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Little People, Big World New Episode Tuesday June 28, 2016

Here are reviews of the New episode of Little People, Big World that aired Tuesday June 28, 2016 on TLC featuring the Roloff family.


Review Written By Rap541

On a rewatch, I really have to say, Audrey is so much prettier when she tones down the lipstick. I get that she wants to insist on having a signature look but it is doing her no favors.  I also think Matt is attempting to do some damage control with his public apologies to Amy. I also still really find it hilarious that Matt has issues with not having enough space in the double wide. I think Matt misses that “I live in a million dollar house!” snob point – we all remember how Matt likes to brag that he makes more money and has nicer things… And now he’s “Matt Roloff living in a trailer”.

There’s some bonus footage of Amy doing a fundraiser for an unnamed private Christian school…. Heh. And oh, fyi, Amy was brutally teased over her height. Otherwise, oh look Zach going on about how he loves soccer. Oh and we can’t take Matt anywhere without Matt screeching to the camera “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” – Because Matt is so into soccer, right? And for the record, I know it was for the show, but they need to figure out how to shoehorn Jeremy in when the story is about dwarf athletics because it really seemed weird to have Jeremy coaching and then playing with a bunch of 15-16 year old kids…

All the previews are of the family arguing about the farm in Hawaii. Because that’s reasonable.

So Matt is on the haybale insisting that they aren’t going to be like other divorced couples, they are still going to do things as a FAMILY. Important to note, the “whole family” now consists of the twins and their wives. Matt calls Amy to his office to discuss his great idea – taking the family to Hawaii. Amy thinks it’s crazy. Then she’s all “If the kids are going then maybe”. We’re then treated to prior footage of other vacations. Matt notes that once the marrieds crap out some grandbabies, they aren’t gonna get to go to Hawaii at the drop of a hat. I also note that this is the trip that Auj and Jer refer to as a “working vacation” where they were working on their website.

Amy tells Zach and Tory about the trip. Matt tells Jeremy and Auj. Everyone seems to think this might be awkward but… Free trip to Hawaii, how bad can it be? Jeremy condescends how his parents probably can’t be mature, and Zach concurs. Now more prior footage of trips. Jer considers it a trial run for how they do vacations going forward. Jer, lil tip, you can’t go to Hawaii at the drop of a hat if you ever have a kid. You’re also getting a little old for mom and dad to be treating you to a vacation.

Hawaii seems nice. Matt tries to pretend he doesn’t go to Hawaii constantly. Matt demands the family – which apparently only consists of Jeremy, Zach, Tory and Auj, do certain activities with him. There’s parasailing, dolphin swimming, whale watching, a luau. Advertising partners are giving treats.

Amy loves the luau and the dancing. Of course the audience is asked who is in love and Amy is sad that she’s not in love etc because we can’t go three minutes without the divorce. That said, Amy does seem pretty open and honest about it. Matt pats himself on the back for suggesting Hawaii. Zach is pulled to the stage to shake his butt and didn’t catch that Tory was there – I sense production involvement but it was cute. Jer and Auj are just happy it wasn’t them!

I get why Jacob is He Who Must Not be Named, but since when do they not mention Molly needing to miss the vacation? That’s interesting. Well, really it’s just sad. Especially when they repeatedly refer to how awesome it is to have the WHOLE FAMILY there. (Note – since some of you like to bitch, remember, I am finding it odd that MOLLY is now no longer part of the whole family).

It’s Day 2 of Hawaii Hell. Matt and Amy lounge by the pool. Amy hay bales that she doesn’t hate Matt and wants to have fun with the kids. She’s glad they are ALL able to be there…. Interesting. Zach and Tory are off to paddle board aka smooching and watching turtles. Jer wears a grandma hat and Auj lets us know that Matt and Amy are together but sitting three chairs apart. Now we’re off to the twilight whale watching! Audrey was clearly enjoying herself – we don’t normally get to hear her speak and not be “on” for the camera. They are impressed with the whalesong and everyone seems to have a great time. I’ve done whalewatching myself – I highly recommend it. Amy is all “Tory and Audrey are like my own daughters”. Matt makes everyone swear to vacation in Hawaii even if they have children. Matt goes on about how awesome it is and then “RAWR!”’s for the camera.

Now we’re parasailing. Matt notes how he’s a man and will do it. Oh of course we need it pointed out that a) Matt is concerned about the harness because he’s a dwarf and b) He knows it’s a bad idea because of his health issues but he just has to! Everyone seems to have fun. Oddly we don’t see Jer and Auj parasail. Or did we? I missed it if we did. 

Now we’re at dinner, and Matt relates how he bought the farm. Tory pointedly asks Jer and Auj if they plan to move back to the farm. Auj is very clear that she and Jer have shown the most interest. Matt expresses a real concern that people will fight over the farm and I kinda think that it is totally true especially as Jeremy and Auj pee on the entire place to claim it. Matt rightly points out that selling the farm, cashing out and splitting the money evenly is the only fair way to handle it.

Matt hay bales how he doesn’t want to saddle them with the pressure. I think Matt just doesn’t trust either twin to run the place. Jeremy sagely notes how he wants the farm and wants it available for him to live at. Jeremy wants a contract with how he’ll never fight with Zach over it, until Jeremy and Audrey return to the farm. Because that sort of contract is you know, ridiculous and unenforceable. Matt disagrees with this idiot plan and Jeremy really strongly notes how Tory and Zach have NOT expressed an interest in living there and how he and Audrey want it bad. Tory notes that she and Zach want to visit the farm. Jeremy thinks this is all about Matt’s fear that he will lose control of the farm. 

Personally I think the bigger issue here is that we’re not seeing two of the Roloff kids even considered, let alone involved in the conversation. That and the weird thing Matt and Amy do agree on? Is that they are concerned that that farm can’t be fairly split unless it’s sold. I do wish sometimes that a friend or random stranger would interject in these sorts of discussions and point out the really obvious reality that its neither unusual or cruel for parents to not leave their homes to their kids. Case in point – Matt’s parents and Amy’s parents have not done so. And no one seems to think that’s unusual or cruel of Matt and Amy’s families.

