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Little People, Big World: New Episode Reviews: May 17, 2016

Here is a review of the New Episode of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloffs, which aired Tuesday May 17, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap 541

You know, Auj and Jer are such hipsters, and Matt loves projects so, why aren’t these two new marrieds having Daddy Matt build them a *tiny house*? Tiny houses are all the rage, so cute and hip and sure to get some notice from other networks… I bet now that I have mentioned it, Matt will have the kids living with their own composting toilets. Also don’t be fooled, the sneak peaks are from the upcoming episode.

Also RadarOnline is reporting the divorce is final. Who will date first???

So this is about pumpkin season. Credits have changed again. Amy chases her dog, Felix. Amy is all “I’m sad but empowered and I have a rescue dog!” She thinks her current relationship with Matt is “all business”. 

Matt is on the Atv with his lil dog. He is loaded into the track hoe for stuff. 

Now we’re in Bend. Jeremy and Auj are heading to the farm since pumpkin season is three weeks away and they don’t have jobs. It’s raining as they drive and as Jeremy intones wisely on how he and Auj’s plans are absolutely that they will take over the farm.

Tory is heading to school and Zach is making stuff and heading over to the farm. Tory btw does seem to work. Zach heads to the farm, where Jeremy and Auj aren’t there yet. Amy is all its stressful. Matt notes how he’s completely challenged. Auj’s outfit is hilarious.

Matt wants safe, clean, affordable fun.  He also wants to blow away every record. However since all records are kept by Matt…. Zach wants to do goldpanning. Jeremy admits he’s never actually done a tour, that all he did is drive tractors. Amy wants to do kiddie stuff. She wants to do a seed spitting contest. Auj notes there is huge tension.

They were open 18 or 15 years ago, no one seems to know. Jeremy notes how he was on the farm while Auj was not.

Btw commercial breaks are lengthy.

Jer loves being on the farm and wants to chat up Zach and Tory. There’s reminiscing about Bend. There’s talk of kids. No one but Zach is anxious for kids. The twins are both “wow this is a lot of work!” which is interesting. Now a monologue of Jeremy noting how he WANTS the farm and the divorce might screw that up.

Jeremy wants to do a project. Matt adores it! Matt basically says if Jeremy wants it, then yay. 

Amy meanwhile wants to do crafts. Tory wants it to be random and open. Zach is doing “gold panning” in a trench.

FIVE DAYS TILL PUMPKIN SEASON! Amy is all “we might sell it all off”. Matt and Amy meet over the salsa offerings. In theory its doing really well but Matt worries about the investment. Matt wants to order a lot of salsa.

So they are doing a project called the “rail roller” and Jeremy is cutting and Matt implies its not working but it does. Oh look Zach and Tory praying before eating. Zach isn’t fond of crowds but is willing to try.

Two days until opening. Jeremy has made the Rail Roller. I don’t get how it is fun, to be honest, but then I also think the gold panning thing is kinda dumb…

One day until opening! There’s teepees, and Amy is all “our 26 year old sons are finally getting how much work this is”. Matt notes how painting shit isn’t happening because Amy is dumb.  Amy notes that she owns some part of the farm.

So basically there’s an arts and crafts tent. There's pumpkin decorating and Auj notes how someday SHE WILL HAVE A LARGER ROLE! BEWARE! KHALEESI IS COMING TO WESTEROS! Oh course Jer’s tube thing is deemed a total success with no actual critical comment but Jer and Auj.

And of course the gold panning thing is depicted as getting too crazy.

After commercial, Caryn gives quick advice and Zach is all confident now.

Now we have Jer and Auj actually giving a tour instead of driving a tractor. They’re pretty much clueless. Jer is also holding a coffee, and Auj reiterates how they plan to take over the farm eventually. 

Caryn runs in to Matt’s office to note the salsa isn’t moving. Amy is called by Matt to deal with the “salsa problem”.  Matt vaguely tells Amy to sell more salsa.

There’s a commercial for thanksgiving where Amy tells someone to shove it up something.

Btw for the record, I find it *hilarious* that the first time Big Boy Jer the Awesome ever did an actual pumpkin tour as the host is when he’s 25 and married. Guess I was right when I noted how Jeremy was allowed to hide from the crowds by driving the tractor and not interacting. Anyone who wants to gripe.. please do note he’s admitting he’s 25 and doing his first tour NOT EVEN BY HIMSELF.

Amy tries to sell the pumpkin salsa by dressing up as a bee. Matt and Amy have a moment over the salsa. Now they’re pitching all the visitors out. Matt is pleased his two 25 year old sons actually worked for once. Now Jer and Auj leave and Matt and Amy don’t mention Zach and Tory leaving.

Next up the horror of thanksgiving.



Review of “Seeds of Change”

Before we start on the ‘new’ episode, a few notes on ‘Episode 12’. This is becoming a popular tactic used by TLC, The History Channel et al. The last week’s ‘content’ is re-run, with about 7 minutes of what I think is called B Roll, the stuff that didn’t make it onto the first airing. In old metaphor, the TLC editors get sore backs picking up all the 35mm B Roll off the cutting room floor (under the direction of the Executive Producers?) however I’m sure we have not seen the last of the filming of these episodes. I didn’t mind it really in the last couple of seasons, but there doesn’t seem to be too much new here. Or much about some halfway compelling information that is worthy of attention.

On to tonight’s offering. Why they replayed the horribly staged doughnut caper, the conflicts, and the overuse of the word ‘dynamic’ by Jeremy is beyond me. More mileage I suppose. In the new opening, Jeremy is photo’d holding a glass of wine. It might be better to change that. “We’re the Roloffs, and out story goes on” Yeah, ad nauseum. Amy haybales and walks Felix, noted as a ‘rescue dog’ Uh, OK. Despsite any training Felix might have, he’s built a little too close to the ground to save Any from, say, the Cascadian Subduction Zone quake and tsunami, but if she feels safe, who are we to question? She feels it’s tough, but she is empowered. She also wonders how they are going to make this work. Well Amy, as I’ve stated before both you and Matt are self-centered, stubborn people who could not care less about each other except for their own agenda, and should not have been married in the first place and don’t derserve to be married now. But hey, knock yourselves out, I’m sure you’ll let us know how it goes. Yay.

Let’s go to Bend. I’m uneasy about statements from Audrey that they moved to be “closer to our inheritance”, and Jeremy saying he can more easily “help” and they will learn about “taking over the farm” and how they will formulate “our plan”. It seems a bit vulture-isk to me. This is also starting a conflict I will get into later. I see no reason why Special Jer has to ask his wife if she packed her toothbrush. On national TV.

Let’s go to Portland. If we remember last week’s episode, we get to see Zach’s ‘process’ for getting a bowl to have some cereal. Nothing about rinsing and putting it in the left sink. A bit of a letdown. His wife appears, after preparing for a WORK day. Something bothers me here about the ‘process’. Why can’t a couple dishes, cups, bowls, plates, be put in the lower shelf to make access easy for Zach. There is no rule that dishes MUST go in the upper cupboard. Besides, if Zach is emptying the dishwasher, it would be easy for him to put just a couple of dishes in the lower shelf for himself to access easily. He doesn’t watt to remove all the dishes from the dishwasher, as it gives him a nice opportunity to check out his wife’s butt. Zach mentions how the farm is a ton of work, and takes a ton of money, and mom and dad can just as easily sell and retire, but Special Jer and Zach must help to keep the farm in the family.

