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New Little People, Big World Episode Tuesday June 21st, 2016

Here are reviews and discussion of the new episode of 'Little People, Big World' featuring the Roloff Family that aired on TLC Tuesday June 21st, 2016.

Review Written by Rap541

Hey hey how is everyone? Have any Christians offered to grace us with their recaps yet?

FYI it is so hot here in the AZ, we can bake bread just by setting the dough outside. Also none of the “bonus” clips were especially interesting.

Also the whole non apology from Jeremy is still hilarious, especially since Auj was so clearly mad, and actually right. And to be fair, I really don’t think Audrey’s dress was that bad but she did dip a wee bit low in some shots. Oh and on the rewatch, no mention of how Christ centered the marriage or the website is.

So this seems to be about Zach and Zach’s fund raising soccer game, with a side story of Matt maybe buying property. Matt’s in his office, allowing Amy to enter. Matt is still annoyed that Amy demanded an answer over the salsa business, and we get a complete rehash of the scene. Matt says he apologizes and wants to be in the salsa business. Amy thinks she’s treating her as a sympathy case. He’s allowing her to set the pace on it. Matt is harping on how untraditional their divorce is… Then they harp about how Matt’s not happy in the double wide and wants a bigger house because…

Yeah, not terribly sympathetic since Matt clearly planned the move to the “double wide” that he so clearly now despises. Funny how Matt wasn’t bitching when he was gloating how he was having his buddies over, huh?

Zach broaches the topic of a charity soccer game for the LP community. I get it but honestly, from an interest standpoint, really? Yet another soccer thing. I appreciate Zach’s views but honestly it’s dull. Zach is all “I’m putting myself out there!” You go, girl!
Amy chases her dog, Felix. Matt has asked Amy to his office because they refuse to enter each other’s homes. Matt wants to buy another property to expand the farm. Amy thinks it’s unrealistic.


Matt wants it because there’s a house and it’s adjacent to the property. It seems so awkward but the current situation is also awkward.

Now to Zach and Tori’s place, Zach is recruiting his friend Troy. They refer to the Statesman stuff as something they no longer do, which is interesting. Troy actually seemed bored but Zach interpreted it as “excited”.

Now Dick, the Roloff family realtor is here to help them look at property. Matt whines that he’s too awesome to be living in a trailer, he wants a house! Amy does like the property but she wants the twins’s input because this is a tv show
And look! Jeremy is at the farm since he has no job and Daddy Matt needs him for chores. Jeremy is recruited by Zach to be the ref? Or the Coach? Of the average height team in the fundraiser. In other words, there’s an average height team of kids with a real coach and Jeremy is going to pretend to be their coach for the episode. This whole scene is so totally fake, made worse that it ends with Zach chasing chickens and the dog Felix.

So Matt breaks the news to Zach and Jeremy that they may buy more property. Amy is there, Matt makes it all about options. Jeremy and Zach are on board with more houses and property for the farm. Jeremy is all about how he and Auj WILL be coming back and how they WILL need to be provided with a house… Seriously Jeremy, you need to start considering how you’re writing checks your body can’t cash.

It’s also pointedly obvious that Matt and Amy didn’t include Molly and Jacob in this very important decision!

Zach is having a hard time writing a speech over soccer with dwarfs. Honestly I get why he has problems because it’s a really dull topic. Tori has some nice advice which is basically “once you do it, it’s easy” and she’s really right. Point – you may not believe this but Rap was once a shy school girl who didn’t always brashly shout her opinion. But yes, once you do it, it’s easier and it even becomes fun.

So Zach has two teams, dwarf and average height, and Jeremy is there to be well, something. Matt worries it will blow out of control. Well, it’s not Matt if he’s not predicting doom!

So now a bunch of dwarfs land at Amy’s bed and breakfast for Zach’s game. They play soccer in the yard. I notice that pretty much almost all of them but Troy are new faces, not any old friends.

The realtor is here for an offer on the new property. I continue to note that Matt’s office building on the farm is as nice as his house.

Now we have a lengthy montage of dwarf soccer players going on about how cool they are to play. Jer and Auj pop in to be in the episode. Jeremy clearly hasn’t met all of these people previously. Jeremy is all “Am I playing?” He seems to have no idea what’s happening. His role is simply to appear.

Oh look, Jinjer Duggar is officially courting!  Does anyone care?

In Matt’s messy office, he calls everyone in about the property. They aren’t going to get the property and Matt notes how this means its all up in the air again. He is again affirming how he hates the double wide he chose to move into. Jer, Auj? You can still have Daddy Matt build you a super hipster tiny house on the farm! You can! I bet you’d get tv time!

Tori drops off treats to the soccer dwarfs. The soccer match is at Indoor Goals. Jeremy’s role is basically to stand around, it’s pretty obvious the team has it’s own coach and Jeremy’s sage wisdom is “no headers”. Zach is of course nervous about his speech. He gets out there and seems to wait for everyone to shut up. Amy is all “You can do this!”

Zach’s speech is a bit weird in that he keeps referring to the team as “The boys”. Honestly recapping soccer is like pass pass pass pass pass GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! Pass pass pass pass pass pass”
Of course Jeremy has to jump in and play but it ends nicely in dwarf favor and also a bit of a high score for soccer over all.

 Overall this was a bit dull.


Review by Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of Little People Big World episode airing June 21

I'm sorry this is so late, but I was reeling over BOTH Iceland and Ireland making it to the group of 16. I won't take much of your time.

