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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff In the News For Saying They Do Not Agree With Gay Marriage -- Are they back-tracking?

In recent days, the Roloffs have been catching the attention of some popular Celebrity News Sites, namely .

The Roloff family have been making headlines because RadarOnline has been reporting comments the Roloffs have made which indicate that they do not agree with same sex marriage and that they have supported Kirk Cameron's controversial comments he made on CNN several years ago in which Kirk Cameron said homosexuality is "detrimental and destructive" to civilization".

For people who follow the Roloffs closely, the Roloffs strong Christian beliefs and opposition to gay rights is not a surprise.

The Roloffs have a history of linking or being connected to organizations and or people who strongly oppose "gay rights". When Amy Roloff very first created her website, she included a link to the notorious anti gay "Focus On The Family".

After it generated a few negative comments and as Amy was trying to sell herself as a Public Speaker for Diversity, Amy removed the link.

Some of their friends, many of whom are Pastors, are very outspoken about their opposition to gay marriage, so it does not come as a surprise to those who have been following the Roloffs closely that they do not agree with gay marriage.

However, the extreme Christian views of the Roloffs have always been downplayed on their TV series on TLC 'Little People, Big World'. It was always mentioned that the Roloffs kids went to a private Christian school and occasionally there would be a scene of them saying a prayer before a meal, but for the most part, the religious aspect of the Roloffs is minimized on the show.

Many fans of the show and of the Roloffs, assumed the Roloffs have a progressive view on issues such as gay marriage since they have spoken about the struggles of being different.

The original purpose of the Roloff show "Little Peopple, Big World" was to teach diversity and acceptance of differences. Both Matt and Amy Roloff are paid public speakers who have spoken as Diversity advocates.

In 2011, Amy described one of her speaking engagements like this:
 "That talk will be about how to really accept yourself and believe about yourself when you are different or have a disability. Really embracing yourself so you can incorporate yourself among the forest. I call it being the individual tree among the forest."  - Amy Roloff

The Roloffs have been paid by Diversity organizations who preach for equality in all aspects of life, to give speeches at events. In this 2011 event, Amy was paid to give a speech about bias in language

The event was described as: "Amy Roloff will be speaking about disability biases as well as biases in general. During the program, members of Alpha Sigma Phi will narrate readings related to biases including appearance, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and education."

So the issue that has always bothered some people who are aware of the Roloffs Christian beliefs and opposition to or support for organizations and people who oppose gay rights, have been transparency.

Most agree that the Roloffs have a right to "not agree with same sex marriage", but what people find very dishonest and deceitful is when that aspect of the Roloffs beliefs is not well known and they present themselves as "Diversity Advocates" and actually get paid by events who are fighting against discrimination.

Would an equality event have hired a Roloff to be a speaker if they knew the Roloffs privately don't believe gay people have the same rights as they do?

Would the show "Little People, Big World" lose some viewers if fans of the show who assumed the Roloffs support all aspects of diversity, oppose and are friends with people connected to organizations who actively advocate against gay rights?

Many have often said that is why the Roloffs keep it on the down low and that was the explanation of  why the Roloffs didn't go around blurting out that they oppose gay marriage -- because people argued the Roloffs care about money and might have been concerned with putting viewership of the show in jeopardy or risk losing out on those lucrative Diversity Speaking fees.

That's why it was such a shock to some when Audrey Roloff actually admitted what people said all along - That "it (same sex relationships) is not something that we agree with" -- because the Roloffs have been very careful over the years to not make statements which shine light on their beliefs.

That has always been the issue. That the Roloffs should be transparent about their beliefs so people know where they stand instead of being able to fool people who wrongly assume that because they are famous from a show about accepting diversity that they would be accepting of other groups such as the LGBT community.

And if they don't - make it known so that staunch Christian fans can support them just like some do with another TLC reality TV Christian Family The Duggars or the cast of Duck Dynasty.

That is why this past week has been so monumental. RadarOnline has really brought attention and blown the doors off this rather little known aspect of the Roloff family by casual fans.

RadarOnline carried multiple stories about the Roloffs anti-gay history.

Then a few other sites, jumped on the back of Radar Online's reporting with articles of their own.

The poplular Live Journal "Oh Know They Didn't" Gossip blog site had a story of their own about Jeremy Roloff's own twitter post in which he linked a conservative commentator's article titled "Pay Attention Christians, They're Coming After The Churches Now".

Jeremy's comment before the link was "The first arrow has been shot. Here is an interesting article concerning the beginning of the war."

And now casual fans, people who had only watched the show or followed the Roloffs own social media are beginning to learn what the Roloffs really support or believe.

More and more casual fans are hearing of the Radar Online stories and are commenting on the Roloffs social media that they are surprised and disappointed to learn that the Roloffs are against gay marriage.

Many Christians are upset, feeling that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are being persecuted for being Christian and they should be able to oppose same sex marriage without being called "bigots or "hateful".

However, in the aftermath of the Radar Online articles, the Jeremy and Audrey Roloff seem to be employing a new tactic -- a semi denial and misleading posts which lead some to believe that the reporting was incorrect and they shouldn't believe what they read about the Roloffs on the Internet.

So in the name of truthfulness, we thought we should provide some proof that it is not made up lies.

The original statement that Radar Online reported, came from Audrey Roloff on the Jeremy and Audrey Roloff website called Beating 50 Percent - a resource that aims to "inspire covenant marriages. Marriages that are undividedly devoted, completely committed, perseistently selfliss, value-centered, joy-filled and love-based".

Here is a screen capture of Audrey's original comment which appeared in the comment section of their website. As Radar Online noted in their article, this comment has now been deleted, but here is the original screen capture to prove it's truth:

We've included that because Jeremy and Audrey appear to be back-tracking? Or denying? Or implying the reporting is false? Or intentionally misleading people?

As noted, many fans are now commenting on Jeremy's Instagram  and Audrey's Instagram  that they were surprised and never suspected that they would be against gay marriage.

Jeremy and Audrey, appear to be denying it. They could just be playing word games as they are denying saying they said they 'Don't support it', which technically is true, because Audrey said they 'Don't agree with it'. I think most reasonable people would say they are being dishonest and misleading by suggesting they never said that when it is the exact same sentiment.

In the first one, a fan asks Jeremy "Have they actually said they do not support gay marriage? This is so disappointing."...


Jeremy replies: "Nope" -- 'Nope' as in they never said they don't support gay marriage? That's a lie..or at the very least a deliberate attempt to mislead considering Audrey did say "it is not something we agree with".

Then another fan comments to Audrey that it "saddens me that you are anti-gay/anti-love...I really admired you.

Audrey replied: "Who said anything about being Anti-gay?!"

Jeremy has deleted some fan comments that reference the Radar Online article or attempt to answer other fans questions about whether Jeremy and Audrey actually said they don't agree with gay marriage. So because some people are concluding that Radar Online must have been lying or incorrect in their reporting, we thought we should include the original comment.

It also should be noted that Radar Online reported that they reached out to Audrey Roloff for a comment and she declined.

And with that said, Radar Online had another article about yet another member of the Roloff family being "Anti-gay"; Molly Roloff  making a Facebook post in which she applauded Kirk Cameron's controversial comment about gay people on CNN in 2012

A Spiritswander reader who had seen Molly's post had taken and screen capture and sent it to Spiritswander.

The purpose of these screen captures are to simply provide people with the truth and the facts. Individuals can make up their own minds and form their own opinions.


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Rap541 said...

Oh livejournal, you amusing light in the darkness! :D

Timothy said...

I'm actually surprised at how Jeremy and Audrey are reacting to it.

I thought they would feel comfortable enough surrounded by their Christian fans and friends that their reaction would be "we're being persecuted!" which they kind of are doing...but I thought they would own their beliefs. If they addressed it all (I thought they would try to ignore it but I guess it's too big to ignore all the comments).

But to actually lie and pretend like they never said they don't agree with gay marriage?

Wow. What do their church friends think of that? How do they pass that off to their church friends? Oh we're just saying we are ok with gay marriage but you know we don't mean it!'

This Christian conviction?

Jenny said...

They must be genuinely worried about what this could do to the show to pretend like they aren't against it.

I think they were feeling comfortable surrounded by their Christian speakers and the Christian fan comments and thought they could be honest. Then realized they could lose a lot of fans. Maybe TLC said something to them.

Yeah, how do they face their Christian friends? I guess they hope they didn't see them deny it.

Ashley said...

This keeps getting more interesting.

People on twitter tweeted at Jeremy and Audrey's friend religious friend Dale Partridge and asked him if he agrees with them responding by denying it. He also said Audrey deleted her comment.

Audrey responded saying no comments were deleted!

Kyle Joyner ‏@JoynerKyle 1
@dalepartridge said they do not agree with same sex relationships. But your friends @JeremyJRoloff @audreymirabella deleted the comments.

Audrey Roloff
@JoynerKyle @dalepartridge @JeremyJRoloff no comments were deleted. The person who wrote the comment deleted it, therefore the reply is gone

Zoe said...

Audrey needs to man up and just be honest.

You don't agree with gay marriage in 2016. You already said it. We have screenshots. Stop being a coward.

I won't even tell Jeremy to man up because we know he won't.

Lane said...

@tolivelifeelevated said:
You 2 are thee most pretentious, unauthentic, disingenuous people. Do you really take yourself and your egos seriously?

Yikes! Took the words right out of my mouth!

Logan said...

Someone PLEASE send the anti- gay story to TMZ so major news sources can pick this up and destroy the Roloff brand.

Rap541 said...

Help me out Ashley - are they referring to twitter comments?

Because it seems completely and absolutely unlikely that they can't control the comments posted on their website - far too many have disappeared to buy everyone who wrote comments simply removed them. And again, it seems really unlikely they don't have control over comments on their website.

Ashley said...

Zoe, Audrey is also saying she didn't delete her comments. She saying it disappeared because the comment she was responding to was deleted by that person (really unlikely, more likely they deleted that comment as they remove negative comments).

And now Jeremy is denying that they said they don't support gay marriage when Audrey said they don't agree with it. And Audrey is telling people "You got that from a gossip site?" when people are saying they aren't watching LPBW anymore since they learned they are anti-gay.

How can they lie so much?

Ashley said...

Rap, they're talking about her comment on her website. The one Spirit screen shotted.
Kyle on twitter was explaining to Audrey's Christian friends what they did and said Audrey deleted the comments where she wassaying they don't agree with gay marriage. That's what Audrey replied to...she's saying they didn't delete comments.

Rap541 said...

Well, that seems incredibly unlikely, if only because of the sheer number of posts that disappeared. It went from 205 to 142 in a day. It seems bizarre to suggest that every person with a critical comment decided to delete their own comment.

Particularly when comments about Audrey needing an editor also disappeared, off different threads.

More to the point - if she didn't delete the comments then she should be glad to repeat those comments on twitter, right?

Debbie said...

This is what we've been saying all along as Christians. We are under attack for having our Christian beliefs.

You cannot separate "they are not being attacked for being Christian" with "yes they are hateful for holding Christian beliefs".

Jeremy and Audrey are not "back tracking" when they say it is false to say they are being hateful. They are not. They are following Jesus Christ.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - if your Christian beliefs mean you want to deny rights to non Christians that you enjoy yourself, under your own definition of hate, your beliefs are hateful.

Consider this. What if this was a truly non Christian nation. What if Audrey and Jeremy were told that since they identified themselves as Christians, they were not allowed to be legally married. I mean, sure, they could call themselves a couple but under the law of the land, Christians were not allowed legal marriage.

Would you call that hateful?

PJ said...

Debbie, christians are free to believe whatever they want. they are NOT free to force others to live by their beliefs.

At this point what Auj and Jer are are liars. They say something and then turn around and hedge and outright lie about what they said previously. If they believe with their whole hearts why not just stand up and say they think being gay is against Jesus' teachings? BECAUSE MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT TO THEM THAN RELIGION.

Ecossais said...

Debbie - The Christians on here need to get over their persecution complex.

You are free to voice your beliefs (and should be glad to live where you can do that)but that very freedom means that others are not obliged to follow your beliefs and are free to disagree. Disagreeing is not an attack. It is simply a statement of a different point of view.

The thing that is causing all the discussion on here is the way Audrey and Jeremy are not honestly and clearly stating their position.

Matt cannot be happy with all this attention. He can be an abnoxious little prick but has managed to keep the gravy train running for over ten years and this is surely not helping.

