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Little People Big World New Episode Featuring the Roloffs May 31st, 2016 on TLC: Episode Reviews

Here are two reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on TLC Tuesday May 31st.

Review Written By Rap541

So let me be upfront. Today started really badly for me. I got my first cup of coffee, and sat down at my desk to check my email and BAM! Suddenly I was on the floor with my head ringing! My desk chair of fourteen year unexpectedly collapsed! I also bit the hell out of my tongue and sprained some toes. So I’m in a mood. (Lest anyone blame Jesus, it’s my own fault because I knew the chair was getting rickety but feel free to run with that “Jesus hurts people who piss him off” because I will enjoy reminded you all that under these Jesus rules, Jesus dislocated Audrey’s shoulder because she pissed him off.

In the rerun episode, I notice that Jeremy has a weird little “douche-stache” when he’s at the dinner with Zach, Tory and Auj. I also love that Matt is an utter pisspants about having his dinner at 6:30 when Amy was pretty clear that the timing was going to come from the kids. Let me explain – Matt pitched a fit over the timing when the kids were the ones who actually were responsible for it. Also am I the only one who doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving by breaking shit in the barn while inebriated?

Next up! The Christmas horror!
This is basically going to be a fight between Matt and Amy.

Amy loves celebrating Christmas but now the divorce is happening and she’s sad because she’ll be alone Christmas day. Poor Amy. Now Matt starts up with how they used to do all kinds of things for the holiday and it will never be the same. Poor Matt.

Tory and Zach make wreathes. They want to do new traditions. They talk about doing a white elephant gift thing. I don’t like them, personally but it is a good way to cut down on the gift craziness. Now there’s a family meeting with Auj and Jer at the farm over Christmas and plans… Everyone seems to love the idea of the white elephant in that they all agree to do it. Then Amy explains the main plot of the episode. They’re doing a fun charity “be nice to kids with crappy lives” thing. Matt of course is all let’s do this big! It has to be kicked up a notch! He merrily craps on Amy’s idea’s of crafts and a farm table. He wants BIG BIG ROLOFF BIG. Jer notes how Dad wants something cool, not like mom’s ideas. Basically this is going to be a fight.
Now Amy meets with the charity folks. They check out the barn. She wants a winter wonderland, a small town Christmas feel.

It’s now ten days to the winter wonderland. Matt wants to do some “stuff” in the old Christmas tree farm. This will involve special effects? Jer moans about how much work it is. He hay bales how this will tick off Amy. Yeah this is pretty much going to be Matt and Amy griping at each other.

I think btw that the event itself is staged for the show, that they needed something to do an episode over and didn’t REALLY want to do Christmas. However I think a lot of the arguing is real.
Auj and Jer are wandering around Portland because they don’t have jobs or responsibilities. They get a whte elephant present. Auj and Jer go on and on how they love being together on the holidays all by themselves. They don’t mention the Jesus Jammies.

Then the “boys” head off to get Christmas trees. There’s fake drama over chopping the tree down but not being able to carry it and then poof we’re done. Then the twins make tree stands and we get clips from when everyone wasn’t so bitchy.

Amy makes treats and there’s the white elephant exchange. They keep referring to it as a competition, which I dunno, I never found them that hard. Zach manages to choose his own gift. Tory and Zach cutely debate how he did crappy gifts. Auj also chooses her own gift, a tampon flask! A TAMPON FLASK! Amy steals the tampon flask from Auj. Amy reminiscences. Amy also manages to regift a picnic basket and there’s a book by John Muir?

Now we’re off to decorate the barn! Jer and Auj publically wax on how they prefer to do stuff on their own with wine. I mean, other people are there. Matt of course says “I need to go get some *real work* done” – which is a huge ass move particularly when its clearly evening  and um… its winter. How much farm stuff happens in winter? It’s the passive aggressive stuff that makes it pathetic. Amy is actually quite right, he can’t let her do anything without shitting on it.
Matt is of course “planning a surprise” which will make it ok. Honestly this is why they are getting divorced, people.

Amy and her friend Lisa are doing crafts. The kids are getting a stocking, snowglobe and cookies. Matt is doing some sort of laser show in the wood line and is of course telling the world that he won’t tell Amy because Amy hates all that is good and fun. Again, painting your wife as Queen Bitch of the World is probably why you broke your vows to Christ.

