Thursday, March 31, 2016

Roloff Round Up For March 2016

Here is a quick round up of various Roloff postings, news and discussion topics for the last few weeks:

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are now vlogging on You Tube. They have their Beating50percent You Tube channel.

Their most recent video is called "Spring Break - The Roloff Siblings In Bend". Although Jacob and his girlfriend are not in Jeremy and Audrey's vlog, they did all get together in Bend, Oregon where Jeremy and Audrey live.

In the video Jeremy talks about his desire to start vlogging.

Zach to Jeremy: So you're going to start vlogging?

Jeremy: That's the plan. Do you think it's a good idea, Zach?

Zach: Yeah, vlogging is fun. You have the equipment, camera, the skills and the lifestyle that you can add enough content

Jeremy: I sure hope so. I'm just excited to do something that's not priority driven. Filming that's not on an agenda. So, basically just home videos.

Zach: Yeah, edited home video. True, edited home videos.

Jeremy: Yeah, Audrey and I have been talking about it. We grew up filming our entire lives filming for an agenda. So now I'm excited to film it for person reasons, just home videos that we happen to we're excited to start vlogging for home personal use and start documenting our life so we have the video and not a company.

On to other Roloffs...Jacob Roloff -- As has been discussed in the comments on our Blog, Jacob and his girlfriend got into another spat with a person commenting who posted a negative comment regarding their lack of jobs. Isabel implied that they just don't disclose if they have a job or not.

Two of the main criticisms of Jacob (and his girlfriend - Isabel) from some people right now is that they "don't have jobs" and of Jacob specifically, that he expressed his hatred for filming and for the show "Little People, Big World" yet still participated in filming after it was his decision to take part and appear or not. The Roloffs are currently filming for more episodes and the "Roloff Siblings get together in Bend" (with Jacob and Isable) is expected to appear on TLC. Both of those issues surfaced in the comments to Jacob's instagram.

Jacob posted this caption about reading a book a month:

My New Years resolution was to read one book a month; since January I've read 6 and in almost every single one of them a quote or reference to Rainer Maria Rilke was used. I was most intrigued by the first one I read, in The Bassoon King by @rainnwilson, who oddly enough was named after Rainer: "Have patience in everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day." Anyway, the same day Izzy was talking to me about wanting to write her own poetry, this book happened to be emailed to me as a recommendation from Amazon and I figured [insert pronoun] wanted her to write more, so I had to get it for her. #READMORELEARNMORE

lauracroz@jacobroloff45 What kind of work do you two do that allows for the travel?

jacobroloff45@lauracroz I've done work in the past for about 11 years, and most jobs after have been labor and short term engagements. It's more acceptable schedule to our desire to travel!

  • izzygarretonHow can you possibly even know that @mmstl314 we don't disclose every detail of our lives on here. No need for assumptions
  • mmstl314@izzygarreton Ohhh then you do work????
  • izzygarretonYes I do. Do I need to tell you where, the name of my boss, how much I make an hour and how many hours a week I work? Don't think you know everything because we don't post about it. @mmstl314
  • jacobroloff45@mmstl314 yes I have time, because I have money saved up from the show and I take FLEXIBLE jobs, non commitment jobs, and look! I'm happy and am apart of a loving family that's my own! That's more than I can say for you; a Spiritswander lackey who is so frustrated with their own existence you feel it's unfair others find it so easy to be happy. Well, I hope you find balance. Salaam
  • jacobroloff45@mmstl314 and? If I despise being filmed I can't take the money from the time I spent doing so, to get as far away as possible from that life? Rest assured I'm not SCARED of the cameras. I know how to handle them now, but as soon as I could I got my named crossed out on the contract. That doesn't mean appearing at events for my family means I'm also there for the cameras. It's a terrible coincidence, but again, I know who I am now in front of them.

Moving on...Amy Roloff has been doing some speaking engagements in Oklahoma and Kansas.

amyjroloffIn Wichita KS for a speaking engagement - Get Motivated. Love eating at local hangouts. So where's my steak, cowboy boots & hat & horse? Stay focus Amy you speak tomorrow

As usual, Amy is not a fan of flying, she tweeted a complaint about getting the middle seat on Southwest.. 

Flying southwest not fun when you don't book your ticket. Middle seat? Yuck!

Amy also tweeted that she was in court

Early morning already. Court. It's an intimating place Having good representation makes it a little better


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Debbie said...

I can't express enough, how much I love Audrey. She has class. Her Christ-loving soul shines through in everything she does. I love seeing her on camera. She brings such light to everything she is involved with.

A total opposite of Jacob and Isabel. What a contrast.

Greg said...

"...a Spiritswander lackey..." LOL!

Troy said...

It's sad that Jacob actually thinks being filmed when he was 10 for LPBW was real work. Wow, he is messed up.

Angela said...

I am thrilled that Jeremy and Audrey are doing a vlog! They are the best thing about the show nowadays anyway. To get to see them without TLC editing, so always a plus. God is using Jeremy and Audrey in great ways.

Lauren said...

I wish somebody at one of Amy's speaking engagements would ask her about Jacob's "I'm being F***** out of money" tweet. I would like to see how she attempts to explain it.

Abby said...

I think Isabel is lying in her reply. She even tweeted "when she gets back" (to California) she will look for a job. Meaning no job. But when someone calls them out on it, she lies. It's so easy to tell that Jacob is exaggerating his "labor and short term engagement" jobs to try to make him seem like he's not as lazy as he actually is in reality.

Bonnie said...

I love Audrey and Jeremy's video. They have talent and are very captivating. I could watch them everyday. They make me feel a little better about the world.

Jacob and Isabel drag a person down. They can't even accept valid criticism without exposing their ugly souls, completely un-objective and full of arrogance and condescension.

Christine said...

I know the answer to my own question is Jacob's massive ego, but how does Jacob justify thinking that anyone raising a valid point about his short comings is "unhappy" in their own life. Commenting honestly on what you see in someone else is not a reflection on your own happiness or unhappiness.

For what it is worth, Jacob can pretend like they have a great life, but anyone can see through Isabel (especially when you catch all the tweets she deletes) is anything but a happy person. She just pretends to try to fit in and make Jacob look good. There's not much genuine about Isabel, imo. Her "writing" would be a waste of time because she isn't a genuine and honest person.

Connor said...

"I want to write something of significance by the next two years"

Does Jacob tweet this just for the comedy? lol.

Jacob's arrogance in that conversation where the guy was making a perfectly valid point is classic Jacob Roloff.

Vicky said...

I'd love to see Jacob back up his mouth and show how many hours of work he actually put in? Gee, I wonder ehy he doesn't.. .

Erica said...

It's crazy that Jacob doesn't know what real work is for mos people. He is so spoiled, I can only shake my head.

Anonymous said...

Isabel and Jacob are the worst kind of people. They think they are better than everyone else. I used to be nice to them like many other people but they live in a sheltered bubble and have nasty hearts.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Jacob at all (he seems like a spoiled hipster pseudo-intellectual who thinks he's a lot more clever/profound than he really is, like a lot of 18/19-year-olds out there) but the obsessive, unflagging hatred that Jeremy's fans - because let's be real, most if not all of the people targeting him are Jeremy lovers who adore Jeremy for being a "good Christian boy" (lol) and hate Jacob for being an awful apostate heathen - puts me on his side by default. Y'all need lives.

Emma said...

Jeremy and Audrey vlogging for personal reasons and not agenda is a joke. They have an agenda. Their agenda is to make money on Vlogging and their Beating50percent site. Anyone who doesn't see that is stupid.

As for Jacob "I want to write something of significance by the next two years." What is he going to write? All his tweets or his web page is just quotes from books he is reading or read.

Audrey wants a little rabbit for her cat can have a punching bag. Rabbit are not play toys for other animals. Audrey just shows that she needs to grow up.
Oh by the way Audrey giving up makeup during Lent was a joke. If she was serious about giving up makeup she would not have worn any no matter what the reason was. She is so into herself.

Susan said...

"and? If I despise being filmed I can't take the money from the time I spent doing so, to get as far away as possible from that life? Rest assured I'm not SCARED of the cameras. I know how to handle them now, but as soon as I could I got my named crossed out on the contract. That doesn't mean appearing at events for my family means I'm also there for the cameras. It's a terrible coincidence, but again, I know who I am now in front of them."

This shows Jacob's lack of character and conviction. If he despises filming and isn't ruled by his love of the material all mighty dollar, then there is absolutely no reason for him to ever appear on a TLC screen again.

"That doesn't mean appearing at events for my family means I'm also there for the cameras. It's a terrible coincidence, but again, I know who I am now in front of them."

This is false. Filming is not real. Jacob most certainly can mingle with his family and not participate in filming or appear on camera. He does so because he lacks conviction. He can blame the show for all his problems, however, he proves himself to be a hypocrite, because he is making the same choice his parents once made for film. He does not need to, yet he will.

Natalie said...

"Isabel and Jacob are the worst kind of people. They think they are better than everyone else. I used to be nice to them like many other people but they live in a sheltered bubble and have nasty hearts."

I couldn't agree more. They turn my stomach. They think they are better than everyone. Anytime Jacob or Isabel replies to someone their response reeks of arrogance.

Rita said...

Anybody doubt that Jacob is a snob?

Look at his replies (there aren't many) in the last...month. His only real replies are either to act like a know it all prick to someone and his only non-argumentative reply is to a millionaire Hollywood producer.

It tells you a lot about the type of person Jacob is at heart.

Alexa said...

Rita, Isabel was like that in school.

Obviously, it is easy to understand why Jacob has a massive ego and is stuck up snob, but that's who some people are even if they did not grow up as "the talent" on a TV show. Isabel is simply the type of person who looks down at others and only has use for someone if she has something to gain by it.

Carly said...

Audrey is breath of fresh air and I love Pine The Kitty. Audrey is so good with her, so much for you naysayers. It just shows how wrong the haters were about Jeremy and Audrey having a cat. Pine the kitty is loved and has a great life.

Connor said...

"As for Jacob "I want to write something of significance by the next two years." What is he going to write? All his tweets or his web page is just quotes from books he is reading or read."

Maybe he will write about the evils of Reality two years he will probably still be filmed and collecting check from the evil enterprise...and his hypocrisy will still go over his head.

Grace said...

Isabel and Jacob look down on others who comment on truth because they don't want to face the reality of their own poor showing as human beings. It is easier for them to look down on those that raise the truth instead of facing their own flaws and make a change to be better people.

Greg said...

Jacob's instagram when he tries to be serious is a riot.

"If you haven't noticed I'm posting about whatever book I'm reading every other 2 pictures; as both a source of motivation to read more, and to organize the books into the same column on the grid-view. Anyway, I never read 1984 because it was in school; and I had never even heard of other books he wrote, but I made it a vague goal of mine to write something meaningful and lengthy soon and I figured this book would help. He stresses simplicity over complicated and vague 'political language' that avoids imagery and metaphor; something good to keep in mind. I have a spotty memory of the general activities of my childhood but the memories I do have I remember in great detail. Instead of trying to illustrate a situation by talking about the whole picture which would force me, with my blurred memory, to be vague, I'm going to focus on the details I do remember and make them represent the bigger picture. An exciting endeavor for me."

First problem, like someone else said, Jacob doesn't write. Seeing the sycophant comments of people sucking up to him is hilarious. He posts quotes from books. Nothing original.

When he did attempt to write it was God awful.

Interesting "advice" he posted "e stresses simplicity over complicated and vague 'political language' that avoids imagery and metaphor; something good to keep in mind."

That's funny, because when Jacob did "write" on the Medium site it was the total opposite of simplicity.

Basically Jacob's "style" is garbage.

Terri said...

Wow. I guess I was wrong in thinking life experience counts of something. I guess it's all about being on 'reality tv' or dating someone from reality tv that makes one wise.

Let's see:

Jeremy and Audrey: Neither work (or were able to keep a job), they've been married a year and they are already starting a business that gives advice to married people.

Jacob: Doesn't work except for a mysterious "short term labor" job yet he is encouraged to write....about what? Although there's anything to learn from his sheltered life.

Isabel: Living with the above. Granted she had sadness in her life, but money fell into her lap and she is notable for taking drugs, being a snob and going on hikes with Jacob and her dogs. Yet she sees herself as a writer or poet.

These people are so full of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Take the title of any article on the beating 50 percent blog and punch it into google. See what other articles pop up.

See how similar they are. Think about it.

Ellen said...

It's easy to tell that Jacob and Isabel are angry, miserable people who expect everything to be given to them.

David said...

Isabel is a conservative Christian on days of the week that begin with the letter "T and the letter "S". Pay attention people.

JE said...

The thing about Jacob is he doesn't actually embody any of the values he claims to embrace on social media.

Amanda said...

Amy commented on Jacob's photo "You inspire me more Jacob."
All this talk that the family doesn't like him etc is horseshit. You can tell his mother loves him.