Matt apologizes to Amy. This says two things to me. 1.) Matt is not too interested in taking salsa sales nationwide anymore, as he knows how long Amy will take to get it going. 2.) Matt hopes that taking the pressure to go national off Amy will speed up the divorce settlement. I've seen people like Matt many times in my previous profession as a Funeral Director. Even one of my good friend's father rushed through the burial of his step-father, always yup, yup yup, let's get it done. This is just the way some people handle things. The weight of the death and the grief will (and did) catch up wth him sometime along the way, it can't be avoided, just put off for a time. It does not indicate a lack of emotion or caring, it's just the best way some people have found to deal with the situation. Whether Matt truly cares about the marriage or not is, as usual, wide open for debate. With his previous actions being seen, and his previous opinions being stated, It does tend to lean in one direction.

Zach sets up a charity soccer game. I do wish that when Matt and Amy posted photos of the event, they went a little further to divulge the true premise for the game. Knowing that Zach was trying to raise funds to finance less fortunate LP's to be able to attend the Annual LPA convention, makes me think a little more of the whole thing, rather than Zach making money for himself. And yes, some of the LP's are really fast!

The property next door comes up for sale. There isn't a great deal of shared frontage, the property is sort of an upside down 'Idaho' shaped farm. Why they asked the twins' opinions is beyond me. Maybe the other two children's opinions don't matter I guess. What I found a bit disturbing is when Matt mentioned more than once he is better than living in a double wide RTM (ready to move) home. It seems beneath him apparently, that after his leading an extra-ordinary life, that he thinks he deserves something better. Well, OK there big MR, but remember YOU were the one that walked away from the marriage, YOU were the one that moved out of the big beautiful house you built with TLC's money and the kids' trust funds, and YOU wanted to be the rat jumping off the sinking ship by moving off the farm, then hoping to get your new property subdivided away so you can secure a place to live, regardless of what happens to Amy. Women and children first, my foot!

That's really about it for this week. I wonder if all the Audrey supporters who were SO silent about last week's episode will be a little more talkative this week?


Anonymous said...

It was very telling in last night's episode when after learning that his parents were going to make an offer on the neighboring land, Jeremy commented, that it would help settle where he and his wife would live when the moved back to the farm. I'm very interested in what Jeremy and Audrey believe they are going to do when they move back.

If they plan on building a house on the farm, a big question becomes if they are going to purchase a plot of the land from their parents. Cause if they just want to build a house, and not purchase the land it is sitting on, this could become a problem one day, when Matt and Amy pass away.

The question everyone has is with four children, and the farm being the biggest asset they have, as well as the pumpkin patch business, how will they divide that amongst their four children? The way Jeremy and Audrey speak is that they plan on to inherit it, and pass it along to their children. Obviously this would be unfair, and the other three children would not get a fair share if that happened. I will be interested to watch next weeks' episode, cause Matt makes a comment about how the children will be fighting over the farm, and he will be rolling in his grave. I wonder Matt and Amy have it in their will now, if each one is leaving their 50 percent equally amongst the children.

SScooter said...

Somebody needs to tell Jermyn that his hairstyle (I think it is call the man's bun) makes him look stupid

Roly Poly Oly said...

OK, so was Jeremy actually drooling when the suggestion of buying the adjacent property came up? Seriously, look at his eyes too. They light up because he and the other curly-haired wonder of a wife want their hands on that property. I mean, how awesome would it be to get a free place to live that is in the wide-open beautiful countryside in a free house and be paid to be yourself (and occasionally to fake scenes)?

And was Amy drooling too at the suggestion of buying the property, she of "we can't afford it" fame? Remember when Matt wanted to buy the farm next door, which he did do, and all she could say is, "No! Where's the money coming from?" Now she's whistling a different tune if it means Matt will move 20 feet farther away.

And if they're going to buy property together, why not just stay married, people? It gets ridiculouser and ridiculouser every week.

Yeah, the man bun has to go. I thought Jer was the "Farmer"? Recall that Matt told him he looked like a sissy when he got an earring in high school. The man bun is even more feminine. Why not just shave the ringlets off like in high school if they have to be tied back?

Something positive: I like Zach more and more as he gets older. He's not as much into the BS and stealing the property away from his parents? AND he's the twin who remained close to the family and married a less-frivolous girl (was Tori's team basket cute, or what?).

Gandhi said...

The funniest part for me was Amy mispronouncing Parmesan as par ME san.

PJ said...

I loved it when Golden Jer said he and Oddj would be moving into the house on the new property.Would that be with Matt who also intends to move in? Matt would chew Oddj up and spit her out in 3 seconds flat.

I really think the kvetching about the double wide has more to do with privacy than anything else. How can he have a swinging bachelor life with Amy right there?

Zach's heart seemed to be in the right place but I just don't get the point of the soccer game. Are they raising funds for a league or a camp for LPs? Raising awareness would need to be done in a far larger way to be effective.

Rap541 said...

I loved it when Golden Jer said he and Oddj would be moving into the house on the new property.Would that be with Matt who also intends to move in? Matt would chew Oddj up and spit her out in 3 seconds flat.

Yeah, it gets more and more hilarious. Jer is basically waiting to be gifted with a home. He's an ablebodied twenty six year old man who is *such* a go-getter, his future plans are for his handicapped parents to provide him a home and a living. I genuinely wonder how many of Jeremy and Audrey's expenses are covered by their actual work.

