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Little People, Big World New Episode Review: Monday May 10, 2016

Here are two reviews of the New Episode of Little People, Big World that aired on TLC Tuesday May 10, 2016.

Review written by Rap541


Honestly the endless recap of the recap shows is so ridiculous. I gave up last night on the endless redo of the marriages. There’s a sneak peak where Matt is pissed that Amy did donuts in the field…. Really its kinda weird. Also the clips from season one are sad…
So new episode!

Oh look more endless recaps! People are meeting with divorce attorneys. There’s tennis and whale watching. Amy tells Matt to shove it up it his ass, and Matt has health issues.

Credits have vaguely changed in an updated way. We start with Amy and Lisa? Amy is all “I am an empty nester and divorced!” Amy notes how weird it is that they are divorcing but Matt is 100 feet away and will know she’s dating. Lisa basically recommends a lesbian outing of all women where all the girls show up and get crazy.

Meanwhile in Bend. Auj and OfAuj jog in female running panties. OfAuj is all “I’m not a woman even though Auj makes all the decisions”. They make small talk over Jer’s bathroom habits that irritate Auj. 

Meanwhile in Portland, Zach and Tory are buying the special ones a gift. They’re going to bring a house warming gift. They’re thrift shopping and Tory notes the Jer/Auj match will drink with new toys.

Matt notes the divorce is finalizing and there’s a lot of assets. Matt is going out tomorrow and Amy is having a “progressive dinner” – which in her description sounds like she’s going to tour her pals around the farm. Matt is all “Amy having fun is all work for me”
Do we all sense the impending doom?

Zach and Tory want to bring the dog to Jer’s place since they are considering Sully their kid. Jer is all “eww dog hair and the dog needs to be isolated in the garage” – Tory is very worried that Auj won’t be cool with the furry dog.

Apparently Zach and Tory will be the first to see the new Bend place.The house seems nice. Jer and Auj try to ignore how irritated they are with the dog barking while locked in the garage.Zach and Tory are pleased that the dog is allowed in the house while Jer notes that his landlord hates dog damage. I see where this is going even before the commercials.

Matt notes how he does all of the work and the family basically is a bunch of useless assholes who make work for him. Amy is  planning the “progressive dinner” which I wish she’d define. Amy just wants to have fun as an empty nester.

Meanwhile back in Bend, Tory makes breakfast and feeds her dog and listens to Auj’s terror at the idea that Tory might want a place on the farm. Jer also expresses to Zach how he will  take over the farm. 

Meanwhile Sully has done dog stuff and is shamed. Kids? Seriously? Don’t insist the dog is welcome if your landlord will die over the damage.

Of course the dog who is you know, a dog, scratches stuff. I totally sense, based on the whole tense atmosphere, that Auj and OfAuj weren’t so super cool over it but then there was hiking.

Amy plans her progressive dinner and sleepover. They’re off to the castle to have snack? Amy talks about how she left every thing to marry Matt.

Back in Bend, Jer chooses rockclimbing even tho Zach doesn’t like it. Auj and OfAuj love the rockclimbing. Zach isn’t as fond but does it because he’s basically being shamed on camera.

Back at the castle everyone is smoking the ganja and Amy is all crazy on the mule. I bet Matt will be pissed.

Now in Bend Jer asks about the newlyweds. They all talk about spending. OfAuj is appalled at how Auj isn’t as clean and neat as he is. Tory hates Zach’s cereal bowl issues. Zach and Tory are cute.

At the progressive dinner, the main course is at the fire pit. Amy is enjoying the farm. She also wants a girls retreat.

At Bend, Auj and OfAuj  plan to stay at Bend for a few years. They also want multiple kids. Zach and Tory want kids. OfAuj is worried about the farm. 

Since rumor has it that Molly and Jacob and Isobel were around for the Bend trip, I am amused at how they were cut. Molly especially since she’s not the bad sibling.

Now Amy’s dinner group is having dessert in the barn! Amy is still awed that her friends showed up, which is kinda sad and I feel for her. Next day, Matt is all about bitching over donuts that if OfAuj had made them, he’d be all “OMG my boy is a man!”. Matt turns this into “I had no idea a party meant damage” – Amy is all “I’m open but I am not simply saying yes to everything”.

In upcoming events look, Auj is now at the farm doing stuff while Matt and Amy argue. I wonder who wants the farm!

*Plus points for anyone who understands why I am calling Jeremy “OfAuj” :D


Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of “When Matt’s Away, Amy Will Play”

I must mention the preceding marathon of reruns and rehashes that took place hours and hours before the actual “new” episode. I’m so glad that I had project work to do, interspersed with watching the 2,394th and final match at the Boleyn Ground before it closes after 132 years.

My initial concern was the amount of mileage TLC feels the need to get out of the same old stuff. For all the filming claimed to be done by Matt and Amy’s fan pages and the post on this blog, I wonder how much ends up on the cutting room floor. I guess we should all be patient, TLC might be saving it up for the next 5 seasons.

Amy’s all alone. What a revelation. We didn’t hear too much reflection on what she felt she did or how she acted to end up in this situation. She’s all for ‘moving forward’ but she might not realize it involves a total liquidation of ALL the assets (farm, land, houses, toys, businesses) and a simple divide by two 50/50, and there you have it. This simple procedure will cause problems later. You’ll see. I’m probably expecting too much.

When Zach and Tori are shopping, Zach made the statement that the other couple have “different tastes” that him and Tori. That’s the understatement of the year. Of course they get the gift that Tori want to give them (see below) but her logic that, “If we get them a portable bar, then they will start to use alcohol a bit more” is a bit flawed to me. Despite the photographic evidence that has been made public over the years, we know who uses alcohol and who doesn’t. The whole discussion thing and the speaker call to Special Jer seemed just a bit staged to me. Zach waxed eloquent once again on compromise, but I can’t ever remember when Tori compromised on anything. Special Jer’s concerns about a rental are very real in my experience. I have friends with pets and finding a rental that allows pets is like winning the Lottery.

I think arrangements were made with the landlord, because if it was anybody else, the dog would just not be allowed. Period. But that doesn’t stop the situation from getting tense, due to Mr. Sullivan’s training.

Matt is picking up ashes etc., from the firepit. This is pure nonsense. Matt has a staff, of Camarino, and at least two others employees who do all this manual labour. You can’t even think to begin to tell me Matt goes out there and does it himself. Hogwash. Yes there might be rules, but Matt cracks the whip and his staff jump. All of us who know Matt can see him setting up his easel and preparing his palette for the end of the show.

