Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Radar Online Reaches Out to Audrey & Jeremy Roloff For Comment Regarding Praise Of Anti Gay Activists

The well known and popular Celebrity News Site, Radar Online, has picked up on the story of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff's recent connection and praise of Christian Pastors who are known for their outspoken activism against gay rights (gay marriage, gay parents adopting, gays in the military, gays as boy scout leaders).

Radar Online says in their story that they have reached out to Audrey Roloff, but so far, she has declined to comment further.

The Roloffs Christian nature and opposition to gay rights have long been talked about and speculated. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff often quote John Mark Comer, a Christian Pastor, who has made controversial statements advising that gay people are broken inside, however, they can be cured by praying to Jesus.

However, although the Roloffs have always been connected to anti-gay people and organizations, they in the past have always avoided actually stating their beliefs publicly.

It is well known that Molly Roloff, on her Facebook page to her friends, once praised Kirk Cameron for his controversial comments on CNN years ago when he called gay people destructive towards civilization. Yet Molly, like the rest of the Roloffs, avoid saying anything publicly.

Some have accused the Roloffs of being cowardly in that they won't proudly state their beliefs because they are afraid that if their beliefs are known it might cost them some viewers, and in turn, money.
Some of have said they should be more like Kirk Cameron, and proudly stand behind their beliefs no matter the consequences.

The original goal of the television series Little People, Big World, was to advocate for diversity and acceptance of differences.

As Radar Online notes, on their website, Audrey and Jeremy recently, in response to criticisms, finally stated that they do not agree with same sex relationships.

Read the entire Radar Online Article here:

From the article:

"Audrey has not responded to Radar’s request for comment."


Judy said...


Unlike what haters like Rap say, Audrey saying they do not agree with gay lifestyles is not being hateful.

They are trying to take away rights of Christians to believe in the Bible!

Brandon said...

Now that the truth is getting out there, why don't they just be honest?

I don't have a problem with the Roloffs saying they don't support gay marriage or gay rights.

What I've always had a problem with is them trying to hide that they don't support gay rights.

Part of the Little People Big World show is based on it and some of the Roloffs actually get paid by Diversity organizations to give speeches about acceptance.

The Roloffs should be honest about what they stand for or don't stand for.

Jeremy and Audrey should stop hiding (declining to comment) and just say what they believe. Say 'yes we don't agree that gay people should have the same rights as we do to marry and we suggest gay people pray to be cured by Jesus' or whatever they really believe.

Be transparent. That's funny because Jeremy has made tweets about being transparent and saying what you believe no matter what people will say about it. Hmmmm...

Rap541 said...

Well said, Brandon.

I'd respect the obnoxious little clan more if they'd quit this little denial dance and learn to start owning the consequences of their beliefs.

Judy - it is hateful if they believe their religious views means they can deny rights to others.

PJ said...

Give it up.
No one is trying to take any rights away from Christians. No one is taking away your Bible.
All we are saying is that not everyone HAS to live by your choices. Like it or not our laws are not now and never have been based on religion.
All anyone, including Radar On-line wants is for the Roloffs to be open and honest. Something they should be proud to do.

Bonnie said...

The bottom line is Audrey is being attacked for being a Christian woman that holds Christian beliefs. Audrey deserves respect. Not attacks. Love, not hate.

Timothy said...

Why doesn't Audrey comment?

Jocelynn said...

Timothy, that's a good question. If people are speculating on Audrey's degree of opposition to gay rights, she should clarify it.

She opposes gay marriage but unlike Bevere doesn't think gays shoukd be forbidden from boy scouts? Or does she? Does she think gays should be cured through spiritual counselling to not be gay? Just say where she stands.

I think it's clear what she believes but is worried about it hurting the brand and doesn't want to downplay her beliefs because that will alienate her church heroes like Lisa Bevere.

Kathy said...

Why is it that Christians who should love the most are the ones that hate others who are different from them?

Ecossais said...

Judy - it must be horrible going through life feeling so persecuted.

NOBODY is trying to stop YOU from believing in the bible.
Is anybody stopping you from reading your bible or from going to whatever church you choose?
The problem with "Christians" like you is that you believe EVERYBODY should be forced to believe it. You arrogantly think you are the only ones that are right.