Xavier said...

David, what does that even mean? I don't believe she has ever claimed to be a conservative Christian. She has faith but I do not believe she has pinpointed exactly what religion she is.

She retweeted something the other day saying "religion has good things about it but it mostly just separates people" or something which I completely agree with.

Carlie D. said...

Jacob is turning into a delightful, bookworm. It is nice to see him change his tone and try to open up his mind by reading.

Even his mother said she was proud of him.

KBR said...

What the hell? I stumbled across this page by accident but reading even just a few comments I am so appalled.

I am one of Isabel's ex boyfriends from middle school, and we have remained friends ever since. I can assure you Isabel is one of the most courageous, down to earth, nicest people I have ever met. She is kind, has a big heart and sees the good in everybody.. If you can fault her in any way, that would be it. She seems so over the moon for Jacob and I am really happy for them.

That girl has been through far too much to be treated the way you guys treat her on here. I don't know much about Jacob but I do know if Isabel likes him he must be an okay guy. She's a tough cookie and I hope to God none of you go through what she has. Leave her alone for Christ sake and let her be happy with her loved ones.

This page is a sick joke.

Greyson said...

I'm truly glad Amy said she was proud of Jacob. It is about time she acknowledged him.

Sammie22 said...

I think people need to stop hating on the people in this family. Just because they aren't doing exactly what you think they should be doesn't mean they aren't doing meaningful for their own lives. These kids are still young and figuring out their lives and are doing so how they see fit. Honestly I don't see anything wrong with their lives

Ashley said...

"ll this talk that the family doesn't like him etc is horseshit."

Amanda, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Most people, even the ones that despise Jacob, acknowledge that the rest of the Roloffs don't hate Jacob and don't speak negatively about him. Their point (which I don't necessarily agree with) is that they wish the Roloffs would speak out against Jacob ,like when he posted about (the obvious reference) praying to God for good weather being stupid (which from Jacob deleting, he wants to hide and deny now) or not speaking out after Jacob implied they are cheating him out of money from the show.

There's a difference between people saying the think the rest of the Roloffs SHOULD stand up to Jacob and them actually saying the Roloffs hate Jacob. I think everyone is in agreement that publicly the Roloffs always say everything is swell. That's part of the reason why they're so fake, lol.

David said...

@Xavier Audrey was touting the wisdom of Conservative Pastor John Mark Comer. If you've done any research on him, even he describes himself as being a conservative church and disliking "more liberal churches" and Isabel's contribution to Audrey's pro John Mark Comer was to say she's way excited to read his book.

Once again, wake up and pay attention, Xavier. Isabel will act like a conservative Christian when it suits her.

Xavier said...

I remember seeing the comment and she just said she wanted to read Loveology.

Just because you read a book does not mean you support them... Besides Audrey bought it for her, so technically she didn't even put any money towards it...

I'm just saying. I read a Pro-Hitler novel in high school because I was doing a project on him, best believe I don't agree with Hitler's views.

I think Isabel makes it clear she believes in God but doesn't rub it in people's faces and keeps it somewhat contained because Jacob is clearly not a believer, or at least a devot Christian. I do not think Isabel is trying too hard, she can believe whatever she wants. She drops subtle hints like her hashtag #heisrisen or her photo with her best friend with the caption "I thank God every day for you" etc.

I admire it, actually. It's clear she believes but she probably doesn't want Jacob to be too annoyed with it because she respects both sides.

Brandon said...

Xavier, I know it's a lot to expect, but I sure would love it if one of these Roloffs or Roloff friends/significant others, etc, would actually post what they really feel instead of the sucking up that goes on.

If Isabel thinks religion divides people, I wish she would post something along those lines to Audrey's instagrams about it instead of "Yay! John Mark Comer! I'm buying his book!

I actually agree with what David is saying about Isabel being very inconsistent about religion.

But then again, so is Jacob. Not too long ago he was scoffing that believing in God and thinking "a man in the sky" is watching, deciding what wishes to grant and giving signs to people was a stupid concept.

Yet now Jacob is attributing an Amazon ad about poetry (because Isabel was talking about wanting to publish poetry) and then an Ad popped up on Jacob's screen so that's a sign from a high power....not too long ago Jacob would have been saying that kind of thinking was idiotic.

Has he changed or is just pleasing certain people? Or was he fake rebelling earlier? They are valid questions.

Anna B said...

The most recent post on Isabel's Instagram is so beautiful. She captured a beautiful memory with her words.

Ray said...

Sammie, they aren't doing anything with their lives. They are rich, spoiled kids who are entirely wrapped up in themselves and are totally oblivious to the struggles of others and lack empathy for anybody who they can't gain from. They know nothing about real life. But they have so many harsh judgments of others.

Greyson, Amy is probably just hoping by kissing up to Jacob, he might think twice the next time he wants to tweet that she is a scumbag who ripped her own son off after forcing him to film for her own glory.

Cameron said...

Brandon, what I've noticed, and have put together is yes... He was sort of fake rebelling earlier. He was angry at his dad, his family, the film crew, his ex girlfriend, he was angry and he needed someone to take it out on...

And honestly, it was all during the summer Audrey and Jeremy were getting married. He probably felt some resentment towards his brother for finding complete peace and happiness and wanted to find it for himself.

Clearly his ex was mentally unstable, but it was right around the end of their relationship, and the start of he and Isabel's, he stopped using and started becoming a lot more peaceful. Of course, he still has his moments but I genuinely think his "bad apple" and "rebel" days are over.

Alina said...

Ray, really? Amy is sucking up to her own son? For what?

It makes no sense. The damage is done. The tweet was sent a long time ago, more than a year ago even! And he got his money and his way.

For what reason would Amy Roloff need to suck up to her 19 year old son? He has his money, he lives in California, they hardly see each other...

Maybe she really GASP! loves him because HE IS HER SON.

Fucking idiots.

Linda Harden said...




Alexa said...

KBR, that's a total lie and you know it. Isabel was a total bully and a bitch at school. I personally know a kid who Isabel helped make his life miserable because she was cruel in her quest for popularity. She would make fun of people and not even care. She was like that in middle school and in High School.

If it's true that when a person passes away, they will feel the pain that they caused others, well then, Isabel is really in for it if that's what happens.

As for Jacob, Isabel was always obsessed with fame. I'm not surprised that she jumps into the Roloffs Instagrams and twitters as much as she can. She's desperate for fame. That's why she set her sights on Jacob.

Brandon said...

"Just because you read a book does not mean you support them... "

Xavier, to be totally honest, it was obvious what Isabel was doing. It was a pro-John Mark Comer comment about how awesome he was from Audrey. Isabel responds with she's so excited to read his book. The implication was clear. The purpose of her comment was to convey to Audrey that she also supports John Mark Comer.

Brandon said...

". He was sort of fake rebelling earlier. "

Cameron, I agree with this. I agree he didn't really believe what he was saying before. However, that doesn't say much about his character. Own it. Instead of being a coward and deleting comments and implying someone is lying for posting what you posted, man up and admit he was just rebelling and saying stuff to get a reaction.

"and started becoming a lot more peaceful. Of course, he still has his moments but I genuinely think his "bad apple" and "rebel" days are over.

I don't think anyone can say with any degree of accuracy if he is more at peace or not. Don't we all agree that the Roloffs are completely fake online? Isabel and Jacob's fallback response to a disagreement is to comeback with "we don't share most of our lives on social media" ...well that goes both ways.

I find it hilarious that Jeremy will once in a while retweet something that highlights how fake people are on social media, how you would think someone has the perfect happy life because that's what people put on Facebook or Instagram. I've been amazed that Jeremy can retweet that and not look in the mirror. It's true for all the Roloffs, including Jacob and Isabel.

Ray said...'s not rocket science. So he won't do it again. It's obvious Matt and Amy have been terrified for years of Jacob turning on them and throwing them under the bus and that's why they allowed him to behave like a brat and ignored his expulsion and his drug use and his having sex with his girlfriend in his bedroom of their house. Jacob even used to brag about how he could do ANYTHING he wanted and his parents won't do shit.

Why do you think they let him? Because they are afraid of him doing exactly what he did with the "F8cked out of money" tweet.

Maybe if Amy doesn't kiss his ass, Jacob will speak to TMZ next time.

Megan said...

Isabel tweeted this today...

"Shut up about the way the "real world" works I don't want to be a part of your boring world anyway lol"

At least she finally admitted they don't know the real world.

The issue is you can't be full of wisdom and advise and words and poetry that will move people if you know nothing of the life that the real world deals with.

Jacob was beyond sheltered, being gifted everything and coddled the entire time. And Isabel was had a pile of money fall into her lap.

No, that's not her fault, but people 20 or barely under who just get high and don't need to worry about the pressures normal people have, should just admit they are sheltered brats.

Rita said...

KBR, all you need to do is look at how Jacob and Isabel respond to people (or in Jacob's don't respond, unless he's yelling at them for being less "significant" than he thinks he is or unless it's someone he thinks he can use for personal gain). These are not nice people.

Pollie said...

I think Isabel probably knows about the real world more than any of you...

She has faced more adversity than you probably have at only 20. If you took away the money, you would be able to see that.

She probably meant by that tweet (I'm interpreting), that you people imply they know nothing about how the "real world works" meaning they don't know about having 9-5 jobs, going to school, etc.

But that's not everyone's real world... Some people backpack through Europe and make money working on farms for money. Some people model and use their face and body to make them money. Some people raise cattle and work in dairy factories. Some people make YouTube videos for a living. Some people blog for a living. Some people sing on broadway for a living...

To accuse someone of not knowing what "the real world" is ignorant. Everyone's world is different.

Robin said...

For those of you who don't think Isabel can write, refer to her last Instagram photo of her and her brother's.

Her use of imagery is profound. Love it!!

Marlene said...

A wise person once said having a tragedy occur in one's life does not give said person character, it is how that person responds to the tragedy that determines their character.

Isabel is out of touch with the world, has been cited for being cruel and unkind to people, is known for getting high with Jacob and thinking she is better than everyone.

She hasn't responded well. I don't think there is much to learn from her.

Gail said...

Is Jacob trying to get a free pool now?

"I want to swim so bad"

Is this what happens when a spoiled brat is given a free pool and doesn't even appreciate it? He just expects it.

Since he's such an entitled brat I think he should at least have respect for the method that provided him with such luxuries.

Shelby said...

This is the best thing I've seen Jacob say in months:

"I been puking non stop since 1:30 am! 12 hours strong what a blast!"

Finally some karma for a true jerk.

Gail said...

Yes Shelby, I don't usually smile when I read someone is sick, but it did bring a smile to my face. He's isn't a good person and it is nice to know from a karma stand point.

Kaitlyn said...

Jacob hasn't changed. He is still a jerk. The only difference is he realized he can't interact with people without being an asshole so he stopped. That's not changing. That's stopping people from seeing it. When someone posted the truth of what Jacob said he called the person a liar basically and deleted. Jacob didn't suddenly become decent, he just went into hiding as far as interacting people. He still is only decent with people who tell him he's right and suck up to him.

Greg said...

What does Jacob really have to write about? When he is specific to himself he shows his colors as be entitled, rich brat who loves to play the victim. When he isn't specific, his point is vague and unclear and essentially says nothing despite the use of big words.

Hannah said...

I wonder if Amy and Matt had to do it all over again if they would subject their children to the filming and all the public scrutiny of their personal lives. The sad fact is most families and people that are involved with reality TV end up with a lot of personal and financial problems, divorce and substance abuse issues. To say that the Roloff kids came out of this unscathed would not be accurate. Clearly, Jacob Roloff has a lot of issues...he always was an angry kid and acted out quite a bit as a little kid. He would deliberately instigate physical fights with his brothers to get attention, he did poorly in school and even got expelled from the Christian school all the Roloff kids went to and did not finish high school...he got a GED instead. I think Jacob probably suffered the most from the cameras and public attention the family received. He seemed to be neglected a lot by his parents who were more focused on the twins and making money. Jeremy and Zach seemed to have found some sort of niche for themselves though I think Zach could not support his wife or lifestyle on an indoor soccer job without LPBW money and Jeremy owes any success he may have a photographer to his notoriety from the show...without the show he would not be known to anyone outside of his Oregon hometown.

Rap541 said...

Oh Gail and Shelby, you two are just shining your hate to Jesus, aren't you?

You're Christians, loud and proud, high fiving each other that Jacob vomited! Did you thank Jesus? :)

"Thanks you Jesus for Jacob's suffering! I pray, Jesus, that you torture him! I'm a good Christian because I PRAY FOR OTHERS TO SUFFER IN YOUR NAME!"

Guys, seriously, that's your religion?

More seriously, Gail, Shelby - do you think Audrey of the Cross, and Jeremy Jesus himself approve of your message? I mean, do you think Jeremy would like you knowing you enjoy watching his brother suffer?

