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Little People, Big World New Episode June 16, 2016

Here are a couple of reviews of the New Episode of Little People, Big World that aired on TLC Tuesday June 14, 2016

Written By Rap541

So on rewatching, the skype conversation between Matt and Jeremy seems super fake. On a weird note, I kinda wonder what Amy does with Matt’s old office in the house. And I really think we should all campaign for Jeremy and Auj to have Matt build them a tiny house down on the farm so a) they can cram themselves into a hipster version of a camper and pretend its amazing and b) they can be fifty feet away from Matt so Jeremy can devote himself to his wished for future, being ON THE FARM, FARMING! I mean, why is Jeremy in Bend when he could be at Matt’s side daily, proudly working on the farm he wants so much, and learning from his daddy. Why, if Jeremy wanted it, he could be saying “Yes Matt, whatever you say, Matt” as much as he wants! Makes you think, doesn’t it?

God, listening to Jeremy and Zach whine like little bitches while fishing was hilarious. Good lord, the bonus scenes are the wives decorating Tory’s house and discussing how people who are short need to reach for things. Back at camp, the men are pretending there’s no food and seem to be drinking beer. Bill magically produces grilled cheese. Also watching Jer insist to his dad that he knows it all is HILARIOUS. As is Jeremy’s utter entitlement. It’s Jeremy’s biggest issue? Maybe the big boy needs to make his own life?

Oh this is all about the wedding blog! Jer and Auj are getting a commercial for their marriage website in the same episode Jeremy’s parents divorce! Sometimes I suspect production doesn’t like Jer all that much.

In Bend, Auj nags Jeremy to wash the dishes. Jer likes leaving dirty dishes around and Auj doesn’t like it and Jeremy thinks they will struggle with that forever! Yeah I really get the impression Auj doesn’t like it when he doesn’t mind. Tory and Zach walk Sully and they apparently have somewhat opposing schedules. They contemplate doing tennis together as a date.

Sully is a pretty dog.

Auj and Jeremy stare at their laptops and talk marriage because god knows they have nothing else to say since they don’t work and aren’t allowed to have friends who might tempt them. It’s fairly bland and so fair no mention of how they are married to Christ, or that they are covenant married or how they don’t support gay marriage as it is against their religious beliefs. Seriously, there’s no mention of their faith at all in this discussion. Isn’t that odd? Oh and spoiler alert, their love affair with Jesus is NOT mentioned, that their website is for CHRISTIAN COVENANT MARRIAGES is not mentioned at all, and of course, because they’re in it for the money, their personal belief that gay marriage is wrong and their website is not for homosexuals is NOT mentioned.

Matt and Amy discuss the salsa business. There’s some deadline over the story of the salsa and also there’s the divorce. Amy concedes that she missed a deadline. It’s surprisingly mature at first. Matt also wants the divorce done as quickly as possible but there’s no real discussion why.

Of course Jer and Auj are interviewing Auj’s parents because WHY NOT? Audrey babbles on about the 50 percent. Her dad seems nice. The important thing is that all the info comes from the parents and not the prize pairing of Jer N Auj.

Amy and Matt are getting smocks on to see the canning process of the salsa. Matt calls Amy a smock, and she gets pissed, and Matt’s all “poor you”. Honestly this is pretty dull and while Matt wants to take it nationwide, I don’t know. I’m not even asking if anyone has tried the Roloff salsa… has anyone ever tried pumpkin salsa ever? I haven’t because I am a pretty tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers sort when it comes to salsa.

Now we have AujNJer interviewing the guy who married them. The couple checks on each other once a day and Jeremy is all “That’s intentional” like that’s wise when really, it’s not like they are butt dialing each other. (To be fair, I saw this comment elsewhere and found it hilarious because it made a great point – of course it’s *intentional* Jeremy, any time someone calls someone else it’s intentional) Now Jeremy gets to take pictures since he has to contribute something other than standing around.

Zach and Tory drop their granddog off with Amy so they can have date night and maybe play tennis. Sully is almost as big as my akita.

Personal note – you know how my grandparents met? My grand dad was a GI and my grandmother was a nurse in the RAF and they met in a bomb shelter in London and according to my grandmom, they were married less than 24 hours later. Love is love. Oh and my parents, with my mom who rivals and exceeds Amy for sheer passive aggressiveness? Are on year 51.

Tory teaches Zach tennis. He admits it’s difficult. I seriously suggest the both of them try racquetball.  (smaller court, and Zach could be more competitive)

So its two days before the EVENT! Jeremy continues to harp on how he was the one most affected by his parents divorce. Amy is asked and says she wished she had been stronger and more forceful in the early years of her marriage. I notice they don’t interview Matt of the “I HAVE NO REGRETS” comments.

Tory and Zach help with the gallery show. Auj notes the prints haven’t come…. And Jer is forced to admit it’s his fault. Auj basically points out that Jer should have overnighted the photos and then wonders why he isn’t calling them to check on them. Gosh she’s hardly a submissive wife.