Sal said...

I want to see someone emailing TMZ. Stat. They'd eat this story up!

Misst said...

Ok, take out the being hateful, take out the fact that they are homophobic, take out that they are christians....what are you left with?
Debbie, I will directly ask you,
What makes it ok for the Roloffs to promote diversity and acceptance and get paid to speak on these subjects as well as promote that on television ,when that is not what they believe in? That would qualify them as liars and misleaders. We all have opinions, different backgrounds, faiths etc. We are certainly entitled to our own belief systems no matter how screwed up they might be. However lying about your beliefs, making a substantial living off lies, egoism, and "reality" tv are not only on the bibles list of sins but the unreligious list of bad things to do too. That certainly does not qualify as an "Attack on Christians" Debbie, it is calling out liars for who they are,bible or no bible.

Brandon said...

Matt cannot be happy with all this attention. He can be an abnoxious little prick but has managed to keep the gravy train running for over ten years and this is surely not helping.

Ecossais, well said. I couldn't agree more with you. Say what you want about Matt, but he has more savvy business sense when it comes to publicity and keeping the gravy train running than all the other Roloffs.

There were stories of him controlling even what friends of Jeremy and Zach could post on the internet when they were kids, all in the name of protecting the Roloff image and TV appeal.

And now the curtain has been pulled back and the doors are open.

I don't think it's shocking that it is Audrey who has done it. Matt can't control Audrey.

There's also stories being written about Audrey giving out "insane advice" about men have authority over their wives body, and the Roloffs are being compared to the Duggars.

People that support gay rights that never knew are upset. Women's groups are starting to be shocked and appalled at the Duggar-esque similarity between the Roloffs and the Duggars.

Give Matt Roloff credit. He is deceitful and dishonest, but he had enough sense to know they should keep it quiet because it would ultimately hurt the Roloff brand.

Misst said...

Speaking of Matt, he is at it again. His new Facebook post is all about a make-a-wish family they hosted on the farm. Nice one Matt! Put a feel good set up for tv story out there so you can portray the family as charitable. Negative posts questioning the family's true beliefs are being deleted within a matter of minutes. I agree he is intelligent enough to have kept the gravy train rolling for so long but one can only hope these issues with the Roloffs will finally shine a light on their true agenda.

Ashley said...

Misst, thanks, I checked Matt's Facebook out just now. Saw a couple of comments still now.

Between Roloff defenders and what Audrey and Jeremy are doing, it is clear they are trying to lie and shrug it off as being lied about...when it's not lies.

Audrey tweeted to someone "And you believe that from a gossip site?"

Look at what this person is saying, again trying to convince someone it's not true (Btw, this Ashley is not me!).

Ashley - I'm curious to know about an article that's circulating about members of your family. Are you as judgmental of gay and trans people as they are saying? If so, why do a show that talks about the importance of accepting everyone for who they are?

Darlene - Don't believe the trash talkers and gossip mongers...Let's keep someones sex out of the comments about a great family!

Ashley - I didn't say I believe anything, however, I follow them on Twitter and Jeremy has tweeted some questionable things, as has Audrey. I'm curious to hear their beliefs. I'm keeping sex out of it, but by bringing it up on social media, they are not.

Why is it so important to know what their beliefs are.?...what doesn't it matter what they are?....they have just as much right to their beliefs as you your not keeping sex out of is plain and's none of your business.

Ashley - They have every right to believe what ever they want, but I don't want to support a family that I thought was spreading a message of love, if they are instead spreading one of judgement. So it matters to me. Please stop engaging this. I asked him a fair question, you have nothing to do with it

It's frustrating to see people lied to!

KJ said...

I just found this out from the Radar article link and I'm very disappointed in the Roloffs, Jeremy and Audrey! A family that is different and wants to be accepted for who they are, SHAME on Jeremy. Shame on the Molly! Shame on the Roloffs. I have loved the Roloff's since the beginning but no more.

Lauren J said...

I really think people in general would have more respect for the Roloffs, specifically Audrey and Jeremy if they would just own up to their beliefs. They are public figures, not every single person they come across will like them. I find it dishonest, deceitful, and cowardly when Jeremy and Audrey delete negative comments and block people that question them. They want everyone to believe their lives are sunshine and rainbows.

Lou Ann said...

Someone email TMZ... Contact the press... Contact major news sites. Let's get this out there people!

Rap541 said...

I suppose the question I have for Audrey is what is she calling gossip?

I saw the comments on before she took them down. She said she and Jeremy don't support gay marriage. That their website is not for gay people. She did highly praise the Beveres who are part of the Family Research Council. She did say that women have to submit to their men and provide sex on demand.

So what's the gossip?

Michelle said...

Lou Ann and Sal, why don't you do it? Anybody can click "Tip" on TLC and email them if they want.

E-mac said...

Lauren, I kind of agree. I'm not as religious as Jeremy and Audrey, but don't mind that they are. Why don't they just say their beliefs instead of writing one thing, then have it disappear, then tell people they didn't say it. That seems wrong.

I do love Pine the Kitty, though!
I hope she stays when they travel. I would paranoid of my cat getting out every time the car door opens.

I like Jacob and Isabel the most. I like that Jacob formed his own opinions about life and I don't know why some people hate on Isabel, just because Jacob likes her I guess? She seems nice and I can't imagine going through all the bad stuff she has went through. I love her love of animals. Her dog Moose must be the most accepting dog I've seen.

Brandon said...

"They want everyone to believe their lives are sunshine and rainbows."

@Lauren, what is funny about that is that Jeremy has made critical posts about social media that slams people for exactly that...presenting their lives as perfect full of sunshine and rainbows.

But then again, Jeremy is the guy who said "Be Transparent" and now they're being dishonest about their beliefs.

Tina said...

I think the question is if you oppose same sex marriage like Audrey and Jeremy said they did, does that automatically make them anti-gay?

I would say yes. It means you don't support full equal rights for gay people and that makes you "anti-gay".

Imo, saying it's "because I believe in the Bible" doesn't change that you're opposing equal rights.

If someone said they don't think women should be University Professors because the Bible says Women shouldn't have authority over men or that people with dwarfism are blighted or that slavery is a good thing...yes that would mean you are racist, sexist prejudiced and discriminating.

Dustin said...

Question for the Christians who are upset (I know this is dangerous because you might actually answer "No!")

But...if I said I opposed Muslims moving into my neighborhood, but I didn't want to physically hurt them, should I be called Anti-Muslim"?

I sure think so. Because I don't want to give Muslims the right that every other person has to live in this neighborhood. I am trying to keep something away from the Muslims that I'm okay with everybody else doing.

Jocelynn said...

Is there anything that Audrey won't sell???

Maybe if someone paid her, she would support same sex marriage! That seems to be most important to Audrey, imo.

She posted a picture of Jeremy's curly hair.

Now she just posted, speaking of curls, here's the curling irons we use...and it's an advertisement!

Selling curling irons is more important than clarifying your position on important issues apparently!!

Kira said...

Someone called Audrey a bully for leaving Isabel out of the group photo she took while Isabel was there. Rumors say Isabel was in the bathroom or with Jacob somewhere else on the farm, but to openly leave someone out like that is a slap in the face and I think whoever called her a bully did it rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Truly wonder how matt feels about his "favorite daughter in law" breaching the secret they've held in for so long...

Tsk tsk Audrey...

Janet said...

Kira, grow up.

They were both at the farm today with a lot of people. Audrey took and posted a picture. Isabel happened not to be in it.

The fact anyone is trying to make Audrey look bad or a "bully" for posting a picture that didn't include every girl who was present within a 24 hour span on that day is more than a joke!

Isabel even commented that it was not a big deal and next time and they made plans together.

People will do anything to attack Audrey.

I am heartbroken to see how vicious and insulting people can be towards such a beautiful young woman of Christ like Audrey.

She loves Christ with all her heart and people are attacking her for it.

I pray every day that Audrey has the strength to fight the evil forces that are coming after her.

PJ said...

If Auj is such an amazing "woman of Christ" why is she lying?

PJ said...

You need to grow up too ans stop this hero worship of Auj. If she's such a great "Woman of Christ" why does she lie about her beliefs?

Gail said...

The only hate I see is directed at Audrey. Shame on all responsible. I'm sickened and saddened beyond belief at how harshly Audrey is being treated.

Susan said...

Does anyone know where Zach stands on the gay rights/religious issues?

Molly seems to be just like Jeremy just less vocal than Audrey.

Jacob comes across as still forming his opinion but doesn't seem to have a religious objection to gay people, his homophobia seemed to be the macho teen boy crap. Some mature out of that.
Isabel I really don't know. I thought I read that she used to post things in support of gays, but that was before she started sounding more religious and before she was hanging out with the other religious Roloffs.

Amy seems very religious and I'm convinced she is against gay rights but won't say it because she has the most to lose financially since she relies on diversity speaking engagements for money.

Matt I don't think is very religious truthfully. I think he plays it up when he thinks it will help the family image.

Tori I'm not sure. She mentions God a lot, she could be like Audrey but overall is a notch below Audrey on the obnoxious scale.

Zach I have no idea because I don't think he ever uses social media to say anything important other than when he wanted people to support his soccer game to bring his buddies to town.

Does anyone know? Is zach like Molly and Jeremy or more like Jacob?

MT said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with most of them, Susan.

But I think Isabel is for gay rights, I saw her retweet a lot about "#LoveWins" and that was after she started dating J. She does sound more religious but truthfully I think she is also trying to figure out where she stands, like Jacob. Both of them want to see Bernie Sanders win, so there's that. I think that speaks for itself honestly.

Misst said...

Poor Audrey 😪waaaaaaaaa
"Women of Christ" Janet, aren't supposed to lie, or wear red lipstick, or be deceitful in their beliefs. So to Janet and Gail, I pose the question again... what makes it ok for Audrey and the Roloffs to make substantial amounts of money off of promoting diversity and acceptance,when this is not what they personally believe in??
When was lying a virtue Janet? No one is attacking her for being christian , we are just calling out the B.S. that the Roloffs promote. This isn't a religious argument Christians, it's a general moral principle one. So you grow up Christians that are backing the Roloffs, this isn't the middle ages anymore. Be accepting and helpful to your neighbors instead of beating them with a bible.

Dustin said...

Jacob is throwing his support behind Molly being such an awesome person with the hashtag favorite Roloff. I guess it's all good if you're not gay and destroying civilization and all that. I also wonder why Jacob is gushing about Molly graduating. He used to say college and University was a waste and he couldnt even fake being excited for his friends who were going to 4 year colleges.

Jennifer said...

I'm a lesbian who alwaus had a soft spot for the Roloffs because I thought they understood what it is like to be diffferent. I'm really disappointed by this stuff.

How can Molly read Kirk Cameron's comments and conclude he is NOT condemning anyone???

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that Tori's mom changed her Facebook picture to the rainbow filter when the Supreme Court ruled. This could be an indicator of where Tori herself stands on such topics.

Misst said...

Amy and Matt have numerous speaking engagements coming up in the coming schools, business teamwork building seminars, and DIVERSITY programs. Matt lists under his current affiliations and memberships THREE diversity programs. Why is this ok?? I mean if you are speaking to churches or christian groups that's one thing...but damn Roloffs. Amy's "get motivated" seminars Will motivate me to advocate more against bigots like her. So sad she and the family never learned compassion and acceptance with being little people. Hey guess what Roloffs, the LGBTQ community is alive and well in the little person community too! Thanks for spreading the hate mongering in every community Roloffs. A special place in hell is waiting on you.

Martin said...

Now, let's note Jacob was just congratulating Molly on her accomplishments. He hasn't taken a stand on his beliefs yet. But I'm sure he will.

Given his rebellion, and his black sheep-ness, I truly doubt he is against gay marriage or has anything to say really. He's too hippie ish to be opposed of it.

Lynn said...

I must give credit where it is due and I'm really pleased that Jacob defended Molly so whole-heartedly.

Martin, the timing is not lost on Jacob. He is very aware of what is said about his family. Jacob knows Molly is under attack from the homosexuals for having her beliefs and supporting fellow Christian Kirk Cameron.

Molly's graduation was a week ago. Jacob waited until now and wrote a salute to Molly as a person. You're blind and unaware if you don't think that is Jacob defending his sister while homosexuals attack her character.

Of course, the topper would be if Jacob would summon his outspoken impulses and defend Jeremy and Audrey and make some amends for his wrong doing of the past and defend them while they are facing hatred and ridicule.