Amy and Matt fight in the office. He accuses her of blabbing and she gets mad. They bitch about each other. Matt in particular is noting how he’s not trying to upstage her with the lasers and train but her ideas are so bad and he’s so grand and special…

So Amy does the all hands on deck line. There’s crafts. Tory and Zach want Christmas morning to be their special time. Amy notes it will fail when there’s kids. Amy wants grand kids. Auj and Jer went to the movies. I wonder if they know that’s actually a Jewish tradition for Christmas day?

Now a school bus of damaged kids are dumped off to be given joy. The holiday barn looks nice. There’s crafts. I’m bored but I hate crafts so.  Molly is there and Matt is all “bitch please, your mom has no idea what we’re gonna do. Its gonna make craft and cookie hour look like crap hour!”
Amy is happy they’re having fun. So of course Matt is off to do his grand entrance. AND COMMERCIAL! 

Because you know….
It’s a fun holiday train. Matt feels it fits in. Now basically we have innocent kids being hauled into the woods with a strange man. Amy and Lisa are doing stockings and presents for all the kids. On the train, it’s getting as trippy as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s ferry ride scene. Oh look Audrey yapping. Gosh knows we needed more of that. 

And there’s fake snow in the barn. The kids get presents which is nice. The kids have fun.  They need to not have Sully everywhere – he seems like a nice dog but… Now there’s endless picture taking and now Audrey is yapping how special it is. Then Amy drama queens over the picture taking because it’s a lil hurtful to exclude her from all the fun pictures. Then she gets her dog and is good.

Everyone goes on and on about how awesome the party was. Amy says the farm with never be his or hers, oh Amy of course.

Next week Amy is off dating while Matt is all “I AM STUCK IN THIS FARM AND WANT TO SELL”. Yeah Jeremy clearly isn’t happy about that pronouncement.  The dad on Outdaughtered seems so dumb…

Oh kids, look. You know what I didn’t include in this recap? Any mention of any current dramas swirling about certain Roloffs. You know why I didn’t include them? Because they didn’t happen on the show. I was being courteous. I note for the record that Jacob and Isobel weren’t in tonight’s episode. Think about it.


Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of “A Roloff Wonderland” or whatever

OK, before I begin, how many of you counted the number of time the word ‘divorce’ was used in last week’s episode? Because it was totally absent in this week’s episode.

Not too much commentary on the episode itself this week, because there wasn’t that much of substance there, Their possible meanings and questions will follow. 

Zach and Tori are at their house. Mention a White Elephant gift exchange. Round table meeting in Matt’s office. Jeremy was disdainful to his dad about Matt’s idea of a White Elephant gift exchange. What’s with the stupid cut-off finger gloves, never knew Special Jer to be such a fashion plate.

Amy wants it quaint and small. Matt, against his wife’s wishes, wants it big and flashy. Here we go with the bad dynamic again. Soooooo tired of the bad dynamic thing. Amy wants ONE tree, Matt brings THREE. Twins, the trees would last longer and shed fewer needles if placed in water. But with the staging, they were probably put up one day before. Product placement for Archibald Sisters. Uh, Audrey, a TAMPON FLASK? Are you kidding me? Please get your mind out the gutter. Bad for a ‘good’ Christian girl.

Why do they keep showing a broken trebuchet and a windmill that doesn’t DO anything? How can TLC possibly be proud for paying for that useless item.

Jeremy puts his brother down in a typically Jeremy James Jesus condescending manner. Zach, this. Zach, that. Zach, this. Zach, 
 And Zach agrees with this! What? Twisted dynamic.

White Elephant time. Special Jer dictates the rules holding a beer. Decorating in the barn. Auj – “we want to be by our own tree” fair enough. Special Jer – “and drink our own wine” NO alcohol problem here (??). Matt blows Amy off. Not much to do out in the farm for ‘real work’ Matt, bad bad acting.

Slick Lasers product placement. It’s amazing how Special Jer complains “this is going to be sooooooo much work” and of course they do NOTHING. Matt and Amy argue in the office. More on this later. Matt’s a jerk. Amy’s a bag.

Molly fulfills her contractual obligations buy putting in an appearance. No mention of any other Spawns of Satan by name, so they can’t be talked about in the comments. The kids have fun. Matt shits on Amy by not including her in the family photos. Than all is well. Oh oh, Matt mentions selling the farm next week. The look on Special Jer’s face = priceless!