Now we’re at the divorce attorneys place. Amy wonders why Matt is in such a rush to divorce when she feels horrible and guilty. Amy seems pretty broken up about it. As does Matt. It’s all such a downer for you know, the MARRIAGE BLOG TO LAUNCH. I again seriously suspect the show staff isn’t fond of Jer.

Back at the farm, Amy is still waxing deeply on the divorce. She thinks there were problems for a long time and I agree. Matt thinks they grew apart, I think they stayed together for the kids.
Jeremy is attempting to be a man and is calling the shipping people to get his photos since he didn’t overnight them. He’s wanting to drive to a location to get the photos.

Meanwhile Matt and Amy go for Mexican? To discuss the salsa! Matt is all “it’s what the lawyers say”. Amy scoffs, and Matt is all “I want this shit done faster!”

Amy demands to know if he wants in on the salsa business. He’s basically not into it because…. The divorce has dragged too long? I accept that the argument isn’t being presented well. Oh Matt harps on how his time is so precious. Amy is pretty ready to be done. Oh hey, Matt wants to sell the farm again! Tho they do both look deeply unhappy about it. Personally, I think it’s probably best but… I doubt it will happen as long as TLC shows an interest.

So Jeremy picked up the prints. Auj harps and harps on how he wasn’t owning it. Amy is on board with the event. Auj reminds Jer that he needs a hair tie for his girlish locks! Then they argue in the car or rather Auj demands Jer apologize to her over his dismal performance in organization, and really she does have a point since he did screw it up to begin with. Oh hey Jer, look, you didn’t marry your mom, you married your DAD! HAHAHAH! He totally non-apologizes to her “sorry the prints didn’t arrive” with no mention of how he could have rushed them.

Now we’re at the gallery show and they never went to the space until the day of the show? Ok… The show seems pretty pointless except that you know, it’s an event for the cameras. The marrieds discuss how rehearsed their comments are.  How lovely, Auj saying “back in the old days, when something broke you fixed it” and the camera panning to Matt and Amy ahahahahh.

 Jeremy looks totally like a deer in the headlights as Auj babbles on.  There’s a photo booth. Matt tells Jer how he wishes he’d known all this marriage stuff back when he was nailing Amy and breeding babies. 

Honestly Jeremy has become Auj’s lil trained chimp, she bitches him out and forces him to apologize and all in all acts like his dad. Auj is clearly the one in control of the website.

Seriously, Jeremy married his dad. It’s so hilariously weird.


Review by Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of “Marriage Do's and Don'ts”

I'm going to break up the episode into the three storylines so each may be followed separately. I need to get this finished so I can check the blog. Thank you.

     Zach and Tori
     They're walking Mr. Sullivan and discussing their two different work schedules. This is an occurance in D.I.N.K.S (double income, no kids) just as much as both working straight days. They mention a date night when they both have time off, which they feel is a good idea, as Zach mentioned he gets home at 7:00PM which really doesn't offer much together time. Tori says she would like to do something SHE used to do in high school, which I feel is fair, because all Zach did was play soccer and dirty up the Previa, so why not? Zach had no opposition.

     They take Sully to Amy's so she can dogsit. I said it before and I'll say it again, Mr Sullivan is NOT trained. We should phone Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer so he can train........Zach and Tori. All Sully wants is to follow and please his Pack Leader. One of them needs to learn how to be the Pack Leader, and I feel all will be fine.
They go to Tualatin, a 'burb of Greater Portland. Tori was glad to be able to teach Zach a sport, rather than the other way round. He didn't have to worry about his little leggies after all. I was a bit concerned about his waddle gait as he ran to his vehicle at Amy's, but he still moves fast, indeed. It seems as the bet was doing dishes for the week, and Zach says, “Well I guess we'll have dirty dishes for a week” (despite the fact they have a dishwater lol) and believe me, we'll be chatting about doing dishes later in the review.
At Launch Night, they discuss how they are doing in relation to their marriage, and they feel they are on the right track. There are many decisions made in a couple's lifetime, and I feel it can be seen who does that in this marriage. More at the wrap-up.

     Matt and Amy
     What would an LPBW episode be without the major Agonists, pro and ant (the choice is yours for each, enjoy!) to keep the pathos going. We start in Matt's office. While they are trying to take the salsa nationwide, Amy appears to keep dropping the ball by being late (murmurs of amazement) three times at doing an update edit on the personal history. This is holding up the new label. Matt does try as nicely as he could to tell her she is holding up the whole process, and while she say, “OK, this, big fail. It's me” She to this day refuses to acknowledge that although she wants to go nationwide, SHE is the reason it is not happening. This will come to bear later. Amy haybales about going to the the lawyers. She ends with, “This is not how it's supposed to work!” instead of the true, “This is not how I think it should work.” It's a process, and outside parties are involved, Amy.