Bonnie - so disagreeing with someone is attacking them?
It is possible to respect someone's opinion without having to agree with it.

Misst said...

When your "christian" church chooses to alienate anyone,that "christian" church is no more than a hate mongering cult. Even atheists know that the "teachings" in the bible by jesus teach acceptance and tolerance of everyone. Reality television is just what it is...t.v. why not use this tv platform to promote diversity?! You would figure in a society that has never been kind to little people, the Roloffs would be more inclined to be more open minded and welcoming...oh wait, they capitalized on their little person stature and made money off of being a sideshow on tv. Guess that's ok too. One can only hope that this roloff train is stopping soon,we don't need any more christian hate spewed around.

Noh8 said...

@Judy,you are delusional and inflammatory (just like a majority of Christians today). Pointing out that Audry and Jeremy are bigots isn't persecution. No one has an agenda to stop Christians from reading the Bible or practicing their beliefs. The issue is that bigots like to hold up the Bible and say that their bigotry is ok because their interpretation of scripture supports their position. Do you take selfies? Do you adorn yourself in mixes fibers or eat shellfish? Do you ever work on the Sabbath? If so, you're not following all of Leviticus. But, you're doing those things, or saying that you follow the new testament (which I will get to in a moment), is a lifestyle and opinion that 200,000 Amish people would stand against. Are you persecuting the Amish by using your interpretation to justify your (in their opinion) sinful lifestyle? Because, you're claiming persecution on the same level. Take a look at the definition of persecution and you'll see that disagreement and holding some one accountable for their racist, homophobic statement doesn't meet the definition of "persecution". Further, if your faith is as strong as you claim, then no one could take it away from you even if your deeply held persecution wish came true and Bibles were gathered up for a public pyre. Because your faith is internal.
Second, how can you claim Christianity and the justify your hate for those living an alternative lifestyle. Jesus didn't say love only those you agree with. He said love your neighbor and your enemy. He said be an example of AGAPE, a living testament to Christ's love and Grace. Yet, you and your ilk post a level of hatred towards an 18 year old, unmatched in its fury and depravity, because he doesn't hold the same beliefs as you anymore. And, you cry persecution? People are, quite literally, asking Muslim women to remove their head coverings, but you're claiming religious persecution?!

Alyssa said...

Now when you google Audrey Roloff you find articles about her being hateful and mean. Nice. I like it, it's closer to the truth.

Alyssa said...

Lauren said...

I think every Roloff should be asked what they believe now. Considering they just let Audrey do what she wants and drag their name through the mud. I doubt Amy or Jacob is in support of it. Gay people are everywhere. Let's see how EACH Roloff feels about them.

Rap541 said...

The bottom line is Audrey is being attacked for being a Christian woman that holds Christian beliefs

There is nothing in that article that isn't true and that didn't come directly from Audrey. If Audrey wants to be a Christian speaking guest and stand tall with the Beveres or whoever, then Audrey wants to be a public figure and not a little girl. Here's the reality of having public opinions - sometimes people will disagree with you. If Audrey can't handle being a public speaker without shrieking "I"M BEING ATTACKED! ANY DISAGREEMENT IS AN ATTACK! DISAGREEING WITH ME IS HATING ME AND ATTACKING ME!" - then Audrey is a child who can't be reasoned with.

Do you get that? If Audrey can't handle the idea that not every one will agree with her views without insisting all disagreement is hate and attacks, then Audrey is mentally a spoiled child. People are going to disagree with each other. Seriously, I trust you understand that if we all lived by these rules, everytime you disagree with me, *you* have HATE and YOU ATTACKED ME YOU HATER! Because that's the standard. Anyone who disagrees with Jer and Auj is ATTACKING AND DISRESPECTING AND HATING....

But I know this won't register.

Audrey deserves respect.

For what? Being Christian? Do all Christians expect to be kowtowed to?

Dustin said...

"I think every Roloff should be asked what they believe now. Considering they just let Audrey do what she wants and drag their name through the mud. I doubt Amy or Jacob is in support of it.`

None of the Roloffs answer because they're all cowards, including Jacob. Let's not forget after he screamed for attention with his "Fucked out of money" tweet, he then ran away from the attention he created and refused to elaborate and pretended like he never said what he did.