For real here, people, shouldn't Jer at least be offering to buy the farm? Matt and Amy bought that farm when they were about the same age as Jer and Auj... And yet Jeremy isn't expected, simply by being so awesome and not really crippled, to provide for his wife as well as his father did?


Jeremy as a *man* doesn't have to provide his wife and potential children with a home *he* earned? He's *right* to tell his father that when his father makes life changing decisions about the property he bought with his own work, that *Jeremy* as his son has the right to be at that table and to disagree with his parents if they don't do what he wants? How is that Jeremy *respecting* his parents - "Dad, I want to be there so you don't do something I don't agree with" - who is Jeremy to tell his father that he's the decision maker now? When did *Jeremy* earn the wealth he so clearly covets and expects to be handed?

I wonder what John Mark Comer would say about Jeremy not earning his own home and just expecting Matt and Amy to hand over theirs.

For the record, I think Matt doesn't like Auj all that much because Auj is too much like Matt himself.

I really think the kvetching about the double wide has more to do with privacy than anything else. How can he have a swinging bachelor life with Amy right there?

I agree that's part of it, but I got a great deal of snobbery from Matt's comments. Really, Matt? You didn't expect to be living in "a trailer" at your age? You need more space? You miss the social cache of saying "I live in a million dollar house"? Does it hurt your ego to say "I'm Matt Roloff and I live in a double wide"?

Poor poor Matt, with a three bedroom manufactured home that actually looks quite nice. A manufactured home that he rather obviously arranged ahead of time for his walk out on his marriage. I wonder Matt, was it so fucking shitty when you were laughing it up how awesome it was to have boys night in your house that you now despise because you're living in a trailer?

PJ - the soccer game may have raised some money but it was clearly for the show.

Ecossais said...

Rap it was more than a bit dull!!!

Little people staying at Amy's, little people sitting around talking with Zach, Zach standing in the middle of the pitch looking like a deer in the headlights (I think it was unkind to include that) and even more boring was the fake soccer match with Jer making a cameo appearance.

Then we have the drama of deciding, with twins' input, to buy the adjacent property only to find out in the same episode that they were outbid. What was that about.
Matt wants a real house - what happened to the house on the other property they added to farm some time back that Amy said they couldn't afford? The one with chickens crapping in it while they wanted to use it as a dressing room for the bride at one of their fake weddings.

Thanks to TLC they have more money than sense. Amy alone in the Matt Mansion, Matt with his office building and his trailer but wanting a "real" house and Jeremy and Audrey RENTING a house in Bend, three hours away. Maybe Audrey and Amy can't stand each other? I wouldn't blame Amy for that.

Kathy said...

I can't figure out where this show is going. What is their point? When the show first aired it was about little people and the challenges they have in their every day lives. Now it just seems like they all show up to collect a TLC paycheck. We see nothing at all about what they do with their days. We only see this manufactured fake garbage that is boring.

Rap541 said...

Matt wants a real house - what happened to the house on the other property they added to farm some time back that Amy said they couldn't afford? The one with chickens crapping in it while they wanted to use it as a dressing room for the bride at one of their fake weddings.

Oh, Eccosais, that's where it gets hilarious.

Matt actually had been pushing for a manufactured house for the "bridal suite" for some time, in part because the house that came with the property they bought really was in pretty crappy shape. So Matt went behind Amy's back and let the fire department burn that house down. Amy balked at getting the manufactured home for one or two episodes. Matt pitched a total fit over possibly sharing his office for one day versus spending about 60k on a manufactured home. Then the manufactured home was installed and within three months, Matt had magically moved out to the "doublewide".

So to recap - Matt was the one who so desperately wanted that trailer. Matt is the one who left his wife. And Matt is the one whining on tv how he's too goddamn good to be living in a "trailer".

And yes, it is a bit strange that Jeremy and Auj have no discernable jobs other than the show and are *renting*.

Liz said...

I can't follow the decisions made by these people. Matt goes on and on about "I'M SOOO SELLING THE FARM", but then turns around and wants to buy another house on the land? And talks about living in the "double-wide" forever. I'm so confused. And next episode, it looks like the soon-to-be divorced couple are dragging what kids they can to Hawaii? Sounds like a great idea... what?!
And yeah, Jer really really really wanted that house. When he was younger, I used to think he may actually go into engineering, and how interesting that would be. And he could do bigger projects than Matt did, and maybe bring some new projects to the farm. But nope. Ohwell.
Found out Jacob lives in my town which is kinda cool though.

Ann said...

I used to watch this show years ago and just starting watching again this season. Wow Jeremy is an arrogant lazy prick. He really thinks he is so special. I really get the sense that Amy never did and still doesn't like her son Jeremy, now I can see why.

Rally said...

What did Jeremy do with his LPBBW money? Zach bought a house with his money. Why can't Jeremy buy a farm?

Renee Weber said...

But most important... Was Amy wearing a wig in some of the scenes??

Anonymous said...

How come when the LP, that are staying in Amy's "B&B", walk into a room there is dirty laundry on the floor?

How come special Jer always seems to have a beer in his hand?

How come when the "realtor" is talking about the property next door from the atv, there clearly is shown survey markers which often indicates the sale has been made and the property has been sold?

Anonymous said...

Is Jeremy the smartest out of all of them when it comes to finances? Let's discuss.

Besides Matt and Amy, the two children who have benefited the most off of the television show is Jeremy and Zach. Their trusts were given to them when they turned 21, which was the filming money that they received for their time filming as children. As well as each getting around 150,000 to film their weddings for the television show, as well as the magazine pictures deal.

