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Little People, Big World Episode Reviews: Big Fans, Big Questions

A new episode of Little People, Big World aired last night Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 on TLC.

Guest reviewers Rap541 and Podge/Rodge Groupie graciously agreed to write reviews/recaps:


Written By Rap541

My goodness this is on late. And based on a really weird premise, as near as I can tell, that fans are somehow invited to the farm to ask questions and have “spirited trivia contests”. I mean, how does one get an invite to *that*? 

But hey, Ted Cruz has given up the race, and I have a glass of wine. 

Oh hey, I did happen to peruse because I was curious if Auj and Jer had any more beliefs they wanted to stand up for… especially after so many people here were praising them for taking a stand. Funny – in the “don’t have opposite sex friends” post where they were STANDING TALL against the gays and proudly noting how their blog was not for gays…. There WERE 205 comments and now there are 142. EVERY SINGLE COMMENT where a Roloff took a stand is gone. EVERY SINGLE ONE. So is every single non complimentary post, including the one from Jeremy’s friend, and including almost every single one that disagreed with the basic premise of the blog post. Funny how that happened huh? That Auj and Jeremy aren’t proud of those remarks and took them down before new episodes that will no doubt feature their web blog were aired. Guess we know where Jer and Auj stand – they prefer the money to being upfront about their views.

Anyway, lets see how ridiculous this episode is.

So its irritating that the Duggar nonsense ran long when this is late already.

The Roloffs have invited their superfans to the farm to ask questions, Nothing is off limits.  The “creepers” are here!

Because I know the Roloffs are assholes about crazy fans who are middle aged and who have signs, I am genuinely curious if anyone will get a lecture on how “creepy” they are and how NO ONE is to judge any Roloff.

Weirdly it starts with the Roloffs asking questions. Also they’re all on haybales. The crazy fans are from everywhere. Jeremy’s man bun is hilarious and I don’t see Jacob at all. Apparently the roloffs are competitive and we get some clips since this is a cheap episode of clips. Oh hey we’re playing Roloff show trivia. They pick teams. Apparently there’s creeper fan prizes for the creepers and everyone looks awkward. 

There’s trivia. I am not recapping that. Now there’s a commercial.

This is honestly so painful to watch.

So Matt basically fails at trivia. I am genuinely unconvinced that this is actually at the farm because the “barn area” looks pretty fake  and like an indoor studio. Now more clips of built stuff. The fans kiss their asses as Matt insists the farm is more about the family than any profit. It’s weird how Matt and Amy focus on how the kids are KIDS and never grown up.

Tori, Audrey, how weirded out are you by this? ITS SO AWESOME!

No one asks why Jacob isn’t there.

Next up! Newlywed stuff!

The weird hostess says they are in the wedding barn but…. It looks too stable. Now wedding clips.
Now there’s a skype question! WILL THERE BE BABIES! Basically the answer is “not soon”. The hostess says “since you’re all newlyweds…” there is a contest but I must note the traditional definition of newlywed is people in their first year and Auj and Jer are coming up on year two.

There’s various cute questions.

Now the wives are booted so we can see all the dangerous stuff the kids used to do. We discuss Jacob and basically all that is said is “Jacob moved to California”.

Jeremy admits to parties. Molly is asked if she’s single. She’s dating. His name is Joel.

Now they talk about Rocky. Also apparently there was a cowbell to attract the kids.

Now the superfans are tested! Will the superfans be killed for incorrect answers? Prolly not! The winning team gets a mug. So its basically lame. Molly’s team wins.  This was all filler.

Now we’re over 11pm which is irritating since I have work. Made worse that there’s a LOT of commercials.
Questions from the superfans. What is the future of the farm? Jeremy says he and Auj want to move back. Amy says not all of the kids will come back.

Matt loves the marriages the most although the question came from the hostess. Molly may marry on the farm. The hostess is all “WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR FANS??” – Amy and Matt say the fans inspire them. Jeremy is all there’s no different story. Zach now appreciates fans. Interestingly Molly and Auj don’t answer the question. It feels like the fans had a good time but I personally felt it seems pretty fake.


Review Written by Podge/Rodge groupie

Here is my review of "Little People, Big Questions"

This is going to be short because I'm in the middle of a major project. Rather than go through a he-hash of the show itself, because most of you reading this were interested enough to watch it anyway, I've  thought time to ask questions, guess at possible answers, and leave my own views on the proceedings.

In the beginning (no reference to a bunch of stories written by human strangers) you heard off camera "(Hey) Matt, what's off limits?" Matt: "Nothing!" Right. Sure. No questions about the divorce. No questions about the dividing up of the farm. No questions about business interests (varied throughout), successes (?), failures (definitely some) or about any personal stances taken by any one or more members of the family. 

That's fine. I purport two reasons:

1. There were most definitely topics that were off limits. Most of us here do realize that this has not been "real and raw" since maybe the end of Season 3. Matt aka The Master of Spin made sure that only the questions chosen were aired or presented. 

2. I wonder if the "superfans" were forced to sign a release, and an agreement about what can be said after departure like every other person who doth step onto Roloff Farms. I did check, and no, they were actually still wearing their shoes, thankfully they did not have to put off their shoes as they are standing upon sacred ground. The other aspect is, the people invited by the Roloffs (I did not learn how this came to be) might well have been chosen as it was know there would be no pointed, delving or personal questions coming from the group invited. Perhaps the number of comments on personal Facebook pages?

The Big MR still knows how to play the crowd, and interjected just enough as to not make his need for attention too obvious. He was well behaved in that regard from past presentations.

Zach has, in my views come miles and miles in onscreen comfort and presence. The Master of Spin has worked his magic on his protege. Well done.

I'm still having problems trying to see Tori as the gold-digging whore she is made out to be by some posters on this blog. The 'people' who put this idea forward must indeed be quite proud of themselves, believe me Tori has the superfans, the entire Roloff family and a vast majority of the viewers and people who can actually think for themselves completely food by the ruse she is perpetuating. I mean, she's got me fooled. The two seem happy, content, dreamy-eyed, head-over-heels in love to me. 