I strongly suspect both Audrey and Jeremy would put you on the "creeper" list :)

Meanwhile, all you're doing here when you act so nasty is driving people away from your religion. Which, if you had read the Bible (and I kinda think you haven't)) is actually not something Jesus approves of. So good job, you're doing Satan's handiwork :)

Ronda said...

Well said, Rap. I'm disgusted that they would think its a nice thing poor Jacob was throwing up. So disgusting and wrong.

THIS is why people hate Christians.

D.M. said...

Audrey is so stuck up. Tori and Destiney Mueller both posted a photo of them three at the bar the other night and Audrey didn't even repost it.

She only posts things that benefit her and make her look good. God forbid she shows any appreciation for anyone who isn't her group of rich white friends.

Colleen said...

Hannah, you are absolutely right.

Elizabeth said...

Hannah hit the nail on the head. It has been clear, since the birth of LPBW that Jacob was the least cared about and talked about. There were the twins, then there was the only girl, then there was Jacob. He was nothing special to the film crew or his parents.

Now, I think they notice the negative effects the show and neglecting him had on him. He acted out, and made a stink on social media. Well, what did they expect? He's always done everything for attention. He desperately desires love and attention from his mom and dad and siblings.

He was a rebel child and I don't see how anyone can fault him on it, if you look deeper into the show when he was young, he was always trying to get anyone's attention.

Selena said...

I seriously can't believe people claim they're Christian and then are happy that Jacob is throwing up...

Rap is right. You've never even opened the stupid bible. Idiots.

Darlene Edwin said...

Satan's handiwork - hilarious Rap and so true!!!

These psychos on here think they have any room to call themselves Christian meanwhile they jump up and down when someone is sick!

That's twisted and not how Christianity works. Hey, I've been praying for my enemies - as the bible suggest but you wouldn't know that you fake loons - and it has been working since 76!!

Praying for them does more good than harm - and that is the point because despite it all- we are god's children!!!

Even little Jacob - and in fact, he acts more peaceful than you cooks!!!

Lynn C said...


Matt and Amy were asked that question if they would do it all over again and they said they would. The positives out weigh the negatives.

Jeremy also said in a You Tube video that the show was a blessing and although there are negative aspects with growing up filming he used the "worst parts" to build strength and become a stronger person.

It seems like every one of the Roloffs with the exception of Jacob is grateful for all the opportunities the show has provided each one of them.

If the Roloff hadn't done the show Jacob surely wouldn't have grown up with all the luxuries he expected and they might not have been able to keep the farm. That surely would have had Jacob whining and complaining.

Jacob has a very immature point of view on it. He looks back and sees himself as the victim while not factoring in all the good things it enabled and that he would have been whining if they didn't have the show and the lifestyle it provided.

The true telling point whether Matt and Amy did the right thing boils down to this. When each of the Roloffs of the kids were legally of the age where they could have walked away from the show and never appeared on it again or been completely out of the spotlight, not one of them chose to do that.

All of them, including Jacob, made the exact same decision as Matt and Amy made for the family. For as much as Jacob complained, whined, kicked of a fuss, bashed the show online, when it was his decision to make, he still chooses to be apart of the show.

How can anyone fault Matt and Amy when each of the kids made the same decision? Jacob just loves acting like a victim and blaming others for everything that's wrong in his life.

Gail said...

Rap, my relationship with God is between me and God. I'll have you know I just returned from church this morning. I am very comfortable with how I worship Him and how I servie Him. God knows what is in my heart. God knows I did not wish Jacob a horrible death by being burned or some other crazy scenarios. I only am praising God and taking satisfaction that God provides moments of discomfort to Jacob as a reminder for him to change his life around and show him that he needs to make changes. God understands my motivations as my heart is with Jesus. God judges me, not you.

Rap541 said...

Gail - yes, God does judge you. Think about that long and hard, that someday God will look at you and ask "did you really hate was what I wanted?"

Seriously Gail, your church attendance does not make you decent, its your actions. And when faced with ethical choices... you dance with glee at someone else's misery and say "Thank you Jesus for hurting someone I hate! I love it and I want more of it."

If you genuinely think it's acceptable for you as a Christian to find pleasure in the pain of others, just swear it in God's name. Come on Gail. Only God matters, so you should have no problem publically swearing to God you think it serves his will to wish pain on others.

Look at how many people who are expressing their disgust at your actions, Gail. You're driving people away from your faith - when the time comes, do you think God might wonder why you took such joy in driving others away from Him?

If your heart is with Jesus, and Jesus wants you to take joy in the pain of others, then you are hateful and so is your god. Don't like my judgement? Then hey, just stand around praying something bad happens to me - that's what Christians do, pray hate on others and laugh and laugh with pleasure at the suffering they wish for Jesus to rain down on their targets. :)

Why not brag about this in church next week, Gail? I mean, you're proud that you prayed for pain on someoneelse, right?

Darlene Edwin said...

Gail, you're a cook - excuse my French - but for fuck sake!!!

God is not in control of Jacob throwing up - maybe he ate bad fish - God did not make him eat the bad fish!!!

Bad things happen to anyone - and if Audrey gets sick what is that?? God giving her moments of discomfort? I don't think you are consistent in your beliefs!!!

Audrey broke her foot - what was that??? God telling her she needs to change her life??? Get real or get consistent - God isn't punishing Jacob because simply Jacob has done nothing WRONG!

And if that is true, Gail, then God judges Jacob - NOT YOU!!! So leave it to Him and leave the poor little guy alone. He has been on the up and up for a while now - he hasn't dissed your God or anyone's frankly.

Like I said - pray for your enemies - do not wish harm upon them because our Savior is good at KARMA to those who are EVIL!!!

Laura said...

Rap541, if you want to pray for Jacob to feel better, you can go ahead and do that. Gail and Shelby have both said they worship God and they are accountable to God. If they are comfortable with their standing with God, then that is not your concern.

Why instead of prosecuting Christians as is your entire goal on this blog, why don't you focus on the actions and words of Jacob that inspires such a reaction from Christians?

Jacob has never made amends for all the nasty things he has said to Christians, about Christians and people in general. He treated Anne horribly when she reached out to make peace on twitter, and he has never apologized for the awful things he said about Audrey surrounding her wedding.

Someone smiling because they heard Jacob has a flu bug for a couple of days seems like small potatoes.

"More seriously, Gail, Shelby - do you think Audrey of the Cross, and Jeremy Jesus himself approve of your message? I mean, do you think Jeremy would like you knowing you enjoy watching his brother suffer?"

Rap541, why do you have a such hard time comprehending that just because a Christian has respect and admiration for Jeremy and Audrey, that we must agree with their every action or vice versa? Personally, I have made it clear that although I respect Jeremy tremendously, I certainly wish he would stand up to Jacob and speak out instead of putting on the united family front for publicity reasons. I disagree and am disappointed with Jeremy for how he chooses to deal with Jacob publicly. However, that does not mean it diminishes my respect for all that Jeremy stands for and for all the positive purposes that he used by God to serve Him. I give Audrey even more leeway than Jeremy because she is relative new to the family and she probably holds her tongue out of respect to Jeremy. I will point out that Audrey did "like" every tweet from Anne and others about being appalled by Jacob's disrespect towards Audrey.

Audrey is the best Roloff of them all and I have no doubt that if Gail were to explain her heart to Audrey that Audrey would reserve judgment as I do and understand Gail's heart.

You're trying to what you always do, Rap541, and that is shift the focus from Jacob's behavior to others.

Jim said...

Damn Rap, can you stop being so politically correct?

It's not hard to understand. Jacob has been an asshole to almost everyone. He has been an asshole directly to some of the people commenting.

They learn that he's puking and they don't feel better? They might even smirk at a jerk puking? Big whooping deal.

Do you not watch You Tube? There's tons of videos focused on some form of misfortune happening to a jerk.

Hell, JACOB just reposted a video of a someone at a Trump rally landing on his face after calling some chick a fat pig. Why is that video popular? Why did Jacob retweet it? Why aren't you screaming at Jacob, Rap? A man fell on his fucking face and people are laughing!!!!!

It's consequences for being a shitty person. It makes good people smile.

On a bigger picture, when faggots got AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s I firmly believe it was God's way of punishing them for what they do. No, I don't feel bad for them because they choose to live that way.

If you're a jerk or you're a person with no morals, and bad things befall you, don't expect me to feel sorry for you.

Shelby said...

Rap541, I know I'm not perfect and I may not have 100 percent pure thoughts, but I love Jesus and I know God understands. I'll admit it, jacob is a jerk and I like when he's not doing well just as I like hearing when something good happens to good people like Jeremy and Audrey. I'm comfortable with God judging me for those thoughts.

Rap541 said...

What exactly is pc about saying that wishing God would hurt someone is evil?

I mean really, Jim, Laura, Gail, Shelby - I'm asking straight up - what has Jacob Roloff done to you that you want him suffering and in pain so you can laugh and laugh and delight in his misery and in how God wants him tortured?

Come on. What has he done that you're so devoted to it, you come here every day to say how you all walk with Jesus and Jesus hears your prayers every time Jacob throws up!

Did he kill your kid? Your dog? Or was he a sort of celeb on a reality show and you're pissed he's apparently got more money than you and doesn't live a lifestyle you approve of?

I'm being too pc in thinking he's not a serial killer and therefore not deserving the level of outrage you insist is NORMAL CHRISTIAN LOVE? I mean seriously, just spell out in rational terms what Jacob Roloff has personally done to you that you want him suffering.

Point = consequences for being a shitty person? Jim, really? Aren't you the big old whiny baby who insist you were trapped into having a kid? Hey Jim, you were a stupid shit, fucking without a condom and you need to smile and say "I got me a shitty consequence I deserve for being a dumbass shitty person" correct? I mean, no more bitching, Jim. You were a *man* and you thought with your dick and you earned those shitty consequences because of the shitty decisions you made. You weren't "entrapped", you just say that because you don't like knowing you're a shitty person suffering a shitty consequence for a shitty decision.

Ain't that right, Jim? And don't you dare insist you were raped - you were a MAN fucking and you lacked the self control to think and you earned your shitty life, didn't you?

Laura - this really has nothing to do with Jeremy and Audrey except that if someone merrily posted "Ahahahah Audrey broke her foot, I'm GLAD God shit on her and hurt her! SHe needed the pain! I laughed! I prayed and Christ acted!" - would you be piously insisting that's ok?

Just say "I'm Laura and I swear, if someone laughs when Audrey gets hurt and says they prayed for it, that I will defend their walk with Jesus" and we're good. :)

Now, we both know that won't happen. Here's what I find hilarious about your beliefs, Laura - you're insisting oh bless us, I don't really approve of how Jeremy and Audrey do nothing and let Jacob publically blackmail their parents over a lie, but I have not lost one bit of respect for either! Jeremy and Audrey will face no consequences for any action I disaproove of - I will perhaps say I disapprove and then quickly reassure them and the public that I am still 100 percent behind them in their choices...

Laura - do you see how that doesn't fit the "Shitty consequences for shitty actions" view that your buddy Christians express?

Or are we just gonna go around with "I disapprove of Jeremy and Audrey but they're still 100 percent awesome and its perfectly loving and Christian to dance with glee while Jacob Roloff is injured, oh how Christ will torture him and how we Christians will all laugh and laugh"?

PS - Jim - you do realize that the vast majority of HIV infections are from unprotected sex between opposite sex partners these days? Why is God smiting the straight?

Rap541 said...

Shelby - forgive me but "I'm comfortable with being an asshole" makes you well... Jacob Roloff-esque, doesn't it?

I mean, you're acting like him. That's actually the thing I find the most amusing here. You are what you hate :)

Kelly said...

Rap, Jacob called Christians who criticized him "annoying c*nts". Sure Jacob would deny and delete references to it now but we all know what he's like. Excuse us if we are not rushing to his side hoping he feels better when he has a stomach flu.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - just don't expect him to not call you that then. At the same age, Jeremy Roloff said fans like you sucked cock.

Did you, Kelly? How many? Angry that Jeremy said it and never ever apologized? Or are you all "Bless Jeremy for saying I suck cock! He complimented me!"

Jeremy said his fans suck cock and never apologized. Gail? How many cocks? Laura? Jim? You sucked a cock for Jeremy, right? I mean, he said it... and you all take the things 18-20 years say on line pretty seriously....

Rap541 said...

Also Kelly, let me be honest.

I have no expectation that anyone should be rushing to Jacob's side hoping he feels better - that's you and your buddies attempting to make this something its not.

It's wrong to wish ill on others. If I wished ill upon you, or Jeremy, or Audrey... I would be called out, and rightly because its mean and nasty. Even tho I have reason to not like either of them or you, its still very hateful as none of them have killed my dog or my family or keyed my car.

Now, I've asked a reasonable question - what has Jacob Roloff done that Christians now have a free pass to wish physical harm on him?

