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Guest Column: Opinion By Anne Bailey: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Attacked When They say "It is not something we agree with" – Regarding Gay Marriage

The following article was submitted by Anne Bailey and the following contains the opinions of the author, Anne Bailey, a reader who submitted this article and requested to have it published on the Spiritswander Blog.

Opinion by Anne Bailey

My friends, God called on me to write this article.

Even before my self-imposed exile from this Blog (Thank you for all of you who emailed their support and wishes for my return - you can email me at an issue that often is mentioned on this blog has bothered me.

However, recent events have escalated this issue's importance and earlier today I followed Audrey Roloff's brilliant speech at the Cultivate Conference at Sandals Church in California hosted by the wonderful and talented Lisa Bevere. Then I read some comments. Comments which bothered me. I actually had made the choice to go to bed for the night, but as I lay there thinking about the issue, God called on me to get up and write an article to say what needs to be said.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are true followers of Jesus Christ who let Jesus use them to inspire others to Build God's Kingdom. I am sure all of you know to follow the Beating50Percent Website and Audrey Roloff's twitter and Instagram and Jeremy's twitter and Instagram.

Their Beating50percent is wonderful in their goal to inspire and to be a resource of married couples who have covenant marriages.

Their website is filled with resources and personal wisdom, at times making themselves vulnerable for the greater good of inspiring others to have a stronger desire for a better marriage to serve God.

It is filled with positivity and love.

Yet one thing keeps on coming up, no matter how outnumbered they might be, there's always one or two or three or four comments every few articles.

Homosexuals and members of the gay agenda who decide to hate on Christians, in this case Audrey and Jeremy and their followers.

They actually have accused Jeremy and Audrey of being hateful and bigoted all because they have a website aimed at covenant marriages.

Can you even comprehend that? They were not even speaking ill of the gay marriage and the gay agendas and they were still attacked and insulted for not catering to the gays. They were criticized by these people for not providing dating ideas for two men.

Two devoted Christians cannot even have their own site devoted to Christian marriage that gives glory to Jesus Christ without being called hateful and bigots because they are not talking about gay marriage or gay dating ideas.

It prompted Audrey to courageously write the following response to those who were attacking her and Jeremy on their own blog about covenant marriages for writing about marriages who aim to center around Christ.

Audrey Roloff says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 11:50 AM

We are not claiming to be a resource for same sex marriages. Maybe you could start a resource for that if it something you are passionate about. it is not something we agree with, however we invite same-sex marriages to read our content, and would home that they wouldn’t see our blog for what it is against, but rather what it is “for.” For us, we are FOR opposite-sex marriages that are striving to give more than average to their marriages. To live out the covenant of marriage every day, and to center their marriage around Christ. That being said, know that our content is not written to same-sex marriages, so to say that we don’t offer advice for that side is accurate.

Audrey is then attacked for that eloquent response by being called names.

bigots says
APRIL 7, 2016 AT 12:29 PM

not surprising audrey Given jeremy has been caught making homophobic and racist comments in the past (google it everyone). id like to see You look a gay person in the face and tell them you think they dont have the same basic human rights you have. you and your husband are bigots and i for one will not be watching lpbw to avoid your smug faces. and newsflash ditch the red lipstick because it aint Flattering on you. if you had any gay friends they would have told you that long ago!

A frequent commenter to this blog then joins in with the ignorant name calling of Audrey:

Rap541 Said...

So now she's confirmed she's a bigot :) And Jeremy, since she said "we".


They think they have a right to call Audrey names and label her a bigot simply because she is a Christian who believes the word of Christ and believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

Then the attacks continue on Audrey's blog.

Never thought about the fact that both he & Audrey won't come out and directly state their anti gay/hateful views BC they need to make that $$$$. I mean, after all they don't have "real jobs" other than writing poorly worded blogs that borderline don't make any sense about beating 50 percent. Incredibly sad how close minded you are. Thank you hampton7 for pointing out that they are just as concerned about money as the producers of the show. Jesus would love all people despite their sexual orientation. I find it cowardly you won't state your views on this subject directly, esp bc a lot of the people who watch the show are gay/bi/trans/whatever makes them happy. No longer a fan BC of your close mindedness. #lovewins 

@katetallica wow. I hope you don't believe that or mean it. Our intent is never to hurt or attack, yet you choose to hurt and attack us? We are just standing for what we believe and sharing our perspective. You can do the same, but do you have to be so rash?

Read what Audrey said friends. They are standing for what they believe as Christian yet they are being called names and attacked for being "close minded".

The latest example of that was Audrey and other wonderful ladies who are inspiring other Christian woman to be what God calls them to be who spoke at the Cultivate Conference with Lisa Bevere.



