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Roloff Family Update: February 2016 -- Jeremy and Audrey launch Marriage Website, Jacob Roloff Moves to California, New LPBW Episodes in March

Here is an update on some of the happenings with members of the Roloff Family recently:

The Roloffs have been filming and going on all the usual filming trips for new episodes that are set to air on TLC in March.

Amy posted this on her Facebook page in January:

Amy Roloff January 5, 2016 Facebook: Just a BIG Shout Out and Thank You to all of your for watching TLC LPBW all these years. Your support and encouragement are immeasurable. You ALL are awesome. Thanks ‪#‎TLC‬ for letting us tell our story. After 13 years and hundreds of episodes later Season 11 continues in March. Thank you everyone! Hope your new year is off to a great start.

The Roloffs have went on TLC filming trips to places such as Texas and Hawaii.

Matt posted on his Facebook page January 30th: HOUSTON. We have a problem... The Roloffs are in town! Enjoying a nice TexMex dinner with our friends from TLC.

Tori was posting pictures from Hawaii in early February to her Instagram account:

Enjoying the sunshine and a little break from school with my man 

On a sad note, Matt announced on Thursday February 18th, that his friend Pondo, owner of the Mad Greek Deli, passed away at age 49 due to a blood hemorrhage. Pondo appeared on some episodes of Little People, Big World, specifically in scenes with Matt discussing the state of his marriage to Amy. People familiar with Matt's Facebook page, would know that Matt often posted several photos of himself with Pondo at his restaurant.

Matt Roloff: Feb 18, 2016 - via Facebook:

"Today we buried my very close friend and confidant Pondo. Many of you might remember seeing him on several past episodes of our show over the years. He owned the Mad Greek Deli that I (our family) often visited. I wish I could tell you all.. the full story of my friend Pondo the Greek (Pantelis 'Pondo' Kosmos). He was an amazing friend, son, brother, husband and father. He was an undisputed pillar in our community. Everyone far and wide loved his friendship and larger then life persona. With that said... No one loved him more then his family and his strong and beautiful wife Lori their 5 children. We lost Pondo last Sunday at the young age of 49 to a sudden blood hemorrhage. Pondo was an Inspiration and bright light to everyone who knew him. The Funeral service today was PACKED. Hundreds and hundreds of people poured into the standing room only church as a great testament and honor for exactly how this man lived his life. Many wonderful things were said about him... His mother Anna said to me today, between her tears of grief ... She said .... "Matt, thanks for being Pondos friend" ... She went on to say .."I must have done something right to raise such a man who is so Loved by so many people"! Yes Anna (and Tom). You certainly did!! As we hold Lori and the family up In our arms and prayers ... We thank you Pondo for simply being You! May God Bless you and your family. Google his story"

Zach Roloff, who rarely interacts with fans, posted on his Instagram asking fans to come to a fundraiser where the money will go to support Zach's dwarf soccer team:

Zach Roloff, Feb 18, 2016 via Instagram:

"Hey everyone if you're in the Portland/Beaverton area on March 5th I am putting on a soccer fundraiser for dwarf athletics! I am bringing together some of the best soccer players who are diagnosed with dwarfism from around the United States and Canada to play against a local competitive team! Come join us for a night of fun, support, and great soccer! Check out the link in my profile for more information and to purchase your tickets! See you there!!"

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Audrey recently launched their new marriage website:

From their website:

Hey friends, we are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. Beating 50 Percent is our marriage blog. Here you will find videos, photos, and writings that inspire covenant marriages. Marriages that are undividedly devoted, completely committed, persistently selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based. Beating 50 Percent is about having better than average marriages, and giving more than 50% to your spouse. Let’s be compelled to give more, serve more, learn more, play more, seek more, and love more, always more, as we share stories and insights from married couples around the world. Join the conversation by commenting on posts or responding on our feeds! 

With love, 
The Roloffs

Jacob Roloff, 19, recently moved to Arcata, California with his girlfriend Isabel, who posted this picture on her Instagram:

Isabel (Jacob's girlfriend) via her Instagram:

Got myself a mint house

Here is one of Jacob's recent tweets:

Jacob Roloff via Twiter:

@ffoloR_bocaJ Feb 7 I wish I got into art, writing, poetry, music or some form of expression early on. Thats one thing I'm looking forward to changing in Arcata

And Jacob Roloff on Instagram:

Jacob Roloff Feb 21, 2016 via Instagram:

"I started this book 10 hours ago and pretty much read it non stop until finishing. It's the first book I've read by Noam Chomsky and after finishing I looked up some other books by him and if he still gives talks anywhere and although he goes all around the world I really want to attend a closer one in person. And attend one for all the other great speakers and writers I'm aware of & think highly of before they start passing away. I wish I could've seen Terence McKenna but he passed away when I was only 4, so I'm going to #squandernottheseopportunities "


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Greg said...

All the Roloffs are so annoying and lazy.

Zach wants people to give money to 25 year old men so they can get together under the guise of playing soccer so they can get drunk? It worked when he was 16, but pulling this when he's 25 is really pathetic.

Jeremy and Audrey, being "bloggers" is their job now. A marriage website, since they have so much experience and wisdom. How much can they share when neither have real jobs or pressures that most marriages face?

Jacob and Isabel don't work either. I guess Jacob is living off his blackmail power move he pulled with the "being F'd out of money" tweet that TMZ covered, he got his money and now he can sit in his house and get high and pretend that he's an intellectual and feel superior to everyone.

Jocelynn said...

Greg, I do agree with you about Zach.

He is 25, actually closer to 26. If he wants to raise money for "Dwarf Athletic" isn't it about time he does something for someone other than himself and his friends?

What about the dwarf kids who are 12-18, instead of Zach (a television celebrity who has traveled everywhere) and his adult friends.

I think it's time he grows up and does something that benefits someone other than himself and his friends.

Also, just like how Jeremy treated fans like dirt until he had a use for them, it's tacky that Zach is all "Hey Everyone!" when he wants their money to benefit himself.

Jim said...

Good Lord, Noam Chomsky....Jacob is such a joke.

Debbie said...

Greg, Jeremy and Audrey already said they don't pretend to know it all. They are doing a good thing by helping people build healthy faith-based marriages.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - how?

I mean, you're taking a stand here. What are Jeremy and Audrey SAYING and DOING that is helping? I've looked at their website and you're being asked to provide exact facts and proof.

Rap541 said...

How are they helping people specifically, Debbie?

Wendy said...

Jacob thinks Chomsky is brilliant because Jacob thinks he can go through life never working. When you actually work for what you have it changes your perspective.

Cathy said...

Rap, Jeremy and Audrey want to give people the tools to have sucessful covenant marriages. The website will be a nice resource for couples, provoding them with tips and stories from other married couples.

Taylor said...

Even Jacob's twitter header is so arrogant and self important? "Why should I accept it?" If he's going to have headers like that why doesn't he elaborate? Ask himself questions with a rebellious nature, but not even specific.

Sooner or later Jacob and Isabel are going to make their own way instead of living off their family members money that they provided for them.

Rap541 said...

Cathy, what tools are being provided? Keep in mind the current articles up are actually interpretations of other people's work - the "braid it" concept for example.

Mind you - I noticed that they are soliciting other couples to send in articles and their disclaimers make it pretty clear they own all the content (not an unusual disclaimer but considering they're asking for submissions, its interesting)

They're also pretty blunt that they are monetizing the blog so its not really about Jer and Auj just wanting to share. They're selling a product... and so far, having read their articles, they don't seem to be saying anything compelling or unique. Hopefully that will change.

Cathy - is it really helping anyone?

Debbie said...

Rap541, watch their welcome video. They explain their mission.

"Beating 50 percent aims to inspire husbands and wives to give more than 50 percent to their spouse and to revive marriages that are indispensable, marriages that are marked by fixing instead of throwing away.

"On the "For you" section of our website you will find resources with information on all of our favorite books about dating, relationships, sex, marriage and you'll also find creative ideas to give your spouse the perfect gift for every occasion."

The state of marriage in current society is in shambles with the divorce rate over 50% and the government attempting to redefine marriage.

Jeremy and Audrey made a website dedicated to COVENANT marriages that will inspire people to have healthy marriages.

Only a hater would suggest that their website is not designed to help couples.

Krista said...

The best thing the two of them ever did was get married... What a sad, sad life.

I can't wait to see what badass things Isabel and Jacob come up with. Two kids actually paving a path of creativity and open mindedness.

Denise said...

Rap, you don't get to call people liars just because you disagree.

If someone has a website dedicated to losing weight and someone describes it as helping people, you don't get to shout that it's not helping people because the website makes money.

It is some people lose weight. It might not help you, but it's there to help other people. You can't deny that other people might be helped by it.

It is the same with marriage. They are inspiring people to covet their marriage and focus the time and attention on their marriage so it doesn't become broken where the couple wants to throw it away.

Sammie P. said...

Can you believe it?

God said get married - that is the best thing you can do for people. Get married. It will help save the world. Get married and be arrogant about your marriage!

Your marriage is the best marriage ever. Get married and try to make money off of your marriage.
Get married and become money cows. Get married and GET FAMOUS!

Debbie said...

Well said, Denise. Thank you.

It is typical of Rap that Rap wants to yell at supporters of Jeremy and Audrey while giving Zach a free pass.

I am sure if Jeremy was asking fans to pay $15 to come to indoor goals so the money would go to him and his friends, Rap would have something to say about that. But that's down the list for Rap, since she can attack Jeremy and Audrey for promoting covenant marriages.

Denise said...

Sammie P, why are you so hateful?

Instead of being jealous of Jeremy and Audrey, why don't you follow the website and pray that you will find the same successful relationship and marriage?

Taylor said...

"I can't wait to see what badass things Isabel and Jacob come up with. Two kids actually paving a path of creativity and open mindedness."

Oh come on Krista.

What are Jacob and Isabel doing? Seemingly, they smoke a lot of drugs. They apparently listen to rap music with vulgar language in it. And they read leftist books by morons like Noam Chomsky.

That's not being creative.

They are lazy losers that do nothing productive with their lives. I assume they are living off Isabel's inheritance mother from her mother's tragic death and Jacob's tv show money (which all he did was complain about). Eventually the day will come that they will need to put together something on their own to support themselves.

Eric said...

I see Mr. Creative Jacob, abandoned his blog on

He must be too busy to focus on it, lol.

Jenny said...

I think it's sad that this is all that Isabel is doing with her life.

You could predict what would happen to Jacob years ago, it was obvious he was train wreck.

But Isabel, from what she has posted, her brother died in an accident and her mother died from an illness, cancer I believe.

I know it's hard, but it would be nice if she would go on and use her life as a tribute to her lost loved ones, to make them proud.

Instead she is doing nothing productive and living in sin with a drug user that will insult anyone if it benefits him.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - so in other words you don't have any proof?

And I haven't called anyone a liar so calm down. You're being treated exactly as you treat others, you've made a claim and now you need to provide exact proof. If you interprete your inability to do so as a lie, that's all on you.

I'm actually finding it hilarious that Zach is being called out for monetizing his fame as bad while Jer monetizing his fame is "Jeremy helping".

Debbie - I'll be honest, you've totally made my point with no help from me. Jer and Auj are doing this website to put money in their pockets to help *themselves* and you insist its good while in the very same breathe, you want Zach chided for doing the same thing.

I personally think it's pretty cheesy and grabby on Zach's part unless the donations are going directly to the DAAA - which I agree Zach belongs to and benefits directly from but since he's actually advertising it as a charitable event, there's actual laws in place about him pocketing the money directly. That means actually, that he can't pocket the money directly and if he benefits, its only as part of the DAAA (or the LPA, I wasn't sure which charity was involved)

Jer and Auj only share their wisdom for money. I actually don't view that as wrong (although I really don't see where their blog is going to be profitable unless they provide more content and get more subscribers) but I am not the one who just made it clear that Zach doing a charity event based off his fame was morally bad while Jer and Auj doing a for profit blog based off their fame about their one and only accomplishment, getting married as tv stars, was morally incredible.