You're not being asked to give him a kiss and a cuddle when its pointed out that wishing him to be harmed is pretty evil. You just have to make the call to not wish him ill.

And I am open to hearing some legit reason why he deserves actual pain but do understand - "he irritates me" - which is what all of the complaints here pretty much amount to - isn't really a valid reason to wish harm on someone. If, you know, you're not evil.

Shelby said...

I disagree. Wishing something bad on a jerk doesn't make you a jerk. Jim explained it well with the you tube video example.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - you can keep saying it. Doesn't mean you're not a jerk, not at all.

PJ said...

Shelby and Jim,
Please get your heads out of your butts. It is morally wrong to wish harm on anyone. Growing up my Christian church would have exorcised your demons for such evil and cruel thoughts.
Jim explained nothing, he never does he just rants about LGBT people.

I'm sorry Jacob (or anyone else) has gastroenteritis it's miserable. I've wound up in the ER twice with it.

Ecossais said...

Hey Laura - I am the guy you said made a fool of himself for not knowing LPBW was coming back in March.
Guess what? March has come and gone and no LPBW or any sign of it returning.
So who is the fool now?

Fran said...

For the love of the Lord, Rap just tries to point out facts that are true - Jeremy hasn't always been so Holy. He didn't really start to "behave" until he met Sister Christian.

Let's face it, marrying Audrey (dating her, too) made Jeremy more God-like. Let's face it, it didn't happen until he was about 23.

Jacob is only 19 and he IS making progress. You can ignore it but you are just choosing to see the bad in him.

His response on his Instagram photo ended with "I hope you find peace."

In contrast, someone pointed out to Jeremy that some people can't live the lifestyle they can, and Jeremy responded with a cold "well, that's workaholic ism."

... Just because Audrey always responds with "I'll be praying for you<3" doesn't mean she doesn't sit back and talk shit about annoying fans like every celebrity does.

Rap always tries to make comparisons because you people refuse to look at them when they are so blatantly there. So open YOUR eyes and call out everyone who needs to be called out.

Bonnie said...

Wow, Isabel is beautiful in that picture Jacob posted.

Jalen said...

Bonnie, I agree! It irks me that people continuously compare her to Audrey because I think Isabel is more naturally engaging.

Just my opinion and people will try to argue but opinions are opinions and mine is mine.

Laura said...

Fran, you must be new here; I will fill you in. Rap541 is a Christian hater. Rap has hated the two greatest (original) Roloffs, Matt and Jeremy. Jeremy's is Matt's best son, that was crystal clear from the beginning so for that reason Rap set on insulting Jeremy and has been doing it for 10 years. For those that read here, we know Matt even once called Rap's hatefulness out on his Facebook once, slyly making a reference to his negative nelly friend in Arizona. Rap has admitted in a few posts here for the year that Rap lives in Arizona. That's is Rap's motivation. To hate on Matt and Jeremy. If you want the truth anybody with any degree of observation skills have always known that Matt has been terribly disappointed in Jacob as a son and that Jeremy is his blessing and the son he truly deserves. That's one of the reasons (although Rap will refute it) Rap always defends Jacob. Jacob is a failure of a son to Matt so Rap wants to defend Jacob.

Rap hates Jeremy and for 10 years Rap has obsessed at insulting Jeremy. Making a mountain out of a molehill with Jeremy's harmless teen boy language on Myspace (does it even exist anymore) 10 years ago. Whenever people comment on Jacob, Rap will bring everything back to Jeremy, because that is where Rap's hatred is directed.

Rap hates Christians. Christians respect Jeremy and Audrey. Therefore Rap hates Jeremy and Audrey and will always drag them down. Christians are rightfully offended by Jacob's behavior so that's why Rap always rushes in anytime people are commenting on what a bad person is, Rap must shift everything back to hating on Jeremy James Roloff.

Rap has even admitted to trying to play a role in a gay "couple" trying to adopt a child. That shows you Rap's lack of morals and Rap's hatred for Christian society.

Many of us have written Spiritswander demanding that Rap be banned but it hasn't happened yet.

Laura said...

Rap, I suggest you read Anne Bailey's article again.

Jacob has attacked Christians. Do you even know the damage that Jacob has inflicted on people? What about the young people who follow Jacob who were on the verge of coming to God and then saw Jacob's mocking insults of Audrey's prayer and thankfulness to God and a "man in the sky" and then didn't have the courage to follow God's voice?

This is beyond irresponsible. Jacob is working against God's plan. It can't be ignored. Not only that, but he promotes drugs. This is Jacob's influence in the world.

Jacob has been a total disappointment to his father Matt. I know Matt is a proud man that will put on a brave face publicly, but we know Matt's heart and we know the disappointment he has in Jacob. It has been evident for years.

Jacob has been nothing but an ungrateful pain to his family. While the other kids understood, Jacob has always been causing problems.

Jacob's treatment of Audrey was despicable. Jacob was so selfish during his own brother's wedding that he was tweeting on the wedding night during the celebration about how bored he was and how he wanted to leave and he infamously rolled his eyes during the speeches for Jeremy and Audrey.

The fact that Jacob would go to and tell the world that he thinks Audrey was stupid for praising God for providing her and Jeremy with wonderful weather is something that he should have apologized for a long time ago.

What he did when he tweeted about being "bleeped" out of money was something only a low life person would do to their family who has loved him and provided him with a life that most kids dream of.

Jacob has been vicious in his insults of people. Calling the most horrible of names and mocking people. Even his ex girlfriend tried to get Jacob to be kinder to people because she was uncomfortable with how cruel Jacob was to people. Even people who started out with a favorable opinion of Jacob were insulted and saw the darkness in his heart.

Jacob treated his ex girlfriend so badly that she was afraid to be seen by him without make up. Who does Jacob think he is that he can treat a girl that way?

Jacob was so nasty in school that he once bullied a boy so badly that the boy needed to transfer from the school to escape what Jacob was doing to him.

Teachers and bus drivers at the Faith Bible Christian school saw the evil in Jacob and finally had enough and wanted him out.

Jacob still insults good young Christians like that Tyler that Anne mentioned who is a proud Christian that was standing up for Christian beliefs and wasn't afraid of Jacob's mocking and stood up to him. Jacob exists to belittle Christians and anyone who stands in his way.

There are people in this world who have an evil and unkind heart and how will attempt to destroy God's kingdom and Jacob is one of those people. Like Gail has said before, you can look into Jacob's eyes and see the darkness of his soul. Jacob brings pain to people.

Katie said...

Jalen, in my opinion, Isabel is wearing too much make up. It doesn't look natural. It has been established that Jacob puts pressure on his girlfriend to be caked in make up, but she shouldn't have to do that to please him. It's sad to see her thinking her purpose is to serve Jacob.

Kelly said...

@Katie, I agree, not to mention the hair and lipstick. Is this how she really needs to look to go into the woods? She should be able to look more natural.

Jalen said...

Katie, in my opinion Audrey wears too much makeup. Her purple lipstick? Nah.

Gail said...

@Laura, Thank you. You said it all beautifully.

Linda said...

@Kelly, so I'm assuming you think Audrey is wearing too much, too?

Is that really how much makeup you need to wear while on the farm?

Double standards.

Rap541 said...

So Laura, in other words, no, you're not willing to say "I'm Laura and I swear, if someone laughs when Audrey gets hurt and says they prayed for it, that I will defend their walk with Jesus", correct?

I mean, I just want to have you actually verbalize that you apply your morality evenly and fairly. I guess that was too much.

Do you even know the damage that Jacob has inflicted on people?

Please provide actual first and last names of people Jacob has inflicted damage on.

What about the young people who follow Jacob who were on the verge of coming to God and then saw Jacob's mocking insults of Audrey's prayer and thankfulness to God and a "man in the sky" and then didn't have the courage to follow God's voice?

Please provide actual first and last names of people who admit they were on the verge of coming to God and saw Jacob's mocking insults of Audrey's prayer and thankfulness and subsequently no longer have any faith.

You're stating this is a fact. That means you should be able to prove it. Stand up. Prove it.

Jacob was so selfish during his own brother's wedding that he was tweeting on the wedding night during the celebration about how bored he was and how he wanted to leave and he infamously rolled his eyes during the speeches for Jeremy and Audrey.

Prove the eyeroll happened during Jeremy and Audrey's speeches. Come on.

While you're at it, provide any eyewitness account from the wedding that Jacob's behavior was in any way distracting or even noticeable. I know you can't because this has been asked and NOT answered before.

Jacob has been vicious in his insults of people. Calling the most horrible of names and mocking people.

This might shock you, Laura, but many people who read this blog find your comments vicious and mocking. I trust you agree you're evil?

Jacob treated his ex girlfriend so badly that she was afraid to be seen by him without make up. Who does Jacob think he is that he can treat a girl that way?

Yeah um... which one was this again? Honestly, all the silly teenage crap is difficult to keep track of. Also I trust you agree that Jeremy enjoying how Mueller used to tell his female fans to fuck off and commit suicide was pretty cruddy? Or was Jeremy being an awesome Christian for having such a fine friend. How about when Jeremy told his fans to suck cock? Who does Jeremy think he is?

Jacob was so nasty in school that he once bullied a boy so badly that the boy needed to transfer from the school to escape what Jacob was doing to him.

And this happened when he was 13... I trust you do hold his parents accountable for some of this? Or were they walking with Christ when they did nothing? But praise him?

Jacob exists to belittle Christians and anyone who stands in his way.

I know you can't actually prove this but I find it hilarious that you're this frightened of him. My opinion? He's a rude douche just like his brother. frankly none of the Roloff kids, with Molly a possible exception, have any discipline or manners or self awareness.

It's just hilarious that you kiss Jeremy's ass for the same behaviors you say you despise in Jacob.

Taylor said...

"Yeah um... which one was this again? Honestly, all the silly teenage crap is difficult to keep track of"

Rap, it is really crappy of you to refer to a teenage girl who attempted suicide as a result of her lack of self-confidence and not feeling worthy enough for Jacob as "silly teenage crap".

And her name is Stephanie.

Laura's post was the best one I've read on here for a while.

Katie said...

Want to see how bad Isabel is? Stephanie posted a picture of herself with a guy. Isabel liked the photo.

Why is Isabel even looking at Stephanie's photos? Why doesn't she leave her alone?

Tanya said...

Katie, how is that bad? Maybe she is happy Stephanie is finally moving on away from Jacob?

At least she found herself a guy and find happiness now.

Louisa said...

Isabel is very beautiful.

Carrie said...

Katie, if I recall, Isabel and Stephanie were friends before she and Jacob started dating.

Maybe they're friends? After all, Stephanie let's Isabel follow her, right?

Why are you making a stink out of something that isn't there?

Rap541 said...

Taylor - In all honesty, I tire of the silly teen crap.

I also tire of "she tried to kill herself because of Jacob" when that's entirely false.

She tried to kill herself because her emotional problems overwhelmed her. If her family genuinely believes her suicide attempt was due in part to Jacob being abusive, then they should have stepped in. If she genuinely believes she tried to kill herself because of him, then she really needs to take a good hard look at whether he is worth it - because no guy is worth it.

And it turns into silly teen crap when we are contstantly regaled with the back and forth over how maybe Jacob still wants steph but loves Isbobel's money but likes Steph's hair and Vanessa's keen fashion sense and everybody involved hates everybody else involved and at the end of the day, they're all living in different states. As near as I can tell, Jacob and Isobel have dated for what, two years? If Steph or Vanessa are still chasing after that, they're the ones with the problem, and so are their little friends, and likewise on Isobel and Jacob's little friends who all bitch back and forth over who dated who in 10th grade.

Look at Katie's post to see my point proven on the stupid teen crap point.

James said...

Katie, how would you know that? You stalk steph now, too? And go through her likes?

Besides, would Isabel have any reason to follow her boyfriend's ex?

I'm sure if she did, it's because they are on good terms and it's not a bad thing. You're creating drama.

Rap541 said...

Fran - I trust you to form your own opinion of me.

Oh Laura, you're hilarious.

For those that read here, we know Matt even once called Rap's hatefulness out on his Facebook once, slyly making a reference to his negative nelly friend in Arizona. Rap has admitted in a few posts here for the year that Rap lives in Arizona

Actually Matt used to be a lot more fun. hey Laura, do you remember how Matt used to praise his online buddy "Mrs Sawyer" for "kicking hater ass" for him? One time, MrsSawyer asked some 15 year old girl if she (the girl) masturbated to episodes of LPBW since she was so obsessed with it, and Matt Roloff praised Mrs Sawyer for that. :)

Making a mountain out of a molehill with Jeremy's harmless teen boy language on Myspace (does it even exist anymore) 10 years ago.

Psst the evil eyeroll was um almost two years ago and yer still going on about it. Oh and the bullying incidents that you're referring to? Happened gosh.... 7-8 years ago.

