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Reviews Of New Episode of Little People, Big World On Tuesday June 7, 2016

Here are 2 reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on TLC on Tuesday June 7th, 2016.


Review Written by Rap541

So normally I watch the rerun of the previous episode but I have a new cable set up and can now pretty much watch new episodes of Criminal Minds on the hour since a friend recently turned me on to that show.
And do you really need the reminder that for the umpteenth time, Matt was an ass to Amy, Amy got pissed, and Jeremy and Auj took a few minutes off from their constant sex to say yet again that they want to be handed the farm. I actually discussed this on a different board, how strange it was that it was Jeremy, the able bodied, theoretically primed for success child who seemed bound and determined to be handed a living by his daddy while his much less abled brother who may have significant health issues as life goes on (did you know Jen from Season one ended up in a wheel chair?) and may not be able to work is never even asking to be daddy’s heir.

Oh look, this gonna be Matt bonding with the twins while Amy goes out to salsa classes. Yay.

Matt skypes with Jeremy and goes on about how he misses Jeremy and misses bonding with Jeremy. Matt sounds drunk as he asks Jeremy to bond with him over projects. Jeremy says no, he actually has stuff to do.

An aside, I am not over fond of skyping. It just seems silly. And here’s something interesting. Aside from the novelty factor, most people don’t like face to face over the phone customer servicing.

Amy is worried that she is retreating. She has her friend Lisa over to talk about how so lonely she is and also how she doesn’t want to see Matt dating. We hear yet again how Amy never expected to marry, which I both understand and kinda feel bad for her on several levels. Because a) she’s obviously been raised to believe that her role as a woman is to be married and a mother and nothing else, and she’s starting to see how she got the shit end of the stick on that. And b) she isn’t an ugly woman at all and clearly has never been encouraged to see herself as pretty and Matt probably hasn’t helped with the years of on camera “My wife sucks” stuff.

Matt is eating food with Bill a fellow divorcee. Matt is now more reflective as he doesn’t see the kids as much. I think the soundtrack flips to “Cat’s in the Cradle” as Matt is all “Oh gosh I should have spent more time with the kids”. I kinda wish the show had done a montage of Matt smiling and merrily noting how he had NO REGRETS over hitting the twins graduation late or how he had NO REGRETS over ditching Zach, Molly and Jacob in Ireland because he wanted to have fun with Jer, or how he had NO REGRETS over ditching the entire family on Mother’s day and the twins birthday because he just needed to go to Maui and have me time, or how he has NO REGRETS over merrily leaving HOW MANY family vacations because the farm, which he apparently now feels is an anchor, was far more important?

Zach and Tori are weirdly shocked to have Matt turn up at their house with camera crews and this seems really forced and fake. Matt pleads with Zach to spend time with him, and Zach is all “I am busy” and Matt notes how maybe Jeremy should be involved and this rapidly turns into a “lets go camping”. Matt waxes fondly on how he and the twins went camping in the olden days. Seriously though, this felt pretty fake.

Amy wanders into Matt’s office to tell him she wants to paint the kitchen cabinets. This is relatively cordial. She wants white, and Matt likes wood grain but he’s nothing but conciliatory. He lets her know how sad he is about how the twins have drawn away from him. He plans to take the twins and go camping. Amy loves the idea and plans to hang with the wives.

TWO DAYS LATER! Lisa is back and designing the kitchen. Amy wants antique white. I dunno, I rather like the rustic look. I also think the money could be better spent than replacing a perfectly nice kitchen but the Roloffs have trade outs to grab….

I am fairly amused though that Amy just… hires a contractor and apparently has the remodel half done already. Aren’t these the same people who had the house torn up for six months remodeling? Funny how there’s much less drama when Matt isn’t running the show.

Jeremy is all “I’m a man and I drop my busy plans of nothing to camp because GRR MAN!” Audrey notes how Amy is a mess and needs a friend and Audrey is ready to give Amy marital advice. Matt is excited for the trip. They are taking atvs and essentially all the camping gear ever. There’s some sort of massive grill on the truck. There’s a canoe.  There’s fishing. Jeremy and Zach fish with much griping from Jer. It’s all whining. Matt’s all “did we even pack food? Hee hee hee! Tory sent Zach a goody basket.

Pretty lengthy commercial breaks. Seriously we’re about three minutes on this.

Now we have the Roloff men at the campfire. Oh sweet, Auj’s special gift to Jer is booze. Matt notes how his wife packed no treat. Well, you did leave her, Matt.

Amy and the daughter in-laws chat over the newly renovated kitchen. Seriously it took next to no time. Amy is taking them to a wine bar and salsa dancing.

Back at the camp, Jeremy notes how Zach is away from the wife for the first time. It’s sweet but also condescending. I’m just saying, did Jeremy ever get a “explain how you feel about NOT BEING NEAR YOUR WIFE FOR THE FIRST TIME ON CAMERA, JEREMY!” moment?  Matt really seems drunk here as he talks about how he screwed up and made mistakes. Of course he notes how he was very driven and was working constantly. Jeremy notes that Matt’s projects became his wife. Jeremy really needs to be married longer than under two years to be giving his dad advice. Matt notes he has NO REGRETS as Jeremy notes Matt could make it work. Jeremy hay bales that there’s still hope. Matt slurs a bit and Jeremy continues to harp on how *his* kids will see Matt and Amy’s divorce and learn divorce is ok and really Jeremy, it’s not about you or your imaginary children. Jeremy notes how he will have a problem when Mom and Dad start dating and again Jer, you’re 26 and this isn’t about you. Considering how much you apparently like sex, you really don’t get to tell your parents that they can never do it again because the idea of it upsets you. He seriously is reacting like a ten year old.

Amy admits to the in-laws that her advice to their husbands was to not act like Matt. Amy mentioned how she went to counseling and Audrey wonders if she would go to counseling again and really no, no, no. Auj, you don’t get to tell your mother in law to seek counseling to stay married. Amy is pretty mature about it, I think.

Back at the camp, Matt slurs more about how awesome the boys are and how imbalanced he is. He asks if they feel he didn’t pay attention to them. They both note how Matt never went to their games. Zach hay bales that they were way easy on dad over that. Jeremy is all “You BUILT SOMETHING DAD! AND I WANT TO CARRY IT ON FOR YOU GIVE ME THE FARM!”

Back in Portland, Amy, Auj, and Tory score some black tar heroin (joking people!)and go salsa dancing. It’s fun to watch. Then we have some sort of grade school pick a partner and Amy is horrified! And shamed by all the memories of NOT BEING PICKED. And commercial!

And the commercial is of course about selling the farm.

Back to the horrors of partner choosing. And of course some nice, rather short latino fellow chooses her. Essentially Amy had a ball at the dancing and Tory is pleased and Auj seems pleased too.

Despite all the talk of no food, the menfolk are grilling tons of crap on their giant grill. Matt notes how he sent the kids out as children to be eaten by coyotes. Matt then tells them both that he’s considering selling the farm and he might need the money for assisted living and Jeremy is SCARED because he wants the farm.