The man-bun - Look, It's not my hair, and I'm not married to Audrey. It has been offered in a post on this blog that "perhaps Audrey likes that, Why shouldn't Jeremy do that to if Audrey perhaps likes that look (paraphrased)?" That's fine by me. I just think that a little more work could be put into it, that's all. I work with people who have to tie their hair back for safety reasons. it's clean, its neat, no fly-aways, and they do it because it's company policy. The whole concept of changing something that you do just to satisfy someone else, instead of that someone else being happy with you you are and what you are and vice versa, seems unnecessary and counter productive. If Jeremy would have put half the time into preparation as Audrey did, it would have looked much better.

The announcer was just a wee bit over the top for me. Calm down woman, it's only the Roloffs. Eek.

There was one strange comment/statement by a superfan in speaking with Amy. The fan said after awhile, she was tuning in to see what was happening with the family, because she could relate it to her own family, and that similarity form a kind of bond that made relating to the Roloffs more enjoyable. Amy agreed, saying one of the reasons why they put themselves out there was because whether you're an LP or not, you have the same issues as a family. It makes the distinction and differences non-existent. I guess I was tuning into the show for the wrong reason? My bad. So much for the show's original premise.


Ecossais said...

Well that was pure garbage and the moderator was horrible.

sscooter43 said...

I could not even make it five minutes without changing the channel. It was so boring that I have no ideal how anybody could watch the entire episode.

BigBrother said...

I have to admit I fell asleep about halfway through. After the trivia contest when i think they just finished quizzing the superfans but before any hint of having the spouses leave the scene or Jacob being mentioned at all.

That has to mean it really was boring, as I'd planned on watching it to be informed enough to discuss what was shown.

PJ said...

Surprising that the evil Jacob was nowhere to be seen, after all isn't he a giant hypocrite ? But Jereny and Audrey were there front and center? And hiw Little Angel Auj jumped into answer first every chance she got?

Zeus said...

I think the most miserable thing about this family is their lack of care for Jacob, and in turn, now his girlfriend... They seriously don't care about either of them unless they need a photo for publicity. These people are serious nut jobs only in it for the money and they don't care what happens to Jacob, he's caused them all enough problems already.

Steffanie said...

I'm with Pj, it is so freakin obvious how obsessed with the show and filming Audrey is. She's pathetic.

Taylor said...

Zeus I agree with you last sentence. I just wish they would say it publicly. Jacob deserves it, instead of getting away with treating them all like crap. I can't wait for Jacob to wipe out on his new toy. I truly believe God will use him ascan example.

Rurh said...

Taylor and Zeus,

Why does everyone forget that at least as far as when Jake had that accident that cost him a piece of skull after which they refused to dump the toy but insisted he help rebuild it along with the other soon-to-be-deceased victim, his purported parents and sibs have made it very clear that he was an annoyance to be tolerated rather than an irreplaceable, valued family member? And, why is anyone surprised that he has problems and not thrilled to be around the family who cares so little about him ?

Rap541 said...

. I can't wait for Jacob to wipe out on his new toy. I truly believe God will use him ascan example.

Considering the recent example of Jeremy and Audrey wiping out on their new toy with Audrey actually injured... Are we really saying accidents are God's way of showing how pissed He is and who is and isn't worthy?

If so... then I wonder what Jer and Auj have done to piss off God? Since God is using them and injuring them as an example....

Ecossais said...

Taylor I assume you consider yourself to be a Christian since you mention god using Jacob yet in the same post you wish harm on him. NICE!!!!!!!

Gail said...

I believe it is how one handles it. Audrey doesn't get mad at God. She instead, THANKED Him for keeping her and Jeremy safe (relatively) when they could have died when some careless driver hit them. God saved His children.

Audrey is wise enough to be thankful to God, not angry, for what happened. Yes, it is natural to be disappointed at the short term things she will miss out on, but Audrey draws strength in her face.

What might happen to Jacob will be karma for the unholy life he is living. He does not give thanks to the Lord. Or at least he is inconsistent, only doing it when family is around and trying to present a different face on social media.

Ruth, give me a break. It is Jacob who has treated his family shamefully. Not the other way around. They are, in fact, way too tolerant and kind to him. They should be shunning him and barring him from the Farm. Stop trying to make Jacob into the victim.

Taylor said...

Ecossais, yes I am and I also believe in "You reap what you sow". Jacob has abandoned and disrespected God and his followers time and time again. It might just be for "show" (pun intended) on social media but he is still working against God. When you do that, don't be surprised when bad things happen.

@Gail, I couldn't agree more. The Roloffs mistake is being too nice and accepting of Jacob. If I were them, the second he made the infamous "F'd out of money" tweet, I would have locked him out of the Farm and told him to survive on his own without their support.

Jacob would be nothing but a worthless druggie without the show. Now he's a druggie with money.

Rap541 said...

I believe it is how one handles it. Audrey doesn't get mad at God. She instead, THANKED Him for keeping her and Jeremy safe (relatively) when they could have died when some careless driver hit them.

But we've already established that God hurts people who displease him.

If Jacob were to be injured, that would be because God dislikes him, correct?

And let me be blunt - if God was keeping her safe, then she wouldn't have dislocated her shoulder. There's no escaping the reality that Audrey had to seek medical attention for this accident. Also since no claims even by Audrey suggest that the accident was anyone's fault, I think you're maligning someone you don't know, yet again. The careless driver may very well have been Jeremy. It may have been a pure accident. As a Christian, you need to remember you have no right to judge ANYONE, Gail - you are NOT God and you fail in your faith when you point fingers at others.

Rap541 said...

Eccossais - It's hilarious isn't it? The Christians here who cheerfully wish harm on others? I mean really, what an advertisement for the Christian faith.

Rap541 said...

Ruth they don't want to acknowledge it because it hurts the narrative of "Matt and Amy are awesome Christian parents".

The reality is that Matt and Amy never bothered to raise their last child. They aren't poor, and they aren't without resources. If they were bothered by the drugs, the sex and the overall disrespect, Matt and Amy absolutely had the money to ship Jacob off to a restrictive Christian boarding school where Jesus would be whipped into the boy. Remember - Matt's a millionaire. Hell, if they didn't want to spend the money, they've ALWAYS had the option of calling the cops. Now that he's an adult? They don't have to support him or say nice things or allow him on the farm. Jeremy and Audrey, and Zach and Tory, and Molly can all absolutely tell him to change his ways and until he does, he's not part of the family. It's quite clear that either his behavior really doesn't bother them (entirely possible) or they really just don't give a shit - also entirely possible. Everyone involved is an adult now

Liam said...

