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Little People, Big World New Episode Tuesday June 28, 2016

Here are reviews of the New episode of Little People, Big World that aired Tuesday June 28, 2016 on TLC featuring the Roloff family.


Review Written By Rap541

On a rewatch, I really have to say, Audrey is so much prettier when she tones down the lipstick. I get that she wants to insist on having a signature look but it is doing her no favors.  I also think Matt is attempting to do some damage control with his public apologies to Amy. I also still really find it hilarious that Matt has issues with not having enough space in the double wide. I think Matt misses that “I live in a million dollar house!” snob point – we all remember how Matt likes to brag that he makes more money and has nicer things… And now he’s “Matt Roloff living in a trailer”.

There’s some bonus footage of Amy doing a fundraiser for an unnamed private Christian school…. Heh. And oh, fyi, Amy was brutally teased over her height. Otherwise, oh look Zach going on about how he loves soccer. Oh and we can’t take Matt anywhere without Matt screeching to the camera “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” – Because Matt is so into soccer, right? And for the record, I know it was for the show, but they need to figure out how to shoehorn Jeremy in when the story is about dwarf athletics because it really seemed weird to have Jeremy coaching and then playing with a bunch of 15-16 year old kids…

All the previews are of the family arguing about the farm in Hawaii. Because that’s reasonable.

So Matt is on the haybale insisting that they aren’t going to be like other divorced couples, they are still going to do things as a FAMILY. Important to note, the “whole family” now consists of the twins and their wives. Matt calls Amy to his office to discuss his great idea – taking the family to Hawaii. Amy thinks it’s crazy. Then she’s all “If the kids are going then maybe”. We’re then treated to prior footage of other vacations. Matt notes that once the marrieds crap out some grandbabies, they aren’t gonna get to go to Hawaii at the drop of a hat. I also note that this is the trip that Auj and Jer refer to as a “working vacation” where they were working on their website.

Amy tells Zach and Tory about the trip. Matt tells Jeremy and Auj. Everyone seems to think this might be awkward but… Free trip to Hawaii, how bad can it be? Jeremy condescends how his parents probably can’t be mature, and Zach concurs. Now more prior footage of trips. Jer considers it a trial run for how they do vacations going forward. Jer, lil tip, you can’t go to Hawaii at the drop of a hat if you ever have a kid. You’re also getting a little old for mom and dad to be treating you to a vacation.

Hawaii seems nice. Matt tries to pretend he doesn’t go to Hawaii constantly. Matt demands the family – which apparently only consists of Jeremy, Zach, Tory and Auj, do certain activities with him. There’s parasailing, dolphin swimming, whale watching, a luau. Advertising partners are giving treats.

Amy loves the luau and the dancing. Of course the audience is asked who is in love and Amy is sad that she’s not in love etc because we can’t go three minutes without the divorce. That said, Amy does seem pretty open and honest about it. Matt pats himself on the back for suggesting Hawaii. Zach is pulled to the stage to shake his butt and didn’t catch that Tory was there – I sense production involvement but it was cute. Jer and Auj are just happy it wasn’t them!

I get why Jacob is He Who Must Not be Named, but since when do they not mention Molly needing to miss the vacation? That’s interesting. Well, really it’s just sad. Especially when they repeatedly refer to how awesome it is to have the WHOLE FAMILY there. (Note – since some of you like to bitch, remember, I am finding it odd that MOLLY is now no longer part of the whole family).

It’s Day 2 of Hawaii Hell. Matt and Amy lounge by the pool. Amy hay bales that she doesn’t hate Matt and wants to have fun with the kids. She’s glad they are ALL able to be there…. Interesting. Zach and Tory are off to paddle board aka smooching and watching turtles. Jer wears a grandma hat and Auj lets us know that Matt and Amy are together but sitting three chairs apart. Now we’re off to the twilight whale watching! Audrey was clearly enjoying herself – we don’t normally get to hear her speak and not be “on” for the camera. They are impressed with the whalesong and everyone seems to have a great time. I’ve done whalewatching myself – I highly recommend it. Amy is all “Tory and Audrey are like my own daughters”. Matt makes everyone swear to vacation in Hawaii even if they have children. Matt goes on about how awesome it is and then “RAWR!”’s for the camera.

Now we’re parasailing. Matt notes how he’s a man and will do it. Oh of course we need it pointed out that a) Matt is concerned about the harness because he’s a dwarf and b) He knows it’s a bad idea because of his health issues but he just has to! Everyone seems to have fun. Oddly we don’t see Jer and Auj parasail. Or did we? I missed it if we did. 

Now we’re at dinner, and Matt relates how he bought the farm. Tory pointedly asks Jer and Auj if they plan to move back to the farm. Auj is very clear that she and Jer have shown the most interest. Matt expresses a real concern that people will fight over the farm and I kinda think that it is totally true especially as Jeremy and Auj pee on the entire place to claim it. Matt rightly points out that selling the farm, cashing out and splitting the money evenly is the only fair way to handle it.

Matt hay bales how he doesn’t want to saddle them with the pressure. I think Matt just doesn’t trust either twin to run the place. Jeremy sagely notes how he wants the farm and wants it available for him to live at. Jeremy wants a contract with how he’ll never fight with Zach over it, until Jeremy and Audrey return to the farm. Because that sort of contract is you know, ridiculous and unenforceable. Matt disagrees with this idiot plan and Jeremy really strongly notes how Tory and Zach have NOT expressed an interest in living there and how he and Audrey want it bad. Tory notes that she and Zach want to visit the farm. Jeremy thinks this is all about Matt’s fear that he will lose control of the farm. 