But for now, Jacob defending Molly was a very positive step.

And Martin, read up on the high school story of Jacob when he was harassed by a gay student who publicly said he found Jacob attractive. Jacob was repulsed. He can say he doesn't care if gay marriage is legal but he certainly does not embrace gays in his daily life.

Buhaj said...

I am so disappointed in the family, the parents, the kids. They are no different than the people who were different in early 20th century and stood by as people were persecuted under Nazi Germany simply because they were something they were born as.
They can still believe in something and still accept others deserve the same rights, whether it mat be job security, narrative or not having to face discrimination simply for an unchangeable physical or genetic trait.
Remember, religion is something you acquire, not born with. Gays and lesbians have as much control over who they are as having blue eyes. You can cover it up, you still are who you were born as.

Debbie said...

Anon, in fairness, that is Tori's mom (if accurate), not Tori. I've seen Tori praise Jesus.

Lynn, I agree about Jacob re: Molly. I truly don't think he has the character or love in his heart to do the right thing and defend Jeremy and Audrey while they are being assaulted but anyone who believes that Jacob's 100% supportive and tribute to Molly was not timed to counteract the gossip stories vilifying her is not being realistic.

Good going Jacob. Keep it up.

E-Mac said...

I would just like to point out for the people who don't like Isabel, please notice that Isabel is just about the only one of them that actually is respectful enough to answer people's questions (although apparently some people don't read, because they keep on asking after she answered!!!) in the Instagram comments.

Ashley said...

Jacob is still deleting comments, fyi.

I doubt Jacob will dare to enter the gay marriage/his family's anti gay history now. I do agree with Lynn in that I think the timing of Jacob's post about Molly was not coincidental. He clearly knows she is being criticized in the media and then he writes a very loving post about how wonderful she is. It clearly was meant to show her support.

Jacob might not be opposed to gay marriage, but he clearly is not invested in it and if it's a question of gay rights vs defending his family, he's clearly choosing stick with the family on this one.

Angela said...

Buhaj, Christians do not, should not and cannot abandon Christ and accept gay marriage as moral under God's plan for marriage. Molly, Audrey and Jeremy have every right to stand for God and not agree with gay marriage no matter what society is trying to convince people.

Janet said...

Molly is wonderful for supporting Kirk Cameron while he was criticized for having Christian values. Now all must support the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Angela - where are Audrey and Jeremy standing for God? They've erased their comments and are attempting to spin things. If they genuinely want people to know their beliefs, why aren't they clarifying that while perhaps several dozen people in one day decided to delete their comments, thereby deleting Auj and Jer's responses as well (which is implausible on several levels) they still have no problem saying "We are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and we do not support gay marriage."

They aren't doing that.

They're playing coy little games and denying it when asked. The Ashley quoted above asked a respectful question and Audrey didn't answer (as near as I can tell - do correct me if Audrey actually responded)

How is this standing for God and why do you support their mealy mouthed comments?

Rap541 said...

Now all must support the Roloffs.


I mean, Janet, you do understand they are currently circling the wagons to not be called bigots right? Audrey and Jeremy have stripped their comments from their website, and are currently denying they did so and the other Roloffs are hardly "we support Auj and Jeremy's belief that gay marriage is wrong".

Are you supporting their coverup and denial? That's acting Christian to you?

Misst said...

When did christian values include getting paid to promote themselves as diversity and equality advocates????????? Last time I checked that qualifies as lying for financial gain. No one cares if they believe in gay marriage or not, no one cares if Molly supports Kirk , what people are pissed about is that they can't tell their own truths to the public.

PJ said...

your version of christianity HAS abandoned Christ for selfishness and bigotry. Not once does Jesus mention gay people. He does, however, speak at length of acceptance and inclusion. DO NOT try picking and choosing from the old testament to find an excuse for your own character flaws. I am so sick and tired of your group trying to pretend you represent mainstream Christianity, you don't.

I don't really care what Mr and Mrs lazy and greedy think (Molly is basically out of the public eye except for occasional turns on LPBW), that's their business. It's the fact that they hedge and down right lie about it to chase their itaty bitty piece of fame and whatever money they can find without actually working.

Kirk Cameron is a selfish jerk who used the cult he worships to ruin people's careers, that's un-American.

Marlene said...

Since when did it become a crime to be Christian in this country?

Lord help us. It is Christian teachings that marriage is for 1 man and 1 woman. Period. No matter what agendas are in pop culture, true Christians are to stick to the word of God that marriage is for man and woman.

It is NOT hateful for a Christian to not agree with gay marriage.

Audrey, Jeremy and Molly Roloff are owed an apology.

God bless them.

Ashley said...

So they are just hoping it will go away by posting about Make A Wish foundation and Memorial Day?

It is so cowardly of them to imply that it's "gossip magazines" lying and not explain themselves.

Jenny said...

I found this on Matt Roloff's speaking website.

He should include "unless you're gay!!"

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion - Based on Matt’s experience as a child and adult with dwarfism, he shares stories about thriving in life and building positive relationships with others along the way. His messages include the importance of self-respect, honest communication and acceptance of others. Youth and adults will be inspired to embrace differences to build a better community… and world.

Rap541 said...

Since when did it become a crime to be Christian in this country?

Who has been arrested by the police for worshipping Jesus?

Marlene - you've made a statement - people are being arrested now because being Christian is a crime. Who has this happened to and when? Since you're claiming it's a fact? That being Christian is a crime now?

(and please don't cite Kim Davis - she was jailed for contempt of court, not "being Christian")

true Christians are to stick to the word of God that marriage is for man and woman

Again - who is being stopped from getting married man and woman? Anyone?

It is NOT hateful for a Christian to not agree with gay marriage

In your opinion, which you're free to hold. People disagree with you.

Audrey, Jeremy, and Molly are owed an apology

No they aren't. They said what they said. They are all adults (tho Molly may be able to claim she was 17 with the Kirk Cameron stuff) and they are not little babies. They said something that people found offensive. There are consequences to holding certain beliefs, consequences other than everyone sitting around cooing how awesome you are. People are upset that the Roloffs have portrayed themselves as open minded and accepting, that they are pro-diversity... only to find out that "unless you're gay and we're gonna hide that" is how the Roloffs do business.

If anyone owes an apology, it's Jer-Bear and Auj-poj at this point, and they owe people like you an apology because they are openly backpedalling and lying. I don't ever want to hear how precious Auj never lies due to her love of Jesus again.

Lin said...

How pathetic can you get Audrey?! Trying to cover up the scandal with a Memorial Day photo... Using a selfie..... So glad people are seeing right through her

Candi said...

Hey Audrey, what about all of the LBGT suicides per year? Why do you all of a sudden care about Memorial Day?

Right, she doesn't. She's just hoping the people who blindly follow her/like her will continue to, despite her anti- gay agenda and twisted beliefs.

At least all the 'Merica people still like her lmao

Maki said...

I truly love how the same people who used to hate on Jacob for bashing Audrey are now praising him for being a better person than she is.

It's clear, that yes although maybe a stupid teenager with a lot of free time and maybe too much free access to the Internet, Jacob isn't so bad after all.

And obviously has a good head on his shoulders if he was able to smell how corrupt and uptight Audrey has always been.

It was obvious he didn't like her from day one and now it's finally clear why. She's terrible I don't know how she ever fooled everyone (including me) so easily.

Marley said...

Is anyone appalled here?!

The bible thumpers are SO speechless, unsure of what to say in defense of Audrey's bad behavior (the people who do try to defend only use Christianity to defend Christianity) that they are A C T U A L L Y singing praise to THE DEVIL CHILD HIMSELF?

The same person they were deeming unfit to walk this earth for his sins were so foul. The same women who wished him ill.

Linking a completely unrelated congratulatory graduation photo with his sister, to him trying to secretly praise her to show his support. No. That's not what he's doing. He's simply congratulating his successful sister.

Jacob has clearly stated his opinion on gay rights and he has re-tweeted countless tweets in favor of gay marriage. The old story of him not wanting to be friends with a gay kid from high school is old news, he was a (straight) young boy dating a girl at the time, of course he's going to say whatever makes him look cool. Besides, you can not want to hangout with gays and still believe they deserve equal rights.

Just insane to me that the crazy Christian's tongues are being held by cats, and the most they can manage is praise to the spawn of satan himself (per their own words).

Incredible. What a time to be alive.

Jocelynn said...

Maki, I don't agree that Jacob supporting Molly when they discover she supports hateful remarks proves he has a great heart.

The Christians fans like it because it suggests Jacob is on his family's side in thwir anti gay attitude.

I get that he loves Molly, but perhaps the wrong time for Molly is awesome. She's being judged on her own beliefs, supporting a bigot.

Jocelynn said...

Marley, I'm appalled at the defense of Jacob's high school story.

"Besides you can not want to hang out with gays and favor gay marriage"

Uh...yeah but it still makes you a bigot....if you say I won't associate with anyone who is black, but you support their right to vote and slavery was wrong, you're still a racist.

Fwiw, I do think Jacob's pro Molly post was intended as a show of support. It's the first time Molly has ever received any criticism in the media.

Misst said...

Notice how none of the Christians posting here can answer any questions posed to them?? The bible double speak doesn't cover the fact not one of you can answer the one question everyone has asked repeatedly.. how is it ok for the Roloffs to continue to lie and profit from this?
When one of you persecuted Christians can come up with a non bible referenced answer it will be a miracle. Homosexuals are mentioned maybe twice in the whole bible, lies and deceit and greed..hundreds. looks like the Roloffs will get to hell a lot faster than most then if you want to get biblically technical. No one is picking on the poor family, just calling out the farce for what it is.

SD said...

HAHA @ Audrey's recent ad!!!! Such a fucking sell out, man.

Someone actually commented "will you be hocking waist trainers and fit tea next?"


Lily said...

Oh Christians, Audrey is deleting comments *sing song voice*

Not everyone is so happy with her ad crazed new lifestyle. She sold the heck out.

Proof? I have screenshots ;)

Debbie said...

"The bible thumpers are SO speechless, unsure of what to say in defense of Audrey's bad behavior (the people who do try to defend only use Christianity to defend Christianity) that they are A C T U A L L Y singing praise to THE DEVIL CHILD HIMSELF?"

As a Christian, I can only speak for myself. I have an open heart of love and objectivity. God allows me to call things as I see it. No one is one hundred percent bad all the time and that includes Jacob. If he does something commendable, a good hearted Christian should not be opposed to give him credit.

There is no doubt that Jacob's full throttle support of Molly following the publishing of the attacks on her were timed by Jacob to be a defense of Molly. Jacob knows Molly was being attacked by gays so he comes out with a post declaring his love, pride and support for Molly.

Anyone that thinks Jacob's post was not made because Molly was under attack for her beliefs is just not a very intelligent individual. I was very pleased to see Jacob do it.

Rap541 said...

What SCreen shots?

(sets out the story rug) DO tell.

I had a fairly crummy day so I am all ears. :)

MS said...

"Proof? I have screenshots"

But Audrey will claim the posters deleted the comments themselves :)

Lily said...

@ Rap, how do I upload photos here?

I have every comment she deleted in my camera roll from screenshots. Proof she deletes the hate, too.

Paula said...

Misst, you're very misguided if you are comparing the lessons the Roloffs have learned and endured from being born with dwarfism to trying to say they MUST accept gays, which is immoral behavior if they live the gay lifestyle and they must support redefining marriage, all because they have dwarfism? I think not.

Paula said...

Debbie, you took the words out of my mouth.

I'm not a "fan" of Jacob per se, but I see his Molly post for what it was, a defense of Molly's being, character and integrity as a person in the face of criticism of being attacked by the gay agenda.

I'm glad Jacob is standing with his family over the homosexuals.

Rap541 said...

Paula - But Jacob rolled his eyes at Auj and forever damned himself! You and your ilk have made it very clear that Jacob lost his soul in disrespecting Auj and can never be forgiven by any DECENT CHRISTIAN!

Seriously, you guys make me laugh. Should I still hate the little monster over the eyeroll of damnnation, yes or no?


What amusing flips flops you do in your faith.

Andrea said...