Matt apparently wants to live at the same assisted living place my grandma lived at. Jeremy is APPALLED that he might not be handed the farm. Jeremy goes on and on about how he was always led to believe that the farm would always be there and now it might not and Jeremy is worried because he WANTS THE FARM and now that might not happen and OMG HE MIGHT NOT BE HANDED WHAT HE WANTS.

Jeremy hun? Grow up. You’re an adult. Your daddy and your mommy do not owe you anything. You want a fun cool farm? You’re able bodied and have money from a reality show. Go out and get it. The more you sit around whining on camera how your daddy and mommy need to think about you first in their divorce, the more you look like a helpless douche.

Oh look – next week is Auj and Jer’s advertisement for their website where per Christians here, gays are not welcome! And of course we get to see the dissolution of Matt and Amy’s vows to God to be wed.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie


I wrote this up without seeing any other reviews or comments. I did not want to biased by the opinions or insanity of others.

We see the useless windmill again. Matt haybales that he wants to see his kids more often. Matt, they have their own lives now! It’s been close to two years, Matt. So he stage-Skypes Special Jer. Horrible acting by both. Jer looked soooooo interested. Jer can’t make it to the farm. Yeah, right Jer. The only reason Matt wants to see you is to keep the show going. And you signed a contract so you are obligated. Matt says, “Of course I understand the kids have their own lives”. NO, you don’t, Matt. You came to the realization that the show is not all about you. More on that in a bit.

Amy is plugging the ‘second act’ thing with Lisa, while suffering from diarrhea on the pity pot again. “Where did Matt and I go wrong?” WHAT? Goodness girl, that’s one of the silliest questions you could come up with. So it’s obvious you’ve never looked in a mirror? Oh well. Amy wonders what will happen if Matt starts dating. What concern is that of yours? Well? And to have her say, “To think that you will date, and it never happens.” Please. I can’t understand why this show is not listed as a situation comedy.

            We’re at Stanford’s for a product placement. They’ve had their share of mileage out of this series as well. Unfortunately, no more freebies at the Mad Greek Deli I guess. Matt needs a foil just like Amy, so hi Bill. He whines that he doesn’t see his kids enough. Sigh, not that they have their own lives or anything (see par. 1). He mentions Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” and wonders where he went wrong with his kids. Well, you mean where did you go wrong with your other three kids, Matt? It was well documented that you lived your life vicariously through The Golden Boy, but shit on the other three kids. He whines about the high maintenance of the farm. What does he actually DO? Not one word about Camarino, who is the real rock behind the farm, or the rest of the staff.

            Zach and Tori’s house. Did anyone catch the “……….humble with your god” poster on the wall? It’s more than I saw at Auj and ofAuj’s house. Matt haybales that I’ll try to catch Zach at home. It’s harder to turn down your old man when he’s in the same room. “For a couple of hours” and “I was just in the neighborhood”, yeah right Matt. And you wonder where you went wrong? Not in five years, says Tori. Soooooo staged. I won’t retell the rest of the buffoonery. Then, the revelation comes down from on high (or the Storyline Cheat Sheet), “What about an old school camping trip?” Situation comedy, folks lol. Matt hayblaes again, “I need to spend more time with my kids”. They have lives of their own now, Matt, Part 2.

            Amy goes to Matt’s office and wants to paint the kitchen. The close-ups are really corny. It’s not like it’s your decision there, Matt. Enough said. Amy calls Lisa for advice. Amy says something like, If I get some help, I can do this. Pardon? What did you do, Amy? Decide on colours. That’s all! Ryan and the contractors did everything else. Everything. Ryan rings the doorbell and Amy lets him in, after he’s been there to prep, mask, prime and put the first coat of colour on there. Horrible acting.

            Going camping. Zach is completely prepared, “uh……..what?” He went to space camp, so I guess he can qualify as a space cadet. Bill and Matt fish. Special Jer asks from shore if they caught a single fish yet. He has a glass in his hand. Maybe he could audition for Trailer Park Boys and give Julian (Jean Paul Tremblay) a run for his money. Matt’s worried about fish for lunch. They had lots of hamburgers, and lots for breakfast. Horrible acting again. Zach did look totally surprised by Tori’s CARE Package. Special Jer gets a gift of his own, a six pack. Because, as Auj says, “He NEEDS a six pack for camping”. No alcohol problem here, folks. Like that’s all the beer that was there. We’re camping, folks. More situation comedy. Jer just NEEDS a six pack. Matt whines, “where’s my treat. I want a treat”. Oy. It’s not all about you Matt, Part 3 (I think).

            Amy’s kitchen is antique white. Wonderful. The girls head out for the evening.

            Back to camping. Here’s where the skunk starts to show his true colours. Zach is apart from Tori for the firs time in six months. Matt says when things are smooth, great. It’s when you hit the challenges………. So, what did you do over the years, Matt? Go on vacation? Scream and yell at the people who were good enough to help you because you knew nothing else but micro-managing? Blame everyone else but yourself? These were all on the show, Matt. He did admit, to be fair, that he made enough mistakes. Yes Matt, we know. You inconvenienced your family for more than six months while you relished spending TLC’s money enlarging the house. You totally ignored your other three children while you idolized (which is a sin) The Golden Boy. He even told the story that while he was working for a living, you know, the LAST real job he ever had, being number 53 out of the 53 Sales Engineers laid off by SAP, that he would come home after working all day, then go back to the pc after 11:00PM and worked until 3:00AM. Here’s a question. Why didn’t Judgemental Jer call HIM a workaholic, because he called a single mother who is struggling to make ends me a workaholic? Strange. Special Jer tells his dad that you can always learn from your mistakes. He haybles that his dad is obsessed, no balance. No, Jer, your dad is self-centered and NEVER thinks of anyone else, that’s what you see an imbalance. More on your misinterpretation of what you see a little later. Jeremy admonishes his dad for not correcting the mistakes he and Amy have made over the years. He actually says, “You assume you know what’s best for the situation”. You snotty little jerk. YOU don’t know the situation, YOU are making the same assumptions that YOU think will work with the little that YOU understand. See above, Buckwheat. “Your marriage is the trunk, and if you have a good trunk, you will be able to fix your marriage.” Stop handing your dad a bunch of generalities that you read from Family Circle, or Women’s Day, or whatever your wife tells you to read. It means NOTHING, Special Jer. Who the Hell are you, to give your dad advice when you have been married less than two years and you don’t know the problems, and don’t address the problems. Matt was right, boy (and he is indeed acting like a spoiled little boy) you only understand what you want to understand, not the whole picture. How dare you.

            Amy and the wives. Auj pushes Amy about counselling, and asked about counselling now, Amy says no. Auj says they still have hope. Forget it, girls. Not going to happen. Too much water under the bridge. End it, get a clean slate. Even after Tori’s story of people being broke up for years. Again, the wives do not know all of the history or the development of the problems that brought them to this point. Amy says the wives hope that her and Matt will get back together.

