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Radar Online Reaches Out to Audrey & Jeremy Roloff For Comment Regarding Praise Of Anti Gay Activists

The well known and popular Celebrity News Site, Radar Online, has picked up on the story of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's recent connection and praise of Christian Pastors who are known for their outspoken activism against gay rights (gay marriage, gay parents adopting, gays in the military, gays as boy scout leaders).

Radar Online says in their story that they have reached out to Audrey Roloff, but so far, she has declined to comment further.

The Roloffs Christian nature and opposition to gay rights have long been talked about and speculated. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff often quote John Mark Comer, a Christian Pastor, who has made controversial statements advising that gay people are broken inside, however, they can be cured by praying to Jesus.

However, although the Roloffs have always been connected to anti-gay people and organizations, they in the past have always avoided actually stating their beliefs publicly.

It is well known that Molly Roloff, on her Facebook page to her friends, once praised Kirk Cameron for his controversial comments on CNN years ago when he called gay people destructive towards civilization. Yet Molly, like the rest of the Roloffs, avoid saying anything publicly.

Some have accused the Roloffs of being cowardly in that they won't proudly state their beliefs because they are afraid that if their beliefs are known it might cost them some viewers, and in turn, money.
Some of have said they should be more like Kirk Cameron, and proudly stand behind their beliefs no matter the consequences.

The original goal of the television series Little People, Big World, was to advocate for diversity and acceptance of differences.

As Radar Online notes, on their website, Audrey and Jeremy recently, in response to criticisms, finally stated that they do not agree with same sex relationships.

Read the entire Radar Online Article here:

From the article:

"Audrey has not responded to Radar’s request for comment."

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New Little People, Big World Episode May 24th, 2016 on TLC

These are the reviews for the new episode featuring the Roloff family which aired on TLC on Tuesday May 24, 2016


Review Written By Rap541

In case you care about the bonus scenes – apparently they really did do the seed spitting event. And Molly skyped with mom. I was too in thrall over Audrey’s slutty shorts (seriously, I think all the Duggar boys would be eyes down while the Duggar sisters screeched “NIKE!”  and pointed at Audrey’s on display thigh gap) to really care.

It’s Thanksgiving… or is it? I have a really huge sense that this episode is very staged. Also in advance, I am sure its difficult to deal with a divorce but considering how everyone is an adult, the dramatics are sad.

Two weeks before thanksgiving! Tory and Zach are decorating for the holiday. They put up autumn stuff. Zach wants dinner at both places and Tory is like “I want to see my family too” and Zach is like “ok,  sure althought MY MOM IS DIVORCING!” Tory suggests that Amy come to the Patton dinner.

In hipster bend, the hispters marrieds eat baked stuff and Audrey wants to do thanksgiving with her family. Jeremy suggests they invite BOTH Matt and Amy to Audrey’s parents… Audrey looks faintly horrified but is all “ok”.

I bet everyone ends up at the big house on the farm.

Zach drops the bomb about the holiday on Amy. Amy is all horrified since no family is coming is coming. Molly is skipping the holiday, and there’s no mention of Jacob. Again, even without the clips in the commercials, its obvious where this is going.

Zach heads to Matt’s place which is surprisingly not as neat as a pin. Matt is horrified that Zach isn’t coming to Thanksgiving on the farm. Matt seems to equate this with the divorce which is odd since this is really about the marriage. Matt is all “DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME BUT I AM HURT”. This also feels very staged.

Matt and the new dog sit in the office. Matt is of course bummed that he’s being left alone for the holiday because when he initiates a divorce and his kids marry, he’s the one who needs to have his needs tended. He arranges a dog date with Amy.  The dogs are cute. Matt is all “are you ok with this travesty of a holiday?” Amy attempts to be cool but is sad. Matt is appalled that the kids now have other families and Matt isn’t the center of the universe. Amy seems to cope better. Matt whines and then haybales to the audience how *Amy* is in denial over all the pain. Meanwhile he’s the one devastated by the lack of attention.

Amy hangs with Lisa in a homeless shelter and tries to make the best of it. Apparently none of the kids are coming home for the holiday. Lisa has asked Amy over. Amy is all “this is by myself”. Amy then butchers the names of cheeses.

Then homeless people get a nice meal. This is nice. There’s some cute stuff with Amy and little kids who are all amazed at her size. Amy empathizes with a homeless woman who is divorced.

It’s the day  before Thanksgiving and the two married couples are confabing over what mom and dad are doing. Audrey leads the charge with “Does anyone know where Matt and Amy are going??” which is kinda asshole if its actually real because if people invite you to a holiday, you’re supposed to rsvp. Basically – and we’re supposed to think the show has no influence on this – they all decide to have Thanksgiving on the farm…. Because Mom and Dad clearly have made no plans. They call Matt and Matt is all “THAT’S GREAT” and this feels totally fake. Amy is pleased and not appalled at all that she now has to make a large dinner on short notice because this isn’t fake at all.

Matt drives his dog over to the farm and complains about his ability to climb steps to Amy. 