I was on Audrey's instagram and I voiced my opinion about her views in a few of her posts and she blocked me...I feel like if you don't like or agree with her then your opinion or views mean nothing to her. She has a lot of growing up to do and she needs to grow a thicker skin when blogging...that being said, The show has gone from a sweet loving family to a family of turmoil. If Jacob has problems, then his problems stem from being on tv at such a young age and seeing his family self destruct because of and fame ruin people.

Your Old Friend said...

Dear Audrey,
I genuinely believe you used to be a good person. If you go back to your old posts, you used to be friendly, sweet, open, nice and charming. Your posts were more God driven and Jesus like. You were friendly to people and not stuck up. You accepted broken people like girl's with mental illness, didn't turn down people you didn't think we're good enough for your presence. You can smell how shallow you are from far away. No one you have in your life is fat, ugly or even poor. You make it obvious the type of people you allow to be a part of your life.

You moved to LA and I truly believe that's when everything changed. You suddenly got so caught up in your image, even though you were absolutely beautiful before all of that. You were beautiful in the way you didn't boast about it so much. Now, all of your posts are directly about you and you making money off of your image. It was so much better when you didn't care and you were just more relaxed. You've obviously always been somewhat like this but I think moving to LA made you mean, and judgmental, and hard to be around. I'm sure you used to be more fun, more accepting, less uptight and high energy. We know you like it all to be about you but you're taking away from the actual family dynamic. I'm pretty sure Jacob wants nothing to do with the family because of you. Moving to LA was the worst decision you could've made for your spirit. I pray one day God humbles you in a way that brings you back down to earth and you can see who you've become.

I truly believe good and loving Audrey is somewhere in there. Someone who isn't shallow about people, accepts them and loves them for them. Not their looks. Not someone who sells out to make money. You have to see it. Everyone else does. I'll be praying you see the light.

Paulette said...

If Jacob is using drugs, I believe that may very well be the reason for his behavior. I think he needs help; and if he's not ready to receive help, then things may have to get worse before it gets better. The family may also need to consider when is a good time to intervene and save the youngest Roloff family member.

Wishing the Roloff family strength and guidance. God is always with you.

I hope and pray that you are doing well. I wondered why you weren't on the show or even mentioned. But after going online and doing research, I now know why or at least what was written. That's not to say that I believe everything I read or hear; but Jacob, if you are using drugs, I pray that you find the strength to stop and find your way back and get the necessary help before things get worse. You have family, friends and fans who cares and love you; and whom want to see you do well and succeed. It's ok to find yourself and be independent. If you are not using drugs and/or have stopped. Then congratulations, good luck and keep up the good work. I wish you well.

Lucile said...

Jacob smokes weed people. Weed. Legalized in 3 states now. You're probably going to have to chill the fuck out about it, accept it and move on. Not to mention his next birthday he'll be 20 years old and we've all known he's been a pot smoker since he was 15.

It is time to talk about other things, you idiots. Weed does not equal drugs. It is marijuana, a plant and depending on who you are, is entirely harmless. So get a grip.

Paula said...

Rap541, your entire post is hyperbole. Your chair broke. You're upset. Stop taking it out on the Roloffs and their Christian fans.

Jacob's behavior at the wedding was more than just the infamous "eye-roll" it also included getting on twitter while the wedding celebration was still going on to complain that he wanted to leave and complained about other things. To expect him to have put on a good face and had a good time at his brother's wedding was not an unfair expectation.

His worst act towards Audrey were his comments when people asked him about her thanking God for the lovely wedding day weather. He was mocking her and Christians like her. It was disrespectful and wrong. It was a year and a half ago so hopefully he has apologized to Audrey privately. We can pray that he has expressed his regret to Audrey.

Paula said...

Lucile, I disagree that "weed" is harmless. Do the research. Many experts say it is not.

However, Jacob has admitted to doing more drugs than just marijuana. He admitted to "acid" and taking Xanax.

It has been over a year since Jacob answered questions and was honest about his drug habits, so who knows what other drugs has experimented with now.

Paulette is right to be concerned.

I join Paulette in saying a prayer for Jacob. I am more hopeful than I was before. He may let God into his life and God may be speaking to his heart. Jacob made the right decision to stand with Molly and make such a touching and loving defense of her as a person while she was being attacked in the media for supporting Kirk Cameron's comments about the gays impact on society.

Rap541 said...

Paulette - so in other words, yup, no matter what he does, he's forever damned and you will never ever forget the HORROR of what he did at the wedding even though no one who attended ever said boo, and no one in the Roloff family has ever complained. He rolled his eyes and damned himself to hell because Audrey is so precious and perfect she must always be stared at with nothing but wide eyed wonder and joy!

You're seriously hilarious. Did you smile and thank Jesus for the blessing of Audrey as she paraded around in her super short skirt? Did you stare in wide eyed joy and wonder as she held up her *tampon flask*?

Misst said...

Paula, to entertain a retort to you is pointless. I would highly encourage you to actually read posts first before the cloudy christian judgements come into play. Not once did I or many others say or imply that the Roloffs need to change their beliefs or alter their faith. We all have opinions. We are all entitled to our differing opinions, however the Roloffs will not be transparent with their beliefs. So Paula, I will ask you the question posed multiple times is it ok for the Roloff family to make money from promoting a show and speaking engagements, when their show and engagements are touted to promote diversity and acceptance?
These speeches are directly given on overcoming adversity, acceptance of others and promoting diversity in the work place.
Paula, these speeches given by Matt and Amy promote diversity for little people, gays, Christians, Muslims, black,white,special needs,lesbians, ugly people, ,bike riders,dogs, idiots,smokers, drinkers,joggers,plumbers. ....everyone. so I guess it's ok to get paid for lies.
No one cares what you think on weed either, totally legal in Oregon. Maybe take a look a precious audrey and Jeremy's drinking habits. So smoke up Jacob!
And gay agenda??????
How about stopping the Christian, right wing, eagle screaming, bible down the throat,homophobic hypocritical agenda you have and read the posts fully and thoroughly before you say things that aren't true either.

Paula said...

Rap, you did not read or comprehend my answer. It was more than an "eye-roll" and he has is damned forever. He can make amends with Audrey and heal his soul through Jesus.

I think what is going on here is some of the anti-Christian people on here have seen that Christians are in fact NOT unfair and can commend Jacob for a good act. Maybe it is sent you for a loop that Jacob is standing with his family in support during this media assault on the family for their Christian values which in turn, of course means they "do not agree with" gay marriage.

Misst, the answer has already been given. Promoting diversity and acceptance for people with dwarfism, does NOT mean one must be in favor of gay marriage which is wrong in the eyes of Christ.

What is next, you can't preach acceptance unless you are in favor of brother's and sister's marrying?

Misst said...

Well obviously Paula, you have not read Matt and Amy's websites nor listened to their speeches on you tube. Matt and Amy's speeches and writings are not exclusively about dwarfism in any way. In fact every speech they give is about accepting others for their differences and having diversity in the workplace...for everyone . Yes, they use their affliction as a tool to promote themselves as diversity advocates, but they are promoting it for everyone. Is that ok that they get paid to lie? It has nothing to do with the gay marriage or incest is about lying tv people and the damage their lies do. I included a direct quote from Matt's website Paula, there are many examples there where Matt promotes acceptance of everyone including little people. I would of included more, but it seems that you are SO well versed on the Roloff family, you would of read them already.
"The Power of Diversity and Inclusion - Based on Matt’s experience as a child and adult with dwarfism, he shares stories about thriving in life and building positive relationships with others along the way. His messages include the importance of self-respect, honest communication and acceptance of others. Youth and adults will be inspired to embrace differences to build a better community… and world."

Denise said...

Being "for diversity" does not mean you have to agree with gay marriage!

You're trying to say that by being a Christian, one is against diversity and inclusion all because we recognize that marriage is meant for one man and one woman.

Gloria said...

As frustrating as it is to see the Roloffs under attack for being Christians by the extreme left wing liberals, this too will blow over and the Roloffs will be stronger than ever.

Audrey and Jeremy's followers on social media keep on increasing. God looks after his flock who aim to please Him.

Persecution of the Roloffs because they espouse Christian values is wrong, but the is won't even dent the Roloff armor.

God bless them.

I will add that it might even be a blessing at it brought Jacob out in support of Molly's integrity and value as a human being when he saw the gay agenda attempting to attack her.

Rap541 said...

"" and he has is damned forever."

Try speaking English.

Paula, I understood your answer, I just accept that you're not being honest/you're failing to understand your mild concession isn't exactly you behaving saintly.

First - the eye roll of damnnation has been your bitch point and the Christian crowd's bitch point for close to two years. You've sung praises to Anne Bailey for "telling it like it is" and Anne says this about Jacob Roloff:
You have lost all respect from people who count. You are disloyal. Nothing you do creates positive results for the world. Your latest attempt to slander your own family is something that you will have to ask forgiveness for just how shameful it was to tar your own family with that label. There is true darkness and evil in your heart and soul. I can see it. You can not fool me. God has made me wise to you. You have no morals. You have no conscience. You have no boundaries.

You do agree with Anne that Jacob is true darkness and evil, correct? I really want an answer, Paula, because someone who is truly dark and evil has no ability to turn it around. And Jacob is TRULY EVIL over... some twitters and rolling his eyes. I mean, Matt has spent years telling us how his wife, his sacred partner he vowed to god to respect - is lazy, and stupid and always against him. Matt Roloff has rolled his eyes with disrespect at his sacred partner how vowed to god to respect MANY times, and pretty willfully won't apologize... and yet he's STANDING TALL FOR JESUS!

So please stop this farce that you're somehow being reasonable in saying Jacob isn't Satan walking among us because really, your judgement on the behavior of others is pretty suspect.

Denise - honestly you're probably a lost cause but here goes.

Do you think I am doing a morally right thing in telling people that I believe in accepting the differences of others *except for a fairly large group of people I never directly mention*?

What of that fairly large group was Christians? What if I said all kinds of people are cool and I embrace differences but in my private life, I tell my friends Christians should be silenced and their holiday mangers removed from public places?

I mean, being Christian is a choice, you're not born that way...

Rap541 said...

Actually with the divorcing and the short skirts and Audrey's love of screwing her husband and letting the world know how spreading her legs is fantastic... I really want to know how that's "espousing Christian values".

I mean, you have read Audrey's marriage blog where she constantly harps on sex and how she has sex, right?

Misst said...

No one said that being a Christian means you are against diversity, you can have whatever belief you want to have...even if your "diversity" is exclusive. .and good for you for stating your beliefs. The Roloffs can't. Why is it ok to get paid to promote diversity and acceptance of everyone, including married gays, when that is not what you believe? That is called shameless lying self promotion for financial gain.

Maggie said...

Jacob recently posted a picture of him with his voting card and he had a joint in his hand. It is totally fair to say Jacob is "doing drugs" or "into drugs". Doing that seems to be a large part of Jacob's life.

But like others, I agree that it was a good gesture on Jacob's part to defend Molly while she was being attacked for only standing up to Christians who speak the truth about the gay agenda.

Gloria said...

"The Roloffs can't. Why is it ok to get paid to promote diversity and acceptance of everyone, including married gays, when that is not what you believe? That is called shameless lying self promotion for financial gain.`

Misst, the Roloffs have never said gays should be married.

Show me a clip from a speech where a Roloff have said that? You can't, because they never have.

YOU are imposing your belief that you can't be for diversity without being for gay marriage. It is completely logical that Christians, like the Roloffs, can speak about accepting diversity and not promote gay marriage.

They have never addressed gay marriage except for Audrey stating they don't support it.

Misst said...

Well seems that drinking booze is a huge part of Audrey and Jeremy's. .oh and Matt's life. So when is alcohol not a harmful drug? And btw they did pass the law quite some time ago ,if Jacob had a joint and his voting card, good for him. He is excising every right he has as a citizen of Oregon. If he wants to stand up for his sister, good for him,at least he is Not being exclusive for who he stands up for. I'm sure he loves her as a sibling, you don't have to agree with family to love them.

Misst said...

Three of the groups Matt is either a direct member of or us affiliated with are vocal supporters of the gay community and gay marriage. Matt has accepted money from speaking engagements for these groups. How is that ok? No one said they have to support anything, how about just being transparent and not lying about what you believe when not in the public eye?? How can they go to a school and speak to children about accepting ALL differences when the Roloffs don't accept ALL differences. That poor gay kid in the audience might actually think they might be talking about him when they really are excluding him. If you want to say "I promote diversity and acceptance for everyone except......" that would be awesome.
Also, no one cares anymore, the world didn't implode , Gay marriage is legal in every state, if you don't like it don't go to one.