Laura - all you have to say to convince me that you really found Jeremy's language acceptable is this. Put your hand on the Bible and swear "In Jesus's name, I swear, when Jeremy Roloff said "Mike Detjen is sweet, just like a nigger" and "not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defenses" I had no problem at all and I would want Jeremy to use such language wwith my friends and family. In my home, this language is appropriate and acceptable."

That's all. :)

I don't hate Christians. I hate bigots and hypocrites. If the shoe fits...

Oh and the gay couple is preparing a nursery for their new kid. And I'm in a pretty conservative state but huh... there just aren't enough Christian couples willing to step up....

Janet said...

"I don't hate Christians. I hate bigots and hypocrites.`

Jeremy and Audrey are not bigots or hypocrites. They are Christians.

Katie said...

@James It's not hard to see. Yes I follow Stephanie on Instagram. She just posted like less than an hour ago. It only had about 10 likes and Isabel's name was one of the likes that was displayed.

Edit: I just went back to check and Stephanie deleted it. I suspect it was because of Isabel. She should really just leave the girl alone. Jacob has done enough damage to her.

James said...

Katie, and so she deleted it because Isabel... Liked it?

Why would Stephanie allow Isabel to follow her if she didn't expect Isabel to "like" what she posts?

Liking a post is not a cruel thing to do - now you're just finding any reason to make a problem. If Stephanie didn't want Isabel to like her stuff I'm assuming Stephanie wouldn't let her follow her. But otherwise, I think you're being dramatic.

Rap541 said...

Janet- I disagree. Jeremy is a bigot and they're both hypocrits. And I will prove it - go to their website and ask them to state their stance on gay marriage *clearly*.

No interpreting their responses to others, no interpreting "what covenant marriage means" to either.

They're both adults. They are both capable of saying "Per my religious beliefs, I believe gay marriage is wrong".

They won't say it. They'll let you say it... but they don't want to be accountable for the consequences if they say it. That's hypocritical.

MS said...

"Jacob has attacked Christians. Do you even know the damage that Jacob has inflicted on people? What about the young people who follow Jacob who were on the verge of coming to God and then saw Jacob's mocking insults of Audrey's prayer and thankfulness to God and a "man in the sky" and then didn't have the courage to follow God's voice?"

Damage? Laura, per usual, you're incapable of comprehending that there's a non-Christian world out there. If Christianity makes such a compelling case, why are you so concerned if someone is exposed to other viewpoints, mocking or polite? In reality, you want the brainwashing cycle to continue and you seek to silence anyone who dares to voice an opposing viewpoint. See nutcase Anne Bailey and "The List".

"Jacob is working against God's plan. It can't be ignored."

How very ISIS of you.

"Rap hates Christians"

Why is it whenever someone doesn't agree with your crowd, they must hate Christians? Most Christians are good people. It's so-called "Christians" like you and Anne that many people can't stand due to your hypocrisy and controlling ways.

"Jeremy's is Matt's best son"

Let's list what we know about Jeremy: 25 years old, unemployed, never had a real job, no college degree, racist, bigoted. And this is Matt's *best* son!? Fine parenting skills on display...

Rap541 said...

Katie - you're absolutely proving my point that this is high school bitchery :)

Eric said...

Make no mistake, Jacob totally deserves to be held accountable for his girlfriend attempting suicide.

They were dating, for what? Almost a year or more.

After they broke up, she posted that emotional You Tube video where she admitted that she had recently tried to kill herself. She said she over the last year she constantly felt not good enough and had said she was afraid that Jacob would dump her if he ever saw her without make up.

Are you dumb? She felt "not good enough" and "worthless" in the year she was with Jacob. Of course he deserves to be held responsible for that.

Blaming only the girl for that is like blaming the girl for being abused.

Oh and Isabel is just being a jerk by popping up in Stephanie's social media. She has no reason to be in Stephanie's face and she's savvy enough to know that by liking it Steph would see her. Isabel isn't trying to be nice, she's trying to be jerk. She's still mad at Stephanie because Jacob used to brag about how hot she is (and she is) more than he does about Isabel and that obviously angers Isabel which is why she's obsessed with Steph.

Rita said...

I don't think it's shocking or anything new that people "hate" Jacob if they know what he's really like (that excludes Matt's and Amy's facebook fans who believe that only what is on the show is real and who will call you a liar if you say Jacob does drugs...).

Nobody is saying he's Hitler or a murderer. He's a jerk. He's arrogant He's an asshole. So people wish him misfortune. Nothing unique about that.

I think Jacob is VERY similar to Justin Bieber. They're both close to the same age and they're both spoiled brats who have no idea about the real world and think they're better than everybody. They both have been jerks to people in general and on a broad scale.

And a lot of people hate Justin Bieber. They post comments that they wish people threw glass bottles when he got hit with water bottles, they laugh when he walked into glass doors.

It's the exact same thing except obviously Justin is a lot more famous and well known that Jacob. They are jerks. People like seeing misfortune happen to a jerk. It's not complicated and it's nothing to take too seriously.

Shelby, I don't think you need to justify your comment to any of them. Most reasonable people understand.

Rap541 said...

So Rita, you're an asshole :D

Say Rita, I think Audrey is a lying bitch about her giveaways on her website where she's clearly giving prizes away to her best buddies. I trust you defend my saying so since she's being a jerk to all the people she solicits for likes, right?

You're a reasonable person so you will insist I don't need to justify my comment, correct?

Rap541 said...

Btw - the gay couple I know who are adopting?

The state facility is so anxious to place children, they're actually calling them hoping that their schedules change so that they can get placed with kids SOONER. Also, they're probably going to get *two* children since there are so many available and unlike Christian couples, they a)don't care about what race the babies are and b)are willing to open their hearts to two

Tim said...

Hey, Eric, we've established this: Jacob was being an obnoxious teenager when he used to talk about how "hot" Stephanie was.

Isabel is clearly a beautiful girl and Jacob posts photos of her without having to say it. For example, Jacob's most recent Instagram post was sweet. He was showing his appreciation for his girlfriend taking good care of him and even called her his "Forever Lady". I don't recall him ever using those terms for his ex.

If you would rather have someone only be with you for your looks rather than appreciate the person you are, you're just shallow and deserve the type of person you get.

Also, we've been over this and it makes no sense why Isabel would WANT to follow Stephanie let alone like her photos. And if Stephanie is allowing Isabel to follow her, that is on her.

Zane said...

She is "savvy enough to know that by liking it, Stephanie would see her". Well, no shit.... Stephanie allows Isabel to follow her if she did like it, because Stephanie has a private Instagram.

Again, WHY would Isabel need to or care to follow her current boyfriends ex? Judging by Jacob's most recent picture on Instagram Isabel and Jacob look happier than ever and Jacob even used the word Forever.

You know, you sound like a bitter person, a bitter ex girlfriend maybe, Eric?

Danielle said...

I think it is hilarious that ex girlfriends still think they can talk about how hot Jacob used to think they are meanwhile Jacob used the term,

My Forever Lady.

He stirred up a lot of comments saying she may be the future Mrs. Roloff ;) guess we will have to wait and see. But I wouldn't be surprised.

pj said...

Laura, Jim, Shelby et. al.,
Someone sent me this on Facebook without attribution (or I'd credit the author).

"Just because your religion does not allow you to watch Dr. Who on Sunday nights does not mean I cannot watch it."
In case you don't get it it means that your version of Christianity does not apply to anyone who does not follow that version. The rest of us are bound by our religions and the laws, which are also not based on your religion.
So please stop trying to judge others here by your narrow rules.

Megan B said...

@Janet- "Jeremy and Audrey are not bigots or hypocrites. They are Christians."

Here's some starting news for you, Janet. It is possible to be both. There are many Christians who are not bigots or hypocrites and accept people for who they are.

Most Christians are good people.
Most Muslims are good people.
Most Buddhists are good people.
Most atheists are good people.
Most people are good people.

There are many good people and some bad people in every group. And lots of bigots and hypocrites in every group. Since many choose to name religion as a justification for their bigotry, all that does is make the religion a party to the bigotry. It does not justify the bigotry.

Ray said...

Laura, well said about Jacob, however, you forgot to mention Jacob's complete lack of care and conscience for how he disappoints people.

I can't help but think of poor Ron Roloff. I urge all to read some of Ron's words about important issues in the United States regarding America and Christian principles and fighting to keep our nation from being ruined by the unGodly.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ron is heartbroken and embarrassed by the type of person Jacob is becoming. He is almost everything Ron preached against. The only issue that I can think of that Jacob is on the right side of the battle and where Ron would be proud of his grandson is that Jacob doesn't want to be surrounded by homosexuals. Other than that Jacob is disappointment but appears not to even care about it. He is very selfish.

Paula said...

Jacob's most recent attack:

"There needs to be some real clarification for Christians that they don't own the word God and their definition is not the only one"

What Jacob talking about? Is he suggesting that I'm not allowed to refer to God of the Bible because of Muslims and political correctness?

I will say the word God and I will say it proudly in awe and thanks to Him.

Kelly said...

You gotta be kidding me that some people thinking Jacob said "forever" about Isabel means something. ROFLMAO!!!

Go back and look at the captions of Jacob's pictures with Stephanie around their 1 year anniversary. He used the word forever then too...and then dumped her not long after. You're acting like Jacob's words mean something.

If there's one thing we should all agree on is that Jacob's words are meaningless. He'll say something, something he will do or won't do...and then a while later he will do the opposite.

Katie said...

"Start loving people the way Jesus loved."

How can Isabel even tweet this with how nasty she is? I wonder if she just tweets stuff like that so she and Jacob can sit back and laugh at how clever they think they are for acting like jerks.

Dick Hurts said...

Greyson said...

"I'm truly glad Amy said she was proud of Jacob. It is about time she acknowledged him".
Brother, u r 100% right on! To heck with those bad mouthing jacob. Just jealous.

Karen said...

Kelly, I went to check... And they are deleted. Unless you have them somewhere? If he really used to the words forever with Stephanie too that's sad he can't even come up with different words for each ex.

Rap541 said...

Oh since "deleting anything" makes you a lying asshole hiding - please do note that on *Jeremy's* marriage website, his most recently ghost written article (as in I think it's pretty clear Audrey does all the writing) on how he can't trust himself to have female friends and doesn't trust Audrey to be with any of her male friends either - ORIGANALLY had an extensive bit about his own parents marriage that has since been deleted. Some of the comments reference it. And reference it's removal.

To be fair, there are some posters making the very valid point that declaring you can no longer have opposite sex friends is basically sexually objectifying everyone you meet of the opposite sex. There's also a poster who apparently has some contact with the "girl in santa Barbara" who questions the honesty of Jeremy's portrayal of the relationship.

Paula - your literacy is clearly questionable. Jacob's comment had nothing to do with stopping you from being Christian. His point is that "God" does not mean "Yaweh" or "Jesus" to many people. Really, you must like making yourself the perpetual victim. You really have no idea what it is for Christians to be oppressed.

Lenae said...

Katie, I think it's nice Isabel said that. It is true... Start loving people the way Jesus loved.

Some of you here need to work on that.

Sally said...

Uh oh, the girl in Santa Barbara... So Mr Perfect may have had other friendships that didn't work out so well.... Hmm tsk tsk

Ashley said...

Rap, I just read Jeremy's article now and it seems like a lot has been deleted.

What did he say about his parents marriage? A few comments say Maat and Amy must be horrified Jeremy posted that...what did he say?

Also, what was the comment suggesting Jeremy wasn't honest about the friend in Santa Barbara? I don't see that one either.

One thing I notice that seems to be growing is people continue to ask about gay people? Like what if your opposite sex friend is gay? People seem to be getting upset with Jer & Auj that they never consider gay people. One person even said that..they never do, it's like gay people don't exist in their world.

I wonder if they will ever address it. It seems like with each post more people are noticing that gay people don't exist as far as Jer and Audrey are concerned.

Ashley said...

Sally, I could be wrong but I don't get the feeling Jeremy was cheating with the girl in SB. What I take away from it is that Audrey is extremely jealous and doesn't trust Jeremy. Maybe she is justified. Wasn't Jeremy dating Audrey when he went on a "camping trip" with Mueller and the girl he met on a cruise? Hmm thinking about that I still see Jeremy comment her and they used to post about calling each other.

Katie said...

Lenae, because Isabel doesn't "love people as Jesus loved" . That statement ain't supposed to mean because she loves Jacob or because she wants to be besties with Audrey and Tori that she is loving like Jesus. It's supposed to mean everyone not just the people she's trying to impress.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - to be honest, that's what I find odd about the deletion. I didn't find it very offensive at all. It was how his parents were divorced and it was due in part to how they had opposite sex friends (it was very chaste sounding) and how divorce was awful etc.