Amy takes her girlfriend around the farm giving out her version of a progressive dinner. When my parents went on these dinners, they involved as many families as courses. Horse dovers were at one family’s house, soup was at another family’s house, etc. They dinner was not at the same place. But, lets cut Amy some slack here. Perhaps she couldn’t get any product placements (except “The Party Place caterers for the barn scene) like the kids do in this episode.

Audrey and Tori’s discussion did not yield anything interesting. However, the boys (ask Amy if they’re still boys) had more telling remarks. Jeremy’s assessment the, “I would be a fool to take over the farm as heir and son and make it work. I have to make some money somehow first.” As anyone capable of conscious thought will realize that the farm is doomed. Stick it with a fork, it’s done like dinner. Unless……………

Sully messes up. On a solid wood door, no less. Cue Chopin’s Funeral March. Ok Ok, some will say Sully is a dog. Fine. However, I’ve seen many many dogs who are much better trained than Sully is. Tori could have done a head over heels better job at training her dog. Nope. Even Zach said, “We’re pretty chill on how we treat our dog” That’s great. You can be chill, but you can also properly train your pet, because YOU are the one responsible for your pet’s behaviour. Sully doesn’t give two hoots about pleasing his pack leader. And that is not Sully fault.

Amy serves horse dovers in the castle. The throne has been converted into the biggest pity pot I’ve ever seen.

The kids go rock climbing. I wonder what Zach will have Jeremy do to get him out of his comfort zone, like special Jer delighted so much in doing to his brother? I have a few ideas, as do so many of us. Is seems also to me, that Special Jer gets ‘stuck’ on a single word occasionally, like “intentional” and earlier “dynamic”, “oh its such a strange dynamic’, what a “different dynamic”. Oh well.

We witness the crime of the doughnuts. Honestly, I’d much rather watch The Swedish Chef makes doughnuts than Amy and her girlfriends.

The kids have a discussion on married life. Jeremy is the spender in that marriage. D’uh. Tori is the spender in that marriage. D’uh. I did get a bit concerned when Zach described the entire process for putting plates away in the upper cupboard. Tori thinks this is amusing, while the average height person (her) sits back and watches. Why not split duties accordingly? Zach can load the dishwasher, and Tori can put things in the upper cupboard? Probably because Tori would not get the opportunity to watch her husband climb all over the kitchen like a monkey, and Zach would not get the opportunity to check out his wife’s butt.

We watch the couples in the Pine Tavern “dynamic.”

The day after the progressive dinner on the same property. Here comes the bullshit put-up staged crap nonsense. Matt decides to ‘check’ the farm. Ok. He sees something in the dirt. What does he do? He drives RIGHT OUT INOT THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!!!! He’s all upset and fumes about Amy doing doughnuts on the farm as he is PASRKED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!!!!  He says that doing doughnuts on a big farm is no big deal but we use these fields to plant real crops. Oh My!! Do you know what that means people? There was NOTHING PLANTED in the dirt than Amy drove over, and Matt was PARKED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF!!!!

The resulting showdown proved a couple of things. Amy is still fed up with Matt. Matt is just as talented at painting himself as a victim as his brother is at painting for a living. We need to go back to the Storyline Cheat Sheets. Their timing is just terrible.


Angela said...

"*Plus points for anyone who understands why I am calling Jeremy “OfAuj”`

The answer is because you're a Godless hater who hates Christians and therefore is always trying to demean people who raise God's Kingdom up because it frightens you.

Rap541 said...

Angela - I'm sorry but that's not correct :)

Ecossais said...

Oh boy. Here we go again. First post on a NEW thread brings god into it.

I would think Rap is saying this because Jer has no balls and is part of Auj now.

Thanks for the review Rap. I am glad I did not waste my time watching.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Angela, you're hilarious! Please don't stop the aggression until someone states the facts and you cry, "Persecution!" Hang in there!

Rap, I can't figure it out. Perhaps it's time Anne J. Bailey was resurrected to straighten all us godless haters. Wait a minute. If you're being called a 'godless' hater, what are the christians on here called when they spew outright hatred, supposedly in god's name?

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmm......"

Hannah said...

Great recap,of the show...and you're right about Matt and the donuts...if golden boy Jer had made them he would be laughing and saying "boys will be boys"...remember when Zach did donuts in the mud with the Toyota minivan? Matt could care less and just shrugged his shoulders about it. As I recall, the minivan was ruined from all the mud inside and outside. Auj is all about the money grab she is anticipating when she and Jer get their mitts on the farm...I foresee a cat fight between her and Tori over who gets the farm. Do Jer and Auj have jobs other than blogging or writing on their marriage website? I find it funny that they lecture others on how to have a healthy and happy marriage when they've been married for what, about 10 minutes? Did Amy and Matt get themselves little dogs?

PJ said...

Lets face it Matt is mad because he cannot control Amy at all any more and she doesn't have to respect his "vision" for the farm any more.

I hope the other kids demand their shares of the farm..

J45 said...

Angela, it's a reference to 'The Handmaid's Tale'. I can't decide if you know that and are genuinely offended because you understand what Rap's implying, or if you're blindly calling Rap a Christian-hater without getting the reference.

Nice review, Rap!

Lover of Humor said...


Anonymous said...

Shout out to Jeremy for not realizing that Sully was a boy even though it's his brother's dog and it has been around forever...

Anonymous said...

I have no idea about the 0fAuj, but I am positive it is funny, and the comment above is a bit um...scary. Why would someone read this if they think those things? Odd...very odd.

Rap541 said...

(hands J45 the Smartfood popcorn prize) You win! :)

Yeah, definitely a reference to The Handmaid's Tale. I think *you* get what I am implying with it but I think Angela is just displaying her Christian manners and ignorance. As usual.

Ecossais - in the book, the dominant partners had names and the submissive partners took the dominant partner's name "Offred" "Ofmike" or "Ofauj".

I just miss when Jeremy had ambition. He's on camera now stating his plan for life is to inherit the farm. I really hope if the plan ISN'T "give it all to Jer" - and frankly it could be - that there's a really serious will written to deal with the property. Auj definitely wants the farm.

rose_in_real_life said...

Let's not get so serious, people. By the way, high-larious wrap-up of the show.

Amy explained that a progressive dinner is one in which you go from place to place to enjoy different parts of a meal. Sounds like a Portlandia thing to me.

By the way, Oregon is not a community property state like, say, California, so I assume dividing assets is quite difficult when you take into account that both Matt and Amy and, in effect, the entire family all contributed to the Roloff loot. There weren't two distinct sources of income, such as his salary and her salary. Therefore, why in God's name, for that reason alone, would these two people bother to get divorced at their ages? (Yes, I am their ages and married for 31 years & with 4 kids to boot, so I know what it's like to be with someone for that long.) It's crazy to me.