Only the bible thumpers can say Audrey is the best thing to happen to the Roloffs. Everyone else can see right through her. She's a gold digger, and for being such a Jesus freak, super shallow and judgmental...

Ty said...

Like beating 50's post about sharing finances??? I bet Audrey couldn't wait to get a slice of that Roloff pie. She's in it for the money. Jeremy is just a toy to her

Ecossais said...

It is interesting that nothing has been said about who was at fault in the motor cycle accident but Audrey sure made sure that we know they were wearing "Carhartts", not Walmart or J.C. Penney. These two are such snobs.
Can she not do/write anything without having a financial element to it?

Janice said...

STOP with the blind hatred for Jacob. He is still a young BOY who was obviously hurt by so much in his life - ESPECIALLY the death of Mike (his only father figure) Matt was never a father only a business man !!!! He never showed Jacob any attention or any love, ever since the show started because it was all the twins the twins, the only girl!!! The third boy didn't bring ratings in at all. But he is still a HUMAN. Of course he has acted out on Twitter, he wanted ATTENTION. He is a stupid kid with too much access to the Internet.

The fact of the matter is we are ignoring the REAL snake in the family - AUDREY. She is just trying to take everyone's money. She made it very clear with the whole "sharing our finances" post on Beating 50.

She is malicious and conniving.

Carlie said...

IF God punished people with events like those, I truly think he was punishing Audrey for being so self absorbed and vain.

Caleb said...

Jacob's new "toy" goes 20 miles per hour and it's like a skateboard. These bible thumpers hope Jacob falls on it... Yeah a scraped knee. God sure showed him.

Geordie said...

@Eco, I noticed that. She especially highlighted words like Amy Roloff, Little People Big World, Carhartt, etc so any new followers would KNOW who she is. As if she doesn't already throw the name any chance she gets. I have never seen anyone so desperate to try and be famous in my whole life.

Susanna said...

I think Gail is Audrey's mother or a relative of Audrey. After all, Audrey DID favorite all of the hatred towards Jacob on Twitter.
She's so ashamed of him. But she'd never admit it.

Hey Gail, you a Botti by chance? ;)

T.R. said...

Rap, it's clear they don't actually care --- the Roloffs only do anything ever for $$$ ---- their eyes may as well be dollar signs.

So they don't really care if Jacob is on the show or what he does, as long as they are still making money.

Rissa said...

Anyone find it hilarious that Audrey tags TLC in all of her pictures and then TLC posts about new episodes and uses Tori and Zach's photo. Let's face it, Audrey, you're boring to TLC... You're a rich white girl. They need the freak factor. You ain't it.

Lynn said...

A hurt shoulder is small potatoes compared to what could have resulted from a motorcycle crash. Audrey and Jeremy were fortunate and they know they have God to thank for that.

Gail is right on the money about this.

Cassie said...

I think it is telling that Isabel emphasized how warmly TORI has made her feel, but no mention of Audrey ever. I doubt Audrey has been welcoming, because Audrey falsely worshipped Jacob's ex, and now they aren't even friends, but I bet Isabel doesn't want anything to do with Audrey now that she made her feel so unwelcome.

Sydney said...

And, Lynn? He still dislocated her shoulder. For what purpose? She may have to have surgery? She can't work, she can't enjoy vacation? (Vacation from what?) lol but God is always using us as tools.... Yeh yeah...

Zane said...

So someone who is already an avid believe gets hit by a car, after spending time and money on a gift for her husband, who both religiously praise and worship the Lord? But God still let them be hurt (saved their lives, but there are still injuries)... Meanwhile Jacob, someone who doesn't believe, IF he were to fall on his new skateboard, that would be PUNISHMENT? For what? Not believing?

Your guys' God works in weird ways. Someone explain this to me.

Laura said...

Jeremy and Audrey are 100% right with their blog on married couples sharing a bank account. I can't believe that is controversial.

The pot shots at Audrey by some are disgraceful. If you have a healthy marriage, you are one for God. Keeping money separate suggests something sinister. Trying to suggest the blog "shows Audrey's true motives is a desperate attempt to bash Audrey.

Liam, Audrey IS the best thing to happen to the Roloffs. The only people that could dispute that are Christian bashers and Liberals.

Janice, you are post might the dumbest post I've ever seen written here and that is saying something.

Anybody who defends Jacob while calling Audrey a snake certainly is not rich with intelligence.

Jacob is responsible for his own actions and he is the one who receives the blame for the mess that is his legacy on social media. He has shown no respect to his family, to God, to Christians, to those connected to the show, to fans...he has shown none of those people respect. But he sure does expect to be rewarded for it while all he did was complain and make things difficult for all involved. He has a terrible heart that things only of himself and what benefits himself.

Taylor said...

Caleb, did you see Jacob's Instagram video down the hill?

The only part of that video that made me cringe was the fact he was holding onto the leash and the poor dogs would have been injured.

You don't need to be a fortune teller to be able to predict doom for him if he makes that his main mode of transportation.

And I won't be shedding any tears for him when it happens. He has made his bed and now needs to lay in it.

Dianna said...

i love Audrey and what she does. But I think he biggest mistake and biggest missed opportunity was when she jumped in on the hate towards Jacob instead of 1. Getting Jeremy to give him a talking to 2. Talked to him herself and showed him LOVE and showed him why walking with the Lord is better.

Instead she decided to turn her back on him. That's not what Jesus would've done.

Shelby said...

Taylor, I have to admit when I watched that I kept hoping the silver van on the right side would open it's driver's side door, LOL!

Caleb said...

Taylor, are you stupid? He was on roller blades in that video. And the dogs would've been fine, in an event of a crash or anything, the leashes would be freed and the dogs could run off.

You are confusing two different things. He was on roller blades and the same thing can be said for both electric skateboard and rollerblades - you can only go so fast on both things and the most pain you can acquire is probably a scraped knee.

But, KEEP REACHING. LOL. I swear you'd look for any way he could hurt himself.

"Jacob got a new hat. It'll probably slip and cover his eyes when he's walking and he'll trip!"


P said...

Anyone see the post made by Jacob's ex about her without makeup?

No comment or like by Audrey. Has she forgotten her precious Stephanie?

Rap541 said...

Oh look, Shelby the Christian wishing an accident on someone... In Jesus's Name You Pray, right Shelby? That's what God is for, to cause pain. What a nice faith you have... does Anne praise you for your hate? :)

Franny said...