     They go to Beaverton Foods, the manufacture of said salsa. They parade their high class in front of the whole world by bickering in front of the Production Manager. Good one you two. WAIT! Amy doesn't like the pumpkins on the label. mean the label that you are chronically late on finishing the edit so you can't ship out nationwide? Yeah, that one. But, she decides to be the bigger person and let it go. Yay.

     Off to the lawyers. Amy really start gushing here. Yikes. “This is life-changing. It's hard to learn that someone doesn't want you in their life anymore.” STOP!! What have you done, Amy to show Matt the you want him in YOUR life, besides sniping, attacking, and complaining at almost every opportunity? Puh-lease. “This is devastating. I feel guilty...” Well, you should. Oh oh oh, here comes the punch line! “I don't think I'm that bad.....” There it is, folks! Proof positive that there are absolutely NO mirrors in Amy's house on the farm. Now we know. Matt says, “It's a sad, sad day.” Well, it hasn't come yet, Matt.

     Amy has just returned form the lawyers. In the dark. “Living on the same property makes it hard....” (hint for next week) and “It's been building for 15 years, we're on this track that that we're unable to come back from.” Please stop talking in circles, Amy. You keep treating the divorce like it's new, come on. Matt say, “It makes you sad. We've grown into two different people.” NO! We have all seen this since perhaps the beginning of season 4. There were small hunts at micro-managing in the previous seasons, but you really started to show your true colors, both of you, after that.

     So they go to Friday Mexican Cuisine for a product placement, away form the farm. What, no Stanford's? The freebie Nazi must have gone to Stanford's ,”No freebie's from you!” Amy pushes Matt, “Do you want to be a part of the salsa or not?” Hold on a minute. You Amy, have repeatedly missed deadlines to launch the product nationwide, you wanted to change the label, along with the history edit, and YOU are having a go at Matt? Who the Hell do you think you are? Matt does his best at being diplomatic, which really is not his strong suit, and mentions with all the constant delays, and when things continue to get delayed, then no. Matt says with living as close to each other (another hint for next week) it's hard. So why don't we just sell? They agree to PREP to sell the farm, sign the divorce papers and go their own ways. Uh, where's Amy going to live? Tune in next week folks.

     At the Launch Night, Matt looked a tone of Special Jer's photos and say, “That's an awesome shot of the barn.” Way to go, Matt.

     Audrey and Jeremy
     WE start in the kitchen in Bend. Jer is wearing a winter coat and a wool hat. I'd call it something different, but I'm sure the christians will persecute me. Auj has the fixings out for Zombie Jer's waffle. Auj starts the discussion as she did the cooking dishes, her slug can do the eating dishes. The reason I say that is, Audrey waits for a response. Audrey ASKS for a response. Audrey NEVER gets a response. The poor woman should have skipped Barre 3 training and taken Paramedic training so she can check pulses every once in a while. Then we see Jer washing a frying pan, a cooking thing, not an eating thing. Confused? So am I. All with the cameras there. We know who's trying and who doesn't give an obese rodent's posterior. On the haybale, Jer says sometimes he leaves the washing up until the next morning, which Audrey doesn't like. What worries me the most, is when Auj's slug says, when it comes to compromises after they work it out, that he says, “Sometimes I will BEND MY WILL to change. What???? Gracious, this is marriage, it's not life and death. Bend my will. Horrific. They are working on their new website. Speaking of product placements, why are the computer logos, covered? Something to do with Rockstar Energy Drinks? When they were throwing ideas back and forth, Auj mentions finances. What do couples who are running a business (she might be thinking of herself and Jer) IF what they are doing is even considered a business, handle their finances to get by? Look Auj, MOST newly married couples WORK, not run businesses, this is where the thinking starts to get exclusive, which might limit the audience. Jer's history is “motivating” to his side of the website, and Auj's history is “Inspiring” to her side of the website, which is good. I still don't understand the idea of taking big photos of these couples (NOT Matt and Amy), the idea of thanking them in this way doesn't seem as strong as getting something about “Special Jer's a photographer, so we have to include something about that.” Now, if they wanted to privately present these to the couples as a gift of thanks, that would be awesome! But to use it as advertising seems tacky to me.

