are arguing this. Jacob has no time or thought for anyone else when he's the celebrity but he's all giddy and happy when he's the fan.

Hypocrite should be Jacob's middle name.

Janet said...

Exactly Connor. Thank you Connor. Jacob is so arrogant he's willing to take advantage of tne situation when he is horrible to people in his situation.

Taylor said...

It is amazing the lack of self awareness Jacob has. He has no time for other but thinks Abraham should take time to meet him because Jacob thinks so highly of himself.

Rap541 said...

I think you're vastly overstating the fame of someone who was barely on a reality tv show at the height of its popularity years ago.

I mean really Connor, put your jealousy aside. Out of all of the Roloffs... who is the least in the fame aspect?


It's laughable when people insist *Audrey* is somehow famous enough to qualify for Dancing with The Stars... Jacob is actually under her in popularity.

Ralph Abraham is an author of philosophy. Hippie dippy philosophy at that. If there's any interaction between these two, it will be entirely because Ralph Abraham is willing to interact with a fan... and not because he has stars in his eyes over meeting the ahem "famous" Roloff.

Neither of these "celebs" are actually as famous as Freddie Adu, who Jeremy Roloff got a personal meet and greet with and who also pretty much shits on fans (and is applauded by Christians for shitting on fans) who are too ugly or potentially scary for him.

Are you really arguing Jacob isn't allowed to be a fan of anything without totally giving himself to fans? Because Jeremy has pretty stringent "If I am even slightly uncomfortable, fuck you and you're at fault for approaching me, you piece of scum" rules that the Christians here cheer him on for. Too fat? Fuck off and know Jeremy is too good to talk to you. Weird, unpleasant, GAY? OH DEAR GOD UNDERSTAND JEREMY IS A SACRED VESSEL AND YOU ARE DIRT AND NEED TO KNOW HOW YOU'RE DIRT AND NEVER EVER WORTHY!

Seriously people... none of them are that famous.

Rita said...

Rap, I think it is logical to guess that Jacob is getting this opportunity because it is somehow related to the show. Probably through knowing a producer or someone in the entertainment world.

That's the point. If Ralph Abraham meets Jacob it is because he's willing to be nice to a fan. And Jacob is stoked for it. Jacob is the same jerk who calls fans insignificant, blocks fans for following him, ignores fans, and hides in his room when people drive hundreds of miles to meet him and his family.

He doesn't treat people like how he wants to be treated.

Maggie said...

Rap, Jacob is a hypocrite. Why can't you admit this is further proof of that. No, Jake is not allowed to be a fan of someone and get excited to meet him if Jacob treats fans like dirt. He does.

Rap541 said...

Maggie- Jeremy treats fans like dirt - does the same apply or does *Jesus* endorse Jeremy shitting on fans?

Rita - in all seriousness... how "famous" do you think Ralph Abraham is and how famous do you think Jacob Roloff is?

Because I assure you... its not like Justin Beiber and Adele having a meet and greet and that's how you're treating it. Please actually look up Ralph Abraham. If nothing else go here.

He is a mathematician who is into drugs on a philosophical point. Point... Jacob probably has more fans and he's beneath Audrey Roloff from a fan point in my opinion.

Seriously folks - if you can't recognize the celeb without looking him up... is he really that famous that you have to seethe in jealousy over Jacob *maybe* having an opportunity to meet him? Because you're only proving the point that this is about jealousy and not about hypocrisy

Rap541 said...

Maggie - does the same apply to Jeremy who has been cited several times for acting shitty to fans? Or does "Not perfect but NEVER EVER AT FAULT Precious" Jeremy have the right to tell fat chicks to fuck off? And still get to have his own dreams of chumming with celebs come true? Jeremy who used to call his fans "Creepers" - precious perfect Jeremy is allowed be a fan of someone and get excited to meet them even though he treats fans like dirt. He does. ANd you call him Christian and applaud him and to him? You're a creeper and a random and I have no doubt he finds it amusing that you allow him to shit on you. Maggie, you're a random creeper to Jeremy and you want him to be granted priveledges for calling you that.

And please don't cite how Jeremy is *finally* a big enough boy to have figured out not to be a rude shit - Jeremy was "hey faggothole" and "fans are creepers I hate" at 18 and he was constantly treated to celeb status. If you have a problem with this behavior of Jacob's at 18... you have to agree the same behavior from Jeremy was AS bad and AS DESE$RVING OF SCORN.

Or else admit you're a hypocrit applying a different standard, if Jacob shits on a fan at 18, he's old enough to know better and needs celeb treats pulled, if Jeremy shits on a fan at 18, he a boy struggling and needs his treats and those people *deserved* to have an 18 year old call them names because Jeremy Jesus has the right!