Now we’re swimming with dolphins again because torturing captive animals is fun. Sorry, I think it’s wrong, I understand the urge to do it, but it is keeping animals that were meant to swim the whole ocean in tiny cage pools. I don’t think people mean to be cruel when they do this but…

Jeremy is determined to get everyone to agree that he and Auj get the farm. Honestly it’s a little excessive on his part. Tory suggests patience. Jeremy thinks people are wondering what the Roloffs will do in the second and third generations. No, Jeremy, no one really cares all that much because you’re not that pretty and you’re not that special. As it is, I am fairly convinced Jeremy’s business savvy (and lack thereof) will pretty much doom the place.

Amy interjects a whole little bit on how shook up she is over the divorce again. Because we haven’t heard this before, a thousand times.

Now we’re at the last dinner and Jeremy is in his grandma hat again. I suspect all this hat wearing is Jeremy’s passive aggressive dislike of his hair that Auj loves so. Seriously, his hat wearing, especially when indoors is getting odd. And we then go on and on about the farm. Matt makes the comment that he really doesn’t think Jeremy knows how to run the farm. This doesn’t surprise me at all, because I have always given Matt credit for having some business sense, and I suspect Matt knows that Jeremy’s plans for the farm go something like this.

1.       Steal underpants!

2.       ??????

3.       Profit!

Matt then kills the mood by asking Amy in front of the kids at dinner if she’s done an email to the lawyers since he wants this done lickety split! Because we need a reminder of the divorce that hasn’t been mentioned in three minutes.

Next week, Amy is getting a tat! Well, the only way I’d be more shocked is if Jeremy said he was getting a job! And we know that’s not happening! Actually, one thing I find amusing about this whole endless wringing of hands over what will happen with the farm is why no one ever questions why Jer and Auj… aren’t already *ready* to live on the farm. They’re maintaining a household that’s three hours away from the farm for what reason? The farm is in Hillsboro not Bend. Their wedding blog can be run from anywhere and the photography business would actually be better if they were closer to a larger city. And Jeremy could actually learn how to run the farm. Ever notice though, how Jeremy has no interest in that?

Now we’re doing a helicopter ride because why not? Auj has heard horror stories about helicopters. Matt harps how he’s sharing the experience with the WHOLE family. Hawaii is lovely btw. Tory and Zach note that it was nice that Matt and Amy didn’t flip out at each other. Now they’re having a bon voyage drink… it’s actually rather obvious that the kids left at a different time. Matt and Amy drink to each other and pat each other on the back for remaining cordial in public.

Next week Matt is whining again over how he’s too damn good to have to live in that horrible doublewide.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie


OK, in the 'extra scenes' in the previous episode, I was surprised when they did not include the scene where Amy spoke at a dinner about accepting EVERYBODY despite their differences (with Amy's well documented slecetive exclusionism) in the A Roll as isn't this not what the show is about? Hmmmm?

Also, Amy is shown going on and on about how it feels to know that someone does not want you in their life. Uh, Amy, when have you waxed as eloquent as we can hope for with you, about wanting Matt in your life? Not one word Amy. Not one. Yet you insist on the self-pity. Oh well.

Matt calls Amy in a set-up phone call about coming to his office for an intricate plan. Right. He says we HAVE to go on this trip, it can't be passed up! Why can't it Matt? As some people have suggested, you could always take the money tLC put into the trip and give it to charity. Right. The twins, the wives, anyone who wants to go. Going between photos taken on Feb. 6-11means Tori had to take time off and although they never asked I'm assuming Molly was still in her senior year at Whitworth. The twins could have looked a tiny bit more enthusiastic. Oh well. After Matt cals a full scale family meeting, Special Jer haybales how he is still hopeful that, even after many years, his parents will get back together. Right. Matt suggests a luau that night. The first words out of Auj's mouth? “Mai tais? I'm into it.” Alcohol is a drug. And it gets abused. During an Amy haybale, she does mention rhetorically, “How I may have messed up” in regard to the marriage. MAY have. Nothing definite. No responsibility taken. Right. But this vacation was a good thing to do.

Zach and Tori go paddle boarding. I doubt that the shots of the turtle were Zach's go-pro. But they had a blast, and Tori mentions how this trip is amazing. Good for them both. That's great. The whole(?) family goes whale watching. No, Matt, they are not crying. Audrey, maybe a little more attention in high school about simple Physics rather than Cosmetology would make how the whales can hear whalesong over miles and miles. Oh well. I'm still surprised at Matt's self-centeredness and failure to consider anybody else's problem when he tell the twins (not the whole family) that we should make a pact and do this every year, babies or no babies. For goodness sake Matt have you any idea what that involves? You didn't start getting freebies from TLC until Jacob was at least 11 or 12. No thought whatsoever. Right. A little help please, what's with Tori's tee shirt about Roloff July 25, 2015. Was that the mud race? Amy opines that having the daughters-in-law along is special. Darn straight is it. Good stuff. They go para-sailing. Matt gets all melodramatic about this, but then does his, “I'm Awesome” schtick for going through with it. Right. I was a little bit uncomfortable with Special Jer's description of Tori between Amy and Zach, sort of 'look you see Tori's long legs, and you don't see the other legs. It was just a bit, well, odd to me.