     Rev. Jamie and Chris are interviewed. They use their own system for keeping the spark burning. They seem like a nice couple indeed. I giggled where, after they mentioned their plan to take one week for themselves every year, Special Jer says, “That is INTENTIONAL” What? Really how limited is this boy's vocabulary? Sigh. Another slightly disturbing thing to me that was said, was when Audrey spoke of all the things she learned form her mentor, and the new things they learned form Jamie and Chris at the interview, she said we can use a lot of this to protect our marriage. Uh. 'Protect'? Why not 'Preserve'. There are better words another college graduate can use, I think.
Two days before. At Amy's house. Jeremy says while sitting on the couch, “There's nothing worse than having a friend or family member going through a miserable relationship. Go ahead Jer! Throw it right in your mother's face. Good boy, Jer! Why do you tell her again that her place is in the kitchen while you're at it? You did that before on national TV, too. In answer to the question of experience, Amy said, “I wished I voiced my thoughts and opinions more, in the first year of our marriage.” She goes on to say she didn't want to raise any 'issues'. Stop right there. I am seeing a real split here, between what the christians consider how a wife should be dutiful to her husband, and follow his lead. Amy was following the christian's model of a good, dutiful wife. I gave my head a serious shake when after Amy said, “Yeah, I can do the 'would've, could've, should've' now.” and her wonderful son pipes up, “Yeah but there's always what you CAN, WILL, and SHOULD do NOW.” What a complete jerk! What's worse is, some people think he has every right to force his ideas and opinions on his mother. That's just very bad form.

     We come now to the crap about the late prints. The haybaling was as funny as any Three Stooges routine. When Auj mentions that the prints were not there yet, Special Jer crosses his arms and says, “Which is my mistake.” Hold it here. I'm not the greatest on body language, but oh my that was the most defensive, 'close you out of my space' 'I need to protect myself' arm-crossing that I've seen in a long while. Hilarious! Auj, rightly, wants to overnight the negatives, or send them the day before, or before that, and good ol' Jer, No, no, you don't understand, I do this all the time yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.”

     Time for a story. In days of old, when knights were bold, and Molly turned sixteen, Jer and Zach were going to surprised her at school with doughnuts. A nice thought. Really. However, the day of, Madame Enabler Amy tried three times to get the slugs out of bed, no luck. (By the way, Jeremy flatly denied she EVER woke him up in the morning, on national TV. D'uh) When the non-dynamic duo finally get out of bed, they have to RUSH, and SPEED, and HURRY!! Oh my goodness! Whatever shall we do??? They get to school at noon, run up to Molly out of breath, and go on to tell her, “Whew! We made it Moll! We had to speed, and rush through the doughnut shop, and you wouldn't believe how fast we had to go, and......” Molly takes one look at the two sorry sights and deadpans, 'So why didn't you just leave earlier?” “No, no NO you don't understand!!! We ran our butts off to get here on time for you. We darn near ran traffic lights just to get here!” Molly shook her head.

     On to the present. Not-so-Special Jer is on the phone with the shipping company, asking where the prints are. He voice-overed that the tracking information dais they had landed in Portland. And the dude on the phone says, “Yeah, I don't really have any way to figure out where it is right now.” which is complete crap. I've shipped over 900 items to myself, and have shipped out close to 250 items, and believe me, they know where the prints are. He tells Auj, “Well, I'm going to the place where they are supposed to be shipped right now.” Auj, “Is that where they are?” Jer, “Yes.” Supposed to be. Are. Whatever. Fine. Jer leaves ALONE. Auj continues prep work.

     2 hours before the event. No vehicles out front. Jer supposedly comes in and says, “Babe, come have a look.” Audrey is following him, with her coat on???? This is so poor, people. On the haybales, Jer says his biggest fear was the prints would be a 6 hour drive away (previously HE said the tracking information showed the prints had landed in Portland!!!) but they were in Portland. Sad. Very sad. They load up and get going. Auj , rightfully days she was stressed that Jer was not owning up to the late shipment. And do you have a hair tie, No, I'm wearing the hat. No, you're wearing a hair tie. Driving there she tells Jeremy ,”I can't work in this disorganization.You need to be more organized.” Jer dodges twice, “How am I not organized” and “The prints SHOULD have been there” before finally apologizing. Thank goodness. It's funny how he goes on after that saying it showed how we just learned something I guess (you guess?) throughout the whole process.

     30 minutes before. How were you not organized, Jer? “Honestly, we have never even seen the space before. Just a little detail we forgot about.” You can't be serious. You have not even been there. Oy vay. Here we go! The best line of the night! Auj, “Jer, how is my chest, is it too low?” Let's stop right here. There have been haters making very disoaraging comments about Isabel wearing a bikini top, on the beach, and posting the photo. YET, this woman wears this low low neckline to a website launch, on front of everybody, on national TV, and that's just fine. And this is not the first time. Remember her 'dress' (read 'scarf) she wore to the pumpkin season meeting? Unbeleivable. I'm sure you also noticed how Jer could not bear to be embarrassed by his wife, “If I forget, no need to jump in and say it, just give me a little reminder....” At the end. He did give his wife credit, “Audrey worked so hard on so much of this.” And just how much did you do? Other than make catty remarks on the blog and delete them later? I thought so.

     It's pretty obvious who is doing the most, or basically 'running these two marriages. And it isn't Jer and Zach.

     Tune in next week when Matt wants to move off the property, that's going to be sold anyway.


Ashley said...