Please tell me again how Jeremy using his fame for money is GOOD while Zach is going to hell for using his fame for charity, Debbie, in Jesus's name we all ask you to explain this theological twist. :)

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I'm no defender of Jeremy and Audrey.

It's obvious the website is their new idea to fund themselves. Audrey has been posting and attending and hosting seminars about how to make a living off of a blog.

That said, I can see the great stretch, the their website is "helping" someone. The weight loss or exercise website is a good example. Of course the main motivation is for Jeremy and Audrey to make money.

I'll admit, I am put off by Zach's latest "charity" fundraiser.

I would like him to be more specific about where the money is going? All of "Zach's team" are now adults. I see that as a big difference from when they were mostly all 15- 18.

Is this just a get together for Zach and his buddies? Is the money raised just going to pay for his 25 year old's flight so they can hang out?

That's the impression I'm getting. I could be wrong.

What I would *hope* but think is very unlikely, is that none of the money is going to Zach or Adam or Troy, etc, and instead they are giving the money to dwarf kids who are aged 10 - 16 so they can have a chance to do some of the cool things that celebrity Zach and his friends did.

Zach and most of his buddies are going to be 26 years old this year. I think it's time that they stop the "give us charity money to help dwarf athletics" if it means it is for the 26 year old men. It's time they give back to the current dwarf KIDS instead of themselves being the beneficiaries.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I understand your concerns.

Personally, I for the most part agree. My small point of disagreement is that if you'll notice, part of the advertising is that this is being filmed for LPBW. So that means its clearly a show idea and it also means that TLC has to be relatively careful in making sure that the charity aspects are on the up and up. Meaning, I am sure there is a point where whatever money is earned doesn't directly go to Zach Roloff.

That said, I also completely agree that Zach is way too old and frankly too wealthy to need this sort of assistance, and likewise so are Zach's buddies who are now all adults. I think we definitely need to see what the actual intent is - there's actually no indication in the admittedly vague link that the money is going directly to Zach's team but to "dwarf athletics" which means its possible that it doesn't directly benefit Zach at all. (Unlikely but I am also certain that TLC's involvement means they have to be careful)

And frankly I have no issue with Audrey (and lets be honest, this blog is all Audrey) making money blogging - I just think it's fair to ask why Audrey and Jeremy are walking in Christ's footsteps, living saints who deserve all kudos over a for profit website and Zach is a complete monster for doing a lucy-goosey charity event that he might benefit from, may he forever burn in hell for his sins?

This all goes back to the giant pedestal Audrey and Jeremy have been put on by certain posters. I'm not asking for proof that Auj's website is instantly successful - because I don't think that's a fair question one week out. But if people are going to insist that Auj and Jeremy be held up on high for selflessly helping people in Jesus's name, then I think its absolutely fair to ask who has been helped and oh look, the website bluntly states they are NOT DOING IT FOR CHARITY.

Are Jeremy and Auj lying? Why do I have to praise them for the charitable acts they clearly and publically state they expect to profit from? That's all.

Also, I find it hilarious that these two have accomplished nothing BUT "getting married".

Debbie said...

Rap541, you're ridiculous. The website helps people because it inspires people to focus on having lasting, successful covenant marriages. The goal is for couples to use the resources they provide to ensure the couple stays focused and does all they can to have a successful marriage and fulfill the promises they made to each other and to God.

There is nothing wrong with Jeremy and Audrey making some money off the website. It is still doing good. The benefit is that people will put more effort into their marriages. That's a good thing.

I didn't say anything about Zach so your attacks on me are unwarranted. I don't care if Zach has a charity event at Indoor Goals. Personally, I think it's a little bit childish for Zach to still be trying to raise money for him to play soccer. If it's for the next generation of dwarf kids to play soccer that would be a better cause, but Zach can do what he wants.

Zach at least is ahead of Jacob who uses his social media account to promote drugs and ridiculous political ideas.

If you want to talk about somebody who is not doing any good in the world, look at Jacob.

Cindy said...

Rap and Jocelynn, I think anything Zach and his soccer team does can be called a "DAAA event" and therefore they are entitled to the money.

I would be shocked if none of the money went to Zach's team which is Zach's friends.

Angela said...

Rap, nobody said Jeremy and Audrey are not making money off their blog. Only you care about it.

The point is the website does GOOD. It promotes healthy marriages. They want people to join them in having a healthy marriage that is focused on God.

Rap541 said...

Actually, Debbie, you pointedly said this:

"It is typical of Rap that Rap wants to yell at supporters of Jeremy and Audrey while giving Zach a free pass.

I am sure if Jeremy was asking fans to pay $15 to come to indoor goals so the money would go to him and his friends,"

You did say something about Zach, so apologize for *lying*.

You obviously think something is wrong with Zach's event as you think I am giving it a "free pass" - so again, apologize for *lying*.

If you genuinely had no problem with Zach's event - and your initial and later response is very much saying you have a problem with it while you insist Jeremy and Auj are perfectly fine - then you wouldn't be accusing me of giving it a free pass.

Rap541 said...

Angela - all I am asking Debbie for is empirical proof. I could ask the same of you. You're insisting the website "does GOOD" - prove it. With facts.

And Cathy said Jeremy and Audrey wanted to give their wisdom, and that's when I pointed out Jeremy and Audrey were very clear in expecting to profit, which means they aren't "giving".

Nothing wrong with that, just don't tell me that its giving.

Debbie said...

Rap541, if the roles were reversed, you know you would be bashing Jeremy for being an adult and having an event that brings his friends together.

Again, I don't care if Zach is doing it. But I know if it was Jeremy, that would be what you would be commenting on.

But because it was Zach, you ignored that and instead lashed out and try to change the focus of his post to Jeremy and Audrey, when they have a website that will do good in the world by promoting covenant marriages.

Rap541 said...

Cindy - the DAAA is a legit not-Roloff organization so they do have to account for where money goes.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - don't apologize for lying. You are a Christian and I expect you to lie :)

And don't make this about me, Debbie - you said you didn't mention Zach, and that you didn't have a problem with what he was doing - you clearly did mention Zach and you clearly have a problem with it, you lying liar who lies.

Tell me Debbie - if this soccer event was staged by Jeremy for his local buddies, who might still be playing league soccer, what would you say? :)

I bet you'd laud him for his charity :)

And no need to answer, it's very clear you lie.

Paula said...

There is nothing wrong with making money off something but the question is does it contribute to good or evil?

Audrey and Jeremy are contributing to good. They are putting a lot of their time and effort into a subject that they care a lot about (covenant marriage) and it is serving a good purpose that can only spread good.

God is using Jeremy and Audrey in great ways.

What do people get from being influenced by Jacob?

Angela said...

Rap, you are the most dense person I've ever come across.

It does good by promoting healthy marriages. Provide proof?? The proof is in the website. That is what is for. It is promoting healthy, lasting relationships and inspires husbands and wives to give more of themselves to their spouse and marriage. The proof is the website. They've focused their energy on providing others with tools to ensure they have healthy, lasting marriages that honors the commitment they made to God and each other.

Rap541 said...

Angela - first, my definition of a healthy marriage is not yours. Or Jeremy and Auj's. I know gay marrieds who have incredible marriages. I am currently helping a gay couple adopt. You and Jeremy and Auj would shit on them as it's not a "covenant" marriage.

My parents got married by the justice of the peace. It is not a "covenant" marriage yet they are on year 52.

My father - a deist - was also a justice of the peace and married many many people and none of those marriages, including one with fifteen children, would be deemed "worthy" by you or Jeremy and Auj.

The proof is not in the website - the website is just a website. You are saying "The website exists, that is PROOF it helps marriages" - that isn't going to cut it. I love it when you say I am dense and then say something as idiotic as "the website is proof that the website is helpful". I mean really.

Oh and at last check the Roloffs had a covenant marriage didn't they? I trust you agree they failed in God's eyes? And deserve to hear "you failed at covenant marriage"?

Dustin said...

I find it funny that Amy was promoting Jeremy and Audrey's website when Amy has the failed marriage that the website is supposedly teaching against.

Audrey even says that in their Grandparents day when something was broke, they fixed it. And that goes for marriages too. But now when something needs work, people throw it out and move on.

That's not saying much for Matt and Amy. But Amy is promoting their website, when she failed in her marriage with Matt?

Jer and Auj launch there blog today that they have been working hard on the past few months! Go to and see what they are doing to inspire and encourage married couples to beat average, and to give more than 50 percent to their spouses. Follow them on @beating50percent and tag your Valentine's photos with ‪#‎beating50percent‬ ‪#‎3sentencelovestory‬ ‪#‎valentinesday‬ you can also watch this video that explains there mission here!!!

Angela said...

"Angela - first, my definition of a healthy marriage is not yours. Or Jeremy and Auj's. I know gay marrieds who have incredible marriages. I am currently helping a gay couple adopt. You and Jeremy and Auj would shit on them as it's not a "covenant" marriage."

That says a great deal about you as a person (and it's not good!!!!) It explains why you don't see the Beating50percent website as a good thing. Your morals are awful. Gays cannot have healthy marriages because it is immoral. A marriage is between one man and one woman. I'm counting down the days to the election when we will have a Republican President who will overturn the decision that infringes on our religious freedom and will appoint Supreme Court Justices who believe in traditional marriage as Justice Scalia did.

"I am currently helping a gay couple adopt."

I hope you are only saying that to rile the Christians here up. It's awful for you to be apart of throwing a child into that kind of immoral environment. Children should be raised with a mother and father. To put a child into that kind of environment is cruel and I personally would consider it a form of child abuse.

And Matt and Amy Roloff did fail in their marriage. They absolutely failed. It is very disappointing.

Rap541 said...

Angela - nope, not lying, I am a character reference. They're a great couple who want a child and they are close to being approved, in part because they're willing to do "foster to adopt" and take the risk that the biological parents will reclaim the child.

They have the opoortunity because Christan couples in covenant marriages won't step up. There's nothing wrong with Jeremy and Auj but the gay couple I know will have a baby within the next few months.

No comment on people who marry with justices of the peace, Angela? Why don't you have an opinion? You seem so firm on "covenant" marriage yet you sit silent....

And I also notice how you dropped "the website is the proof" when it was clearly pointed out you were speaking idiotically.

At last check, it looks like Donald Trump will be the Republican nomination and he's basically a democrat... Ted Cruz didn't even win with evangelicals in SC.

(not a Trump fan btw, but the two trailers, Cruz and Rubio, are both being cited as unelectable)

Angela said...

Rap, this is a serious issue. The child should not be put in a home with two gays. You don't throw a child into the first people that come knocking. You wait until you find the right home and the right home is a Christian home with a father and a mother.

While I would prefer Ted Cruz, Donald Trump has vowed that he has Evangelicals back and won't betray them.

Ted Cruz is not unelectable. The mistakes we Republicans have made the past two elections is they've nominated a moderate Republican like Romney and McCain instead of a hardcore conservative like Cruz.

Donald Trump is winning and is popular in large part to his stance on illegal immigration, the border and banning Muslims. You won't find those positions with Democrats.

Rap541 said...

And if the home is two "covenant" marrieds who do meth?

And if no Christian marrieds like Jeremy and Auj want to step up? Then what? Better meth head abusers than gays? And of course no judgement to all the Christians who refuse to take in kids... In Jesus's name, not my problem but DONT PUT THE KIDS WITH GAYS BUT ALSO DON'T EXPECT US TO TAKE THAT CRACKBABY IN!?

If the kids have to wait for Christians to step up... if there's any wait at all then Christians are part of the problem, correct? Because I assure you, I live in AZ and we're not terribly liberal and my gay friends are getting a kid within months - it would be march first except that they have a scheduling issue.