Alrighty then, the dinner and a meeting. Here we go, folks. Matt tells a story about how he was 'stuck' with the software co. he was with, so he convinces Amy of move to Oregon, so he can build up a farm and then sell. it. Amy shoots back, “We HAD a downpayment for a house, I was fine with it, but Matt wanted more.” The crap between these two started that long ago. Oh well. Auj haybales that, “We are not ready to move to the farm right now (WHY?) but that's the plan. But we are the ones that expressed the most interest. (HOW?) Matt makes the statement that the kids (ALL of them?) will be fighting over the farm, and it will make him roll over in his grave. Zach haybales that Special Jer has the drive (proof?) the creativity (where?) and the vision (what?) to run the farm, and I'm OK with it. Way to step up, Zach! Oh well. Tori says they just want to bring Sully there to run around. That doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to let a million dollar farm go down the tube, Tori. Matt mentions selling. Amy barks that the complexity of the problem is no reason to 'just dump everything'. Then Matt makes the wisest observation of the whole situation, “It's easier to divide money that it is to divide land.” Then Special Jer just has to pipe up with this, “There are some serious emotions going on about the farm. Are you going to divorce yourself from the farm or are you going to FIX it?” And this is not the worse from this spoiled brat man-child, believe me. Matt, secretly I think, knows what will happen in the future for his life's work, and says, 'Maybe I should just do everybody a favour.” Here it comes. The man-child has the audacity to suggest that, “OK, suppose we make an agreemet, that 'this is what we will do' and 'this is what they will do' and Zach will agree not to fight about 'this' and I agree not to fight about 'that' and we sign it, then the personal dilemma is on YOUR side.” I can't believe this!!!! Who the Hell do you think you are? You do not dictate to your father whether his decision, which doesn't involve you in the first place becomes a 'dilemma' because that what you want to happen? What right could you possibly believe you have to make that kind of imposition on your own father? WHAT ABOUT MOLLY? WHAT ABOUT JACOB? And no, this is most definitely not how family farms work. Amy mentions delegating authority. What about someone stepping up to do the WORK? She goes on they tell Matt he has to let go of the control and start to trust so the boys can run the farm in a way that makes it successful and is good the them. Them? Who's them? She had no idea what she was saying, until she ended her contribution by saying, “Everyone will have a part of the farm, whether we keep it or sell it or what.”

They go dolphin meeting. Matt is so glad he can share this with the ENTIRE family. Right. The twins talk. Jeremy say his dad has some things to think about. Knowing what we do now, Amy has just as much say as Matt does. Tori hopes for patience. Special Jer says a lot of people are interested (?) in seeing what will happen to the farm through multiple generations. You're not quite that Special, Jer. Zach is the most reasonable in saying they don't have the answers.

Amy gets some alone time. I like how she says she learned a lot about herself, but didn't say a word about learning what she did to contribute to the downfall of the marriage.

The family meets, and Amy tells Jer how it would be great if you came and helped out and ran the farm (don't be silly Amy) and Zach worked for you. Yeah, that would be great alright. Matt's last haybale was interesting. He has a lot to figure out. The farm takes day to day commitment, to learn how to be competent and handle the affairs. Jeremy is not ready for the day to day commitment. No shit, Sherlock. Oh well. Matt asks Amy about sending an email to her lawyer. He just can't separate business from vacation. He sure can when he goes off to the BVI by himself or the Golden Couple. Sorry Matt, we weren't paying attention to you for 5 seconds. What's with Special Jer's, “Everything is a little broken on the island.” Right. They go on a helicopter ride. I'm glad they liked the take-off, because ALL take-offs are optional, people. People were impressed that Matt and Amy did their best to put on a good vacation and and get along so well. This was in Feb. and as we all know, the final divorce was signed in April. The farm is not solely Matt's to give away anymore. I'd like to see the email agreements for handling and selling the shared assets. That would be a good read.

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New Little People, Big World Episode Tuesday June 21st, 2016

Here are reviews and discussion of the new episode of 'Little People, Big World' featuring the Roloff Family that aired on TLC Tuesday June 21st, 2016.

Review Written by Rap541

Hey hey how is everyone? Have any Christians offered to grace us with their recaps yet?

FYI it is so hot here in the AZ, we can bake bread just by setting the dough outside. Also none of the “bonus” clips were especially interesting.

Also the whole non apology from Jeremy is still hilarious, especially since Auj was so clearly mad, and actually right. And to be fair, I really don’t think Audrey’s dress was that bad but she did dip a wee bit low in some shots. Oh and on the rewatch, no mention of how Christ centered the marriage or the website is.

So this seems to be about Zach and Zach’s fund raising soccer game, with a side story of Matt maybe buying property. Matt’s in his office, allowing Amy to enter. Matt is still annoyed that Amy demanded an answer over the salsa business, and we get a complete rehash of the scene. Matt says he apologizes and wants to be in the salsa business. Amy thinks she’s treating her as a sympathy case. He’s allowing her to set the pace on it. Matt is harping on how untraditional their divorce is… Then they harp about how Matt’s not happy in the double wide and wants a bigger house because…

Yeah, not terribly sympathetic since Matt clearly planned the move to the “double wide” that he so clearly now despises. Funny how Matt wasn’t bitching when he was gloating how he was having his buddies over, huh?

Zach broaches the topic of a charity soccer game for the LP community. I get it but honestly, from an interest standpoint, really? Yet another soccer thing. I appreciate Zach’s views but honestly it’s dull. Zach is all “I’m putting myself out there!” You go, girl!
Amy chases her dog, Felix. Matt has asked Amy to his office because they refuse to enter each other’s homes. Matt wants to buy another property to expand the farm. Amy thinks it’s unrealistic.


Matt wants it because there’s a house and it’s adjacent to the property. It seems so awkward but the current situation is also awkward.

Now to Zach and Tori’s place, Zach is recruiting his friend Troy. They refer to the Statesman stuff as something they no longer do, which is interesting. Troy actually seemed bored but Zach interpreted it as “excited”.

Now Dick, the Roloff family realtor is here to help them look at property. Matt whines that he’s too awesome to be living in a trailer, he wants a house! Amy does like the property but she wants the twins’s input because this is a tv show
And look! Jeremy is at the farm since he has no job and Daddy Matt needs him for chores. Jeremy is recruited by Zach to be the ref? Or the Coach? Of the average height team in the fundraiser. In other words, there’s an average height team of kids with a real coach and Jeremy is going to pretend to be their coach for the episode. This whole scene is so totally fake, made worse that it ends with Zach chasing chickens and the dog Felix.

So Matt breaks the news to Zach and Jeremy that they may buy more property. Amy is there, Matt makes it all about options. Jeremy and Zach are on board with more houses and property for the farm. Jeremy is all about how he and Auj WILL be coming back and how they WILL need to be provided with a house… Seriously Jeremy, you need to start considering how you’re writing checks your body can’t cash.

It’s also pointedly obvious that Matt and Amy didn’t include Molly and Jacob in this very important decision!

Zach is having a hard time writing a speech over soccer with dwarfs. Honestly I get why he has problems because it’s a really dull topic. Tori has some nice advice which is basically “once you do it, it’s easy” and she’s really right. Point – you may not believe this but Rap was once a shy school girl who didn’t always brashly shout her opinion. But yes, once you do it, it’s easier and it even becomes fun.