Rap, I'm just wondering, why do you think the producers don't like Jeremy much? It was all a commercial to promote Jeremy and Audrey's website. I think they try to make Jeremy look good by trying to show that Jeremy and Audrey care about having a good marriage. I think the contrast between the divorce and the marriage website is done to make Matt and Amy look bad.

Angela said...

Ashley, the answer is because Rap hates Jeremy and thinks everyone else does.

Look at this "review" (a Jeremy hate fest). Rap even says something positive about Sully who is a terribly behaved dog (and a bad reflection on the type of parents Zach and Tori will be) but bashes Jeremy throughout.

Instead of trying to mock Jeremy, both Jeremy and Audrey should be praised for valuing marriage and working hard to respect the other's feelings and needs.

Stop It, Please said...

It certainly was jarring to see Matt and Amy sitting like kids in the principal’s office being lectured by the barely married couple about what abject failures they are for divorcing rather than fixing their marriage. Since M&A are still producers is it self-loathing or are they tired of Jeremy wanting them to give him the farm without regard for their own welfare? Or have they gone so far into drama for effect that nothing makes sense or needs to?

Whether it was showing Jeremy looking both whipped and like a jerk, or M&A self-punishing, I am sure it was probably the most boring episode ever.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - a couple of reasons.

1. If this was really meant to help Jeremy boost his business, then the show presentation of Jer and Auj launching their marital advice site in an episode where Matt and Amy continue to bury their marriage in the divorce grace is very tone deaf. It's a bit difficult to take Jeremy the marital advisor seriously when his parents pretty pointedly disagree with his advice and are divorcing despite being graced with the gentle wisdom of Jer and Auj.

I think the contrast hurts, in other words. Made much worse that...

2. Jeremy actually displayed quite a bit of Matt behavior. His fairly open disdain over Audrey's views on the dishes, his open irritation at being called out for not overnighting the photos, his non apology in the car.

3. Made worse that the storyline pretty much makes this look like the Auj show. She does all the talking, she orders him around and pretty openly chided him on camera and he is the one who came off like the idiot in this. Poor OfAuj, his wife even told him how to do his hair.

I think Auj and OfAuj were very lucky to get any airtime for their website but this was not presented as two shining lights glowing at all.

Rap541 said...

Angela - you are again invited to write your own review :)

And really, you're reaching about Sully. He's a very cute dog.

what I saw on screen frankly makes me wonder about their marriage, but I think you're mad because I pointed out some hard truths.

No mention of God, covenant marriage, Jesus from the Jer-Bears.

A whole lot of Auj running the show and telling her man how he needs to actually be a man and own up when he fucks up.

Jeremy hardly being that shining star as he displays himself as a henpecked husband publically and lets Auj do all the talking.

For the record, I didn't feel a whole lot of respect coming from Auj as she needled her husband in the car over how he needed to own up to his mistake. And I didn't see a whole lot of respect in his refusal to acknowledge he did mess up.

Laura said...

"For the record, I didn't feel a whole lot of respect coming from Auj as she needled her husband in the car over how he needed to own up to his mistake. And I didn't see a whole lot of respect in his refusal to acknowledge he did mess up."

Who are you to judge their marriage? They are dedicated to serving Christ and they clearly have a strong and healthy marriage that will last. They take marriage seriously.

Jeremy listens to Audrey. That doesn't make him weak. It makes him a good husband. Just like Audrey's father said about thinking about what he can do for his wife.

Rap541 said...

I'm Rap. That's who I am to judge their marriage.

Since their advice is to not call out their spouse in public when arguing - its on their blog, I find it hilarious and hypocritical to see them both do JUST THAT in last night's episode. It's hard to take their sage wisdom seriously when they don't practice what they preach.

Its also duly noted that Auj and OfAuj made NO references to God, Jesus, and how their website is for covenant married Christians. Any thought on that, Laura?

I bet not.

Katie said...

Most BORING EPISODE YET. I truly hope the tabloids pick up on this and drag this to the ground. So fucking obnoxious!!!!

Lou said...

I am HYSTERICALLY laughing at the fact that anyone ever claimed TORI or IZZY ever wanted fame by dating Zach or Jacob. It is SO clear what Audrey was doing... Making the engagement a huge deal... The whole thing is a fake advertisement so she can feed her ego with people telling her how great of a person she is. All she has are looks and those FADE!!!!!!!! I am so done with this show and money hungry people! It is pathetic.

PJ said...

It was funny how much Auj sounded like Matt berating Amy in the scene in the car, I hope Jer does what his mom said and expresses himself openly and honestly about the episode. Jer was not wrong to trust a company he's used many times in the past without problem. Auj needs to learn now her's is not the only way.
I agree that production is not that fond of Auj and Jer right now for whatever reason. They are not getting a good edit.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I just sent my review in. And again I'm wondering why people like Angela do nothing else but bitch and complain about someone taking the time tow rite a review. So, why don't you write a review, Angela? Don't want to stand behind your convictions? or put your name out there to your own opinions? We have no problem doing it, what are you so reticent?