Ted Cruz is despised by his own party. I'm not terribly political but trust me - they will push Rubio over Cruz and Donald *will* do as Donald pleases and that means he'll turn on a dime.

Rap541 said...

And again, no comment on the validity of people married outside of "covenant" marriages? Why so silent?

And why aren't you defending your "the website is proof the website does good"? Come on Angela, you want to fight, are non Covenant with Christ marriages just fornication to you?

Ecossais said...

I find it amazing that Audrey and Jeremy are so worshipped by the bible/covenant marriage thumpers on here. These two know how to peddle the jesus thing.
Audrey is so devout that she gave up make-up for Lent,(big sacrifice), but promptly went back to make-up for TV APPEARANCES to please her paymasters -TLC. So simply put - MONEY TRUMPS ALL.

I am looking forward to seeing just what "material" TLC can drum up for a new season.
The LPBW theme is played out. With the benefit of TLC's money being "little people" does not prevent them from doing anything like going on trips, Hawaii for example, that most "normal" sized people cannot afford and Audrey and Jeremy are by no means little people.

Ecossais said...

Audrey and Jeremy have focused their energy on MAKING MONEY!

Ecossais said...

I don't know where you are hiding. Marriage in the United States is a dying institution. Are you not aware of the huge problem of kids being born to unwed mothers and five or more "siblings" by different fathers who take no part in their lives. As Oprah Winfrey famously said - Who da baby daddy?

The kid Rap is talking about is going to have two loving parents who actually want a kid - not a government pay check.

PJ said...

I believe Jeremy and Audrey WANT to shepard other peoples marriages. But really only people already looking are going to find this website. And honestly if each partner is only giving 50% the relationship is already in trouble. Couples need to give 100% to each other. Only time will tell how successful they will be.
I'm with Rap in that most of the couples I know who really work hard at their relationships are gay. They get far less support from outside.

I had to look up Noam Chomsky but he seems far less destructive than say Ayn Rand or Ronald Reagan. And not everyone disagrees with Jacobs politics (at least not completely). His ideas are far less un-American than the "profit for the few, poverty for the rest" we have now.

Christine said...

Jeremy and Zach used to go to the Mad Greek Deli a lot. Not only with Matt but during world soccer tournaments. It says a lot about them that neither could manage one post or tweet. Roloffs are so self absorbed.

John said...

Wow. This family is really sad. Zachary is raising "charity funds" for little people. Am I the only one who noticed hat the ad for the event stats that it is being filmed....

Jacob, at least this poor soul is real. He needs to stumble along for a while to get his true north.

Jeremy, amazing. Failed photo business in Calif, failed action photo business in Oregon and now some sort of marriage website. Pathetic.

Molly, I hope she is intentionally staying away because that would show she has a brain. Bless her....

Amy, still can't seem to get a handle on the fact that her husband is divorcing her because she is a bitch. Always treated Matt with comtempt.

Matt, always did what he wanted, when he wanted without any consultation with spouse. Everything always had an angle towards getting a deal from someone.

Rap541 said...

On an aside, Tory sure looks six months pregnant, doesn't she? I sure remember some Christians here laughing it up over how Tory was a little whore who spread her legs before marriage and needed to know just how stupid a slut she was to slut about before marriage and get herself pregnant out of covenant marriage wedlock....

Oh wait, huh... Tory isn't pregnant, now is she? DO any of the Christians who merrily slut shamed Tory want to say anything? Anything at all? Or is this a "Christiqans when wrong will ignor ehow hurtful they were and insist they did nothing wrong" moment YET AGAIN?

Pj - I'll be honest - I don't think Jeremy and Audrey want to shepherd marriages, I think they want an easy source of income where they don't have to do very much and have money to afford their toys. I am curious if the website starts leading these two to have to face awkward questions. Much like Zach is too big a boy to play the sad dwarf teen athlete card, Jeremy is too big a boy to say "I'm an adult running a business but my daddy is my daddy and I'm not allowed to have an opinion".

Laura said...

Audrey is such a wonderful young lady of Christ. She has the most beautiful captions.

""God doesn't give you the grace for someone else's trial." I've heard this quote many times... But sometimes I feel guilty that I don't have it, like I should have it, even though I can't seem to bare the thought of such grace...As I go through life watching more an more of my loved ones endure hard things...My heart desperately breaks. When I hear a devastating testimony, read a tragic story, or walk through the waters with a friend, I feel a desperate need to muster up the grace. Lately I have been reminded.... God gives us compassion to make the grace we have sufficient. In a world that copes instead of mourns, and escapes instead of seeking healing, BE COMPASSIONATE. Our world needs more compassion to make the dark places light. #alwaysmore #pnw #graceissufficient #darlingweekend #northwestisbest"

PJ said...

Rap, I can totally believe Audrey sees herself as a new marriage messiah and would love to have millions of people following her every bizarre utterance ala Dr Oz.

Ecossais said...

Enough with the Audrey worship Laura.
What a rambling load of rubbish. She knows that spouting "Christian" stuff gets the support of your group but she couldn't even give up make-up for Lent because making money got in the way.
She is a pompous arrogant phony whose only claim to a modicum of fame is being married to a reality "star".
Pity she doesn't know the difference between "bare" and "bear".

Ecossais said...

The sad thing PJ is that she probably will have a lot of "followers". Just the same as TLC gets an audience for all their freak shows.

Rap541 said...

I genuinely ask - what do people think Audrey is saying in that quote?

I mean, if you're going to praise it... can you even explain it?

Recently someone here was praising the John Mark Comer quote ""Don't read the Bible literally; read it literarily." and how precious Auj loved it... and I asked the Christians here to explain what the quote meant and none of you stepped up for the Glory of Christ....

If you're willing to praise it, surely you understand what you're praising?

Rap541 said...

ANgela - I am intensely curious to know - how long should a child wait for a covenant marriage home? Youy don't want gays raising the kids in foster care so9 asx a Christian, how long is acceptable for a kid to live in a warehouse with no love (except maybe Christ's but the state isn't allowed to endorse a religion). How long, in Christ's name, is it better for a child to be parentless?

And why, if you as a Christian believe no child should go to a gay couple EVER, aren't taking to task all these proud Christians with money who aren't saying "I'm Christian and I will take those children!"

You're insisting children live in institutions with NO loving parents or stability and you're pointedly NOT insisting Christians who refuse to stand up and take these children are not doing God's will.

How's this ANgela - if God wanted those kids to have Covenant Christian marrieds for parents... shouldn't Christians be stepping up like the proud followers they are? And taken to task for not acting as God wants when they don't?

ANd yet here you are, shitting on gay people for taking in children precious covenant Christians don't want to be bothered with... Being Christian is easy when you're a Roloff playing and fucking your husband is Jesus lauded Sabbath worship but when it requires anything difficult, well... Christians can't be expected to act Christ like and Christians in covenant marriages have every right to insist OTHERS not be allowed children even as they display their lack of Christian caring by refusing to take in a child themselves.

Seriously - every time I see a Christian shit a brick over a gay couple adopting, I remind myself how all these complainers don't have the simple Christian grace to make these children unavailable by adopting them themselves... Angela - if you won't adopt a child rather than see it go to a gay home, then you are the problem, do you get it?

Ashley said...

There was an interesting comment between Jeremy and a fan on Audrey's Instagram picture, she wrote again about the importance of Sabbath.

Some of us actually need to work on the Sabbath. It's called real life

jeremyroloff 26 minutes ago
@micheledupuisbaird no, it's called workaholism.

@micheledupuisbaird No Jeremy, it's called being a single working mother

Jeremy made some smart alec comment to her. She replied, it must be nice to have all the answers in your 20s.

Audrey and Jeremy have now deleted her replies.

Paula said...

Ashley, that woman is a hateful jerk.

She comes to Audrey's Instagram account to post snarky and hateful messages to Jeremy. I'm not surprised she is living in sin and damaging her kids instead of raising them in a healthy Christian household with a mom AND a dad.

Like Audrey and other good fans of her Instagram said, if you work on the weekends, you do have the ability to substitute another day if necessary.

But that woman just wanted to be hateful to Jeremy.

Gail said...

@Paula I couldn't agree more. That lady is a miserable person. I'll pray for her kids. She should apologize to Jeremy for being so rude to him. The point flew right over her head.

Ashley said...

Some people are not liking that Jeremy and Audrey delete comments that don't agree with them.

Why are you deleting her comments? If you blog, you have to expect differing opinions. That is her reality and it's important to understand how other people live. You both live a very very fortunate life that is not typical or available to most people. It is kind of harsh to assume that is someone works on Sabbath, that it is workaholism. I enjoy your family and your posts so hopefully I am not deleted as well."

Paula said...

Ashley, that's just another hater. Audrey posted about the Sabbath. That's not an invitation to insult her and Jeremy.

You also didn't include Audrey's full caption where she quotes the great John Mark Comer again.

"If you don't learn how to rest well, you will never learn how to work well. The opposite of work isn't rest, it's sleep. Work and rest are friends not enemies. They are bride and groom who come together to make a full, well rounded life." - John Mark Comer Sabbath means to stop, celebrate, cease or be complete. Sabbath isn't just not working it's delighting in the "work of our hands." When we Sabbath we tap into God's rythm for human flourishing. Jer and I have been doing Sabbathing as our New Years resolution this year and let me say... I highly recommend it. Oh and I also recommend reading this book: Garden City by @johnmarkcomer it will change the way you live. Actually. You can find it under the resources section on @beating50 #beating50percent #sabbath #stayingido #alwaysmore #journeyofjerandauj #gardencity "

Ashley said...

And now Isabel has chimed in. In what I've come to expect of her, sucking up to Audrey and Jeremy. Big time.

She's a John Mark Comer fan now!!! LOL!

I'm gonna need to read Loveology first;)

Loveology was the name of the event that John Mark spoke about how gays are diseased and can be cured by praying to God to fix their brokenness.

Jacob used to curse at people who would bring up John Mark Comer to him but now even his girlfriend, the person he's living with is saying she's a fan and buying his books.

I think Jacob is a really insincere person.

Abby said...

Ashley, Isabel is SO fake. It's so easy to see through her. It's painful to see her kiss up to Audrey.

Christine said...

Paula, the person commenting is 100% right. Who is Jeremy to be condescending towards her? She is right. Some people do have to work for a living. It's real life. They don't get paid to stand in front of a camera or get paid to vacation in Hawaii or have a "job" blogging about your wisdom about marriage.

Jeremy's "workaholism" response was just him being a privileged, unrealistic brat. Some people don't want to work when they'd rather stop and play, but they have bills to people, people to support.

Jeremy and Audrey have no idea what people in the real world have to deal with.

Ashley said...

It looks like the discontent is spreading!

@jeremyroloff your holier than though attitude and intolerance of a differing opinion is not a constructive way to get your message across. I've been watching you and your wife for quite some time and let me give you a bit of advice. Acting like a know it all isn't going to advance your message. I know you believe in your heart all that you say, but what does a couple married such a short time really know about marriage? Preach it when you've lost babies, jobs, buried parents, faced foreclosure, worked two jobs and are exhausted, have no health coverage and no support system, etc and come out 30 years later still married and stronger! Then you can act like a know it all. Until then, a little humble pie goes a long way."

"afranc1dukefan @dineennaz
I feel the same way about his wife. She wants to tell everyone about everything from how they should be working to how they should be relaxing, working out etc. I've forgotten more than she knows, being humble is a great quality, unfortunately it escapes these two.

PJ said...

I agree Christine. Jeremy was being flippant and probably thought it was cute.
He, like so many religious types never think that if they do anything but go straight to church and straight home someone is gonna have to work. people in retail, food service or things like gas stations usually do not get a choice as to days they work. Even if Jeremy and Auj want to go to a National park someone will be there rangering. It's definitely a rich kid/no one but ME matters attitude and Jeremy has it in spades (yes so does Jacob although not so much)

Laura said...