Matt is pleased about dinner but wants to know the time of dinner. He mocks her over timing. Oh I sense an argument. The inlaws are coming. Oh yeah this feels staged. Matt hauls up the divorce. They both want it done.  This is all very bitter.

One day before thanksgiving.  Matt is ordering the kids around because now the inlaws are coming so the event is going to be a huge extravaganza of games. They’re setting up some game. In one of the barns.

The marrieds show up at the house and Jer and Auj are gonna cook from youtube videos. Because this isn’t staged at all! Jeremy notes how he was never expected to learn to cook. Auj thinks they put the head in the turkey. Its funny but sad. Auj mistakes the neck for the turkey weiner and then the head. They then stuff vegetables into the turkey. There’s no foil so we have a staged scene at 11:30am to get foil. Matt is a cheerful dick about it. I find it interesting that Amy is “thankful for all of you” over two of four kids showing up. But wait! There’s a surprise for Amy at the door! Because this isn’t staged!
It’s…. Molly!

Molly didn’t want to come down but the show needed an event so… Molly is immediately put to work. Tory and her parents show up at 5:40. Matt harps on how the new boyfriend didn’t come. He greets the Pattons and the Bottis.

Then 6:30. Matt is sitting at the table by himself because dinner was at 6:30 and now he’s waiting on his dinner as dinner at 6:30! Amy tells him to shove it up his ass and is pissed. Matt smugs to the camera how Amy is ALWAYS LATE and he needs to be a giant ASS in order to show the guests how AMY is late.

So here’s the thing. If Matt keeps playing games like this, when the show dries up, he’s going to be looking around wondering where the kids are. Because it’s going to be easier to go over to the Pattons and the Bottis rather than try to have a nice dinner with the direct family since Matt can’t let a holiday dinner go without making sure to be an ass to his ex.

Matt continues to sit at the table. Amy regrets the shove it up her ass remark. Matt then realizes he was a total dick and apologizes but doesn’t since he couldn’t help himself. And now we have pumpkin bowling. Molly is all “yeah, dad always does something like this” 
Basically they’re whipping pumpkins at glass bottles and breaking the bottles. Everyone plays because its kinda required since the cameras are there and Matt makes sure to wrap it all up with how he’s thankful despite Amy being a bitch.

This was super staged and I totally get why Amy agreed to the divorce.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of A New Kind of Thanksgiving

There will be an assignment at the end of the review.     

We’re in Portland. Zach and tori are decorating and discussing plans for the holiday. They discuss a balance of attention to the separate families. Tori says it would mean a lot to her if they went to the Pattons. This is not in the plans of the Executive Producers of the show, however.

 We’re in Bend. Another one of Special jer and Auj’s $30.00 coffee outings. Must be nice to afford this. Very nice camera work to frame the product placement. Well done. The same blather as Portland. The Roloff parents, yadda ydda yadda let the chips fall where they may. These were not pre-planned, were they?

We’re in Hillsboro. Zach walks right in, past the ‘Simplified’ chalkboard with a list of prepared dishes necessary for ‘something’. This is supposed to be two weeks before Thanksgiving. I’ll come back to this later. Zach breaks the news to Amy. Amy goes through the usual “oh me, oh my” stuff, then says, “Well it’s a part of letting go”. Ok Amy. SO. LET. GO. Sigh. Zach crosses the yard and breaks the news to Matt. Why is the trebuchet in the middle of the yard? Matt haybales about his self-centered possessiveness. I never thought you would have to share your kid. Now, you have to share your kids with the in-laws. They are not possessions, Matt! They are over the age of 21. And not living there anymore. And they’re glad. “I can go knock on people’s doors.” Diarrhea on the pity pot again, Matt. Don’t forget to wipe, because Amy’s not there anymore to tend to your every whim and give you the attention you so desperately crave.

Matt phones Amy for a dog play date. He obviously uses this as an excuse, but he did not phone a few days(?) later. D’uh. Anyway, he notes that Amy may not show her emotions as readily as he does. Really. Are you kidding me? You are the biggest pouting baby we’ve ever seen on TV when you don’t get your way. Give us a break. Matt in his selfish self centered possessiveness reiterates, “I just always thought the kids would come here”. Matt needs help.

Three days(?) before. Amy is helping a chef friend make a holiday dinner for those not as fortunate. Very nice of her. However, didn’t she write a cook book? Yes? She honestly has no clue how to pronounce Parmesan cheese? Are you kidding me? While we’re here, what’s Lisa doing in the kitchen? She scooped spuds that Amy peeled and sliced and other than that she did not do anything else that we could see. Unless she was there ‘for’ Amy, to provide conversation because the chef is actually busy. The moments with the kids are what this show was originally about. You can accept a person even when they’re little and still grown up. But not gay.

Two days (nights) (?) before Thanksgiving. We’re at the Rock Creek Tavern. Kudos to Rock Creek for getting so much mileage of the show fro product placements.  Auj leads the scripted portion by “Maybe we should re-visit this” helping things move smoothly. Zach phones Matt. You’d think that after all these years both parents would be better at acting. Because they’re not expected to stand at the sidelines just watching to learn. Special Jer phones Amy. What? “Are you kidding me?”