            Camping. Matt asks if there was a time that he didn’t pay enough attention to you boys. Special Jer is smart enough to mention something about soccer games. He had no right to say anything with the attention that Matt showered on Jeremy on national TV over the years. Zach of course made no mention of all the other days of the year that he was not playing soccer. It wasn’t in the script, I guess. Special Jer tells Matt that “You built something that can be used for generations”. The vultures are starting to circle.

            Salsa con Coco. Tori is right. Amy should just stop. Get off the pity pot, girl. We’re tired of listing to you. She says, “I’m like the ugly duckling that wants to become a swan”. Oy again. Amy, the ugly duckling DID become a swan. Then she says, “D’oh”.

Back to camp. Breakfast. Bill’s cooking. Again. The only reason they brought him along obviously. OK, here we go folks. Matt mentions packing it in and selling the farm. It’s going to all change. The look of pure horror on The Vulture’s face! “When he mentions selling the farm, I have no ability to stop him from doing it, and that’s really scary for all of us.” Who the Sam Hell do you think you are? You impudent little brat!!!! This is the height of arrogance. “The boys can do it and you would be caretakers part-time”. What?? You can’t do it, Vulture! You know you can’t. And you want to cling to your daddy because you haven’t got the balls to do it. Any of it. And it gets worse people! When Matt (the part-owner) mentions that he has to sit down with Amy (The part-owner) and talk of selling the farm, The Vulture pipes up, “I want to be a part of those conversation because to make sure its not something we completely disagree with.” The unmitigated gall of this greedy man-child. IT’S NOT YOUR DECISION. YOU PLAY NO PART IN WHAT IS DECIDED. HOW DARE YOU!

Oh, it’s not over yet, folks. Matt mentions that this will be a new chapter. Amy and I have had our hardships. The outcome of the farm is not certain. Zach says that, “I can’t think of selling the farm. There would be no place for our kids to run around.” Nothing about living there. Nothing about running the farm. The Vulture pipes up again, and says, “Dad kind of led me to believe that the farm will always be here, and one day it will be yours, and one day it will be your kids……” He haybales with ofVulture that the sale of the farm is the real-ist and most emotional problem right now. It’s NOT your problem, It’s your ‘rent’s problem.

Alrighty then, where does this all come down to? Who’s at fault here? Matt, for drooling over his little Golden Boy and giving him whatever he wanted, and leading him on about his unabashed superiority over his other siblings and dangling the keys to the kingdom in his face? The Vulture, who took daddy at his word and proceeded to manipulate his parents like a couple of puppets to get whatever he wanted? Zach, who actually had the ‘nads to stand up and argue and disagree with this father, to ensure he would be thoroughly ignored and written out of anything in the future? Molly, for seriously not giving two shits one way or the other? Amy, for enabling her kids for so long, yet still making sure she still gets a piece of the pie by singing on the dotted line when she should have? Jacob, who got what he could when he could get it and got the Hell of out Dodge?

Personally, I’m, going to stick to my original prediction. All will be well in Roloff land. 


Angela said...

These reviews are a disgrace! Do we really need 2 reviews both viciously attack Jeremy James Roloff!

We know you both are the real vultures watching and waiting to pounce on Jeremy and bash him in your reviews.

Jeremy has every right to be uncomfortable about the idea of his parents date other people. That's a very normal and natural thing. Jeremy and Audrey are right to give Matt and Amy advice. It doesn't matter how long they've been married, Jeremy and Audrey are focused on having a successful covenant marriage and Matt and Amy failed. Jer & Auj are right in their advice.

It is called the Roloff Farm. While I believe this is all an angle to give the show a plot and suspense, Jeremy is right that it has always been assumed the farm will always be in Roloffs hand. There is nothing greedy about Jeremy wanting the farm. It is the way family farms work. It is obviously Jeremy is the one motivated to take over the farm. Don't blame Jeremy for Zach, Molly, and Jacob's lack of desire. It's been obvious since day one that Jeremy was the Roloff kid most passionate about the farm. All Jacob did was complain and take things for granted while Jeremy relished in the amazement of beauty God blessed the farm with.

Sammie said...

Ew Angela, you need to shut up. Are you sure you're not Audrey or one of her rich white friends here to bitch about how THE GOD JEREMY is being picked on?

He's a big boy he can handle it.

Rap541 said...

Angela, step up and write your own review. As it is, you're like clock "I'm Angela, I hate the review! I HATE FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS AND AUJ! HATE HATE HATE"... and when you're called on your behavior, you slink off.

You are welcome to write your own review and let us all see your thoughts. You don't do it because you know you'll get ripped to shreds. That's why I am stronger than you, Angela. I write these reviews knowing full well the first person to post will be you complaining to everyone how you HATE my reviews. That's some hobby you have. :)

Jeremy has no right to the farm. Jeremy has no right to be a part of the discussion of how two adults separate their worldly goods. The farm is essentially Matt and Amy's retirement, they do not OWE Jeremy their adult able bodied son a living.

Jeremy is a twenty six year old married man. Maybe instead of goofing around and waiting for Daddy to hand him a living, *Jeremy* (and not his parents) should put his shoulder to the wheel and *work* to get himself his own farm. Why isn't Jeremy expected to be a man and go out into the world, instead of running back to the farm once he realizes life is tough and expecting his mommy and daddy to just hand it over?

Rap541 said...

Podge - interesting that we both saw similar things in this. I am probably more sympathetic to Amy than you are but nice job. :)

Ecossais said...

Enough of the Jeremy worship. Jeremy deserves to be bashed for his self centered arrogance. He talks about wanting the farm as if he has no siblings and Amy has no financial interest in the property. There are SIX interested parties.

We are not privy to the financial situation. There will be property taxes and there may well be a substantial mortgage on the property.

Ecossais said...

I love the way Matt goes camping at TLC's expense.
Truck, trailer, ATV, kayak, smoker, tent the size of a house and Bill(whoever he is) to do the chores.

PJ said...

the Golden Couple made total fools of themselves trying to give advice to Matt and Amy. And Amy really didn't seem to appreciate it. She also really likes Tori, I'm not so sure about the other one.
Amy was so cute about the Salsa dancing.

Matt is right that he may need assisted living sooner rather than later and that their major asset is the farm. Why should he stay in the double wide with part time help if that's not what he needs just so Jer can be the family pig and hog the farm? How selfish can Jer and Auj really be?

Angela you make yourself look more deranged with every one of of your posts. Face it, Jer's married, doesn't know or care you exist.

Dlewny said...

After watching last nights episode, I'm thinking that Tori is pregnant. If you noticed in almost every shot, she was either leaning over while covering her stomach,had her arms crossed in front of her stomach, had her coat in front of her stomach, drank water in the restaurant scene, and was wearing an oversized shirt in every scene. Looks like we may soon be hearing the pitter patter of "little" feet, no pun intended. ;)

Anonymous said...