What an honor to speak alongside this woman at Cultivate Conference. She has such wisdom, passion, ruthlessness, and firey determination to see women become the women God calls them to be. To be women full of fearlessness and wonder, not fearful and wandering. "I believe that the attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past....God is not looking for people who act like Christians. He wants us to be Christians! The word Christian means “anointed or Christlike one.” Jesus did not go around “being good”; he went around “doing good” and releasing all who were oppressed. What has he anointed you to do?" - @lisabevere 
#cultivatekindness #lionessarising#sandalschurch #cultivatewomen#fightlikeagirl #girlswithswords

Yet instead of celebrating people inspiring others to be what Christ calls them to be, I read comments like this, attempting to slander Lisa and Audrey by her association all because they support Biblical marriage that is between one man and one woman.

It is even said in a manner which insinuates something is bad about it!

 Dustin said...
Do Some research people.
Audrey Roloff is speaking at a Christian women's conference.
Who is organizing the conference? Lisa Bevere.
Who is Lisa Bevere's husband? John Bevere.
Guess what organization John Bevere is apart of? Family Research Council
Sound familiar? They made headlines:
A) For being declared a hate group against gay people.
B) For naming Josh Duggar as their executive director in 2013.
It's interesting how all of these TLC Christian personalities are connected.

We as Christians have to stand up to these attacks and stand up for other Christians who are being attacked for promoting Christian values.

Society is and will continue to become a very scary place for people of faith where Christian's religious liberties are being prosecuted and it should even concern people who do not consider themselves to be Christian.

And yes, I will use the controversial Jacob Roloff, Jeremy's 18 year old younger brother, as the example. Many of you who have followed his actions on social media, are aware that in the past he publicly bashed Christianity and the beliefs of Christians. We will not soon forget his mocking attacks on his own sister-inlaw when Audrey thanked God for providing her with a beautiful and sunny wedding day (when the "experts" were predicting rain all day). 

When Jacob was asked about Audrey's thankfulness towards God for the gorgeous weather he responded by calling people who do so "dumb" and "Yea! Nothing to do with nature! Haha f*ck meteorology".

After Christians such as myself spoke out against Jacob's nasty and uncalled for attacks against Audrey and Christians who are not ashamed to thank God for the blessings in their lives even when they are ridiculed for it, Jacob dialed back on the attacks against Christians.
Jacob went on to call "Atheists" stupid and his girlfriend, Isabel, has been seen tweeting and retweeting Bible verses.

Where Jacob stands today is unknown (one can pray and hope that Jacob has, at least privately, issued Audrey a heartfelt apology that she so richly deserves), but it can't be debated that given the overall content on his twitter, that Jacob has fallen victim to the pressure of the modern culture who is constantly pushing people to hold liberal views or else be declared a bigot.

Therefore, I think it is a fair statement to describe Jacob Roloff's social media presence as trying to portray himself as "progressive" to impress the liberals he often retweets.

Regarding gay marriage, in the past he has fallen into that trap of trying to appeal to the liberal agenda and tweeted sentiments such as 'Why is gay marriage still an issue'?

Yet, people such as Jacob Roloff, who think they are cool and hip for presenting themselves as "cool with gay marriage" need to think of the consequences for society accepting these immoral behaviors.

During his last year in public high school, Jacob Roloff was subjected to unwanted comments from a homosexual student who publicly said he found Jacob to be "attractive". When Jacob responded in a perfectly reasonable manner; to declare that he did not want any gay boy that finds him attractive coming near him and he has no interest in being friends with homosexual males, Jacob was then subjected to calls of "homophobic" and "bigot".

The point of the story is people like Jacob Roloff who cave to the pressure of liberal culture and want to be seen as "progressive" must realize the consequences of not standing up against issues such as gay marriage and issues which would allow gay behavior to be acceptable in modern day life. It is a slippery slope.   

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have a wonderful Blog focused on helping people have strong and healthy covenant marriages that are focused around Jesus Christ. A Christian couple doing good work in the name of God. Yet they are consistently subjected to comments calling them bigots because they don't talk about homosexual relationships as they do when they provide resources for Christ-centered marriages.

It further is disturbing when there are people lurking out there waiting in the weeds to paint it is some sort of scandal when they find out that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff support, are friends with, speak with, other Christian personalities and Pastors who have also been subjected to hateful name calling for standing for the word of God in the Bible and for refusing to accept homosexual activists insisting that all declare that gay marriage or gays in the military or in the boy scouts or adopting children, as O.K and acceptable. When Christians like John and Lisa Bevere and other members of the Family Research Council stand for Christian beliefs they are insulted and declared bigots and hateful!