Let’s take a moment here and look at the ridiculous charade with a smidge of objectivity. TWO DAYS in the evening of two days before, the kids decide to change plans. Has anyone spared a seconds thought for Kim Patton and Cendi Botti???? It’s the evening of two days before. You can bet your bottom dollar that the in-law mothers have their own turkeys in the fridge if fresh, and in thaw mode if frozen, they been to the shops and have ALL the vegetables, ALL the cranberries and dried bread for stuffing, therefore ALL the preparations ready to go. What about them? What are they supposed to do with the bounty they have ready? Can any doubter not see the stupidity of the garbage? Oy.

Matt takes Lucy over for another play date. What? No phone call? And why is Amy sitting outside? Again? Doesn’t want Matt in the house? Doesn’t want the cameras to see the inside of the house? Only the Shadow knows. Matts pokes Amy about timing. Rightfully so I’ll grant, but hey Big MR, you don’t have you don’t have to be a perfect dink about it later. But, you can’t resist can you?

The day before. Matt thinks the people are going to just love his bowling game. Will the BS ever end?

The day of. The kids bring in the groceries right past the “Simplified” chalkboard that has exactly the same writing on it, a list of things for the big dinner, that was on there “2 weeks before” when Zach was there. Auj asks, “Is that the wiener?” She certainly has a fixation. And when I was growing up I was taught sex was for procreation only. And they are not planning on having children anytime soon. Amy mentions that she has pre-warmed the oven, Special Jer sure takes his sweet time putting the turkey in the oven without burning his fingers off. Horrible staging. Enabler Amy giggles that the kids didn’t’ learn how to cook by watching her at big holidays and Sundays and the like. WHAT? Are you kidding me? You wouldn’t let them near the kitchen! You actually expected them to stand just outside the kitchen or as close as you would allow them and just watch you cook? You would make them sandwiches and whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. Also, what is Felix the dog doing in the kitchen in Amy’s arms during the big cook-up? Eeewwww. That is by far the strangest stuffing I have ever seen in my life. Ever. Totally bizarre.           

Zach walks to Matt’s house to get foil, while the turkey is already ‘in’ the oven. Matt please clean up your wine bottles on the counter before filming they were all still there when Zach came over two weeks(?) ago. Or maybe those are new bottles. They had lots of bottles for bowling. 

Meanwhile, the turkey……. Special Jer is all “About time!” when Zach arrives back at the house. Yeah, right Jer. The doorbell rings. It’s Molly. Whadda ya know about dat? It’s funny, when Matt and Molly talk, all the while the magnificently cooked turkey is sitting on the oven rack, with the door open. All the while. For awhile. When Mother cooked a big dinner the kitchen was pretty toasty. All the burners on the cooker were going, and the place would get roasted out if she left the oven door open that long. Horrible staging.

Amy and Matt have their little set-to, because Amy’s a bitch and Matt just has to have the camera on him, and can’t resist being a jerk. Did anyone notice there was NO GRACE/BLESSING/PRAYER offered before the big meal? And, uh, Special Jer? I’m positive Amy has a utensil called a carving fork, with two long prongs you can use instead of using your fingers on the turkey? Eeeeewwww. And what happened to the turkey after Jer carved it?

The rest is not worth mentioning.

OK, your assignment children, is to watch the re-run with 30 seconds of B Roll added, and tell us on the blog how many times the word DIVORCE was used. Because after all folks, this is not about family, not about the holiday, it is all about Matt and Amy.

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Guest Column: Opinion By Anne Bailey: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Attacked When They say "It is not something we agree with" – Regarding Gay Marriage

The following article was submitted by Anne Bailey and the following contains the opinions of the author, Anne Bailey, a reader who submitted this article and requested to have it published on the Spiritswander Blog.

Opinion by Anne Bailey

My friends, God called on me to write this article.

Even before my self-imposed exile from this Blog (Thank you for all of you who emailed their support and wishes for my return - you can email me at an issue that often is mentioned on this blog has bothered me.

However, recent events have escalated this issue's importance and earlier today I followed Audrey Roloff's brilliant speech at the Cultivate Conference at Sandals Church in California hosted by the wonderful and talented Lisa Bevere. Then I read some comments. Comments which bothered me. I actually had made the choice to go to bed for the night, but as I lay there thinking about the issue, God called on me to get up and write an article to say what needs to be said.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are true followers of Jesus Christ who let Jesus use them to inspire others to Build God's Kingdom. I am sure all of you know to follow the Beating50Percent Website and Audrey Roloff's twitter and Instagram and Jeremy's twitter and Instagram.

Their Beating50percent is wonderful in their goal to inspire and to be a resource of married couples who have covenant marriages.

Their website is filled with resources and personal wisdom, at times making themselves vulnerable for the greater good of inspiring others to have a stronger desire for a better marriage to serve God.

It is filled with positivity and love.

Yet one thing keeps on coming up, no matter how outnumbered they might be, there's always one or two or three or four comments every few articles.

Homosexuals and members of the gay agenda who decide to hate on Christians, in this case Audrey and Jeremy and their followers.