So Zach has two teams, dwarf and average height, and Jeremy is there to be well, something. Matt worries it will blow out of control. Well, it’s not Matt if he’s not predicting doom!

So now a bunch of dwarfs land at Amy’s bed and breakfast for Zach’s game. They play soccer in the yard. I notice that pretty much almost all of them but Troy are new faces, not any old friends.

The realtor is here for an offer on the new property. I continue to note that Matt’s office building on the farm is as nice as his house.

Now we have a lengthy montage of dwarf soccer players going on about how cool they are to play. Jer and Auj pop in to be in the episode. Jeremy clearly hasn’t met all of these people previously. Jeremy is all “Am I playing?” He seems to have no idea what’s happening. His role is simply to appear.

Oh look, Jinjer Duggar is officially courting!  Does anyone care?

In Matt’s messy office, he calls everyone in about the property. They aren’t going to get the property and Matt notes how this means its all up in the air again. He is again affirming how he hates the double wide he chose to move into. Jer, Auj? You can still have Daddy Matt build you a super hipster tiny house on the farm! You can! I bet you’d get tv time!

Tori drops off treats to the soccer dwarfs. The soccer match is at Indoor Goals. Jeremy’s role is basically to stand around, it’s pretty obvious the team has it’s own coach and Jeremy’s sage wisdom is “no headers”. Zach is of course nervous about his speech. He gets out there and seems to wait for everyone to shut up. Amy is all “You can do this!”

Zach’s speech is a bit weird in that he keeps referring to the team as “The boys”. Honestly recapping soccer is like pass pass pass pass pass GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! Pass pass pass pass pass pass”
Of course Jeremy has to jump in and play but it ends nicely in dwarf favor and also a bit of a high score for soccer over all.

 Overall this was a bit dull.


Review by Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of Little People Big World episode airing June 21

I'm sorry this is so late, but I was reeling over BOTH Iceland and Ireland making it to the group of 16. I won't take much of your time.

Matt apologizes to Amy. This says two things to me. 1.) Matt is not too interested in taking salsa sales nationwide anymore, as he knows how long Amy will take to get it going. 2.) Matt hopes that taking the pressure to go national off Amy will speed up the divorce settlement. I've seen people like Matt many times in my previous profession as a Funeral Director. Even one of my good friend's father rushed through the burial of his step-father, always yup, yup yup, let's get it done. This is just the way some people handle things. The weight of the death and the grief will (and did) catch up wth him sometime along the way, it can't be avoided, just put off for a time. It does not indicate a lack of emotion or caring, it's just the best way some people have found to deal with the situation. Whether Matt truly cares about the marriage or not is, as usual, wide open for debate. With his previous actions being seen, and his previous opinions being stated, It does tend to lean in one direction.

Zach sets up a charity soccer game. I do wish that when Matt and Amy posted photos of the event, they went a little further to divulge the true premise for the game. Knowing that Zach was trying to raise funds to finance less fortunate LP's to be able to attend the Annual LPA convention, makes me think a little more of the whole thing, rather than Zach making money for himself. And yes, some of the LP's are really fast!

The property next door comes up for sale. There isn't a great deal of shared frontage, the property is sort of an upside down 'Idaho' shaped farm. Why they asked the twins' opinions is beyond me. Maybe the other two children's opinions don't matter I guess. What I found a bit disturbing is when Matt mentioned more than once he is better than living in a double wide RTM (ready to move) home. It seems beneath him apparently, that after his leading an extra-ordinary life, that he thinks he deserves something better. Well, OK there big MR, but remember YOU were the one that walked away from the marriage, YOU were the one that moved out of the big beautiful house you built with TLC's money and the kids' trust funds, and YOU wanted to be the rat jumping off the sinking ship by moving off the farm, then hoping to get your new property subdivided away so you can secure a place to live, regardless of what happens to Amy. Women and children first, my foot!

That's really about it for this week. I wonder if all the Audrey supporters who were SO silent about last week's episode will be a little more talkative this week?

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Little People, Big World New Episode June 16, 2016

Here are a couple of reviews of the New Episode of Little People, Big World that aired on TLC Tuesday June 14, 2016

Written By Rap541

So on rewatching, the skype conversation between Matt and Jeremy seems super fake. On a weird note, I kinda wonder what Amy does with Matt’s old office in the house. And I really think we should all campaign for Jeremy and Auj to have Matt build them a tiny house down on the farm so a) they can cram themselves into a hipster version of a camper and pretend its amazing and b) they can be fifty feet away from Matt so Jeremy can devote himself to his wished for future, being ON THE FARM, FARMING! I mean, why is Jeremy in Bend when he could be at Matt’s side daily, proudly working on the farm he wants so much, and learning from his daddy. Why, if Jeremy wanted it, he could be saying “Yes Matt, whatever you say, Matt” as much as he wants! Makes you think, doesn’t it?

God, listening to Jeremy and Zach whine like little bitches while fishing was hilarious. Good lord, the bonus scenes are the wives decorating Tory’s house and discussing how people who are short need to reach for things. Back at camp, the men are pretending there’s no food and seem to be drinking beer. Bill magically produces grilled cheese. Also watching Jer insist to his dad that he knows it all is HILARIOUS. As is Jeremy’s utter entitlement. It’s Jeremy’s biggest issue? Maybe the big boy needs to make his own life?

Oh this is all about the wedding blog! Jer and Auj are getting a commercial for their marriage website in the same episode Jeremy’s parents divorce! Sometimes I suspect production doesn’t like Jer all that much.

In Bend, Auj nags Jeremy to wash the dishes. Jer likes leaving dirty dishes around and Auj doesn’t like it and Jeremy thinks they will struggle with that forever! Yeah I really get the impression Auj doesn’t like it when he doesn’t mind. Tory and Zach walk Sully and they apparently have somewhat opposing schedules. They contemplate doing tennis together as a date.

Sully is a pretty dog.