Personally I think the bigger issue here is that we’re not seeing two of the Roloff kids even considered, let alone involved in the conversation. That and the weird thing Matt and Amy do agree on? Is that they are concerned that that farm can’t be fairly split unless it’s sold. I do wish sometimes that a friend or random stranger would interject in these sorts of discussions and point out the really obvious reality that its neither unusual or cruel for parents to not leave their homes to their kids. Case in point – Matt’s parents and Amy’s parents have not done so. And no one seems to think that’s unusual or cruel of Matt and Amy’s families.

Now we’re swimming with dolphins again because torturing captive animals is fun. Sorry, I think it’s wrong, I understand the urge to do it, but it is keeping animals that were meant to swim the whole ocean in tiny cage pools. I don’t think people mean to be cruel when they do this but…

Jeremy is determined to get everyone to agree that he and Auj get the farm. Honestly it’s a little excessive on his part. Tory suggests patience. Jeremy thinks people are wondering what the Roloffs will do in the second and third generations. No, Jeremy, no one really cares all that much because you’re not that pretty and you’re not that special. As it is, I am fairly convinced Jeremy’s business savvy (and lack thereof) will pretty much doom the place.

Amy interjects a whole little bit on how shook up she is over the divorce again. Because we haven’t heard this before, a thousand times.

Now we’re at the last dinner and Jeremy is in his grandma hat again. I suspect all this hat wearing is Jeremy’s passive aggressive dislike of his hair that Auj loves so. Seriously, his hat wearing, especially when indoors is getting odd. And we then go on and on about the farm. Matt makes the comment that he really doesn’t think Jeremy knows how to run the farm. This doesn’t surprise me at all, because I have always given Matt credit for having some business sense, and I suspect Matt knows that Jeremy’s plans for the farm go something like this.

1.       Steal underpants!

2.       ??????

3.       Profit!

Matt then kills the mood by asking Amy in front of the kids at dinner if she’s done an email to the lawyers since he wants this done lickety split! Because we need a reminder of the divorce that hasn’t been mentioned in three minutes.

Next week, Amy is getting a tat! Well, the only way I’d be more shocked is if Jeremy said he was getting a job! And we know that’s not happening! Actually, one thing I find amusing about this whole endless wringing of hands over what will happen with the farm is why no one ever questions why Jer and Auj… aren’t already *ready* to live on the farm. They’re maintaining a household that’s three hours away from the farm for what reason? The farm is in Hillsboro not Bend. Their wedding blog can be run from anywhere and the photography business would actually be better if they were closer to a larger city. And Jeremy could actually learn how to run the farm. Ever notice though, how Jeremy has no interest in that?

Now we’re doing a helicopter ride because why not? Auj has heard horror stories about helicopters. Matt harps how he’s sharing the experience with the WHOLE family. Hawaii is lovely btw. Tory and Zach note that it was nice that Matt and Amy didn’t flip out at each other. Now they’re having a bon voyage drink… it’s actually rather obvious that the kids left at a different time. Matt and Amy drink to each other and pat each other on the back for remaining cordial in public.

Next week Matt is whining again over how he’s too damn good to have to live in that horrible doublewide.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie


OK, in the 'extra scenes' in the previous episode, I was surprised when they did not include the scene where Amy spoke at a dinner about accepting EVERYBODY despite their differences (with Amy's well documented slecetive exclusionism) in the A Roll as isn't this not what the show is about? Hmmmm?

Also, Amy is shown going on and on about how it feels to know that someone does not want you in their life. Uh, Amy, when have you waxed as eloquent as we can hope for with you, about wanting Matt in your life? Not one word Amy. Not one. Yet you insist on the self-pity. Oh well.

Matt calls Amy in a set-up phone call about coming to his office for an intricate plan. Right. He says we HAVE to go on this trip, it can't be passed up! Why can't it Matt? As some people have suggested, you could always take the money tLC put into the trip and give it to charity. Right. The twins, the wives, anyone who wants to go. Going between photos taken on Feb. 6-11means Tori had to take time off and although they never asked I'm assuming Molly was still in her senior year at Whitworth. The twins could have looked a tiny bit more enthusiastic. Oh well. After Matt cals a full scale family meeting, Special Jer haybales how he is still hopeful that, even after many years, his parents will get back together. Right. Matt suggests a luau that night. The first words out of Auj's mouth? “Mai tais? I'm into it.” Alcohol is a drug. And it gets abused. During an Amy haybale, she does mention rhetorically, “How I may have messed up” in regard to the marriage. MAY have. Nothing definite. No responsibility taken. Right. But this vacation was a good thing to do.

Zach and Tori go paddle boarding. I doubt that the shots of the turtle were Zach's go-pro. But they had a blast, and Tori mentions how this trip is amazing. Good for them both. That's great. The whole(?) family goes whale watching. No, Matt, they are not crying. Audrey, maybe a little more attention in high school about simple Physics rather than Cosmetology would make how the whales can hear whalesong over miles and miles. Oh well. I'm still surprised at Matt's self-centeredness and failure to consider anybody else's problem when he tell the twins (not the whole family) that we should make a pact and do this every year, babies or no babies. For goodness sake Matt have you any idea what that involves? You didn't start getting freebies from TLC until Jacob was at least 11 or 12. No thought whatsoever. Right. A little help please, what's with Tori's tee shirt about Roloff July 25, 2015. Was that the mud race? Amy opines that having the daughters-in-law along is special. Darn straight is it. Good stuff. They go para-sailing. Matt gets all melodramatic about this, but then does his, “I'm Awesome” schtick for going through with it. Right. I was a little bit uncomfortable with Special Jer's description of Tori between Amy and Zach, sort of 'look you see Tori's long legs, and you don't see the other legs. It was just a bit, well, odd to me.