What is wrong with these people?

They think they are being funny or cool by attacking Jeremy on Audrey's Instagram??

Reynoldswrap4 "Wooooow. Dude just really said that people who have to work on Sundays are workaholics? Wow. Well I've been waiting for the moment true colors pop out and I guess here we are. Not cool at all. Dude. You've been married a minute. Congratulations. You're like 12 yrs old and have lived a bit of life. Sheltered. On a farm. On a reality tv show budget. In a huge house. There comes a time in adult life when one realizes there's a whole world out.there and guess what? Some people, especially parents, have to work 6-7 days a week to feed thwir children. Contrary to what you portray, you do not in fact know everything."

How about she learn some respect. Audrey and Jeremy know more about God and living a life that pleases Him than she does. Perhaps if she opened her heard and followed Jeremy and Audrey's advice she wouldn't be so bitter and hateful.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, gotta be honest - let's see Jeremy with a child and no wife and see if he stands on
'I refuse to work because it's the Sabbath, my child needs to understand JESUS comes first and if that means Daddy is fired and there's no food, well, JESUS!'

Seriously people, its very easy for childless Jeremy to merrily shit on single moms as NOT BEING DEVOTED ENOUGH. I believe this is the asshole who has turned a weekday into "Sunday" to avoid being that jerk who works on the Sabbath. How DARE HE SHIT ON A WORKING MOM?


Jeremy really needs a damn lesson as he flops his limp little dick on the table and accuses a single mom of "workaholism" - I seriously understand now why this big *boy* hasn't impregnated the wife yet - he's obviously afraid of having to work for a living.

What a prick. How can he look at his mom after he's said something so shitty?

Rap541 said...

Laura - explain with facts how Jeremy knows more about GOD.

And explain where in the bible that Jesus wants his chosen to SHIT ON WORKING MOTHERS.

Stand up loud and proud and cite your sources - you've made a statement of fact 0 Jeremy and Audrey know more about God and living a life that pleases him so FACTS PLEASE. And not your gut and not "In Jesus's name, Jeremy has the right to shit on people who need to work while he is priveledged"

Maybe Jeremy needs to show more respect to people who didn't have his advantages? Or is this "JESUS GRANTS JEREMY MONEY SO JEREMY MAY SHIT WHERE HE MAY"?

Janet said...

It is not a surprise that Rap541 has chimed in with a huge overreaction. Those people are rude and Jeremy is right. They can still make time for Sabbath. Jeremy wasn't saying anything about single mothers. She is using that as an excuse.

Rap541 said...

Janet - How many days of the week is Jeremy *actually working*? And not being filmed playing?

Come on now... Jeremy is famous entirely because his parents are dwarfs, not because Jeremy has done anything other than be born into the Roloff family. How much actual work does Jeremy do?

How much money does Jeremy make that isn't related to how he's on a reality show? If there was no show - could Jeremy afford his lifestyle?

If Money is no issue - why aren't Jeremy and Audrey adding arrows into their quiver for Jesus?

Jeremy is rude to chide ANYONE for working. If anything it's an indicator that he's a little boy still who doesn't understand that "I need to play" isn't what people expect to hear from a married man. .

Janet - expand on how Jeremy who is rich is right to shit on someone who has a child - someone Jeremy hasn't been man enough to produce - who needs to work to provide for that child. Explain in detail how a childless wealthy man has the right to shit on a working mom.

If I was a mean person I would absolutely pray birth control fails in Jeremy's home. I really do.

Rap541 said...

Also - since Jeremy is now a public figure, maybe its time to ask what this *man's* opinion is as a Christian man, on single mothers?

Or is little pisspants Jer-Bear still a boy standing silent behind his daddy at almost 26 and covenant married?

I know Jer and Auj claim to work 50+ hours to do one blog entry per week...Perhaps if they want to insist how hard they are working they might get into what their "We work 50+ hours" per week looks like? Since part of the problem is how they're flouncing off to Hawaii and whining how awful it is that they have to work on Sundays....

Oh and FYI - precious Auj was indeed whining about the show and needs to be judged accordingly... she shit on the precious blessing of the show when she whined about having to work on Sunday and she needs to understand where her lifestyle comes from just like Jacob... especially since she's chosen to quit a job due to the money coming in....

PJ said...

People can be rude but Jeremy was too. And Janet obviously you've never been in the position to have no choice but to choose work and supporting your family over religion.

Kristina said...

Oh my GOD you people are idiots. Someone says "not everyone has time to rest" and Jeremy accuses them of being workaholics. That's such complete and utter bullshit. Whoever is saying that stuff is right, they are privileged white brats who have had shit handed to them their whole entire lives.

Why does Audrey only wear designer clothes? Because her mom has always paid for them. Her parents were well off enough to buy a nice country house in the heart of Helvetia. A house that cost well over 1 million. She and Jeremy have never had to face adversity, financial instability or anything else rather.

They have never been through hardships. They've never faced REAL LIFE PROBLEMS.
They should NOT be life coaching or marriage coaching. They do not know what the actual population of married couples go through. Why would anyone actually want to learn from them?

"Pray about it, God will help you financially, he'll babysit your kids, he'll cure you of health problems, he'll pay your rent, he'll send you on business trips to Hawaii".

What fucking jokes.

Maureen Lee said...

Loveology is a book about love languages and learning to love your partner better. Perhaps Audrey suggested Isabel read it, so she made a comment. Doesn't necessarily mean she is a fan of John Mark Comer. Frankly I don't know why anyone would be.

Let's not talk about sucking up to Audrey, every single person: Tori, Destiney (especially her) suck up to Audrey MORE. Tori commented "You so pwetty sister" and Audrey didn't even reply lol. Destiney comments on everything Audrey posts and Audrey never replies.

Isabel sucks up, yes, but so does everyone else surrounding Audrey. And Audrey controls it by not giving them attention. She's like a bad version of Regina George.

Penelope said...

I think it absolutely incredible how Audrey and Jeremy truly believe they know everything about marriage. And poor, poor Amy.

"Hey mom sorry about your marriage ending and your broken heart but how about we rub it in your face that we are going to beat the statistic you are now a part of."

How insensitive can Jeremy and Audrey really be? Matt and Amy announce their divorce and not even a year later launch a brand entirely targeting exactly what Jeremy's parents ARE. They are part of the 50% and you are slandering their name and what they went through time and time again. Every time Amy opens her Instagram page she's forced to remember the bitter divorce she went through, both her and Matt are very bitter people. But that doesn't mean they deserve to have their kids preach and preach after having being married only a year or two. Matt and Amy are proof that even all the money in the world and a tv show wasn't enough to keep two people together.

My favorite part of this whole thing is they can't survive like this. They are inevitably going to be forced to divorce. Two arrogant, self centered people cannot go on like this for very long.

They have Matt and Amy to thank for the foreshadowing of that.

Tj said...

People can MAKE TIME for their relationship with GOD on their own time and they don't need Jeremy and Audrey to force it down their throats.

Finn said...

Now Audrey is claiming she has lost a baby. Wow... Why did we never hear of this?

Alina said...

I truly think it's comical that Jeremy can accuse people of workaholism when he has never in his whole entire life worked a 9-5 job... Not once. Neither has Audrey. That's hilarious. He just shit on so many of his "fans". One woman even commented that she was now a "former supporter". Nice to see their true colors showing day by day. Their marriage blog will not amount to anything valuable. They won't change lives or help anyone in need...

Ecossais said...

Laura said "What's wrong with these people?"

What's wrong with you Laura that you are so totally blinded by the word "jesus"?

Unlike Jeremy who has never worked in his life some people do actually work to pay their bills Laura.
How would you like if you had no electric, water, sewage service, phone or TV on a Sunday because nobody was working in the name of Jesus and the Sabbath?

And Janet - your Jeremy worship is irrational. He is a spoiled brat who spouts the Christian thing for his own advantage. Name any good Christian thing he or Audrey have done.

Rap541 said...

Janet - the problem is that Jeremy is a 25 year old who is currently supported by a reality show and he's snotting at someone who has to work for a living that they're a workaholic for not indulging themselves.

In other words, a rich man who has done nothing but be lucky to be born into a family that ended up on tv, who didn't need to get a job at 18, who has never held a steady job or ever needed to, who has been handed money and vacations and treats his entire life that he didn't *earn*... is acting as though he is better than someone who lacks his priveledged background.

Is that really how Jesus wants Jeremy to act? Really? I've never seen Jeremy say anything in appreciation to how he's living like a priveledged little prince... no thanks, just him looking down on others. What a prince, and it does make me wonder how this man child would handle a real problem. I'd wish an unplanned pregnancy on these two except that it's mean to the child.

Janet - If Jeremy and Audrey want to be celebs, they're going to need to grow thicker skins and understand their smirking lil digs about the scum who aren't as priveledged to be rich will be held against them. Seriously, this website is about helping people - how did Jeremy's snotty cruel remark help that woman? Was she supposed to say "Oh thank you Jeremy for teaching me that I need to rest and if that means I don't make my financial obligations... well, I guess I'll justr pray as my child cries for food since *JeremY* says the Sabbath must be kept!"

Kathy said...

I'm sorry but I think it is absolutely amazing people are finally calling Jer and Audrey out. The only people defending them here are Paula and Laura and the people in the comments are just saying things like "hey be nice to them, they're doing the best they can..."

Jeremy needs to watch what he says and stop accusing people of being workaholics.

Sadone said...

It's great, to me, to see people finally attacking the real people who deserve it.

Jacob, in my opinion, doesn't deserve it. He's just a kid trying to find his way and he's matured a lot since the days of his stupid account. He only stopped using that once he started dating Isabel. He's reading more and enlightening himself and he's innocent as far as I'm concerned.

Someone who actually has NEVER experienced hard work or adversity in his life is Jeremy. Audrey tried to say that "you don't know what we've been through!" But it is extremely easy to tell they've had seemingly perfect lives, no need to fool anyone.

Spoiled rich kids.

Emma said...

I too saw that Instagram conversation about the Sabbath. Jer should not be so condescending to fans, it's really rude and does not line up with what he claims are his strong Christian values. Kindness goes a long way.

I think their website is interesting and will likely do well (even though it looks like they haven't posted in over a week?), but I will not be reading it because I have a different idea of marriage than they do. Especially in one of Jer's post where he referred to the man as the "leader" of the marriage. Couples need to be equals and work as a team. Jer's view is totally archaic and offensive and I don't see how a marriage can be strong if you are considering yourself as the more important member of the couple. My husband and I work together as a team and both see ourselves as equal parts of our strong, loving, committed marriage.

I'm interested to see what content is in the new episodes, other than Hawaii, Texas, Jer and Auj in Bend, Zach's charity event, the holidays, etc. Every season is the same now. I continue watching but I liked it a lot more when the kids were younger and more interesting - the show seemed more real then.

Rap541 said...

Janet - more seriously, there's a couple things in play here.

1. Auj and Jer are now bloggers. They are saying "these are our opinions and we want you to read our words and take our advice and comment" - they are saying "we want to be public figures". That means people have the right to comment on their actions. Jeremy and Audrey are *asking for attention* - thats why they blog. They aren't always going to get "Jesus walks with you both, in his Name I praise Jer and Aud!" all the time. If they can't deal with the occasional negative opinion, they are absolutely in the wrong business. They are not children. They are choosing to publicize themselves. They will need to deal with negative opinions.

2. When the Christians here declare everyone and anyone who isn't "Jeremy, you're a precious vessel and I adore everything you say as Jesus's plan for us" as rude or a jerk or a hater, you're making the point that you're completely irrational and unwilling to see Jeremy as a flawed human being. While I dont know that I would assign an intentionally mean intent on his part, his "its workaholism" remark - that he probably thought was witty - was actually really rude on Jeremy's part. He's basically making a snotty judgment of that person - that they have no reason to not take his advice, that they are choosing willfully to not listen to him. He fails to understand that a lot of people in this world dont have the giant safety net he functions with.