Angela anyone who grows up in any family business who thinks they want to run it or own it etc actually stays there and works there and puts in the time, effort, and sweat. Jeremy doesn't seem to do anything related to real work or labor. He just expects the farm to be handed over to him. When he blinks I bet dollar signs appear. Cha-Ching. But I also believe there's no potential sale of the farm. It's just fake drama drummed up for potential story lines. How sad. At one time this show was interesting and seemed authentic. Now it's bad acting, horribly staged, and people are invested in these people. I watch it at times for the comedy factor. Matt is super annoying but at least at one point in time he was a hard working man who was driven to build something substantial. That's more than I can say about the man bun hipster and his fame seeking broad.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Ok, Angela, first, you have no decision whatsoever about what two reviews are about, or whether or not they are needed. It is NOT your blog, Angela. Further, why don't YOU get off your lazy judgmental ass and write a review???? Hmmm? Debbie has done the same thing. Bitch, bitch, bitch, but she did not get off her lazy judgmental ass and write a review? Nope. Don't be like Debbie, Angela. Put your review where your bitching is.

Next, How do you even know how family farms work? Well? Put it in writing, Angela! Otherwise, just shut up and stop showing your ignorance to all who read this blog. You want to challenge me? Fine! You got it, Angela.
I come from a FARM, Dad and Mom raised 7 children on that farm. Dad died at the same age as Grandpa, 67, from the same ailment, bowel cancer. Did little pissy-pants "I judge hit be the motivated one" take over the farm? NO!!!! Dad decreed very clearly in his will, that the farm will be left and run as a living estate, operated by the youngest son, who was there running it with Dad already. The clear Deeds of Title will have SEVEN names on them, not just ONE, Angela, and the youngest paid rent of 25% of the profits (paid to Mom until she died) and split the rest with the other six family members every single year. This continued for 20 years, and the last 5 years, with profit margins dwindling, ALL six siblings waived the profit sharing to help the youngest son raise two children. After 25 years, when profit margins made it next to impossible to keep going, the youngest son got out of farming, ALL the land was sold, and the proceeds split to all seven children. THAT is how a family farm works, Angela. Stand up Angela! Tell us how YOUR family farm was divided, because:
a) You have no idea what you're talking about, but of course that doesn't stop you from your holier-than-thou judgmental pronouncements, and
b) If your family farm went to your oldest brother, that YOUR fault, Angela, and YOURS alone, for not speaking up for what was rightfully yours!!!!
Luckily, and rightfully, we had NO decision in how the farm was to be split up, but our Dad was a good man, much better a man who bequeaths everything to the oldest son, or whoever is "motivated" (good gracious, Angela) to run the farm at the loss of the rest of the family.

And no, Angela Jeremy does NOT have every right to be concerned about his parents dating. It is NOT normal, and it is NOT natural. Mom lived for 10 years after Dad died. She swore she would NEVER go out with another man. We each and individually said, "Ok, mom, whatever you want to do is just fine." Finally, 9 years after Dad's death, Mom and a male friend started hanging out together. We thought, "Great! She can go out for an evening on the town now. With another man. Super!" She would go to Las Vegas with her lady friends, but never with a man. We KNEW it was not our place to feel anything about how out mother wanted to run her life. We were NOT right in being uncomfortable, NOT right in giving mom ANY advice on how to live her life. Any other way of thinking is horrible and disgusting.

Matt and Amy are not the only ones Jeremy has played like puppets, Angela. Write a review and stop bitching.

PJ said...

I can see all the kids being concerned about their parents dating. It's going to be weird for them to see their parents with other people. Hopefully when they see how much happier Amy is (I don't care if Matt is happy) they'll realize what a good thing this divorce is.

PJ said...

I can see all the kids being concerned about their parents dating. It's going to be weird for them to see their parents with other people. Hopefully when they see how much happier Amy is (I don't care if Matt is happy) they'll realize what a good thing this divorce is.

Anonymous said...

As for the dating subject I think Amy will have a pretty easy time finding guys or women for dating. Matt on the other hand will find it very difficult. That's not based on his disabilities it's based on him being a prick and needing to be the center of attention non stop. If what we see is real at all then anytime Amy does anything Matt feels this need to one up her and outdo her with this smug grin on his face. Then he says something to the camera about knowing it wasn't the right way to do it or he didn't mean to overshadow Amy but that's exactly what he does and does it repeatedly without remorse. Just a smug grin. I bet he knows Amy is as good as he can ever do and that his kids spend time with him now because they want their paycheck. The first time I saw the show I remember finding it inspiring how this man with so many challenges just pushed ahead and built a career and a farm and provided for his family. But then I see how self centered and needy he is to outdo his own wife and family and treat one child like the king and then wonders why the kids are mostly just waiting to cash in. Especially the chosen one and his fame wanting gay bashing wife.

Anonymous said...

Currently according to Washington County tax and appraiser records as of 2015 the market value of Roloff farm is 1,468,190. So basically 1.5 million. So if they sold it at market value minus realtor and fees, divided equally, Matt and Amy could pocket around 650,000 to 675,000 each. With Jeremy he is asking for an asset worth 1.5 million for he and his wife. At today's market price, if the four children were left the farm, they would each be entitled to 375,000 each as an heir. So if Jeremy wanted the farm solely he would need to buy out his three siblings for a total of 1,125,000 dollats. When put this way you can see why he would want it to be given to him now. The thing is with Matt and Amy now being divorced and owning fifty percent of the farm, it will be interesting what their lawyers will abide them to do.

Jenna said...

FIRST...I can't believe Amy painted those cabinets! You just don't paint real wood cabinets that cost an arm and a leg. Maybe that is why Matt wants Amy to check with him when she has one of her bright idea's???

SECOND...When Matt called Jer about wanting some help with some of the farm projects and Jeremy said absolutely NOT because he was soooo busy...Then when told about the camping trip he all of a sudden was able to clear his schedule for that. Seems to me if you want matt to give you the farm then maybe you should get off your butt and show your dad that you are really interested in it by helping with it whenever your don't get something for nothing...OHHHH wait! I forgot YOUR JEREMY ROLOFF, your special.

LAST...Audrey has no right asking Amy if she will go to therapy...Audrey has not had enough life experiences nor has she been married long enough to play Therapist...

Misst said...

Matt shouldn't worry about handing down anything more to special Jer, he already handed down his alcoholism gene and inflated sense of entitlement.
Special Jer wouldn't know how to get his soft hands dirty doing real farm work anyway.

Paula said...

The Jeremy bashing is very unnecessary. He has always been the Roloff who has matched Matt's enthusiasm for the Farm. The other 3 all needed to be pushed to help out during pumpkin season and as Jacob got more into drugs he didn't help.

Also stop bashing Jeremy for drinking. He's not an alcoholic or has a drinking problem! There's nothing wrong with drinking some alcohol on a camping trip or at a celebration. None of you have ever seen Jeremy drunk, right? So I suggest you shut your big mouths and write kinder reviews.

Podge, your response to Angela was very rude. You're a very rude person. I remember someone suggesting that you might have a crush on Jacob? Is that why you never criticize the real brat of the family?

Natalie said...

Anon, that assessment of the farm seems very low considering all the land they have. Why do you assume jeremy would not buy his siblings out? If it was left to them all equally then he would.

Kathy said...

Great reviews!

Rap541 said...

Paula - please state for the record your opinion of Angela's initial post to Podge and I.