And Jacob is the guy who said he wouldn't be friends with a gay guy because he thinks if you like girls, you can't be friends with a gay guy. That was his own words when asked why he wouldn't be friends with a gay guy, "because I like girls, not dudes".

And Amy, are you kidding? She's as much as a religious bigot as Audrey and Jeremy and Molly.

Bonnie said...

Audrey should not be called hateful because she is a Christian who believes in Christian values and that marriage is between man and woman. Audrey is entitle to her opinion and express her love for Christ!

Timothy said...

What does it say about Jacob that he sort of pretends to be for gay marriage but quickly backs down if it's going to get any attention.

Either you believe in something or you don't.

What does he think of Audrey and Jeremy being pals with people from an official hate group.

If you can't say that's wrong then maybe he shouldn't pretend like he's at all different from the rest of them.

Ecossais said...

Yes Bonnie - Audrey is entitled to her opinion but any disagreement with her position is not hate. It is simply disagreement. Nothing more.
We are not obliged to agree with her just because she professes to be Christian and loves Jesus.

Gina said...

Don't deny what this is. It is vilifying Christians for being Christian.

Anonymous said...

If hating gays is that important to the Christian faith then Christians should be vilified.

Rap541 said...

Gina - has Radar Online posted any lies?

You and your ilk were quick to be DELIGHTED that Audrey said she and Jeremy were against gay marriage. You should be pleased Audrey is getting more attention. I mean, you're insisting she's done nothing wrong. And she's an adult. Perhaps this is god's way of asking Audrey to stop hiding her opinions and stand up?

I mean sure, it might affect the money but wasn't there something in the Bible about loving God more than loving money?

Mike P. said...

How can you "not agree" with homosexuality, and expect thereafter to be taken seriously about anything?

It's like saying that you "don't agree" with rain, or that you "don't agree" with blue eyes. It's pure thigh-slapping nonsense.

Further, to use your "disagreement" to block a citizen's access to basic civil rights—housing, employment, public accommodation—is purely vicious.

If this weren't so ugly, it would be hilarious.

Gina said...

Rap541, the lie and misinformation is that Audrey was not being hateful. All she said, and rightfully so, was that she and Jeremy do not agree with gay lifestyles. It is a Christian belief. As a Christian, Audrey should believe that. To call her hateful for sticking to Christian beliefs is attacking Christians just like Anne said.

Rap541 said...

Some Christian beliefs ARE hateful, Gina. You do understand that it is a Christian belief that white people are better than non white, right? It all goes back to Noah getting drunk and two of his three sons covering up while the dark skinned son saw his shame and damned himself and his descendants to be "hewers of wood and drawers of water".

Christian beliefs also change. It was not so long ago that a man like Matt Roloff wouldn't even be considered to have a soul. Dwarfs were property of royalty. Christians led the charge in the southern states to keep segregation. Those were hateful beliefs.

If Audrey believes her religious choice gives her the right to decide who can and can't be married - even if they aren't members of her faith - then she's hateful.

Rap541 said...

ANd Gina - was anything Radar Online said not true?

Those are Audrey's beliefs, correct?

Lauren said...

She is a coward

Lauren said...

I would be interested to know if they also believe in only hanging out or being friends with straight people.

Gina said...

Rap541, Audrey's (Christian) beliefs are that she does not agree with gay marriage. It is not hateful to have strong Christian beliefs and believe relationships should be between man and woman as the Bible states.

Saying what Audrey said, that she does not agree with gay marriage and their website is not geared towards homosexual relationships but they are welcome to read it if they want, is not being hateful.

Rap541 said...

Gina - so you're saying Audrey won't fight to stop gay marriage?

Audrey knows it's wrong but will do nothing to stop it?

Gina said...

Rap541, you're such a rabel rouser and very transparent.
I answer your question and proved you wrong.

A Christian, like anyone, has the right to deal with issues as they want.

You don't have to picket gay weddings to be against it and understand that Christ intended for marriages to glorify Him and that is marriage between a man and woman. You can be against it in your actions with those around it. You can voice your opposition and your belief. You can vote against it when you have the chance.