The meeting. For goodness sake, the staged phone call to Special Jer because they have not arrived yet? The actor’s craft is still lost on these people. They arrive, and Auj’s dress reminded me of Archie Bunker’s first view of his daughter in a miniskirt. “Jeez, if it were any higher it’s be a scarf!” I enjoyed Matt’s emphasis on safety, yeah Matt after you settled put of court on a million dollar lawsuit. The family which apparently is just the twins will be helping more and taking a bigger role. Zach pipes up to volunteer for gold panning. Amy just has to step up at the end of the meeting. Just has to. Matt was not impressed, and we can’t imagine why. Special Jer is so far out the door that his “Let’s go to work” must be a voiceover, and a funny one at that!

Let’s take a break here to discuss the ridiculous notion that TLC is a christian channel. I’m referring to adverts for “Sister Wives” and “I am Jazz” both chock-block full of faith and family values.

The kids chat in the are where the pumpkins are stacked. Zach notes that he’s 26 already and it’s time to help more often. OK. Mom and dad being business partners causes notable tension. By the way, where and when did the arrangement rear its ugly head? Further, if the divorce is final, don’t the assets have to be accurately noted and clearly titled to the owner or owners? We know Amy was never this involved before. Yet, she says after all it’s partly my farm. It has ALWAYS been partly your farm, dearie. Is she protecting her share of the assets? And if so, how are the assets divided?

Amy has an idea about a craft table or craft area for kids. Myself, why not? She was an assistant at a pre-school, no? More later. Zach has ideas about the gold panning. I enjoyed his lines that it’s fun work and he had suggestions for his dad and his dad was actually listening!! At 5 days prior, Amy mentions that they like each other enough to be business partners. What? In who’s fantasy world? Mind you, they did agree on the salsa production, as it will be a high margin money-maker.

Much false drama was made over cutting a piece of drainage pipe for a Special Jer project, enough already. My wonderment why Matt has yet to get one of his crutches rammed down his throat just to shut the arrogant micro-manager up is starting to wane. Zach and Tori discuss the confidence she has given him. This was mentioned more than once in this episode, later at the gold panning trough. I hope that they don’t milk this too much and destroy the message, but with the Executive Producers having their say, we’ll get sick of hearing this, I’m afraid. And by the way, it was mentioned when Zach and Tori went out for dinner that the real reason Zach always charges to the front of the crowd is, he can’t see! If they walk into a crowded theater lobby or restaurant waiting are, all Zach can see is people’s backsides. Nice view.

Pumpkin Season!! And……….Amy is late. Late to open the craft tent and area. Late to her own pop-up restaurant a few seasons ago. Late to get in the van to drive to the airport. Late. Late. I’ve mentioned before people with the compulsion to be late. She has always been late, but she tells Matt to “shove it up your ass” when comes over to The House That MR Built for Thanksgiving dinner. That joke will be next week.

Special Jer is quite happy with his idea, but I’ve never heard the expression that it’s a good “industrial” “Farm” “Thing” to do. What the Hell is he talking about? It’s just a silly choice of words to sound somewhat special. Please. Zach mentions during the panning trough painting discussion that mom and dad really know how to push each others buttons. They’re in it for the money, Zach. And they just can’t help themselves. No other reason is feasible. The craft area was good because Amy and Tori genuinely enjoy children and the kids like them. The Special Jer/Auj tour was a bit odd, for all the time Jeremy has heard the tour script over the years, he sure didn’t pick up any of it. And this “hope to run it” idea is unnerving.

The salsa crisis. I laughed when Amy said, “Well, I’m down here at the pumpkin thing” What? You don’t even know where you are? You are so drastically trying to convince the world you actually have something to say and you can’t articulate your location? Goodness gracious.
Anyway, the bee idea seemed good, what with the pesticide and GMO driven destruction of the honey bee and their importance to the food chain, and also the photo ops that came from it along with the attention brought to the pavilion. Then the meeting after the final day. What a quick pumpkin season!!!! Hey, I wonder if we’ll see any B Roll coming up in future episodes? Everybody weighed in. Everybody was happy. They must make a whole pile of money from 5800 guests, 2-1/2 days a week in October to support the farm. I don’t think the twins have a chance.

What am I saying! The twins? Not ONLY Special Jer?. There was a bit of conflict, I feel, over the separate agendas given in this episode. Zach said he needs to work many more hours on the farm to make it viable. But Jeremy thinks he taking it over completely. How is this “dynamic” going to work? Will Jer be given everything, and Zach will be an employee and “just like a nigger” to Special Jer? I do not think there is enough there. Not in intelligence, not in talent, and not in ambition. Doomed.


Angela said...

I'm really tired of needing to read Rap take pot shots at Audrey and Jeremy. The reasons aren't so unknown. Rap hates them because they are strong and devoted Christians who are living for Jesus Christ.

I guess Rap has never read any comments from people who have been to Pumpkin Season. They all say Jeremy is social and friendly. Just because he used to drive the tractor instead of giving tours doesn't mean he wasn't social or involved with the customers.

It wasn't *Jeremy* who was hiding in his room avoiding the customers who help fund the Roloffs. We all know WHO that was. It was the brat who took to twitter to whine about "his" money from the show where he would hide in his room.

Rap541 said...

Angela 0 at last check the big boy who expects to be handed the business and who never did a job where he was required to interact with guests is Jer-Bear, not Jacob (who wasn't even in this episode)

You're also free to write your own recap - Spirit welcomes it. Come on Angela... :)

Rap541 said...

Also there's no "needing to read" here. No one is making you read the recap, you're using your free will to do so, so stop claiming you're being forced.

PJ said...

Well Angela I'm tired of you bringing up family members not on the screen with rumor and inuendo. Maje no mistake tgat's all you've got.
It wasn't The Golden Couple praying over a meal. And it wasn't Auj going off to a real job helping children.
It was Auj in the inappropiate outfit at the meeting and it was Jer adding an ego driven project. It was also Auj that snatched the microphone to open the pumpkin patch and looked like she was ready to puke in the crafts tent rubbing elbows with the fan kids.

NotAHandmaid said...

1) As has been said ad nauseam,Spirits will gladly accept reviews written by other people - feel free to write your own and send it in. [cue crickets...]

2) Do you mean the "brat" who suffered a serious concussion due to his dad's hare-brained, ill-conceived, and dangerous contraption? I would have hidden in my room, too, especially when my dad was all like "Oh, we'll just build it bigger and better!"

Fanny said...

Great idea of Matt building the number-one son and his wife a tiny house to put on the property--kind of like a dwarf version of Sister Wives. But you know Matt, it's go big or go home. I see him building Amy a tiny house and giving the gigantic house to Jeremy and Audrey, who may or may not ever want kids.

Tori does have a job. She's a kindergarten teacher in Vancouver, Washington. Therefore, she is officially the only person with the last name Roloff that has a real job.