Was it rude? Is Angela a RUDE person? When Angela calls Podge and I names, do you believe she has the right? Because I am absolutely getting the impression you think Angela was perfectly within her rights to scream "VULTURES!" at Podge and I and the only "not rude" response is "Yes Angela, you're right".

Which is a double standard. Angela was a rude shit about her opinions and got it back in Podge's response and in mine. If Angela is gonna be a rude shit, she's not hands off because she's Christian.

And Paula, you're pretty defensive of Audrey, guess that means you want to lick her mound, right? I mean, that's why you never criticize her, right? Because you want her sexually?

See how being a rude shit can be turned around? You brought "if you don't criticize X you must be a homosexual" to this table.... you don't criticize Audrey ever so I assume you are a *lesbian* for her. Don't whine how insulted you are, this is the exact argument you brought to Podge, you big ol dyke for Audrey.

Rap541 said...

Why do you assume jeremy would not buy his siblings out? If it was left to them all equally then he would.

Natalie - I won't speak for the anon, but I really don't think Jeremy has 1.5 million in the bank, and he's certainly never raised the topic of his *buying* the farm. His rather clueless "I always thought it would be here" routine was an indicator of that. And a poster above makes a pretty valid point - Jeremy turned down an opportunity to learn the business from Matt and work on some projects but as soon as a treat was offered, a fun camping trip, why, Jeremy was there with bells on.

In all seriousness - if Jeremy genuinely wants to take over the farm, why isn't he and Auj living in Hillsboro, and Jeremy showing up to work at Roloff Farms on a daily basis so he can learn the business?

Happy said...

"Lick her mound" Best line ever!

Stop It, Please said...

It is remarkable how people here get into such serious and heated discussions over a TV show, a TV show that is completely divorced (yes, that was intended) from reality.

How can you tell? First of all, Matt and Amy are producers. They may not have total control (TLC is footing the bills) but they certainly do have the ability to set a tone and work the story line.

Beyond that, the fakery is not even well done. Take Matt’s visit to Tori and Zach in the latest episode. The cameras were already inside the house! “I saw you coming up the driveway” says Zach, with at least one camera guy, one sound tech, a scene director, professional lighting, etc., at his back. “Surprise!”

Or the camping scene of “Have I ever not been there for you?” “Well, maybe soccer games.” Oh please. See the reviews for examples of the numerous times Matt has either refused to join the family or skulked off in the middle of things. Note too that the “family” obviously excludes Jacob, who apparently having refused to sign on the dotted line this time is not even mentioned. And Molly, who seems also to have limited her involvement. Someone coming late to the party would think there were only two Roloff offspring.

But even with all the fakery, sometimes a possible reality slips through. Jeremy cannot control his facial expression of disdain and disinterest as Matt asks him to come to the farm to work on “projects.” And he cannot control his facial expression of horror at the very notion he won’t simply get the farm as a gift or that he won’t be the one who will decide the future of assets that aren’t his.

I would suspect his only life plan is to get sole possession of the farm and then sell it to live off the profits rather than getting a real job. He shows no regard for the very real possibility that Matt (and Amy too) might need to have money for assisted living – a reality many people face, particularly those with a history of health issues. Jeremy and Zach take care of infirm, potentially Alzheimer parents, who are not even going to be living together in all likelihood? Can we all remember they even forgot about Rocky (allegedly; it is fake TV after all) left alone in the house?

Zach’s interest in the farm seems to be more scripted, and really, mostly about having a convenient albeit fifth rate Disneyland for possible future offspring. He and Tori, who is the one of the two young married couples who actually has a real job earning a real living, otherwise seem content with their realistically modest (by reality TV standards) home.

At any rate, once the divorce drama is played for all it is worth, there will no longer be a LPBW, because after all, none of these people have been really intrinsically interesting for quite some time. And TLC, is already going a very different direction with extremely tall people being their next try at the sideshow.

Lauren J said...

Jeremy and Audrey have both benefited enough from the farm. It's time for Amy and Matt to think about their futures first. Jeremy and Audrey are both spoiled, entitled brats who don't know what hard work consist of. They need to be forced into the real world to earn their own incomes, were they aren't worshipped, and they understand what true stress is. They live in a dream world right now and need a major wake up call.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Jenna; Special Jer and Ste. Aux made the trip to Hillsboro after the cupboards had been painted, which would have been at the very least two weeks after the staged Skype conversation that Jer and Matt had. Sometimes it's hard to put together with the way TLC edits and play with timeframes. Paula; And just WHY was I so rude to Angela? It's obvious that she has no knowledge and has not lived anything that she prattled on about, and I have. And why was Angela NOT rude in her comments? Well Paula? Her arrogant snotty judgmental pronouncements were proved by myself that they have no basis in fact whatsoever. 

Misst said...

Well Paula,"Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise” (Proverbs 20:1, NIV). “Do not gaze at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly! In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper” (Proverbs 23:31, NIV).

Yup straight outta your bible,Paula. Jeremy and Audrey drink like fish and obviously so does Matt. You almost never see a show where alcohol isn't referenced. Special Jer and auj constantly reference drinking in their social media crap too.You don't see the shows about Jacob's "huge" drug problem because he doesn't have one, smoking weed is just as legal as drinking out of a tampon flask. Jeremy is a proven spoiled entitled son of a bitch who deserves nothing. Even though there is no sympathy for Matt and Amy, I might feel a twinge of sorry for them. They created these effing brats and their sense of entitlement and now they have to deal with the repercussions of having kids who want nothing more than to be handed the farm without doing the work.

Even if Matt sells,Paula, don't worry. I'm sure Jeremy's trust fund will be just fine and it will be enough money for Auj to continue her blog and for Jer to continue to be a "photographer" for a living. And lets talk about a black kettle Paula...rude isn't a word to be used about you or the roloffs, I that think hate mongering, racist,homophobic, asinine, pot stirring, bible christian agenda crazy rude is more your style. Think your bff Audrey cares that you care about how people are treating her? Nope. She would turn her snooty nose at you too.

PJ said...

I think changing the kitchen is about Amy getting what she wanted to begin with. I'm in the middle of painting cabinets and understand the impulse. The cabinets can always be stripped.

Why is it okay for you and your christian creeps to be so totally evil and rude to posters here? Your lot are in no way superior to the rest of us.
The Golden Couple has chosen to expose their greedy selves on national TV. As a result they have invited peoples opinions good or bad.

Jer made it very clear this episode that his having the farm was far more important than his father's future needs. Matt will most probably need assisted living at some point and it's not cheap. And Jer would rather Matt stay on in the double wide with, maybe, part time help. Talk about selfish.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy cannot control his facial expression of disdain and disinterest as Matt asks him to come to the farm to work on “projects.” And he cannot control his facial expression of horror at the very notion he won’t simply get the farm as a gift or that he won’t be the one who will decide the future of assets that aren’t his.