Anyway, Rap, You picked up on things that I missed, but I went on abut some things that I also found hilarious. I do agree with the Auj/ofAuj pairing and who runs it, but I also put forward the fact that Tori and Zach have the same set-up. For different reasons. Jeremy is more Matt, as you claim, and I see Zach more of a "Lead on, McDuff" personality. I did comment on the difference between the "dutiful wife" and "I'm running the show" dynamic.

Good review, Rap!

Kathy said...

I don't think Auj really likes Jer much at all. This marriage was all about fame and money for her and I don't think that is working out the way she wanted.
This had to be the most dull episode ever.
Why do Zack and Tori have to have a babysitter for their dog? Can he not stay at home alone for a few hours? That was weird.
Next episode has Matt thinking about moving. Is this the setup for Auj and Jer to move into his old home on the farm?

Ecossais said...

Laura says "they are dedicated to serving Christ".

What a joke - they are dedicated to money, fame and doing as little real work as possible. I think the Beating 50% marriage is on the rocks. Audrey isn't exactly being the submissive wife. "Fame" has turned her into a shrew.

This episode must be in the running for worst ever and based on the last few episodes that is saying something. What on earth was the Jer/Auj exposition supposed to be about? What was all the fuss about the photos that were not much in evidence at the end of the day? Why the footage with the lawyers that really told us nothing?
It seems that there always has to be manufactured drama. No food on the camping trip, the sky is falling because the photos haven't arrived, etc.

Rap541 said...

Btw Laura, since we're on the "WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE????", please tell us when Jesus personally gave you the authority to judge me?

Laura? Who are you to judge anyone? You're openly and publically judging others and you're a Christian so that's a sin.

Sin is sin per the Christian faith. Your sin marks you a sinner. Homosexuals, per your faith, are sinners.

You're as sinful as a gay, Laura. Perhaps instead of gleefully judging others, you should tend your own house.

Or, you know, continue to display your ass as you demand Auj and Jer be only praised. Hey laura, when Auj was running Jer down for his mistakes, and forcing him to apologize, did you say "Praise Audrey for humbling her man!"?

Googie said...

I must agree this girl totally wants to be the main character in the show,but she is definitely the shot caller because if she isn't she will down talk him forcing him to apologize, I also think she knew about his family having a show and weasels her way to him ,in other words Gold digger big time. I think she had ulterior motives when she hooked up with this guy. I definitely would not want her as an in law, also I hope her husband did a prenup.

Googie said...

Totally agree,although Amy gets on my nerves she can't stand her husband but yet wants to pick his brain to try to persuade him her way,when he doesn't you can see the vinegar spouting out.

Not A Fan said...

Audrey is never someone I would want my daughters to look up to. She is obsessed with fame, money, and most importantly LOOKS. All she cares about is how good she looks in a photo. It has absolutely consumed her. It's depressing, because if you go back to her old posts on Instagram you can see that yes, she cared about looks somewhat, but not to the extent she is at now. She's hyper obsessed and always searching for ways she can be better and prettier. It's scary because I don't think she even realizes it. Like Lou said, looks fade. I'd be happier with a life like Tori's or Isabel's (who are both gorgeous by the way, they just don't flaunt it as much)... But for now I guess it's the Audrey show and if we love the family, guess we have to sit through it.

trouble in paradise? said...

Out of both couples, Audrey and Jeremy and Tori and Zach, I honestly foresee marrital troubles with the former than the latter. Audrey's personality is grating at times. She seems so smug. You can tell she thinks she is right a lot of the time. As a newlywed practicing this Beat 50% mumbo jumbo--and in front of the cameras--she'll try hard to be nice to Jeremy, but give it a few years and the negativity will get more and more hard to deal with. And Jeremy won't be waiting until nearly 30 years pass to say sayonara to his wife, the way Matt did.

Tori and Zach seem to mesh better. Probably because their courtship was in real life, while Jer and Audrey's was from a long distance. But Audrey, bashing Jeremy about a few things in this episode, knew what she was getting into when she married him. His lackadaisical attitude toward important things (studying, for one) and wanting to play all the time and put things off should be no surprise to Audrey if she ever watched the show all these years. Too bad Audrey wasn't filmed since teenhood. Maybe Jeremy could have gotten a taste of what she would be like as an adult: smug, self-righteous, annoying!

Tori is more down-to-earth. I love that she doesn't preen for the camera like Audrey. No overly made up face for her.

And what the HELL was with Audrey's low-cut hoochy-mama black dress? I'd like to hear from the Christians on that one.

Liz said...

The only good part of the show was Jeremy's non-apology. "Sorry I had no control over the picture place messing up." I laughed. His voiceover stating how great his apology was... also hilarious.

Rap541 said...

Excellent recap Podge - you certainly caught things I missed and I love your mini-recap of the photo drama.