We, as a society, must unite and stand up against these "Ah-ha, Gotcha!" mentalities which imply there is something wrong or shocking when public Christian personalities do not support the gay agenda and stand with the Scripture and will not condone or accept gay marriage.

We have to end this mentality of it being seen as shocking or bad when Christians do not support the homosexual agenda. The attacks and name calling must stop.

Audrey Roloff delivers a wonderful speech for Christian women of faith. It should be celebrated for the positivity that it inspires. Yet some people attack and jump in with 

>Lisa Bevere hosted the conference
> Audrey supports Lisa 
> John and Lisa Bevere support the Family Research Council
> the Family Research Council stands against the homosexual agenda
> therefore let's call Jeremy and Audrey Roloff hateful bigots!

I hope everyone recognizes the problem with this kind of mentality. We must stand up when Christians are attacked in this unfair manner and support them. It is an attack on our religious liberty as Christians.

Since Dustin brought it up, let's talk about John and Lisa Bevere. As Audrey said, they are wonderful people doing great work in the name of the Lord.

Here is something everyone should read from John Bevere. I will use excerpts from John Bevere's article, I encourage you to read the entire article yourself:

By John Bevere

The Bible's teaching on human sexuality is clear: The only kind of sexual intimacy Scripture countenances exists between one man and one woman, within marriage. This teaching is restrictive, limiting, narrow. It also possesses the singular advantage of being accurate, in the sense of being a faithful representation of what the Bible says.
One need not agree with the Bible to acknowledge its clear teaching. Regarding efforts to diminish the Bible's teachings about homosexuality, specifically, former Benedictine monk Luke Timothy Johnson, now of Emory University, writes, "I have little patience with efforts to make Scripture say something other than what it says, through appeals to linguistic or cultural subtleties. The exegetical situation is straightforward: we know what the text says."
Our acceptance of these tenets is not merely intellectual. I affirm that the street outside my office is paved with black asphalt: This is the recognition of an obvious external reality, but one that does not animate my convictions about the purpose of life or the means by which I should live it. Unlike mere intellectual assent, since we believe our moral standards are issued by a God with Whom we have a relationship, and to Whom we owe our core allegiance, we cannot keep them neatly confined to the space within our crania. In other words, we are obligated by our Creator not just to acknowledge the correctness of what He has said but to live accordingly.

That means we reject homosexual behavior as morally acceptable. It means we also reject the numerous heterosexual sins as well, including sexual infidelity to a spouse and intercourse before marriage. We also affirm that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman, for life—and that this definition is unchanging.
I know of no conservatives who wish to disrupt homosexual homes. We don't want to be invasive any more than we want to be coerced ourselves. But we reject the redefinition of marriage on theological grounds, as well as on a surfeit of sociological data showing that children benefit most by being raised by a mother and a father.
This is not bigotry. It is not hatred. It is not homophobia. It is, to quote one of my pastors, theophobia. We fear God, and thus we submit to what we believe is His revealed will. No one is requiring any homosexual to do anything. Catholics, Protestants and Jews who believe biblical morality is absolute and final are being asked to treat homosexuality as morally neutral behavior. Yet we do not believe it is, and thus cannot countenance its widespread social or legal acceptance any more than we accept heterosexual cohabitation.

We simply believe that sexual intimacy is reserved by God for heterosexual, monogamous marriage. That's inconvenient and difficult for many of us, heterosexual and homosexual. It's also what we believe the Word of God says. Therefore, for us it is determinative of not just belief but also practice.

 Homosexual activists seek to shut down those who believe their behavior is immoral. Raise a moral concern about homosexuality and immediately accusations of bigotry and hatred are showered upon you. The outraged viciousness of the response is commensurate with the intensity of one's allegiance to full cultural and legal affirmation of homosexuality. Since traditional believers won't change on this point, efforts are made to bully us into silence or reserve our beliefs for our homes and the four walls of our houses of worship. We are called names, are threatened in late-night phone calls, or, in the case of my colleagues and I at the Family Research Council, we become the intended targets of a would-be assassin's bullets, as last summer's shooting at our building demonstrates.

Persons of biblical faith—who believe the Bible says what it means and look to it as the source of truth, not just comfort—have no alternative but to stand with Scripture. For this, we are accused of a lack of love. Nonsense: There can be nothing more unloving, or more cowardly, than ignoring a train as it is about to strike someone on its tracks. If we warn against the consequences of sexual sin, whether heterosexual or homosexual, we do so not with self-righteous condemnation but sincere concern for those wrestling with such sins.
The homosexual left insists that everyone endorse same-sex relationships as morally and legally valid. We will not. They want to redefine marriage. We refuse. They want homosexuality to be affirmed universally as morally good or at least morally neutral. We cannot. They want full and affirming integration into every social institution, whether it be the military or the Boy scouts or, for that matter, churches of all kinds. We cannot support it.
This is not hate. It's moral conviction. It will not change.
Here we stand. We can do no other. God help us. Amen.
By John Bevere

That was brilliantly worded by John Bevere.