Stop it, you're on point. Jeremy wants to take over the farm, while why is he in Bend, diddybopping around? He wants to be *a farmer* and what, he's just going to play until Daddy retires? Now of course, I agree the skyping was faked so Matt could moan to the cameras how his kids refuse to spend time with him... but the underlying problem is that Jeremy wants to take over the farm, and chooses to live farm enough away that he doesn't have to be on call to pitch in. Jeremy and Audrey have been whining and moaning now how they wanna move back to the farm and pump out the kids... well, seriously, what's stopping them? Jeremy could be the new Camarino, he could be Matt's assistant, he could put his shoulder to the wheel and be Daddy Matt's body. He could merrily get up, drop to his knees to give glory to Christ and then roll out the door of the big house and present himself to Matt *daily* with "what should I be working on for the farm, today, Dad?"

Matt could even pay him. And Auj? Could spread and start popping kids out and be Grandma Amy's help in the kitchen. There is NO REASON these two kids couldn't be merrily working on the farm, building that future, and having those kids. If the goal is now and forever "I'm Jeremy and I want to run the family farm"... whats the obstacle?

would suspect his only life plan is to get sole possession of the farm and then sell it to live off the profits rather than getting a real job. He shows no regard for the very real possibility that Matt (and Amy too) might need to have money for assisted living – a reality many people face, particularly those with a history of health issues. Jeremy and Zach take care of infirm, potentially Alzheimer parents, who are not even going to be living together in all likelihood?

For the record, I don't think there's any plan to sell the farm, currently. However, Stop It raises a completely valid point. The farm, and the farm's value, likely represents the largest asset Matt and Amy have for retirement. And they are both getting older and Matt in particular may not be *able* to live alone for much longer (as it is, I suspect he's got help we don't see) and they may not be able to afford gifting Jeremy with a living.

For the record, I don't think Jeremy is owed a home or is owed a place at the table when his parents decide what they will do with their home and financial assets. 'What Jeremy Wants' should not be the important issue in that discussion because he is an ablebodied adult man who should be providing for himself at this point.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

You know, I'd like to get Matt that bumper sticker for (one of) his car that says, "I'm spending my kids inheritance" You go guy! When it comes right down to it, NONE of Matt's anyone's kids deserve the steam off his pee. None. There are no child star laws in Oregon, and I will always firmly believe that there are NO trust funds for any of the kids, that daddy Matt has spent all the money on equity and handing some over to his kids when they whine for it (ALL the kids, including Special Jer) and at the end of the day they have no rights whatsoever to any of it. My Dad was still farming when he died, and Mom lived quite nicely indeed on the little bit she inherited when Dad passed, and her teacher's pension. We got next to nothing when Mom died, and we didn't care. Good for her! Because we understood the situation. No favorites, no spoiled brats, no jerky-boys dads, no nothing.
However, I agree with Rap, and I also wrote down my predictions in a comment a couple of episode review threads earlier, that this will all be a moot point for the next while. They're getting everything set up for Matt and Amy to get back together and keep the fame going. For one more season, anyway lol!

Liana said...

Yeah seriously annoying. We can think whatever we want about Audrey and Jeremy if you Can about Jacob.

Wendy said...

I think the Jeremy haters are forgetting how loyal Jeremy has been to the family. He has always been supportive of the show and the farm and the family.

Jeremy is the most deserving to take over the Farm and he has every right to be concerned if Matt and Amy were entertaining other options.

Just because Jeremy is the only one with the gumption to show interest in it doesn't make him greedy.

AJ said...

Audrey is the absolute worst! Who stays friends with their husband's little brother's ex girlfiejed after the break up? Especially just to spite Jacob? And... Rub it in Jacob's new girlfriends face? It is no wonder Isabel and Jacob can't stand her. She is a fucking bully!

PJ said...

If Jer is such a good son (which is what you are implying) shouldn't he be more concerned with his parents well being in their old age than with his getting sole ownership of the farm? And Zach has been just as supportive as was Mollie until she went to college.
On the contrary Jer has shown a decided lack of gumption for anything much away from his daddy. Zach has held a job for several years in the field he's interested in, Mollie graduated from college and will be off working in her field. Jake moved away and is selfsupporting. Only Jer is still playing on the farm with no job, not even the one his daddy paid to train him for.

Liz said...

Hilarious! Nailed it... reviews pretty much reflect what I saw. I did a little Jacob google to see what he's up to, and apparently he's living in my town. Haha! I'll have to keep a look out in the local cafes and headshops.

Sven said...

The thing about all three of the boys is, they are very, very stupid. Not by choice, mind you - it is quite clear these kids were born with very low IQs. They are unaccomplished, uneducated, and generally shiftless. Were the coddled? Yes, but no more so than any other upper-middle class kid. They were never, ever going to be accomplished people regardless of what they were or weren't given. As for their sister, whatever intellect she was born with has been significantly stunted by a steady diet of "Christian" education. There's nothing wrong with religious schools, but the sort of holy-roller, man-and-dinosaurs-walked-the-earth-together schools that they sent her to has basically hamstrung her for life.

They should sell the farm, move away from one another, and get on with their lives.

sscooter43 said...

Did Jeremy and Audrey really think their advice will have any impact on their parent's divorce? What do they really know about marriage when they are still newlyweds? Wait until you been married for at least a decade before you give somebody marriage advice.

Suzy B said...

Ecossais said...
I love the way Matt goes camping at TLC's expense.
Truck, trailer, ATV, kayak, smoker, tent the size of a house and Bill(whoever he is) to do the chores.

Yes. In the past, it was Mike D. with them. I had a similar thought.

Rap541 said...

Wendy - I think you're making assumptions.

First Jeremy's loyalty is such that while he *wants* the farm to raise his theoretical children on, he chooses to live rather far away. If he wants to be "down on the farm, farming!" he could live nearby. Instead he lives three *hours* away. He also is currently on camera refusing opportunities to stand at his father's side doing projects and learning from his dad. Heck, Matt was even moaning about it.

But more seriously, Jeremy has no right to be concerned if Matt and Amy are entertaining options other than handing their largest financial asset to him as a gift. Matt and Amy have every right to not include Jeremy in any discussion of what they do. They own the farm. They bought the farm even before Jeremy was conceived. They will both likely live into their 70s and they are not required to hand their financial stability over to Jeremy simply because he wants it. That Jeremy makes absolutely no mention of him financially compensating his parents for their property is why Jeremy is coming off as a selfish entitled jerk. He's not owed the farm. His parents may need the income from selling the farm to support their retirement and they shouldn't have an able bodied son demanding his share of their pie when he's perfectly capable of providing himself his own living. For all that Zach gets mocked for his crappy job... funny but he and Tory seem to be making it on their own while the super couple Jer and Auj aare whining how they need to be given a successful business.

Oregonian 1 said...

I agree that there's a lot of planting of story lines, including Jeremy refusing to help out Dad on the weekend via Skype--that was all a way for Matt to incorporate the Harry Chapin song--or Zach giggling as he "suggests" going camping (so fake), but there are times when reality does shine through. And that's when the show is good.

For instance, Amy's expression when waiting for a partner to pick her at the dance session or her shedding tears in the interviews. That's the stuff that made us watch these people from the beginning--the reality when the cameras were catching something spontaneous.