Hate, hate, hate the fake scenes, especially the one in which Amy is in Matt's office and they discuss her having to move the product--and then she appears in queen bee regalia. So stupid. We know it's all fake, people. We're not that naive. If they were better actors we might believe them.

Was rewatching some of the earlier episodes recently and noticed how much more natural everything was. It was as if the camera followed them around on their day's journey, not the producers made up dumb story lines. It was a good show at one time. Now it's just a way for the unemployed to still collect a paycheck. Oh, well.

Maria said...


Janet said...

Audrey put a sneak peak on her snapchat. Coming in June Audrey will have her own clothing, sjirts and hoodies with the Always More sayings. I hope that will shut some of the big m8uths up an8ut Audrey and Jeremy not making their own money.

Connor said...

Notahandmaid, yes I'm sure she means that brat, Jacob.

Oh and he "suffered a serious concussion" because even as a kid he was a moron who pulled the fucking rope when they were in the line of fire. I think most 5 year olds would know not to pull on a firing rope until it is time to fire.

What the show needs to breathe new life into it is an updated incident of Jacob knocking himself unconscious again. Moron.

PJ said...

Tori and Zach are the only Roloffs in Oregon that have real, regular paycheck jobs. Period. A Zazzle or Cafe Press clothing line is hardly a steady income any more than Jer's print selling.
I really believe The Golden Couple are in Bend to talk Matt into giving them the farm. But with the property settlement giving Amy half I kinda don't see that happening.

Rap541 said...

Janet will her line include that charmingly short short skirt that made me think of this priceless gradeschool chant?

"I see London, I see France, I see Auj's underpants!"?

You do realize that people actually have to buy the products in order for Audrey to make money, right? Kinda like how Jeremy needs to actually sell prints in order to have a successful print business? Did you buy a print, Janet? Will you be buying a hoodie?

Connor - he was nine. Are you seriously assigning him the role of "responsible decision making adult" when he was nine? Please tell me you think that. Because then we can start holding Jer bear accountable - I mean, you can't insist he's just a teen with an unformed brain when he's 20-25 when his lil brother was a responsible decision making adult accountable for his actions at age nine.

Unless you're saying Jacob is much smarter than poor dimwitted Jer?

Pj - It wasn't The Golden Couple praying over a meal.
Absolutely right - It was tory and Zach who bowed their heads. When has Auj and Jer had the bravery to do that on camera? Hell, they won't even leave up their true feelings about homosexuality!

And it wasn't Auj going off to a real job helping children.

That would be Tory, the only functional adult not currently depending on a reality show.

It was Auj in the inappropiate outfit at the meeting and it was Jer adding an ego driven project.

"I see London, I see France, I see Audrey's UNDERPANTS!"

Fanny said...


How is Audrey making clothing with her logo an example of her and Jeremy "making their own money"? They're just playing off the publicity of the show once again. I don't think she majored in fashion design in college. And Jeremy certainly didn't. He went to an overpriced private art school so he could take a few pictures, aka do something fun, as in not have to work hard to get a real B.A. or B.S. degree.

Would anyone follow their blogs and value what they have to say if they weren't "celebrities," and I use that term lightly? Audrey married Jeremy straight out of college, tried working for a very short while in California, couldn't hack the real world, and returned to the cash cow. If there were no show and no savings from the years of being on the show, they'd be up SH%* Creek. It's really sad that they all are still milking this thing for all it's worth.

Dayna said...

The Jacob hate is absolutely old news and way overplayed, overdone and plain boring. I too think there should be some sort of censorship. The blind hatred and complete nonsense from bible thumpers just frankly shouldn't be tolerated. Jacob is not even a part of Little People, Big World anymore so I don't think he should be included in discussions on here when it says clearly at the top what discussion should be about. Sure he's a part of the family (hardly in the eyes of his brother and his wife) but he should not be subjected to the cruelty and hate he receives via this blog. Although I doubt he ever reads this garbage, he's a growing, young kid who doesn't need this hateful bullshit filling his mind and crushing his spirit. None of this hate is warranted and it stems from cult-like religious people who he pissed off 2 years ago because he doesn't believe in their God. It's over and done with and the fact that Jacob is all anyone talks about anymore, is proof the rest of the family are boring doorknobs and the show is headed for the sewage drains.

The end.

bg said...

Does anyone think it's weird that Audrey and her sister hate each other? Way back when, on a skiing post Audrey posted she and Margo got in a legit fight (comments are still there) and I never EVER see them interact on social media. It's hilarious how hypocritical the people on here are. For some reason Jacob is supposed to be best friends with Jack Botti, meanwhile Audrey and Margo can't even stand each other. Proof that even people born into the same families aren't required to get along. Just take tori and her brother;) oh... Didn't know she had a brother?! Mm apparently there's a lot of secrets this family keeps from their fans.

Kathy said...

Love your recaps! Thanks.

Amber said...

I'd like to take a second to point out the fact that Jacob posted that controversial photo last night overnight and has clearly been asleep during it receiving comments and not one has been mean and not one has been deleted. He is voicing his opinion, letting his true feeling fly, and not one person is calling him an evil brat or the devil.

It is clear the only people who "hate" him are the couple of bible suckers here.

Debbie said...

We talk about Jacob when Jacob is brought up. Someone mentioned blaming Matt for the trebuchet accident and that's what Connor responded too.

Amber, you're lying. Some negative comments on Jacob's are deleted. Anytime Jacob posts a caption about religion without being specific, people ask if he is Christian. When the person explained (because Jacob does not speak directly to fans asking questions on Instagram) Jacob's history with Christian bashing and mocking prayer and heaven, Jacob deleted those comments. Jacob wants to hide who he really is from people who don't know any better.

BG, you're spreading lies about Audrey and her sister. You have nothing better to do. Social media is not everything and you are not very bright if you conclude that they "hate" each other because you don't see them interact. Margot spoke of her love and admiration for Audrey at the Wedding while Jacob was busy tweeting how he wanted to be elsewhere.

Rap541 said...

Wait, there was a controversial photo? Was he waggling his fingers thru the zipper hole of his pants making a faux penis?

Oh wait.. that was Jeremy!

And those pictures were deemed Christian wholesome fun, Christians having good birthday times putting their hands down their pants! :)

I'm also waiting to hear how Auj was honoring Jesus with her outfit in last night's episode ;)

Helen said...

@ Debbie, since you know everything, explain tori and her brother's dynamic.

Kelly said...

"but he should not be subjected to the cruelty and hate he receives via this blog. Although I doubt he ever reads this garbage, he's a growing, young kid who doesn't need this hateful bullshit filling his mind and crushing his spirit.`

Dayna, first of all, Jacob is far too arrogant and egotistical for that. Secondly, it is called karma. The hate and disrespect Jacob puts out upon other people comes back to him.

Sure people wish him misfortune but he`s brought that on himself and deserves it.

As for the show, Jeremy has always been the star of pumpkin season. I think it's a lame attempt to criticize Jeremy by saying he's never done a tour before. People have been commenting for years about how friendly Jeremy has been and how willing he is to pose for pictures.