They actually have accused Jeremy and Audrey of being hateful and bigoted all because they have a website aimed at covenant marriages.

Can you even comprehend that? They were not even speaking ill of the gay marriage and the gay agendas and they were still attacked and insulted for not catering to the gays. They were criticized by these people for not providing dating ideas for two men.

Two devoted Christians cannot even have their own site devoted to Christian marriage that gives glory to Jesus Christ without being called hateful and bigots because they are not talking about gay marriage or gay dating ideas.

It prompted Audrey to courageously write the following response to those who were attacking her and Jeremy on their own blog about covenant marriages for writing about marriages who aim to center around Christ.

Audrey Roloff says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 11:50 AM

We are not claiming to be a resource for same sex marriages. Maybe you could start a resource for that if it something you are passionate about. it is not something we agree with, however we invite same-sex marriages to read our content, and would home that they wouldn’t see our blog for what it is against, but rather what it is “for.” For us, we are FOR opposite-sex marriages that are striving to give more than average to their marriages. To live out the covenant of marriage every day, and to center their marriage around Christ. That being said, know that our content is not written to same-sex marriages, so to say that we don’t offer advice for that side is accurate.

Audrey is then attacked for that eloquent response by being called names.

bigots says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 12:29 PM

not surprising audrey Given jeremy has been caught making homophobic and racist comments in the past (google it everyone). id like to see You look a gay person in the face and tell them you think they dont have the same basic human rights you have. you and your husband are bigots and i for one will not be watching lpbw to avoid your smug faces. and newsflash ditch the red lipstick because it aint Flattering on you. if you had any gay friends they would have told you that long ago!

A frequent commenter to this blog then joins in with the ignorant name calling of Audrey:

Rap541 Said...

So now she's confirmed she's a bigot :) And Jeremy, since she said "we".


They think they have a right to call Audrey names and label her a bigot simply because she is a Christian who believes the word of Christ and believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

Then the attacks continue on Audrey's blog.

Never thought about the fact that both he & Audrey won't come out and directly state their anti gay/hateful views BC they need to make that $$$$. I mean, after all they don't have "real jobs" other than writing poorly worded blogs that borderline don't make any sense about beating 50 percent. Incredibly sad how close minded you are. Thank you hampton7 for pointing out that they are just as concerned about money as the producers of the show. Jesus would love all people despite their sexual orientation. I find it cowardly you won't state your views on this subject directly, esp bc a lot of the people who watch the show are gay/bi/trans/whatever makes them happy. No longer a fan BC of your close mindedness. #lovewins 

@katetallica wow. I hope you don't believe that or mean it. Our intent is never to hurt or attack, yet you choose to hurt and attack us? We are just standing for what we believe and sharing our perspective. You can do the same, but do you have to be so rash?

Read what Audrey said friends. They are standing for what they believe as Christian yet they are being called names and attacked for being "close minded".

The latest example of that was Audrey and other wonderful ladies who are inspiring other Christian woman to be what God calls them to be who spoke at the Cultivate Conference with Lisa Bevere.



What an honor to speak alongside this woman at Cultivate Conference. She has such wisdom, passion, ruthlessness, and firey determination to see women become the women God calls them to be. To be women full of fearlessness and wonder, not fearful and wandering. "I believe that the attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past....God is not looking for people who act like Christians. He wants us to be Christians! The word Christian means “anointed or Christlike one.” Jesus did not go around “being good”; he went around “doing good” and releasing all who were oppressed. What has he anointed you to do?" - @lisabevere 
#cultivatekindness #lionessarising#sandalschurch #cultivatewomen#fightlikeagirl #girlswithswords

Yet instead of celebrating people inspiring others to be what Christ calls them to be, I read comments like this, attempting to slander Lisa and Audrey by her association all because they support Biblical marriage that is between one man and one woman.

It is even said in a manner which insinuates something is bad about it!

 Dustin said...
Do Some research people.
Audrey Roloff is speaking at a Christian women's conference.
Who is organizing the conference? Lisa Bevere.
Who is Lisa Bevere's husband? John Bevere.
Guess what organization John Bevere is apart of? Family Research Council
Sound familiar? They made headlines:
A) For being declared a hate group against gay people.
B) For naming Josh Duggar as their executive director in 2013.
It's interesting how all of these TLC Christian personalities are connected.

We as Christians have to stand up to these attacks and stand up for other Christians who are being attacked for promoting Christian values.

Society is and will continue to become a very scary place for people of faith where Christian's religious liberties are being prosecuted and it should even concern people who do not consider themselves to be Christian.

And yes, I will use the controversial Jacob Roloff, Jeremy's 18 year old younger brother, as the example. Many of you who have followed his actions on social media, are aware that in the past he publicly bashed Christianity and the beliefs of Christians. We will not soon forget his mocking attacks on his own sister-inlaw when Audrey thanked God for providing her with a beautiful and sunny wedding day (when the "experts" were predicting rain all day). 

When Jacob was asked about Audrey's thankfulness towards God for the gorgeous weather he responded by calling people who do so "dumb" and "Yea! Nothing to do with nature! Haha f*ck meteorology".