I see Audrey is a Christian who understands that gay marriage is not right under God. She stated her belief and was unfairly labelled hateful. They're trying to make it impossible for Christians to say gay marriage is wrong.

Rap541 said...

So Audrey isn't required to actually do anything to stop gay marriage? How easy for her to be Christian - she literally has to do nothing and you'll praise her for it.

And you haven't proved me wrong, you're simply proving your own hypocrisy in this. Your thoughts on how Christian beliefs on race and disability have changed? Because obviously they have.

PJ said...

Auj is not only a christian but a public figure. She has an obligation to explain herself to her fans. And she is ignoring the opportunity God gave her to carry the banner for her religion.

Riley said...

I'm glad someone called out Audrey for leaving Isabel out of the photo. I don't care where she was, find her and include her. I mean I'm probably getting more offended than Isabel would she seemed causal by commenting "next time" but I'm sure she was a little hurt by it. Audrey is exclusive like a mean girl and it's ironic because she preaches quite the opposite

Dustin said...

Isabel and Auj acting like best pals in the comments see ya at the fire tonight! Nice to see Jacob and Isabel cozy up to Audrey after she gets called out about gay people.

Misst said...

The Roloffs make hundreds of thousands off their speaking engagements every year. Amy's and Matt's favorite topics are diversity and acceptance (see Amy's charity web site) Hypocritical lying little people they are. Very unchristian like. Making millions off your little person disability and then chastise others for their difference. Disgusting. If the Roloffs were average size, they never would of been on tv and no one would care that their kids are hate spewing homophobes. Be Transparent Roloffs! Stop making money off your lies and tell your truths, there is always some Christian speaking circuit that will pay you to speak. As for Audrey? Piggyback rider of fame. She will enjoy her elevation in her hate church because of this and her 15 minutes will be up.

Misst said...

Spoiled. Entitled. Lazy. Egotistical. Hypocritical. Greedy. Homophobic. Liars.
The Roloffs kids wouldn't know hard work and a "normal" family upbringing if it bit them in the ass. They are using their sideshow show as a platform for hate. Period. Nothing wrong with having a good christian heavily edited marriage blog, but what's wrong is the Roloffs profit from their promoting diversity lies.
"True christians" wouldn't be on tv at all, they wouldn't wear the skank short shorts (Audrey) nor wear the whore red lipstick etc. All of the things they do are also spoken against in the bible. In fact, some regions of the world Audrey would be stoned for what she wears and says. If TLC will still continue to air christian homophobes shows (Jill and jessa) that's fine. At least come clean that this is the message you're trying to promote Roloffs.
And fyi everyone, collectively in our town, the Roloffs are not well liked. Their farm is awful,over priced pumpkins that are trucked in (witnessed first hand) and their salsa lines are factory produced, gmo non organic shit.

Greg said...

Is that Isabel's friends whining on Audrey's Instagram about her posting a picture without including Isabel? Isabel is such a drama queen! I almost (almost but not really!) feel sorry for Jacob that he has to deal with such a drama queen.

To Rita's point, she says meat eaters sicken her. Roloffs do it and she's their number one defender. In the past she said something about supporting gays and people discriminating against them being jerks. Now that it's Audrey that she she wants to snuggle up to, she doesn't care about the connection to a hate group.

Isabel and Jacob are jokes. They have no conviction at all.

Ashley said...

Sorry for the Jacob post, but where is Jacob going with the rants about "no one cares about child sexual assault in Hollywood. Fuck Hollywood and fuck movies".

What's he talking about? Is this about the Woody Allen stuff or is Jacob some obscure personal accusation again for sympathy?

And to bring it back on topic, I do agree that the Roloffs should be upfront so people know where they really stand on issues before paying them as diversity personalities and I also agree that I think Jacob and Isabel change their opinion on social issues depending on which way the wind is blowing and who they want to be liked by at the moment in time.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - there's actually any number of sexual assault issues with child stars. Corey Feldman says he was assaulted as a child, Alison Arngrim was raped. There's a LOT of examples including Woody Allen.

Ashley said...

Ok thanks Rap! I didn't see the Corey Fedlman story. I think Jacob is talking about that mainly.

I think he's personalizing the "money money money, good life good life, doesn't matter if you were hurt.

I think it's clear Jacob has a hang up on that.