None of the other siblings seem to object to Jeremy taking over the farm (Jacob should be written out if they had sense anyway) so I don't understand why Rap is acting like Jeremy is doing something wrong when he talks about running the farm one day.

Rap541 said...

Some negative comments on Jacob's are deleted.

Auj and Jeremy clearly and openly delete negative comments on their blogs all the time. They are clearly trying to hide their more hardcore beliefs. I trust you find this dishonest?

Also Debbie - the problem is that Jacob wasn't in last night's episode, which is why people are complaining that certain people here can't discuss the episode.

Let me help you. What did you think of Auj's incredibly inappropriate for work skirt? Do you think it's appropriate or a bit grabby for Jeremy and Auj to walk around announcing how they have no plans but to be handed the farm?

Jacob wasn't in the episode, Debbie. I intentionally didn't mention him because... he didn't appear.

Cindy said...

I have to admit I would like to see Jacob get knocked unconscious for the lone fact that I would want to see what the real reaction would be of Christians if it actually happened and wasn't hypothetical.

Lynn said...

I would like to point out that I find it nice that as Zach has matured he has become much more respectful of Jeremy and gives him the credit that is owed to him. There was a time when Zach was very jealous and disrespectful, but he seems to have overcome that. Too bad Jacob doesn't show Jeremy the same respect by respecting Jeremy's wife.

Rap541 said...

Sure people wish him misfortune but he`s brought that on himself and deserves it.

In Jesus's name, you pray, right? Jesus wants us to pray for misfortune to others, that's Christian. Right?

Have you ever actually talked to a pastor?

I think it's a lame attempt to criticize Jeremy by saying he's never done a tour before.

He loves the farm so much he's never done a key job and in fact was always allowed to avoid direct customer contact until he was 25. That's a valid criticism.

None of the other siblings seem to object to Jeremy taking over the farm (Jacob should be written out if they had sense anyway) so I don't understand why Rap is acting like Jeremy is doing something wrong when he talks about running the farm one day

Because it's an expensive asset that Jeremy is demanding for his family over his siblings. He's not an only child, he has no right to assume the lion share of his parents financial assets simply because he wants it. And if you think Audrey isn't aware of the wealth the land represents, guess again. Unfortuneately I suspect he'll get his way since the family always gives Jeremy what Jeremy wants but it's perfectly ridiculous to hold Jeremy up for selfishly demanding he receive the childhood home.

Also isn't it a little sad he's not out there earning money to buy his own farm and build his own dream? Who knew all Jeremy was ever gonna manage was waiting for Daddy to gift him with the farm.

Debbie said...

Helen, Tori's brother struggles with addiction and she wants to cut him out of her life and it's painful for her mother.

I would just hope that Zach would consider cutting his brother out and I'm not talking about Jeremy.

Maggie said...

Audrey and Jeremy let a lot of negative comments stand. Certainly more than Jacob. Heck, they allowed the "friend of the girl" from Santa Barbara attack Jeremy and they let that go for days and days.

Jacob deleted comments simply because that person reposted what Jacob had written in the past about Christians.

Rap541 said...

Audrey and Jeremy let a lot of negative comments stand. Certainly more than Jacob. Heck, they allowed the "friend of the girl" from Santa Barbara attack Jeremy and they let that go for days and days.

Nope that's totally gone, Maggie. As are all comments made by Audrey and Jer noting their dislike of gay marriage. Way to stand up! :D

Also Jeremy and Auj simply deleted polite people who just didn't agree with their ideas.

Amelia said...

No one remembers what happened to Jacob the day of the wedding? Jacob was already seeing Isabel by then and Stephanie was at the wedding stirring up trouble texting Isabel that Jacob was still into her.

Stephanie harassed Isabel for months and Jacob couldn't stand it. Stephanie was a compulsive liar.

Katie said...

FYI, Isabel is admitting to using Jacob's twitter account.
What does that say about Isabel if some Jacob's twitter legacy is actually her?

Anonymous said...

Were Jacob and Isabel in the episode?

Ryleigh said...

@ Amelia, that's what I remember. His tweets were because of his ex girlfriend trying to cause trouble and make problems for him at the wedding. She was being exclusive like it meant something she got to go to the wedding and Isabel didn't, even though she was already invited months before they broke up. Lol.

Angela said...

Podge's last sentence, comment about Jeremy and Zach should not be published. It's a very attempt to distort reality and live in the past, very very distant past.

Raymond said...

Jeremy absolutely is the logical choice to take over the farm and there's nothing wrong with Audrey thinking about their future and where they will live.

Jeremy's biggest fault is not for using slang language 10 years ago on Myspace (that should tell you how old it is!) but his failure to stand up to Jacob when Jacob disrespected Jeremy's wife. Jeremy could have beat Jacob up. Jeremy could have disowned Jacob unless he apologized. Jeremy could have have took to social media to call Jacob out.

Instead Jeremy let Jacob get away with it. It is a huge mistake and I hope it won't linger and cause a problem in their marriage down the road.

Taylor said...

Raymond, even more than praying that Jacob gets hurt, I pray the Roloffs muster a bit of backbone and finally decide to put their feet down and stop letting Jacob have his way over them.

I know it's because they want to keep things private and don't want a public spat that might bring tabloid attention but when it's the right thing to do they should do it.

Rap541 said...

Podge your recap is much more clever than mine! Nice job!

Raymond - my problem with your comment is that we're not talking about a small family heirloom, we're talking about a significant piece of property in an expensive area of the world. Matt and Amy have four children. If Jeremy gets the farm handed to him, he's getting the lionshare of the family financial assets. Now even assuming Jacob is cut out (which I don't see happening but lets go there) you're basically saying Matt and Amy should gift Jeremy and screw over Zach and Molly? I mean, you can argue cutting Zach out too (although he's the one most likely to have difficulty making a decent living due to his size) but what has Molly done to deserve nothing but well, nothing and a "Jeremy wanted it so shut up"?

Plus there's the unpleasant fact that Matt and Amy might be happier selling the farm and moving on but there's Jer and Auj with their hands out and their "But we want to raise our children here!!!". I mean really, shouldn't Jeremy be thinking "how can I earn some money to buy my own farm so I can provide a great home to my own kids?" This is the best he can manage as an able bodied adult? "Daddy, Mommy, give me a living!"?

Kathy said...

Jeremy is an idiot who sponges off his parents. Why can't anyone see that?

Rap541 said...

When the person explained (because Jacob does not speak directly to fans asking questions on Instagram) Jacob's history with Christian bashing and mocking prayer and heaven, Jacob deleted those comments.

So to be clear someone who doesn't care for Jacob's views stalks his instagram to advise people who ask questions that they think Jacob is a bad person and Jacob, shockingly enough, deletes the comments of someone who doesn't like him and has an agenda in stalking his instagram.

So if I went to Jeremy and AUj's website and "explained" their views to the people there, and was deleted (much the way Jer and Auj deleted all disagreeing comments in their "we can't be friends with opposite sex people" article) I trust you agree they are trying to hide who they really are and are of course very wrong to delete any comment?

Rap541 said...