After Christians such as myself spoke out against Jacob's nasty and uncalled for attacks against Audrey and Christians who are not ashamed to thank God for the blessings in their lives even when they are ridiculed for it, Jacob dialed back on the attacks against Christians.
Jacob went on to call "Atheists" stupid and his girlfriend, Isabel, has been seen tweeting and retweeting Bible verses.

Where Jacob stands today is unknown (one can pray and hope that Jacob has, at least privately, issued Audrey a heartfelt apology that she so richly deserves), but it can't be debated that given the overall content on his twitter, that Jacob has fallen victim to the pressure of the modern culture who is constantly pushing people to hold liberal views or else be declared a bigot.

Therefore, I think it is a fair statement to describe Jacob Roloff's social media presence as trying to portray himself as "progressive" to impress the liberals he often retweets.

Regarding gay marriage, in the past he has fallen into that trap of trying to appeal to the liberal agenda and tweeted sentiments such as 'Why is gay marriage still an issue'?

Yet, people such as Jacob Roloff, who think they are cool and hip for presenting themselves as "cool with gay marriage" need to think of the consequences for society accepting these immoral behaviors.

During his last year in public high school, Jacob Roloff was subjected to unwanted comments from a homosexual student who publicly said he found Jacob to be "attractive". When Jacob responded in a perfectly reasonable manner; to declare that he did not want any gay boy that finds him attractive coming near him and he has no interest in being friends with homosexual males, Jacob was then subjected to calls of "homophobic" and "bigot".

The point of the story is people like Jacob Roloff who cave to the pressure of liberal culture and want to be seen as "progressive" must realize the consequences of not standing up against issues such as gay marriage and issues which would allow gay behavior to be acceptable in modern day life. It is a slippery slope.   

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have a wonderful Blog focused on helping people have strong and healthy covenant marriages that are focused around Jesus Christ. A Christian couple doing good work in the name of God. Yet they are consistently subjected to comments calling them bigots because they don't talk about homosexual relationships as they do when they provide resources for Christ-centered marriages.

It further is disturbing when there are people lurking out there waiting in the weeds to paint it is some sort of scandal when they find out that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff support, are friends with, speak with, other Christian personalities and Pastors who have also been subjected to hateful name calling for standing for the word of God in the Bible and for refusing to accept homosexual activists insisting that all declare that gay marriage or gays in the military or in the boy scouts or adopting children, as O.K and acceptable. When Christians like John and Lisa Bevere and other members of the Family Research Council stand for Christian beliefs they are insulted and declared bigots and hateful!

We, as a society, must unite and stand up against these "Ah-ha, Gotcha!" mentalities which imply there is something wrong or shocking when public Christian personalities do not support the gay agenda and stand with the Scripture and will not condone or accept gay marriage.

We have to end this mentality of it being seen as shocking or bad when Christians do not support the homosexual agenda. The attacks and name calling must stop.

Audrey Roloff delivers a wonderful speech for Christian women of faith. It should be celebrated for the positivity that it inspires. Yet some people attack and jump in with 

>Lisa Bevere hosted the conference
> Audrey supports Lisa 
> John and Lisa Bevere support the Family Research Council
> the Family Research Council stands against the homosexual agenda
> therefore let's call Jeremy and Audrey Roloff hateful bigots!

I hope everyone recognizes the problem with this kind of mentality. We must stand up when Christians are attacked in this unfair manner and support them. It is an attack on our religious liberty as Christians.

Since Dustin brought it up, let's talk about John and Lisa Bevere. As Audrey said, they are wonderful people doing great work in the name of the Lord.

Here is something everyone should read from John Bevere. I will use excerpts from John Bevere's article, I encourage you to read the entire article yourself:

By John Bevere

The Bible's teaching on human sexuality is clear: The only kind of sexual intimacy Scripture countenances exists between one man and one woman, within marriage. This teaching is restrictive, limiting, narrow. It also possesses the singular advantage of being accurate, in the sense of being a faithful representation of what the Bible says.
One need not agree with the Bible to acknowledge its clear teaching. Regarding efforts to diminish the Bible's teachings about homosexuality, specifically, former Benedictine monk Luke Timothy Johnson, now of Emory University, writes, "I have little patience with efforts to make Scripture say something other than what it says, through appeals to linguistic or cultural subtleties. The exegetical situation is straightforward: we know what the text says."
Our acceptance of these tenets is not merely intellectual. I affirm that the street outside my office is paved with black asphalt: This is the recognition of an obvious external reality, but one that does not animate my convictions about the purpose of life or the means by which I should live it. Unlike mere intellectual assent, since we believe our moral standards are issued by a God with Whom we have a relationship, and to Whom we owe our core allegiance, we cannot keep them neatly confined to the space within our crania. In other words, we are obligated by our Creator not just to acknowledge the correctness of what He has said but to live accordingly.