I almost felt a bit sorry for Matt even on the camping trip, when he was expressing that maybe he wasn't there for the kids. He used to say he didn't regret anything. This was the first time he expressed remorse.

And I do think--even for these kids--it will be hard to see their parents date. I disagree with one of the Anonymous posters, that Amy will be the one to partner up first. I think Matt will. There are a lot of women who defended his behavior and told Amy to shut up because of all the good things Matt provided for her. Amy, on the other hand, doesn't really want a relationship and can't see herself in one. I get that. I'm in my mid-50s too and I couldn't see it happening for myself either. Matt likes people to take care of him and will one day realize he needs a partner, especially when his health fails.

As much as I think Jer is whining and acting much younger than his age, I too would like to see Matt and Amy reunite. Am I the only one?

Roll on, Roloffs said...

Just because Jeremy is the only one with the gumption to show interest in it doesn't make him greedy.

Yes, it does. For several reasons, most of which have already been enumerated above.

1) The farm belongs to Matt and Amy. THEY have complete control over how the property is disposed of, and NO ONE ELSE has any business being involved. I may show interest in your car, I may constantly talk about how I'd love to own your car, but that does not mean you are obligated to hand it over to me, nor do I have any right to be involved in any decisions you make about your car. That sort of thinking is how so many siblings wars start, and destroy families.

2) Matt and Amy have four children. While they are under no obligation to treat them equally (as has been shown since the beginning of the show), MOST people want to ensure their children share equally in whatever inheritance they leave. That would mean Jeremy, if he actually wants to own the farm, would need to buy out his siblings' shares, or share profits with them if the farm continues to run. And if he manages the farm as a shared asset, he will have to realize he does not have total control over the business - his siblings would have rights as co-owners. PERHAPS Matt and Amy have enough assets to grant each of the other three kids an inheritance equal to the value of the farm, while leaving the farm to Jeremy. If so, and if Jeremy REALLY wants the farm instead of its dollar value, that would be a perfectly fair division. Any other option would be favoring one child above the others. I could see Matt doing that, but Amy, not so much.

3) Matt and Amy MAY have money set aside for future living and medical expenses, or they MAY be relying on their main asset-the farm-to supply them with funds in their old age. That's their business. Although I don't think they have ANY intention of selling the farm while the show is still on the air (because, let's face it, what would the storyline be with no pumpkin season to be a potential disaster?), housing prices in the Portland area are at an all-time high right now. If they wanted top dollar, now would be a good time to sell up, especially because they have to divide assets in the divorce. Again, I don't see that happening, but it's a possibility.

4) Jeremy has shown NO interest in actually RUNNING the farm, only in having a "cool" place to live and play. Perhaps he thinks Camarino will live forever, actually doing all the work and management of the farm, while he and Audrey build forts, have apple fights, and do the deed in the wedding barn, the gazebo, the pumpkin field, etc. As has been so aptly noted, Jeremy could be by Matt's side RIGHT NOW, learning the ins and outs, and taking that "heavy" load off Matt's shoulders, but he would rather go hiking and kayaking and rock climbing. Most people who really want to own and run a business are EAGER to spend time actually learning how to do that, ESPECIALLY if it's a family business.

5) Jeremy has not yet shown any ability to work hard at tasks he finds challenging or boring, or hold a job, or earn money, outside of payments for being on the show. Perhaps he thinks the show will last forever as well, freeing him from the annoying and boring details of actually working to support himself. I suspect that actually running the farm would quickly overwhelm him, and I suspect Matt knows that as well, even if he would never admit it publicly.

Perhaps Jeremy will mature as the years go by. People do change, even as adults, and he could turn around and make the commitment to hard work and organization and management that running a business entails. All anyone can say for sure is that we haven't seen any of that yet. That said, even if he were to grow into that role, that is no reason to cut his siblings out of whatever inheritance Matt and Amy leave. And if he were to think that way, hmmmm, that would make him greedy, wouldn't it?

Rap541 said...

He even told the story that while he was working for a living, you know, the LAST real job he ever had, being number 53 out of the 53 Sales Engineers laid off by SAP, that he would come home after working all day, then go back to the pc after 11:00PM and worked until 3:00AM. Here’s a question. Why didn’t Judgemental Jer call HIM a workaholic, because he called a single mother who is struggling to make ends me a workaholic? Strange. Special Jer tells his dad that you can always learn from your mistakes. He haybles that his dad is obsessed, no balance.

This is actually an interesting point. Jeremy actually did call this a mistake and that actually irks me. One of the few things I do respect Matt on is that he did work for years in software to provide the family with a roof and several play areas. I have a sibling who occasionally whines and moans how awful it was that we Rap kids didn't have a mom and dad who had time to attend our games and band events and who sometimes even moved us from home to home and school district to school district. My sibling always sees this as my parents making selfish choices but really... in hindsight I think they were worried about you know, paying the bills and making sure there was money for food and extras...

Does Jeremy understand that if he becomes a father, he won't get to be the child anymore? That someone in his life might judge him as harshly as he judges others? I suspect he does, which is why the golden couple hasn't popped a kid out yet. As it is, I find it hilarious to watch Jeremy of no kids, no job, and "my life goal is to be handed my daddy's business" point fingers at Matt over Matt's failed marriage and Matt's potential decisions about the business.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Wendy, I recommend you read some of the previous comments on this thread regarding what you consider to be 'gumption' by Special Jer about taking over the farm. Please tell us HOW Jeremy has 'shown interest' in taking over the farm because I and other see, and interpret, action and events differently.
I don't remember that last time Jer VOLUNTEERED to go to the farm and help daddy. Matt said he called Jeremy to come and help him build a stupid rising gate that they never had the 'gumption' to show what happens when you drive out, because it simply doesn't work lol! He called Jer to come and help get the farm ready for Zach and Tori's wedding. I don't remember, and I suppose some of the people who have fallen for Jer's schtick will enlighten me I'm sure, that Jer has even offered to help.
That's what has been on TLC over the years, Wendy. Instead of doing some actual work, and been WILLING to do it, whenever Special Jer had the chance, he was off playing with his playmate Mueller.
Wendy, I was born and grew up on a farm. I was not interested in farming, and my younger brother was still at home when I graduated, so I went to pursue a career for myself. My younger brother showed interest alright, he was there, learning from dad, every day. Every single day. He would take a vacation after ALL the field work was done and when Dad and Mom went away for awhile also. He was interested, Wendy. So what has Jer done to show interest?

Rap541 said...

Also just because this seems to be turning into a bitch point - for the record, I don't think ANY of the Roloff children need to be "at the table" when Matt and Amy make decisions about what to do with the farm. Every single one of them has been provided a childhood and early adulthood full of material goods. No one went to bed hungry, no one went to school in donated clothes, everyone that wanted higher education got it, the kids were all lavished with cars and opportunities.