Oh Podge - when Amy called Felix a rescue dog, she meant that *he* was rescued in some way probably from a bad breeder, and adopted by her. Not that he rescues people. Tho that would be cute.

Rap541 said...

Lets get things back on topic about things that happened on the show.

Does anyone else think its sad that Jeremy's ambitions amount to "do nothing but goof around until Daddy gives me the family business"?

Does anyone else find it jarring how open Audrey is in staking her claim on the farm?

Did anyone else think that if Tory wore the incredibly short skirt Audrey had on, that the Christian crowd here would be screaming how she's a slutty whore disrespecting Matt by dressing that way for a meeting?

Christians - come on now. Please tell me how ready for church and Jesus Auj's clothes were. I really want to see a bunch of you tell me how Christian it was and how inspired to love Jesus it made you ;)

*this is kinda like how lovely and Jesus respectful Jeremy jamming his hands down his pants and diddling himself at a party while his buddies took pictures was "Christians having a birthday party and blowing off steam"

Jlawnicki93 said...

Isabel looks like a b*tch.Something ain't right when Jacob abruptly moved out.She is controlling him. I can see it! Smh

Paula said...

Someone asked Jacob a question if he shared his family's Christian beliefs. He didn't answer. So someone else did, using what Jacob has said. Nothing wrong with that. The people on Auj's blog were insulting her writing style not merely repeating what she said or asking an honest question.

PJ said...

Yes to everything.
It seriously disturbs me that Jer has declared himself "Son and Heir". Last time I looked there were two more sons and a daughter. I also vaguely remember a scene with the twins early on where Jer explains that although he's taller Zach is in fact the big brother having been born first. Now the opposite is being said maybe to facilitate Jer's claim?
And yes Auj is already subdividing in her head. i sincerely hope the other kids demand a payout on their share of the farm because The Golden Couple will never share profits even if they can generate them.

Rap541 said...

The people on Auj's blog were insulting her writing style not merely repeating what she said or asking an honest question

No they weren't, Paula. Oh there were one or two noting the grammar and spelling issues and suggesting she use an editor (and she should) but when the article comments dropped from 205 to 142 in the "we don't have opposite sex friends" article - the comments removed were ALL comments including Audrey's and Jer's about gay people and gay marriage, and almost all the critical comments - as in people who felt the article wasn't right. Oh and the person who defended the girl in santa Barbara, who had a respectful but firm back and forth with Jeremy was removed as well.

If Audrey or Jeremy were "insulted" then they need to get into another line of work because being disagreed with or challenged on their beliefs is not insulting. And if they can't handle it then they need to just say "We're unprofessional and can't handle anything but GOD BLESS YOUR OPINIONS. Any comment that isn't kissing our ass is hateful and will be removed, kthx".

Paula - your thoughts on Audrey's inappropriate skirt? God bless her? :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, thank you for your explanation. My mind wiring narrows my acceptance to the more literal side of things. However, I do honestly believe that not near enough people are worried about the Cascade Subduction Zone.

PJ, to be accurate about what was said (see above) it was "heir and son" which if you read my comment of the splitting up of our farm, is as just disturbing, if not more so, to me.

But hey, let's have some fun with the future, which has not come yet, and should not be even thought of by repression and atonement now for a better future. OK, the farm becomes a family business. Special Jer and Auj move into the big house. All these godly hating christians applaud. Zach becomes Jer's little bitch (and no Angela I couldn't give a tinker's damn what you think, especially when you write, "it's a very ("what????") attempt to distort reality"???? complete sentences please) what do you think about Molly's role? Last I heard, she was majoring in Accounting (Business administration the articling) and a minor in Spanish. Does anyone seriously think she is going to go anywhere near the ledgers of any of the businesses run by the big MR with a 10 foot pole? I say no, not with her intelligence. She has much better things to do that be Jer's other little bitch.

I still stand by my predictions, because it has been proven over and over again, that the Roloffs will never yield their beliefs or values to a good gravy train. Never.

Ashley said...

It looks like Jacob and Isabel are filming again. Amy said everyone was meeting on the Farm to go to Molly's grad and Tori and Audrey are posting snapchats where everyone seems to be around. Funny in the background you can hear Audrey talking about heaven. I get the feeling Jacob in front of them is just one of the religious Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

I guess my question would be - is it really unusual that Jacob might actually care enough about Molly's feelings to attend her graduation stuff?

And if he didn't attend, wouldn't he be judged an asshole for that as well? I mean, is there any scenario here where someone who hates Jacob doesn't find a reason to bitch? "He showed up for his sister's graduation! He's a hypocrite cause Molly is religious and he should stand by his principles and CUT HER OUT!" and if he doesn't show then "He's a hateful piece of crap who didn't even go to his sister's graduation!"

Ashley - I get the feeling that Jacob is like a lot of people who don't start fights with family members over things that won't change.

And it doesn't matter if he films or not - apparently everyone who hates him is so completely obsessed with him that even in episodes where he's not present, the discussion completely revolves around Jacob.

Back on topic - Ashley, your thoughts on Audrey's constant announcements that she and Jeremy will take over the farm? Doesn't that seem a bit presumptious of someone who married in? How about her lovely little skirt in this episode? Appropriate for business meetings?

I notice none of the Christian crowd gives one fucking shit over how Tory and Zach openly prayed before eating... never have seen Auj and Jer do that but Zach and OfZach are you know, shit to the Christians here...

Ashley said...

But Rap my question is will he be on the episode? I think all signs are pointing to yes.

And I find it to be a weak excuse that he can't possibly see his family without being on the show. It's quite easy to be around and then step out when the staged scenes with the camera crew films for the show.

When Jacob said he will be on the show if he's with his family and "they happen to be filming" I find that to be a very lame excuse.

He doesn't have to be and find him to be a colossal hypocrite when he is because of all the complaining he's done about how bad and wrong "reality tv" is.

Ashley said...

Oh and Rap, I'm not surprised about Jeremy and Audrey being a tad obnoxious about basically declaring the farm their future home.

I've always got the feeling that the entire family (including Jacob, which I personally think is the reason why Jacob talks tough on twitter but is silent in Jeremy's presence) treats Jeremy like he is a God and if Jeremy says it, then Jeremy shall have it. Molly doesn't seem to have any interest in it and Zach especially as he's got older seems elevate Jeremy above him so if Jeremy wants it, I think Zach would accept that.

Wendy said...

" "He showed up for his sister's graduation! He's a hypocrite cause Molly is religious and he should stand by his principles and CUT HER OUT!"

Hold on right there Rap541.

Whitworth is a private Christian University which teaches it's students to "honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity."

If Jacob is much against Christianity then he should stand for his principles. Why be a chicken on twitter and post outrageous and disparaging remarks on twitter and Instagram but then sit at a Christian University and clap?

Have some courage of your convictions.

I have a good friend whose sister thinks she is gay and was getting married to another woman. It is a very sad situation. My friend loves her sister, but as a good Christian, cannot support her sister's lifestyle. She declined to attend the wedding.

That is standing for your principles. It is not acting like a "tough guy" on twitter and cowering when you're in the presence of those people.