Rap541 said...

Gloria - but they have been asked pointedly at times and refuse to answer. Amy waffled when asked directly and does indeed promote herself as a diversity speaker. More to the point - if that's what Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach genuinely believe... why would they not be proud to say so, Gloria?

You agree they are against gay marriage correct? Because I happened to agree that it's a free country and they have every right to believe what they like.

However, the reason they DON'T talk about this particular belief is because they know full well that taking a stand against gay marriage will effect their popularity and their ability to get speaking engagements as "diversity speakers".

Please stop applauding them as stand up Christians and in the same breath describe with glee how they have never ever said they are against gay marriage - you're applauding their hypocrisy and saying "I am glad the Roloffs won't say boo about gay marriage publically, better they mislead the public and make money from it than stand tall about their beliefs... as long as they NEVER say they are against gay marriage, no one can make them accountable hee hee hee!"

Seriously, you're applauding them presenting themselves dishonestly for money.

MS said...

"YOU are imposing your belief that you can't be for diversity without being for gay marriage. It is completely logical that Christians, like the Roloffs, can speak about accepting diversity and not promote gay marriage."

It doesn't sound very logical to me that one can promote diversity and acceptance if there are exceptions, whether it's due to religion or anything else. The whole point of promoting diversity is acceptance of everyone.

Paula said...

Rap, you're doing what you always do to people, you're ignoring what people are actually saying and clinging to your interpretation of something said in the past.

Anne spoke for herself, but I found her article about the wedding and Jacob's behavior with Audrey surrounding the wedding to be on point.

I just explained it was more than just the eye roll. It was tweeting during the celebrations that he wanted to be elsewhere and then the mocking of Audrey for thanking God for her wedding day.

You can believe someone has darkness in their soul, but the great thing about Jesus is He can save anyone. Of course there is hope for Jacob.

Maybe you're just upset because Christians are proving your judgment of them to wrong. We don't hate Jacob blindly. If he does things worthy of praise, we can praise him. We can pray that he continues to come to God and embraces his family and their right to Christian beliefs. Defending Molly was a good step and I am proud of Jacob for doing it.

Gloria said...

"Please stop applauding them as stand up Christians and in the same breath describe with glee how they have never ever said they are against gay marriage"

Rap, I was responding to Misst's incorrect assertion below that Matt and Amy have spoken in favor of accepting gay marriage. They have not. A general speech on the topic of diversity and their own experience with it as being born with dwarfism, in no way means they are advocating that gay marriage is acceptable and we should redefine marriage.

"these speeches given by Matt and Amy promote diversity for little people, gays, Christians, Muslims, black,white,special needs,lesbians, ugly people, ,bike riders,dogs, idiots,smokers, drinkers,joggers,plumbers. ....everyone. so I guess it's ok to get paid for lies."

THat's incorrect. They have never spoken in support of gay marriage.

If people want to dig deeper, most can connect the dots and see where the Roloffs stand on the issue.

No, they haven't wrote essays on it like John Bevere has, but but they are not obligated to do that. If they don't want to speak about gays, they don't have to. They aren't supporting it and they shouldn't have to defend themselves for not supporting it.

Paula said...

"If he wants to stand up for his sister, good for him,at least he is Not being exclusive for who he stands up for. I'm sure he loves her as a sibling, you don't have to agree with family to love them."

Misst, you are very naive if you don't think his Pro Molly post talking about what a wonderful person is was not his form of publicly declaring his support for Molly and deliberately timed because he knew she was under attack from the gays for her beliefs.

I don't think Jacob feels that Molly or Audrey or Jeremy did anything wrong by voicing their opinions in support of people who oppose gay marriage.

Rap541 said...

"They have never spoken in support of gay marriage.

If people want to dig deeper, most can connect the dots and see where the Roloffs stand on the issue."

Pishposh. The Christian crowd here was SHITTING A BRICK demanding Jacob "clarify" what he meant when he said he was fucked out of the money. I mean there were endless rants about how he was a coward for NOT SPELLING IT OUT.

Why aren't the other Roloffs held to that standard? You say this is a dearly held belief - I have never seen Matt Roloff have a public opinion on it. That's COWARDLY. If he believes that God says he is right, then he's a coward for not believing that God won't stand with him if he is public about his views. Same with Amy, and Jeremy.

I think since so many Christians want to use "They are strong in their beliefs if you hunt it down and interprete their vague remarks" that its time the Roloffs publically clarify if we are hiring diversity speakers who don't actually believe all people deserve to be treated the same.

Don't you agree?

Oh and Paula - then if you genuinely believe Jacob can be saved, do you think all the negativity heaved at him makes him want to even consider being Christian? You seem to be saying he could turn it around but why would he want to if he can't be forgiven? I mean, please look at all the comments - the "I hope Jacob gets hurt so Jesus can show us karma in action" - comments that you've stood by and that have been routinely defended by the CHristians as appropriate - that its appropriate for Christians to dance with glee over wishing ill on others. I'm sorry you don't like all the shitty mean nasty hateful comments from the past being brought up but I can quote you chapters of "we're Christians and we have the right to laugh if Jacob is hurt!" and "Jacob is evil and soulless, his dark eyes are the mark of the Devil". Lets not pretend all the Christians here have been acting with mercy and decency. You're only conceding Jacob may be supporting Molly beyond the obvious because it suits you.

And for the record, do you really find it unlikely that without this rather minor crisis, that Jacob wouldn't have congratulated his sister who he's always been on good terms with over her graduation? Really?

Rap541 said...

Plus - lets stop dancing around it -= Christians here were delighted and dancing with delight that Audrey made public comments about her views.

Now she has stripped all those remarks away, won't answer questions, and is asking people why they believe gossip sites....

How is that "Audrey standing up proudly"?

Misst said...

And no one says they are wrong for believing that, just wrong for lying and profiting from it.plain and simple. They are liars.
And Molly was being called out by more people than just "the gays". I'm assuming you don't have gay friends or specifically gay married friends Paula and Gloria. I just call my gay married friends, my friends. I don't discriminate and at least I am proud and stand up and speak for what I believe in and would do so publicly.

Rap541 said...

"Molly's graduation was a week ago. Jacob waited until now and wrote a salute to Molly as a person. You're blind and unaware if you don't think that is Jacob defending his sister while homosexuals attack her character. "

I sort of love how not agreeing with Molly's stance on homosexuality is "attacking Molly" and anyone who disagrees with Molly's views is "a homosexual".

From now on, anyone who disagrees with me must be a homosexual, is that understood? Christians, this does mean you - any disagreement and you are announcing how you fuck same sex. Because that is all the criteria needed by Christians to slur others - disagree with Molly Roloff and you must be a homosexual, and I now call dibs on those rules.

Anonymous said...

I live near the Roloff farm area in Oregon. They (the 2 older boys and the red headed wife) were in a local bar I sat in and I couldn't help overhearing their conversation as I sat behind them. I couldn't believe how UNCHRISTIAN they were as they talked about people they knew. They gossiped and shit talked. It was ridiculous and reminded me of high school! I laugh when I read that they claim to be Christians. Dafuq? Its all for TV folks, these people aren't all godlike as they would like others to think. The little twin came across as a money hungry fool as well. I wouldn't waste one moment watching their show.

Local said...

I live in Oregon near these people. I was in a bar and sat behind the 2 older brothers and the redheaded wife. I was appalled to hear their conversation. I couldn't help but overhear them from where I sat. The small twin came across as an pompous asshole who seemed money hungry and boastful. They all gossiped about some people they knew and obviously had no respect for. It was all very high school like and ridiculous.
I laughed inside because I know how much people enjoy the show and think these people are "Christians" and wholesome people. It is all for TV folks.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Jacob do a post about Jeremy who is also being called out? He is probably just posting to say how proud he is of Molly graduating college because they seem to be really close

MS said...

"I sort of love how not agreeing with Molly's stance on homosexuality is "attacking Molly" and anyone who disagrees with Molly's views is "a homosexual". From now on, anyone who disagrees with me must be a homosexual, is that understood?"

Nicely done :) Still laughing :)

Jana said...

It is VERY obvious Jacob hates Audrey lol

All the shit he talked during the wedding.

Doesn't follow her on any social media sites.

(Check: you can now search people's followers)

And he follows everyone else, including Tori. He probably can't stand her. Who would haha

Natalie said...

Jana, that doesn't mean anything. It took Jeremy a long time to follow Jacob. It doesn't mean anything.

Jacob defended Molly because she was being attacked over her beliefs.

Michelle said...

Jana, family members don't always follow each other. Does Jeremy follow Jack Botti? If he doesn't I doubt it means he can't stand him. We don't know if Jacob has apologized to Audrey. He has toned it down and I agree that his support of Molly after she was being bashed is a good sign.

Ashley said...

Oh geez...Jeremy and Audrey just posted their blog "How to improve your sex life in 30 minutes". Shouldn't some things be kept private?

Anonymous said...

How is congratulating her on graduating college "defending Molly because she was being attacked over her beliefs"?

Ecossais said...

I thought it had been established that Audrey was not a virgin when they married yet this wonderful piece of expert advice states otherwise.

Paula said...

"How is congratulating her on graduating college "defending Molly because she was being attacked over her beliefs"?"

Stop being obtuse. Jacob posted his tribute to Molly almost a week after and long after all the others had posted theirs as it happened. And it an over the top glowing analysis about Molly's character and greatness as a person.

Of course the timing (Molly being attacked the day before0 is significant. He saw Molly being attacked by the gay agenda and felt compelled to defend her honor to show that he stands with her.

And I acknowledge that not everyone who attacks the Roloffs about this are gay themselves. It's more accurate to say followers with a gay agenda. Having said that, it is obvious it is the gays who get upset. It was the gays who got upset that Jeremy and Audrey's website wasn't addressing gay relationships.

Misst said...

Repeatedly saying "the gays" is just as horrible and ridiculous as saying "the blacks". Obviously you have no gay friends Paula, maybe you should take the time to meet some so you would see that lumping people into stereotypical categories is not only asinine, archaic and dangerous, but really a truly hateful way to go about life.
And if standing up for equal rights for ALL people and being upset by lying Roloffs makes this straight girl gay or have a gay agenda by your definition, that is just fabulous! I would rather be stereotyped as a person who respects everyone's rights not exclusive selective christian ones.

Rap541 said...

Paula - have you ever considered that those people might see you and Auj and Jer as attacking them with your Christian agenda?

I mean, can you conceptualize that? That people who believe in gay marriage might view all the unpleasant remarks that Christians make about the sanctity of marriage to be attacks on *their* marriages? My current boss is "gay married" and while polite, does indeed view it as an attack on her marriage when she is told by a right wing Christians that she's not *really* married, or that she and her wife are awful people for stepping up and fostering to adopt not because they've done something terrible to a child but because they are a gay married couple. Hell, Angela, one of your delightful Christian buddies here said they should be stopped. Do you view someone insisting that rights given by the government be stripped from anyone who doesn't believe as you do an attack, Paula?

MS said...

"And I acknowledge that not everyone who attacks the Roloffs about this are gay themselves. It's more accurate to say followers with a gay agenda. Having said that, it is obvious it is the gays who get upset. It was the gays who got upset that Jeremy and Audrey's website wasn't addressing gay relationships."

At least you got the first sentence right, Paula. Beyond that, your ignorance was on full display. Oh, by the way, I'm straight and have no "gay agenda", whatever that means. So maybe it's not so "obvious" that it's just "the gays" who get upset.

Grace said...

I don't understand why it is a "story" when Christians hold onto the teachings in the Bible about marriage.

People want Christians to abandon their faith and fold to the current pop culture trend of the moment. Christians are better than that.

Good on Jeremy, Audrey and Molly for being loyal to Jesus Christ over the current fad. Jeremy is right, the war against is on. They are coming for our Churches next.

Happy said...

If you think there is a war on Christianity, you might want to turn off Fox News. As an atheist, I'm not going to spend tomorrow hiding in the bushes at your churches just waiting to throw rocks at believers. Nope, I'm going to sleep as late as I want, take delivery of a new oven (god broke my last one because I don't believe in ghosts, holy or otherwise), then maybe have some sex. Oh and I type xmas instead of banging out the whole word. May want to google xmas, that word was invented by Christians.

Rap541 said...

Grace - let me help.