@Susanna, I have always secretly thought Gail was Cendi Botti LOL !

Debbie said...

I think Gail is Audrey's mother or a relative of Audrey. After all, Audrey DID favorite all of the hatred towards Jacob on Twitter.
She's so ashamed of him. But she'd never admit it.

@Susanna I really doubt that's who Gail is, but Audrey's family have every right to hate how Jacob has treated Audrey. It has been awful. Jer & Auj mention in their blogs that one of most common things for married people to argue about is family/in laws. I would not at all be surprised if Jacob was a source of that and Jeremy's lack of standing up for Audrey.

I love Jeremy and have a lot of respect for much of what he does, but he dropped the ball as far as standing up to Jacob when it comes to Audrey. She deserves SO much better.

You are right that Audrey did favorite all of Anne's tweets about Jacob's disrespect towards her and Audrey left Jacob notably absent in her list of people she was going to pray for this year.

I also think it is very revealing that Audrey's brother who is a Christian athlete and Jacob, appear to spend zero time together. Usually brother in laws will spend some time getting to know each other, especially when they are in the same age range as Jacob Roloff and Jack Botti are in age.

Audrey and her family would be justified in being disgusted with Jacob's treatment of Audrey and frankly, so should Jeremy.

Marty said...

Debbie, that logic makes no sense. With that logic, Margo Botti and Molly should also be best friends because they're in the same age range... Meanwhile I don't think they've ever talked lol. You can't just throw shit together that doesn't make sense. Peoples families come together by force not everyone has to be fucking best friends.

Denise said...

I had a dream that Jacob got into an accident in California and was seriously injured and then apologized to all that he has mistreated for his behavior. I've had dreams like this before and similar things have happened.

Caleb, rollerblading down a steep hill with parked cars while holding onto to two leashes with dogs is a recipe for disaster.

Anyone with a sane mind can see that. But Jacob was probably high on his drugs when he was doing that.

Bonnie said...

If it is true that Jacob won't be included in this season of LPBW, I hope the Roloffs will realize they don't need Jacob and will finally call him out and treat him like he treats them.

They need to realize that they don't need him and they should stop letting him black mail them.

Alya said...

Everybody stop what you're doing !!!!! Denise has dreams about people and THEY COME TRUE !!!! She very well may be a psychic :O

Lonnie said...

@Denise, I had a dream you shut up. Wish it would come true.

Rap541 said...

They need to realize that they don't need him and they should stop letting him black mail them

I just have to say, yet again, that if Matt and Amy have done nothing wrong then Jacob CAN'T blackmail them.

Any blackmail that occurs, occurs because no one in the Roloff family is willing to say Jacob is lying. That's ALL it would take.

Well, and proof he was lying. Maybe that's the problem.

Debbie said...

Marty, in healthy situations it is true. Families know each other through the two married people coming together and becoming one. It is healthy.

But why would Jack Botti want anything to do with Jacob Roloff when this drug userspits on Christians beliefs and made fun of his loving sister's faith? The Botti's have every right to think lowly of Jacob.

Michelle said...

To Debbie's point, I've heard that Sam (Matt's brother) Roloff's wife did not want her kids having any relationship with Jacob because she knew he was trouble and she discouraged her kids from forming any kind of family bond with Jacob.

Gina said...

Jacob and his pathetic girlfriend want to live a life full of "stuff". Money and material goods. But they don't even want to work for it.

People like that who are not focused on Jesus will always live an empty life because they won't live for Jesus.

sasha said...

Rich white Christian boys are always the meanest people. It's true for the Roloffs, it is true in every aspect of life. Find teen ricj Christian boys and you'll see that they are mean spirited jerks.

Shannon said...

I noticed Jacob's ex girlfriend's post too and wondered where Audrey was.
Uh oh, did they lose their "precious" relationship? I truly think Audrey was just using. Stephanie to make Jacob jealous. It was her way of revenge, talking to his ex.

Tanya said...

Gina, pardon me but, is that or is that not exactly how Jeremy and Audrey live? A life full of things and stuff and stuff and things? Yeah, that's what I thought.

PJ said...

Whom did you hear it from? If not from Sam, his wife or his kids it's just vicious gossip,

Gina, What the hell do you think Jer and Auj want? A life full of stuff. If not Auj wouldn't spend so much time flogging it on her blogs.

Paula said...

Isabel is unbelievable in her disrespect towards her late mother. She lives a life of sin with a terrible person and their most notable trait is getting high with marijuana. She goes and posts a picture with a caption of "it's you, it's you, everything I do for you".

I can't think of a worse thing to say to disrespect her mother considering the life she's living. She does drugs for her mother? She bullies people for her mother? She enables a horrible person like Jacob, "for her mother"?

Ashley said...

Paula, fyi, isabel deleted that photo.

Ashley said...

Isabel is retwweting Justin Bieber...unless she's doing it like in a mocking way (which doesnt appear to be the case because she didn't include an omg or "wow"), she has truly hit a new low, lol. Justin Bieber is The Worst.

Denise said...

I'm watching Joel Osteen right now and he's talking about the issue I think is relevant to Audrey's situation and why Audrey gets it.

He's speaking about prayer and how people will ask for things and tell God this is what they want. But true faith and love of the Lord is understanding and trusting that God knows best. Otherwise you are giving orders to God. You must trust that God knows best for you.

That's what Audrey understands. That's why Audrey can Thank God after an accident. She trusts that God knows best.

Gail said...

I won't even respond to the ridiculous posts about me. Some of you think you haven't attacked Audrey enough and know you need to attack her mother? Shame on you.

The Lord has great plans for Audrey and using Audrey in great ways.

Audrey is going to be speaking at the Women's Conference May 19th and 20th at the Sandals Christian Baptist Church in Riverside, California.

Kelly said...

I'm not surprised Isabel is retweeting Justin Bieber. Jacob has a lot in common with him. Rich spoiled brats who have no respect for others. Justin Bieber thinks he's better than everyone just like Jacob.

Rap541 said...

He's speaking about prayer and how people will ask for things and tell God this is what they want. But true faith and love of the Lord is understanding and trusting that God knows best. Otherwise you are giving orders to God. You must trust that God knows best for you.

How do you reconcile this - that God knows best - with the people who say they pray Jacob will be hurt? I mean, do you agree that God knows best... hence his lack of punishment towards Jacob?