Here's the post -

Saddened says

April 5, 2016 at 12:33 am

I think it might be of GREAT importance to make it public knowledge that the actual reason Audrey had an issue with said girl (who was very clearly your best friend to us here in Santa Barbara ) was due to the fact that not only were you and said girl “best friends”, but were also in a VERY REAL emotional relationship for the majority if not all of the time you and your wife were courting. Quite possibly Audrey was not maDe aware of the deepness of your love for “girl” and you had hidden that information from Audrey. Which caused the trust to be broken between you two and ultimately lead to the demise of you and the girls friendship. My questions are as follows: did you end the friendship or did the other “girl” ? Did you let “the girl in sb” know that you were going to write a blog about her ? That is, after all, what we as the body of Christ should do correct? Take care of each other? Respect each other? Speak honoring of each other? Tell the truth? The FULL TRUTH. (Asking for all of us in Santa Barbara who very well know who this is written about) We know her integrity/character should never be assumed as anything less then the loving woman who speaks so highly of not only you, but your wife as well. I can imagine her pain after reading something like this. Seeing everything she went through with you was DOWNPLAYED to a mere “possibly best friends” Did you think about that whilst writing it? Praying the girl has seen this blog and that she knows she is deeply loved.

The friend seems very concerned that the friend is being maligned in being deemed just a best friend. There was also some concern that this girl may not have been asked permission to be discussed publically, and that her story might be different. .

Judy said...

Clearly that's a trouble maker trying to sully Jeremy's character by implying untruths. She implies Jeremy and the girl were more than friends but then says the girl respected Audrey...which is it??

Also would the damn gays stop infiltrating a Christian blog. Jeremy and Audrey are Christian. Of course they don't "consider gays". They are right to ignore them.

Debbie said...

This "Saddened" person sickens me. She is suggesting that "those of us in SB" knew Jeremy and "girl" were in a relationship yet she has the gall to say they treat Audrey well and talk about integrity?

Timothy said...

Should Jeremy and Audrey really be giving marriage advice? They been marriedvjust over a year and it sounds like they have some major issues.

First, it is basically coming out that Jeremy cheated on Audrey while she was back in Oregon (that is what is implied, that Jeremy and the girl were in love) and because of that Audrey won't let him be friends with another girl and Audrey comes off as super controlling.

Rap541 said...

Judy, Debbie - in all fairness, what could someone say that would convince you that perhaps Jeremy wasn't entirely noble?

At the very least, do you agree that Jeremy should have asked this girl permission before discussing his "emotional relationship" with her?

Also do actually go to this website and read the followup comments because really, muffles their response and Saddened calls them on it.

I think if Saddened is concerned that Jeremy isn't representing the relationship honestly, then yes, they're speaking with integrity and I get no "LPBW" ax to grind from them. The fact is, Jeremy apparently had a relationship of some sort with this girl and her friends are saddened to see him a) use it for profit and b) not describe it entirely honestly.

Jeremy was friends with her - feel free to call her and his friends in santa Barbara lying scumbags, and I will duly note how Jeremy picks lying scumbags as his pals. Wouldn't be the first time either, please see cat torturer "Jermey's fans need to FUCK OFF and commit suicide while I fuck girls out of wedlock" best buddyfor life Mueller.

Gracie said...

Audrey does come off as SUPER controlling. Poor Jeremy probably fell in love with the other girl to have a little fun in his life!

Angela said...

I'm sorry but this girl sounds like a slut who wanted Jeremy and is bitter that Jeremy chose Audrey over her.
Debbie and Judy are right. What about their obligation to Audrey? She's implying Jeremy and the desperate slut were having an emotional affair despite the fact that everyone knew about Audrey. They don't get to say that and then talk about this sluts "integrity".

Rap541 said...

Angela 0 in all seriousness, this is where you need to prove the girl Jeremy states he had an emotional relationship with was "a slut".

You got real shitty when I noted Destiney, who spread her legs before marriage.... spread her legs before marriage and I could easily prove my statements. Prove this girl is "a slut" with actual facts or admit you owe her an apology since a)Jer-bear never said he fucked her, that's you calling her a slut and b) she never actually commented, just someone claiming to be a friend. Stand tall and proud Angela, and provide actual facts that this person is a SLUT.

Remy said...

Angela has such a foul mouth, wow.

Angela even Jeremy himself has taken responsibility and has guilt about this whole thing... He says so in the replies. NO NEED to call anyone a slut for no reason.

Slut shaming is so 2007.

Andrea said...

@ Kelly, all of his photos with his ex girlfriend are gone so what are you even trying to say right now...

Just face it he and Isabel are in for the long haul and you're mad.

Angela said...

The word slut to me does not solely mean having sex with lots of people. It means someone with such a lack of morals that she would pursue a man who was already in a relationship with a tremendous woman of God like Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Also, honestly, Angela, I don't think you're "sorry" at all to call this girl a slut. Feel free to put your hand on the bible and swear you're certain this slut is a slut.... we all know you won't swear it because you know you can't prove it. But stop pretending you're "sorry" to shit on someone you don't even know.

Rap541 said...

Do you know Jeremy ever told her he was in a committed relationship? I haven't heard the big boy say *that*

Also please don't pretend you can redefined was "Slut" means. You called her a slut. You need to own it, instead of whining how you think "slut" doesn't mean a girl who sleeps around. You said it, Angela, you called that girl a SLUT with no qualifications until I called you on it. Now prove your words or admit you can't

Sam said...

Angela, he himself admitted to the sins of his ways/his relationship with this person...

I mean. She didn't pursue anything it seemed like Jeremy pursued her from that person's story. And Jeremy ADMITTED TO IT after they called him out. Lmao

PJ said...

First of all it is very difficult to maintain a long distance relationship because it is so hard to provide for a partner's emotional needs by phone. Which is why so many relationships fall apart.
That Jeremy would develop an emotional connection with someone in SB (I'm not talking anything inappropriate by most peoples standard). And have it deepen to the point he felt it interfered with his main relationship is not unusual or immoral.

You assume that the girl knew about Audrey or that she had the same feelings. You don't know the truth and yet you demonize this girl with no evidence at all. At best you know what Jeremy has chosen to share.

And the fact that you, Judy and Debbie always need to attack these imaginary foes of Audrey pretty much tells me that none of you would hesitate to do the things you accuse others of.

Claire said...

Or to pursue a girl when you are alreading in a relationship with a "tremendous woman of God". It's a two way street.

Rap541 said...

Angela - I think what I find appalling here, with your public judgement, and Judy's and Debbie's, is this.

Jeremy formed a friendship with her. He certainly downplays it, but *he* openly discusses how *he* was in a relationship with Audrey and this girl and basically had to choose.

But you decide that the girl Jeremy publically discusses as a possible rival for his affection must be a "slut".

Christians - Jeremy's the one who knew he had a girl, Why isn't *Jeremy* the slut? Angela, your weasely "I got caught so now I will insist slut doesn't mean fucking"definition pretty clearly defines *Jeremy* as "the slut" in this. He wwent down to Santa Barbara knowing he was in a relationship. He doesn't say this girl pursued him and to a point it doesn't matter if she did - unless the big boy is claiming he was forced to be her friend, he willingly chose to be with her, knowing that he was already in the committed relationship with Audrey.

Why isn't Jeremy the "slut"? Because he's the boy? Because Jeremy Jesus can date Audrey long distance and keep a lil side piece down in Santa Barbara? Because that's exactly what he's describing, so why is the girl the slut when Jeremy went down to Santa Barbara as a grown man knowingly in a relationship with Audrey?

Oh wait, let me guess, Jeremy was "a boy at 24, just doing the best he could, his brain didn't fully form until 25 you know, so he's a BOY" - is that it?

I really expect everyone who is so damn proud to point fingers at this girl to explain why Jeremy isn't a slutty slut who slutted when he damn well knew he was dating Audrey.

Rap541 said...

I'm sorry but this girl sounds like a slut who wanted Jeremy and is bitter that Jeremy chose Audrey over her.
Debbie and Judy are right. What about their obligation to Audrey?

If we're gonna play this game, then what about Jeremy's obligation to Audrey?

He wasn't no peepants lil boy going down to Santa Barbara, he was a grown ass man who was IN A RELATIONSHIP. What about his obligation there? Why is Jeremy not on the hook for heading on down to Santa Barbara and having his lil emotional relationship? Why is it SOLELY the fault of the "SLUT" - the Christina crowd's word for the girl *Jeremy* chose to be friends with. When on his own, Jeremy makes friends with SLUTS.... and I seriously want to know what HIS obligation was here, because I'm tired of hearing how Jeremy was such a damn saint, even when he admits he was wrong, its still that SLUT'S fault he chose to be friends with her, he chose to disregard his obligation to Audrey but he's still an innocent lil lamb with no fault here.

I actaully agree with PJ btw, and think this is a fairly normal happening. I'm just tired of how Jeremy choosing to be friends with a girl despite his being in a relationship with Audrey makes the girl "the slut" when really, its Jeremy who was slutting about

Ecossais said...

Angela - "woman of God like Audrey" Enough with the Audrey worship.

It has been well established that she was not a virgin when she married Jeremy.
Also she lied about no furniture and unable to drive when she injured her foot.

Rap541 said...

She's implying Jeremy and the desperate slut were having an emotional affair despite the fact that everyone knew about Audrey.

Prove this statement is actually true or be willing to swear on your savior that you can't possibly be wrong and will go to hell willingly if you are, Angela. Prove this girl you've never met but that Jeremy knew, was a "desperate slut" and deserves to be publically maligned as a "desperate slut".

Right now? Her crime was knowing Jeremy Roloff. You're calling a desperate slut publically because Jeremy chose to have a relationship, emotional or otherwise - and he's not claiming she forced him to be friends, Jeremy CHOSE to have a relationship with her... and Jeremyu's choice makes her the desperate slut in this.

What a joy, knowing if you make friends with him, you will be excoirated by strangers for being a desperate slut since poor iwddle Jer-Bear can't be held accountable for not being a big boy and saying "I can't be in a relationship with you, I already have a girlfriend".

My point btw is that Jeremy isn't the blameless boy being hounded by a desperate slut. He's a man, a man in a relationship and if he just can't say no, then frankly, he's the slut. Calling the girl a slut is letting Jeremy off the hook for his behavior. He's a grown ass man, admitting to an emotional affair - why is the girl the only slut slutting here? Why isn't Jeremy accountable for knowing it was wrong and doing it anyway?

Angela said...

Jeremy most definitely was in the wrong. He was disrespectful of Audrey and it sounds like it almost cost him the wonderful marriage he now has and the love of wonderful Christ-loving woman. Audrey deserves the best and Jeremy was (perhaps unintentionally) being incredibly disrespectful to Audrey's feelings.

However, Jeremy admitted his wrong. He accepted full responsibility for his terrible judgment. He said he was wrong. Most importantly, he corrected the problem and rectified the situation by cutting the Santa Barbara girl (to be known in this post as "SB Girl".

I don't care what anyone else's definition of a "slut" is to them, but this is my opinion and this is a slut to me. A slutty girl is a girl who puts her own selfish sexual or romantic or relationship goals ahead of what is morally right. She was trying to become "more than friends" with Jeremy KNOWING that Audrey was back in Oregon and Jeremy's girlfriend. We've talked about Jeremy. He accepted responsibility. Now we focus on SB girl. She was pursuing a relationship with a man who she knew already had a girlfriend. In my opinion, that is how a slut acts.

EVERYBODY knew Jeremy was dating Audrey when Jeremy was in Santa Barbara, especially his Santa Barbara friends. He posted about Audrey all over his social media . There was no way for this girl to not have known that Jeremy was "already taken".

What really infuriates me about this even more than SB girl herself is this "Saddened" person commenting and her attempt to make SB Girl look like a victim and a good Christian girl. She certainly is not.

Saddened wrote " That is, after all, what we as the body of Christ should do correct? Take care of each other? Respect each other? Speak honoring of each other?"

How dare she. What about SB Girl's obligation for Audrey? As the body of Christ why was SB Girl not respecting Audrey? She was not honoring Audrey by trying to have an inappropriate relationship with a man that was already in a relationship.

"We know her integrity/character should never be assumed as anything less then the loving woman who speaks so highly of not only you, but your wife as well."

That is pure garbage and filth. If SB Girl had so much integrity and character she would never have got into this situation because she knew Jeremy already had a loving and devoted girlfriend.

Instead of SB Girl and her friends being upset at how SB Girl feels and making her the victim, she should be apologizing to Audrey.

To be honest, I am not impressed with Jeremy's Santa Barbara friends, including the two that married out there that are photographers and Jeremy's friend Tye who was at the wedding. I admittedly don't know if they tried to persuade Jeremy to end his friendship with SB Girl or not but Jeremy doesn't suggest they were, he only talks about it being Audrey who persuaded him to end the relationship. If they were not acting as a brother in Christ to Jeremy and reminding him of the right thing to do in respecting Audrey than they were wrong. It is totally disrespectful to Audrey. She went out there to visit numerous times and for them to be bystanders while Jeremy and SB Girl were becoming "more than friends" and then pretend like they treat Audrey with love and respect is horrendous.