And thats really why the workoholism remark grates. Lets be honest - Jeremy ain't living off his hard work, he's living off the show. Folks - he got a paycheck to get married. He got a paycheck to attend his brother's wedding. In the real world, where you can't afford to simply quit your job and take the summer off to piddle your way from Los Angeles to Oregon, attending special events like a wedding involves work stress. Likewise getting time off to play in Hawaii. Its patently obvious Jeremy's plans include taking over the farm and being handed an already established business. It's also patently obvious that heaven forbid, something serious or tragic happens, that Jeremy has a giant safety net in the form of wealthy parents. If he wants to piddle around with a blog, if Audrey wants to play at being a fitness instructor, they can do so and their parents will basically cover them if there's a crisis. A huge number of people don't have that kind of safety net... and Jeremy's remark indicates that he has no real understanding that he's being an insensitive clod.

Some people have to work and don't have time or money to afford a day off. When Jeremy blithely dismisses them as "workaholics".... he's being rude. I certainly hope he learns why its rude before he finds out first hand how nasty it feels to work for a living, to need to work or else bills don't get paid, and have some sheltered kid with rich parents snot at you how his lifestyle of play trumps all.

If Jeremy was really about helping people, he wouldn't have made such a meanspirited remark. But the proof is in the pudding - someone reached out to Jeremy and he mocked them. Wasn't Audrey yammering about grace recently? Maybe she needs to sit down with Jer and explain how nasty he was. Oh wait... that would involve actual thought about their religion and not just repeating a platitude...

Ashley said...

An update from last night if you aren't following the comments...Audrey is not being truthful about comments being deleted though. That Michelle person's response to Jeremy's "It's called being a workaholic" where she said "It's called a single mother trying to pay a mortgage" was deleted. Audrey also vaguely implies she may have lost a baby (although not really, she writes "you don't know what struggles I've faced...or if I've lost a baby..."

dineennaz @jeremyroloff your holier than though attitude and intolerance of a differing opinion is not a constructive way to get your message across. I've been watching you and your wife for quite some time and let me give you a bit of advice. Acting like a know it all isn't going to advance your message. I know you believe in your heart all that you say, but what does a couple married such a short time really know about marriage? Preach it when you've lost babies, jobs, buried parents, faced foreclosure, worked two jobs and are exhausted, have no health coverage and no support system, etc and come out 30 years later still married and stronger! Then you can act like a know it all. Until then, a little humble pie goes a long way.

reynoldswrap4 Wooooow. Dude just really said that people who have to work on Sundays are workaholics? Wow. Well I've been waiting for the moment true colors pop out and I guess here we are. Not cool at all. Dude. You've been married a minute. Congratulations. You're like 12 yrs old and have lived a bit of life. Sheltered. On a farm. On a reality tv show budget. In a huge house. There comes a time in adult life when one realizes there's a whole world out.there and guess what? Some people, especially parents, have to work 6-7 days a week to feed thwir children. Contrary to what you portray, you do not in fact know everything.

Also important to remember that most 20 something newlyweds do not have this kind of a life. Sometimes slightly elitist and I thinj people usually hold their tongues out of respext, but for whatever reason today everyone's speaking up about it.

@jeremyroloff While the person who wrote the original "it's called real life" comment was certainly being condescending, I don't think meeting it with condescension is the answer. You and Audrey have set yourselves up as role models and the "workaholism" comment was not exactly edifying and could have been met with a myriad number of attitudes that would have been more compassionate and helpful. While that person could have changed their tone as well, maybe they are in a place of suffering or seeming hopelessness. Perhaps they are struggling to work to jobs to provide for hungry mouths or struggling to work jobs in order to pay for a full time school load. Everyone is fighting their own hard battle-sometimes one that you can't understand or put yourselves in the shoes of. Not that you have not gone through hardships (everyone does) or don't know what "hard work"

Ashley said...

@nenners52 what was deleted? And I NEVER said sabbath was on Sunday. We choose to make it that day when we don't have to work. But we work a lot of Sunday's and so have to sabbath a different day of the week. The importance is to rest every 7 days. That is what I am emphasizing. Not whether or not you work a job on Sunday. That's no excuse to not sabbath.

@cartsbeforelola yes, I totally agree. Perfection seems to be required online now of days. However, rest just might be the answer, not more work. I do apologize for the rudeness though.

@reynoldswrap4 no, people who take 0 time to rest and restore are. Sunday was never the designated day for rest. The point of anti workaholism is intentional moments (or a day) of rest. To restore and replenish what you are spending (Energy) Burnout is a result of over spending. I agree, some have less time than others due to circumstances, but the concept doesn't disappear.

SABBATH DOES NOT EQUAL SUNDAY. please read my post before attacking me on something I did not write. @reynoldswrap4 @jenoborowsky @uatide04 @dineennaz

@dineenaz I'm so sorry if you've faced those thing but I must say. You do not know what I have faced or what my parents might be going through, what jobs I've worked or if I've lost a baby. Everyone has a story and a struggle.

@dineennaz we know only as much as we have experienced. And that is all that we preach. Everyone's experiences will not match up, but to alter ones experience for the political correctness of someone else's, is simply untruthful. I do agree with you though, not everyone will relate to ones experiences.

Woah woah woah @audreyroloff and @jeremyroloff I never said a word about a day of the week or even the Sabbath issue. I have no issue with that. Read my comments before you both come at your supporters. Well, former supporters. Disappointed that you guys are just like the rest of the American church. Not what you seem.

@reynoldswrap4 "people who have to work on Sunday's are workoholics" he never said this.

Ashley said...

@reynoldswrap4 you need to chill out and stop thinking your better then everyone else. If you don't like what she has to say then why are you following her. Here's a life lesson worry about yourself and "working hard" and stop being rude.

I think it was just the way the conversation was had. Typically Sabbath is considered Sunday, so the Michele person probably took that as such and having to work on the typical Sabbath felt inadequate and Jeremy's response of that being workaholism just read like it was still inferring the typical Sabbath day. If his post had not been so blunt and had explained the physical day was not as important as the act itself, it would have been construed differently. The thing I remember most from my speech class a million years ago was "it's not what the speaker says, it's what the listener hears".

@deedeeposton I'mjust saying that at twenty something years old, being married for a minute and having a hugely privileged life do not make them experts on anything. And to be so arrogant and rude to call me a workaholic without knowing my life circumstances is immature at best.

“One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord. Whoever eats meat does so to the Lord, for they give thanks to God; and whoever abstains does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God. For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone. If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭14:5-9‬ I guess the Lord knew we would be fussing about these petty specifics thousands of years latter... But the point is not what day. The point is rest. Just like the point of church is not what day you meet, it's that you meet. I hope this offers clarity.

Denise said...

Audrey and Jeremy never said you have to Sabbath on Sunday. People are just picking fights and being negative. The point was people should rest and everyone should take time. People are also being very rude assuming Jeremy and Audrey have never experienced any hardships. We don't know everything they've been through just because they sometimes are on a tv show.

Rap541 said...

Oh good lord - does anyone find Jeremy's workaholic comment kind?


A person expressed a concern about how judgemental the whole conversation was - and clearly Auj and Jer (especially Jer) are judging people who don't make time to Sabbath as wrong)

They said: Some of us actually need to work on the Sabbath. It's called real life

Jeremy then said:no, it's called workaholism.

This isn't about Sunday - this is Jeremy making a snotty remark. Jeremy is basically saying his way is right and no one has any valid excuse to not be doing As Jeremy Says.

Jeremy doesn't understand the reality of people who aren't wealthy. I have been very fortunate to have gotten a good job out of college where I have always had at least one day off (except when I was in the war) but some people are not so lucky.

Jeremy could have made an effort to explain his Sabbath point. Instead he decided to make a hurtful remark - no doubt knowing a subset of his fans will insist he has the right to shit on people he feels are beneath him.

Rap541 said...

@dineenaz I'm so sorry if you've faced those thing but I must say. You do not know what I have faced or what my parents might be going through, what jobs I've worked or if I've lost a baby. Everyone has a story and a struggle.

If Audrey or members of the Roloff family read here - please take a piece of advice lest you fall into an ugly pit.

If Audrey has had a miscarriage, that's terrible. If she hasn't, its really horrific to use it as a sympathy point. Audrey, if you're listening - if you were just *saying* that to make people back off, clarify soon because if you haven't had a miscarriage but are claiming to in order to win an argument - that's just awful behavior. Also, now that you've used this implication publically in order to argue, people will ask you to clarify simply because you're publically using it for sympathy.

Lane said...

Does Audrey truly think we are blind? She posted a snapchat that says "day 14 no makeup" and she is very clearly wearing black on her eyelashes. Same with the "no makeup" photo she posted. EVERY redhead commented "how do you have such dark eyelashes?!" And she pretended not to know.

Haha let's see what you look like without ANY makeup Audrey. Fraud.

Ellen said...

Denise, I believe it's you and your God squad who assume everything about Isabel and Jacob. So take your own advice. You do not know anyone based on social media. Shut the fuck up.

Denise said...

We know what is going on with Jacob and Isabel. There is no grey area. We know they do and promote drugs. We know they flip flop with whatever benefits them. We know they are disrespectful. Nothing can change the facts.

They're saying Jeremy and Audrey aren't experienced so they they can't have a blog about marriage and Audrey's point is you don't know what they've experienced.

That's not the same as judging Jacob for his behavior.

Michelle said...

"If Audrey has had a miscarriage, that's terrible. If she hasn't, its really horrific to use it as a sympathy point. Audrey, if you're listening - if you were just *saying* that to make people back off, clarify soon because if you haven't had a miscarriage but are claiming to in order to win an argument - that's just awful behavior."

Re: Audrey's miscarriage comment.

She was responding to someone insulting her saying "get back to me when you've lost a child, lost your house, etc."

She is saying you don't know what she has experienced so don't judge her and Jeremy. It's not right for people to say "They're privileged, they're spoiled, they've never experienced anything hard so they can't have a blog that gives advice."

She wasn't saying she DID have a miscarriage, only that you don't know if she did or if her parents are going through difficult times or anything else.

Rap541 said...

Michelle - I completely understand her usage, I'm just saying its a distasteful way to make her point if she *hasn't* had a miscarriage. It's an unfortunate reality that women do have miscarriages.

I don't think Audrey was being insulted when it is pointed out that Audrey has made a point of publically presenting herself as a wealthy, theoretically successful young married woman whose worse problem is having to switch her Sabbath and may not have the experience, in marriage or in life, to understand that life isn't so rosy for everyone else. She clearly took offense... and shot back with how maybe she lost a baby... the problem is that considering the nature of her website, its a pretty crappy thing to suggest, especially since she's using it as an arguing point on how much she's suffered. The argument being made is that she doesn't have bad things happening in her life and doesn't have the experience to understand really hard times.

"Well, maybe I lost a baby, you don't know me!" is, I grant you, a classic babyish Roloff response - but the problem is that if it's not true, its a really awful thing to *suggest* in order to win an argument, particularly an argument about *empathy*.

It also will lead to people just straight up asking her - and she's only got herself to blame since she's publically throwing it out there in an attempt to prove her point.

PJ said...

A couple interesting things.

Audrey does not like distention amongst the troops. It comes across as "how DARE you question ME"

Jeremy very sees himself as a preacher. Sorry but a 3 year pseudo-art degree does not train one for the job of a minister. If they really want to go that route they need to attend seminary before advertising themselves as ready for followers.

I just love the "we can judge you but can't judge us." attitude they have AND the Anneites here have.

By the way Michelle, Rap's response to the possibility of a miscarraige is correct and not an opinion either way.