Alrighty then, the dinner and a meeting. Here we go, folks. Matt tells a story about how he was 'stuck' with the software co. he was with, so he convinces Amy of move to Oregon, so he can build up a farm and then sell. it. Amy shoots back, “We HAD a downpayment for a house, I was fine with it, but Matt wanted more.” The crap between these two started that long ago. Oh well. Auj haybales that, “We are not ready to move to the farm right now (WHY?) but that's the plan. But we are the ones that expressed the most interest. (HOW?) Matt makes the statement that the kids (ALL of them?) will be fighting over the farm, and it will make him roll over in his grave. Zach haybales that Special Jer has the drive (proof?) the creativity (where?) and the vision (what?) to run the farm, and I'm OK with it. Way to step up, Zach! Oh well. Tori says they just want to bring Sully there to run around. That doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to let a million dollar farm go down the tube, Tori. Matt mentions selling. Amy barks that the complexity of the problem is no reason to 'just dump everything'. Then Matt makes the wisest observation of the whole situation, “It's easier to divide money that it is to divide land.” Then Special Jer just has to pipe up with this, “There are some serious emotions going on about the farm. Are you going to divorce yourself from the farm or are you going to FIX it?” And this is not the worse from this spoiled brat man-child, believe me. Matt, secretly I think, knows what will happen in the future for his life's work, and says, 'Maybe I should just do everybody a favour.” Here it comes. The man-child has the audacity to suggest that, “OK, suppose we make an agreemet, that 'this is what we will do' and 'this is what they will do' and Zach will agree not to fight about 'this' and I agree not to fight about 'that' and we sign it, then the personal dilemma is on YOUR side.” I can't believe this!!!! Who the Hell do you think you are? You do not dictate to your father whether his decision, which doesn't involve you in the first place becomes a 'dilemma' because that what you want to happen? What right could you possibly believe you have to make that kind of imposition on your own father? WHAT ABOUT MOLLY? WHAT ABOUT JACOB? And no, this is most definitely not how family farms work. Amy mentions delegating authority. What about someone stepping up to do the WORK? She goes on they tell Matt he has to let go of the control and start to trust so the boys can run the farm in a way that makes it successful and is good the them. Them? Who's them? She had no idea what she was saying, until she ended her contribution by saying, “Everyone will have a part of the farm, whether we keep it or sell it or what.”

They go dolphin meeting. Matt is so glad he can share this with the ENTIRE family. Right. The twins talk. Jeremy say his dad has some things to think about. Knowing what we do now, Amy has just as much say as Matt does. Tori hopes for patience. Special Jer says a lot of people are interested (?) in seeing what will happen to the farm through multiple generations. You're not quite that Special, Jer. Zach is the most reasonable in saying they don't have the answers.

Amy gets some alone time. I like how she says she learned a lot about herself, but didn't say a word about learning what she did to contribute to the downfall of the marriage.

The family meets, and Amy tells Jer how it would be great if you came and helped out and ran the farm (don't be silly Amy) and Zach worked for you. Yeah, that would be great alright. Matt's last haybale was interesting. He has a lot to figure out. The farm takes day to day commitment, to learn how to be competent and handle the affairs. Jeremy is not ready for the day to day commitment. No shit, Sherlock. Oh well. Matt asks Amy about sending an email to her lawyer. He just can't separate business from vacation. He sure can when he goes off to the BVI by himself or the Golden Couple. Sorry Matt, we weren't paying attention to you for 5 seconds. What's with Special Jer's, “Everything is a little broken on the island.” Right. They go on a helicopter ride. I'm glad they liked the take-off, because ALL take-offs are optional, people. People were impressed that Matt and Amy did their best to put on a good vacation and and get along so well. This was in Feb. and as we all know, the final divorce was signed in April. The farm is not solely Matt's to give away anymore. I'd like to see the email agreements for handling and selling the shared assets. That would be a good read.


Laura said...

"I get why Jacob is He Who Must Not be Named"

Why is that Rap541? Will you finally admit it?

"He Who Must Not Be Named" is a disgrace to the family who is wasting his life that his family provided for him by turning his nose up at them and at God, and now his empty life consists of him posting his druggie items on twitter in a failed attempt to look cool.

Rap541 said...

Laura - I was actually referring to how he doesn't want to be on the show. Under your theory, Molly, who also is apparently no longer part of "the whole family" must be as empty and wasting her life as much as they no longer even reference her... like they no longer reference Molly.

Considering this was theoretically all about dividing the farm, while I appreciate your dislike of Jacob, are you now saying Molly also deserves to be cut out so that Jeremy can have the farm?

Or are you just hijacking the thread? At last check, Jacob didn't do any drugs in last night's episode and yet here you are, showing the world how you have Jacob Roloff on the brain. Makes me think you want him sexually, Laura, the way you're always panting in rage to discuss him and how he's not available for your lust.

Ashley said...

Although I think the whole "selling the Farm" storyline is just fake to make these pointless episodes about something that people will care about, I still find it frustrating as hell that Zach and Tori are willing to defer to Jeremy and Audrey.

They are happy being Jeremy's helper? Don't they know getting the farm is the equivalent of getting a ton of money??

Will Jeremy pay the other 3 out and that's just omitted from these discussions?

Jeremy's whole "Zach and I will sign an agreement"...what about Molly and Jacob?