Audrey deserves so much better than the treatment she received. At least Jeremy admitted his wrong, did the right thing in correcting the problem and Audrey obviously has forgiven him.

Gail said...

"One thing I notice that seems to be growing is people continue to ask about gay people? Like what if your opposite sex friend is gay? People seem to be getting upset with Jer & Auj that they never consider gay people. One person even said that..they never do, it's like gay people don't exist in their world. I wonder if they will ever address it. It seems like with each post more people are noticing that gay people don't exist as far as Jer and Audrey are concerned."

Ashley, Jeremy and Audrey don't need to address gays. They are right to treat gays as though they are insignificant not worthy of their time or attention.

Every week the country is standing up to these gay liberals and we won't stand for our religion freedom to be taken from us. Every week there is another state passing laws that protect our religious freedom.

Jeremy and Audrey choose to deal with gays by completely ignoring them. That's what they deserve.

Maggie said...

Jacob is posting pictures of himself smoking drugs?? He is an embarrassment.

@Laura, you couldn't have been more right in your comments. Jacob is irresponsible and a TERRIBLE influence on people in our society.

Is he posting this stuff because he thinks it makes him cool?

Debbie said...

Maggie, I was disgusted too.

Wasn't Isabel trying to deny their life was about doing drugs together?

I don't care what anyone says, I will say it. Isabel needs to grow up and start thinking about how she is disappointing her mother. Her mother is looking down and what does she see her daughter doing? Living in sin with a horrible person who posts pictures of him smoking drugs to the internet. Is this really who Isabel's mother wanted her to be?

I'm shaking my head at how she can justify this to herself. Smoking drugs is not loving people as Jesus did.

Lynn C said...

Claire, as Angela said, Jeremy said he was wrong and took the blame for his wrong doing. And he did something about it.

It's very different from the tone the mysterious Santa Barbara commentator is presenting the girl.

Rap541 said...

A slutty girl is a girl who puts her own selfish sexual or romantic or relationship goals ahead of what is morally right.

First this is no one's definition of a slut. You just can't admit you're acting like an asshole calling someone out for being a slut.

Second - this is where it gets good. You say "everyone knew" Jeremy was with Audrey. That can't actually be proven by you, but lets assume that.

I trust you agree then that *JEREMY* knew he was with Audrey right?

Jeremy put his own selfish sexual or romantic or relationship goals ahead of what was morally right.

Per your definition, Jeremy IS a slut. Call him a slut, Angela. Per you, he is one. Doesn't he deserve to hear it as much as any other slut? I mean, you're the slut judge, right? You certainly think its right to judge sluts... so make the judgement. You certainly didn't hesitate before...

Kelly said...

"Second - this is where it gets good. You say "everyone knew" Jeremy was with Audrey. That can't actually be proven by you, but lets assume that."

Rap, you're really stretching facts here.
Anybody who followed Jeremy on social media knew he was dating Audrey.
Are you seriously trying to say that while fans that don't know Jeremy in real life knew he was dating Audrey, his real friends who were with him all the time and his supposed "best friend" (the girl) never knew who Audrey was?

That might be one of the most ridiculous theories I've ever read here.

Janet said...

I think Angela has it right.

Jeremy was held accountable. Audrey held him accountable and Jeremy held himself accountable. He also took public blame for his role in the relationship that shouldn't have been. He listened to Audrey's heart and realized he was wrong. He did what he could to fix it and obviously won't do it again.

Jeremy committed a wrong and then made it right.

Rap541 said...

Also - unless you were specifically there, Angela - you really have no idea if this girl knew about Audrey. Audrey wasn't on the show when Jeremy went to school, and was never seen or spoken of until years later. Jeremy also isn't so famous that he is "followed". I absolutely concede its possible she knew Jeremy was already seeing someone, but its entirely possible it slipped Jeremy's mind... particularly since he wasn't forced to have this relationship with this girl.

This is exactly what I am talking about when I say you put Jeremy on a pedestal. If he nearly lost out on marrying Audrey over this, that's on him, not on the girl he was friends with. And its exactly this sort of reaction - people like you who have no direct knowledge screaming this woman is a disrespectful slut who shamed herself before god and anyone who defends her is also scum - that shows how irrational you are.

Your precious perfect Jeremy was a willing participant in this.

Rap541 said...

Kelly - no offense but I am actually allowing the argument even though I think it's unfair. That's not stretching the facts at all, that's allowing the possibility.

Do you care to address the rest of what I wrote? That *Jeremy* knew he was in a relationship and wasn't a child, so he was a grown man making the chose to, in Audrey's words "be a slut"?

Rap541 said...

More seriously Kelly - I think you're vastly overstating how much fans knew and how much people who didn't grow up with Jeremy knew. Further, *Jeremy* knew he was in a relationship and he's expected to have the mental wherewithal to say no. Except, apparently, he didn't bother. Jeremy was a willing participant in this. If the girl is a slut, well at least she wasn't emotionally cheating on her fiancé, as Jeremy was doing.

Kelly said...

Rap, it is 1940 dark ages. Audrey was all over Jeremy's Facebook and twitter as soon as the were officially dating which was right before Jeremy left for Santa Barbara. Even if you're trying to act like this girl could be best friends with Jeremy and not know Audrey existed, it is impossible in this decade of social media.

I think everyone including Jeremy says he was at fault. But so was the girl.

pj said...

Yes Jeremy had Audrey all over social media but what we don't know is what he was saying to SB girl. Some girls will believe anything a cute guy says.

Gail you jackass,
It's not your religious rights that are being attacked it's the civil rights of the LGBT community that are under attack. And civil rights trump religious prejudice every time.

Rap541 said...

So they were both sluts?

I mean, the girl is a SLUT for making friends with a guy who was dating someone else. Isn't the guy a SLUT for making friends with a girl when he damn well knew he was spoken for?

I actually agree its entirely possible this girl knew Jeremy was seeing someone long distance. However, lets be realistic. (I know this will be difficult for some) He was in a different state, not seeing his girl and they were... dating. They weren't engaged. There was no ring on Audrey's finger. Lets be clear here - they weren't married and they weren't engaged. If Jeremy had found a girl in Santa Barbara and broke up with Audrey - he would have done nothing morally wrong in doing so as they were not married.

Further, if everyone knew, then it says a great deal about Jeremy. He was dating Audrey and engaging in a relationship with some other girl at the same time. Oh but the girl - who doesn't appear to have had a significant other, is the slut, while Jeremy is the dear lil innocent juggling two girls, knowing he has two, knowing Audrey is waiting for him, but he wanted his fun so.. woopsie Jesus! He *knew* he had a girlfriend... he just didn't care and decided to have a relationship with ANOTHER girl because he wanted to. And who's fault is it?

The other girl's, according to you.

I mean, part of what I find somewhat hilarious about the entire article is the idea that Jeremy makes it pretty damn clear he wasn't capable of being friends with this girl and not cheat on his girlfriend

Denise said...

Rap keeps repeating stuff that isn't true. Just like Rap keeps going on about how Jeremy doesn't speak out against Jacob publicly....but most of the people here DISAGREE with Jeremy and think he should. But Rap will just keep repeating it even though lots of people have said they don't agree with Jeremy.

Now Rap is doing it again. Jeremy took blame for this situation. Read his responses to the person posting. He said it was his fault and he made the wrong decision. Like Angela said when he finally understood why it was wrong and unfair to Audrey, he ended it and made amends with Audrey.

Jeremy was accountable for his wrong. He acknowledged it and fixed it.

What Angela and I think a lot of people are saying (My viewpoint as well) is that this girl is not a victim. She also should be responsible. Jeremy accepted his responsibility. She should too.

Rap541 said...

To be honest, I am not impressed with Jeremy's Santa Barbara friends, including the two that married out there that are photographers and Jeremy's friend Tye who was at the wedding. I admittedly don't know if they tried to persuade Jeremy to end his friendship with SB Girl or not but Jeremy doesn't suggest they were, he only talks about it being Audrey who persuaded him to end the relationship. If they were not acting as a brother in Christ to Jeremy and reminding him of the right thing to do in respecting Audrey than they were wrong. It is totally disrespectful to Audrey. She went out there to visit numerous times and for them to be bystanders while Jeremy and SB Girl were becoming "more than friends" and then pretend like they treat Audrey with love and respect is horrendous.

To be clear, Jeremy's friends are the ones at fault for this relationship? I mean, so far, pretty much everyone BUT Jeremy has been a total scumbag here.

Let me help you out.

Jeremy's friends are not responsible for Jeremy's emotional cheating. They're not.

Jeremy is a grown man who made a decision he now regrets. No one forced him to have a relationship with anyone other than Audrey. He decided that all on his own. The more you insist the main people to blame in this are everyone but the guy who admitted to emotionally cheating on his girlfriend, the more you look like an idiot who refuses to hold Jeremy accountable for anything. You're calling this girl in Santa Barbara a desperate slut. Well, Jeremy must like desperate sluts then because he picked her. Jeremy's friends in Santa Barbara should have been minding him better? We'll just ignore how that infantilized poor lil Jer-Bear (who apparently is such a widdle piddlepants boy he csn't stop himself from having two girls without all his friends stepping in to stop it) and we'll just look at how when out and about, Jeremy picks sluts and horrible scumbags to be friends with.

I'm beginning to think Audrey is his new mommy, controlling all his relationships and friendships. This little boy is *whipped*. (Tho I kinda assumed all this when it became clear Audrey controls his hairstyle)

Rap541 said...

Rap keeps repeating stuff that isn't true. Just like Rap keeps going on about how Jeremy doesn't speak out against Jacob publicly....but most of the people here DISAGREE with Jeremy and think he should.

You don't hold him accountable for the behavior you say you maybe sorta dislike. You still deem Jeremy a fine Christian despite the fact that he refuses to speak out on well, almost any Christian principle, publically. Go ahead and tell me how I need to respect him and I will continue to remind you how he's not man enough to say his brother shouldn't blackmail his beloved parents over something he supposedly knows is a lie. Even in this current tirade - everybody but Jeremy is being held responsible for Jeremy's behavior.

This girl is being called a SLUT, denise - you actually have no idea what her views are but you're here stating as a fact she hasn't taken any responsibility. Why is she the slut here? Do you think Jeremy was a slut? If you don't agree with that assessment... then why is the girl a slut while Jeremy "took responsibility". Do you agree with ANgela that the girl was a DESPERATE SLUT? Do you think Jeremy was right to discuss this publically without speaking to her and having permission?

Do you think Jeremy was a man who did a wrong thing?Can you even say " Jeremy was wrong and deserves to hear he was wrong. He owes Audrey AND this girl an apology because he knew from the get go that he was in a relationship."

If there's any actual proof (and not just "OMG JER IS SO FAMOUS SOCIAL MEDIA") that this girl knew from day one that Jeremy considered himself "off limits" - I am perfectly fine in noting that she owes Audrey an apology for pursuing an off limits guy. But that means Jeremy needed to say no to her, and make sure she knew he was off limits due to Audrey.

Gail said...

Rap541, you get more and more laughable each day.

You're trying to insult Audrey, that's despicable. Audrey is a great person. There is nothing wrong with Jeremy, the husband, having his hair in the style is wife likes the most. For you to use it as an insult against Jeremy or to try to paint Audrey negatively shows your true agenda.

There is one part of the girl in Santa Barbara story that I'm encouraged by. Audrey is such a strong person that she would not sit back and let herself be disrespected.

I hope that one day, she will take the same approach to Jacob's disrespect towards her. I hope Jeremy will once again realize that Audrey is right. I can't say enough nice things about Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Gail - I just think Audrey doesn't have much taste in men. :)

And if they can't trust each other to be friends with people of the opposite sex, then they have problems.

Rally said...

It seems like Jeremy and Audrey have major trust and jealousy issues. There's no way they're gonna beat the 50 percent with that going on.

Rap541 said...

Rally, I wouldn't go that far but frankly, it does make me question the two of them dispensing marital advise. And some people made some valid criticisms of the basic premise. Namely - if they can't trust each other to have close friends who are opposite sex without being worried then there's a problem of trust.

Further - if the actual concern is "emotional cheating" and not "sexual cheating" - then partners maintaining same sex friendships *should* be concerning them as well.

Point - not talking gay stuff here. I'm talking about men who turn to their male friends to share, to have fun, to gripe, and women who do the same with their female friends. This sort of emotional cheating can really kill relationships. "He's always with his buddies doing stuff" is pretty much what ruined the Roloff marriage, for example.

Judy said...

The haters are proven WRONG again about Jeremy and Audrey.