And it particularly pertains perfectly to the unfair attacks that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have been subjected to merely because they are followers of Christ who cannot support same sex relationships.

This is an example of religious freedom being under attack. Jeremy and Audrey cannot even maintain a resource for Christian marriage without being assaulted with terms like "homophobic", "hateful", "bigot" and "close minded".

I hope everyone recognizes the problem with this kind of mentality. We must stand up when Christians are attacked in this unfair manner and support them. It is an attack on our religious liberty as Christians.

Please comment your support, send me your emails to and subscribe to Jeremy and Audrey's Beating50Percent website and follow and tweet them your support at their twitter accounts.


Debbie said...

Welcome back Anne! God Bless and Amen!

I couldn't agree more. We have a problem in our country and it is so frustrating to see the insults Audrey and Jeremy receive simply because of their Christian beliefs.

They are not the ones with anything to be ashamed of.

Angela said...

Thank you Anne for returning.

This needed to be said. We cannot let this type of thing go on. People shouldn't be afraid to express their beliefs when those beliefs are the word of God.

Ecossais said...

Audrey has no class. Hey Anne - Don't you think these shorts are a bit skimpy for speaking at a Christian conference?

Rap541 said...


Angela - who is stopping anyone from expressing their beliefs? Oh right.. you were calling for me to be silenced.

And look - Anne wasn't forced off the blog as she claimed. So Anne lied when she did her little "Spirit is editing me and not allowing me to post" flounce off. And look, she can't even keep her word to stay away.

Jeremy and Audrey believe their religion should trump federal law. That's their right to believe but its our right to note that they're bigots.

And even Auj and Jer ain't all that proud of these comments - go look at their website. Its all gone and you know why? They don't want to be known as far right conservatives against gay marriage.

Oh and the Family Research Council is that paragon of virtue that hired Christ Blessed Josh Duggar - you remember he molested four of his sisters, one of them five years old, right Anne?

Anne, is that ok by Jesus as long as it was his five year old SISTER he molested? I mean, its not GAY if you're a 16 year old Christian man molesting a five year old girl, right?

Anne - I find this whole article hilarious because you genuinely don't realize that you're not helping Auj and Jer when you publically point out their links to the Family Research Council and that they are in reality far more religious and conservative than their tv show portrays. You're making it clear they are hypocrits for money. Please do go on. All you're doing is hurting them :)

Rap541 said...

Also - those who support Anne need to acknowledge she's a liar.

This will be my last article to appear on this Spiritswander Blog

Anne said this. Anne doesn't stand by her word.

Also Anne said she was waiting for Spirit to apologize to her but I am absolutely certain that never happened. :)

And remember - Anne said she wouldn't be back.

I simply cannot remain a contributor to the success of the blog if I am not given the proper respect and am not allowed a say into how to make the Blog a better tool that will expand the Kingdom of God.

Anne? Why do you lie? Lies make Baby Jesus cry.

Rap541 said...

Most amusingly - you do realize this John Bevere said this

That means we reject homosexual behavior as morally acceptable. It means we also reject the numerous heterosexual sins as well, including sexual infidelity to a spouse and intercourse before marriage.

Which means Jacob Mueller and Destiney Mueller are as morally unacceptable as homosexuals.

Everyone Christian agrees, right? Sex before marriage is as morally unacceptable as gay stuff. The Muellers sinned and sinned as badly as a gay person.

Paula said...

Anne, you hit the nail on the head as usual.

I believe there is a revolution coming where Christians will take back America from those that seek to take our rights and take God out the country.

Christians who come to fame and prominence (like Lisa Bevere and Audrey) because they have a gift of inspiring people should be celebrated, not criticized. They are criticized by those who hate God.

Although I agree about Jacob apologizing to Audrey, I disagree slightly in that a public apology is owed as well. He publicly mocked Audrey, so a public apology is warranted. However, a private apology is better than no apology.

I hope Jeremy will be a man and would have put that condition on having any relationship with Jacob, perhaps Jacob apologized immediately.

Diane said...

I was at Sandals and Audrey knocked it out of the park!! Very powerful words and Lisa is tremendous!

Laura said...

Anne, God Bless you for coming back and saying what has to be said. Your words hit home. Christians cannot sit silently while our rights are being trampled and other Christians are being attacked for holding strong to their religious beliefs.

Rap, you are so ignorant in calling Jeremy and Audrey bigots. Read Anne's article again. Use the link to John Bevere's article. You need to read that.