That's what Jacob does.
Ashley, that's your answer. That's why Jacob doesn't confront Jeremy or comment on any of Jeremy's religious posts or tweets.

Dustin said...

Is anyone even one hundred percent certain that Jacob has much of a disagreement with his family about Christianity?

When asked on Instagram if he shares his family's Christian beliefs, he refuses to answer.

He apparently never says a word to the contrary in their presence and even sits at the table and prays with the family before meals.

Contrary to what Rap wrote above, it is possible to disagree with family in a respectful manner about religion and/or politics. To act like Jacob couldn't possibly bring up alternative ideas in the presence of his family is just making excuses for Jacob.

Jacob also shares his family's homophobia in that gay people make him uncomfortable and he avoids the issue like the plague just like Matt, Amy, Molly, Zach, Jeremy and Audrey.

Rap541 said...

But you do see my point that there's no way for Jacob to NOT attend something as significant as Molly's graduation without being judged an asshole? And that if the family is filming it - what is he supposed to do? Do you really think people here won't judge him as an asshole for skipping something like Molly's graduation? I mean, lets be honest - Molly and Jacob have always seemed close. I actually agree it would rather easy to keep him in the background on camera - and that may actually happen but lets wring our hands in horror now and declare him a hypocrite for what MIGHT happen, right? I mean god knows, he's been face front in the last two episodes despite his dislike of filming.

Oh wait, in fact Jacob actually hasn't been in the new episodes at all yet. Ashley - is that also hypocritical?

I mean, if he was addicted to the camera, why hasn't he been there, with Isobel, smiling on the couch answering fan questions? While Audrey declares how she will be raising her babies on the farm?

I know you're generally rational Ashley, so I feel like I am picking on you when you're not the chief offender but really - he hasn't been in the last few episodes at all and yet here people are bitching to the skies over what might happen. Quite honestly, if he didn't appear at all, as I said, people here would find a reason to be completely and utterly pissed (likely along the lines of "he should support his family")

I think the problem of "Jeremy gets it" is that Amy tends to attempt to be fair and won't like the other kids being financially cut out. And I think Tory, Molly and Jacob are all clever enough to understand that "Jeremy gets the farm" is financially cutting them out.

I also think its incredibly selfish of Jeremy and Audrey to expect to be handed the farm knowing Jeremy's parents are divorcing/divorced.

Rap541 said...

Wendy - and if Jeremy and Auj, and Matt and Amy, are so Christian as to find Jacob offensive then they should stand on their principles and stop supporting Jacob correct?

And since they don't, they are as hypocritical and weak as Jacob, correct?

If the Roloffs had the courage of their convictions, Jacob shouldn't even be allowed on the property. And look how courageous they are, in reality?

Hell, Jer and Auj won't even leave their views on homosexuality up for people to see.

Wendy, see the problem? If you want to hold Jacob to this standard, I only mind if you aren't willing to agree that the Roloffs as a whole are AS cowardly and are displaying their lack of conviction and their hypocrisy as obviously.

I trust you do agree that Jacob gets his lack of courage and failure to stand up for what he believes from his mom and dad, and brother, all of whom set the example?

I mean seriously, if the Roloffs had the courage of their convictions, then Jacob wouldn't even be invited to the house, right? And yet here we are.

PJ said...

You're comparing apples and emus. Your friends sisters wedding flies in the face of your friends beliefs. I'm fairly certain that Jacob has no religious objection to Molly graduating from college. And her choice of school doesn't matter because graduation is the same where ever it happens.

We're not sure the religious nuts claim it mostly seems to be sheer imagination.

Rap541 said...

Contrary to what Rap wrote above, it is possible to disagree with family in a respectful manner about religion and/or politics. To act like Jacob couldn't possibly bring up alternative ideas in the presence of his family is just making excuses for Jacob.

Based on what Ashley wrote - that Auj was talking about heaven in the background, how can you draw any conclusion that Jacob did or didn't bring up religion and did or didn't have a respectful conversation with his family privately.

This is what I mean about wringing our hands in horror over things that may or may not be happening.

He apparently never says a word to the contrary in their presence and even sits at the table and prays with the family before meals.

Sitting at the table while someone prays is actually being respectful of their beliefs, you do understand that, right? And if he knows his parents have different views and no one is likely to change their opinion, then it's actually respectful to not walk thru the door and say "IN ORDER TO NOT BE A HYPOCRIT I NEED TO POINT OUT I DON"T BELIEVE IN YOUR GOD AGAIN!"

This all assumes that there's never been any discussion between Jacob and his family at all, that they have NO idea he's not a believer. That actually seems unlikely. I actually agree that people can have respectful discussions about religion, but I also believe that its respectful, if those discussions have reached an impass, to accept that you're not going to change the other person's mind and make the decision to let it go.

I can't conceive of a filmed conversation of Jacob and his family discussing religion where Jacob wouldn't be deemed to be attacking the beliefs of others anyway. Its been made clear by various Christians here that ANY disagreement with them is disrespectful hate.

I also find it hilarious that not one Christian will stand up and say how pleased as punch they were over Audrey's teeny lil skirt that barely covered her bits!

Mike P. said...

A "rescue" dog is a dog acquired at a pound or shelter, and thus spared euthanasia. (Same for rescue cats and other creatures.)

The term has nothing to do with a dog's role in an emergency.

Candice said...

Jacob is not on the contract. He tweeted that. If they film him, just like they would a random stranger or probably Isabel for example, before they air it, he has to sign a piece of paper allowing them to.

If he is attending events that are filmed and decides not to sign it, we will still see his face but he will not have a role or say any words, for he will not be mic-ed.

If we see him and Isabel appear in the episode for Molly's graduation, it is because they have signed forms allowing their faces to not be blurred out but we will not hear them speak and I doubt the camera will pan to them more than once.

Unfortunately for Jacob his family is always filming. So what Ashley is saying is false. If there are always people at the farm with cameras, and he wants to visit his mother, he may have to appear on camera. It is unfortunate for him. Cameras should not appear in real life.

I'm sure Jacob loves his family very much and would love to spend time with them but they're all more obsessed with the limelight than he ever was.

Shea said...

I'm glad some of the fans are realizing Isabel is a bitch. I turned on her ever since she brought a beautiful orange cat into her home, bonded with her dog, and then shipped it off. People need to realizeanimals have feelings and emotions too. It's cruel to act like it has a room and then ship it off.

Rap541 said...

Mike P - but now I am intrigued by the concept of rescue cats, gamely saving sailors from sinking boats :D

Rap541 said...

Shea - since that never happened on the show, I have to assume you are someone who went to high school with Isabel who can't let it go.

High school is over. You don't have to be around her any more. You're choosing to be her victim.

P said...

Shea, for the last time, she was fostering the cat. And it went to a good home. She wants to be a foster parent. Isabel is an avid animal lover, she would never do that to an animal she loved and cared about. On her Twitter page she posted a picture of the cat saying "my new foster baby, Otis". It is a foster. Look up the definition.

Shea said...

Rap I did not go to school with Isabel. I followed Jacob Roloff from the tv show Little People Big World and Isabel was always in Jacob's tweets or mentions so I followed her on social media. I gave her a chance. But I'm so mad at what she did to that orange cat. It's even cruel to her dog to introduce new friends and ship them out.