While I don't know about Molly, judging Jacob from his "I feel fucked out of my money" I'm sure Jeremy being gifted with a house and millions of dollars in land would not be cool with Jacob and I doubt they are ready to disown him since I personally think his "fucked out of money tweet" was him firing a warning shot that if he gets upset he will raise hell with the "I was forced as a child to film and it ruined my life" angle.

PJ said...

Wow Laura 5 minutes to mention Jacob and drugs that's gotta be a record.

I have a feeling that Molly has backed out of filming too.

What strikes me most is how Golden Jer has decided only he and Oddj know what's best for everyone in the family. Good grief, how far is he willing to go for that farm? I can see it now "Little People, Big Homicide". If I were the siblings I'd be worried.

Jer and Oddj did parasail with Matt.

I feel like I have to dry clean my keyboard for this but. Matt is right about selling the farm. But before considering inheritance he and Amy need to consider their own future needs. The Twins have plenty of time to build their own wealth. I have a feeling the ones that shall not be named are building their own lives even as we speak.

Anonymous said...

I love these reviews. So on point. Matt must know that none of his children could ever really run a farm. Seems that Tory and Zach know that they never could, and that's why they say they would only just love to visit. Molly and Jacob seem to have no interest at all. Jer and Auj greedily want the farm, but don't want to have to do any work to get it. I too wonder why they aren't quite ready to move to the farm already, since nothing is holding them where they are now. I figure they will wait until Matt and Amy can no longer run the farm or just don't want to. Then Matt would hire people to do all the management. At that point Jer and Auj would conveniently be ready to move in and let the servants do all the work, while they play on their bogus website. Too bad none of the kids have the drive, ambition, work ethic that their parents have had.

Kathy said...

Is this all the show is going to be from now on? Sell the farm, Jeremy wants a free ride where ever he can get it,free vacations, divorce, blah, blah, the younger two kids disappeared never to be heard from again?

Kathy said...

Is this all the show is going to be from now on? Sell the farm, Jeremy wants a free ride where ever he can get it,free vacations, divorce, blah, blah, the younger two kids disappeared never to be heard from again?

Janet said...

The reviewer is not very perceptive. Matt doesn't doubt Jeremy's ability at all. Everyone should know Matt understands and wants Jeremy to have the farm. He only wants to sound fair to the viewing audience.

Ashley, Jeremy and Audrey have the passion for the farm. They recognize Jeremy and Audrey deserve the farm and want it more than they do. They are admitting the truth.

Pamela said...

"I have a feeling the ones that shall not be named are building their own lives even as we speak."

PJ, the one that shall not be named who is in California is "building his life" by getting high and playing with dogs, all day, every day. Make that he is not building anything. He is living off the life his parents provided for him while he was an ungrateful brat.

Neither the one that shall not be named or his girlfriend have a job. Do they do anything...except drugs??

I don't see why people are bent out of shape when Jeremy and Audrey express interest in the farm. Zach and Tori don't want it. Jeremy is right about keeping it as a family farm with the Roloff name.

Rap541 said...

"Neither the one that shall not be named or his girlfriend have a job. "

Put your hand on the bible and swear that if you're wrong, you'll willingly go to hell as a liar.

I'm not even defending the kiddies all that much. It's just very noteworthy that when saying something ugly involves swearing on the blood of your savior, ALL of you shut up rather than publically swear it.

Janet - At last check you are welcome to provide a "perceptive" review of the episode. As it is, I find it amusing that when Matt is less than complimentary about big boy Jer, you immediately insist he must be lying for money.

What a Christian Matt is, willing to sell out his son as not knowing how the farm is handled, for *money*. I mean, that is your point, right? Matt couldn't have been telling the truth last night, he was maligning Jeremy publically for a check.

PJ said...

Matt was specific last night in saying he does not want any one kid to get the farm. He expressed that The Golden Couple aren't able to handle the farm and that he does not want the others having to beg from Jer and Oddj.

Unless you live near Jacob you don't know what he is up to now. You only know what he shares and the christian lies.

Hawaii gonna keep them down on the farm... said...

Quite possible that the WHOLE family was there, but because two members don't want to be on the show any more, they can't be shown. That would at least explain the odd comments. This entire show is getting so silly. Maybe Audrey is writing the storylines these days...

Rap541 said...

"He Who Must Not Be Named" is a disgrace to the family who is wasting his life that his family provided for him by turning his nose up at them and at God, and now his empty life consists of him posting his druggie items on twitter in a failed attempt to look cool.

Show me one Roloff willing to agree with you.

Oh right, you can't. Even Audrey smiles and publically loves her brother in law.

They all kiss his ass and continue to provide money - money that you genuinely believe he buys drugs with. Jeremy is so proudly Christian, the BEST he can manage as a man of Christ is to continue to allow it. The best any of the Roloffs can do is LIE on camera and in public how pleased they are.

And you piss ypourself in horror when its pointed out that Jeremy is a pretty crappy human being for allowing this - his brother is using drugs per you, and Jeremy does NOTHING to stop it and even endorses the family plan to provide money for Jacob's drugs.

And you praise Jer and Audrey for their marriage website. Funny... it sure seems like if Jer and Aud really gave two shits about family, they'd proudly and loudly decrying the little drug user. Jeremy is so worried about his future kids seeing Daddy Matt divorced and thinking divorce is ok but has no problem with his lil future blessings seeing their uncle use drugs and their daddy Jer enable him. That's what Jeremy is doing, if what you say is true - he's setting a public example that when it's your family, its ok to lie and cover up and of course, let your family break the law.

Tell me again how Jeremy is a SHINING EXAMPLE? Because if Jacob is a liar, and lying is something the Roloffs are allowed to do and still be deemed AWESOME CHRISTIANS WALKING WITH JESUS! then I really fail to see why you're so upset with behavior you endorse and don't complain about at all when it's precious Jeremy.