That means we reject homosexual behavior as morally acceptable. It means we also reject the numerous heterosexual sins as well, including sexual infidelity to a spouse and intercourse before marriage. We also affirm that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman, for life—and that this definition is unchanging.
I know of no conservatives who wish to disrupt homosexual homes. We don't want to be invasive any more than we want to be coerced ourselves. But we reject the redefinition of marriage on theological grounds, as well as on a surfeit of sociological data showing that children benefit most by being raised by a mother and a father.
This is not bigotry. It is not hatred. It is not homophobia. It is, to quote one of my pastors, theophobia. We fear God, and thus we submit to what we believe is His revealed will. No one is requiring any homosexual to do anything. Catholics, Protestants and Jews who believe biblical morality is absolute and final are being asked to treat homosexuality as morally neutral behavior. Yet we do not believe it is, and thus cannot countenance its widespread social or legal acceptance any more than we accept heterosexual cohabitation.

We simply believe that sexual intimacy is reserved by God for heterosexual, monogamous marriage. That's inconvenient and difficult for many of us, heterosexual and homosexual. It's also what we believe the Word of God says. Therefore, for us it is determinative of not just belief but also practice.

 Homosexual activists seek to shut down those who believe their behavior is immoral. Raise a moral concern about homosexuality and immediately accusations of bigotry and hatred are showered upon you. The outraged viciousness of the response is commensurate with the intensity of one's allegiance to full cultural and legal affirmation of homosexuality. Since traditional believers won't change on this point, efforts are made to bully us into silence or reserve our beliefs for our homes and the four walls of our houses of worship. We are called names, are threatened in late-night phone calls, or, in the case of my colleagues and I at the Family Research Council, we become the intended targets of a would-be assassin's bullets, as last summer's shooting at our building demonstrates.

Persons of biblical faith—who believe the Bible says what it means and look to it as the source of truth, not just comfort—have no alternative but to stand with Scripture. For this, we are accused of a lack of love. Nonsense: There can be nothing more unloving, or more cowardly, than ignoring a train as it is about to strike someone on its tracks. If we warn against the consequences of sexual sin, whether heterosexual or homosexual, we do so not with self-righteous condemnation but sincere concern for those wrestling with such sins.
The homosexual left insists that everyone endorse same-sex relationships as morally and legally valid. We will not. They want to redefine marriage. We refuse. They want homosexuality to be affirmed universally as morally good or at least morally neutral. We cannot. They want full and affirming integration into every social institution, whether it be the military or the Boy scouts or, for that matter, churches of all kinds. We cannot support it.
This is not hate. It's moral conviction. It will not change.
Here we stand. We can do no other. God help us. Amen.
By John Bevere

That was brilliantly worded by John Bevere.

And it particularly pertains perfectly to the unfair attacks that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have been subjected to merely because they are followers of Christ who cannot support same sex relationships.

This is an example of religious freedom being under attack. Jeremy and Audrey cannot even maintain a resource for Christian marriage without being assaulted with terms like "homophobic", "hateful", "bigot" and "close minded".

I hope everyone recognizes the problem with this kind of mentality. We must stand up when Christians are attacked in this unfair manner and support them. It is an attack on our religious liberty as Christians.

Please comment your support, send me your emails to and subscribe to Jeremy and Audrey's Beating50Percent website and follow and tweet them your support at their twitter accounts.

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Little People, Big World: New Episode Reviews: May 17, 2016

Here is a review of the New Episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloffs, which aired Tuesday May 17, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap 541

You know, Auj and Jer are such hipsters, and Matt loves projects so, why aren’t these two new marrieds having Daddy Matt build them a *tiny house*? Tiny houses are all the rage, so cute and hip and sure to get some notice from other networks… I bet now that I have mentioned it, Matt will have the kids living with their own composting toilets. Also don’t be fooled, the sneak peaks are from the upcoming episode.

Also RadarOnline is reporting the divorce is final. Who will date first???

So this is about pumpkin season. Credits have changed again. Amy chases her dog, Felix. Amy is all “I’m sad but empowered and I have a rescue dog!” She thinks her current relationship with Matt is “all business”. 

Matt is on the Atv with his lil dog. He is loaded into the track hoe for stuff. 

Now we’re in Bend. Jeremy and Auj are heading to the farm since pumpkin season is three weeks away and they don’t have jobs. It’s raining as they drive and as Jeremy intones wisely on how he and Auj’s plans are absolutely that they will take over the farm.

Tory is heading to school and Zach is making stuff and heading over to the farm. Tory btw does seem to work. Zach heads to the farm, where Jeremy and Auj aren’t there yet. Amy is all its stressful. Matt notes how he’s completely challenged. Auj’s outfit is hilarious.

Matt wants safe, clean, affordable fun.  He also wants to blow away every record. However since all records are kept by Matt…. Zach wants to do goldpanning. Jeremy admits he’s never actually done a tour, that all he did is drive tractors. Amy wants to do kiddie stuff. She wants to do a seed spitting contest. Auj notes there is huge tension.

They were open 18 or 15 years ago, no one seems to know. Jeremy notes how he was on the farm while Auj was not.

Btw commercial breaks are lengthy.