I mean, don't get me wrong, the way you all are tying yourself up in knots to insist Audrey dislocating her shoulder is the Mark of Christ is hilarious but if I have learned anything from you Christians, its that Christians pray to God to hurt people and God hurts people who aren't good Christians. No one who has a hate on for Jacob is going to say "God blessed Jacob with just a scraped knee" if he gets hurt - no no no we've already seen Shelby the Christian laugh with glee over Jacob having a stomach ache. Hell, Denise is noting how she dreamed Jacob has an accident and God makes her dreams come true!

Gail - are you Audrey's mom? Because really, you're the one with the creepy "I love Jesus and Audrey! Audrey is the most special person I know! I love her!" attitude. Audrey isn't your kid, or your wife or your friend so your obsession with her and Jesus is odd. Seriously - you say you go to church. Show your pastor your conversations here and ask him if you have a healthy relationship with Audrey.

Ashley, Kelly - can we stop attempting to derive deep meaning from random tweets? I'm not overfond of the Biebs either but really, I'm pretty positive we all have something silly and dorky we like. Tell us your fav musicians and I am sure we can all make shitty judgemental comments on how you have shitty childish tastes. Let me start - I like Duran Duran! :)

Claire said...

Did anyone else notice the love and affection Zach and Tori showed each other throughout this boring episode, while Jeremy and Audrey looked like two people who did not want to be around one another?

A spin off show with Jeremy and Audrey would be so boring. Jeremy's reaction or lack of reaction to getting his birthday present dream bike says it all. Not much of a personality. I bet their praying to have a dwarf baby so they won't have to "work" for 18 more years.

Rap541 said...

Claire - I agree with you about a spinoff and not for hateful reasons. The reality is that Matt Roloff has a bold, showman style and that, and his physical stature, is why the show exists. Jeremy does not have that personality at all. He's very laid back. Like, as a person, this isn't a bad trait, but for a tv show, it's a problem. There's also no real hook for a show focused on Jeremy and Audrey - there's very little chance that they will have a child with dwarfism. Amy's form of dwarfism is a dominant genetic trait - if Jeremy carried the genes he would also be a dwarf, so Jeremy's chances of producing a child with Amy's form of dwarfism is very low while Zach has a fifty percent chance of having a dwarf child since he's got Amy's form of dwarfism. Audrey would have to be a carrier of dyastrophic dwarfism in order for the odds to favor Jer and Auj having a dwarf child - and it would be Matt's form of dwarfism which I wouldn't wish on any child.

To be honest, I think a show focused on Tory and Zach would also be dull but at least there's the "tall person, dwarf person" aspect - Jer and Auj are by themselves nothing special. That's not a slap on them btw - there's just no hook. The married Duggar girls have similar problems - its not interesting that young women marry young men and have babies.

Tammie said...

Isabel retweeting justin Bieber cannot be news. She was tweeting it in a mocking way because her friend quoted her tweet mocking him.

But keep going on about how much you hate justin Bieber and comparing the two of them.

Ecossais said...

The never ending excessive blind adulation of Audrey and Jeremy by a certain few on here never ceases to amaze me.
What have these two spoiled rich brats ever done other than use the words "god" and "jesus" excessively to bolster their image.
Neither has ever had a job unless you count Audrey's short lived "career" in California and Jeremy "working" for his dad on the farm.
I have never heard of either of them doing any charitable work or making any charitable donations.
The "beating50percent" is a joke. Married a couple of years and no kids to get in the way of their skiing and other trips yet they appoint themselves as experts.
They seem to have unlimited funds so what do they know of other couples, particularly young couples with kids, probably with at least one of them working, budgeting for rent/mortgage, food, transport, diapers, formula and baby clothes?
I am sure a lot of couples are not buying, or bragging about buying, Carharrts and upmarket brand name clothing.
While on the subject I remember Jacob being criticized some time ago for his love of brand name clothing. Hypocrites at their best.

Have they totally merged their finances as they tell others to do?
If so that means that Audrey "surprised" Jeremy by buying an expensive motor cycle using their joint bank account and he paid for half of his present himself.

Heather said...

"the family is so ashamed of him"

Meanwhile Amy makes a post on her Instagram page and not only includes Jacob but includes Isabel, too.

She said "Isabel is an awesome young woman too."

Shows you fools who know nothing. :)

Ecossais said...

Rap at 10:58am
Excellent post Rap.
Annoying as Matt can be he is a showman and that is his "talent".
Jeremy I am afraid is as exciting as a dead fish. His voice has no inflection and his face is expressionless.
As you say Auj and Jer are nothing special and do not fit the freak show aspect that TLC likes so much. There is no show there and I doubt the Duggar show will last unless the "Christian missionary" aspect sustains ratings with a certain audience.

PJ said...

I'd far rather see a spinoff with Zach and Tori but I don't think they'd be happy as reality stars.

And before the whack job christians start in about Jer and Auj leading the the nation into a "christian" existence keep in mind they would not be allowed to do so by TLC, just as the Duggars were told to cool the religious stuff.

Rap541 said...

"I also think it is very revealing that Audrey's brother who is a Christian athlete and Jacob, appear to spend zero time together. Usually brother in laws will spend some time getting to know each other, especially when they are in the same age range as Jacob Roloff and Jack Botti are in age."

This is one of those unreasonable remarks that I find hilarious. Audrey marries Jeremy so now Jacob Roloff and Jack Botti have to be best pals and spend time together and if they don't... why of course that's all on Jacob Roloff. When in fact, in laws are not required to even like each other. Lets apply this logic to others, shall we? Audrey has a sister and Jeremy has a sister so if Auj's sister isn't in Molly's life, its entirely because Molly is a hateful bitch. Oh forgive me - its revealing about Molly's character and Molly choosing to spend zero time with her sister in law's sister is noteworthy and of course reflects negatively on Molly.

Also Jacob and Jack are not brothers in law. Jack is brother in law to Jeremy (and appears to have zero relationship with Jeremy how telling! Jeremy appears to have zero relationship with all of the Botti clan.) and Jacob is brother in law to Audrey... but Jack's sister marrying Jacob's brother doesn't really make them anything

Christine said...

Jacob's Mother Day's post is such a load of BS when you know what he's done.

Does he mention publicly posting fodder for all the tabloids that suggest that Amy "f*cked" him out of his money and constantly acting like she abused him by providing the show and all it brought in? He also once tweeted that Amy possesses every quality that annoys him in people.