Rap541 said...

Podge it's hilarious isn't it?

The best part is how no one did anything demonstrably Christian at all in this episode. If this was the first episode someone ever watched of the show, they would have no idea that Auj and Jer have dedicated their lives and marriage to Christ.

Angela - you're welcome to point out examples of Jeremy and Audrey openly acknowledging their faith in this episode. I'm really open to that.

Mojo said...

Come on how no one is commenting that Jer is now a neat freak? He had nothing to do with how the room he shared wit,h Zachary looked? It was a disgrace.

Mojo said...

Now Jer is a neat freak? Puhleeze!!!!!

PJ said...

A progressive dinner is normally one where a group goes from one home to the next for each course. Going from one area of the farm to the next kinda defeats the shared experience of each household producing food.

Ecossais said...

Rose - I couldn't make any sense out of the "progressive dinner" thing but apparently doing donuts with an ATV to make Matt mad was part of it.

You make an interesting point about the property.

This could be a real mess. Amy lives in the mansion, Matt has his house on the property and Jeremy wants it all.

I would imagine that the main asset is the farm. If that value is divided up and Jeremy wants the farm he may have to takeout a mortgage to buy out the other family members or get a "loan" from them.

The god squad will have a fit if Jacob (the devil incarnate) gets a share for his 10 years participation in the show.

Roly Poly Oly said...

I thought it was uproariously funny that Jeremy said he was a neat freak. He did seem to have a little more drive than Zach when they were kids and cleaning up (for the cameras), but yeah, I know.

He might have discovered that he is neat and clean now that he is out of the Roloff household. He does have 98% of Matt's tendencies after all. And kids will show their true colors when they a) have their first real car and b) move out. Or maybe Auj is a total slob. She was a bit b****y in this episode, by the way.

Speaking of cars, what the heck was that white automobile on Jer's driveway? He called it his car. It had no hubcap on the front left wheel. What happened to all the other cars he owned?

Anonymous said...

Please tell us what OfAuj means. I'm dying to know.

Sarah said...

Isn't it interesting Audrey and her group of rich, skinny, pretty white friends were coined the "God Squad in high school" and now there is a group of people on here called the God Squad.

See how terrifyingly cult like religion tends to be...

Rap541 said...

Anon "OfAuj" is a reference to the book The Handmaid's Tale, where a conservative Christian government overtakes the US and puts it's own marital laws in place. Women are assigned to men to marry and made to dress as their husband wants, and are required to be instantly obedient and to treat the husband as their own personal god. They also are essentially property - when they are given to a man, they take their husband's name so if your husband's name is Jacob, for example, your name becomes "Ofjacob" because you are nothing but his property per the religion of the land.

In Jer and Auj's case... since Jeremy is such a whipped bitch who's current life ambition is to inherit, and who currently does everything to please Auj, he's the submissive partner who obeys. He's "OfAuj".

*Folks who will insist I am hating... please point me to Jeremy's career plans that don't involve being on a tv show because his family members have dwarfism or his plans to do nothing but be handed the farm. Seriously - he's 26. Don't tell me he takes after Daddy Matt because the one thing I will give Matt credit on is his sheer drive and willingness to work... When Matt was Jeremy's age, he was supporting a growing family and working a serious job. If Jeremy doesn't inherit, how exactly will he provide for a family?

Rap541 said...

Oooh Podge nice recap!

I actually agree with you on Sully's training and I worry that his lack of training will ultimately lead to him getting the boot once a baby comes. That said, lesson learned for Auj and Jer, I think. I have at least one close friend who has me over all the time, and never comes to my house because I can't have pets here and his dog is a lovely badly trained Shiba inu and I don't like messes.

The dinner was clearly the staged event for the cameras for Amy and Matt which was why it never left the farm. And nice catch, Matt bitching about the crops being driven over as he drives thru the "crops" himself.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Anonymous @ 2:43 PM, if you read all the posts the answers is there. Start at the top to spare yourself some time.

At this time, I want to put forward a fearless prediction on the future of the Roloff menagerie. There have been rumours and innuendo flying around of late that Matt and Amy are actually going to consider 'dating' again, which it is hoped will result in a re-marraige.

Their are many reasons why this has surfaced, and is, I repeat, scattered conjecture as far as I know. Let's look objectively (all the supposed christians best be looking that up that word in your Funk and Wagnalls) at the benefits and ramifications of this not-so ludicrous turn of events:

1. it has been made obvious that both Matt and (now) Amy realize the gravy train that is the farm. It is my belief that after the meetings with the lawyers, Amy finally clued in if she hadn't done so already, to the fact that she has co-signed for EVERYTHING. Remember the episode when Matt bought the neighbouring 70 acre farm? How he told Amy point blank that he was going ahead with the purchase whether Amy was at the bank to co-sign or not? And Amy eventually did indeed go to the bank and sign the purchase documents? Some said back then that Amy thought, "My piece of the pie will be shrunk to well under 50% if I don't sign. Me go to bank now." As I mentioned in my review, they have discussed in this episode the complete liquidation of ALL assets, then splitting the cash 50/50, then going their separate ways. All fine and dandy, until the following complications rear their ugly heads;
a) Matt and Amy's speaking engagement careers. How will the revenue be split? Also smaller businesses like Direct Access Solutions et al.
b) Money owed to all the children versus what has been paid out already? Unless you've been reading ridiculous ideas about how the Big MR silenced the critics, it has been established that there WERE no trust funds for any of the four children, there ARE no trust funds, there NEVER HAS BEEN any trust funds. Remember an Xmas episode a few years ago? Special Jer asking mommy and daddy for $7500.00 for a new camera? On camera? I do. In an effort to promote discussion (that's why this blog is here) I put forward that the doling out of money has never, is never, and will never be equal, to all four children. Therefore all these payments MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR (thus included in the court documents) in the division of the assets as per the divorce. Also, any further payments will come from.......whom? Matt, Amy, or 50/50? I can't wait for all these figures to become public knowledge.
c) The futures of everyone involved with respect to the biggest source of income, the pumpkin business, online retailing etc. etc. (Get your bottle of Roloff Farm Dirt NOW before it's too late!!!)

2. The vision of Auj and Special Jer rubbing their hands is abject glee at the thought of Special Jer's parents getting married again, and this beating50percent? Well people, I'm guessing in real time at the very least the Decree Nisi has been signed already, and it won't be too much longer before the Decree Absolute is finalized and the asset splitting would have begun. So you see, they are not REALLY beating 50 percent. I hope this will happen to provide he marriage wth some sort of income, because it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither spouse can independently provide for the other.