Oh, I'm pretty sure he was disrespecting his dad in this episode as well, Jeremy is NOT the father of Matt Roloff and he's NOT the owner of that farm, and as a dutiful, *respectiful* son, the only words out of his mouth should be "Yes sir, whatever you say, you're my father" to Matt, right?

Stop It, Please said...

It is odd that the “whole family” has now decreased to the twins and their spouses. But likely that is because neither of the "non-family" members has any interest in being filmed. More bogus storylines.

This whole “who wants the farm” thing is just stupid. It makes no difference who “wants” the farm. In the divorce settlement, M&A each got a 50 percent share of the farm.

Even if M or A wanted Jeremy to get the farm, the best they could do is for each to leave their 50 percent share to him in a will. That still leaves the other family members. If they were cut out of the will, it likely would be contested in court during probate, unless they are terminally stupid or were otherwise equitably compensated.

If the farm is never sold and M or A die off intestate, each share would be distributed by the courts, generally equally to surviving spouse and children. That would mean ALL the children, not just the 2 now construed as the “whole family.” So the best the Jeremy could hope for is 25%.

But the bottom line is that LPBW has become terminally boring.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody hear the part when Zak was talking about not actually working at the farm but would love to go to the farm and watch Jer work there?
Auj mumbled something under her breath about Zak only coaching soccer for 2 hours a day.
This isn't word per word-because it happened so fast.
I hope somebody caught this.

Amber said...

Matt is so right in saying that there will be blood if Jeremy and Audrey get the farm. The other two Zach and Tori, are young and naive to think the others can live on the farm and run it without there being tension eventually .

And they should NOT be having these conversations with just Zach and Jeremy and the wives. Jake and Molly have a stake in it too. Tori and Audry have zero say.

Happy said...

Hey folks! If Jeremy wants the farm I think he should purchase it from Matt at a fair market price.

Anonymous said...

I really do think the only fair way to do it is to sell the farm, and if Jeremy wants to use his portion of what he would get in the sale to buy it from his parents, then cool. But signing over the farm to one of your kids and his wife is the stupidest idea and will 100% cause tension between kids.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has a lot of experience in estate planning, I just sat there shaking my head as I heard the Roloff family talk about the farm, and Audrey and Jeremy speak about how they wanted it. First, Matt was dead on, money is much easier to divide then land. Zack and Tori are young, and are not so concerned about their future or retirement way down the road. Someone really needs to talk to them, before they just willingly allow Jeremy and Audrey to take over the farm.

So here are some facts:

On February 10, 2016, Matt and Amy decided to restructure Roloff Family Farms Inc. The farm had always been owned and operated by Matt and Amy, with them listed as the registered agents. In February, the new listed agent is WSCJ Business Services. The most interesting thing in regards to this, is the new articles of incorporation for the company, which states that Roloff Farms is now being operated on Authorized Shares, which means there are now shareholders in the company.

This was probably done due to the divorce, to make it easier for Matt and Amy to divide the company. So it's not Amy owns this half of the farm, and Matt owns the other half. They each hold shares of the farm.

Since Matt and Amy keep involving Jeremy and Zack into discussions of the farm, it makes me wonder if both boys have bought a few shares of the farm from their parents. Since every shareholder has to be in attendance for meetings.

But keep in mind this is just about the Family Farm. This does not include the land itself. The land itself seems to be managed as Roloff properties, which also has been switched over to WSCJ business services.

Things can become very complicated if Jeremy and Audrey move onto the farm, and want to take over the farm. Just the cost of the land alone if they were to build a home on the farm. They would then be running two separate businesses on the farm. They would have Roloff Family Farms Inc, as well as their own Beating50, which can cause some huge messes down the line.

If you are using the farm property, to hold let's say marriage retreats, for beating 50 percent, that raises huge red flags. How do you divide the profits?

There are a million other things I could go into, on how it would greatly effect Audrey and Jeremy, while the other three siblings would not come out financially equal.

The bottom line is that although Zack, Jacob, and Molly may not be interested on living on the farm, many many steps and precautions need to be taken so that their interests in Roloff Farms Inc, as well as Roloff Properties are protected for them. I have seen time and time again, that siblings who get along great, once the parents pass, and it goes into probate, how quickly things can change. Zack and Tori need to be sure that their children have just as equal rights to the farm, as Jeremy and Audrey's children.

I also want to point out that the TLC money does not last forever. I know Jeremy stated that he believes people will be interested in what happens to the family generations to come. What I hear him saying is, me and Audrey will move back in a f ew years, once we want to have children, and TLC can film us for the next 15 years raising our children on the farm.

Rap541 said...

Everyone should know Matt understands and wants Jeremy to have the farm. He only wants to sound fair to the viewing audience.

So Janet, please be clear, you are stating Matt "Walking With Jesus" Roloff is *lying*?

I mean, I want to be clear that I understand your point, that when Matt says he think Jeremy isn't ready, that Matt is bold face lying... apparently lying to Jeremy, the blessed son, since Jeremy is clearly increasingly panicked that revolve around his triumphant return to the farm. Lying to Auj too.

Rap541 said...

Although I think the whole "selling the Farm" storyline is just fake to make these pointless episodes about something that people will care about, I still find it frustrating as hell that Zach and Tori are willing to defer to Jeremy and Audrey.

Ashley I agree it's unlikely the farm will appear on the market any time soon. But I actually find it refreshing that Zach and Tory are a bit hands off about the whole business. They're actually making the smarter decision, in my opinion and here's why.