In 2013 Zach purchased his home, which he is currently living in with his wife Tori, for 260,000. The home is paid off. It is a huge accomplishment to have a quarter of a million dollar home paid for and in the clear by your mid 20's. This allows him though to live comfortably on his soccer coaching job, which is a typically salary of 40-50 dollars a game. They also have Tori's teaching job, which has a typically salary of 35,000 in Oregon. Without having to make a house payment though, you can get away with lower salary jobs. They also currently have money coming in from filming this season's LPBW.

As for Jeremy and Audrey, they seem to be going the opposite way. As with Zach who invested a good chunk of his money into buying his house, Jeremy and Audrey seem to be spending their money now why they are young. They rented in LA. They are currently renting a 400,000 home in Bend Oregon, which would be a typical 2500 rental for that area a month. Judging my their instagram, the vacations they take to the Virgin Islands, when cameras aren't rolling, the ski equipment, and skiing they do in Bend, birthday presents that are motorcycles, they are spending the money.

Their business beating 50, is young, and although it is a for profit business, most online business do not make capital in their first two years. I read somewhere, Audrey talking about how she can't wait one day to do marriage retreats in the virgin islands, and other places. So I think their master plan is to one day hold marriage retreats in exotic locations. One thing is for sure, this couple is not the 9-5 type of job holders. They are lucky that TLC gave them an hour of self promotion for their new business, like TLC did for sister wives closet. Without the show, I'm afraid they wouldn't have the chance of success because they wouldn't have the national recogintion or promotion.

The thing is with Jeremy and Audrey wanting to move to the farm, the question becomes, will they be allowed to move on their, without first having to purchase some of the land, and will they move into an already existing house, such as Matt's double wide, or will they actually spend the money to build a home of their own?

I believe their plan to be to move back to the farm, when they start having children. If that is the case, I can see Amy wanting to have her grandchildren close to her, that she would allow them the land without having to purchase it, or perphaps she move into the double wide, and allow them to have the main farmhouse.

So which is a wiser move. To invest most of the money into a house that you purchase for yourself, or to have a carefree lifestyle, and spend through the money, and then just move back to the farm, and hope that the land and house are given to you?

Lauren J said...

I found it refreshing the episode wasn't solely focused on Jeremy and Audrey. Those who still support Jeremy and Audrey despite their immense greed baffles me. They don't have any concern except for themselves and their future. Both Any and Matt are in a position they may need surgeries and or care in the future and the two live birds could really care less as long as they inherit the farm and have no expenses even if his parents suffer. Do they realize owning a farm requires work?! You can't just wave a magical wand and the work is complete. They are both so clueless. I wish Amy and Matt would sell the farm and take care of their futures.

Felix the dog (I see it all) said...

I agree wholeheartedly about how unfair it is for Jeremy to be expecting a handout when Matt worked his butt off as a young not-able-bodied man in sales (never an easy occupation) to make a life for his family.

He moved from the expensive Bay Area and found a job and then the property in Oregon. He had forethought.

Jeremy has forethought too, I suppose. He is thinking of getting the property and the big house down the road by driving a tractor on weekends in October.

Jeremy and Audrey will wiggle their way into the big house soon enough, mark my words. It's too big for Amy (I'll bet she rarely ventures upstairs), which boggles my mind once again about the futility of divorcing when they had 4,000 square feet and all the space on the farm in separate buildings to get away from one another.

I too think Matt wants to start dating and can't do it with Amy right next door. And Amy probably couldn't bear to watch that charade anyway. That is when Amy will move away from the farm--when Matt finds another woman. He'll buy her a little place in town, near Zach.

Lucy Lu said...

The soccer stuff was boring so I tuned out at that point, but I did enjoy the weekly episode known as "Jeremy Steals the Farm." That'll be the Little People, Big World spin-off starring Jeremy and Audrey Roloff (with occasional--but only occasional--appearances by Zach and Tori). It'll be called Big People, Little Brains.

Gail said...

Liz, why is it cool? Do you find people that do drugs "cool"? Explain yourself Liz. Jacob posts pictures of his drug paraphernalia. It's out of hand. I looked it up and that's the truth. How can Isabel go around lying to people by saying Jacob doesn't do drugs. Honey maybe you should look at the pictures he's posting or is she drugged up too?

People trying to make Jeremy look greedy because he wants the farm are Christian haters and nothing more. It happens with family farms. The one who shows the most passion takes it over. Jeremy has always shared Matt's love of the farm.

Ecossais said...

Excuse me Gail but this thread is about the latest LPBW episode NOT your constant bitching about Jacob. When will it penetrate your thick head that Jacob is not on the show anymore?

Why don't you and the Jacob bashers start a "We hate Jacob" blog?

Stop It, Please said...

Well, when in doubt, reach for another soccer episode. Not sure this can get any more boring or pointless.

In any case, the divorce is final and all assets have been allocated: http://radaronline.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/roloff-divorce-judgement-agreement-signed.pdf

Someone with legal expertise may be able to figure out what the disposition of the farm is from this. But other than mention of trust funds, it would appear that OfAuj isn't getting the farm.

PJ said...

Gail you Twit,
Liz thinks it's cool Jacob lives in her little town. You know, that someone from TV lives near her.
You don't really know anything about Jacob and Isabel's lives now (or ever).