3. The last point is the hypocrisy of the whole thing. Amy was so snotty and demonstrative of the Karshians making a TV spectacle of their divorce(es) that she could not bear to be thought of in the same light. Regardless of who Weiner Whiner is.

Let's be realistic people. The farm will never be sold. Matt an Amy will never divide the farm. They need the farm. They need the money. And they also really need the ratings.

Paula said...

Raps attacks on Jeremy are unwarranted and should not be tolerated.

Jeremy and Audrey respect each other and they are in their marriage for Jesus. Someone is jealous that Jeremy and Audrey have a healthy relationship so you attempt to mock Jeremy.

Audrey has always shown Jeremy the utmost respect unlike Amy.

That's not to say Jeremy has done everything right, but he's not perfect. He acknowledged his faults in the story about disrespecting Audrey with the female friend from Santa Barbara who did not respect Audrey enough to stay away from Jeremy.

Jeremy also has not, at least publicly, and I'm guessing not privately either, defended Audrey's honor and stood up for Audrey and put Jacob in his place. He let Jacob disrespect his wife with no consequences and that is wrong.

Rap541 said...

Paula - Jeremy didn't respect Audrey enough to not encourage an inappropriate relationship. Sure, he apologized *after* but lets not pin all the blame on how the girl in Santa Barbara said to Jer "Jer, I don't respect your girlfriend and you're my victim now".

Jeremy was a willing participant in disrespecting his future wife.

So Jeremy has relationships with other women and lets his brother in theory openly disrespect his wife without a word. And I am supposed to kiss his ass and say "Way to go, you're awesome"?


This is the flawed argument - you want Jeremy to be praised despite his own issues but you refuse to extend this forgiveness to others.

I also find it hilarious you're saying my views shouldn't be tolerated as you've been on the whole freedom of expression ride, Paula. Paula can you at least be honest and admit you only want freedom of expression for Christians, and you want all other views to be silenced?

Did you even read Podge's review?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, Matt clearly said 'will be used" to plant "real" crops. I was born and grew up and worked for years on a farm, and I have no idea what "fake" crops are, but although it looked like a lot of volunteer plant were coming up, there was NOTHING planted at that time of year. Which makes the whole charade even bullshitter.

Rap541 said...

Eccosais - and look, Paula the Christian is demanding I be silenced as Jeremy Jesus is too Jesus Awesome to hear anything other than "JEREMY JESUS BE PRAISED!"

Free speech is ONLY FOR CHRISTIANS, right Paula? You WONT TOLERATE anything you don't agree with. You are INTOLERANT and want people who disagree with you silenced.


You do realize you only show your giant ass when you do this right? That your claims of persecution are riduclous as you demand that since you believe in Christ, in America, you want all other voices silenced, right?

If you were *really* persecuted, dear Christians, you'd be afraid to speak up. Think about it.

PJ said...

The Sully situation is solely on Jer and Aujs heads. If they weren't going to allow Sully in the house they should have said so.

As far as Sully's training, my bulldog was show trained and if he'd been in a strange place, left in a dark garage separated from me he would have gotten through that door.

The door was easily fixable and why didn't Jer, the Son and Heir (as he titled himself)know that a solid core door is easier to re-finish than a hollow core?

I'm sorry that you only see the surface of Auj and Jer. I sincerely doubt they believe in much of anything. They are very much shallow narcissists who will say whatever it takes to get what they want and people want to see them as a great Christ based couple. Please for your own sake find someone who deserves your admiration and praise, these two aren't it.

Kelly said...

Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones, like Jeremy often suggests, I see Isabel is copying Jeremy's line. But she leaves out a very big part of what she's doing.

"A couple weeks ago I went to stay with my dad to help take care of him after he had surgery, and I had a lot of time to reflect on my life while visiting Oregon. I stayed in the same room I used to daydream in as a kid about living in California and making it big one day... It was awesome to notice that even a small step like moving to your dream state can do so much for you. With moving came so many different changes like learning how to live with Jacob just us, starting school, creating lifelong friendships, experiencing living somewhere new, and learning so much about myself that I am falling in love with... It was important to me that I followed my dreams. Those who know me know I've always wanted to live here in California where the ocean water is teal and the tree bark is red Honestly, if I could give any advice to anyone it would be to take a risk by stepping outside of your comfort zone. If it scares you, it's probably worth trying"

She doesn't mention anything about HOW she accomplished that while she's giving advice. She did it by taking her mother's life's work and by hooking up with a druggie who has never worked a real job for any substantial amount of time and who threw his family under the bus because of his greed. She's trying to paint how she is living as a dream, when really they are just two stoners living off money others provided for them.

Katie A. said...

Kelly, excuse me but IF Isabel is living off of her mother's life work, she didn't "take" it. It was given to her by her mother. Because her mother worked hard and thought her children could use it. Her mother died when she was 17, of course her mother left her money. Just because nobody died and left you money, doesn't mean you have to make Isabel feel bad about it. She didn't ask for it. And she did work a job, she could've saved up. And I doubt she is a "stoner".

Kelly said...

Katie A, that doesn't change anything. I called it her mother's life's work and it is. And Isabel is living off it (and Jacob threatening his family and throwing them under the bus for money that they provided him through the opportunity of the show).

Isabel thinks she can sit on a throne and give advice to people about "stepping outside your comfort zone" and living their dreams. Maybe she should qualify it with "if you get given money by deceased mother or your boyfriend threatens his family with tabloid public feud"

Isabel and Jacob would be nothing if it wasn't for what other people provided for them and the hard work of those other people.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, the characterization of Isobel "Taking her mother's life's work" is a really strange way to interpret someone inheriting.

Kelly - are you accusing her of stealing? Because it really does start to seem like you're just jealous she's got money and you don't.

If you're not jealous at all, why do you care if someone you don't like wastes their life?

Kaitlyn said...

Jacob always looks stoned in Isabel's pictures.
Is TLC ignoring him completely now?

TLC would be smart to do what the WWE did to Hulk Hogan. Erase him from their history, lol.

Rap541 said...

"Jacob threatening his family and throwing them under the bus for money that they provided him through the opportunity of the show"

If this is true - that Jacob is receiving money NOT DUE to him or NOT EARNED by him... it is all happening because his family *prefers* to pay him off. They don't have to - especially if the argument is "they did nothing wrong".

People who have done nothing wrong are not able to be blackmailed.

Katie A. said...