Abby G said...

Ashley, speaking of snapchat, I don't like how Isabel tweets asking people to follow her snapchat but she seems to block a lot of people. She blocked me and a friend I asked to follow her. I didn't even ever say anything bad to her. I guess it's one of those power trip snobby things where people ask to be followed so they can reject people to feel in control. That's why I don't feel bad when people say things about her. She probably deserves it because she seems like a snob.

Rita said...

Shea, I remember that. The picture of the cat and Moose was so cute. I love how they were so friendly to each other. It's sad she didn't keep it. She should have.

Abby, I was about to say the same thing. It's all about power tripping. It's the same reason why Jacob used to tell people to use his Ask instead of posting their comments here. Power and control.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hi Mike, yeah Rap already explained to me and I thanked Rap in a comment above.

Ashley said...

Candice and Rap, sorry but I don't believe that for a second.

Am I supposed to believe that it is impossible for anybody to attend the 2016 Whitworth Graduation ceremony and not appear on the episode of Little People, Big World? Sorry, I don't believe that. The notion that Jacob can't support Molly at her grad without being on the show is false.

Candice, I think that's a load of you know what. Do you think in the history of "Reality TV" there has never been a friend or family member of the main family who did not want to be seen or heard on the show but still was in their lives? Of course there is. I'm sure there was an Osbourne daughter who refused to be part of their reality show. Saying Jacob can't have a relationship with his family without participating in the show is just not true.

Rap541 said...

Shea - what P said. It's actually been discussed before. She fosters pets. Do you just have a problem with that? People helping animal shelters by fostering pets? Please advise. Because a lot of people do it and you seem to have a weird issue with it.

And seriously, you're here posting about her because you hate her twitter because you used to watch Jacob and are now so obsessed you post about his girlfriend.

I have to ask, are you one of the people he turned from Christ? :)

Ashley said...

By the way, the person I was thinking of was Aimee Osbourne

"The Osbournes have been a staple of TV and music culture for decades now - but one member of the family as shunned the spotlight.

Aimee Osbourne is the eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, and has stayed out of the spotlight for much of her life.

While her often-dysfunctional family life was broadcast into homes around the world on The Osbournes, Aimee remained largely private and anonymous - until now.

The eldest child of Ozzy and Sharon, Aimee, 31, is the almost unknown member of the Obsourne clan.

Whilst her younger siblings Kelly and Jack leaped to fame through reality TV, she chose to remain out of the spotlight for much of her life.

At aged 16, she turned down the chance to star with the rest of her family on the show that became The Osbournes, but now seems to be following her father's footsteps into the music world.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I am pretty sure he can't attend any family function without the cameras being there. If TLC totally cuts him - like they seem to have with the Bend visit, but I think the jury is still out there, then what?

I also agree with you that Whitworth may or may not allow the filming of the graduation but it's actually the school's decision, not Jacob's and if Jacob did appear with his family clapping for Molly - does that mean he's a hypocritical bastard because he needs to CUT THEM ALL OUT if the cameras are there?

And AREN'T the ROLOFFS all hypocrits for even allowing Jacob on the property? I mean, he fucking rolled his eyes and damned himself to hell and Jeremy ALLOWED IT. Jeremy smiles and nods as the lil satan DISRESPECTS Auj and ISN'T protesting it a bit. Amy says she loves that evil eyerolling disrespecter! Matt still allows him on the property and theoretically pays him blackmail!

Doesn't this matter at all or is it all to be winked at?

Btw still not seeing any fans of Audrey's expressing an opinion about her delightfully short skirt - I mean it looked so trampy, like something those whores Tory and Isobel would have worn! And this actually took place in the episode being recapped! Why the silence, kids?

Anonymous said...

Ashley - Jacob moved away and hasn't been in the new season at all so far.

Shea said...

Rap, yes, I have a problem with people who take an animal into their home. Mix it with their other pets. Have them all think they are a family. And then ship them out.

If you're going to take an animal into your home you should keep it. Animals aren't shoes that it's ok to return to the store!

I have watched Little People Big World. Through watching Little People Big World I know who Jacob Roloff is and found his twitter and instagram. Through Jacob's twitter, I found Isabel's accounts. This is a place to talk about LPBW and the Roloffs and that's what I'm doing. Isabel's account is attached to Jacob's.

Rap541 said...

Shea - then say you have a problem with all people who volunteer to foster pets.

It seems pretty hateful on your part especially if this isn't about hating Isobel, but I suppose it takes all kind.

Christians? Your opinions on pet fostering? Keeping in mind that pet fostering is currently a societal norm?

Rap541 said...

I assume, Shea, that rather than foster, you prefer the alternative? Euthanasia? Because that's why people foster pets, to make them more adoptable, to help them learn how to interact in a home. It makes the pets more likely to be adopted... and you'd rather them end up in the pet gas chamber. Nice.

Kaitlyn said...

Jacob is so out of touch. He retweeted a story about "Top 1 percenters" lavish house and all their unnecessary luxuries. He added the comment "This is outrageous.. Who cares??"

Wait, Jacob is the same Roloff from the Roloff family who at one point had what, 14 different vehicles?

Hey Jacob! I think the pot is calling for the kettle!!!!

Ashley said...

Anon, Jacob and Isabel gathered with Jeremy and Audrey and Zach and Tori recently and were said to be filming (Jeremy had the home camera thing that TLC gives them that they've used before when there isn't an actual film crew with them) in Bend. It's expected they will be in that episode and in the episode they are currently filming which will include Molly's graduation.

Ashley said...

Rap, there were two Bend visits. The Zach and Tori and Sully video was a while ago and the "Roloff siblings" get together was more recently and included Jacob and Isabel and Molly and her boyfriend Joel. The Zach, Tori and Sully visit when Jeremy and Audrey first moved to Bend which is what already aired. The other was more recent.

I refuse to be that Jacob cannot attend Molly's graduation without being on camera. It's very easy for someone not be on TV if they don't want to be. Aimee Osbourne did it!

I don't disagree that all of the Roloffs are hypocrites in various ways (how about the obvious 'accept us as Little People for our difference but damn the gays to hell! attitude that all of the Roloffs have?) but I just find Jacob's to be glaring since he is so vocal about his distaste for Reality TV, even posting lengthy Instagram captions about how wrong and dangerous they are.

If he hates it that much, good for him! But don't be a hypocrite and appear on the show. I haven't forgotten that Jacob said he was quitting the show and then filmed multiple episodes where he played around for the cameras, including "Roloff Family Game Day" and "Let's repair Zach's house flooring and call Matt to save the day".

Be on the show if he's a slave to the money, I don't care! But don't go on about how he hates it so much and he's done with it....and then still participate on it.

Rap541 said...

So in other words, if Jacob wants to visit his family, he has to consent to be filmed. Right Ashley?

And of course, Jeremy isn't a hypocrite for inviting the monster into his home. I bet Auj is pleasant to Jacob as well.

Did any of this actually occur in the current episode? Because I watched and Jacob wasn't in this episode at all.