I do disagree with you on the Matt/Amy salsa drama in that by the time she was asking him "do you want to be a part of it" he had *just* gotten done whining and moaning how SLOW the whole process was going. Her question wasn't about his participation but about who was getting the salsa business in the disbursement of assets. So Matt, who is complaining about how slow it is, also isn't willing to make decisions when asked.

I didn't find Auj's dress at the party to be too slutty - it certain wasn't in the same league as the "I see London, I see France, I see Audrey's underpants" skirt in previous episodes. I do suspect if other women wore such an outfit, they'd be getting the slutcalls from the Christians.

Faith said...

Yea, I would agree. It seems like a very business like relationship. This is an edited show but it seems to me Jeremy isn't all into her either. When they kiss on the show and the postings of them kissing on their social media Jeremy looks totally bored and has his eyes opened (the episode when Zach comes to bend to visit and the short video they posted for their give away for this episode/ challenge) The only time they look really happy is when they are meeting some "star" they like- Dale Partridge and Jefferson Bethke does Jeremy actually have a joyful smile. They probably do love each other but idk if it's quite like they express it on their accounts and blogs. and every time I've come across someone who is always talking about all the sex they are having turns out they are having it very few times if any.

Zach andTori seem natural where as Jeremy and Audrey seem forced. Maybe that's why Jeremy always has a drink in his hand.

Rap541 said...

I gave my head a serious shake when after Amy said, “Yeah, I can do the 'would've, could've, should've' now.” and her wonderful son pipes up, “Yeah but there's always what you CAN, WILL, and SHOULD do NOW.”

Podge, in considering this... I find myself wondering how Jeremy would feel if he was spoken to like this about his whinging over the photos and how he'd worked with this vendor before... Jeremy, shut your mouth and tell us what you CAN, WILL, and SHOULD do now instead of whining.

I think that will be my go to for Jeremy complaining from now on. If he is man enough to tell his mom (and funny how Jeremy doesn't sit down with Daddy Matt and tell Matt this exact sentiment in the same disrespectful tone.) how she needs to own her mistakes and change.... then Jeremy better walk the walk he's talking. Jeremy, any time you bitch, and you bitch a lot, you need to remember what you CAN, WILL, and SHOULD do now. Since you're man enough to speak to your mother this way, and publically judge your mother, you are no longer a little boy who needs to be granted grace.

Ecossais said...

I would like to know what the bible thumping Jesus obsessed group on here thinks about Pat Robertson and the crazy so-called Christian "pastors" who are saying the killer in Orlando didn't kill enough of these terrible gay people. One of them actually said "he should have finished the job".

Rap541 said...

Hmmm.... Funny how not one Christian has commented on how delightfully demure and respectful Audrey was in this episode as she publically demanded her husband, you know, her leader in faith, apologize to her. Not one Christian has noted how correct she was to shame her man, discussing his mistakes with others....

You guys aren't even insisting her little outfit was perfectly Christian. Gosh why are all the Audrey lovers so quiet this week? Doesn't she deserve to be praised for her performance?

I suspect this quiet is because Audrey fell short of expectations.

Happy said...

I believe that Tori and Molly are the only people on that show who have their heads screwed on tight.

Ecossais said...

Not A Fan is right - Audrey would love to make it the "Audrey Show".
She constantly poses and tries to dominate the scene. Her horrible hair and the use of extensions (it is shoulder length in one scene and below her tits[such as they are] in the next combined with curly one moment and straight the next is stupid.
Jer's hair style changes are just as bad but the man-bun and head band go well with his continued obsession with tight jeans. Jer you are not a teenager any more.

The scene in the car when she was bitching about the photos made Jer look uncomfortable (on TV no less) and was embarrassing to say the least. Same about the dishes. In my day it was the woman's job to clean, do the laundry, make the bed, cook, wash dishes etc. I thought Auj said in a covenant marriage her job was to "serve and obey"?

If Jer doesn't get the farm and the show ends and they have to make their own way in life these two will never beat the 50 percent!

Lauren J said...

It was hard watching this episode because of Queen Audrey. She is narcissistic, rude, a mean girl, and controlling. She has really been a negative influence, specifically on Jeremy. She is more interested in making money and taking selfies than her marriage with Jeremy. They won't last.

Anonymous said...

au contraire, @Lauren J - only in that I think they WILL last because Jeremy is the same way. Don't forget, they "are on the same team!" (To be said whilst touching the other's shoulder ). But when it comes down to it, I think that's how they see it, them against the world. You can't be a mean girl (or boy) without your toadie (s). I think they take turns doing that for each other. Every adjective you used to describe Audrey (which I fully agree with you on) can also be used for Jeremy, and that is why I think they will last, at least for a few of decades

Ecossais said...