My point is that if you're genuinely this offended by namecalling fans, all the Roloff kids are equally guilty and equally deserving of punishment

Rap541 said...

"Rap, I think it is logical to guess that Jacob is getting this opportunity because it is somehow related to the show. "

Hee. Whats laughable here is that you really have no idea who this Ralph Abraham is and yet you think the show wants any associataion with this guy.

Seriously Rita... the guy writes about the high minded thoughts he has while doing psychedelic mushrooms. Do you really think *TLC* wants LPBW associated with that to where the production staff would arrange a meeting?

If that's what TLC wants, is that *really TLC catering to you Christians?

Rita said...

Rap, when I say because of the show, I mean my guess is the person Jacob knows who is going to set him up is someone Jacob knows because of the show.

If Jacob was a normal person I bet Jacob would not be meeting someone he likes. But he is, and he's stoked about it. But he treats people who would like to meet him like crap. He's a huge hypocrite.

Rap541 said...

Rita - so in other words, you actually have no idea, right?

You're *guessing* and whipping yourself up into a frenzy over your *guess* because you want to HATE SO MUCH you're publically announcing your guesses and insisting people be enraged.

Who is Jacob talking about? How are they related to the show? Can you prove they are related to the show? Do you even know who Ralph Abraham is?

Oh wait, you've made a guess so you can hate.

I've outlined a proven example of Jeremy Roloff at eighteen shitting on his fans as "creepers". He's never been man enough to apologize. Is he a hypocrite for smiling and enjoying all the opportunities he's gotten for being popular with "creepers" like yourself?

Do you like and cherish knowing that's ALL Jeremy Roloff thinks of you? You're just a creeper fan who stupidly provides money and applauds his treating you like shit.

Jeremy and Jacob have at the same age behaved the same way towards fans. Why isn't Jeremy a hypocrite?

Ashley said...

In Audrey's new blog about resolutions, she talks about praying for people and a word associated to what she prayed about. Here are the Roloff ones (a lot are her friends...or contest winners..cough cough wink wink):

Stephanie (Jacob's ex girlfriend) freedom

Isabel (Jacob's current girlfriend) guidance

Tori = peace

Erica (Dan's wife) = healing

Destiney (Jacob Muellers wife) provision

Amy = Encouragement

Molly = compassion

Peggy = Renew

Jeremy = Leadership

Audrey = Abundance

Brandon said...

Ashley, what I found very funny and revealing about Auj and Jer, is what she wrote below that. About how they absolutely will observe Sabbath. She starts out so strict and serious. No phones, no twitter, friends will need to knock on their door. Absolutely no work, no shopping, buying or selling,nothing..........except if they have to work, like filming lpbw then they will change Sabbath to another day!

Ops. I guess the lure of the lpbw money is more important than Sabbath....

Reba said...

Why is it necessary to still talk about Jacob's ex girlfriend? She's pointless to talk about anymore. Move along now.

Diana said...

Love Audrey's praying idea!

Fred said...

Notice how she didn't pray for Jacob or Zach or Matt.


Liv said...

I like that she prayed for Isabel. So sweet of her. Guidance is exactly what that poor girl needs.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Jacob??

Rap541 said...

Brandon - its not even that money is more important. (although it clearly is to these two)

Its that if it's hard, then they don't do it. Do note, acceptable acts of worship and rest includes "making love", "going skiing", "climbing rocks", "playing chess", "reading books", "cooking meals", and "play".

In other words, the kiddies plan to designate Sunday as "Jeremy and Audrey fun time". Attending church, doing charity work, doing anything that smacks of "not fun"... they get to beg off since they are hiking and having fun for Jesus. If they have to work - they've already given themselves an easy out (and funny how Jeremy's very important and very very succesful wedding photography business won't be available on Sundays but Jeremy is *committed* to being Daddy's helper monkey for pumpkin season.)

If worshipping Jesus meant anything hard, these two would be joining ISIS like that. I mean really, nailing each other in bed is now Christ worshipping?

Actually that is quite hilarious, Jeremy grabbing Audrey in bed and being all "I need to screw you for Jesus, Auj"

"For Jesus, Jeremy, take me! Oh Jesus I know this is what you ask of me!"

Justin said...

Can Audrey pray that Jacob finally gets knocked out again? That should be the prayer for Jacob.

Kelly said...