Jer loves being on the farm and wants to chat up Zach and Tory. There’s reminiscing about Bend. There’s talk of kids. No one but Zach is anxious for kids. The twins are both “wow this is a lot of work!” which is interesting. Now a monologue of Jeremy noting how he WANTS the farm and the divorce might screw that up.

Jeremy wants to do a project. Matt adores it! Matt basically says if Jeremy wants it, then yay. 

Amy meanwhile wants to do crafts. Tory wants it to be random and open. Zach is doing “gold panning” in a trench.

FIVE DAYS TILL PUMPKIN SEASON! Amy is all “we might sell it all off”. Matt and Amy meet over the salsa offerings. In theory its doing really well but Matt worries about the investment. Matt wants to order a lot of salsa.

So they are doing a project called the “rail roller” and Jeremy is cutting and Matt implies its not working but it does. Oh look Zach and Tory praying before eating. Zach isn’t fond of crowds but is willing to try.

Two days until opening. Jeremy has made the Rail Roller. I don’t get how it is fun, to be honest, but then I also think the gold panning thing is kinda dumb…

One day until opening! There’s teepees, and Amy is all “our 26 year old sons are finally getting how much work this is”. Matt notes how painting shit isn’t happening because Amy is dumb.  Amy notes that she owns some part of the farm.

So basically there’s an arts and crafts tent. There's pumpkin decorating and Auj notes how someday SHE WILL HAVE A LARGER ROLE! BEWARE! KHALEESI IS COMING TO WESTEROS! Oh course Jer’s tube thing is deemed a total success with no actual critical comment but Jer and Auj.

And of course the gold panning thing is depicted as getting too crazy.

After commercial, Caryn gives quick advice and Zach is all confident now.

Now we have Jer and Auj actually giving a tour instead of driving a tractor. They’re pretty much clueless. Jer is also holding a coffee, and Auj reiterates how they plan to take over the farm eventually. 

Caryn runs in to Matt’s office to note the salsa isn’t moving. Amy is called by Matt to deal with the “salsa problem”.  Matt vaguely tells Amy to sell more salsa.

There’s a commercial for thanksgiving where Amy tells someone to shove it up something.

Btw for the record, I find it *hilarious* that the first time Big Boy Jer the Awesome ever did an actual pumpkin tour as the host is when he’s 25 and married. Guess I was right when I noted how Jeremy was allowed to hide from the crowds by driving the tractor and not interacting. Anyone who wants to gripe.. please do note he’s admitting he’s 25 and doing his first tour NOT EVEN BY HIMSELF.

Amy tries to sell the pumpkin salsa by dressing up as a bee. Matt and Amy have a moment over the salsa. Now they’re pitching all the visitors out. Matt is pleased his two 25 year old sons actually worked for once. Now Jer and Auj leave and Matt and Amy don’t mention Zach and Tory leaving.

Next up the horror of thanksgiving.



Review of “Seeds of Change”

Before we start on the ‘new’ episode, a few notes on ‘Episode 12’. This is becoming a popular tactic used by TLC, The History Channel et al. The last week’s ‘content’ is re-run, with about 7 minutes of what I think is called B Roll, the stuff that didn’t make it onto the first airing. In old metaphor, the TLC editors get sore backs picking up all the 35mm B Roll off the cutting room floor (under the direction of the Executive Producers?) however I’m sure we have not seen the last of the filming of these episodes. I didn’t mind it really in the last couple of seasons, but there doesn’t seem to be too much new here. Or much about some halfway compelling information that is worthy of attention.

On to tonight’s offering. Why they replayed the horribly staged doughnut caper, the conflicts, and the overuse of the word ‘dynamic’ by Jeremy is beyond me. More mileage I suppose. In the new opening, Jeremy is photo’d holding a glass of wine. It might be better to change that. “We’re the Roloffs, and out story goes on” Yeah, ad nauseum. Amy haybales and walks Felix, noted as a ‘rescue dog’ Uh, OK. Despsite any training Felix might have, he’s built a little too close to the ground to save Any from, say, the Cascadian Subduction Zone quake and tsunami, but if she feels safe, who are we to question? She feels it’s tough, but she is empowered. She also wonders how they are going to make this work. Well Amy, as I’ve stated before both you and Matt are self-centered, stubborn people who could not care less about each other except for their own agenda, and should not have been married in the first place and don’t derserve to be married now. But hey, knock yourselves out, I’m sure you’ll let us know how it goes. Yay.

Let’s go to Bend. I’m uneasy about statements from Audrey that they moved to be “closer to our inheritance”, and Jeremy saying he can more easily “help” and they will learn about “taking over the farm” and how they will formulate “our plan”. It seems a bit vulture-isk to me. This is also starting a conflict I will get into later. I see no reason why Special Jer has to ask his wife if she packed her toothbrush. On national TV.