She could've stayed in Hillsboro, Oregon her whole life and blown that money. But to me it sounds like she is actually going off and trying to do something with her life. Something that many of you have accused her of NOT doing. So what would you prefer, Kelly? That she would've stayed in Oregon and done whatever she was doing "going on hikes and doing nothing but drugs"? She clearly stated she's going to school in California and she is following her dreams... With the help of her mother's money, sure, yes. But now she has a life she can build for herself, after a devastating loss.

Jacob is a different story and I don't want to talk about him.

Marissa said...

Yeah because Jacob *WANTS* TLC to pay attention to him,

Hahaha dumbasses

Connor said...

Marissa, your intelligence is the one worth questioning if you don't think Jacob is an attention seeker.

Whining, screaming, creating a scene, saying outrageous things, getting the attention of TMZ and anyone who will notice him about supposedly not wanting to be one the show, is..yes being an attention seeker.

Jacob could have deleted his twitter and got off social media altogether and would get zero attention if that's what he truly wanted. But it's not.

Is he really done being seen on the show? What about the recent "Roloff Siblings" meeting in Bend that was being filmed? Will Jacob really not appear on camera in that episode? He was already trying to do damage control for when he's on the show and reveals himself to be a huge hypocrite. I saw him write some lame excuse about 'if they happen to be filming when I see my family, then I might be on the show'...which is a load of BS.

Rap and Podge, you're idiots. You think anything about the dog and the landlord was real? Or Matt's anger about the "donuts". Haven't you learned anything?

Connor said...

Katie, Isabel has aligned herself with the scum that is Jacob. You can't attempt to defend her and not talk about him.

I have no doubt that Jacob is using Isabel and in the end she will be burned by him, but the fact that she's chosen to live with a loser like Jacob says a lot about her.

Kelly is right about the money. If you have a crap load of money fall into your lap (be it tragic or fortunate circumstances) you should cool it on "live like me, follow my advice" wisdom.

Alina said...

Oh okay, Connor, so you agree that Audrey and Jeremy are the last people to hand out advice, too, then? Or do you sip the Jeremy kool-aid too?

Mandy said...

I think it's ridiculous how just because you somehow have this weird hatred for Jacob that you can just say whatever you want about Isabel. She can do and say whatever she wants, and you don't have to follow it. So she chooses to love Jacob, and move on... Just stop talking about someone you hate so much.

Rap541 said...

Rap and Podge, you're idiots. You think anything about the dog and the landlord was real? Or Matt's anger about the "donuts". Haven't you learned anything?

Little bit, yeah. Do I think Jer and Auj easily got the door repaired by TLC? Yup. Do I think they were a bit pissed it happened? Yup.

Do I think Matt was pissed about the lawn damage? Yes, in that he's pissed Amy is no longer paying lip service to massaging his ego.

As for attention seeking.... while I am sure Jacob will turn up in an episode or two this season, we've had two now with no Jacob at all (which of course makes it hilarious that the episode thread is turning into a Jacob bitchfest) and Isobel has never formally been on the show (by formally, I mean she's never been named or allowed to speak and I can only think of two episodes off hand where she even appeared).

Again - sounds like the lot of you are jealous she has money, but really, if you genuinely think she's spending it all on drugs... then it will bite her soon enough. I suspect your protests revolve around not being so certain she'll be ending up poor, on the streets, desperately regretting her choices.

If you have a crap load of money fall into your lap (be it tragic or fortunate circumstances) you should cool it on "live like me, follow my advice" wisdom.

I assume this applies to Audrey as well?

Hailey said...

"I have no doubt Jacob is using Isabel"...

But protesters on here before have claimed Isabel is using Jacob for "fame". Can't have your cake and eat it, too, you ugly haters so what is the truth and who's tellin'?

Because it seems to me the reality of the situation is this: Isabel and Jacob are young adults living their lives in a small town in California minding their own damn business while you sit on your ass complaining about them. Not to mention the fact they seem really in love, and your insessent need to convince everyone that they just use each other is continuously proven wrong by their obvious love for each other.

You kids can relax now and shut up. Your sticks are far up your ass.

Ellen said...

Yeah, Connor you have some explaining to do. You want to hate on Isabel because her mom DIED so that's how she got the money (love how you casually downplay someone's mother dying to prove your own point, classy) but approve of Audrey's inheritance because her parents are ALIVE... Oh, hilarious. The hypocrisy leaks from your pores.

Claire said...

Back to the episode which this article is about. If Sully truly marked up the door while Jeremy and Zach were out getting coffee and Audrey and Tori were inside making breakfast in a kitchen that is like 4 feet from the door which was marked up, don't you think they would have heard him. Scratching up a wooden door is no quiet act. I have a little dog and can hear him paw at the floor for more water when I'm two rooms away with the TV on. II agree that TLC probably paid for a new door because they a) wanted Sully to mark it up or b) did it themselves. They always need a little drama in each episode to try and make it interesting. Too bad they didn't have better acting skills to make it more believable.

I was reading the Bible today, yes I am a Christian. I read Proverbs 28:6 "Better to be poor and honest than to be dishonest and rich." Audrey and Jeremy deleting comments on the Beating 50% thread about their views on gay marriages and the comments about Jeremy's adulterous relationship, and any comments that they don't like is a form of dishonesty to keep the gravy train running. I get it, it is there blog and they can do what they want with the comments just like Spirits could delete all the comments that worships Auj and Jer or Jacob, or all the hater comments, but doesn't. I feel when you pick and choose the comments that appear on your thread to only agree with your view points make it less authentic.

AND YES, that would make Jacob and Isobel dishonest too. Although, they aren't making money off of their Twitter or Instagram feeds or trying to make money on a for profit blog.

Janet said...

Katie, to Kelly's point, you act like Isabel only had two options

"She could've stayed in Hillsboro, Oregon her whole life and blown that money. But to me it sounds like she is actually going off and trying to do something with her life. Something that many of you have accused her of NOT doing. So what would you prefer, Kelly? That she would've stayed in Oregon and done whatever she was doing "going on hikes and doing nothing but drugs"?"

What about dedicating her life to doing something productive and make her mother proud? She didn't have to stay in Oregon and do drugs with Jacob. Her only other option wasn't to blow her mother's money on a house in California with Jacob and do drugs with him there.

She could have served the Lord. Instead of what appears to be one empty shout out on Audrey's Instagram for John Mark Comer, she could have actually become a member of A Jesus Church and made her life accountable to Jesus.

Rap541 said...

But protesters on here before have claimed Isabel is using Jacob for "fame". Can't have your cake and eat it, too, you ugly haters so what is the truth and who's tellin'?