Isabel and Jacob on another road trip?? These two are so lazy.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - because Jeremy was at 18-25 working a forty hour week at the steel mill? Audrey was working? Seems to me, being a boy playing was cited as an awesome trait and Jeremy's love of travel was you know, not a lazy wealthy kid but a Jesus loving boy worshipping.

I wonder if Jer and Auj are getting naked for Jesus for the sex worship right now... Since god knows neither of them work.

More seriously, Isobel seems to have some independent wealth and no one Christian will actually demand Matt and Amy and Jeremy and Audrey cut Jacob the Devil off from the money so as long as *The Roloffs want to fund it*, it's going to keep happening so why not instead of "Oh I am so JEALOUS of Jacob having another road trip" why not start asking the harder "Why do the Roloffs continue to fund someone who is so obviously evil?"

Oh and please don't cite "Oh dear Jesus, the Roloffs are soooooo shy about the family woes!" because really Matt and Amy get down and dirty about hwo they are divorcing and Jeremy and Audrey blog how they screw for Jesus so they clearly aren't too shy about displaying family matters.

Ecossais said...

Back on January 3 Laura called me a fool for not knowing all about the Roloffs.

I didn't know much, if anything, about all the bizarre goings-on because I don't surf all the crap. However I did decide to look at the sainted Audrey's website/blog.

I never saw such self centered arrogance in my life.
Bad enough telling people what books to read and how to train for a half marathon but the latest about the Sabbath has convinced me that she is deranged.

We are turning off our phones and doing no work (I didn't know they worked anyway) but we will work if the money is right.
And since we don't work and have a lot of money we will go on walks, runs, climb rocks and go skiing. This doesn't seem much of a sacrifice especially since having sex is included.

Add to that there is the pure greed aspect of wanting ABUNDANTLY MORE and her slogan "always more" that she is so proud of.

Then there is the "don't bother doing any real work" to help people - just sit around and pray. That is an easy cop out.
Audrey "quit" her short-lived "corporate" job and Jeremy has NEVER had a job in his life.

Maybe TLC should run a season about them - "The Crazy Couple".

Now if this is all so Christian why is not right for Jacob and Isobel to not work but still have enough money for trips?

Rap541 said...

Eccosais - it's like I said... if the Sabbath is "Jer and Auj get to play at whatever they like and call it worship" then by gosh, Jer and Auj are pleased as punch to be Christians sacrificing an entire to "worship".

I mean - think about it. Its the perfect excuse. "Jer and Auj are rockclimbing for Christ worship... sure its a fun hobby and something they enjoy doing but its on THE SABBATH so all that goofing around is for JESUS"

Come on Christians - please tell me that you endorse Jeremy and Audrey's committment to "Jesus wants us to play and fuck for the Sabbath". I mean, they could... I dunno... attend church or do charity work or volunteer at a soup kitchen but its *best* that they make love and rockclimb.

Tell me - if Isobel and Jacob told you that they were spending one day a week with their phones off refusing to work just so they could do fun things they enjoy... I somehow doubt anyone would willingly applaud them.

But its Jeremy and Auj so of course goofing off and hiking and playing chess and making love are all *acts of worship*. Can someone cite the bible where screwing your wife was a sacrament and better in Jesus's eyes than attending church?

Ashley said...

Anybody ever read the contact section of Audrey's website? She certainly doesn't embrace and welcome people for Jesus.

Her "Contact Me" section has this big disclaimer:

Before contacting me, make sure I haven’t already answered your question in the FAQ page here.

Collaborations, press inquiries, or partnerships complete the contact form below!

In other words, I don't want to hear from you if you're a nobody and I'm not making money off you.

But if I can get publicity or partner with you to make more money, then I want to hear from you!

Oh the love of Jesus flows through that!

J45 said...

Ashley, what sticks out to me there is she didn't say "Before contacting me, PLEASE make sure I haven’t already answered your question in the FAQ page here.

Collaborations, press inquiries, or partnerships PLEASE complete the contact form below!"

Obviously the "please" isn't actually supposed to be in caps, but to me it just seems more courteous to add "please."

kitten HAS claws said...

Does anyone know if TLC is done with The Roloffs? Only thing left to see would be if Zach and Tori were to get preggars, due to the curiosity of it all, I do think they would make good parents, certainly better than Jeremy & Auj as they are so totally into themselves..uggghh. Other than having kids there is nothing left to say or see on this family. (Cant see Tori's tummy as its covered by Sully and Zach in all the pics). ** I'm still a Zach and Tori and Sully fan ** Ohhh and I'm DISGUSTED TO SEE GOLDEN BOY WITH THAT CUTE LITTLE KITTEN--HOPE HE DOESN'T TOSS IT AROUND-jerk!!!