The Roloffs are diversity speakers. They get paid money to tell others to accept each others differences. Matt and Amy have never told the public they officially DO NOT include gay people in that acceptance. People go to Roloff Farms and watch the show because of the image the Roloffs, including Jeremy and Audrey portray. Something I have noticed in the Radar Online comments? A lot of people saying they had NO IDEA the Roloffs were religious.

That's the story, Grace. Jer and Auj are portraying themselves as liberal hipsters on the show, and not as "IN JESUS'S NAME WE PRAY!" Christians who get up and fall to their knees each morning to pray (as I am told and have been told Jeremy does) and who end every evening up, on their knees giving glory to Christ, and who justify their bigotry with the Bible. The public is surprised at how hidden all the crazy is and that they, the Roloffs over all aren't really honest or liberal.

Really, I certainly have no interest in *changing* Jer and Auj's weird little "When Jeremy spreads my legs and screws me like a wild mink in heat, that is worshipping Jesus" church or their views, but I do have a problem with them *hiding* those beliefs in order to play liberal hipsters on the tv show that is supporting their real bigotry filled lifestyle. Likewise Mom and Pop Roloff making money preaching diversity when they clearly have some exceptions to the "acceptance is key" rule.

No one is trying to change their faith. I just want to see a little honesty from them if they're going to be provided a living from the liberal sorts they apparently despise.

Angela said...

Why is Rap541 continually permitted to to call Jeremy and Audrey bigots for merely not agreeing with gay marriage because they are Christian and it is against Christian beliefs. I think Rap should be banned from saying that.

People like you are trying to take our rights as Christians to stand for Biblical marriage. You say you aren't persecuting them for being Christian but the second you find out that they don't believe gay marriage is right, you call them bigots. You call them bigots for having Christian beliefs. That is shaming someone for being a Christian.

Rap541 said...

Angela - if they believe they have the right to say others don't deserve the same rights they enjoy, then they are bigots. They are perfectly free to be bigots and believe whatever they want.

You're basically complaining that everyone isn't delighted with their views. If they feel shame for their beliefs then that's on them. If you, and Jer and Auj, genuinely believe your religion allows you to restrict the rights of others without guilt, then I don't understand why you consider it "shaming". You're a bigot. You believe gay people deserve fewer rights because they don't believe as you do. If you feel shame over that, then you need to reconsider what you believe. If you genuinely believe you are right, I don't understand why you'd feel any shame at all.

Its also duly noted that Angela wants to restrict free speech here by calling for me to be banned. Angela - step up and make your own blog where you can ban whoever you like in Jesus's name.

Misst said...

Bwhahahahaha a war on Christians.
I don't ever remember a time where people protested there being a christian church on every corner,but I can't count how many times the christians have protested a building of a mosque in their town. I don't see any lgbt groups officially deemed hate groups by the federal government . ..oh yeah those are the "christian" groups like american family research . I seem to recall something called the Crusades and incidents called the Salem witch trials where Christians slaughtered hundreds of thousands of "secular" people.
Oh yeah, how about numerous modern day countries where the christians deemed gay people can only be cured by death and gay people get hunted down and tortured every day. How about the hundreds of gay kids who commit suicide each year because they are afraid of coming out to their christian parents. Ever notice how many Christians in the public spotlight are caught in horrible swaggert, the bakers, falwell, tilton, rekers, popoff.
Seems to me that christians are the ones having problems starting wars. If you have a religion that's fantastic, good for one is stopping you. I don't see anyone stopping you from going to church to worship. I don't see anyone protesting outside your church doors. How about keeping your church out of state and federal arguments then, fair is fair you know.
And current trends? I translated that to mean gay marriage. Guess what it's legal and the earth didn't implode upon itself,nor did Jesus rain down hellfire upon us. Being christian doesn't mean you are better than anyone else, so stop whining about the poor roloff kids being picked on for being liars and egoists that they are, not for being christian. God doesn't like liars either according to your bible.

Misst said...

a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

According to the current definition, that would make the precious christian roloffs bigots with a capital B.
No one said they are not entitled to their cultish beliefs. No one is persecuting them for not giving in to the modern "gay agenda ". They are liars who hide their christian beliefs to make money. You Christians should be calling them out too. If you are not ashamed of your faith, why hide it for money?

Maggie said...

Misst, that definition fits the people attacking Jeremy, Audrey and Molly.

They hold a different opinion than you do about gay marriage, they don't agree with it. And because of that you're calling them bigoted and hateful. That is being a bigot. It is the left wing liberals with the gay agenda, not the Christians.

Rap541 said...

Misst has a point - why aren't you Christians upset that AUj and Jer have lifted all references to their dislike of gay marriage? Shouldn't they be *proud* of those comments?

Shouldn't you be upset that they aren't?

Misst said...

Obviously you didn't read the latter paragraph at all.
Ok fair enough....I am bigoted against hateful lying asshats on tv, who profess these great christian beliefs in private but yet profit from hiding their beliefs in public. Yup I'm bigoted against liars and deceivers definitely. I personally believe everyone has a right to believe and practice how they wish. If the roloffs don't believe in gay marriage so effing what???? This isn't an argument about fundamental beliefs, this is an argument about your good christian roloffs being transparent. Find some gay friends, Maggie. They might broaden your narrow right wing anti gay bible vomiting view.
This "gay agenda " thing that you Christians keep bringing up? If that means an agenda where everyone has equal rights under the law and no one is treated unfairly for their differences. ..then the "gay agenda" is obviously the less bigoted choice.
Don't you have the CBN? Put all your christian celebrities like the roloffs on that channel and you won't have a reason to worry about us "secular" people calling out the liars.

Abby said...

Isabel just tweeted "Jacob just said "thank god for you" because I remembered his wallet for him. What would he do without me :)"

Is she trying to suggest Jacob has found God?

Why would she post that? She is trying to make a point, whatever that point is.

Kelly said...

Abby, Of course Isabel remembered Jacob's wallet, I have a feeling Isabel is always thinking about Jacob's wallet. LOL! I still believed Isabel egged him on to try to get more money.

E-Mac said...

@Kelly, that's a really unfair thing to say about Isabel. From what I've seen, she seems like a nice person and she and Jacob seem to love each other a lot.

They don't even seem to live a lavish lifestyle anyway. They spend most of their time going to the beach or in parks with their dogs. Neither of them seem obsessed with money.

By the way, isn't it actually Isabel's house?

Kelly said...

Emac, It takes money to do nothing all day, every day. Who is paying for Jacob's truck? And the mortgage/rent? And the insurance? And the gas? All the restaurants they go to?

She's always been obsessed with fame and money.

As far as her being "nice", I haven't seen her do one thing that I would call "nice" that she didn't have something to gain by it.

Rap541 said...

Misst, that definition fits the people attacking Jeremy, Audrey and Molly.

They hold a different opinion than you do about gay marriage, they don't agree with it. And because of that you're calling them bigoted and hateful. That is being a bigot. It is the left wing liberals with the gay agenda, not the Christians.


You do realize that your defense amounts to "Yes the Roloffs are bigots but so are other people", right?

That you're basically agreeing that yes, they hold bigoted viewpoints. You're just justifying it with "well, so are other people".

PJ said...

But Kelly, everything you said applies to The Golden Couple too. Auj and Jer basically do nothing either

Ecossais said...

@ Kelly
We know Isabel inherited some money and we have no idea what sort of "settlement" Jacob got/gets. Maybe they are just living off their money? Are you jealous?

And you know what --- it is none of your damned business.

Ashley said...

"Isabel just tweeted "Jacob just said "thank god for you" because I remembered his wallet for him. What would he do without me :)"
Is she trying to suggest Jacob has found God?
Why would she post that? She is trying to make a point, whatever that point is."

Abby, I think Isabel was looking for a reaction knowing that posting "Jacob" and "Jacob said Thank God" might get a reaction.

Of course it's rather meaningless, anybody can say "Thank God" without actually being a Christian just like you can say and celebrate Christmas without being a Christian.

Troy said...

I don't know why anyone is surprised Jacob is defending Molly after she was criticized for her support of Kirk Cameron's comments about gays.

Jacob has already said he won't be friends with a gay person and he doesn't want gays around him. If you go back and read his he doesn't sound all that different from Molly or Audrey.

He tried to walk it back a little bit, but at one point Jacob did quote the Bible and say "This is where I'd call it a sin" referring to gay people acting on the urges.

So why is anyone surprised that Jacob supports Molly?

Ashley said...

Troy, in a way I agree.

I consider Jacob homophobic, it's just the difference between Jacob and Molly/Jeremy/Audrey is it's not religious based.

That's why I don't think Jacob carry if gay people marry or not.
I consider Jacob homophobic but not necessarily "anti-gay".

I don't think he cares too much one way or the other because it doesn't affect him and he's not objecting for a religious reason.

But I do consider Jacob to be homophobic. Using that if someone is gay as a reason why you won't be friends with someone is homophobic. Thinking that you can't be friends with or hang around with someone who is gay unless you're gay yourself is homophobic.

Timothy said...

Ashley, I think your assessment of Jacob is spot on.

If you line up Jacob's positions on social issues, the one that stands out as being different is Jacob being a homophobe.

That in itself tells you a lot about Jacob's level of homophobia when it's not in line of where he stands on almost every other issue.

I saw his answer about the gay kid and having gay friends. It's not a lie. He was asked why will you not be friends with a gay guy? He gave that cringe worthy answer "because I don't like dudes, I'm into girls".

I didn't make it specific to this one gay student that he didn't like, he instead justified discriminating against an entire group of people from every being friends with someone who is (gasp) gay.

Much like Connor who posts here, it is obvious Jacob has an irrational fear that a gay guy being in the same room as he is will attack and rape him. So ignorant.

Jim said...

It's easy for Jacob to buy into the "Black Lives Matter" propaganda when it doesn't impact him. It's easy for him to buy into the pro illegal immigration when he doesn't think it will affect him.

But he apparently has first hand experience about how it can affect him when gays feel too confident and infringe on his rights.

And anybody trying to say it is not attacking Audrey, Jeremy and Molly for being Christian are blind liberals. That's exactly what it is. All they said is that they
"don't agree" with gay marriage. That's it. Nothing hateful about saying they don't agree with gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

"And anybody trying to say it is not attacking Audrey, Jeremy and Molly for being Christian are blind liberals. "

And this isn't an attack?

Jocelynn said...

Timothy, I think Jacob's homophobia can be chalked up to stupid macho guy act. A lot of guys grow up and get beyond the gay boogeyman image or the false notion that having a gay friend is a reflection on their own masculinity. Maybe when he's 30 he will get over it.

Dazed said...

I can't actually even believe I finally made it to the bottom of this page.
I can't even explain how I arrived here at this article.
Is this real?
Or like an episode of The Twilight Zone?
I have never read an entire stream of comments before. Why couldn't I stop?
Is this a mental disorder?
Who are all of you people who post and reply and pick apart every teeny tiny word, wink and breath of strangers...then gather to spew some kind of fake "love" or "hate" for them? I just don't get it. At all.
You do realize that you don't know enough about this family to even offer to bring them soup when they are sick, or send a get well card.
Get a life. Yes, you!
Wake up! Give your love, show support, take time to encourage the people in your life today. The REAL people WHO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW!!
This online hobby/addiction of spewing venom is a disgrace to humankind.
It wastes your life, and robs your actual friends and neighbors of truly beautiful interactions with you.
Be the change.
Go. Be. Do.
I want the last hour of my life back.

Ashley said...

Audrey just posted a link to John Bevere giving a speeech/plug for his book with the caption "Such truth" . So much for the defense that she was just friends with his wife. There is no doubt John Bevere is anti gay. He doesn't think gay people should be allowed to adopt, to be in the military or to be associated with the boy scouts.

Happy said...

Dazed summed it up pretty well.

Ecossais said...

@Dazed - And you are not spewing venom? Hahaha

Rap541 said...

Plus - lets stop dancing around it -= Christians here were delighted and dancing with delight that Audrey made public comments about her views.

Now she has stripped all those remarks away, won't answer questions, and is asking people why they believe gossip sites....

How is that "Audrey standing up proudly"?

Just reposting since no one who snottily asked me what I was gonna now that AUDREY STOOD UP AND SAID SHE WAS AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE has had the balls to comments on how dang proud they are that Audrey is backpedalling.

Debbie said...
Audrey comes through again. I love her so much.

Read it and weep Rap.