People seeing The Golden Couple as greedy has nothing to do with their religion and everything to do with their actions and comments. You are obsessed with the imaginary persecution of "christians" (since none of you are following the spirit of what Jesus said). So you think it's right for Golden Jer to take everything and leave his siblings with nothing? Really?


Ecossais said...

"Jeremy has always shared Matt's love of the farm".

That's a joke. He chooses to live a three hour drive away and is only there when there is TLC money to be made. His love is "fame" and the playboy life.

Rap541 said...

People trying to make Jeremy look greedy because he wants the farm are Christian haters and nothing more. It happens with family farms.

Its actually been explained by multiple people that no, this actually isn't what happens with family farms.

Gail, if Matt and Amy "give" Jeremy the farm - the big boy has not once said "I will pay my parents for their property" - then what happens if Matt does need assisted living? How is Matt going to pay for that? Will Jeremy pay for that? Do you understand that the land value of the farm is probably the biggest retirement assessment Matt and Amy have? Does Jeremy deserve it?

Gail, am I wrong to say if Jeremy wants a home, Jeremy should be a man and earn one with his own hard work? Why are you against that? Why do you insist Jeremy be the Roloff infant? Seriously, what is so terribly wrong with Jeremy that he's not expected to provide for himself? Explain yourself, Gail, why do you think Jeremy shouldn't be a man and work for his own farm?

The worst part is that you refuse to see how if Jeremy wants the farm, he wants to *farm*, he wants to be the new Matt Roloff, why in hell is he living three hours away? Shouldn't he be saying "Dad, Auj and I are going to rent here in Hillsboro and I wam going to show up here every day to work and I want to learn from you!"

Why isn't Jeremy on the farm, farming? He says he wants it so why is he piddling away in Bend doing all that hiking and camping and screwing around with friends when he could be FARMING!

Gail? He says he WANTS it so explain why he isn't even asking to be employed on the farm. Matt's not getting any younger, and Jeremy has already said he isn't ready - and he never will be if he doesn't put away playing in Bend and devote himself to *the farm*.

I mean, damn, you know what? *Jeremy* isn't getting any younger at this point. Gail - is Jeremy showing us all how he's got an AWESOME future? Because all I see is a dumbass who expects his parents to do for him despite how he's supposed to be doing for himself.

Mike P said...

I doubt sincerely that the Roloffs were outbid on the property. Rather, I'd bet good money that the owner was fed up to the gills with Roloff disturbance and arrogance years ago, and wouldn't sell it to them if they were the last buyers on Earth.

X said...

Gail, shut the fuck up right now. "Weed" is not "DRUGS". Weed is marijuana. A plant. Weed is weed and nothing more. It's harmless.

So don't mention the fact Isabel is trying to set the rumors straight. He is smoking weed, not doing drugs. And there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps if the rest of the family smoked more they'd be easier to be around.

MS said...

"People trying to make Jeremy look greedy because he wants the farm are Christian haters and nothing more"

Is this how it works in your daily life, Gail? Anyone who disagrees with you or says something you don't like is automatically a "Christian hater"? Of the many people calling out Jeremy and Audrey for their laziness and greed (not just here -- take a look at other sites too), you do realize odds are some of them are Christian, right? In which case you're effectively calling some Christians "Christian haters".

Rap541 said...

MS - I'd go even further. Gail - why as a Christian man, is Jeremy NOT required to provide himself and his wife and potential children with a home he earned through his own work? Aren't Christian men supposed to provide? Jeremy isn't a boy any more so why does he expect his daddy and mommy to provide him and his wife a roof over their heads and a nice place to raise his children? Isn't it *Jeremy's* responsibility as a Christian man to provide a nice place for his children to be raised? And how is it "Christian hating" to ask why Jeremy isn't expected to act as a strong Christian man?

Seriously folks, is it really *against Christian values, HATING CHRIST* to say a man should work for his own living and not expect his parents to take care of his needs well into adulthood? That's HATING CHRIST?

Jeremy is forever a little boy under these rules, you do realize that, Gail? Poor widdle piddle pants Jer-Bear needs Daddy Matt to provide a place for him to bang the wifey cause *Jesus*! No wonder Jeremy isn't wanting a kid any time soon - once Jeremy has a kid, *Jeremy* stops being a little boy who needs to be provided for, and has to actually tend his own needs and give up everything for his child and I suspect Jer and Auj much prefer being pampered little children who must be provided for.

Rap541 said...

Oh, and Gail, Jeremy is making himself look greedy when he talks about how he *expected* to be given the farm, and how his plans to live at the farm are more important than his parents plans, and how his parents need to be considering Jeremy's needs first.

Show me the big boy offering to buy the property, Gail. Come on, that's all the proof I'd need to say he wasn't being greedy. Show me Jeremy willing to stand up like the man you insist he is and say "I don't want a gift, mom and dad, I want to buy this property with my own money."

Greedy people demand gifts and get pissy when they don't get them. Oh look, Jeremy is an Anne Bailey Christian after all - just like Anne DEMANDING she be given this blog as a free gift, Jeremy is telling his parents he wants the farm with NO offer of compensation, aka Jeremy expects a million dollar gift. In Jesus's name, gimme or else you hate Christ!

Gail? Is that it? Give it or else you hate Christ? Is Jeremy not receiving a million dollar gift a sign that Matt and Amy *hate* and are not Christians? Because you're making this about Jesus - Matt and Amy must be Christian Haters too since they are the ones denying Jeremy his farm, right? If they don't do what Jeremy wants, it's because they HATE CHRIST, right?