I believe Audrey and Jeremy removed some of the responses not because they are in any way trying to downplay their religious faith, but because it is feeding the trolls to give them their attention.

As for it hurting them, you couldn't be more wrong. Look at their growing popularity and increasing number of followers on social media. The overwhelming number of followers are inspired by Jeremy and Audrey. They are young that they are using their life to serve God. There is such a difference between Jeremy/Audrey and Jacob/Isabel.

DJ said...

Anne does make a point about Jacob. Nobody knows where he stands now because he has hushed up in the last year and a half.

Maybe he's realized how wrong he was but doesn't have the character yet to publicly fall on his sword and admit he was wrong.

Rap541 said...

I believe Audrey and Jeremy removed some of the responses not because they are in any way trying to downplay their religious faith, but because it is feeding the trolls to give them their attention.

They removed all of the comments about their views on homosexuality. They also removed the majority of critical comments - even the ones that had nothing to do with the issue of homosexuality. They removed comments that disagreed with their view that married people can't have opposite sex friends.

Actually Laura, their website hasn't really had any bumps in subscribers in about a month - tho I do expect it to bump when they get their hour long TLC advertisement. That said - they clearly don't want to be known as anti-gay.

Also I did read John Bevere's words. Did you? I trust you agree that Jacob Mueller and Destiney Mueller are deeply sinful people, on the level of being gay, because that's what John Bevere says.

MS said...

"I believe there is a revolution coming where Christians will take back America from those that seek to take our rights and take God out the country."

Paula, which right of yours is in jeopardy?

"Christians cannot sit silently while our rights are being trampled"

Laura, which rights of yours are being trampled?

How come no one from the Godsquad will ever answer this question? Perhaps because none of your rights are actually in jeopardy -- you just seek to control others' rights in the name of religion?

Rap541 said...

I'm also going to take issue with "they're being attacked".

Is there anything that can be said to Jeremy and Auj that is critical but isn't considered "an attack"?

I want examples. Right now it very much feels like anything other than "YOU'RE AWESOME" is viewed as an attack on their beliefs.

If the two marrieds can't handle hearing "You're wrong" or "I disagree" without falling to their knees and crying "OGH GOD WE'RE UNDER ATTACK IN JESUS'S NAME SAVE US!" then they certainly won't bear up under real challenges

Denise said...

Anna, thank you. It made me upset when I saw those gays attacking Jeremy and Audrey demanding that gays be accommodated with suggestions for their immoral marriages.

Rap, this is from Audrey and Jeremy's website about their disclaimers and policies about comments.

"Commenting: We put our whole hearts into this blog, and often share vulnerable stories from our own lives, and the lives of others. We want our blog to encourage you, and all of our readers, so please be respectful and merciful when posting comments. We understand that you may disagree with us. If you would like to debate please do so with class. *We reserve the right to delete comments that are crude, degrading, abusive, or extremely disrespectful."

Rap541 said...

Denise - and therefore they remove any and all remarks that aren't "Yay!" because ANY remark that isn't praise can be deemed "crude, degrading, abusive, or extremely disrespectful".

They are just special little snowflakes who can't bear any criticism. :)

When will these two ever not be little children who cry when they hear anything other than "You special and the best!"?

Marsha said...

The Christian community embraces and supports those have the courage to speaks of their faith. Just look at all of the supportive comments Jeremy and Audrey receive to their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blog posts.

Audrey was in front of a huge audience on Saturday and she is making a name for herself as servant for Christ who is carrying the Spirit of the Lord and inspiring others to be what Christ calls us to be.

Greg said...

Still no comment from Jacob or Isabel about how they feel about Audrey being BFFs with the Bevere's and their connection with an official hate group!

May said...

Audrey is beautiful young woman of Christ who is going to lead another generation of young women to pursue Jesus Christ. These criticisms of her won't deter her from doing work for the Lord.

Kristine said...

Audrey knows to put Christ into all aspects of your life and everything will work out because you are trusting God.

It is very unfortunate to hear that Jacob has been so disrespectful to Audrey and I join Anne in praying that Jacob has or will issue Audrey a heartfelt apology.

Sonya said...

Audrey and all true Christians know that the enemy is out to seek, kill and destroy families and marriages and that is the force behind this movement to redefine marriage. We cannot stand for it!

Rap541 said...

Sonya - then why won't Audrey say that on her website about marriage? That she is a true Christian and she believes the enemy is seeking her out to kill her, and destroy her family and her marriage in the effort to redefine marriage?

If that is Audrey's message, why is she diddling around with "Another 38 ways to repeat the same advice of listen to your spouse and don't be an asshole" over and over?

Rap541 said...

Why can't Audrey proudly say "I will not stand for gay marriage"?

Please don't point me to her *now hidden and deleted comments*.