1. They are building their own little future on their own. They have a house, they both have jobs they seem to like, they're living a lifestyle they seem to enjoy.

2. If Matt is picking who gets the farm, then it will go to Jeremy, and I think Zach is well aware of Matt's favoritism. Jeremy desperately wants the farm, why create trouble between himself and Jeremy over something he's not that interested in? And won't get? The farm will be sold or it will go to Jeremy, it's not going to go to Zach and Zach probably realizes that Jeremy would be butt hurt until the end of time if Zach ever got something over him. I mean really, can you see Jeremy NOT seething if Zach's children are raised on the farm while his children have to live in Bend?

3. Matt and Amy don't appear to have any terminal illnesses. I mean, anyone can drop dead at any time, but Matt will probably make it to 65 and so will Amy and that means whoever "gets" the farm isn't really getting it for some time. Zach and Tory seem to understand that and are building their own life in their own home. Jeremy and Audrey don't seem to have any contingency plan for their lives. How long are they planning to stay in Bend? Where will they live if Amy doesn't move out and if Matt doesn't move out? Is Jeremy planning to work on the farm or just live there, and how long does he intend to wait for the prize of the farm? Because Matt isn't going to walk away...

4. And let's explore that, how Matt is never going to willingly cede control. I think Zach understands that all too well, if some circumstance got Zach the farm, that until Matt was dead or incapacitated, he would always be Matt's little bitch to order about. Jeremy *thinks* he won't be Matt's little bitch... but the signs are already there that a) Jeremy isn't going to hear a "Yes, you and Auj can come back to the farm and take over" any time soon - its gonna be dangled over Jer's grabby little hands for as long as Matt can do it and b) even then, Matt's not handing it over gracefully.

Zach doesn't get along with Matt, why torture himself over a farm Matt will never give him? Tory probably gets the financial aspect, but she and Zach may also see how public opinion is not exactly favoring Jer and Auj with their endless "Mommy! Daddy! GIVE US YOUR HOME!" entitlement.

The question I have is how long Jeremy will dance for Matt before he realizes that the terms of the divorce pretty much make handing him the farm impossible.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thank goodness I got my review sent in, so I can check the blog. What fun!

I'll add some things that are in my review.

People, this vacation took place in the second week of February and Molly was at Whitworth.

Janet, what rock did you actually crawl out from under? Matt was speaking the truth. He's not as stupid as some commenter on here. There were more than one reference that Matt doesn't want everything he's built up to be run into the ground. Jeremy was an impertinent, spoiled little whiny brat that does not deserve the steam off his father's pee.

Can anyone help me out with what Jer has ACTUALLY done to learn anything about the operation of the farm and the associated businesses. His living with his domineering wife three hours away does nothing to prove 'passion' 'eligibility' or even 'worth'.

Janet said...

Of course Matt is capable of telling lies on TV when it comes to his kids and what he says about them on National TV. Matt isn't Jesus and is not perfect. Jesus is perfect and Jesus is my savior.

Matt tells lies to protect his kid's reputations and feelings, he's done it before about Jacob. I think Matt is clearly disappointed in Jacob's life but he's not going to go on a tangent about what a disappointment Jacob has been to him as a son, even though he is.

PJ said...

Good review both of you.

Right letter wrong kid. We're talking about Greedy, incompetent Jer. And honestly no one here give a flying fig about your religion, it is not germane to the discussion.

I was delighted that Zach made it clear he will not be Jer's slave, that he has his own life and family. You go Tori, you helped him find his backbone in regards to his bully twin. By the way,I think Tori is the good Christian wife so many claim Oddj is.

I too heard Oddj mutter something rather nasty about Zach. It's probably true that during the school year Zach has limited hours, but I'd bet they pick hugely during school vacations with soccer camps.

But Golden Jer used to ride around on big, yellow machines moving dirt so of course he knows everything about running the farm.

Anonymous said...

I also want to know what Tori was saying at the table when they were disucssing the farm. She look like she is taling to Audrey and it doesn't look very pleasant. There was way more conversation going on at that table.

Audrey's behavior was on the verge of rude and I wonder what was actually being said that we didnt' hear. I also wonder if Tori really like Audrey at all. If I were Tori, I would not want to have any part of anything Jer and Auj were a part of.

Rap541 said...

Janet - do you think Matt should be held up and honored for lying about Jeremy's ability to manage the farm?

He's being a good Christian father in doing this?

See, one of the big BIG complaints made about lil Satan Jacob is that Jacob lies. I actually agree he lies... but funny how MATT lying, and worse, publically running down precious Jeremy, doesn't even register a complaint, and when pressed, you're all "Well, of COURSE Matt lies! Matt's not perfect!"

Why doesn't Jacob rate a "well, of COURSE! Jacob's not perfect, only Jesus!"

Because I tire of hearing how Matt deserves nothing but quiet adulation and open tolerance for behavior that, if Jacob emulates his father, IS THE MARK OF THE DAMNED TO HELL!

Matt lies, well, of course, only Jesus is perfect so fuck you all, and praise Matt for lying about Jeremy openly. Is that it? Matt gets the automatic "whoopsie Jesus! I ain't perfect and therefore I don't have to even try to not openly and publically lie, all I have to do is say Whoopsie Jesus after and I can SIN SIN SIN! In Jesus's name, Matt lies!"

Do you see the problem, Janet? Or will you just piss and moan how when Matt lies, its kinda sorta ok but when Jacob lies, he's forever damned! Because this is why people call the Christians here hypocritical - when Matt lies, it's all "tee hee hee Christians are perfect so we can shit where we may, say sorry, and continue to sin since Jesus gives us a pass to act shitty to others"

Rap541 said...