Megan said...

PJ, it doesn't come across as how dare you question me. Audrey justifiably so does not want to be attacked for things she or Jeremy didn't say. They never said you're a workaholic if you work on Sunday, but they were attacked.

Judy said...

This proves what I love about Audrey. She stands by her husband Jeremy. She is on the same page and wasnt going to let that hateful negative person insult and lie about what Jeremy said. You can tell Audrey follows the scripture and won't make the same mistakes Amy made. Audrey and Jeremy are one for God.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Uh, does anyone remember (but I'm positive they will look back at facts(?) and timelines) when they first moved to LA and Audrey was texting about being left with no power, all alone and/or breaking her foot etc.? I will go back and look also, but some, OK most, of that sounded just a wee tad melodramatic.

Also, with everyone on both sides spitting mad about coming up with PROOF and HARD FACTS, both 'christians' and non-christians alike, Audrey has better come up with factual proof about her "miscarriage" if it did happen. This is a very sensitive, difficult and traumatic event for a woman and/or couple to go through. Not an event to be thrown around just to make a pint or as an insinuation.

Rap541 said...

Judy - Jeremy shit on someone for disagreeing with his premise and pointing out that it's not so easy to put aside an entire day to play for Christ when you have responsibilities. Jeremy called being responsible being a workaholic and clearly judged that person as wrong.

As did you. Seriously, anyone who disagrees with Jeremy is hateful and negative? You are calling this person a liar.

What did this person lie about?

Judy - you as a Christian have publically judged "micheledupuisbaird" as a liar. Now you need to provide factual evidence of the lies. After all, you say it's true. I want proof.

I mean, you are insisting as a Christian that this person lied.

Put your hand on the Bible and say "In Christ's name I swear this person lied about x y and z and here's the proof".

Or you know, scream how unfair it is and whine how Jeremy is right to shit where he pleases as he is a Christian and making snip snotty comments how working class people are just workaholics is Jesus speaking thru the Blessed Jer-Bear.

PJ said...

Megan, It does come across like that to me.

let's have this conversation again in 10 years when Audrey realizes she married a blown up version of Matt. A man-child who may never care enough to go out and support whatever kids they have and is only interested in projects with is daddy (I'm assuming Jer will get the farm). And see where she is. My bet is she'll be a whole lot more like Amy.

Jenny said...

*audrey goes to Hawaii with the whole entire family*

*on her blog posts ONE PHOTO of the family together out of the ONE HUNDRED of herself* hahahahahahahahahah

Megan T. said...

Audrey and Jeremy are perfect for each other. Both stuck up snobs who enjoy only each other's company, and then only attractive people's company.

You God squad freaks will say "they have every right to want attractive friends". Well I remember reading somewhere in some famous book that Jesus' friends were prostitues and the broken. I doubt they were very attractive.

My point can be further proved by Audrey only commenting on the "attractive" photos of people posting their #3sentencelovestory. You can tell she picked and chose which ones to comment on based on their looks. She ignored the fat and ugly ones.

I'm sorry but I don't think Audrey's heart is in the right place. I think all she cares about are her looks.

whatever4ever said...

Audrey used to be so good, so kind, so loving. She used to be so accepting of anyone and everyone. I truly used to look up to her. Now she's just a money cow promoting herself online and... What are those bikini photos? Why did you have to post 20 of them, Audrey? Same pose, same bikini.

Poor Tori looks like a fish out of water posing for those pictures. She looks uncomfortable meanwhile Audrey is just a ham, can't get enough of herself in front of the camera.

I bet Tori was thinking in her head "get me out of this..."
Also notice how much weight Tori has gained? Or Audrey is just underweight. Neither girl looks that good.

Rap541 said...

They're saying Jeremy and Audrey aren't experienced so they they can't have a blog about marriage and Audrey's point is you don't know what they've experienced.

I'm saying Jeremy was disrespectful to the original poster. His disrespect is due in part to his arrogance in assuming everyone lives his lifestyle and his lack of knowledge.

Part of that lack of knowledge and that arrogance comes from a lack of experience. Now, that doesn't mean Auj and Jer (although my sense is that its mostly Auj) can't have something valid to say about marriage. However, they have to accept the reality that they don't know everything and their every pronouncement is not necessarily the Sermon on the Mount.

The problem in this little bru-haha is that Jeremy said something shitty and rather than accept that Jeremy was out of line and publically judgmental, Audrey's tone is that Jeremy did nothing wrong and everyone is misunderstanding his point... when in fact, he made his point quite clearly, it was just ugly and mean. If these two actually want to be marital advisors, they have to get used to the idea of accepting criticism *graciously* and really accepting that they are capable of not being right in every given situation.

Ecossais said...

I don't know when the new TLC Roloff episodes are starting but I will be interested to see what they have been filming.

The free-loading Roloffs in Hawaii on another expensive/exotic paid vacation is getting a bit old to say the least, and what the heck are they doing in Texas?

Apart from the Jeremy/Audrey worshipping Anneites I don't see much general interest in watching these two posers flouncing about Hawaii while claiming they are working. Neither of them know what work is.
Matt's antics are completely worn out and boring.
Zach and Tori don't exactly set the place on fire and Jacob has the sense to run away.

Apparently, according to her blog, Audrey thinks her parents would be interesting enough to bring on the TLC gravy train.

Sam said...

I think the saddest part of this whole family is how much they outcast Jacob

BreadBaby said...

You really have to feel for Matt in the death of his friend. He must have cried for days over the loss of free sandwiches and catering. Think of all the events they'll host on the farm that won't have food provided for free by his buddy the Greek guy. Such a shame for Matt. I hope he can make it through another tough time. First he loses Jeremy to a woman and now this.

Rap541 said...

Eccosais - I took a look at TLC's website today out of curiosity and there's nothing on the schedule as yet - I think they schedule two weeks out but I could be wrong.

Why are they in Hawaii? Why to have a free vacation and get paid for it. Why are they in Texas? Probably the same. Certainly, considering the Roloff Farms hiring practices, I somehow doubt they're campaigning for any Republican candidates this year.

Unless Audrey's parents have some concealed deformity, or twelve extra kids lying around the house, or unless they run some sort of weird bakery where they decorate twinkies or something, no, they aren't interesting enough to jump on the TLC bandwagon.

I'm also genuinely curious to see if Jeremy walks the walk he's been talking and allows himself to be filmed praying openly at every meal, or if this is one of those "if we're filming then forget it" vows.

Ashley said...

Anybody reading Jacob's Instagram right now? He's as dishonest and hides the facts as much as Jeremy and the other Roloffs.

Someone asked Jacob if he's Christian like his family? He didn't respond. Somebody replied that Jacob's opinion would probably change again but

1. a while ago Christians were mad at him because he said prayer and the idea of Heaven were stupid.

That's true.

2. That Jacob said Atheism was the dumbest religion.

That's true. Jacob tweeted that.

3. That Jacob's girlfriend now quotes the Bible and said she's buying John Mark Comer's book and JMC is a favorite pastor of the Roloff family who is conservative and advocates that gays have a disease that can be cured by praying to Jesus.

Each of those things are true.

The commenter concluded that Jacob's view on religion would change again but they guess he's probably closer to the other Roloffs than he was a year ago.

Everything the person wrote was true!!

Jacob swooped in to comment that he was deleting the comment and the person could pretend like they know but he was getting rid of the stain of their comment.

What the hell?? All of it was true! I think now that Jacob is acting all intellectual, he doesn't want people to know what he said in the past. And that Isabel supports a conservative anti gay Pastor since that's the boogeyman for all Roloffs.

I think Jacob is really devious to deal with it like that.

Jocelynn said...

Ashley, I saw it. It says a lot about Jacob's character that he would respond to facts by covering it up. He never did answer the girl's question, he only posted to be a big man to announce he was deleting.

The person wasn't lying and wasnt being mean. If Jacob isn't proud of what he has posted he should own it and clarify instead of taking his ball and going home.

Nancy said...

Maybe Jacob is ashamed that he mocked Christians and instead of apologizing he just wants people to forget or not know if they didn't before.

Bonnie said...

It is certainly a good thing that Isabel is reading the writings of John Mark Comer. Credit to Audrey for talking about the brilliance of Mr. Comer.

America needs more people who will say the truth about gays and stand for God and traditional marriage.

Brandon said...

Ashley, I see it like Jacob is acting like someone in school who suddenly is trying to fit into a new group of friends. He doesn't want them to know who he hung around with before and what he liked, because they will think he's uncool.

Meghann said...

Isabel never said she supported John Mark Comer. She commented that she wants to read the book.

She has not voiced an opinion whether she supports him one way or another. And from past posts, she is very supportive of gays and the LGBT community so as usual, your facts are wrong.

And Audrey and Jeremy infamously delete any comments that don't suit them so don't get on Jacob's back about comments on Instagram and deleting them or not. Essentially it's their forum where they can keep or delete whatever they want.

Damian said...

Aw, Ashley. Your poor, sad, pathetic life.

You come here just to bitch about Jacob. You're the same obnoxious fan that he blocked long ago for being obnoxious at him...

Will you ever grow up and realize? Poor girl. It's okay. Be calm.

She seriously noticed a conversation that was had and deleted within like 3 minutes. She must sit on his Instagram and wait for him to post.

Poor poor life.

Ecossais said...


Comer is NOT brilliant except at chasing money.
He is a narrow minded god freak just like the rest of you bible thumpers.
He knows that his vitriolic crap will attract a certain number of followers and money.
Whatever happened to "love everyone"?

Dustin said...

Ashley, I couldn't agree more with you. Jacob has turned into being as sleazy as Matt and Jeremy.

People say something one hundred percent true about what he has said, he acts like they're lying and tries to silence it so he can make fools out of his followers that didn't see what he said.

If he doesn't like people bringing up what he has said before maybe he should think before he speaks/types?

Ashley said...

@Damian, you must not go on Instagram open it up and the people you follow are right there when they post a new picture. Jacob posted his picture and I read it. Then when I refreshed, I saw he cowardly deleted it.

The point is there was nothing the person posted that wasn't true. Jacob was just acting like devious arrogant brat.

As for John Mark Comer, Meghann, Isabel is supporting him. Buying someone's book, putting money in their pockets and saying positive things about them on public social media (on Audrey's Instagram) is supporting someone.

John Mark Comer's stance on gays are well known. Jacob knows about it because it was always brought up on and Isabel read Jacob's Ask. Don't try to pretend that she doesn't know what he stands for.

That's as dishonest as trying to say that Jeremy and Audrey don't agree with John Mark Comer, they just promote him whenever they can. I think there's enough other people to support that you don't have to support a "De-gay" program preacher. It's a pretty big issue. Would they support a Pastor who said something similar about black people? Probably not because they'd think it was bad and wouldn't want to be influenced by that person.

Debbie said...

Ecossais, God is using John Mark Comer in great ways and has big plans for him. He knows how to connect with young people and bring youth to Him. John Mark stands up to liberal pop culture and isn't afraid to say gays are sinners who need to ask Jesus to fix them.

Isabel wanting to be exposed to him (and in turn, Jacob) is a very good development.

If Jacob is trying to hide his past mocking of Christians, it is good that he realizes he was wrong and isn't proud of it. The next step is to apologize and explain why he now recognizes that he was wrong.

Rap541 said...

Would you accept such an apology? And why can't he just apologize to Jesus and tell the non believers that they're liars, the way you do? :)

Seems it wasn't that long ago you accused me of giving Zach a pass and then bold faced lied that you never mentioned Zach at all and had NO PROBLEM with him even though you were pissed I wasn't taking him to task....

Debbie - did you apologize to Jesus at least? And in all seriousness... are you willing to swear on a Bible, on the blood of your Savior, that if Jacob Roloff said he was now a Christian, that you would accept that without reservation?

Brandon said...