By the way, Radar online just did a story about Molly's support of Kirk Cameron! I don't think the Roloffs view of gays as being below them as second class citizens will be their little secret anymore.

Linda said...

@ Greg, no it was some creepy fan who asked where "Jacob's wife" is so she obviously doesn't know much. Still, rude of Audrey to purposefully not include Isabel if she did that on purpose. But if she didn't, people need to chill out.

Jane said...

Can't tell you how happy I am that people are seeing Audrey's true colors

Rap541 said...

There's also an artile on on Radar calling them the new Duggars over Audrey's "submit to your husband and sex him, he owns you" views.

Ashley said...

In Jeremy's Instagram comments right now, he is coming close to acknowledging the Radar Online articles.

Here's his caption promoting their latest blog article where Audrey says a husband has authority over the body of his wife.

"We all know and have experienced that relationships hold the power to interpret how we experience life. So it is obviously well worth our efforts to protect them and make them as healthy as can be. Marriage, being the most intense relationship that there is, deserves extra attention. Over at @beating50 we wrote an article on some ways we can protect our marriages right from the get-go. Why do people so often wait till there is a problem to work on something?! We have a vision for our marriage, and I for one am not going to leave it up to chance to get there! We love marriage, and we love love. Our heart here is to share what we are learning and hope it encourages you, give it a read! PC:@jessfairchild heavy_multiplication_xLink in bio.""

@jeremyroloff Most ppl don't wait until a problem arises to work on their relationship. Speak for yourself and your parents. Marriage is for EVERYONE. Get over it. It's happening!

@sierraraine2 I fundamentally and completely disagree. But guess what, that's totally okay!! It's okay to disagree! Nobody is hating, nobody is "biggoting", we are just simply disagreeing... Personally, I think a relationship with Christ comes first, your spouse second, and your kids third. Kids thrive best in a healthy environment. That environment is the relationship of their parents."

But why hate on gay marriage tho...

@ebvl_ who's hating?! Whoever they are, stop it.

Angela said...

Jeremy is right! He is saying as Christians, Jeremy and Audrey believe that marriage is not for everyone. It is not hate to stand by the values of the Bible and traditional marriage.

Jeremy is also right that kids thrive best in a healthy environment and that is with a mom and a dad who put Jesus Christ first. It's not with 2 dads or 2 moms.

Rap541 said...

Angela - and when will Jer and Auj adopt? There's plenty of children who need Christian homes and Jer and Auj agree with you that these children are better off with straight parents... so why aren't they stepping up?

Right now there are children sitting in foster care because Jer and Auj think they shouldn't be with loving parents who happen to be gay... and because Jer and Auj don't personally want to be bothered with raising a child.

I mean really, how lovely - don't put the kids in loving homes because the parents are gay, but don't expect young Christian couples to step up and take on the responsibility they're insisting belongs solely to young straight Christian couples. Nope, Jer and Auj talk the talk but don't like walking the walk.

Right Angela? Please twist yourself into a knot trying to explain how Jer and Auj have the right to insist gay parents can't adopt but aren't being selfish in refusing to adopt those kids themselves.

J45 said...

I wonder if Jer intentionally said "spouse" and "parents." Of course we all know Jer is against sex-couples.

But ppl casually looking at Jer's instagram might assume same-sex Christian couples are included in the wording, theoretically. As in, they might think that Jer doesn't accept homosexuality, but at least tolerates it (e.g. Doesn't stand actively against it — which he does. See: supporting the Family Research Council.)

Jocelynn said...

J45, I don't think Jeremy's reply to Sierranne2 was about gay parents. That's giving them too much credit. For the most part they pretend as though gay people don't exist.

Jeremy and Audrey's post is talking about working on your relationship before there's problems. They said they are in marriage counselling as a preventative measure. I think Jeremy just added the "we disagree, it's not hate" as a passive way to vent about the Radar article. Then the next person jumped to the gay marriage hate topic.

Jocelynn said...

My comment on the whole topic people have different definitions of hate vs thinking something is morally wrong.

When some people learn that a "diversity" family singles gay people out to be excluded from receiving equal treatment, they call it hating on gay people.

Others think being opposed to gay rights is just a disagreement or belief they have the right to believe.