Hailey it's all part of the giant circular ragefest that swirls around Jacob. Not helped that I suspect a good half of the Isobel hate comes from people who are still pissed about high school.

Since Isobel appears to like Jacob, and Jacob is unredeemable in the eyes of God, forever doomed as Satan on earth (Christians, correct me if you genuinely think I am overstating your views but remember - you're the ones who insist he rolled his eyes and DAMNED HIMSELF TO HELL) there must be some out of the normal reason for Isobel to hang around Jacob. Therefore she must be an attention seeking whore slut like Tory, both of whom are only interested in the scum Roloffs because they wanna be tv stars!

When it's pointed out that Jacob pretty clearly is choosing to be less involved on the show and that Isobel hasn't even been identified on the show, well, she's after Jacob for his money and his drugs. When it's pointed out that she appears to be independently wealthy and women obtain illegal drugs on their own all the time, well, she's an awful person for inheriting money as everyone who inherits money from a dead parent must immediately drop all plans and "LIVE FOR THE DEAD PARENT" - because that's what people do when a parent dies, they commit their own life to doing as Mom or Dad always wanted no ifs ands or buts, and you're a piece of shit if you DO NOT LIVE AND MAKE CHOICES IN HONOR OF YOUR DEAD PARENT.

If Isobel says something nice, she's a lying piece of shit. If she says something vaguely negative, of course she's evil evil evil.

I genuinely think Isabel could rescue a baby from a burning car and people here would find some reason to consider it an evil act. Pretty sure Jacob would be castigated for the same act as well.

It's especially amusing when it's compared to Auj marrying the popular Roloff and immediately shining on in numerous "OMG I AM A ROLOFF NOW LOOK AT ME PUT ME ON TV" specials. Anyone want to bet we'll be treated to an "OMG WE GOT MARRIED TWO YEARS AGO SO WE HAD TO GO BACK TO THE FARM DRESSED IN OUR WEDDING OUTFITS AGAIN AND REDO PHOTOS AGAIN BECAUSE WE GOT MARRIED AND THATS OUR LIFE WORK!" montage?

Connor said...

"But protesters on here before have claimed Isabel is using Jacob for "fame". Can't have your cake and eat it, too, you ugly haters so what is the truth and who's tellin'?"

Sure they both can. Friends of Isabel already revealed that she said it was her dream to move to California and be famous and that she was obsessed with celebrity. Being from a small town in Oregon, what was the best way? Jacob.

It is her house in California isn't it? Wanna bet who is paying most if not all of the bills? And the expenses. Betcha it's not Jacob.

Not to mention the fact they seem really in love, and your insessent need to convince everyone that they just use each other is continuously proven wrong by their obvious love for each other.

Because they say that on social media? LMAO!
I'll remind you that a week or two before Jacob dumped Stephanie he was posting that they'll always be together and their love will last, blah blah blah.

You can't see the real Jacob? He uses people and his word means nothing. The Stephanie example of the ever lasting love as he was getting ready to dump her. The "I'm quitting the show" followed by an entire season of being part of show.

The not so subtle "My parents are fucking me out of money, here ya go TMZ, speculate on how my Mom and Dad are thieves that steal from their kids"...followed by smiley family pictures and hollow public Instagram posts about his love for Amy. The only thing consistent about his view on Christianity is his inconsistency. One day it's stupid, the next it's Atheists are dumber, then he's all for his girl supporting John Mark Comer and quoting the Bible. His inconsistency on the gay agenda, publicly trying to show himself as a Liberal while in real life making it clear he didn't want gays anywhere near him. And then deleting and denying evidence of all his lies and inconsistencies.

Jacob has zero integrity. His word means nothing. Then he writes that truth and honesty are the most important things to him. LOL!

Little bit, yeah. Do I think Jer and Auj easily got the door repaired by TLC? Yup. Do I think they were a bit pissed it happened? Yup.

God, you're not very bright Rap. It's all fake. It's called a story line. How many seasons has the show been going? And you still haven't figured out that the "Oh no, look at what the dog did to the will we ever survive...cue commercial" is staged and completely fake.

"Yeah, Connor you have some explaining to do. You want to hate on Isabel because her mom DIED so that's how she got the money (love how you casually downplay someone's mother dying to prove your own point, classy) but approve of Audrey's inheritance because her parents are ALIVE... Oh, hilarious. The hypocrisy leaks from your pores."

I speak the truth about her inheritance. This isn't the fake show or Jacob's Instagram where we don't say the truth.

She is living in a house in California because that's what she choose to do with the money she got from her mother's death. Is that true or false?

As for Jacob, the difference I draw between Jeremy and Jacob is that Jeremy has always embraced the show. One of them promoted the show and one whined and complained. While Jeremy was telling people to watch the show every episode, Jacob was telling people how much he hated it. Jeremy was a major player on the show. Jacob wasn't because he was a whiny, moody bitch.

Yeah, there's a difference when Jacob steps out and says give me all this money for being on the show when all he did was whine and be a problem.

Jeremy embraced and promoted the show.

Jeremy also has the photography projects and college degree.

Jeremy and Audrey, say what you want, have turned their efforts on the show into an income off the show with their blog.

At least they are doing something for themselves.

Rap541 said...

Janet - and if her mother wasn't religious, should she join a Jesus Church?

I mean, is there ANY indication that Isobel's mom wanted her daughter to dedicate her life to Christ? Any at all?

My point btw is that you have no idea what Isobel's mom wanted for her daughter so your pronouncements really have no meaning. Isobel's mom may simply have wanted her daughter to choose happiness. She may have wanted Isobel to go to college and be a doctor. What I am pretty sure of is that you don't know that Isobel's mom ever wanted her to join A Jesus Church. So please stop defining "doing what her mom wanted" as "BEING CHRISTIAN OR ELSE SHE'S A BAD DAUGHTER"

Alexa said...

"Hailey it's all part of the giant circular ragefest that swirls around Jacob. Not helped that I suspect a good half of the Isobel hate comes from people who are still pissed about high school."

Rap, why does that matter? Why do you dismiss it?

Isabel was a bitch in school. She was mean and she was a bully. She hurt a lot of people by being so uncaring about other people. That's who she is.

I don't feel bad for reminding people what she is really like now that she's trying to present herself as something she's not.

When you know what she's like, it's sickening to see some of her suck up posts to the more famous Roloffs on social media.

Rap, defending Isabel? She does not deserve defense. I think people are pretty easy on her because they don't know depths of what bad person she is.

Alina said...

Oh, Alexa. That's high school. And you need to move on. She's since 2 years graduated.