Rhonda said...

Not gonna lie, I used to come here and write comment after comment about my dislike for the golden couple, but now I come here and there are 10+ comments about them on their own. They are digging their own grave. Haha

Old Scratch said...


Kathy said...

Jeremy is not a real Christian. He is a wannabe Christian.

Darren said...

*See Audrey's comment on Jacob's latest photo professing his real love for Isabel.

*See Audrey's comment on Isabel's photo of she and Jacob attending Bryan's wedding.

Still want to argue that Audrey hates them both? Seems like the family got a bit closer this last weekend.

Laura said...

X, that is ridiculous. I couldn't agree more with Gail. It is completely irresponsible of Jacob to tweet pictures of his drug items.

Stop it with "it's a plant!"...marijuana is a drug. It is a drug and a person who does it and flaunts and brags that they do it (Jacob) is a drug user.

I remember Isabel trying to fool that person to Jacob's instagram by telling them it's a lie when the person said they heard Jacob does drugs.

He is such a pot addict that he posts pictures of his tools on his twitter.

People turn to drugs when their lives are empty and they haven't figured out the key to happiness is through Jesus.

Jacob and Isabel might think they are cool by trying to show off that he does drugs, but they are embarrassing themselves, tarnishing their souls and serving Satan.

Brandon said...

Darren, I'm not sure who thinks any of the Roloffs hate each other and they certainly wouldn't act like it.

Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach and Tori do what is the best for the Roloff image. That means acting like one big happy family.

And I'm in the group that loses more respect for Jacob and Isabel as they get more chummy with the other Roloffs. I think they reveal themselves to be cowards and hypocrites. Being besties with noted cat tosser and gun freak, Mueller? That's supposed to be a good thing.

I think it's true that it shows a lack of character when they pretend to bash a certain behavior or opinion on twitter and then in real life are hanging out with the people who are that behavior.

It seems classic Roloff to me.

Troy said...

Anybody who thinks the story lines on the show are real is an idiot.

PJ said...

Yes, marijuana is a drug. Just like tobacco and alcohol. We have millions of addicts in this country addicted to these legal drugs.
if Jacob's life is empty it's because he raised himself. his parents were to busy with the Magic Twins to bother much with Jacob. After Mike died Jake had no one to him find his way.

As far as you and your girlfriend Gail go. My grandfather always said he'd rather go to hell and be with friends than go to heaven and be with stick up your butt people like you. I agree.

Rorie said...

Wow, Anonymous did some awesome homework. Just one correction, Tori works in the State of Washington, remember? She is in Vancouver, which isn't far from Oregon. But good sleuthing to figure out that Zach and Tori own their own house (goof for them!) and about the property possibly having already been sold.

I, however, looked up property in that general area and found that the sale went in on June 1, so it hadn't been sold by the time the filming was done, although an offer may have been put in and accepted. By the way, it sold for $1.04 million. The Roloffs may be annoying neighbors, especially at pumpkin season, but they're driving prices up in the area, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

alcohol is also considered a drug and Jeremy seems to always have a drink in his hands in pictures that are posted to his social media accounts. I hope you're holding him to the same standard you're holding Jacob.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I just sent in my short (there wasn't much there) review.

Anonymous June 23, 2016 at 11:12 AM, where did you get your factual information that there were indeed trust funds. I have not seen any solid proof about any of the kids getting anemone from trust funds. True, daddy Matt has doled out money when asked (much to some haters' on both sides chagrin) but we've NEVER seen anything concrete about nay trust funds whatsoever.

Ghandi June 22, 2016 at 4:51 PM, I forgot to mention that in my review. Good catch! After the completely faked up Xmas episode when her friend Liz told her to get that Par meeeeee zhan crap out of your mind. Great indication of overall intelligence.

Gail and Liz didn't have too much to say about last week's episode.

Jesus Denada said...

Jacob is smoking the devil's harvest! I hope our lord and savior, Jesus Aitch Christ breaks his new bowls. That outta make his evil soul come to Christ! Oh, don't even get me started on his devilish hair. We learned in 1st Corinthians that, "Thou shall not take up the ways of the woman"' and here he is with hair that is longer than I'd like. I call for the immediate damnnation (sp?) of long haired drug smokers and those who forsake their marriage vows. Not only that, I'm not so sure Jeremy is safe from the eternal fire with his man bun. Repent Jer! There may still be time.

Inhale said...

Laura says "It is completely irresponsible of Jacob to tweet pictures of his drug items...marijuana is a drug. It is a drug and a person who does it and flaunts and brags that they do it (Jacob) is a drug user."

In Oregon, recreational marijuana use is legal. In California, possessing an ounce or less is currently a civil infraction (like a speeding ticket), and this fall, voters will get the chance to make that legal as well. In both states, medical marijuana use is already legal. If a drug is legal, why are you so hyped up about it? Laura, do you ever take Advil? OMG, you're a DRUG USER! LOL...

Alcohol is ALSO a drug. One that can do FAR more damage to the body than marijuana (see http://www.medicaldaily.com/marijuana-vs-alcohol-effects-psychoactive-drugs-have-physical-and-mental-health-332094), with far fewer beneficial uses. Shouldn't we then also acknowledge that Matt, Jeremy, and Audrey are heavy drug users? They certainly don't hide their love of and frequent consumption of alcohol. In fact, Audrey often posts about (flaunts) their drug use, including PICTURES.

I think Laura and Gail could use a little weed...