After all, look back at Molly's entire comment about Kirk Cameron.

Kirk Cameron said gays are destroying civilization! ! That's a strong comment!
Yet Molly's comment was "Go Kirk! Standing up for what you believe without being hateful...."

There's a disconnect between me and Molly's way of thinking. I think saying one group is destroying society IS being hateful.

Yet Molly obviously feels that calling gays destructive against civilization is NOT being hateful.

I somehow have a feeling if you were to replace the word "gay" with "people with dwarfism" in the statement "...are destructive towards civilization" that Molly would think that's being hateful against Little People/dwarfism.

Yet Molly hears Kirk Cameron's comments and immediately praises him for NOT being hateful??

Christine said...

I'm so glad the media is finally holding the Roloffs accountable for their hypocrisy in thinking gay people aren't deserving of the same rights while the Roloffs call theselves advocates for diversity and get paid for it.

The Roloffs should be thought of in the same breath as the Duggars.

Ashley said...

Thanks to RadarOnline, I think this issue is starting to get really big. People are starting to learn that the Roloffs are against gay rights and it is creeping up constantly in Jeremy and Audrey's social media comments in every post, that people are disappointed to hear they are against gay people because they thought the Roloffs understood what it's like to be different.

And Jeremy still keeps on trying to take every discussion of it off the public comments and into private messages. He's aware of the criticism that it's because he wants to hide his comments and he sounds annoyed!

jeremyroloff@sierraraine2 oh goodness. I think your comments speak for themselves. You can't be against hate, while you hate... You can DM me if you'd like to discuss in an appropriate environment. Or would that mean I'm wanting to "hide something".

My comment is of course Jeremy is hiding something by wanting DMs instead of public discussion. It's obvious he doesn't want to say more stuff publicly against gay rights that will be noticed by Spiritswander readers and picked up by Radar Online so he wants the conversation to be in private messages. That is hiding what you're saying Jeremy!!!!

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I agree and I'd add to Jeremy (if he cares, and I doubt it) that you don't get to natter on philosophically about how "transparent" you are to the world and then insist all difficult discussions happen privately not publically.

Jocelynn - that's a fair point. Audrey saying her religion means she is against gay marriage. Any disagreement with her opinion is deemed "hate". If you don't agree with Audrey's views, you are called a hater.

That's why I find this whole "We're not *hating* anyone when we say they're wrong and shouldn't be allowed the same rights we have! We just believe X, and if you don't agree, well, you MUST HATE ME" routine ridiculous.

I mean really, I believe gay marriage is fine. Audrey disagrees. Under this logic, Audrey hates my views and is a hater hating.

Anyone disagree with that? If disagreeing with Audrey is "hate" then Audrey disagreeing with others is also "hate"?

Keep in mind, I am not infringing on Audrey's choices at all. She's free to agree or disagree with my views. But when I disagree with her views, I am called a hater who hates. So if that's all it takes, then clearly when Audrey says she is against gay marriage, under these rules, she's hating, right?

Rap541 said...

And yes Jeremy - that you want to take the discussion private - "to an appropriate environment" is you wanting to hide something and you wanting to control the talk.

I get it. It's affecting the public opinion of you. But it's certainly not you proudly presenting yourself transparent to the world, you silly little hipster.

Brandon said...

Ashley, Jeremy is totally scrambling. He is deleting mentions of RadarOnline.

One person asked him if Jeremy and Audrey have said they don't support gay marriage and Jeremy actually answered

"@jessie_2713 nope."

How is "it is not something we agree with" different from "we don't support it"...?

Total cowardly backtracking.

And why not respond to Radaronline's request for comment?

Rap541 said...

Brandon - you and I both know it's Jeremy doing the dance.

He wants to be able to play the diversity card. Therefore he's unwilling to commit to "I don't support gay marriage".

However, he's ok with Audrey mealy mouthing (and then hiding) the "it is not something we agree with" because he can then insist if the pressure gets too much that he never said he was against gay marriage.

Christians - do note Jeremy is not willing to say "I do not support gay marriage".

Brandon - they aren't going to respond to Radar Online because Radar Online is not the "appropriate environment" - a lil trick Jer bear learned from Daddy Matt because Matt liked to pull that as all. Let's be clear - Jeremy will never have the balls to state what that "appropriate environment" is.