It's disappointing to see Jacob stoop to that level. If he's embarrassed about his past statements, he could say "I used to think that but I've changed my opinion". Stooping to the "You don't know what you're talking about even though it's all true" crap shows that he does take after his family.

Greg said...

I think Jacob plays both sides. In real, he's not so far from the rest of the Roloffs, but he just likes to pretend he's progressive on social media and that's why he gets so offended when people don't distance John Mark Comer from him even though the people he's closest to in life support him.

And then there's the thing that always is the deciding factor for Jacob will soon have bills and is realizing that making brash statements like "Christian beliefs are stupid" or "Atheists are dumb" alienate potential customers and that's why he's hiding from his truth.

Christine said...

Jacob is a liar with no character. Hasn't that been established yet?

I get some people want to like him because they want to see him as the one Roloff who is different, but he's not.

People repeat things he has said and he tries to dismiss them as not knowing what's going on. They do know, it's his own words.

Jacob and John Mark Comer is very interesting. He seems to know associating with the pastor could be toxic yet everywhere he goes and everybody he associates with loves John Mark Comer. Interesting.

Timothy said...

I thought Jacob was more upfront than that. It's really disgraceful to pull the trademark Roloff card out "You don't know what you're talking about" and end/delete the person when the person was saying the truth and Jacob can't respond to the facts.

Alexa said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Isabel is the biggest turncoat. She was like that in school too.

She'll say whatever she thinks the person she wants to impress wants to hear.

If she wants to suck up to Audrey and Audrey quotes Comer, Isabel will tell her how much she's looking forward to buying his book. If she's talking to someone who doesn't think bigots who look down on gay people are cool, then she will try to act like she supports gay people. She has no conviction. She will do or say whatever she thinks she has to say to get what she wants. She's very manipulative. I'm not surprised Jacob is manipulating his Instagram followers, I think Isabel is giving him pointers.

Jason said...

Jacob's word means nothing. He thinks Christians are stupid. He doesn't think Christians are stupid. He thinks Atheists are stupid. He says he's quitting the show. He signs up with the show. He says the reality tv show is evil and harmful to young children. Films and gets paid to film a young child. Says he's for gays. Refuses to be friends with gays because "I like girls". Says he doesn't like John Mark Comer. Girlfriend buys John Mark Comer books.

Eric said...

Jake is a cowardly delete who can't stand behind what he says.

Maranda said...

For the last time, Isabel didn't buy the book. She made a comment on Audrey's Instagram that she'd need to read "Loveology" first before Garden City. Loveology is a beautifully written book about the testament of marriage and it dives into the love languages of partnership and marriage. It's a gorgeous book and anyone who reads it should take from it that Love is Everything. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Besides, just because she reads a John Mark Comer book doesn't mean she supports him. She's reading. Just like if Jacob reads a book by Donald Trump (who he has publicly bashed on Twitter now), does not mean he supports him. He's educating himself on topics. It's necessary for growth.

Brandon said...

Maranda, I call BS on that.

Loveology was also the name of the Church sermon event that John Mark Comer held at the Solid Rock Church. An event that Jeremy and Molly attended (and Matt was so proud announcing it to his Facebook fans). And at LOVEOLOGY John Mark Comer proceeded to talk about gay people were sinners on their way to hell who had something broken within themselves..but there was hope for them. Hope that if they pray to Jesus, Jesus will cure them of their disease.

Those Loveology segments most likely can still be found on You Tube.

Isabel knows what John Mark Comer stands for. Like someone already said, Jacob was asked many questions on his account about JMC and that was when Isabel was dating him and often referenced Jacob's account.

It's BS to say Isabel expressed her JMC enthusiasm only to educate herself. Audrey was quoting John Mark Comer and Isabel rushed in to say she couldn't wait to read his book! Yipee! That's not a "I think I might read that book just to educate myself about Mr. Comer" type of thing. That's someone (Audrey) supporting JMC and Isabel jumping in to make it known that she's a fan too.

Advocating the "gays should enter de-gaying" programs is a major issue. She's not going to disavow JMC over that, he's still worthy of her support? If he were saying something racist, do you think she would still be "I can't wait to read his book!" in response to someone quoting him?

Jacob is pulling a Jeremy Roloff. People rightfully bring up what he said and he wants to hide it and act like they are the big bad liars when it's actually true.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes just what the world needs more of.... young, well off, straight, white married couples professing their love of the lord through photos of themselves in forests wearing flower crowns.

Eric said...

Jacob posting links to "Why I want to crush every cute animal I see"...what a fucking loser.

Unknown said...

Eric, did you read the article?

Leigh said...

@Eric, that is so disgusting. There is nothing of value about reading an article about how "*I* want to crush kittens". What a disgusting human. Get those dogs away from him.

God I feel sorry for the Roloff family cat Spike for what that creature must have endured living in house with Jeremy, Jacob and all their idiotic cruel friends.

Maggie said...

What is Jacob denying this week?

I don't feel there are any accurate comparisons to be made between Jeremy and Jacob when it comes to lying about what they said on social media (Jacob deleting someone answering a question about what Jacob has said about religion).

Jeremy has not posted something on twitter or his blog about Jesus and then later denied saying it or deleted someone reposting what he said.

Jacob will say something offensive, then if someone repeats it he will say they're lying and try to ban them because he feels power from being a spoiled reality show kid.

Dee said...

Leigh, the value in reading an article past the headline is that you become a smidge less ignorant when trying to slander him for retweeting it. The article has several college students as references who conduct experiments about why people, when they see or hold cute animals, bite their tongue, hug the animal, or any number of things that are triggered from the cuteness of the animal. (This is all real and backed by scientific experiments) it's got nothing to do with abuse of any kind, it would only seem that way if you ignored absolutely everything besides the headline, and jumped to (the wrong) conclusions. Give the kid, and the article, a chance for Christs sake

Eric said...

@Unknown, No! Of course I didn't click on an article titled "Why I want to stomp cute animals" with a picture of a kitten? What piece of shit would be interested in such fucking trash?

Answer: Jacob Roloff.

Jocelynn said...

IMO, it does seem really irresponsible to promote something advertising people being (beyond) cruel to defenseless animals. Some things are best to ignore, not try to make it seem normal or put ideas into people's heads.

Tom said...

Is it just me or does it look like Audrey has had plastic surgery done? Her face has completely changed from what it used to be.

Dee said...

Well, in my opinion, it seems irresponsible to slander someone over something which you know nothing about, since you failed to read the article. It's a neuroscientists' experiment, not a call to kill animals you dimwits

Unknown said...

Eric, what is the point of even making an attempt to discuss anything with people like the posters on this blog, when they make their lack of intelligence and abundant ignorance so glaringly obvious? Dee, bless him/her did the best possible to try to enlighten the empty vitriol coming from the ignorant masses about the true information and intent of well-written, comprehensive ( to anyone about 'moron' IQ ratings, article.

But, hey, let's try this system for ourselves, shall we? Posters Eric wrote ONE line:
"Jacob posting links to "Why I want to crush every cute animal I see"...what a fucking loser."

Now, taking the exact same thought process used by Eric and others here on this blog. The same exactly. Anyone else who had the comprehensive capabilities to actually find out for themselves, and think (heaven forbid) for themselves about the material presented, would come to only one conclusion:

This "person" must a complete and total idiot who doesn't have the brains or intelligence to actually reach an informed conclusion, and has predetermined hatred and prejudices that spring, evidently, from a horribly inadequate education or mindless following of twisted values they could not possibly form themselves. What surprises me is they happily and proudly parade their ignorance before the readership of this blog. Oh well. Hey, I should check out this article because it seems there is more to this, and obviously this idiot could not have possibly read it, as can de deduced from such a knee-jerk reaction.

We were absolutely right. Which is very bad especially during an election year.

Michelle said...

I agree with Eric. Who would even be interested in an article called "Why I want to crush cute animals?" It's sick. I have no interested in hearing someone's justification. It's planting ideas in the minds of sick people.

Nancy D said...

Isabel is a walking hypocrite. Pretends like she loves animals but loves Jacob who posts stories about people who want to kill kittens and throws his defenseless and scared puppy into a lake. She also buddies up to Jacob Mueller and his wife after what his history of animal abuse with throwing the cat, stomping on birds and taking videos with mutilated cows.

But what the hay, as long as you're on TV and Jacob Roloff thinks you're cool, Isabel will want to be besties even though she pretends to be so pro-animals on twitter. She's such a fake person.

PJ said...

I very much love animals.
I looked up articles with the title mentioned and found very interesting explanations
by reputable psychologists regarding the phenomenon of wanting to love something until you kill it. In the articles they were very clear that people studied with this syndrome would never hurt an animal.

This isn't at all about hurting anything.

I'm sorry the Anneites are too tiny minded to actually read and try to understand anything. And I doubt Jacob was trying to share with your lot.

Rap541 said...

Yeah... is there anyone who posts about Isabel who isn't a bitter ex-girlfriend of Jacob's or still concerned about who was cool in high school?

I mean, she's never been named on the show, and with her and Jacob now living together in a different state... I kinda suspect we won't be seeing too much of them on the show... I mean, does someone want to explain her master plan for fame again?

Someone who isn't still bitter about high school? :)

Rap541 said...

Eric - really

"I refuse to read it and will hate regardless" is officially ignorant.

Look at the article and then say you really honestly believe it was about Jacob's love of hurting animals.

I'd ask all the "I HATE IN JESUS'S NAME!" sorts to swear it on the Bible but I have yet to get one Christian willing to insist their savior blesses their opinions - that's how much faith the crowd here has in Jesus's opinions.

Jesus people, if I posted a link, would you NOT click on it and insist it must be true? And insist your refusal to confirm the truth was anything other than wilful hate?

BigBrother said...

Some people seem ignorant of the concept of using a clickbait title/label/name to attract attention to an article or forum post about a subject of much more complexity and depth than what the first look at the title would lead one to believe.

The articlet that Jacob linked in his tweet did just that, and we seem to have some people assuming that article was about killing cute animals when in fact that's not what it's about at all. Jacob's likely laughing if he reads those responses here from a few people who assumed it was.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Audrey and Jeremy are NOT on the new cast of Dancing With The Stars....

Kelly said...

Jacob is a disgusting human being. Nobody with morals wants to read something sick like that. I hope Jacob hits his head again.

Rap541 said...

Kelly, did you actually read the article?

If you *didn't* read the article (and I assure you its not actually about hurting animals)) then you're being willfully ignorant and your opinion has no value. Let me explain - You cant be taken seriously if you admit you have no idea what's in the article and insist you're right to hate it regardless.

How would you feel if someone said they refused to read trash torture porn about a guy being tortured to death based "See a man whipped and crucified!" - and the book in question wasn't Game of Thrones but The Bible?

Seriously - "I refuse to look but I HATE Jacob Roloff and think he's SICK and how DARE anyone say I could be wrong" just makes you look like a stupid little fool.

Tania said...

Rap, thank you. I was thinking the same thing. Bitter ex-girlfriends or bitter ex friends come here to trash talk Isabel when I don't see much to trash talk about at all.

There are far more bad things to be said about Audrey but as long as she keeps preaching about God people worship her. So disappointing.

Maia said...

The biggest sell-out in the Roloff family is Audrey Roloff. She does nothing but promote promote promote. Having a job where all you have to do is write on Instagram about how much you love a company's product. It's laughable really. Where is the depth to her? Her daily photos with a godly quote as the caption to distract from the fact it's the 80th picture of herself that week?

Being self obsessed is okay as long as the caption to the photo is "inspiring scripture". Come on, people, really?

Get over yourselves. Audrey is money hungry and really has every bible thumper wrapped around her finger.

Kelly said...

Rap, like other sane people have said, I have no interest in reading an article called something like that, cruelty to animals.