Then he thinks he can post this. What a two-faced jerk.

"Happy Mother's Day to all moms and dog moms!! Mine happens to be both, and she let me take Luney as my own when I moved out which I'll ALWAYS be thankful to her for, among other things, like enduring my adolescence and still finding reasons to 'love me forever and like me for always'. . I found this picture and I loved the memory of how simple that time was and how us kids would just run around and eat fruit, play soccer, and be outside; it was bliss! even with sibling and parent quarrels, it was all part of it. I love this picture and I love my mom, @amyjroloff!!!

Eric said...

Christine, it is all part of his plan. He needs to keep Amy close so he can keep on with the black mail the next time he wants something. If he cuts her off, then there's nothing for him to gain.

But by keeping her in the loop, he can blackmail her some more the next time he decides to throw temper tantrum.

Judy said...

Well said Christine. Empty words from a horrible young man with an empty soul. Jacob will never be half the son to Amy that Jeremy is and Jacob is entirely to blame for that.

Judy said...

Denise, I watched Joel Osteen too. The other part he said that I felt relates to Audrey was when he spoke about his detractors and people who put him down and mocked him (much like Jacob to Audrey), Joel didn't let those people stand between him and the Lord's calling for his life. They made him stronger.

Lisa said...

Is that so, Judy? Because why, if Jeremy is such an excellent son to his loving mother, Amy, that he didn't bother posting a happy Mother's Day photo? Not one kid other than Jacob posted a happy Mother's Day photo. I think it's because they are all sipping the Matt Roloff look aid.

Jacob's post was sweet.

Bridget said...

Jacob never specified who was fucking him out of his money. And considering how often he interacts with his mom and his mom interacts with him on social media, I think it's REVEALING that it was MATT who "fucked" him out of his money. Which is not surprising in the slightest.

Greg said...

Jacob is so full of shit. Honesty is what he seeks most in another human being?

Really? Of course not. When people were honest and disagree with him, he says they're insignificant.

When the gay kid answered a question honestly and was being honest with himself, jacob rejected his mere presence.

If you value honesty, you shouldn't spit on others when they give it to you.

Rhonda said...

It is very clear that Jacob is the only one who cares about Amy Roloff in the family. Not one other Roloff kid (or the father of her kids) wished Amy a happy Mother's Day. So sad, but so telling.

It's okay, Amy, at least your youngest has a heart in his chest. The rest are cold.

PJ said...

How did this turn into a Jacob hate-a-thon again? He's not even in this episide (except in a clip from the first special).
Every time JernAuj come off badly Jacob gets villified for absolutely nothing execpt tge fevered imaginings of the brain dead christians.

Anna said...

Jacob's Mother's Day post was sweet and I also think it's sweet that Amy included both Jacob and Isabel in her Mother's Day post.

I think it's obvious that Jacob and Isabel will be married. And Molly to Joel.

Angela said...

The vacation is Jeremy, Audrey and Matt. That's the best of the Roloffs and who the show should focus on now.

Jeremy has been a much better son for Amy than Jacob. You could tell it in Amy's responses about Jacob.

Rap541 said...

I again repeat that Jacob can only blackmail people if a) they have done something wrong to him or b) They bend over like bitches because Jacob lying about them IS THE BETTER VERSION OF EVENTS.

Seriously people, the more you insist Jacob is lying about his "blackmail" points, the more I will point out that Matt, Amy, Jeremy, and Auj, all bend over the railing and take it up the ass to keep him silent over lies when they could simply say "Jacob has a trust fund".

Don't tell me its Jesus praiseworthy for these people to accept blackmail. If Jacob is LYING then his parents have every reason to say so, and his saintly brother and sister in law have EVERY REASON to defend them.

Vivian said...

Angela, you legitimately just contradicted yourself.

"Jeremy has been a much better son for Amy than Jacob."

Jeremy doesn't give two shits about Amy and only cares for Matt.

Why don't you check out Amy's comment on Jacob's picture. Amy adores Jacob.

Lou Anne said...

Audrey and Jeremy are vacationing? Why? What for? They work "so hard" their fingers must be so hard from typing blogs about nonsense

Fred said...

PJ, you are spot on. Every time someone bad moths Jeremy or Audrey someone jumps in to bring down Jacob.

So pathetic.

Tricia said...

Isabel and Jacob are lovely! Did anyone see the long post about Isabel helping friends adopt dogs? She and Jacob will have a bright future and I can't wait to follow!

They are so young now, just trying to find themselves in this harsh world! They are doing whatever they want and I love watching it all unfold! I love them.

Hannah said...

Rap makes good points. And Jacob never specified WHO was fucking him out of his money. Whether it be Matt, Amy or TLC. Clearly Amy ain't that mad at him.

*See her Instagram comment* "you are a gift I cherish every day"

Yeah, you talk that way about someone who really blackmailed you and you're ashamed of.

Eric said...

Rap, it's not hard to understand why they buckle under to Jacob's blackmail and it has nothing to do with them stealing from Jacob.

You say they can just say Jacob is lying. You act like that's no big deal. Are you a moron? You don't think that will add to a tabloid circus? A public family feud?

Instead it went away.

Amy doesn't want jacob whining that he didn't want to film so that's why she sucks up to him and takes his abuse. Jacob knows he has that over her and uses it to manipulate her. He's an asshole.

Rap541 said...

Oh Eric, you're the moron and you don't even see it.

Let me help.

If they didn't "fuck Jacob out of money" - if there's really a trust fund... All Matt and Amy have to do is say "Jacob is confused. Here's the legal documentation of the trust. We don't know why he's doing this but we love him dearly."

If there's genuinely a trust fund - it all goes away, and Jacob is a liar who lies and maybe learns a lesson.

No one would judge Matt and Amy badly for providing well for a child and perhaps ensuring he wasn't allowed access to such funds due to drug use.

Your theory - that Matt and Amy did set up a trust fund but prefer to be those parents who FUCKED THEIR KID FOR MONEY and who make no protest to how they FUCKED THEIR OWN CHILD OVER is forgive me - fucking ridiculous. Matt Roloff bending over a bar and letting his teen son publically FUCK HIS ASS over a lie? Matt Roloff prefers peace and the label of "that dad who stole from his kids"? Because that's what Matt's silence means - he's refusing to say he DIDN'T FUCK JACOB OUT OF MONEY. Your Theory is that Matt would rather be deemed guilty of stealing from his kids publically, than prove he provided generously.