Will Rap, Ecossais and PJ apologize for their slandering of Audrey?????????

a question says
APRIL 8, 2016 AT 11:25 AM
jeremy, i hope you don’t mind me asking this, were you and audrey both virgins when you married ? thank you for sharing everything

jeremy Roloff says
APRIL 8, 2016 AT 6:40 PM
We were both virgins by the grace of God, yes.

Ashley said...

Judy, I am pretty sure I remember Audrey writing something on her old blog that was something about being 2 years "pure" or been 2 years since she sinned...I forget her exact words.

I wish I could find it again. Maybe someone else can?

I'm wondering if Jeremy is playing word games with that answer? When he answers "We were both virgins by the grace of God, yes" is he saying because they supposedly begged for God's forgiveness that God then considered them Virgins?

Judy, I am sure that Audrey wrote something about how it had been a certain amount of time before she had sex.

Oh I know what it was now. I think she said it was 1 year or 2 years of abstaining from sex.

I don't know how she could've written that and now Jeremy says they were virgins.

Maybe Audrey didn't tell Jeremy the truth?? The drama! First the Santa Barbara girl and now this! LOL!

Rap541 said...

Ashley I remember that post of Audrey's as well.

I also suspect "by the grace of God" means "whoopsie Jesus"

I wonder how Matt feels about his stud son claiming to be a 24 year old virgin.

Ashley said...


Audrey comments on same sex relationships and says they do not agree with them. It's in the comments on the "Being friends with opposite gender will ruin your marriage" comment sections.

Jane says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 7:40 AM
"I’m just going to assume you didn’t go to college. Life isn’t about staying on your side of the court, it’s about exploring new ideas. Challenging ideas you believe are potentially hurtful and wrong is totally ok and no one should be put down for that. I did not seek out the craziness that this article is, it was thrust upon me through the social media that you mentioned. If we didn’t have social media maybe i wouldn’t have seen this post, but i did and it makes me feel sad and scared that people might actually take their advice. And answering your question above, they should include the LGBT community because they should. End of story. If they are going to write about a traditional marriage between a man and a woman they should also consider non-traditional marriages. Why? Because there are people out there who are married to their same sex, and they deserve the same resources and support that every married couple does. If the authors don’t believe that, fine, but I’m still going to comment and say they should. And so will lots of other people. Get used to it! "

Audrey's response:

"Audrey Roloff says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 11:50 AM
We are not claiming to be a resource for same sex marriages. Maybe you could start a resource for that if it something you are passionate about. it is not something we agree with, however we invite same-sex marriages to read our content, and would home that they wouldn’t see our blog for what it is against, but rather what it is “for.” For us, we are FOR opposite-sex marriages that are striving to give more than average to their marriages. To live out the covenant of marriage every day, and to center their marriage around Christ. That being said, know that our content is not written to same-sex marriages, so to say that we don’t offer advice for that side is accurate.

And it generated some angry responses!

bigots says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 12:29 PM
not surprising audrey Given jeremy has been caught making hoMophobic and racist comments in the past (google it everyone). id like to see You look a gay person in the face and tell them you think they dont haVe the saMe basic human rights you have. you and your husband are bigots and i for one will not be watching lpbw to avoid your smug faces. and newsFlash ditch the red lipstick beCause it aint Flattering on you. if you had any gay friends they would have told you that long ago!

Debbie said...

Audrey comes through again. I love her so much.

Read it and weep Rap.

"it is not something we agree with"

Barbara said...

It is great to see Audrey stand up to these gay agenda trolls. The remarkable thing is she kept her class throughout.

Jacob and Isabel could sure learn a lot from Audrey.

Gail said...

I love it.

What is Rap541 going to do now?

Rap541 has been yelling for years that Audrey or Jeremy won't say "we don't support same sex marriage" and Audrey just said it!

Audrey is about serving Jesus Christ. Don't you forget that.

PJ said...

How did I slander Audrey? If things are as represented Audrey and SB girl are the victims. And I do agree that marrying Jeremy after that episode is leaving Audrey open to heartache in the future. I hope I'm wrong but men who cheat rarely stop forever. And the fact that there seems to be a lack of trust (no opposite sex friends) that shows deep hurt on one or both sides.

DJ said...

I'm surprised that some people comment to Jeremy and Audrey asking "what about having gay friends?" in the topic about having opposite gender friendships destroying marriages.

I think everyone should be able to figure out that Jeremy and Audrey don't have gay friends so it is really irrelevant.

Lynn C said...

Yes, what does the mighty RAP541 have to say now?

You've been ranting and raving for years and years that Audrey and Jeremy have not said "We do not support gay relationships" and Audrey said exactly that.

She did so in a non hateful way. I am very proud of Audrey. She stood up to those rude pro gay people and put them in their place.

Rap541 said...

So now she's confirmed she's a bigot :)

And Jeremy, since she said "we".

I mean, it's about time :)

Now we know they don't like gays and now they're *accountable*. When I say "Audrey is against gay marriage" - no one gets to deny she never said it :)

Debbie - I know you won't get it... but this is something I hoped the two kids would finally confirm :)

Debbie said...

" When I say "Audrey is against gay marriage" - no one gets to deny she never said it :)"

Yes! Nobody has been disagreeing with that! We've been saying that all along. Jeremy and Audrey are good Christians and of course they are against gay marriage.

Calling Christian bigots is intolerant on your part. Just because we have Faith in Jesus and understand that the Bible is Truth and the Bible condemns gays doesn't mean you get to call Christians bigots.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - Audrey and Jeremy are against gay marriage and now they are accountable! No one gets to deny it any more. No more mealy mouthing. Audrey and Jeremy don't like gays. That means when you go to Roloff Farms and pay money, you're supporting their hate, since god knows they're not making a decent wage off their website.

Seriously... as proud as you all are... guess what? Its not actually a good thing :)

Rap541 said...

Debbie - and there's no denying it! Now they can't deny they said it.

I know MANY Christians who aren't bigots, Debbie. In fact, I don't consider "hatred of gays" to be a Christian value. Whether Jeremy and Audrey claim to be Christian doesn't matter - they've just proven they're intolerant. And you're pleased! :D

Laura said...

I am so proud of Audrey for standing up to the gays and saying God's truth. Gay marriages cannot be supported. God bless Audrey.

Denise said...

What is so telling is after Audrey's loving response containing truth, they gay or gay sympathiser resorts to insulting Audrey's lipstick. Gays are truly disgusting human beings.

Rap541 said...

What is so telling is after Audrey's loving response containing truth, they gay or gay sympathiser resorts to insulting Audrey's lipstick.

Yes because "Isobel wears too much makeup" is a "made by gays" insult, here :)

Vicky said...

Rap, you're a typical liberal hating on a Christian's beliefs. Recognizing thay gay marriage is note hate.

Rap541 said...

Recognizing thay gay marriage is note hate.

Please write a coherent post :)

Also at last check I am a registered libertarian :)

PJ said...

Debbie,Laura,Denise and Vicky,
so it's okay for for your lot to be openly bigoted and hide behind an alleged religion?
Just today I saw a wonderful quote from Jimmy Carter, one of the most godrely men to ever live. To paraphrase , he says that he follows Jesus' teachings and Jesus never said anything about gay people and therefore we were to treat them with kindness and respect just like we should treat everyone.
In other words your attitudes are not Christian or godly, just an excuse to hide your own evil souls.

Natalie said...

Rap, you're intolerant against Christians. Why is Audrey not allowed to believe that gay marriage or gay relationships are wrong?

Please explain.

Lauren said...

I am so glad Audrey finally said what we all knew. That she and Jeremy are against the gay lifestyle because it does not glorify Jesus. Leave it to Auj to be the Roloff to say it with grace and dignity and truth.

She posted a snapchat last night and they were listening to John Mark Comer in the car. We know how he stands on gay marriage. Without doubt, gay marriage is wrong and gay people have something wrong with them and need to get help.

Barbara Green said...

Why should Christians be forced to accept gays as being morally acceptable and abandon our religious beliefs? This is an example of how our religious freedoms are under attack and why this nation needs Ted Cruz as president.

Rap541 said...

Natalie - Audrey is absolutely allowed to believe gay marriage is wrong. And now that she's said it, those who disagree with her are absolutely allowed to say she's wrong.

She's intolerant of my views. Why does anyone have to be tolerant of hers? If Audrey wants to walk around saying she's against marriage, she is utterly free to hold that opinion but that opinion has consequences - namely that more than 50 percent of the US disagrees with her views and that number grows every day.

Audrey and Jeremy are intolerant Christians. You don't get to deny it any more with "well, they just don't mention it" - now they're publically on record. Supporting Jeremy and Audrey is supporting intolerant bigots and there's no hemming and hawing on how they never said anything intolerant because they have.

You guys have this weird mindset that if you say your ugly behavior is religiously orientated that people have to be silent and or agree with your views in order to be tolerant.

Tolerance isn't endorsement. Audrey and Jeremy are absolutely being tolerated in their views. I'm certainly not telling them to be silent (I am delighted, and I wish they would expand on their intolerant views now that they are public) I absolutely think they're wrong and hope they change but if they want to be religious bigots, they are free to do so. And I am free to point out that their behavior is bigoted. Not tolerating them would be me saying they should be silenced - I frankly have always wished and continue to wish (and I somehow doubt this will happen) that Audrey and Jeremy would expand on their beliefs on tv so *everyone* can see who they really are.

Janet said...

Absolutely Barbara. How dense can Rap be? Calling Audrey and Jeremy bigots because the believe gay lifestyles are wrong because they believe in the Bible is being intolerant of their right to believe.

Kathy said...

So Rap just to be clear, according to you, every person in the world who respectively says marriage should be between a man and a woman are bigots?

Janet said...

That's right Kathy. Apparently if you don't agree with Rap's opinion on an issue that makes you a bigot. Sounds intolerant to me.

Rap541 said...

And apparently if I don't believe as you do, you're intolerant of me, correct? :)

Kathy - If you respect the fact that while you don't agree with gay marriage, people are still free to do so without penalty or censure, then you're fine. But when you're saying "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman per my religion, and I want my way because of that" then yes you're a bigot. You have every right to believe what you like - I would never say you must be gay married, for example. But you don't have the right to tell others that your beliefs in God are more important than theirs.

It wasn't so long ago that the Christian religion was used to justify all sorts of bigotry, slavery and racism included. If you don't like hearing your views mark you as a bigot in my eyes, too bad. Your actions have consequences. Since we live in a world of free speech, you are perfectly free to espouse your views... and others are free to disagree with you. By saying you're ignorant and wrong, I am not making you change your ways... which by the way is tolerance :)

J45 said...

Definition of a bigot:
a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

Rap is not intolerant of Jer and Auj's views (she's actually happy that Auj announced their views publically).

I think Auj wrote that post to sound tolerant, but not accepting (there's a difference). I think her post was too carefully-crafted to say that she is tolerant -- I personally read it as an intolerant person attempting to sound tolerant.

Ecossais said...

I wouldn't call the bible thumpers on here bigots but neither would I call them Christians. Intolerance of others is most certainly not Christian.

Calling Rap dense is the joke of the year. Compare Rap's grammar and use of an extensive vocabulary to most of the "Christian" postings on here.

What do you so-called Christians think of the Pope's latest comments on homosexuality and divorce? Surely you can not say that he is not a Christian?

Ecossais said...

Judy I am flattered to be named in your post.

No, I will not apologize for "slandering Audrey" because I did not slander her.
It was well established some time ago on Spirits that she was not a virgin when she got married.
Also saying she is a fame and money (especially money) oriented egotist is not slander.

Graham said...

That's absolutely correct. A bigot is someone who's beliefs and views are harmful to other people. It means you are stuck in the past, you're on the wrong side of the future... You're stuck with old fashioned ideals.

It is 2016 and over half the population of people on this planet are homosexual. It is common and it is natural. Homosexuality is found in the animal kingdom.

What happened to God makes no mistakes? Why can't you accept that there are people out there who just want to love the same-sex? It is not rocket science and frankly, it doesn't concern you. You have no need to even give your two cents about it because guaranteed most gays will stay out of your twisted Christian beliefs and let you live your life peacefully.

Glad Audrey is showing her true colors and people can finally start hating her for the judgmental bigoted person she really is.

Dana said...

It is absolutely Audrey's own fault if people start hating her and people will.

She has no right, and neither does Jer but Jer has seemingly proven to be much more cowardly about this whole thing because he hasn't commented on it, it was finally Audrey. But she has no right to say what she does or doesn't agree with because it is not her life.

That's what I cannot stand about them two. They think their views and lifestyles are the only ones who matter and they are the most important. It's absolutely ridiculous. They will be surely disappointed to find out so many people disagree with them but now that it is out there, it's out there.

Anyone remember when National Enquirer came out about Jeremy saying racial and gay slurs? He's always been a closet bigot, now his classy girlfriend has outed the both of them for both of them! How Christian and loving of her.

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