"it is not something we agree with"

Debbie Hon, that post was *deleted*. I read it and laughed and now that PROUD TO STAND UP CHRISTIAN AUDREY DELETED THAT REMARK WYOU WERE SO PROUD OF.

Debbie, are you proud now? Should I be weeping *now*? Do you have any opinion at all about this?

Gail said...
I love it.

What is Rap541 going to do now?

Rap541 has been yelling for years that Audrey or Jeremy won't say "we don't support same sex marriage" and Audrey just said it!

And when the going got tough, Audrey deleted it! :) Gail? What have I been yelling for years?

Oh right, when it affect the money, the Roloffs SHUT UP! And look at Audrey shush it about gay marriage! Your thoughts?

Lynn C said...
Yes, what does the mighty RAP541 have to say now?

You've been ranting and raving for years and years that Audrey and Jeremy have not said "We do not support gay relationships" and Audrey said exactly that.

Lynn, baby doll, guess what? Audrey deleted it! That's what I have to say! When it got hard, Audrey shut up rather than take a stand... two years from now Audrey will still be all "that never happened, do you just believe gossip websites??"

Any thoughts? Other than how Christian you were in delighting to try and prove me wrong? Yes, yes I am rubbing your noses in the dog shit of your comments and I am behaving as charitably as you all did so I don't feel bad at all. Audrey lost this one for you all. She wiped her comments off the internet, she was THAT proud.

Hmmm said...

any thoughts on Jacob's tweet about having an affair with the manager of you and your wife's business?

Janet said...

@Hmmmm, what are you suggesting? Jacob isn't being Roloff specific. Stop twisting tweets. If he wanted to accuse Matt he could have. Shame on you for going there.

Debbie said...

Ashley, I look at Audrey's tweet about John Bevere as standing firm behind her beliefs Christian beliefs.

Jocelynn said...

Ashley, regarding the John Bevere video Audrey posted, I don't usually disparage people for their beliefs, and I've heard of people having a thought and feeling as though "God" put that thought in their mind, but I have to admit I find it a bit odd when people speak about having full conversations in a hotel room with God.

"I'm standing there in shock in this hotel room and all of a sudden God says to me, 'Son, there is a good that will lead people away from me".

I find it a little strange.

Hmmm said...

Janet, I'll feel free to feel free to speculate on anything I care to. Shame on YOU for trying to stifle my first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

Hmmm said...

Also Janet, if you read my post carefully, I asked if anyone had any thoughts about the tweet. I did absolutely nothing to twist it in any way whatsoever. YOU twisted MY post.

Ashley said...

@Hmmm Jacob did tweet another tweet "rhetorical" seconds after the affair speech.

It's a strange thing to tweet. It seems like a typical Jacob attention seeking intentionally vague tweet just to get people talking so he can later say he didn't mean what everybody thinks he meant. So why tweet it in the first place? To get attention.

Angela said...

Hmmm, we all know what you were doing. Don't try to deny it to Janet or anyone else.

Ashley, it was a STUPID post by Jacob but he clearly meant for it NOT to be taken literally and applied to members of his family which is why he posted "rhetorical" right after.

Rap541 said...

Debbie said...

Ashley, I look at Audrey's tweet about John Bevere as standing firm behind her beliefs Christian beliefs.

Why can't she simply state she doesn't believe in gay marriage in a tweet? Why does she have to dance around it? She said what she said and now she's asking people if they believe gossip sites when she's asked about it. Why is she doing that when she clearly stated she is against gay marriage?

Oh right - because she deleted the comment when it started to affect the money!

Don't you agree, Debbie?

Remember that when you answer - anyone who disagrees with me is a homosexual.

Hmmm said...

Angela, you all only THINK you know what I was "doing", unless Leonard Nimoy taught you how to apply the Vulcan mind meld over internets before he went tits up. Also this:
Simple Definition of rhetorical
1 : of, relating to, or concerned with the art of speaking or writing formally and effectively especially as a way to persuade or influence people
2 of a question : asked in order to make a statement rather than to get an answer
Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Debbie said...

Rap, the only one dancing is you.

Audrey and Jeremy made it clear they have no thought for gay marriage. That's why the gays got upset with them in the first place.

The people who are most upset with the Roloffs having Christian beliefs are gays. It's already been explained. That doesn't mean everyone who is attacking them are gays, some like spreading the gay agenda (just like Jacob a wealthy white boy likes to back the Black Lives Matter movement because it makes him feel cool) but it was gays that made it an issue. And some will jump on the Christian Roloffs for anything because they hate Christians.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - if I am dancing then just state for the record that you think Auj removing all those posts was her being open and honest.

Auudrey lifted every single post she made that was against gay marriage. Including the one you were so proud of. Just say you are proud of how she removed all references to her views and that you are happy she removed the post that you were so happy to fling in my face.

Come on Debbie - you *are* happy she has left no evidence of what she said, right?

I mean, when I ask you to post the link on her website to prove she really said it... you can do that, right? Debbie? Can you prove Audrey said it? WITHOUT a screen shot from this blog?

Debbie - provide me a link to where Audrey on her own website says "I am against gay marriage" :)

You say she's proudly outspoken and standing up for Christ, so prove it.

Rap541 said...

And psst Debbie - I am not dancing at all, I find Audrey and Jer's hypocrisy hilarious. Dangle a dollar and you'll know just how much the Roloffs love Jesus.

Or look at it this way - If Auj and Jer don't WANT to say their website isn't for everyone, then you and they must agree that they can't complain when gay people show up, now can they? I mean, their marital advice is as bland as the Family Circle magazines they both clearly have read so why can't gays get something out of "30 minutes to better sex"?

Why complain about readership? Auj and Jer are no longer willing to say "Gays, go elsewhere", that's clear.

Angela said...

Get off it Hmmm. Everybody with a brain knows why you posted it. Ok, why don't you explain why you brought Jacob's post attention? What did you hope to accomplish?

If you say your intention wasn't to purposely get people to speculate and slander the reputation of Matt Roloff, I believe you are lying. God told me to beware of the Devil and I see the evil.

Greg said...

Seriously. If Jacob was talking about his dad you really think he would've fucking put it on Twitter? He obviously has a close relationship with his mom and he's not going to hurt her like that.

Stop trying to spread rumors and lies. It's filthy.

Rap541 said...

"If you say your intention wasn't to purposely get people to speculate and slander the reputation of Matt Roloff, I believe you are lying. God told me to beware of the Devil and I see the evil."

Wait wait wait, I thought Jacob was evil and the Devil. Then Anne Bailey said I was the Devil.

Now personally, I doubt Jacob meant anything more than to stir the pot with his comment....

But really, is Matt Roloff so saintly, Angela? Mr. "I swore to God to stay married and broke my vow"? Mr. "Maybe I had a beer, maybe I didn't, maybe I just didn't feel like giving a shit about adjusting my pedals when I drive"?

I seem to recall that only Molly and Caryn (Matt's assistant) had access to the lock on his office door - that came out in the trial deposition. But really, we're talking about a man who swore a vow to marry and walked away from that marriage. I'm not slandering Matt at all...

PJ said...

why can't Hmmmm bring attention to Jacob's post? If you thought it would further your "Evil Jacob" campaign, you would.

Ashley said...

"Seriously. If Jacob was talking about his dad you really think he would've fucking put it on Twitter? He obviously has a close relationship with his mom and he's not going to hurt her like that. Stop trying to spread rumors and lies. It's filthy."

Greg, why do you think Jacob posted that?

I sometimes think people who defend Jacob all the time think Jacob must be a complete idiot with no self awareness.

Do you honestly believe that when Jacob tweeted the thought never crossed his mind that some people would think it was about his dad, who has an assistant, and who they had meeting with Amy about their business?

Matt has an assistant (who there's always been rumors about). Matt and Amy have a business together. Matt, Amy and the assistant often had meetings together. And Jacob tweets:

"How fucked up is it to have an affair with the manager of you n your wife's business - so all 3 of ya have to have meetings constantly?

Is Jacob the biggest idiot around? It never occurs to him that people might think it's about Matt? You think Jacob was completely oblivious to the fact that people might make that connection???

I think it's just what Rap said. I think Jacob likes to stir the pot. He likes to be vague and suggest things so when people reach a conclusion he can sit back and call them all idiots and feel superior.

Hmmm said...

Angela, I don't believe for a second that you speak for everyone with a brain. I brought it up because Jacob brought it up. As far as slander, you might want to look up that definition, I didn't slander anyone. As far as Matt goes, he's divorced and he's going to be looking for a place to put it, and I don't care where. If he's dating anyone, and I'm not saying he is, it' not an affair! If he was dating during his marriage, and I'm not saying he was, that would be an affair. As far as having meetings, it shouldn't be any more uncomfortable than having an informal meet up with an ex and a current partner. Adults can handle things like that, it happens all the time. In addition, if you are hearing voices, that is a sign of a mental illness (schizophrenia - two people on my wife's side of the family have it and it's devastating to their lives and the lives of those around them)and you may want to get it checked out. As far as me being evil, I've dropped at least $10,000 on chemotherapy for a stray dog I got for free, knowing full well his cancer was terminal and all we were doing was extending our time with him. Ok, got lots on my plate for today, gotta run!

Rap541 said...

Do you honestly believe that when Jacob tweeted the thought never crossed his mind that some people would think it was about his dad, who has an assistant, and who they had meeting with Amy about their business?

To be honest Ashley, my only point of disagreement with you is that I don't think its impossible or inconceivable that something could be going on between Matt and his assistant.

Its the sort of asshole move Matt seems to like - delighting in taunting Amy to her face with a lover that Amy has to interact with. There's even some hints - the locks on the office door that Amy doesn't have but Caryn does, Amy's refusal to even enter Matt's home.... the sheer reality that Matt is that much of an ass.

That said, it's probably just Jacob being fully aware that he has an audience of people who are obsessed with him. There's a part of me that would love to see him do a full on Kirk Cameron conversion on twitter just to see how many of these idiots hop to.

Because they would ;)

Ashley said...

"To be honest Ashley, my only point of disagreement with you is that I don't think its impossible or inconceivable that something could be going on between Matt and his assistant.`

Whether there`s any truth to it, I have no idea. It strikes me more as the far fetched scandalous story that people like to think up, especially when they don`t like a person (Matt).

But my point is there's no way Jacob tweeted that and never thought that people might think it's about Matt and his "business manager".

Rap541 said...

I'd go a step further and note that there's rarely anything being tweeted or posted by any Roloff that isn't meant to get attention from the public these days.

sscooter43 said...

"Many Christians are upset, feeling that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are being persecuted for being Christian and they should be able to oppose same sex marriage without being called "bigots or "hateful"."

The Christians that are feeling that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are being persecuted for being Christians do not know what real persecution is. Being called bigots or hateful is not being persecuted. People disagreeing with your religious believes is not being persecuted.

Do you want to know what real persecution is? What the Jews went thru during the Holocaust was persecution. How ISIS is treating the Christians in the Middle East is persecution. Being called names or people disagreeing with is not persecution.

Paula said...

A Christian publication, Lifesite, has noticed that Liberals are bashing the Roloffs for their Christian beliefs. I hope they put it in their petition section.

Kelly said...

Yeah Jacob, do everyone a favor and delete your twitter. At the very least, stay off it. Stop embarrassing yourself.

PJ said...

Yeah Kelly do everyone a favor and shut up about someone who's no longer on the show and has a First Amendment right to say whatever he wants.

Kelly said...

PJ, try to be informed before you open your mouth and make a fool out of yourself.

It was Jacob that was tweeting (for attention) that maybe he should stop twitter.
He's the one that suggested quitting.

I need to stop Twitter. almost solely because it's so hard for me to not check Twitter. That power is scary

PJ said...

Kelly, honey, we both know you're not talking about this tweet because there is really nothing here to be embarrassed about. You are, like the christian creeps, trying to shut Jacob up because he is evil and doesn't worship The Golden Couple. He's not involved in the subject of this post. In fact he's been absent from all but the opening credits thus far year

Kelly said...

Again, Jacob is the one that said he needs to stop twitter.

I'm just weighing in that I agree. He should stop twitter. And he is an embarrassment, imo. To his family and to himself. He tweets for attention, contradicts himself and exposes himself as a druggie.

Paula said...

It is sad to see Isabel so easily manipulated and posting left wing propaganda.