OK, here are some observations and questions.

1. I checked, and indeed Matt and Amy are still listed as Executive Producers, along with other Associates and yadda yadda and like that there. So Matt and Amy know the content of the episode, and play a large part in deciding the content of each episode. So does that mean that Amy MUST agree with the content of the episode? She must agree to get pooped on by her jerk husband on this regular basis? She agrees with the staged treatment of her?

2. Matt said two things I wish to comment on. That “Amy was in her element” helping the kids (Sparks of Hope product placement) with the crafts when he was chatting with Molly. Also, he admitted that he was amiss in not including Amy in the family photos, then the photos with the kids. OK, WHY does he not say this to Amy on national TV? Why haybale it? Talk to your ex right in front of the cameras, MR.

3. Matt has not made any movement from his jerky-boys attitude and tried to acquiesce to more of Amy ideas. Amy has not made any movement from her crabby bitch attitude and tried to acquiesce to more of Matt’s ideas. They are so stubborn, and take such delight in pushing each others buttons, as Zach observed previously, that it would appear (wink wink) that no reconciliation is possible at all. Also they are still getting paid to put this garbage on national TV. Is that the reason? They’ve had many episodes in the past with their constant bickering, so sorry Roloffs, this is not news to any of us. I know the reason behinds both of their attitudes from the history of the show, but it’s time to let some things go. Both of you.

4. What is with Audrey and her fixation? For a supposedly good Christian girl? A tampon flask??? So you can smuggle liquor into an event? Not very honest of you, Ste. Auj. I can’t wait for the holier-than-thous here to say this is harmless, a little fun, stop persecuting (I LOVE that!!) our dear girl of christ for wanting to smuggle liquor into an event in a flask shaped like a tampon? I might even read some of those comments.

5. I never heart of that style of gift giving, which I have participated in, as a White Elephant. I'm more used to the term White Elephant being things like the Millennium Dome, Russky Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. Even I can learn something on LPBW. Imagine that!


Debbie said...

Rap, your hatred of Audrey and Jeremy and Matt shine through in everything you write.

You should take "biting your tongue" as a sign that you should watch what you say on here because you are only hurting your own soul by attacking Jeremy and Audrey all the time.

Jeremy and Audrey are the best things about these episodes.

Happy said...

So Jacob gets baked...Jer and his wife seem to drink a lot and alcohol is also a drug.

KJ said...

"So Jacob gets baked...Jer and his wife seem to drink a lot and alcohol is also a drug.`

And they all seem to discriminate against gay people. One big happy family.

Rap541 said...

And look - three fucking comments in and WE'RE BITCHING ABOUT JACOB!

You may not wanted to have pressed this button :)

Debbie - And what should AUj take her dislocated shoulder to mean? Since all injuries are God's way of saying "you fucked up!"?

You MUST believe Auj did something since all injuries are from God as punishment. What did Auj do that made God smite her as the sinner she is? How did Auj hurt her own soul so badly that God had to dislocate her shoulder to make his point?

Debbie - this is your belief, not mine, that when people get hurt, its because GOD IS PUNISHING THEM so you must admit that Audrey must have done something bad.

Gross said...

That tampon flask was so obnoxious of Audrey. I remember an old instagram post (from before she was in the public eye) where she had drawn hair all over a Barbie's nether region. She clearly still has that same repulsive sense of humor. How Godly.

Kathy said...

Great review!
Jacob is never mentioned on the show so yeah, please stop the endless comments here people. Let's talk about Jer's stupid man hair bun. Guess it is better than last season's headband though.

PJ said...

Paulette what does that comment have to do with this episode? JACOB WASN'T IN IT.
In fact when Amy talks about the kids she doesn't even mention her youngest.

Debbie, as usual your head is too far Auj's butt to see the truth. Auj and Jer are hated for their lack of a firm stand on their beliefs.Period. Other than that they are just two tragically hip, lazy 20 somethings waiting for his dad to die so they can have the farm.Oh and apparently Auj is color blind otherwise she wouldn't wear magenta lipstick with red hair, it makes her look like a circus clown.

Matt on the other hand is absolutely horrid. He cannot stand not being the center of the universe. Why not let Amy have her charity event her way? He's an evil a$$hat that refuses to acknowledge that the entire world doesn't worship him.