(and I find it hilarious indeed that excuses are made for Precious Lil Auj when she deletes something while Jacob and Isobel are deemed hateful deceivers for doing the same)

Gail said...

Audrey has made it clear what she stands for and what she advocates for and what her goal is, that is inspire to people to be all that Christ calls them to be.

Audrey already explained that she uses her platform to say what she is for. If she did a blog post specifically about gay marriage being immoral, the leftists liberals would try to get her labelled as a hate monger just like they've tried to do with the FRC.

Why do you have a problem with Audrey having a website dedicated to what she and Jeremy support?

Rap541 said...

Gail - because Audrey isn't willing to commit to it.

If she did a blog post specifically about gay marriage being immoral, the leftists liberals would try to get her labelled as a hate monger just like they've tried to do with the FRC.

So in other words, you agree that she's afraid of the consequences of publicizing her beliefs and would rather the general public not know that she is against gay marriage. She knows that saying "I, Audrey Roloff, believe that I am a true Christian, only my views are correct, and there's an enemy out there trying to kill me and destroy my family by allowing gays to marry" will have consequences - consequences that she doesn't want to face.

But really if Audrey is the finest God Warrior out there, then there's nothing to fear since a) she apparently can't handle any criticism at all and will run off screaming "OH JESUS I WAS ATTACKED!" at the mildest of criticism and b) the second she's held accountable for her beliefs, she quickly erases her comments.

The FRC discredited itself long before they elevated a child molester to a position high in the organization merely because he was Christian.

Janet said...

@Rap541, are you seriously disputing that a Christian cannot be positive and talk to Christians about how to let Jesus into their lives and how to live their lives as Jesus commands. You're insisting they talk about what they don't support instead of providing resources to help people better accept Christ into their lives.

Janet said...

@Gail, you're right about that. If Audrey did that, people would be jumping up and down saying Audrey is a hateful person for making a blog about what she doesn't support.

Rap541 said...

Janet - not at all. I am insisting that Audrey be honest to the general public about what her beliefs on covenant marriage really mean. Her positive message about marriage - you know, that its awesome - is nice but she's not mentioning that she believes certain people shouldn't be allowed to be married.

And Janet, I agree that if she was honest about her views publically, that she would be called a hateful person for her beliefs. Seems like she isn't interested in being an example at all. She wants the fun part, where she's showered with praise, but when it comes time to be fearless and say something that won't necessarily please others.... she'd rather not be accountable.

Amanda said...

Jeremy and Audrey absolutely should be able to have a Christian website directed at others who are aiming to please Jesus without having questions and insults hurled at them about gay relationships. Those people should go to gay websites if that's what they believe in.

Don't get angry at Audrey and Jeremy for not embracing gay lifestyles when that's not the purpose of their website.

Anne is right. It is the same as what is going on in the country. They want to force Jeremy and Audrey to accept gay marriage as moral and right and if they don't, they get name called. If a country clerk won't put her signature on a marriage license between two men, then she is jailed. If a Christian baker doesn't want to provide his services to a wedding that goes against his or her beliefs, they are breaking a law and discriminating and can be sued. It's ridiculous.

Timothy said...

Would Jeremy film/work a gay wedding if someone was willing to pay him?
I assume that is not on his website.

I'm curious.

Lilly said...

Right on anne. It is Very sad how gays are trying to disrupt Christian life. Christian values are what the country of united States must have to prosper.

Lilly said...

Will Jeremy be named to the board of the Family Research Council?
Will Audrey be named to the board of the Family Research Council?

Gloria said...

My family love and support Audrey and Jeremy. I would like to hear Audrey speak. Will she be coming to Dallas soon?

Rap541 said...

Jeremy and Audrey absolutely should be able to have a Christian website directed at others who are aiming to please Jesus without having questions and insults hurled at them about gay relationships.

Aren't they strong enough in their faith to handle some questions? I mean really, they're such delicate flowers... They can't handle any disagreement, they can't handle any questions.

Do they ever have to bear up under any pressure? I mean they're so weak, they can't hear a word of criticism without wilting... how can you call them strong Christians when they can't bear up under *anything*?

Rap541 said...

Lily - for that to happen, Auj and Jer would actually need to be willing to say they believe gay marriage is wrong with no erasing their comments when things get critical.

Anonymous said...

RAP541 FTW. Best comment. Also, thanks for the blog apperance, Anne. Really made me feel special!

Angela said...

Katetallica, you are a terrible and troubled person who needs to seek Jesus immediately to get your life on track. You have nothing better to do then fling insults at Audrey Roloff. You disgust me, but I will pray for you.

Hillary said...

It is good Jacob had that unfortunate experience with the queer guy but it is good because it made him realize how gross gays are and how gays should be kept out of daily life.