Happy 2016 People!!!

Rap541 said...

In theory they are filming but there hasn't been much talk beyond Laura's "I"M LAUGHING AT YOUR STUPIDITY AND JESUS LOVES ME FOR IT PRAISE JESUS YOU'RE A MORON" remarks to eccossais (and that was a really Christia, Christ like moment Laura, and I trust you understand the next time you're in correct about something, you will need to understand if Jesus wants you to shit on others, you better be able to handle the turnabout without whining 'But I'm a Christian, thats not fair! I may insult and act the ass in Jesus's name but no one is allowed to correct me with anyothing but courtesy as I WALK WITH JESUS')

Anyway - Maybe March? As to what they will film, who knows. The small amount of intellect I grant Jeremy and Audrey is that as soon as a baby comes, I think they realize their fun fancy free lives end. No more "Sundays are for our pleasure!", no more "we decided to take a week off and stay with strangers" - kids tie you down. I am almost willing to bet those two don't get pregnant until they're thirty.

Ecossais said...

Careful Kitten - you might be considered a fool.

Like you I can't see any material to film but according to Laura I am a fool for not knowing that TLC values the Roloffs and a new season starts in March.

Ecossais said...

Laura - thanks for tempting me to reduce my ignorance about the Roloffs by looking at Audrey's website.

I enjoy looking to see what arrogant, conceited rubbish she will come up with next.

She is telling us how to run THROUGH winter which appears to be nothing more than an excuse to post lots of photos of herself all dressed up. The best one is that "it is dangerous to run on roads with heavy traffic" or you might fall if you run on ice. ROFL

In one breath she says she keeps all her running shoes then says she throws them over telephone wires. That is certainly not keeping them. Apart from being vandalism is she too stupid to realize that if everybody did that it would break the wires and inconvenience innocent people. That is hardly Christian now is it?

Rap mentions the possibility of them not having children until they are thirty. They are so self-absorbed and materialistic that I hope for the sake of the children that they do not have any.
Anyway doubt that they will still be married by that time.

Anonymous said...

Shoes thrown over lines was how people used to let others know that drugs were for sale nearby. That is how it got started and became "a thing". It is so lame that no one does it anymore because it became meaningless. It has transitioned from being a druggie thing to an artsy thing to just plain stupid and immature. And yes, it is definitely inconsiderate. Who wants to see someone else's trash (because used shoes ARE trash) hanging in the air potentially damaging public property. This is just another example of her thinking and acting with an entitlement attitude. She acts like she should be able to do whatever she wants even if it interferes with the rights of others. For someone who claims to like the outdoors and to be Christian, she certainly doesn't exemplify that with her behaviour.

Ashley said...

Fyi, Isabel tweeted she's moving away in March. I assume Jacob is going with her? I seem to recall her and Destiney Mueller tweeting that she will be closer to them and they live in eastern Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Not even a month into their New Year's resolution and Ste Auj is using Snap Chat on a Sunday. Even if they are filming today (convenient excuse to disregard her resolution of observing the Sabbath)Snap Chat is in no form of her "working/job" and the snap had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Claire said...

I see Ste Auj has broken her New Years resolution, after only 17 days, by not staying off her phone and internet. Posting on Snap Chat to complain about how filming is ruining her Sabbath. I would assume that if the Roloff's and TLC's faith was so important to them that they wouldn't film on Sundays.

Rap541 said...

Claire makes a valid point. If TLC's morals do not align with Audrey's then she needs to stop signing contracts. What's good for Jacob is good for Audrey - Jacob doesn't like filming but signs on anyway and is decried as a lying hypocrit who should just do as he says and quit if he hates it so much.

If the Sabbath is so important to Audrey that she has the unmitigated gall to complain about it - to complain about the contract she freely signed, complete with the money for her prance about on special little trips and the freedom not to work, the big old free wedding and all the trips - then AUdrey Roloff needs to man up and quit accepting the dirty money.

Right, Christians? She's complaining about filming, obviously she does not appreciate anything she's been given just like lil Satan Jacob.

No, I know the followers of Christ here all too well... poor sainted Auj of the Priveleges and Money will be excused for complaining about her job of playing. Hey kids, maybe you should try kissing her ass more and one day someone who isn't a personal friend of Auj will win one of her giveaways.... funny how she can only do those giveaways due to the show she complains about but Auj is a Christian and can shit where she pleases and a group here will insist its tasty and eat it.

Come on Christians, lap up Auj's shit and tell me how she deserves praise for complaining about what she's been given...

Gretchen said...