None of the now adult children are due a say in whether Matt and Amy keep the farm, sell the farm, or split the farm halfway down the middle. It's not their business. They are adults and have no reason or right to expect that they get anything. Jeremy can kiss his daddy's ass until his lips are chapped from the effort... he's still not OWED an inheritance. None of them are. Now would it be nice if Matt and Amy concerned themselves with what the kids wanted? Of course. But frankly, once a child hits eighteen, Matt and Amy aren't on the hook.

I find it HILARIOUS that all the pious Christians here are up in arms over my stating that a twenty six year old man with a wife should be out working to build his own future instead of throwing a fit at his daddy over how *he* needs to be considered in any decision his parents make. Seriously, stop telling me to respect the little pisspants when he's doing nothing but playing and waiting for the world to be handed to him.

Megan said...

"Jake moved away and is selfsupporting"

Jacob self supporting? LOL!

He has no job. Isabel has no job. They smoke weed most of the time and that's how they spend their days. They're living off Isabel's inheritance from her mother's passing and the money Jacob black mailed from his parents while he barely appeared on the show and complained all the way.

Hilarious how anybody could even attempt to call Jacob self supporting.

Ecossais said...

Wendy - you and I are not on the same wavelength.

Jeremy was on the show and was not very good actor and still isn't.
I never saw him do any real work on the farm.

In any case I wouldn't call it a farm - it is a TV stage set for LPBW and is solely supported by TLC money.

PJ said...

Prove it. And not with the cristian creep gossip, with real facts.

No one else is supporting Jacob that makes him self supporting. If he's living on TLC money, so what, so are the Golden Couple.

Rory said...

I think the only time that farm would be sold is long after the cameras have gone away, Little People Big World is just a show that that Roloff family was in once upon a time, the farm is just "that pumpkin patch down the street" to people in the area, and Matt is too old and worn down to be able to run the farm. Oh, and when money is no longer coming in the easy way--via TLC.

Then the big decision will have to be made--Will the kids take over the business and take care of Matt in his old age on the property or would it be worthwhile to unload it, keep the $ split two ways, and Matt rolls his scooter into an old folks home? The End.

Frankly, Matt wouldn't last two minutes in a retirement home unless he were completely incapacitated. And by the way, looking at the Facebook pages (and Golden Child and the Red-Haired Vixen recently went on yet another vacay with Matt to a tropical place), the family takes plenty of time to themselves. Matt's not working 24/7/31/365. The pumpkin patch probably requires a total of 3 or four good months' work a year. The farm isn't consuming him. Although there is upkeep, employees' salaries (yeah, where is Jeremy to take some of that burden off now?), taxes, utilities to pay, etc., but I think they do all right. And I'm pretty sure the mortgage was paid off because it didn't show up as a debt in the divorce papers.

Anyway, whoever laid out the split between the kids was right on. That's how it would work . . . unless one kid is made the beneficiary!!!!!

Jaco said...

Stop with the Jacob bashing, please. Let him live his life as he sees fit. At least he doesn't have a hand out. And don't forget, he was filmed without his consent as a child. He wasn't old enough to decide. And he seemed uncomfortable a lot of the time, so he deserves the money his parents made by filming him and pretending they were one big happy family.

Regina said...

@ AJ, I absolutely agree that Audrey is a bully. Note the way she has treated Isabel. Specifically leaving her out of photos. She was all into Stephanie because Stephanie was a "Christian". Isabel doesn't impress Audrey so she treats her like garbage. What a saint!

Judy said...

Jacob never earned his money. He was always a headache. He was always complaining and resisting. Because of that, he was the least filmed. He even admitted on his that he wasn't on it very much.

Then when he got on social media he bashed the show calling it garbage and fake and said he hated it. But he still signed the contract and money. If it was so bad, why did he make the same decision that the rest of the Roloffs made and elected to take money to be on the show? When he first had a chance to walk away from the money and opportunity, he chose to stand with the show. But in doing so, he still trashed the show and his parents.

Did Jacob even appear in a pumpkin season episode in the last 3 years? I don't think so. I guess he was too busy getting high in his room? But he hid away and then he has the arrogance to think he deserves to be handed money?

He's a hypocrite lowlife who deserves the worst karma and it's going to bite him in the ass one of these days.

Inside girl said...

AJ, also the reason Jacob was so upset about the wedding was because Audrey invited his ex just to spite him. Audrey doesn't actually care about Stephanie. She just invited her because she's a Christian and wanted to prove the point to Jacob.

That's why he was so mad the day of the wedding and that is why he behaved the way he did.

Not to mention Stephanie was harassing Isabel the day of the wedding accusing Jacob of still being into her, when he was clearly moved on to Isabel by then. Stephanie made up lies and was messing with the situation entirely.

Rap541 said...

Well, at last check Jacob's not telling his father that *he* will be a part of the decision making process when Matt and Amy make a decision about the farm despite it all.

he has the arrogance to think he deserves to be handed money?

And who is giving him the money?


Why it's Matt and Amy giving him money! You insist he didn't earn any of it, ok. So his parents - WHO HAVE NO REASON TO DO SO - remember, I class him as an adult child and like *Jeremy* needs to be earning his own living now - have been handing him money.

And Brother Jer, who is SO up in his dad's grill over money that bless his heart, he will make it clear on national television that Daddy Matt ain't making a decision about the farm without Jeremy *there at the table* because Jeremy *wants* the farm, doesn't have one WORD to say to Daddy Matt about funding Jacob. Funny that. Funny that you don't have a problem with Jeremy ALLOWING this but you do have a problem with the idea that Jeremy shouldn't be part of the decision process when it comes to potentially selling the farm.

All the Roloff kids need to earn their own money. Jacob - if he's receiving funds from his parents these days, which I think is possible - needs to find his own way and make his own money. Jeremy is in the same boat - he's a grown man who needs to stop sucking off his parents.

Ecossais said...

This show has really lost its way.

Between "Winter Wonderland" and "Campfire Confessions" and the upcoming "Marriage Do's and Dont't's" with marital advice from a couple of divorcees and a couple of nearly newlyweds there is not a thing about Little People or Big World.
Mind you it could be worth watching to see what crap comes out of their collective mouths. Maybe that is what TLC is counting on?

From pictures on the TLC website of Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach and their two fame seeking wives it appears that not only is Jacob out but Molly is opting out too.

Debbie B. said...

Yeah, I love how Audrey and Jeremy have all this God-given wisdom one year into their marriage. I wish them luck in maintaining it to 30 years. Last night's episode, we find out that not all was well in Bottiwood either, and that Audrey's parents once separated. Hmmmm. So we have two kids, one from a divorced family and one from a family that not so long ago (when Audrey was in college--so 2-6 yrs ago) was separated who are giving marital advice.

Maybe J+A will get to 30+ years. Maybe their Beating 50% will work for them. At least they're starting out communicating, though I think she would be tough as nails to live with.

Ecossais said...

Debbie B - I think Auj is a bossy bitch who will be impossible to live with as she nags more and gets more and more confident unless Jer really slaps her down.

Set Abominae said...

My only real question is: why in gods name are they still stringing the audience along with this manufactured drivel almost 7 years after the show was supposed to have finally died a relatively "dignified" (if you could call flogging a dead horse into glue dignified) death?