PJ said...

Sorry Angela I agree with Katetallica. Jesus was all about inclusion not the them and us you and The Golden Couple are so fond of.

Happy said...

I would never say anything judgmental, intolerant, or hateful, about others' personal beliefs. And I am an atheist.

Happy said...

Replace the word "gay" with "interracial" when you complain about marriage and see how accepting Americans will be towards your attitude. Addressed to both sides of this whole gay marriage thing.

Rap541 said...

Looking at Audrey's pictures of Sandals Church, its interesting that everyone there is white. Makes me wonder.

Rap541 said...

Guys, I know this will woosh over a lot of you, but because I like to encourage rational thought, I have to.

If Audrey and Jeremy believe that gay marriage is wrong and that per their religion, gay people are less than they are and deserve fewer legal rights, then that's bigotry. Audrey and Jeremy want people who may not share their religious beliefs to live by their religious choices because they think they're right. Audrey and Jeremy are looking at gay people and saying "Our religion says you're wrong so you don't deserve the same rights we have".

This is not respectful or polite. Now I will grant that Audrey and Jeremy aren't actively working against gay marriage - mostly I suspect because that would affect the money and time and time again its been shown that Jer and Auj don't make an effort at anything that might get them criticized - they're special snowflakes and they fall apart crying "IM ATTACKED!" if they hear anything other than "Yay! Good Job!" - but at the end of the day, they believe they deserve rights that others should not receive. That's being bigoted.

*an interesting aside - the one article that was vaguely controversial on their blog was highly edited and all of the less that "Oh you guys are awesome!" comments were removed along with Jeremy's denials about the girl in Santa Barbara, and all of their "we don't believe in gay marriage" remarks. Since then, we're back to lists of marital advisement from Woman's Day... and lately they aren't even writing the articles....

Debbie said...

Now Rap is hating on white Christians. What a surprise. Jacob would be proud of you.

Debbie said...

It is NOT bigotry to believe that marriage should between a man and woman. It is simply not caving to cultural pressure to redefine marriage.

Rap, if it was announced tomorrow that brother's and sisters could legally marry and you said "I think that is wrong" are you a bigot?

It is having moral standards and conviction.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - if it was announced tomorrow that brothers and sisters could marry, my honest opinion would be "I sure am not doing that but no skin off my nose if someone wants to as long as they can afford the risks".

Debbie - it is bigotry to insist your religion makes your views more important than others. Marriage is both a legal and a religious point. Legally gay people can marry. No church is forced to marry a gay couple although some do, but its a right in this country and many other countries. If Audrey and Jeremy believe gay people shouldn't be allowed the same right to marry civilly that straight people are allowed, then yes, they are bigoted.

Look at it this way - if Auj and Jeremy were told their marriage wasn't legal because Christianity was outlawed and the government wasn't recognizing any religious wedding... you'd consider that to be someone imposing their beliefs on Auj and Jer, right? SO when Auj and Jer say people can only be married if they subscribe to Auj and Jer's theory of religious marriage.... tell me again how that's not Auj and Jer oppressing others?

Rap541 said...

Debbie - I am glad you agree there were no nonwhite people there. Funny how Auj and Jer have no nonwhite Christian friends. What moral and conviction is that? :)

Rap541 said...

Debbie - its bigotry to say "Marriage is between a man and a woman, and I want it to be illegal for gay people to marry".

Your failure to understand is that it is very easy for straight couples to live and let live on this issue. Don't want to get gay married? Then don't. But when you then insist that people who do want to be gay married shouldn't be allowed because you don't like it... that's the bigoted part.

Don't like gay marriage? Then marry someone of the opposite sex. Don't like incestuous weddings? Don't marry your sibling... or you know, molest your sisters and bask in the knowledge that at least you're not gay, like Josh "Family Research Council" Duggar.

PJ said...

It is not the first time in history gays have been able to marry. Just the first time since christians began bullying the world.

Why is it that whenever someone says something you don't like it's an attack on christians? And now you've moved to "white christians" clearly demonstrating your own

If brother/sister marriages were legal we'd have no choice but to accept them. It doesn't mean I'd HAVE to marry my brother, I couldn't anyway, he's gay.

Rap541 said...

There's also any number of things in this country that are perfectly legal but also morally questionable.

1. It is legal to buy and smoke and sell cigarettes. I personally don't smoke but that it's legal does not mean I do it.
2. Gay marriage is legal. I personally have not felt the desire to get married gay or otherwise.
3. It's legal to get an abortion. I personally haven't even though it's legal. I have a close, deeply Christian friend who is a doctor who will not perform abortions but does refer such patients to doctors who will.
4. Its perfectly legal but morally questionable to sell guns to people without doing a thorough background check.