Exactly. I found it so hilarious she bitches just like Jacob "when filming ruins Sabbath :(" why even put that on your snapchat?

No one would have noticed. But what we did notice, is that you were on your phone, on social media. That's what we noticed. You didn't HAVE to post a snapchat but you did.

So, I agree with Rap. I agree. Audrey should be held just as accountable if she hates it so much.

Debbie said...

Where is the proof of this? I want facts and exact details.

Ecossais said...

That's right Debbie - rush to defend the sainted Audrey even although you obviously know NOTHING about this matter. Heaven forbid that someone dares to criticize the anointed ones.

PJ said...

Feel free to look up Audrey's social media Debbie. It is right there for the world to see. There is no need for anyone to provide anything else.

Carrie said...

Debbie, it's funny that YOU need exact details and proof to believe something multiple people said they saw about Audrey but when someone goes off their rocker and spews some bullshit about Jacob and Isabel you just believe it.

The stuff on here is never given proof but you people just believe it like the shit comes out of your own ass.

Multiple people are witness to the fact Audrey used her phone during Sabbath. She posted more than one snapchat and her snapchat is public. Maybe you should follow her on snapchat so you can get the proof yourself.

She posted a snapchat saying "When filming ruins Sabbath:(" and it was a picture of her face. That was one of many snapchats that day. She had to clarify that since FILMING ruined her sabbath, it must have been okay that she was using other forms of social media.

She thinks she's exempt from these rules but she's not and people notice her slip ups.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - get on snapchat. The source wasn't hidden.


You can get on snap chat or not. But if you refuse to get on snapchat and persist in insisting it isn't happening unless its shoved in your face, thats on you.

Frankly the Christian crowd already proved that you can rub their noses in the dog shit and they'll insist it's chocolate - AUdrey's giveaways? Seems I recall demands of proof and when the proof was rubbed in faces.... hmmm CHristians shut their mouths and refused to apoligize. So Debbie, go ahead and close your eyes and plug your ears and scream "NONONO".

Or get on snapchat.

Rap541 said...

"And yes, it is definitely inconsiderate. Who wants to see someone else's trash (because used shoes ARE trash) hanging in the air potentially damaging public property. This is just another example of her thinking and acting with an entitlement attitude."

Hehe. Someone on a different board put it like this. " Oh, so you litter. Creatively."

Dev said...

Interesting Debbie is now demanding proof and facts for allegations against Audrey when no such courtesy is shown to Jacob, do you not see your judgmental bias oozing from your posts?

Ecossais said...

Further to my earlier comment Debbie - "Where is the proof" - I WANT facts"
Who the HELL are you to demand SQUAT?

Rap541 said...

Oh and Debbie - I need you to provide FACTS AND EXACT DETAILS of what was happening at the wedding when Jacob rolled his eyes. You and the Christians have stated he was being disrespectful. I want proof - facts and details. Until you can tell me what he rolled his eyes over, you have no right to say one negative thing about the eyeroll. ANYTHING could have been happening in that moment.... Now that the Christians want facts, and exact details... then the Christ crowd needs to understand "Well, Jesus!" is not an answer.

You want to dish it out, you can darn well stazrt providing exact details and facts for your hate or you can publically state "I have no actual idea what happened in that three seconds, but I want to HATE FOR JESUS SO IN HIS NAME JACOB WAS DISRESPECTFUL AND I HAVE NO PROOF OR DETAILS JUST HATE FOR JESUS!"

Got it Debbie? You made the rule - exact details and facts. Provide them. You want to make the rules, you better abide by them or accept I will be calling you out EVERY SINGLE TIME you state an opinion without exact details and facts. That's the game you're playing so I need to see a transcript of what was being said when Jacob rolled his eyes that proves he was just being evil and has deserved his public scourging. Exactly what was said? What are the details? Can't provide them? Then you need to shush it, right?

But of course you won't :)

You're a Christian and you think that means you can act like a shit and accuse people of lying, apoloigize to Jesus, and then continue your hate. You sin, you say "oopsie" to Jesus, and then you grin as you spew your rage, because Christians aren't required to follow any rules, they just have to say sorry after they've been utterly vile human beings.

Rap541 said...

Eccosais - it's hilarious isn't it?

I'm absolutely waiting on some transcripts of what was happening when Jacob rolled his eyes. A whole lot of Christians have been shitting themselves in rage over how they know it was incredibly disrespectful. Well, lets get some exact facts out here. WHen Jacob rolled his eyes, what was being said, and who was speaking to him?

Don't know? Then how in Jesus's name can you insist he was evilly disrespecting Audrey and Jer?

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