Ashely said...

"So in other words, if Jacob wants to visit his family, he has to consent to be filmed. Right Ashley?"

He can visit his family and NOT be on the show!

Come on Rap! We all know what filming is really like. It's not like they are filming 24 hours a day and you can't possibly have a conversation that is not being filmed. It's all staged and scripted and timed.

Rap541 said...

Well, if Aimee Osbourne did it! (eyeroll)

SO Jacob's hypocrisy is glaring but Matt paying him blackmail isn't? Jeremy welcoming him into his home isn't glaring? I mean, JACOB ROLLED HIS EYES AND DISRESPECTED AUDREY! ANd Jermey smiles like it's nothing and even makes Audrey host the devil in her home!

And you don't find it glaring, but you do find the very idea of Jacob - who hasn't actually been in any of the new episodes - possibly appearing in the episode where his sister graduates from college to be so glaring you MUST hate him for it?

Really? But you can't do more than meekly and mildly agree there's some problematic behavior on the part of ALL the Roloffs?

Rap541 said...

Ashley - you said it yourself - TLC has Jeremy with a home camera to film when they aren't even there! There will be a camera at the graduation. I absolutely agree with you that he can visit when there's no camera but frankly the graduation is an event where he'd be judged pretty asshole to skip over not liking the cameras. Don't you agree? That you'd think Jacob was an asshole for skipping his sister's graduation over filming?

And again - this is what enrages you? Not matt paying Jacob off over a lie or Jeremy allowing his wife to be openly disrespected? I mean, you do understand Matt and Amy have the power to say to their adult son "Jacob you're not welcome here", right?

I mean, if they weren't hypocrits...

Ashley said...

Rap, I don't care about Jacob's eyeroll! ;-)

I just find his complaining about how he hates the show so much to be the ultimate example of hypocrisy when he does all that public moaning about yet still keeps on participating.

And yes if Aimee Osbourne did it (and at 16!) then surely Jacob Roloff can do it 18!

L said...

Kaitlyn? That would be Jeremy Roloff who had 14 vehicles. Nice try again hhahaha

Kaitlyn said...

"Kaitlyn? That would be Jeremy Roloff who had 14 vehicles. Nice try again hhahaha"

L, has Jacob ever spoke out against Jeremy?
Why not? Why wait until an article about "the top one percent" when he could express his disgust at his brother's excess?

And Jacob benefited from the obscene luxury the Roloffs had.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - so to be clear, you're stating you don't care that Jacob disrespected Audrey? Really?

Christians, see how no one finds the eyeroll of damnation to actually be that big of a deal?

L said...

Don't find a different argument when you get called out for being wrong.

I have no idea if Jacob has ever called out his brother. Obviously we don't see everything that goes on.

Alexa said...

Abby, don't even bother. Isabel is the biggest snob you could ever meet.

Rita said...

Abby, she thinks it's funny to treat people like that. Being stuck up is not something to be proud of, and people say it for a very good reason. It's not like people are making up lies about her acting like that.

Ashley said...

Yes, Rap, I don't care about the eyeroll!

I don't hate Jacob based on the Christian stuff (I'm not even convinced Jacob is as anti as he leads people to believe on on social media at times).

Alexa said...

Rita, it is the truth. I can tell you that from someone who has known her for years, but you don't have to believe me. Form your opinion, just like Abby formed hers. She thinks she's better than everyone and likes to look down upon people.

Janet said...

The more I learn about Isabel and the type of person she is the less and less respect for her mother. She either wasn't a very good parent (in fairness, maybe her illness interfered) or Isabel was just a bad seed who was determined to be a selfish person.

Rap541 said...

What exactly have you learned? :D

Ossi said...

Abby, if Isabel blocked you it is because she thinks your fat and not pretty enough. When Isabel says "follow me on snapchat" she doesn't actually mean people like you. She's talking about the Roloffs, and their friends, and people of influence and anybody who makes her feel cool.

Rap541 said...

Ossi - and if you don't like her, why do you care?

Ossi said...

Because I don't like seeing people get treated that way by people like Isabel. People should always stand up and call out people like Isabel.

Suzy said...

A question for Oregon locals. If the farm is up for sale, you'll be able to find listings. I think it is safe to say that based on past behavior, there will not be a show if there is not a farm. I don't doubt that Matt and Amy have a difficult time working together, but it could be likely that the farm and the big house represent a majority of their assets and that neither of them could afford to just hand it over to Jeremy and Audrey.

So, let's get the reality check. The farm is probably not for sale; the talk is for drama to keep viewers tuning in. After all, there's been talk about selling/losing the farm on this show for YEARS. Jer and Auj might very well want to raise their kids on the farm, and I'm sure more houses could be built there. But I don't think either Matt or Amy could afford to just hand it over. I honestly don't know the numbers, but I find it difficult to imagine that Matt and Amy make enough from the show and speaking engagements to just walk away from the farm without an actual sale. And no siblings, no matter how Christian, would let one sibling get it all, without a hell of a fight.

Greg said...

Suzy, who really believes the farm is up for sale? Stupid plot drama.

And obviously the Roloffs, all of them, would completely die without TLC. They need the show. They need the money and they need the attention. It keeps their massive egos going.

Their lives would be empty without the show and they wouldn't survive in the real world.
Why do you think they've been going so long with the show, about 9 years after the show served any purpose.

Dustin said...

Do Some research people.

Audrey Roloff is speaking at Christian women's conference.

Who is organizing the conference? Lisa Bevere.

Who is Lisa Bevere's husband? John Bevere.

Guess what organization John Bevere is apart of? Family Research Council

Sound familiar? They made headlines:

A) For being declared a hate group against gay people.
B) For naming Josh Duggar as their executive director in 2013.

It's interesting how all of these TLC Christian personalities are connected.

Rap541 said...

Well done, Dustin. :)

Ashley said...

Dustin, I'm starting to realize that.

One person in Audrey's comments posted a relatively tame opinion of Lisa Bevere.

"Watched her once not a fan"

Jeremy must be in a bad mood! He responded with a sarcastic and jerk-ish

@lorilyro your comment is so encouraging! ...

Wendy said...

If Jacob supposedly opposes what the Bevere's stand for and who is brother and sister in law are supporting, why isn't Jacob saying so?

Come on Jacob. Either Stand with the family or stand against the family. Stop sitting on the fence like a coward.

Rap541 said...

Wendy - if Jeremy and Audrey support the Family Research Council's message - why aren't they PROUDLY SAYING SO?

Rap541 said...

Come on Jeremy and Audrey, if you support the Family Research Council, stop sitting on the fence like cowards!

Rap541 said...

oh hey Christians!

Shea says fostering animals is wrong, that pet animals should be euthanized rather than fostered.

Is that *Christian*, Christians? In Jesus's name, better that puppies and kittens be killed than fostered?

I mean, Shea *said* and not one of you bitched and forgive me but you usually bitch if you disagree - is fostering pet animals something Jesus hates?

djsi said...

Did anyone notice when jeremy and audrey left the house the car had plain back wheels and in the next shot of the car it had the fancy wheels on it?

Anna Digregorio said...

This blog is hysterical