Btw if your theory is correct, it is Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, and Tory who don't want Jacob whining so they are ALL sucking up to him and taking his abuse. ALL of them.

They all know he's an asshole, they all know they can easily prove he's lying and they've done nothing wrong at all and they all prefer to be blackmailed.

It makes utterly no sense that they would all rather be painted as awful than admit Jacob is making up a story. It helps them not at all to sit silent as Jacob publically lies about them and they can easily defend themselves.

Samantha said...

Exactly, @Rap. Since Audrey is so obviously courageous and has found somewhat of a backbone to stand up for her beliefs, and she made it obvious she agreed with Anne Bailey to get Jacob removed from Twitter, I think out of anyone she'd be the one (because her husband has no balls) to openly say look... He isn't being screwed out of his money. He's being ridiculous.

But she remained quiet. They all did. If nothing else, his relationship with all of them even seemed to become stronger (minus Matt). He was always hanging out with them, in photos, more than we had seen in a long time.

So the logic these people are trying to use is actually very opposite of what it looks like really happened. All kids were supposed to get their money at 18, if Jacob didn't, he had every right to be angry. And I bet matt didn't want to give it to him at first, worried what he would do with it considering he didn't have a plan like the rest of the kids did (even if it meant community college for Zachary). But now I'm sure he got it, yes after he threw a fit because it was rightfully his (some of it though, I bet they weren't stupid enough to give a stoner how much his net worth is, check google) and they are all now shutting up and seem fairly happy.

Also, you guys make it seem like he royally fucked the family's life by taking it to the tabloids. Nah, it never made it past the Internet. The rest of the world cares so little about the Roloffs not even the National Enquirer thought it was news worthy (yep the same tabloid that threw Jeremy under the bus for using racial slurs and throwing a cat).

Ecossais said...

What is wrong with all you godsmacked narrow minded people? This thread is supposed to be about the most boring LPBW episode ever not a WE WORSHIP AUDREY and WE HATE JACOB blog-a-thon.
Why don't you Jacob haters start a new blog where you can exclusively and boringly hate on Jacob all by your miserable selves. You could even invite Anne Bailey to join you!!!

Rap541 said...

If you really don't get it, Eric - by not protesting and by not offering proof Jacob is lying, Matt and Amy are tacitly admitting they fucked their youngest out of money. When people look the topic up in the future, all they will find is the accusation, the official silence, and a whole bunch of people claiming Jacob got blackmail money.

Guess who ends up looking bad? A little hint - not the person who was 8 when his parents decided to exploit him. I don't think you realize that "Jacob blackmails his parents" means that people think Matt and Amy must have been guilty if they shut their mouths and gave Jacob money for silence.

I've said it before and I will say it again - the only person who looks bad if Amy and Matt calmly say "Jacob has a trust fund, here's the proof, we don't understand why he's saying this" is Jacob. I frankly would APPLAUD the Roloffs for having the foresight to do such a thing as have trust funds for the kids.

Eric said...

You still don't get it Rap541, because you're a moron.

Would I have liked for Matt to call the little Bastard out and publicly humiliated Jacob and disowned him? Absolutely.

But I don't have the same goals as Matt Roloff does.

Matt handled it perfectly to get the result he wanted.

You keep saying this "Your Theory is that Matt would rather be deemed guilty of stealing from his kids publically, than prove he provided generously."

This is what you don't get.

WHO thinks that? Relatively a small group of people.

Why? Because the way the Roloffs handled it killed the story.

You're an idiot if you think Matt responding to Jacob's tweet or calling up TMZ and saying "Jacob is confused, he got his money" would have been the best way to handle it.

The moment Matt does that it becomes a Family Feud. Then the little brat responds and you have a full blown fight in the tabloids.

Instead Jacob (Mr."I value Honesty) shut his mouth and refused to elaborate), the story died and most people don't even know.

People who read Spiritswander know what really goes on. We know the story. But that's not the majority of people.

You do realize that Matt could say on the show tomorrow that Jacob is in California studying to be a Priest and 99% of viewers would believe it. And 99% of Matt's Facebook fans would believe it. And most Entertainment sites would repost it and not doubt the truth of it.

The "fucked out of my money" whining tweet story took Spiritswander teeing it up on a platter and spelling it out for TMZ to even touch it...and then some of the Entertainment sites wrote entire articles calling Jacob "Jack" through the whole thing!

The story is gone. It's blown over. The majority of people don't think Matt fucked Jacob out of money. Those of us read here know what Jacob pulled, but the majority of people don't know.

Matt wanted the show to go on and present an image of a united family and he successfully doused the flames that Jacob set during his temper tantrum.

Matt didn't handle it the way I wanted him to handle it but he dealt with it perfectly to accomplish his goal.

Rap541 said...

Eric - you're completely wrong. You can continue to childishly name call if you wish but at the end of the day - when people look up this story, what they will see is Jacob's accusation, the family sitting silent, Amy apologizing vaguely, and a whole bunch of fans insisting the family paid Jacob to shut up.

Innocent people don't pay blackmail. Frankly, I doubt it ever rose to "blackmail" anyway but when you do this little dance of "The Roloffs can't protest this accusation because then its a family feud, they are so INNOCENT they pay their youngest son off to silence his accusations!" you make yourself look ridiculous because....

All it takes is Matt and Amy calmly stating "Jacob has a a trust fund. He knows thats, and here's the proof" and what few reporters were interested in the story walk away after reporting "oh look, another ungrateful reality show kid".

Really, "Matt and Amy and Jeremy and Audrey are shitting their pants in terror over the public finding out that Jacob was... treated decently" is pretty fucking ridiculous thinking on your part because there's utterly no story in people doing the right thing... the story is in "Jacob made an accusation and now his parents are paying him off to silence him!"

The majority of people who read the story don't care because all the Roloffs are assholes, Eric. It wasn't a big story because it simply can't top shit like "Josh Duggar molested his sisters" and because frankly, it's just really easly to believe - yet another reality show kid screwed over, completely with parents paying him off.

You can't blackmail innocent people. Matt and Amy are not being victimized - which is what you are insisting when you paint this picture of them paying blackmail. I get that you hate Jacob, but this is a point you really can't win - if they are knowingly handing him money because they don't want to defend themselves easily and cleanly... they aren't being blackmailed, they're just idiots handing money over to their son *willingly*.