I just hope his hipster pals note how transparent he isn't :)

Rap541 said...

It's also duly noted that Jeremy deletes social media like his little brother. Christians I trust you will continue to defend Jeremy hiding his comments? A Christian man is honorable when he hides comments?

Cindy said...

Yes, what do the Christians that support Jeremy and Audrey have to say about this?

Why isn't Jeremy saying 'We do not support gay marriage but how dare Radar On-line call us haters for believing the marriage is only between one man and one woman'.

If that is what their beliefs are, why are they not saying this?

Shouldn't they be proud of being against gay marriage?

It sure does look like Jeremy is trying to deny being against gay marriage without actually denying it and alienating all of their real Christian pastors and potential employers.

Brandon said...

Rap, it's also remembered that when Jeremy and Audrey were deleting comments, at first they actually denied deleting comments.

Seeing Jeremy attempt to be dishonest and mislead people like the "Nope!" answer and then fool the person asking the question while not letting anyone tell the person the truth or let her see it for herself, is the best/worst part of all of this.

It is so dishonest. It's definitely not being transparent or standing up for their beliefs.

But at least it is getting harder and harder for them to fool people.

Rap541 said...

To use a different example, Jeremy is saying:

jeremyroloff@michelleacg the good news is, we totally agree with you! It takes 2 healthy people to make a healthy marriage... Maybe that will be a post soon.

Two healthy people, not a man and a woman? Christians, your thought?

Paula said...

Rap, you aren't very good at the following the comments.

Michelleacg that Jeremy was replying to was NOT talking about gay marriage. She was talking about facing death, like loss of a child and mentioned the hardest time in her marriage was when her husband lost his father.

Jeremy's "2 healthy people" comment is talking about that, Michelle was not talking about gay marriage!

Paula said...

Jeremy and Audrey shouldn't need to specify when talking about marriage that the 2 people should be 1 man and 1 woman. That should be natural. Lord help us.

Paula said...

For the hundredth time it is NOT hateful to be a Christian! Being a Christian means believing in the Bible and biblical marriage. Gay marriage is not condoned in the Bible. Jeremy and Audrey are Christians. They can be Christians, not agree with gay marriage and they should not be called hateful for that.

Rap541 said...

This is also amusing, Christians.

shezeenit saddens me that you are anti-gay/anti-love... I really admired you.
audreyroloff@shezeen who said anything about being anti gay?! 🙅
shezeen@audreyroloff I'm sorry - maybe I shouldn't believe everything I come across online 🙊
shezeenthe article said "We are not claiming to be a resource for same-sex marriages,” (that's ok!) she reportedly wrote in the comments.... "It’s not something we agree with"

So perhaps Audrey does need to *clarify* her remarks since she's saying "who said anything about being anti gay" now when previously she said she did not agree with gay marriage?

Rap541 said...

For the hundredth and first time Paula, no one has said Jeremy and Audrey are hateful because they are Christian. They are hateful because they don't want other people to share the same legal right they have.

And Paula - marriage in the US can legally be between two same sex people. I believe Jeremy and Audrey believe in covenant marriage, correct? Paula, tell us covenant marriage is different from legal marriage and explain why Jeremy isn't pointing out the differences.

Also please to clarify for us - if I disagree with Audrey's views, I am hating on her, so if Audrey disagrees with my views, she is hating on me, correct?

Rap541 said...

Paula - if Marriage is between a man and a woman, why wouldn't Jeremy make the point? The Beveres do.

Jeremy knows he's in a controversy - why isn't he firmly and proudly say marriage is between a man and a woman?

As it is, he's currently saying "nope" when asked if he ever said he was against gay marriage. Your thoughts on his standing up for his beliefs?

Ashley said...

Rap, which post was the "who said anything about being anti gay" ? I don't see it now.

But comments about it from the public are showing up on all of their posts so it's hard to keep track.

I notice the dance they're doing that allows them to act like it's not true while not flat out lying.

Both Jeremy and Audrey have posted in response to "Why hate on gay marriage"? have responded "Who is hating on gay marriage? Whoever that is should stop it."

It implies they aren't against it, but they are, but they can wiggle and say well not agreeing with it is not hating.