Sarah said...

Alexa you sound like an ex girlfriend bitter about Isabel and Jacob getting together. Isabel chose Jacob and Jacob chose Isabel. They are in love. You are going to have to get the heck over it.

Rap541 said...

Connor - I really don't much care what your opinion is since you're a little peepants boy who thinks the second he's alone, his little bitch ass is up for grabs. But let me help you out.

It really doesn't matter to me if the door thing was staged or not. The kids chose to let it be filmed and they're the ones insisting it really happened. Likewise the stupid yard issue. If it's all lies - then the Roloffs are liars and I am fine with that but I better not hear one word of bitching when I call them liars.

But I actually think the door did get scratched up because... frankly none of the players - Jeremy, Auj, Tory or Zach, are that good at acting. In fact its generally very very obvious when the kids are "doing a scene" and instead, with the door issue, Auj looked genuinely pissed, and Zach and Tory looked genuinely worried.

The yard issue? I think Amy was encouraged by production to get rowdy. I think Matt knew that and decided to be a needling ass and it led to some actual anger on both of their parts.

If you want to be a little pisspants over it, go ahead. We all know who the moron is here.

Interesting that you're defending "working on the show" as Jeremy and Auj's excuse when "working on the show" is deemed Jacob lying since everyone knows no one really worked as kids. More amusingly, you're considering Jer and Auj's plan to do nothing but wait to be handed the farm as "doing something for themselves".

Denise said...

Some of you can mock me for the dreams that God blesses me with, but I'll share a true story of what happened about two weeks ago.

There was a nasty man at work who was always cursing God. He knew I was a woman of faith that loved Jesus and he would not hesitate to mock Jesus and curse. He was getting worse and worse and I had a dream that he was bringing something horrible upon himself because of the way he was living his life and disrespecting God.

A few days later he did not show up for work. We then learned that he had a massive stroke and now is unable to speak. I believe with all my heart that he brought that on himself because of the way he was conducting himself. He was cursing and mocking Jesus and now he is unable to speak. God showed me that something bad was going to happen.

If you spit on God, don't be surprised if that person is struck down. It might be two days later, it might be two months later, it might be two years later, it might be twelve years later but you are bring it on yourself.

I have the same bad feeling about Jacob that I had for that man at my work. If God strikes Jacob down, don't act like it wasn't predictable.

Annira Elliott said...

Alexa, you are absolutely ridiculous, as we have people on here claim Isabel was nice. You are one person in a sea of 4,000 kids who went to school with her. Just because you and Isabel have some weird beef doesn't mean you get to speak about the whole population. We've had people on here claim she was the nicest person they've met etc.

What's more pathetic is you're still talking about high school and we are all grown adults. You could go to Isabel directly and cry about your mistreatment from her but instead you flock to hate blog dedicated to the Roloffs. You're the one who looks mean and like a bully.

People change every single day and perhaps Isabel has. Instead of giving her a chance you are accusing her of being mean during high school when while in high school she faced two deaths of family members while trying to juggle school. Not to mention she was linked to a meathead jock so of course she would be a little different. If you are holding onto high school beef and drama, you need to to get a life and seriously consider what you're doing.

Rap541 said...

Alexa - because high school is over and Isobel moved away from her high school pals.

If we judged everyone by their high school years, then you should hate Jeremy Roloff as a racist jock asshole who liked to shit on people. Even I let it go occasionally but you're making the argument for me that I should never let it go and Jeremy should be forever judged for his asshole behavior in high school.

If Isabel was a bitch in high school and bullied you, that's too bad. I mean that, btw. But high school is over, and you're choosing to define yourself by Isobel's opinion and that's where it's not healthy for you, and that's where it becomes "stupid high school crap". Are you in high school still? If Isobel was in front of you, would you cower and tremble and accept her abuse? I doubt the answer is yes. So take that strength, and move on. The reality of post high school life is that no one really cares what happened in high school and it doesn't define *you*. You are letting it define you when you harp and moan over it. Do you really want Isobel to have that power over you?

Rap541 said...

Denise - so Audrey's shoulder being dislocated IS God's judgement?

Landon said...

And Alexa, you're going to tell us to what extent she is a bad person? People don't know the "depths"? Are you going to tell us? Giving us real examples of how she is a bad person so it's more believable?

Janet said...

Alexa, I'm very sorry for all the people who Isabel hurt in high school. People are very school and it's an absolute crime how mean people like Isabel can be to others during that very difficult time.

I'm not surprised to hear that Isabel was a bully. Jacob is a bully and was a bully. Bullies are attracted to each other.

"Not to mention she was linked to a meathead jock so of course she would be a little different."

Annira, come on! You are blaming Isabel's actions on her ex boyfriend instead of not holding her accountable for how she acted and treated people?

Rap541 said...

Janet - are you sorry for all the people Jeremy Roloff was a racist bigot to in high school?

Annira Elliott said...

Yes, I am. I read and heard things about the meathead jocks in high school. He was one of them and he was an asshole and Isabel wanted to uphold this "cool" image and she was maybe not "nice" to certain people, but other people loved her and had nothing but good things to say about her. So it's just hear say and people gossiping.

Janet said...

Rap, you are not comparing apples to apples.

Isabel was a bully and mean spirited to people her peers in high school.

Jeremy was not actually a "racist bigot" to anybody in his school. He just used some not politically correct slang while talking to his friends on social media.

Alexa is saying Isabel tormented people in her high school. Jeremy didn't do that.

Janet said...

And we know Jacob forced a kid to transfer schools because he was so mean and cruel.

Again, Jeremy never did that to anyone.

Kaitlyn said...

Annira, you're admitting what Alexa is saying is true.

She was dating a bully jock "meat head" so she treated people just like the stereotypical way people think of girlfriends of meat head high school jocks treat people.

Trying to pin it on the guy and excuse Isabel is very, very weak.

Thank you Alexa for sharing the truth.

Annira Elliott said...

But Janet, that's someone's word against someone else's. It's not necessarily true. We know Isabel and Jacob have a lot of haters because both of Jacob's ex girlfriends were and are mentally unstable so they would of course want to stir up some controversy. Isabel's ex, too, probably because he's mad Isabel moved onto bigger and better things than him. Honestly, I wouldn't trust anything anyone on here has to say about Isabel because if they are high school peers it's all just gossip and high school drama. None of it means anything in the real world and it could all be fake for what we know. Sounds like in high school Isabel was more focused on surviving while her mother died her senior year than she would be focused on trying to bully anyone.
And in the event anyone was "tormented", hurt people hurt people and I am definitely willing to look past a time where she was watching her mother die before her eyes. But that's just me.