Rap541 said...

To put it less wordy terms... since I think you need them.

There's no story if Amy and Matt calmly and politely state "No, Jacob has a trust fund, here's the paper work. We put his earnings here."

The press, TMZ who wasn't terribly interested, walks away because there's NO story.

Jacob tries to throw a temper tantrum? No one listens and no one cares because Matt and Amy in stating that there's a trust fund are absolutely winning the war. There's nothing but good press for two parents who took responsibility for their kid's earning and made sure there was something saved for the kid.

There's no feud if that's the truth, Eric. Everyone Jacob gripes to can see his parents proved he had a trust fund and everyone walks away - I mean really, they've pretty clearly cut him out of the show already.

All sitting silent and theoretically paying Jacob off does - and I say theoretically since ALL of this is basically made up at this point and no one really knows - is make the Roloffs look guilty. Guilty people pay off their blackmailers. Innocent people don't. Innocent people know that public opinion would totally go in their way - Matt and Amy would be deemed example parents if they had trust funds set up for their kids. It's nothing but good press for them.

I mean, you're seriously saying they'd rather admit guilt and pay their son off to be silent than be held up as awesome parents. I get that you're here for the hate of Jacob but really, have some common sense.

J. Sterling Ellison said...

If indeed there's Stalinist revisionism on the Jeremy and Audrey 50Percent site, someone needs to save screenshots. I'm not a frequent visitor here, nor am I a fan of fan of the Roloffs, but because of the recent new episodes, I was wondering what was happening with the family. So, if they are indeed making homophobic comments (again?) on their various sites, that's something the media should be aware of, given the portrayals on TLC. (Though I wonder about TLC's network philosophy. It's definitely pandering to a "type" of viewer.) I also have to wonder about the mindset of a couple, both in their 20s, recently married, who think it's okay to dole out marriage advice. Is it the arrogance of their generation or just of Jeremy and Audrey? Or Roloffs in general? I also think it's weird that Audrey looks A LOT like Molly Roloff. Kind of creepy.

Rap541 said...

What is wrong with all you godsmacked narrow minded people? This thread is supposed to be about the most boring LPBW episode ever not a WE WORSHIP AUDREY and WE HATE JACOB blog-a-thon.

Eccosais - they don't want to have the focus on Auj and Jer because they don't have any valid response to why Auj and Jer removed every response to their article that mentioned homosexuality, including their own, and every critical remark about their article.

Deleting comments is evil when Jacob and Isobel do it... and therefore the superfans who can't bear any criticism of Jer and Auj want to ignore it.

Jer and Auj carefully excised any hint on their website that they believe gay marriage is wrong, most likely because the new episodes will bring new readers and they want the website to attract more readers.

Stand tall in their beliefs or make the website more palatable to diverse readers and make more money.... in the fight between morals and money, the Roloffs choose money every time.

Rap541 said...

rollerblading down a steep hill with parked cars while holding onto to two leashes with dogs is a recipe for disaster.

Interesting that God let Jacob off the hook safely while injuring Audrey as they rode her birthday gift motorcycle to Jeremy...

Ecossais said...

@ Rap - May 12, 10:01AM
Your comment is too logical and sensible for the god squad to comprehend because god and jesus have got into their heads like termites and destroyed their brains.

You are supposed to understand that "god is using Audrey in great ways".

Rap541 said...

Also from a philosophical stand point, it's really interesting what's happening here.

People who profess to be Christians loudly insist a)how delighted they will be when Jacob is hurt as he deserves pain and its perfectly acceptable for Christians to wish pain on others and b) Audrey is the best Christian ever.

After hearing these prayers - who does God choose to hurt?

And what message might God be sending?

* I know this is going to whoosh over some heads

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh Rap, you know better. The truth according to a 'christian' on here state quite clearly that Audrey was thankful to god for keeping her (relatively) safe. Now far be it for me to speak about someone's relatives, but that does not preclude the fact that god allowed an injury to happen to Audrey. But no, he keeps his children safe. But no, he has a plan. But no, we are not responsible enough to understand. How convenient.

Rap541 said...

Podge - I think I am going to spell it out, paraphrasing something charming Gail said to defend her walk with Christ that she is VERY proud of.

Gail said "I only am praising God and taking satisfaction that God provides moments of discomfort to Jacob as a reminder for him to change his life around and show him that he needs to make changes. God understands my motivations as my heart is with Jesus."

My point - I can easily change this righteous Christian statement - that Gail was proud of - to this:

"I only am praising God and taking satisfaction that God provides moments of discomfort to Audrey as a reminder for her to change her life around and show her that she needs to make changes. God understands my motivations as my heart is with Jesus."

If I or anyone else said this - it would be perceived as an ATTACK on Audrey, even though many of the Christians here insist they don't consider Audrey perfect, and even tho many of the Christians here are happy to insist God hurts people to teach them how to better follow him. This is what Gail insists is the Christian faith and this means Audrey did *something* that made God provide a moment of discomfort so that Audrey knows she's not perfect and needs to change.

I trust all of the Christians agree that God provided Audrey with some discomfort so that she will change her ways in some respect?

Or is Precious Perfect Auj being attacked? When the same value system is applied to her?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, that appears to be perfectly logical to me. However, the idea of a single standard for all people that christians want to make examples of is never going to go over well. By this thought process, does that mean that when Special Jer and his boytoy Meuller said fans "suck the unsuckable" they were referring to ALL fans, even the christians on here that adore Special Jer and the pre-marital sex enjoying Meuller to the point of out-and-out idolatry (which is a sin)? Said it ain't so, shoeless Joe!

Likewise all the people who still give Jacob and Isabel massive pounds of ink and still wish god to harm either one if not both of them, why are they not rubbing their hands in glee when Auj dislocates her shoulder? She deserved it. In spades no less! It MUST have been what they were all praying for.

So you see Rap, there has to be at least two standards, if not three, for these insane arguments put forth by these people to have any possible rationale. either imagined or hilarious. And that's today's lesson.

Ecosais said...

A simple off topic question about the motor cycle accident if I may?

We haven't heard anything about fault but in her blog Audrey says they were only doing 20 mph having just left a "STOP" sign.
Does that mean Jer stopped then drove out into oncoming traffic?