Since the salsa business keeps rearing it s ugly head it would be interesting to know more about it.
What is the basis?
Is Amy's special recipe franchised to Beaverton Foods who pay a franchise fee or a royalty per jar sold and the franchise holder - Amy - is obliged to supply support by way of marketing promotion?
Or - are the Roloffs simply paying Beaverton to make the stuff for tem and are they (the Roloffs) responsible for distribution, marketing and collecting the money?
Or - is TLC paying for, or subsidizing, this for the TV drama?
Matt panicking at the food exposition that we need to sell this or we are ruined.
The visit to the supermarket.
Matt bitching at Amy in pumpkin season about the salsa not selling and
Amy dressing as a bee to sell the stuff. Potential financial ruin again.
The visit to the Beaverton plant and the label disaster.
Whose business is it - Amy's or Matt's?

Funny that the cameras are always there for this "drama".

Ecossais said...

The reason Jer is claiming to be most affected by the divorce is that it is jeopardizing his grand plan to take over the farm despite having 3 siblings and ignoring his parents' (only in their 50s) need for income and a place to stay.

Josh said...

Hey, all you shit talkers of Isabel.

Guess who is seen in majority of Roloff photos from this weekend? Amy's, Tori's, Destiney Mueller's, Jacob's (obviously), Molly's and dun dun dun... Audrey's!

So yeah keep claiming her and Jacob are the worst and the whole family hates them.

Brandon said...

Josh, some of us don't think it's a great think that Isabel is besties with Destiney and noted animal mistreater, Jacob Mueller.

I don't think it speaks well of their character. I'm not surprised. Roloffs always do what they think is best to get more $ and keep it flowing.

Roll on, Roloffs said...

Eccossais - From the Beaverton Foods website:
Our rich tradition at Beaverton Foods has made us the first choice for retailers who want to create a gourmet private label line. Beaverton Foods can provide a wide range of formulations designated to meet the needs of your profile. Our R&D department will work closely with you to compliment any existing recipe or create a new recipe, based on your needs.

And they don't list the Roloffs' salsa in their own product line, so I'd guess they are just the production source.

But I'm pretty sure the success (or lack thereof) of the salsa line has little to no effect on the Roloffs' net worth. LOL... And I'm pretty equally sure that neither Amy nor Matt spend much time ACTUALLY worrying about selling or distributing the products. They have "people" who do the grunt work of lining up stores to carry the stuff. I live in the area, and I have NEVER seen an ad for the stuff in any store or promotional flyer, or on TV. I suspect the only "promotion" they do is on the show and at the farm during pumpkin season. It's a storyline, not a source of actual income.

And anyone who thinks this is Amy's "treasured family recipe" is nuts.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I'll re-watch about Amy's pressing Matt about the salsa business.

In re: Jeremy giving his mom orders about CAN, WILL, and SHOULD do now, don't forget Rap, that Arrogant Jer DEMANDED that he be present at the table when the final disposition the farm is discussed by the man whole spent his life building it, and the woman who was living with him, just on case Arrogant Jer didn't agree with the sale/dispersal of the farm. I equate that, to giving his mom orders on how to run her life.

Kathy, June 16@2:25PM - Zach and Tori need a babysitter for Sully because he is not trained at all, they refuse to train him, and will wreck havoc with the neighbors if left outside. Read my comments about training. Another large problem at times is this: Mr. Sullivan is not a people. Treating pets like people is a big detriment to proper development as seen earlier. Also, Matt might be the smarter one for being like a rat diving off the sinking ship, and getting settled somewhere off the farm before they are BOTH displaced.

As far as Audrey's concern with looks, she certainly did strike quite a pose for the photo with her ofAuj and Zach and Tori. While the others are smiling politely, she comes in like a vamp in a burlesque show. Not very christian at all.

And after a week STILL no comments in support of Audrey's dress from the christians. Does anyone think she asked Jer about it to draw attention to it? Hmmmm?

Alex said...

It's hilarious to see Jeremy complaining about doing the dishes - they HAVE A DISHWASHER. This is what happens when you grow up spoiled and entitled and never have to do a single chore. 25 (26?) year old Jer can't even rinse off a dish and place it inside the dishwasher.

This whole episode makes me think that Jer and Auj are not even remotely qualified to be running their website the way they are. Yes, they have some good ideas, but if they can't even get house chores figured out and if Jeremy refuses to engage in conversation and doesn't want to be communicative about their relationship or Audrey's feelings, they are doomed. This episode showed that the two of them (seems like Jer especially) do NOT practice what they preach. I agree with other commenters who said that Jer is displaying some Matt-like behaviors. Makes me sad.

Tosha said...

Thank you I’m glad somebody else see that too. When you just ask a question on what they like to Discuss on there beating 50 percent page he dose Not Answer your Qoustion. And there book oh my ! It completely different all there followers come attack you when you write something about what they’re doing and all you want is the brother Jerome you’re Audrey to explain what do they mean when they post what they post because they like to put so called reference of their Bible verse !. Thank you