"Izzy ‏@isabelsgarreton

Izzy Retweeted
Adam Smith ‏@AdamSmith_usa 3h3 hours ago
Being gay is not a choice. You know what is a choice? Waking up every morning and deciding that two people in love affects you. #Orlando

Let's call it what it is. Imo, it is a Muslim being a violent Muslim. The act of terrible violence in no way makes same sex relationships any more acceptable or natural.

Gail said...

@Paula, I couldn't agree more with you. Whenever there is an incident like this it is sickening to see people use it to further an agenda and that's clearly the route Isabel is going.

Gay marriage is still wrong by the word of God. Homosexuality is still unnatural and wrong.

Isabel should be condemning the Muslims and ISIS and their Sharia Law. She shouldn't be making the leap that it somehow makes gay relationships right in the eyes of God.

Isabel should really reach out to Audrey with a sincere heart.

Ashley said...

Just to keep it Roloff related, in the aftermath of the biggest mass shooting in American history here are the Roloff reactions so far:

Isabel is tweeting pro-gay "Love Wins" tweets that Paula quoted.

Jacob said "Pathetic" in response to the Texas Governor Dan Patrick posting a Bible Quote "A man REAPS what he SOWS" and Jacob tweeted "Fuck Off" in response to Donald Trump's tweet about appreciating the congrats he's getting for being right about radical Islamic terrorism.

The rest of the Roloffs have ignored it so far.

Jeremy and Amy tweeted about other things.

An hour ago Jeremy tweeted: "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." -JK Rowling

4 hours ago Amy tweeted: Heading home today from Alaska. Back to reality. (smiley face)

Ashley said...

And Matt posted a live Facebook video with Zach at the airport just saying hi.

Shelby said...

Can someone please explain this to me because I don't understand.

All religions pretty much agree homosexuality is wrong and disgusting.

But why is it that Christians like Jeremy, Audrey and Molly get called hateful for just saying gay marriage is not something they agree with but Muslims actually commit violence and kill gays but some people don't want to criticize Muslims? Why do people condemn Christians more than the Muslims when Christians only disagree?

Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't make much sense to me...

Shelby said...

Gail and Paula, thank you for posting about Isabel's twitter. I was thinking the same things. She will probably delete them later, but gosh, she's lost it. lol.

"I'm so mad about this I am letting all hell break loose, I don't care what you think. This shit has to stop. #LoveisLove"

What does that have to do with anything? lol. It's still wrong. The shootings are terrible but it doesn't make gay people morally right.

Connor said...

Before Jacob pretends like he's a gay advocate, he should be forced to spend a few hours in a room with a gay dude. Oh right, he wants no part of that because he knows they're creepy. So Jacob should just shut up.

Shelby, you're right. People like Jacob will just use stuff like this for political purposes. Rick Scott asked for prayers for the victims..and people like Jacob want to mock him for that? See it's all about furthering an agenda.

Rap541 said...

he should be forced to spend a few hours in a room with a gay dude

Connor, have you ever been in a room with a gay dude for a few hours?

If you haven't, then you have no knowledge on the topic.

If you have, please detail your experiences that you've had, the many times you've been alone in a room with a gay person.

Let me share my own experiences being alone with gay people.

It's like being with straight people. No one suddenly ripped off my pants and licked my clit in a desperate need to have GAY SEX... which btw is what Connor is *suggesting* (Connor has no actual examples of this ever happening to anyone btw)

Hey Connor, you're a straight boy. When you see a drunk girl unconscious, as a man, do you just whip your dick out and fuck her? Because that's what happens all the time to women left alone with straight men. There was a recent case in Stanford. Do you think the *girl* was at fault? I mean, as a *straight* man, when you're alone with a woman do you just whip it out and fuck because you can't control yourself?

I have so many examples of straight men left alone with a woman who just.. take the opportunity to fuck her whether she wants it or not... is it your inability to be alone with a member of the opposite sex without displaying your junk and fucking them against their will that makes you think gay people do it too?

Rap541 said...

But why is it that Christians like Jeremy, Audrey and Molly get called hateful for just saying gay marriage is not something they agree with but Muslims actually commit violence and kill gays but some people don't want to criticize Muslims?

You're making a childish argument, Shelby.

First - Many Christians disagree with the right wing evangelical sorts who say gay marriage is wrong. Many of my close friends are Christians, some gay, some straight, and they're not hateful people. I personally have called Jeremy and Audrey bigots because they believe gay people are not due the same legal rights they are.

Second - plenty of people criticize Muslims, to the point that when terrible things happen, they have to haul out the nice Muslims to plead with the angry sorts to not attack ALL Muslims.

Now I totally agree this current mass shooter was a Muslim. That doesn't mean all Muslims are violent people.

Or look at it this way. You're a Christian. So was that nice boy who shot up that church and killed all those African American Christians at the bible study they welcomed him to. Under your logic - you and he are the same. You're Christian, he's Christian, he did a terrible thing, so you must as well since you're both Christian.

Any of that getting through?

PJ said...

Not all religions think being gay is wrong. In fact not all true Christians feel that gays are wrong or evil. I'm not saying this to be mean but you need to widen your education beyond the Bible.

Did Jacob actually mock Rick Scott? or is it just something you think he might do?
He's right to find Trump disgusting for being more concerned with himself than with the victims and their families. And with the Texas governor for pushing his anti gay agenda in the aftermath of so much tragedy. By the way I think you want exactly what you keep wishing on Jacob. You're way too obsessed.

Kelly said...

Connor, the hilarious thing about Jacob and his twitter act is not too long ago Jacob was tweeting anti government stuff about trying to take guns away from citizens is the real goal. Did he do a 180? Or is he just tweeting what he thinks will impress his leftist heroes he retweets? I suspect it's the latter just like is about his faux support for gay rights.

Connor said...

Did Jacob actually mock Rick Scott? or is it just something you think he might do?"

He did the ... intro after the "Fuck off" Donald Trump retweet.

Retweeted ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ ....
"Matt Pearce @mattdpearce
.@jaketapper asks Gov. Rick Scott what Americans can do for the shooting victims. "The biggest thing is pray."

If you can't see he's mocking him you're not very bright.

And by the way, Amy just said she is praying as well. The evil Christian lady and all.

@amyroloffCF heading back home from Alaskan cruise - heard the shocking, sad and horrific news of the shooting in FL. Praying! God is grieving as well.

Suzie said...

At least Isabel and Jacob are talking about something important?! Something that fucking matters?

It doesn't matter if they were gay. People were KILLED. It doesn't fucking matter. Stop pushing your hateful agenda onto others.

And shut up about WHO died focus on what needs to be done.

Debbie said...

Suzie, learn some manners.

Isabel and Jacob are talking about the news, but they are doing it so they can complain.

Don't be politically correct. The group that was targeted IS significant because it is an insult to the Muslim God. Shelby makes a good point. Christians are called hateful names for merely opposing gay marriage while Islam slaughters gays, throws them off building and beheads them. Yet the liberals defend the Muslims and vilify Christians...[shaking my head]

PS. I hope Jacob "I want to be liked by blacks" Roloff noticed something about all those people lining up to give blood to the gay victims? Come on you politically correct lefties. Tell me what you noticed (or didn't) notice about those long lines of caring people wanting to help the injured gays?

I don't think I saw one black person in any of those long lines.

Why isn't Jacob speaking out about that? You know he would if it was all black victims and no white people were in the lines to donate blood.

Rap541 said...

For fuck's sake, Debbie - check the link out there's NUMEROUS black people in the pictures lined up to donate blood.

You're so goddamn racist.

Fucking apologize for LYING.

(and I should not warn you, as you're a stupid racist but scroll down after the FIRST picture to see black people in line)

Rap541 said...

Another link of an article showing black people in line to donate.

Debbie - care to apologize for saying NOT ONE BLACK PERSON was in those lines? Or will you be standing on your racist principles and refuse to even look?

PJ said...

Who the hell are you to tell anyone "learn some manners"?
I'm so glad you're psychic and can know what's in Jacob and Isobel's minds. Most people are upset because 50 people were killed and 53 more were injured. I'll guarantee not all of them were gay.
I would bet the group that was shot had more to do with a large available crowd than sexual orientation and if something else was happening that drew a large crowd the shooter would have attacked there.
Don't even start about Muslims. There are plenty of examples of "christians" doing the same thing. Look at virtually any school shooting.
Why does it matter who's in the blood line? Funny YOU chose to mention it.

my IQ is 168, what's yours? Don't ever tell me I'm not bright. Unlike you I'm capable of thinking for myself and not just parroting the garbage I'm being told at home and at church. And no, that's not really mocking, it's re-tweeting. And the most important thing was not to pray. It's action to help survivors. I'm glad Amy is praying and hope she coughs up money if funds are set up for the families and survivors.
I am so ready for LPBW to end.

Rap541 said...

Oh look Debbie, not only a picture of a black person in line to donate blood, but a Muslim who donated as well.

Debbie said...

Rap, in a long line, I see one black woman.... my point stands. Hardly any blacks out to support. Is Jacob calling them out? Nope.

Rap541 said...

Debbie so you missed the two black men in the first article?

And you said "I don't think I saw one black person in any of those long lines."

In fairness, you owe an apology since you have conceded that ONE black person was in line and instead you're shitting on black people.... also please seriously SCROLL down and look at the other links.

You said not one black person, you were proven wrong and you refuse to apologize. You lying piece of racist shit. You can't even admit your declarations are openly proven wrong. Seriously when you go to heaven and Jesus asks you about this, will you insist there were NO black people as you originally stated? And delighted in?

You're only proving my point that Christians lie and sit silent when they are proven wrong. You said no black people donated. I provided two links with pictures showing several black people in line and you won't apologize for your lies. You lying racist.

Debbie said...

Rap, in all your links, I see a total of 3 black women and possibly 1 black man. And none in all the live coverage on the Clinton News Network. 1 black man out of hundreds. You're proving my point. The majority of blacks don't like gays. That's the truth that white liberals try to ignore.

PJ, I don't even know what to say if you don't think a gay club was a random target. The father said the son was disgusted and outraged when he saw two homosexuals kissing. That's just another reason why gays shouldn't flaunt their sin in public.

PJ, get real. Jacob and Isabel are using this event to bash people they don't like. Like Connor said, Jacob probably wouldn't have allowed any of those now dead gays to be anywhere near him. Jacob should save the fake outrage. He just wants an excuse to attack Republican politicians.

Rap541 said...

Debbie since you said not one black person was standing in line you're wrong, you do understand that, right? You need to apologize, especially since the first link, if you scroll down, shows a picture with two black men.

You said NO black people were lined up and you refuse to concede you were wrong and apologize. You lie, when proven wrong you ignore it, and you deserve no respect at all. In the future I will always remind you of this lie - that you said NO black people stood in line to donate blood, and refused to apologize when you were proven wrong. Do you think Jesus approves of your lies?

Ashley said...

Sorry to change the topic but I just wanted to point out that Jacob is not the only Roloff to make fun of lonely people who meet them and then they run to social media to make fun of them (the guy at the gas station)

Audrey just snapchatted that she was meeting a friend but the coffee shop was closed so she went next door to the bar. She brought Pine the kitty because it was hot in the car. She said a guy came over all excited that she took her cat to the bar, asked her if she does it a lot , and said he has instagram full of pics of his cat at bars.

She was totally mocking this guy and calling him a weirdo. While kind of strange, I think he was just being friendly because after all, she was the one who brought her cat inside. Roloffs definitely don't consider anyone's feelings.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - her disdain is all the more amusing because she was driving around in the car with her cat and taking it to a bar.

I mean, she was in a bar with a cat. That's weird all on it's own - in that it seems weird to take the cat out in the car to the coffee shop to begin with....

(waits for all the Christians to insist how often they take the pet cats to the coffee shop or bar)

PJ said...

Debbie are you really brain dead or just pretending? No one with a functioning brain could be as dense as you are. Why does it matter what color the blood donors are? You afraid of getting the wrong color? How could you possibly know what the majority of any group likes? Some crap your church propigates?

When somebody is ready to blow the target may not matter and no I didn't say it was random I said he could have easily chosen somewhere else but being Gay Pride weekend this got him the biggest bang for his buck
Debbie YOU are using this event to bash people You don't like, like blacks, Muslims and Jacob and Isabel. Honestly like always your point is Jacob is evil, Isabel is stupid, they're both druggies , Anyone thats not you brand of "christian" is evil and stupid and a new one, blacks are bad but agree with you.

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