Podge - of course Matt was speaking the truth. Matt has a generally low opinion of all of his family members. Jeremy usually gets the best comments but Matt has always been quick to note how none of them are his equal.

I also love how people twist themselves in knots to deny it. Let's take Janet....

Janet says Matt tells lies to protect his kid's reputation and feelings, he's done it before about Jacob. I think Matt is clearly disappointed in Jacob's life but he's not going to go on a tangent about what a disappointment Jacob has been to him as a son, even though he is.

So to be clear, Janet says Matt lies to make his kids look better, that he won't badmouth them publically even though in Jacob's case, it means lying about Jacob's flaws and pretending everything is ok.

BUT Matt is also lying when he tells everyone watching that Jeremy isn't able to handle the farm. So to be clear, Matt will run Jeremy down publically, telling the world his son isn't his equal, and isn't worthy of taking over the family farm.... SO he'll lie on camera about what a disappointment *Jeremy* is but won't tell the truth about Jacob?

Seriously? said...

Any comment Audrey might make about Zach's jobs (yes, plural) is not only tacky and rude, it's also pretty amusing. Last I knew, Zach manages an indoor sport building which usually has activities from 5:00 am to midnight seven days a week. Don't know how many hours he works, but it could be quite a few. He also coaches at a soccer club which, depending on the level he coaches, could also require a significant time commitment. And let's see, what does AUDREY do? Dashes off a blog now and then, most of which she cribs from other sources, shops for new stuff to slag on her website, spends an hour slathering on that makeup every day, and spends the rest of her time doing whatever she and Jer want to do. Takes a lot of nerve to insult your brother-in-law's work when you couldn't even hack three months as an employee.

Mike P. said...

Jeremy clearly believes in primogeniture as his right. But he better be careful about it: Zach is the eldest son.

I watched the show back in its good days, and I recall that Matt ALWAYS abruptly left a vacation half way through, or delayed his arrival until midway—and then promptly went to sleep; I recall the kids' disappointment and Amy's disgust. All this nonsense about good family memories through the years is pure tripe.

scorpiogirl said...

I watched Audrey's body language at the table when they discussed the farm (rudely draped in her seat and playing with her food)and throughout the shows when she and Jeremy sit and talk for the camera. They are full of their own self importance and alarmingly towards each other too. It all looks like entitlement to me. I can't believe that these newly weds think that they are so wise about marriage. They have a lot to learn and experience before they can say that. Their ideal about over-thinking marriage by analyzing every thing they do as opposed to just letting things 'be' is doomed to fail.

For a religious family, there sure is a lot of nastiness going on there. Amy's wrath and contempt and downright nastiness has shown over several seasons now. Okay, Matt is hard to live with, but all I've seen over the past series is Amy's face screwing up with what looks like hatred towards him.

As for the farm itself, I can't believe Jeremy had the audacity to dictate the terms of how the farm would exchange hands and be so naïve to think that a silly 'no fighting over the farm' contact will stick in the future. Maybe he should look closer to home and draw up some contact for the future between Audrey and himself as I'm sure she's the one he needs to be worried about.

Rap541 said...

I find it increasingly hilarious how the Christians defend Jeremy and Auj on their quest to demand the farm.

So I have some questions that you Christians can mail to Anne for answers or answer yourself.

When Jeremy tells his father, who built the farm, that *Jeremy* is now going to be included in decisions concerning the sale of the farm, is Jeremy showing his father respect?

Why, if living on the farm, and being a farmer is Jeremy's life goal, is he living in Bend?

Seriously, I have asked this before. Jeremy has repeatedly now said he wants the farm... yet he intentionally chooses to live rather far away. It's not as though he has a job in Bend or that Audrey has a job in Bend - their nominal businesses of the marriage blog and the photography that seems to have busted and the Barre 3 thing seems mobile as well, so why aren't the kids looking for a place in Hillsborough? Why isn't Jeremy asking his father to hire him as a farm worker? I'm not even suggesting Jeremy be a real farm hand, I am suggesting that Jeremy take over the role that Caryn plays as Matt's assistant. I mean, Jeremy wants to be running that farm, doesn't he?

When exactly do Jeremy and Auj plan to learn how to run the farm?

And do they have ANY plan to compensate their parents? For the million dollar piece of property?

Oh and if anyone wwants to play the "If Matt and Amy loved their son, they would just hand over all their financial assets happily" - then I do expect those of you who think that's peachy keen to swear on your love of Christ that if one of your children demands you turn over your home, that your ONLY remark will be "Yes, of course!"

Ecossais said...

According to the divorce papers Matt and Amy each got 50% of the farm - R6 Productions Inc., R Pumpkin Products Inc., Roloff Farms Inc., and Roloff Properties Inc.
Corporate ownership is by Share Certificates so even if he wants Sainted Jer to have the farm he only owns half to give away. He would have to persuade Amy to give Jer her shares at the same time.
Why should she do that? Jer is frequently rude and disrespectful to her. Remember "your place is in the kitchen"? Plus the fact it does not appear right now that Amy wants to do anything Matt wants.

This settlement was April 27th. so probably after recent episodes shown including the Hawaii episode. Jer is going to have to wake up to the fact that his dad CAN NO LONGER give him the farm whether he wants to or not.

I have to wonder how much longer TLC can milk this farm ownership "drama".

Ecossais said...

The "Big Island" episode was a joke.
How much longer can Matt talk TLC into expensive "vacations" with all expenses paid plus appearance pay for all, including Tori and Audrey?

I am not interested in watching them parasailing, whale watching, helicopter riding and dining with that no-class, ill mannered idiot Jer sitting at dinner in a huge silly hat.