I'm damn proud that I don't have 2 seconds to click on something with a sick and disgusting title. If it's not about that, then it should be called something else. But since someone else said it goes on about "people want to destroy things they love" that's a load of crap. There is no reason to plaster an article around giving sick freaks ideas about how to be cruel to defenseless animals. You're damn right I'll never read an article that has cruelty to animals in it.

Nicky said...

Jacob is the biggest liar of the bunch. He will say one thing and then pretend like he never said it.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - I've read the article. Its not about hurting animals. You're being ignorant when you say it is about hurting animals. You are proudly proclaiming your ignorance - you didn't read it, you publically state you haven't read it, and yet you're insisting you know the contents and the contents are bad. You're damn right I am going to call you a fool. Guys, Kelly is saying even though she won't read the article, its evil and about animal cruelty - she's absolutely wrong and displaying her ignorance. Since "I refuse to look but insist I know" is Kelly's level of critical thought, her opinions have NO value as she is basically sticking her fingers in her ears like a child screaming "NO NO NO I AM RIGHT AND I REFUSE TO CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY I WAS WRONG!"

I'm amused, Kelly, that you're damn proud of your idiocy being displayed. You've just made the point that you are completely unwilling to look at any facts that disagree with your narrative of hate.

Rap541 said...

Also Kelly - your declaration of "You're damn right I'll never read an article that has cruelty to animals in i" is pointless and ridiculous since the article in question is not about cruelty to animals. The only reason you're refusing to read it at this point is so you can deny being wrong and continue your hate. In Jesus's name, hate, right?

Kelly said...

The title of the article is "Why I want to crush every cute animal I see" with a picture of a kitten. I will not read an aritcle with such a sick idea. I don't care how many times you call me ignorant, I won't read an aritcle titled why I want to crush (Rap doesn't know what the word crush means). That might interest you or Jacob but it's not something I'm going to dedicaye time to.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - as long as you insist you you won't read but also insist its bad, you're the ignorant one. Please do understand, I have read the article and its not about "a sick idea" - your insistence of refusing to read it and also insisting you have a valid opinion on the article is why you're ignorant.

You're refusing to dedicate time to the truth as it interferes with your hate, and you are too proud to admit you were wrong. Does Jesus love you for being too proud to stop hating?

Rap541 said...

Also I totally know what the term "crush" means and if you had *read the article* you'd know that its not about say,Mueller the sweet Christian or Jeremy merrily stomping on animals. Hey Kelly, did you watch Jeremy the Jesus Saint pretend to stomp on a bird at his birthday party? Did you *bless* him for that? Hey when Jeremy was getting his yucks photographing buddy Mueller throwing the pet cat did you look and insist we all needed to praise the animal abuse in Jesus's name?

Or were you on the "Jeremy is 21 and not a grown up, in Jesus's name, his brain isn't fully formed, oh bless him" wagon.

I demand you have an opinion since you're so vehemently against animal abuse.

Nancy said...

I don't read stories that suggest animal abuse either.

Jacob really doesn't have any character for trying to hide what he said aboutreligion or that his girlfriend supprts John Mark Comer.

Nancy said...

Rap541, Isabel has been on the show. And she is all over Jacob's twitter and Instagram. And Amy's. In 2016 when someone is living with someone on a tv show and is in pictures with them and gets tagged in the tv stars social media, she is going to be noticed. And she is a hypocrite.

Abby said...

What is in Jacob's mouth in the picture Isabel posted on twitter? Hopefully he chokes, lol.

Rachel said...

Abby, on instagram? Because I just see her posting pictures of herself (surprise). I think Isabel wears way too much make up. That's probably the Jacob factor since his ex admitted he made her afraid he would insult her if she didn't have make up on. Who does he think he is? He really does deserve bad thoughts directed his way.

Billy Jean said...

Rachel, and? She wears too much makeup? Your opinion isn't going to stop her. Your words mean nothing.

Maranda said...

... Rachel. It was one photo and she doesn't post that many photos of herself, lol. You gotta chill. And Isabel wears no more makeup than Audrey does. Yall crazy.

Taylor said...

No, Isabel has always worn a lot of makeup. Since I've known her in 7th grade. Crazy, that a girl makes decisions for herself and not a guy. :/ I know, troubling concept.

If you're going to talk shit, know your facts. Isabel has always worn a lot of makeup. She started wearing makeup as young as 5th grade. Now who are you going to blame for that...

Polymath said...

Why did you say (surprise) as if Isabel is notorious for posting photos of herself?

Her Instagram is public, if you're so curious go see for yourselves. @izzygarreton

She hardly posts that many photos of herself. I adore her photography. She isn't self absorbed like Audrey, who posts about 3-4 photos of herself a week.

Why do you try to insult someone who isn't even worth insulting? Isabel's life is seemingly simple and you're trying to talk shit on the fact she posted one photo of herself tonight on Instagram. She looks really pretty in it.

Kayla said...

Isabel does wear too much make up. Let's be real.
If she was wearing that in 5th grade that's bad parenting. But there's no denying she's all about trying to be what Jacob wants her to be. She parrots his opinion about everything. If she tweets something she thinks he won't agree with, she quickly deletes it.

Tj said...

Why wish for someone to choke or bump their head? How sick can you get?

While you are here wishing ill of someone, Jacob is out living his life, minding his own business, generally laying low on social media and reading his books, lol

Now tell me who is the better person...

Taylor said...

How do you know, Kayla? Do you sit there and watch.

Isabel tweets "I like eggs"
Jacob tweets at her "ew eggs are gross"
*isabel deletes tweet*

Like come on. What are you talking about? Where are your facts?

Maranda said...

Who are you to say what is "too much"? Are you going to admit that Audrey wears "too much" makeup, too?

I agree that most girls look better without so much caked on but who died and made you God so you can go around dictating what is too much makeup or what is the "right" amount.

I'm sure in your eyes you're just perfect. Lol.

Victoria said...

It's sad that girls like Isabel are so concerned about impressing their boyfriend, jerks like Jacob Roloff. I've studied her twitter and I can easily see how she is constantly concerned about Jacob's approval.

Gail said...

Isabel and Jacob can delete but we always have record of it. Jacob can lie, but it is all in storage that can be used if so inclined. I have their social media on 24 hour auto alert that is received in whole.

Zeus said...

Gail, that's not creepy at all...

Rap541 said...

Nancy - and if you're refusing to read the article and proclaiming how you hate Jacob because he "promotes animal cruelty" then you are also ignorant and proudly declaring you refuse to look at the facts and prefer to simply hate.

If I posted an article titled "Jeremy Roloff Gets his Jollies Pretending to Stomp Birds" - I bet you and Kelly would read it despite the blatant animal cruelty described, and I suspect you enjoyed the episode of the show where Matt described how he wanted to blow his dog's head off, and I suspect you'd defend Jeremy photographing Mueller throwing his pet cat, so lets not pretend that there's a whole lot of animal lovers here. I for one despise animal abuse - that's why I read the article because if Jacob was advocating hurting animals, I would have a problem with it

Ecossais said...

Gail - "on 24 hour auto alert" - if that is all you have to worry about I am sorry for you. You must have a pathetic life.

Paula said...

Good job, Gail. I've taken screen shots of things too, but I could have missed some things. I'm tired of Jacob and Isabel lying and denying what they post. This way it can be used when the time is right.

Piglet said...

The reason Isabel is so insecure about Jacob is because everyone knows Jacob still loves Steph and has wanted to get back with her since they broke up. He still loves her and got caught a while ago.

My sources tell me Jacob has kept pictures of them together and felt pictures like this one was the most secure he felt and loved times like that.

It's hard now because he's attached to the dogs, but even Isabel knows they are more of a pull for Jacob than her when it comes to his feelings for Steph.

Teresa said...

IMO, Isabel is one of those girls who spends her life trying to measure up to a guy's standards for her. Jacob showed his colors with his ex Stephanie.

Karla said...

Jacob is such a bad person. Wasting his life on drugs and misinformation and hate. He'll never find true happiness.

Denise said...

@Gail, way to go! Jacob deserves to be held accountable. It's frustrating to see him lie about what he's said before.

Erica said...

I have to admit Jacob and Steph were cute together, which says a lot for the girl because Jacob is such a nasty person it is hard to see him in a good light, ever.

Kaitlyn said...

Gail you could fill a novel with all the tweets Isabel deletes for Jacob's approval.

Gloria said...

I see Jacob gave up on his writing website. LOL!

I guess it was too much of challenge to use big words in transparent attempt to sound like an intellectual.

Sabrina said...

Jake is not looking very good lately. The drugs are not doing him any favors.

Melissa said...

Is it true Jacob gives Isabel a list of things she is and is not allowed to post? That's what I heard.

Donny said...

Actually MY sources tell me Jacob couldn't get enough of Isabel when Stephanie and Jacob were dating and Stephanie had to block Isabel from Jacob's phone because they were such good friends.

Eddy said...

Isabel and Jacob look way happier are you kidding?! They moved in together and look like they're enjoying their lives away from the Crazy Roloff Clan. If Jacob wasn't happy he could easily walk away, it's not that hard but he's clearly happy. Happy enough to move to another state with someone. I predict they'll get married one day on the farm, like his brothers before him.

Brianna said...

I'm not trying to insult, just being honest, but I agree Jacob is not looking very good in recent pictures. He's too young to have his looks go down hill this early. I think it is the affect of someone that does drugs.

That's what happens when someone is with an enabler like Isabel who will agree with whatever soemone (Jacob) likes. At least Jacob's exes had the courage to disagree with Jacob about drugs.

Brianna said...

I forgot to add that I agree that the picture that was posted of Jacob and his ex was very cute.

Megan said...

Donny, I think it is well established that Jacob and Isabel were cheating when Jacob was still with Steph, right?

That's not something to hold up as true love. When someone cheats with someone, oh that proves they really love each other? No, it just means someone has no morals, character or respect for commitments and will do the same to the next person.

Kayla said...

Isabel is deleting stuff again. It must be horrible to be controlled by a guy like the way Isabel is. Jacob seems to have that affect on his girlfriends. I remember Jacob's ex tearfully admitting she was terrified of not being "pretty" enough for Jacob because she felt he would reject her. That tells you everything you need to know about Jacob as a person that he would make someone feel like that.

Considering the amount of make up Isabel wears, she probably feels the same way.

Melanie said...

@Piglet, thank you for the picture. It's too bad Jacob didn't stay with Steph. Maybe he would have turned out differently and had more of a heart if he had stayed with her. I think he would have spent more time around Jeremy and Audrey if they had stayed together and that would have been good for Jacob.

DJ said...

Jacob does look awful in the picture Isabel posted of him with Luna. Out of all the things she tweets and deletes, why would she leave that one up, lol?

Martin said...

This is so annoying, lol

Audrey thinks she lives in the best town in Bend. Does she know anything?

Mable said...

Piglet, where on earth did you find that photo?

Sammy said...

It has been 2 years, why are people still talking about Stephanie?

Jacob is obviously way happier with Isabel.

Katie said...

I honestly think this is pathetic. Isabel and Jacob are just trying to live their lives happily. Why are jealous girls trying to get in the way of that?

Margaret said...

Piglet posts a photo of Stephanie and Jacob and no one wonders where she got it or how she knows Jacob "felt the most secure" in that moment?

Duh. Read in between the lines people.

Maria said...

What did she delete, Kayla?

Grace said...

What do Jacob and Isabel do? Seriously. They bought a house? Neither work? Isabel couldn't even handle working a job with dogs! Literally what do they do all day besides drugs? I'm guessing they got the money for the house from his lpbw money that was his parents doing and Isabel is blowing her Mom's life work on this house with Jacob? What a shame.

Kayla said...

Maria, it was called "Smoke weed kids".

Maria said...

You realize you can accuse people of deleting things that they didnt, right. Because... Your word against theirs and they aren't here to defend themselves. Liar.

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