It's very easy to stand on moral grounds over gay marriage - if you think it's wrong, don't do it.

MS said...

Multiple Christians on this site have claimed their rights are in jeopardy, yet not one Christian will provide an example? Paula? Laura? Others? Back up your claim. Again,
Paula, this is what you said:

"I believe there is a revolution coming where Christians will take back America from those that seek to take our rights and take God out the country."

What does "take back America" mean? Sounds ISIS-like.

Rap541 said...

I find it hilarious that not one Christian has an opinion on how marvelously appropriate Audrey's teeny short shorts were in last week's episode. Yet I am certain if Tory, or god forbid Isobel turned up wearing essentially underpants to business meeting, we'd get an earful. Funny that.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, and as a lesbian, I find this page disturbing. I will go stand naked in the town square and encourage passers by to throw rocks at me because that is what I apparently deserve for (1) existing at all and (2) believing I have the right to be married. I am glad that I can provide the clearly superior Christians something to complain about. I totally suck. I am the worst. God hates me? Man, my life is hard except for, you know, an awesome church and congregation, an excellent education, a fantastic job, a beautiful home, great friends, and a furtive belief that God is happy with the life I am leading. Apparently, I am wrong, wrong, wrong. Dammit! Still, I'm keeping the job, the house, the friends, the church, and the spouse. Believe whatever you want. Clearly your world-class and perfect understanding of the Bible is ten billion times more superior than mine. Your Christianity is ten gazillion times better than mine. And Jeremy Roloff's marriage is the pure and real one and mine is the mockery that God hates. Sure. Thing I will never, ever have to do in my entire life? Sell pumpkins! Thank you, God. Sorry I am such a disappointment. Blessings to all.

Judy said...

You cannot be a true Christian and be gay or support the gay lifestyle. The Bible, the word of God, makes it very clear homosexual life is wrong and should not be tolerated.

People who profess to be Christian and support gays are misrepresenting Christianity.

Rap541 said...

Judy - whatever happened to letting God judge who was a true Christian?

And since you're in a judgemental mood - what was your opinion of Audrey's teeny lil skirt that barely covered her lady parts in last week's episode? Seems like there wasn't even room to plaster "Always More!" with an arrow to her crotch...

Anonymous said...

You are ignorant of what the Bible states. You and your bigoted lot cherry-pick from the good book. You are the problem with Christianity. You use it to Judge and hate - your heart is so full if hate it is disgusting. You, Anne, and this lot have perverted Christianity to serve your weak hearts and as justification to be a bully.

Shania said...

Audrey is so busy posting photos of her and Jeremy that she can't for two seconds stop and congratulate Molly on graduating.

News flash, Auj - NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU!!!!!

MS said...

Rap, it's funny how outspoken they were about Isabel's bikini-top Twitter pic, yet not a peep now. Personally, I don't care what either one wears, but it's hypocrisy at its finest. And you're right -- if Isabel or Tori wore the same shorts, they'd be all over it.

Lia said...

Audrey always tags TLC in her photos and they never care... They only repost photos of Zach and Tori HAHAHAH

Ecossais said...

Judy - The bible is not the word of god. It is part fairy tales, part history and part the opinions of the many mere mortals who wrote parts of it.

Kathy said...

And she's back.

Rap541 said...

If a country clerk won't put her signature on a marriage license between two men, then she is jailed.

Since the county clerk agreed by taking a government job to obey the law of the land and to perform the duties of the office, yes, disobeying the law and refusing to perform those duties gets you jailed.

Some Christians have a really confused idea of what religious liberty is.

JJ said...

"I know of no conservatives who wish to disrupt homosexual homes. "

Oh, that's bull. You can say all you want about how much you just oppose the "redefinition" of marriage, but you guys protested civil unions too. You don't want gay couples to be allowed to adopt. You support children being ripped away from loving gay couples who have fostered them for years and instead letting strangers adopt them. You support the criminalization of gay sex. Maybe you'll deny the last one, but I didn't imagine all the whining when Lawrence v Texas was found unconstitutional. The only reason you don't bang on about that now is because you know that the rest of society is against you (which is deliciously ironic since you also proudly bleat on about how you won't capitulate to culture). If a same-sex couple with children tried to join your church, you'd insist on their separation, traumatizing their children.

Tell me, how is that NOT promoting the disruption of homosexual homes? Let's call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

Angela,what happened to turning the other cheek? It says so in the holy Bible. Have you read it? Thanks for your prayers :)

Jeri Perdue said...

"Married only one year and giving speaking seminars on how to have a successful marriage?
In about 5 years and 2 screaming ankle biters later?

Then I'll atten one of your magical marriage seminars??