Auj and Jeremy stare at their laptops and talk marriage because god knows they have nothing else to say since they don’t work and aren’t allowed to have friends who might tempt them. It’s fairly bland and so fair no mention of how they are married to Christ, or that they are covenant married or how they don’t support gay marriage as it is against their religious beliefs. Seriously, there’s no mention of their faith at all in this discussion. Isn’t that odd? Oh and spoiler alert, their love affair with Jesus is NOT mentioned, that their website is for CHRISTIAN COVENANT MARRIAGES is not mentioned at all, and of course, because they’re in it for the money, their personal belief that gay marriage is wrong and their website is not for homosexuals is NOT mentioned.

Matt and Amy discuss the salsa business. There’s some deadline over the story of the salsa and also there’s the divorce. Amy concedes that she missed a deadline. It’s surprisingly mature at first. Matt also wants the divorce done as quickly as possible but there’s no real discussion why.

Of course Jer and Auj are interviewing Auj’s parents because WHY NOT? Audrey babbles on about the 50 percent. Her dad seems nice. The important thing is that all the info comes from the parents and not the prize pairing of Jer N Auj.

Amy and Matt are getting smocks on to see the canning process of the salsa. Matt calls Amy a smock, and she gets pissed, and Matt’s all “poor you”. Honestly this is pretty dull and while Matt wants to take it nationwide, I don’t know. I’m not even asking if anyone has tried the Roloff salsa… has anyone ever tried pumpkin salsa ever? I haven’t because I am a pretty tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers sort when it comes to salsa.

Now we have AujNJer interviewing the guy who married them. The couple checks on each other once a day and Jeremy is all “That’s intentional” like that’s wise when really, it’s not like they are butt dialing each other. (To be fair, I saw this comment elsewhere and found it hilarious because it made a great point – of course it’s *intentional* Jeremy, any time someone calls someone else it’s intentional) Now Jeremy gets to take pictures since he has to contribute something other than standing around.

Zach and Tory drop their granddog off with Amy so they can have date night and maybe play tennis. Sully is almost as big as my akita.

Personal note – you know how my grandparents met? My grand dad was a GI and my grandmother was a nurse in the RAF and they met in a bomb shelter in London and according to my grandmom, they were married less than 24 hours later. Love is love. Oh and my parents, with my mom who rivals and exceeds Amy for sheer passive aggressiveness? Are on year 51.

Tory teaches Zach tennis. He admits it’s difficult. I seriously suggest the both of them try racquetball.  (smaller court, and Zach could be more competitive)

So its two days before the EVENT! Jeremy continues to harp on how he was the one most affected by his parents divorce. Amy is asked and says she wished she had been stronger and more forceful in the early years of her marriage. I notice they don’t interview Matt of the “I HAVE NO REGRETS” comments.

Tory and Zach help with the gallery show. Auj notes the prints haven’t come…. And Jer is forced to admit it’s his fault. Auj basically points out that Jer should have overnighted the photos and then wonders why he isn’t calling them to check on them. Gosh she’s hardly a submissive wife.

Now we’re at the divorce attorneys place. Amy wonders why Matt is in such a rush to divorce when she feels horrible and guilty. Amy seems pretty broken up about it. As does Matt. It’s all such a downer for you know, the MARRIAGE BLOG TO LAUNCH. I again seriously suspect the show staff isn’t fond of Jer.

Back at the farm, Amy is still waxing deeply on the divorce. She thinks there were problems for a long time and I agree. Matt thinks they grew apart, I think they stayed together for the kids.
Jeremy is attempting to be a man and is calling the shipping people to get his photos since he didn’t overnight them. He’s wanting to drive to a location to get the photos.

Meanwhile Matt and Amy go for Mexican? To discuss the salsa! Matt is all “it’s what the lawyers say”. Amy scoffs, and Matt is all “I want this shit done faster!”

Amy demands to know if he wants in on the salsa business. He’s basically not into it because…. The divorce has dragged too long? I accept that the argument isn’t being presented well. Oh Matt harps on how his time is so precious. Amy is pretty ready to be done. Oh hey, Matt wants to sell the farm again! Tho they do both look deeply unhappy about it. Personally, I think it’s probably best but… I doubt it will happen as long as TLC shows an interest.

So Jeremy picked up the prints. Auj harps and harps on how he wasn’t owning it. Amy is on board with the event. Auj reminds Jer that he needs a hair tie for his girlish locks! Then they argue in the car or rather Auj demands Jer apologize to her over his dismal performance in organization, and really she does have a point since he did screw it up to begin with. Oh hey Jer, look, you didn’t marry your mom, you married your DAD! HAHAHAH! He totally non-apologizes to her “sorry the prints didn’t arrive” with no mention of how he could have rushed them.

Now we’re at the gallery show and they never went to the space until the day of the show? Ok… The show seems pretty pointless except that you know, it’s an event for the cameras. The marrieds discuss how rehearsed their comments are.  How lovely, Auj saying “back in the old days, when something broke you fixed it” and the camera panning to Matt and Amy ahahahahh.

 Jeremy looks totally like a deer in the headlights as Auj babbles on.  There’s a photo booth. Matt tells Jer how he wishes he’d known all this marriage stuff back when he was nailing Amy and breeding babies. 

Honestly Jeremy has become Auj’s lil trained chimp, she bitches him out and forces him to apologize and all in all acts like his dad. Auj is clearly the one in control of the website.

Seriously, Jeremy married his dad. It’s so hilariously weird.


Review by Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of “Marriage Do's and Don'ts”

I'm going to break up the episode into the three storylines so each may be followed separately. I need to get this finished so I can check the blog. Thank you.

     Zach and Tori
     They're walking Mr. Sullivan and discussing their two different work schedules. This is an occurance in D.I.N.K.S (double income, no kids) just as much as both working straight days. They mention a date night when they both have time off, which they feel is a good idea, as Zach mentioned he gets home at 7:00PM which really doesn't offer much together time. Tori says she would like to do something SHE used to do in high school, which I feel is fair, because all Zach did was play soccer and dirty up the Previa, so why not? Zach had no opposition.