BluRoses said...

Kinda sad what the show has all become really

Rap541 said...

Sorry, I am still stunned that expected an able bodied adult male to provide a home for his wife and potential family on his own is "CHRIST HATING".

Does John Mark Comer know this? I mean really, I don't know why the Christians were praise him so when his views are clearly falling into "CHRIST HATING" as John Mark Comer pretty clearly says a man should take care of his family... but per Gail that's CHRIST HATING.

I wonder if Matt Roloff knows he was CHRIST HATING when he didn't demand Daddy Ron give up his home to Matt?

Paula said...

It's not funny that Jacob is proud of being a drug user. Isabel should not be lying to folks and telling them it's not true that Jacob uses drugs when he does.

It is proven that marijuana is a gateway drug and that is true for Jacob because he has admitted to taking "Acid" and Xanax and who knows what else know.

Going around showing off that he is always getting high and posting pictures of his druggie stuff is not cool.

He should be in drug counselling.

Ashley said...

It's true that Jeremy always seems to have a beer in his hand. It seems like almost every picture of Jeremy out somewhere he has a beer in hand.

Christine said...

I find Isabel to be so insincere. Now she's posting sucking up to Molly saying she is the greatsst person she has ever met.

Yeah? The person who praised Kirk Cameron for saying gay people destroy the world?

And isabel was tweeting stuff after orlando pretending to be in such support of gay rights? If that was true I don't think molly could be the most amazing person ever. Her words are so hallow.

Rap541 said...

(Looks at Christine's post)

(Notes that Isobel was not in the episode and neither was Molly)

(Notes that Christine is derailing the discussion about the episode)

Christine - your thoughts on what actually aired? Any opinion on the soccer match plot or Matt and Amy buying more property despite the impending divorce? I mean, who does that? Likewise these commercials of Matt telling Amy they're going to Hawaii - who vacations with the ex?

Ecossais said...

What happened to Podge/Rodge's review?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Gail, what does it take to get through to you? THAT'S NOT HOW FAMILY FARMS WORK!!!!!!!!!! Why don't you get too your judgmental backside and give us YOUR experiences from YOUR knowledge, rather than spewing what you're been fed to believe and following without a conscious thought of your own? YOU CAN'T. You and your kind are the real problem in America today.

Rorie June 24, 2016 at 3:42 PM Anonymous has not proven any of this so-called research. Don't believe anything that you can't verify yourself. From sources other than what people want you to believe from the internet. Seek your own sources.

I'm STILL surprised that none of the Auj supporters have NOT commented or supported Audrey's action on badgering her husband and proving him wrong and calling him out for his obvious lack on interest and concern is the epitome of the actions of a dutiful wife in a 'covenant' marriage.

"Oh, it's fine for Jeremy to have a drink on occasion." EVERY time the camera's on him? AND during the weekly introduction? Paula, I'll ask you also, when was the last time you had a conscious thought of your own, and your justification for it?

I'm not holding my breath.

Inhale said...

It is proven that marijuana is a gateway drug

Paula, please cite credible sources, or you're just saying what you want to hear. I know plenty of people who have been using marijuana for years, with no desire for or interest in using any other "drugs" (as you and Laura and Gail define them).

Christine said...

Rap541, with all due respect, I saw other people talking about Jacob. In all honesty, I find what the Roloffs are like in real life far more interesting than the fake story lines. I didn't feel going back 6 articles to find one about Jacob to post my comment someone way down there. I'm sorry if you were offended.

I'm sorry but I don't think Molly is the most amazing person ever. I think she is a hateful homophobe. It annoys me that people like Jacob and Isabel can pretend that they are for gay rights and then go around sucking up to a homophobe.

Paula said...

Inhale, you want a source. Here is a source. What do you have to say for yourself now?


Mr. Robert L Dupont president of the Institute for Behavior and Health and the first director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

"It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of heroin users have used marijuana (and many other drugs) not only long before they used heroin but while they are using heroin. Like nearly all people with substance abuse problems, most heroin users initiated their drug use early in their teens, usually beginning with alcohol and marijuana. There is ample evidence that early initiation of drug use primes the brain for enhanced later responses to other drugs."

"People who are addicted to marijuana are three times more likely to be addicted to heroin."

"The legalization of marijuana increases availability of the drug and acceptability of its use. This is bad for public health and safety not only because marijuana use increases the risk of heroin use."

"A better drug policy is one that actively discourages marijuana use as well as other recreational drug use, especially for youth. The aggressive commercialization of marijuana that is now rampant and still growing is particularly damaging to the public health because it markets marijuana and an array of increasingly potent products in ever more attractive ways that encourage marijuana use and frequent high-dose THC use."

There is your proof.

Marijuana is a dangerous drug and Jacob is a "druggie". Isabel should stop lying to people when she says it's a lie that Jacob is a drug user and Jacob and Isabel should stop being proud of being stoners and should stop flaunting their drug paraphernalia.

Jacob shouldn't be on twitter. He should be in rehab.

Rap541 said...

Christine, with all due respect, was Isabel in the episode? I'm *sorry* you just didn't want to be bothered to find the right place to post yet another bitch over the twitter comments of someone who isn't on the show and has yet to be named on the show. Clearly you are too fucking special to be courteous.

If I seem offended - its because EVERY FUCKING EPISODE so far in this season has not had Isabel in it and yet nearly EVERY EPISODE THREAD has someone bitching about how they hate Isobel and they are compelled to read Isobel's twitter and then bitch here how they hate everything she posts on twitter.