Ecossais said...

Debbie you blind worship of the sainted Auj and Jer is getting old.

If they are the best thing on these episodes it doesn't say much for the others.
They are a pair of lazy egotists.

Rap541 said...

Debbie - you are *free* to write your own recap and have Spirit post it.

Personally, I thought last night episode exemplified why "The Jer and Auj Show" isn't likely to happen. Jeremy always sounds bored and looks bored and he is very low energy on screen. Audrey is VERY camera conscious and looks for attention. I mean really, the white elephant concept can be risqué but if you know you're going to be on a family friendly tv show, do you really screech with delight over presenting a "Tampon Flask" as a gift?

Debbie - if Tory was giving the tampon flask, would you consider that an appropriate gift in honoring Jesus's birth?

Hannah said...

Great recap...the whole Jacob thing is just weird. It's as though he doesn't even exist. I'm with you on the Jeremy/Audrey thing. They are both so full of themselves and people like Debbie are part of the problem. I did feel a little bad for Amy when Matt took over her project and made himself the focus of it. He should have called her over to be a part of the pictures...even her kids ignored her. What a bunch of spoiled brats. Oh snap! Matt wants to sell the farm...maybe? Uh oh better put together some sort of may have to find a real job!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap! DAMMIT! You mentioned Jacob in your recap. NOW people can talk about him. Way to go, Rap. The subject was brought up. Sigh.

Claire said...

@Hannah they already have real jobs. Just look at their Instagram/Twitter accounts. Audrey is a writer/blogger, and Barre 3 instructor. And let's not forget she did work for Gallo wines.

But if you're like the rest of the world that lives in reality writing what one blog a week, teaching a few 1 hour barre3 classes a week and working at that prestigious job setting up wine displays for maybe a total of one month of actually working (I'm excluding all the time off for the honeymoon, broken foot, extended thanksgiving and Christmas vacations and then quit in January), and doing a few photography gigs a yea does not actually count as working. I'm talking about a full 40-60 hours a week on a regular basis. I know high school students who put in more hours of work a week than those two do on top of being a full time student.

Jeremy and Audrey are pretty boring to watch. It seems Amy and her dog have more chemistry than those two do. You can tell this show has run out of ideas when they only can get footage from over the top parties and vacations compared to when it first started out and showed their daily lives to.

I find it interesting that Audrey and Jeremy can make it to the farm back and forth when they are getting paid to film but don't show up when there's a family from make a wish shows up for the sick kids wish. You would think that trying to continually pursue God and serve that they'd find time in their busy schedule of drinking wine, playing chess and vacationing to spend time with that family.

AlcyoneSong said...

It's kinda sad really. The family that started out so strong is falling apart. If this is reality, then reality is a sad condition in that money, fame, or success can salvage the bonds of family. I really wish someone would just make the step forward and both Matt and Amy step away and get real. Although they supposedly attend a church, I wonder how much independent time they spend with the bible and getting to know the Holy Spirit.

I can say from personal experience, that the only thing that keeps a marriage strong is when both people are humble enough to own up to their actions instead of passing the blame or looking for excuses. It's the example that they HAVE to show their kids. Especially the youngest, who is screaming out for something real and turning to everything else to numb the pain. This show is breaking my heart, and I don't want to watch it anymore because the family needs help.

Ashley said...

Claire, they don't have jobs. Blogging from their fame on the show is not a job? Selling products on their twitter is not a real job, but Audrey admits it is how she makes money.

And she didn't last very long at her job at the winery in California. Remember she twisted her ankle when they go to California, was late to start working there and before you knew it, she was gone and they were back to Oregon.

I would want to know how often she is the Barre 3 instructor before I'd call that a job. Once every...? Is she getting up and driving to the gym every morning? I don't think so.

All of their incomes are tied to the show.

Lynn C said...

"I find it interesting that Audrey and Jeremy can make it to the farm back and forth when they are getting paid to film but don't show up when there's a family from make a wish shows up for the sick kids wish. You would think that trying to continually pursue God and serve that they'd find time in their busy schedule of drinking wine, playing chess and vacationing to spend time with that family."

Claire, shame on you for judging Jeremy and Audrey without knowing the facts. Do you know for a fact that they were asked to attend the Make A Wish meeting and did not show up?