Audrey ignored this comment. She commented on something else right after.

"ljoyh79Totally agree @mrshopevmiller. Both Audrey and Jeremy believe the gay community should have very limited rights. They should not be allowed to be leaders of groups like the boy scouts, not be allowed to join the military, and should not marry. They both are closed minded and judgemental individuals"

Brandon said...

This post from Jeremy seems appropriate right now while they are trying to dodge and duck and distort what they stand for.

Jeremy James Roloff ‏@JeremyJRoloff 4 Dec 2013
Don't fake. Others can see through you as easy as you see through them.

Hey Jeremy, you're faking. And people are seeing through you.

Lori said...

To me this is classic Roloff behavior. They express their beliefs not thinking it will backfire but when it does, they quickly realize uh oh... People are mad. The money might run out... Quick quick cover our tracks! So pathetic and dishonest. Don't they realize "who said anything about being anti-gay?" Is just a teaser for their unsure fans, it's not honest. They should own up and say "we aren't pro-gay, we can love and care about people without agreeing with them". But I agree they live their lives way too biblically and seriously. They need to relax, they are much too young to be so stern and stressed out right now. And to have so many people hating them must be stressful.

Gretchen Hayes said...

Honestly, this just looks like the fall of Audrey's 15 minutes of fame. She LOVED being Jeremy roloff's wife, and making money off of that. Now her clothing line is about to drop... Bet she lost a lot of fans before she's trying to make a lot of money.

But Audrey always tries to get tlc to care about her and they don't. They care about the ORIGINAL PEOPLE on the show. Pay attention to how many comments are "Where's Jacob?" Vs. how little "where's Audrey?" Comments on matt's photos. Stop trying to take the limelight Audrey. You are not the best

Misst said...

"Our original vision for TLC's Little People Big World has never wavered! We set out to promote diversity, inspire individuals with disabilities to face their challenges and to provide education about Little People... We continue to strive toward this every day."
Direct from the farm website. I think they need to alter it to read. ..we promote diversity only if you are christian and heterosexual.
They certainly can have their religion and beliefs, in fact most people respect that,however, lying to millions about your beliefs and making money off it?? Sounds like sin to me Christians. Truthfulness, being humble and loving your neighbors are virtues Roloffs and you have none of those qualities. I suggest that spoiled Audrey and egotistical Jeremy go on a year mission to build schools and wells and get their soft hands dirty if they really want to do gods work.

K. said...

@ Misst I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Audrey and Jeremy would NEVER EVER EVER GET THEIR HANDS DIRTY DOING GOD'S ACTUAL WORK.

Molly has been to Haiti.
Zach teaches soccer to young kids.
Amy speaks to young kids for a living.
Tori teaches kindergarten.

Even the ever so "hated" Isabel has been on a mission trip to Haiti.

Dear precious Audrey, would you ever REALLY go on a mission to spread god's message?

Rachael Rodgers said...

John Mark Comer is horrible miss labeled in this article. Try actually listening to what he has to say about same sex relationships. You people are saying they're hating on gay people. What are you doing to them and Christians as a whole?

Ashley said...

What are people doing to the Roloffs and Christians? Calling them out for discriminating and about the Roloffs...calling them out for being dishonest and lying.

John Mark Comer is not being mislabeled. Yes he talks softly and sounds caring (much better than Audrey's pal Lisa Bevere's yelling) but listen to what he actually says:

-gay people are going to hell
-gay people are broken inside
-gay people should pray to Jesus and can be healed by Jesus
-He refers people to Portland Fellowship

He is referring people to an organization that might be illegal soon!
Oregon is talking about making "pray the gay away" places illegal. Others associated with similar places have apologized.

John Mark Comer misrepresented?

Listen to what he is saying at 40 seconds.

That's what's known as a "Pray The Gay Away" organization, Rachael.
It's a fact that John Mark Comer is promoting it

All of Jeremy, Audrey and Molly have quoted and promoted John Mark Comer.
Do they agree with him on the points made about gay people? I think people deserve to know.

Ashley said...

And for the sake of fairness, Jacob's girlfriend Isabel also made a pro-John Mark Comer comment to Audrey about "can't wait!" to read his book.