     They take Sully to Amy's so she can dogsit. I said it before and I'll say it again, Mr Sullivan is NOT trained. We should phone Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer so he can train........Zach and Tori. All Sully wants is to follow and please his Pack Leader. One of them needs to learn how to be the Pack Leader, and I feel all will be fine.
They go to Tualatin, a 'burb of Greater Portland. Tori was glad to be able to teach Zach a sport, rather than the other way round. He didn't have to worry about his little leggies after all. I was a bit concerned about his waddle gait as he ran to his vehicle at Amy's, but he still moves fast, indeed. It seems as the bet was doing dishes for the week, and Zach says, “Well I guess we'll have dirty dishes for a week” (despite the fact they have a dishwater lol) and believe me, we'll be chatting about doing dishes later in the review.
At Launch Night, they discuss how they are doing in relation to their marriage, and they feel they are on the right track. There are many decisions made in a couple's lifetime, and I feel it can be seen who does that in this marriage. More at the wrap-up.

     Matt and Amy
     What would an LPBW episode be without the major Agonists, pro and ant (the choice is yours for each, enjoy!) to keep the pathos going. We start in Matt's office. While they are trying to take the salsa nationwide, Amy appears to keep dropping the ball by being late (murmurs of amazement) three times at doing an update edit on the personal history. This is holding up the new label. Matt does try as nicely as he could to tell her she is holding up the whole process, and while she say, “OK, this, big fail. It's me” She to this day refuses to acknowledge that although she wants to go nationwide, SHE is the reason it is not happening. This will come to bear later. Amy haybales about going to the the lawyers. She ends with, “This is not how it's supposed to work!” instead of the true, “This is not how I think it should work.” It's a process, and outside parties are involved, Amy.

     They go to Beaverton Foods, the manufacture of said salsa. They parade their high class in front of the whole world by bickering in front of the Production Manager. Good one you two. WAIT! Amy doesn't like the pumpkins on the label. mean the label that you are chronically late on finishing the edit so you can't ship out nationwide? Yeah, that one. But, she decides to be the bigger person and let it go. Yay.

     Off to the lawyers. Amy really start gushing here. Yikes. “This is life-changing. It's hard to learn that someone doesn't want you in their life anymore.” STOP!! What have you done, Amy to show Matt the you want him in YOUR life, besides sniping, attacking, and complaining at almost every opportunity? Puh-lease. “This is devastating. I feel guilty...” Well, you should. Oh oh oh, here comes the punch line! “I don't think I'm that bad.....” There it is, folks! Proof positive that there are absolutely NO mirrors in Amy's house on the farm. Now we know. Matt says, “It's a sad, sad day.” Well, it hasn't come yet, Matt.

     Amy has just returned form the lawyers. In the dark. “Living on the same property makes it hard....” (hint for next week) and “It's been building for 15 years, we're on this track that that we're unable to come back from.” Please stop talking in circles, Amy. You keep treating the divorce like it's new, come on. Matt say, “It makes you sad. We've grown into two different people.” NO! We have all seen this since perhaps the beginning of season 4. There were small hunts at micro-managing in the previous seasons, but you really started to show your true colors, both of you, after that.

     So they go to Friday Mexican Cuisine for a product placement, away form the farm. What, no Stanford's? The freebie Nazi must have gone to Stanford's ,”No freebie's from you!” Amy pushes Matt, “Do you want to be a part of the salsa or not?” Hold on a minute. You Amy, have repeatedly missed deadlines to launch the product nationwide, you wanted to change the label, along with the history edit, and YOU are having a go at Matt? Who the Hell do you think you are? Matt does his best at being diplomatic, which really is not his strong suit, and mentions with all the constant delays, and when things continue to get delayed, then no. Matt says with living as close to each other (another hint for next week) it's hard. So why don't we just sell? They agree to PREP to sell the farm, sign the divorce papers and go their own ways. Uh, where's Amy going to live? Tune in next week folks.

     At the Launch Night, Matt looked a tone of Special Jer's photos and say, “That's an awesome shot of the barn.” Way to go, Matt.

     Audrey and Jeremy
     WE start in the kitchen in Bend. Jer is wearing a winter coat and a wool hat. I'd call it something different, but I'm sure the christians will persecute me. Auj has the fixings out for Zombie Jer's waffle. Auj starts the discussion as she did the cooking dishes, her slug can do the eating dishes. The reason I say that is, Audrey waits for a response. Audrey ASKS for a response. Audrey NEVER gets a response. The poor woman should have skipped Barre 3 training and taken Paramedic training so she can check pulses every once in a while. Then we see Jer washing a frying pan, a cooking thing, not an eating thing. Confused? So am I. All with the cameras there. We know who's trying and who doesn't give an obese rodent's posterior. On the haybale, Jer says sometimes he leaves the washing up until the next morning, which Audrey doesn't like. What worries me the most, is when Auj's slug says, when it comes to compromises after they work it out, that he says, “Sometimes I will BEND MY WILL to change. What???? Gracious, this is marriage, it's not life and death. Bend my will. Horrific. They are working on their new website. Speaking of product placements, why are the computer logos, covered? Something to do with Rockstar Energy Drinks? When they were throwing ideas back and forth, Auj mentions finances. What do couples who are running a business (she might be thinking of herself and Jer) IF what they are doing is even considered a business, handle their finances to get by? Look Auj, MOST newly married couples WORK, not run businesses, this is where the thinking starts to get exclusive, which might limit the audience. Jer's history is “motivating” to his side of the website, and Auj's history is “Inspiring” to her side of the website, which is good. I still don't understand the idea of taking big photos of these couples (NOT Matt and Amy), the idea of thanking them in this way doesn't seem as strong as getting something about “Special Jer's a photographer, so we have to include something about that.” Now, if they wanted to privately present these to the couples as a gift of thanks, that would be awesome! But to use it as advertising seems tacky to me.