Spirit - Since Christine and many others can't display manners, how about a "I WANNA BITCH ABOUT ISOBEL'S TWITTER" Thread where such random, completely off topic posts can be directed? Instead of the constant derailment? Oh wait - never mind - CHristine has already made it clear she just can't be fucking bothered.

Rap541 said...

Try looking this Robert L. Dupont up, Paula.

Just looking at Wikipedia, I can find two things that make him less than perfectly credible, 1) the reality that his views on pot are actually not agreed with by current scientific consensus, and 2) That he served as a paid consultant for Straight Inc, an incredibly abusive rehab network that has been successfully sued by former patients for amongst other things, false imprisonment and maltreatment.

I'm not even all that pro-pot - I've never tried it and have no interest in doing so, but the gateway drug concept actually does apply more to alcohol.

PJ said...

Where was Jacob in this episode? Then why are you harping on him yet again?

Pot can be a gateway drug for some people. But no more so than alcohol. If Jacob should be in rehab maybe he could share a room with Matt and Golden Jer since both have demonstrated a problem with alcohol.

Inhale said...

Hmmm...Well, Paula, I appreciate that at least you provided a source. However, I'm a bit skeptical of Dr. DuPont, for several reasons. One, his work with NIDA was during the 70s, a time when marijuana use of any kind was illegal and strongly prosecuted. Because of its illegality, it was inevitable that users would also be exposed to harder, more addictive drugs, because that was the environment in which the sale of marijuana operated at that time. Today, in Oregon, someone can walk into a neighborhood cannabis store and buy a multitude of cannabis products with nary an illegal drug or black market drug dealer in sight. Legal access changes the experience of marijuana use drastically. Second, Dr. DuPont was a paid consultant for Straight, Incorporated, a "non-profit drug rehabilitation program" for young people that was highly controversial, and that has been the subject of numerous allegations of abuse, and which was successfully sued for false imprisonment and maltreatment (http://survivingstraightinc.com/). Finally, his position on marijuana as the "most dangerous" drug is at odds with current medical opinion and research, which finds (are you ready?) ALCOHOL to be the most harmful drug, based on harm caused to both the user and others (http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/newsandeventspggrp/imperialcollege/newssummary/news_1-11-2010-15-43-18).

However, I realize neither of us are likely to change opinions. You are determined to paint Jacob as a DRUG USER, something that to your mind is evil and horrible, while Jeremy, Audrey, and Matt are just fine drinking themselves silly. Whatever, we've both had our say, and I'm not particularly interested in continuing the conversation.

Kathy said...

Somebody is a little bit obsessive about Jacob. Was he on the episode and we all missed it?

Rap541 said...

Inhale - its all the more hilarious that Jeremy, Zach, and Mueller were al known to inhale the demon weed...

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Kathy, all it takes now, according to the haters on here, is a MENTION of Jacob. No mention os Isabel is apparently, necessary to start the onslaught of off-topic and infantile (sorry, high school) complaining. I don't know about Rap541, but I'm thinking of making mention of the Spawn of Satan an the She-Devil of Liberty High in all my reviews, just to help the process along. I honestly have no idea why they want to comment about Isabel's behavior, but forego any comment on Audrey's behavior towards her husband in the previous episode.

gargramel said...

Wow are you kidding being married to thst bitch is enough reason for anyone to walk it on the marriage. She is constantly nasty nasty nasty to him makes fun of his ideas(which by the way deem to have helped provide her with a pretty good lifestyle).
I don't think much of them for excluding the youngest child all the time especially on the newest episode of the trip to Hawaii. ..yup no molly and no jacob..surprise surprise. Jeremy is a lazy ass entitled brat who is being egged on by his gold digging wife.

Kathy said...

They went on a trip to Hawaii, a family trip, yet where were Molly and Jacob? There wasn't even a mention of why there were not there. It was almost like they didn't even exist.

Alex said...

Anyone who doesn't think Jer got a trust fund is deranged. I am the same age as him and my partner and I both work full time, pay a fraction of what they do in rent, own fewer vehicles and toys, never go out to eat, don't drink, save hard, and have barely anything left over. If Jer and Auj are 25/26 and able to have 3 cars, a motorcycle, tons of fancy camera equipment, pay ~$2,000/month in rent, they either have a trust fund or are drowning in debt.

Anonymous said...

For those who questioned about trust funds that I discussed had already been paid out to Jeremy and Zach. Many questioned if any trust funds were established for the children. You can see in their divorce records provided by Radaronline, that yes, Matt and Amy have trusts for their children. This was one of the points of contention with Jacob.

Matt and Amy still have jurisdiction over his account, and have to approve how the money is to be spent or given. They felt Jacob was too immature at the time to have his account, and therefore are holding on to the trust, until a time, they see fit.

It's discussed a little here in Item 10 lines 21-24.


Podge/Rodge groupie. said...

Yes, Anonymous, I saw that later when I read the judgement, so thank you for pointing this out. There is nothing, as usual about age or amounts (there could be $1.00 for all we know lol!) but it would have to be listed for the judgement's sake.

Also, I believe the reason Jacob is listed on the judgement is he is under 21 and could be easily listed as a wholly dependent child, but as he is no longer living in the State of Oregon the judgement's no ruling was applied.

Anonymous said...

Jacob is a spoiled cretin! He deserves nothing and I hope he does get a cent from the show. He needs to practice up for his career .... "You want fries with that...?"