More drama coming this week - Amy rebelling about something, Matt "transforming" and Sully's safety which as apparently taken care of by wonder Jer.
BTW I wonder what Sully is destroying while they are all in Hawaii?

Ann said...

Love all the comments, Jeremy is clergy an arrogant slacker, check him out on YouTube giving marriage advice on porn. Wait until these two have kids, their marriage is going to crumble faster than a cookie.

Minority Report said...

Jeremy and Audrey really seem full of themselves. They act like they have the whole marriage thing locked down, and now need to educate others on how to be happily married.

Jeremy. A white male who grew up with millionaire parents. Attended private schools. Married, got paid tons of money to televise his wedding. Currently renting a 400,000 home, goes skiing frequently with his wife, and has taken numerous vacations to places such as Hawaii and Virgin Islands. His future plans to be handed by his parents, lamd, home, and a already built and successful company, while continuing to be paid by TLC for filming.

As a minority I can only laugh. The fact that this rich entitled boy believes he and his wife can educate others on a successful marriage? Give me a break. They have never faced money problems, homelessness, racism, illness, etc.

Mike P. said...

I agree with scorpiogirl's post, especially her last line: the real problem in Jeremy's future is Audrey.

And I mean Big Time. Jeremy's grasping cupidity is exceeded only by Audrey's. And as their ridiculous "anointed" marriage inevitably falls apart, Audrey will claim every asset she can possibly get her hands on. Watch for it. It will be REAL reality TV.

If Jeremy were smart (and he isn't), he'd make sure that Audrey has no ownership stake in any of the farm property or money resulting from its sale. A post-nuptial agreement? It can be done. But I won't hold my breath.

Rap541 said...

Eccosais - part of the problem is that TLC just doesn't have much else to air right now. The Duggars crashed and burned with their Christian child molesting (hey wasn't Josh Duggar a part of that Family Research Council that Audrey loves so much and praises?) and there's actually a big legal brouhaha between TLC and the production company that makes The Little Couple (which is much more popular now) and 7 Little Johnstons and therefore there's like entire seasons of both shows filmed that can't be aired until the legal stuff is done. So there just aren't shows to air and the Roloffs amongst others are quick to say "whore us out!"

Ann - I genuinely don't wish a child on Jer and Auj any time soon because I do think a baby would rock the foundation of their marriage. Much like how they want the farm without any real understanding of what that would entail. I suspect they view children the same way. They both say they want four or five. Well, that's lovely. Do they understand that if they want those kids to come in reasonable gaps of two years between each child that they need to start popping kids out soon? Audrey is 24-25 - if she really wants four children and doesn't want to take unnecessary health risks, she needs to have her children before she turns 35. If she plans on popping out one a year like a Duggar, then I hope she is aware of the strain that puts on her body. Do they understand how expensive and time consuming even one child is? These casual vacations they take, do they understand what that will be like with a little one? Let alone four or five little ones? Do they understand how their lives will have to accomadate other people who will also want their way? What if Jeremy has a son who loves music? Will Jeremy emulate his father in only spending time with his kid if it's something he personally enjoys? Has he even thought about how a child would be raised? What if Audrey has a daughter who doesn't like makeup and dressing up?

I actually think it's wise they didn't just toss the condoms out because they really don't seem to have thought about what it will look like at all.

Podge/Rodge groupie. said...

Ecossais, I'm not sure what Roloff Properties, LLC is all about. My guess is, that company owns the other 70 acres of the farm they purchased together, with the wedding barn and old house. Remember the episode when they bought it? Amy was not going to sign, but when she realized that Matt was a going to do it anyway, she would do best by having her name on the Deed of Title as well. I commented on that in the episode's thread. I said something about Amy 'coming to her senses'.

I'm sure the original 34 acres is Roloff Family Farms, Inc.

I am wondering what the lines in each of their lists, "The personal property as the parties have so agreed by separate email agreement" means?

Rap541 said...

Podge that line is probably referring to stuff like the household furniture, the lawn mowers, the dishes, tvs, computers, etc etc etc.

Ecossais said...

Thanks for the info. What you say makes sense with 4 hours of Roloffs on Tuesdays and all the other re-run marathons. The only TLC I watch briefly is LPBW just to see how silly (as in apparently "Sully is in danger" - Jeremy Jesus to the rescue!)it can get.I wonder how their ratings are doing?

You may well be right but no matter how shares were distributed when these corporations were formed it appears to be 50/50 now so neither can sell or deed the property to Jer without approval of the other.

Ecossais said...


Lawn mowers and computers are probably balance sheet assets of one or other of the corporations as would be the tractors, ATVs, earth moving equipment in order to take tax advantage of depreciation.

It was interesting to see the cars dealt with separately. I would have expected these to be "company" vehicles but I sounds if there may be monthly payments since liability for any debts on the vehicles transfers to the "new owner" is mentioned.

KayBeezy said...

When Jeremy and Auj finally do face some real life challenges, and eventually they will, I hope the silver lining will be them humbling themselves. Right now they are so smug and arrogant I can't even watch them anymore.

Jeremy actually compared deciding what to do about the farm to divorce- you can either sign it away or fix it. How overly simplistic in addition to being a disrespectful low blow to his parents.

And someone needs to explain to Auj that if she and Jer are gifted the farm, they get the assets with the responsibility. If it doesn't go to Zach, he isn't required to work at the farm. I can not wrap my head around how they actually think this is going to work. I hope that Auj and Jer are saving that money they are making from selling curling irons on facebook so they can buy out the other siblings. If not, then they are as greedy and naïve as they are currently appearing to be.