     Rev. Jamie and Chris are interviewed. They use their own system for keeping the spark burning. They seem like a nice couple indeed. I giggled where, after they mentioned their plan to take one week for themselves every year, Special Jer says, “That is INTENTIONAL” What? Really how limited is this boy's vocabulary? Sigh. Another slightly disturbing thing to me that was said, was when Audrey spoke of all the things she learned form her mentor, and the new things they learned form Jamie and Chris at the interview, she said we can use a lot of this to protect our marriage. Uh. 'Protect'? Why not 'Preserve'. There are better words another college graduate can use, I think.
Two days before. At Amy's house. Jeremy says while sitting on the couch, “There's nothing worse than having a friend or family member going through a miserable relationship. Go ahead Jer! Throw it right in your mother's face. Good boy, Jer! Why do you tell her again that her place is in the kitchen while you're at it? You did that before on national TV, too. In answer to the question of experience, Amy said, “I wished I voiced my thoughts and opinions more, in the first year of our marriage.” She goes on to say she didn't want to raise any 'issues'. Stop right there. I am seeing a real split here, between what the christians consider how a wife should be dutiful to her husband, and follow his lead. Amy was following the christian's model of a good, dutiful wife. I gave my head a serious shake when after Amy said, “Yeah, I can do the 'would've, could've, should've' now.” and her wonderful son pipes up, “Yeah but there's always what you CAN, WILL, and SHOULD do NOW.” What a complete jerk! What's worse is, some people think he has every right to force his ideas and opinions on his mother. That's just very bad form.

     We come now to the crap about the late prints. The haybaling was as funny as any Three Stooges routine. When Auj mentions that the prints were not there yet, Special Jer crosses his arms and says, “Which is my mistake.” Hold it here. I'm not the greatest on body language, but oh my that was the most defensive, 'close you out of my space' 'I need to protect myself' arm-crossing that I've seen in a long while. Hilarious! Auj, rightly, wants to overnight the negatives, or send them the day before, or before that, and good ol' Jer, No, no, you don't understand, I do this all the time yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.”

     Time for a story. In days of old, when knights were bold, and Molly turned sixteen, Jer and Zach were going to surprised her at school with doughnuts. A nice thought. Really. However, the day of, Madame Enabler Amy tried three times to get the slugs out of bed, no luck. (By the way, Jeremy flatly denied she EVER woke him up in the morning, on national TV. D'uh) When the non-dynamic duo finally get out of bed, they have to RUSH, and SPEED, and HURRY!! Oh my goodness! Whatever shall we do??? They get to school at noon, run up to Molly out of breath, and go on to tell her, “Whew! We made it Moll! We had to speed, and rush through the doughnut shop, and you wouldn't believe how fast we had to go, and......” Molly takes one look at the two sorry sights and deadpans, 'So why didn't you just leave earlier?” “No, no NO you don't understand!!! We ran our butts off to get here on time for you. We darn near ran traffic lights just to get here!” Molly shook her head.

     On to the present. Not-so-Special Jer is on the phone with the shipping company, asking where the prints are. He voice-overed that the tracking information dais they had landed in Portland. And the dude on the phone says, “Yeah, I don't really have any way to figure out where it is right now.” which is complete crap. I've shipped over 900 items to myself, and have shipped out close to 250 items, and believe me, they know where the prints are. He tells Auj, “Well, I'm going to the place where they are supposed to be shipped right now.” Auj, “Is that where they are?” Jer, “Yes.” Supposed to be. Are. Whatever. Fine. Jer leaves ALONE. Auj continues prep work.

     2 hours before the event. No vehicles out front. Jer supposedly comes in and says, “Babe, come have a look.” Audrey is following him, with her coat on???? This is so poor, people. On the haybales, Jer says his biggest fear was the prints would be a 6 hour drive away (previously HE said the tracking information showed the prints had landed in Portland!!!) but they were in Portland. Sad. Very sad. They load up and get going. Auj , rightfully days she was stressed that Jer was not owning up to the late shipment. And do you have a hair tie, No, I'm wearing the hat. No, you're wearing a hair tie. Driving there she tells Jeremy ,”I can't work in this disorganization.You need to be more organized.” Jer dodges twice, “How am I not organized” and “The prints SHOULD have been there” before finally apologizing. Thank goodness. It's funny how he goes on after that saying it showed how we just learned something I guess (you guess?) throughout the whole process.

     30 minutes before. How were you not organized, Jer? “Honestly, we have never even seen the space before. Just a little detail we forgot about.” You can't be serious. You have not even been there. Oy vay. Here we go! The best line of the night! Auj, “Jer, how is my chest, is it too low?” Let's stop right here. There have been haters making very disoaraging comments about Isabel wearing a bikini top, on the beach, and posting the photo. YET, this woman wears this low low neckline to a website launch, on front of everybody, on national TV, and that's just fine. And this is not the first time. Remember her 'dress' (read 'scarf) she wore to the pumpkin season meeting? Unbeleivable. I'm sure you also noticed how Jer could not bear to be embarrassed by his wife, “If I forget, no need to jump in and say it, just give me a little reminder....” At the end. He did give his wife credit, “Audrey worked so hard on so much of this.” And just how much did you do? Other than make catty remarks on the blog and delete them later? I thought so.

     It's pretty obvious who is doing the most, or basically 'running these two marriages. And it isn't Jer and Zach.

     Tune in next week when Matt wants to move off the property, that's going to be sold anyway.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff In the News For Saying They Do Not Agree With Gay Marriage -- Are they back-tracking?

In recent days, the Roloffs have been catching the attention of some popular Celebrity News Sites, namely .

The Roloff family have been making headlines because RadarOnline has been reporting comments the Roloffs have made which indicate that they do not agree with same sex marriage and that they have supported Kirk Cameron's controversial comments he made on CNN several years ago in which Kirk Cameron said homosexuality is "detrimental and destructive" to civilization".

For people who follow the Roloffs closely, the Roloffs strong Christian beliefs and opposition to gay rights is not a surprise.

The Roloffs have a history of linking or being connected to organizations and or people who strongly oppose "gay rights". When Amy Roloff very first created her website, she included a link to the notorious anti gay "Focus On The Family".

After it generated a few negative comments and as Amy was trying to sell herself as a Public Speaker for Diversity, Amy removed the link.

Some of their friends, many of whom are Pastors, are very outspoken about their opposition to gay marriage, so it does not come as a surprise to those who have been following the Roloffs closely that they do not agree with gay marriage.

However, the extreme Christian views of the Roloffs have always been downplayed on their TV series on TLC 'Little People, Big World'. It was always mentioned that the Roloffs kids went to a private Christian school and occasionally there would be a scene of them saying a prayer before a meal, but for the most part, the religious aspect of the Roloffs is minimized on the show.