Let’s go to Portland. If we remember last week’s episode, we get to see Zach’s ‘process’ for getting a bowl to have some cereal. Nothing about rinsing and putting it in the left sink. A bit of a letdown. His wife appears, after preparing for a WORK day. Something bothers me here about the ‘process’. Why can’t a couple dishes, cups, bowls, plates, be put in the lower shelf to make access easy for Zach. There is no rule that dishes MUST go in the upper cupboard. Besides, if Zach is emptying the dishwasher, it would be easy for him to put just a couple of dishes in the lower shelf for himself to access easily. He doesn’t watt to remove all the dishes from the dishwasher, as it gives him a nice opportunity to check out his wife’s butt. Zach mentions how the farm is a ton of work, and takes a ton of money, and mom and dad can just as easily sell and retire, but Special Jer and Zach must help to keep the farm in the family.

The meeting. For goodness sake, the staged phone call to Special Jer because they have not arrived yet? The actor’s craft is still lost on these people. They arrive, and Auj’s dress reminded me of Archie Bunker’s first view of his daughter in a miniskirt. “Jeez, if it were any higher it’s be a scarf!” I enjoyed Matt’s emphasis on safety, yeah Matt after you settled put of court on a million dollar lawsuit. The family which apparently is just the twins will be helping more and taking a bigger role. Zach pipes up to volunteer for gold panning. Amy just has to step up at the end of the meeting. Just has to. Matt was not impressed, and we can’t imagine why. Special Jer is so far out the door that his “Let’s go to work” must be a voiceover, and a funny one at that!

Let’s take a break here to discuss the ridiculous notion that TLC is a christian channel. I’m referring to adverts for “Sister Wives” and “I am Jazz” both chock-block full of faith and family values.

The kids chat in the are where the pumpkins are stacked. Zach notes that he’s 26 already and it’s time to help more often. OK. Mom and dad being business partners causes notable tension. By the way, where and when did the arrangement rear its ugly head? Further, if the divorce is final, don’t the assets have to be accurately noted and clearly titled to the owner or owners? We know Amy was never this involved before. Yet, she says after all it’s partly my farm. It has ALWAYS been partly your farm, dearie. Is she protecting her share of the assets? And if so, how are the assets divided?

Amy has an idea about a craft table or craft area for kids. Myself, why not? She was an assistant at a pre-school, no? More later. Zach has ideas about the gold panning. I enjoyed his lines that it’s fun work and he had suggestions for his dad and his dad was actually listening!! At 5 days prior, Amy mentions that they like each other enough to be business partners. What? In who’s fantasy world? Mind you, they did agree on the salsa production, as it will be a high margin money-maker.

Much false drama was made over cutting a piece of drainage pipe for a Special Jer project, enough already. My wonderment why Matt has yet to get one of his crutches rammed down his throat just to shut the arrogant micro-manager up is starting to wane. Zach and Tori discuss the confidence she has given him. This was mentioned more than once in this episode, later at the gold panning trough. I hope that they don’t milk this too much and destroy the message, but with the Executive Producers having their say, we’ll get sick of hearing this, I’m afraid. And by the way, it was mentioned when Zach and Tori went out for dinner that the real reason Zach always charges to the front of the crowd is, he can’t see! If they walk into a crowded theater lobby or restaurant waiting are, all Zach can see is people’s backsides. Nice view.

Pumpkin Season!! And……….Amy is late. Late to open the craft tent and area. Late to her own pop-up restaurant a few seasons ago. Late to get in the van to drive to the airport. Late. Late. I’ve mentioned before people with the compulsion to be late. She has always been late, but she tells Matt to “shove it up your ass” when comes over to The House That MR Built for Thanksgiving dinner. That joke will be next week.

Special Jer is quite happy with his idea, but I’ve never heard the expression that it’s a good “industrial” “Farm” “Thing” to do. What the Hell is he talking about? It’s just a silly choice of words to sound somewhat special. Please. Zach mentions during the panning trough painting discussion that mom and dad really know how to push each others buttons. They’re in it for the money, Zach. And they just can’t help themselves. No other reason is feasible. The craft area was good because Amy and Tori genuinely enjoy children and the kids like them. The Special Jer/Auj tour was a bit odd, for all the time Jeremy has heard the tour script over the years, he sure didn’t pick up any of it. And this “hope to run it” idea is unnerving.

The salsa crisis. I laughed when Amy said, “Well, I’m down here at the pumpkin thing” What? You don’t even know where you are? You are so drastically trying to convince the world you actually have something to say and you can’t articulate your location? Goodness gracious.
Anyway, the bee idea seemed good, what with the pesticide and GMO driven destruction of the honey bee and their importance to the food chain, and also the photo ops that came from it along with the attention brought to the pavilion. Then the meeting after the final day. What a quick pumpkin season!!!! Hey, I wonder if we’ll see any B Roll coming up in future episodes? Everybody weighed in. Everybody was happy. They must make a whole pile of money from 5800 guests, 2-1/2 days a week in October to support the farm. I don’t think the twins have a chance.

What am I saying! The twins? Not ONLY Special Jer?. There was a bit of conflict, I feel, over the separate agendas given in this episode. Zach said he needs to work many more hours on the farm to make it viable. But Jeremy thinks he taking it over completely. How is this “dynamic” going to work? Will Jer be given everything, and Zach will be an employee and “just like a nigger” to Special Jer? I do not think there is enough there. Not in intelligence, not in talent, and not in ambition. Doomed.