Annira Elliott said...

No one actually believes this nonsense that's what is so funny to me. It all happened so long ago and in the event that Isabel ever needed to be defended and the truth be told (by someone who isn't personally offended Jacob Roloff loves Isabel and not them) I bet a whole village would flock to Isabel's defense and defend her and expose the truth: that she is a good person with a good heart and you're all drama queens.

Rap541 said...

Janet - and you know Alexa speaks only truth because?

And please stop with the downplaying of the racist hatespeech because I can do the same with bullying. A HUGE part of "bullying" can be attributed to parents not teaching their precious little snowflakes that they aren't perfect in all ways. Many people - parents of accused bullies - make that point all the time, that the victims are little crybabies who never learned to cope because they're too precious and can't handle anything but "way to go!"


Annira - I'll be honest with you - I can buy that someone out there has an unpleasant memory of Isobel in high school. I can buy that someone has unpleasant memories of Jeremy, Zach, Jacob, Molly, Audrey and Tory. I can buy someone has unpleasant high school memories of you, and I, and Janet, because none of us are perfect people and empathy is learned, we're not born with it. It's less I don't believe Isobel could have been an utter shit to someone and more that I have little patience for people who peak in high school and spend their lives reliving high school with all it's glory and all it's imagined slights. Its two years on... its time to get past high school and I am willing to acknowledge people can change after high school (which to stave off whining over Jeremy's hatespeech - the Christian crowd excuses his racism with "he did nothing wrong" not "he was a kid and is now no longer likely to call someone a nigger or a fag")

If Isobel is to be forever judged for high school behavior, then Jeremy - who was no prize - is now forever a racist, a cheater, and an unmotivated lazy twit. But if we're going to hold people forever accountable for things that happened before they were 18, I better never hear a word about how Jeremy drinking, Jeremy using hatespeech, Jeremy saying nasty shit to fans, Jeremy being an asshole to fans etc etc etc was all "it happened when he was a BOY of 17 in high school".

Make sense? If we're going to play the "judge you by your high school self" game then it applies to everyone and EVERYONE is as unforgivable.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy was not actually a "racist bigot" to anybody in his school. He just used some not politically correct slang while talking to his friends on social media.

Just to clarify for new viewers, Janet is being dishonest in her presentation. The Christians often refer to Jeremy's racist hatespeech as "hip hop teen slang" or "not politically correct but he didn't say it to a person of color so its kinda ok".

What Jeremy said was in reference to family friend Mike Detjen doing him a favor, was that "Mike is pretty sweet, *just like a nigger*". Jeremy also liked to call people "faggotholes" and refered to a strong atheletic performance with "Not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defenses".

So he wasn't handslapping a pal with "what up my nigga?" as some - like Janet - often claim. He was making a slave reference using the word nigger as a descriptive of someone who is servile.

Is he sorry? We'll never know - he hid behind Daddy Matt and Daddy Matt let "one of the children" take the blame (frankly, I am waiting for this to somehow get pinned on Jacob) and Jeremy routinely drops hints that he mostly sorry that he can't call people niggers and faggitholes without there being consequences but is otherwise unapolojectic.

It happened in high school and per the Christian set, what happens in high school is forever the mark of shame you will bear publically... so Jeremy is a racist bigot.

I mean, high school matters and Jeremy was all about calling people niggers and faggots in high school. Why would he change? SHouldn't he be judged forever for his actions in high school that he is unrepetant about? Just like Jacob and Isobel?

Roly Poly Oly said...

1) Is anyone on board with me that the entire divorce is a ridiculous waste of time and money?

2) How stupid to want to divorce in your 50s? Matt's health is only going to go downhill. Doesn't he think it would be nice to have his spouse of 29 years by his side when he's an old man and in a wheelchair? What is he expecting the rest of his life will be like?

3) Doesn't Amy believe in the bible she always quotes in realizing divorce is not sanctioned by Christianity? What were the vows for? And then she and Matt hypocritically are at the boys' weddings and cheering them on. "Marriage is great," says Amy. Really now?

4) Is Amy so passive-aggressive that she acquiesces to the divorce she doesn't want and then acts pissed at every opportunity at Matt? (If she didn't want the divorce, she shouldn't have signed the papers. Don't give us, "I don't think either one of us tried hard enough to save [the marriage]".)

5) Are any of the kids besides Tori and possibly Molly once she gets out of school going to ever get a real job? Has anyone read the overly-made-up Auj's blog? I don't know what she majored in in college, but she's not a great writer so she should stop calling herself one. The blog is filled with self-obsessed photos of herself and Jeremy. Stop, please!

Anyone care to comment? Thanks.

Kathy said...

Jer and Aug seem to think they can live on the farm and TLC will film and pay them forever. What exactly is the look Jer is trying to go for? The man bun? weird.

Rap541 said...

Alexa - to give you a different answer, after thinking about it, try this.

High school is over for Isobel. I assume it's over for you. Are you a happier person for letting your thoughts linger on how Isobel was mean to you in high school? *In* high school, I understand where frustrations can fester because you're forced to be around people who you may not like and who can be mean and there's really not much to be done since the most frustrating of bullying behavior never rises to getting someone kicked out of school or punished. I get it.

That said, you're both adults now. You don't have to be around Isobel at all. You don't have to work with her, you don't have to attend class with her, you don't have to move to california and be her neighbor. If you don't like her, you don't have to be around her. If you genuinely believe she's a bully and a bad person, then ignore her. Bullys only have the power you grant them - particularly non physical bullies like this.

Plus frankly - "Two years ago in high school she was mean and I AM NEVER GOING TO NOT BE UPSET! EVERY THING THAT HAPPENED IN HIGH SCHOOL IS PERMANENT PAIN FOR ME! ISOBEL HURT ME AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HER VICTIM!" is the message you're sending when you dredge up the high school nonsense. High school is over. You can move on like a mature adult and ignore/never be around someone you don't like, or you can place yourself in public screeming "THIS HAPPENED YEARS AGO I WAS ISOBEL'S VICTIM AND I AM FOREVER DAMAGED"

Because let me guess - she said mean things about you and made you feel bad, and possibly humilated you about your appearence or your weight. Maybe she called you a slut. High school kids are pretty cruddy to each other at times. The question I have for you and for the various sorts who are still upset on Vanessa and Stephanie's behalf is this. Is this how you want to live your life? Constantly revisiting your pain, never ever letting it go, always being emotionally IN HIGH SCHOOL still mad about who was a jerk junior year? Is that all your life will be?