Many fans of the show and of the Roloffs, assumed the Roloffs have a progressive view on issues such as gay marriage since they have spoken about the struggles of being different.

The original purpose of the Roloff show "Little Peopple, Big World" was to teach diversity and acceptance of differences. Both Matt and Amy Roloff are paid public speakers who have spoken as Diversity advocates.

In 2011, Amy described one of her speaking engagements like this:
 "That talk will be about how to really accept yourself and believe about yourself when you are different or have a disability. Really embracing yourself so you can incorporate yourself among the forest. I call it being the individual tree among the forest."  - Amy Roloff

The Roloffs have been paid by Diversity organizations who preach for equality in all aspects of life, to give speeches at events. In this 2011 event, Amy was paid to give a speech about bias in language

The event was described as: "Amy Roloff will be speaking about disability biases as well as biases in general. During the program, members of Alpha Sigma Phi will narrate readings related to biases including appearance, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and education."

So the issue that has always bothered some people who are aware of the Roloffs Christian beliefs and opposition to or support for organizations and people who oppose gay rights, have been transparency.

Most agree that the Roloffs have a right to "not agree with same sex marriage", but what people find very dishonest and deceitful is when that aspect of the Roloffs beliefs is not well known and they present themselves as "Diversity Advocates" and actually get paid by events who are fighting against discrimination.

Would an equality event have hired a Roloff to be a speaker if they knew the Roloffs privately don't believe gay people have the same rights as they do?

Would the show "Little People, Big World" lose some viewers if fans of the show who assumed the Roloffs support all aspects of diversity, oppose and are friends with people connected to organizations who actively advocate against gay rights?

Many have often said that is why the Roloffs keep it on the down low and that was the explanation of  why the Roloffs didn't go around blurting out that they oppose gay marriage -- because people argued the Roloffs care about money and might have been concerned with putting viewership of the show in jeopardy or risk losing out on those lucrative Diversity Speaking fees.

That's why it was such a shock to some when Audrey Roloff actually admitted what people said all along - That "it (same sex relationships) is not something that we agree with" -- because the Roloffs have been very careful over the years to not make statements which shine light on their beliefs.

That has always been the issue. That the Roloffs should be transparent about their beliefs so people know where they stand instead of being able to fool people who wrongly assume that because they are famous from a show about accepting diversity that they would be accepting of other groups such as the LGBT community.

And if they don't - make it known so that staunch Christian fans can support them just like some do with another TLC reality TV Christian Family The Duggars or the cast of Duck Dynasty.

That is why this past week has been so monumental. RadarOnline has really brought attention and blown the doors off this rather little known aspect of the Roloff family by casual fans.

RadarOnline carried multiple stories about the Roloffs anti-gay history.

Then a few other sites, jumped on the back of Radar Online's reporting with articles of their own.

The poplular Live Journal "Oh Know They Didn't" Gossip blog site had a story of their own about Jeremy Roloff's own twitter post in which he linked a conservative commentator's article titled "Pay Attention Christians, They're Coming After The Churches Now".

Jeremy's comment before the link was "The first arrow has been shot. Here is an interesting article concerning the beginning of the war."

And now casual fans, people who had only watched the show or followed the Roloffs own social media are beginning to learn what the Roloffs really support or believe.

More and more casual fans are hearing of the Radar Online stories and are commenting on the Roloffs social media that they are surprised and disappointed to learn that the Roloffs are against gay marriage.

Many Christians are upset, feeling that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are being persecuted for being Christian and they should be able to oppose same sex marriage without being called "bigots or "hateful".

However, in the aftermath of the Radar Online articles, the Jeremy and Audrey Roloff seem to be employing a new tactic -- a semi denial and misleading posts which lead some to believe that the reporting was incorrect and they shouldn't believe what they read about the Roloffs on the Internet.

So in the name of truthfulness, we thought we should provide some proof that it is not made up lies.

The original statement that Radar Online reported, came from Audrey Roloff on the Jeremy and Audrey Roloff website called Beating 50 Percent - a resource that aims to "inspire covenant marriages. Marriages that are undividedly devoted, completely committed, perseistently selfliss, value-centered, joy-filled and love-based".

Here is a screen capture of Audrey's original comment which appeared in the comment section of their website. As Radar Online noted in their article, this comment has now been deleted, but here is the original screen capture to prove it's truth:

We've included that because Jeremy and Audrey appear to be back-tracking? Or denying? Or implying the reporting is false? Or intentionally misleading people?

As noted, many fans are now commenting on Jeremy's Instagram  and Audrey's Instagram  that they were surprised and never suspected that they would be against gay marriage.

Jeremy and Audrey, appear to be denying it. They could just be playing word games as they are denying saying they said they 'Don't support it', which technically is true, because Audrey said they 'Don't agree with it'. I think most reasonable people would say they are being dishonest and misleading by suggesting they never said that when it is the exact same sentiment.

In the first one, a fan asks Jeremy "Have they actually said they do not support gay marriage? This is so disappointing."...


Jeremy replies: "Nope" -- 'Nope' as in they never said they don't support gay marriage? That's a lie..or at the very least a deliberate attempt to mislead considering Audrey did say "it is not something we agree with".

Then another fan comments to Audrey that it "saddens me that you are anti-gay/anti-love...I really admired you.

Audrey replied: "Who said anything about being Anti-gay?!"

Jeremy has deleted some fan comments that reference the Radar Online article or attempt to answer other fans questions about whether Jeremy and Audrey actually said they don't agree with gay marriage. So because some people are concluding that Radar Online must have been lying or incorrect in their reporting, we thought we should include the original comment.

It also should be noted that Radar Online reported that they reached out to Audrey Roloff for a comment and she declined.

And with that said, Radar Online had another article about yet another member of the Roloff family being "Anti-gay"; Molly Roloff  making a Facebook post in which she applauded Kirk Cameron's controversial comment about gay people on CNN in 2012

A Spiritswander reader who had seen Molly's post had taken and screen capture and sent it to Spiritswander.

The purpose of these screen captures are to simply provide people with the truth and the facts. Individuals can make up their own minds and form their own opinions.