It's entirely reasonable that the child only wanted to meet the Little People Roloffs and that's why Matt, Amy, and Zach were there. Tori would make sense because she is Zach's wife.

Claire said...

@Ashley I was totally being sarcastic in my entire post. It seemed that with all the time off she took for injury and vacations she may have worked a total of a month out of the 4 months she was employed. I agree, all of the "jobs" they have are tied to the show and if not for that they would be unemployed.

MS said...

"It's entirely reasonable that the child only wanted to meet the Little People Roloffs and that's why Matt, Amy, and Zach were there. Tori would make sense because she is Zach's wife."

Applying your logic, Jeremy would make sense because he's Zach's brother and Matt/Amy's son. Sorry, don't buy it. Given Jeremy and Audrey's track record, I think it's entirely likely they were no-shows because there wasn't money to be made. Seriously, what do you people see in these two self-serving people? Take off the Christian blinders and it would be an eye-opener.

R said...

Now that you think of it, Tori made a long post about what she loves about being a Roloff. She made an over the top posting but I do believe it was genuine and Tori showed up for the cause.

You hit the nail on the head though MS, Tori and Zach were there, but Audrey and Jer were no shows because there was no money to be made. Only a child's last wish.

Of course what's more important?

Krissy said...

It's entirely reasonable that a child specified which family members she wanted to meet? No, if you are that much of a fan of the show, you want to see the whole family who once resided on the farm and who have been the main characters of the show for 10+ years. You probably don't care at all to meet their stupid, money hungry, gold digging wives.

You are absolutely ridiculous to say the kid probably said "I just want to meet the little ones" like are you actually that stupid?

Jeremy and Audrey were not there because they don't actually care about people or anyone unless there are dollar signs.

Tiny Tim said...

Wow, lots of negativity for an episode based on Christmas.

Truth be told, aren't we all a tad bit envious of the kids' good fortunes to one day inherit the farm? I probably am, even though I too would LOVE to see them actually work in a full-time job first to earn what they get.

I was watching episodes from season 3 recently. That's when the twins were juniors in high school and in that season there were issues about the kids' grades, and their taking the SATs, and their having to get tutoring, and their not picking up around the house, etc. Back then Amy and Matt (and I) wondered what would become of those kids if they didn't buckle down and get to work.

But then Matt built the ginormous house and grew the pumpkin farm into an amusement park, and the Duggars show failed because of the sleazy son and their general weirdness overall, so that opened a door for TLC to make even more episodes of the Roloffs (remember when they were down to a handful of specials a year?). And the show known as Little People, Big World went on (and on, and on, and on...). So what at one time looked like an uncertain dicey future for those boys has turned into a great life because of the aforementioned circumstances.

For reality tv stars, they really don't live in the real world. I mean, what 23-year-old young men without college educations (photography is not an education, it's a hobby) or full-time incomes get married these days? What women without full-time incomes (Audrey, that is) marry those kinds of guys? I'll tell you who, the ones who realize that their future lies in an inheritance, in this case, the farm. The silly "let's sell the farm" discussions are just that, silly. Of course that property has already been entrusted to those kids. That's how life works.

Anyway, just thought I'd break up the usual arguments over Christianity, Audrey, Jacob (who is called out even when not in the episode), and all the rest.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

p.s. The tampon flask was sooooo immature. Even the Audrey lovers have to admit to that!

Kathy said...

Remember when the show first started and it followed their daily lives and how they coped with being little people? It was informative and interesting. Now we see nothing of their lives except fake scenes that are boring.
When is Matt going to have a house built on the farm for his fav Jer? You just know that is what Jer is pushing for. He can play on the farm forever, never having to work a real job, and live off of TLC money.

Ecossais said...

Kathy - I can see the TLC money running out soon the way things are going.
Jeremy does not have Matt's (love it or hate it) drive and energy.
Jer and Auj are BORING!

Kathy said...

Ecossais - Yeah, I cannot see Jer running the farm by himself. He would run it into the ground. I don't think he wants to do any kind of hard work. He likes the thought of playing around on the farm and getting the TLC paycheck. Exactly!, they are both so very boring.

Ecossais said...

Based on the last two episodes I thought LPBW had hit rock bottom but it seems I was wrong.
Not only are we being treated to a repeat of these episodes on Tuesday we are getting Matt and the boys (presumably not with Jacob) treating us to camp fire confessions while we get the exciting prospect of Amy and the girls getting salsa lessons.

Anonymous said...

Why does TLC Have such crazy Christian families on it ... Almost all of it is evangelical crap except for the little couple they are best show on tLC ... They stick to their life with Zoey and William and are such a loving family…you never hear them argue ..l the roloff s are aways Fighting… How about Amy telling Matt to shove it up his ass on Thanksgiving... Just terrible had to turn it off!

PissFlaps said...

I find it ultimately hilarious how they are building up the drama about selling the Farm. two episodes ago they were divvying up the land so each child had a plot to own and live on, and now they are trying to push the 'sell the farm' bull.... LPBW is done, i doubt it will make it another season. one thing about Amy and Matt is they LOVE the almighty dollar. Speaking engagements dont pay the bills, LPBW does. Once the show is done you can bet that they will go back to pimping LPBW meet and greets at the farm, pumpkin pickin and im sure other sales. Last but not least, whats the deal with Tori thinking she has "great hair?" is that a LPBW executive producer thing or is she really that conceited? Shes one of the plainest almost FUGLY (2nd only to Molly) people on TV, and has the attractiveness of toilet paper. I dont forsee these girls working on the Farm when LPBW is cancelled. Nor do i forsee a show about these self-entitled boring brats. can you image a show with the kids in it? Tori would break up with zach (for ratings) and her dog would be her new significant other, and Jer and the ginger would turn to heroin for relief from the demons of the parents divorce, and she would be on camera with imperfect - roots showing - hair and no lipstick!

Rap541 said...

p.s. The tampon flask was sooooo immature. Even the Audrey lovers have to admit to that!

Oh the Audrey lovers are just demonstrating their double standards in judging. If Isobel - who isn't even on the show - posts a photo of herself in a bikini, she's the whore of Babylon come to earth! But if Audrey wears a skirt that pretty much just covered her pubic area... all the Christians sit on their hands and hope everyone will shut up about it.

Likewise the tampon flask. Really, who here thinks a)it was a pretty crappy gift (to be fair kind of the point of the white elephant but still) and b) it was a pretty *vulgar* gift especially since it was theoretically for Christmas and especially since Audrey isn't a child and knows she is a 25 year old married Christiian representing the faith on the faith based show LPBW. She *knows* this show is for *Christians*.... I mean, Jesus Christ, all the Christians here constantly bray like asses how LPBW is A CHRISTIAN SHOW.

Tell me Christians, how many of you gave tampon flasks as gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? I mean, Audrey did it so you MUST agree that it is a Christian thing. How many of you Christians welcomed the family, Christian moment of the show when Audrey introduced "tampon flasks" to your Christian children? I mean, "tampon flasks" represent the good Christian value of ignoring laws and rules and sneaking alcohol in by hiding it in an item that security leaves alone. Did anyone here welcome having to explain to their nine year old son what a tampon is, what girls use tampons for, and how cleverly Christian Audrey is to give people the gift of a tampon flask that is expressly used to hide alcohol from searches.

Hilariously, the Christians here have not given Audrey a peep of praise for her charming and appropriate gift that they all must admire so much.... I wonder why Debbie, Janet, Gail, Lynn, haven't been regaling us with how wrong we are to find Auj's gift a bit classless and icky for a show for families....

Ecossais said...

Matt must be living in that plaid lumberjack shirt or are all the "haybale" monologs shot at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Also on the flask topic...she pulls it out of a box with a cat on it and says something like " get it?". Tampons/ pussycats. I think we all see how truly holy and into Jesus this broad is. If you ask me both girls were paid on the side to marry these boys. Isn't it funny how they both were engaged and planning weddings basically back to back. The acting and forced scenes are sad compared to how the show was in the beginning. I guess fame and money does a number on people. BTW I have a good friend who is a little person and met Amy at a little people convention years ago when the show started and she said Amy was very rude and stuck up. That's sad to hear. For the record Matt does seem like he worked hard but he's just pushy and annoying and seeing him with that Santa hat with the kids knowing well the entire event was basically Amy's work was sickening. I've tried to stomach him but he annoys me. Out of all of them I think Zach seems the most regular guy. Jeremy is just an entitled hipster wannabee. Matt should give him the farm for a week. He would just get coffee and ride the tractor. It's just sad what a departure this show is from what it once was.